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PURSUE TRUTH FREELY. GROW IN COMMUNITY. SERVE OTHERS CONFIDENTLY. We empower motivated students like you to pursue Truth without barriers, grow in deep-rooted community, and confidently follow your calling to glorify God and help others flourish. Since our founding in 1876, we’ve understood that students pursue higher education as a path to gainful employment and financial security, and our alumni are very successful in this regard. Ultimately, we see education as a means to growing in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord (Col. 2:3). Staffing one of the nation’s leading career services offices, we excel in opening rewarding career pathways for our students, whose education is grounded in the timeless truths of Scripture and a renowned liberal arts core that shapes them holistically.




How We Price Differently


Cost of Attendance


The Value of a Grove City Degree


Federal Independence: Protecting Freedom of Conscience


Need-Based Financial Aid & Other Forms of Aid





HOW WE PRICE DIFFERENTLY THE TRUTHFUL ALTERNATIVE – We know the cost and long-term value of a college education can be concerning, and we are committed to dealing truthfully in our pricing and scholarship offerings (Proverbs 11:1). Specifically, we avoid the problematic practice of “unfunded tuition discounting.” DECEPTIVE DISCOUNTING – Unfunded tuition discounting is the manipulation of the price of tuition that results in students unwittingly funding their classmates’ scholarships. This practice is used widely throughout higher education to entice students and their parents. It often diverts the student’s focus from holistic and lifelong flourishing. HOW DOES IT WORK? – Most colleges have excessive price tags by design — the foundation of the discounting framework. Like stores putting on a sale, colleges simply inflate the cost of tuition beyond the actual nonprofit, break-even cost. Then colleges lower the price of tuition by offering a scholarship, similar to a sale coupon. WHY DO COLLEGES DO THIS? – They do this for two reasons: First, so that they can use parents and students as their source of scholarship funding. Second, so that they can offer a scholarship to nearly every student. This creates a false perception of reward and often benefits the school over the student. BUYER BEWARE – Every discounting college has an average discount. Students who receive a discount lower than the average actually help pay for larger-than-average discounts offered to other students. Most private colleges fund the bulk of scholarships by transferring money from one family to another. COMMITTED TO TRUE VALUE – Grove City College sets its tuition at what it actually costs to educate a student. Our initial price is low, and from there we offer need-based and merit-based aid from our own endowment and donor gifts. We never transfer money surreptitiously from one student to another, and no student pays for another. In an age of overpriced education and deceptive discounts, the true value of a Grove City College education is demonstrated by our impressively high retention, graduation, and career outcome rates. In addition, our alumni earnings rank in the top 13% nationally, and graduates leave here with the immeasurable treasures of uplifting friendships, the ability to think critically and communicate well, a solidified worldview, and a big-picture understanding of their unique calling in life. For more info, visit





COST OF ATTENDANCE Before Financial Aid & Scholarships (2021-22)

Per Semester

Per Year




Room and board











Total direct charges before aid

Financial Aid & Scholarships Average Grove City College scholarship aid for recipients


Average outside scholarship aid for recipients


Potential direct cost after aid and scholarships and before loans

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(1) Sixty-six percent of students receive scholarship assistance from Grove City College. Within that total, 48% of students receive need-based aid ranging from $100 to $13,300, and 37% of students receive merit-based aid ranging from $500 to full scholarship. (2) We encourage you to seriously apply for outside scholarships — 168 students in our recent freshman class brought in an average of $4,016 each in outside scholarships, which were added to their Grove City College institutional aid. (3) We encourage you to apply for financial aid and scholarships because your results may vary. (4) We encourage you to visit campus and schedule an interview with an admissions counselor who will guide you and potentially become your advocate for scholarship awards.



THE VALUE OF A GROVE CITY DEGREE Have you ever thought about college in terms of short-term and long-term costs? We think about it all the time! Short-term costs are those that typically come to mind such as tuition and room & board. Long-term costs are what economists refer to as “opportunity costs.” For example, the average Grove City College graduate earns more than 87% of college graduates in the marketplace today and pays off student loans three years early. Grove City College students also graduate on time at a much higher rate (80% in four years) than students from most of our competitor colleges and, therefore, begin earning impressive salaries earlier. What we do works. Our outcomes are among the very best in the country. In fact, we’ve been ranked by Consumers Digest as No. 1 “Top Value” private liberal arts college nationally. Missing the opportunity to attend Grove City College may cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your career. Long-term opportunity costs can really hurt you financially (and personally) if only short-term costs are considered when making a college decision. Keep this in mind — a college degree is an investment with a lifetime payout.



PROTECTING FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE AN D FEDER A L I N DEPE N DE N CE You may know that Grove City College does not accept federal aid in response to its 1984 landmark Supreme Court case, Grove City College v. T.H. Bell, Secretary of the Department of Education, but you may not know the reason for our position. In 1996, then-president Dr. John Moore said to a Washington, D.C., think tank, “As a private Christian college, we have legitimate concern about federal interference in what we teach and how we teach it.” Grove City College accepts no federal funding primarily to safeguard the Christian consciences of our faculty and students. Though it is a hard path to walk, over the years we’ve witnessed how this principled stand has positively shaped the minds and hearts of our students as they solidify their worldview and tackle today’s challenges with boldness and humility.

Statement on Federal Funding: Grove City College does not accept nor does it certify any loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (Stafford and Parent PLUS Loans); Pell Grants; Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships; President’s Service Challenge Scholarship through the Corporation for National and Community Service (also known as the AmeriCorps Scholarship); Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarships; National Science Scholars Programs Scholarships; Academic Competitiveness Grant; SMART Grant; SEOG; Perkins Loan; National Academy of Science, Space and Technology Grants; Presidential Access Scholarships; ROTC Scholarships; any benefits associated with the GI Bill or any educational benefits associated or provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs; assistance through the Office of Health and Human Services (such as grants from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or Blindness and Visual Services); JTPA; or any other scholarships or loans that may be construed as providing direct or indirect federal aid to the College. The College will also not allow any student to register for classes if it is aware that the student has accepted or received such federal financial aid for that semester.



NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID APPLY FOR NEED-BASED AID To help supplement our already-low cost, we provide need-based financial aid funded through the College’s endowment. All Grove City College applicants are encouraged to submit the Grove City College Financial Aid Application, which can be found on our website. The application deadline is April 15, but eligible students who have completed the need-based financial aid application by their chosen admissions application deadline date will receive an award letter via email within five days of the corresponding notification date. Students who apply after April 15 will be eligible for only half of the aid for which they qualify. HOW IS NEED DETERMINED? Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need In order to calculate your financial need (eligibility for financial aid), your expected family contribution is subtracted from the cost of attendance. Grove City College uses the Institutional Method (IM) need-analysis formula, which is developed and maintained by the College Board to assist colleges, universities, and private scholarship programs in determining eligibility for institutional and private financial aid funds. OTHER FORMS OF AID State Grants – To be considered, complete

Student Loans – You may use any privately

the FAFSA by your state’s deadline with

insured student loan program, including the

Grove City’s code, G03269. Grove City

Grove City College Student Loan through

College only accepts state grants from Ohio

PNC Bank — a credit-based loan with

and Pennsylvania.

an attractive interest rate (available to American citizens and permanent residents).

Outside Scholarships – To search for outside scholarships, check with your high school

Student Employment – As a full-time

guidance office, your parents’ workplace(s),

student, you may work on campus during

church, local service organizations, and

the school year — up to 20 hours per week

online resources like, cappex.

(10 for freshmen) at minimum wage or

com, and, among others. Under

higher, with monthly pay for hours worked.

most circumstances, outside awards will not reduce other awards we offer you. Last year, 168 freshmen brought in an average of

For more information about these resources,

$4,016 each in outside scholarships!




SCHOLAR Trustee Scholarship



$8,000 for Trustee Scholars. Full Tuition,

Alumni Merit Reward Scholarship

Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship

Engineering Scholarship





Room and Board for Trustee Fellows.

Scholarship Type





Who is Eligible?

First-time freshman applicants. Scholarships awarded based on student achievement and potential.

First-time freshman applicants. Scholarships awarded based on student achievement and potential.

First-time freshman applicants. Scholarships awarded based on student achievement and potential.

First-time freshman applicants majoring in engineering. Scholarships awarded based on student achievement and potential.

How to Apply

Complete and submit admissions application and online questionnaire by November 1.

Complete and submit admissions application and online questionnaire by January 20, unless you have already applied for the Trustee Scholarship.

By invitation only. Details can be found online at scholarships

Complete details and applications can be found online at scholarships


Yes, with a 3.40 or higher cumulative quality point average.

No (one-year scholarship).

Yes, with a 3.00 or higher cumulative quality point average.

Yes, with a 3.00 or higher cumulative quality point average as an engineering major.

Number of Awards Available

16 Scholar Awards. 8 Fellow Awards.

Up to 75

Up to 4

Up to 4


RSHIPS Presidential Scholarship

National Merit Scholarship

Grove City College Scholarships











Incoming freshmen who were ranked first (minimum class of 30) or second (minimum class of 100) as determined by their accredited high school transcript.

Incoming freshmen who are National Merit Finalists.

Students who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

Returning Grove City College students with a cumulative quality point average of 3.40 or higher.

Superior upperclassman students according to the criteria established by donors of the various awards.

No application required.

No application required. Please submit a copy of your letter of eligibility.

Submit the Grove City College Financial Aid Application and supporting documents to the Financial Aid Office by April 15 (January 15 for midyear applicants). Apply online or download the application at

No application required.

Departmental or organizational recommendation. Applications typically not required.

No (one-year scholarship).

No (one-year scholarship).

You must reapply each year.

Yes, with a cumulative quality point average of 3.40 or higher.

No (one-year scholarship).






Dean’s Scholarship

Achievement Awards



OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID p: (724) 458-3300 f: (724) 450-4040

OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS p: (724) 458-2100 f: (724) 458-3395 Grove City College is a private educational institution. It does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, sex, marital status, disability, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, and other College-administered programs. 2021-2022 Edition