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The Campaign for GFA’s Outdoor Athletic Facilities

Our Program Athletics are an integral part of the GFA experience, an important way through which our students grow and learn. Our athletic program, with its 19 interscholastic sports, over 50 interscholastic Text teams, and 25 recreational programs, is one of the most highly respected and successful programs in the Fairchester and New England Prep School Leagues. While we celebrate a great deal of winning, we are also very proud of the physical and character development that takes place in the program each year. GFA athletes have a well-deserved reputation for sportsmanship and strong play.

Each for All

GFA’s athletic program encourages collective and individual achievement in all three divisions.

Interscholastic team competition is required of every GFA student. This emphasis on team sports teaches the values associated with working with others. Our coaches, while experts in their sports and committed to fully developing each player’s abilities, are also role models and mentors. They help students develop the self-discipline and self-confidence during competition that is one of the greatest values of athletic endeavor. The size of our school means that top athletes are challenged while, at the same time, every athlete gets playing time. Many of our athletes go on to individual honors in college sports but credit their time at GFA with teaching them what it means to be part of a team.

Our Philosophy Our athletic program’s philosophy exemplifies our school motto: Each for All. We stress helping our students develop into good team players with positive self-images, a concern for the welfare of others and the capacity to make sound moral and ethical judgments. Starting in the Lower School physical education program, through the development of sport-specific skills in the Middle School years, to our most competitive Upper School Varsity teams, the emphasis on cooperation, sportsmanship, effort and integrity creates athletes with a commitment to team as well as self.

Each for All

As our athletes learn technical skills, they are at the same time learning invaluable life lessons.

Our New Facilities The master plan for GFA’s new athletic facilities gives us 5 correctly sized fields for fall and spring sports, with space for portable bleachers at each field (75 spectator capacity) and 8 new tennis courts.

Total project cost: $5.6 million

Original Conditions:

Building Deeper, Stronger Teamwork

• 4 fields, 3 of which were incorrectly sized for league play and had drainage issues • Baseball infield was incorrectly oriented and overlaid the varsity soccer field, meaning it had to be put in and removed each year • 4 inadequate tennis courts • Septic system capped at 650 students • Need for increased parking What We’ve Already Accomplished:

Students develop character and leadership through playing sports at GFA.

Completed summer 2009 Cost: $1.5 million • new varsity soccer field • new parking area, adding 34 spots • expanded septic system with new septic field • access road for emergency, handicap and maintenance access Completed fall 2010 Cost: $1.6 million • separate and properly oriented baseball infield • 8 tennis courts, with central spectator viewing area

Our Next Step We would like to engage the entire GFA community in supporting the final stage of our outdoor athletic project so that all our new facilities will be available for the 2011-2012 school year. Anticipated construction summer 2011 Cost: $2.5 million • 3 expanded and renovated fields, including a showcase field for field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. These new fields will be used by the athletic program in all three divisions.

GFA’s program has become increasingly competitive over the past several years despite having outgrown our athletic facilities.

Quisque Pro Omnibus Each for All



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The Campaign for GFA’s Outdoor Athletic Facilities  

We would like to engage the entire GFA community in supporting the final stage of our outdoor athletic project so that all our new facilitie...

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