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HAPPY 50TH, EARTH DAY! DAY ! Earth Day celebrates its 50th birthday this year. When we develop a deep fondness of the natural world, all of those baby steps to greener living are amplified. It works wonders for not just the health of the planet, but our own health, too! Richard Louv explains that a generation of children is not only being raised indoors, but is being confined to even smaller spaces. Jane Clark, a University of Maryland professor of kinesiology calls them ‘containerized kids.’ They spend more and more time in car seats, high chairs, and even baby seats for watching TV. When small children go outside, they’re often placed in containers— strollers—and pushed by walking or jogging parents. Most kid-containerizing is done for safety concerns, but the long term health of these children is compromised. This inspires us to want to spend Earth Day with kids outdoors and with as much freedom to run and roam as possible. Enjoying our environment is extremely beneficial to adults, too. Exposure to nature has been found to encourage people to nurture close relationships with fellow human beings, value community, and to be more generous.

5 WAYS TO CELEBRATE EARTH DAY WITH KIDS Get Outside Take a walk and explore nature. Lay down a blanket and look at the clouds or do some stargazing. Celebrating Earth Day means loving and enjoying the earth so kids will feel passionate about protecting it.

HOST A CLEANUP DAY Coordinate a time on Earth Day or a Saturday during April to pick up trash in your neighborhood or favorite park. Children who have never voluntarily picked up their bedrooms will love picking up someone else’s trash.

document a sunrise (or sunset) Gather paper, crayons, markers, pastels, or chalk and head outside just before the sun rises or sets. Preserve the moment by asking everyone to draw the beautiful colors they see.

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