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Natural Estates

Training Programme Natural Estates is a partnership programme which aims to create real change in the way housing green spaces are managed; transforming residents’ appreciation and involvement. This training programme runs throughout 2012 and aims to support the housing partners involved to build the capacity and skills of staff. This will enable them to better manage their green spaces for the benefit of people and wildlife. The training programme has been developed following a skills needs analysis undertaken with representatives from each of the partner organisations. It offers a comprehensive package of modules in the design, management and maintenance of green space.

Green spaces are at the heart of wider social, economic and environmental regeneration. The Natural Estates Training Programme will support our staff; equipping them with the skills, knowledge and resources to manage our valuable green space assets for the benefit of our customers, the natural environment and our bottom line. Gordon Dickson, Green Space Portfolio Manager, Places for People

Book now! Reserve your free place now! You can opt to attend any of the seminars or workshops listed on the next page. To find out more about the training programme and book online, please visit Three places are available free of charge to each participating housing partner at each seminar. Two places are available free of charge to each participating housing partner at each at each workshop.




Who should attend?


Thursday 2 February 10am - 12pm

To illustrate the business case for quality green space and support housing partners to take a strategic approach to plan for their green space assets.

Chief Executives, Senior Managers, Board Members

To provide knowledge and skills to support estate-based managers and contract staff in delivering initiatives that make a positive contribution to the local environment.

Estate Services Managers, Operational Managers, Contractors

To understand the tools and techniques for effective engagement in green space initiatives.

Housing Managers, Community Investment Managers, Neighbourhood Managers

To identify funding sources for developing green space initiatives. To support the development of organisational plans to enhance funding and resourcing for green spaces.

Operational Managers, Policy and Partnership Officers, Business Development Managers, Tenant Representatives

To introduce quality standards in green space management and maintenance contracts. To identify opportunities to involve residents communities in managing and maintaining green space.

Operations & Delivery Managers, Contractors

To understand the principles and solutions for sustainable green spaces which perform now and in the future.

Delivery Managers, Staff, Contractors


Thursday 13 September 10am – 3pm Practical skills for managing bio-diverse Thamesmead School Sports Centre estates Manygate Lane Shepperton Middlesex TW17 9EE

To provide knowledge of and access to technical skills to support natural planting, wildlife, residents and volunteers.

Operational and Delivery Managers, Contractors


To plan for sustaining Natural Estates outcomes and disseminate knowledge, skills and experience between the housing partners.

Operations & Delivery Managers, Staff, Contractors

Housing Green Space: Commit to quality


Managing the green estate


Resident and community involvement in green spaces


Funding and resourcing green space initiatives


Procuring high quality green space management


Designing sustainable green space

National Housing Federation Lion Court, 25 Procter Street London WC1V 6NY Thursday 1 March 10am – 3pm Venue to be confirmed

Thursday 5 April 10am – 3pm Places for People 305 Gray’s Inn Road, King’s Cross, WC1X 8QR Thursday 3 May 10am – 3pm Vanston Place Community Centre, Samuel Lewis Trust Estate, London SW6 1BU Thursday 21 June 10am – 3pm Gateway Centre Mathieson Court King James Street London SE1 OSA Thursday 12 July 10am – 3pm Venue to be confirmed

Thursday 11 October Natural Estates: New 10am – 2pm beginnings and future National Housing Federation aspirations Lion Court, 25 Procter Street London WC1V 6NY

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Natural Estates Training Programme 2012  

Natural Estates Training Programme 2012

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