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American White Ibis at Crescent Lake

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From the Bench


Sunshine Skyway The World’s Largest Cable- Stayed Concrete Bridge

Andy Bragg, Nicole Brand, Rui Farias, Jadyn Gonzales, Mitzi Gordon, Victoria Lasavath, Cindy Garza Ontkos, Jack Spinrad, Alan Venable, Nehemiah Warner, Brian Zucker

Save Our Strays and Tampa Bay Furnishings by Kelly Nash Photography Events and Skyway by City of St. Petersburg Cover Photo by Claire Selius Big Brother Art and Little Brother Freddie reading by the tennis courts at North Shore.

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Tampa Bay Furnishings Personal, Timeless Design

Rising Talents Artist, Glory Lloyd

Her work below, titled “Coffee Cup Man”


PO BOX 76095 St. Petersburg, FL 33734 (727) 280-5406

Proud member of:


Save Our Strays A Saving Grace for Cats and Kittens

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay Become a BBBS Volunteer

16 From the Museum’s Archives

With St. Pete Museum of History Executive Director, Rui Farias


Downtown Developments By Brian Zucker, Owner of St. Pete Rising


Visiting The Dali Museum Comics From the Zany Erik Jasek


Community Events

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From the Bench

Because our yard doesn’t provide high visibility for signs, we decided to leave this here:

Established November 2016, in the North Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL, Hate Has No Home Here is an all-volunteer, neighborhood-based movement that seeks to counter hate and intolerance through positive messaging and community-building practices. The project began with a group of neighbors unaffiliated with any political party or candidate, seeking to establish their community as a safe place for all who live or visit there. For more information or to find out how to get involved, visit

Why Hello There!

Please give a warm welcome to our new community supporters: St. Pete Dance and Greg Cahue Handy Services Inc on pg. 2, Kimberly Hughes pg. 15, Home Plate pg. 16, USFSP pg. 2 and Signature Urgent Care and St. Pete Rides pg. 7. Make sure to check out their ads— from $20 school physicals to 10% off your first chef-prepared meal order—you won’t want to miss these deals!

It Truly Takes a Village

Thanks to the power of Nextdoor and Facebook, we recently had the opportunity to participate in a backyard clean-up and fence repair for a couple of neighbors that needed a little help. More than 20 people showed up, from neighborhoods all over! It was wonderful to see so many come together for a good cause. More of this, please! Know someone who needs a hand? Post about it!

In Other News

Vintage St Pete Bash at the Hollander Hotel (421 4th Ave N) rescheduled for Sunday, August 6th 2 pm - 6 pm. See Facebook event for details. Keep Saint Petersburg Local is gearing up for 2018 Localtopia—a celebration of all things local! Early bird vendor registration opens the 1st week of August. For more info, visit

xt Till ne


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History Of the

Sunshine Skyway By Jack Spinrad

Photos courtesy of City of St. Petersburg This page: Taken in 1972 Pg.7: Taken in 2015 From the North Fishing Pier

The other day I had an appointment in Bradenton and planned to take I-275 across the Sunshine Skyway. Good plan, but there was a slight impediment. Due to high winds the Skyway was closed, so I had to take the long way around and go through Tampa to US-41, which turned the half-hour trip into two-hour sojourn. Fortunately, by the time I headed home the Skyway was once again open. I marveled at the fortitude of our St. Petersburg residents who had to make this trip in the early days of our communities.


wondered when the Skyway was built, so a little online research was in order. I learned that before the first bridge, there was a ferry service for cars between Bradenton and St. Petersburg that shortened the trip from more than 50 miles to 22 miles, and took between 40 and 60 minutes. The Bee Line Ferry began service in 1926 and ran from Piney Point in Northern Manatee County to 4th St. S. in St. Petersburg (Pinellas Point). While it shortened the trip, at times the ferry was so busy that waiting times were three hours or more. The four ferries of the Bee Line continued to make the crossing until the original Sunshine Skyway bridge, which cost $21 million to build, opened on September 6, 1954. This original twolane steel cantilever bridge, built by the Virginia Bridge Company, served the area on its own until the late 1960s when, due to changing standards for the interstate highway system, four lanes were required.

In 1969 a second, parallel bridge was built to the just to the west, making a total of four lanes, two in each direction. Opening of the newer span was delayed until 1971 due to necessary repairs. The second bridge was used for all southbound traffic, while the original span was converted to carry northbound traffic. The first tragedy associated with the Sunshine Skyway bridge occurred on January 28, 1980, when the US Coast Guard Cutter Blackthorn, which had recently completed a major overhaul in Tampa, collided with a tanker named the Capricorn as it made way under the Sunshine Skyway bridge, headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the extensive damage caused when the tanker’s anchor ripped into the Blackthorn’s hull, the ship capsized and 23 of the Blackthorn’s 50-member crew perished. A commemorative plaque can still be found on the bridge’s approach. Of course, the bridge’s most famous


disaster took place on May 9, 1980, when a freighter, the MV Summit Venture, collided with a support column pier during a severe storm. As a result, 1,200 feet of the southbound Sunshine Skyway bridge collapsed into the water, along with six vehicles and a Greyhound bus, killing 35 people. Of those who plunged into the Bay, only one man, Wesley MacIntire, survived. His falling truck hit the Summit Venture’s deck before sliding into the water. He was able to get out of the truck and swim to the Summit Venture, where he was rescued. Construction of the current Sunshine Skyway began in 1982, and the completed bridge was dedicated on February 7, 1987. The new, six-lane bridge cost $244 million to build, and was opened to traffic on April 20, 1987. At a length of 29,040 feet and a height of 190 feet above the water, it is the world’s largest cable-stayed concrete bridge, and it has won dozens of engineering and design awards.


“At a length of 29,040 feet and a height of 190 feet above the water, it is the world’s largest cable-stayed concrete bridge, and it has won dozens of engineering and design awards.”

Because protecting the new bridge from collisions was paramount, large concrete islands, called dolphins, were built around each of the bridge’s six piers, and were designed to withstand the impact of an 87,000-ton ship. The bright yellow paint job on the cables is said to reflect the Skyway’s home in the Sunshine State. The placement of the cables between the two roadways, rather than on the outside, offers drivers and passengers an unobstructed view of the water as they cross the bridge. The remains of the old bridge were demolished in 1993, and it was decided to leave the north and south over-water approaches intact. Today these are known as the Skyway Fishing Pier Park, and scores of fishermen can be seen daily with their lines in the water. In 2005, an act of the Florida Legislature officially named the current bridge the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge, after the former Governor of Florida and then U.S. Senator who presided over its design and most of its construction. The Sunshine Skyway, surely one of the most beautiful bridges in existence, has garnered more than its share of praise. The graceful span and shining yellow cables are well lit at night, and can be seen for miles day or night. It can best be viewed from the East Beach area of Fort Desoto Park. Due to its beauty the span has been the scene of several auto commercials. It is also worth noting that a special on the Travel Channel rated our Sunshine Skyway third best of their Top Ten Bridges. The next time you drive across the Sunshine Skyway, perhaps you will recall some of its interesting history. Or maybe you will just enjoy the gorgeous view. Either way, the bridge is yet another reason St. Petersburg is such a unique place to live or visit.


JULY 2017 /


Personal, Timeless Design


by Cindy Garza Ontkos

Photos by Kelly Nash Photography

Your style—that is what Tampa Bay Furnishings is all about. As soon as I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful and unique pieces displayed in the showroom. I was greeted with warm smiles by Shawn and Sondra Hannan, the proud owners of Tampa Bay Furnishings. Their shop’s concept was born two and a half years ago out of the

necessity to fill a void they had themselves experienced in the local home furnishings market, as well as to fulfill Shawn’s passion for woodworking. Shawn and Sondra have lived in St. Petersburg since 1997. They fell in love with the diverse culture, the expressive arts and the night life. They have since grown into a family of six, with two sons, Riley,


L to R: Interior Designer Lydia Mason, Owners Shawn and Sondra Hannan, and Marketing Director Michelle Turpeau 13 and Reese, 10, and their two rescue dogs, Franny and Captain. “It’s just amazing to me that there seems to be a park within walking distance from wherever you are in St. Petersburg,” Sondra said. Shawn is inspired daily by the local art scene and

expresses himself by creating funky, one-of-a-kind pieces, like rustic wine racks and steampunk lamps, just to name a couple. Shawn and Sondra both work full time, oversee the shop and are very much involved in the community. Shawn is the president of the MLK Business District and


they have hosted a number of events in their store. With such busy schedules, they are thrilled to have the expert help of Sondra’s mother, Lydia Mason. Lydia comes with 15 years of interior design experience and runs the day-to-day operation of Tampa Bay Furnishings. Originally from Naples, she is excited to be living in St. Petersburg with her family, enjoying the outdoors with her dog, Bobby, and having the opportunity to help others express their personal style. Together with Sondra and Shawn, Lydia is striving to provide a local alternative in home furnishings to the residents of St. Petersburg. They enjoy doing their part to convey a sense of community pride, and are members of the Keep Saint Petersburg Local independent business alliance. Shawn and Sondra not only saw a true need in the community for affordable, quality furniture, but also a way for Shawn to further expand on his woodworking hobby. Their shop includes both thoughtfully sourced items from vendors around the country, and special pieces added in that Shawn creates himself. The goal is to offer designs that can help express the uniqueness of the owner. Before they began their venture, options seemed limited to high-end


markets, big-box stores or online shopping. Tampa Bay Furnishings takes pride in offering choices to their clients that go beyond the everyday standards. They would love to see every home become a personal representation of the people who reside within its walls. Their showroom offers just a glimpse into an array of possibilities. Tampa Bay Furnishings has a multitude of resources available to find the perfect pieces for your home. Shawn believes this business model is the way of the future. They can provide a high-end service without the high-end price tag by keeping the overhead low. This means they keep their showroom small and order pieces from their vendors to meet the specific needs of their clients. “Often times we can beat prices offered by the major online discount markets,” Shawn said. Tampa Bay Furnishings offers everything from one special item to fullservice design. Lydia is available for inhome consultations and has a true gift for bringing out the individual style of each their clients. “Design is art and very personal. In order to capture the essence of an individual’s style, you want quality, core pieces that are timeless, rather than just what is trendy today,” Lydia said. If you

have one piece of art or a vase that you just love, she can help you build an entire room around that one piece. Now, for those of us who need help envisioning the final product, no worries! They will show you your personal design concept via a computer program, so that you can make changes and collaborate on the style. You will be able to virtually experience exactly how your interior design will appear, as well as physically see and feel all sorts of fabrics before ordering. You can be assured that your home furnishings and decor will perfectly represent you in every way. Tampa Bay Furnishings is located at 3034 9th Street North. Shawn, Sondra and Lydia would love for you to stop by and see the unique and high-quality pieces they have chosen to highlight in their showroom, and to talk with you about your design goals for your home. Mention Green Bench Monthly to save 10% on your purchase. See their ad on page 13 for details. They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-5pm, Sunday, 1pm-5pm, and Monday, by appointment only. For more information visit, and call 727-821-4100 with any questions you may have.

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Emerging young artist Glory Rain Lloyd has a singular vision for each piece she creates. “It’s almost as if I can gaze at a blank canvas and see what the final product will look like,” she said. The 17-year-old resident of downtown St. Pete enjoyed taking art classes throughout her four years at Northside Christian School. Now a recent grad, she hopes to someday pursue a career that compliments her love for art. “I’ve always had an artistic nature,” Glory said. “My kindergarten teacher once told my mother I could make just about anything with some paper and a pair of scissors.” She experimented with creative techniques during middle and high school, selling finished artworks to friends and family. Painting is Glory’s favorite medium, but she doesn’t shy away from threedimensional projects if that’s where the artistic spirit leads. Her earliest art incorporates Sharpie pen and watercolor paint. She later moved on to acrylic, oil paints, and collage, sometimes even recycling old Starbucks cups and working them into a piece.

Top Left: Artist, Glory Lloyd; Top Right: Entitled Violet, this early artwork was created by Glory using Sharpie markers and watercolor paint. Bottom: Unexpected Treasure, an oil painting by emerging young artist Glory Rain Lloyd.

Glory’s subject matter is equally diverse. One character is interpreted in a classic comic-book style, while another depicts a more realistic sea turtle. Still other works edge toward creative abstraction. “I painted a rock-like image onto a long horizontal canvas that had layers of oil paint to create the effect of depth,” she said. “I refer to that work as Unexpected Treasure, because it appears to be looking into an opened geode.”


Through these colorful explorations, Glory is sharpening her skills and finding her own signature style. Soon she’ll take the next step, when she attends Eckerd College to study liberal arts as a freshman this coming fall. “I’m working to expand on my technique, and plan to someday use my gift in way that will benefit society and my community,” she said. To contact Glory, please email


by Erik Jasek

Erik Jasek is a local cartoonist and illustrator. Erik has immense love for the city of St. Petersburg as the city’s fruitful music and art scene is a huge motivator for his work. Erik can be often spotted downtown vending comics at festivals, painting for art shows or just having a good time. To contact Erik, email:


JULY 2017 /


Photos by Kelly Nash Photography

Thanks to these volunteers approximately 500 felines are cared for annually. Back row standing, from left to right: Jan Soblit, Josie Greehan, MaryJane Dodds, Beth Bennion, Liz Thompson, Dennis Garver, Carole and Earl Soule. Front row: Donna Johnson, Natalie Svoboda, Lela McNeal, Barbara Law. Below, behold the Cat Haven—a feline sanctuary.


She receives a call from someone who asks if they’ll take newborn kittens found underneath a porch. Sometimes it’s kittens discovered under car hoods or utility buildings. This is a typical start to the day for Donna Johnson and Liz Thompson, Save Our Strays, Inc. (SOS) board members and volunteers. Going into its 23rd year, SOS is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to sheltering and finding homes for abandoned or homeless cats and kittens in Pinellas County. SOS cares for approximately 500 felines annually and adopted out 389 cats last year. What sets SOS apart from other organizations is that it is one of the only all-volunteer organization that, as part of its mission, accepts every stray cat or kitten that needs help—provided there is space in a foster home—regardless of age, appearance or health. The cat has to be located in Pinellas County, as the organization cannot provide care for cats from other parts of the state. The kittens and cats of SOS are kept in foster homes throughout the county, as well as in SOS’ Cat Haven facility in Pinellas Park. The Cat Haven opened up


almost four years ago because cats were sometimes returned after they had been adopted, and SOS needed a place to keep these cats, rather than boarding them at various veterinary clinics. Of course, a forever home through adoption is the goal, and finding the right match for both the cat and adopter is a thorough process, which SOS takes pride in. “When people call, they have specific needs,” Donna said. “We try to match up the adopters’ wishes to the personalities of the cats.” The adoption process begins with an interview process in which prospective adopters are asked a series of questions. SOS then takes their time in evaluating the prospective parties, as well as pairing up the right cat with the right home. “We try to be protective of our animals,” explains Donna.


After the initial interview, approved adopters have the option to visit specific cats or kittens at their foster homes or to come out to one of three different pet stores throughout the county where SOS regularly sets up adoption tables on the weekends: two different PetSmart locations - the Countryside Mall area in Clearwater and at the Gateway Mall in St. Pete, plus Pet Supermarket in South Pasadena. The potential adopter and cat or kitten are given the opportunity to get a feel for each other, and if they hit it off, adopters sign a contract and take home the newest addition to their family. “A lot of these people are alone and that cat is their main companion, and that pleases us when we make people happy like that,” Donna said. There are about 50 volunteers right now, and they always welcome any additional cat lovers who wish to get

involved. “We have a very dedicated group of people who work with us,” Donna said. She credits the organization’s longevity to the dedication of its volunteers, and hopes to see SOS continue to grow. From fostering cats full-time in your home to volunteering at the Cat Haven to helping out here and there with various events, volunteers can choose how much or little time they would like to donate. SOS takes part in many events around town, such as the Shopapalooza Festival in downtown St. Pete, Bark In The Park, Gulfport’s Get Rescued and The International Cat Association Show (TCIA) shows quarterly. A cat mother herself to eight, Donna has been involved with SOS for more than ten years. Having been in animal rescue work since the 1970s, Donna had hoped to find a group compatible with her own views when JULY 2017 /

she learned about SOS. She has been with them ever since, now serving as a board member. If you’d like more information on volunteering with Save Our Strays, or to adopt a cat or kitten of your own, please visit or call 727-545-1116. Follow them on Facebook at www.facebook. com/saveourstraysinc/.


Big Brothers Big Sisters By Andy Bragg

My Little Brother Logan and I were matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) in 2012 when Logan was 10 and a few years after I had retired. Logan and two cousins were living with their devoted, beloved grandmother JoAnn when we met. They lost JoAnn three years ago, and Logan has shown great resilience since, through three moves and school changes. He finished his first year of high school recently, and fortunately has lived with a committed, caring foster family for the past two years. BBBS has been a constant in their lives. Logan’s older cousin has been a “Little” for several years, and his younger cousin was just matched with a Big Sister. Foster mother Alice said, “The program has helped the kids form friendships, learn different things and improve their self-esteem.” Through BBBS, Logan and I have attended Rays, Bucs, Lightning and USF Bulls games; bowled with Bucs players, and even met Evan Longoria. Logan has caught passes from Mike Alstott. We’ve sailed, fished and kayaked; worked out, swam and played basketball; and toured the Tampa Police Department. We’ve met with high school ROTC and St. Petersburg College student loan directors to discuss possible future opportunities. We’ve been to children’s and railroad museums, Comic-Con and many IMAX and superhero movies. It has been an inspiration to see how Logan has persevered and even thrived through many challenges. He is on track and committed to finishing high school, and very conscious of the link between a strong education and a rewarding career.

Tampa Bay Rays Right Fielder, Steven Souza Jr. with little Brothers and Sisters. He has completed the driver’s education program and looks forward to finding a part-time job next year at 16. In short, Logan is doing well due to his positive attitude and growing confidence, as well as support from his foster family, relatives and friends, educators, and organizations including BBBS. I see his emphasis on giving rather than receiving at Christmas and birthdays, his concern for animals and his curiosity about his Native American heritage. I’m encouraged by his rejection of bad habits, choice of responsible friends and mature views on school rivalries and dramas. I’ve learned about zombies and Internet memes from Logan. So much has changed since my kids were his age, but the Marvel characters are still going strong. We get together monthly, less frequently now than we did before, with me in St. Pete and Logan in Tampa, and with his many peer activities at age 15. I’m fortunate to remain a sounding board and supporter of Logan’s efforts. Whatever Logan does, I bet he will be helping others. He has already helped me with my retirement goals of trying new things and having a positive impact. Asked what he has liked about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, Logan said, “It has helped me be a better person.”


The time commitment to be a “Big” is not heavy at eight hours a month, and BBBS does a wonderful job of planning events offering exercise, learning, entertainment and interactions with other kids. BBBS also provides training and

Left, Tampa Police Chief Eric Ward hosted a BBBS tour of his department. Center, Little Brother Logan and right, Big Brother and Green Bench Monthly Contributor, Andy Bragg.


Big Sister Kim, Little Sister Delaney. Taken at Vinoy Park. Photo by Claire Selius.

ongoing discussion groups, works with volunteers to find appropriate matches, monitors activity at least monthly, and is always available to provide advice and direction. There are about a thousand active matches in Pinellas County, and Nehemiah Warner, a BBBS of Tampa Bay director, said BBBS is excited about the growth in downtown St. Pete: “We know this growth means that we are able to share our mission with more great local residents and get them to mentor right where they live. With more volunteers we can make a greater impact on St. Pete and we are thrilled about that!” Littles range from 5 to 19 years old, and Bigs are roughly


five percent retirees. The match commitment is open ended. They hope matches will last at least 15 months in the community-based program Logan and I are in, and 12 months in the site-based program in which matches meet at schools. Many matches last through the Littles’ high school years and beyond. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Pinellas and Hillsborough County operations merged two years ago into BBBS Tampa Bay, to improve scale and also to leverage activities across the two counties. The Pinellas office is in Largo and you can visit to learn how to become a BBBS volunteer or to match up your child.

JULY 2017 /


Flamboyant William “Alligator Man” Carpenter was an early leader in the City’s business community and helped create the St. Petersburg Board of Realtors, but it was his passion for the American alligator that brought him fame. Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford appeared on the silver screen when Carpenter opened the Royal Palm Theater – St. Petersburg’s first movie theater – on Central Avenue, but the main attraction was the live penned alligators at the entrance. Later, Carpenter opened the Royal Palm Gift Shop next to the theater, where he had as many as 1,000 alligators on site. Carpenter would sell and ship alligators throughout the country (Carpenter is second from right in the photo). In 1916 Carpenter decided to feed America’s fascination with the alligator by taking his troubles on the road. Actually, it was only


one Trouble – a six-foot-long gator that Carpenter fastened to his Hudson touring car and began a cross-country journey that ended in Seattle. Along the way Carpenter would stop show off Trouble to the amazement of Americans who had never seen an alligator. He also handed out brochures promoting the most perfect place on earth – St. Petersburg, Florida. In the tradition of Williiam “Alligator Man” Carpenter, the St. Petersburg Museum of History currently has on display in the Main Gallery – Alligators & Oddities – stories of Florida’s favorite reptile, along with a collection of rare oddities including St. Pete’s own TwoHeaded Calf. The St Petersburg Museum of History is located at 335 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. For more information about exhibits, hours, and ticket pricing visit or call (727) 894-1052.


Downtown Developments by Brian Zucker, Owner of St Pete Rising

It seems like each time we take a stroll through downtown there are new restaurants and galleries opening and more apartment complexes and condo towers being built. We realize it’s difficult to keep track of everything. Luckily, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Each month we will feature a few of the most exciting new downtown developments that are on the horizon for the Sunshine City. A new wine bar, Lolita’s Wine Market, quietly opened last month in the Grand Central District. Specializing in wines from across the globe, Lolita’s carries an assortment of everyday drinking wines, mid-tier wines, and some pinnacle wines. The food menu at Lolita’s encourages sharing, and includes an incredible selection of small plates, paninis, salads and create-your-own (CYO) charcuterie. The space is a comfortable 974 square feet and the atmosphere is that of a wine shop meets coffee shop. Lolita’s Wine Market is located at 16 18th Street South, neighboring St. Pete’s only venue for improv comedy, Spitfire Theater. The historic Vinoy Hotel recently broke ground on a $50 million improvements project. The redevelopment includes an expanded onestory parking garage with eight rooftop tennis courts, a new 200-seat marina-view grill and spa that will be open to the public, a fitness center for club members and resort guests, an outdoor event promenade for special events, and enclosed walkways. Due to the location of the expanded parking garage, the city requires the project be approved in a referendum, which will will be held this coming November. This past month, Maple Street Biscuit Co. announced plans to open up on St. Pete’s 600 block. By the end of the year, downtown residents and visitors will be able to feast on Maple Street’s mouthwatering biscuit sandwiches. The most popular sandwich is called The Squawking Goat — a flaky buttery biscuit sandwich with an allnatural fried chicken breast, a fried goat cheese

medallion, and house-made pepper jelly. Maple Street Biscuit Co. will be located at 662 Central Avenue, formerly home to the popular grunge music venue, The Local 662. After much turmoil, the St. Pete Pier has finally broken ground. The first phase of construction involves driving 425 pilings into Tampa Bay to support over-water construction. This process should take 10 months. It was also revealed recently that New York Times bestselling author and local Floridian Randy Wayne White is in discussions with the city to open Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille at the new pier. The entire $66 million pier district is scheduled to open to the public in early 2019. Copper Shaker, craft cocktail house and kitchen, opened their doors at the end of June. Their menu boasts 21 innovative hand-crafted drinks that push the envelope by using various exotic ingredients. For example, “Broken Spanish” is Mayalen mezcal, lime, agave, jalapeño, pineapple, and cilantro. A small selection of sharable food dishes are also available, such as Niman Ranch Beef Sliders, Mac n’ Cheese, and Steam Buns. Copper Shaker is located at 169 1st Avenue North, formerly home to Playerz Taphouse and Grill. In June, the city broke ground on the $1.25 million Campbell Park Regional Skate Park situated next to Tropicana Field. Not only will admission be free, but non-profit organizations have expressed excitement in offering mentorship programs for kids interested in learning how to skate. Once complete, the 30,000 square foot skate park will be the largest in Florida.

St. Pete Rising is an urban development blog covering future retail, restaurants, and real estate in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Stay up-to-date, visit 17

JULY 2017 /


The Mustache Sculpture outside the Dali Museum

Cult Classics - Edward Scissorhands

When: Thursday, August 3rd 7 pm to 11 pm; Movie at 8:30 pm Where: Dali Museum, 1 Dali Blvd 33701 Cost: $10 Grab your lawn chair, don some movie-inspired duds and enjoy free flicks, local food truck fare (including PB & Jelly Deli!!), and cold craft brews. Come early to enjoy The Dali’s extended hours on Thursday nights at reduced $10 admission, then stay for the film and festivities. Rain or shine - movies and tastings moved inside for inclement weather. For more info, visit

Keep St. Pete Lit’s Ekphrastic: Creatures Wild & Wooly

When: Saturday, August 5th 5:30 pm Where: Florida CraftArt, 501 Central Avenue 33701 Cost: Free Admission Join Keep St. Pete Lit for Ekphrastic where 12 visual art pieces are interpreted by a dozen local writers, presented in dramatic readings. This event is based on Florida CraftArt’s exhibition dedicated to the late sculptor Paul Eppling who created amazing wild creatures (on display through August 12th). For more information, visit

The Children’s Dream Fund Annual Rays On The Runway

When: Sunday, August 6 Doors open at 6:30 pm; Show Begins at 8 pm Where: The Vinoy, 501 5th Ave NE 33701 Cost: $125-$250 From fly balls to fashionistas, running the bases to walking the runway, from dugouts to dreams, don’t miss Rays On The Runway 2017! Hosted by Rays Wives. Event includes hors d’oeuvre, cocktails, player meet and greet, fashion show, auction, and dessert. To purchase tickets visit upcoming-events/rays-on-the-runway/ or call 727-896-6390

Great St. Pete Cupcake Contest - 100th Birthday Party!

When: Saturday, August 19th Noon - 3 pm Where: Morean Center for Clay, 420 22nd St. S 33712 Cost: $15 Join us in celebrating our 100th Anniversary with a 100th Birthday Party with100 bakers competing for the trophy. We can’t think of anything sweeter! For more info, visit events/1509719415713785/

Food Truck Rally - St. Pete Taco & Beer Fiesta

When: Friday, August 18th 6 pm - 10 pm Where: Port of St. Petersburg, 250 8th Ave SE 33701 Cost: Free Admission Enjoy some of the best food truck fare around at the future home of the Marine Discovery Center. Fun for the whole family! Live music. Waterfront seating - Inside and Out. Tour the Sir Winston cruise ship at the Port. For more info, visit events/1849874278595173/



What The Penny Will Do For You (2020-2030)

On June 15, 2017, the St. Petersburg City Council approved investing in the following categories and representative projects if voters approve the next round of Penny for Pinellas funding on November 7.



$17.746 Million

$257.375 Million

• Buried Wastewater Infrastructure

• Major Fire Apparatus Replacement

• Bridges and Seawalls

• Police Take Home Cruisers

• Stormwater Projects to Reduce Flooding

• Police Mobile Command Vehicle • K-9 Compound Improvements

• Sidewalks • Affordable Housing • Neighborhood Enhancement Grants • Public Transportation Infrastructure • Complete Streets

Penny Ad - 8.5x5.13 - Draft3.indd 1




$44.850 Million

$6.3 Million

• Replace Shore Acres Recreation Center

• Fire Station Major Improvements

• Replace Frank Pierce Recreation Center

• HVAC Replacement

• Jamestown Major Improvements • Roof Replacement/Waterproofing

• Recreation Center Improvements • Park Improvements, including playground equipment replacement • Pool Improvements • Preserve Improvements • Major Improvements at Mahaffey Theater and Coliseum

JULY 2017 /

6/30/17 3:57 PM




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