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Helsinki, the capital of northern Europe and our hometown, is dear to us. Sure it does sometimes get very cold and grey, but Helsinki also offers a wide range of colorful hues, if you just know where to look. We’d like to show you some of them. This book is meant for those interested in discovering Helsinki on foot. We decided to walk along a route that would take us past some of our city’s most interesting sites, shops and spots, places where we would, for example, take a friend who had never visited Helsinki before. We chose a route that starts in the Punavuori neighborhood and heads towards Esplanadi Park before continuing to Senate Square and Aleksanterinkatu. Our day out was certainly a memorable one! Although designed mainly for the visitor, those who have lived in Helsinki all their lives will also be able to get some useful hints from this book; and while it’s just a small peek into daily life in Helsinki, even a short exploration around our city can be very enjoyable. Isn’t having a delicious coffee in an atmosphere soaked café a great way to start a fun day out? We welcome you to explore our Helsinki with us! Elina and Johanna

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MOKO MARKET CAFÉ Located in Helsinki’s Punavuori neighborhood, the Moko Market Café is a personal, wonderfully colorful and bright café, as well as an interior design store. The café is well known for its delicious sandwiches, fresh salads and good coffee. Vintage objects, old Indian furniture, eco-friendly clothing and many other surprising and attention grabbing items, can be found around the store. They will definitely give your home a nice facelift! The Kaffa Roastery is also located in the same building. They offer delicious specialty coffees made from beans roasted on site.

Address: Perämiehenkatu 10 Phone: +358 (0)9 415 04555 Open hours: Monday-Friday 9-19, Saturday 10-17 Web:



BREAKFAST As we walk in, natural light streams in through the large windows softly lighting the surroundings. Colors of Indian spices mix with delicate pastel hues to create a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. Firstly, we head for the café section, which is located at the back of the market, for a coffee and bite to eat. As we make our way there, we already get a chance to admire some of the many beautiful objects and items on offer. A handcrafted piece of artwork on the back wall comes into view and acts as the backdrop for the café’s mix and match collection of tables and chairs. You could easily spend a whole day here; and the free WiFi connection works great too!

For breakfast, we chose the salmon sandwiches. The specially baked heart-shaped bread was also very appealing. Food is prepared on-site in small amounts as required. Home-style, fresh and organic food is what the café values most and it strives to emphasize this to its customers.

In addition to the yummy sugary sweet treats, a great range of healthy salads and smoothies, as well as pastas and soups, are also available on the menu.

Many surprising and attention grabbing items, which are sure to give your home a lift, can be discovered around the store’s shelves.

A wonderful mirror, although we think that it does distort our looks just a little ... or then maybe that’s the point?!

The shelves are filled with both essential and non-essential things, from balls of wool to cameras.


THINK RICH LOOK POOR Items from all around the world can be found at the market. A light blue moped stands firmly against a window in complete harmony with an old sofa of similar color next to it. Hmm, we think the sofa is inviting us to try it out! Your imagination can’t help but run wild as you browse the wide range of amazing things in the store. They certainly provide great, and sometimes also very unexpected, ideas for interior design and decoration.

After browsing around the store for a while, handmade bars of soap, an Indian cupboard and a pair of boots could so easily end up on our ‘must buy’ list.

There seems to be an endless range of items and objects, but many of them are either in short supply or then totally unique.

Candles, books and jars. Absolutely everything has to be examined!


FASHION Ecological fashion is becoming the ‘in’ thing. A fantastic range of eco-clothes and other fashion items can be found, including a full collection of children’s dresses, skirts, pants and shirts. The styles certainly deviate from mainstream fashion and it’s possible to discover some very individual and personal items of clothing. Next to the clothing collections, you will find colorful pillows and kitchen towels, linen tablecloths, as well as blankets made from silk. For the more creative who love to sew, a great range of fabrics for more personalized interior design solutions are available for purchase. When planning your trip to Helsinki we do recommend that write down the Moko Café’s address. If you start exploring on a Saturday, it definitely must begin with a Moko’s brunch. The breakfast table is open from 10am to 1pm. The popularity of the Moko concept continues to grow with a new Moko Café and Market being opened in April 2013 at Vilhonvuorenkatu 11 in Helsinki’s Sörnäinen neighborhood.

Thanks for the coffee, but it’s time to continue our adventure!


TELAKKARANTA The working history of Helsinki’s Hietalahti shipyard area is now over. It has become the latest addition to the zone that’s made up of a number of former industrial areas located close to the centre of Helsinki. We enter the former shipyard via an old gate. The development of the area was commenced in the 1860s when Adolf Törngren obtained permission for its establishment. The 1900’s artistic red brick industrial architecture gives the place a very peaceful and sleepy atmosphere, which is hardly interrupted by the occasional passerby. Adding to the nostalgia are the old track lines, cranes, pier fittings, as well as some old signs that are still in place on the building walls. The workshop designed by architect Sune Maconi in 1916, which has managed to survive in almost its original state, is probably the most culturally significant structure in the area. The work of the Telakkaranta shipyard has now moved to Hernesaari. The zoning changes for this area now permits the establishment of residential and cultural areas, as well as businesses. The change is already apparent with the establishment of a new physical activity centre, the Nosturi music and cultural building, and the Makia Clothing business. Telakkaranta is still a beautiful place, but it’s being developed very quickly. Hopefully, with its older structures, the spirit of the area will be retained and protected as much as possible as it becomes a busy hive of new activity.

The old cranes have fortunately be left in their original locations.

Parts of the old shipyard track lines can still be found.

The area is changing very quickly, but you can still view many different kinds of graffiti art.

TELAKKARANTA Taitoliikuntakeskus Address: Telakkakatu 8 Phone: 010 321 1545 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-22, Saturday & Sunday 10-20 Web:

Nosturi/ELMU ry Address: Telakkakatu 8 Phone: 09 68118810 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-17 Web:

It’s so nice here that we’d like to stay a while longer, but it’s time to head off to the next place.


LOFTIS We peek in through the window. Even though Loftis appears to be more of a workspace than a store, it’s definitely worth just boldly stepping inside. The first thing that catches your attention is the beautiful large chandelier. After that, your eyes are naturally drawn to the many wonderful objects that fill the store. While some of them are more traditional designs products, many other types of things can also be found on the shelves. Some of them are quite strange indeed and it isn’t always easy to immediately figure out what they are used for! The sales and workspace areas seem to mix with each other. At the back of the room it’s all action with sewing machines working busily on amazingly colored fabrics. In addition to designer products, the store also sells unique and personalized items. If you have an idea that you yourself are not able to realize, we suggest using the professional draping and sewing services offered by Loftis. If you really want something totally unique and personal, a visit to Loftis is definitely worth considering.

Loftis Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 15 Phone: 041 501 0716 Open hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11-18, Friday 11-17, Saturday 10-14 Web:

The chandelier, which is made from an old bicycle wheel rim and old light bulbs, illustrates the rich level of imagination that you’ll experience when visiting the Loftis store.


OLD NEW There is one small wooden shelf in the store that has many different kinds of magazine stands, wonderful vintage wallpaper and soft pillows. Various kinds of hooks can be found attached to the adjacent wall, making it look more like a work of art than a part of the store’s decor. The coat rack was designed by the Swedish company Maze Inc. They use durable environmentally friendly materials in all their products. Loftis also offers many different kinds of posters and postcards. If you are looking for that special, very different postcard to send to a friend, then you will surely find it here!

Blue whale, yellow duck, red hedgehog, white wood, green flippers, black train or an orange bow? It’s just so hard to choose which one of the coat racks is the best!

Colorful postcards for all your friends.

Viiskulma or Five-Ways is the mecca of record stores. You will also find plenty of restaurants, cafĂŠs, clothing and antique stores, barbers and hairdressers, and even a vacuum cleaner bag business!


BOARD SPORT Board Sport is a specialty longboard store offering skateboarders the right equipment from downhill to slalom, or even for those commuting to work by skateboard. A comprehensive selection offers both the latest hit products and the old classics. During winter, Board Sport also sells skis, snowboards and snowskates, in addition to its longboards. An ‘OPEN’ sign hangs on the door handle. Many colorful boards, with even more colorful wheels, decorate the store window. No passerby could resist the temptation to at least step inside to have a look, even if they know nothing about skateboarding.

Board Sport Address: Pursimiehenkatu 3 Phone: 040 574 2514 Open hours: Monday-Friday 9-19, Saturday 10-17 Web:

Even if you’re not into skateboarding, taking a few moments to check out the store can still be a lot of fun; and who knows, when you step back out again, you might have changed your mind!

The boards look so cool that you might just have to try them all out!


LONGBOARD The service is friendly and professional. When selecting a board, you can create it based on your own personal needs. The owner is always happy to help find the right solution for you. The shop even loans boards so you can test them out properly.

A longboard is great way to get around Helsinki with its superb network of asphalt pathways. With the larger and softer wheels, even longer trips will go quite smoothly.

Lots of wheels; large, small, soft and hard. Available in all colors. The service is friendly and professional. We decided to get a new set of wheels for our board. Blue ones!

Lots of skateboarding related events are organized in Helsinki regularly. For more information, check out Board Sport’s website.

Who needs a big hill? The 3B tram stop will do just fine!


DIGELIUS MUSIC Since 1971, Digelius Music has been a world famous record store specializing in world music. In fact, it doesn’t sell rock music at all! Instead, it focuses on offering the largest range of jazz, traditional and cultural music in northern Europe. The music is available on vinyl records and CDs. You just have to experience the store’s atmosphere for yourself. When you step into the store, you are immediately captured by its own special nostalgia, as if you’ve been transported back in time. The range of both new and used recordings is absolutely huge. Digelius Music has to be visited as they don’t have an online store; and we think that’s really cool!

Digelius Music Address: Laivurinne 2 Phone: 09 666 375 Open hours: Monday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 10-16 Web:

If you’re not sure or can’t find what you’re looking for, then all you need to do is ask. The staff will always do their very best to help you find the right music.


JAZZ At Digelius Music, the music is always number one. The vinyl records and CDs are stored either on the shelves or in cardboard boxes with their contents described on the sides with felt marker pen. The decor really suits the store’s atmosphere. Maybe you’d like to sit down for a few moments in the reclining chair, close your eyes and listen to some great music. If you look hard enough, you can discover some real treasures that aren’t available anywhere else. Digelius Music is a place where you can easily forget the outside world for a while just relax.

A peaceful place to sit down for a moment while listening to your favorite music.

Maybe you could even have a chat with the owner, who is very passionate about his music.


BROOKLYN CAFE The Brooklyn Café is located in Fredrikinkatu. Although small, it’s bursting at the seams with great atmosphere, just like a small piece of New York in Helsinki. The café, which is managed by two American sisters, serves up delicious coffees, bagels, brownies and muffins. The service is always friendly and there’s free WiFi for customers.

Brooklyn Café Address: Fredrikinkatu 19 Phone: 046 632 1087 Open hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-19, Saturday 9-17.30 Facebook:

Brooklyn CafĂŠ uses beans roasted at the nearby Kaffa Roastery.


NO PANIC! Brooklyn Café is a small café with a rich atmosphere. If there‘s no space left inside then there’s no need to panic. You can drink your coffee outside using the benches provided. The café prepares its own pastries, bagels and other sweets according to traditional American recipes. If New York is the place to find America’s best bagels, then the Brooklyn Café is the place to find the best in Helsinki! You can get there easily by bicycle or with the 3B tram ... or maybe even by skateboard!

Great cafés are always, well, great ... and they make great coffee of course!

Outside, there’s a place for two. How cozy!


THE BARBER SHOP In need of a haircut? Rody Maher’s Barber Shop exudes rockabilly style. Rody has 20 years of experience in the trade from the United Kingdom. The service is in English and for men only.

The Barber Shop Address: Fredrikinkatu 19 Phone: 09 671 197 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-18.30 Web:

Prices: cut 32€ for men, 21€ for boys under 16 years.


GARAGELAND If you like Elvis, rockabilly or Roy Orbison, or  perhaps want to say your wedding vows in the Pink Wedding Chapel, then this is the place for you! Garageland specializes in clothes from the 50s and 60s for both men women.

Garageland Address: Fredrikinkatu 19 Phone: 09 694 8898 Open hours: Monday-Friday 11-19, Saturday 10-17 Web:


PEROBA Interior design store Peroba is located at the corner of Fredrinkinkatu and Uudenmaankatu. The interesting looking furniture in the display window tempts the passerby to step inside to explore and admire the store’s many hidden treasures.

Peroba Address: Fredrikinkatu 33 Phone: 040 555 0795 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-15 Web:

Mats, furniture, stools, lights, hooks and lots of other beautiful things.


POLY You can visit Peroba to daydream, find hidden treasures or to find things to decorate even your entire home with a rustic factory-like style. Though there are some more pricey items, many smaller things can also be found at great prices. Some of the products are made from recycled materials, such as reclaimed wood, as well as used leather and metal. Products on sale at Peroba come from many regions of the world including, for example, South America.

It was a lot of fun to take photos. The natural light in the store was just beautiful!

It’s probably a good idea to carry your skateboard while in this store. The staff members allow customers plenty of time to look around at their leisure, but they’re still always ready to answer any questions.

Peroba’s products can also be ordered via their webstore. Ok, let’s move on!

In the Punavuori neighborhood, some really cool courtyards can be found amongst the older buildings, which were constructed in the 1800s.

If you notice a courtyard while walking past an old building, it’s certainly worth taking a quick detour to admire the old architecture.

You never know what you might find ... or do. A game of hopscotch anyone?!


SUSHIBAR Sushibar combines Japanese style cuisine with Scandinavian design. In Helsinki, you will find three Sushibars, each with its own special character. Sushibar’s food is prepared from high quality, raw ingredients. Lunch is served every weekday from 11am to 3pm. For those venturing out later, Sushibar stays open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Even though Sushibar is quite small, it makes up for it with its great atmosphere. Sushibar Address: Uudenmaankatu 15 Phone: 010 666 8456 Open hours: Monday-Thursday 11-22, Friday 11-23, Saturday 14-23 Lunch: Monday-Friday 11-15 Web:


At Sushibar, people watching through the large windows is also a lot of fun!

Tempera, situated at Uudenmaankatu 16, is one of Helsinki’s largest art supplies stores. You just won’t be able to walk past it without going inside for look.


IVANA HELSINKI Ivana Helsinki is a Finnish fashion style house. Their clothes can be easily recognized by the Finnish handicraft style, bright colors and original patterns. When you step inside the store in Uudenmaankatu, you’ll be stepping into a world of color. The orange upstairs and phosphorus light downstairs definitely create an exciting atmosphere!

Ivana Helsinki Address: Uudenmaankatu 15 Phone: 050 505 1624 Open hours: Monday-Friday 11-19, Saturday 11-16 Web:


ORANGE In 2012, Ivana Trump also opened a store in New York’s Nolita neighborhood. In 2007, Ivana Helsinki participated in the Paris Fashion Week. The following year they were picked to appear in the main show, as the first ever Nordic business. Then, in 2010, Ivana Helsinki presented its first collection at the New York Fashion Week.

Did you know that, in 2010, Ivana Trump announced that she would be suing Ivana Helsinki for using her name, after which a simple character space was added to the name.

With our skateboards in tow, we style slaves decided that we wouldn’t buy anything at Ivana Helsinki ... at least this time.

Ivana Helsinki is one of Helsinki’s most interesting fashion boutiques!

It’s already been a long and tiring day!


PUNAVUOREN PEIKKO Punavuoren Peikko sells fun kid’s clothing. They also assist new designers, as well as consider the possible impacts on the environment when deciding on the materials to use in their products and production processes. The store is located in the centre of the Helsinki design district in Uudenmaankatu. Although many other designer boutiques can also be found in the area, if kid’s clothing, from streetwear to cute frocks, is what you are after, then this is the best place to go. Punavuoren Peikko also sells prams and other equipment.

Punavuoren Peikko Address: Uudenmaankatu 15 Phone: 045 128 6281 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10.30-18, Saturday 10.30-16 Web:


CHILDREN’S FASHION Bright and colorful clothes are on offer at Punavuoren Peikko. The well lit store offers a great range of both eco-friendly clothes toys. Småfolk, Metsola, molo kids, MiniATure, Mim-Pi, Limobasics and Kimperi are some of the brand products available. What a fun place to shop!

Blabla can also be found at Punavuoren Peikko –


DESIGN FORUM FINLAND Design Forum Finland is an organization that promotes Finnish design and is managed by the Art and Design Society. The Art and Design Society was established in 1875 and followed the example of many of Europe’s leading schools of handicrafts, design and industrial art. From the initiative by the society’s founder, Carl Gustaf Estlander, the project to build the Ateneum museum and school for Finnish art and design was realized. The school came under government ownership in 1965 and was later renamed to the School of Art and Design. The current Design Museum was also originally established by the Art and Design Society. At the end of the 1980s, the more internationally recognizable name of Design Forum Finland came into use when the advancement and promotion of design in small and medium sized industries became the society’s main areas of focus.

Design Forum Finland Address: Erottajankatu 7 Phone: 09 6220 8132 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-19, Saturday 10-18 Web:

This wooden light designed by Seppo Koho is an example of Scandinavian design at its best.

Unique dishes, bags and shoes.


PINK Design Forum Finland is located in the heart of the design district beside Diana Park. When you step inside the store you will be greeted with a wide range of amazing products and items from Finnish designers, which include lights, furniture and jewellery. Amongst them, you will find many eco-friendly and ethical designs.

Beautiful recycled things. Even paper rubbish can look pretty cool in a paper bag rack designed by Helena Mattila.

Costo, known for its quality range of eco-friendly clothing and designs, uses industrial byproducts and waste materials.


DESIGN We loved the arrow coat rack designed by Gustav Hallén of Design House Stockholm. If you want, you can place many of them side by side to build your own interesting work of art! The rack can even be folded in the middle and used as a clothes hanger.

Design House Stockholm’s design philosophy is ‘Don’t make anything that isn’t both necessary and useful, but if it is both necessary and useful, then don’t hesitate to also make it beautiful.” We agree totally!

The Klaffi-shelf designed by Eeva Lithovius.


CYCLEHOOP.COM Esplanadin puisto or Esplanade Park is a beautiful place for picnics in summer, or then as a great place to just hangout and relax. The park starts at Erottajankatu and continues all the way down to Kauppatori or the Market Square. It also divides the main thoroughfare between these two points. The park’s European visual appeal was created at the end of the 1800s when the area’s old wooden houses were replaced. One of the finest buildings adjacent to the park is the Hotel Kämp. The park is also the home of a number of statues of historical Finnish people, including national poet J.L. Runeberg, writer Zacharias Topelius poet Eino Leino.

Kappeli Restaurant Address: Eteläesplanadi 1 Phone: 010 766 3880 Open hours: Everyday 10-24 Web:

The needs of cyclists have also been considered at Esplanade Park. Cyclehoop’s colorful bike racks suit the surroundings quite nicely.

The park’s lawns and benches are great places for just hanging out and relaxing. You can even organize to meet friends there for a group picnic.

In the park, you’ll find several small kiosks selling coffee, as well as the Kappeli Restaurant, which is also another great place to people watch!


VISIT HELSINKI On the avenue bordering the northern side of Esplanade Park, you will find Visit Helsinki, the Helsinki City Tourist Information Office. It can provide you with all the information you need about interesting things to do when visiting Helsinki, even taking into account the season of the year. Visit Helsinki also offers useful tourist maps to help you find your way around. The friendly staff are more than happy to assist you, ready to suggest ways to make your visit to Helsinki the best one possible. VISIT HELSINKI - HELSINKI CITY TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 19 Phone: 09 3101 3300 Open hours: 15.5-14.9 Weekdays 9-20, Weekends 9-18 15.9-14.5 Weekdays 9-18, Weekends 10-16 Web:

Here’s Johanna holding the Helsinki ‘Helppi’ character, which was designed by none other than Johanna herself! Helppi resides in the dome of the Helsinki Cathedral and helps families visiting Helsinki to plan their holiday adventures!


HELPPI In addition to the Helppi character, you can also meet the real life ‘Helppis’, who are the Visit Helsinki staff dressed in green moving around the main tourist areas of Helsinki in summer. They work in pairs providing useful and interesting information about Helsinki to both Finnish and foreign visitors, including useful brochures and maps. Just stop them if you need some assistance.

You can see more of Johanna’s character figure creations at


KISELEFF HOUSE Kiseleff House is located on the fringes of Senaatintori or Senate Square. It’s an old commercial house with a history that began in the 1770s. In the 1930s, the famous Stockmann department store even conducted its business there. Repairs and refurbishments completed in 2011 have left Kiseleff House with its current appearance. When you venture in, you will discover wonderful boutiques and cafés, such as Globe Hope, Lumi, Juju Jewellery, Jukka Rintala, Sauna Market and Galleria Koru.

Kiseleff House Address: Aleksanterinkatu 28 / Unioninkatu 27 Phone: 09 4150 4555 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-19, Saturday 10-17 Web:,

Suveka Kymäläinen wanted to try out our skateboard. Suveka had come to Kiseleff House by bicycle to go shopping at Anton & Anton.


SENATE SQUARE Senate Square is a beautiful and historical square in the heart of Helsinki, with Alexander the Second’s statue situated right at its centre . The square is bordered by Aleksanterinkatu, Unioninkatu and Snellmaninkatu, as well as Hallituskatu, which goes along its northern edge just in front of the stairs of the majestic Tuomiokirkko or Helsinki Cathedral. Other historical buildings also line the streets surrounding the square, such as Helsinki University’s main building. Sederhom House, Market Square, Esplanade Park and the Uspenski Cathedral are all also located nearby. Senate Square was the creation of town planner Johan Albrecht Ehrenström and architect Carl Ludvig Engel at the beginning of the 1800s. Earlier, the area was the location of a rather ordinary square with its various structures.


HELSINKI CATHEDRAL We just couldn’t leave out the Helsinki Cathedral from our walking adventure! Once you manage to climb all the steps to the top, you can go inside. You’ll almost feel as if you’ve entered another world filled with incredible peace and calm. Certainly a welcome break from the hustle and bustle outside!

Helsinki Cathedral Address: Unioninkatu 29 Phone: 09 2340 6120 Open hours: Daily 9-18, June-August 9-24 Web:

In Senate Square, the longboard works best when carried!

Shopping in Helsinki? You’ll find everything you’re looking for in Aleksanterinkatu - at Stockmann, the Kluuvi Shopping Centre or Kämp Galleria, or then at one of the many other great stores along the street.


KLUUVI SHOPPIN CENTRE Kluuvi Shopping Centre Address: Aleksanterinkatu 9 Phone: 09 622 1050 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-20, Saturday 10-18, Sunday 12-18 Web:

The Kluuvi Shopping Centre received a major facelift in 2011 and is now a modern shopping centre with its many interesting boutiques. The centre has 25 stores, as well as 8 restaurants and cafés. We’re hungry, but where should we go? Choices include, for example, Hanko Sushi, Verso Salad Bar, Eat & Joy Maatilatori and Robert’s Coffee. And maybe a spot of shopping too? Fred Perry, Carlings, Showroom8, The Body Shop, Tiger of Sweden Concept Store and Superdry are some of the great stores worth checking out.

Superdry Kluuvi Address: Aleksanterinkatu 9 Phone: 09 622 1050 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-20, Saturday 10-18, Sunday 12-18 Web:


EAT&JOY We think that shops selling local produce should be available to everyone. On the basement floor of the Kluuvi Shopping Centre you’ll find the Eat & Joy Maatilatori, which offers organic, clean and fresh Nordic food that has had the least possible amount of processing before being offered for sale. Let’s go there, shall we?!

Eat & Joy Maatilatori Kluuvi Address: Aleksanterinkatu 9 Phone: 050 442 8099 Open hours: Monday-Friday 9-21, Saturday 9-18, Sunday 12-18 Web:

Shelves full of delicious and beautifully packed food. Yummy!


CATERING Eat & Joy offers fresh, dry, smoked, preserved, frozen and vacuum sealed food products from over 500 different producers. Some examples include a wide variety of meat products, as well as fish, roe and other smoked specialties from Lake Saimaa, not to mention the great organic wild vegetables and herbs. Also on offer are jams, mushrooms, cheeses, drinks, breads, organic flour, mueslis and ice creams, as well as organic candies and artisan chocolates.

Eat & Joy Maatilatori, Muuu Maitobaari, Alepa, and Subway are all located in Kluuvi Shopping Centre’s ‘food cellar’.


SHOWROOM8 One of Kluuvi’s most personalized stores is Showroom8. They offer, for example, Desigual, Costo, DDP, Skunfunk, Pilgrim and Slang brand clothing.

Showroom8 Address: Aleksanterinkatu 9 Phone: 09 278 1144 Open hours: Monday-Friday 10-20, Saturday 10-18, Sunday 12-18 Web:

We just couldn’t help but admire this chandelier made from glass bottles.

We loved this store. So unbelievably colorful!


DESIGUAL It’s true what Desigual says about design: “A visit to any of our stores should be a positive experience which stimulates the senses. We work with light to create spaces in which the imagination is allowed to run free, in which the illumination of the clothes creates alternative worlds to make the shopping experience a different kind of pleasure.”



FAZER KAHVILA In 1856, Eduard Fazer purchased the property now located at Kluuvikatu 3. Then, in 1891, Karl Fazer established the French-Russian Pastry Shop, which became one of Helsinki’s most popular meeting places. To this very day, the Karl Fazer Café continues to offer its amazing treats, food and drinks. The café’s relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, good food and beautiful ceiling will surely capture your attention. You can also buy sandwiches, pastries, chocolates, as well as many other homemade sweets and candies.

Fazer Café Address: Kluuvikatu 3 Phone: 020 729 6702 Open hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-22, Saturday 9-22, Sunday 10-18 Web:

If you’re looking for a great place to have breakfast, the Fazer Café is definitely one of central Helsinki’s best!


CHJOKO Chjoko offers excellent cakes, pralines and macaroon biscuits. Chjoko only uses premium quality chocolate, cream, butter, flavors and berries in their products. They have a wide range of pralines on offer. New flavors are prepared according to the season and the list is updated 1-2 times a year. In their chocolate bars, for example, Chjoko uses 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate, milk chocolate from Papua New Guinea and satin soft white chocolate. The flavors are sourced from real frozen berries, fruits, nuts and spices. All of Chjoko’s products are handmade.

Chocolate Shop Chjoko Address: Liisankatu 9 Phone: 0400 199 868 Open hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 11-14 Web:


CRANBERRY VODKA Chjoko’s delicious and inviting atmosphere already becomes apparent from the store’s decor. The glass cabinet reveals a colorful collection of amazing treats that you can’t help but admire ... and taste! But where should we start? Maybe we’ll just have to try each flavor! On Saturdays, Chjoko puts on an all-you-can-eat buffet, offering pastries, cakes, pralines, croissants, marshmallows, macaroons, cocoa and coffee. Sounds pretty good to us!

The store in Kluuvikatu was closed at the end of 2012, but fortunately for all of us with a sweet tooth, Chjoko can now be found in Liisankatu in the Kruunuhaka neighborhood.

We decided to stay longer than we’d planned to give us more time to sample the many different chocolates. In fact, the treats at Chjoko were so incredibly delicious, that we actually decided to end our walking adventure around the streets of Helsinki right here!



I have always been the observer, the one who loves to look at people. I could do that all day! I love to ‘see’ people, the way they really are, the fun kids have, the love families share. It makes me happy and I love to be able to give those beautiful memories back to my clients, who usually also become my friends. I love fun, colours, smiles, outdoors and beautiful natural light. My travels have opened up my eyes to see the beauty in natural, every day moments, and to see the changes in light in different parts of the world. This is what I strive for in all my work, with the families I see, with my advertising work, with all aspects of my photography. If I'm not somewhere in the world making a documentary project with my sister Johanna, I photograph children, families, child fashion and advertising. I make beautiful lifestyle images, which are full of life, emotion, natural light and hopefully stories as well. I have lived in Australia and New Zealand for 8 years and at the moment I'm based in Helsinki, Finland. I can't think of anything more fun than making documentaries and other projects with my sister. We get to meet so many cool people and for that little moment see the world through their eyes.



I love to draw, paint, make up stories and even create functional user interfaces, which can be rather frustrating and neverending. I like to lay out magazines, code websites and design games. In my handbag I always have a pencil, a sketchbook and a couple of marker pens. I have worked full time in digital media, printing products and as a graphic designer in child & family marketing, as a producer, as an Art Director and as a Creative Director since 1997 while sometimes drawing small furry creatures and sometimes being in charge of creating big concepts, projects and managing staff. If you've seen Onni Orava at S Group, Werneri rabbit at Hiihtokeskus or Helppi at Visit Helsinki, you have met some of my creations, my darling character babies. On my free time I freedive, ride motocross or downhill bike, snowboard or boat with my RIB-boat or kayak. At times I freedive for results and I have held one World Record and during my years of freediving I have won many other medals in the World Championships. I'm the most comfortable when I'm in the water, drawing or making documentary projects (about what ever inspires us at the time) with my sister Elina Manninen.

If you have an interesting project or you want to capture a special place or location to share with others, we are available to help you realize your vision. Just send us an email to either ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

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