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Serving the marine industry since 1936

Strong relationships! The Katradis Group of Companies originated from a ship supply company specializing in the production of high quality ropes, which was established by Constantinos Katradis in 1936 and has since become a pioneer in the field of manufacture. In recent years, under the guidance and expertise of the current managing directors Nikolaos & Constantinos Katradis, the Group has enjoyed vast expansion in terms of products, service, technology and clientele due to the unrivalled quality of its commodities. Today, with over 75 years of experience, the Group is undoubtedly prominent in the field of ropes and excels as the manufacturer of wire ropes. The Group provides services as manufacturers, stockists, importers, exporters, distributors and dealers and they each serve the marine and industrial sector in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with the support of the extensive global network of affiliated establishments, agents, suppliers and representatives, who are favourably positioned at all major ports thereby guaranteeing immediate service. Aspiring to broaden its horizons, in the early 1980's the Group endeavoured to supply marine paints and owing to its success in this field, it continued to develop high quality protective coatings known as Shark Marine Paints. Furthermore, the Group has now secured a competitive role in the provision of a large assortment of anodes including zinc hull anodes, aluminium hull anodes, zinc tank anodes, zinc pit guard anodes, aluminium tank anodes and aluminium pit guard tank anodes. The Katradis Group boasts a large stock of Vessels Deck Equipment in Piraeus and globally, in addition to the vast array of Port Developement Equipment such as rubber fenders, buoys, floating marinas, bollards and oil booms. Strategically located in the vicinity of the port of Piraeus, thereby ensuring easy and rapid access, the Group’s headquarters occupy an extensive area of 9000m2 and house a horizontal automatic testing bench, which provides technical support to all Piraeus-based shipping companies. The Katradis Group prides itself in being compliant with the classification societies LLOYD'S REGISTER (ISO 9001), ABS, BV, GERMANISCHER LLOYD and LLOYD'S REGISTER and all its products are designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN, BS, CI, EN, ISO, ASTM, MIL and other international standards. Due to the dedication of its personnel and competent technical staff, who are always eager to offer technical advice and support, it has acquired an established clientele that includes the Public Power Cooperation, the Hellenic Navy, shipping companies, shipyards, major engineering and construction companies and offshore rigging corporations.

Mooring Ropes & Ta n k e r M o o r i n g Ropes


Since the foundation of the Katradis group, mooring ropes have been our mainline product. Our rope factory, whose site covers a total area of 30.000m‚, is one of the most technologically advanced factories in Europe. Our mooring rope and mooring tail product line includes Marine mooring ropes, in a variety of construction material combinations, manufactured and complying with the latest international specifications (such as DIN, ISO, MIL, ASTM, CI, BS, OCIMF) and in a wide range of sizes. In detail, our mooring rope and mooring tail product line includes: - Polypropylene single braided monofilament and multifilament mooring ropes 3,4,8,12 and 24strands constructions ranging from 24mm to 104 mm diameter. (Polypropylene ropes are more than adequately UV stabilized at 160 KLY, suitable for Florida and Dubai sunshine). - Nylon and polyester single braided mooring ropes, 3,4,8,12 and 24 strands constructions ranging from 24mm to 104mm - Nylon and polyester and mixed double braided mooring ropes consisting of a braided 32/64 strand sheath (cover) over a plaited inner rope core. - Mixed mooring ropes, in both single braided and double braided execution, developed especially for the Tanker vessels according to OCIMF regulations and recommendations for safe mooring. - The SIRIUS rope series are UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene - also known as HMPE- High Modulus PolyEthylene) ropes made from Honeywell's Spectra yarn with the application of special coatings.


Steel Wire Ropes

We offer a wide range of Steel Wire Ropes, covering the majority of requirements (common and specialized ones), destined for shipping, fishing and industrial purposes. Also wire rope sling fabrication is effected according to customers’ requirements. OUR PRODUCTION LINE INCLUDES: 6X7, 6X12, 6X19, 6X24, 6X25, 6X36, 6X37, 6X61, 19X7, 19X19, 36X7, 35(W)x7, 35xK7 compacted, 4X36, 4X39 We manufacture all type of wire ropes including rotation resistant type, from galvanized or bright steel wire, according to DIN EN, ABS, ISO, API, RRW - 410E, GOST or to customer specifications / standards. Striving for quality, we test all raw materials and products in our own Lloyd's Register and Germanischer Lloyd approved laboratory, thus guaranteeing trust, reliability, increased safety, and longer lifetime. We are able to provide complex products within our field of activity such as simple leg slings, hand spliced or mechanically pressed, which may be assembled with hooks, rings and thimbles, according to clients' requests. We also manufacture slings from cables up to 68 mm as we have a big wire rope swaging press which can press slings up to 68 mm. We will soon acquire a bigger press in order to manufacture slings of bigger diameters since its production capability extends up to 80 mm diameter steel wire ropes.




We produce and supply ex Piraeus quality zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes. The foundry is controlled by special spectrometer in order to achieve constant quality control. Our company has secured a competitive role in the provision of a large assortment of zinc and aluminium anodes, all of which are made in our highly specialized factory. - Hull anodes - Tank anodes - Pit guard anodes (Zinc and Aluminium) Over the last few years, we have made a considerable investment in anodes, which has become one of our flagship products. They are manufactured from primary highly pure raw materials, zinc and aluminum, in our factory, which is equipped with sophisticated, high-tech machinery, and they offer full protection from corrosion. Our anodes come out in several types such as tank type, hull type and pit guard type, under the name of NIKA, a brand that has become a household name in the anode industry and is, needless to say, engraved on our anodes. Our technical department, comprising high-caliber personnel, meticulously makes the necessary calculations for the proper quantity and type of anodes required for each vessel. The whole process is overseen by our well-trained naval architects, shipbuilders, and metallurgists who conduct quality control and make sure that the most exacting standards of design, manufacture, and quality assurance are met. Furthermore, we keep abreast of the latest developments in the cathodic protection industry and remain at the cutting edge of research and development, embracing the most technologically innovative processes, methods, and techniques. Our anodes are approved by ABS and LRS, and they are accompanied with chemical analysis certificates.

Typical galvanic anode for cathodic protection of a ship’s hull (anodes alongside the hull are normally mounted alternately on both sides of dilge keels

The metal surface will act as a cathode in the shell that formed

M TYPE clamp attachments for internal anodes. Tank application.

External Hull Applications

CLAMP TYPE for pitting prevention. Tank bottom application.


Anchors & Anchor Chains

We supply a wide range of chains and accessories in grades U2 and U3, accompanied by major class certificates. We supply from the smallest to largest sizes of chains and accessories with grades (U2, U3), which are accompanied by major class certificates. Also we supply anchors, mainly the most commonly used ones, Hall, SPek & AC 14 HHP type, but we can also provide, at short notice, any type needed. Comprehensive stocks of new and second hand anchors and chains are held in Piraeus, China, and this stock allows KATRADIS to provide the quickest delivery service possible worldwide. Our company was able to increase the stock of anchors, anchor chains and their accessories by up to 5000 tons through expanding its warehouse facilities and investing in the purchase of a variety of sizes of Anchor Chains and their accessories that range from 16mm to 120mm. as well as a variety of types of anchors such as HALL, SPEK, AC-14 HHP. All of our anchors, anchor chains and their accessories are of premium quality and come with Classification Certificates such as ABS, LLOYD'S, DNV & NK. This move entails a number of benefits for our customers. Now, they will be able to obtain the type of Anchor and the size of Anchor Chains they require much faster and in a hassle-free manner. Due to the massive investment made by Katradis, which enabled our company to obtain these anchor chains at lower wholesale prices, we are now able to pass on these lower prices to our customers, who will reap direct financial benefits in an era when saving money really matters. We would like to remind our customers that Katradis has a large worldwide network of highly qualified agents at the most important ports of the world, where our customers can find our high quality products.


S T O C K L E S S ( N O R M A L P OW E R )



Development Equipment

We stock and supply various types of Rubber Fenders, which are specially designed to absorb the high-energy impacts during berthing and mooring. If you notify us of your requirements we will propose a fender that will best serve your purposes at competitive prices. Port Bollards: Cast steel, cast iron and welded steel. Marinas Bollards: Cast steel, cast iron and aluminum. Safety Ladders: Galvanised or inox. Buoys: Metallic, synthetic with solar power lights, quick release hooks etc. Fenders: Pneumatic, foam filled and solid rubber (cylindrical, cones, element).


Ve s s e l Deck Equipment


We can provide a complete range of high quality deck equipment at competitive prices. - Chocks, deck and bow types, - Chain stoppers 76-54mm, - Twin and Cruciform type bollards, - Smit brackets, - Towing bollards, - Rollers various types - Lashing equipment and Removable container fittings. We can also provide a complete range of Emergency Towing systems and complete Tandem type mooring hawsers. Our large stock in Piraeus, along with the perfectly organized worldwide service network, guarantees an immediate service to vessels at any port they call anywhere in the world.



fixed base

breech base


bottom stacker

intermediate stacker single

intermediate stacker double

compensatory stacker



tension + compression




securing pad-eye


securing pad


elephant foot

Quality Assurance & International Certificates

We pride ourselves in being compliant with the classification societies LRQA (ISO 9001), ABS, GERMANISCHER LLOYD, API and LLOYD'S REGISTER and all our products are designed and manufactured in accordance to DIN, EN/CE, API, ASTM and other international standards. We are also members of SPE, CI, INTETANKO, WAI, OIPEEC, Hellenic Manufacturers of Defense materials Association & NAMSA, and we also hold two NATO manufacturer Codes G0929 & G0928. Finally, our synthetic mooring ropes are manufactured according to the OCIMF regulations and recommendations for the safe mooring of all types of tanker vessels. We, Katradis Group of companies, do our outmost to meet the highest standards of performance and achieve the highest level of reliability and we also go out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Katradis Group of Companies KATRADIS MARINE ROPES INDUSTRY S.A. 11, Psaron str., 186 48 Piraeus, Greece - Tel: + 30 2104060300 Fax: + 30 2104626268 & + 30 2104619631 - E-mail: -


he Katradis Group of companies originated from a ship supply company specializing in the production of high quality ropes, which was establi...