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l^e 3Xotunba Longwood College -- Farmville, Virginia

Volume 76, Number 9

November 20,1996

"Project Tina" Benefit/Talent Show Tonight in Jarman Auditorium Tonight, Lancer Productions and Longwood's Small Group Communication class are sponsoring a talent show/benefit in honor of Tina Harris' husband, Howard, who recently passed from cancer. The benefit will be held at 7 PM tonight in Jarman Auditorium.

There will be prizes given to the top three acts and door prizes awarded throughout the evening. Admission will be $2 and any additional donations will be greatly appreciated. Checks should be made out to Tina Harris Benefit Fund. All proceeds will go directly to the Harris family. At press time, performers

include musician Korey Hubbard, the Longwood Camerata Singers Men, a violin and flute duet by Raissa Czemerynski and Lisa Dimino, musicians Knight and Bhula, singers Savannah Hodge and Krissy Anderson, Cadence, Zeta Phi Beta will be performing a step show, a poetry reading by Jammie Jackson and Respect,

Prosper, Love, and a Comedy act with Graham Hackett. Door prizes include dinners from local restaurants, a Longwood sweatshirt, a Longwood hat, gift certificates, a Hampden-Sydney T-Shirt, plants and corsages from a local florist, a one night stay at a local hotel and various gift certificates from

local merchants. The talent show is open to the public and if you cannot attend the show, feel free to send checks to: Tina Harris Benefit Fund CIO Bill Fiege Speech and Theatre Longwood College Farmville, Virginia 23909

Longwood Places Two on All- Ambassador Coon Gives American Field Hockey Squad Insight into Another Country through Lecture by George C. Lanum, 111, Layout Editor

longwood field hockey players senior Teresa Birr (left) and junior Lori Clark (right) have been named to the United States Field Hockey Coaches' Association All-America team. Birr moved up this season to first-team Ail-American, while Clark again was named to the second team. Both players were named to the second team a year ago. Birr, who vas also selected to play in the NCAA Division 11 Senior All-Star Game in Boston, scored three goals on 51 shots luring the season. She also dished out one assist and had one defensive save Clark scored two goals on 25 shots with three assists. Both players, however, helped lead the Lancer defense, which only gave up 19 goals and 338 shots all >eason. The Lancer field hockey squad, coached by Janet Grubbs, finished 13-5 and narrowly missed qualifying for wstseason play.

Ambassador Jane Coon, gave a lecture entitled "If Virginia had 95 Million People" in the New Education Building Wednesday, November 13. The lecture dealt with the overpopulation of Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh is in a delta and the land is extremely fertile, it can not support the number of people that presently live there. Ambassador Coon stated that the average size of a farm is only two acres. Jane Coon, the former ambassador to Bangladesh and the first female ambassador to a Muslim country, began the lecture with a little geography lesson. Bangladesh is northeast of India. She stated that Bangladesh population wise is twice the sizeof GreatBritam orFrance,but

land wise it is smaller than both. It is the most densely population country in the world. "If it [Virginia] were as densely populated, there would be 95 million people living in Virginia." In addition, Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. 1/3 to 1/2 of the population goes to bed hungry and as for literacy, fewer than 1/2 can read or write. Ambassador Coon went on to discuss the growing population in the world. In 1900 the world had only 2 billion people. Currently in 1996, the world has over 5.5 billion people. In the year 2000, the world is expected to be home to anywhere from 8 to 12 billion people. She said we all share this world and whatever and where ever it happens, it effects us. During the rest of the lecture, AmbassadorCoon discussed ways to combat overpopulation and rising birth rates. 'The higher the standard See COON, page 3

See Inside... Beyond the Iron Gates 3 - A look at World News

fazz Ensemble Concert 3 - The editor gives his views on their annual fall concert.

i . -


Women's Basketball


- Lady Lancers Win Invitational with two routs

Player of the Week


- Leading the Longwood Lady Lancers to the C&L Invitational Tournament title, Cessy Sullivan is named] Player of the Week

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November 20,1996

The Rotunda

Commentary Editorial Policy The Rotunda Volume 76, Number 8 Longwood College Box 2901 Farmville, Virginia 23909

Founding Editor Helen Skillman 1920 Editorial Board

Editor-ln-Chiefl Sports Editor Michael P.H. Young Assistant Editor Deitra Nance Chief Copy Editnr Layout Editor George Lanum Business Manager Suzanne Bolding General Manager Beth Crispens Ad Manager Jeremy Glesner

Advisor Jeffrey Dingeldein

Stiff Writer* Melanie Barker Jeromy French Jon Frost Jennifer Hipps Brenda Huffstutler Karen MacKay Sylvia Odell Staff Photographer Heather Whitacre

All stories must be submittedby noon Friday in order for them to run in Wednesday's paper. The Rotunda will not accept any late stories. Also, if anyone wished to have a story covered, please contact the office and allow a week for most assignments to be given to a writer. In case of extenuating circumstances, accommodations may be made. The office number is 395-2120. Letters to the Editor are to be mailed to Box 2901. They must be typed and received by noon Friday in order to be published in Wednesday's edition. All letters are subject to editing, and signatures are required. Any person wishing to have his/her name not appear on the letter, may request in writing to withhold name at press. Letters may be printed at any time. The Rotunda does not discriminate based on religion, sex, ethnic background, or handicap. All inquiries should be directed to Michael P.H. Young, Editor-in-Chief.

Longwood College Calendar of Events November 20

November 21 November 22

November 23 November 24 November 26 December 2

Benefit Talent Show for Tina Harris Women's Basketball vs Virginia Union How to Be Environmentally Aware Thanksgiving Dinner Evening with Friends Concert: Reality Check Women's Basketball vs St. Paul's

Jarman Lancer Gym Lancer Cafe Blackwell Comm. Ballroom Comm. Ballroom Lancer Gym


Karaoke Contest Night Men's Basketball- Longwood Invitational Men's Basketball Longwood Invitational Thanksgiving Break begins after classes Women's Basketball Students return

Lancer Cafe Lancer Gym Lancer Gym

9PM 6:30PM 3&5PM

Lancer Gym



Speaking Out: Longwood Students Voice Their Opinions on Campus Issues by Jennifer Hipps, staff writer

the hand?oflehlCdenfr'"" "*"" """ * * * "" "** * * ' ™ ^^ M° ** "■"*to •" studcn< Stories into 10. "They were too busy handing out parking tickets to get around to it." - Jennifer Edxoards, junior 9. "Awarding 'drunk in publics' took first priority this semester." - Dennis Drinkwater, junior 8. "It took longer than expected this semester to alphabetize everybody's name." - William Hancock, junior 7. "Those assigned to the task were too caught up in business administration courses." -Caleb Dobbs, freshman 6. "They had to ensure the §2000 operators employment." -Richard Sklat, sophomore 5. "CHI ran out of ashes for commendation so they burned the original copies before they could be distributed " -Greg Battaglia, senior 4. "All the directories had to be done by hand since no one could figure out where all the computer labs had moved to " -Doug Jensen, senior 3. "In all the construction, who the hell could find the-door to duplicating?" -Jennifer Jackson, senior

-Greg Battaglia, senior I. And, of course... "My dog ate 'em!' -John Halterman, senior Jennifer Jackson also suggested some other possibilities: "Funds allocated to the production of the directories were spent on Roy Clark vravram* *-- production was purposely postponed until the majority of those who were to drop out £ZSES*L '"?!?*' "" *m*or* twu uul r 'err 01 on effort to save paper."

November 20, 1996

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The Rotunda

Beyond the Iron Gates

from front page

A Look at World News The U.S. cancer death rate is going down for the first time since cancer statistics began to be kept in the 1930's. Cancer deaths fell 2.6% from 1991 to 1995, reversing a 6.4% rise from 1971 to 1990, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) reported last week. Experts attribute the decline to reduced smoking and improved prevention and treatment. Lung cancer rates fromUSA Today , peaked in the early 1990's, about 20 years after smoking among St. Petersburg, Ha. - Small adults first dropped. iQres burned early last Thursday from USA Today after a night of looting, rock throwing, and shooting by Harrisville, Mich. - Two Voters angry that a white police sfficer was cleared in the fatal 13-year-olds charged with shooting ofan 18-year-old black placing a bomb under a teacher's ban. Mobs roamed the streets car will be allowed to stay at si south St. Petersburg last home while they await trial but Wednesday evening, the same must wear electronic monitoring krea where violence erupted bracelets, a judge ruled last ifterthcOct.24shooting. They Wednesday. The boys were gnited 84 fires, attacked , arrested Nov. 5 after a'witness tassersby with bottles and I reported hearing them lading lunks of concrete, and shot-at about setting '.'the device, which I police helicopter, wounding was found on Oct. 31, e copilot. Another officer was' prosecutors say. The bomb, bhot in the calf and at least seven which was strong enough to blow up the car's gasoline tanÂŁ, ather people were injured. was not rigged to go off. from USA Today Prosecutors think whoever set

Moscow- Mars '96 is set tor launch atop a Proton rocket it the Baikonur Cosmodrome in [Kazakstan. The Russian spacecraft consists of an orbiter ind four robot landers. Two of the landers are designed to penetrate the surface of the red planet up to six yards deep. The United States plans 10 Mars fissions over the next decade.

Ambassador Coon Lecture

it was interrupted or intended only to scare the teacher without setting it off.

of living, the lower the birth rate," she said. Rapidly increasing living standards tend to limit the population. She said that "Bangladesh is running in place. The people are eating up the

For the recentattempt at family planning, various delivery systems are being employed Ambassador Coon stated that the biggest problem is how to get women to get out of the

from USA Today Lancaster, Pa. Comedian Al Romero learned a new definition of the phrase "punch line." Comedy club heckler Judy K. Strough, 34, went up on stage and slugged him. Romero was not seriously hurt. Strough was arrested.on charges of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. The offending exchange: Romero: "Your husband needs to tell you to shut up." Strough: Arkansas."

"I'm from

Romero: "Then your husband-brother needs to tell you to shut up." fromUSAToday

Compiled by Jon Frost, staff writer for The Rotunda


Jazz Ensemble Performs Fall Concert by Michael P.H. Young, Editor-inChief The Longwood College Jazz Ensemble performed their annual fall concert Tuesday, November 19 in Jarman Auditorium. The ensemble, directed by Dr. Charles Kinzer, played with a guest trumpeter, Dave Detwiler. I would have to say that Detwiler stole the show somewhat with his absolutely masterful playing on "Over the Rainbow." His trumpet reached notes that I did not think were attainable by someone. I was literally expecting smoke to be coming off the trumpet after he was finished. He was a marvelous addition to the group. His comedy, on the other hand, well

Numerous solos by the performers added to the show quite nicely and really showed off what the performers could do. Bravo to all who had solos! Also, the Longwood Jazz Sextet played three selections in the middle of the show, which showcased more individual performers for the audience. My favorite pieces would have to be "" Round Midnight," in which trumpeter Greg McCarney played his solo beautifully and the last selection of the night, "One O'Clock Jump." Overall, I found the concert quite enjoyable and fun to hear. The ensemble touched on a numerous amount of genres and played all of them equally well. Kudos to Dr. Kinzer and the entire ensemble. Sadly, however, three of the musicians "retired" from the

ensemble and were presented with their "gold watches" as retirement gifts. The ensemble will greatly miss guitarist Michael Peterman, percussionist Arthur Lee Wiggins, HI, and trombonist Phillip Patrick, who all played integral roles in the ensemble. How to rate this?? Well, again, I will have to borrow a page out of Sly's book and rate them as she would rate them.

Entertainment value- 5 sets of hands (Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap...) Solo performances: 5 recording contracts Group Cohesiveness: 5 bottles of Elmer's Glue Music: 5 walkmans (would make a good tape) Overall: 5 standing ovations (Take a bow, you deserve it)

From left to right: Dr. William Dorritt, former President of Longwood College, Dr. Patricia Cormier, President of Longwood College, Ambassador Jane Coon, and Linda Lou. economic gain. In Bangladesh it is extremely hard to institute family planned because they are Muslims and they are against family planning. In addition, they want sons to work in die fields. However, the mortality rate is 1/lOand there are few schools. In 1971, the government attempted to institute family planning; however, they were not successful. With this effort, the word got out that there was a way to limit the number of children. This culture is, for the most part, primitive and this was truly the first time that many of them had heard of such a thing. The early system of family planning was destined to fail because many of the natives have no access to stores. Government clinics were not in the rural areas. The shift has again gone back to family planning. It is a high priority.

homes. A successful method which is currently being used is training women to visit other women in their homes. The family planning seems to working in Bangladesh. Child mortality is lower and women's education is higher. Ambassador Coon called this "a reproductive and family planning revolution." 45% of the population currently use contraception and the average family size is down from six and seven to an average four children. Ambassador Coon staled that women want to be able to limit the size of family. They want to be able to space their families. They want family planning and healthy children. They want education for both themselves and their children. Coon stated, "Effective family planning costs less than the unchecked toll on the planet"

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November 20,1996

The Rotunda

Locals Commemorate Ninth Annual World Aids Day he ninth annual observance of World AIDS Day will be commemorated December I, 1996. Locally, events will be held throught World AIDS week, November 18-24. There will be a table set up during lunch and dinner with free condoms and rihbons. PHASE (Piedmont HIV/AIDS Services and Education) will also be selling t-shirts for $10. There will be a movie shown November 25th in Lankford. UNAIDS designated the theme for World AIDS Day 1996 as "One World. One Hope." The aim of the theme is to emphasize the reality that we are one world, for HIV/ AIDS knows no borders and affects us all. It also urges the world to focus on the hope of individuals, families,


communites, and governments in educating one another, caring for those infected, developing a strong support system, and ultimately finding the means to cure HIV/AIDS. According to Peter Piot, executive director of

UNAIDS, "People around the world hope

Fact: As of July 1996, an estimated 21.8 million men, women and children were infected with the HIV virus worldwide.

for a cure, for a

vaccine, for an end to denial. While we are still some way from achieving these goals, there are grounds for optimism."

One hundred ninety countries around the world have designated this day to

Unity Alliance Holds First Meeting by George C. Lanum, Layout Editor Unity Alliance held its first meeting Wednesday. November 13 in the Cunningham fourth floor coffee house. The purpose of unity alliance is to make gay and lesbian issues more aware and to make the campus safe for everyone. The primary function of unity alliance is to education people.

Unity is based on three parts: unity which is for gays and bisexuals, unity alliance which plans campus events and programming, and unity for equality which relates to issues that involve discrimination and works with the discrimination clause. Unity alliance meets every two weeks and at the next meeting, they plan to elect officers. Unity alliance will be meeting Wednesday, November 20.

If this sounds like you, don't ignore It. Because your doctor can help.


It the symptoms on this list sound familiar, tell a doctot Because if you have several of these symptoms for two weeks or more, you coukl have clinical depression, hs a medical illness that can he effectively trv.-ited in four out of five people who seek help. Fbr a free booklet about clinical depression, call us at 1-800 22H 1114. National Mental Health Association.. 22*1114




draw public attention to the AIDS pandemic. In the U.S., activites for World AIDS Day across the country are coorinated by the American Association for World Health (AAWH), in conjunction with




the Joint United Nations Programm on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS). World AIDS Day will link communites throughout the United States in a unified observance of dimming lights from 7:45 PM-8:00 PM as a visual demonstration of the commitment to the fight against the AIDS pandemic and in tribute to those living with HIV/AIDS and those who have died from AIDS. Here at Longwood we will be commemorating during World AIDS week, and on December 2, 1996 at 7:00 PM there will be a service at the Farmville Baptist Church. All communities are affected by the continuing spread of AIDS. UNAIDS estimated that, as of July 1996, 21.8 million men, women, and children worldwide are currently living with over five

new infections occuring every minute. In the United States, as of December 31, 1995, 513,486 people had been reported with AIDS to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Of these over 62% had already died. As of June 1996, 107 people have tested HIV positive in the Piedmont Health District (Amelia, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, and Prince Edward counties). For more information on PHASE (Piedmont HIV/AIDS Services and Education) activities or if you are interested in joining a PHASE group please call 395-1509, for information on HIV/AIDS please visit the Wellnes center, first floor Lancaster.


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November 20,19%


The Rotunda

SGA Meets to Discuss Various Campus Issues by Melanie Barker, staff writer

The November 12 meeting of the SGA focused on issues pertaining to the newly elected officers^ a proposed technology fee for undergraduates, and a presentation by Long wood's Theater Department The SGA's recent elections resulted in the following: President, Penn Bain; VicePresident, Jeremy Glesner; Treasurer, Kim Welch; Secretary, Katy Edelblut; and Publicity Chair, Jocelyn Weidner. Elected senators included Joanna Nin£ ^ynnASdn^oil, jreLedKWjatSJ bna Ning, Eve Foltz were

would go toward more computer labs, 24 hour computer labs, and multimedia labs, will be added to students' bills in the fall of 1997. Students from the Theater Department presented slides from their trip toEastern Europe, where they tpured and performed The Taming of the Shrew. Their performances helped raise money for the Romanian Children's Theater Company, which was started by Associate Professor of theater, Pam Arking and Longwood students. The theater sh^ts thanked the SGAfortheir financial, ^support with a presentation of slides and recollection of their.acperien< A program open to all sttjdpfij detailing the;trip will be hej ! Wyp3

"Betsy Q." Gives Children's Literature Students Musical Alternative in Teaching by Suzanne Holding, staff writer

What do children, songs, and Longwood all have in common? The answer to the question is Betsy Q. Forbes, a composer/musician

for educational children's songs. Forbes, better known as Betsy Q. came to Longwood Thursday, November 7 to perform for local nursery school children as well as demonstrate to Longwood students a musical alternative to the teaching and learning process. Forbes writes and produces all of her own music. Accompanied by her voice are computerized drums and electric keyboards which acquires an upbeat sound that both children and their parents can enjoy.

All of Forbes lyrics contain messages of personal well-being and social betterment. "A lot of these songs come from things 1 really love" said Forbes. Some topics she hits on include singing about not talking to strangers, calling 911, saying no to drugs, keeping (he environment clean, and reading a good book. Forbes has been writing songs since she was 12, and wrote her high school's alma mater, which the school still uses today. "I have always loved children and I always made up songs for my own. children, I just never wrote them down," said Forbes to the audience of Mrs. Tinnell's Children's Literature classes after the children had left. Forbes daughter is a graduate of Longwood and is now a teacher in Chesterfield county, so she likes to test out her songs on her daughter's students. "My daughter always asks me for song ideas for her classroom so she usually gives me an inspiration." As a former member of the entertainment business, Forbes knows how music can have a positive effect on people. She once belonged to a two woman band called "The Rare," and travelled all the time to do concerts, but got burned out. "I miss the rook music," she said, "but music is such a valuable tool to use with children, it [her talent] doesn't go to waste."



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November 20,1996

The Rotunda

Sly's Picks: Your Guide to What Is Hot on the Video Scene by Sylvia Odell, staff writer Hello my tasty morsels, I'm in the mood for blood. That is your blood. Anyhow, well you guessed it, the theme for this week is Vampires. I love those kinds of movies cause it's like something that many people think about but don't talk about. How many of you wish you had powers of the unknown? To be immortal seems pretty cool, except for the fact that my children would die before me. But do you ever just stop and think what it would be like? Well, now is your chance. Think away.

Thriller/Suspense "Inttrvitw With The Vampirt" 1994 This movie, based on an Anne Rice book, was totally extreme. Tom Cruise was divine. He played the older of the Vampire trio (formed by Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Kirstcn Dunst) and basically ran the show.

His acting in this movie was wonderful. Brad Pitt added his genius after Tom bit him and gave him a choice of immortality or death. Kirstcn really had no choice and she was to be an eternal child until the end of the world, or until someone killed her; like a vampire slayer. Other actors (gorgeous ones at that) are Antonio Banderas and Christian Slater. These two are only minor parts but they are very important to the entire film. Christian is a reporter who interviews Brad Pitt and is revealed the entire story from the beginning of his own death from the real world. The story does stajt off in 1994 with Slater and Pitt. Banderas plays the role of the leader of a large quantity of vampires in France and is an admirer of Brad Pitt. This movie was rated R for many reasons and is 122-minutes long. This is definitely one movie to watch.

Light-Bulb Rating: 4.5 Light Bulbs Thriller/Suspense "The Lost

98-minutes long. If you miss your "years of zitfullness" this is a must see.


Light-Bulb Rating: 2.5 Light Bulbs

This junior high flick is okay, but like I said "junior high". Remember Corey Haim and Corey Feldman? Well, they are both in this one, ooh surprise! This movie is about a gang, a vampire gang. Teenagers who were stripped of their innocence and turned into blood thirsty pirates. Jason Patric merely got involved due to the lovely Jami Gertz who wanted to leave the horrible darkness behind her. Kiefer Sutherland is the leader of this abnormal punk gang, and is intent on finishing the job on Jason Patric. Jason, Corey H., and Jami are intent on destroying the vampires, so with the help of some teenagers, led by Corey F., they are able to take a better shot at the others. This movie is rated R and is

Drama/Romance: "Bram Stoker's Dracula" 1992 For those of you who are wondering why I would classify this as a Drama/Romance: the movie is about eternal love, hence a Romance. Gary Oldman, encore, encore!!!! He is just wonderful in this film. He plays Dracula and shows the many faces of the mythical Count. Dracula is the one with the eternal love for Winona Ryder who is his past love reincarnated. Keanu Reeves is her lover who is sent to Count Dracula for insurance policies and is held hostage by Dracula. Meanwhile back at the home front Winona's best friend is turned into a Vampress by one of the many forms of Dracula, a

werewolf. Anthony Hopkins is the doctor who must hunt down this evil and destroy him before he can kill again or more. There is a lot of imagery in this film. Some may be offensive while some very true to our own human nature. The movie is a movie to watch with someone else, simply because of the graphic scenes and images. The movie is rated R and is 130-minutes. long. Snuggle Rating: 4 Hugs and Kisses Remember last week when I started that Trivia thing well here it is again: (1) What movie has Tom Cruise doing a barrel roll in a jet? (2) Who is Kiefer's famous dad? (3) What love story did Gary Oldman not hear in? Ansivers: (1) "Top Gun"; (2) Donald Sutherland; (3) "Immortal Beloved"

Lizard Enjoys Successful Run in Jarman by Georgt C. Lanum, Layout Editor The Longwood Players presented "Lizard," a play about a disfigured boy's struggle, from Wednesday, November 6 through Saturday, November 9. This play figured Robbie Winston as Lizard. Callahan, played by Craig Robillard, and Sallie, played by Sharon Cooper, employ Lizard while performing "Treasure Island" at

a school for retarded boys. Callahan and Sallie decide to take Lizard on the road with them and make him an actor. This play deals with Lizard as he tries to gain acceptance while dealing with his new found friends, whose relationship is on the rock do to Callahan's drinking. During the course of their journey. Lizard encounters Sammy, played by .1 alee] Mil I lard, and Rain, played by Cawannakie Hunt, who are poor children living in an


S Financial Aiti $ TIB



AM s-<—m

On M r*t*t4ittt t ^U« mm i


AM m

wilmdyeiiiNi OTTOS* LOTS OF CASH w*A*rici'i#l Sprain* Napy!Sil«fyl5lripi*tnvtltNl Omm, MM, MMUM, MM «Flondi CAMPUS MANAGER NOTIONS ALSO AVAlAMlCdNwITAMAIMAK STUDENT HAVE (WO) 95-BREAK!




ends on a happy note. Robbie Winston performed beautifully as Lizard convincing the audience that he was indeed crippled. He struck a cord of sympathy in the audience. Craig Robillard as Callahan and Sharon Cooper as Sallie worked well with each other, playing off each other well. Callahan played an excellent drunk and was convincing when he tore into Lizard. Sallie performed well as a caring mother type and

'*»!■■ imftCAsn*"


tri'M*n WANTW ■

abandon house. The play develops a twist when Lizard learns that the preacher, played by Ransford Doherty, is sexually molesting Rain. During the course of Lizard's journey, he is concerned for Rain and Sammy. After the fear that Rain had been killed by the preacher, Lizard becomes reunited with them. The preacher is convicted of murdering a woman. Sallie leaves Callahan to go home. Lizard learns that Miss Cooley was his mother and the play

seemed to truly care about Lizard. Ransford Doherty played excellently as the child abusing preacher. After he was convicted of murder, I felt that justice had been served. Rain and Sammy also did as excellent job, truly convincing the audience of the fear they felt towards the preacher. The entire cast did a marvelous job and if you missed "Lizard," you missed an excellent production of a touching play.








f j c, am to

urn i.fmm


■mwop.ii 33010

November 20,1996

Page 7

The Rotunda

Lady Lancers Open Season with Tournament Title The Longwood women's basketball team opened its season in style with two victories and its third straight C&L/Lancer Invitational title. Friday the Lancers defeated Limestone 103-43 and Saturday surged past Pittsburgh-Johnstown 83-66 for the championship in Lancer Hall. Junior Cessy Sullivan (Dale City) paced the Lancers with career-highs of 18 points and 11 rebounds in the championship game. For the tournament, Sullivan scored 20 points, pulled down 13 rebounds, dished out eight assists and notched three steals. She was named the tournament's most valuable player. Senior Nikki Hall (Salem) and junior Christine Roberts (Culpeper) were also named to the all-tournament team. Hall

scored 27 points with nine rebounds and 11 assists in the two games, while Roberts tallied 26 points with seven assists and 8-8 free throw shooting. Juniors Nee Ragland (Esmont) and Valerie Firth (Poquoson) also turned in solid tournament performances with 20 points and 12 rebounds and 20 points and nine rebounds in the two games, respectively. "We are very pleased overall with out performance in the tournament," Longwood coach Shirley Duncan said. "Friday's game gave the freshmen a chance to get their feet wet on the college level. It was great we got a chance to play everyone and everyone scored." Sophomore Ashley Weaver (Fishersville) led the team with five three-point baskets over the weekend. She also pulled down seven rebounds.

Cessy Sullivan Named Player of the Week

Another sophomore, Mary Barron (Great Falls) played well with eight points and six rebounds in two games. Senior Claudia Blauvelt (Farm ville) scored eight points with as many rebounds in her starting role. Five freshmen saw their first action in Lancer uniforms. Crystal Moles (Riner) and Kali Brown (Powhatan) each scored nine points Friday in their Lancer debut. Jill Younce (West Friendship, Maryland) scored her first six career points over the course of the weekend, while Nikesha Houston (Yorktown) and Emily Brown (Palmyra) scored six and four points, respectively in their firstcollegiate appearances. Longwood, now 2-0 on the season, plays host Wednesday to Virginia Union and Friday to St. Paul's. Both tip-offs are set for 7:00.

Guard leads Lancers to C&L title Farmville, Va. — Junior women's basketball player Cessy Sullivan has been named Domino's/Longwood College Women's Player of the Week

1996-97 Longwood Women's Basketball Season Stats (leaders in bold) fg-fga P£L N.Hall 10-27 .370 .450 C. Roberts 9-20 .500 C. Sullivan 8-16 .692 N. Ragland 9-13 V. Firth 9-12 .750 A. Weaver 6-17 353 K. Brown 3-8 .375 .556 M. Barron 5-9 .600 N. Houston 3-5 .500 C. Moles 1-2 3-8 375 C. Blauvelt E. Brown 2-4 300 J. Younce 1-4 250 TEAM REBOUNDS: 10 69-145 .476 Team Totals 42-124 339 Opponent

6-7 8-8 4-5 2-4 1-2 1-1 3-4 3-7 0-0 7-9 2-2 0-1 3-4

pet. .857 1.00 .800 300 300 1.00 .750 .429 .000 .778 1.00 .000 .750

W 4.5 2.0 6.5 6.0 4.5 3.5 6.0 4.0 0.0 2.0 4.0 3.0 23

wz 5.5 3.5 4.0 1.0 03 1.0 2.0 0.5 1.0 03 0.5 1.0 0.5

o o

40-54 17-24

.741 .708

49.0 343

19.5 103



0 l 0 1 2 0 0

slls ;I ^1 I iI ]1 :I iI i1 i1 1I iI I I

PJH 133 13.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 9.0 9.0 6.5 6.0 4.5 4.0 4.0 3.0

8 4

18 19

93.0 54.5

0 3 1


Three-point shooting: 8-28 - .286 (Hall 1-5, Roberts 0-3, Sullivan 0-1, Firth 1-1, Weaver 5-13, K.Brown 0-1, Blauvelt 0-1, E.Brown 0-1, Younce 1-2)

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or the week of Nov. 10 - 17 for her performances last week. Player of the Week is chosen by the Longwood Sports Information Office and sponsored by Domino's Pizza of Farmville. Sullivan led the Lancers to their third straight C&L/Lancer Invitational championship with :areer highs of 18 points and 11 rebounds in the title game Saturday against PittsburghJohnstown, an 83-66 triumph. For her efforts, she was named the tournament's most valuable player and to the all ournament team for the second

0 R I) E R


straight season. "Cessy made good decisions," Lancer coach Shirley Duncan said. "She did the things we expect her to do. With about seven minutes to go against UPJ she took over. Her experience paid off." Sullivan not only scored 18 and had 11 rebounds in the final, she also dished out five assists and snatched three steals. In the Vsemi f i n al contest Friday, a 103-43 drubbing of Limestone, the Lancer guard scored two points with two rebounds and three assists in only seven minutes of playing time. Early foul trouble forced her to sit while Longwood pulled away in the first half, which gave Duncan a chance to rest her starters. Last season, Sullivan averaged 6.2 points and 2.9 rebounds per game, while leading the Lancers in free throw percentage at 71.8. The Dale City native is a graduate of Gar-Field High School and is the daughter of Mike and Rita Sullivan.


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Lancer Comeback Falls Just Short at Elon, 81-80 Longwood to host weekend tourney in Lancer Hall


November 20,19%

The Rotunda

he debut of the 19 9 6-

?7 Longwood men's basketball team featured a second half comeback from 16 points down which fell just short. Opening on the road against (a veteran Elon College club, the Lancers dropped an 81-80 decision Saturday night at Memorial Gymnasium in Elon College, N.C. Trailing 61-45 with 13:21 left to play, the Lancers pulled within one point 81-80 on tip-in by Vince Walden Suffolk) with eight seconds remaining. Longwood got the nail back one last time after Elon's Seth Chambless missed two free throws, but was unable to cash in.

Coach Ron Carr got solid scoring balance from his veteran players as junior Jason Outlaw (Yorktown) led the way with 18 points, six rebounds and four steals. Outlaw hit 6 of 6 free throws and was 6 of 8 from the floor. Walden came off the bench for a career high 14 points, adding three assists. He hit 6 of 9 field goals. Sophomore Chris Williams (Elwood, Indiana) scored IS points with four assists and freshman John Riggs (Wurtland, Kentucky) chipped in with 11 points and five rebounds, hitting 5 of 6 field goals. Senior K.J. Courtney (Springfield) had seven points and a key steal late in the

game. Freshman Lee Farrior (Richmond) hit all four of his field goals and scored nine points in his college debut. Chris King paced the Fightin' Christians with 25 points, while Chris Kiger added 15. Longwood swings back into action Saturday night, hosting its own invitational tournament. In first round play, the Lancers will take on West Virginia Wesley an at 6:30, while Catawba and Francis Marion hook up at 8:30. Sunday afternoon in Lancer Hall, the consolation game tips-of f at 3:00 with the championship contest to follow at 5:00.

stls 4 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1



18.0 15.0 14.0 11.0 9.0 7.0 4.0 2.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

9 11

80.0 81.0

Longwood Names Brent Newell as New Head Wrestling Coach LC Graduate plans to enter position with upbeat attitude Longwood College Director of Athletics Jack Williams announced today the hiring of Brent Newell as head wrestling coach at the school. He replaces Steve Nelson, who resigned in October. A 1993 Longwood graduate, Newell returns to Farmville after coaching at Woodbridge Senior High School and teaching physical education at Fred Lynn Middle School in Prince William County since 1994. At

Woodbridge, he served as assistant varsity wrestling coach and assistant varsity football coach. Before moving to Woodbridge, Newell was the head wrestling coach and assistant girls varsity soccer coach at Varina High School. "Brent's excitement for the position is contagious," Williams said. "Being an alumnus, he has a vested interest in Longwood and its wrestling program." Realizing he has a late start on the season, Newell

said he plans to enter the season with an upbeat and positive attitude. "We are going to get the program up and running," Newell said. "We are going to field a hard-nosed, competitive team and look to get people on campus excited about Longwood wrestling." Newell is a native of Oakton and a 1988 graduate of Oakton High School. He and his wife Susis, who is also a Longwood graduate, have one son, Blaine, who is four.

6:30 8:30

3&5 7O0 7O0 7O0 7:30 7:30 7.10 7:30

200 710 7O0 2.00 7:30 7:30

7m 2:00 7:30 7:30 7:30 7O0 ZOO 7.00 7.00 7:30


1996-97 Longwood Women's Basketball November

20 22 26

1996-97 Longwood Mat's Basketball Season Statistics (leaders in bold) fa-fga pxL bjki m W J.Outlaw 6-8 .750 6-6 1.00 6.0 2.0 1 :. Williams 5-15 .333 3-4 .750 4.0 4.0 0 V. Walden 6-9 .667 1-3 .333 3.0 3.0 0 5-6 .833 1-1 1.00 5.0 JMggs 0.0 0 L. Farrior 4-4 1.00 04 .000 4.0 2.0 0 K.J. Courtney 2-4 .500 3-6 .500 2.0 1.0 0 W.Owusu 1-2 .500 2-6 .333 7.0 0.0 0 S. Staton 1-7 .143 04 .000 0.0 3.0 0 I Lartey 04 .000 04 .000 0.0 2.0 0 A. Tennyson 0-1 .000 04 .000 1.0 1.0 0 . Hughes 0-1 .000 04 .000 1.0 0.0 1 IT. Perez 0-2 .000 04 .000 0.0 0.0 0 1. Seal 04 .000 04 .000 0.0 0.0 0 TEAM REBOUNDS: 1 fream Totals 30-59 .508 16-26 .615 34.0 18.0 2 Opponent 29-59 .492 17-27 .630 34.0 14.0 1 ptree-point shooting: 4-14 - .286 (Williams 2-7, Walden 1-3, Farrior 1-1, Staton 0-3)

Not/ember LONGWOOD INVITATIONAL at Lancer Hall 23-24 Longwood vs. West Va. Wesleyan 23 Catawba vs. Francis Marion Consolation & Championship 24 •atCoker HartsvUle, S.C. 26 December Lancer Hall 2 •PFEIFFER Charlotte, N.C. 6 'at Queens Lancer Hall 16 VAWBSLEYAN Jgnjua Lancer Hall 2 ELON Lancer Hall 4 •BARTON •MOUNT OLIVE Lancer Hall 9 •LEES-McRAE Lancer Hall 11 Due West, S.C. 13 'atErskme 16 •BELMONT ABBEY Lancer Hall 18 •HIGH POINT Lancer Hall 23 'at St. Andrews Laurinburg, N.C 25 'at Barton Wilson, NC. 30 •COKER Lancer Hall Frhrmny 'at Lees-McRae 1 Banner Elk, N.C 3 •ST. ANDREWS Lancer Hall 5 VIRGINIA STATE Lancer Hall 10 'at Mount Olive M.Otioe.N.C 13 'atPfaficr Misenheimer, N.C. IS •QUEENS Lancer Hall •ERSKINE 17 Lancer Hall 19 'at Belmont Abbey Belmont, N.C 22 'at High Point High Point, N.C 25-Mer.l CVAC Basketball Tournament High Point, N.C


December 2 'atPfeiffer 4 •QUEENS 6-7 West Chester Classic 6 CW. Post vs.LONGWOOD 6 W. Chester vs.St. Michael's 7 Consolation & Championship lanuaru 6 •BARTON 9 •MOUNT OLIVE 11 •LEES-McRAE 13 •ERSKINE 15 'at Belmont Abbey 18 •HIGH POINT 23 'at St. Andrews 25 'at Barton 29 •atCoker February 'at Lees-McRae 3 •ST. ANDREWS 6 'atErskme 10 'at Mount Olive 12 •PFEIFFER 15 'at Queens 19 •BELMONT ABBEY 22 'at High Point 25-Mar.l CVAC Basketball Tournament

Lancer Hall Lancer Hall Lancer Hall

7O0 7O0

Misenheimer, N.C Lancer Hall West Chester, Pa.

7.00 7O0


6O0 8O0 2b4 Lancer Hall Lancer Hall Lancer Hall Lancer Hall Belmont, N.C. Lancer Hall Laurinburg, N.C. Wilson, NX. HartsvQle,S.C Banner Elk, N.C. Lancer Hall Du«W«»,S.C. Mt. Olive, N.C. Lancer Hall Charlotte, N.C. Lancer Hall High Point, N.C ' High Point, N.C

7.00 5:30*

4om 700

6:00 4.O0* 5:30# 5:30*

6O0 4O0* 5:30* 5.00 5:30*

7O0 4O0 6O0 5:30*


Women's Prep Golfer Commits to Longwood Crewe golfer Mandy Beamer is Virginia State Junior Champion In a significant development for the Lancer women's golf team, Mandy Beamer of Crewe, Va. has made an early commitment to attend Longwood College. A senior at Nottoway High School in Nottoway County, Beamer is the current Virginia State Junior Champion. She is an outstanding junior prospect with a great deal of playing experience "I am very excited that

Mandy has chosen to attend Longwood," said Lancer coach Cindy Ho. "She is an extremely competitive individual and should challenge immediately for a starting position on the team next fall. The addition of Mandy will no doubt strengthen our team which also consists of the Maryland, Rhode Island, and former Virginia state junior champions."


Rotunda vol 76, no 9 nov 20, 1996