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Herewith the certification body, 


Being an EN 45011/ ISO IEC Guide 65 (future ISO/IEC 17065 norm) ­accredited certification body for IFS certification and  having signed an agreement with the IFS owner, confirms that the processing activities of: 

  Vassilakis Emmanuel S.A. " ASTRON MIRAMVELLOU" SA  Geraneia Neapoleos, Neapoli Lasithi  72400 NEAPOLI CRETE   GREECE    COID: 22033    For the audit scope:   

Production and packaging of extra virgin oil in bottles and cans. Exclusion: None      Product scope(s): 9, Oils and fats  Technology scope(s) : E, F 


meets the requirements set out in the   

IFS Food  Version 6, January 2012 

At Higher Level   


Certificate – register number: I12F000084  Audit date: 21.09.2012  Date of issue of certificate: 16.11.2012  Certificate valid until: 15.11.2013  Next audit to be performed within the period: 27/07/2013 and 05/10/2013 

    L’Isle Jourdain, the 09/11/2012 

  Accreditation # 5­0035.  Agricultural Products and  Foodstuff Certification  Scope available on     

Leslie CAZENAVE  Certification Manager 

This document is the property of ECOCERT France sas and must be returned on request. Only the original signed is valid.  Ecocert France SAS – Capital 1.226.200 € – BP 47 – Lieudit Lamothe Ouest – 32600 L’Isle Jourdain  Tél. +33 (0)5 62 07 34 24 – Fax : +33 (0)5 62 07 11 67 – 

TVA Intracommunautaire n° FR 61433968187  CREDIT MUTUEL 02200 00021577240 14 – SIREN 433 968 187 RCS AUCH – APE 7120B 

ξρ Βιß}


ιΝòρΕòτ,οΝ ιΝSτßΤυτΕ FOR οRGΑΝιò ΡRODυòτS


koDRιGKτONos Sτ.,

10.J34, Τ.

2108?11ω0, ΑτΗΕΝs, GREEcE

ΡR§βυ§Τ òΕRΤιFιαΑΤΕ c€rtificate



]]¸ InspeÜion ιηòτßτυτe for orgaπic PrΟducts ΒΙΟ Hellas, αη accrediΙed InspectioÞ and Certification Body for οτgÝηßò αgτßcυιτυße producÝ, according το τhe iιecision number 313643 (O.G.G. 1739ιΒι21_08_φ), certifies that the Corporatjon:

Ναme : Addrθs§



yASsIl_AKI§ Elltit. S.A. *A§τRoN MIRAMVELLοu" Gerania, trleapoli, pref, of La§ithi, crete Β-496377

Campιies ι{ith the requirementò of the Regυιαtιοηs (Ec) 834/2007 and 889ι2Oω and thθir aiτendmenis aS these arθ ßτι force at each time, f6τ the PreParation and τfading of the fαιιοιÞΙßηg prodιJcts:

Fjitra Virgin olive ΟßΙ


-ü- F, : Δ?φ ;þνg þτιt υ ιe F ld υα o.P,c : Οι§αηt Agπculfure Pmduot ßβ conνι,rsβn


ρτeòeητ ceττßfiòατe belongs tσ thθ ΒΙ0 HeΙlas tnstlt tÝ, is handed back to the Institute immediately

after it is asked, ß5 vaιid onιy as αη originaι, aÞd abid€s by the conditions of the conb,act and the Ceττßfßòατßοη service§ Regulatiσn of ΒΙΟ Hellas lnstitute. Ιt is issued οη the baSΙS of elεments that resulted fTonι in§pectioι]s at the Corporation.

τhߧ document has been iò§ued οη the basis of Articιe 29 §1 ot Rφuιation (Εò) Νο 834ι2007 and 0f Arιicιe ω Of Regυιατßοη (EC) Νο 889/2008. l'hθ declared operator has submitted his actiνitiθs under control, and meets the reηuiremenΒ laid do}yn ßη υ¸ llamed Regulations.

IS§Uance Daie


Εχρßι¾ Date

29/0υ2013 The ceitificatiΟn Manager -Γrading Dept, of Prep?ration, Packin9 &


ΑβüSτοßοò Koftesis


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