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May 2 and each Monday League, Seoul International Darts

League, 7.30pm, Team fees apply, Bars around Itaewon and Haebongcheon including Wolfhound, RMT, Sin Bin., www.seouldarts. net

May 3 - 5, KBO,

LG Twins vs. Doosan Bears, 6.30pm (Tues / Wed), 2pm (Thurs.), Jamsil,

May 4 and each Wednesday League, Itaewon Pool League, 7.30pm,

Team fees apply, Bars around Itaewon and Haebongcheon including Scrooge, Sin Bin, Upper Deck,

May 7 and every Saturday Team Training, Korea Touch (Rugby) Association, 10am, Free Jamwon Pitch, Apgujeong, Seoul,

May 7 and every Saturday bar May 14,Team Training

FC Seoul vs. Pohang Steelers, 2pm, Starts at KRW 15,000, Sangam World Cup Stadium, Seoul

May 10-12, KBO, LG Twins vs. Samsung Lions, 6.30pm, Jamsil, www.mykbostats. com/games

May 13-15, KBO, LG Twins vs. SK Wyverns, 6.30pm (Fri.), 5pm (Sat.), 2pm (Sun.), Jamsil,

May 14, K-League Classic Seongnam FC vs. FC Seoul, 4pm, Starts at KRW 15,000, Tancheon Stadium,


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Seoul Sisters head to Okinawa for the 3rd Annual Memorial Day Tournament, Flights, tickets and accommodation applies,

May 16, K-League Challenge

Seoul Eland vs. Daegu, 8pm, Jamsil Olympic Stadium,

May 20 - 22, KBO, LG Twins vs. Nexen Heroes, 6.30pm (Fri.), 5pm (Sat.), 2pm (Sun.), Jamsil,

May 27 - 29, KBO, LG Twins vs. Doosan Bears, 6.30pm (Fri.), 5pm (Sat.), 2pm (Sun.), Jamsil, May 28, Tournament,

Korea Expatriate Rugby Association (KERA) in Busan, All day, Free, T.B.C. SeoulSurvivors/?fref=ts

May 29, FC Seoul Expat Day, FC Seoul Expat Day, FC Seoul vs. Jeonnam, FC Seoul and the Seoul Global Center help bring soccer to the masses, 2pm kick-off, Starts at KRW15,000 Sangam World Cup Stadium, Seoul, www.fcseoul. com/en/main/main.jsp

May 2016 53

I was, despite my near-tantrum, having fun. From the top I climbed around the back to a small patch of flatland no larger than a small car. At one ledge was a barrier made of rebar and interlaced cable. Climbing has risks. That barrier was not always there, Peter told me later, and was put up because that’s where people climbing without ropes tended to fall off the mountain. Climbing in Bukhansan National Park is popular because it’s accessible and rewarding, but accidents and deaths happen. Peter and

Mangyeongdae Ridge Cost: Pricing for a guided climb is KRW 250,000 plus VAT for the first client. KRW 200,000 plus VAT for each client after that. Family and U.S. military discount rates are KRW 220,000 plus vat. The climbing school costs KRW 880,000 plus VAT per person with U.S. military and family discounts at KRW 660,000 plus vat. Meeting point: From Suyu Station (Line 4), catch bus 120 heading north off the island, just a few lengths and to the left as you come out Exit 3. Take the bus to the end of the line (about 15 min.), get off and walk up the quaint street less than a block and dart into an alley to the right directly across from the Redface cornershop. There's a porch and artificial climbing wall – you can't miss it Contact info: For information on climbing schools and guided climbs as well as pricing go to www.sanirang. net or call 010-8407-6112

May 8, K-League Challenge


his SAN associates hurricane trying to blow me off the ledge. The view was intimidating but beautiful. challenge these risks To my right I could see the endless army through education and of apartments and high-rises far away in decades of combined a smoggy blur. More immediately I could see experience. “Climbing doesn’t have to be this doom and the other stony peaks, deep valleys of maples gloom situation,” says Peter. “It can be nerveand pines waving in the breeze. When I got to that first rock something wracking for any beginner, sure, but there are happened. I climbed. I had little commitment many techniques and skills to keep it safe.” From that ledge we traversed a section at first but, as I looked for a place to put my hands and feet, the exposure and height was called Piano Bawi, which involved moving your hands sideways into replaced by a kind of puzzle. and along a slabby crack and More pressing than my fear, I FORGOT ABOUT MY shuffling your legs around which was still there of UNEMPLOYMENT, the outside of an exposed course, was a goal: I wanted MY DWINDLING FINANCES, bulge. From there, we to get to the top. I remembered AND MY STRESSES ABOUT walked to the final section what Peter told me and THE FUTURE. of our short climb. An hour “climbed with my legs and THERE WAS NOTHING BUT before, I had nearly lost feet” one hold after another. THE PRESENT. my cool. As I climbed up It was slow but steady. I saw the final and steepest pitch dots of blood on my scraped hands and would later have bruises all over I felt a very primal sense of pride. I still had my knees but as I was climbing I felt none of no job, a dwindling bank account, and stress it. The feeling went beyond that too - I forgot about the future, but I had climbed a @*!^^#g about my unemployment, my dwindling mountain. finances, and my stresses about the future. Location/Route: Bukhansan National Park, There was nothing but the present.

Seoul Sisters Training, 12pm, Free Jamwon Pitch, Apgujeong, Seoul, Seoul-Sisters-Rugby-Football-Club-3821

Groove Korea 2016 May  

Admiring the Admiral Yi Sun Shin, Vang Vieng, The ultimate eater's guide to the Ramyeon aisle, HBC fest, Hansan ramie festival, Cat cafe, KI...

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