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How does a Harrier Jump Jet fly?


is for Harrier Jump Jet.

This is a Harrier Jump Jet. It’s development began in 1957 and 10 years later it was completed. It was then introduced into the British Royal Airforce and into the British Navy in 1969. The Jump Jet was then decommissioned from the British military in 2013.

Unlike other plane the harrier Jump Jet is able to take off vertically from a short runway as opposed to needing a long runway to take off.


is for angle the exhaust nozzles to the floor.

A Harrier Jump Jet has four unique nozzles, two on either side of the plane. The Harrier has a single jet engine behind the cockpit, the nozzle are able to direct the jet engine thrust downwards for vertical lift. This type of take off and landing takes a lot of skilll from the pilot.

90 seconds 150 is six times gallons of longer than a water is approximatley cheetah can equal to six and a sprint. half bath tubs full!

A Harrier can hover for 90 seconds and this uses 150 gallons of water to keep the engine cool. To save fuel a simple and small ramp is used to aid take off, this is mainly used on British Navy aircraft carriers, giving the illusion that the plane hops in to the air.


is for ready, set, go!

Did you know? A Harrier Jump Jet can slow down from 1000 kph (620mph) to a full stop in just 12 seconds!


is for right, time to go forwards

Once the plane is airborne the nozzles slowly moves back to a horizontal posistion allowing the thrust from the exhaust to let the plane move forwards.

The Harrier Jump Jet is a sub sonic plane. This means that unlike other planes it cannot fly at the speed of sound. Its top speed is a mere 730 mph!


is for it can also go left and right.

In the end of each of the wings there is a vent that can be used to direct some of the thrust to the wings allowing the plane to move left and right.


is for even backwards and right around in a circle!

Due to the ability that the nozzles have the Harrier Jump jet is also able to move backwards because the nozzles can move in all directions. This also means that whilst the plane is hovering it is also able to move in a 360o motion.


is for really! I didn’t know that!

Due to the planes amazing flying abilities it has a huge advantage in combat.

The wings are short and slope backwards. They are known as shoulder wings, because they join the plane at the top of the fuselage (the body of the plane).

For long range missions extra fuel can be carried in tanks under the wings

Harriers can carry a wide range of weapons, missiles, rockets and cannons.

Fastest Speed (MPH)




68 30 Space Mikoyan Shuttle Mi G31

Blue Whale

Harrier Peregrine Jump Jet Falcon

Lucie Wilkes-Green and Rachel Stewart

How Does a Harrier Jump Jet Fly?  

By Rachel Stewart and Lucie Wilkes-Green

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