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Rochester as a Silicon Valley? Why Not | 8

Photograph by J. Adam Fenster/ University of Rochester

RES's New Partner for STEM Education! In March - Welcome Your New Regional Science and Engineering Fair | 10

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RES Mission Statement: The RES will become the lead organization for improving the image and influence of the engineering community in the greater Rochester area by: Demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the region’s engineering and technical capabilities; Providing the best clerical support and public relations assistance to our affiliates; Continually communicating the engineering and technical accomplishments to both the engineering and technical community and the public; Providing regular forums and networking opportunities for the exchange of ideas and discussion of issues; and, Providing programs that identify career opportunities to the region’s youth and develop the skills of the practicing engineer. News items and articles are invited. Materials should be submitted to the administrative director at the society’s office, 657 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607; Phone number (585) 254-2350, e-mail:

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Rochester as a Silicon Valley? Why Not (cover) Page 8

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5 • RES Call for Nominations - 2017 Engineer of the Year, Young Engineer of the Year, and Engineers of Distinction

6 • RES Tutoring Team at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy has begun for the 2017-18 School Year

7 • How Do You Arm a STEM Teacher with real-world application examples? Put an Engineer in the classroom! 8 • Rochester as a Silicon Valley? Why Not (cover) 10 •RES's New Partner for STEM Education! In March - Welcome Your New Regional Science and Engineering Fair (feature) 12 • Get to the Point! - Using the Active Voice 13 • Career Options in Engineering - Explorer Post 801 14 • Continuing Education Opportunities (PDHs) 14-15 • Engineers’ Calendar 15-17, 20 • Professional Firms - Employee News 18-19 • Position Openings 21 • News from Professional Firms 22 • Campus News 35-36 • Directory of Professional Services 37 • Directory of Business Services 38 • Affiliated Societies and Corporate Members of the RES Membership Application and Advertising Rates are also on the website:

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President’s Message

Michael Triassi, EIT Optimation Technology RES President 2017 - 18 This month’s issue features a story on the emergence of Rochester as a hub for imaging and audio technologies. The success of this kind of effort requires the collective efforts of business, government, academic and private resources. It is my hope that engineering leadership within our area can get fully behind technology growth initiatives. The attractiveness and the long term viability of Rochester as this type of hub certainly depends on the type of training and STEM development fostered by activities of the Rochester Engineering Society and its affiliates. In this regard, RES welcomes our newest affiliate, Terra Rochester Finger Lakes (https://www.terraed. org). Terra organizes events, fairs, and symposia to provide STEM solutions to educational issues, and offers platforms for students and educators to learn from one another. Encouraging our youth to pursue STEM through these efforts and the work of our many RES tutors helps prepare students for

res news - president’s message

the advanced degrees at our local colleges. In turn, engineering graduates from our local colleges have been the driving force for our local engineering firms and technology companies. It finishes the cycle when we can do our part to promote technology growth here in Rochester. RES is grateful to its corporate members and welcomes others to join us in promoting engineering in Rochester. Enjoy your holidays, Mike Triassi


Rochester History Continuing with the historical sampling of the earlier writings on behalf of the Rochester Engineering Society, the years following "The Great War," into and through the “Great Depression,” continued to be a time of reaching out for the maturing Society, both locally and nationally. The meeting minutes describe a series of technical discussions and presentations intended to broaden the technical horizons of the membership (especially the CE's, ME's and EE's). The RES affiliated itself with a number of National technical societies, adopted local Affiliated Societies, frequently held joint meetings with them and continued taking action on a growing list of public matters. Certain issues of standardization, some crucial to public safety, became the responsibility of the RES and its affiliates. In the pervasive economic downturn of the “Great Depression,” the magazine offered classified advertising for unemployed engineers, technicians and draftsmen and took other steps to try to deal with the crisis. Still, it continued its effort to shape the function, purpose and infrastructure of the City of Rochester, and beyond. Soon, war would again affect the Society, taking away many of its leaders while providing opportunities for others to step forward to fill these vacancies. In an effort to provide even greater perspective on the happenings and concerns of the day, a synopsis, featuring selected items from "The Rochester Engineer" has become an integral part of this series. The Second World War and the Korean Conflict are now history. These experiences have changed the face and, no doubt, the future of the community. The Rochester municipal leadership and the industrial community have become immersed in the cold-war, growth economy.

“The Rochester Engineer” (December 1966)

This issue brought to the attention of readers, a meeting of all engineers to hear about proposed changes in NY State Education Law governing the licensing and practice of engineering. Among the more controversial new provisions, misdemeanor-level penalties to be imposed upon engineers who attempt to practice without being Registered. Reducing the licensing examination to two parts, with the second being an optional choice of branch of engineering, and the establishment of precise definitions of work that may be performed by Land Surveyors. Additional RES luncheon topics were announced for January, February and March, including “Holography” by William F. Coombs of Bausch & Lomb, “High Speed Photography” by Fred W. Emens of Wollensak, “Galloping Glaciers” by Prof. Sam G. Collins of RIT, “The Super-8 Movie System” by Evan A. Edwards of Eastman Kodak Co., “Public Transportation in Rochester” by William A. Lang of Rochester Transit Corp. and “Ocean Engineering” by Dr. John Myers of General Dymanics/Electronics. Among the newest RES members to be announced were: Realto E. Cherne, Edward M. Maybeck and John F. Morgan. The sixth in a series of articles on RES Affiliates featured the Genesee Valley Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Founded in 1951, it sponsored jointly (with Rochester Safety Council and the Industrial Management Council) a triennial Genesee Valley Safety Conference.

January 4, 1967 (Board of Directors Meeting - U of R Faculty Club) The Board approved several new membership applications, among them, Richard E. Rice of RG&E. The Board received word that RIT President, Dr. Mark Ellingson was pleased that the RES had accepted RIT’s offer to lease the Krenzer Barn on its Henrietta Campus, and that the architect’s plans for its renovation should be available for review at the February Board meeting. “The Rochester Engineer” (January 1967)

This issue announced plans for a tour of Eastman Kodak’s HawkEye Works, including a tour and demonstration entitled, “Microfilm Equipment & Techniques as Applied to Engineering.” A six-week course 4 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

A Sampling from the Archives of the Rochester Engineering Society...1897 - 1967 by Lee M. Loomis

entitled, “Computers and Engineers – Today and Tomorrow,” sponsored by the Rochester Chapter of IEEE, was announced, to be held on Thursday evenings at East High School; students were invited at a reduced rate of $5. The RES announced that the popular, yet intense, eight-week course, “Efficient Reading,” taught by RIT’s Prof. A.B. Herr, would again be offered on Tuesday evenings at the RIT, 50 West Main Street facility. The RES Education Committee announced an upcoming special evening seminar series on the economic factors of engineering management, to be taught by David S. Greenlaw, Assistant Comptroller of Eastman Kodak’s Kodak Park Works. February 1, 1967 (Board of Directors Meeting - U of R Faculty Club) The Board approved thirteen new membership applications, and it also approved the application of the Monroe Professional Engineers Society to become an Affiliate of the RES. The Budget Committee reported that it appeared that the Society would have a deficit of $8,000 for the coming year due to several factors; low registration for the educational courses, the recent purchase of Engineers’ Week display panels for the exhibit at Midtown Plaza and disappointing profits from The Rochester Engineer. It was recommended that dues be increased, 100 additional Sustaining Members be enrolled, and that additional Participating Companies be secured. The decision was made to pursue additional Sustaining Members and Participating Companies, before any steps would be taken to increase the RES dues. The Engineers Center Committee reported that it was the consensus of the RES Affiliates that an Engineers’ Center would be best if it is run by the RES, rather than a consortium of Affiliates. It was further reported that, from the architect’s plans for renovation of RIT’s “Krenzer Barn” it should be expected that the RES should anticipate an annual operating cost of $35,000 for this completed facility. Toward meeting this challenge, the Committee further recommended that the RES appoint a special committee to organize a campaign to enroll 2,000 new members.

“The Rochester Engineer” (February 1967)

This issue announced that Clarence L.A. Wynd, Vice President of Eastman Kodak and General Manager of Kodak Park Works would deliver an address, “An Engineer’s Thoughts on Management Philosophy,” at the 1967 Engineers’ Joint Dinner, at the Chamber of Commerce. Tickets for this event would be $6. It was announced that two Engineers’ Center sub-committees had been formed; one to survey the RIT “Krenzer Barn” for soundness and suitability and a second to gather input from the community’s engineering and technical organizations as to their specific needs for using such a facility. Editor’s note: Constructed by J.T. Wells & Sons in 1908, this unique gothic truss barn has served RIT in recent years as a “Climbing Barn” for the college’s Outdoor Education Program. Subsequent articles in this series will describe the RES' continuing outreach to other technical societies as it considered its role in this and the larger community, along with more of the activities of the RES as it moved to be of greater service to its membership, especially those suffering from current economic crises, and adopted a greater role in shaping the future of the City and its environs. Noted also, will be the contributions made by RES members in the struggle to meet the challenges coming out of World War II, as well as a hoped-for period of post-war growth and prosperity. These articles will also feature an impressive array of RES activities in support of post-war re-emergence of Rochester area industry. We welcome your questions and comments on this series. res news - history


Call for Nominations 2017 Engineer of the Year 2017 Kate Gleason Young Engineer of the Year and

2017 Engineers of Distinction A few of years ago the RES Board of Directors introduced a streamlined nomination form. A simple initial form allows an individual or organization to nominate a candidate. The RES committee will then contact the nominator if the candidate progresses to the next phase. At that point, a final form will be used to gather essential details from the nominator and candidate which will be used to determine our award recipients. The RES will select and recognize the 2017 Engineer of the Year, Young Engineer of the Year, and Engineers of Distinction Awards in a variety of public venues and media during the weeks before the Gala. The Award recipients will be introduced on Saturday, April 14, 2018 during the Gala at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. Visit our website at and click on Call For Nominations, or call 585-254-2350 ( to request a nomination form.

The following information is described:

Eligibility for Nomination Awards Criteria Deadline for Preliminary Nominations - Monday, December 11, 2017 Deadline for Final Nominations - Monday, January 8, 2018 res - call for nominations


RES News - Tutoring Team The RES Tutoring Team at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy has begun the 2017-18 School Year

And we’re off…RES Tutor, Christopher Carter, takes the lead as our First RES Tutor to report for duty, in the 2017-18 School Year The RES Tutoring Team has begun its good work in the 2017-18 school year at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy. Twenty RES Tutors have started working with our learners at #10 School. Fifteen of these tutors are from Bergmann Associates. Assembled into three teams (X, Y & Z), each of these tutors volunteers once a month for a two-hour assignment. The result is an equivalent three regular tutors, working every week with our students. Several fulltime (two hours, once a week) tutors have also continued their assignments, and one new tutor who has begun her first assignment. We have seven equivalent tutors, already working with our Scholars at #10 School, and there are eight assignments that still need to be filled, including Kindergarten (2) and Fifth Grade (6). Won’t you please consider reaching out to a friend, or volunteering, yourself? We are continuing to build our Tutoring Team, for the 2017-18 school year. Please consider requesting, completing and returning an RES Tutoring Team Application. Or consider this…We have been giving “Lunch & Learn” presentations in several Rochester area firms and professional groups, to inform and inspire prospective new tutors. We have “hit the ground, running”, for the next school year, and we need your support...Can we schedule a presentation with your firm, work group, church or family? Whether or not you think you have the time to commit to it, right now, please contact us, learn about this successful program and the opportunity it offers us to “make a difference” in Rochester’s City Schools. Let us come and meet with you, your business associates, family members, friends, or neighbors. Even just two hours a week of your time can make a big difference in the life of a student. Hear about the training each tutor will receive. Please contact the RES office, and let us know you’re interested in tutoring at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy - School #10, 353 Congress Avenue (in the 19th Ward, one block North of Genesee Park Blvd., between Post Avenue and Virginia Avenue).

Questions??? Reach out to RES Past President Lee Loomis and the RES Tutoring Team at… Rochester Engineering Society, (585) 254-2350 via website: or via email:, (585) 738-3079 (mobile & text) 6 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

res news - tutoring



RES News How do you arm a STEM Teacher with real-world application examples? Put an Engineer in the classroom!

In the 1990’s, Eastman Kodak Company jumped the gun, starting a family of STEM initiatives, years before the Government coined the STEM acronym. The name of these programs was the 21st Century Learning Challenge (TCLC), and at our peek, we were 1500 engineers and technicians, visiting Rochester City School Classrooms, twice a week for two-hour visits, during the entire School Year. This effort continued for nearly ten years, and not only pre-dates our recent STEM excitement level, but delivered support on a scale we have yet to match. Many of the volunteers in these programs were, and still are, members of the Rochester Engineering Society (RES). In the intervening twenty-five years, many have retired, or are about to retire. That makes them even more available as STEM Coaches, than they were as Kodak employees. The RES is working to put technical people in K-12 Classrooms, throughout the Greater Rochester area, as STEM Coaches. Their presence will: • • •

Help the Teacher stay current with our ever-changing technology. Provide real-World Application Examples, making whatever is being taught, real enough to be worth remembering. Support the teachers with not only the delivery of STEM concepts, but perhaps more importantly, the design and delivery of STEM related hardware.

Last year we had six STEM Coach, doing Classroom Visitation at School #3. That was so successful that RCSD is interested in expanding this program to involve nine STEM Coaches this year.

The RES is specifically seeking Retired, Technical people, (Engineers, Technicians, Machinists, Entrepreneurs or anyone whose work would allow them to visit during School hours), as STEM Coaches. We currently have more than 30 Coaches, and are connecting them with 13 Rochester-area Schools. “This is a life-changing experience!” For more information contact: Jon Kriegel   585-281-5216 RES Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer STEM Coach Please visit: res news - stem bridges


Rochester as a Silicon Valley? Why not? by Bob Marcotte


he pieces are in place to establish Rochester as a leader in emerging imaging and audio technologies —and the next step is to make sure the community realizes that and then to let the world know it, too. That was the vision of the organizers of Light and Sound Interactive. The new conference and expo, held September 12 to 14 at the Rochester Convention Center, featured three days of presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations, trade show exhibits, and networking opportunities to showcase how Rochester can play a leading role in such growing fields as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and interactive games and media. “We want to help Rochester move up the value chain,” said Mark Bocko, director of the Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS) and one of the conference organizers. “Historically, companies like Kodak had a direct connection to consumers. Everyone knew the Kodak brand, and everyone knew the enterprise. We want to spur the growth of high-value enterprises in our region with direct connections to consumers.” A partnership between the University of Rochester 8 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

and the Rochester Institute of Technology, along with area businesses, trade, and civic organizations, and other groups, the conference highlighted the range and depth of the expertise and talent in the Rochester region. The conference also served as a segue to the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival, an arts and cultural showcase that employs many of the technologies featured in Light and Sound Interactive. Keynote speakers included Academy Award– winning director Ang Lee and Oscar-winning cinematographer Rob Legato. Jeff Lieberman, a scientist, artist, and host of the Discovery Channel series Time Warp, and Ainissa Ramirez, a science evangelist who is widely recognized for her campaigns to attract the next generation of scientists and technologists, were also special guests. But the real “chemistry” of the event—the interactive part, says conference producer Paul Ballentine of CEIS—occurred at 67 panel discussions and workshops featuring researchers and entrepreneurs from the Rochester area and across the country. They discussed work in seven key areas: virtual and augmented reality, games cover article


and interactive media, cinema, music and audio, imaging, displays and lighting, health care, and optics and photonics. “The presentations are designed to be accessible to students, technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists. And they are meant to be thought provoking,” says Bocko, who holds the title of Distinguished University Professor and is chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester. “We want people to appreciate the vastness of the resources that we have in this community, and to get them excited about the potential this holds to build new businesses and enterprises in this area. Bocko and Ballentine say the inspiration for LSI came from South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, an offshoot of the renowned music and film festival. The interactive technology showcase there has helped drive the tech sector in that city. “You go to Austin and the city is full of confidence, with major companies moving in and people of all descriptions starting companies,” Bocko says. “You go to Silicon Valley, and it’s the same ‘anything is possible’ kind of attitude. “We want Rochester to be just as enthusiastic about its own future.” q Bob Marcotte is Communications Officer at the University of Rochester. Photographs by J. Adam Fenster/ University of Rochester

cover article


Terra Science and Education

Welcome Your New Regional Science and Engineering Fair! In March St. John Fisher will host the first Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science and Engineering Fair (TRFSEF), ready to train beginner research and designers, and link youth with the highest level international and national STEM competitions. For 40 years, the science teachers’ professional association CWS STANYS conducted the region’s Science Congress, advancing students to state competition. Their devoted committee envisioned a 21st century science and engineering fair … and Terra Science and Education has agreed to sponsor it. That means RES can engage even more future engineers, which you already do rather brilliantly, without fundraising or any superhuman undertaking. Every 6th- to 12th-grader in its territory* can bring to the TRFSEF either a topic presentation on a STEM subject, or an iterative engineering design or science research project. Have you any siblings, children, nieces or nephews in those grades? Let them know about TRFSEF! (Hint: You could even be their mentor.) Every middle school student in RES’s E3 Fair can get two bangs for the buck and bring that same project to the

Holiday Gift Inspirations for Budding Designers and Researchers • Brackitz (building kit) • Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists • “Kids, Code, and Computer Science” Magazine • October Sky (DVD) • Star Wars: Science Fair Book

TRFSEF! Do you advise a 4-H group on their annual STEM challenge? Bring them in! Are you a merit badge counselor? There are a lot of STEM badges, as you know … and each could be a topic presentation at the TRFSEF. See you in March!

Prefer making your own gifts? Grab a clean bucket to fill with kitchen chemistry supplies and a roll of paper towels. Great safe suggestions online!

* Counties served by TRFSEF: Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, Yates

Terra Science and Education 835 West Genesee Street (315) 422-2902 Syracuse NY 13204 501(c)3 nonprofit association and sponsor of Genius Olympiad and the Terra Fairs 10 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

feature article

Terra Science and Education

RES’s new partner for STEM education! At the 2017 CWS Science Congress (CWSSC), Terra Science and Education Foundation debuted as a major player in precollegiate STEM in the Rochester area. This amazing nonprofit has now become the permanent sponsor of the new regional science and engineering fair which inherited the youth research mantle from the CWSSC. Nonprofit Terra Science and Education gathers passionate people dedicated to the advancement of K-16 education, providing educational incentives, opportunities, and assistance to those who are engaged in education, specifically in STEM, K-16+ and innovation in education. We in RES will be most interested in these aspects of their work for students and families:

Genius Olympiad

At this international competition to raise awareness and offer solutions to environmental problems, over 1200 students from 70+ countries gather for a week at SUNY Oswego. Not only do they present their original work to hundreds of judges, but they also enjoy a field trip to Niagara Falls, an evening International Festival, and hundreds of awards!


As part of creating a rich regional environment for STEM education, TerraFairs already sponsors regional fairs in Potsdam and Rochester affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and provides affiliation and advancement funding for two additional fairs in Buffalo and St. Bonaventure.

Terra Grants

Research: Terra provides funding for researchers to identify critical issues in education and share possible solutions. The research results will be shared with the public and educational practictioners during annual conferences and in the Terra journal. The research grants are given once a year for up to $15K per grantee. Capacity Building: Schools and organization can apply for capacity building grants to improve their STEM or technology infrastructure to serve their students better. A grantee can receive up to $5K.

Terra Science and Education 835 West Genesee Street (315) 422-2902 Syracuse NY 13204 501(c)3 nonprofit association and sponsor of Genius Olympiad and the Terra Fairs feature article


Get to the Point! Using the Active Voice

Don’t you wish that you could have stayed awake back in your junior high school English class? If you had, you might be able to interact with the Microsoft Grammar tool more effectively. How many times do you get the little green line under a sentence and when you right click on it, if you are lucky, the software provides a “better” sentence? More often than not, you’ll get the generic message “Passive voice, consider revising”. To that, most people will simply click IGNORE.

voice, they would have seemed much less emphatic:

We didn’t understand passive voice when we were 12 years old so how are we expected to understand it now, decades (and decades) later. What’s the fuss over passive sentences?

Note that the word "by" appears in the first three sentences, and is implied in the fourth (i.e. A refund is requested [by me] .) You can often identify when you are using the passive voice by searching for the word "by" and when you use the helping verb “to be” in any form: is, was, were.

Impact on the Reader

The appearance of a document and the arrangement of the headings and paragraphs encourage a reader to start reading, but it’s the quality of the words and sentences that keeps him or her turning over the pages. The quality of the words and sentences also convey an image of you and the organization or department you represent when you write. A reader who encounters well-constructed sentences that are direct and informative will envisage a writer who knows what he or she is talking about, and will react positively to the writer's suggestions. But a reader who encounters wordy constructions, vague or ambiguous statements, or abrasive expressions, will gain an image of a writer who is unsure about the subject. The reader may even doubt the validity of the information, and react negatively to the writer's suggestions. If you are writing a proposal, you cannot afford a negative response from your reader.

Write Emphatically

The following four sentences contain the same information, but each presents it in a different way. Which presents its information most efficiently, most emphatically? A. We were represented at this year's business management conference by Karen Hunt. B. Our representative at this year's business management conference was Karen Hunt. C. At this year's business management conference we were represented by Karen Hunt. D. Karen Hunt represented us at this year's business management conference. Most business managers prefer sentence D because it is direct and emphatic.

The Active Voice

This direct, emphatic construction is known as the active voice. The active voice uses a simple who did what sentence construction: WHO (or WHAT) DID WHAT (subject) (verb) (object) Dave Cullen.... issued.... a receipt. Karen Hunt.... attended.... the conference. A broken cable.... stopped.... the printer. I.... request.... a refund.

The Passive Voice

In the previous four sentences, A, B, and C are written in the passive voice. The passive voice uses a what...was whom construction. If the short sentences in the list above had been written in the passive 12 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

WHAT A receipt.... The conference.... The printer.... A refund....

WAS DONE was issued.... was attended.... was stopped.... is requested.

BY by.... by.... by....

WHOM (or WHAT) Dave Cullen.... Karen Hunt.... A broken cable....

Write in the Active Voice

We recommend that you write in the active voice for "tell" messages, and even for most "sell" communications. The active voice will help make your writing seem much more definite, much more confident. To write in the active voice, you need to • Place a "doer" (a person or object) at the front of the sentence to start the action, as in Dave Cullen...issued and A broken cable... stopped. • If you are the "doer," write in the first person ("I" or "We"), as in I request... . If you do not know who the doer is, or prefer not to name the doer, then you have to write in the passive voice. For example: The budget was cut by 15%. (You don't know who cut it.) When you use the active voice, you will find that your documents are much shorter and easier to read. The next time you read a report and wonder why you don't remember anything about it, go back and see if it was full of passive sentences. One of the major consequences of having too many passive sentences is that the reader is not fully comprehending or retaining the information. Is there a report that you read weeks ago that you can still recall specific information from? Go back and see if that one is written with clear, concise and direct active sentences. Please email me your ideas or thoughts at and I can address them in a future article. Need to develop your team’s skills? RGI’s affiliate The Center for Technical and Engineering Leadership (CTEL) offers courses designed for the engineering and architectural firms.

© 2017, RGI Learning Lisa Moretto is the President of RGI Learning, Inc. For 23 years she has helped engineers improve their oral and written communication skills. Visit or call (866) 744-3032 to learn about RGI’s courses. get to the point



Career Options in Engineering Explorer Post 801 — Richard Repka Do you have high school aged children? Are they contemplating the age old question “what do I want to do when I grow up?" Are they available on Thursday’s during the cold dark nights of Winter? If so, the RES might be able to help them decide on a career path. Each year the RES sponsors “Career Options in Engineering” with Explorer Post 801. The post runs from January to March, every Thursday night from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and is open to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. Students hear about a typical day in the life of an engineer - from engineers. Students learn about engineering education, about the perks of being an engineer and even about some of the trials an engineer might experience. This is not about slick power point presentations, but more show and tell, with a smattering of advice from the heart. Here is a brief outline of where we went last year: Chemical Engineering at RIT Mechanical Engineering at the Gleason Works Structural/Highway Engineering with the DOT and Bergmann Associates Nuclear Engineering at Ginna Microelectronic Engineering at RIT Aeronautical Engineering at RIT Imaging Science with help from Harris Software Engineering at RIT Electrical Engineering with help from the IEEE Biomedical Engineering with students at the U of R Computer Engineering at D3 Engineering

Open registration was Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 PM at the Boy Scouts of America office at: 2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd, Rochester, NY 14623. The program is open to boys and girls. If you would like more information, please contact Richard Repka at or the RES at (585-254-2350). res explorer post


Go to the RES Web Site for Updated Details On All Meetings -


Education Opportunities

Monday, December 11

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) p 33

Overview of Refrigeration Compressors - 1 PDH Pending Speaker: Michael Collins, Eagle Bay Refrigeration Place: City Grill, 384 East Avenue, Rochester Time: 12:00 noon with buffet lunch served. Reservations: Details and reservations on the website at

Wednesday, December 13 American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)

New Piping Technologies for Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems - 1 PDH Approval Pending

p 32

Speaker: Chris Wolak, Victaulic Place: Valicia’s Ristorante, 2155 Long Pond Road, Gates 14606 Time: 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm (please arrive by 11:50 am) Cost: $20 (member or guest), check or cash at the door. Reservations: Contact Dave Jereckos, 585-341-3168 or email by Monday, December11th.

Support Your Affiliate Attend A Meeting

To post continuing education opportunities on this page please contact the Rochester Engineering Society, 585-254-2350, or email:

Engineers’ Calendar

The engineering societies are encouraged to submit their meeting notices for publication in this section. The deadline for submitting copy is the 10th of the month prior to the month of publication. Please email to: The meetings offering PDHs are highlighted in blue. Details about the meeting and affiliate (if in this issue) are on the corresponding page listed next to the affiliate name.

Saturday, December 2

Genesee Valley Land Surveyors Association (GVLSA)

Thursday, December 7 p 26

Annual Holiday Dinner

Place: Big Tree Inn, 46 Main Street, Geneseo, NY Time: 6:00 pm Cost: $30 for individuals, $50 for couples. Reservations: Reservation to

Tuesday, December 5

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Rochester Section Excom Meeting

Place: Jade Garden Buffet in South Town Plaza, 3333 W. Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY Time: 11:45 – 1:00 pm Cost: $5 for members, $3 for students.

Support Your Affiliate Attend A Meeting 14 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

p 29

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) p 27 Holiday Happy Hour

Place: Rohrbach Beer Hall, 97 Railroad Street, Rochester Time: Food & music at 6:00 pm; facility tour at 7:00 pm Cost: $20 Members / $25 Non-members (Friends & Family Welcome). Reservations: Contact for more information and to make a reservation. Bring a new pair of winter gloves or winter hat and receive a token for a free flight of beer or glass of wine. Donations will be given to a local charity to help those in need.

Monday, December 11

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) p 33 Overview of Refrigeration Compressors – 1 PDH Credit Speaker: Michael Collins, Eagle Bay Refrigeration Place: City Grill, 384 East Avenue, Rochester Time: 12:00 noon with buffet lunch served. Reservations: Details and reservations on the website at

continuing education calendar | engineer's calendar

e d

Wednesday, December 13 Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T)

Wednesday, December 13

Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) p 34 p 24 An Evening at the Memorial Art Gallery (University of

Current Research & Education Initiatives at the Image Permanence Institute Speaker: Jennifer Jae Gutierrez, Executive Director, Image Permanence Institute, RIT Place: Room 1275 in the Carlson Center for Imaging Science, RIT Campus. Time: 6:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. Comments: Parking is available in the F lot, just north of the building. No meeting reservations are required.

Wednesday, December 13 American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)

New Piping Technologies for Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems – 1 PDH Approval Pending

p 32

Speaker: Chris Wolak, Victaulic Place: Valicia’s Ristorante, 2155 Long Pond Road, Gates 14606 Time: 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm (please arrive by 11:50 am) Cost: $20 (member or guest), check or cash at the door. Reservations: Contact Dave Jereckos, 585-341-3168 or email by Monday, December 11th.


Place: Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue, Rochester Time: 6:00 pm Cost: $30 per person Registration: Contact Brian Laurer by Monday, December 11th, 585-256-6704 or email to Payment can be accepted on our website at Comments: This event begins at 6:00 in the M&T Bank Ballroom with a cash bar, followed by a buffet style dinner at 7:00 and dessert/coffee at 9:00. Additionally, MAG will allow us to enjoy the exhibitions during the evening.

The RES website ( has a calendar of events for this month's meetings and meetings that are received or updated after print deadline. Please refer to the website for updated information. If you wish to be listed in the calendar please send details to

Professional Firms Employee News Gambon Names Quality and Compliance Manager Mitchel Evans, President of Velmex, Inc. announced the appointment of Eric Gambon as the quality and compliance manager. Mr. Gambon comes to Velmex with over 10 years experience in the engineering field with a focus on quality assurance. He was most recently a manufacturing engineer for Xylem and for SPX Corporation focusing on continuous improvement.

Mr. Evans said on welcoming Mr. Gambon, "Eric represents our commitment to customers to continually enhance and improve our product quality not only to meet, but to exceed their expectations." Velmex, Inc. is a premier US manufacturer of linear and rotary motion-control and positioning equipment for scientific, research, machining, instrumentation and industrial applications.

In his new position with Velmex, Mr. Eric Gambon Gambon will be responsible for developing Velmex was established in 1967 and celebrates its 50th and implementing quality management systems for Velmex including deploying and maintaining ISO9001: 2015 anniversary this year. Their products are useful for precisely standards as certification program relates to Velmex processes. moving a probe, sensor, antenna, transducer, optics, He is charged with quality assurance, quality training, root components or other objects. They offer precision and cause analysis and corrective action, as well as integrating modular design in a very broad range of sizes and payload lean manufacturing tools and efficiencies. capacities. q

engineers' calendar | professional firms employee news


Professional Firms Employee News Rochester Engineering Society Welcomes New Member Michael Terrano is an electrical engineer with 17 years of experience. He is currently working at Bergmann Associates, and has specialized knowledge in electrical power distribution, interior and exterior lighting, and fire alarm systems. Michael Terrano Throughout the years, he has become skilled at evaluation and compliance, field investigation, and specifications.

Optimation Technology Announces Two Hires Optimation Technology announces two new hires.

Dan Weaver

David Hudak is a mechanical engineer with experience in the food and beverage and HVAC industries, as well as construction estimating. Mr. Hudak is working towards his P.E license. q

Mike’s experience ranges from a wide variety of clients, including industrial, educational, health care, and commercial. Mike currently lives in Henrietta with his wife Dacia and two children, Grace and Zachary. q

Dan Weaver is a principal mechanical engineer with over 19 years’ experience in the competitive manufacturing environment, capitalizing on mechanical, manufacturing, and industrial engineering talent. His focus in the last 5 years is on mechanical engineering and OEM machine design.

David Hudak

Erdman Anthony Announces Two Hires and Two Earning Certifications Erdman Anthony announced the hiring of Benjamin Bondor as an electrical engineer, and Jacqueline Utter as a marketing coordinator. They also announced Matthew Weaver and Nick Dalton earning a Certification.

Benjamin Bondor

Benjamin Bondor joins as an electrical engineer in the facilities engineering and design services core business in the Rochester office. Benjamin has a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dalton has completed the LEED® v4 requirements and is now certified as a LEED® Green Associate™.

Matthew Weaver, PE

Jacqueline Utter joins as a marketing coordinator in the facilities group in the Rochester office. Utter has a bachelor of arts degree in communications from West Virginia University. Jacqueline Utter

Erdman Anthony also announced that Matthew Weaver, PE has earned LEED AP® BD+C Certification and Nick


Nick Dalton

Weaver is a mechanical engineer in the facilities engineering and design services core business in the Rochester office. He has a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. Weaver is a professional engineer in New York and has more than 10 years of experience. Dalton is part of the building performance group in the facilities engineering and design services core business in the Rochester office. He has several years of experience as a mechanical/application engineer and project manager. Dalton has a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. q professional firms employee news


Bergmann Associates News - Rochester Office degree from Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers University.

Rochester Office Adds To Team

Scott Michaud

Christina McInerney

Scott Michaud and Christina McInerney have joined the team at leading national architecture and engineering firm Bergmann. Michaud will work with the New York Buildings team as a design engineer. He will be involved in commissioning and design. McInerney will work with the New York Buildings team as a municipal planner. She will be involved in community engagement and public outreach, planning research and producing presentation materials for meetings. Prior to working for Bergmann, Michaud worked for the Resilient Communities Working Group in Akron, Ohio as a mechanical engineer. He received his bachelors of science from Akron University.

Prior to working for Bergmann, McInerney worked for the Monroe County Department of Planning & Development as a planner. She received her bachelor of arts in global studies from Hofstra University and a master of city and regional planning

Bergmann Adds to Human Resources Team Sarah Long has joined the team as a human resources generalist serving the entire organization. Her role is critical to the firm and will encompass a variety of functions. Long initially will be working on a strategic review of job descriptions and performance management protocols. She will also review how Bergmann Sarah Long can best shape equal opportunity employment and affirmative action policy to recruit and retain diverse talent. Long will collaborate with the Bergmann Young Professionals mentoring program, seek out opportunities to improve staff engagement, and build on strategic goals to develop a talented and diverse team of committed professionals at the firm. Prior to working for Bergmann, Long worked for Companion Care of Rochester as director of human resources and has nearly 20 years of experience in the field. Her passions include reading psychology books, fishing and bowling. q

Pathfinder Announces New Hires Pathfinder Engineers & Architects announces the hiring of the following new employees. Timothy Duprey is a senior mechanical engineer. His experience Timothy Duprey includes HVAC system and control projects, energy audits, commissioning and retro-commissioning.

professional firms employee news

Darlene Klier, PE, LEED AP, has joined as a senior electrical engineer. Her experience includes automated lighting systems, power and distribution systems, computer Darlene Klier, PE premise distribution systems, fire alarm system, wiring schematics and security access systems.

Matthew Meyer, PE, LEED AP, has joined the firm as a senior mechanical engineer and project manager. His experience for education, municipal and commercial Matthew Meyer, PE projects includes high performance new construction, renovations, system replacements, and numerous chiller, boiler and rooftop unit replacements. q


Position Openings


position openings


Position Openings

Visit our website for more information at To apply to this position, please email your resume to

Patent Search Analyst – Electrical Engineering Specialist Job Opening is an intellectual property solutions provider that helps organizations make complex business decisions around provider their innovations. Our is an intellectual property solutions that helps organizations makeportfolio complex business decisions around their innovations. industryleading of services enables businesses to increaseOur revenue, optimize leading portfolio of servicesIPenables to increase revenue, operations, and manage risk businesses through insightful data analytics and optimize operations, and manage IP risk through insightful data analytics and publishing. publishing.

WeWe areare currently Analyst with withananElectrical Electrical currentlyseeking seeking a a Patent Patent Search Search Analyst Engineering to work of our office. Fairport office. A brief Engineering background background to work out ofout our Fairport A brief overview of responsibilities is listed below – please our website at website overview of responsibilities is listed below visit – please visit our at for the complete job description, apply to this position. for the complete and jobtodescription, and to apply to this position. •

Performs patent searches: mainly patentability, freedom to operate, with some validity, and landscape searching using patent

• Performs patent searches: mainly patentability, freedom to operate, with databases provided. some validity, andsales landscape using patent databases • Assists team assearching a subject matter expert when calledprovided. to assist • Assists salesinteam as a process subject matter expert when called to assist in the the sales sales process • Communicate effectively with customers in determining the scope • Communicate effectively customers in determining of searches and with draft informative reports that clarifythe andscope of searches and draft informative reports that clarify and summarize search summarize search results. results. Requirements

Requirements • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required in Computer Computerdegree Engineering or Electrical Engineering • A minimumScience, of a Bachelor’s is required in Computer Science, • 3-5 years of Prior Art searching experience Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering • ofCompliance with ITAR/Export Control regulations, which can be • 3-5 years Prior Art searching experience by • Compliancedemonstrated with ITAR/Export Control regulations, which can be US citizenship. demonstrated by US citizenship. • Knowledge of patent law, regulations the MPEP • Knowledge of patent law, regulations and theand MPEP • key Expert key term searching and constructing structured Boolean • Expert in termin searching and constructing structured Boolean search queries search queries.

New Membership Application and Advertising Rate Details are at position openings


Professional Firms Employee News BME Associates Announces New Hire Daniel Kenney has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, environmental science and biology from the College at Brockport, S.U.N.Y. As a wetland technician, Daniel will be responsible for assisting with wetland delineations and environmental permitting in a variety of field and office work situations, in addition to civil Daniel Kenney engineering design tasks for site development projects. Daniel comes to the firm after serving in the United States Army, which included a tour in Iraq. BME’s reputation as the ‘go-to’ consulting firm for environmental services has been established through its rapport with regulatory agency staff and decision-makers. We look forward to Dan’s background and experience in contributing to enhance these services to our clients. q

DiMarco Constructors Welcomes New Hire DiMarco Constructors announced the hire of Jason Ranney as preconstruction estimator in its Rochester office.

Jason Ranney

plans as needed.

In his new role, Ranney is responsible for pre-construction estimation in a variety of job categories, communicating with clients and sub-contractors and building renderings and markups of

Ranney joins DiMarco Constructors from Lowe’s, where he served as exterior sales coordinator responsible for assisting with lead generation, proposal development and project coordination. Prior, he spent time as an inspector intern with the Town of Clarence Engineering Department and the Rochester Department of Transportation. Ranney earned his associate of applied science in construction management engineering from Erie Community College and his bachelor of science in civil engineering technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, he is OSHA certified in construction safety. q 20 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

professional firms employee news

News From

Professional Firms

A&E Firm Bergmann Rolls Out New Brand Identity Bergmann recently unveiled a new brand identity that focuses on strong local connections while also unifying the firm’s national identity with a single, new modern look and feel. The architecture and engineering firm has adopted a refreshed logo with updated colors, blue and black, which represent a departure from the years of red/ maroon that had been associated with the company brand. A new tagline was also released— “National Firm. Strong Local Connections.” “Right off the bat, you will notice that we now simply refer to ourselves as ‘Bergmann,’” said president and CEO, Pete Giovenco, P.E. “Our new brand emphasizes our human connections with our clients, communities and employees and the simplicity of using just the Bergmann name seems to fit.” Founded in Rochester in 1980 with just seven professionals, Bergmann has grown over the past four decades into a national company with more than 400 professional and technical staff across 12 offices.

Bergmann’s continuous growth and expansion made this the right time for the firm to revamp its brand identity. “As part of our identity evolution, we also created a standard set of expectations for how Bergmann clients, partners, employees and even job recruits should expect to benefit from their relationships with our organization,” said Giovenco. “Our goal is to bring Bergmann together behind a single brand personality while still encouraging creativity and showing thought leadership. We’re using words such as inspired, passionate, connected and knowledgeable as we discuss our new brand.” The new brand will be evident immediately on the Bergmann website, in social media and on many of the materials released by Bergmann. Other materials and signage will be transferred to the new brand over the next quarter and into the next year. Over time, Bergmann office buildings will be rebranded as well. q

Bergmann Awarded Design Contract for the Town of Irondequoit's New Department of Public Works Facility

Firm selected to provide architectural and engineering services to replace the facility destroyed in a fire last year

In the wake of a destructive fire on Christmas Eve 2016, the Town of Irondequoit has selected Bergmann to provide architectural and engineering design services to rebuild its Department of Public Works (DPW) facility. Working closely with the Bergmann team, Christa Construction will oversee construction of the facility at its new location near the intersection of 590 and East Ridge Road in Irondequoit. Construction of the new building will begin as soon as possible in 2018, with the facility scheduled to open in the fall of 2019. In the meantime, the Irondequoit DPW will operate out of a temporary four-season facility on the footprint of the old building. The DPW facility houses a variety of town vehicles, snowplows and related equipment. “We’re honored that the Town of Irondequoit selected us for this important community project, to help rebuild this essential part of the town infrastructure after a significant loss,” said Bergmann president and CEO, Pete Giovenco, P.E. “Based on our experience with other civic facilities and knowledge of the local market, we’ll deliver a building that meets the town’s unique needs and positions the DPW for a successful future.” Bergmann has substantial experience with municipal projects, specifically public works and operations facilities. Many of those municipal projects have been completed in Monroe and Yates Counties, including the Towns of Chili, Perinton and Ogden, as well as the City of Rochester and the Village of Fairport. q news from professional firms


Campus News Monster colliding black holes might lurk on the edge of spiral galaxies RIT study suggests where to find massive black-hole mergers The outskirts of spiral galaxies like our own could be crowded with colliding black holes of massive proportions and a prime location for scientists hunting the sources of gravitational waves, said researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology in an upcoming paper in Astrophysical Journal Letters. The RIT study identifies an overlooked region that may prove to be rife with orbiting black holes and the origin of gravitational-wave chirps heard by observatories in the United States and Italy. Identifying the host galaxies of merging massive black holes could help explain how orbiting pairs of black holes form. Conditions favorable for black-hole mergers exist in the outer gas disks of big spiral galaxies, according to Sukanya Chakrabarti, assistant professor of physics at RIT and lead author of “The Contribution of Outer H1 Disks to the Merging Binary Black Hole Populations,” available online at abs/1710.09407. Until now, small satellite or dwarf galaxies were thought to have the most suitable

environment for hosting black-hole populations: a sparse population of stars, unpolluted with heavy metals like iron, gold and platinum—elements spewed in supernovae explosions— and inefficient winds that leave massive stars intact. Chakrabarti realized the edges of galaxies like the Milky Wavy have similar environments to dwarf galaxies but with a major advantage— big galaxies are easier to find. “The metal content in the outer disks of spiral galaxies is also quite low and should be rife with black holes in this large area,” Chakrabarti said. A co-author on the paper, Richard O’Shaughnessy, assistant professor of mathematical sciences at RIT and a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, said: “This study shows that, when predicting or interpreting observations of black holes, we need to account not only for differences between different types of galaxies but also the range of environments that occur inside of them.”

possible now that scientists can combine gravitational wave astronomy with traditional measurements of bands of light. Existing research shows that even black holes, which are too dense for light to escape, have a gravitational wave and an optical counterpart, remnants of matter from the stellar collapse from which they formed. “If you can see the light from a black-hole merger, you can pinpoint where it is in the sky,” Chakrabarti said. “Then you can infer the parameters that drive the life cycle of the universe as a whole and that’s the holy grail for cosmology. The reason this is important is because gravitational waves give you a completely independent way of doing it so it doesn’t rely on astrophysical approximations.” Chakrabarti and O’Shaughnessy are members of RIT’s Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation. The center is a hub of multimessenger astronomy research and home to the Frontiers in Gravitational Wave Astronomy initiative, an RIT signature research area. q

A deeper understanding of the universe is

FE Civil Exam Review Course offered by Civil Engineering Technology at RIT RIT’s Civil Engineering Technology program, within the College of Applied Science and Technology is now offering a Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Civil Exam Review Course for the civil engineering professionals. Passing the FE exam is the first step in the process leading to the Professional Engineers (PE) license. Eighteen (18) different exam topics will be covered. All classes will be held in RIT campus.

FE Civil Exam Review Course Offerings for Spring

For 7 weeks of evening class option (Two offerings): o Starts on January 9th with last day of class is on 23rd of February 2018. o Starts on March 27th with last day of class is on 11th of May 2018. For 4 weeks of evening and Saturday class option (Two offerings): o Starts on February 27th with last day of class is on 24th of March 2018. o Starts on May 15th with last day of class is on 9th of June 2018.

Registration deadlines are 10 days before the start of the course.

For additional information or to register contact: Greg Evershed, 22 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

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The New York State Association of Transportation Engineers PO Box 20900, Rochester NY 14602

Just a NYSATE Minute It is an honor to represent Section 4 at the Conference each year. As section 4 president, my goal is to make NSYATE the premier organization for all Transportation Professionals in New York whether public sector, private sector or retiree. The final integration of our membership into one seamless organization happened in Buffalo this past June where our very own Barry Dumbauld became the first private sector winner of the coveted statewide TPOY award. Congratulations, Barry! NYSATE Conferences have focused on providing educational opportunities for our members for over 77 years. Not only do our educational programs provide

Coming soon… Night at the Amerks Friday February 2, 2018 Night at the Knighthawks Saturday March 10, 2018 for info

PDH’s, they provide learning for ALL transportation professionals at all levels of knowledge. Whether you’re an entry level CADD technician, an environmental specialist or a 30year veteran with your PE, I urge you to take advantage of every opportunity for learning provided by NYSATE and many of our partners in the industry. Don’t stop counting credits when you hit your minimum requirements

for licensure, keep going until you have learned all you can. If you have suggestions of ways we can provide more to our members or if you feel NYSATE is not addressing your educational needs at conferences, mini-conferences and other events please reach out to me at Howard Ressel

Congratulations to Scott Robinson for being selected as Section 4’s 2018 Transportation Professional of the Year. Scott will represent Section 4 at the 78th annual NYSATE Statewide Conference to be held next April in Cooperstown.

Scott started working at the NYSDOT in January 1999 in the Region 4 Construction group. He has since worked in the Design, Planning and Traffic Safety Groups before moving to the Operations Group. He worked in operations for seven years as the Assistant Regional Director of Operations before obtaining his current position as Resident Engineer in Wayne and Ontario Counties. Scott joined NYSATE Section 4 in 1999. He has worked on two statewide conferences and was co-chair of the 2014 sectional mini-conference. Scott was elected Vice President from 2004 to 2007 when he took over the job of Secretary until 2016. Outside of NYSATE, Scott is also active in his community, volunteering in youth sports and at his kids’ school. Section 4 is proud to have Scott Robinson as our 2018 TPOY.

nysate news


Rochester Chapter

Society for Imaging Science and Technology Website: Our meetings are held at 6:00pm in Room 1275 of the Carlson Center for Imaging Science on the RIT campus. Everyone is welcome to attend. Parking is available in the F lot, just north of the building. No meeting reservations are required.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - TBD

Meeting Schedule

LaBarca, Pixel Preservation International

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - TBD Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - "From 8-Bit to 4K: A Leading Computational Imaging Algorithm for Digital Printing Technology," by Chunghui Kuo, Eastman Kodak Co.

Venue ideas requested – we are soliciting input regarding other possible venues for our meetings.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - RIT Students Program Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - "Materials of Construction Test: Insuring the Use of Safe Materials in Photo Books," by Joseph

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 Current Research & Education Initiatives at the Image Permanence Institute by Jennifer Jae Gutierrez, Executive Director, Image Permanence Institute, RIT Abstract:


For over thirty years, the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) has conducted research on the stability of photographic materials, archival storage enclosures, and storage environmental conditions to inform new strategies and best practices for preserving cultural heritage collections in libraries, archives, and museums. Research results are actively disseminated through publications, educational programs, and online tools and resources. This talk will provide a brief introduction to the history of research at IPI, highlighting significant contributions IPI has made to the preservation community, and introduce current and upcoming research and education initiatives. Current projects include the effects of water damage on digital prints, exploring the use of digital image correlation to understand library and archive materials responses to changes in relative humidity, and photographic print process identification workshops.

Jennifer Jae Gutierrez became Executive Director of the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) at RIT in April 2017. Prior to her appointment at IPI, Jae was the Arthur J. Bell Senior Photograph Conservator at the Center for Creative Photography (CCP), University of Arizona, Tucson where she established the institution’s conservation department. During her tenure at CCP, research in the archives informed essays on Robert Heinecken’s work processes and materials associated with W. Eugene Smith’s ‘Big Book’ project. Jae has affiliated faculty status in the Art Conservation Department at the University of Delaware (UD) where she held a faculty appointment for eight years prior to working at the CCP. At UD, she taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in preventive conservation, conservation ethics, and the conservation of photographic materials. She also served as Associate Director of the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, one of only four Master’s-level, conservation-training programs in the United States.


is&t news


Monroe Professional Engineers Society A Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers 657 East Avenue, Rochestter, New York 14607 Dedicated to Professionalism in Engineering in the Interest of Public Safety and Welfare 2017-18 Officers: President David Roberts, PE, President-elect Chris Kambar, PE, Vice President Arthur Reardon, PE, Secretary Martin Gordon, PE, Treasurer Michael Ritchie, PE, Membership Chair Arthur Reardon, PE

Parking Garage Legislation Update In February of 2017, we reported on bill #A9614A requiring inspections of parking garages and ramps for structural integrity, which passed the state legislature, but was vetoed by the governor because it did not address the ‘special circumstances in NY City.’ The bill was drafted in response to several parking garage collapses, with recent occurrences in or near Binghamton, NY. Although the bill was vetoed, NYSSPE remains committed to ensuring public safety in our parking garages and ramps and has worked to find other ways to promote regular inspection of these structures by qualified individuals. In order to move forward with a plan to ensure these regular inspections occur, rather going through the legislature again, NYSSPE has begun working with the Building Code Council in order to introduce new regulation into the building codes which would require these inspections. This topic is discussed by NYSSPE Legislative & Legal Counsel, Mark C. Kriss, Esq. and Executive Director, Anthony Fasano, P.E., LEED AP, ACC in the October 2017 NYSSPE Legislative Update on YouTube ( Mr. Kriss points out the fact that state regulations have the same weight and force of law, while not requiring approval through the legislative process. He further indicated that the implementation of a regulatory code would be better aligned with the general outlook of the governor’s office on this matter. A draft proposal has been submitted to the Department of State, Office of Planning & Development that closely embodies the original legislation proposed in bill #A9614A. The proposal includes a minimum cycle of three years to look for any deterioration of parking garage and ramp structures, with the inspection being conducted by a professional engineer or someone under their direct supervision. NYSSPE and its local chapters are dedicated to promoting public safety through the ethical practice of engineering by qualified professionals. We support the efforts to reform the building codes to include the requirements proposed for parking garage and ramp inspections and urge the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council to adopt the proposal submitted. If you are interested in finding out more about state building codes or want to contact the Building Code Council, more information can be found on their website at: dcea/code_council.html. Along with our counterparts at the state level, the Monroe PE Society will continue to monitor the status of this proposal and keep our engineering community up to date.

As always, we encourage active membership in the Monroe Professional Engineers Society. We are constantly striving to improve your membership but we always need more help. If you are interested in becoming an active member or have any questions, please email me at or contact MPES through our website at contactus/.

David C. Roberts, P.E., President, MPES

mpes news


Genesee Valley Land Surveyors Association Website:

Year 2017 Officers President Roy B. Garfinkel, LS Vice President Jared R. Ransom, LS Secretary Robert J. Avery, LS Treasurer Michael A. Venturo, LS

Board of Directors

December 2017

John F. Gillen, LS, ex officio

Upcoming Events 2017:

December 2, 2017 – Annual Holiday Dinner Big Tree Inn, 46 Main Street, Geneseo - 6:00 pm January 17-19, 2018 – NYSAPLS 59th Annual Surveyors Conference & Exhibition Albany Capital Center, Albany, NY

2015-2017 Jeffrey A. Tiede, LS Scott E. Measday, LS 2016-2018 Justin M. Roloson, LS Douglas W. Magde, LS 2017-2019 David R. Standinger, LS Daniel T. Hickok, LS Jonathan Navagh - Associates Representative

Saturday December 2, 2017 Annual Holiday Dinner 6:00 pm at the

Big Tree Inn 46 Main Street, Geneseo, NY 14454 $30 for individuals and $50 for couples RSVP to

January will be NYSAPLS 59th Annual Surveyors Conference & Exhibition Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future Professional Affiliations •

New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors, Inc.

National Society of Professional Surveyors

Rochester Engineering Society

January 17-19, 2018 Albany Capital Center, Albany, NY


gvlsa news


asce news



ieee news


ieee news


Genesee Valley Branch Serving Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans and Wayne County

American Public Works Association Genesee Valley Branch Website:

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan

Genesee Valley Branch News The Board of Directors for the Genesee Valley Branch continues to respond to our membership by the creation of an expanded “at large” director’s position. This was created to increase participation from our neighboring counties for educational and social activities to share the wealth of knowledge and experience with our Branch members. This is great opportunity for all members to help their staff get involved in their professional society and interact with other members. This is also a great opportunity for the younger members to meet and learn from the more “seasoned” members of APWA. Please consider supporting this effort! The time commitment is low as we try to share the load for the various activities and committees that contribute to our Branch’s success.

2017 Award Nominations The Genesee Valley Branch is requesting submissions for Projects of the Year and outstanding individuals in public works. This includes any town, village, or city within our six county region, as well as any regulatory agency, water supply agency, department of transportation, or public official. The nomination forms are available on our APWA Branch website at the following: The descriptions for the various awards can be found at this address as well as the forms to submit a nomination. Photos should be included in a jpeg format. All nominations are due by December 7, 2017 and can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to Paul Chatfield at PaulChatfield@ChatfieldEngineers. com.

New York Chapter Annual Conference The New York Chapter is busy planning the 2018 APWA Conference that is being held in Buffalo, NY at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo Hotel and Conference Center on April 11-13, 2018. This is a unique opportunity to obtain PDH credits, learn the latest updates to regulatory regulations, and network with other public works professionals. Please consider submitting a speaker registration from if you would like to present a topic of interest. The NY Chapter is also looking for vendors, engineers, and organizations that would like to participate as a sponsor or set up a booth. Come join us to see the renaissance of Downtown Buffalo! The event includes an optional get acquainted reception on Wednesday night, the NY Chapter Awards ceremony on Thursday night, and the opportunity to acquire 9 PDH credits. Please contact our Chapter Administrator, Jolie Murray at 315-792-0320 to discuss the many options for sponsorship or participation. The American Public Works Association ( is a not-for-profit, international organization of more than 29,000 members involved in the field of public works. APWA serves its members by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge. APWA is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and has an office in Washington, D.C. with 63 chapters throughout North America. 30 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

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swe news


President: JENNIFER WENGENDER, P.E., CPD Clark Patterson Lee 205 St. Paul Blvd Rochester, NY 14604 585-454-7600 Vice President Technical: DAVE JERECKOS IBC Engineering, PC 3445 Winton Place, Suite 219 Rochester, NY 14623 585-292-1590 Vice President Legislative: DAVID MYERS LaBella Associates, PC 300 State Street, Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14614 585-454-6110 Vice President Membership: DOUG MEIER Twin”D” Associates 1577 Ridge Road West Suite 116B Rochester, NY 14615 585-581-2170 Treasurer: ALAN SMITH, P.E. IBC Engineering, P.C. 3445 Winton Place, Suite 219 Rochester, NY 14623 585-292-1590 Administrative Secretary: ADAM KRAMER IBC Engineering, PC 3445 Winton Place, Suite 219 Rochester, NY 14623 585-292-1590 Education Chairman: JENNIFER WENGENDER, P.E., CPD Clark Patterson Lee 205 St. Paul Blvd Rochester, NY 14604 585-454-7600 Affiliate Liaison: TRAVIS JESSICK aLTHERM, iNC. 255 hUMPHREY sT. eNGLEWOOD, nj 08631 551-486-9556

President's Message Happy Holidays! Wow, it seems like it was summer yesterday. Our December meeting is being moved up one week to coordinate better with Holiday schedules. We also kicked off our annual planning for the April 2018 Engineering Symposium in Rochester. We are currently looking for speakers, so if anyone has a plumbing or multi-discipline topic they would be interested in presenting at the Symposium in the ASPE track, please contact me. Jennifer Wengender, PE, CPD Rochester Chapter President

Meeting Notice – Save the Date Topic:

New Piping Technologies for Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems Speaker: Chris Wolak, Victaulic


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


12:00 Noon - 1:30 pm (please arrive by 11:50 am)


Valicia's Ristorante, 2155 Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY 14606 (just nore of Route 31, Gates)

Credits: PDH Approval Pending Cost:

$20 (member or guest), check or cash at door.

Reservations: To Dave Jereckos, 585-341-3168 or by Monday, December 11, 2017.

Newsletter Editor: Open - please contact a board member if you are interested.

(Chapters are not authorized to speak for the Society) 32 | The ROCHESTER ENGINEER DECEMBER 2017

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Rochester Chapter

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Rochester ASHRAE website:


President’s Message Our meeting in November was on “Advancements in Variable Speed Control of Centrifugal Pumps” presented by Michael Licastro from Armstrong Fluid Technology. We appreciate Michael taking the time to share his expertise with our chapter. Thank you to everyone that attended. Our December meeting will be a Resource Promotion meeting. We are very thankful to all who donate to ASHRAE Resource Promotion. Resource Promotion helps support scholarships and ASHRAE research that has a great impact on our industry. If you are not currently a donor and would like to be please contact our Resource Promotion Chair Matt Develin for details on how you can help support ASHRAE Resource Promotion ashrae news

at Please continue to check out our website at for information on upcoming chapter meetings, current officer list and contact information, chapter newsletters, and more! Also take a minute and like us on Facebook at!/ashraerochester. Bill Clark, PE, CEM 2017-2018 President Rochester Chapter DECEMBER 2017 The ROCHESTER ENGINEER | 33

Association for Facilities Engineering ROCHESTER CHAPTER NO. 21

2016/17 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Craig Avalone CHA Consulting, Inc. (585) 232-5610 ext. 287

December 2017 Meeting Notice Date/Time: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 – 6:00 p.m.

An Evening at the

VICE PRESIDENT Dennis Roote CDE Engineering & Environment, PLLC (585) 330-6986 SECRETARY Tom Acquilano Trane Supply (585) 256-1028 TREASURER Brian Laurer The Gleason Works (585) 256-6784 ASSISTANT TREASURER Ken Carr Asbury First United Methodist Church (585) 271-1050 DELEGATE DIRECTORS Jeff Bidell – Erdman Anthony Dan Friday – NRWCSD Tom Ward - YMCA Mark Ramsdell – Haley & Aldrich

Please join AFE with your spouse or loved one at this year’s AFE holiday special event at Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery. The event begins at 6:00 in the M&T Bank ballroom with a cash bar, followed by a buffet style dinner at 7:00 and dessert/coffee at 9:00. Additionally, MAG will allow us to enjoy the exhibitions during the evening.

To facilitate registration, this is a pre-paid event.

CHAPTER HISTORIAN Joe Dioguardi – MicroMod

Location: Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Ave., Rochester, NY

CHAIRMAN, EDUCATION COMMITTEE Matthew Knights – Constellation (585) 396-8043

Cost: Members and Non-members - $30

CHAIRMAN, COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE Thomas Coburn -The Gleason Works (585) 461-8073 CHAIRMAN, MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Joseph R. Graves – CypherWorx, Inc (585) 268-6184

Payment can be accepted on our website: Please RSVP by Monday, December 11th, 2017 to: Brian Laurer Gleason Works (585) 256-6704


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Directory of Professional Services

Geophysical Services

• Seismic

• Ground Penetrating Radar

• Electromagnetic • Vibration Monitoring

• MASW, Seismic Site Classification, Refraction/Reflection • Concrete Inspection (Voids, Rebar, Thickness, Mapping)

Mark Saunders, Geophysics Division Manager 80 Lawrence Bell Dr. Buffalo, NY 14221 T +1 716-279-3540 M +1 716-270-7856 Email: 855-ECO-RENT Newest Rental Fleet in the Industry Exceptional Customer and Technical Service Consistent Quality Rentals • Sales • Service

directory of professional services


Directory of Professional Services Advertising Rates and Membership

300 State Street Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14614

Office: 585.454.6110 Fax: 585.454.3066

Application is Available at

Solving soils problems for over 40 years. 46A Sager Drive, Rochester, NY 14607 Tel: 585-458-0824 • Fax: 585-458-3323

CLEANROOMSERVICES.COM Certification  Training  Consulting Servicing Cleanroom Facilities Since 1977 ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited

R. KRAFT, Inc.  (585) 621-6946

Michael S. Quagliata, Jr., PE President

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 217 West Commercial Street East Rochester, New York 14445 585/385-1450 585/385-1482 Fax

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering & Design

Inc. A sign, of ct Deeld, NY 14526 US u d o r P P. Haltaolt nfi e f P o , e r H Ga ry Halt ridge Lan @ y arr ckb




40 Ro

GREG CHALMERS 585-831-9640 Mobile 866-835-6651 Fax


Design Engineering Services - Concept thru Production Mechanical / Electromechanical - Consumer / Industrial All Plastic and Metal Technologies Tel: 585-388-9000 Fax: 585-388-3839

directory of professional services


Directory of Business Services Philip J. Welch

First Vice President - Investments

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC


200 Meridian Centre Suite 260 Rochester, NY 14618 Direct: 585-241-7546 Fax: 585-241-3986 Toll Free: 877-237-6201

New Membership Application and Advertising Rate Details are at

Save The Date! Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Save The Date! 116th RES Annual Gala

Annual Engineering Symposium in Rochester

at the

at the

Joseph A. Floreano

Joseph A. Floreano

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

123 East Main Street, Rochester

123 East Main Street, Rochester

Saturday, April 14, 2018

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Affiliated Societies of the Rochester Engineering Society American Consulting Engineering Companies of New York President, David J. Meyer, 585-218-0730 Email: American Public Works Association Monroe County/Genesee Valley Branch Past-Chairman, Geoff Benway Email: American Society of Civil Engineers, Rochester Section President, Christopher Sichak, PE Email:

Electrical Association Executive Director, Karen Lynch Email: President, Russ Corcoran, Landmark Electric, 585-359-0800. Email: Genesee Valley Land Surveyors Association President, John F. Gillen, LS President, Roy B. Garfinkel, LS Email:

New York State Association of Transportation Engineers, Section 4 President, Howard R. Ressel, 585-272-3372. Email: New York Water Environment Association Inc., Genesee Valley Chapter ( President, Bill Davis, 585-381-9250 Email:

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Inc., Rochester Section President, Pete Brinka. Email:

Sheet Metal & Air-Conditioning Contractor’s National Association-Rochester, Inc. Executive Director, Aaron Hilger 585-586-8030. Email:

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Rochester Chapter President, Christina Walter Email:

Imaging Science & Technology, Rochester Chapter President, David Odgers Email:

Society of Plastics Engineers, Rochester Section President, Brett Blaisdell, Bausch & Lomb, 1400 North Gooaman Street, Rochester, NY 14609 585-338-5417, Email:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Rochester Section Chairman, Steven Ivancic, University of Rochester Email:

Independent Entrepreneurs Council, Rochester NY Chapter Chairman, Ralph Kraft, 585-621-6946

Society of Women Engineers President, Marca J. Lam, RIT Email:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Rochester Section Chairman, Greg T. Gdowski, 585-275-2580 Email:

Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science & Engineering Fair Director, Mary Eileen Wood, 315-468-1025 Email:

American Society of Plumbing Engineers, Rochester New York Chapter President, Jennifer Wengender, PE, CPD, Clark Patterson Lee, 205 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY 14604. 585-454-7600. Email: Association for Bridge Construction and Design President, Mark Laistner, Popli Design Group 585-481-1239 Email: Association For Facilities Engineering, Rochester Chapter President, Matthews Knights, 585-924-2186 x221 Email:

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Rochester Chapter President, John Kaemmerlen, 585-475-2767 Email: International Council on Systems Engineering, Finger Lakes Chapter President, Jack Riley Email: Monroe Professional Engineers Society President, David C. Roberts, PE Email:

Advertising Rates Are Available on the RES Website at:

Corporate Members of the Rochester Engineering Society BME Associates CHA Consulting (Champion) Erdman Anthony Associates Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce (RBA)

M/E Engineering, P.C.

VJ Stanley

MRB Group Optimation Technology, Inc. (Champion) Passero Associates

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Kate Gleason College of Engineering

IBC Engineering, PC (Champion)

TY-LIN International (Champion)

LaBella Associates (Enterprise)

Visron Design, Inc.


IS YOUR COMPANY LISTED HERE? Call 585-254-2350 for information.

affiliated societies & corporate members of the rochester engineering society


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Seeking Cover & Feature Articles The RES is seeking articles for our monthly (except July) publication. We have four (quarterly) hard copies and 11 electronic issues. We would love to hear from you. Contact the RES for information -

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