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9:30 S. T. C

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of their work for the year. The Fri man and & . I omon i


ly were well represented, while Juniors conributed several dai inn..1 ad a voih y ball game, and the 8( niora ti oh part In the inter i i. rel ly. 'i be u mbers of the PhjBical Ed ic 'ion D< at, Miss Barlow, Mia Her, an Tucker ■ B gr< .II di al ot credit for D Miss Bar low Iliad" hono menlIon of th id leadc rs of her Sophomore The lir.-t number calling forth the arpplau oi eated In the i. Icon] of the gymnasium v. a the mar hi ii in of the students In their regulation costumes. The Freshmi D held the floor for a ia > [i an I a straddle relay. Next, sections of the Sopho moi e cl a gave Btory plays, gym wand exercises in add i ion t1 a i' w gam( a and dances. The Juniors exhibited something new in the v..,' o .' imping Jack Drill, in the six minute irollej ball game the R< .is and Blues, both of the Junior tted for the victory which finally w enl to the Re I;. The French R l by the Freshmen intervened be. iween the game and the Dance Trio by the Juniors. Perhaps the most unique event on the program was the Croquet Relay of the Freshmen, and. the most at tractive features, the Dance Trio of ih" Juniors and Irish Trio of the Junior* and Irish I.ill of the Sopho

moi Enthusiasm ran high during a Touch the Line Relay between the classes, al the close of the exhibition. Bach claa - clarjna to have the swil runners but is Monday night's relay Fr< shman Team raced Into first by a lii S dOSe second, 1 I I " BO] . HI . Their Bit tST ela Junior and Benior, came third and fourth, respectively. Head Tim Rotunda!

FARMV1LLE LOSES TO Score Results 22—21. Farmville Stages "Come-back"

All Classes Take Part in Program Monday Night On


Fridaj night our varsity lost the last game of the season to Prodericksburg by a score of 22—41. During the first half of the fame Frederkksburg excelled, Farmville in passwork. as well as accurate shoot lug, the score being 14—6. Draper made these fourteen points while Hall and Yancy both contributed three points to our score. imonwealth Fund of New York City Donates Two-Thirds of At the beginning of the second Cost of $200,000.00 Proposed Hospital. Citizens of Surrounding half the Farmville girls regained the Country Give Balance—Lack Only $5,000 to Make Project Asconfidence which they seemed to lack sured. Construe!ion Will Probably Begin This Year. at first. Hail, who is ever dependable and. steady, with Perkins as her co_ worker, made goal after goal until the whistle blew. The fight exhibited in the last half was the characteristic Farmville tight. While and Crute as guards played hard and always re. o— turned the bail to Reid, or Mitchell, A week end, conference or Cabinet The Farmville that one sees as one who look no lime in putting the ball i\ reonn l: Dora De Phlllipe, Prima Training Council, will be held in this walks its streets, the Farmville of in the bands of Hie forwanl-s. The lonna soprano, ai BI tted by Ruth college during the week end of April S.ickney, violilnlst; Henry Moeller, hoiiii s and shops and schools, may be team played hard and dcmon.strated 9 11. This is for the purpose of :. and Marion ('alley, pianist. rased by fire, but the Farmville one the principle of true sportsmanship training the new cabinet members for does not see stands upright in the in the losing. fail I ■heir work in the Y. \\\ C. A. next The li ne- up: charred ruins. The spirit of the town i. a. ii\mn to the Bun, - Rimsk] year. Post, Frede ricksburg is undismayed one had, expected Farmvill e Korsakoff.Franko Elizabeth Bugg. Undergraduate Rep_ Yancy F Driefus that. ii. Impromptu and Bcberzo, Burleigh resenatlve, and State Chairman of I lie Draper Hall F It is recalleJi thai Farmville'a fires Cabinet Training Council of Virginia. Ruth Stickney J. C. ■quire of the last several years often have Mitchell !, a. Where'er Voii Walk. F. Handel has planned for the conference. Many Reid Hogan S. C, aroused the citizenry on a busy Satb. The Shepherdess, Macomurrough speak, rs Of note will he present. Wilkins Crate Q Ulday. May it not he, a pyromaniac About fifty girls are expected to ate. Sally Roses Bostlemann G Hatchett is Indulging his moss appetite there? White tend the conference from William & Henry Moeller Substitutions : Perkins foi • Yancy. Perhaps an astute investigator would :'.. Piano Solo Selected Mary, Lynchburg College, Harrison. contribute materially to Farniville's burg, Randolph.Macon, FredericksMarion ('alley future schemes for lire prevention. BlSTEfi < i ,ASSKS OIlSKItVh < LASS bUTg, RadfOrd and West Hampton. i. Characteristic SOUK of Nations No town in Virginia In the last ten BAY J. Huerta years has been more aggressively Mad.anie De Phillips progressive than Farmville. It is by March i7th an I si.. Ptarick'a Day EXPRESSION OF no means the Sleepy Virginia hamlet but was that all? If you were on the fail II SYMPATHY which so frequently is described by campus an 1 could see at all you saw !. a. Thanks he to Qod Dickson the feature writer and the novelist. white and gros floating around and b. Danny Boy Wheatherley After the recent meeting of the Vir- you realized that March 17th was also The Student Body wishes c. Open the Door Softly Hughes ginia PreSS Association there virtual- Junior and Freshman Class Hay. to extend its deepest symii.. Son- for Spring Russell ly every editor in Virginia tuned his Green and Whits predominated on pathy to Alice typewriter fOf a symphony of praise. the campus, in the Rotunda and in Henry Moeller whose lather recently died, Farmville is wide-awake hopeful, lull Chanel. : Aria from ''The Q:ie< n of Slcha" and to Sara Fox whose of fight. The Juniors inarched in chapel to C. Qounod brother died last week ' We will rebuild," say the people, the strains of an original song sung dame Da Phillips who shake ashes from their hats and by the Freshman. Louise Foster read L Mazurka Zarcucki Scrape black mud from their boots a humorus history of the Freshman h. Midnight Bells Kriesler MIAIt.M'TKIt AND FAME They will. They will rebuild in ac- Class and the history of the Junior Ruth Sticknej cordance with their best laid SChetni Class was given by Hessie Meacle Fame is what you have taken. Ballade All Virginia will help. The fighting Kiddle, Rosalind Harrell and Lucy Character Is what you give; spirit alwaj will lure cheerers to Halls Overbey. Madame De Philli] When to this truth you awaken. the bleachers. -News Leader in keeping with st. Patrick's Day, Then you begin to live. Mebane Hunt delightfully sang, "My Read The Rotunda: Bayard Taylor Read Tho Rotunda! (Continued on last page)


VIRGINIA First in the Heart of the Nation FARMVILLE In the Heart of Virginia l



the whole, would require much space but here are a few results: A faculty and home department, less harrowed and overworked, i student committee receiving the admiration and honor of the Member Southern Inter-Collegiate Newspaper Association girls whom it represents, a student body with higher ideals and Published Weekly by Students of the State Teahcers College, batter attitudes and a college sending forth teachers who will 'carry over to their students a far greater gift and more inFarrnv nia. spiration than any "ology" or "ism" written in books—that is Entered as 2nd class matter March 1st. 1921, at the Post Office of a true conception of honor that does away with watching, suspiFarmville, Virginia, under Act of March 3, 1879 cion, questioning and restraint and replaces them with self reliance, frankness, trust and freedom in its highest and best sense. Subscription $1.50 per year —A. R. ROTUNDA STAFF FAKMYILLK'.N SIM HIT Editor-in-Chief LUCY HAILE OVERBEY, '27 THE FARMVILLE SPOTLIGHT Assistant Editor EDITH CORNWELL, '27 All the world's a stage and there Faimville Is an aristocratic county Board of Editors many Spotlights. Spotlights of Literary Fannie Rowe Brown *28 Humorous, Bessie M. Riddle '27 "capital." It is a highly progressive are approval, of critcism, of recognition, News __ Mary Alice Blanton, '28 Athletic __ Evelyn Dulaney, '28 town; yet it breathes the spirit of an of public opinion—all playing on the ancient and delightful civilization. Individual players and all working a Reporters Frances Jones, '28 Margaret Fowler '29 Living in a vibrant present and look- great influence or) their acting. But ing out upon a hopeful future, it there is no influence more powerful Frances Sale, '27 Adrienne Richards, '28 Proof-Reader draws its inspiration from a glorious on our stage than the Spotlight of •Main Street in Farmville after 3:30 Margaret Lewis Steurnes, '2G past. , I P- ni. The names that are associated with Managers Somehow none of us can resist its Bus. Mgr., .. Evelyn Beckham Cir. Mgr., ._ Virginia Graves the history of Farmville belonged to lure and all of us, lazy or energetic, D«l who had a great share in fash. Assistant, Virginia W. B Assistant, ._ Virginia Hodgson | ioning tired or busy, happy or homesick, don this Virginia of ours. The

Typists—Elsie Gibson

Mary Kelly,

Helen Colin.

Mildred Morris

Miss Ada Bierbower, Alun.nae Editor; We are llwayi glad to publish anj dc-sirable article or communication that may be sent to us. We wish, howev. r, to call attention to the fact that unHigned correspondence will not be put' The Rotunda Invites letters of comment, criticism, and. suggestions from Its readers upon Its manner of pre a nting and treating them. A letter, to receive consideration, must contain the name nn.! address of the writer. These will not be published if the writer objects to the publication. All matters of business should be addressed to the Business Manager, and all other matter should come to the Editor-ln-Chlef. Complaints from subscribers as regards Irregularities In the delivery of The Rotunda, will be appreciated,.

GRAY'S DRUG STORE Headquarters for

STC GIRLS Come In and Get Acquainted We're Glad to Have You




High Grade Toilet Articles a frock and dash out down town. Here ; County of Prince Edward was the we find aa intoxication in merely beHigh Grade Stationery ', home of such families as the Ven. ing un.ler the public- gaze and even High Grade Drugs & Medicines , ables, the Carringtons, and the John. the dullest become gay, chanfoni; Farmville, Va. stons. It was a citadel of culture, re. subtly into actors coquettishly court(inenient, courage and patriotism. Be. ing the public. Such a prismatic array fore this was a nation Prince Edward of colors and girls has never been enjoyed, the distinction of offering to equalled before. The keynots seems the rest of the country a great in—Expert at— to be riot and the most outstanding stitution of learning. Harapden-Sidcolor for the time gets our vote M CLEANING AND PRESSING ney College, located just seven miles leading lady. from Farmville, came Into being coSome few of us really have a moincident with the Declaration of Intive in going down town, and shop dependence. Its entire student body busily for ten minuets, but most of marched from the campus to fight us go bcause we cannot stay away. the battles of the American RevoDealers in And why? For the simple reason that Confectioneries, Fruits, Blanklution. One of those who helped nur. the town of Farmville has made itture the infant college was Patrick Books, Stationery, School self so friendly and agreeable that we Supplies Henry, "The Voice of the Revoluwant to give something in return. tion." Another, James MadJson, was And isn't the best way to do it dres_ I 'ostined later to be President of the sing up and cooperating with the [ Union not yet formed. Many other town socially and otherwise? Besides great names, including that of John we would not for worlds forego our Randolph of Roanoke, are closely asWILL FIX YOUR SHOES little corner in the spotlight, and miss sociated with the County of Prince! WHILE YOU WAIT perhaps all the fun, talk and gossip | Edward and the Town of Farmville. | Best Workmanship and Leather of the day. We are received every, i That is the backgrounl of the place Used where so cordially and with that that Sirat'.ay sufferedl a heavy loss make_yourself-at-home air which we from fire. It Is from this background cannot afford to lose. that the spirit will come to sustain Most of us stared out down here Farmville in its work of rebuilding. by wondering just how in the world Suits, Coats, Blouses, Dry Goods Those historical personages assoclat. Farmville would get along without us. and Notions ed with the county and the town have Of course, there is absolutely nothing' "The Ladies Specialty Shop" passed on, but their courage in the original in that thought because every FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA face of disaser still lives as a valued college student In every college town heritage from the past. The sympathy has been wondering that since colof the rest of the State is consoled leges began 'So I've come to the at this time in the knowledge that conclusion that we're all wrong and GOTO Farmville will recover quickly. Upon the situation should be stated like the ashes of Sunday it will rise more this: what would we do without substanial and more beautiful than' Farmville? Here's hoping we never For Eats of All Kinds before. Cruel adversity will serve but ! have to and can continue to pirouette Toasted Sandwiches, 10c to quicken the spirit that Is Farm ' before the kindly, tolerant gaze of the Homemade Pies ville's. Farmville Spolight. Richmond Times Uspatch —V. W. B.





THE HONOR SYSTEM. All of us arc thinking consl intly of our college and the great strides forward thai il has made in the last few years. The question thai comes into our minds is, "Has our college grown consistently*.'" We sec our n. v buildings, our broadened curriculum, our Increased faculty, cur growi ig student body, and think with pride that \vc may well be proud of our college. And we should be BO. However, when we examine our conception of an honor system, we do not speak s loudly in its prai; . All of us read with admiration accounts of the Btrides other institutions are making. One of the first idi I es to mind in thinking of the University of Virginia Is its In nor i m. Washington and Lee has a store on the campus thai i run by the honor system. Everything is open and unwatel e I. The boys make heir own purchases change tluir mi my and leave. v n thinks of such a thing as short change or "purcha ' made without payment. Such things are effected'by it cultivation of the honor system. Coming back to 8. T. C., t 1 k Into our handbook of regulations. One la appaled by the vasl number of petty rules, made necessary by • the suspicion of those iffi authority. What a s] I I thing be wrought If we could cultivate an honor system th ould lii linal \ the necessity of such rulings! Tin re an here at S. T. C. capable of attaining Buch a standard i f honor. are prevented from ass. rting thai power in order 0 il a f< w girls may be prevented from "gettingby" with thii I h d gee of truth were encouraged as mucl as ] bl ill would be a greater reaped for authorty, an utter i for things dishonest and low, thai would practically them, and the deepest love and consideration for All ' r thai would make the desire i i keep her record bit tive for doing right. Such B devi lopmi rrl I be an evolution. One can not say, "Go ti

1 i W ill







Miss Annie Wilkerson's FINE MILLINERY

Established 1868 The Confidence of the Community for Over Half a Century Finest Toilette Requisites Drugs and Stationery Farmville. —::— Virginia

and presto!

have it. Such a state will coi plete cooperation of the administrative depart i idenl body. There must be a willingn try nev. i rverance In what seems to be the right path ai In the Anal outcome. It won'1 happen in a day but it can willing to trust each other more and | and to do it now. We Serve The Best If we will really pul i ur hei rl i Into li iproving this phase of The New $200,000.00 Comunity Built Hotel Erected Last Year, COLLEGE BANQUETS OUR Slt6 our college life, ;t will be done. And the outcome".1 Weil, to give o^rated * Teachers CoUe«Q- Modernly equipped and SPECIALTY







"VIOLETS." With soap moistened hands, Mar. tha

brushed back the hair from her

throbbing temples and drank hungrily the pujfent air waft in? into the littlp

she wai .'n the habit ol keeping fancies and heart.d»-ep wishes trom Jim and the boys these days, to avoid their ridicule, or impatlen She buried her face iii their Ira grant bed. she liked the rlolets be. cause they were delicate, timid pearing, sweetly sympathetic;—the pansies because their t'lli.-li. -amv faces seemed to be human . . . Lonely sort of world . . . An hour later, Martha waa her silent, composed self as she pla the steaming dishes — numberless dishes—before the hungry men. As she stoo! watching them put a\va> incrediible quantities of food, she sud denly felt the eyes of Jack, her oldest boy, riveted on the tiny bunch of violets at her throat. With a tell tal flush she snatched them off. The act amused him. and winking at thi other members at the table, he said, ',Say, wanna hear a ripping Joke? Pete an ! me saw a little show today. We finished our rows, and wondering why dinner wasn't ready, walked up past the glen in the direction Ma had gone, what do you reckon we saw? Mom on her knees taking to B mess (.f violets! Say, Ma do you name the stars or "ance with the fairies or goblins at night, too?" Much laugher was following this witty sally, when an event entirely unforseen and unexpected in that household, occurred. Man ha answer (,(f ,,.lt.k!! Her fac0 was an unearthly

Just One Block From Campus


"The Convenient Store." For Good things to Eat

328 Main Street rurtraits: all sizes and style* School Work, a Specialty Amateur work finished "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS"— OUR MOTTO

G. F. Butcher Co. EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY Hate For School Girls A Specialty

SCHEMMEL Opposite Continental Hotel CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC ARE YOU HUNGRY? Affiliated with S. T. C. since 1907 Go Across the Street to Gives modern instruction in Piano, Vocal, Theory, Harmony. Aesthetics, Etc. FOR EATS OF ALL KINDS At Reasonable Tuition Rates






screened porch. Tho heavy perfume of lilacs, with its tantalising MggSS \\ e i v .1 n ;>i *" of a poi tiveness of spring, and spring with . I le .v. ,ii ; . •;'.. b rutiful treise . its tantalizing suggestiveness of "life, n our main and I rlum. it is placi ft and love [and taughtei**, seemc|;l| a the door on the right leading sham, a mockery to this tired wisp 'iii to the rostrum, it was presented of a woman. True, "love an i laughto the school seveafl years ago by the ter" had come to her on such a day Kindergarten Department of the Headquarters For twenty years ago. Jim, her sialwart, Training Scho l LADIES & CHILDREN ONLY —S. T. C. GIRLShonest Jim, had seemed then the em. in the i: nteeiith century the demoHotel Weyanoke Basement boiiment of those qualities that would cratic character of modern InstrucGOOD THINGS TO EAT1I T. J. Owen, Manager make life, well—just one eternal : n broughl forth a reaction against season of springtime. But the jolly tocratic si ulpture. A destira was comrade, the sharer of her fights of f< It for subjects more national in fancy and laughter loving ways, had , haa acter, and especially Dor the long since disappeared, and seeming. representation of nun ddstOnguiahed ly another Jim had taken his place— in literature, science, art and history.1 a taciturn being, who talked uncouth. One of the first EJUT pean nations ly about, and lived only for, his crops to participate In this revival was and farm interests. From his spring white, but her voice was steady and Denmark. Bertel Thorwaldaen wa* time playmate, she had become a si biting as she blazed, "How dan jrou >ne of the sculptors of this age. Ailent drudging playmate. ■petk of the stars an' fairies an' though be represented classic spirit Queer,—all the long winter she violets. Jack Tomlir, and how dare.-t in his lirst works in bCs later years didn't mind so much, and the pent up you_all laugh at him when you don'l be caught the naturalistic spirit of ISN'T IT THE TRUTH? longings were held in check. But know such things exists! You only mo ern days. Girls will be stylish—always up to the minute on when the earth began to don its new know how to plant potatoes, and eat In 1812 Napoleon was expected 'in what's being worn—you can't fool 'em—That's raiment, and the bird's calls seemed -tsll you-re satisfied and sleep on and R aw a ! Thorwaldsen wa- employed why DAVIDSON'S SLIPPERS are so popular. 1 for her alone—and the invigoratingL^ |„.ra„so you haven't sot minds to to make the frei/e for one of the niosi Blonde, Bois De Rose, Gray and Parchment Kid scented breezes, wafted their way in. ' think with and hearts to feel with. spaotoUa balls of the Quirinal Palace. are the new shades for Spring, and we have 'em to her heart.--then—the elfin imagin- oh, how dares you . . ." her her voice Taking the works of Phidias as his in all the new patterns, with and without straps. ative spirit broke loose from the tired fretted off into a sob and she fled model, he produced a 1 $5.95 to $9.85 stooped body, and played truant over from the room. frieze representing "The Bntrance of AAA to I) Widths We Can Fit You. the meadows and through the inviting Jim found her in the glen. Bhe Alexander Into Babylon." woods. And, while the spirit ran saw him standing at the entrance, ] The men in the piece of work apriotously free and seeking the body hesitantly holding out the tiny cluserj pear stron an! brave, typical tolled numbly on,—almost unknow- at violets that she had thrown upon • f the lighting men of that age. The ingly, in the kitchen, in the dairy, the floor, "Violets . . . they soil or horse., s. em to be spirited thoroughamong the humdrum tasks. make a feller remember, don't the] breds, probably from Arabia. It is "Queer sort of critter I am",—Mar- Marthy Remember them I gave you a flat relief Which makes it a tine and tha Ann murmured as she laid her that day and what 1 said, Of course va1 uable piece of work. head against the door for a minutes you remember. It was me that for Hi ^ success in this w mderful piece relaxation. ''Dreamtin, about violets got, I've been a fool. Do you reckon (>f sculpture made nun known among and those bright faced little pansies its too late to,—to see a bit of spring the Romans as the • patriarcci del has-! when the wash ain't been put on the time together, you and me, Marthy so rilievo." line; wishin' f could set by the We could make a start by turning Dorris Pillow '2!) stream up nigh Martin's place an' over the farm to someone for a while. watch it ripple an' turn funny colors and—an.'.—following the trail of! OUTWITTED under the sun, when there's chores violets an' dreams like we used to do. to be did1 and the men's Unner to get. Is it too late—Marthy ' Wish I could stop thinkin*—it hurts The shining light in her eyes an., He drew a circle that shut me out— IN GROUPS AT awful . . . Yet, if I only et and slept swered him. He fastened the violets Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. and worked like the rest of the folks tenderly at her throat. Then they But Love and I bad the wit to win; around, life would be dreaful empty. started down the trail together. We drew a circle an.l took him in. I'm reckoning violets an' sunsets was —Lorah Brewer —Edwin Markham made for folks like me to keep pine ing after . . ." The Hinaomest Most Individual Tiring of her thoughts and acting upon a sudden impulse, Martha put the tubg aside, picked up an old shade hat and started to the glen for a few With the Charm of the French moments freedom before starting the dreaded dinner ordeal. As she passed the farm hand.; she could hear their loud and unrestrained laughter, or ther mumbled complants. She slui : dered as she heard one of then stolidly curse the very weather their she was reveling in,—the air that she Arriv*' from New York was jealously wrapping as a mantle iMMwrnrnmn wi" ' ' im^^t^m ^m about her fatigued body. Then Jim's voice—"Better havp dinner ready in twenty minutes, Ma. We're most : ' .' finished these rows . . ," Martha nod. - -* del and hurried her footsteps until she reached the cool, shadowy little < glen. Then with a glad, inarticulate little cry she sank down upon her knees before her most treasured pos QUALITY • PRICE • SERVICE STORE View of Artificial Lake Constructed a Fi w Years Ago by a session, a luxurious bel of purple Corporation of Farmville Business .Men for the Pleasure of Citiblue voilets and saucy-faced pansies.




And Now the New Fashions for Spring Are Here TOP COATS

$10 $15 $25 UP



$15.001<> 25,00


} ^"^WW

$2.501« $4.95



T^eselhVharsecretly'plante^ for'««ls !■ the Sainmer.





d !<. Charlotti ville ! isl Saturday, ti I th( day. ompanied by Mary Alice : :. e m lia \i ini.v re. the

Carolea Harri i. end in Norfolk. i


amtEo Soph: i low fai

pa I

Payne attended a wedding • nd in Martlnsbwrg, w. \'a. •



has been spending .ii her home In Noi folk. »



Ills Won 1 spent the pi •

\i irjorie < odd, Uuna Mae Ellis, and Marjorie W< si brook spent the pasl mi :n Portsmouth. •


in" 111» Jokes." "Wo Kin' for Borne magazim "Naw, MI i beauty parlor."



i< .Mcnil' Riddle spenl the past R end ai in r home in .Norfolk. •

Lucy Halle Overbey spent th< past , „,| ;|I her home in Chatham.

p that school girl complexion


"What we i the fir I adding machine you ever used?"

like .1

often turned down, hi unl he frequently ii in night.

So, Mittie, all i i , it_

tor you y type, the mis- In those lost, lili c days, sin ni Its sweetness ruefully Inn Kjenl blue, thi Along forgotten ways. ipai kl Dig, dashing black yet I ader ii" we i ver think of what lies And here, upon a garden wall, i of those orbs of differ nt hues. A hoy in black ami White, siis Btrangely sail and silent, what tales do they tell What sec Remembering a night. ■ here? n is said thai "B« auty lies xv ithdn the ej i . omo you were on a balcony. And lies, and 1 <.-. and Hi Phis Is true I think, n Che serious Sandalle I in silver there, e, r tr all thai one Is, is shown With moonlight on your lovely face, he v orld through b i eyi s, anc no With moonlight in your hair; And T. u graceless Pierrot, is ever Judged as ugly who l< upon 'hi' world with eyes of beauty. Drunk with deep wondering, The tongue is hel.' to he mightlSer Knell in the white grass quietly than the .-word, hat the eye -urpasse- And sang a little thing. r of these. With one hashing to* s we may pierce through and through 0 dbar, my dear, we dallied withered into mure nothingmees; ln arms or sweet embrace, h a l iik of • ncouragemenl and Forgetting things were happening hope we are often spurred i a to h th- in every other place; i unattainable hcjghtp. Yes, it Remember how we miniiee;! truly is the eye-, of Mi" world which AucassW and Xiooletto. And stayed each other's kisses rule our world! Edith Asher With Bprigs of mignonette. Tin re are eyes a ! iii. p!a

of iiir facul

i ball that has

Judging by the New York police woulJ be t< to call i Ian . of the Bpree and, tin.* e knave. Lucy Halle Bays when a man tells i gii i he can'l beaT the suspense he • can't bear the expi u

' Lucy Keith says the Bagpipe is a leal Joke which the Irish put over on the Scotch and the Scotch haven't found it out yet would like ;" know if a

o Lyn<

it lawyer is a legal light is ;i ieian an elei trie light?

Heli n II , ,„, .„ her



.\o. no, Zac, Stonehinge is i tainly not mi the door of Canterbury Cathedral.


in nt the past w in i>;|,,vilit-. Ya. » * »


Jo Culin was la aid iii remark \ a. y Coli 's mother has been nine when a certain couple passed i. ng trouser legs are to hoys pnding a few days in school on . with hit: fi "i what long skirt - aiv to i.mi: Did you gel the bridle count of Nancy's illness. We are very '■ II


Mi:" I


! I.ii' J

I lailc:

I In slate that


Oiogene '

"ills with how |i

Nancy's COndil


- much Improved.



PeggJ Lou: HOV* did you do il? Lucy 1 laile: W'aite 1 until he yawn


What's your hur

i p i double ii- aning M h meaning) di i ent." I at iin- game lat What's he VI. A. I'.. Nothing nothing. Good]. i bav< n't me ied



Is there anyone





Hester w.ire uuests in school for last ■ R i nd. * * •

ry "

t a


Whj is ;i I,, ihman? Junior: in order in give the <i

Amonette De Matte, a former stu. of 8. T. c, ha- return* I to rt_ . • her studies in the spring term. vYe are rery glad to have her with fain. * * * Fran<

baa iiien spending it her home in Lexington. * * * Mlsfl Alary While Cox. Mi.-- i amp n i Fannie Perrow spent i Saturday in Richmond.

m.ii < \.


man tight?

Why In'.-



rer you ask him for |" lime he take! two minub - off of


i urn." "^



Ii is Interesting to know that one Of I he greatest Burgeons who » ver aa born and reared in Prince laluaii' County Dr. John Peter Mat i He was a skilled surgeon one hundred years ahead of his day. He


even buill In ti< rs."

1 "ii were making forty '


.oil. do I' where

It won't


bom in 1790 and died in 1S78. His father was a French surgeon in Lafayette's army who marrle I in this COUnrj



has ihe








Me . ,1

j„ |,js o\\ II

taurant. ■


i \,i,, |ng

n the «! Walmsley: "TI II Parliament ^•Iwin II. -\iy. ,i,v. what






•'"I"' Peter Matteaux to Pri I ■ " idi< inc. Dr. Matteau 1

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daughter is Mrs. Crute. in Farniville. J 1 I! M I. hell of I'ittsyl Bty died. He Was the l;|,t


Farmville Loses (Continued from PagS One] Wild Iris!, Roae" M _ ' 1

i up to the





tin" a- r..: n Beckham? "Chubby" as Amanda Gray? Inny" as Qertrn Lo Watkini i Barham? a- Mai i r • Jordan? "Mac" ;.s Margar I Mackasey? "I'IIS y" as Fannie Perron V "Polly" as Alary Morton Riddle? "Dibby" as Elisabeth Bui ►kie" as Ro a i.' i Maddux? "Perk" a.- Virginia Perkl "Jackie" as v'oia Woodson? I

"lo d" as aa "Dulitle" "Bun" as



Louis i' i ter? Bneanor Zacharla as Kvi lyn Dul urney? Gertrude Quinn?

"icky" as Mary K< Uy?

"V as Virginia Vim ent? "Sal/." as Pram es Sale? i- Lucile Wright? "E" as EDlaine I



.i song to the i■■■ d



'"" ''"»'' »ver think i| didn't « much the Juniors love the P |»en and dee r, ,-., -,,,„.,. „ (li(|

\M» < OLD

'i hi j were riding after the party, Ami the night v ry cold; th-

About th" senior, there's lots to be

,n ,,,„

s.iid She's reached a goal; she's achieved an Tl:«' pinnai le "f joy she now has l cache.!. Her memory hook is a store In

That serenade is shattered, And a boy in black and, while. SitS I lent on the wall. id membering a night. —T. M. R. Wbodberry

He tfidn'l attl For fear She'd

i keep her Wai'lll think h'm hold.

you nil" and warmf The lad

She said, "At least. I'm


,„■ ,„,„.,. „„


CAREFUL, t.NM.S in the Junior, there's much to told i Isloning the June When a degree Bhe'll hold.

i Ipologil - ni The Virginia Reel) Tell me nol in idle Jingle, "Marriage is a happy dream,"

, or

" " ,,u-v v,;"' ;" l,d S T- '' TH store up memories To carry out on Lie's sea.

About 'lie Sophomore, there are si .i In .-aid She is neither beginning nor yet nea. the end. sin's b atented an '. busy's cm he "She'l going '" College" is ahoilt whal

you'll Now ahout the Freshman tie story to he told For coming to her are four y< ild. ik! There are these! Freshman curiosity

Soph ■sgwriaiity Junior Importancy and

■ f

For the girl is safe that's single, Ami men are n t what the\ seem. Fi i e you are. then tree remain, Marriage is not woman'- goal, Flirt and ki '. with every swan. Hut do not trust 'em as a whole. \nt in marriage and thence to sorrovi

win you find your destined way, Hut to act BO on each toinorrow Yi u'li he farther from thai day. Your days are long, heauly fleeting, And your le \ \v light an! brave, "id each thought of man defeating Bend it bleeding to its grave? When tiny court you i i not let 'em ruin I'e the victor in the And keep your hot strife.

don't gel ran led,, you life, battle, days free from

sity complete For the Preshm in Girl, Kitty Elizabeth Wildman Trust no man however pleasant. IF— If I could rule an hundred, kings, And for an hundred JIM Ii I COUld ha ! a de put life

Let the poor hooh rave along; I lent think only of the present, Life is not jus! one gay song. Lives of single folks reinin ! us. We can make our lives suhlime; And departing leave behind us Flea d every time. Mi n aie nevi r, never perfect,

They are seldom halfway so; And Love ...for just, a day. Am', the g'.iri who stops to reflect —T. M. K. Oracle Shall dOWfl the road of caution go. IM IIOIMfV LIST

Nancy Cole Mrs.

IVi ry

Let us then watch what we'ri d intf, Keep our hearts against 'em set. No matter how long they keep pursuing, Let them not a victim get —V. B.

Margaret Gillespii Chester Hut

LITTLE KEEPSAKES y Irving Who hath Amelia John mi Etc i


e .. iki d in r twice.

Ami with chattering teeth



If I were sure of ruling you ...

lie 11 inn B. thehr [Mini. hm< nt, Who's left the town, which way they m ii'" I port, r while the author write.-, for lan Alt' \e . ii, his tales no nan

But, ol course, you don't remember. For the lips you lilted then. Have felt I he swiff seduction

Finn vEARS

Hi-vi Id oi pain an i tea ; Who Is it that gainers up the n, W8, Ah, d ', i' I woe Cud Himself accidents, men's ways ami I'd ca-t such power away

living patient of Dr. Matteaux. n,. I "ii by him ' . the Civil War Ion re the Ics. win. geta few thanks and link '"'• John i'i tei Matteaux'i grave ia Bui all the same he doe- hi- hesl " "'" Preabyteriaa churchyard in Thi> Reporter Hampden Sidm


' this." said the


"Tommie" as .\ii.-(. Thomi "Skid" as

M< I p.-


thinks Sandy Hook la a Scotchman. V*. W. B.







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amp: ill



Fre ih: in the las) atagi - ol in".

.■ unit. do

Oh, ii". Annie Gris, the habits of - are nol taught 11 the Custom

r< yo i n "Ei onom- en. in Lynchbi

lc .

(Mi) SERES \m:

HIE "El Eft* II'.Vi: II



Alice Frood Robbie cl"






thing More prised than jewels rare— A faded (lower, a hroken ring, A tress of golden ha —Ellen



Rotunda vol 6, no 22 march 24, 1926  
Rotunda vol 6, no 22 march 24, 1926