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GREEN PAGES Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory 2015/16

Replacing a traditional dark roof with a green roof from Sika can reduce your energy bill by more than 20%.

green roofs. the benefits are growing. green roof systems from sika benefit you and the environment by reducing building energy consumption, extending the life of the waterproofing membrane and reducing storm water runoff. Unparalleled performance—designed to meet your sustainability goals of energy efficiency, environmentally preferable products, greenhouse gas reduction, and waste minimization—make sika the choice for facility managers, roofing consultants, architects, and contractors alike. to learn more about how our products can help you achieve your sustainability goals, visit

Sika corporation — roofing Phone: 800-576-2358 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory

Green Pages: 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory Welcome to our Green Pages: 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory, a resource that will help you quickly find key players in the green roof and wall industry (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, nurseries, etc.) as well as accredited Green Roof Professionals to help you with your projects. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is a non-profit industry association working to develop the green roof and wall industry in North America. To achieve this, we: • Develop and provide value added products and services to our Corporate and Individual membership base ( • Organize green roof and wall conferences, including CitiesAlive (, our international event, and Grey to Green (, a regional conference held in Toronto, Canada. • Develop and deliver a wide variety of green infrastructure courses, including the Green Roof Professional training program, the Net Zero Water for Buildings and Sites series, and specialized half-day courses on topics like green walls, rooftop agriculture and more. These courses are offered both in-class and online. ( • Administer Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation, a form of professional distinction for individuals who have achieved a specific knowledge level with respect to green roof design, project management, installation and maintenance. • Publish the quarterly Living Architecture Monitor™, North America’s green roof and wall magazine, with the latest in research (Journal of Living Architecture), trends, policy interviews and more. Read the digital issue online for free at • Advocate for green infrastructure policy across North America through webinars, publications, training and symposia. ( ourCommunityWillBenefitFromGreenRoofPolicy.pdf) • Present Awards of Excellence to celebrate the outstanding green roof and wall projects in North America each year and to recognize research and public service champions. Many of these award winning projects are profiled in the Green

Pages: 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory. ( • Under our charitable arm, the Green Infrastructure Foundation, we are developing the Living Architecture Performance Tool, which will provide performance metrics and standards for living architecture, much like what the USGBC’s LEED did for green buildings. ( • The Green Infrastructure Foundation also offers communities the chance to redesign their neighborhoods through the Green Infrastructure Charrette Program, and to develop an aggregate cost-benefit analysis of the outcomes of the one day event. ( We hope you find valuable information and design inspiration in the Green Pages and it becomes a resource for your organization. We look forward to continuing to build this important industry with you.

Acknowledgments Thank you to the following individuals who helped develop the Green Pages 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory: Tracy Jackson, director, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; Rohan Lilauwala, senior researcher, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; Steven Peck, GRP, founder and president, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; Jordan Richie, GRP, director, education and accreditation, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; and Blaine Stand, membership coordinator, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. ON THE COVER: Award Winning Projects top row: (left) The Shoppes at Kingsbury Square, image courtesy of Wolff Landscape Architecture; (right) Southlake Regional Health Centre, image courtesy of Tremco Inc. upper middle row: P.S. 6 Eric Dutt Eco Center, image courtesy of Mark K. Morrison Landscape Architecture P.C. lower middle row: (left) Silver City Townhomes, image courtesy of XeroFlor America; (centre) Social Sciences Building, University of Ottawa; image courtesy of Diamond Schmitt Architects & NEDLAW Living Walls; (right) NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, image courtesy of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Co. bottom row: Midtown High Rise, image courtesy of New York Green Roofs

Contact Us | 416-971-4494 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory


CORPORATE MEMBERS GOVERNMENT & INSTITUTIONAL City of Toronto • 416-392-2489 The City, residents and businesses are working together to make Toronto the most sustainable city in North America through goals, programs and action plans in fields such as climate change and sustainable energy. Passed one of the most progressive green roof bylaws in North America.

Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Environment • 202-535-2600 Provides many environmental services including, but not limited to, air quality monitoring and assessment.

Green walls Carl Stahl DecorCable Inc. • 312-474-1100 Offers a range of cable, rod, and mesh systems for architectural, structural and interior design applications.

Greenscreen • 310-837-0526 A focus on living walls with a variety of systems perfect for any vertical project.

Jakob Inc. • 866-215-1421 Market leaders in provisioning top-end, cutting-edge design solutions offering wire rope products for over 110 years.

Modulogreen Living Walls • 855-436-2919 Successfully used in Europe in large scale projects for almost 15 years. Long term success guaranteed!

Tournesol Siteworks • 800-542-2282 Landscape and architecture products for green roof and wall systems, root control and drainage systems.

Manufacturer American Hydrotech • 312-337-4998 Recognized leader in the development, production and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products. Hydrotech’s flagship product remains Monolithic Membrane 6125, a hot fluid-applied, rubberized asphalt for waterproofing and roofing applications. MM6125 is thick, seamless, easy to detail and bonds tenaciously to the substrate.

Barrett Roofs • 800-647-0100 Providing Roofscapes® including, but not limited to; waterproofing, reinforcements, root barriers, drainage mats and growing media.

Bonar / XeroFlor America / XeroFlor Canada • • 828-665-5000 • 919-683-1073 • 416-637-5772 Multi-faceted green roof partnership with expertise in manufacturing, supply, and installation aspects of sustainable development.

Carlisle Syntec • 800-479-6832 A leader in commercial single-ply roofing by providing its customers with superior roofing systems and services for more than 50 years. It continues to lead the industry today, providing its customers with superior roofing systems and services through network of manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and applicators.

Columbia Green Technologies • 503-327-8723 Offers green roof solutions including extensive, semiintensive and intensive systems for a variety of roofing scenarios.

Eco-Roofs, LLC Green roofs on schools, like the award winning P.S. 6 Eric Dutt Eco Center in New York, can add amenity space, improve access to nature and be important environmental education tools. Image courtesy of Mark K Morrison Landscape Architecture P.C.


2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory • 269-471-7408 Grower of green roofing products including in-stock, pregrown Eco-Trays, Sedum Mats, Plants, Plugs and Cuttings.

Etera • 877-694-7613 Trusted supplier of horticultural products. Recognized for consistent and superior quality, unparalleled service and financial strength.

Firestone Building Products • 800-428-4442 Offers an array of environmentally friendly roofing and landscape products and systems for all your needs.

Stainless steel wire rope products and connectors

GAF Materials Corporation • 877-423-7663 Founded in 1886, GAF has become North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing.

Green Roof Outfitters • 843-364-7653 Providing an easy and affordable green roof solution with each new generation of technologically advanced modules.

Knauf Insulation / Urban Greenscape • 317-398-4434 Multinational producer of building materials and construction systems with a wide range of insulation products.

LiveRoof • 800-875-1392 LiveRoof is a hybrid green roof system, installed on millions of square feet and over a thousand projects worldwide. Providing exceptional value for the life of the vegetated roof, and 20 growing locations in the US and Canada, they are committed to sustainable, local production.

Rooflite • 610-268-0017 Industry leader for green roof media products with experience in both large and small scales on over 10 million square feet of rooftops, it is optimized for the rooftop environment.

Sempergreen • 540-399-5055 Supplier of vegetation blankets for green roofs, instant ground covering, and pre-cultivated living wall panels with more than seventeen years’ experience in the green roof, wall and sustainable design field.

Sika Sarnafil • 800-451-2504 The commercial roofing industry has relied on thermoplastic single-ply membranes from Sika for more than 50 years to achieve sustainable roofing and waterproofing solutions. Sika’s product lines feature highquality concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, sealants and adhesives, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring as well as roofing and waterproofing systems.

Soprema • 800-356-3521 A leader in roofing services; Sopranature provides green roofing systems including extensive, intensive and semi-intensive.

Jakob Inc. Toll-free 1-866-215-1421

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory


Tremco • 800-562-2728 A roofing building and maintenance company which offers a variety of vegetated roofing options.

Vegetal ID • 585-343-6400 Modular green roof tray and smart stormwater management monitoring technology.

Zinco USA • 866-766-3155 Dedicated to the improvement and development for the integration of various living rooftop systems.

nursery Execulawn • 301-262-4638 Execu-Lawn is your one call for all of your residential and commercial lawn care needs.

Jellitto Perennial Seeds • 502-895-0807 Suppliers of seeds to growers and nurseries with a selection of over 3700 species and varieties.

Midwest Groundcovers

non-profit • 847-742-1790 Specializing in the cultivation of plants, including varieties for extensive and semi-intensive green roofing systems.

First Community Housing

NATS Nurseries

Jacob K. Javits Center

Sheridan Nurseries

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Smart Green Technologies

U.S. Water Alliance

SNIPS • 408-291-8650 The design, development and management of housing for low-income households with long term goals of sustainability. • 212-216-2000 Busiest convention center in the US, hosting the world’s leading conventions, trade shows & events. • 416-661-6600 Working to ensure natural foundations of healthy rivers and shorelines, greenspace and biodiversity, and sustainable communities. • 202-263-3658 Alliance was established to provide sector-wide leadership for building a national platform for holistic water policy. • 604-530-9300 Dedicated to the cultivation of Pacific Northwest plants for various environmental gains, including green roofing systems. • 416-798-7970 Founded in 1913, their team is dedicated to providing quality vegetative products and design services. • 705-205-4774 Full service urban greening specializing in vegetative roofing, living walls, urban agriculture, rain gardens and monitoring. • 905-892-9690 Landscaping and nursery services including green roof and wall installation for commercial and residential clients.

The Whole Foods in Lynnfield, MA is home to an award-winning rooftop farm that supplies around 10,000 pounds of produce to the store annually. Image courtesy of Recover Green Roofs, LLC


2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory




Grants of up to $100,000 are available to support the installation of green and cool roofs in Toronto.

ronto o T in s f o o R l o o and C n e e r G r o f s t n Institutional Gra • l ia rc e m m Co Residential


Green Roof Grants $75 / m2 to a maximum of $100,000 Grants are available for green roofs on existing buildings; new buildings with a gross floor area of less than 2,000 m2; and all Toronto School Board buildings.

Cool Roof Grants $2 - $5 / m2 to a maximum of $50,000 Grants are available for cool roofs on all existing buildings.

Apply Today! The City’s Eco-Roof Incentive Program has helped fund the installation of more than 100 eco-roofs. Applications must be submitted before the roof is installed. Learn more and apply online at

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory


professional Architek • 888-317-5585 Your one-stop Biophilic Building resource: Architek provides full-service Living Building solutions including: design – supply – Installation – maintenance for Green Roofs, Living Walls, Green Facades and Integrated Site Water Management.

Fort Selden Roofing Inc.

575-527-1709 Provides complete roofing systems certified by numerous manufactures and operates as prime contractors and sub contracting.

Furbish • 443-874-7465 Combination of interior and exterior living wall and roof expertise for the enhancement of ecological sustainability.

Bockholt Landscape Design

Ginkgo Sustainability

Carrot Common

Gordon Contractors

Conservation Design Forum

Green Roof Technology • 406-586-3387 Artistic expression through landscape design with an understanding of the natural environments of the Rockies • 416-361-1124 Retail and health centre providing assistance with a natural lifestyle for the mind, body and soul. • 630-559-2000 Nationally recognized design firm that explores and creates integrated, water-based design strategies that promote sustainability.

Cornerstone Architecture • 519-432-6644 A leading firm in the area of green building design in a variety of sectors.

Dantech Building Technologies Inc. • 905-415-8880 Delivers high quality building envelope asset management services and industrial, commercial, and institutional roof consulting.

Downes Forest Products • 973-238-9800 Provides installation of your intensive or extensive green roof as well as pneumatic media installation.


2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory • 519-954-9319 Provide the consultation, design, installation and maintenance of a variety quality green roofing projects. • 301-350-6600 Provides customized roofing, waterproofing, sheet metal, green roofing and repair work for any exterior surface. • 443-345-1578 A wide selection of green infrastructure solutions including, green roofs, wall gardens and solar.

Green Studios • 818-699-8707 Award winning landscape architecture and technology platform that tackles the interface of design and technology.

GreenRise Technologies • 615-907-7460 Assistance with design, appropriate palettes and proper installation of your intensive of extensive green roofing projects. • 888-477-1326 x1 Aims to inform and promote environmentally responsible technology through shared ideas, projects and research.

Greenscape Inc.

IBI Group


Infra-red Analyzers, Inc • 919-552-7742 A wide selection of green infrastructure solutions including, green roofs, wall gardens and solar. • 800-613-3180 Leading green roof and wall design, engineering, installation and maintenance for commercial, residential and industrial needs.

Hanging Gardens • 416-596-1930 Offers a variety of green architectural planning, engineering and technological expertise to cities around the globe. • 800-879-1964 A national provider of testing services for roofing and waterproofing membranes committed to the highest standards of professional thermography, infrared surveys, and other non-destructive testing to prevent damage. • 877-266-0015 Hanging Gardens, LLC focuses on design integration, project delivery, and products for green infrastructure development.


Highview Creations

Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company • 646-481-9012 Working to couple natural systems and urban environments for a healthier New York. • 231-943-1434 Inhabitect is a full-service firm devoted to designing, building and growing all forms of living architecture. • 816-842-8999 A pioneer in emerging green technologies, with experience in urban park design and landscape architecture.

Mind Map: The Business Case

Green roofs and walls are complex and have many facets to consider, but they deliver multiple public and private benefits. This mind map helps make sense of it all. Image from Living Architecture Monitor, Summer 2013

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory


Land Studio C • 415-250-0320 Complete landscape architecture services provided with the integration of art, knowledge and the environment.

Living Roofs Inc. • 828-252-4449 Experienced green roof + wall design, installation, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

Mark K. Morrison Associates Ltd. • 212-629-9710 Living landscape architecture consisting of green roofs, walls and façades. Plants selected for habitat and aesthetics.

Metro Green Visions Inc. • 631-971-0200 The implementation of hybrid green roofing systems, they offer a unique approach to living architecture.

Nations Roof • 800-444-7663 Implementation of green roofing systems specific to client needs, systems include vegetated, reflective and solar options.

Networx Systems LLC • 404-994-3333 Provides networking connections for various construction projects including green roofing systems, wind and solar energy generation.

New York Green Roofs • 917-680-6881 Full service green roofing firm, providing consultation, design assistance, project management, installation and maintenance services.

Top 10 North American Metro Areas for Green Roof Installation in 2014 (by square feet) Data: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Industry Survey (2015)


2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory

Plant Connection Inc.

Rooftop Greenworks

PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.

Sentry Roof Services • 888-787-5268 Full service green wall company with a thorough horticultural background with 42 acres of nursery. • 604-688-6111 Making places. Engaging people. Inspired by nature.

Rana Creek Design • 831-659-3820 Providing ecological design services specializing in environmental planning, landscape architecture, habitat restoration and native plant cultivation.

Recover Green Roofs • 617-764-1310 Firm specializing in vegetated roofs, rooftop farms, and living walls for each phase of a project.

Restoration Gardens • 647-273-9340 Full service green roofing with a background in landscaping and natural building emphasizing design and sustainability.

Roofmeadow • 215-247-8784 An award-winning green roof civil engineering and design firm specializing in elegant and inventive designs. • 312-337-3196 The construction and maintenance of living architecture including green roof and wall, for any landscape project. • 678-301-5555 Provides its clients with various roofing services including construction, maintenance and repairs of vegetated systems.

Simluc Contractors Ltd. • 613-748-0066 Providing green roof contracting services to various commercial and industrial locations with a dedication to quality.

SJN & Associates Landscape Architects • 647-478-4270 Landscape consulting firm providing various services in landscape architecture and urban planning dedicated to sustainability.

Sponzilli Landscape Group • 973-244-1410 Award-winning landscaping company specializing in both residential and commercial landscaping design, construction, and maintenance.

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory


Stephen Popovich Associates Inc. • 905-270-2229 Dedicated to providing design and construction services while meeting social, sustainable and ecological needs.

Sunlite Science & Technology • 785-856-0219 Sunlite’s LEDs provide a cost efficient, beautiful means to grow healthy and vibrant green wall plants.

Superior Groundcover • 616-669-7479 Provides services including, green roof media, drainage aggregates, landscape mulch and erosion control for any project.

Turf Diagnostics & Design • 855-769-4231 Provides testing of soils, growing media, aggregates, components, and drainage systems for greenroofs and specialty landscapes.

Flynn Canada • 905-671-3971 Environmental roofing solutions for energy and economic benefits, including green roofs, solar installations and daylighting systems.

Hunter Industries • 760-744-5240 Provides high quality, efficient solutions for irrigation, outdoor lighting, and custom molding industries for irrigation professionals. Hunter is committed to manufacturing products that are both water and energy efficient.

International Leak Detection • 866-282-5325 Nationwide Electronic Leak Detection services for green roofing and waterproofing membranes, including ELD Fusion® High and Low Voltage Testing and new TruGround™ Conductive Primer. Certified professional nondestructive testing since 1984.

Nedlaw Living Roofs / Walls • 416-518-8446 Providing living landscape architecture design, construction and maintenace services for green roof and walls systems. • • 519-648-9779 Specializing in the design and construction of living roofs and walls; projects have been completed throughout Canada.

Vika Inc.

Oly Ola Edgings

Whitco Roofing


Vertical Landscape Architects • 703-442-7800 Offer a variety of unique engineering, planning, landscape architecture, surveying and sustainable design services. • 888-399-2221 Provides a variety of commercial, institutional, and commercial roofing, and waterproofing services throughout North America. • 800-334-4647 Producers of high quality 100% recycled vinyl landscape edging products for green roof and wall installations.

supplier of accessories • 800-356-9660 Leading manufacturer of high-performance landscape edging and restraint systems providing unmatched quality and breakthrough products. Permaloc utilizes its deeprooted knowledge of the landscaping industry, mixes it with solid manufacturing principles, and creates products that are unique and on the leading edge of the industry.

Bison Innovative Products

Rain Bird Corporation

Conservation Technology

ZinCo Canada • 800-333-4234 Specializing in the consultation, execution and maintenance of green roofing systems including planning, designing and horticulture. • 800-477-7724 A supplier of a variety of green roof products, fabrics, drainage systems and accessories. • 628-812-3400 International manufacturing and distribution of irrigation products and services for various projects including agricultural and gardening. • 905-690-1661 The improvement and development of a variety of green roofing systems fit for virtually any landscape.

Ewing Irrigation Products Inc. • 800-343-9464 Landscape products and services including irrigation and erosion control necessary for healthy sustainable environments. 12

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory

18 years of vegetated roof experience... brought to life in one app.

American Hydrotech introduces the Garden Roof® Planning Guide iPad® app – a first-of-its-kind digital brochure that helps design professionals take a vegetated roof from initial concept to completion. Packed with photography, technical information and videos, design professionals can explore assembly options and components, growing media and vegetation, and learn about topics such as design considerations, economic and sustainable benefits, installation and maintenance, and much more.

Download your copy today at

American Hydrotech, Inc. 303 East Ohio | Chicago, IL 60611 | 800.877.6125 | © 2014 Garden Roof is a registered trademark of American Hydrotech, Inc.

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory



a Green Roof Professional

The accredited Green Roof Professional (GRP) designation was introduced in 2009 as a form of professional distinction for individuals who have achieved a specific knowledge level with respect to green roof design, project management, installation and maintenance. The curriculum that supports GRP accreditation focuses on maximizing the benefits of projects for owners by ensuring that green roofs operate in concert with other building systems, and are installed and maintained in accordance with industry best practices.

To earn the designation, GRPs must successfully complete an exam that tests their knowledge of both the living and non-living components of green roof systems. To demonstrate that they are keeping abreast of evolving industry trends and best practices, GRPs must fulfill a mandatory continuing education requirement and maintain a GRHC membership in good standing. Find a GRP in your area here, or visit To learn more about the GRP accreditation process, visit greenroofs. org/education or contact Jordan Richie (jrichie@ CANADA Alberta Supreet Kapur Nathan Gill Aja Horsley Michael Magnan Esther Rivard-Sirois Cynthia Pohl Gord Koch Kim Wickwire Colette Russell Houle

780-948-4200 403-669-7706 403-796-3770 403-228-1336 403-478-3212 403-749-2655 403-556-4751 403-556-8288 780-780-0748

Acheson Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary Delburne Olds Olds Spruce Grove

James Neville Ronald Schwenger Randy Sharp Alanna Dean Andy Matysiak Adam Weir Manitoba

604-669-1077 604-861-9446 604-738-2050 250-260-6657 250-306-5345 250-813-0663

Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vernon Vernon Victoria

Glen Manning

204-944-9907 Winnipeg

British Columbia

The award-winning 1460 square foot living wall located in Drexel University in Phliadelphia acts as an indoor air purifier, lowering the building’s dependence on mechanical heating and cooling. Image courtesy of Diamond Schmitt Architects & NEDLAW Living Walls.


2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory

Ontario Peter Baun Brandon Hexham

905-550-8606 Ajax 905-503-1300 Aurora

Green Roofs can provide valuable habitat for insects and birds and contribute to urban biodiversity. A life-cycle cost-benefit analysis conducted on this green roof on a Walmart store in Chicago, demonstrated that with the right policy support, green roofs are an economically attractive choice for large retail buildings. Image courtesy of Walmart.

David Adkins Leslie Camm Leon Denbok Meredith Plant Pearl Lande Kent Guptill Richard Derbecker Sam Guida Robert Jocelyn Doug Fishburn Greg Johnstone Jennifer Lockhart Christian Mahlstedt Lindsay Wells Karen Allin Matthew Bielawski Kendall Flower Matthew Gehres John Mills Kees Govers Carolyn Smith Sophie Lacroix-Nissan Peter Schmidt Dean Woolley Doug Fountain Richard Huot Douglas Kerr Gloria Iglesias Montes

905-639-5454 905-330-5596 905-336-3476 905-634-3110 905-483-7487 416-559-0764

Burlington Burlington Burlington Burlington Burlington Concord 905-856-5200 x225 Concord 905-561-7780 Hamilton 905-577-0777 Hamilton 905-878-1282 Hornby 519-576-3650 Kitchener 519-576-3650 Kitchener 226-748-4433 Kitchener 905-946-6375 Markham 905-403-0386 Mississauga 905-671-3971 Mississauga 905-270-2229 Mississauga 416-695-4949 Mississauga 416-898-6568 Mississauga 519-671-5777 Mount Brydges 416-558-9142 Mulmer 905-845-6601 x3895 Oakville 416-771-4447 Oakville 416-553-1127 Oakville 613-216-2934 Ottawa 613-725-2294 Ottawa 416-410-5190 Richmond Hill 647-990-3267 Richmond Hill

Ljuba Lush Jack Albert Helle Brodie Danielle Charlton Rob Crysdale Beata Domanska Leslie Doyle Shaman Ferraro Kate Fox-Whyte Kelven Goodridge Jessica Hutcheon Jim Kroesen Monica Kuhn Marilyn Lake Tom Lew Mary Jane Lovering Paul Marsala Susan Martin Erika Richmond Jason Rokosh Phil Silverstein Edward Slapsys Chelsea Stroud Michael Tocher Scott Torrance Jackie VanderVelde Dan Hussey Jeffrey Beaton Janet Anderson

905-512-8639 Stoney Creek 416-977-5335 Toronto 416-778-7876 Toronto 416-638-4911 x234 Toronto 416-410-0320 Toronto 416-985-7129 Toronto 647-273-9340 Toronto 416-407-0784 Toronto 647-291-5242 Toronto 416-303-2799 Toronto 416-656-6665 Toronto 416-818-1617 Toronto 416-966-4411 Toronto 416-363-7199 Toronto 416-638-4911 Toronto 416-925-6097 Toronto 416-638-4911 Toronto 647-343-1392 Toronto 416-859-3051 Toronto 416-518-8446 Toronto 416-925-4484 Toronto 416-363-0404 x223 Toronto 416-988-0488 Toronto 416-236-3335 Toronto 416-469-4343 Toronto 416-840-0039 Toronto 226-750-0513 Waterloo 905-668-9363 Whitby 519-870-5200 Woodstock

Quebec Marie-Josée Houle Patrizio Stasi Stuart Webster

613-797-7819 Chelsea 514-486-0535 Montreal 514-876-0718 Montreal

Saskatchewan Veronica Schroeder Laureen Snook Michael Molaro Ray Penner


306-751-4241 306-790-7635 639-471-7775 306-374-1037

Regina Regina Saskatoon Saskatoon

María Fernanda Gómez Mir 56-9-82881602 Santiago, Chile

® ®

® ™

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory



This award-winning living wall at the Phoenix Convention Center is irrigated using condensate water collected from the building’s air handling system. Image courtesy of Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Inc.

Alabama Amanda Culver

205-757-7744 Bessemer

Arizona Bryan McLaren Joe Zazzera

602-628-7690 Phoenix 480-585-8501 Scottsdale

California Katherine Lewis Teleri Williams Bob Oliverio Anita Bohrnerud Bruce Oliver Amy Hackney Don Lambrecht Kimberley Gates Tom Hawkins James Mumford Paul Travis Todd Polderman Janet MacKinnon Kerrie Lee Cole Cynthia Tanyan Shayne Naudi

805-481-5996 805-459-3050 714-248-1938 714-263-6145 949-923-7745 213-271-1950 916-632-2059 916-397-1241 949-498-1131 858-576-9300 415-557-4631 760-591-7361 415-286-3570 707-824-0314 510-494-8500 818-929-9953

Arroyo Grande

609-915-6032 970-429-2029 303-575-8406 303-901-9993

Broomfield Carbondale Denver Denver

Cambria, San Luis Obispo

Cypress Fullerton Irvine Los Angeles Rocklin Sacramento San Clemente San Diego San Francisco San Marcos Sea Ranch Sebastopol Sunol Tujunga

Colorado Eva Chatzidakis Scott Chism Brian Nicholson Leila Tolderlund Connecticut 16

2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory

Martha Lane Charles Arnold John Coombe Mary Ellen Lemay

201-697-5774 860-647-0198 203-410-7948 203-375-9999

Cornwall Bridge Manchester New Haven Trumbul

Nancy Giammatteo Bill Hardy Joseph Heilman Sara Loveland Mary Marcinko Florida

202-438-2596 240-304-6990 724-840-3325 202-330-8745 202-289-4545

Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington

Anthony Flatley Patrick Heroman

786-208-5409 Fort Lauderdale 850-936-6969 Pensacola

District of Columbia

Georgia Janet Faust Linda Velazquez Eileen Gohr Meg Needle Michael Saunders John Robinson Juliana Evans Henri Brickey Kevin Tate Stella Mathews

404-918-2900 888-477-1326 678-654-2761 404-253-1467 770-331-0854 770-331-7498 770-532-7117 678-516-6602 828-551-1414 912-398-6662

Alpharetta Alpharetta Atlanta Atlanta Colbert Duluth Gainesville Lawrenceville Roswell Savannah

Idaho Christopher McCaene 208-447-7670 Boise

Whether you’re designing a green roof or rainwater harvesting system for your site, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ professional development courses help you get it right, the first time. In class and online training available. For dates and additional courses visit 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory


The award-winning green roof on the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in San Diego embraces the vernacular and coastal dune ecology of its surroundings, connecting the researchers inside to the environment they are dedicated to preserving. Image courtesy of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Co.

Illinois Tiffany Danielle Robert Erklin Richard Hayden Richard Kile Molly Meyer Kevin Serena Emily Shelton Jameson Skaife Zachary Waliullah Susan Wisniewski James Kirby Michael Curry Kurt Horvath Henry Marsh Jason Barrett Grace Koehler

312-953-6703 312-515-5189 312-337-4998 312-337-4998 312-337-3196 312-337-4998 773-435-8392 312-888-3335 312-337-4998 312-593-4937 847-997-6785 847-812-9591 847-391-9266 224-230-0366 815-341-2489 815-826-0566

Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Evanston Geneva Glenview Rockdale Schaumburg St. Charles

Indiana Stephen Hastings

317-542-5200 Indianapolis

Iowa Roxanne Nagel Teresa Nelson Kansas

563-505-7032 Davenport 563-676-9775 Davenport

Rebecca Armstrong Dea Brokesh

316-371-9662 Bel Aire 785-770-3495 Manhattan


2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory

Kentucky Jean-Paul Grivas Cassius Moter Patrick Murphy

502-494-5965 Louisville 502-583-8888 Louisville 502-454-5632 Louisville

Maryland Abbi Huntzinger Anthony Surace Kyle Parsons Ashley Owens James Gil Jacob Weaver William Phillips Raymond LaSota Gregory Osband Kevin Wengernuk Diane Odell David Lundberg

443-758-4723 340-417-5846 410-740-2233 301-370-1198 410-562-8781 301-261-4911 301-262-6045 610-790-5164 301-881-2545 410-729-0646 410-867-8847 410-795-7666

Annapolis Capitol Heights Columbia District Heights Edgewater Harwood Mitchellville Owings Mills Rockville Severn West River Woodbine

617-939-4050 508-838-7168 617-475-4260 781-332-3223 781-332-3225 617-981-0357 617-966-2220 617-285-2931 781-213-5030 203-246-2405

Belmont Blackstone Cambridge Canton Canton Malden Somerville Somerville Wakefield Williamstown

Massachusetts Steven M. Allen Paul Muller Blake Jackson Jon Jensen Gary Whittemore Brian Hurley Brendan Shea Mark Winterer Arnel Catalan Jennifer Mastrianni Michigan Michael Edelbach Homer Trecartin

269-208-2811 Berrien Springs 269-471-7408 Berrien Springs

Douglas Barron Anthony Schena Janee Kronk Amber Ponce David Chenoweth Casey Conn Nathan Griswold

313-920-6734 586-949-4777 810-923-7771 616-842-1392 866-927-7621 954-604-0823 231-943-1434

Bridgeport Chesterfield Lakeland Spring Lake Three Rivers Traverse City Traverse City

Minnesota Edward Heinen David Campbell Angie Durhman

952-500-9929 Burnsville 763-546-3434 Minneapolis 612-327-2953 Minneapolis

Missouri Elise Hubbard Jeffrey Bruce

785-410-8319 Kansas City 816-842-8999 North Kansas City

Nebraska Richard Sutton Kristina Engler

402-309-0341 Lincoln 402-707-6389 Omaha

New Jersey Greg Florio

732-938-7373 Freehold

James Gilday Jeffrey Sokolik Jim Davidge Tom Walsh

732-859-0370 201-669-6327 415-987-4649 908-564-0175

GRHC ARTWORK Nicholas Amoruso 973-951-9731 Hoboken SSUE: SUMMER 2014Ford Christopher 201-912-5574 Jersey City Kirkley 917-495-2402 Jersey City SIZE: 1/2 Marcia PAGE HORIZONTAL (8”X4.5”)

Little Silver Mahwah Princeton Scotch Plains

Rachel Kangas Brian Sullivan Dana Cole Helene Hardy-Pierce

Tenafly Totowa

Upper Saddle River


New York William Hope 518-456-5274 Albany Renaud Du Plessis 585-343-6400 Batavia Tracee Neumann 516-810-3155 Bayside Gennaro Brooks-Church 347-244-3016 Brooklyn Nicole De Feo 914-417-7464 Brooklyn Lauren Henfey 908-489-3454 Brooklyn Dwaine Lee 347-746-2164 Brooklyn Kate Turney 888-219-9324 Brooklyn Marion Yuen 917-609-5402 Brooklyn William Cogan 315-575-1552 Cicero Dyami Plotke 631-666-3232 Deer Park Geoffrey Nimmer 631-604-1970 East Hampton Craig Kawasaki 631-878-0115 East Moriches Victoria Silverman 631-262-0672 Greenlawn Makoto Hagi 585-582-2000 Honeoye Falls Michael Notaro 718-482-8190 Long Island City Henry LaRosa 516-429-8683 Mount Sinai Dianne Walsh 518-727-7447 Mt. Marion Alan Burchell 215-480-2210 New York Rebecca Cole 212-216-9492 New York Jamison Hinder 800-613-3180 New York Scott Melching 212-627-1700 New York Mark Morrison 212-629-9710 x100 New York Julia Nelson 212-807-9600 New York Amy Norquist 800-613-3180 New York Alexander Roth 814-404-3125 New York Douglas Stieve 212-760-2540 New York

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401-527-4288 973-706-8584 201-248-5449 973-872-4263 (610) 268-0017

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Photo courtesy of Columbia Green Technologies

Permaloc GeoEdge aluminum edging restraints are the universal standard on which architects, contractors, and greenroof system manufacturers depend for greenroofs. Get more familiar with GeoEdge by visiting 20 2015/2016 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory or calling 800.356.9660.



Sulman Usman Adrianne Weremchuk Fred Wolf Mark Scaramucci

800-613-3180 917-957-6525 631-921-7528 516-286-3523

New York New York New York Port Washington

202-518-6195 561-714-4054 919-601-7997 980-248-7182 704-962-6824 919-772-8780 704-608-5200 910-695-3884 919-730-1782 302-239-6612

Carrboro Cary Chapel Hill Charlotte Charlotte Garner Greensboro Pinehurst Raleigh Southport

513-556-1135 859-653-2830 614-949-6008 614-557-1653 646-322-8787 262-639-6452

Cincinnati Cincinnati Columbus Grove City Shaker Heights Wooster

North Carolina Nora Barger Yvonne Maher Jonathan Parsons Carlos Gonzalez Will Weaver Tom Fissel George Arnold James Westmen A W Jeffreys Marcus vandeVliet Ohio Virginia L. Russell Rose Seeger Megan Meier David Scott Michael Peters Scott Sellers Oklahoma Kevin Decker

405-470-7385 Oklahoma City

Oregon Jon Crumrine Naomi Morgan Elaine Kearney Alan Proffitt

503-828-8389 503-707-4998 503-327-8723 503-866-6337

Beaverton Cornelius Portland Portland

A patient on the Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital green roof in Chicago, Illinois. According to ‘The Economics of Biophilia, a publication by Terrapin Bright Green, over $93 million annually could be saved in healthcare costs as a result of providing patients with views to nature. Image courtesy of Colin Lyons.

Pennsylvania Juan Levy Chris Isenberg Brian Davis Connie Weiss John Welch Paul Cook Paul Belcher Alon Abramson Kia Linder Anna Prinzo Jeanne Weber Chad Sipes

484-257-7250 610-277-9200 856-535-7513 610-458-8864 412-915-3100 717-723-0855 215-301-0142 215-573-8386 267-707-1950 267-908-3447 610-563-3801 412-224-2595

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Tennessee Sean Koren

615-320-1045 Nashville

Texas Eleanor McKinney Michael Gibbons Joseph Steffes David Scott Dustin Brackney Warren French Michael Mauer Don Cirilo

512-445-5202 972-960-8726 214-871-0568 512-930-4746 713-360-9992 281-440-8284 713-722-8897 281-355-6729

Austin Dallas Dallas Georgetown Houston Houston Houston Spring

Utah Scott Jenson

801-243-9348 Coalville

Virginia Andrew Stanton 321-795-7818 Carleen Wood-Thomas 703-508-5182 Roger Schickedantz 434-979-1111 Michael DeRosier 703-994-8597 Robert Whitton 703-261-3568 Alan Geary 540-751-1284 Lucille Lanier 804-200-6457 Lee Wilhelm 540-777-3608 Washington

Arlington Arlington Charlottesville Leesburg Manassas Purcellville Richmond Roanoke

Jennifer Stone Darcy Drysdale Bob Card Stephen Elliott Rachael Meyer Shane West Douglas Seidler

Kent Mount Vernon Olympia Seattle Seattle Snohomish Sumner

253-856-7663 360-395-3338 425-822-8397 206-405-3455 206-325-6877 425-402-1848 253-709-8693

Wisconsin Anthony Mayer Patraic Maloney Scott Ziebol

877-266-0015 Milwaukee 262-613-7031 New Berlin 262-827-1604 New Berlin

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Grow your business WITH VALUABLE GREEN ROOF AND WALL RESOURCES The Rise of Living Architecture Book Green Roofs for Healthy Cities 10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Steven W. Peck

GRP, Honorary ASLA, Founder and President Green Roofs for Healthy Cities




GRP, RCI, CSI, ASTM , National Sales Manager, Waterproofing Systems, Sika Sarnafil Inc. Peter J. D’Antonio is National Sales Manager for Waterproofing Systems and has been with Sika Sarnafil Inc. for 32 years serving in a variety of sales and management capacities. Peter has worked with numerous trade and service organizations including Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (grhc), the Sealant, Waterproofing, and Restoration Institute (swri), the Roof Consultants Institute (rci), American Society of Testing Materials (astm) and the Construction Specifiers Institute (csi). He has been an ardent advocate of green roof systems since 1989.

OC, FCSLA, FASLA, LMBCSLA, Landscape Architect

Cornelia Oberlander is arguably one of the greatest landscape architects of our time, having worked on numerous projects world wide and received many awards, including: International Federation of Landscape Architects, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award (2011); Green Roof Life Time Achievement Award (2010); Officer of the Order of Canada (2009); DSc, hon. causa. McGill University, Montreal (2008); lld. Hon. causa. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2008); Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (2006) ; lhd. Hon. causa Smith College, Northampton, Ma. (2003); lld hon. causa Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (2002); Honorary Life Membership B.C.Society of Landscape Architects (2001)



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Green Roof Design and Installation

Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites II: Case Studies

Green Roof Waterproofing and Drainage

Green Roof Plants and Growing Media

Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites III: Water Storage and Cisterns

Advanced Green Roof Maintenance

Green Infrastructure: Policies, Performance and Projects

Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites IV: Water Quality and Treatment Options

Introduction to Rooftop Urban Agriculture

Green Walls 101: Systems Overview and Design

Living Architecture and Sustainable Energy

Introduction to Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites


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