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‘Christ Church has been very close to my family’s heart for over fifty years and it remains so for me and so many of us in our local community. The church sits at the centre of the village life of Kensington and manages to combine ancient and modern quite beautifully, welcoming people from every part of society. It is exactly what a church should be and it deserves to flourish. With this fundraising it can continue to do so much good for the community and I am delighted to have agreed to become a Patron to the Christ Church Community Appeal’ Charles Good Chairman Friends of Christ Church Kensington Trust





THE APPEAL COMMIT TEE Cllr Fiona Buxton Mr Scott Cobb Mr Peter Dixon Mr Stephen Down Rev’d Mark O’Donoghue Mr James Purchas Mr Edward Ross Mrs Rowena Winkler The Hon. Mrs Bettina Witheridge


THE APPEAL The Christ Church Kensington Community Appeal urgently seeks to raise £750,000. The money is urgently needed to restore this magnificent Benjamin Ferrey church, consecrated in 1851, so that it may serve the community for a further 160 years. Any plans have been carefully researched, and will result in many of Christ Church’s original Victorian features being restored, while sensitively adapting the church for 21st century use – Christian worship, celebrations, cultural events and community activities. Christ Church’s relatively small congregation and members of the local community have, during the last six years, raised £200,000 towards these vital works,enabling phase one (repairs to the vestry, chancel and nave roofs) to be undertaken and for which we are immensely grateful.


The restoration and repair of the roof Renewal of heating and electrics Repair of the walls, windows and the organ Installation of loos and a kitchen Restoration of Benjamin Ferrey’s original gallery Creation of more community spaces Internal restoration Maintenance of church gardens Improvement of disability access


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THE CURRENT NEED FOR RESTORATION & REFURBISHMENT Christ Church not only has immense importance for the local congregation but also for the whole wider neighbourhood of Kensington, for whom it provides a valuable neighbourhood space. The restoration undertaken by previous generations is now in desperate need of repair. In particular, the roof, heating and electrics are in need of overhaul and renewal, with damp and general deterioration of the fabric meaning that there is urgent work required to ensure the building is fit for purpose for the local community. The Church is still a vibrant hub of worship and pastoral care for the wider community and is a focus of regular spiritual, cultural and community events. In almost constant use by different groups throughout the week, from a local meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, to local schools, language classes, residents’ associations, community choirs and other children’s groups, Christ Church has the joy of seeing at least 500 children use the building each week.


HISTORY Although looking like an idyllic country village church with its picturesque gardens, Christ Church was built as the church of a small country town, known as Kensington New Town. Consecrated on 23rd July, 1851, Christ Church was surrounded on three sides by nursery and market gardens and described in glowing terms by the Illustrated London News. Notable former residents of the parish include George Canning, the statesman and Prime Minister, the poet, Robert Browning, novelist, Henry James, and General Gordon. Christ Church was built to be at the heart of this local community’s life. It has remained so ever since. Christ Church’s architect, Benjamin Ferrey (1810-1880) was a pupil of the elder Pugin and an architect of considerable importance in his day, responsible for designing St Stephen’s Rochester Row, Westminster, the oldest part of Bournemouth on the East Cliff, and for the restoration of the Nave, Transepts and Lady Chapel of Wells Cathedral. Since WWII, Christ Church experienced many challenges but had a resolute, never-say-die approach, which saw it survive, often against all odds. A prodigious amount of hard work by deputy wardens and treasurers and an array of coffee mornings, bring and buy sales, summer bazaars and other fundraising ventures by parishioners ensured that bills were paid and works completed on the roof, tower, organ and to the external stonework. Despite regular and repeated threats of redundancy and closure over 50 years, Christ Church continued to serve its local community and now flourishes, due in no small part to those parishioners who never gave up.



CHRIST CHURCH TODAY Christ Church today is a thriving community of all ages and stages that welcomes all kinds of people living, working or studying in Kensington for public worship and pastoral care. We provide a meeting space for local schools and groups and children’s activities, care for disadvantaged people, and offer a venue for concerts and art exhibitions. The Community Appeal will enable Christ Church to expand further as a community hub for Kensington village, able to offer an increased educational programme for local school children and an enhanced cultural programme of performing and visual arts. As such, the Appeal is a chance for the whole community to become involved in the planned improvements to this significant local landmark, so that Christ Church will be a thriving centre of activity in a flourishing neighbourhood.

‘As a parishioner for the last 50 years and President of the local residents’ association, I am delighted to support the Christ Church Community Appeal. The long overdue repair and restoration of the exterior and interior of the Church provides a wonderful opportunity to meet current and future needs of the community we serve. I hope you will also be able to help meet our challenging but achievable objective.’ Peter Dixon, President, Victoria Road Area Residents’ Association



WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP Giving by Gift Aid, legacies, a gift in memory and share giving are all effective and attractive methods of donating to Christ Church’s Community Appeal, although by no means the only ones. Gift Aid Gift Aid is a way of making a tax-efficient gift of money to charity by individuals who pay UK tax. Gift Aid donations are regarded as having basic rate tax deducted by the donor. The Christ Church Community Appeal is able to take your donation – which is money you’ve already paid tax on – and reclaim basic rate tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on its ‘gross’ equivalent – the amount before basic rate tax was deducted. Basic rate is 20%, so this means that if you donate £1,000 to the Appeal using Gift Aid, it is worth £1,200. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer, you can also reclaim additional tax relief due to you simply by including your Gift Aid donations on your self-assessment form or by asking the HMRC to adjust your tax code. Companies may also claim relief from corporation tax on Gift Aid donations to the Christ Church Community Appeal. Legacies A legacy to the Christ Church Community Appeal is one of the most generous gifts you can give. There are two main ways to give: • You can leave a purely financial legacy by naming a sum of money, perhaps by using a codicil to an existing will. • Alternatively, you could do what many people do and simply leave what is known as a ‘residuary’ legacy, leaving the Christ Church Community Appeal a proportion of your estate after all other legacies and expenses have been paid. All bequests to the Christ Church Community Appeal are exempt from Inheritance Tax (40% at April 2013). In addition, from 6 April 2012, any estate which leaves at least 10% of its taxable wealth to a charitable cause such as the Christ Church Community Appeal, will be able to take advantage of a reduced rate of Inheritance Tax, from its normal level of 40% down to 36%. Should you decide to leave a legacy, in grateful thanks for your generosity, your name will be inscribed in a Roll of Honour Book here at Christ Church. A Gift in Memory Making a donation to Christ Church’s Community Appeal in memory of a friend or relative is a special way to remember them. Many people now prefer to give a donation to charity instead of giving flowers at a funeral. All gifts in memory receive an individual acknowledgement and the next of kin are advised of the names of donors and the total amount of the specific Memorial Fund. Share Giving Giving shares is a remarkably tax efficient way to support Christ Church’s Community Appeal. Instead of donating money, you simply transfer shares. Any individual or company can do this with large or small amounts of shares. Giving Shares as an Individual If you donate shares, there is a potential double tax advantage: not only is the gift exempt from Capital Gains Tax but you can also claim tax relief on the value of your donation. This means that giving shares is especially attractive for higher rate tax payers and people whose shares have significantly increased in value. Giving Shares as a Company Companies can similarly claim corporation tax relief by giving shares to Christ Church’s Community Appeal.

The Christ Church Community Appeal Appeal Office 20 South End Row Kensington London W8 5BZ Telephone 020 7937 2966 Email 10



Photography by Robert Leslie



COMMUNITY APPEAL Phase one completed Vestry roof and Chancel roof repaired and reslated


CCK Community Appeal Booklet  
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