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ftye &otuntia February 4,1999

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Vohune 78, Number 7

Answers to Safety on the Longwood Campus BONNIE PANCOAST Guest Writer Recently, there have been some major uproars regarding campus safety. Numerous complaints have been made about campus police activity, or lack thereof according to some, and honestly, many of the statements made have been incorrect. I hope to clear up some confusion and ease some worries of the student body. Longwood has a very active Student Escort Service, as well as campus police. Many have complained about the Escort Service and campus police. Common concerns have been statements describing escorts neglecting to show up, campus police not coining to pick people up, no emergency phones, no escort service at all, and being forced to walk alone late at night. Well,

you have been misinformed. The Nightwalkers Escort Service runs every night. Sunday through Thursday from dusk (7p.m. or 8 p.m.) until midnight and Friday and Saturday from dusk until 2am. You can call 2091 from any campus phone at anytime during these hours to have an escort. If you are off campus, such as at a workplace, just dial 395-2091, and you can request an escort from an oncampus location. The yellow emergency phones will automatically dial x2091, and you may request escorts from those phones as well. The Nightwalkers are composed of both males and females, and just to ease any concerns, these people have had police background checks. Females work in pairs, so don't hesitate to call because you don't want

another female to walk alone. Escorts will have two forms of identification. They are all supplied with an escort ID, similar to the student IDs issued here. Also, escorts will be wearing either a Nightwalkers T-shirt, or an Escort sweatshirt. If someone approaches you without these identifications, I would not advise walking with them, unless of course, it is camDUS police. Escorts are connected by two-way radios to campus police and Farmville dispatch as well. We will walk with you anywhere on campus, as well as to or from the parking lots behind Little Caesar's and the sophomore lot across from Wynne. The Nightwalkers do not escort from off-campus locations like the Castle, the Barn, or Macado's. Our goal is to be at

SEA Bookfair a Success

Disney books. Dr. Seuss books, books about starting school, rac— ism, and others. For intermediate readers The SEA there were collaborated books by R.L. with Kappa Stine and the Delta Pi to hold popular Wishthe second anbone books. nual scholastic Books for book fair from teachers and January 28 to future teachFebruary 2. The ers, especially sale featured science books, children's were available books for all SEA Book Fair. Photo by Allison Btverlty along with colages and teachoring books, ing books, all at cheaper prices than are offered book marks, and posters. Another book fair will be in specialized bookstores. There were children's books held next year and is definitely for younger readers that included worth looking into. MINDlEVmr General Manager

your location within five minutes of receiving the call from Farmville dispatch. Granted, this is not the case sometimes. If an escort is not to you within five or six minutes, pick up the phone and call again. Sometimes Farmville dispatch can be flooded with phone calls for various reasons and the escort will not be dispatched. Try again. Don't give up. Sometimes waiting time can feel like an eternity, and in reality, only a few seconds have passed. Please give us an honest five minutes to reach you. If an escort is unavailable, campus police will come and pick you up. This may take longer than a walking escort because often times campus police is bombarded with other calls. You may not realize it. but campus police officers are the electricians, plumbers, and lock-

smiths in the off hours of Longwood College. They get called to slim jim cars, fix broken toilets, shut off fire alarms, and lock campus doors for our safety. This is why it takes so long. If a campus police officer is coming to escort you, he or she will not come in the building to get you. You must watch for them. Longwood College has 16 working emergency phones on and off campus. The poles are bright yellow and many have reflective tape on them. Phones come in two types: regular and push button. Regular phones look like normal phones. All you must do is pick up the receiver, and it automatically rings x2091. On push button phones (the phone at the Library, the phone at Hull, and the phone on the back of French), open the box, S«« SAFETY R4

wn to

>ade to

demic Affairs, and ' Brogman reported student

EDITORIAL And we thought that Wal-Mart was the only monopoly in Farm ville- well, hello Barnes and Noble! One of the biggest controversies on campus remains to be the bookstore prices. Even this far into the semester, students are still outraged at the prices. As an example book, we chose The Clan of the Cave Bear. The original selling price of $4.95 is printed on the front cover. A used copy of this book is selling for $6.00 in Barnes and Noble. Simple math shows that there is a $1.05 cushion. Hello! We are college students, not multimillionaires. It is ridiculous that a used book (that has probably been used 3 or 4 times prior to being purchased) has a price

increase. internet ordering and selling We would like to thank the books to each other by word of business department for doing a mouth. study on various book webpages The Rotunda will be publishing to show the price difference (see classified ads in each issue. We page 1 for details). This shows encourage all of you who want us that there are other ways to to sell your books to others buy books instead of our (without the help of the bookstore. Another issue that was bookstore) to contact us for a brought to our attention is the classified ad. And as always, price of used books. Some of the please send us any questions, used books are barely any comments, or controversies that cheaper than the new book you would like published. prices. We have received enormous There is no need for this much feedback about issues. Keep it up inflation and it is amazing that everybody! We really appreciate the college is allowing this to your feedback. Hope you all have happen to its students. Barnes enjoyed the paper. and Noble is only hurting Until next time I themselves by this. Students are already trying to find other Melissa Gill and Kristin Ingram alternatives for books such as Editors-in-Chief

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fjl He Said...S/ig Said g TJMKISER Assistant Nexvs Editor Women have been mistreated in the past, and the problem was alleviated. Thirty-some years ago. Civil Rights gave women the equal opportunities that they dercrved. The truth is, women in the nineties are simply not satisfied with equality. They are looking for totalitarianism. I'm sorry guys. I hate to say it, but we've created a monster. So before we confront the modern American woman and her issues, let's look at the simple facts at Longwood College. There are over twice as many females here than males. Therefore, I'm in the frame of mind that it would be very bard for one to find any bias or lack of justice towards females. Now, about the Viagra versus birth control issue; there is a simple and logical explanation. Insurance companies simply believe in the sacred preciousness of life. So, they support Viagra, because it is an agent of procreation. Birth control hinders procreation; therefore the insurance company, which only seeks to preserve the sanctity of life, would not provide for the immorality that is birth control. Ok, ok... so that's not as logical as 1 may have foreshadowed. In all truth, women catch a lot of mess from the not-so politically-correct members of the male gender; however, you have to admit, there are plenty of women who are interested in getting mad and getting even. Sure it isn't fair that birth control isn't covered by insurance. But you are putting the issue into a very myopic perspective when you blame "man" land for this one. Which is kind of like cutting off the head to cure the headache. So, understand that guys are not completely unsympathetic to such a problem. We just don't feel the need to blame someone else for it and whine about it Besides, if you bothered to find out, the insurance company probably has a good reason for it.

MINDIEWTTT General Manager OK, now that you have read the neanderthal perspective, it's time to hear a civilized woman's view. Women are not looking for totalitarianism, we simply want equality. Yes, it is the '90's, and we are finally addressing the issues of inequality leftover from the Civil Rights Movement Our male writer has informed everyone that the men of the world have created a monster. I'll agree with that-they are the creators of male superiority and gender inequality in the first place. As for the Viagra/birth control issue, give me a break! Procreation? Maybe. Birth control has historically been looked down upon because-oh, my gosh-it meant that women were having sex. Chances are pretty good that the health insurance companies originally refused to pay for birth control because they felt, as many people did, the best way to avoid getting pregnant was to not have sex and, that it was morally wrong for women to have pre-marital sex. Times have changed. Though we still suffer stigmatisms about sex that men do not, it is more accepted now for us to have and enjoy sex in and out of marriagethe same things men have been doing since the dawn of humans. Birth control also has many health benefits. It eases menstraul cramping and blood flow, stabalizes the menstraul cycle, and prevents women from having children until they are ready. On the other hand, Viagra allows men to continue having sex once an erectile dysfunction has prohibited them from doing so. When was the last time someone had sex for health reasons? This is sexism, and ladies and sympathetic men, we have to do something about it. As for the Longwood female population-maybe you guys need a remindei that it was previously all female school, one of the few since you "allowed" us to become educated. Or maybe we're just smarter than some of you guys.

OPINION 1. To all of the students who were initiated into Geist Chapter of Mortar Board this week. Your dedication to Longwood College is to be commended. Thanks for all you have done. 2. To IFC for a fun filled hour at Midnight Madness.

"The Activist" is your outlet for battling social injustice and things that suck. This is your chance to do something about societal evils, instead of just whining about them. So speak up and act up. Because if you 're not mad, you 're not paying attention. E-mail activist ideas to

3. To Joanna Ning and Allyson Goin for a highly anticipated opening of art at Bedford this week.

Invasion of Privacy or Free Speech?

4. To The Board of Vistors Rector, Ann Baise, for asking the Board to eat breakfast with the students to see what is happening with the student body.

MEUSSA GILL Editor- in- Chief In case you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, here is one story that I am really mad about There is a website called Nuremberg Files, which was created by Neal Horsley of Georgia. It lists the names of doctors and their offices that perform abortions. The author calls for "justice to be brought to the baby butchers in America." So basically it is a doctor hit list open to all of the freaks that want to make things right in this world. From this list, people can not only harass the doctors, but their children and spouses as well. They even have wanted posters that they carry to their protests charging doctors with murder. Sometimes the page lists the doctor's personal addresses, spouse names, and children's names. The author urges the reader to send photographs of the doctor, the doctor's car and/or house, or anything of recent in-

terest to the page. Let me remind you that there have been seven abortion clinic doctors and many clinic patients murdered since 1993. Do we really need to encourage these people to kill anymore? This website even has those seven deceased doctors listed, but with a line through their name. That to me is extremely disrespectful and unneeded. Doctors should not have to wear a bulletproof vest to work just because a group of extremists want to play God. If they say that abortion is murder, does killing a doctor over it solve anything? It seems hypocritical to me that someone kills someone else for killing someone. In regards to the case, I think that the Pro-Life people have every right to protest something in a PEACEFUL way. Killing and name-calling is not peaceful. I talked to a girl that had an abortion in Richmond. She said that the week before her appointment, there were people protesting in

front of the clinic. They had children holding pictures of aborted babies and they were throwing plastic babies at the cars leaving the clinic. I think that if Mr. Horsley wants to have an anti-abortion page, more power to him, he has the freedom to do that However, there is thin line between freedom of speech and invasion of privacy. I can understand listing the names of the clinics, but to list personal items of the doctor and the doctor's family is extremely unnecessary. I understand that they consider abortion murder and in some cases they are right but they shouldn't try to force it on others. I am not on either side of the Pro-life or Pro-choice debate, I am just angry about how people are acting. I wonder how Mr. Horsley in Georgia would feel if be, his family, and home address were listed on a pro-choice extremist hit list web page for all to see. I am sure that he would be just as worried as the doctors.

aft Out HCMttttigauw'seKr

"St\ Stephanie Morris Bogl


" A stranger gave me his "Bought me rose* for sweatshirt after a car no reason." Christy Crowder accident." Liberal Studies Stephanie Stevens Biology

1. To all the police patrolling over this past weekend. It was obvious that the Campus Police were looking to bust people 2. To people who park their] mini-vans and trucks in the parking lot behind Cox. The sign says COMPACT CARS only... and the last time we checked trucks and vans were not COMPACT!! 3. To people who go home every weekend. Way to show your school spirit 4. To slow production of the! new parking lot behind Stubbs. At the rate they are going with this lot the new Dining hall will be finished before the lot i paved.

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SGA: The Ingrown Clique Dear Editor: As a former advisor to the Student Government Association, I would recommend that you inform your readers and perhaps crusade for a change in SGA's election rules. Several years ago SGA changed those rules so that only members of the SGA Senate could run for key positions in theSGA executive committee. It seemed on the surface to be a reasonable change, ensuring that the executive committee would be staffed with experienced leaders who were already acquainted with college issues. What in fact has happened though is to to cause SGA to become an ingrown clique, where elections to the executive committee feature unapposed candidates. This is a

perversion of democracy and a denial of one of the oldest axioms in American democracy, "throw the rascals out!" the new governor of Minnesota could never have been elected under our rules. While experience SHOULD be a major consideration in selecting the SGA's officers, SGA should trust its electorate to make the right choice. Most of the time experiecne is vital, but sometimes change is even more important At the moment SGA has become a narrow clique of students who have perverted democracy. Sincerely, James W Crowl Dept of History

Thanks to Chief Husky Dear Editor: I would like to thank Chief Husky for his help with a personal problem earlier this year. I was receiving threatening phone calls from an off-campus ex-boyfriend. I called the Farmville police department first and the officer contacted Chief Huskey. Within thirty minutes both officers were there. They both asked questions, look notes, and encouraged me to take some personal defense classes.

Later on, both Chief Huskey and the Farmville officer (I am sorry, but I can't remember his name) kept in touch, making sure everything was o.k. Since then, the situation has been absolved, and I hope Chief Huskey reads this to see that I appreciate his efforts to make my life on campus easy and safe! Mindie Witt Liberal Studies Freshman

NEWS Midnight Madness MEGAN BLACK Opinions Editor

The Spring of 1999 offered one of the most successful InterFrateraity Council Recruitments at Longwood in several years. Fifty-seven men became pledged members of IFC's six fraternities, and Chris Beach, the Vice President of Rush for IFC, and a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, was greatly responsible for the high turnout. Not only did he plan the alternate Bid Day activity, Der Run having been canceled, but Beach completely restructured the rFC recruitment process. In the past, men interested in joining a Fraternity went to Open Houses and were awarded bids. The new system required that all interested in joining a Fraternity register and attend information sessions, as well as visiting each fraternity on campus. The more organized process not only brought more men into the system, but allowed all fraternities to accept their new members at one time. Midnight Madness was this semester's alternative fraternity

Locations of Campus Security Phones

bid acceptance celebration. It replaced previous events such as Her Run and "Dorm Storming" ♦Between Stubbs and ARC ♦Longwood Cabin which often resulted in injuries ♦Outside Hull Building ♦Hallway of Graham of participants or property ♦Outside Wynne ♦Entrance to French damage. Although the turn out ♦Comer of Hooper and Pine ♦Tabb Circle was high. Midnight Madness has ♦Freshman/Sophomore Lots already received criticism from ♦Outside Rotunda Market Longwood's faculty and on Vemon Street ♦Backside of the Cunninghams students. ♦Main Street Lot ♦Backside of Jarman Some students felt that ♦Outside Wygal ♦Cox Parking Lot traditional fraternity activities were taken away by the college in an effort to further the break up of the Greek system on SAFETY Cont. From P.l before parking your car. Once weekly meetings and you will be campus. Faculty members push the button, and wait for you have placed the call, return trained as well. If*you are still voiced concerns that the event was held at midnight during the a response. The button automati- to your vehicle and sit inside the unclear about campus safety school week, and felt that it cally rings x2091. Some phones car. Lock your doors and turn on don't hesitate to call the Escort! persuaded students to consume are close enough to the side of your parking lights. Do not turn Service or campus police for anthe road to reach the phone from your headlights all the way on, swers. Also, if you are interested alcohol. Different ideas to improve the your vehicle. A plan has been in- for it appears to be more suspi- in taking a Night Walk, the Esfunction have already been stituted to put blue lights above cious than plain parking lights. cort Service will tour you around discussed. The most likely to the phones in the near future. Walking escorts will see your campus, pointing out areas of occur are the changing of the Until then, look for yellow boxes lights and know you have re- caution as well as emergency phones. This is an excellent hall name from Midnight Madness to and poles for the emergency quested the escort. "Bidnight Madness," which phones. For freshmen and If you are interested in be- program, so please contact us il would make it possible to hold sophomores parking in the lots coming a student escort, you you're interested! Remember the event.Another change that behind Little Caesar's, there are may contact the Nightwalkers for a campus to be safe, the stu-j has also been considered was phones located in both cages office at x2870, or send a request dents must support the efforts changing the night from near the entrance. There is also to Box 2940. You must have a being made. If you're unhappy Thursday to Friday, allowing a phone in the sophomore lot 2.0 GPA to participate. We have DO something about it across from the Small Business more students to attend. Development Center on Main Street. As we all know, Longwood students like to nave a good time when we are not in class. If for some reason you become intoxicated and plan to walk alone, please reconsider. If you call an escort while you are intoxicated, we will walk you home and you will not be criminally charged in any way. As long as you are with an escort, the police will not press charges on you for intoxication, regardless of age. However, if any physical or verbal abuse is inflicted upon the Nightwalkers, appropriate charges will be pressed The next time you are at a party or enjoying beverages of the alcoholic sort, please call an escort and do not walk alone. If your friends are intoxicated, call an escort for them. If you call from a parking lot, do not wait outside your vehicle. Call from the security phone, or call from an on-campus phone

The Official Longwood College Ring

When: February 16-17 Time: 10am-4pm Where: in the Smoker

You must have 56 credits to purchase a ring!

J0& you nave a ^l^a/e^me wteAdaav

6uy a Rotunda Chssifted Act*. Classifiedf5?(/s are $3.00for a 2"6y/ "size 59</. 9fyou are interested, callus at' x2I20..UAe ^7inaJ oeao/ine for iAe ac/s is Ouesc/ay February 9in oy 9 J^DK.

President Cormier's Open Forum Lankford 1 Commonwealth Room Wednesday, February 17 6:15-8:15

R*GE6 %

CAMPUS and COMA Thursday Friday Saturday Sw 4th 5th 6th 7i Landsharks Drink Specials: Call 392-9881 for details

Special Olympics, Volunteers needed to help set up @ 6:00 p.m.

LP Film: Enemy of the State in the Lankford Ballroom @ 8:00 p.m.

Women's Basketball vs. Coker @ 5:30 p.m.

Wrestling team travels to Apprentice School in Newport News for their invitational 9:30 a.m.

Carpenter C Perform Virgini; Orfeo & $56 - $26 (< Call 225-90 infora


Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts: Virginia Opera Orfeo & Euridice $66 - $36 @ 8:00 p.m. Call 225-9000 for more information

The Janators, a band playing in Landsharks Men's Basketball vs. Coker @ 7:30 p.m.

Special Olympics, Volunteers needed to be a buddy to a Participant 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Comedy Club with TBA Artist in the Lankford Ballroom 8:00 p.m.

Solid Gold Fish Bowl A band playing in Percival's, Lynchburg 9:30 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Time to cat< lost sleep ft week of

> ftotmita


{UNITY CALENDAR iday Monday Tuesday th 8th 9th enter for the ingArts: i Opera Euridice $ 2:30 p.m. 00 for more ntion

T_ 1



rch today

Leadership Institute: Poster Display & Sale Poster Display & Sale The Importance ofEthics in the Lankford Ballroom in the Lankford Ballroom in Leadership @10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. @10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Prince Edward Room African American 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. History Dinner Interviewing Skills in Blackwell Workshop 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. In Lancaster Room 139 LPFilm: @ 4:00 p.m. Enemy of the State Hampden-Sydney 's in the Lankford Ballroom Call 395-2063 for more Guitar Club information @ 9:00 p.m. Meeting in Winston Hall @ 7:00 p.m. Art for Lunch: Aboriginal Art of LP Special Performance: Northern Australia Bluesworks by: Sandra Breil in the Lancer Cafe* in LCVA 8:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. Landsharks Special: $4.95 gets you 1 lb. of crab legs

:h up on the om the past studying

Learning to Love God Bible study meets in the Baptist Student Union @ 9:00 p.m.


Landsharks Special: $9.95 gets you 1 lb. of shrimp

ft* (HMfTve «*•*. •* TOU ■**** ww iromr **ow ABOUT IT.



T*tA II* AT: «OTU*DA«l.OHfiWOO©a.irCaFi>U

._r"\ $


FEATURES Organization Spotlight: ROTC Coffeehouse: Kim Buchanan LOREN HATCHER AmL Copy EAttr On the day I went lo observe the Longwood ROTC Leadership Lab class, I expected to see twenty guys marching around in cunoflauge, shouting orders, and carrying M16's, ready to go off at any minute. Instead, I was greeted by MS IV (fourth year) Thomas Dickens in the ROTC office in Hi ner. He served as my main resource for the interview and also added some personal insight about the program. ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) is an educational program which combines college electives in military science with practical leadership training to prepare men and women. When successfully completing the program and uopn graduating from either Longwood or Hampden-Sydney (HS-C students also participate in the program), cadets receive their commissions as Second Lietenants in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. The Lab I observed was practicing an ambush. MS IV and Longwood

senior Ben Tipton was playing the role of the enemy or opposing force. The XO's or "officers-incharge" were MS IV s Dan Melton (LWC, senior). Greg Foxx, and Stacey Franklin (HS-C, seniors). The MS TV's are m-charge of instructing and running the Lab classes. MS IVs are assigned rank and therefore do not wear bars as do the MS Is, Us, and m's. Squad leaden provide another leadership role in ROTC. Squad leaders are chosen by MS IV's and make sure their squads perform well. I was also pleased with the fact that there are two female participants in the ROTC program. Jenn Cope, an MS II and Sheryl Church and MS I were also at the Leadership Lab. "It's hard sometimes (being a girl in the program), because they have to change the standards for me and this separates me even more," said Jenn Cope about being one of two girls in ROTC. "What a lot of the students don't understand is that a major-

ity of these cadets win never see combat Most will receive jobs with intelligence or some sort of technology branch of the military," said Sergeant David Peterson. The purpose of the Lab is to prepare the cadets for Basic Camp. Camp consists of two and a half weeks in the feild where everything learned in lab is applied to much more realistic situations. "Lab is the training, camp is the testing," said Dickens (HS-C senior). The ROTC program is run out of the Military Science Department on first floor Hitter. Contact Captain Kevin Henderson or Sergeant Peterson in the ROTC office at x2134 to find out more information about scholarships or the program. MS IV Greg Foxx said the following about his ROTC experience, "ROTC enables college students to acquaint themselves with military training and to gain a fuller understanding of what the military entails."

Punxsutawney Phil Predicts the Future ALLYSON BLAKE News Editor Will there be six more weeks of winter or is spring around the corner? This is the burning question that only gets answered once a year on February 2nd. Groundhog's Day has been celebrated in America since 1887. Every year, spectators come to a place called Gobbler's Knob, which is located in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to wait for the groundhog to emerge from his burrow. When Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, comes out, the crowd patiently waits to see if he sees his shadow. If he sees his shadow, we will have six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't, spring is around the comer. At approximately 7:35am on February 2nd, Phil came out of his burrow and made his prediction. Get rid of those heavy coats, spring is around the corner!

Z\)t fcotunba -would like to give a IVKq thanks to gteve 3trattonI -^TTTHANKYOUr

We appreciate all of your help!

with Greg Tayl or PRESSRELEASE Kim Buchanan's music belongs to the new order of contemporary singer/songwriters thai defies easy stylistic classification. Her songs have the spirit that is usually associated with Kristen Hall and Paula Cole. Her voice ia powerful and pleasing, espousing lyrics that speak to the heart about social issues and human relationships. And, despite her extensive experience as a performer, she has a fresh voice, as a songwriter, and as a singer. Greg Taylor's approach to music is to be very selective about what is played, and then to play it with "heart". '1 believe that the song is the thing people want to hear and

that what I play or wm$ should be the sole purpose of pre -Wing the song in the best possible light." Having performed in bands from Miami, Los Angeles to Northern Californi a, and being a songwriter himself, Greg's energetic, passionate, and concise playing provide the perfect complement to Kim song's. Together, Kim and Greg have created a new duet based out of the Triangle area of North Carolina. P Their music is I original, yet familiar, painting landscapes that transport the listener to serene and secluded places. These seasoned musicians utilize unusual chords and broad dynamics to evoke sublime emotions and suggest ancient world sensibilities.

The Rotunda would like to congratulate the following new initiates to the Geist Chapter of Mortar Board: Carrie Armstrong Mary Barron Amy Bradley Kim Bradley Ruth Compo Heather Duffy Linda Eanes Heather Fritchley Amber Giles Dave Gingras Jennifer Graumann

Nikesha Houston Rhianna Mathias Mariellen Mory Bonnie Pancoast Loretta Parham Jessica Sanchez Tiffany Shelton Kristina Skelton Walter Webster Jr. Jonathan Wood Brian Zollinhofer


Cheap Eats at~

Pizza & Italian Restaurant


5. If ti i >rder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made of the stuff? 6. Last night I played a blank tape at full blast The mime next door went nuts. 7. If a cow laughed, would milk come out its nose? 8. Whatever happened to Preparations A through G? 9.1 went for a walk last night and my kids asked me how long I'd be gone. I said, "the whole time," 10. So what's the speed of dark? Columnist's Not*: If you hare any "Deep Thoughts" of your own, please e-mail them to kmrock@IongwoodJhrc.edo

Movie Review: Psycho SOLOMAN SINCLAIR Guest Writer Gus Van Sant, director of Psycho was given the task of making a modern rendition of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film of the same tide. Alfred Hitchcock was known for his ability to create masterful suspense films. Gus Van Sant knew that remaking a classical film like Psycho would be a daunting task in the shadow of its creator. This modern version of Psycho is set in late 1998, and is placed in several locations surrounding Los Angeles. Leading the cast is Vi nee Vaughn, who plays Norman Bates. Van Sant was able to grab a decent supporting cast that featured Anne Heche {Volcano; Six Days. Seven Nights) as Marion Crane, the first victim. William H. Macy plays a private investigator whom most people remember from the 1996 Academy Award winning Fargo. The plot of this film can be summed up in about a sentence, so here I go: man lolls woman, private investigator looks for woman and is consequently killed by the man, who is, if you haven't guessed it. a psycho who is eventually caught and diagnosed as such by the proper authorities. Van Sant's job was to create a Psycho that could stand on its own, free from the original version. He did that In comparison to the classic film, this movie falls drastically short. It seems that the movie tried to emulate the original too much. The suspenseful score that accompanies several of the scenes was equally as poor and at times resembled a squeaky hinge. Vince Vaughn delivered a lackluster performance in a role that required brilliance. He often reminded me of Dave Matthews in the video Don't Drink the Water, all of this would have been fine if Vaughn had been pursuing a portrait in the Rockln-Roll Hall of Fame. If it weren't for the supporting cast, specifically Anne Heche, I would have been utterly disappointed. Sorry Gus, this movie scores a woeful 2 seats out of 5.

KRISTEN INGRAM Editor-in-Chief Upon entering Pino's Pizza it is almost certain that the quaint atmosphere will be prominent. Imaginative posters of Italy grace the walls alongside two elegant mirrors that decorate the entire left wall. The tables were small and marble topped and each had a complete set of ice cream parlor chairs to complement them. After seating myself I was greeted by a very friendly waitress. She gave me the menu and took my drink order. Like I assumed, the menu was filled with all sorts of pastas and traditional Italian cuisine along with sub sandwiches and several seafood plates. I chose the Vegetarian Sub with mushrooms and onions for my main course. My sandwich was presented to me within ten minutes of the time I ordered and it was delicious. Due to the utterly impressive service my drink glass was never empty and I left very happy and very full! The entire evening was flawless so it is definite that I recommend Pino's Pizza as your next Farm ville eating experience.


CINDY NICHOLS Photo & Graphics Editor Everyone should be aware of the convenient Pino's of Farmville. I had a very pleasant experience dining there because of several factors. The atmosphere was very friendly with Italian posters and mirrors on the wall of the seat-yourself dining area. The restaurant had a very open feel to it because of the view of the stove for cooking pizzas and kitchen area. The service was quick, friendly, efficient and worthy of a fair tip. Most importantly the food was good I had very enjoyable cheese sticks for an appetizer and a cheese steak sub with lettuce and tomato for my meal. The waitress was also quick to give me a refill on my soda. Lots of people were coming in and out carrying take-out food. There were a variety of people including several families as well as college students and adults dining and having a good time. Because of its' location, it is within walking distance for everyone on campus, including me. It was a successful meal and I plan to dine there again!


Great Italian food. Cheap prices agreeable to poor college students. Family atmosphere. In walking distance for those of us with no cars at Longwood College. All of these are characteristics I would use to describe Pino's Pizza and Italian Restaurant. Located across from the infamous highrise towers at 404 South Main Street, this is a great place to get away from the usual campus food. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt at home and at ease with the employees as well as the other customers. The employees were friendly and eager to please; our waitress reminded me of a sweet aunt that dotes on her favorite nieces and nephews. The food was served in a reasonable amount of time. I had cheese sticks for a great appetizer followed by an out of this world sub accompanied by hot fries. After finishing my cheap yet fulfilling meal, I sat back and relaxed and conversed with my friends. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to others.

Smash or Trash" CD Reviews

EDEN MILLER WebMaster What does it mean when a musician decides that he really wants William Shatner to appear on his album? It means you're going to be hearing odd but absolutely compelling music from Ben Folds, lead singer of Ben Folds Five, on his strange project Fear of Pop: Volume I. Throw out any ideas you have about the man behind sweedy sad ballads like Brick and biting tirades like Underground-lbey'tc not here. This isn't a Ben Folds Five album, and doesn't claim to be. Instead, this collection of weirdness bears more relation to playful electronical acts like Propellerheads, noise pioneers like Beck, and perhaps to the sonic experimentations of Nine

Inch Nails. Mixing spoken word, sound effects, and instrumental music, Ben Folds has created an eclectic album that is funny and selfconscious. Despite the fact he executes this musk with a fullforce confidence, it's apparent that Ben Folds isn't taking himself too seriously in creating tracks like the goofy car-chase soundtrack Kops to the catchy, garage-band posturing of / Paid My Money. On one of Fear of Pop's standout tracks. In Love, William Shatner plays "the unrequited lover," ranting about his rejection by a girlfriend while Ben Folds sings sweetly in the background. The whole effect is hilarious. Unfortunately, there are a couple of not-so-impressive tracks thrown into the bunch. Rufttr

Sled which starts out promising, soon becomes tiresome, and goes on too long. And Root To This, which sounds like a lot of standard drum-and-bass tracks, is kind of fun, but feels slightly out of place with the rest of the album. However, both are listenable and neither ruins the album. Ultimately, Fear of Pop: Volume I is quite the album: distinctively humorous, playfully pretentious and incredibly cool. It's great music to live by, even if most of your friends will probably question what it all means. It's okay. I don't really understand most of Fear of Pop, myself, but I know I like it And like I said, it has William Shatner on it That's worth the $12.99 alone.


SPORTS Lady Lancers Prevail Over Lady Knights to Up Record to 13-8 JAMIE TURNER Chief Copy Editor On Saturday night the Lady Lancers took on St. Andrews (NC) and added another victory to their winning streak. This triumph made the fifth consecutive game in their season. Longwood came out strong in the first half with St. Andrews following close behind. The Lancers led 32-20 at halftime and never looked back en-route to victory. The Lady Lancers had the homecourt advantage and a height advantage over St. Andrews. Longwood was led by junior Terri Williams/Liberty-Bealton HS with 18 points and nine rebounds, while sophomore Demietre Price/William Campbell HS added 14 points and a game- and career-high 18 rebounds as LC took a commanding 55-36 edge on the boards. Junior Jill Younce/Glenelg (MD) HS contributed 11 points and a game-high seven assists to the effort. Earlier in the week Longwood hosted in-state rival Virginia Union (11-8). The Lancers trailed 25-24 at

halftime before rallying in the second half to force the game into overtime. The game was tied SS-SS at the end of regulation and the Lady Lancers were determined not to give up. LC outscored VU 15-12 in the OT as sophomore Demietre Price/ William Campbell HS scored nine of her career-high 24 points during the final five minutes. Longwood was led by the career-night effort of Price who finished with 24 points and game-highs of 16 rebounds and four blocked shots-all careerhighs for the second-year post player. Junior Jill Younce/ Glenelg (MD) HS led the Lancers with a game-high 27 points, including a game-and careerhigh six 3-point field goals, while senior Mary Barron/Paul VI HS grabbed 14 rebounds for LC who outrebounded the Panthers 65-S3. Freshman Jill Maholtz/LakeBraddock HS contributed a game- and career-high 10 assists to the Lancer victory. Longwood will host Coker (SC) (7-3 CVAC) (8-8 overall) tonight, tip off time is 5:30 p.m.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK SPONSORED BY LONGWOOD/LKJMINO'S PIZZA Dec. 16- Dec. 22 Dec. 30- Jan. 5 Jan. 6- Jan. 12 Jan. 13-Jan. 19 Jan. 20-Jan. 26

Jay Louden Zech Boyd Tern Williams Jeff Kepler Mary Barron Jay Louden JillYounce Jon Hughes

Men's basketball Men's basketball Women's basketball Wrestling Women's basketball Men's basketball Women's basketball Men's basketball

Men Struggle in CVA JAM I: Chk< u two mim On Saturday night in Lancer Jail Longwood hosted St. Andrews (NC sail, 9! CVAC). Longwood stai


Andrew The Lanc(trailed 39-33 at halftime and not jet any closer in the

t did not stop freshmanÂŤ ssacs/Robinson HS from grabbing a career-high nine rebounds LC dominated the taller Snights on the boards 43-39. Longwood was led by Jon jiughes/Bloomindale (FL) HS with game-highs sand hile sophomore Jay Louden/Bruton HS had 12pcrints, and junior Anthony

Younce and Hughes Repeat as Basketball 'Players of the Week' BECKY TAYLOR Sports Editor Longwood College basketball standouts Jill Younce/West Friendship, Md.-Glenelg HS and Jon Hughes/Valrico, FLBloomingdale HS have been selected as the Longwood/ Domino's 'Players of the Week' for the period January 20-26. This is the second time this season that each has been recognized. The Lancer bonorees are chosen by the College's office of sports information each week. Younce, a 5-10 junior forward, posted 53 points (17.7), 19 rebounds (6.3), six assists, and six steals during three CarolinasVirginia Athletic Conference (CVAC) victories last week. She scored 23 points during an 8369 triumph at Erskine (SC) January 23, and had 21 points during a 95-82 win at Lees-McRae (NC.) January 26. For the past 16 games, Younce has averaged 16.3 ppg. and 5.6 rpg., including 45 three-

point field goals. She leads the team with five 20-plus point games this season. Younce has season-highs of 29 points, 11 rebounds (twice), nine assists, and eight steals She is ranked sixth in CVAC steals this week, and is

seventh in free throw percentage, and eighth in scoring. Jill is the daughter of George and Judy Younce of West Friendship, MD and is majoring in sociology with a concentration in criminal justice. Hughes, a 6-7 junior center, posted 65 points (21.7), 24 re-

bounds (8.0), and two blocks during three CVAC games last week. He scored a career-high 32 points during a 93-78 loss at Lees-McRae (NC) Jan. 26, and had 22 points during a 7570 loss to conference leader Pfeiffer (NC) Jan. 21. Longwood is currently 6-12 overall, 4-6 in the CVAC, scheduled to host conference opponent St. Andrews (NC) January 30 at 8 p.m.. Through 16 games, Hughes is averaging 13.9 ppg. and 6.9 rpg., shooting 54% from the field and 80% at the line. He leads the team with four 20plus point games this season. Hughes has season-highs of 32 points, 13 rebounds, and five blocks. He is ranked fourth in CVAC field goal percentage this week, and is seventh in rebounding, and ninth in blocks. Jon is the son of Barbara Hughes of Valrico, FL and is majoring in marketing with a minor in computer science.


Lacrosse Team Looking for Strength From Upperclassmenas well as Freshmen DANIELLE RECAME Staff Writer Fast runners, quick stick vork, intelligence, and moti vaion are all words to descibe this 'ear's Lancers lacrosse team, rbe 1998 lax team finished 9th ntheCVAC. Not only did the â&#x20AC;˘dies rush the ieason vith a >ang, but his year's earn vishes ind hopes or higher esults. "Ibeleve we vill be in the top 5 this year," aid Coach Grubbs. Ombbs is n her 5th consecutive year of :oaching the lacrosse team here itLWC. With having many reurning players and four very trong freshman, the Lancers lope to sweep their way to the op. "Prom the help of the freshnen, our skill level has increased Irasticaliy," replied Grubbs.

"The mental game of this year's team has proven to give us a huge advamge over other CVAC opponents With senior veterans and tricaptains Melissa Miranda; Laurie Hogan; and Dawn] Ouboski, the team looks foi strong leadership to help out the inexperi e n c e4 freshman Miranda, playing defense, has one of the best shots on the team Hogan has! the ability to score for all angles, and Duboski takes control of most center draws. They hope these factors will give them an edge over their rivals. All and all, "This is the bestj team ever," remarked Grubbs. Practices, though being long and difficult they will pay off for this year's team. Their first home game is Friday, March 5. The center draw will be taken at 4:00 p.m. at First Avenue field.

Wrestling Squad Cancels Their Own Lancer Invitational PRESS RELEASE Longwood placed fourth among eight teams at the annual Washington and Lee Invitational January 23 in Lexington, VA Coach Brent Newell's squad totaled 62 points to finish behind Washington & Jefferson (PA) (78.5), Davidson (NC) (78), and Scranton (PA) (63). The Lancers remain 7-6 in dual-match competition, and are scheduled to wrestle again Tuesday, January 26, at North Carolina-Pembroke at 6 p.m.. At Washington & Lee, LC was led by the runner-up finishes of junior Kris Lucas/Walden NY-Valley Central HS at heavyweight (2-1), sophomores Kama] Chantal/Floyd, VA-Floyd County HS at 174 (2-1) and Jon Tanaka/Yorktown, VA-Tabb HS at 125 (1-1), along with freshman Darryl Graham/Gloucester,

VA-Gloucester HS at 141 (2-1). Others wrestling and winning matches were junior Beau Dickerson/Gloucester, VAGloucester HS (165, 3rd, 3-1), sophomore Doug Norris/Chesapeake, VA-Deep Creek HS (197, 3rd, 1-1), along with freshmen Jaymes Shackelford/Virginia

Beach, VA-Kempsville HS (184, 4th, 2-2) and Jeff Kepler/ Haymarket, VAStonewall Jackson HS (149,1-2). Through two tournaments and 13 dualmatches, Dickerson (13-8) and Graham (13-8) lead Longwood in victories, followed by Kepler (117), and Lucas (10-9). Norris is 7-3 since beginning to compete this semester for the Lancers. Following the Pembroke match, Longwood will host the Lancer Invitational Sunday, January 31, in Lancer Hall beginning at 9:30 a.m.. The Lancers will be hosting Anderson (SC), The Apprentice School (Newport News), and North Carolina-Pembroke. The scheduled Lancer Invitational for this Sunday, January 31, in Lancer Hall has been canceled.

SHIRLEY DUNCAN...LEADING WOMEN TO THEIR 13-8 OVERALL RECORD victory came in January of 1996 with a 75-63 victory over Pfeiffer (NC), and her 200th win Shirley Duncan is in her 16th at Longwood came during Febyear at Longwood College as ruary '97 with a 52-50 triumph head coach of the women's bas- past Coker (SC). She was named ketball program. She has guided the 1996-97 Women's the Lancers to a combined record Basketball Coaches Asof 85-31 over the past four sea- sociation (WBCA) Dissons, earning three consecutive trict III 'Coach of the NCAA Division II Tournament Year', and the 1995-96 appearances from 1994-97, and CVAC Coach of the Year' foltwo-straight Carolinas-Virginia lowing a 22-7 campaign, includAthletic Conference (CVAC) ing a perfect 18-0 record during regular season tides from 1995- the inaugural season of CVAC 97. Longwood was 17-11 over- competition. Duncan also served all a year ago, including 14-4 in as the District III representative the CVAC. The Lancers have for the 1995-96 WBCA "Coach won 50 of 56 conference games of the Year' committee. Addisince formation of the league. tionally, she was named rbe 1995 Duncan is also the Senior Virginia Division D-UI Women's Basketball State 'Coach of the Woman Administrator at LC. Duncan's career coaching Year' in voting by the Virginia BECKY TAYLOR Sports Editor

Sports Information Directors (VASID) after the Lancers posted a 21-8 mark during 199495. Duncan is now 218-187 through 15 seasons at

of the Year' by VASID after the Duncan coached at West Spring1983-84 season as well. field (VA) High School where In 1990 she was named the her teams won four district and College's 'Female Coach of the two regional titles from 1972-75. Year'. This past summer, A 1956 graduate of the UniDuncan hosted the successful versity of Kentucky, Duncan reLady Lancer Basketball ceived her master's degree in Day Camp for the 13th Physical Education from Indiana year. In years past, University in 1961. She has Duncan has traveled to chaired a national basketball ofNew Jersey to conduct ficiating committee on principles clinics for the Jersey Police Ath- and techniques, served as rules letic League coaches. She has interpreter for three national also served as Chair of the Divi- women's basketball championsion II WBCA-Kodak 'All- ship tournaments and was the America' committee. first president of the Virginia A native of Lexington, KY, Association for Coaches of she was head coach at Eastern Women's Sports. Kentucky University from 1975 Duncan is an instructor in the to'79 and has led teams to a state HPERD department. championship and runner-up spot in AI AW Region n. Prior to coaching at the collegiate level,

DUNCAN TO LEAD WOMEN TO CVAC TITLE Longwood, while her overall coaching record is 259-246 through 19 seasons. She was selected an 'All-America' coach in 1985 and 1986 by the American Women's Sports Federation. Her "Winning Oui Of-Bounds Play" was published in the FebruaryMay, 1993 issue of Coaching In addition, she was selected as Virginia's Division II-UJ 'Coach



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