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Farmville Defeats Richmond Normal In First Varsity Game of the Season

Personnel of May Day Court Chosen By the Student Body on Thursday Candidates Elected After Presentation to the Student Body

No. 17



Entire Second Team Is Sent In Rolling Up Score To 68-12

Saturday, February 6, the FarmOn February 26 at 8 o'clock the Saturday morning at chapel exerville girls defeated the Richmond Junior Class will present a scintilcises the "five months old" Freshman Normal team in basketball by a score lating entertainment featuring the class presented Miss Moran. their of 68-12. Even though the score inpast, present and future. There will classman, to the faculty and student dicates otherwise the game was hard be catchy songs, snappy dances, and An inspiration body. Dressed in white and wearing fought. brilliant displays of wit. eBfore the A quenchless fire green and white bows of ribbons very eyes of the spectators the past A never-dying love The game started off with a bang, representing their class colors, the will be revived, the cave man with his A challenge for days to come the Farmville girls at first being hanclass assembled in the auditorium war dance, days when "bicycles were These have they given us— dicapped by the small court. Both and sang their class song. built for two" and the Floradora girls Those joined with us as sisters teams showed fine coaching and The stage had been transformed played a clean game. were in vogue. Then, too, there will be Those whom we honor and esteem. into a room in a college dormitory. fast spirited pictures of life as it is A new revelation The excellent work of our guards Jestine Cutshall. as the typical "rat", lived in the present day, syncopated A blazing torch prevented the Richmond Normal girls entered in quest of her misplaced rat flashes of the modern youth in ac- An immortal dream from rolling up a score while the cap and was joined in the search by tion. Then the future—but there is These are ours centers and forwards played a fast, Burnley Brockenborough and Dot the mystery! shall the future gen- As the legacy of their trust. snappy game. Although the RichDavis, class officers. Laeta Barham. eration be wintering ta the South class president, came in to appease mond Normal girls played a fine Pole and dashing off to Paris for tea Hail to our sister class! the wrath of the three who were ex- game they were unable to defeat the on Sunday or shall they be compet- Seniors of '32 pounding at great length on the in- Farmville team. ing in basketball with Mars? Then May we in dedication, justice imposed by the sophomores The sportsmanship exhibited by shift to the next part. There's a game Present our Sophomore heart to in the form of wearing rat caps. She both teams was noticeable throughwith Death! Thirteen "Aristocrats" out the entire game. then made a very impressive tarlk. you. of Coontown have formed themselves Line-up: A huge green and white rat cap in into a suicide club. According to their First half: the center of the stage was turned to by-laws, one member must commit Richmond (12) Farmville (68) reeval Miss Moran who was presented suicide at every annual banquet givDunn RP Snedegar by the president. In conclusion the en by the club. This is the first banTatum LP Fraser class sang a song to her. quet since their organization. Mystery Gorge J.C Gregory reigns! who will be the one on FebBurgess S.C Potts The Sophomores presented the muruary 26 that must seek death by sical comedy, Betty Lou, on Friday Williams (c) .... RG Souders (c) Continued on page three Petross L.G Beck evening, February 5. It was one of Substitute: Farmville, Parker for the biggest hits of the season. This Snedegar. was the first production by the memSecond half: bers of the class, and they appreciDunn R.F Snedegar ated the fact that it was enjoyed by Tatum L.F Parker all those present. The members of the Gorge J.C Quisenberry class worked very diligently to make S.C Edwards the comedy a success, and the fact The Y. W. C. A. Cabinet and other Wight R.G Souders that the auditorium was filled proved students and members of the faculty Leary L. G Putney that their efforts had not been in j had the rare pleasure of hearing Dr. Williams Substitutes—Farmville, Fraser for vain. John Mott speak on Friday evening, The George Washington BicentenThe choruses and dances added, February 5 in Smith-Memorial allll, Snedegar; Hurt for Parker. nial will be celebrated in the school spice and pep to the comedy. The j Randolph-Macon College, Lynchburg. Referee: Crenshaw of Westhampauditorium by two entertainments on characters were ideally selected. ton. Dr. Mott is a world wide personage February 22. The Training School Umpire: Hatchett, Petersburg. The cast and choruses were as fol-: in Y. W. C. A. work. His talk centerwill be responsible for the morning lows: ed around the importance and extent program at 10 o'clock. Betty Lou Martha S. Watkins of Y. W. C. A. work from the time As head of all the honorary sorori- Bob Sherwood .. Margaret Armstrong j it was begun in London in the early ties. Pi Gamma Mu will sponsor the Mrs. Pendleton Betty Watts part of the nineteenth century up evening program. At the beginning of Mr. Brooks Margaret Banks till now, w hen it has spread almost this program, the entire audience will Tony Pendleton Mary Shelton ! over the entire globe. Mr. Mott has join in singing "America" and "The Lola Pendleton .... V. A. Huntsbcrry ; traveled in many different countries The Mathematics Club met in the Star Spangled Banner". Five tableaus Dr. Francis B. Simkins of the delittle auditorium, Monday morning taken from the following pictures Bee and Joe—Nancy Harrison and and knows first hand the problems Honey Hamilton. of many nationalities and how they at ten o'clock. A very interesting pro- will be presented: "Farewell to His partment of history has been awardgram on the metric system was pre- Mother," "Virginia Colonel," Fare- Bab and Jack—Margaret Eley and have been greatly alleviated by the ed the John H. Dunning Prize for Cottie Willis Y. W. C. A. sented by members of the club. The well to His Office," "The Ball Scene." 1931 by the American Historical AsHelen Shawen first number was a paper on Lagrange and "Evening Prayer at Mt. Vernon." Annie Mr. Lane Chub Denit BOSTON MALE CHOIR sociation for a great contribution to by Grace Rowell. Lagrange was head The Choral Club and College OrDresden Tea Shop: Julia Faris. I American history. Dr. Simkins enof the commission that worked out chestra will assist in the musical proTO PRESENT "ROBIN leader, Mary A. Billups, Ann Mchis work "South Carolina Durthe metric system. Alice Rowell read gram. HOOD" TONIGHT titled Gann, Mary Ellen Johnson, Clara ing the Reconstruction." The book is a paper explaining the metric system. McKenzie, Frances Rawlings, Alma expected to come from the University Several members of the club then Demter Zachareff presents the BosDRAMATIC CLUB STARTS Foster, Ida Miller, Lillian Hogan, of North Carolina Press in a few presented a play called "The New ton Light Opera Company to the stuLouise Van Lear, Ruth Wright, Virdays. Dr. Simkins is also considered PRACTICES FOR PLAY Assistant". The new assistant was dent body tonight, February 10, at ginia Lanier, Helen Westmoreland. an authority on the Tighman moveMiss Metric System. She demonstrateight o'clock in "Robin Hood", an imOF SPRING SEASON Betsy Wilkinson, Nannie Gilbert. ment in South Carolina. Being a naed some of the many advantages of Peter Pan Chorus: Catherine Jones, mortal comic opera in three acts. tive of that state he understands the metric system. The other charThe story of the play is by Harry The Dramtaic Club has started acters in the play were the leading practices for their spring play, which Alice Marshall, Myra Mclntosb, B. Smith, while the music is by Regi- thoroughly historical situations. The student body wishes to connations. All these countries use this I will be given about the middle of Frances Graham, Jac Morton Mar- nald de Koven. The first performance garet Copenhaver, Dot Leonard, Polgratulate Dr. Simkins for through system entirely except United States April under the able direction of Miss of "Robin Hood" ever given was in Continued on page three this honor bestowed upon him presand Great Britain, and it is expected Leola Wheeler. "The Ivory Door" by Chicago, on June 9, 1890, by the Bostige is added to the school. that they will soon add to their limit- A. A. Milne is a legend in prologue tonians, who sang the opera more MR. HOLTON NAMED than four thousand times. ed use of it. form in three acts. The scene is laid The story of the opera, though INSTRUCTOR FOR THE in the king's palace and takes place simple, is most interesting. At the bein the Middle Ages. The feminine EXTENSION CENTER ginning of the opera a merry-making lead will be taken by Nancy Burgwyn and the masculine lead by Mary The Extension Department of the is in progress at the market place in Continued on page four Shelton. University of Virginia has announced The play is of a very different type the appointment of Professor Samuel The Faculty will battle the Freshthan any given at S. T. C. for some M. Holton, Jr., as a new instructor DR. DIEHL ON LIFE men in a basketball game, Friday, time, and the student body is lookAND RELIGION for the Petersburg Extension Center. Mr. John B. Hill, associate secreFebruary 12 in the gym. ing forward to it with gerat anticiMr. Holton received his bachelor's tary of the Virginia Baptist Board of The faculty players are Bedford, pation. Dr. Diehl will give a series of six and master's degrees from Duke UniMissions and Education, and SecreHer, Barlow, Henry. Moran, Jeter, I addresses during Lent In Johns versity and has taken up graduate tary of Sunday school and student Foster, Nichols, Draper Floyd Pur1 Memorial Church. The first, next KAPPA DELTA PI BIDS I study from the University of North work, spoke at S. T. C. on February, dom Robertson Jones and Norris. The NEW MEMBERS Carolina. He has been Associate Pro- ! Sunday and the last, March 20. The the fourth. feeble freshmen line-up is Rocke, fessor of Education and Principal of i hour on each Sunday will be from At the invitation of Miss Lillian McLemore, Mclntyre, Bosworth, The Beta Epsilon Chapter of Kap- the Training School. He will offer a 9:30 to 10:15 A. M. Woodley, a member of the Prayer The addresses will be informal and Showell, Beck, Fox, Childrey, Show! pa Delta Pi announces the following course carrying college credit in "A Committee, Mr. Hill talked to the each followed by a discussion. Mem- alter Cross, Waters, Davis. Zedd, Study of the Curriculum," in harstudent body at prayers.. Immedi- new members: I bers of the faculty, home department and Ranson. mony with the plans of State DepartMrs. Susie Conant ately following this he met with a Come and bring ten cents admisland student body are cordially inment of Education for curriculum reSara James group of Baptist girls to discuss the sion. Support the freshmen! Ivited to attend. vision. Grace Va. Woodhouse general work of the State.

Thursday night the twenty-seven candidates for the May Court were presented to the student body. It was suggested that this be done, because the students, particularly the freshmen and new girls, did not know all of those girls to be voted on. Henrietta Cornwell acted as "master of ceremonies". She told the student body that the girls in the May Court would have to wear yellow, and that they should be chosen not only for beauty, but also for grace and poise. The candidates, all of whom stage two at a time, one at either end wore evening dresses, appeared on the of the curtain. After their names were announced by Henrietta, they walked to the center of the stage down the steps, and took their places on either side. After all of the girls had been presented, the May Queen, Medora Ford, and the maid-of-honor, Jenilee Knight, entered and remained standing before the curtain in the center of the stage. In a few minutes, all of the girls walked back upon the stage, stood there a minute or two, and then disappeared behind the curtain— with apparent relief. Margaret Gathright, Richmond. Helen Cover, Staunton. Nancy Harrison, Petersburg Mary Shelton, Farmville Betty Watts, Beckley, W. Va. Doris Ewers, Lynchburg, Va. Ruth Floyd, Erie. Pa. Celia Jones, Lynchburg, Va. Virginia Fox, Richmond. Grace Virginia Woodhouse, Portsmouth, Va. Jane Royall, Tazewell A. J. Scott Tazewell.

Mathematics Club Holds Meeting

Mr. John B. Hill Speaks at S. T. C.


Pi Gamma Mu To Sponsor Bi-Centennial Program

Dr. John Mott Lectures in City Of Lynchburg

Dr. Simpkins Wins Historical Award

Freshmen Will Play Faculty Fri. Night




Quick. Virginia Ann. please put that collar button in the back; this "stiff" is about to become a crown. You know I can't realize that this is the third act and that in a few minutes the play will be over. Hasn't it been fun? It doesn't seem quite fair Member Southern Inter-Collegiate Newspaper Association though that we've had all the fun Member Intercollegiate Press Association of Virginia while the others have done the hard work. Miss Potts has been a regular Published Weekly by Students of the State Teachers College, Trojan! And Sarah Ford—we just Farmville, Virginia couldn't get along without her! Did you hear about Frances Horton sellEntered as 2nd class matter March 1st, 1921, at the Post Office ing 50 tickets? With such helpers as of Farmville, Virginia, under Act of March 3, 1879 that, no wonder we could put this on. Ouch! you're choking me! That's Subscription, $1.50 per year better now—but I still don't like this straight jacket! And speaking of wearing apparel—haven't the HampROTUNDA STAFF den-Sydney boys been swell about lending us their clothes. I'm sure Joe Perry must be wearing a barrel these Idltor-ln-Chlef LOUISE ELLIOTT. '32 days after letting Banks have all of Associate Editor MARTHA GUNTER. "33 those suits. Didn't you really nearly die laughing at Banks? I don't see how she exists with all those sweaters Board of Editors and towels that she has on underneath in the effort to fill out Joe's clothes in a manly fashion. I love to News Editor MARY DIEHL. '34 hear her sing that "Come Marry Me" Literary Editor VIRGINIA LOWE. '32 song! Wasn't Shawen a scream? I Athletic Editor MARGUERITE MASSEY. '33 got almost as tickled at her when she World News Editor SARA HUBARD. '32 was the sedate maid as I did when Intercollegiate Editor MARTHA BROTHERS. '34 she was being herself—the hotcha Social Editor DOROTHY PRESCOTT. '34 gal! Art Editor KATHRYN ROYSTER, '33 Look at Mutt, she's really got that Feature Editor MARTHA WALTERS. "32 love making down pat! Oh, excuse Humorous Editor EVELYN JONES. '32 me! I forgot I was looking through Alumnae Editor MISS M VIRGINIA POTTS the hole in the curtain. What do yoii see now. You say "Baby" Watkins is rolling her eyes around at Mutt. Yea. Reporters she's good at that—she's a regular CLEO QUISENBERRY. 32 DOT SNEDEGAR. '33 connoisseur of that art. You want to know who that redDOROTHY WOOLWINE, 34 headed boy near the back is? The CARRIE DESHAZO, '33 one looking at his watch? Oh! that's Proof Reader VIRGINIA BRINKLEY. '34 Bruce Clark. He's got a date with Associate Proof Reader ALICE ROWELL, '34 Glenn Perry after this is over— no wonder he's so impatient. Wasn't she the best thing you've ever seen? You Managers want to know who that good-looking boy with Sanders? Listen, who Business Manager DOREEN SMITH. '34 do you think I am—a telephone diAssistant Business Manager MILDRED GWALTNEY. '34 rectory! You're behind the times if Circulation Manager MARY GREGORY. '33 you don't know him. Why. he's causAssistant Circulation Manager HILDEGARDE ROSS. '33 ing quite a flutter in many hearts up here! He is Sam McLaughlin! Isn't my roommate the stuff—having a date with him? Hasn't Eley been natural in this play? She acts as if she was born on a stage. She has a cute "beau-lover" in Cottie Willis! You think Honey and "Nonie" pair up well? Check—so do I! Look at "Chub"—she's about to trip over her coat. Didn't she have that stage under control a few minutes ago. I loved that manly stride of hers. You know—B. Watts is so realistic in this that I'm afraid she's really going to fall in my arms in this act. If you see that "I am going to drop her" look in my eyes please come to the rescue like a good wife. I think "Cack" and Julia had better stop school right now and trot on up to Zeigfield—I'm sure he would welcome them with open arms. They have been the stuff in training the choruses. They say they couldn't have done near so well without Mrs. Fitzpatrick's help. Gosh! What is my first speech? Yea, my first speech! Oh, you say It is with genuine esteem and affection that we dedicate I don't have but one speech and that this issue of the Rotunda to our sister class—the Seniors. They is "what." Do you mean to say that I struggled on this tuck just to say have set a noble example which we may follow with pride. Their one word? Well I 'spose it's too late road has been rugged and full of pitfalls but they have over- to fuss about that now. It's almost come every obstacle with their bigness of spirit and their loyalty time for us to go on. Be sure and up at me in a wifely manner! to their Alma Mater. At last they have reached the time to which smile What do I say now? Yea! I got it. every college student looks forward—the time when she may What! What! What! O. K. let's amble in. don the coveted cap and gown.

E ID RTO 1R « ft *- S

Our Sister Class

As Red and Whites we are proud of having them for our MEMBERS OF sister class. In carrying on for Red and White they have brought NEW EDUCATION ASSOCIATION honor to Blue and White and to S. T. C.

Class Games What color is going on the cup? While the green and white now has the lead -just watch out! Class basketball games are on hand. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, your team needs your backing. "Be there" and be with them whether they win or lose! When our teams go into the games, they're there to win but there are other things which matter besides the mere winning of a game. Victory is not the greatest thing after all, for it does not profit us if we win the game and lose our self-respect. The competition between the classes of red and white and green and white is natural and right, for only through friendly rivalry can the best be brought to fuse at last in a perfect union of blue and white—the colors of our Alma Mater!

The Farmville Chapter of the Association of Childhood Education wishes to announce the following new members: Jenilee Knight Eloise Beeler Catherine Mclntyre Ann Davis Flora Neatrous Lou Covington Anna F. Traylor Ethel Creedle Maria Williams Ruth Atkins Mildred Hall Betsy Ross Armistead Jane Scott Mary Jess Richmond Martha Higgins Alice Marshall Catherine CogbiU Ruth Wright

SONG HITS OF '34 1. Old Playmate—Martha Kello. 2. Be Careful With Those Eeyes— Mary Harrison. 3. Ooh! That Kiss—Mutt Armstrong and Martha Scott Watkins. 4. The One Man Band—Margaret Banks. 5. Tiger Rag—Margaretta Brady. 6.T00 Late—"Nonie" Harrison. 7. Sweet Sue—Sue Yeaman 8. Navy Blues—"Bidgie" Warren 9. We Call It Madness—Helen Shawen. 10. I Don't Know Why—Ann McGann. 11. Happy Feet^-'Cack" Jones 12. How Long Will It Last?—"Honey" Hamilton. 13. That's My Desire—Mary Arthur Billups. 14. All of Me—"Chub" Denlt. 15. California Here I Come—"Ccotty" Martm. 16. You Rascal You—Betsy Wilkinson. 17. Carolina's Calling Me—Laura Darlington 18. Snuggled on Your Sholuder— Virginia Lamb. 19. We Wouldn't Change You for the World—Miss Potts. 20. Prisoner of Love—Mary Ellen Johnson. 21. You Darling—Clara MacKenzie 22. Little White Lies—Margaret Eley.


s s

THE DAY OF HEARTS Once more the Day of Hearts is near. When Cupid's arrows shining E Bring words of love from maidens fair E To sickly lads repining. Bring words of love to gentlemen? Alas!that can't be true! For ladies to send words of love Would never, never do!

** M

But now old orders change, you see. There comes a bolt out of the blue; This is the year of grace, dear friend, = For this is leap year, thirty-two! Edith Shanks, '34


My life is going around right now, In a whirlwind so it seems. ALUMNAE NEWS Will it ever cease pulling me along; , Is there any use in my living at all? Virginia Intermont College of BrisI wonder. tol is one of the thirty-five institutions of higher learning selected by There's sadness deep in my heart the United States Office of Educa- A sorrow of what I know not tion. Department of the Interior, for Will I ever be able to puzzle it out. special study in connection with the And find peace of soul again? = National Survery of Education of I wonder. Teachers, authorized by the 77th Congress. The institutions include Does life hold a promise for one like universities, colleges and junior colme. leges in various sections of the coun- Or is all my life lived in vain? try and were selected as representing Why do the things I feel and see the better practices in education and Fill my heart and my soul with pain? in the preparation of teachers acI wonder. cording to Dr. E. S. Evenden. associate director of the survey. Is my faith strong enough to fight Two years ago Virginia Intermont the world? established a teacher training de- Am I even fit to live? ■ partment which is now fully accred- Will my prayers to God be answered ited by the State Board of Education, So he'll give me strength to endure? the graduates receiving the Normal I wonder. Professional Certificates. Misses LouNell Dickinson '34 ise Brewer and Margaret Fergusson are critic teachers of the grades in UNDERSTANDING the modern teacher training school on the campus. An understanding with you At a recent meeting of the Boydton Is as vague to me Woman's Club Miss India Miller, As the most mystical things of life. home demonstration agent for the I wonder—dream—think— county, discussed the work of the But all to no avail! club, suggesting the possibility of It leaves me bewildered!— recreational civic, literary. Girl With no satisfaction. Alma Foster, '34 Scouts, gardening, and poultry work as well as other work in the town. Miss Miller gave a demonstration on A THEE making a winter glass garden. Mrs. Carrie G. Bugg is on the program Stark and tall against the evening committee for the club. sky. Lone sentinel. Mrs. Edgar L. Greever, of Tazewell. From your lofty height you know is State President of the United The secrets of the stars, the clouds, the moon. Daughters of 1812. From your dark depths in the earth You know and understand Miss Harriett Johns has resigned The grass, the flowers, the streams. her position in South Boston and will teach in Averett College, Danville. Would that I could be A mediator such as thou. The dedication of the new hall for To reach between the heavens and the Farmville Lodge I. O. O. F. was earth, featured with the presentation of a And draw them closer to each other. beautiful electric crock in memory Edith Shanks, 34 of R. C. Bristow. a charter member. The clock, a gift of Mrs. R C. Bristow, was presented by L. E. Hubbard A GLOOMY WINTER DAY in an address in which he paid tribute to Mr. Bristow. The memorial A grey and lowering sky— is inscribed: "In memory of R. C. Leafless, lifeless, sinister trees, With black arms against a gloomy Bristow 1905-1929." J horizon, vanished from sight, Mrs. Alice Lemon Lockridge died at Flowers Grass parched sear, her home on January 11. Alice Lemon Songs of happyand birds gone, was of the class of 1913. i Sunshine—not in sight Yet it's somewhere— But "God's in his heaven Chrystie Stokes And all's right with the world." Mary Sue Jacob Sarah Hyde Thomas, '34 » Thelma Stevens Virginia Lanier Maury L. Lyons OUR VARSITY Nell Fischer Edric Holland Oh. here's a cheer for our Varsity Addie L. Parker United for blue and white Stuart Quaintance Rearing our banner skyward Kathleen Clemens Vying with all its might Lindsay White A cheer for its sportly conduct. Rah—for its character so true. Send cries at the top of your voices The Sophomore staff congratuIn showing them they're true-blue— lates the Freshmen staff upon Trusting them ever to fight— their issue of the Rotunda. Yes. that—and much more, too. Nell Dickinson, '34





Muisc. Dancing. Color. Gifts galore. Laughter. Gay chatter in French and Spanish. A gendarme directing wandering visitors. A Spanish sereno singing his song. All these things will lend atmosphere to the bazaar to be given by Le Cercle Francais and El Circulo Espanol on Thursday, Februray 11. from 4 to 6 p. m. in the "rec". The admission fee is only five cents. Many atttractive gifts will be ofTered at very moderate prices. The program will feature songs by Miss Irene Leake, music on the saw by Dr. Bell of Hampden-Sydney, French and Spanish dancing by members of the French and Spanish circles, and other attractive numbers. Two pleasant hours well spent are promised to those who attend the bazaar.

Mr. Charles Sheerin of Trinity Church, Richmond, has been the recent guest of the Y. W. C. A. at HOTEL WEYANOKE Farmville. Mr. Sheerin is an advocate of World Fellowship. Mr. Sheerin Latest Creations in Sport and Evenot only gave very inspiring talks nine Dresses, Coats, Hosiery, Etc. along that line, but talked to the Prices Range From Cabinet as a group and gave many helpful suggestions. S5.00 to $16.75 Mr. Wiley and Mr. Sheerin both commented on the wonderful organization of the Y. W. C. A. at Farmville.

YOU ARE INVITED To Visit the New


Margaret Barker and "Chick" Mosby were visitors in Lynchburg this week-end. Ruth Atkins spent the week-end with Virginia Ranson in Bremo. Nancy Burgwyn Frances Dorin and Y. W. C. A. GIVES TEA FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Mamie Barnes were in Richmond this week-end. PHONES 181-27S On Tuesday, February 2, the Y. W Charlotte Hutchins was a guest ol C. A. Cabinet had as its guest for tea. Virginia Bledsoe in Baltimore. Mr. Charles W. Sherin, pastor of Sarah Beck passed the week-end I Trinity Church in Richmond. Those I with her parents in Petersburg. jpresentt—he Cabiet, member of various committees, and advisers — Virginia Bailey was a visitor of WORLD NEWS caught the spirt of noble fellowship I Ann Woodson in Rustburg. M. VIRGINIA POTTS ODORLESS CLEANING which pervaded his interesting conMargaretta Brady. Evelyn Knaub, More than sixteen hundred men versation during the evening. (Kathrine McLemore, Margaret Park- sought jobs during the first week in "Until the end Under New Manageemnt er, and Katherine Mclntyre attended February at the Charleston Navy True friends we'll be NEWS FROM OTHER [the Randolph-Macon dances. Yard and Watertown Arsenal near Until the end of time. SCHOOLS CAMPUSES W T. SMITH. Mgr. and Lessee Fannie Bosworth went home to Boston, as the result of wild rumors With you to guide us Through all our strife |Brownsburg for the week-end. that the United States was making Harrisonburg State Teachers ColWhich makes up college life 2«8 Third Street Phone 35S Jestine Cutshall was a week-end secret war preparations because of All troubles fade before lege triumphed over Shepherd Col|guest of Mrs. Groone in Richmond. the tense situation in China. Many lege in first basketball game of seatravelled from distant points. eNed- Nothing can ever daunt us Hanna Crawley spent the week-end son by a score of 50-12. To u wel less to say all of them departed dis- I y° I in Cumberland with her parents. We'll always love you appointed. Our Pilot—Miss Potts Helen Cover was a guest of Kitty Girls at Northwestern have been TRY A PAIR OF DEXDALE [Walters in Onley. Virginia. advised by one of the professors to "A two cent postage stamp purplay basketball so as to prepare Beautiful Silk Stockings From Glenn P. Colonna. Ambler Lee. Ruth chased my master's degree." This is themselves for domestic duties. The JFord. and Virginia Young were in a statement made by Vice-President SOPHOMORE STAFF faculty member believes that if this I Norfolk this week-end. Henry Langdon of Du Pauw Univeris done there will be fewer fumbles Julia Paris has gone to her home sity, Greencastle, Illinois, when tellin the handling of babies. Editor-in-Chief .. Elizabeth Burger ing how he got his degree. Until 1874 I in Red Hill on account of illness. Associate Ed Sarah H. Thomas Virginia Fox. Jenilee Knight, Mar- any alumni of this University could THEY GIVE THE BEST WEAR News Editor Elizabeth Kelly Statistics show that Miss Co-ed receive a master's degree for a two garet McCoy and Maraaret Gilmer Literary Ed Nell Dickinson of 1935 will be taller, heavier, and lattended a dance in Charlottesville. cent stamp. No requirement or any and Atheltic Ed Mary B. Fraser healthier than Miss Co-ed of 1925 study was necessary. Judith Hardy passed the tweekWorld News .... Nannie R. Cooper according to the prediction at BarA certain alumna who was married COULDN'T LOOK BETTER lend in Kenbridge with her parents. on her graduation night was also perIntercollegiate nard College: Virginia A. Huntsberry Dorothy Leonard was in Richmond mitted to receive her master's deMiss 1925 Social Editor Martha Kello eHight 63.79 inches Saturday. gree. Dr. Langdon remarked that Art Editor Gertrude Sugden Weight 122.98 pounds Jerry Lee was home for the week- such was considered an intellectual Gri Feature Editor Mary Shelton P 57.11 pounds pursuit. lend. Humorous Ed Margaret Eley Lung capacity 179 cubic inches Harriett Moomaw motored to RoaMiss 1935 Reporters Inoke with her father on Friday. For the first time in history a radio Height 64.:i3 inches Established 1868 microphone has been installed in a Virginia Hamilton Elma Rawlings Weight Frances Potts was a visitor of Rev. 124.18 pounds Dorothy Leonard Maxine Kitts Turkish mosque. . M. Potts in Petersburg Sunday. Gri Elmer Foster P 70.60 pounds Choosing one of the most famous Dorothy Prescott and Elizabeth Lung capacity .... 192.00 cubic inches The Confidence of the Community Proof Reader Edith Shanks [elly were week-end visitors of Mrs. edifices in all Turkey, St. Sophia, for Assistant Proof Readers—Alma this innovation, Mustapha Kemal has For Over Half a Century !. M. Harris in Kenbridge. Foster and Irwin Staples directed that the radio services be Josie Spencer and Mary Kather- chanted from the newly adopted Managers Finest Toilet Requisites ine Taylor were in Charlottesville for Circulation Frances Horton Turkish Koran. BEAUTY SALON the week-end and attended the dance Sarah Ford This is the second notable depart- Assistant Drugs and Stationery A Complete Beauty Service at there. ure from ancient customs in religious Moderate Prices Among the old girls who came back service affected by the present Turkor the week-end were Martha Moore. isn president this year. The Arabic WEYANOKE HOTEL 'argaret Moreland. Alice Steidtman Koran was repiaced in some of the SORORITY AVERAGES Farmville, Va. id Jacque Lee. mosques by the Turkish translation. Pan-Hellenic Association wishes to COMPANY \MIS8 MARY ENTERTAINS announce the three highest sororities Alarmed by the unsettled condi- in scholastic standing as follows: Stationery, Blank Books and Entertaining eight of the tables tions in the Far East, the ex-MaharZeta Tau rom the dining room. Miss Mary was ajarah of Indore has requested his WILL FIX YOUR SHOES School Supplies Delta Sigma Chi ostess at a delightful surprise party wife, the former Nancy Ann Miller of Gamma Theta n the student building lounge on Seattle, to cut short her visit here Cigars, Cigarettes and Soda WHILE YOU WAIT ednesday evening, February 3. and return to Cairo where she will Amos: "Do you know what surMiss Potts at the piano gave sev- be with her husband and two small Main Street BEST WORKMANSHIP rounds the ocean, Andy?" ml selections both classical and daughters. The Maharama arrived in Andy: 'Sho', Aamos, sho'!" Farmville, Virginia jopular. including 'The Rosary" and Seattle last Tuesday intending to reAND LEATHER USED The World Is Waiting For the Sun- main two weeks with her relatives. Ise", after which a delicious sup- She now expects to leave Friday. Kello (teaching): "If I subtract 79 >er was served with the assistance | from 23, what's the difference?" Pupil "Yeah. I think it's a lot of ,f the table hostess. | Colgate JapaneSe student at The singing of_a number of songs University is j^ sent through col. foolishness, too." >rought the evening to a close. lege by the faculty and student body. Each fraternity house has voted to \TEA GIVEN FOR SENIORS have the student in to meals for a These fillers are standard size for your notebooks and S. T. C. GIRLS week. The faculty will give aid in contain 50 sheets. Save 5c on every 3 you buy. Mrs. Warren and Miss Craddock other expenses. He is the only Orifcntertained some of the girls of Cun- ental in the University. Get them at For lungham Hall at a tea Sunday afterlioon from five to six o'clock. The best fountain drinks The best sandwiches The best lunch plates MISS BEDFORD HAS TEA The best home-made pies and cream Miss Bedford, adviser of the Sen*.■"*/ W Of >>U A L I r V Continued from page one WADE'S ior Class, entertained a small group FARMVILLE. VIRGINIA The Home of the Needs rom her class Sunday afternoon ly Brock, Mary Lou Fritts, Mildred 'The Store of your choice' from 4:30 to 6:00 at an informal tea Gwaltney, Virginia Lanier, Thelma lield at Mrs. Gilbert's. Stevens, Ann Davis, Dot Weems, Marietta Wilson, Anna Frances Traylor. 0 GIVE CONCERT Feature Dance— Glenn P. Colonna IN PETERSBURG The members of the Sophomore class wish to express their sincere apThe Convenient Store A group of girls from the Senior preciation to Miss Potts, Mrs. Fitz_?horal Club and the String Trio of patrick, Henrietta Cornwall and Jo- FOR GOOD Teasingly Pretty New Spring Hats $1.00, $1.95 & $2.95 fhe College under the direction of 11^^[^ Smith for their able assistLovely New Coats. We have 'em (j*Z OK & CO QC Vlr. Alfred H. Strick will go to Pe- ance in producing the play, New collarless styles dD.VD ^V.XJO THINGS TO ersburg Sunday to give a sacred con& Newest Spring Shoes CjO 9^ $3 95 cert in Trinity Methodist church. Dr. JOLLY JUNIOR JUBILEE EAT AND DRINK Tarman and Miss Jennie M. Tabb Knit Sport Dresses and Suits HI] make the trip with the group. Continued from page one &

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A Chicago man has confessed to a |udge that in order to keep his son in harvard he stole 118 bath tubs. That ust goes to show what Americans ill do for a formal education. "A rime a day keeps ignorance away old the new adoption of the lage."


their own hands. i Now for Act III. What have the Records Sheet Music Juniors under their "hat?" Ah, that's Instruments j the Junior Jubilee meaning dances, Novelties, etc. song hits, mystery, love, pathos, Repairing choruses, humor, fun and a good time Third Street I for all.

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Were you In the gym last Friday to see Tackey Alley and Town Girls play Senior Building I and n for the championship in the hall tournament? Both teams were on the court with determination to win. Tackey Alley and Town Girls started the ball rolling by making the first goal. At the end of the first half the score was tied 4-4. but the tie was soon broken by Parker's making a goal for the Tackey Alley and Town Girls' team. The final test came at the sound of the timer's whistle. Tackey Alley and Town Girls were champions. Tackey Alley and Town Girls led by Alma Foster are to be congratulated for their success as champions in the hall tournament. The score was 11 to 4 in favor of Tackey Alley. The line-up: Tackey Alley, etc. Sen. Bldgs. I-II BASKETBALL CAPTAINS Sanford R.F Clayton Parker L.F Boswell ARE ELECTED Foster J.C Steere Mattox S.C Quisenberry The basket ball varsity squad chose R.G Hundley as their captain. Easter Souders. The Crute Putney L.G Souders class captains are:


Five Feet: "Might I have dance?" Six Feet: "Yes, you mite."


Miss Norris: "Young Lady. I'd like to take profanity out of your life." Mary Harrison: "Drop around when I've finished my practice teaching." The train came to a sudden, grinding stop causing the passengers to jump. Alice Marshall: "What has happened, conductor?" Conductor: "Nothing much. We ran over a cow." Alice Marshall: "Why, was it on the track?" Conductor (disgustedly): "No, we chased It into the barn." A teddy bear sat on the ice As cold as cold could be But soon he up and walked away My "tale is told." said he. Lelia: "What's the Scotch football yell?" Clara: "Get that quarterback." Mexican Weather Report: today and Hot Tomale."


Berk "What is it that you part your hair with, ride all over town in and feed the baby with?" Fannie Mae: "I can't imagine." Berk: "A comb, an automobile, and a bottle." Pinkey: "I would like to dance like this forever." Lamb: "Don't you even want to improve?" Billy Powell: "You say you can recommend this hair restorer?" Barber: "Yes, sir. I know a man who removed the cork with his teeth and within 24 hours had a moustache." Nancy: "What kind of a tree i.s that?" Honey: "That's a fig tree." Nancy: "Oh I thought the leaves were larger than that." Some folks think that the laundry is a place where you send clothes when you don't want them anymore. "Give me the eggs", the captain roared. Up sprang the gallant crew, They heaved the anchor overboard, And made the ship lay two. Nellie: "I understand she's quite a celebrity at the military academy." Bidgie: "Yes, they devised a bulletproof vest to protect "drags" from those horrid brass buttons."

Fareshmen—Anthony, Beard, Beck, Bosworth, Burnap, Davis, Dixon. Floyd, Fox, Grainger, Harris, Hodnett Hutchinson, Hurt, Mattox, A. Mattox. Owen, Phillips, Anthony, Rhodes, Sawyer, Sinclair, Taylor, Warrington. Thompson. Wheeler. Sophomores—Allen, Burger, Cooper, Dickinson, Drissell, Foster, Fraser. Gwaltney, Holland. Horton, Kello. Jones Parker, Pratt, Sinclair. Stokes, Shawen, Wright, Yeaman. Juniors—Brown, Crute, Beacham, Gregory, Gunter, Hoffa, Jordon, Lane, Linthicum, McDaniel, Massey, Potts, Ridgeway. Ross, Scales, Snedegar. Sanford, Walthall. Seniors—Boswell, Clayton, Clingenpeel, Edwards, Hundley. Quisenberry. Souders.



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Ethel Boswell Go to the kitchen after each party Dorothy Snedegar Mary B. Fraser and ask for more food; you might try Sarah Beck demanding it if you don't get it the ' first time. Neck the president's boy friend at If you are interested in knowing how to get a bid to any organization I some of the parties. Ask for a bid. here's some advice: (If these won't help you to get a Start a quarrel with at least two bid, we won't be surprised.) of the members. Ask to be shown the club or chapCottie: "I should like to shoot you." ter room. Finley: "You can't, my dear, withCriticize the furnishings, especially out a hunting license. I'm an Elk." the taste in pictures.

Continued from page one Nottingham. Three outlaws. Little John, Will Scarlet, and Friar Tuck enter and sing of their free life in the Forest of Sherwood; then the dashing Robin Hood appears, declaring that he is the Earl of Huntington and demanding that the Sheriff shall proclaim him. The Sheriff protests, however, saying that the youth has been disinherited by his own father, who before the birth of Robin Hood was secretly married to a peasant girl, PROGRAM FEB. 10 TO 16 who died when her child was an infant. The child is Sir Guy of Gisborne, the rightful heir to the earlWED. — "THE UNEXPECTED dom and the Sheriff's ward whom he is planning to marry to Lady Marian, FATHER" with Zazu Pitts, Slim ward of the Crown. However, as love Summerville and the 4 year old wonwill have it, the young girl and Robin der actress, Cora Sue Collins. A new already are deeply in love and ex- ly rich bachelor. A gold-digging fichanging vows of eternal faith—to ancee. An orphan child who dreams the indignation of Sir Guy. Lady Ma- this bachelor into an actual daddy to rian protests against her marriage, get out of the clutches of a boot-leghoping that on the return of the King ging aunt. A threatening society wedfrom the Crusades she will be releas- ding. A starry-eyed nurse. Put all ed while Robin Hood plans with the j this together and you have a mad help of the King to prove his right to i melange of merry-making quips and the earldom. The outlaws sympathize side-splitting action that will give you with the pair and invite Robin Hood one of the merriest evenings imaginto join them, promising him he shall able. This little heart-breaker, Cora be their king and rule them under ( Sue Collins, will win you right from the Greenwood Tree—to which pro- the start. Here's a picture for the posal Robin Hood at length agrees. whole family—bring the children. In the last act the dashing king of Also Harry Lauder Song and Comedy. the outlaws brings the message saving EXTRA—On this night we will give Maid Marian from Sir Guy, and the away a REAL LIVE BABY to the opera ends amid general rejoicings lucky member of the audience, so at the triumph of Robin Hood and come prepared for a most unsual evethe gentle Maid over the plotting ning of entertainment. THURS.—"TWO KINDS OF WOSheriff and his ward. The finale is MEN" With MIRIAM HOPKINS. lively. PHILLIPS HOLMES and STUART The cast is indeed quite unusual ERWIN. From a small Western town consisting of singers and actors of comes this beautiful girl, craving love known prominence and of an individ- and excitement in New York. She ual art and charm. The student body finds a handsome lover but he's alhas heard and enthusiastically ac- ready "in deep" with a "big-time" cepted some of these artists. Yvonne girl. Do these two dames fight it out? Des Rosiers, soloist and Raymond Well, say, if you like high-pitched Simonds being recommended best of i drama, intense plot-interest and quaall. I lity entertainment, don't miss "Two The student body should realize Kinds of Women." one, the kind men and grasp the opportunity of hearing like; the other, the kind men wish and seeing this opera, because of the | they could get. One's a romantic great acclaim that the public and au- ; dreamer—the other's a money-mad diences all over the country are givschemer. This one shows you how ing it. The program is interesting, the girls have a good time in New humorous and instructive, and every York. Also "the Mysterious Mystery" girl at S. T. C. should appreciate and and Aesop Cartoon. enjoy it to the utmost. FRI. & SAT.—"THIS RECKLESS

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AGE" with BUDDY ROGERS. PEGGY SHANNON and CHARLIE RUGGLES, and an all-favorite cast. If QUALITY—PRICE—SERVICE you are "that way" about some boy or girl, you'll understand and like this picture, for it is fast, furious and Come In and Get Acquainted snappy, depicting a story of sweethearts who are also "that way" about mother and dad. A story of the youth We Are Glad to Have You With Us of today—reckless youth, wild young things, flaunting romance in celloFarmville, Virginia phane. What is the army of unemployed chaperones going to do about it? Oh, yeah? Youth must have its fling. See what happens when headstrong, vivacious youth, clashes with head-strong loving parents. See how mad youth sticks up for mother and dad in a crisis. A picture that every Is Headquarters for the Best man, woman and child in Farmville should see. Also Chapter 3 "Battling SANDWICHES With Buffalo Bill" on Friday only. Saturday, Fox News and Comedy. —and— NEXT MON. & TUES.—"HELL DRINKS DIVERS" with CLARK GABLE, WALLACE, BEERY. DOROTHY —In— JORDAN and CLIFF EDWARDS. Thousands defied death to make this FARMVILLE picture. A year in production, the most amazing document of romance, terror, spectacle and humanity ever flung, thrill upon thrill, across the screen. Never before, perhaps never again, can it happen. Such a drama of love, of thrills, such tense tragedy, stepping on the heels of laughter. Everybody is raving about this picj ture. Handsome Clark Gable, lovable Gifts of Lasting Remembrance I Wallace Beery, together in the big; gest picture of the year. You'll laugh 1 and cry and feel your heart thumping 317 Main Street ; when you see this magnificent spec! tacle. OK for the whole family—don't , miss it. Also Paramount News. A Farmville. Virginia. I full 2-hour show at regular prices. "BATTLING WITH BUFFALO BILL" every Friday. Daily matinees at 4 P. M. Evenings at 8 o'clock. Saturday matinees continuous from 2:15 to 6 P M Admission—Adults 35c at night CLEANERS AND TAILORS I and 25c at matinees. Children under 12 years of age, 15c to each Expert Cleaning, Repairing and | show. Remodeling of Ladies Garments


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Rotunda vol 12, no 17 feb 10, 1932  
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