2015 Green Beret Foundation Annual Report

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SPECIAL FORCES TEAMS are the first and most frequently exposed to combat, resulting in a host of conditions and challenges both seen and unseen. Each situation is complex. Every participant is human. The Army and Veterans Administration often can’t offer a solution that puts every Green Beret on a path to health and wellness, but an independent organization can.

LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND CASUALTY SUPPORT A casualty impacts not just the soldier, but also his entire family. The Green Beret Foundation steps in to provide the extra support Green Berets and their families need immediately after being injured.

PROGRAM INCLUDES: • Cash assistance • Hospital rucksack, which includes the essentials to make a Green Beret’s stay as comfortable as possible • Travel for family hospital visits

WHATEVER IT TAKES: While deployed in Afghanistan, Steve* got hit by 2015 INVESTMENT: $30,843 an improvised explosive device (IED), which resulted in severe burns in FAMILIES SERVED 2015: 15 addition to other traumatic injuries. Steve’s wife Anne was in business SINCE INCEPTION: 133 school at the time while also juggling the care of their newborn baby and a 2 year old. She wanted to be by her husband’s side as he recovered, but family responsibilities were overwhelming her. The Green Beret Foundation made it possible for Steve and Anne to hire full-time childcare for the family—we even interviewed candidates to help them find the right fit. The foundation continued to support the family as Steve transitioned to outpatient rehabilitation care and through a move to a new city, connecting them with the professional and personal networks they needed to thrive. This support allowed Anne to successfully complete her MBA and Steve to identify post-military career opportunities in his new location.

EXTENDED CARE SUPPORT For many Green Berets, the journey back to health and wellness can be long. With your support, a Green Beret and his family are able to get the most out if his military benefits and access every proven therapy and rehabilitation opportunity available. THE RIGHT RESOURCES: Ten years ago, Kurt was gravely wounded while serving in Iraq. He lost the use of his arms and legs, and suffered from severe tremors. Even today, his recovery requires around-theclock assistance. His family soon had to pay out of pocket for the care and therapy that the Veterans Administration couldn’t cover. We stepped in to connect them with resources—from a specialized exercise bike to experimental neuro stem cell treatments. We also funded temporary housing so that Kurt’s family had a place to stay during renovation work to make his home wheelchair accessible. We have become a vital resource for a family who felt they had nowhere else to turn.

* To protect the privacy and security of our Green Beret families, all names have been changed.

PROGRAM INCLUDES: • Post-inpatient healthcare costs not covered by TRICARE or the Veterans Administration • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) • Assistance with rehabilitation costs • Therapy and adaptive equipment • Advanced prosthetics • Fertility treatments • Patient and family travel associated with medical care 2015 INVESTMENT: $715,421 FAMILIES SERVED 2015: 112 SINCE INCEPTION: 375

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GREEN BERETS bring incredible passion and focus to their service. The intensity of their commitment means they often can’t access critical services to support their wellness. The Green Beret Foundation network and credibility ensure resources make it to where and when they’re needed most—be it on the home front or at a professional development workshop. 2  greenberetfoundation.org

MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY SITUATION FAMILY SUPPORT A Green Beret’s family is his first and most important support, and so it’s critical that the Green Beret Foundation provides services to meet the entire family’s needs. THE FAMILY UNIT: Green Berets can stay better focused on the mission ahead when they know their family life is secure. Miguel’s wife Melissa was driving home one day when she felt a sudden pop as she turned her neck. To the family’s horror, the injury turned into permanent paralysis in just a few short hours. At first, Melissa received in-patient treatment at a hospital several hours from home. The foundation stepped in to cover the spiraling gas expenses and childcare costs for Miguel’s visits. Then we assisted with the construction of an assistive ramp for their home and the purchase of a van to accommodate Melissa’s wheelchair. Our holistic approach to the support of our Green Beret community includes his family every step of the way.

PROGRAM INCLUDES: • Steel Mags, a community that offers support and connection for wives and sisters • Travel, lodging, and adaptive equipment assistance for ill or injured dependents • Educational scholarships for children of Green Berets • Community building by bringing active duty and retired Green Berets together • Reconnect Weekends, where spouses can focus on strengthening their relationships 2015 INVESTMENT: $725,512 FAMILIES SERVED 2015: 168 SINCE INCEPTION: 401

TRANSITION SUPPORT We know that a Green Beret’s transition out of the military is one of the most critical time periods in his life, and that’s why we connect Green Berets with the mentors, programs, and advocates needed to make his next move a success.

PROGRAM INCLUDES: • Individual personality assessment • Military-to-corporate skill transfer • Professional development • Opportunity identification • Networking and mentoring • Family reintegration

2015 INVESTMENT: $376,551 FROM TEAM ROOM TO BOARDROOM: Green Berets possess the GREEN BERETS SERVED 2015: 168 skills and commitment in high demand in business—from the startup SINCE INCEPTION: 209 to the boardroom. Too often, the path from active duty to a fulfilling professional life is obscured. After 14 years in the Army, Pete was at loose ends. He struggled trying to assimilate back home—nothing quite measured up to the challenge and precision of his time as a Green Beret. Once a negotiator with the leaders of foreign countries, Pete now found himself homeless. Without focus or purpose, he felt defeated and hopeless. Then he connected with the foundation. We rallied immediate financial and community support and helped him navigate the Veterans Administration so he could access the benefits he deserved for his service. From there, Pete enrolled in school and started collaborating with our transition team to plan and launch his own thriving business.

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PREPARED FOR THE MISSION AHEAD OUR SUPPORTERS AND FRIENDS have much of which to be proud. Since the founding of the Green Beret Foundation in 2009, we have raised almost 9 million dollars and impacted the lives of more than 1,100 Special Forces families. However, our work remains unfinished. We know that in the coming months there will be renewed demand for Green Berets— from the recently announced deployments to Iraq to train native security forces to getting ahead of emerging threats to U.S. security because of ambiguous conflicts in hotspots around the globe. We need you to continue to answer the call of Green Berets and their families so that together we can succeed in the mission ahead.

De Oppresso Liber! DAVID MORRIS Major General (Retired) Chairman of the Board of Directors Green Beret Foundation

SOMETIMES BEING “READY FOR NEXT” means pausing to reassess the investments needed to successfully accomplish the mission ahead. Since our founding, we have continued to operate with netpositive revenue. In the past year, the foundation examined the necessary advocacy and resources that the Green Beret community needed to thrive. That led us to make substantial investments in both funding and staff training to build a stronger infrastructure for both our Transition Support program as well as internal operations. These investments resulted, as expected, in a net loss for the fiscal year. However, we remain overall in a fiscally strong position. In the next 12–18 months, our supporters can expect the foundation to expand our base of fundraising support through more robust donor outreach. This will power further enhancements to our existing programs and move us one step closer to our vision: that every Green Beret and his family is able to live a life of honor, dignity, and purpose. Together with support from our donors and allies like you, we’ll continue to ensure that all of our Green Berets are Ready for Next.

Sincerely yours, JENNIFER PAQUETTE Executive Director Green Beret Foundation

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FINANCIALS WE’VE INVESTED in the health and wellness of 1,118 families since inception. Casualty Support (2%)



Casualty Support


Extended Care Support


Family Support


Transition Support

$376,551 2015 Extended Care Support (38%) Transition Support (20%)

Family Support (40%)

RESOURCE FOR SUCCESS WITH THE SUPPORT of donors, foundations, and corporations, the Green Beret Foundation continues to answer the call of our Green Beret community.



































THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. STAND WITH US as we join our nation’s most elite soldiers as we prepare for the mission ahead.

* The Green Beret Foundation held its inaugural biennial gala in 2012. The event serves as our organization’s premiere fundraising opportunity, and we budget conservatively based on its occurrence every other year.


EVERY DAY at the Green Beret Foundation, we honor our commitment to Green Berets past and present, as well as their families, by connecting them with the right resources to prosper and thrive. Our programs exist to serve a Green Beret while he is on active duty, support his family so he can succeed, and help him transition to his life after service. This report shares the stories and courage of these Green Berets, and the impact that the foundation has made on their lives.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS The current Green Beret Foundation board is composed of retired members of Special Forces and the spouse of a retired Green Beret. DAVID MORRIS, CHAIRMAN Owner and CEO, Decisive Edge, LLC JIM KESTER, VICE CHAIRMAN MBA Candidate at Campbell University Lundy-Fetterman School of Business

CONTACT US CALL OR VISIT HEADQUARTERS 14402 Blanco Rd., Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78216 (844) 287-7133 NORTH CAROLINA OFFICE 6516 Dental Lane, Suite A Fayetteville, NC 28314 (910) 867-3787 ONLINE greenberetfoundation.org

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Photos courtesy of USASOC News Service, army.mil, 7th Special Forces Group, and the U.S. Department of Defense

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