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BULK STORE “Zero waste” may be the buzzword, but a goal of “low waste” is far more attainable for most families. And whether you’re aiming for a plastic-free kitchen or just cutting back on packaging waste, bulk store shopping can help you reach your goals. Just so we’re clear— in this case, bulk shopping doesn’t mean stocking up on 16 rolls of plastic-wrapped paper towels from Costco. We’re talking about refill and bulk bin shopping where items are stored in bins or dispensers, without packaging. If you live in the U.S. you can find out if there’s one near you at Litterless. You can also try searching plastic-free and bulk hashtags + your city on Instagram. There are several benefits to shopping this way:

• You only buy the amount of product you want or need. • You can fill your own containers, eliminating the need for packaging. • For a one-time purchase (ie: ingredient for a recipe), you can buy the exact amount needed. • You waste less food and household items.

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