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Sixty-fifth year

Tuesday, September 24, 1985

In a decisive move to establish the authority of student-run disciplinary boards, the Student Government Association passed a motion last Thursday stating that Barb Gorski could no longer sit as advisor to both Honor Board and Judicial Board hearings. "It was felt by a majority of the Student Senate," stated SGA PoÂťlino President Garth Wentzel, "that Lancer cafe ribbon catting (from I to r) Farmville Mayor Crate, the position of Judicial Affairs Rick Johnson, Bob Cottrel, Darcie Brackett, Paul Striffolino, Dr. Sue Coordinator was a conflict of Saunders, and Garth Wentzel (again). interest with the position of the Monarchs stayed until 12:00. having a good time, Rob Turner, Rick Johnson was there for all cafe bartender, stated that the fun, he said he felt things "Lancer Cafe is where it's at." were going well, and the delay in The cafe offers burgers, the opening of the lounge area sandwiches, Mexican favorites, was because he wanted to stuffed potatoes, the old famous achieve the 'Grand Opening "itza" pizza and "fun foods." effect" by opening both sides at Each day there is a different special with live entertainment, once. Everyone appeared to be sponsored by S-UN.

advisor." Wentzel went on to say that the Board should run without her or not at all until a faculty advisor could be appointed. Gorski, as Judicial Affairs Coordinator, is responsible for the administrative duties of the Honor-Judicial Boards. In the eyes of the Student Senate, Gorski appointed herself to the position. To remedy the situation, the SGA has sent letters to faculty members seeking a new advisor and hope to have one sometime next week.


The Cowpie Walk

"In Praise of Larry Holmes ByS.G.andP.R. In the press conference following the dethroning of boxing king, Larry Holmes, the public had an opportunity to see the true character of this upstanding individual. Holmes displayed tact, grace, poise and devastating wit in his conversation following his defeat at the hands of light-heavyweight Michael Spinks, Saturday night. When asked how he felt about falling short of the deceased Rocky Marciano's record of forty-nine successful title

Number Three

Gorski asked to step down

Lancer Cafe opens By Kim Deaner The Lancer Cafe grand opening could not be postponed another day, as fate would have it, the festive ribbon cutting took place as scheduled on September 20. Garth Wentzel, president of SGA, said, "I'm glad I was able to come in here before I became an alumni." This appeared to be the general consensus of the crowd; they are sorry about the delay, but pleased with the $160,000 result. Those attending included Farmville Mayor Crute, Dr. Sue Saunders, Dean of Students Paul Streiffolino, Director of Student Union, Darcie Brackett, President of Student Union, Rick Johnson, Director of ARA Dining Services, Bob Cottrell, Mgr. Lancer Cafe, and Garth Wentzel, President of SGA. The evening began with free baked potatoes, and pizza. At 8:00

Longwood College Farmville, Virginia

defenses, Mr. Holmes cleverly replied, "Rocky couldn't hold my jockstrap." Rumor has it that President Reagan is seeking Mr. Holmes' advice in regard to the upcoming summit talks. Mr. Holmes has already accepted an invitation to be the master of ceremonies at this fall's Oxford debate finals. In addressing the late Marciano's brother, Peter, Holmes conveyed a sense of tact with the classy statement, "Peter, you're just a free-loader living off your dead brother. In light of his eloquence, Mr.



The Last Will and Testament on Parking

Holmes has been nominated to be Chairman of the United States Bureau of Protocol. Mr. Holmes' somewhat pungent remarks bordered on being offensive. Holmes summoned all of his oratorical skills to console Peter Marciano I and stated, "Sonny, is that your name? . Peter, if I have hurt you, so +&-8S+ ! what!" Mr. Holmes has chosen an opportune time to reveal his true By Michael T. Clements nature since, as of Saturday night, he is a washed-up, After almost a year's break in unemployed disgrace to his sport. what had been tradition for some RYallyTLarry, get a job. fifty years, the Rotunda has decided to move back to The Farmville Herald printers. The problem all began when Bill Wall, General Manager of The Herald, refused to print an editorial entitled, "Bypasses . . . One toke over the line . . ." by last year's editor-in-chief, Jeff Abernathy. In the editorial Abernathy used questionable language to explain fraternity and sorority pledging and the Greek system. Since termination of the contract on September 17, 1964, the Rotunda has been juggled between three different printers — The last being The Amelia Bulletin Monitor. When asked the reason for the change,

The Rotunda encourages all students to vote in the up-coming elections. Absentee ballots may be obtained at the Farmville Courthouse.

Rotunda moves back to The Herald Frank Raio, present editor-inchief, stated, "I started at Amelia because I felt that the print-type was more attractive than that at The Herald; as it turned out though, it seemed Amelia was training new typesetters. I mean it was worse than any high school paper. There were 'typos' everywhere and one advertiser even refused to pay for an ad because there were eleven errors." Raio seemed to be confident about his decision when he remarked, "I have talked things over with Bill Wall and feel certain that Mr. Wall and myself hold the same views about censorship and obscenity. Things will work out fine." So all you loyal Rotunda readers, the change should make this issue a real keeper.




My Page

On The Disciplinary System

Since the Student Government Association has taken decisive action to remove Barb Gorski from her posts as judicial and honor board advisor, it is no longer necessary for me to rage about this issue. Nevertheless, it is important for the Longwood community to know what the deal was. Barb Gorski, in the ever-changing administrative scheme of things, has been assigned the duty of judicial affairs coordinator. The judicial affairs coordinator, according to the student handbook (p. 69), "will review each case and make a referral to the appropriate hearing board or take administrative action." She compiles the facts of the case, decides if the case should go to the hearing stage, and if so, which board the case should go to. The coordinator then puts together a handout for the board members to review before the hearing. The role of the judicial affairs coordinator should end at this point. The students elected to the boards now hear the case, decide whether the accused is responsible or not; if found responsible, the students of the board choose a sanction for the student, a punishment. Last year, when I was on the judicial board, sanctions ranged anywhere from a verbal warning or educational task (researching and writing an essay on fire safety, for example), to suspension from school. Everything these student boards do, the findings and sanction, are carefully documented and sent (with a tape recording of all that has happened), to the Dean of Students for review. The Dean may then accept the recommendations of the boards or reject all recommendations and make up new ones. Most everybody is happy with this system, as this is the generally accepted way that most colleges do this type of thing. It is called a student-run system. The student part of the system only includes the actual hearing. Barb Gorski has seen fit to bring administrative input to the hearing. This is highly irregular, if not uncool. This situation was brought to my attention by board members who told me that Gorski was "playing the prosecutor" at the hearings. Gorski herself told me that she was in fact speaking at the hearings, "playing the devil's advocate," forcing some board members to look at points of view that they hadn't considered before. Gorski sees her current role as that of a model for the board

members to follow. She is "training" the board members. This simply does not flush right. On the-job-training during real cases? If the boards are not trained, stop all the cases and train them during mock trials or something. We can't play around with real students facing real trouble. What kind of training is required here anyway? All we want from these student board members is good judgement. How do you teach "good judgement?" Who decides what "good judgement" is? Who is to say banning Thursday night parties "good judgement"? Maybe. How long does it take to learn "good judgement" when the classes involve watching Barb Gorski's "good judgement?" Gorski told me that the board members must be familiar with the Kohlberg personality types in order to better know which sanctions will be effective with different people. This must be taught to board members. When asked, one honor board member said "Yea, she said something about that." One judicial board member said "Kohlberg, doesn't he play for the Yankees?" I guess the Kohlberg theory is on the agenda for next week's role model-lecture, because these board members are clue-less. I submit that even without Kohlberg, these board members will dish out fair sanctions that fit the violation. I would also guess that half of the U. S. Supreme Court judges do not know Kohlberg from Dave Winfield either. Gorski went on to say that if the board screws up, and lawyers arrive on the scene, the school will be in trouble. Is that a joke or what? The Dean of Student reviews each case, she has the authority to change each case. This is the school's safeguard against law-suits. The Dean of Students would never allow an unfair decision by her. If she does, the heat is on her. The school likes it that way and the students like it that way. The advisors to these boards should be faculty members or R.E.C.'s, it doesn't matter which. But the advisor surely should not be tne judicial affairs coordinator, who already has a major influence on the system. Let the hardworking student board members make their own judgements. The administration has the final say anyway. I encourage every faculty member who is approached by the S. G.A. to carefully consider spending 3-4 hours per week as an advisor to one of the boards. We need your help and "good judgement."

F.F. Raio


ROTUNDA Longwood College Farmville, Virginia Editor-in-Chief Frank F. Raio

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Published Weekly during the College year with the exception of Holidays and examination periods by the students of Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Opinions expressed are those of the Editor-in-Chief and its columnists, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the student body or the administraction. Letters to the Editor are welcomed. They must be typed, signed and submitted to the Editor by the Friday preceding publication date. All letters are subject to editing. Send Letters to: THE ROTUNDA Box 1133 Longwood College Farmville, Virginia 23901




Walkin' in the Rain

Delta Sigma Pi Rush By Mama Bunger All interested business majors are invited to attend "Meet the Chapter" night on Tuesday, Sept. 24, in Lankford's Honor Council Room. There will also be a

dinner meeting Wednesday, Sept. 25 in the Virginia Room at 5:30 p.m. Robert McEwen and Steve Enoch from Equitable Life Assurance and Financial Services are scheduled to speak.

pwMh ^




TYROUTS FOR THE DIVINERS Delta Sigma Pi is an international business fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. The Kappa Nu chapter of Longwood College is advised by Mrs. Christine Harbour. If there are any questions regarding the fraternity, contact the president of Delta Sigma Pi, Elise Patterson, at 392-3397.

WE DELIVER!! 5 p.m.-11 p.m.


(SUNDAY thru THURSDAY) No Delivery Charge to Longwood Campus



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September 25, 26 at 7:30 p.m. Jarman Studio Theatre 6 male roles, 5 female roles Technicians Needed SCRIPTS ON RESERVE AT THE LIBRARY

NEWCOMERS WELCOME Alpha Psi Omega sponsors a reading of THE DIVINERS on September 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the Studio Theatre in Jarman. j \o




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An "On-The-Ground Newspaper"

Number One

Sitting Pretty By Bruce Souza It is a well-known fact that the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. What isn't known is that the average person also spends one-tenth to onetwelfth of their lives standing near or sitting on a toilet. The variation in the time above is subject to differences in diet and geography. Some residents of the island resort of San Clemente, California say that some residents there haven't used toilets in years. While a recent cross section survey of Longwood students has indicated a much higher than average use. It would seem, therefore that proper bathroom selection becomes an important matter. It's an issue we seem to ignore in, our daily treks across campus. We tend to prefer convenience over variety and entertainment in our most intimate relaxed moments. To simply list the best Johnnys would be dull. So, first, the criteria and crucial background information must be disseminated to prospective porcelain connoisseurs. To many of us the bathroom and library have become synonymous terms, especially in the private home. Unfortunately, the public lavatory provides us with the bound literature to peruse. This is not to say that public toilets don't foster own unique endeavors. For it is a well-known fact that without reading material in the stall mankind will begin to write on the wall. Personally, I don't view bathroom graffiti as vandalism, but more as a necessary cultural bulletin board. No one can deny that the stall wan is a place for personal expression. Where else can one disseminate a libelous attack on a person, organization, or race and know that you're absolutely safe from any possible recriminations. What would Freud have said about venting aggressions while sitting on the can? It would probably fit into the anal-expulsive model, no pun intended *

(Or is that a one-eyed Cat?) you may be lucky or unlucky depending on your view to surprise a member of the opposite sex. This usually just leads to a guilt trip, and not really worth chancing it.


Souza and the prescribed etching method. All right, all right, I know, cut the B.S., and tell me the best place to squat on campus. In all seriousness this wasn't an easy piece to write. I had to question my journalistic integrity, and make valid judgments based on personal research. In mathematical terms my journalistic integrity can be described as the null set, but my research has been infallible. It took a week, and some hasty cross-campus walks in my quest for the best thrones at Longwood. Unfortunately, the inquiry focuses on men's toilets, and is sexist in approach. Thanks to A.R.A. most of us are so regular we can set our watches by the eating schedule. The grimaces on many people's faces as they leave the cafeteria suggest only one thing: immediate need of a latrine. Let me suggest a nearby convenience known as the President's bathroom. It is located in East Ruffner right by President Greenwood's office. This place is clean! Graffitti won't last 24 hours in this John. Nevertheless, one gets a warm feeling doing business there knowing you're

Arguably, the best pit stop on campus may be the Grainger 2nd floor men's room. I highly recommend this to anybody with sexual hangups or perverse habits in general. Here we have probably the highest ratio of graffiti to the square foot on campus, not to mention one of the narrowest stalls on campus. The wall is covered with everything from sexual innuendo to sexual misconception. I highly recommend coming to this can with a pen in hand. Also featured in this John we have the sexually explicit bondage and domination cartoon, which is too racy to comment on.

safe within the bowels of the brary bathroom. Such intelligent administration. This John is statements as "Deltas are cool, Sure, I know you're saying to unique because there's always a but SPE's rule the school" are yourself that I forgot to mention chance of meeting a local or etched in my mental scrapbook. your favorite latrine, but I just visiting luminary. The only My own personal addition of couldn't eat enough food to test drawback is the height of the stall "The Fraternity IQ Graph" was them all. Also everybody knows walls. They are just high enough also sadly erased. that the Longwood issue This censorship has depressed "Sweetheart" 80 grit toilet tissue for easy shoe identification if an some, but there still remains should be called bleeding heart accident should occur. Perhaps the most historic a few unspoiled (or spoiled) instead, but this is irrelevant. doniker on campus is the waterclosets on campus. Take, The real issue is the demise of bathroom in Cox. John for instance, the 2nd floor West jsome of the best splurging holes Houseman would describe taking Ruffner IVz stall model. This is a on campus. All it takes is a little a dump here as doing it the "old- classic. Graffiti here centers on imagination, and remember that fashioned way." The Cox Greek organizations, racial etching is more effective. Let's lavatory has the luxury of a hatred, and above all, Hamster start whipping the local cloakroom which is twice as big hatred. Such proverbs as bathrooms back into shape. as the toilet, which is confusing "Hamster Season - Shoot To even to the most culturally inept. Kill," and "Hampden-Sydney Although cosy, the Cox bathroom Diploma" next to the toilet roll lacks in adequate ventilation and will live in infamy. Besides, the a pungent odor might drive out graffiti this bathroom was built the most self righteous person. by the same guy who built the Like the Cox bathroom, the Edsel. The cracks between the famous Lancaster Library doors and the frame are so wide bathroom has fallen into recent that you can shake hands with the STAFF disarray. Almost every shred of people on the outside. Locks must Bruce Souza decadent graffit has been cleaned have also been an option that Frank F. Raio up or removed! Until recently the year, and it's not uncommon to Cox bathrooms had philosophical walk in on your history professor Barrett Baker statements dating back to the or vice-versa. Michael T. Clements late 1970's. Who could forget the The high rise complex offer us Independent-Greek debate that a new phenomena, the coed Kim Setzer raged on in last year's Li- bathrooms. The only twist here is




"McDonnie's moves corporate headquarter to Curry" By Bruce Souza and Frank Raio The COWPIE, in a news exclusive has uncovered a major coup in corporate re-shuffling. To avoid being gobbled up by merger-hungry corporations McDonnie's has moved their corporate headquarters to the 9th floor of Curry residence hall. Chairman and Chief Executive of McDonnie's,Fred L. Tuner, said, "the current abusive takeover environment" is prompting our new low-profile-get close to the customer approach. "We at McDonnie's have always been innovators," Tuner said, citing the recent reinvention of putting lettuce and tomato on a hamburger. Housing Director, Ric Weibl, said, "We at the 'Wood have always been innovators," citing the efficiency and fairness of last year's room draw. After a short stint at the Farmville Motel and the pre-planned freshman

attrition rate, McDonnies was ready to move in early this week. McDonnie big-wigs feel that Longwood in Farmville is the perfect place for the Headquarters. "Farmville, gosh, just the name of the town exudes anonimity," Tuner said, "plus there are simply jillions of cows and cow-like animals around here â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Curry is dandy. You know there isn't even a phone on the 9th floor." In cahoots with A.R.A., McDonnie's and Longwood College have decided to offer a new fast food curriculum. The highlights of the program include: FF 102 - "Types of meat and reasonable faxsimiles," FFV 269 - "Meat Ethics, does four legs constitute a cow," FF 455 - "Upper Level I^aw Course â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Is meat a justiciable question; and has the Supreme Court ever defined "meat."

The Diary of George the Geek ByKimSetzer Monday: Dear Diary, Hi Diary! It's me, George. What a beautiful day. I just love Mondays. I just can't figure out why everyone else on campus hates Mondays. I love my classes, I love my teachers! Golly, I just think everything is so neatto here at Longwood. I love being a freshman. Well, Diary, I have a Zoology lab. I just love my Zoology lab. Well, I'm back from Zoology lab. Everything was great until my glasses fell in the sulfuric acid. Well, I did need a new pair. The band-aid wasn't holding up that well anyway. But I wonder if my tongue is going to be alright. Tuesday: Hey Diary! How's tricks (new phrase I just learned here at college). You know diary, there is something that I am totally confused about. Who is this D. T. Bradley? Everyone says if you want a good time, go to D. T. Bradley's. Saturday night, I went to Cox, the Cunninghams, Curry and Frazier and looked on all the doors. No D. T. Bradley. Then someone told me to look on Main Street. What dorm is on Main Street? Maybe he lives off of campus. Guess what? Diary, I am becoming very radical. I decided to have a party in my room Friday night. I am going to register it and everything. Neatto, huh? I thought I would invite a few close friends over for

a chess tournament and maybe a few crossword puzzles. How exciting! I'm going to ride my Huffy bike over to Safeway for Cheetos and Cokes. How radical! Wednesday: Hi Diary, School is great. Two foreign exchange students from Afghanistan are coming. Yeah, I know that they are my roommates. But just wait we are going to have a swell time anyway. I decided that I want to do an article for the Rotunda. I am going to do a story about the Alaskan Crab migration and mating during mid-December. That should be a juicy story. I know Frank will just love it. Maybe even a picture. Maybe even my picture. Well, the weekend is coming up really fast. I still only have two people coming to my party. That's okay. They will be flocking here when they hear about the chess tournament. You know, Diary, I knew the parking situation was bad, but they actually towed away my Huffy. Can you believe that? Friday: Well Diary, I decided to go to something called a mixer. The party sorta fell through. The Afghanistan had an emergency anti-nuclear meeting. I really don't quite know what a mixer is. But maybe if I like it, I can go to a blender next week. What do you think? Sincerely Yours, George


Curry attracts the private sector.

Advice from Billy Bob Dear Billy Bob, Q. How does Farmville rank on the Russian's's priorities for nuclear war hit list? A: Weell, Farmville of course is the capital of South Central Virginia. That right there puts us right up there. No doubt them Shriners driving them little cars around during last years Christmas parade created a ruckus with them kremlins. And where do those AMC people get off on calling a car a kremlin? No wonder that model stunk. Q: Billy Bob, This fraternity guy keeps bugging me for a date. I don't like him. What should I do? A: Well, the first thing I'd do is I'd get you in my pickup truck, oh that's right I'm answering your question. Well, like my

i ie town e



grand-pappy used to say, if you They never did give them cuts want to keep the rooster out of the under their noses a chance to hen house, tie his cocky-self to a heal. Often entertain the idea of tree. But that ain't gonna help prolonging my education purely you none is it? Actually this is one on a short-term remedial basis of of them delicate-type matters. course. But not as long as they Why don't you'all come around keep letting them women in my place and we'll handle this there. personal-like. Bring some of your Dear Billy Bob: friends, and I'll seminar you'all Q: How do you explain the on it. sudden weather change last week Billy Bob, where we went from an extreme Q: Please tell me your position week of heat to instant winter. A: It has something to do with a on the state of Apartheid. A: Well, I'm glad you asked. Russian plot. You see, they have Back in '66 I played football for installed and manned a space Apartheid State, offensive line station on the moon equipped you know. I'm not impartial with large reflecting mirrors and real extra big about discussing my college some career. I liked old A.S.U. up until air conditioning units. There plot they went bilingual on me. I could was to evaporate large quantites not stand them damn women, of the Nations water supply and their lips flappin' in the breeze. catch the condensation in big plastic bags. These bags are then frozen by the air conditioning units and the result is either rocheted back to the Motherland or sold to other various This is a test. This is only a test. This is a communist speaking countries for a large profit. test of the Emergency Publishing System. For You'all have a nice week now. the next 4 sentences this paper will be conSee ya next time. ducting a test for the Emergency Publishing Please send letters to: Billy System. This is only a test. Bob, The Townie Box 1133, y Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Longwood College.


Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee This has been a test for the Emergency Publishing System. Had this been an actual emergency situation, these sentences would have been followed with advice to drop this paper and run like hell.




CLASSIFIEDS* • . PERSONALS E.Y.— Keep your butt out of the trashcans—Many Thanks. Love, Mary, Sherry & Mia Tammy, Joanna & Natasha, You are THE GIRLS and I don't know what I'd do without you! Thanks for being such great friends. I'll miss you this week ! Love, Lynda P.S. Congrads. Tasha! Gabe Stein, Hope you had a happy birthday. We all love ya lots. Party Hardy and Rock and Roll. Your Suite Mates, Tina, Chelle, Shelli Dacron, -ddie Says "GROW UP!"

WANTED 50 good men to rape and pillage a small village in South America. No experience necessary. Good pay plus benefits. Contact Marty or Al 392-4879 M.A.T.—Looks Fantastic—I still think you should consider Playboy. R.P.C. REWARD For information leading to the recovery of the gymnastics Box. Made of plywood, with blue denim covered top, and 2 rope handles. Approx. 2"xl,/j"V,l,/J". Last seen in one of the high rise dorms this summer. Contact: Dr. Nelson Neal 392-9266

I *



Bitch Wanted Are you tired of the fast talking smoothies of the singles pound? Are you sick of waking up in the wrong dog house? Bored with the coke-spoon around-thecollar of the pure breeds? Cock an ear bitches, Casey's come to Farmville! Three year Irish setter-Afghan with low flea count. Occasional drinker. I am looking for a nice smelling mixed-breed who likes quiet walks in alleys and is always willing to do up a good bowl. I have a cool off-campus pad and my master is unsuspecting. I am SAFE and hope to meet a young pup who can appreciate doggy-style, NO HEAVIES. Send photo, tags and papers to L.C. Box 1133.

Healthy Eating Habits By Barbara Agee Come join in a weekly, one hour, discussion group beginning October 1st at 12:30 in Student Health. Do you know your eating habits of today can lead to a chronic or fatal disease in the future? Do you know the difference between a saturated and polyunsaturated fat? Do you know what foods are high in cholesterol? Do you know that feelings and emotions are major factors which affect ones eating habits? If you don't learn now what constitutes a healthy diet, when will you? If you are overweight, underweight or just want to learn more about nutrition and the factors affecting metabolism, then please join us on the 1st of October at 12:30 in Student Health.



and Testament on parking

By Jeff Fleming This is the last article I'm writing on parking at Longwood College. In this last article I hope to inform you, humor you, and finally tell you where to go. To begin with, I was appointed to the Parking Appeals Committee. This committee consists of two people in the administration, two faculty members, two day students, and two dorm students. To date, the total amount of tickets on appeal for this semester are 61. We've had two meetings this semester. In addition to appeals we have discussed lot changes and problems with our map. The biggest change from last year is the Lankford parking lot has been given to dorm students. This has put many day students, that don't have early classes, in the dreaded Wynne lot. My only suggestion to the day students is to try to get to campus early. If you don't have an early class; wear your hiking boots. There is one mistake in the color coded parking map that was distributed. The map shows that spaces are available in Her lot for students. All spaces in Her lot are for the faculty. The police dept. also assures us that more signs are going up. In the first three weeks of school 1000 tickets were issued by the police officers. Of the 1000 given 148 were paid and 57 were voided. Believe it or not all that

'ml53U(—I sz. izz —-,.



l_t ■I

"But seriously folks" money the dept. eventually faculty space. If it's during the collects in tickets and late fines week you should move your car does not go back into the dept. It before 8:00 in the morning. Keep goes back to the State of Va. in mind the police dept. does have (Don't we pay enough taxes an escort service for people that already?). The best way to avoid have to park in Wynne lot; late at a ticket is to first spend $10.00 for night. My last word is on the parking a parking sticker. Second, keep the color coded map in your car appeals. Personally I welcome that you get when you buy the all student appeals for tickets sticker. Third, don't park in Are with a legitimate excuse. 2. Don't zones unless you're driving a base your appeal on, "not firetruck. Finally, don't park in knowing you were suppose to be the handicapped zones unless there." 1. Make sure your appeal you're really HANDICAPPED. form is filled out completely. 3. Don't say you never got a ticket, (Faking doesn't count ). So, it's late at night, you can't the police dept. doesn't fib about find a legal spot; you park in a ticket distribution.

Some People Are Dying To Know The Facts About Eating Disorders. The truth is, bulimia and anorexia nervosa are being diagnosed at an almost epidemic rate. An estimated 15 to 20 percent of all college women are bulimic, and approximately one out of every 100-250 young women suffer from anorexia. People with bulimia go on periodic eating binges, only to force up or "purge" their food later. Anorectics typically starve themselves to as little as 65 percent of their normal body weight—or even less. Eating disorders are illnesses, ones that can take over your life. But it doesn't have to be that way—effective treatment can turn your life around. Don't wait. Get the facts now. Clip and mail this coupon, or call Dominion Hospital at 536-2000 for a free booklet.

You Can Have The Facts, Free. Please send me your fact-filled book on eating disorders and their treatment. Name Address Citv State Zip Dominion Hospital 2960 Sleepy Hollow Road. Falls Church. Virginia 22044 (703) 536-2000


SPORTS FEATURE Frank Tennyson By Tim Fitzgerald

FARMVILLE, VA. Everyone should have at least one chance to live the life of Walter Mitty. This summer Franklin Delano Roosevelt Tennyson got his chance. Tennyson, a 5-8 point guard on Longwood's basketball team, spent much of his summer in a dream world. Tennyson worked as a counselor at various basketball camps and had the chance to rub elbows with such superstars as Ralph Sampson and Michael Jordan. With the help of Longwood basketball coach Cal Luther, Tennyson was originally scheduled to work one week at the James Madison Basketball camp. But, he did such an outstanding job at JMU that he was asked to work at Ralph Sampson's first camp the following week in Harrisonburg. At Madison, the counselors spent the entire day refereeing games. Tennyson did an exceptional job and was selected to officiate the championship game. Each night, after officiating as many as seven or eight games, the counselors held live scrimmages until 11:30 or 12:00. "It was intense, all out, hardnosed basketball," said Tennyson. It was Roger Bergey, Ralph Sampson's high school coach from Harrisonburg, who was impressed with Tennyson's work at the JMU camp and asked him to work the next week at Ralph's camp. While there, Tennyson roomed with former Highland Springs High teammate and UVA star

Ricky Stokes. "We stayed with Ralph, and we became friends. He's really a great guy. Every morning he would spend about a half hour giving the kids free shirts, shoes, sweats, basketballs and other items. He was always there for the kids. He never missed a session." Each counselor, most of whom were from Divison I schools, was assigned to coach a team, and Tennyson's team won the camp championship. "It was a really big event. We were on TV, and we got a lot of recognition. I was really happy for the kids," said Tennyson. As at Madison, night hours were reserved for live scrimmages by the counselors. "I improved a lot playing with those guys. When you play above your level you've got to improve or get out." After showing his playing and coaching abilities, Tennyson was



Plagued by a slow start, the Longwood men's golf team finished 16th out of 17 teams in the VMI and Washington & I^ee Invitational Tournament over the weekend. Ixmgwood carded rounds of 335 and 328 for a 36-hole total of 663. Elon won the event with a 298-294592, topping seven Division I teams. This week, the Lancer golfers host Chowan, Liberty University and Hampden-Sydney Thursday at Longwood Golf Course for a four-team match. "We didn't play that well overall, but I was pleased with Ty Bordner's first round score," said Coach Steve Nelson. "I think if we can get everybody playing up to their capabilities at the same time, we'll be okay."

longwood's volleyball team had a shot at winning all three games Friday night, but came away a loser as homestanding Randolph-Macon Woman's College took a 15-7,15-10 and 15-11 victory in Lynchburg. The Lady Lancers trailed 7-0 before rallying in the first game, were ahead 10-4 in the second contest and cut a 14-1 deficit to 1411 before bowing in the third game. "We played better than in our opening loss to Chowan, but we lost a lot of points on servereceive," said coach Linda Elliott. "The biggest problem we have is we just don't know how to win."

in high demand. "I had the opportunity to work at a different camp everyday for the rest of the summer, but I couldn't do it because of my job at the Boys Club of Richmond." For Tennyson it was a summer of nothing but basketball. By the time he came back to Longwood, he had met such stars as Ralph Sampson, Michael Jordan, John Lucas, Alex English, Calvin Murphey, Othel Wilson, Johnny Dawkins, Ricky Stokes and many others. "Being around these people and playing with the people I played with has really helped my confidence offensively. I've always been consistent on defense, but now I am more confident in my ability to score." According to coach Cal Luther, "I wish every player could have these experiences to help his confidence the way they have obviously helped Frank's." Last season as a junior, Tennyson averaged 3.8 points per game while leading the Lancers in field goal percentage (.556) and finishing third in free throw percentage (.730). Longwood, however, experienced its first losing season in six years. After a summer of preparation, Longwood's Walter Mitty, Frank Tennyson, is ready for the challenges that lie ahead in the Mason-Dixon Conference. "I don't want to make a definite prediction, but I feel that we can win the conferences. I have confidence in our recruits and our returning players. I don't want to sound over-confident, but I think this can be our best year ever."

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Kyoud, a junior who keys the Longwood attack with his passes from midfield, headed up the 11man All-Tournament team. The tournament MVP was joined by Lancer teammates Mike Harris, the tournament Most Valuable Defender, back Shawn McArdle, and forward Tim Ford on the alltourney squad. While T ^wood's tournament games /eared to be relatively even battles according to the scores, the Lancers actually dominated both Slippery Rock and Hampden-Sydney. Longwood had 30 shots to Slippery Rock's 9 in the first round and 26 shots to HampdenSydney's 2 in the tournament championship game. In building a 6-0 record, the Lancers have out-scored their opponents 20-6. Staked to a 2-0 lead on goals by Mark Kremen and Tim Ford, Longwood had to go overtime when The Rock came up with two goals which bounced off Lancer defenders. Another goal by Ford, who has five with the two assists thus far, in the first overtime and a score by sophomore Chris Erard-Coupe in the second extra period, gave Longwood the win. The Lancers avenged a 4-0 setback to Slippery Rock in last year's tourney. Senior John Kennen tied a school mark with three assists in Saturday's victory. Junior midfielder Mahfoud Kyoud has led the Longwood team to two tournament championships and five straight victories over the past eight days. For his performance, the 5-9, 160pounder has been named Longwood College Player of the Week for the period September 16-23. Player of the Week is chosen by the Longwood Sports Information Office.

Senior forward Sue Groff moved into second place on Longwood's all-time scoring list and the longwood field hockey team picked up two wins in a successful weekend of action in Boone, North Carolina Friday and Saturday. Longwood shut-out host Appalachian State 1-0 Friday behind a goal by senior Sharon Bruce and Saturday morning the Lady Lancers beat the University of the South (Sewanee) 3-1 as Groff knocked in all three scores. With the goals, Groff increased her career total to 37, moving past Carol Filo (35) and into second place in career goals behind Terry Voit (93). Groff has now scored nine goals in helping Coach Sue Finnie's team get off to a 5-1 start. Longwood has now outscored its six opponents by a whopping 20-3 margin, but coach Finnie has also been pleased with her team's defense. While Groff and Bruce shared the offensive player of the game award in Friday's victory, senior Tammy Marshall was tabbed the defensive player of the game. Marshall was credited with 16 interceptions and had a crucial save on a corner. Claye Conkwright had 20 interceptions and Lesley Rapoza had 17. "We're playing very well now," said Finnie. "We had a great game Friday in terms of passing. Our timing was superb." This week Longwood entertains Mary Washington Wednesday at 4:00 and has a pair of games scheduled at James Madison over the weekend. Friday at 6:00 Appalachian will be set for a rematch and Saturday morning the I^ady Lancers will face Radford.



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Rugby On Saturday, September 21, the Longwood College Rugby Club played in its first match of the season. Their opponents on this warm fall day were none other than last year's Virginia Rugby Union Champions, the Norfolk Blues. The first half saw some tough hitting; however, the only points scored were by Norfolk on a penalty kick. The half ended with the score Norfolk 3, Longwood 0. Po»linc

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Longwood came back in the second half to take the lead on a try scored by Dave Rackley. The point after attempt missed and the score stood at 4-3 Longwood. Longwood's lead was brief as Norfolk came back and scored 13 consecutive points after attempt, to take the lead 16-4. Longwood's final score came from a drop kick executed by Phillipe Casenave. The game ended with Norfolk as the winners 16-7.^

The Longwood College Rugby Club has the ing matches left: University of Richmond September 28 T.C. Williams Law School October 5 Lynchburg October 12 Washington & Lee October 26 Ed Lee State Tournament November 2 George Mason University November 9 November 23 VMI

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