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An Out-of-this-World Waiting Room By Emily Hajec Photos By Emily Hajec Photography


hen you think of your child’s dental office, what comes to mind? Perhaps the first thing you might envision is the waiting area. It is, after all, a very important element of the visit itself. It is the room that greets patients upon entry; the area in which your child will wait (sometimes anxiously) for their name to be called and then beckoned to the back for the impending exam. Sometimes the wait is a quick five minutes. Other times, it may be a bit longer. Either way, it is safe to say, most parents would argue that--regardless of the amount of wait time--the reception room of a pediatric dental office needs to offer plenty of stimulating activities for busy little bodies.


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r. Erik Roos, D.D.S., of Chico Pediatric Dentistry could not agree more. In fact, he spent nearly three years designing one of the most unique, interactive, imaginative play structures you might ever find in a doctor’s office (or anywhere for that matter!). It is one that is truly out of this world...quite literally and figuratively.


t first glance, the reception area of Chico Pediatric Dentistry is much like you would find at any ordinary dental office. There are rows of upholstered beam seating for patients; recent issues of People Magazine slightly strewn on the end tables; and framed photographs of smiling children adorning the walls. Yet in the far corner of the waiting room, there is something interesting; something large, something enticing. No, it is not your average bubble spewing fish tank, latest video game, or giant Lego table. It’s something exciting; something with a door. It is something that not even parents can avoid

exploring. It’s a spaceship!

Welcome. Access granted!” announces a Star Trek-esque voice as each “astronaut” enters through the dark, narrow tunnel leading into the shuttle. Once inside, turn a corner and imaginations are immediately transported to the final frontier! A dark, very life-like pilot’s compartment with a variety of consoles, dozens of different types of buttons, space sounds and various commands, star maps, and monitors light up the space shuttle’s cockpit. Children are put right in the captain’s seat of something straight out of Star Wars. It’s nothing short of pure, creative inventiveness.

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o why not offer kids just a simple, average play area--a few books, coloring activities, or video games?

Most dental reception rooms have an area reserved for children to sit and play. Many of these, however, are small

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