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AI'KII. 14. 1923

JOHN POWELL IN FARMVILLE PIXIE "CAMPER" SHOWS V, P. I, TO HAVE NEW BUILDING Large Audience Attends John Powell Alumni Launch Campaign for World War ABILITY FOR ACTING Concert. Memorial Hall. A large audience, consisting of Normal School students, town people, and representatives From Blackstone, Hampden-Sidney, and other nearby towns, was royally entertained on Tuesday night, \pril lo in the Normal School Auditorium by John Powell, one of America's foretnosl piamsts and composers. Virginia is very proud to add to IKT long list of famous men this worthy son. He is a native of Richmond, and a graduate of the University of Virginia. The program, consisting of some of his own compositions and those of other famous masters of music, played on his own Steinway Piano, was as follow-: 1. Beethoven Sonata in C Major Opus. S3 (VValdstein > Allegro ion brio Introduzoine, Adagio Molto Kendo Allegretto Moderato, Prestissimo 2. Chopin Nocturne I) flat, Scherzo C sharp minor. Polonaise, A Hal 3. Beethoven Three Country Dances C major; E flat major: I.' major

John Powell Fair" j David Guion

Tuesday morning, in the Training School Assembly the Ninth Grade dramatized two scenes from "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" in which Chad's dog, Jack is being tried for sheep killing. 1 ii the first scene the mountaineer- assemble for the trial, over which the Squire presides. The jury is chosen: and. after the witnesses are heard, the jury pronounce the dog guilty. The second scene is on the hillside near the dead sheep and Whiz/.er. Mere Jack is found innocent and both the Turners and the Dillons return home to remain enemies for life.

"A large building of native stone with steel frame-work. The basement of the building t<» 1 lannah 1 lamlet contain storing facilities and fifty or sixty shower Pixie "Camper"

The cast of characters is as follow-: Chad Jack

Squire Sheriff Joel Turner Mrs. Turner Milissa Old Tad Dillon Little Tad Dillon Daws Dillon

Mrs. Dillon Silas Brown

baths, a swimming pool of the latest type, approxPauline Stallard imately thirty by seventy feet, will be built as Leggy Madison

Smitty Carter Margaret rlubbard Constance Lovd Elizabeth Cash Thelma Swishcr Kloisc W'arriner

Bessie Snell Fanny Grainger

Sam Jones

\lva Williams

Will Tompkins

Ilallie Blmore

Banjo Picker (from "At the Tom lliggin

Turkey in the Straw 4. Liszt -Slumber Song, Rhapsodic Hongroise, No. 13 This splendid entertainment gave everyone present an opportunity of hearing a truly great artist and of seeing and feeling proud of a noted Virginian. John Powell was brought to Farmville by members of the alumnae of Parmville Normal for the benefit of the Student Building.


At the gathering of alumni, more than 12 hundred in number—which took place at Blacksburs lasl May. it was proposed by the President of the Alumni Association that a fund of $250,000 be raised with which to erect a building as a memorial to their students who fought in the great war. Some program ha- already been made and the committee is now planning to actively push the campaign throughout the state and tin' south. The building which the alumni of \ . 1'. I. will MM for their Alma Mater is as follows:

Mary Johns

CLEF COLUMN The Editor offers for the delectation of the audience this week the following cheerful ditty,

for which Becky Dedmon is responsible. Did you ever think as the hearse rolls by That maybe some day you and I \\ ill roll along in a big black hack With never a thought of coming hack. And they dig a hole and bury you deep And you never wake from that awful sleep.

And the worms crawl out, and the worms crawl in

an annex to the basement and first flour. The main floor to be devoted to a large well-equipped gymnasium. The room to be SO arranged that it can be used for drill purposes during Winter months; also to he used for basketball, tennis and other indoor sports. The second floor to contain a thoroughly modern auditorium with appropriate dressing rooms. The third floor to contain large, well-equipped halls for the literary societies, several rooms to he fitted up as "a cluh" tor the professors, graduate students and visiting alumni, a room for the Bugle Board, Editors of the '■Tech.*- the Monogram Cluh and all other student organizations. The fourth floor to contain rooms with appropriate toilet and bathing facilities where all visiting athletic teams may he properly entertained and twenty to thirty additional bedrooms to he available for visiting alumni. The college authorities have agreed to permanently heat, light and furnish janitor service for this building. The committee in charge of the campaign hopes thai the cornerstone may he laid during the commencement exercises of 1(>2.}. anil the build*

ing dedicated during commencement, N24.

The) crawl all over your mouth and chin. They bring their friends and their friends* DRAMATIC CLUB GIVES NEXT LYCEUM friends too. And they all come in for a friendly chew. NUMBER And your eyes fall out And your teeth fall in The Dramatic Cluh will present three plays, And your limits fall off of you "The [mpertenance of the Creature" lcoined\ i. Limb by limb. "Spreading the News" (comedy), and "The Ah-men Masque of the Two Strangers" i Poetic play of Ah-women, Symbolism) for their Lyceum number on April 20. It is needless to promise a treat, for the MICSince sitting in a certain large lecture course, we almost know how the Philistine felt when he 0 I of the cluh in the past. s|>eaks for the future. All alumnae are especially invited to atreference on a hungry Sunday afternoon. Also was killed by the jaw hone of an a~s. tend. Jack -o*- Lantern. a practical suggestion to send to your mother.

( ine cup Judges 5:25 ; two CUps Jeremiah <>:20; three and one half CUDS I Kings 4:22; two cups I Samuel 30:10; two cups Jeremiah 8:13; one cup Genesis 43:11; one cup Proverbs 30:33; nx cups Isiah 10:14; a little Leviticus 2:13; two tablespoonsful Proverbs 24:13; sweet spices to taste. 1 Kings, 10:2; two heaping table spoonsful Galatians 5:9. Follow Solomon's advice for making good hoys (first clause of Proverbs 2.^:14) and you will have a good cake. Hake in a moderately hot oven. Mrs. J. II. I lines. Girls, here is food for thought and Biblical




Member Southern Inter-Collegiate Newspaper Ass'n Everyone possesses a name. It i> one thing Published weekly by the students of The State Normal we have in common with our neighbors. If conSchool, Farmville, Va. Entered as second-class matter March 1, 1921, at the versation lags and we have exhausted the pospost office of Farmville, Virginia, under the Act of sibilities of the weather as a topic, why not disMarch 3, 1879. cuss names? Nearly every locality has names which to outSubscription $2.00 per year. siders seem queer. In Florida I know a Miss ROTUNDA STAFF Silvertooth. It seemed incongruous thai she C^JUMJU should possess perfect teeth with not a trace of Editor-in-Chief silver about them. Assistant Editor DOHOTIIV EwMfWB t=^w 1 have a friend who seems to fear that some UOARD OF EDITORS: News *^.&?4£rr? \uu» MauiurTH day a dire calamity may overtake her she may Athletic X. '^rr* Nn.i, UadtMB* not have anything with which to cover her head. Joke Jjl.-. b<J*M**S UMII.^L-CAIJWTT To offset this possibility she married a Mr. Hatt. Literary fr £*MmMft....~ P*ui,ivii BBHW I MB Exchange ... Ar..i 3»r>»>**/>!'. CJHIOMTH MORROW lie died and for a long lime she mourned the loss vAlumnae Miss BROWNIE TALIAFERRO of her Mall, hut after a while she was convinced MANAGERS: that a Roof offered even greater protection to her ^Business Manager CI^IST^NILABMSTRO,NG,A than a Hatt. so now sin- is Mrs. Root. Assistant Business Manager ' hrniWfljr^m-f^ff^T^* The names of colors are used for family Circulation Manager /UEtaMM i—iitHM Assistant Circulation M..nager.^i>.....4iu>^°,ll.'iiiv is«wn names. No doubt many of its could construct \ni Uinl I'lii iilnhi II i\l in i i r ii 'i flaMWHfcJjSMBj Advertising Matiager#tiMGiiL!gi#a»igy...CatgMMMt Hno a rainbow from our acquaintances with color Typist MARTHA PHILLIPS names. In my home town we have a druggist named While, a dentist named I Hack, and a merchant named Brown, all of whom are Knighl Templais. They went to a convention in San Francisco. When the train stopped at a small Kansas station a man rushed in and said he wished to meet his brother Templais. Mr. White began to introduce himself, Dr. Black, and Mr. Brown. The man broke out into a hearty laugh and said, "My name's Green." 1 once taught in a school when' every morning the principal called the roll of the entire school THIS STAFF'S LAST WORD at the opening exercises, lie called the family Tlii> week is the last week that this staff has first and went all the way from Anderson, Anna, the privilege of working for the ROTUNDA. It to Ziggler, Mary. In my room were two girls, ends our newspaper work at S. X. S. We take Annie I'.die Sane and Kan- Gofortti. The calling this, our last opportunity, to speak to our readers. of these two names amused me very much. The We wish in 'hank the- faculty and student body principal would pause for effect between the for their aid in making the ROTUNDA what it is. names. When he reached Sane. Annie Belle, 1 looked around to see whether some unfortunate We wish to thank Dr. Jannan for his kindni in furnishing the ROTUNDA office in such a man occurrence had driven Annie Belle insane. Evner that it has been a pleasure to work in it. It ery time his voice boomed out "Go forth, Kate."' was because of you thai this staff was able to 1 expected to sec Kate rise and go forth, for add another sheet to the paper. Through the our principals commanding voice was one not reorganization and enlargement of the staff, the likely to be disohexed. Sometimes we think it unfortunate that we extension oi the advertising and subscription list--, the enlarging of the exchange li-t, the prac- cannot choose our own names. ( iftcu we think tice of having various cuts and cartoons, the in- them inappropriate, hut after all, what's in a troduction of the Christmas gift shop, and pub- name? Is it not what we put into it? < >UT lishing the best material which we could obtain, names represent US and we can make them mean what we will.


DA VIDSON'S Department Store "Farmville's

Largest and • Store"



The Finest in Wearing Apparel. Millinery and Footwear

207-209-211 and 213 Main Street FARMVILLE, VA. "WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS"

First National Bank FARMVILLE. VA. Every Convenience Offered Women Depositors

MISSES DAVIDSON The Ladies' Specialty Shop Suits, Coats, Dresses. Blouses, Dry Goods and Notions FARMVILLE, VA.

Gray's Drug Store The Drug Store with the Personal Touch Carrying an Up-to-date Line of

Toilette Necessities and Stationery FARMVILLE, VA.

R. W. Garnett & Co. Leaders of Fashion IX

Ladies' Tailored Suits and Millinery FARMVILLE, VA.

OGDEN STUDIO Portraits: All Sizes and Styles School Work a Specialty Amateur Work Finished


Go to THE EACO THEATRE Farmville's New $50,000 Play House DR. L. D. WHITAKER, Manager

Good Things to Eat Just Across the Street AT


we have tried to make our paper better and prove worth) of the trust you placed in m b) making Jim: "I heard you talking in your sleep aboul Fountain Drinks. Confectioneries, Canned us metnbeia of the staff. something 'sweel and Irish.' " Goods. Olives. Pickles. School Supplies As the time comes to leave this work, we do so Hill: "Oh yes; | dreamed I was selling potaFARMVILLE. VA. with hesitancy, because we realize what a great toes." opportunity we have had in serving the school. I'.oil Weevil. Tin- advantage will go to the new staff next THE COMMITTEE OF 39 ON PUBLIC week. They arc full of ideas for making the Ted: "d suppose you're fond of golf?" SCHOOL METHODS ROTUNDA I better paper. It is up to you, student Xed: (Fingering his watch chain). "Yes, you AT YOUlt .SKKVICE. bodj and faculty, to help them attain their goal -ee. I (;,ny the links around with me." Material covering all aubjecta In the courae of atudy. "I what the Km i\n\ should be.



I'.oil Weevil.


Departments on proj'- nethod. motivation, the socialized recitation programs .. special daya. Write for Information to Ft. O. WICKHAM. Organizer for Va.. Hampton. Va.



WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE CAMPUS FORUM? "What do you think of the Campus Forum?" has been asked of many girls over the whole United States, even right here on our own campus. What do we as Association members think of it: First of all. what do we know about it? Do we know that it is really a section of the Y. W . C. \. publication, the Woman's Press. set aside especial!) for us, students. We are its contributors as well as its readers yes. Farmville has had a contribution in the- Campus Forum. I lave you read it? This is just an example of numerous questions and things of interest ahum the vastness of the Y. \\. C. A. work which we ought to know. Ask any of the members of the Cabinet what they are doing now; they will be mosl apt to answer "studying" and refer yon to_a regular course of study and references on the Cabinet room table. They arc studying. They have each been chosen for a particular fitness for her place. and the) are striving to go forward, to receive training and a broader vision of the scope of the whole Association. They are to take an examination on the work and then go to Westhamptofl College to a Cabinet Training Council that they may be better leaders and representatives for us as Association members. Are we not to learn also? Certainly, and not necessarily all from them either. Let ns study onr Association, ours in the sense of the- world wide influence. Let us learn the work, let up keep posted as t" what's happening in our Association World. Read the Woman's Press and other good books on the V*. W. C. A. reading table.

I was told to write a farewell poem For the Staff "Just something cl< ver, don't you know— That'll make the girls all laugh!" I tried to make it clever And I tried to make it rhyme I tried and tried. Alas, it got Worse cadi successive time! Anyway It all amounts to

This. The prophet who Was without honor in his native land 1 lad nothing on The stall ( )f any school Newspaper. Not only was it honor that We «lid not yet But also contributions, Hut still— We liked it all—or most of it. We hope You won't forget US by next week. We hope you'll help ( Kir dear success >rs. That's all. I loodbye.

Cash Mr. \\. \\. Jackson Peoples National Bank Mary Mills Mr. Percy Dugger Mr. X. B. Davidson Mis> Smithey Mr. J. M. I.ear Mr. P. \\. Fattig Gamma Theta Sorority Clara Thompson Mr. R. C Bristow


Grand Total. $18331.14.

W. E. ENGLAND Merchant Tailor

Phone 249



VIOLIN, PIANO, VOICE Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Cornet

GOLDMAN'S CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM GOLDMAN Pupils prepared for orchestra, concert and church work

PLANTERS' BANK OF FARMVILLE FARMVILLS, VA. STATE, CITY AND COUNTY DEPOSITORY Capital Stock $ 50,000.00 Surplus 100,000.00 "The Old Reliable Bank"

Garland, Martin & Blanton

All the latest and up-to-date styles always on hand HATS FOR SCHOOL GIRLS A SPECIALTY




Main Street

Rear Chappell Co.'s Store

Watches, Clocks, Diamonds, Rings, Class and Sorority Rings


2.00 Dry Goods, Notions and Furnishings, School Supplies 5.00 50.00 10.00 5.00 AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN PLAN 50.00 HOT AND COLD WATER W.00 Rooms with or without bath 10.00 J. O. HARDAWAY. Proprietor FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA 10.00 10.00 10.00 5.00


Duvall Motor Co-Automobiles




Trucks, Tractors and Farm Machinery Total

Every Day We Are on the Job —We

Suppose You Have a Fire Tonight?

Wholesale and Retail Distributor of


We Are Knockers


PUBLIC SALES We have purchased 122,000 pair of LJ. S. Army .Munson last shoes, sizes 5j4 to 12 which was the entire surplus stock of one of the largest U. S. Government shoe contractors. This shoe is guaranteed one hundred per cent solid leather, color dark tan, bellows tongue, dirt and water proof.

The actual value of this

shoe is $6.00. Owing to this tremendous buy we can offer same to the public at $2.95. Send correct si/e. Pay postman on delivery or send money order. If shoes arc not as represented we will cheerfully refund your money upon request.


THE ROTUNDA, APRIL 14. 1923 in the United State-. It is One of the Best Pictures Ever Shown Anywhere. Pathe News Monday and a Good Comedy Tuesday. MatHammermill Bond Social Stationery inee at 4 O'clock Mondav. Admission to Normal Students 35 cent-. School Supplies—S. N. S. Pennants—Banners Wed.—We have requested a -how for this Pillow Cases date, hut as the show is on the road we are not yet sure of getting it here. GOOD THINGS TO EAT AND DRINK Thu. & Fri.—Helen Chadwick and a Big All Star east, in the Special Production "Gimme" BUREAU OF INFORMATION from the .-lory by Rupert Hughes. Suppose you had borrowed five hundred dollars to buy a trousseau for your honeymoon—and then suppose your husband were to learn of your mystery later on—What would you say in answer to his DRUGGISTS jealous accusations? ( )h hoy. what a picture! Rupert Hughes has made an uproarious comedyThe REXALL Store drama of high finance in the home and you are Agents for Eastman Kodaks going to howl at many a "touching" and familiar We invite you to visit our new fountain situation. Every Girl Will Enjoy This Picture. Fox Xews Thursday and a Good Comedy FriFARMVILLE, VIRGINIA day. Admission to Normal Students 25 cents. Sat.—Viola Dana in "Love in the Dark." one of her latest and very beat picture-. An exciting comedy-drama with a laugh for every thrill, (iirls, you will enjoy this tense, hilarious comNORMAL GIRLS HEADQUARTERS FOR edy, and a charming romance in a rapidly moving Classy Millinery, Suits, Dresses, Shoes, Dry Story. You have Viola Dana is her most delightGoods, Notions, Etc. ful role. Also 9th episode of the serial. Admission to Normal Students 20 cents.


JJTERARY1 OOCIETIEO PIERIAN The I'icri.-m Literary Society held its meeting Saturda) evening between 7:00 and 8:00. Alter the old business and some very important new business was discussed the short but interesting program was rendered : Ilariet Coleman made an interesting talk on Madam Marie Curie. Louise Stevenson gave importanttpoints and works of Judge Florence Allen. The meeting adjourned.




The Ruliner Literary Society met Tuesday, April 3. The time was taken up with a husiness meeting in regard to revision of the constitution, io be decided at a joint meeting of the Athenian. Cunningham and Ruffner societies. It was also "Jepson broke off his engagement with that Established 1868 decided to change the meeting hour and day of peach." The Confidence of the Community for Over the Ruffner Society to Saturday night at 7 '"1 suppose she gave him the rinj,r?" Half a Century o'clock. "No, you see. she'.s a clin^-stone peach." Finest Toilette Requisites, Drugs and Judge.




The Athenian Literary Society held a short STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FOR WOMEN hut interesting program on Tuesday. April 10. FARMVILLE, VA. After the regular business, the following proWE TAKE PRIDE J. L. JARMAN, President In preparing and serving the most elaborate banquets gram was given: For Catalogue address THE REGISTRAR, at the most reasonable price. Stmg—"( tar Athenian" Society State Normal School for Women, Farmville, Banquets for school organizations our specialty. Virginia. "The WCddiug King." by Van Dyke , / VIRGINIA CAFE Jessie Pittard PHONE 227 Recitation ('.race Noel





Cut Flowers for Every Occasion

April 16th-21st. Mon. & Tue. "The Christian." The greal High Class Jewelry and Watch Repairing at Special Production from the novel by same LYNN'S JEWELRY STORE name by Sor Hall Caine. Enacted by an all Btar cast headed by Richard Dix. The story of the on Third Street man who had to choose between his devotion to religion and an over powering passion for London's famous stage beauty it the most thrillin- and dramatic love drama the world has ever known, It has been made into the biggest picMAIN STREET AT HIGH ture of the year. This is the Big Picture That Delicious drinks and the most satisfying dainties Was Shown in Richmond About a Mouth Ago, to eat. and the Film Was Kept Under Police Guard. We specialize in catering to Normal School Stu'I he showing in Richmond was it> first showing dents.

SHANNON'S Soda Shop and Bakery



PHONES 166 and 148


Ice Cream and Butter PHONE 55


THE ROTUNDA, Ai'RII. 14, 1923

PUPPY LOVE There is a malady more widespread than measles. And far more dangerous. In the terrors which ii holds for its victims it is more deadly than smallpox, yet in its humor for onlookers it is rivalled only by mumps. < Inly fools are stricken with it. yet having had it, one ceases to be a fool automatically with its cure, i have heard many who were once afflicted so in youth speak of it. and such see to be the consensus of opinion. li i> no respecter of age, although among ado lescenl youth it i> perhaps most prevalent. I have seen, however strong men and able women stricken down as mercilessly as the most hlatont


word right in my mouth!" My father seemed on the point of explosion hut thought better of it. and took to his bed instead, from which he did not rise again for many days. | \v said that it was hard to find in his old age that one of his children was an imbecile. John committed poetry. All Puppy hove victims do. Write would be perhaps, a more ]MIliu- term, but commit i> more appropriate. Vesundoubtedly commit i> the only word. For the poetry of Puppy l.ove is crime. It is gloried with a purple freedom one seldom finds elsewhere. It is profusely decorated with rosebuds and small gooey hearts, h i- populated to overflowing with obese eupids and woiidroiisly beautiful maidens and round, fat. pumpkin colored moons. It oozes with sticky words, h j> unthinkable. It is painful. It should he punishable by law. John suffered spasms of exquisite torture as well as moments of unlivable bliss. lb- sighed—vast, gusty sighs that seemed ambitious to carry house and all away on their capacious bosoms to some distant, romantically gloom) Arcady. He was melancholy with an inconsolable gloom and tragic darkness. He was happy to simple mindedness. Funerals seemed to fascinate him. He would attend every one anywhere within a radius of twenty miles. >it through the service with a sickly and watery smile, and return home, to sit in the pale moonlight and commit more ]*>etry, commencing "If I should die, wouldst thou forget me?" He did nothing but mope and clutter up the house with himself and his eternal ravings which he would write on paper and then leave to he blown about and read by every one who came by and disgrace the family. He was forever in the way. and when one would remind him of this, he would move away with such a pathetic look in his eyes as puppies have when they are turned outdoors mi a cold morning. < toe couldn't kick him. He was too pathetic. Truly, be did those things he OUght not to have done, but more truly, he left undone everything he by any remote chance should have done. | have painted this picture of a sufferer from Puppy l.ove in too dark tones. I shall splash vivid sunshine across the dark canvas: ( >ne always recovers. John did. Some one laughed at him. He became cynical. He is almost normal now.



POST OFFICE PHARMACY Drugs and Toilette Articles Superior Fountain Drinks and PAGE and SHAW CANDIES

C. E. CHAPPELL COMPANY Dealers in Confectioneries, Fruits, Blank Books

Did I mention it-- name: There is no need Stationery, School Supplies here to mention its scientific cognomen, that being long at:d painful to tin1 ear. We shall Fraternity and Club Jewelry speak of it by its fervently, sometimes even vioSTATIONERY lently bestowed name of Puppy Love. A parWE MAKE THE DEGREE CLASS RINGS ticularh appropriate name, it seems to me, tor man) reasons too dark and deep to divulge L. G. BALFOUR CO., Attleboro, Mass. hei e SOUTHERN BRANCH OFFICE l once knew an individual who was Buffering from this strange disease. He was my brother 401-02 Methodist Building. Richmond, Va. [ohn. I did not know then what was his trouhle. although I pondered on il many times, someCONSERVATORY OF MUSIC times mirthfully, and sometimes distinctly othAffiliated with the S. N. S. since 1907 erwise, lie wore, I remember, a flowing tie, Gives modern instruction in Piano and Vocal long flopping hair and a pained expression. Theory, Harmony, Aesthetics, &c. The>e characteristics probably had nothing to At reasonable tuition rates do with the malady, Puppy Love, although 1 am not even yet lure, I have never broached the question but once. Since that attempt to clear up what was a deep mystery to me, I PHOTOGRAPHER have been possessed of a singular delicacy on OVER GARLAND & McINTOSH the subject, which has caused me to retrain OPEN ONLY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY from any mention of it. He ha> since reformed. SPECIAL PRICES TO S. N. S. STUDENTS Mv brother John firsl evidenced symptoms of I'uppv l.ove at the table. neibund then that it was necessary to Mieani three times before he FOR could be persuaded to pan the butter. Not that LUNCHEON AND PICNIC he was partial toward the butter. He simply NECESSITIES declined to pas- anything. It did not seem to be LET US SUPPLY THAT FEED stubbornness on his part, but rather a deafness of the brain. This grew more noticeable as the trouble grew worse. Toward the end no FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA amount of screaming seemed to have any el feet. This was true also in ordinary conversation. I remember my father grew quite vistent. He had been asking John about pruning some fruit trees. After waiting some moments in vain for a response, lie shouted: MRS. A. P. MONTAGUE, Business Manager 503 Krise Bldg. Lynchburg, Va. "Well, you blithering moonstruck fool, can't Chas.: "Have a good time in Ktlicl's tar last you talk at all?" It was then that John turned night ?" around eagerly, his face alight with the expres"ATTENTION LADIES" las.: "Xaw. she's too ambiguous." AT LAST sion one puts on upon finding, at last a kindred Chas.: "Howzat?" spirit. My father's mouth gaped. John was GUARANTEED SILK HOSIERY las. : '*\\}lien she asked nie it" I minded if shegoing to answer! He did. He said: had to take a crank along, 1 didn't know she 4 pair for $5.00— See Miss G. Bonnewell— "Yes, I think 'moon' would he miuii better meant her aunt.'' Room 122 in that line than '.stars,' too. You put the verv Froth. The Real Silk Hosiery Mills


The Pure Food Store



Real Estate and Insurance

THE ROTUNDA, APRIL 14. 1923 Mary had a little lamb, And when she saw il sicken, .She- sent it to the packing house And now its labeled chicken.


FUTURE TEACHERS! Write for our complete catalogue of School Supplies. We carry in Richmond a large stock of Kindergarten Furniture and Supplies, Water Colors, Drawing Paper, Note Books, Inks, Tablets and in fact every article for "Why won't you ever kiss any of the fellows?" Schools and Colleges. "For goodness* sake!'" exclaimed the girl. Write for latest catalogues and price list.

I town on the dune Where the breakers roar. In the sofl summer days of June, The sand-fiddlers sit ()n a sand spit And fiddle a Bweet spittoon. Exchange.

"How can you keep from hitting your thumb when you drive a nail?" "lldd the hammer in both hand.-."'

Will Fix Your Shoes While You Wait

"Yes, I was in the Sixty-second regiment." "A minute man. huh?"

When you can't think ()f anything

FARMVILLE, VA. 4% Interest on Deposits Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent

In front of Post Office



Dr. Morgenthan Declares We Are in 30 Years War.

And she says "Hamlet*"— < >h death where is thy stinger at?

"We are in the midst of another 30 years war, which began with the Balkan war of 1912. and it i> very uncertain, as may be judged from the present disturbed conditions in Europe, what will I Orchestra Drummer: "I"in the fastest man in take place during the remaining 18 years of this period," declared Dr. Henry Morgenthan, Forthe world." mer American ambassador to Turkey during the 'How's that?" World war. Monday evening before an audi<). 1).: "Time flies, doesn't it?" ence that completely filled the gymnasium. V.: "So they say." 0. I).: "Well. 1 heat time." S. I. X. A. Chaparral. Georgia to Have New Memorial Hall. "Why do they always eheer when a fellow getfl The University of Georgia War Memorial hurt Hall contract was awarded to Smallman-Brice "So the ladie- won't hear what lie says."

Yoo Doo. Boo who? \\ hatelia crying about:

People's National Bank


Tragedy And you ask some Local idiot to Tell you a Tragedy

I'» N<:

Best Workmanship and Leather Used

Lemon Puneh.

To write as the weekly




Embryo: "What was Hobson's choice, Professor?" Prof.: '*— —ah. er, why Mrs. ilobson, of Tin girl across the hall wants to know if Joan course." (>ctopus. of Are was related to Noah.

Tragedy 364J.


Construction Co. of Birmingham, at a special meeting of trustees of the University War Memorial Fund in the- office of Attorney F. Warren Maise here. It will C0»1 $180,000 to

complete the magnincenl structure on the L'niversity campus, started as "Alumni Hall" nearly two decades ago, Work will begin within the "Do you know anything good about thai girl?" week, and the building, it is expected, will be completed by opening of the 1923-1924 session "Yes, but l promised not t<> repeal it." Gargoyle. "' ,lu' University. S. I. X. A. Big Negro: "Look here, Sambo, what would you do if vim wit/ to k'it a letter from <lat Kit '■'•1,,I> College has just reee.ved a eash donaKlitx Klan?" ''"" ()l $25,000 from a generous friend, who Little Negro: "Hoy, I'd read dat note On de wislu> ,,is ^entity to remain a secret. tram. S. I. X. A.


Burrells Kash Grocery FOR


HERFF JONES COMPANY MANUFACTURNG JEWELERS AND ENGRAVERS INDIANAPOLIS We Manufacture the Standard Ring for the Farmville State Normal School




Rotunda vol 3, no 25 april 14, 1923  
Rotunda vol 3, no 25 april 14, 1923