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Conference & Community Festival

10/1 Charleston,
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Thank You

Grey Gowder of the Carolina Ocean Alliance (SOA - Charleston) and Brooke Brown of the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network are honored to welcome you to The Hope Summit 2023 We appreciate all of you for joining us in person and in the virtual space to cultivate ideas, accelerate community-driven solutions, and inspire hope

Hope Summit has grown a great deal since we first hosted the event one year ago In 2022, when we gathered online for The Hope Summit Virtual Conference and in person at Brewlab for The Hope Summit Community Festival we were overjoyed to see the outpouring of passion and love for our community from our partners and from the community members who spent part of their Saturday with us This year, we are proud to bring you a 3-day celebration of community-driven solutions with new partners and new locations to help us serve more communities across the Lowcountry.

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors, speakers, partners, and everyone who helped make The Hope Summit 2023 possible. Thank you, Tarah Gee and the Brewlab team for welcoming us back for our Kick-off Party Thank you, Lucy Davis and the College of Charleston for co-hosting The Hope Summit 2023 Conference at your beautiful building We’d like to give a special thanks to Andrea & Torrence Sullivan for helping to bring The Hope Summit 2023 Festival to Daniel Island and to Lisa Avant of the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association and the City of Charleston staff members who guided us through the permitting process We would also like to thank Robby Maynor, Emma Berry, Faith Rivers James, and the Coastal Conservation League for the many ways you enriched the Conference and Festival experiences this year Thank you to Jamie Gillette, Meghan McGill, the Toadal Junk Removal team, and Rick Crawford for helping make The Hope Summit 2023 Festival a sustainable and enjoyable experience for attendees of all ages And to all of you who serve your community, enrich the lives of your neighbors, and inspire hope through solutions and action, thank you


Official Co-Hosts

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Watershed Level Sponsor ($1000)

Law Offices of Glen LaForce Estuary Level Sponsors ($500) Reef Level Sponsors ($250)

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General Information

About The Hope Summit

The Hope Summit is an annual conference and festival held in Charleston at the end of September to highlight the challenges facing our community and celebrate the community-driven solutions possible through the dozens of nonprofits, community organizations, schools, and local agencies working to create agency and hope in coastal South Carolina. This multidisciplinary and intersectional gathering explores thematic tracks that include water quality and plastic pollution, stewardship and citizen science, governance, ecological restoration, resilience and adaptation, storytelling as a catalyst of change, environmental justice, social and infrastructure systems, and systems-based perspectives on managing terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

About The Hope Summit 2023

For The Hope Summit 2023, the Carolina Ocean Alliance, Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network the College of Charleston, Daniel Island Neighborhood Association and Daniel Island Property Owners Association are partnering to host a 3-day gathering including a kick-off party, conference, and festival that are all free and open to the public

The Hope Summit 2023 Schedule At-A-Glance

Friday, September 29th

10: 00 AM -- The Hope Summit 2023 Virtual Program hosted and curated by The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

5:00 - 8:00 PM -- The Hope Summit 2023 Kick-Off Party hosted by The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network at Brewlab

Saturday, September 30th

8:30 AM - 4:45 PM -- The Hope Summit 2023 Conference co-hosted by the College of Charleston’s Masters of Environmental Science and Sustainability program, at 202 Calhoun Street

Sunday, October 1st

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM -- The Hope Summit 2023 Festival co-hosted by the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association at Daniel Island Waterfront Park


Hosted by

The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

The Hope Summit 2023 begins with a webinar for regional schools featuring a series of short lessons by Lowcountry-based conservation organizations to introduce students to the many essential components of the Lowcountry’s ecology, the threats they face, and how students and their families can make a difference.

Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network: Dolphins (Nicole Principe)

South Carolina Aquarium: Alligators (Mary Elizabeth McDonald)

Avian Conservation: Birds of Prey (Stephen Shabel)

Coastal Expeditions: Our Salt Marshes (James Johnston)

SC Audubon: Coastal Birds (Allyssa Zebrowski)

Surfrider: The Ocean (Chad Nelson)

Thank you to all participating organizations and schools!


Hosted by

The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network presents The Hope Summit 2023 Kick-off Party at 2022 host Brewlab

Attendees, partners, and community members are invited to meet and mingle with fellow Summit guests and VIPs to kick off our celebration of community-driven solutions.

Music by Eddie Bush!

Dessert by Sunny Daze Ice Cream Truck!

Attendees are invited to join us in supporting the Maui Just Recovery Fund, as part of Charleston For Maui. This community-to-community aid program is run by the Amalgamated Foundation, who will receive our funds and deliver them directly to the families affected without taking any fees

Sponsoredby Co-Hostedby SATURDAY SEPT30TH 202CalhounStreet Charleston,SC Welcome&Opening Remarks 8:45-9:30AM ShortTalksBlock1 “RuralCommunities: Opportunities&Challenges” 10:00AM-12:00PM MorningRefreshments 8:30AM-10:00AM MentorBlockSession1 10:00-11:00AM MentorBlockSession2 11:00AM-12:00PM ShortTalksBlock2 “CommunityAgency ThroughLocalSystems Solutions” 1:30-3:30PM MentorBlockSession3 1:00PM-2:00PM MentorBlockSession4 2:00PM-3:00PM “BuildingaCommunityof StewardsThroughCitizen Science” 9:45-10:30AM "BuildingaCultureofCaring ThroughStorytellingand Education" 11:00AM-11:45AM “CreatingCommunityAgency ThroughGoodGovernance” 1:00-1:45PM "YoungVoicesforChange" 2:00-2:45PM "EcosystemRestoration& RegenerativeManagement" 3:00-3:45PM Keynote 4:00-4:30PM ClosingRemarks 4:30-4:45PM Mainstage Room 129 Breakout Room Room 138 Atrium 5 LunchBreak12:00-1:00PM


GreyGowder,MayorJohnTecklenburg,DeanSebastian vanDelden(CollegeofCharleston),MarkHaver(SOA)

BuildingaCommunityofStewardsThrough CitizenScience

SteveFletcher(moderator);HeatherWalbright (SurfriderCharleston),KellenGoodell(CharlestonParks Conservancy),RickSavage(CoastalWetlands Association),RickCrawford(FlyfishingClimateAlliance)

BuildingaCultureofCaringThroughStorytelling& Education

GreyGowder(moderator);JamaalLemon (Writer/Journalist),JudyFairchild(NatureWalksWith Judy),WillFreund(Filmmaker/Storyteller)

CreatingCommunityAgencyThroughGood Governance

AndyGowder(moderator);FaithRiversJames(Coastal ConservationLeague),KathrynBasha(Berkeley DorchesterCharlestonCouncilofGovernments)


MarkHaver(moderator);MikaylaMangle(Centerfor HeirsPropertyPreservation),MadisonMartin(SCELP), JessonaGray(SustainabilityInstituteEnvironmental ConservationCorps)


RachelHawes(moderator);AdamBode(Sliceofthe Reef),NolanSchillerstrom(AudubonSC),PatrickMa (TheNatureConservancySC)



StanRogers(Superintendent,Gray’sReefNational MarineSanctuary)

8:45 - 9:30 AM 9:45 - 10:30 AM 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 1:00 - 1:45 PM 2:00 -2:45 PM 3:00 - 3:45 PM
4:00 - 4:30 PM
S A T U R D A Y 6

Building a Community of Stewards Through Citizen Science

Steve Fletcher


Host, Big Ideas with Steve

Since 2019, Steve has been advocating for the Lowcountry's localindependent businesses. He currently sits on the board of the William & Mary Alumni Charleston Chapter and formerly served as Head of Partnerships at Startup Grind Charleston Steve hosts and produces two podcasts that have been selected as finalists for the City Paper's best local radio show category When he's not hanging with his cats or dog, you'll find him rummaging through the records at Gray Cat Music or cycling with his wife to their neighborhood bakery, EVO, for rosemary cheese scones

Kellen Goodell

Vice Chair for Surfrider Foundation, Charleston Chapter

A Clearwater, FL native, Kellen is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture In 2009, he interned at Moore Farms in Lake City, SC, working in the botanical garden and 2-acre organic vegetable farm He has been working in public horticulture in Charleston for the Parks Conservancy since 2010 He especially loves naturalistic and ecological gardens, the long growing season that we have in South Carolina, and working with volunteers

Heather Walbright

Vice Chair for Surfrider Foundation, Charleston Chapter

Heather's journey in this field started in 2012 that included working with private business, large and small, as well as local government Her career eventually took a different path, but in 2020, Heather started volunteering more and realized how being a follower and supporter on a personal level was not enough, and sought out opportunities to get more involved as an activist It started with simply asking if the local Surfrider Foundation Chapter wanted additional help, which shortly thereafter led to a position on the board Heather has now been a volunteer board member with Surfrider Foundation's Charleston Chapter since January 2021

S A T U R D A Y 7

Rick Crawford

President of Emerger Strategies

Rick is the President of Emerger Strategies, which is a sustainable business consultancy whose mission is to measure and improve your company ' s sustainability performance, all while boosting profits

Crawford is also the creator and host of The Sustainable Angler, which is a podcast created to educate and inspire anglers to the planet

Additionally, Rick is the founder of the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, which is an alliance of fly fishing guides, shops, lodges, brands and nonprofits committed to net-zero emissions by 2050

Rick Savage Executive Director, Carolina Wetlands Association

Rick is the President of Emerger Strategies, which is a sustainable business consultancy whose mission is to measure and improve your company ' s sustainability performance, all while boosting profits

Crawford is also the creator and host of The Sustainable Angler, which is a podcast created to educate and inspire anglers to the planet. Additionally, Rick is the founder of the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance, which is an alliance of fly fishing guides, shops, lodges, brands and nonprofits committed to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Building a Culture of Caring Through Storytelling & Education


Grey Gowder

Filmmaker & Executive Director of the Carolina Ocean Alliance

Grey Gowder, filmmaker, founded the creative nonprofit Enduring Curiosity and the Carolina Ocean Alliance to amplify and accelerate multidisciplinary community-driven solutions to global challenges through regenerative storytelling, using the power of a story to change perspectives and create lasting and self-restoring action by inspiring hope and building agency

S A T U R D A Y 8

Jamaal Lemon


Jamaal Lemon is a 2023 James Beard Award-winning journalist and 2x nominee(2022, 2023), North American Guild for Beer Writers Award Winner (2020 & 2022), and International Association of Culinary Professionals Finalist (2022) A Charleston native gripped by the craft beer industry from completing an internship in The Czech Republic, Belgium & Germany Upon completing the internship, he put his degree in English and love of culture to good use as a writer and journalist for the industry He is the author of the 2023 James Beard Award Winning article, Come Hell or High Water: How the Come Yahs & Bin Yahs Could End Sea Level Rose in Charleston The 2020 NAGBW Award-winning article for best commentary, “Mutated Anxieties” The author of the 2022 James Beard Nominated three-part article and podcast series, “Tek Cyear Uh De Root”, a historical and contemporary look into Charleston’s German Shutzenfest and the African American involvement in beer spaces, past and present

Judy Fairchild

Nature Walks With Judy

Judy Drew Fairchild is a passionate nature advocate and former middle school teacher who loves teaching and learning about the natural world In March of 2020, after retiring from a decade of selling real estate, she launched Nature Walks with Judy, creating hundreds of videos about the nature living just outside the door She is a Coastal South Carolina Master Naturalist who lives full-time on Dewees Island

Will Freund

Will is first and foremost a storyteller with a passion for education, the environment, and making something from nothing His driving passion is to lower the threshold to entry for all creative and educational endeavors in an effort to counter human's march towards a climate disaster

S A T U R D A Y 9

Creating Community Agency Through Good Governance


Andy Gowder


Andy Gowder counsels and advocates for clients in the areas of land use, property, land conservation and historic preservation, state and local government law, and benefit and nonprofit corporate formation, governance, and counsel. His practice includes both representing leading environmental and preservation groups in litigation and providing counsel and strategic advice to nonprofit organizations, local governments, and responsible landowners and developers to assist them in doing their good work and achieving their missions

Faith Rivers James

Executive Director, Coastal Conservation League

Faith is a Mount Pleasant native who grew up in the historic Four Mile community East of the Cooper River She has felt a connection to the landscape of the Lowcountry all her life, and witnessed firsthand the change that unbridled growth and development can have on our beloved environment Throughout her work and life, Faith has always prioritized the conservation of natural resources, protecting our rural landscapes, and preserving communities, and is grateful to have the opportunity to do so in the role of Executive Director of the Coastal Conservation League Faith has served as Executive Director since August 2022

Kathryn S Basha, Planning Director at the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments, has several decades of experience working with non-profits, communities, counties and regional agencies on planning and land development, revitalization, comprehensive and transportation projects At the BCDCOG she has led the development of several comprehensive plans that focus on fostering sustainable communities through revitalization, economic development and smart land use planning that minimize demand and impacts on infrastructure Her department has oversight of the region’s transportation planning, economic and community development projects, and local planning technical assistance

Kathryn Basha
S A T U R D A Y 10
AICP, Planning Director at the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments

Young Voices for Change

Mark Haver


North America Regional Representative, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Mark has been involved with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance for more than six years He has represented SOA at international conferences, including UNFCCC COPs, the UN Ocean Conference, and Our Ocean Summits He served as the inaugural chair of the SOA Youth Policy Advisory Council, where he built youth policy campaigns with a team of experienced, international, young ocean policy professionals Now, he is working to build communities of ocean action all over the US and Canada He is an avid advocate for a deep-sea mining moratorium, sustainable fashion, and meaningful youth engagement in climate negotiations

Mikayla Mangle

Esquire - Attorney and Equal Justice Works Fellow at the Center for Heirs Property Preservation

Mikayla Mangle was born and raised in Simpsonville, South Carolina She received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Winthrop University in 2019 Mikayla then went on to attend Tulane Law School in New Orleans, Louisiana where she graduated with a Juris Doctorate and a certificate in environmental law At Tulane, Mikayla was a student attorney in the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic and the comments editor for the Tulane Journal of Law and Sexuality Mikayla is now an Equal Justice Works Fellow conducting her work at the Center for Heirs Property Preservation where she focuses on heirs property issues in South Carolina Mikayla’s work primarily focuses on providing legal assistance to heirs property owners, educating communities about Black land loss, and researching and writing about heirs property reform

Madison Martin Staff Attorney, South Carolina Environmental Law Project

Madison grew up in Aiken, SC, before attending the College of Charleston where she graduated with a B S in Marine Biology Following her graduation, she worked in SCDNR's inshore Fisheries section for two years before deciding to pursue a career as an attorney Now, Madison has recently earned her J D from the University of South Carolina School of Law A previous SCELP extern, Madison is excited to join the SCELP team as a Columbia Staff Attorney and fight for environmental protection and justice

S A T U R D A Y 11

Jessona Gray

My name is Jessona Gray I graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelors of Arts in Biology and a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies I graduated with a passion in environmental work and wanted to get more in-field experience I was presented the opportunity to apply to an Americorps program at the Sustainability Institute Since then i've been able to gain more knowledge about our local watersheds and water quality monitoring skills I’ve developed an interest for Hydrology and hope to be able to pursue that interest A fun fact about me is that I enjoy finding new trails with my dog

Ecosystem Restoration & Regenerative Management

Rachel is a Charleston native with her B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from the University of Georgia and her M.S. in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston. After spending some time overseas, Rachel came home and put to work her passion for conserving South Carolina’s resources while educating and encouraging others to do so as well though stewardship and engagement events and activities When away from work, Rachel enjoys traveling, surfing, fishing, camping, and hiking

Adam Bode Founder, Slice of the Reef

Adam Bode is the co-founder of Slice of the Reef, a Charleston-based retail company focused on inspiring passion and protection of coral reefs With a background in marine science and over 15 years of experience in national, regional, and state-scale coastal and ocean planning, Adam is excited about the opportunity to play a role in protecting, preserving, and restoring the delicate and vital ecosystems of corals reefs

Rachel Hawes moderator Environmental Conservation Corps Crew Leader
S A T U R D A Y 12
Coastal Stewardship & Engagement Manager

Nolan Schillerstrom

Coastal Program Manager, Audubon South Carolina

Nolan Schillerstrom has been working in South Carolina since 2014 to make our state a safer place for coastal birds while improving the quality of life for coastal residents. His passion lies in the balance between WILD-life and HUMAN-life, which is apparent from his work as an integral partner on the restoration of Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary in 2021 His work with Audubon South Carolina involves both stewardship and resilience, and anything coastal bird-related He has a master's degree in environmental & sustainability studies from the College of Charleston, and a B S in biology and environmental studies from Cornell College in Iowa

Patrick Ma

Conservation Forester, The Nature Conservancy of South Carolina

Patrick is the Conservation Forester for the South Carolina Chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), where he has been working since 2017 His primary role within TNC is to lead the Sewee Longleaf Conservation Cooperative (seweelongleafcoop org), a grant-funded, multi-stakeholder partnership focused on the protection, establishment, and restoration of Longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) forests immediately surrounding the Francis Marion National Forest Patrick is a Certified Forester through the Society of American Foresters and holds an M S in Forest Resources from Clemson University, and a B S in Biology from Elon University

S A T U R D A Y 13

Keynote Address: A Community-Driven Vision Of Ocean and Coastal Stewardship

Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers is currently the superintendent at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary where he leads the critical short and long-term planning for the Sanctuary; resource protection (through monitoring, stewardship, education and research); and policy development and evaluation in collaboration with the state and county government, community leaders and marine resource users and stakeholders.

Stan previously worked with NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service where he most recently supervised policy, planning and evaluation, data management, and communications activities for the NOAA Restoration Center in the Office of Habitat Conservation Prior to that, he served as a senior consultation biologist for the Office of Protected Resources leading national programmatic consultations with the U S Navy and other DoD training and testing activities worldwide, pursuant to the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act Before joining NOAA in 2011, Stan spent 15 years with the Department of Defense as a natural resources and conservation law enforcement program manager for the U S Air Force responsible for natural resource conservation programs on military lands around the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawai’i There he also administered U S Air Force environmental programs in overseas locations including Greenland, Ascension Island, and Antigua

Superintendent, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary
S A T U R D A Y 14

- 3:30 PM




This short talks block will feature speakers from across the Lowcountry who are actively working to protect, enhance, and celebrate the culture, character, and ecology of rural communities Topics include improving rural wastewater infrastructure, supporting local agriculture, promoting appropriately scaled economic development opportunities, and celebrating community character and culture in the face of rapid development

Robby Maynor (Coastal Conservation League), Andrew Wunderley (Charleston Waterkeeper), Becca Watson (GrowFood Carolina), & John Girault (Edisto Island Open Land Trust)

CommunityAgencyThroughLocalSystems Solutions


This short talks block will feature speakers from across the Lowcountry who are actively working to create agency for all members of our community through waste management, building a circular economy, nutritional justice and healing, restoration of native biodiversity, and comprehensive climate planning.

Betsy La Force (Green Mountain Technologies), Hannah Jane Dantzscher (Wake Refill), Maria Kelly (Amor Healing Kitchen), Dave Manger (Roots & Shoots), Rebecca Fanning (Community Hydrology), & Belvin Olasov (Charleston Climate Coalition)

AM -
PM 1:30
S A T U R D A Y 15

Robby Maynor

Robby joined the Coastal Conservation League in 2020 He grew up in Berkeley County, on the edge of the Wassamassaw Swamp, where he developed a love for rural living and a deep kinship with the natural environment He is a lifelong resident of the Lowcountry, and enjoys kayaking and birdwatching on our local waterways Robby is dedicated to working with communities throughout the Tricountry region to help strike a sustainable balance between new growth and protecting the irreplaceable natural resources, high quality of life, and diverse cultures that make the Lowcountry special

Andrew Wunderley

Andrew is Charleston’s Waterkeeper and serves as the eyes, ears, and voice of local waterways Before graduate and law school Andrew served as head coach of the Palmetto Masters Swim Team from 1997 to 2005 He coached Kathleen Wilson to a successful crossing of the English Channel in 2001 and four other marathon swims Andrew is a lifelong swimmer and surfer and has swum, surfed, and paddled almost all of Charleston’s local waterways He lives on James Island with his wife and two children

Becca Watson

Becca has worked with local and organic produce her entire life Her family’s farm, Watsonia Farms, is well known across the region especially for its peaches! After graduating from Clemson University and earning her B A in Political Science, Becca returned to Monetta to support the farm and manage its food safety program, before accepting a position at GrowFood Carolina Outside of work, she likes to try new restaurants in town, play tennis and go to the beach

Communities & Transportation Program Director, Coastal Conservation League Charleston Waterkeeper
S A T U R D A Y 16
Farm Outreach Manager, GrowFood Carolina

I planted the seed of AMOR Healing Kitchen after a 14 year career in teaching high school in Charleston County My love for plant-based food, local farms, working with teenagers, and supporting people in a time of need is the foundation of AMOR I had been with my mom during her journey of a Colon cancer diagnosis and she was the one that instilled in me a love of cooking and healthy food Growing up, no matter how busy everyone was, we always sat down together at the dinner table I learned at an early age, that food connects us and heals us I would often cook for my mom and take her food when she wasn't feeling well and I felt that was a little bit of comfort and strength that I could offer her during that time Being a teacher for 14 years showed me that the youth have so much to offer in shaping the future of our community if you offer them the tools to guide them When I learned of an organization in California that works with teens and serves people with health challenges, I just had this deep feeling of connection and that something similar could work in Charleston We have an abundance of local, organic farms and I believe getting back to the earth for our food will cure us of many of our chronic diseases AMOR is bringing that to the table, made with love

S A T U R D A Y 17

Betsy LaForce

Business Development Manager, Green Mountain Technologies

Betsy is applying nearly a decade of experience from the realms of hauling, environmental advocacy, and project management to the mission of GMT to help to make composting an approachable, affordable and successful undertaking for organizations of any size Betsy is a longtime compost enthusiast and passionate home gardener Raised in South Carolina and a graduate of the College of Charleston, Betsy has relevant certifications in Permaculture Design from the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center in California, Master Naturalist training from Clemson University, and & Climate Leadership training from the Al Gore Climate Reality Project

Belvin Olasov

Co-founded the Charleston Climate Coalition in order to galvanize the Lowcountry to new heights of climate action Belvin comes from a background in creative writing and tries to bring that vision-making to climate work He serves as co-editor-in-chief for Surge: The Lowcountry Climate Magazine

Hannah Jane Dantzscher Founder, Wake Refill

Hannah Jane Dantzscher is the founder of Wake Refill, Charleston’s zero-waste refill store Alumni of the College of Charleston and local of the Lowcountry, Hannah Jane is on a mission to promote the mutual flourishing of all people and the planet through innovative, compassionate, and waste-free thinking. She started her career at The Good Fill, which has now diverted nearly 200,000 containers from landfill or recycling systems through refill and reuse. Outside of waste reduction, Hannah Jane and co-founder Grayson Jones are passionate about engaging with the outdoors and civic life. Their favorite pastime is to spend time on the water with their friends and dog, Ghost.

Co-director and co-founder of Charleston Climate Coalition
S A T U R D A Y 18

Rebecca Fanning

Rebecca Fanning is an ecologist and environmental educator with over ten years of experience in marsh and river restoration. Rebecca is currently launching a non-profit called Community Hydrology, whose mission is to foster land stewards for waterbodies in the Charleston region using the innate capacity of revegetation to respond to and repair disturbances caused by legacies of water management practices, including flooding, water quality contamination, and biodiversity loss She advocates for small acts of restoration that anyone can do in their own backyards to make a big difference for the communities of plants, soil microbes, insects, avian visitors, and all the other folks that depend on water bodies and call the lowcountry home

David Manger

ner of Living Landscapes Charleston and Roots & Shoots

summer, I started doing yard work for a retired botany professor, and er lush gardens I learned the names of her odd plants and how each tributed to a bigger community In college, I pursued bioengineering re I learned about the complexity of living systems, the beauty of mal and plant physiology, and the ugliness of environmental elessness After graduating, I filled up a backpack and hit the dirt to ugh-hike the Appalachian Trail 2,200 miles and six months later, I ped out of the trees with a clear head, strong legs, and even deeper rconnections with nature Now my goal is to bring people closer to the fulfilling wonders of nature!

S A T U R D A Y 19


10/1 11 AM - 4 PM

Daniel Island Waterfront Park

101 River Landing Drive, Charleston, SC

Getting There

Free half-day and full-day round-trip passes sponsored by the Coastal Conservation League.

Charleston’s waterways used to serve as part of the region’s complex web of transit options for locals and visitors

By-pass the traffic on I-526 to the Festival and rediscover the potential of maritime mass transit in Charleston with a convenient park-and-ride commute from the Maritime Center downtown to Daniel Island Waterfront Park

S U N D A Y 21


Sponsored by Toadal Junk Removal

Curated by the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

S U N D A Y 22


Thanks to the generous donation of Load Out Buckets from YETI, the first 50 families to arrive at the Festival received a free bucket from Beach Santa!

Plastic pollution is a major issue in our region as it is in many others and we hope to mitigate it and other litter-based pollution by building a culture of stewardship and awareness in children and their families

These buckets will be their personal litter buckets at organized and informal sweeps when they are walking their dog, out on the boat, or visiting the beach They can personalize their buckets with decorations and stickers from the many local organizations that work to combat plastic pollution. Their buckets will be a visual representation of their unique volunteer and stewardship experiences and will be rallying points for their families, friends, and communities as these children inspire those around them to divert waste and make conscious choices as consumers to avoid the kinds of waste they are seeing in their buckets.

Howard Hogue, a k a “Beach Santa”, hopes to inspire a new generation of activists against litter pollution. As part of the Festival’s workshops, Howard will share the lessons and useful tricks he has learned as he approaches his millionth piece of litter logged in the South Carolina Aquarium’s Litter Journal

To help kickstart these young stewards on their litter clean-up work, Keep Charleston Beautiful filled their buckets with Litter Clean-Up Starter Kits.

S U N D A Y 24


SustainableLocalVendors S U N D A Y 26

The Hope

Summit 2023 was made possible thanks to our partners

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