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Green Eugene is a new magazine focusing on local cannabis culture. The magazine celebrates Eugene’s thriving cannabis industry and connects the Eugene community to the many cannabusinesses in the area. Green Eugene is your guide to exploring Eugene’s culture and community of cannabis. For all those who smoke, grow or medicate — this is for you.

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s y a d i l o H y p m e H Cannabis Gift Guide Words by Sierra Pedro

From skincare to clothing to lip balm, hemp products make great go-to gifts for any of your Oregonian friends. We compiled a list of local, hemp products you might consider purchasing for a special someone in your life!

Hemp Hoop Infi nity Scarf, $15 Made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton jersey, these cozy scarves are guaranteed to please a special fashionista in your life this holiday season. Currently offered in sea foam and iris colors. Shop:, 850 West 2nd St. Sprout Bag, $16.50 Made with 100% hemp, this 7” by 10.5” sprout bag is a go-to gift for any cooking guru. Just include some seeds, water and your sprouts will be ready in 3 to 5 days! Shop:, 152 W 5th Ave. #3 Hemp Lip Balm Assortment, $41.58 Lip balm makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and this assortment of 28 tubes and seven flavors offers a one-stop buy for all your closest friends and family. Made with hemp seed oil, rosemary and Vitamin E. Flavors include peppermint, spearmint, orange, lemon lime, cinnamon, vanilla and unscented. Shop:

Hemp Seed Oil, $11 An 8.5 oz. bottle of quality oil a delightful present for any kitchen enthusiast in your life! This certified organic hemp seed oil can be used for hummus to guacamole to smoothies to pesto. Plus, the oil bottles themselves are made from 50 percent recycled material. Shop:, 152 W 5th Ave. #3 Organic Dog Salve, $5.25 Don’t forget about your furry friend this holiday season! This petfriendly, price-friendly dog lotion with soothe cuts, bites or other abrasions. Packaged in a simple, roll on applicator. Shop: Street Purse, $48 The Eco Boutique, home to Of the Earth Organic Apparel, offers stylish purses that can be worn over the shoulder or as a handbag. They are also on discount at $29 on their website right now! Currently offered in black and denim colors. Shop:, 782 Blair Blvd. Photos provided by Mountain Rose Herbs, Merry Hempsters, and Of the Earth


Green + Grub: THE PAIRING GUIDE words by Skyla Patton | photos by Sierra Pedro

Picture this: it’s date night, and you’re taking your significant other out for a night on the town. You pick the best five-star restaurant in town, settle down in your window seat, and the waiter hands you a pairing menu. One side depicts the most delicious food you’ve ever heard of, and the other is photos of huge, mouth watering… buds? That’s right, buds of every strain and type you could possibly imagine to go with each spectacular dish. Check out these suggestions for successfully pairing your green with your grub. Well, it may be awhile before fine restaurants let your light up at the dinner table, but there’s no reason why you can’t get ready for that day by practicing at home. Check out these suggestions for successfully pairing your green with your grub. First and foremost, it’s important to understand the components of the strain’s terpenes and aromas to fully understand what flavors will best match up. Terpenes are the naturally formed compounds in the bud that gives it it’s unique smell and flavor when smoked. These compounds are also found in most foods, which explains why identifying the smell and flavor would make a more successful pairing! Pay close attention to these details in selecting which strains you want to puff on while making your grocery list for the evening. The art of pairing different marijuana strains with different flavor palettes works similarly to the pairing of wine and food. The strongest aromas and flavors of each wine are connected to the complementing aromas and flavors of food to make a delicious combination that best suits each other. Each flavor and aroma is meant to enhance that of the other, and there are two ways to do this: congruent pairing and complementary pairing. Congruent pairing is accomplished by combining two items with similar traits, like smoked cheese and a dark wine, whereas complementary pairing is combining two items that add to the other, like coconut and lime. 4 | GREENEUGENE.COM

Use Your Nose Buds often give off some pretty intense aromas. Even someone who is less familiar with the world of weed can usually catch hints of different flavors after taking a good whiff of a new strain. If you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, head over to a dispensary and ask a budtender on staff. They’re usually more than willing to lend an expert hand and they can help you differentiate between a sweeter bud and something a little more spicy. Let these initial impressions guide you, and try not to think too hard about it. It’s not as complicated as it can feel at first! If a strain has strong hints of blueberry, scoop up some vanilla frosting and blueberry cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or, if you’re more interested in the complementary side of pairing, combine that blueberry aroma with a slice of angel food cake and fresh fruit sprinkled on top. A few strains that will inspire and get your inner chef pumped are Blue Cheese, White Russian, Chocolate Chunk and Berry Kush.

Pay Attention to Titles While some strain names are less than helpful to the uneducated eye, like Alaskan Thunderfuck or Golden Goat, most titles will give you a very good indication of what to expect when smoking them. Strains pick up their titles from the flavor they put off, the aroma both as a bud and as smoke and occasionally from physical appearance. This is especially true when the name has an obvious connection to a flavor or specific food product. It can be a huge help in matching it with the perfect snack! An easy example is Tangie, a strain produced from sativa that is rich with the scent of citrus and tropical fruits. Now, focus on the citrus and think about what you would put lemon or lime on; sprinkled over roasted chicken, mixed into a fresh quinoa salad or served with an ice-cold pina colada. All of these things and more, would make for a delicious aftertaste to a few puffs of this strain. A few popular strains that are easy to identify are Peaches and Cream, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Kush and Pineapple Express.

Have Fun With It There’s really no way to go horribly wrong when it comes to smoking your favorite bud and cooking delicious food. It’s important to do your research and put effort in when trying new pairing matches, but above all, your enjoyment of both the green and the grub is what’s key to having fun with this experiment. Play with flavors you already know you like, or go for a standard classic of Girl Scout Cookies and a tall glass of milk. Personal preference should always take priority over following the rules. Pairing a strain that you know you don’t enjoy to try and make snickerdoodles taste better won’t be any fun for you or the snickerdoodle! The possibilities are endless, so make sure to have fun with it.

Our Top 5 Pairing Examples Chocolate Chunk and Brownie Sundaes:

A chocolatey combo will satisfy the sweet tooth craving in everyone with an indica strain rich in cocoa flavors and a classic dessert with a melting scoop of ice cream on top.

Blue Cheese and Buffalo Wings:

This easy indica-heavy pairing is great for a date night dinner at home and makes for a delicious meal of spicy, juicy wings and a creamy cheese flavor to complement it.

Lemon Kush and Apple Pie:

This hybrid dish is perfect for dinner parties, combining the sweet smell of citrus with a fresh apple pie smothered in whip cream to create a killer dessert everyone will love.

Pineapple Express and Roasted Ham:

The granddaddy of complementary pairings, the sweet taste of pineapple sativa will wow the crowd when combined with savory smoked ham fresh out of the oven.

Orange Haze and Mandarin Chicken Salad:

A great dinner for one or even appetizer, mandarin chicken salad can only get better with the addition of sweet orange sativa.


The Little Town That Could(n’t Get On Board With Legal Weed) by Delaney Rea | photo by Trevor Meyer

Creswell, Oregon is a small Lane County farming town located about 12 miles south of Eugene with a population of just over 5,000. Creswell is known for its golf course, esteemed farm-to-fork dining scene and proximity to Oregon wine country. Another factor that makes Creswell noteworthy is its staunch objection to the legalization of recreational marijuana sales. This past August, the Creswell City Council voted unanimously to ban recreational marijuana sales. In November’s Lane County elections, the town once again voted in an 85 percent majority against a ballot measure to overturn the previous ban on recreational sales. Much of the state supported Measure 91 in 2015, which legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in Oregon. However, not every corner of Oregon has embraced the new legislation. So when a town like Creswell disagrees with state legislature, what does it mean for the tax revenue they receive from the regulated sales run throughout the rest of the state? The Oregon state tax rate on recreational marijuana is set at 17 percent, with an additional 3 percent possible if a county’s constituents vote in its favor. 6 | GREENEUGENE.COM

This means that up to one fi fth of the revenue generated through recreational sales in Oregon is going right back into state programs like education, public health, law enforcement and more. Between the starting date of Oregon’s statelevel legalization of weed sales in January 2016 and Aug. 31, 2017, the state collected a total of $108.6 million in state and local taxes. About $9.5 million paid for the state’s initial costs to regulate the industry, the remaining revenue was planted into several public sectors. State schools received 40 percent, or $34 million; public health services received 20 percent, or $17 million; the Oregon State Police got a 15 percent cut at $12.75 million; and the Oregon Health Authority brought up the rear with a 5 percent, $4.25 million share. The amount of money generated from the marijuana tax revenue program was higher than some anticipated. The chief petitioner of Measure 91, Anthony Johnson, recently told the Oregonian that the new law “shows that legalizing and regulating cannabis can help generate revenue for important governmental services.” This brings the focus back onto communities like Creswell. Oregon is required to disburse the tax revenue from recreational marijuana

sales proportionately throughout the state, even to cities and counties that declined to legalize sales. The ratio of funding that a city receives is based on the size of its population. With 5,000 residents, Creswell stands to earn more from weed sales than its less-populous neighbors that supported recreational marijuana sales. However, the equal disbursement policy only applies to revenue collected before July 1. Any revenue collected after that date won’t got to any city or county like Creswell that disallows recreational marijuana sales. Ultimately, Creswell citizens are satisfied with their decision not to overturn their city’s ban on marijuana sales. Though the town could stand to benefit from resources given to the education, healthcare and other important public services, it doesn’t appear as though the small town faces any feelings of missing out for the time being. Following the November election, Creswell mayor Dave Stram told the Eugene Register-Guard, “We are Creswell and [we’re] happy to be just who we are.”

emerald essentials


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Gourmet treats for your next “retreat ” words by Anna Glavash | photos by Michael Davies

It’s important to know cannabinoid profi les when choosing between the different types of edibles out there. Some are THC-dominant, others are all CBD and some contain both, with 1:1 ratios or a variety of other proportions. When most of us think of edible cannabis, we think of the psychoactive effects of THC. But there are many other ways CBD, a non-intoxicating, therapeutic cannabinoid can behave in the body. We visited Moss Crossing, recent winner of best dispensary in Eugene Weekly, and talked to edibles cannasseur and budtender Jessie Daher about her favorites and when to eat them. “For me, getting into edibles was the key to unlocking a better lifestyle and quality of life in general. I had severe insomnia for years that was feeding into other chronic pain issues. Once I got that handled, I realized what deep sleep felt like. Now I use edibles every night,” says Daher. So how can we know 8 | GREENEUGENE.COM

what to expect from these different products? “1:1 products are amazing for insomnia and chronic pain. THC and CBD work together synergistically to promote relaxation and healing in the body. You can’t go wrong. CBD in particular is preventative, and a lot of people don’t realize that. They think CBD is just to treat a problem. It’s actually better to prevent one. It’s one good way to lower inflammation and decrease cortisol [a stress hormone] in the body long term,” says Daher.

with real fruit purees and no artificial ingredients, they come in passionfruit, grapefruit, and strawberry flavors with blueberry launching soon. Retreats are “one of the strongest CBD edible products out there. They’re great if you tend toward anxiety or want to prevent inflammation,” Daher says. There’s also a THC version if you want psychoactive effects. Each batch is strainspecific, kind of like a singleorigin coffee or chocolate bar, except Retreats uses locallygrown flower.

Retreats CBD Gummies by Willamette Valley Alchemy (Eugene) $19

Mr. Moxey’s Mints CBD Herbal Pastilles by botanica PORTLAND (Portland) $30

@retreats_wva CBD 3 gummies per package 24 mg CBD, 1 mg THC per gummy These tropical gems are nothing like Haribo Bears. Made by hand right here in Eugene

@mrmoxeysmints 5:1 CBD : THC 20 Mints per tin 5 mg CBD : 1 mg THC per mint For the proper people. “Not only are they discreet, easy to take with you and tasty, you’re not going to have the psychoactive

effects either.” These are perfect thing if you’re a microdoser and want to pop one or two at the end of your day to unwind. With a 5:1 mg ratio of CBD:THC, the effects are very subtle. Mr. Moxey’s Mints won fi rst place in the 2017 Dope Cup for the CBD Edible category. Find out why. Junk Marshmallow Bon-Bons by Leif Goods (Portland) $24 @eatmorejunk 3:2 CBD : THC 12 bon-bons per box Vegan marshmallows. Covered in chocolate. Topped with chocolate salt. Yes, the salt is infused with chocolate. Far from junk, these are the ultimate indulgence. The near-equal ratio in this product makes it a favorite among those with complex medical issues, but it’s also great for anybody looking for a balanced high.

Leif Goods Peanut Butter & Jelly Organic Chocolate Bar $24 @leifgoods 1:1 THC : CBD 42 mg THC, 47mg CBD per bar 10 servings The golden ratio (and maybe the golden ticket too) can be found in this chocolate bar. It’s truly amazing how much it tastes like a PB&J sandwich. The secret is the strawberry powder sprinkled on top. Chocolate is also a quick way to get results. “It’s a vasodilator, so it helps your system absorb the cannabinoids a lot faster,” Daher explains. Cinnamon Maca Almond Butter by Lux (Bend) $17/27 @lux.edibles THC 500 mg per jar Available in a 6.5 oz or a 1.27 oz jar Want to keep the good times rolling on a backpacking trip? Just toss this jar in your bag.

With a malty, butterscotch flavor, Maca is a powdered root. According to Lux, the Incas used it for strength and stamina, and this THC formula will make your hike all the more enjoyable. Imagine cookie butter that tastes like graham crackers, but good for you. Yes, you can consider this a health food. Lux already took home fi rst place for Sweet Edible in the 2017 Dope Cup. It’s delicious right off the spoon, or if you’re snacking, why not add some to sliced apples or toast, or drizzle on a smoothie or granola bowl. Though it’s tempting, we don’t recommend eating the whole jar. Piqmiup Tea in Lemon & Jasmine Harmony Sativa Blend by Upward Cannabis Kitchen (Portland, OR) $14 @upwardcannabis THC 5 mg each 3 tea bags There’s not can’t cure. are another microdosing

much a cup of tea Daher says these good option for and a good way

to get THC into your system quickly. Piqmiup comes in several blends including indica and hybrid. They’re made with looseleaf tea, other herbs like lavender and cannabis distillate, which is flavorless. Sativas are more energizing, indicas are calming, and a hybrid is, well, somewhere in between. Magic Number Ginger Beer (Bend) $5/$7/$9 @upwardcannabis THC 3, 10, or 25 mg per 12 oz bottle Daher says people can’t get enough of these drinks, which are a favorite among the edibles crowd. Why? Because they’re super affordable and get into your system a bit faster. What’s not to love? The best part is that the mg marks on the 25mg bottle show you where to stop drinking to control your dose. We’ve heard these make amazing floats, and yes, Moss also sells medicated ice cream. Cheers!



4 ways to apply for 2018 health insurance ONLINE


IN-PERSON HELP Find local professionals and volunteers to help you enroll free of charge. Pages/find-help.aspx

Marketplace Call Center: 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) Available 24/7 (Closed Thanksgiving Day)


DucksHousing. HOUSING A simple way for UO students


Application form available on MAIL TO: Health Insurance Marketplace Dept. of Health and Human Services 465 Industrial Blvd. London, KY 40750-0001

TO SEARCH A simple way for UOFOR students

TO SEARCH FOR A simple way for UO stude


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Live Life

words by Sierra Pedro & Kelsey Tidball | photos contributed by WYLD

Have you ventured into the wonderful world of edibles yet? Whether you’re already an edibles fan or you have yet to try them, you’ve got to hear about one of the best edibles companies in the Pacific Northwest. WYLD, an Oregon-based cannabis company founded in January 2016, makes edibles so elegant and tasty, you’ll think you’re eating something from a gourmet candy store. WYLD specializes in gourmet, hand-crafted chocolates and gummies that are delicious, sweet and adventurous. The company was founded by born-and-raised Oregonians Aaron Morris and Rene Kaza, who are both UO alumni, and Chris Joseph, a PSU alumnus. WYLD’s products are perfect for the Pacific Northwest spirit. Take them hiking, give them as gifts or get some for yourself for a relaxing night in. If you haven’t tried edibles yet, you’re defi nitely going to want to try these. We promise they’ll become a new favorite treat. Sold in over 400 stores across

Oregon, WYLD products can be found wherever your heart may take you. Their gummies are made with real fruit and packaged in an elegant and unique prism-shaped box perfect for carrying on a hike or any other outdoor adventure. Each box comes with ten pieces of candy in a convenient, childproof airtight container. These edibles are great for beginners and experts alike. When fi rst trying these products, WYLD recommends starting with a ¼ or ½ dose — these gummies are specifically designed at a small 5mg dosage to help WYLD enthusiast fi nd the perfect amount that works for their system. Remember to consume in small amounts to begin, you can always take more later! WYLD currently offers gummies in raspberry, marionberry, strawberry and pomegranate flavors. We recommend trying their newlyintroduced pomegranate 1:1 gummies for a wonderful, tart

and tropical taste with a balanced blend of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per serving. These bad boys were just launched in October, and we’re absolutely WYLD about them! If you’re looking for a product to help you wind down, reduce stress and sleep better, try the strawberry CBDenhanced gummies. If you love all things PNW, try the indicaenhanced marionberry gummy. This classic, Oregon berry taste paired with its relaxing effects are sure to help you wind down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. What we love most about these products is that there is no cannabis flavor lingering around, only amazing sweet, tart and fresh fruity flavors. Looking to explore or get things done? The raspberry sativa gummy is the perfect, uplifting adventure buddy! Are you more of a chocolate kind of person? Their white chocolates are perfect for on-the-go, and they’re pricefriendly, too! WYLD’s products range from $3 to $24. Chocolates come in ten-pack or single-serve

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options. They are sure to provide a wonderful taste of a classic fruit and cream combination. Try the blood orange white chocolates for a sweet, sativaenhanced experience, the indicaenhanced peach white chocolates for a relaxing experience, or the strawberry hybrid white chocolates for a more traditional taste. By now, your mouth is probably watering and you’re wanting to run to the nearest dispensary to pick up a serving or two of these treats. Visit fi ndus for WYLD’s interactive map to fi nd a store closest to you and to pick some up for your next party, event, or night in with friends. Don’t wait too long — a WYLD adventure is waiting for you.

#LiveLifeWyld Website: Instagram: @wyld_canna Facebook: /wyldcanna


Eugene’s Longest-Running Dispensary has a story to tell by Delaney Rea | phots by Michael Davies

When Joe Hopkins moved to Eugene in 2012, Tracktown USA wasn’t his fi rst choice. His family was more drawn to the city of Bend – the snow offered in that part of the state was particularly enticing. However, what ultimately made Eugene the place to go was a different kind of market – the marijuana dispensary market. Hopkins and his wife, Chelsea, saw a need in the city for a quality provider of cannabis products. That’s why they started The Greener Side, the dispensary that they continue to own and operate. When they started their business, the state legislation hadn’t yet legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. Because of this, The Greener Side started out as a strictly medical dispensary. With this license to sell, the dispensary was welcomed by the cannabis-friendly communities of the city. It’s been on the strength of that community that the business has continued to thrive, making it the longest-running dispensary in Eugene. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Eugene’s senior cannabis supplier. On May 23, 2013, only months after opening, The Greener Side was subject to a government raid. Although they were authorized to sell marijuana to medical patients by state law, federal law had the jurisdiction to intervene. What began as just another day in the cannabis industry saw the arrival of police, who arrested the entire staff. According to Hopkins, his personal home was also raided, private phones were confi scated and the bank accounts of the business were promptly closed. 12 | GREENEUGENE.COM

Hopkins’ wife was released that day, and they reopened their business within the next 24 hours. Though the business itself fought to overcome this obstacle, Hopkins said, “support from the community helped us keep going and kept our fi re fueled.” The legislation passed by Measure 91 to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in 2015 brought relief to the fear of further raids occurring. “We’re extremely happy to be working in the legal market,” Hopkins said. When the new legislation took effect, The Greener side began selling their products recreationally. Soon after, Hopkins saw the customer demographics patronizing his store start to change. 21-year-olds started to come in on their birthdays for their fi rst stop of many. Senior citizens, intrigued by the new market, began purchasing more and more cannabis product, fi nding it to be an effective medication for many ailments. Hopkins even met a woman who could recall a time before marijuana prohibition, when she had the same freedom to buy that she does now. Hopkins has seen the normalization of marijuana as a necessary step for the industry since before the days of The Greener Side. Starting out, he decided to change the negative stigma that many people have associated with weed through the actions of his business. Since 2013, The Greener Side has hosted an annual charity golf tournament. This event has raised over $10,000 in the past four years, with the proceeds going toward multiple sclerosis.

As a member of Eugene’s Chamber of Commerce and the International Rotary Club, Hopkins has put his foot in the door of local business to make one thing clear: dispensaries are a credible business model. “It’s pretty awesome that I can go to any Rotary Club meeting in the world now, and I’ll be there for cannabis,” he said. “I can talk about my cannabis openly and proudly now.” Being the oldest marijuana dispensary in Eugene and Springfield means that The Greener Side has persevered while seeing competitors come and go. While he welcomes the competition, Hopkins recognizes why many of them don’t last, attributing the ongoing success of his business to its commitment to customer integrity. “Changes to the industry don’t affect our protocol,” Hopkins said. Putting the customer fi rst and staying consistent with the quality of the products they offer has earned the business a more loyal following than newer dispensaries that simply follow the latest trends. Part of the customer loyalty that The Greener Side offers is daily deals that make marijuana consumption more affordable. “Presumptions are left at the door,” Hopkins said. “When people come in here, they’re all coming in for the same thing. That’s something to better their life.” There are plenty of deals at The Greener Side to help improve customers’ lives. Mondays bring 15 percent off all edible products, and Tuesdays offer 10 percent off any purchase of $40 or over. On Wednesdays, customers can get $5 off the price of The Greener Side’s top-tier strains. Thursdays offer 15 percent off all products based in CBD, the cannabinoid with relaxing effects, and Fridays bring 20 percent off the purchase of seeds. Additionally, The Greener Side has a free membership program that customers can use to get further discounts and win periodically offered prizes. Ultimately, the successful business Hopkins has built is only the beginning of the company’s potential. On Nov. 10, The Greener Side opened a new location in Detroit Lake, Oregon. Hopkins hopes to next franchise out into the greater Eugene and Springfield area. With an emphasis on customer loyalty, commitment to superior quality and a business model that has proven longevity, the future of The Greener Side looks bright. - Sponsored Content -

“I can talk about my cannabis openly and proudly now.” GREENEUGENE.COM | 13

Tips for Growing Your words by Skyla Patton | photos by Trevor Meyer

The day of reckoning has come: it’s time to grow your own plant. Roll up your sleeves, grab the gardening shovel and … now what? Facing down the huge checklist that comes with putting your fi rst marijuana plant in the ground can be a daunting challenge. We talked to local Eugenians and a local company, SugarTop, to get the best tips for putting your fi rst plant in the ground. Environment is crucial to producing healthy, happy plants that will reward you come harvest season. Try to think about it like you would with any average tomato plant or flower; they can’t grow successfully or produce a good bounty in a dark closet or in freezing temperatures. Prepare your grow space carefully before introducing your clones or infant plants to the conditions. One place to stop by for your environmental gardening needs is Down To Earth Home & Garden. The shop specializes in durable, recycled products and its wide selection of organic, all-natural fertilizers and gardening tools will make for the hardest decision yet. Check out their Eugene location at 532 Olive St., open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., closing at 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Here are some other things to keep in mind: • Be sure to consider the air circulation and the space that your plant has. Think of it like your own living environment and if you would have enough room or if you think it’s too cramped or confi ned. 14 | GREENEUGENE.COM

• City water can be detrimental because it often unfi ltered and can contain chlorine, so make sure you’re thinking about it if you live off of city water. Most often, a cleaning process will be necessary and can affect the overall result you get out of your plant in the end. • Keep it simple. Stay away from heavily advertised soils or fertilizers that come with intricate, excessive fancy systems. Mother Nature has set the best examples and should be followed accordingly. Healthy black earth, clean water, some good ol’ chicken poo fertilizer and lots of sunlight will make for the happiest plants. Bonus Tip: Don’t make it too hard on yourself when selecting the strain you want to grow. If it’s your fi rst time, try Lemon Kush, Girl Scout Cookies or Sour Diesel. They are all commonly grown strains that thrive in the Oregon climate.

Lighting Lighting makes a huge difference in a person’s level of productivity, so it makes sense that it would do the same for a growing, changing plant. Fluorescent lighting is easily accessible and common in the use of cultivating marijuana plants and can replicate the outcome of their outdoor-grown brethren who receive vitamin D straight from the sun. Heinke’s Electrical & Lighting offers a selection of products, and their store slogan of “catering to do-it-yourselfers” is the perfect attitude for prospective growers looking to get their hands in the dirt. Heinke’s, open at 645 Adams St. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day

and closed on Sunday, is the one-stop shop to hook up your lighting. • The dim glow of your 60-watt bulbs is not enough to satisfy a growing marijuana plant. Reflective lighting, light deprivation and appropriate timing on the lights can be key to growing a small-scale operation and getting a good yield on your plants. • LED is the only way to go. Pay attention to the proximity of the light to the plant; see how it reacts and make changes accordingly. The bulb should never come in contact with the plant itself. • Bluer lighting is the best when you’re waiting for your plant to flower. LED lights put out a really nice broad-blue spectrum and generate half as much heat for the plant. Research the best ways to ensure your plants get what they deserve. Compare and contrast answers you see, fact check their validity with as much reliable information as you can, and then repeat the process all over again. Beautiful, bountiful plants come out of wellrounded growers who spend huge amounts of time getting to know the plant and hitting the books. Oregon’s Constant Gardener, a local, family-owned company, is a great place to start looking for any of your gardening needs. They offer a wide variety of products to start a garden or maintain an existing one. The Constant Gardener’s Springfield store is located at 2053 Laura St., and the Eugene store is on 990 Garfield St. Both locations are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bonus Tip: Oregon Constant Gardener is offering an Indoor Gardening Basics Class Dec. 2 for $10. Get more details and sign up in store or online at • Read as much as you can stand, learning the plant is one of the only things you can do to make proper judgment and decisions on its growth. Watch YouTube videos from other growers, fi nd online discussion forums, soak up all of the information. Check out “The Marijuana Horticulture Indoor Medical Grower’s Bible.” It has all of the fundamentals and basics to putting your fi rst plant in the ground (or pot). • Grow only females or mother plants if you’re a beginner. Producing male plants can cause a serious amount of issues across the board if you don’t know what you’re doing. Learn how to sex a plant or have a more experienced friend (or expert) come and check for you to make sure you have the right plant. • Make sure your resources are reliable ones, or at least ones you consider to be trustworthy. Follow the information you read in published pieces of work and look for keys that are repeated; it’s more likely to be valuable and useable.

• Be selective about which strain you want to grow fi rst. Each strain has a different growth period, looks different and needs a slightly different environment. These changes will hugely affect how you go about creating an environment for your plant, so you need to know about it. Now that you’ve got some helpful tips under your belt from experienced growers, here are a few reminders on how to stay within the regulations for indoor growing in Oregon. • Plants must be on your own property. • You must be 21 years of age or older to grow marijuana in your home. • Four plant maximum in a household. Oregon legislation defines it as any location where you live — it does not clarify the number of people in the home or the qualifications to be a “household.” • Remember, the law does not protect you from the federal government or your landlord. Both parties are able to override these rules, so be sure to check your lease agreement and the federal regulations before choosing to grow in your home.



11/27/17 Green Eugene - November 2017  
11/27/17 Green Eugene - November 2017