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An edition of ‘historical’ proportions Editor’s Letter Before getting into this letter, I wanted to talk about an article on the foot clinic at the Churchill Seniors Centre from last month’s issue. We’ve heard back from the nurses at Beautiful Feet, Ruth Scott and Diana Hood, saying they have received a lot of new requests for foot care. They would like to ask that people interested in taking advantage of the foot clinic not call the Centre itself, but instead call them directly at 613-798-4783. On to this month’s paper. Without meaning to, this issue has a theme woven into it: history and anniversaries. It actually started more than a month ago, when the folks at MASC contacted us to let us know the art in schools program was turning 30 this year. Then, we received an email from Snowed In Studio, announcing that the video game development company located in Hintonburg was celebrating its 10 year anniversary. It’s always great to highlight the local businesses in the area, and getting to know Snowed In, a great success story, was a treat. It seems there was something in the air

because Early Days columnist Dave Allston came upon a great story: Fisher Park celebrating 100 years in existence. Dave always finds some gem of a tale, and this month’s is no different. Apparently not wanting to be outdone, the Carlingwood Retirement Community wanted to see if we were interested in profiling not just one but three women who are celebrating their 100th birthdays! Of course we would! What’s interesting is that we didn’t go out looking for these anniversary stories, they just happened. I think it speaks to the vibrancy and sense of belonging

this community has, and what a great place Kitchissippi is to work, live and play. And that’s why it saddens me to say that my history with KT will be so short lived. When I took on this position back in the fall, I had seen myself doing this for many years to come, but alas, life sometimes has other plans, and this is my final edition. A new editor, Maureen McEwen, will be taking over starting with the April issue.

I read with great interest the letter from Loretta Fleming concerning the Granite Curling Club proposal for redevelopment of its site. I am a member of the Club and I also live nearby in the heart of Westboro and often walk through Lion's Park, so I see both sides of the debate on this. There is one aspect of Ms. Fleming's letter, though, that I’d like to address, and this is about the uptake and storage of carbon by trees. Trees are living organisms that are born, grow-up, mature and die. It varies by species, by climate and by site

conditions, but there will always come a time when a tree no longer absorbs much or any carbon from the air. The prime time for carbon uptake is during a tree's early growth and mature stages. To optimize the ability of woodlands to sequester carbon, they should, in fact, be allowed to grow to a certain stage, typically decades in southern Canada, then be cut down and the timber either buried in the ground or used in wooden buildings. The harvested area, meanwhile, should then be replanted with fast growing species. As such, the case for preserving mature urban trees on the basis of

EDITOR Yose Cormier CONTRIBUTORS Dave Allston, Ellen Bond, Charlie Senack, Hollie Grace James, Matthew Horwood PROOFREADER Judith van Berkom ADVERTISING SALES Eric Dupuis 613-238-1818 x273 CREATIVE DIRECTOR Tanya Connolly-Holmes GRAPHIC DESIGNER Celine Paquette FINANCE Cheryl Schunk, 238-1818 ext. 250 All other enquiries 613-238-1818

Maintain urban trees but not to meet Paris Accord targets Dear Editor,

250 City Centre Ave., Suite 500 Ottawa ON K1R 6K7 Kitchissippi, meaning “the Grand River,” is the former Algonquin name for the Ottawa River. The name now identifies the urban community to the west of downtown Ottawa.

helping to meet the Paris Accord targets isn’t strong. Instead, do argue to maintain urban trees for other reasons, and there are plenty. These include: the creation of shade from the heat of the sun; local cooling through evapotranspiration; play structures for children; habitat for birds, insects and ground cover plants; improved soil porosity to absorb snow melt and heavy rains; and the aesthetic values of tree flowers, the fascinating shapes of leaves and crowns; and glorious fall colours. David Welch

Distribution A minimum of 15,000 copies are distributed from the Ottawa River to Carling Avenue between the O-Train tracks and Sherbourne Road. Most residents in this area will receive the Kitchissippi Times directly to their door. If you did not receive your copy, or would like additional copies, please contact us. Bulk copies are delivered to multi-unit dwellings and retail locations. Copies are available at Dovercourt Recreation Centre and Hintonburg Community Centre. 613-238-1818 The Kitchissippi Times is published by

PUBLISHER Mark Sutcliffe PRESIDENT Michael Curran The next issue of your Kitchissippi Times: April 6, 2020 Advertising deadline: Reserve by March 24, 2020

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3 • March 2020

HUMANS OF KITCHISSIPPI Humans of Kitchissippi is a special street photography project designed to introduce readers to some of the people who live, work and play in Kitchissippi. Each instalment of HOK contains three elements: a photo, a name and a quote from the subject that reveals a little bit about who they are. Go to to view our ongoing collection of humans.

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Meet McDougall Family Meet the McDougall family, a musical family who live in the Westboro area. Mom Deanna, a violin teacher, was born in Toronto but lived in British Columbia for a few years in her 20s. Dad Nelson, the National Arts Centre’s orchestra and tour manager was born in White Rock, British Columbia, but grew up in Toronto. Older sister Erin was born in Toronto, while Ella was born right here in Ottawa. The family settled in Ottawa in 2004 when Nelson got a job at the NAC. When they moved here though, Nelson and Deanna say they had no idea about any of the neighbourhoods. They lucked out and found a rental property in Westboro. A few years later, they bought a house very close to the rental. They all love the walkability to shops in the area and the family feel of the neighbourhood. Erin loves the intimacy of the area and has her best friend right across the road. She thinks the WellingtonRichmond area is a great place to hang out with her friends. Ella loves animals and so being close to a dog park is a bonus. She also likes the fact that there is not a lot of light pollution around so she can still sees the stars at night. Nelson likes living in a beautiful neighbourhood and one that he can get to and from work quickly. The family is very close. Deanna loves to just hang out and enjoys spending time with them. Ella loves how motivating her family is, especially her mom as she really helped her recently pass the level four violin exam. She says her dad is supportive of all the things she believes in. As for her big sister, Ella appreciates how Erin is always looking out for her. Erin always looks forward to extended family gatherings as she loves to hang out with her cousins and aunts and uncles. It’s always a fun time! Nelson says they are lucky to be surrounded by compassionate, empathetic people in their immediate and extended family, which branches off into both sides of their family. Collected by Ellen Bond


Building a healthy, active and engaged community through recreation



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5 • March 2020




hen Jennifer Cayley and Jan Andrews got together to develop a series of culturally diverse performances for the NAC 30 years ago, little did they realize what they had created. Sitting around a kitchen table in Kitchissippi, the two women wanted to bring arts to young people and show diversity. They developed what was supposed to be a one-time, month-long series of workshops and performances for students from the National Capital region schools, to complement an exhibition at the National Library of Canada. Initially called The Chance to Give/ Une chance à donner, the program was repeated in 1988 as a joint venture of local

school boards out of a conviction that it had an important contribution to make. The response was so overwhelming that the two started a not-for-profit organization so the program could be implemented in schools year-round. Two years later, MASC, Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities, was born. “How splendid it is to see how this organization has outstripped any idea Jan and I had in the beginning of what was possible’” writes Jennifer in one of MASC’s publication. Co-executive director Wendy Hartley says there is one thing hasn’t changed in the last 30 years: the passion artists have for their work and that they offer in inspiring artistic experiences for others. See 'Engaging' on page 6



Local organization MASC connects artists and students across the city

2nd half of winter session lessons start Feb 29


30 years of arts in Ottawa schools


Despite retiring from MASC, Jennifer Cayley is still involved, here looking for student feedback on a storytelling program she’s working on in Michelle Richardson’s Connaught Public School class in the spring of 2019. PHOTO COURTESY MICHELLE RICHARDSON

ARTS FEATURE Continued from page 5 “It’s a very strong formula, one that’s great for kids, and one that hasn’t really changed in the last 30 years. We try to bring a love for the arts, a love of all the different art forms,” says, Wendy, noting that diversity is very important for them. MASC, located in the heart of Hintonburg in the Fisher Park/Summit Alternative School building on Holland Ave, is now a mainstay in schools across the city. “I think it’s wonderful, added value to our curriculum, especially since many of us are generalists and aren’t trained in the arts,” says Michelle Richardson, a Grade 3-4 English teacher at Connaught Public School. “It’s always supportive to have an artist come in.

It’s engaging for students.” What started with a roster of six local artists and tours by five out-of-town artists has evolved to a roster of more than 200 artists (mainly from the Ottawa-Gatineau area), numerous events, school activities and even scholarships and a seniors program. More than 120,000 youth and seniors every year have been exposed to MASC activities. “It’s hard to quantify the success we have. We get terrific feedback from teachers and kids, but often, the students won’t even know what they saw or experienced was because of MASC. I know I was influenced by these performances myself,” says Jessica Ruano, a board member who remembers Jan Andrews coming into her school to talk about the arts.

March 2020 • 6




'Engaging' formula for kids


Dave Farley, a history, geography and language arts teacher at Fisher Park/Summit Alternative School, recently had an artist come in and talk about printed artwork from Uzbekistan. “It might seem obscure but it was tied in with history and geography, the Silk Road and Marco Polo,” he says. “I believe I can deliver a lot of curriculum in the regular school day, but one of the more impactful moments is when the students are connected to the arts. They get information but get a creative and emotional connection. They learn so much more, get their heart in it.” And it’s not just the teachers and students who benefit. The artists do, too. “People would say I’m helping them, but I feel like they are helping me, they are inspiring me. It’s not just me teaching them but them teaching me," says Jacqui du Toit, astoryteller, creator, youth educational

Mado Boyes-Manseau and Kate Smith of Skeleton Key Theatre put on a drama workshop in Michelle Richardson’s Connaught Public School class in 2017. PHOTO COURTESY MICHELLE RICHARDSON

worker and actor. “I pass on the tools, but what they do with it is so inspirational, and that is working with all ages of youth, their creativity, fearlessness. I tell them what you guys are doing with this is mind-blowing, it’s

Events & Awards

Jacqui DuToit says MASC is a great fit for her because she says community service and inspiring others to tell their stories is her “heart and passion”. PHOTO COURTESY OF MASC

Susan Chell

Sarah Toll



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7 • March 2020

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employment opportunities as well. We offer what we think is a fair, professional rates, while taking into account school budgets. We hope this allows artists to dedicate themselves full time to their art.” For Jacqui, that and the support MASC provides is important for artists. “MASC plays a vital and key role for authors and other artists,” says Jacqui. “They are hands on, helping you with booking and financing. You have to play your part, but having that support system is important.” Michelle sums up the whole notion of MASC. “I think the students get exposure to a quality experience that they may not get in their home life. It’s exposing them to something they’ve never seen before, but maybe someone they can connect with, someone who is unique, and make them think that maybe I can pursues my passion.”

Patti Brown Sales Representative

so inspirational.” Jacqui, originally from South Africa, moved to Ottawa about 10 years ago. She says community service and inspiring others to tell their stories is her “heart and passion”, so MASC is a great fit. “I’ve done work with youth across Ottawa to share their own stories. It’s an incredible journey, connecting with them, which is proven to be an important key,” says the co-owner of the Origin Arts and Community Centre, in Mechanicsville, with poet Jamaal Jackson Rogers (Just Jamaal) and his brother Captain. MASC bills itself as the only organization in Eastern Ontario whose primary mandate is to connect artists and learning, offering fully bilingual services and working through all disciplines. All the artists are screened prior to being taken on by MASC. “We ensure that artists, professional artists, have a desire to reach youth, that they have a desire to share what they love,” says Wendy “We help artists but artists help us grow.” For Dave, knowing that he’s going to get a quality artist and educator is important. “I can go in their listing of performers and know that I’m going to get an artist that is vetted by MASC, that has been auditioned by teachers. It assures me that I will have a real level of professional and a great teaching opportunity,” says the Grade 7-8 teacher. In order to ensure that quality and commitment, MASC makes sure artists get paid for the work they do in the schools. “MASC is also about offering artists more

MASC offers a number of awards, with opportunities for students to get mentored by a professional artist or scholarships from a number of different local arts groups. One award is a $500, no-strings-attached award, given to a student who “might need a little push or encouragement to continue with art”. MASC also organizes festivals and events, including the Your Story: MASC Teen Authors & Illustrators Festival (February), the MASC Young Authors & Illustrators Festival (April 21-23), and the Awesome Arts Festival (November). They also offer the Jan Andrews Literary Award (submission deadline March 23) and the MASC Arts Awards. Jessica notes that these events and awards encourage students to further their artistic practice. One award, a $500, no-strings-attached cash award, is primarily awarded to a student who “needs a little push to continue with their art”. “It it’s not about the best piece of art being awarded the scholarship. It’s about the kid who the judges feel needs it the most,” says Jessica.

COMMUNITY NEWS Three women join centenarian club Carlingwood Retirement Community residents celebrate 100th birthday milestone STORY AND PHOTOS BY HOLLIE GRACE JAMES





ithin the first three months of 2020, three women at the Carlingwood Retirement community, tucked into the heart of Westboro, are celebrating their 100th birthdays. Whether its eating well, exercising or getting enough sleep, the secret to old age remains a mystery. However, these three wise women prove that a long life well lived is most certainly attainable, and they’re all too happy to dance into their hundreds with wisdom collected along the way and an open mind and interest in what’s to come.

Margaret Stethem has endured a few hardships throughout her life, but remains interested in living life to the fullest.

Mildred Gould says her great-grandchildren are "the most beautiful in the world.

Marjorie Cushing joined the centenarian club on January 31.

Margaret Stethem – February 28, 1920 With World War 1 in the rearview mirror and the roaring twenties purring to life, Margaret Stethem embarked on her journey in the municipality of Bristol in Quebec. The oldest of seven children, she went directly into training at the Civic Hospital as a nurse after school. Margaret admits that developing tuberculosis while in training, thwarting her ability to graduate, was one of the hardest moments in her long life. Quarantined in the sanitorium

for treatment, doctors had to take extreme measures and collapse one of her lungs. “Now they just give you a pill and it’s all over,” she laughs. Oh how times have changed. Lacking the training to pursue a career in nursing, she continued to pursue employment opportunities in the nation’s capital. “It was the only place to look for work,” she says. Entering the public service in 1943, Margaret transitioned from “the lowly

clerk” to administration during her 32 year career. Putting down roots in the west end of Ottawa, specifically Bel Air Park in College Ward and then Ambleside Drive in Westboro, Stethem says that the Carlingwood Retirement Community was the place for her, especially given that she was able to observe the building process from the ground up. “I saw it and I knew I should make a move because I was 94. And what better (place)?”

Such a lengthy life doesn’t come without its share of trials and tribulations. Twice married, and widowed, Margaret’s first husband was killed in a car accident in 1961 and her second husband, Kenneth Stethem, died in 2005. “I wasn’t blessed with children,” says Margaret, but does enjoy her 16 nieces and nephews. Aside from a battle with breast cancer, consisting of 20 radiation treatments at the ripe old age 90, Margaret has a clean bill of

For over 40 years, Ottawa West Community Support has been serving seniors in Kitchissippi Ward and throughout west end Ottawa. OWCS is a registered charity founded in Kitchissippi ward.

March 2020 • 8

Services include: · In Home Respite Care

· Personal Support Services · Transportation to Medical Appointments · Adult Day Programs · Social Programs

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health and considers herself very fortunate. So what’s the secret? According to Margaret, it’s all about keeping one’s interest in people and things alive. Even in her early retirement, the sentimental centenarian remained engaged through volunteer work with the disabled and veterans. Plus, she continues to keep her mind sharp by constantly reading and working on puzzles. Mildred Gould January 10, 1920 Originally from England, Mildred Gould moved to Saskatchewan in 1912 from Sussex, with her parents and her two sisters. Mildred recalls being top of the class in her school days and was such a top notch student that a teacher encouraged her attendance at university, but she says, “In those days high school was enough”.

would go on to: marry and create a family. She has three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. “They are the most beautiful great-grandchildren in the world,” exclaims the proud matriarch. Like Margaret, Mildred was married twice in her lifetime. A self-proclaimed snowbird, she would drive to Mexico with her first husband until he passed away. “He’d never been sick a day in his life.” Health-wise, Mildred doesn’t have much to complain about. “So far my health has lasted pretty well,” she says. When asked what the secret is, she quips: “If I had the secret, I’d sell it!” She’s certainly been doing something right and admits that she’s definitely had fun in her life. She said she always liked to travel, especially with her second husband who, as a divorcee with no children, was

able to whisk her to faraway lands. One thing that doesn’t seem to change is that happiness, at whatever age, is bolstered by a hearty support system. And Mildred has the gal pals, like Margaret, to enjoy her centenarian years with. Marjorie Cushing – January 31, 1920 The only girl in a family of six siblings, Marjorie Cushing was born in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. Studying an arts course in university, Marjorie went on to work in the Public Health Service. Marjorie got married in 1943 and had four children, eight grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. “I think I have good health,” says Marjorie, attributing this to eating well. Marjorie moved to Ottawa five years ago. She turned 100 on January 31.

Like many others, Mildred struggled with employment as The Great Depression hit in the 1930’s. She eventually landed her first job for the Retail Merchant’s Association of Canada, where she worked for one dollar per day. “That didn’t last long because (World Ward II) broke out”. Sent to Ottawa in 1941 for work, Mildred spent time employed at the Department of Labor headquartered in the Confederation Building, a gothic revival structure which still stands at Bank and Wellington Street today. “It was a good place to work, right downtown and close to everything,” exclaims Mildred. While she had to live in a boarding house, she emphasizes that it was a fun experience. After World War II, Mildred did what most members of the Greatest Generation


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EARLY DAYS Fisher Park celebrates 100 years BY DAVE ALLSTON

Then in 1919, the OLA sold their holdings west of Harmer via auction. As luck would have it, they excluded the land east of Harmer from the auction, leaving most of the lots unsold into 1920. In February 1920, a new community association was formed, called the West End Municipal Association (WEMA), representing the residents of Hintonburg and the exploding new neighbourhood in Wellington Village. A primary focus of the WEMA was to push the City of Ottawa to establish recreational space in the community, as no official playground and only a few small parks existed west of Plouffe Park.

Fisher Park during the Queensway construction in 1961. Ottawa Archives, CA-8454 The City originally considered sites at what is now the Grace Manor, Somerset Square, Reid Park, and the east side of Parkdale near Sherwood. Fisher Park nearly wound up located on the east side of Parkdale at Sherwood. The Ottawa Playgrounds Association committee selected that site, supported

March 2020 • 10





his is a historic year for Fisher Park, the centerpiece of Kitchissippi, which was first established as a park and playground 100 years ago. During the 19th century, the land originally formed part of the Hinton family farm. A wide and deep ditch bisected the property near where the bike path now runs east to west alongside the basketball court and baseball diamond. This was to carry the runoff of Cave Creek and the farms south of Carling that would flood the property each spring. Otherwise, it sat as empty brush, used occasionally

for local militia training exercises around the turn of the century. Tracks were laid out for J.R. Booth’s Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway in 1892 (where the Queensway runs today), creating the diagonal property boundary that still exists today. This split the future park space from the land to the south which would soon become the site of the Ottawa Electric Railway’s West End Park resort (1896), later a residential neighbourhood. The farmers sold their land to investors (the Ottawa Land Association, OLA) who preserved the future Fisher site and the surrounding area as an investment.

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11 • March 2020



Luxury Living, 2 Bed, Rivergate Way


technically known as the “West End Municipal Association Playgrounds” but which was introduced as “Fisher Park”, named for Mayor Harold Fisher, who chose not to run for re-election at the end of 1920. More than 1,000 people were in attendance, including the Fisher himself, with many events held including a baseball game between the Ottawa Senators NHL team and the West End Baseball Club. This event would be the first of what would immediately become annual summer sports days, and February winter carnivals, which at their peak drew more than 5,000 residents from across the city. Games, races and events often pitted residents from the north and south sides of Wellington against each other. Lawn bowling was a feature of Fisher Park beginning that spring. The greens, which boasted electric lighting (located where the parking lot meets the basketball court today) were open every afternoon and evening, free to the public. Many sports were played at Fisher over the early years, including lacrosse, bicycle polo, and even a nine-hole golf course which briefly opened at the far south-end of the park in 1925. The Elmdale Tennis Club opened in June of 1937 with four clay courts, located where the school now stands. See Park on page 27


by a majority vote of WEMA residents. However, the WEMA vote had taken place at a meeting on April 12 that was poorly attended due to unseasonably bad weather. This led to a second look, and in a turnaround later that month, the WEMA and OPA changed their decision likely related to land costs. The Parkdale plan was abandoned, and the west side of Holland was chosen instead due to its perfectly level ground, its proximity to the growing community, and the proposed school (Elmdale). A deal was struck with the OLA to purchase the land for $36,000. A city council meeting in May nearly saw the deal derailed. The Ottawa South Municipal Association and others were upset that the purchase would take up nearly the entirety of the $50,000 playgrounds acquisition budget, leaving insufficient funds for Old Ottawa South to acquire playground space. A compromise was eventually reached, and it was agreed to purchase the land, minus six lots at the corner of Harmer and Byron (where houses exist today) for $32,100. The purchase went through in June of 1920. Work began on the park that fall, allowing for some early sports to be played on it, with the bulk of the facilities to be ready for the spring of 1921. The official opening ceremony was held on August 13, 1921 for what was 613-299-6243 -

Fisher Park was a haven for winter activies, especially skating as seen in this photo published in the Thursday, December 31, 1964 edition of the Ottawa Journal.

I was catching up with a group of friends recently when one of the guys asked if I liked each of my three daughters’ boyfriends. I laughed a little, shrugged my shoulders and said, “They’re okay.” “Ah,” he replied, “you have a son-in-law lie.” This was a golf expression that he discovered while playing a round last summer, he explained. He had just teed off, when his ball rolled off the fairway into the rough. While assessing his next move, his golf partner beside him commented, “you have a son in-law lie,” referring to the ball resting in the long grass: It’s not perfect, but you can work with it. I chuckled and told him my girls’ boyfriends were fine. It did make me think, though. As a parent, I have high expectations for my daughters’ partners. What are those expectations? Is it character, career, education or a combination of everything? I don’t really know. When you get down to it, I just want them to be happy. The same can be true when shopping for a

home. Buyer expectations are high. It’s an exciting time until they discover that the kitchen is a bit more tired then they had hoped or the bedrooms are smaller then they thought. It’s in this moment that the buyer has to put their expectations in check. Much like the golf ball in the tall grass, can they make it work or should they take a stroke and move the ball? Can the buyer work with the tired kitchen or should they move on to the next property? Understanding and defining those expectations will make the search for a home that much easier. Much like the son in-law lie, it won’t be perfect, but you can make it work.

BIZ ROUNDUP Well-known chef opens new restaurant

March 2020 • 12




After a fire destroyed Allium, on Holland Avenue last year, chef Arup Jana promised to rebuild. While Arup still hopes to re-open Allium, he opened a second restaurant, Brassica, in Westboro. Replacing Vittoria in the Village at 309 Richmond Road, Brassica is a collaboration with Domenic Santiguida and Harjeet Singh, who operated Vittoria in the Village. The new restaurant promises patrons “plates of bright, vibrant flavours and exciting combinations that highlight local and sustainable products.”

Toy store closes A popular toy store announced it was closing its Westboro store last month.

Located at 315 Richmond Road, Mrs. Tiggy Winkles’s closed its location on February 29, after almost 30 years in the neighbourhood. The news was met with sadness on its Facebook page.

Pop-up art gallery closes For five years, a group of Ottawa artists were able to display their art thanks to Ashcroft Homes on Richmond Avenue, near the Island Park intersection. “Ashcroft was really great, but we knew it was going to end at some point. The artists were still disappointed when we closed in January,” said Yan-Eric Coté, who spearheaded the project and runs Galerie d’art Côté Créations, a similar endeavour in Mont Tremblant. Ashcroft Homes offered the group of Ottawa artists a rent-free space, with a

portion of all sales going to the Ottawa Hospital. “It was an opportunity for Ashcroft to invest in the arts while also giving back,” says Yan-Eric. The artists are looking for another opportunity to re-open the pop-up gallery.

A whole lot of activity in Wellington West Hintonburg is the site of Canopy Growth’s first cannabis shop. The Smiths Falls pot grower opened Tokyo Shop last month, the second pot shop in the neighbourhood after the Superette Shop. A Curated Nest, owned by Artist owners Christina Lovisa and Judith Anderson, is also new to the neighbourhood, located at 1114 A Wellington St. West. The home decor and lifestyle boutique is infused

with local art and repurposed vintage items. In December, a new eyeglasses and optometrist store, Wellington Vision Care, opened at 1282C Wellington St W. \This is aa sister location to Merivale Vision Care. A new dry-cleaning service, Panash, also opened recently, while florist Blumenstudio moved to 1395 Wellington Street West.

Westboro welcomes pizzerias Two new pizzerias opened recently in the neighbourhood: Pi Co and House of Pizza. Pi Co, a chain primarily located in the Toronto area, opened its first Ottawa location at 236 Richmond Road. Meanwhile, House of Pizza, formerly located at the corner of Richmond and Cleary Avenue, moved to 160 Richmond.

An experience they will never forget!

Y Camps Y Neighbourhood Day Camps Camp Otonabee

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Ages: 4Y-16Y

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13 • March 2020 • SUMMER CAMPS


Location a factor in choosing summer camps



Choosing a summer camp for your child isn’t easy. There are so many options now: sports specific, arts centred, STEM, overnight. For Brooke Brown, the choice of which summer camp to send their son to was almost made for her. “When we had our second child in 2018, we wanted to find something for Max, even though he was only 21 months at the time,” says Brooke, who moved to the Westboro area five years ago from Toronto. “I worked with Devora (Caytak) at the Jewish Montessori School so I knew the staff at Camp Gan Israel. We signed him up and he loved it.” Brooke also says being close to where they live means they can just walk Max to the camp in the mornings. This summer will be the third year in a

row Max attends Camp Gan Israel, run out of the Jewish Youth Library of Ottawa, and he’s already looking forward to finally being able to go on the weekly outings. “Last year, because he was in the toddler group, he could only wave as the older kids took the bus on Wednesdays to different outings, like going to Mont Cascades, museums and Fun Haven,” says Brooke. While similar to other camps across the city, CGI does have a focus on Judaism. That said, it prides itself on having a “totally nonjudgemental environmental”. The camp organizes a number of different activities, and have in the past brought in carnival games and a petting zoo, set up tennis courts in the driveway and even organized pony rides in Hampton Park. “I can’t say enough good things about the place.”

A year later, three-year-old Max Brown still wears his summer camp t-shirt. “It’s his favourite t-shirt,” says his mom Brooke. Photo courtesy Brooke Brown

SUMMER CAMPS • March 2020 • 14


KT 1/4 page ad for March 2020, Camp feature SPONSORED CONTENT

WHY DOVERCOURT? There are many reasons summer campers of all ages love Dovercourt but we’ve narrowed it down to just five. 1. Best camp counsellors in the city. All of our staff are highly trained and selected carefully for their warmth, friendliness, and energy. Almost all of them have grown up in summer camps and more than 80% return each year. 2. Variety. With more than 100 camps to choose from there is something for everyone. Each week offers more than 40 choices like Street Drumming, Overnight camps, and even Hollywood Stunt Ninjas. 3. A Place for the whole family. Dovercourt’s diverse programming and commitment to inclusion makes it the perfect place for siblings of various ages, interests and abilities. We offer individualized integration plans starting at age 4 and have made sure there are exciting and unique choices for young teens who are too grown-up for camp (like Bluesfest Rock University, or White Water Rescue).

4. Kids are our specialty – experts do the rest. Dovercourt works closely with 20+ partners to offer specialized instruction. We can’t be the experts on everything so our focus is the children and we leave the rest to our friends like Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, Kitchissippi Centre, Ottawa River Canoe Club, Ian Quick, and many more. 5. Extras! Adding formal swim lessons or Extended Care to your child’s camp week allows parents to fit everything into one short summer.

Registration is already open and more than half full. Pick up your copy of the 2020 Camp Guide & Family Calendar at the centre or see a copy online.

Summer Camp Guide and 2020 Family Fun Wall Calendar






Dovercourt 411 Dovercourt Ave. • Ottawa 613.798.8950

Summer reads for teens

– Book Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by Nathan Bourgoin Ever since he was four, Cole has been known as a freak. But that’s nearly over; there are only a couple of more weeks of high school and then he’s off to university. Cole’s got it all planned out, until he steps through the school’s front door and finds himself 80 kilometres away, holding the door to a museum. Teleporting was definitely not in Cole’s plan! This new ability is an accident waiting to happen, especially since it may get Malik involved. Cole is part of the Rainbow Club, who welcomes all LGBTQIAP members with

open arms. The representation is truly phenomenal; there are gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, lesbian and deaf characters, which is really refreshing to see in a young adult novel. Cole’s relationships with his parents and friends are heart-warming, and the representation of supportive friends and

family is always a privilege to read about. On top of all that, the fantasy subplot was an enjoyable twist. Cole’s overwhelming feelings, and somewhat awkward encounters with Malik, made the novel feel authentic, and it helped flesh-out Cole’s character. Overall, it’s an enjoyable read that I would recommend. More on next page

Wondering what Ottawa teens are reading this summer? Looking for your own books to bring to summer camp? The Carlingwood Branch of the Ottawa Public Library shared some of its Teen Advisory Group mebers’ summer reading picks.



Children ages 6-12 years Students produce a wide variety of work in all disciplines, giving children the opportunity to use materials and processes that are not available in the home or school setting. Teens ages 13-15 years Youth focus their attention and develop patience in classes that are media specific, such as cartooning, while individual lessons

Registration begins March 20th Downtown Campus: Byward Market 35 George Street, Ottawa, ON (613) 241-7471 Orleans Campus: Shenkman Arts Centre 245 Centrum blvd. Orléans, ON (613) 580-2765 Teaching Art to Everyone.



Fuel your child’s creativity.


Downtown Campus Byward Market 35 George Street (613) 241-7471

Orleans Campus Shenkman Arts Centre 245 Centrum blvd. (613) 580-2765



15 • March 2020 • SUMMER CAMPS

Fuel Your Child’s Creativity Established in 1879, the OSA has always maintained its mission to deliver top-quality arts education, making it the ideal summer camp for your children. Participating children and teens will embark on an exciting hands-on exploration of a variety of artistic mediums, themes and styles taught by professional artists. Your child or teen will have access to a variety of art materials — all included within the costs of


Fields Trips Possible field trips involve a tour of the National Gallery of Canada, a visit to Lowertown or YMCA Pool, and/or other local parks/museums. Children participate in a short drama class.


Summer Art Camps at the Ottawa School of Art

8 weeks of programming and 48 camps to choose from: • Painting • Drawing • Printmaking • Sculpture • Cartooning • Ceramics

s n e e t & n e r d il h c MMER ART CAMPS

focus on different elements of art such as colour, line, form, perspective, and composition.


the camps. Before and after care is available from Monday to Friday 8 am to 9am and 4 pm (4:30 for downtown campus) to 5:30 pm.






FATIMA GHREBI’S PICK - 2 – Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin Shelby Mahurin’s debut novel Serpent & Dove is an amazing romantic fantasy that’s set in 17th Century France. From the very first page, the reader is pulled into Louise Le Blanc’s magical adventure. Serpent & Dove tells the story of the unlikely relationships and friendships Louise makes on her journey to live a normal life, or as normal life a witch can have.

This book is a great read that put me on a rollercoaster of emotions. There were parts that had me laughing out loud, while other parts had me on the verge of tears. Serpent & Dove is a book that everyone should read if they want to be part of a dark, comedic story that is impossible to put down.

OLIVIA CHRYSLER’S PICK - 3 – Frankly in Love by David Yoon I have to say that this is one of my favourite



young adult novels. David Yoon takes an ordinary life story and turns it into an extraordinary tale of love, loss and selfrealization. The way this book is written makes it so personable and makes it hard to stop reading. It pulls you in every time you start to read. You start to feel like you are a character in the novel watching first-hand what is happening to Frank. David Yoon’s writing is at the same time familiar and so different that it manages to

make you feel at home while also making you feel that you are on an adventure in a place you have never been before. There are so many twists and turn in this book that many readers will relate to. This book is so easy to get into and love. It would be great for anyone who is a fan of his wife, Nichola Yoon, and fans of other popular YA authors. Grab this book off the shelf nearest you and hunker down because this is a must read. Happy reading!




SUMMER CAMPS • March 2020 • 16

34 successful summers of academics & recreation


SUMMER CAMP FOR AGES 4 – 11 • Weekly themes • AM/PM & Full-day options • Pre/post-care available

For further information, please call 613-729-9940 or visit our website

Resurrection Kids Summer Day Camp ages 5-12 $50 per camper July 13 - 17, 2020 9:00 am - 3:00 pm extended care 8 - 5 (free) located in Hintonburg

RAMEEN RAHMAN’S PICK - 4 – Cursed by Thomas Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Miller Cursed is a book that really is an experience. It’s very action-packed, essentially having a storyline that is a reimagined version of Camelot. Though it has many of the characters from the beloved franchise, Cursed couldn’t be farther from it in terms of plot, characters’ relationships and storyline. I mentioned earlier that it is an “experience” and, though all books are,

this one really is filled with countless twists and turns. Cursed is also a very creative book with a lot of great ideas and unique additions, such as illustrations and a unique way of handling multiple points of view. Regarding the book as a whole, I would recommend this book to people who like dark fantasy. There are a lot of gruesome scenes and even though it may seem fairytale-esque, the book takes a much darker approach. Overall an excellent summer read! @Kitchissippi kitchissippitimes KitchissippiTimes


TENNIS & SPORTS CAMP - For ages 5-12 BEACH VOLLEYBALL & SPORTS CAMP - For ages 13-15 LUNCH INCLUDED, Tennis, Swimming & more!


17 • March 2020 • SUMMER CAMPS

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GIVING Sense of community feeds 300 people Local potter’s efforts support Parkdale Food Centre’s Christmas Supper BY CHARLIE SENACK

March 2020 • 18





Participants at the fun day for the Parkdale Food Centre got to make bowls while Hintonburg Pottery donated their time, teaching skills, space and all materials. More than 120 people took part and they were able to raise $1,500. PHOTO COURTESY HINTONBURG POTTERY

here is nothing more important than community for Kitchissippi resident and owner of Hintonburg Pottery Ginger Mckoy “I really believe that community is at the heart of everything I choose to do,” said Ginger. “I started this pottery studio eight or nine years ago with that as the foundation piece. We slowly built it from just a couple of people working on it and now we have seven staff members and anywhere from 10 to 14 teachers on the roster who come in to work at the studio.” Her sense of community, Ginger says, comes from her Eastern Canadian roots. Growing up in Newfoundland, she was exposed to a compassionate kind hearted lifestyle which she wanted to bring to Ottawa, her home since 1978. That’s why almost two years ago, Ginger decided to help support the Parkdale Food Centre, a neighbouring organization that feeds hundreds in the community and offers a space to create friendship. For two years, Hintonburg Pottery has hosted a fun day for the centre. This year, they tripled their donations from last year,

Over 1 million of Canadians have been lifted out of poverty, including 334,000 children and 73,000 seniors. This is the largest 3-year reduction in Canadian history. COMMUNITY OFFICE 107 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON 613.946.8682 | /Catherine.McKenna





sponsored by



Member of Parliament, Ottawa Centre

/McKenna.Ottawa @CathMcKenna CMcKennaOttCen

Affordable, Clean, Secure, Central

”I think we are on the right path and it is because of

all the things that make this a welcoming place where people can create and reconnect with themselves.” – Ginger McKoy, owner of Hintonburg Pottery

340 Parkdale Avenue (between Wellington & Scott)


Welcome Home!

Comfortable, affordable, retirement living in the heart of Kitchissippi! Book your tour today! Call 613-722-6690




Uniform-Built Semi in Wellington Village 388 MAYFAIR AVENUE | Listed at $959,900

Renovated 3-Story Hintonburg Single 108 SPADINA AVENUE | Listed at $849,900

FEATURE LISTING Stunning Custom Glebe Home

Wellington Village Renovated Semi 128 FARADAY STREET | Listed at $749,900

Engel & Völkers Ottawa Central, Brokerage. Independently owned and operated.

Diane Allingham & Jennifer Stewart, Brokers, Engel & Völkers Ottawa Central MORE GREAT LISTINGS ONLINE: home 613.422.8688 •

19 • March 2020

190 FIFTH AVENUE | Listed at $1,399,900



“I think we are on the right path and it is because of all the things that make this a welcoming place where people can create and reconnect with themselves,” she said. “We all get so much pleasure when we do stuff from our hearts.” After moving into the area in 1978, Ginger, who is originally from Newfoundland, quickly fell in love with pottery making. She first joined a class in 1986, where her skills and love for the activity quickly grew. Ironically, she took that class at 1242 Wellington Street West, a building she would soon make her own and open Hintonburg Pottery.



Ginger McKoy, owner of Hintonburg Pottery, says fun day for Parkdale Food Centre is about helping community. PHOTO COURTESY

raising $1,500 with more than 120 people in attendance. “At Christmas time we had an open house and we invited the community to come in and make some bowls which the participants were able to keep,” said Ginger. “We donated our time teaching, our space and all of our materials. It was a full outpouring of resources and community coming together to support the cause.” The money came at a crucial time for the Parkdale Food Centre which was busy preparing its annual Christmas meal. The money raised was able to feed well over 300 people in the community — an initiative which the centre is trying to get other businesses on board with. “Hintonburg Pottery makes a big difference with us for funding and also increasing our business partnerships in the BIA area,” says, Deb Abbott, chair of the Parkdale Food Centre. “The nice thing with the event was it encourages people to come with their friends or make friends, which is also one of our mission statements at the centre,” Deb said. “We want people to get out of social isolation and come and meet with us.” The Parkdale Food Centre is branding itself as more than just a place to grab a meal. They want to help their neighbours who suffer from social isolation. They have started a knitting club on the first Wednesday of every month and regularly host social enterprises. Ginger isn’t sure where this journey will take her, but she’s already planning other fundraisers to support the Parkdale Food Centre. She’s exploring the idea of having the centre’s clients make their own dishes — a project which aims to help fight loneliness.

√ Inside Storage √ Over 600 Lockers √ Climate Controlled √ Over 100 √ 7 Days/Week Different Sizes

GIVING Realtor raises $8,500 for women’s shelters, loses toenail




Jennifer Stewart returned from her trek in Morocco having raised $8,500 for women’s shelters. She returned with great memories, but also missing a toenail! PHOTO COURTESY JENNIFER STEWART

Living with Persistent or Permanent


March 2020 • 20


Interested in exercise and your health?


This is a randomized trial comparing the effectiveness of different exercise programs on fitness and well being in people living with atrial fibrillation. Participants (aged 40+) will have basic health measures taken, undergo physical activity tests and complete questionnaires. Participants will then be randomly placed into one of two 12-week physical activity programs or standard care. The exercise sessions will be free of charge and conducted at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

To learn more, please contact the Research Coordinator 613-696-7000 x15944 Note: This research study has been approved by the Ottawa Health Sciences Network Research Ethics Board


itchissippi area realtor Jennifer Stewart recently returned from a fundraising hike through the Sahara Desert, raising $8,500 for women’s shelters and missing a toenail. Lanark County Emergency Shelter and the Interval House of Ottawa’s pet sanctuary project received 80 per cent of the funds while the other 20 per cent went to the Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation for its educational programs around domestic violence efforts. “I’m really happy with the total I raised. I surpassed my goal of $5,000,” said Stewart, who raised the money as part of the Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation’s annual fundraising adventure in Morocco. This was Stewart’s second time taking part in the fundraiser, having done the Iceland trek in 2017. “This was very different. It was not as physically demanding as Iceland was for me. The biggest challenge was the flatness and the monotony,” she says. “The landscape seemed never-ending – you could see the next stop in the distance, but it would be like three hours away. It was a mental challenge,” she says. Jennifer said the scenery was beautiful, and the group, which was made up of approximately 120 Royal Lepage realtors from across Canada, was lucky to see a herd of camels cross their path. “It seemed perfectly-timed. There were hundreds of camels so that was pretty cool and surreal,” she says. While Jennifer was apprehensive about the heat before leaving, she said it

wasn’t as hot as she thought it was going to be. Despite walking in the sun, she says they were covered head to toe, wearing sunglasses and lathered with sunscreen and drinking water constantly. The biggest challenge, it turned out, were blisters. “Three days in, we had a 16 km stretch in the morning and about 5 km in, I knew there was something wrong with my foot. I took off my boot a few kilometres later, and I had a huge blister that ran around my little toe and under my toenail.” The group was travelling with a doctor, who had to lance the toe (stick a needle through the toenail to burst the blister and relieve the pressure). “It’s incredible, we think baby toe is the smallest thing, but the pain was debilitating,” says Jennifer, who was able to resume hiking the following day but only after borrowing a pair of boots that were two sizes bigger from another of the hikers. Jennifer hopes to be able to continue with some fundraising efforts like this, but she and her realty partner, Diane Allingham, left Royal Lepage to join Engel & Volkers. “That was a big decision, but it’s a great opportunity to have our own shop in Wellington West, in a location where our clients can just walk in. Diane and I have always donated parts of our commissions, so we will be looking for another charity,” she says. “I won’t be doing shelter treks, but for sure I will be doing something else. I’m not sure what the next adventure will be, but there will be one.”



Our senior lifestyles residence invites you and a friend to join us for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Enjoy a live performance by local band The Chords.



Tuesday, March 17 ~ 2:00pm 491 Richmond Road, Ottawa


R S V P BY M A RC H 13

J U L I A AT 6 1 3 - 7 2 8 - 9 2 7 4


11560AMI_WB_StPat_Kitschissippi_Ad_FA.indd 1

A M I C A . C A / W E S T B O RO PA R K

2020-02-19 2:42 PM

21 • March 2020


March 2020 • 22 @Kitchissippi kitchissippitimes KitchissippiTimes WESTBORO VILLAGE • March 2020 • xx @Kitchissippi kitchissippitimes



Beehive Studio is now open at 396 Athlone Avenue, Westboro Village. Photo: Ellen Bond

BUSINESS IS BLOSSOMING IN WESTBORO It is hard to believe that it is March and spring is just around the corner. Soon the patios will be open and we’ll all be on our bikes, riding through the SJAM trail, the Byron Pathway, and beyond, to park right here in Westboro Village. I’ve met so many new people over the winter. Friendly faces new to Ottawa who have moved into Westboro — transplants from across the country and around the world. I love

knowing our little neighbourhood in the Nation’s capital is the top choice for people who want to make a home. Westboro Village is also home to a few new businesses and I hope you will stop by to see them the next time you are out and about. Pi Co (236 Richmond Road) has opened at the corner of Tweedsmuir and Richmond. Make

self-care and wellness a top priority by booking at Luxii (110 Richmond Road) or opt for an mani/pedi at A's Nails (318 Richmond Road). Beehive Studio (396 Athlone Avenue) is the sweetest art studio for kids. House of Pizza (160 Richmond Road) looks to have an impressive patio set to open and I keep hearing nothing but delicious things about Brassica (309 Richmond Road). Enjoy the next few weeks - spring is straight ahead! Molly


KitchissippiTimes 23 • March 2020 xx • March 2020 • WESTBORO VILLAGE




kitchissippitimes @Kitchissippi

BUSINESS Snowed In Studios celebrates 10-year anniversary BY MATTHEW HORWOOD



local video game and interactive media development company hopes its decade of success can be proof that “highquality, world-class games” can be made in Ottawa, and that Canadian game developers don’t have to move to Montreal or Toronto. On February 11, Snowed In Studio, located in Hintonburg, celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

“We have a relaxed and friendly vibe, and you could really feel that at the party, with people going from table to table and socializing,” said Natasha Dobson, the company’s office manager who added that several past employees joined a celebration at Vimy Brewing Company. In addition to developing nearly 20 games and porting several to different platforms, Snowed In Studios has done project support for over a dozen titles,

including The Sims 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead by Daylight and We Happy Few. The majority of Snowed In’s employees are computer programmers who code, fix bugs, port games to other platforms and develop new modules. Jean-Sylvain Sormany, head of Snowed In Studios, said the studio recently added a localization quality assurance team, who spend their time “testing languages in games to see if

translations work”. He said the studio works to foster a “fun and relaxed environment”, and one of the ways it does this is by having a strict “no crunch” policy. This means the studio won’t force its employees to work long hours to complete titles by the set deadline, a grueling practice that has become all too common in the game development industry, Jean-Sylvain said. While he acknowledged this policy can sometimes be a challenge when clients are pressuring the studio to deliver, JeanSylvain said the employees appreciate it and it allows the company to have a high staff retention rate. Snowed In was created following Fuel Industries’ collapse in 2008. It grew slowly in size in its first eight years, reaching 25 employees at the end of 2016. That was until

March 2020 • 24




The best way to play Summers in Ottawa can seem short and the key to making the most of it is to fill kids’ days with adventure, fun, fresh air… and lots of PLAY. According to HIGH FIVE®, Canada’s quality standard for children’s programs, play lets children shape their environment using their imaginations. With an emphasis on fun and cooperation in the right setting, play is integral for the development of motor and social skills, cognitive function, and creativity. Children learn by doing, so it is important for the adults in their lives to promote opportunities for both active play and risky play. When children play with purpose and in a variety of settings, wonderful things can happen. “(Risky play is) thrilling and exciting play where children engage in risk without certainty,” says Dr. Mariana Brussoni, an academic scientist at the BC Children’s Hospital and an advocate for risky play. Through risky play, children develop selfconfidence, resilience, and risk-management skills. By developing these skills, studies have shown that engaging in risky play actually reduces the risk of injury. As a HIGH FIVE® accredited organization, Dovercourt has committed to providing purposeful,

risky play as a priority. It’s built right into every summer camp program plan! It might not be obvious but if you look carefully you will see it. Risky play does not mean putting children at risk. It means allowing children to climb when they might fall, go fast when they might crash, play near danger without getting too close, or wander when they might get lost. What this means, according to Brussoni, is that children are given “the opportunity to figure out for themselves what’s comfortable for them, and what they can do”. On the rock climbing wall, it means that a child who makes it to the top is celebrated equally with a child who makes it up just three feet. It’s their choice how high they want to climb. It means that inside the building or in the park, children are allowed to walk from point A to point B with a friend knowing they will have to remember the way there, and the way back, on their own. Or getting to light the campfire during overnight camp.

It means allowing children to choose their own level of challenge without grown-ups deciding how high they should climb, or how fast they should go. Dovercourt Camp staffers of all ages also know that the best way to enjoy the summer is not only to let the kids play – but to play with them!

411 DOVERCOURT AVE. 613.798.8950

Injured in a car accident? Callyou! us, I’ve had it with we are here help! I’m calling myto lawyer. Good people. Great lawyers.

Staff at Hintonburg’s Snowed In Studio, in Hintonburg, celebrated the game development company’s 10 year anniversary Suite 710, 1600 11 Holland 300, Ottawa Scott St,Avenue, Ottawa • Suite 613.722.1500 • last month. PHOTO BY MATTHEW HORWOOD 613.722.1500 •

Our office is here for you with:

We provide Full Catering Services • • • •

private room up to 100 people retractable video screen, rear private entrance/exit

Full Catering services can be provided to your location, including set up, service and clean up

Please visit our website at for more information and menu details

Home Meal DELIVERY Service. Weekly or bi-weekly deliveries.

CoBrie Restaurant & Catering 2121 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, K2A 1H2 (Carling Wood Mall) (613) 680-5040

25 • March 2020

– Jean-Sylvain Sormany, head of Snowed In Studios

P: 613-722-6414 E:


and relaxed environment”, and one of the ways it does this is by having a strict ‘no crunch’ policy.”

109 Catherine St. / rue Catherine Ottawa, ON K2P 0P4


”The studio works to foster a “fun

MPP / Député provincial, Ottawa Centre


quality assurance team will be moving to the second floor of 250 City Centre Avenue in mid-April, while their game development branch will remain at their current location. They chose City Centre Avenue because of its close proximity to Snowed In’s current location, but also because of the studio’s fondness for the surrounding neighbourhood, he said The 5,000 square-foot space will include a kitchen, locker room, several meeting rooms and a large shared space, which will allow the company to run town halls and host industry events, thus giving them a larger footprint in the region. Jean-Sylvain doesn’t anticipate a slowdown in the company’s growth, and expects it to employ 250-300 people within three to five years. At that point, he believes Snowed In Studios will have become “a beacon for the game development industry in Ottawa”.

a $4 million acquisition by gaming giant Keywords Studios in 2018. Since then, the studio has ballooned to 85 employees, and is expected to add 35 more by the end of 2020. Jean-Sylvain said the acquisition by the IT services firm allowed his studio to immediately hire 12 more game developers, and has opened doors to a new network of clients. “If today we are working with EA and Microsoft, it’s because of Keywords,” he said. Jean-Sylvain wouldn’t talk about the games currently under development by the studio due to non-disclosure agreements. He said most of the titles are “really large, triple-A games that pretty much everyone knows,” but it will likely take another two to three years of development before the studio can attach their names to the projects. Jean-Sylvain said 2020 is shaping up to be a big year for Snowed In as they will be adding a second office. The studio’s new

Monthly Town Halls Canvasses Community Organizing Help Accessing Government Services



March 2020 • 26




Q: I keep hearing about inflammation – what exactly does it mean? A: Inflammation is a natural process that occurs when our body is trying to heal itself from something harmful. If you encounter a bacteria or a virus inflammation is a means of activating our immune system to try and fight off that bug. When you are sick and experience brain fog and feel achy all over that is usually a result of inflammation rather than the bacteria or virus itself. The issue with a lot of chronic health concerns is that the body constantly feels ‘under attack’ and our inflammatory processes are not being switched off. This can lead to pain, stiffness, soreness, brain fog, and swelling. Q: Can we test for inflammation? A: There are a couple very general tests that are used to screen for levels of inflammation in the body. CRP and ESR are the two most commonly tested. Ferritin, an iron storage test, can also be a marker of inflammation in the body. Emma Pollon-MacLeod B.Sc.ND NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy & Clinic 613-721-3669 | NEW LOCATION: 2599 Carling Ave. Ottawa, ON K2B 7H7


Students raise awareness during Black History Month BY ANNA BERGLAS AND ELLIS BISSONNETTE


lack History Month, which occurs during the month of February, gives students an opportunity to acknowledge the many Black Canadians who have contributed to our society, as well as celebrate the vibrant and growing culture of this demographic. As the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board website writes, “[This month] is a time to celebrate Black culture and history and to applaud the achievements and significant contributions Black Canadians have made to build Canada and to make this country the diverse, welcoming and strong nation it is today”. Nepean planned various initiatives during the month, ranging from daily announcements to a display board. The Diverse Student Union (DSU), a group of students that meet once or twice a week, took on this responsibility.

Nepean High School students celebrated Black History Month during February with a number of initiatives. The curriculum tends to centre on a colonized version of Canadian history, so increasing awareness was one of the top priorities for the DSU. Every morning, a prominent black

figure was highlighted after the regular announcements. Alternating members of the DSU spoke briefly of the individual’s life and accomplishments. Members of the DSU said they wanted to go beyond the token heroes and heroines of social justice, such as Rosa Parks, and celebrate lesser known figures who have vastly improved society. To conclude the month, two alumni, Jamal Koulmiye Boyce and Aliyah Poon Young, returned to Nepean High School for an assembly. These graduates created a Black History Club in 2016, which in turn became the DSU. During the assembly, students read poetry such as “Caged Bird” by Maya Angelou, a famous piece which represents African American resilience and dignity. There was also a performance from the Nepean Choir. Finally, members of the club performed pieces on how the faculty and students at Nepean can support minority groups within the school, and what changes they wish to see in upcoming years. The purpose of the events organised by DSU was to bring awareness and conscientiousness to the Nepean student body.


New school trustee named SUBMITTED BY OCDSB


new trustee was named for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s Zone 10, Somerset Kitchissippi. Justine Bell takes over from Erica Braunovan, who resigned in December. Justine, whose daughter attends a school in Centretown, says she believes in a sustainable future where her

Justine Bell, with her family and OCDSB Director of Education Camille WilliamsTaylor, was named new trustee for Somerset Kitchissippi. PHOTO SUBMITTED BY OCDSB

daughter and all students can thrive; where the community works together to meaningfully address socio-economic discrepancies, climate change and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Justine grew up in North Vancouver but moved to Ottawa 12 years ago from Mexico City with her husband Guillermo. Over the years, she has completed a Masters of Public Policy and Administration. She has also led on Canada’s policy for engaging civil society organizations around the world, worked on Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan, spoke about the importance of consultation at the United Nations, volunteered with refugees, and served as the vice-president of a faith-based community organization. She currently works as a senior analyst at Global Affairs Canada on poverty reduction. Justine’s term will end November 14, 2022.


Park always meant to have school pillars to obscure the view of spectators), a health clinic, large library, and a large sound-proof auditorium with motion picture projection facilities (though its size later had to be significantly scaled down due to sky-rocketing costs, and a planned swimming pool was also a late removal). One of the required features in the original proposals for the school was the assurance to the city and community that no fence would be put up around the school; that it would always sit within the park. There was also a requirement that it be designed in a Z-shape so that every room would be “on the outside”. Completion of the project took four years as building costs skyrocketed. The first sod was turned on May 3, 1948, at

the south-east corner of the park, and the cornerstone was laid on November 12 by Governor General Viscount Alexander. The original estimate of $1.65 million ballooned to $2.1 million by the project’s end; the school was completed in time for the start of the 1949-50 school year. Other than a six-room addition in 1964, the school retains the same footprint today. Over the coming decades, Fisher Park would continue to see constant community use for football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball and other sports. Brian Kearns, for whom the park is now named, oversaw the recreation program for 27 years. Fisher Park school closed in 1987, was leased to the Catholic Board to become Notre Dame High School until 1994 when

Fisher Park was named after former mayor Harold Fisher. PHOTO BYTOWN MUSEUM it reverted back to the Public board and its original name, becoming a Grade 7/8 school and welcoming Summit Alternative to share the building. An impressive 100 years of Fisher Park as the nexus of our community!

DocuSign Envelope ID: EC4E6C20-B1ED-439E-8E1E-F5FB52BC3419

Over 2000 Homes Sold!

Civic Hospital Coming Soon to OREB MLS

Richmond Rd West $239,900





Contined from page 11 In September of 1945, following much debate and opposition to surrendering a large piece of one Ottawa’s largest and finest parks, Fisher Park was chosen as the location of a new school. Initial plans called for the school to be built at the opposite end of the park (close to Byron), but a reversal was made to ensure a football field could fit in the remaining park space. From the beginning, Fisher Park was always planned as a combination of school and community centre, the first of its kind in Canada. High-end amenities were added to ensure the facility would be one of the most modern in Canada, including the largest gym in the city (the first in Ottawa constructed without


Korey Kealey*

Liam Kealey**

Brendan Kealey**

Tel: 613.369.5882 Cell: 613.698.8876

27 • March 2020

*sales representatives and **Broker


Wellington Village $349,900


A love letter to public education SUBMITTED BY JOEL HARDEN, MPP OTTAWA CENTRE

March 2020 • 28





his is a love letter to public education, and to folks who work in our public education system. I see you, and I value you. In recent weeks, as I’ve visited your picket lines in Ottawa, I’m constantly reminded of the sacrifices you make to keep our schools afloat. I’m also reminded about the inequalities that walk into classrooms every day, and how you see firsthand the ways in which our society falls short. You see kids who come to school hungry, and help them with breakfast programs. You see crumbling infrastructure, and

rhetoric, the money is there to invest more in classrooms instead of raising class sizes and imposing mandatory e-learning. The money is also there to make sure that kids with learning or developmental work hard to keep our kids safe. with disabilities who either aren’t getting disabilities have the in-classroom supports You see kids with disabilities diagnosed at all, or who aren’t getting they so desperately need. Every child, no struggle to learn, grow immensely the services and one-on-one matter their ability or their parents’ income, frustrated, and act out. attention they need. deserves the best possible start. I remember speaking with And let’s not forget about I’ve heard from so many parents, an educational assistant, the parents of these children, including ones who identify as conservative, one of three in a school of who are fearful each and every telling me that the government must more than 900 elementary day their kids go to school. reverse the cuts and get back to the students, who feels like a first Will their child be triggered? bargaining table. The attempts by Ford and Our office is here for you with: responder for crisis behaviour Will they be restrained? Imagine Lecce to pit parents and education workers rather than an educator. Once they the stress on those parents who areTownagainst Monthly Hallseach other are failing: we will not be walked into an evacuated classroom with a terrified of what happens whenCanvasses their little divided. child in crisis who had just trashed the class. one leaves for school. So to all of the teachers and education Community Organizing They approached the child with a mattress It doesn’t have to be this way. This is a workers who put their heart and soul into Help Accessing Government Services to contain the blows as more help arrived. rich province, one where two billionaires their work every single day, thank you from I’ve been told about how many children have as much wealth as 11 million people. the bottom of my heart. You’re fighting for in crisis with violent behaviours are kids Despite all of Stephen Lecce and Doug Ford’s our kids, and we will win. P:together 613-722-6414 109 Catherine St. / rue Catherine E: Ottawa, ON K2P 0P4 MPP / Député provincial, Ottawa Centre

FEDERAL UPDATE ”When it comes to affordability, we know there’s more

work to be done – everyone in Canada deserves a chance at success, a chance to work hard and get ahead.”

Middle class tax cut

340 Parkdale Avenue (between Wellington & Scott)



2148 Carling Ave


Physiotherapy and Registered Massage Therapy

Excursions Marches plus encore ! POUR SES MEMBRES,

par ses membres!

29 • March 2020








Retraite en Action offre des activités DANS L’OUEST D’OTTAWA


or over four years, our government has made investing in people our priority. Through government investments and the hard work of Canadians, Canada has built an economy that is strong and growing, adding more than 1.1 million new jobs to the economy and reaching the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. Wages are going up and small business taxes are the lowest in the G7. We introduced programs like the Canada Child Benefit to help Canadians afford the costs of raising a family, made improvement to seniors’ benefits, and helped more students afford their education. In 2015, we brought in a middle class tax cut that helped more than nine million Canadians. When the 43rd Parliament opened in December, our parliamentary priority was a new tax cut that, if adopted, will give relief to 20 million Canadians, including ensuring one million low-income Canadians pay no tax at all. We would do this by raising the Basic Personal Amount – the earnings you don’t have to pay federal tax on – to $15,000 by 2023. And we’ll make sure the wealthiest people in Canada – those in the top one per cent of income earners – aren’t the ones benefitting. Our approach would make sure tax relief is going to those who need it: middle class Canadians and those

working hard to join them. When fully rolled out, in 2023, individuals would save close to $300 a year in taxes. For a couple or a family, including single-parent families, the savings would be close to $600 a year. It’s a change that would allow people to keep more of what they earn and help make life more affordable. When it comes to affordability, we know there’s more work to be done – everyone in Canada deserves a chance at success, a chance to work hard and get ahead. Our tax cut is a big part of our work to do just that, giving Canadians more money, tax-free. When you have more money in your pocket, you have less worry about the bills. It’s money to help afford new winter gear, help with the costs of kids’ summer camps, or for hockey, soccer, or arts classes. It’s money for saving to buy a home or investing for retirement--or simply being able to afford to spend time with loved ones. Since 2015, our economy has grown, wages have gone up, and, in 2020 Canada’s economy is projected to have the second strongest growth across the G7. This is proof that our plan to keep making targeted and strategic investments in Canadians is working. We’re focused on growing the economy and making life affordable for Canadians because, as Liberals, we’re committed to ensuring everyone has a real and fair chance at success.

√ Inside Storage √ Over 600 Lockers √ Climate Controlled √ Over 100 √ 7 Days/Week Different Sizes

THANK YOU Suite 201


Affordable, Clean, Secure, Central


Leiper opposed to any urban arena closures SUBMITTED BY JEFF LEIPER, KITCHISSIPPI WARD COUNCILLOR





s the weather warms and the days get longer, things get busier in Kitchissippi. Read on to find out what’s happening in your city. This summer, the City will be rehabilitating the aging sewers and watermains under Scott Street, from west of Athlone to Smirle. This work will also include the widening of the multi-use pathway and will require the closure of Scott to eastbound vehicle traffic. During construction, which will start in spring 2020 and is projected to finish in December 2020,

eastbound vehicle traffic will be detoured onto Richmond-Wellington from Churchill to Holland and north to Scott Street. This detour will require some roadway modifications and temporary parking restrictions on Richmond-Wellington. We will have more concrete details about what these changes will mean for your street very soon — keep an eye on the newsletter for that information. In February there were some media stories about the potential for the City to close some of the older, urban arenas. It’s important to note that no decisions have been made about whether these closures will occur, and soon there will be a new round of public consultations that would lead to a council

decision on a process for determining which, if any, of these arenas might close. Keep an eye on the newsletter and the City’s communication channels for more about that consultation. I have been aware for years that Tom Brown is threatened by these closures, and I am wholly opposed to closing any of the urban arenas until there is a comprehensive and funded plan to replace them. I am working with my colleagues in the other affected wards on putting together an open house on this subject and will have more information about that available soon. In the meantime, you can read my thoughts on this at The MTO is replacing Queensway bridges in the core over the next several years, as well as noise barrier replacement work. These projects may have traffic





Supplement to the Kitchissippi Times • Spring 2019






@Kitchissippi kitchissippitimes KitchissippiTimes

TOP For children’s TRENDS bedrooms This simple nursery design is gender neutral with clean lines with a modern design. Photo by

15 • April 2019 • HOMES & CONDOS

March 2020 • 30

and nighttime construction noise implications for your neighbourhood. You can find more info about this work and provide comments online at, and we’re currently asking the ministry to hold community meetings to discuss specific impacts. We have pop up office hours coming up in March. These hours are for residents to speak with me one-on-one, no appointment necessary, about all things Kitchissippi. We’ll be at Bridgehead (317 McRae Ave) on Thursday, March 4 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., Happy Goat (35 Laurel St) on Wednesday, March 11 from 4 to 11 p.m., and at the Cupcake Lounge (324 Richmond Road) on Tuesday, March 24 from 1 to 4 p.m.. Can’t wait to share a coffee and a conversation with you.

Why is Kitchissippi one of Ottawa’s most desired neighbourhoods? Location, trendy shops and restaurants, great schools, green spaces and more!


April 3, 2020


March 24, 2020

Eric Dupuis | 613-266-5598 |

COMMUNITY CALENDAR MARCH 4 – OTTAWA STORYTELLERS SIGNATURE SERIES Hintonburg artist Jacqui du Toit performs Being coloured/ful in a black and white world at Arts Court Theatre (2 Daly Ave.) at 7:30 p.m. Join her on a journey to her motherland, South Africa, as she shares stories of growing up in apartheid and postapartheid. With her expressive and captivating storytelling, Jacqui will have you laughing, crying – and even dancing – at the end of the performance. Tickets are $18-$22 and can be purchased in advance online at or at the door.

Deadline for submissions:

MARCH 20 Please include “Community Calendar” in the subject line of your email.

MARCH 29 – ANNELIES The Ottawa Choral Society presents Annelies: Diary


To place a Classified or Marketplace ad, please call


31 • March 2020

MARCH 15 – LIMMUD OTTAWA Dozens of fascinating speakers will provide lots to talk about at Limmud 2020, a festival of Jewish learning, Sunday March 15 at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre. Adult admission for the day is $36 and includes all sessions and a light kosher lunch. Register online at or on See the full list of speakers on the website at

MARCH 21 – GREAT BOWLS OF FIRE Kitchissippi restaurants Absinthe, Thyme and Again, Pure Kitchen, The Table, and the Clocktower Brew

MARCH 27 – NIGHT OF WORSHIP AND MINISTRY Join St. Mary’s Parish, 100 Young St., for an evening of praise, prophecy, teaching, healing and fellowship on March 27, 7-9 p.m. Theme: “A New Springtime”. The speaker is Michael Dopp, founder of the Mission of the Redeemer Ministries and New Evangelization Summit. The Night of Worship and Ministry is held on the fourth Friday of the month. For more information, please contact: Natalia Lacar (613-728-9811 x720); (

For the full list of events please go to


MARCH 15 – ST. PATRICK’S DINNER AND SOCIAL The Knights of Columbus at St. Georges Parish will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and social on Sunday, March 15 at the Parish Hall, 415 Piccadilly Avenue N. from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. There will be live Irish music and Irish dancers. Dinner will include Irish stew, salad, rolls, dessert, coffee and tea. Cash bar. Tickets can be purchased on line at the parish website or contact Steve at 613 724 0086. Adults: $20, children 7-12 years $10, children 6 and under no charge. Come and join us for an evening of good food and fun.

MARCH 19 – SENIORS FRIENDSHIP LUNCH Aside from offering a $2 Tuesday and Friday morning drop-in pickleball, and Wednesday drop-in meditation and ukulele practice, the Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre is promoting a Friendship Lunch on March 19 for $20. Doors open at noon. This is a great opportunity to break away from winter hibernation and get out and link with other community members. Call the centre at 613-7988872 to register or come in and see us and learn what else we offer. Registration for the luncheon must be by March 16 at the latest.

MARCH 25 – A NIGHT IN NEW YORK “A Night in New York” will have you feel as though you have been transported to New York City for an exciting night on the town without leaving the city. The evening will include singers performing Broadway hits, stand-up comedy, busker acts, and a hearty Italian family style meal to make you truly feel as though you are experiencing ‘the city that never sleeps’. Come to “A Night in New York”. Proceeds go to The Ottawa Riverkeepers, Candlelighters, and the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre. Don’t delay. Get your tickets now at https://anightinnewyork20.

APRIL 6 – POLLINATOR GARDENING PRESENTATION Join Berit Erickson for a virtual photo tour of her pollinator garden and backyard habitat gardens. She’ll share what she’s learned about pollinators, their favourite flowers and habitat requirements. Discover how to design, plant and maintain your own pollinator garden. The presentation will take place on Monday, April 6 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the McKellar Park Fieldhouse, 539 Wavell Avenue. For further information, visit


MARCH 13 – CHILD HAVEN FIESTA Enjoy an evening of South Asian dance and music to benefit Child Haven International. Entertainer Kulgit Sodhi combines Indian folk, jazz and world music using instruments, voice and a fun Bollywood dance style that inspires audience participation. Enjoy performances of Nepali and Tibetan traditional dance and complimentary South-Asian snacks. First Unitarian, 30 Cleary (Richmond near Woodroffe) 7-9 p.m. Visit for tickets or at door $30. adults $5. children.

MARCH 17 – TEEN BULLET JOURNALING 101 WORKSHOP A bullet journal is a to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, a planner AND a diary. Want to start your own Bullet Journal but aren’t sure how? Join Molly from Westboro shop Village Quire who will do a walkthrough on how to start and maintain your very own journal, while providing inspiration on how to format your journal to work best for you. Calligraphy pens and lined paper will be provided. There will be snacks! This workshop is aimed at teenagers ages 13 to 18 years at the Carlingwood Branch of the Ottawa Public Library 5 p.m.-6 p.m. Registration Required. For more information, visit

MARCH 22 – INTERNATIONAL WORLD WATER DAY Celebrate water’s vital and sacred role in our lives. Discussions and activities on Sunday, March 22 from 2-4:30 p.m. at First United Church, 347 Richmond Rd. Learn about the many organizations promoting access to water and protecting it from single-use plastic and privatization. Music! Door prizes! Children’s art corner! Refreshments! Sponsored by Ottawa Water Study/Action Group and First United Church Water Care Allies. For more info visit:

of a Young Girl at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Fairmount Ave) on March 29 at 3 p.m. It is so easy to forget that Anne Frank (Annelies was her full name) was not just a historical figure. Like most youngsters, she had her personal heroes — she kept a photograph of Britain’s Princess Elizabeth pinned to the wall next to her bed. The legacy of Anne’s diary and her death has been profound. Courageous and intelligent, she would have turned 90 this year — but Anne did not get to grow up and become a little old lady. Tickets: box-office


MARCH 7 – WESTBORO LEGION JAZZ NIGHT JP & Friends cover Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and others in the Great American Songbook from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the Upstairs Bar and Lounge, 391 Richmond Rd. Advance tickets ($10) available at the upstairs bar. At the door: $15. For more information: 613-725-2778.

MARCH 17 – ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARTY Admission is free but donations are welcome at the Westboro Legion’s Upstairs Bar & Lounge, 391 Richmond Rd. Doug & Pam Champagne will entertain our friends and neighbours from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information: 613-725-2778.

Pub, as well as pottery studios LOAM Clay Studio, Gladstone Clayworks Co-op, and Hintonburg Pottery taking part in the Ottawa Guild of Potters annual fundraiser Great Bowls of Fire in support of the Ottawa Food Bank, Saturday March 21, 5-8 p.m., at the Glebe Community Centre. Tickets are $50 and are available at Life of Pie, Thyme and Again, and Capital Pottery Supplies, or via Eventbrite.

MARCH 5- 8 – INHALE AGAIN – AN INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY ART EXHIBITION Come visit an art exhibition celebrating International Women’s Day, opening Thursday, March 5 from 6-10 p.m. The exhibition continues March 6 from 6-10 p.m. and March 7 and 8 from noon to 6 p.m. 951 Gladstone Avenue (just west of Preston). Open to art lovers everywhere.

MARCH 16 – NAILED IT! TEEN CHALLENGE Based on the Netflix show Nailed It!, try your hand at recreating a stunning treat and craft. We’ll show you one craft and two desserts and you will have a set amount of time to build and create your own, trying to make them look as much like the examples as possible! This program is aimed at teenagers ages 12-18 at the Carlingwood Branch of the Ottawa Public Library 3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Registration required. For more information go to




Wellington Street West

March 2020 • 32


2 1


4 5





9 13



Registered charity no. 11944 4263 rr0001

HIGH FIVE® Accredited


REGISTERED PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS Our Commitment to children: As a HIGH FIVE® accredited organization, Dovercourt is committed to developing and delivering programs that are child-centered and reflect our values of respect, diversity and inclusion. All of our program staff are trained and certified in HIGH FIVE: Healthy Child Development and our programs are evaluated regularly to ensure a high standard of quality.


S.T.E.A.M ENGINES (2-4yrs) Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Through a combination of sensory-based science activities, discover the world around you. • Tue 9:30-11:30am, Apr 14 – Jun 16, $115

LITTLE CHEFS (2-4yrs) Test your taste buds by creating yummy snacks, and work on creating your own recipe book to bring home at the end of sessions. • Mon 9:30-11:30am, Apr 20 – Jun 15, $92




Children will develop balance, agility and coordination through this introduction to a wide variety of sports and drills. We will use T-ball, floor hockey, gymnastics, soccer and basketball to broaden fundamental motor skills Parent & Child (2-3yrs, with parents) • Sat 9:30-10:15am, Apr 4 – Jun 20, SPSP01 – $155 (no class April 11 & May 16) PRESCHOOL (3-5yrs) • Sat 10:15-11:00am, Apr 4 – Jun 20, SPSP02 – $155 (no class April 11 & May 16) KINDER (4-6yrs) • Sat 11:00-11:45am, Apr 4 – Jun 20, SPSP03 – $155 (no class April 11 & May 16)

MUSIC & MOVEMENT (2-4yrs) Discover rhythm and beats through music, instruments, dancing and storytime. Express your creativity through movement and play while singing and clapping along to the beat. • Wed 9:30-11:30am, Apr 15 – Jun 17, $115

7-12YRS • Wed 6:00-7:00pm, Mar 25 – May 20, SPSP04 – $129 (No class May 6)

JR NBA BASKETBALL Taught by Ottawa acro-roper Bill Chong, rope skipping is a great workout and a ton of fun! Our exciting class teaches skills, tricks and routines from around the world in a healthy, non-competitive environment. This novice to grandmaster 8-week program includes stickers, certificates and a Family Fun Day to show off your new talents! Please note there is an additional $15 material fee for the special skipping rope paid to the instructor on the first class. All classes are located in the gym at Broadview Public school. For more info see

Not seeing a course code? It’s OK. Our online registration now includes advanced filtering and search capability.

Jr. NBA is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball. The goal of this exciting program is to allow participants the opportunity to maximize their potential while promoting the importance of youth basketball. This program views basketball as a vehicle to build life skills

such as character, discipline, self-esteem and sportsmanship, all of which benefit our youth as they continue to play basketball or in their everyday lives. Participants receive a player package that includes jersey, basketball & drawstring bag. 5-7YRS • Tue 6:00-7:00pm, Apr 7 – Jun 9, SPSP05 – $155 8-10YRS • Tue 7:00-8:00pm, Apr 7 – Jun 9, SPSP31 – $155

SKATEBOARD SKATEBOARD STARS (5-12yrs) The Skateboard Stars program focuses on skill development in a fun and safe environment. Open to all abilities and skill levels from brave beginners to practically pro’s; this 6-week instructional program is sure to offer something to all participants. Skateboard, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are mandatory and are available upon request. • Sat 9:30-10:30am, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP06 – $120 (no class May 16) SKATEBOARD STARS - ‘RAMP’ IT UP (8-14yrs) This program gives budding ramp riders skill development on the Dovercourt ramps, including our half pipe. Participants will learn the ins and outs of ramp riding in a fun and safe environment. Open to

those just starting on the ramps and those wanting to improve their technique. Skateboard, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are mandatory and are available upon request. • Sat 11:00am-12:00pm, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP07 – $120 (no class May 16)


Get a jump-start on the soccer season. Learn the basics of the game by participating in a variety of drills and scrimmage games. No special equipment required except runners and sportswear suitable for the weather. 3-4YRS • Sat 9:30-10:15am, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP08 – $120 (no class May 16) • Tue 6:00-6:45pm, May 5 – Jun 9, SPSP09 – $120 4-5YRS • Sat 10:30-11:15am, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP13 – $120 (no class May 16) • Sat 11:30am-12:15pm, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP32 – $120 (no class May 16) 6-7YRS • Thu 6:00-6:45pm, May 7 – Jun 11, SPSP33 – $120


Learn to Play is a Tennis Canada curriculum that uses Progressive Tennis to introduce the sport in a fun and interactive way, ensuring success for young players. Using scaled-down equipment and court space, young players learn the fundamentals of tennis in a game based environment where they can rally and compete with their friends. For more information about our instructor, please visit 5-7YRS • Sat 1:00-2:00pm, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP10 – $120 (no class May 16) 7-9YRS • Sat 2:00-3:00pm, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP11 – $120 (no class May 16)


Children can learn to bike as early as 18mos with the Strider PREbike. Learn to balance and steer without ever needing training wheels. For the more advanced rider, the LaunchPad footrests take your child’s skills to the next level: gliding with feet up, riding while standing up, jumping and bunny hopping. This program focuses on building confidence in young riders at an early age in a fun and friendly environment. Please bring your own helmet; Strider Bikes are provided. In Learn to Bike with a Parent class, parents participate with their child. WITH PARENT (1.5-5yrs) • Sun 10:00-10:45am, May 3 – Jun 14, SPSP17 – $120 (no class May 17) 3-5YRS • Sun 11:00-11:45am, May 3 – Jun 14, SPSP18 – $120 (no class May 17)

Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, is the practice of hand and leg techniques for self-defence. It will improve your physical health, focus, flexibility, and will decrease stress. Master Instructor Tony Ilukho teaches this course.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED (Yellow-Black Belts) • Wed 7:00-8:00pm, Apr 15 – Jun 17, SPSP23 – $155 per family member

BASEBALL PARENT & CHILD T-BALL (OUTDOOR) (3-4yrs) This T-Ball course is a relaxed and non-competitive environment focused on skills, team playing, and following direction. Children (accompanied by parents) will develop basic motor skills like balance, agility, and coordination, all while having fun and playing games. • Mon 5:15-6:00pm, May 4 – Jun 15, SPSP34 – $130 (no class May 18) PERFECT PITCH: INTRODUCTION TO BASEBALL (5-7yrs) An introduction to baseball skills such as throwing, catching, correct batting form, running bases, fielding and positional play. Through skills, drills, and play, children will enhance their motor skills and coordination while having a blast! Participants are required to bring their own glove. • Mon 6:15-7:00pm, May 4 – Jun 15, SPSP35 – $128 (no class May 18)


Ottawa West Dojo (Canada Shotokan Karate), a non-profit organization Karate means “empty hand,” an art of self-defence in which strikes, blocks, evasion and throwing techniques are

5-7YRS • Sun 9:15-10:00am, Apr 19 – Jun 28, SPSP24 – $170 (no class May 17) 8YRS AND UP • Sun 10:15-11:15am, Apr 19 – Jun 28, SPSP25 – $170 (no class May 17) Parents can join their child in this class for $60

CLIMBING KIDS CAN CLIMB! Participants will learn the basics of rock climbing techniques, spend lots of time on the wall, and have tons of fun. Through creative games, engaging instruction, and

experienced staff, your kids will be flying up the wall in no time! 8-11YRS • Mon 6:30-7:15pm, Apr 20 – Jun 1, SPSP45 – $88 (no class May 18)

5-7YRS • Mon 5:30-6:15 Apr 20 - Jun 1, SPSP30 - $88 (no class May 18) • Wed 5:30-6:15 Apr 22 - May 27, SPSP14 - $88 • Wed 6:30-7:15pm, Apr 22 - May 27, – SPSP15 - $88

LEADERSHIP HOME ALONE (8-12yrs) Help your child become more confident and competent when they are at home alone. This program features home and fire safety, dealing with strangers, emergency procedures and first aid, snack and meal preparation. Each student receives a workbook. • Sat 9:30am-2:00pm, Mar 14, AQL2083 – $97 • Fri 9:30am-2:00pm, Apr 24, AQL2084 – $97 • Sat 9:30am-2:00pm, Jun 6, AQL2085 – $97 BABYSITTER COURSE (11+yrs) This course prepared by the Canadian Safety Council prepares students for their roles and responsibilities as babysitters. Topics include rights and responsibilities of the child, parent and

babysitter, child development and behavioural problems, caring for the child and nutrition, child safety, handling emergencies, games and play activities for children, and children with special needs. Each student receives a workbook, and much of the course is done in small group discussions. There is a final exam (75% to pass). • Sat 9:30am-3:00pm, Mar 21, AQL2093 – $128 • Sun 9:30am-3:00pm, Apr 19, AQL2095 – $128 • Fri 9:30am-3:00pm, Jun 5, AQL2095 – $128 HIGH FIVE: PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHY CHILD DEVELOPMENT (13+yrs) Geared toward anyone working with, or interested in working with children ages 6-12 in a front-line leadership

role (camp counsellors, instructors, volunteers, etc.), this course provides in-depth training on the principles of healthy child development in sport and recreation programs. Leaders learn activities and gain knowledge, tips and resources to improve their relationships with children and other staff members and to enhance program quality. • Sun 9:00am-1:00pm, Jun 5, HF010 – $50 • Sat 9:00am-1:00pm, Jun 18, HF011 – $50


BEGINNER/FAMILY (4 years +) Please note; Parents who would like to take this class with their child are welcome to register, but it is not intended for adults without children • Sat 12:30-1:30pm, Apr 18 – Jun 27, SPSP19 – $155 per family member (no class May 16) • Wed 6:00-7:00pm, Apr 15 – Jun 17, SPSP20 – $155 per family member

ADVANCED (Brown, Red, Red-Black Stripe, Black Belts) • Sat 2:30-3:30pm, Apr 18 – Jun 27, SPSP22 – $155 per family member (no class May 16)

applied. The regular practice transforms the body and mind by broadening one’s confidence, will-power, stamina and strength. Respect and discipline are the heart of karate training. Class instructor: Hashmat Khan 3rd degree black belt and professor at Carleton University.



INTERMEDIATE (Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue Belts) • Sat 1:30-2:30pm, Apr 18 – Jun 27, SPSP21 – $155 per family member (no class May 16)


9-12YRS • Sat 3:00-4:00pm, May 2 – Jun 13, SPSP12 – $120 (no class May 16)



DOG TRAINING Dog Training Presented by Carol Upton –

DOG TRAINING BASICS FOR POOCHES AND PUPS (Level 1 Beginner) Positive reinforcement training for dogs of all ages. Have fun teaching your dog the basic commands: sit, pay attention, leave it, come when called, and walk-nicely-on-a-leash. The goal is to have a strong bond with your new dog as well as a safe, well-socialized pet and a happy home environment. Come one, come all, training your dog is good for you and Fido too! Open to dogs and puppies of all ages and skill levels. • Wed 6:30-7:15pm, Apr 15 – May 13, 20SDOG1 – $199 • Wed 6:30-7:15pm, May 20 – Jun 24, 20SDOG2 – $199

PUPPY PRIMER Bring your pup for some quality playtime in a safe environment, meet a new friend, and chat about “life with a pup.” Address some of the most common puppy issues like nipping, jumping, and walking on a leash. This seminar is a prequel to Basic for Pooches and Pups (level 1) and is appropriate for pups from 2-6 months with a minimum of 1 set of immunization. • Wed 7:30-8:15pm, Apr 15 – May 13, 20SDOG3 – $199 • Wed 7:30-8:15pm, May 20 – Jun 24, 20SDOG4 – $199

Summer de Camp Gui and 2020 Family Fun

Wall Calendar







SUMMER CAMPS WELCOME TO SUMMER CAMP AT DOVERCOURT! We have over 100 different varieties of camps for ages 4-16 to provide you with lots of options and unique opportunities. Choose from up to 40 different options per week in an assortment of streams, including Visual, Culinary, and Performing Arts, Sports, Overnight, Adventure Academy, Science & Innovation, Youth Zone, Leadership, and Theme Camps. WORKING TOGETHER! Our partners make us great - and we are grateful to our long-time partners, including BC Sports, Radical Science, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, Ian Dudley of ORANGE STEM Education, magician Ian Quick, Ottawa River Canoe Club and many, many more. SUMMER IS SHORT - and we believe kids should be active in the great outdoors

as much as possible. We have been working closely with Ottawa’s Kitchissippi Centre, and tweaking our own Adventure Academy programs to get as many campers as we can to spend their days exploring the outdoors with us. WE’RE PARENTS TOO. And we get it. Dovercourt’s senior management team is made of parents - mostly parents of campers and camp staff. We are here to help address any concerns or questions you may have and are happy to assist you in selecting the best camp programs for your children. In the meantime, be sure to get your Summer Camp guide 2020, and download your copy of our Parent Handbook, available online. See you this summer! ~ Camp Management Team

DOVERCOURT EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM Our program offers structured, ageappropriate activities for Kindergarten to Grade 6 at Dovercourt Recreation Centre. With a warm swimming pool, outdoor rinks and one of Ottawa’s best playgrounds, where better to unwind after a full day of learning? To arrange a tour or to register, please call Laura at 613-798-8950 ext. 246 or email

CHILDREN’S POTTERY FAMILY CLAY (4+yrs) Spend some quality family time together, creating one-of-a-kind projects and building memories that will last a lifetime. Students will explore various handbuilding techniques before finishing their works of art with our beautiful glazes. • Sat 2:30-4:30pm, Apr 4 – Jun 20, $147 per family member • Tue 6:00-7:30pm, Apr 7 – Jun 23, $163.80 per family member CLAY CREATIONS (6-10yrs) Let your child’s imagination soar! Students will explore various hand-building & wheel techniques before finishing their works of art with glazing. • Sat 1:00-2:30pm, Apr 4 – Jun 20, $241.50

ADULT POTTERY ADULT ON THE WHEEL (16+yrs) Discover a great feeling of accomplishment by turning your vision into pieces of art. Students will explore various hand-building techniques and try the wheel before finishing pieces with beautiful glazes. • Tue 7:30-9:30pm, Apr 7 – Jun 23, $325.56

ADULT WHEEL AND HAND BUILDING (16+yrs) Learn how to use the wheel to create bowls and cups then finish them with beautiful glazes. This small class is open to all levels of potters. • Wed 6:30-9:30pm, Apr 8 – Jun 24, $379.92 ADULT BALLET Develop body awareness, strength and flexibility through a basic ballet class. This class is designed for adults who always wanted to learn ballet or would like to revisit their love of classical dance in a gentle and encouraging environment. • Thu 8:00-9:00pm, Apr 16 – Jun 18, $178.50 ADULT SOCIAL DANCING WITH THE WESTIE UNDERGROUND

(Level 1) or able to lead/follow basic patterns socially. • Thu 8:00-9:30pm, Jun 4 – Jun 25, $53

WEST COAST SWING – WHIPS Join us for our new format of a one hour class preceded by a half hour of Coached Practice. Building on the concepts learned in WCS Basics (Level 1) this session focuses on one of the core 8 count patterns of the dance. Patterns this Session: Basic Whip, Basket Whip, Hustle/Open Whips, Behind the Back Whips. And as always fun variations of the patterns. No partner required. PRE-REQUISITE: WCS Basics

NEW YORK HUSTLE Level 1 New York Hustle (also called Latin Hustle) is a fun and stylish partner dance which originated in America in the 1970s. Modeled after the dances of the Disco era it is traditionally danced to songs from the 1970s, but is also a great dance for today’s top hits. Hustle basics are quick to learn with flashy looks and dynamic movement, making it popular among beginners and seasoned dancers alike. No partner or

WEST COAST SWING – SPECIAL TOPIC SESSION Continue your dance journey by learning the latest moves and trends, and finessing your technique on the patterns and variations you already know. Each session will cover different topics and content. Check for specific topic information and prerequisites for this session. • Fri 6:45-8:00pm, Apr 17 – May 8, $53 • Sun 7:00-8:00pm, May 31 – Jun 21, $53

prior dance experience needed. • Thu 8:30-9:45pm, Apr 9 – Apr 30, $53 COUNTRY TWO-STEP Country Two-Step is a fastmoving partner dance popular among fans of country/western music. It is a progressive dance with a strong focus on travel and turning for both the lead and the follow. Join us as we teach you the basic patterns and technique for this energetic dance that will have you whirling and twirling your way around the dance floor. No partner or prior dance experience needed. Level 1 • Fri 6:45-8:00pm, Jun 5 – Jun 26, $53 Level 2 • Mon 7:30-8:45pm, Jun 8 – Jun 22, $45


WEST COAST SWING – BASICS (Level 1) West Coast Swing is a partnered modern swing dance done to a wide variety of music, including pop, blues, soul, and country. It is a linear dance with a smooth, elastic aesthetic and an emphasis on improvisational movement which makes it a fun social dance. We will guide you through the basics of lead and follow, compression and stretch as you learn the basic six-count patterns that make up the fundamentals of this dance. • Fri 6:45-8:00pm, Mar 13 – Apr 3, $53 • Thu 7:00-8:15pm, Apr 9 – Apr 30, $53 • Thu 7:00-8:30pm, May 7 – May 28, $53 • Thu 7:00-8:30pm, Jun 4 – 25, $53

WEST COAST SWING – TUCKS & FOLDS Join us for our new format of a one hour class preceded by a half hour of Coached Practice. This session introduces patterns which build on the concepts learned in WCS Basics (Level 1). In addition we will revisit and finesse the fundamental skills required for efficient leading and following. Patterns this Session: Sugar Tuck and Side Tucks (from Open & Closed), Folds (Basic & Hammerlock). No partner required. PREREQUISITE: WCS Basics or able to lead/follow basic patterns socially. • Thu 8:00-9:30pm, May 7 – May 28, $53


ON THE WHEEL (9-15yrs) Join us and learn how to use the wheel. Create bowls and cups, then finish them with our beautiful glazes. This small class is open to all levels of potters. • Sat 5:00-7:00pm, Apr 4 – Jun 20, $271.30




SWIM LESSONS PRESCHOOL D Prerequisites: Participants can float and move in deep water with assistance, breathe rhythmically 5 times, flutter kick while gliding on front and back 5m, and recover objects from the bottom. PRESCHOOL E Prerequisites: Participants are comfortable jumping into deep water unassisted, front and back float in deep water unassisted, kick on front and back for 7m each, and 5m of continuous front crawl with an aid.



SWIMMER 1 - BEGINNER Just starting out with little or no swimming experience. Lessons will focus on floats and glides, flutter kick, shallow and deep-water comfort, movement through water, safe entries and PFDs.

WHY TAKE SWIMMING LESSONS AT DOVERCOURT? Dovercourt’s highly-skilled instructors teach children proper techniques efficiently and effectively, following the high standards of the Lifesaving Society. Our endof-session Survival Day is unique to Dovercourt and is a fun yet powerful way to teach children skills that could save their lives in real-life scenarios. Our staff undergoes extensive training and regular updates on safety, rescue situations, changes to current standards, as well as techniques for teaching. Many of our senior aquatics staff are instructor and lifeguard trainers and are a valuable resource for our aquatics team. Our leisure pool is designed to teach swimming, with unique features like warmer water, a beach entry, rope swing and shallow & deep-water pods.

We are proud of the quality of our swim lesson program at Dovercourt!


Basic swimming ability is a requirement of any meaningful attempt to eliminate drowning in Canada. Swim for Life® is a comprehensive swim instruction program that focuses on the acquisition and development of fundamental swim strokes and skills for learners of all ages and abilities. Learning Swim to Survive® skills and achieving the Lifesaving Society’s Swim to Survive® Standard are key foundations of the Swim for Life® Program. LIFESAVING PARENT & TOTS A rewarding experience for adults with infants or toddlers. These levels introduce

the joys of water activity while stressing parental responsibility in, on and around the water. Parent participation required, but just one “water-loving” parent is permitted in the pool due to our limited pool space. Class length: 30 minutes.


12 months old and under (able to hold head up) with parent or caregiver.


24 months old and under with parent or caregiver.


Under 4 years old with parent or caregiver. PRESCHOOL A TRANSITION Your child is “almost” ready for independence or almost 3 years old. Parents must join their preschoolers in the water until the child is prepared to

participate on their own, and they are 3 years old. PRESCHOOL CLASSES All Preschool classes are unparented and for 3-5-yearold children. PRESCHOOL A Prerequisites: For kids 3-5 years old, just starting out on their own, with little or no experience but comfortable in a class without mom or dad. PRESCHOOL B Prerequisites: Participants can comfortably move and float with aid, put their faces in the water with eyes open, and exhale in a relaxed manner. PRESCHOOL C Prerequisites: Participants can float on front and back in PFD without assistance, swim 5m on front and back any way with an aid, and exhale underwater 3 times without pause.

SWIMMER 1 - ADVANCED Prerequisites: Have attempted Swimmer 1 before and/or are comfortable submerging their face with eyes open. The class will focus on unassisted glides and kicking drills. SWIMMER 2 Prerequisites: Jump into chest-deep water, open eyes and exhale under water, front and back float unassisted, and flutter kick on front and back for 5m each. SWIMMER 2 & 3 Prerequisites: Swimmer 2: Jump into chest-deep water, open eyes and exhale under water, front and back float unassisted, kicking on front and back for 5m each. Swimmer 3: Jump into deep water, flutter kick on front, back and side 10m each, swim front and back crawl 10m each, and tread water 15 seconds.

SWIMMER 3 & 4 Prerequisites: Swimmer 3: Jump into deep water, flutter kick on side, swim front and back crawl 10m each, and tread water 15 seconds. Swimmer 4: Dive and roll into deep water, front and back crawl 15m each, 100m interval swim, whip kick on back 10m, and tread water 30 seconds. SWIMMER 4 Prerequisites: Dive and roll into deep water, front and back crawl 15m each, 100m interval swim, whip kick on back 10m, and tread water 30 seconds.

SWIMMER 5 Prerequisites: Tread water 1 minute, front and back crawl 25m, 100m interval swim, breaststroke arms 15m, and whip kick on front 15m. SWIMMER 5 & 6 Prerequisites: Swimmer 5: Tread water 1 minute, front and back crawl 25m, 100m interval swim, breaststroke arms 15m, and whip kick on front 15m. Swimmer 6: Shallow dive, eggbeater kick 30 seconds, front/back crawl & breaststroke 50m each, 200m interval swim, and head up front crawl 10m.



STAR: Prerequisites: Demands good physical conditioning and lifesaving judgment. Participants develop lifesaving and first aid skills, further refine front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke over 100m each, and complete 600m workouts and 300m timed swims.


SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 - JUNE 26, 2020




12:00-1:00pm* 8:30-9:30pm**

12:00-1:00pm* 8:00-9:00pm**



11:00-12:00pm 3:00-4:00pm (free)








8:00-9:00am* 11:00am-12:00pm 8:00-8:45pm

8:15-9:00am 7:00-8:30pm




















8:45-9:30am 11:15am-12:00pm 2:45-3:45pm 7:30-9:00pm


All swims are subject to cancellation or may be shared based on attendance.




RANGER: Prerequisites: Lifesaving kick 25m, endurance 350m, timed swim 100m in 3 minutes.

ROOKIE: Prerequisites: Compact jump, stride entry, eggbeater 75 seconds, head



up front crawl or breaststroke 25m, front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke 100m each, and 300m endurance swim.




SWIMMER 3 Prerequisites: Jump into deep water, flutter kick on front, back and side 10m each, swim front and back crawl 10m each, and tread water 15 seconds.




AQUATIC CERTIFICATIONS FOR YOUTH Become a Lifeguard! Aquatic Leadership = Job training, skills and friends for life! Successfully complete your NL and instructor certifications at Dovercourt, and you will be guaranteed a lifeguard/swim instructor position for Fall 2020. BRONZE STAR Participants develop problemsolving and decisionmaking skills as individuals and partners. They learn CPR and develop Water Smart® confidence and the lifesaving skills to become their own personal lifeguard. Prerequisite: Recommended 12 years of age. • Mon 6:50-8:00pm, Apr 6 – Jun 22, 18337 – $75 BRONZE MEDALLION / EMERGENCY 1ST AID Learn Lifesaving principles based on water rescue, judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness. Rescuers learn tows, carries, and release methods in preparation for rescues of increased risk; learn to respond to increasingly complex situations involving conscious and unconscious victims with obstructed airways and develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim (or timed swims). Prerequisite: 12 years of age and have successfully completed Bronze Star or 13 years & good swim ability. (Level 6 or equivalent). Manual: Canadian Lifesaving Manual $46 • Sun 5:00-8:00pm, Apr 5 – Jun 14, AQL2019 – $135 BRONZE CROSS Bronze Cross teaches the differences between lifesaving and lifeguarding, safe supervision in aquatic facilities, and the principles of emergency procedures and teamwork. Participants learn how to rescue a spinal


injured victim and a pulseless victim. Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid. • Sun 5:00-7:30pm, Apr 5 – Jun 14, AQL2015 – $101 NL/ NATIONAL LIFEGUARD Candidates will learn skills relevant to the safe supervision of a pool. These include teamwork, communication, and the use of specialized equipment and safety supervision. Prerequisites: Age 16, Bronze Cross and Standard 1st Aid and CPR ‘C’ (See this page for Standard First Aid course). Manual: Alert $46 • Fri-Mon 8:00am-6:00pm, Apr 10 – Apr 13, AQL2029 – $169 • Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm, Jun 22 – Jun 26, AQL1023 – $169 SWIM INSTRUCTOR Swim Instructor candidates learn to teach and evaluate basic swim strokes and related skills and acquire proven teaching methods and a variety of stroke development drills and correction techniques. Swim Instructors are certified to teach and evaluate all levels of the Lifesaving Society Swim Program: Parent & Tot, Preschool, Swimmer, and Adult Swimmer. Progressively evaluated, so 100% attendance is required. Prerequisites: 16 years of age and Bronze Cross or NL. Manuals: Swim for Life Award Guide & Teaching Swim for Life $42 • Tue 6:30-10:00pm, Mar 24 AND Sat & Sun 9:00am-6:00pm, Mar 28 – 29, AQL2043 – $130 LIFESAVING INSTRUCTOR The Lifesaving Instructor Course prepares instructors to teach the Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze medal awards, and Emergency First

ADULT LEARN TO SWIM • Sun 7:10-8:00pm, Apr 5 – Jun 21, 18338 – $119

Aid. Lifesaving Instructors may evaluate and certify candidates in the Swim Patrol, Bronze Star, Emergency First Aid, and Lifesaving Fitness Awards. Progressively evaluated, so 100% attendance is required. Prerequisites: 16 years of age & Bronze Cross or NL. Manuals Lifesaving Instructor Pac $70 • Tue 6:30-10:00pm, Apr 28 AND Sat & Sun 9:00am-6:00pm, May 2 – 3, AQL2039 – $127 LIFESAVING STANDARD FIRST AID & CPR “C” An in-depth understanding of first aid such as medical/ legal aspects, spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, burns and other medical injuries. Prerequisites: Open to all. Recommended 12 years of age and older. Manual: Canadian First Aid Manual $20 • Sat & Sun 9:00am-5:00pm, Apr 4 – 5, AQL2057 – $125 • Sat & Sun 9:00am-5:00pm, Jun 13 – 14, AQL2058 – $125 • Sat & Sun 9:00am-5:00pm, Jun 20 – 21, AQL2059 – $125

LIFESAVING STANDARD 1ST AID & CPR “C” RECERT This course allows participants to recertify their Lifesaving Standard First Aid course and CPR level ‘C.’ Prerequisites: Candidates must have taken a FULL Standard 1st Aid COURSE within the past 3 years through the Lifesaving Society in order to qualify for this recert. Proof of prerequisites must be shown at recert. • Sat 9:00am-4:00pm, Apr 18, AQL2048 – $96 • Sun 9:00am-4:00pm, Jun 7, AQL2049 – $96

NL RECERT Prerequisite: NL, must bring proof of certification to recert. • Sat 8:00am-12:00pm, Apr 11, AQL2028 – $77 • Fri 6:00-10:00pm, May 1, AQL2030 – $77 • Fri 6:00-10:00pm, May 29, AQL2031 – $77 • Fri 6:00-10:00pm, Jun 12, AQL2032 – $77 • Fri 6:00-10:00pm, Jun 19, AQL2033 – $77 AIRWAY MANAGEMENT Airway Management provides the fundamentals, principles and practices of safe and proper oxygen administration in most emergency situations. Prerequisites: Standard 1st Aid • Tue 6:30-10:30pm, Apr 21, AQL2063 – $51 • Tue 6:30-10:30pm, Jun 16, AQL2065 – $51 OLD FARTS NL RECERT Prerequisite: 25+ years, NL, must bring card to recert.

EXAMINER COURSE The examiner course is the first step in the three-step process to be appointed as an Examiner for the Lifesaving Society, and prepared candidates to successfully apprentice as an Examiner on the exam of their choice. The Examiner course builds on the evaluation experience that candidates have attained in the instructor evaluated content. Prerequisites: Instructor certification & experience teaching in the stream they wish to be appointed an examiner. • Sat 9:00am-3:00pm, Apr 25, AQL2006 – $67 AQUATIC SUPERVISOR TRAINING (AST) An advanced course for those interested in an aquatic supervisory position. Prerequisites: Lifesaving Instructors, Swim Instructors or NL and 100 hours of experience teaching and/or guarding. • Sat & Sun 3:00-8:00pm, Jun 6 – 7, AQL2004 – $85

NL INSTRUCTOR This course teaches candidates the skills and standards necessary to teach NL. Prerequisites: LSS Instructors and NL. Manual: NL Instructor Pack $81 • Tue 6:30-10:00pm, May 5 AND Sat & Sun 9:00am-3:00pm, May 9 – 10 AQL2010 – $161






8:00(beg) L 10:40(adv) 11:10(adv) L 11:50(adv) L 12:50(beg) L 12:50(adv) L 4:00(adv) L 4:40(beg) L 8:00 L 10:00 10:00(2/3) 10:30(2/3) L 11:20 12:10(2/3) 12:20(2/3) L 12:40 L 4:00 4:40(2/3) L 8:30(3/4) L 9:00(3/4) 9:40 10:00(2/3) 10:30(2/3) L 12:10(2/3) 12:20(2/3) L 12:50 L 4:00 4:40(2/3) L 8:30(3/4) L 9:00(3/4) 9:40 L 10:00 L 12:50 L 5:00 L

18215 18216 18217 18218 18219 18220 18221 18222 18238 18239 18240 18241 18242 18243 18244 18245 18246 18247 18280 18281 18282 18240 18241 18243 18244 18283 18284 18247 18280 18281 18305 18306 18307 18308

8:00(adv) L 18223 10:40(beg) 18224 6:00(adv) L 18225


11:20 5:10(5/6) L

18321 18322


12:10 L 5:10(5/6) L

18331 18322

















4:40(adv) L 18232

4:30(beg) 5:40(adv)

18233 18234

4:30(adv) L 5:50(beg) L 6:20(beg) L

18235 18236 18237

4:00 L 5:20(2/3) 6:20

18270 18271 18272

3:50 L 4:20(2/3) 5:00 5:40(2/3)

18273 18274 18275 18276

4:40 L 5:20 L 6:10 L

18277 18278 18279

4:10(2/3) L 5:20 5:20(2/3) L 5:50(3/4) 7:20(2/3) L 7:20(3/4) L

18258 18291 18260 18292 18264 18293

3:30(2/3) L 4:20(2/3) 5:00 L 5:40 6:20 L

18265 18266 18294 18295 18296

4:00 5:20(2/3) 5:40 L

18297 18271 18298

3:50 L 4:20(2/3) 4:20(3/4) L 5:00 5:40(2/3)

18299 18274 18300 18301 18276

5:40 L 5:10(3/4) L 6:20(3/4) L

18302 18303 18304

5:20 L 18313 5:50(3/4) 18292 7:20(3/4) L 18293

4:00 L 5:40

18314 18315

4:30 L 5:50

18316 18317

4:20(3/4) L 18300 5:00 18318 5:50 L 18319

5:10(3/4) L 5:30 L 6:20(3/4) L

18303 18320 18304

11:10(5/6) 18323 5:30 18324

4:00(5/6) L 18325



4:40(5/6) L 18327 5:40(5/6) 18328

4:30(5/6) L 18329

5:30(5/6) L


11:10(5/6) 18323 6:10 18332

4:00(5/6) L 18325

4:40(5/6) L 18327 5:40(5/6) 18328

4:30(5/6) L 18329

5:30(5/6) L


5:30 L



Adult Learn to Swim 7:10 #18338



18265 18266 18267 18268 18269

70 minutes

40-60 minutes

5:00(adv) L 18229 5:50(adv) 18230 6:20(beg) L 18231


3:30(2/3) L 4:20(2/3) 4:50 L 5:40 6:20 L


4:00(beg) L 18226 6:00(adv) 18227 7:00(beg) L 18228


18258 18259 18260 18261 18262 18263 18264


Rookie/Ranger/Star 60 minutes



4:10(2/3) L 5:20 L 5:20(2/3) L 5:50 L 6:30 L 6:50 7:20(2/3) L

8:00 L 9:30 10:00 10:20(2/3) L 10:40(2/3) 11:20(2/3) L 12:00 L 12:50 L 5:30 7:00(2/3) 8:10(3/4) L 9:30 10:20(2/3) L 10:40(2/3) 11:20(2/3) L 12:10 L 12:50 L 5:30(3/4) 6:40(3/4) 7:00(2/3) 8:10(3/4) L 10:40 12:30 L 12:50 L 5:30(3/4) 6:20 6:40(3/4)

18248 18249 18250 18251 18252 18253 18254 18255 18256 18257 18285 18286 18251 18252 18253 18287 18288 18289 18290 18257 18285 18309 18310 18311 18289 18312 18290







Homeschool Swim Lessons 1:00 #18212 After School Group Swim Lessons for Swimmer 1-6 3:30 #18339 4:40 #18340

5:30 L





LESSON FEES: Lesson fees



10 WE

10L WE





40 min $111 $177 $116 $186 $116 $186 $121 $191 50 min $114 $187 $119 $191 $119 $191 $125 $197 60 min $116 $191 $121 $197 $121 $197 $129 $203


LSS SFA INSTRUCTORS This is a Lifesaving society course for those individuals interested in becoming LSS Standard First Aid & CPR Instructors. Prerequisites: LSS Instructors, & SFA. Manuals: Canadian First Aid Manual $20, First Aid Award Guide $22 • Tue 6:30-10:00pm, May 26 AND Sat & Sun 9:00am-6:00pm, May 30 – 31, AQL2008 – $146



• Fri 6:00pm-10:00pm, May 22 AND Sat 5:00-7:30pm, May 23, AQL2037 – $89








LEVEL 8:30 12:00(1-3) L

8:10(2/3) 8:40(2/3) 9:00 9:20(2/3) L 10:50 L 12:00(1-3) L 6:00(2/3) 8:10(2/3) 8:40(2/3) 9:20(2/3) L 10:00 12:00(1-3) L 6:00(2/3)

8:00 L 8:30 L 8:50 T 9:00 9:00 T 9:10 T L 9:20 T 9:40 L 9:50 L 10:40 B L 10:50 T 11:00 L 12:00 L 12:30 L 12:50 1:00 T L 5:00 T 5:30 L 8:00 L 8:00(B/C) L 8:40 L 9:00 B 9:00 L 9:20(B/C) 10:10 10:20(B/C) L 10:50(B/C) 11:30 L 12:00(B/C) L 12:20 L 1:00 L 5:00 L 6:30(B/C) L

8:00 L 8:00(B/C) L 8:30(C/D) 9:20(B/C) 9:30 10:10(C/D) 10:20(B/C) L 10:20(C/D) L 10:30(C/D) 10:50(B/C) 11:20 11:30 12:00(B/C) L 12:00(C/D) L 12:30 L 6:30(B/C) L 7:00(C/D) L

8:30 L 8:30(C/D)

18000 18014 18001 18003 18015 18016 18004 18000 18014 18001 18028 18029 18016 18004 18033 18034 18035 18036 18037 18038 18039 18040 18041 18042 18043 18044 18045 18046 18047

18090 18091 18092 18093 18094 18095 18096 18097 18098 18099 18100 18101 18102 18103 18104 18105 18106 18148 18149 18150 18151 18094 18152 18097 18098 18153 18099 18154 18102 18155 18156 18104 18157 18158

18186 18187

8:00(1-3) L 8:30(2/3) 8:40(1-3) L 9:40(1/2) L 10:10 10:50(2/3) 4:30(1-3) 8:00(1-3) L 8:30(2/3) 8:40(1-3) L 9:40 10:10 10:50(2/3) 4:30(1-3) 8:00 T L 8:40 T 9:00 9:00 T 9:30 B 9:40 L 10:10 10:30 L 10:50 11:20 L 12:00 T L 12:30 1:00 L 4:00 T 4:30 L

8:00 8:30 9:10 L 9:30 9:30(B/C) 10:00 L 10:10 10:10(B/C) 10:40(B/C) 10:50(B/C) L 11:00 L 11:20 11:20(B/C) L 12:30 L 1:00(B/C) L 4:40 L 5:40 L 8:00 8:40 9:10 9:10 L 9:30(B/C) 9:30 L 10:10(B/C) 10:40(B/C) 10:50 10:50(B/C) L 11:10(C/D) L 11:20(B/C) L 11:30(C/D) 12:30 1:00(B/C) L 5:00 L 5:50(C/D) L

8:10 L 8:30 L

18193 18160

18159 18108 18160 18112 18161 18162 18114 18163 18164 18115 18165 18166 18117 18167 18168 18121 18169

18107 18108 18109 18110 18111 18112 18113 18114 18115 18116 18117 18118 18119 18120 18121

18048 18049 18050 18051 18052 18053 18054 18055 18056 18057 18058 18059 18060 18061 18062 18063 18064 18065

18017 18018 18020 18030 18006 18022

18017 18018 18019 18020 18021 18006 18022

18005 18006



18000 18001 18002 18003 18004


8:00(1-3) L 8:40(1-3) L 9:00 9:40(1/2) L 4:30(1-3)


5:20 6:50(D) L

10:00(B/C) L 10:30(B/C) 5:20 5:20(B/C) 6:00 6:20(B/C) 6:50(B/C) L 7:30(B/C) L

10:00(B/C) L 10:30(B/C) 5:20(B/C) 6:20(B/C) 6:30 6:50(B/C) L 7:30(B/C) L

10:00 10:30 T L 4:10 L 5:20 T L 5:50 T 6:30 7:00 L

10:30(2/3) 4:10(1-3) L 6:20(2/3)

10:00 10:30(2/3) 4:10(1-3) L 6:20(2/3)

10:00 4:10(1-3) L

18201 18202

18122 18123 18170 18124 18171 18125 18127 18128

18122 18123 18124 18125 18126 18127 18128

18066 18067 18068 18069 18070 18071 18072

18024 18008 18025

18023 18024 18008 18025

18007 18008





4:30 L 5:30

1:00(B/C) 4:20(B/C) L 5:00(B/C) 5:10 L 6:00 6:30

1:00(B/C) 4:20(B/C) L 5:00(B/C) 5:20 6:30

1:00 T L 3:00 L 4:30 B 6:00 T

1:00(1-3) L 5:30(2/3)

1:00(1-3) L 5:30(2/3)

1:00(1-3) L

18204 18205

18129 18130 18131 18172 18173 18174

18129 18130 18131 18132 18133

18073 18074 18075 18076

18009 18026

18009 18026




4:00 L 4:30

9:00(B/C) L 4:00 4:40 L 4:50(C/D) L 5:20(C/D) 6:10(C/D) 6:30 B L 6:30(B/C) L 6:30(C/D)

9:00(B/C) L 4:20 L 5:40 6:30 6:30(B/C) L

9:00 T L 4:30 T L 5:10 T 6:00 6:00 L 6:30 L

9:00(1-3) 6:00(2/3)

9:00(1-3) 6:00(2/3)


18206 18207

18134 18175 18176 18177 18178 18179 18180 18138 18181

18134 18135 18136 18137 18138

18077 18078 18079 18080 18081 18082

18010 18027

18010 18027




4:00(C/D) 5:10

10:30(B/C) L 4:00(B/C) 4:00(C/D) 4:30(B/C) L 5:40(B/C) 6:00

10:30(B/C) L 4:00(B/C) 4:30(B/C) L 5:20 5:40(B/C)

9:30 L 4:00 L 4:30 5:00 T L

10:00 5:30

9:30(1/2) 10:30(1/2)

9:30(1/2) 10:00 10:30(1/2)

18182 18209

18139 18140 18182 18141 18143 18183

18139 18140 18141 18142 18143

18083 18084 18085 18086

18031 18032

18011 18013

18011 18012 18013




4:30(C/D) L 5:00 L

4:30(B/C) L 4:30(C/D) L 5:00 6:30(B/C) L

4:30(B/C) L 5:00 5:30 L 6:30(B/C) L

5:00 L 5:10 T L 6:30 L

18184 18211

18144 18184 18185 18147

18144 18145 18146 18147

18087 18088 18089





Most 5 yr olds remain in Preschool level When almost 6 yrs old, enter Swimmer level Preschool A & B & C >> Swimmer 1 Preschool D & E >> Swimmer 2 Parent & Tot 1 (under one year), P&T 2 (under two years), P&T 3 (under three years), Preschool Program (3-5 years) and Swimmer Program (5 years & up).




T: Transition class. Parents must join their preschooler in the water until the child is ready to participate on their own and are 3 yrs old.



Homeschool Swim Lessons 1:00 #18212 After School Group Swim Lessons for Preschool A-E 3:30 #18213 4:40 #18214



5/5 lessons

8:00 8:00 8:00 8:10 8:10 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:40 8:40 9:00 9:00 9:10 9:10 9:30 9:40 9:40 10:10 10:20 10:40 10:40 10:50 11:20 11:20 11:20 11:30 11:40 11:50 11:50 11:50 11:50 11:50 12:00 12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30 12:30 1:00 1:00 1:00 1:00 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:20 6:00

18341 18342 18343 18344 18345 18346 18347 18348 18349 18350 18351 18352 18353 18354 18355 18356 18357 18358 18359 18360 18361 18362 18363 18364 18365 18366 18367 18368 18369 18370 18371 18372 18373 18374 18375 18376 18377 18378 18379 18380 18381 18382 18383 18384 18385 18386 18387

MONDAY 5/5 lessons

5/5 lessons

18518 18519 18520 18521 18522 18523 18524 18525 18526 18527 18528 18529 18530 18531 18532 18533 18534 18535 18536 18537 18538 18539 18540 18541 18542 18543 18544 18545 18546 18547 18548 18549 18550 18551 18552 18553 18554 18555 18556 18557 18558 18559 18560 18561 18562 18563 18564

8:00 8:00 8:00 8:30 8:30 8:30 8:40 8:50 9:00 9:00 9:10 9:30 9:30 9:30 9:40 9:50 10:00 10:00 10:10 10:10 10:30 10:30 11:00 11:00 11:20 11:20 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:50 11:50 12:00 12:00 12:00 12:20 12:20 12:30 12:30 12:30 12:30 12:50 1:00 1:00 1:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:30 6:00 7:00 7:00 7:20 7:30 7:30

18388 18389 18390 18391 18392 18393 18394 18395 18396 18397 18398 18399 18400 18401 18402 18403 18404 18405 18406 18407 18408 18409 18410 18411 18412 18413 18414 18415 18416 18417 18418 18419 18420 18421 18422 18423 18424 18425 18426 18427 18428 18429 18430 18431 18432 18433 18434 18435 18436 18437 18438 18439 18440 18441 18442

18565 18566 18567 18568 18569 18570 18571 18572 18573 18574 18575 18576 18577 18578 18579 18580 18581 18582 18583 18584 18585 18586 18587 18588 18589 18590 18591 18592 18593 18594 18595 18596 18597 18598 18599 18600 18601 18602 18603 18604 18605 18606 18607 18608 18609 18610 18611 18612 18613 18614 18615 18616 18617 18618 18619

10:30 4:10 4:10 4:10 4:50 4:50 5:20 5:20 5:50 5:50 6:00 6:00 6:20 6:30 6:30 6:40 7:00 7:00 7:10 7:30 7:30

18443 18444 18445 18446 18447 18448 18449 18450 18451 18452 18453 18454 18455 18456 18457 18458 18459 18460 18461 18462 18463


TUESDAY 6/6 lessons

18620 18621 18622 18623 18624 18625 18626 18627 18628 18629 18630 18631 18632 18633 18634 18635 18636 18637 18638 18639 18640

3:00 3:30 4:00 B 4:00 4:10 4:20 4:30 4:30 4:40 4:50 5:00 5:00 5:30 5:30 6:00 6:00 6:30 6:30 6:30 6:30

18464 18465 18466 18467 18468 18469 18470 18471 18472 18473 18474 18475 18476 18477 18478 18479 18480 18481 18482 18483

6/6 lessons

18641 18642 18643 18644 18645 18646 18647 18648 18649 18650 18651 18652 18653 18654 18655 18656 18657 18658 18659 18660

4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:30 4:30 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:10 5:10 5:30 5:30 5:30 6:00 6:00 6:30 6:30

18484 18485 18486 18487 18488 18489 18490 18491 18492 18493 18494 18495 18496 18497 18498 18499 18500 18501

18661 18662 18663 18664 18665 18666 18667 18668 18669 18670 18671 18672 18673 18674 18675 18676 18677 18678

THURSDAY 6/6 lessons

3:50 3:50 4:30 4:30 5:00 5:10 5:40 5:40 6:00

18502 18503 18504 18505 18506 18507 18508 18509 18510

18679 18680 18681 18682 18683 18684 18685 18686 18687

FRIDAY 5/6 lessons

4:30 4:30 4:40 6:00 6:00 6:30 6:30

18688 18689 18690 18691 18692 18693 18694



B: BILINGUAL INSTRUCTOR If you have purchased private lessons and your schedule changes, you are welcome to substitute the participant. Unfortunately, we do not reschedule or refund.

18511 18512 18513 18514 18515 18516 18517

# lessons Refunds & credits will only be given up to one week in advance of the program start date. Non Residents: Add 20% to the fee.

Private Package Semi Private Package

5 6 $225 $267 $331 $387



12L 12 11L 11 10L WE 10 WE 10L 10


# lessons

30 min $111 $177 $116 $186 $116 $186 $121 $191


5:30 L

18177 18178 18208 18179 18181

4:50(C/D) L 5:20(C/D) 5:30 L 6:10(C/D) 6:30(C/D


7:10 L

18194 18195 18162 18163 18164 18196 18197 18198 18167 18199 18200 18169

9:30 9:50 L 10:10(C/D) 10:20(C/D) L 10:30(C/D) 10:50(D) L 11:20(D) L 11:50 L 12:00(C/D) L 1:00 L 6:30 L 7:00(C/D) L

18188 18189 18154 18155 18190 18191 18192 18158



9:10 10:40 L 11:10(C/D) L 11:30 (C/D) 12:20 L 1:00 L 4:00 5:50(C/D) L







BLUESFEST SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND ART All lessons take place @ Festival House, 450 Churchill Ave. N. (Ravenhill Ave. entrance)


The Bluesfest School of Music and Art emerged as a partnership between RBC Ottawa Bluesfest and Dovercourt Recreation. Housed in Bluesfest’s Festival House, BSOMA brings art and music educators to the community through group programming, private lessons and special events, all of which are available to learners of all ages and abilities. Enrich your life and learn to play an instrument! Music education and participation increases confidence, improves hand-eye coordination, improves information retention and is fun!


PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS We offer instruction in: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Voice, Harmonica, Bass Guitar, Violin, Saxophone and more. Private lessons provide the most impactful experience in music education. Our teachers are equipped to prepare students for formal musical examinations, professional/ semi-professional performances and casual play with friends and family. Registration is always open; contact us today for a current listing of available lesson times. $104 for four 30 minute lessons or $260 for ten 30 minute lessons.

GROUP LESSONS Learning with others enhances your experience in music and art education. Co-learners

push each other to excel while making classes more fun and engaging. BSOMA Group Classes will help you achieve individual success in an enjoyable group setting. Group lessons are for adults, youth and kids. CARTOON DRAWING (6-10yrs) Learning to draw can be fun, especially when creating silly characters, funny expressions and drawing sequences that tell a story! Instructors will guide students, step-by-step, how to create compelling stories with humour and skill. All materials are supplied. • Sat 10:00-10:55am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, $144 FAMILY ART (4+yrs) Parents and children will explore mediums, techniques and art history as your instructor guides you through weekly projects. All materials are supplied. • Sat 11:00-11:55am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, $81 per family member EXPLORING VISUAL ARTS (16+yrs) Express yourself in this introductory visual arts course. Explore art history, mediums and techniques as your instructor guides you through weekly projects using paint, inks, charcoal, pencils and more. Students can expect to purchase $40 in supplies for this course. • Wed 2:00-4:00pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, $352 WATERCOLOUR PAINTING FROM A PHOTO – BEGINNER (16+yrs) Bring your favourite landscape photo and supplies to replicate is with watercolour paint. Learn what to include and what to omit and new techniques and tools. • Tue 2:00-4:00, May 26 – Jun 9, $96

WATERCOLOUR – BEGINNER (16+yrs) Be inspired and learn to paint successfully with watercolour paints. Become confident in how to select colours, brushes and application techniques. You will walk away with the preliminary skills to express yourself creatively with watercolour paint. Supplies are provided in class. • Tue 6:00-8:30pm, May 26 – Jun 9, $120 PRESCHOOL MUSIC TIME (2-4yrs) Exposing children to a variety of musical and movement experiences helps them develop language, pattern recognition, balance, coordination and more. Each week students will play, listen and dance all while exploring fundamental concepts in music and movement in a hands-on, creative environment. • Thu 4:15-5:00pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, $115.50 KINDER CHOIR (4-5yrs) Sing your favourite songs with your friends while learning how to sing as part of a group and strengthen your voice.

Singers of all ability will have fun and learn together before performing for friends and family on the last day of class. • Tue 5:00-5:45pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, $115.50 MUSICAL THEATRE (8-11yrs) Be a triple threat on the stage! In this class, you will learn to sing, dance and act. While learning to perform, you will also learn how to audition. This course will end with a performance for friends and family on the BSOMA stage. • Tue 6:00-6:55pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, $154 UKULELE FOR KIDS (8-11yrs) For the students who want to test drive an instrument before committing to private music lessons. Students will try the ukulele in a group setting. Learn the basics for each instrument along with some basic theory; everything they need to know before they take it to the next level. This is a beginner level course. Instruments are provided for class time. • Sat 11:00-11:55am, Apr 18 – May 9, $56 GUITAR FOR KIDS (8-11yrs) For the students who want to

test drive an instrument before committing to private music lessons. Students will try the guitar in a group setting. Learn the basics for each instrument along with some basic theory; everything they need to know before they take it to the next level. This is a beginner level course. Instruments are provided for class time. • Sat 11:00-11:55am, May 23 – Jun 20, $70 FAMILY UKULELE (6+yrs) Experience the joys of playing the ukulele together. Beginners of all ages will enjoy this class as the group learns chords, how to read

ROCK UNIVERSITY (10-16yrs) Rock University is the true band experience. During the course, you and your band will prepare for all aspects of live performance. Graduates who participate in the entire school year will have the opportunity to perform at RBC Bluesfest or CityFolk festival. The show starts here! Please register for your preferred class time, though this time is not guaranteed. On the first day of class, we will do a meet and greet to assess musical interests and abilities to place musicians in the most suitable band combinations. • Sat 12:15-1:45pm, Apr 18 – Jul 18, $273 • Sat 1:45pm-3:15pm Apr 18 – Jul 18, $273

HARMONICA – BEGINNER II (16+yrs) Suitable for students who already play an instrument or who have taken Beginner Harmonica, this course will build on musical theory, song structure and harmonica techniques. Student will need to bring their own diatonic harmonica in the key of ‘C’. • Tue 8:00 – 8:55pm, May 12 – Jun 16, $84 BEGINNER UKULELE (16+yrs) In this pressurefree environment, you will learn basic chords and

strumming patterns on the ukulele. Your new skills will build a basic foundation for playing a few songs to start and continue to build your repertoire. You will be ready to jam across the city in no time! There are a limited number of ukuleles available for loan. • Thu 2:00-3:00pm, Apr 16 – Jun 11, $126 • Thu 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, $154

• Mon 2:45-4:15pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, $189

AFTERSCHOOL MUSICAL THEATRE (7-11yrs) Be a triple threat on the stage! In this class, you will learn to sing, dance and act. While learning to perform, you will also learn how to audition. This course will end with a performance for parents on the BSOMA stage. BSOMA staff will pick up participants at Churchill Alternative School and walk over at 2:45pm. Arrival and departure times are flexible if you attend another school and would still like to participate. • Tue 2:45-4:15pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, $231 AFTERSCHOOL ART CLUB (7-11yrs) This club will get kids painting, pasting and creating. Regardless of artistic experience, kids will have the opportunity to be successful with many techniques and mediums. The course will culminate in an art show for the parents. BSOMA staff

will pick up participants at Churchill Alternative School and walk over at 2:45pm. Arrival and departure times are flexible if you attend another school and would still like to participate. • Wed 2:45-4:15pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, $231 AFTERSCHOOL ROCK UNIVERSITY (8-12yrs) Rock University is the true band experience where musicians learn to play the songs you love. During the course, you and your band will prepare for all aspects of live performance. Graduates who participate in the entire school year will have the opportunity to perform at RBC Bluesfest. The show starts here! BSOMA staff will pick up participants at Churchill Alternative School

and walk over at 2:45pm. Arrival and departure times are flexible if you attend another school and would still like to participate. • Thu 2:45-4:15pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, $231 BLUESFEST COMMUNITY CHOIR (4yrs+) No need to audition for this fun and blues-centric choir! The focus is on fun and learning how to sing as a member of a group. Rediscover the joys of singing and belting out your favorite tunes in a casual community environment. Singers will have the opportunity to perform live at 2020 RBC Ottawa Bluesfest. • Wed 6:30-8:00pm, May 27 – Jul 15, $112


BEGINNER GUITAR (16+yrs) For the students who want to test drive an instrument before committing to private music lessons. Students will try the guitar in a group setting. Learn the basics of the guitar along with some basic theory; everything they need to know before they take it to the next level. This is a beginner level course. Instruments are provided for class time. • Wed 8:00-9:00pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, $154

AFTERSCHOOL UKULELE CLUB (7-11yrs) This club will get kids playing as a group regardless of musical experience, covering everything from classic rock to top 40 hits. This course is best for novice ukulele players. BSOMA staff will pick up participants at Churchill Alternative School and walk over at 2:45pm. Arrival and departure times are flexible if you attend another school and would still like to participate.


HARMONICA – BEGINNER (16+yrs) Make your first instrument the harmonica. It is fairly easy to learn, great for pick up jams and very portable. This workshop aids or introduces some basic

musical theory with simple harmonica techniques as we play through and learn a tune or two. Students will need to bring their own diatonic harmonica in the key of ‘C’. Available for purchase at BSOMA Pro Shop. • Tue 8:00 – 8:55pm, Apr 14 – May 5, $56


chords, strumming patterns and how to put it all together to play songs. One ukulele per family is guaranteed for use in class. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Please register each family member attending. • Thu 6:00-6:55pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, $88 per family member • Sat 10:00-10:55am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, $72 per family member



3 FOR 2

Regular participation in physical activity is the single most important factor in maintaining or improving one’s health and wellbeing. Sign up for any two Registered Specialty Health and Fitness Programs, and we’ll give you a third one for free* because when it comes to physical activity, more is better! We have over 130 weekly programs for you to choose from. Not sure where to get started? Let us help! Contact fitness@ *applies to courses of equal or lesser value within the current session, excludes SUP



however, comfort in deep water is a must. Aqua belts are provided for flotation. It is time to jump in and train like the champion you are! Spaces for this program are limited, and early registration is encouraged. • Mon 8:00-8:45pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SAQ07 – $153 AQUA DEEP In this deep water class, participants are supported by an aqua belt to encourage the development of the core and postural muscles while increasing overall strength and endurance. Participants in this program should be comfortable swimming in deep water. • Mon 8:00-8:45am, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SAQ05 – $128 • Fri 8:00-8:45am, Apr 17 – Jun 26, 20SAQ06 – $157 AQUA HIIT This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program increases strength and power using challenging exercises and training drills. Participants have the choice of working in chest-level water or ramping up the challenge by working in the deep end with an aqua belt. Time to hit the pool and HIIT it hard! • Tue 7:45-8:30pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SAQ04 – $157

AQUA COMPLETE This water workout uses the resistance and buoyancy of water to achieve a full-body workout that enhances strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall tone and movement while using varying depths of water. All levels welcome! • Mon 6:30-7:15am, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SAQ01 – $128 • Wed 6:30-7:15am, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SAQ02 – $157 • Fri 6:30-7:15am, Apr 17 – Jun 26, 20SAQ03 – $157

AQUA POWER CIRCUIT Wake-up energized! Kick-off the weekend in the best way with this multi-level, circuit-style workout with individualized intensity options for all levels. • Sat 7:00-7:45am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, 20SAQ08 – $128

AQUA ATHLETIC WITH DYLAN HARRIES Join Olympic Performance Coach, Dylan Harries: train like an athlete and unleash your inner champion. This high intensity, mixed-depth water-based workout combines cardiovascular drills and resistance training exercises. No swimming skills are needed;

AQUA STRENGTH Offering a low impact workout focused on muscular strength and endurance that incorporates a variety of equipment to provide excellent toning and strengthening. • Wed 8:15-9:00am, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SAQ09 – $157 • Thu 8:15-9:00pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SAQ10 – $157

AQUA DEEP GENTLE Held in the deep water, this class is a perfect choice for those who are just getting started or require a gentle, low impact form of exercise. Participants wear an aqua belt and should be comfortable and confident swimming in deep water. • Thu 7:30-8:15pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SAQ11 – $157


Regular physical activity can help with the management of chronic health conditions. In these programs, we give special consideration to which exercises will be most beneficial for your situation and the effects physical activity may have on your energy and rate of recovery. Our team of professional and caring exercise specialists will give you the support you need to manage your condition and maintain your independence.

POST STROKE RECOVERY POST STROKE WALKING This instructional class is designed for individuals to maintain or retrain walking and essential movement skills after experiencing a stroke. Exercise in a safe, supervised, small group under the attention of an exercise specialist. This program may also be suitable for participants recovering from surgery, injury or medical conditions that impact ambulation. Caregivers, support-workers and helpers of any sort are always welcome at no additional cost. • Thu 1:30-2:25pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SPS01 – $181

AQUA POST STROKE Designed for stroke survivors, Dovercourt’s Post-Stroke Aqua offers a safe environment for individuals to perform exercises that will increase their functional abilities. Our warm water pool has a walk-in, walk-out beach entrance, so participants are not required to use stairs or ladders. Participants must be able to weight-bear and enter and exit the water with minimal assistance. Caregivers, supportworkers and helpers of any kind are always welcome at no additional cost. • Thu 12:00-12:45pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SPS02 – $157

CHRONIC PAIN AQUA FIBROMYALGIA This gentle aquatic exercise program was created for participants living with Fibromyalgia. Aquatic exercise has been proven to decrease pain sensitivity and fatigue, making this program an excellent option. Participants will work to their own abilities and comfort with individualized modifications and accommodations provided by the instructor. • Mon 12:00-12:45pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SCP01 – $128 • Wed 12:00-12:45pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SCP02 – $157 AQUA HEALTHY BACK For clients experiencing new or chronic back pain, or those looking to improve posture and spinal alignment, this class will assist in developing core strength for pain management and increase overall stability and body awareness. This program will increase confidence in performing daily activities safely. • Tue 8:15-9:00am, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SCP03 – $157 • Fri 9:00-9:45am, Apr 17 – Jun 26, 20SCP04 – $157 NEW PAIN CARE YOGA THERAPY Pain is complex. Research shows that it is more than structure, tissue or injury. This class is a unique opportunity to explore the experience of

pain from a holistic perspective with a certified yoga therapist. Embodied practices of gentle movement, breath and awareness are designed to listen in to the wisdom our bodies and offer relief. Before the start of this program, each participant will meet with the therapist for a one-on-one session; therefore, early registration is encouraged. • Tue 8:00-8:55am, Apr 28 – Jun 16, 20SCP05 – $211 • Fri 1:00-1:55pm, May 1 – Jun 19, 20SCP06 – $211

PARKINSON’S DISEASE FLEXIBILITY FOR PARKINSON’S Address stiffness and postural issues caused by PD in this class that focuses on restoring joint mobility and improving flexibility in the muscles and connective tissues. • Mon 12:00-12:45pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SPAR1 – $153 STRENGTH TRAINING FOR PARKINSON’S In this program, participants will engage in an individual, strength-based training program under the supervision of a personal trainer in the Fitness Centre. Participants in this program will develop overall strength that will help maintain posture and movement, as well as increase energy. • Fri 10:00-10:55am, Apr 24 – Jun 19, 20SPAR2 – $153

ARTHRITIS AQUA ARTHRITIS Take it easy on your joints and still have a great workout! Water-based exercise is one

AQUA ARTHRITIS DEEP Similar to our Aqua Arthritis class, but held in deep water, adding an extra focus on developing core strength and body awareness. All participants wear aqua belts. Participants should be comfortable and confident swimming in deep water. • Thu 8:45-9:30am, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SAR03 – $157


FUNCTIONAL FITNESS FOR ACTIVE AGING Functional fitness trains your bodily systems to work together to improve one’s ability to perform daily tasks and remain active for life. This specialized fitness program is designed to improve strength and mobility in adults as they go through the ageing process, address the fitness components affected by age such as flexibility, balance and posture, and help active agers maintain independence by improving the body’s physical capabilities. The instructor will provide modifications to accommodate individual levels of fitness. • Thu 11:00-11:55am, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SFF01 – $181

PILATES & YOGA PILATES FUNDAMENTALS If you are new to Pilates, this is the place to start. An effective Pilates practice can only be achieved once the participant has developed the fundamental techniques to perform the exercises and movements correctly. This program focuses on developing essential skills such as breathwork, spinal articulation, and activation of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles to learn the techniques required to do Pilates exercises. *Please note that technique

PILATES Pilates enthusiasts unite! Whether you are an experienced aficionado or have recently learned the fundamental techniques, this Pilates program continues to offer participants a moderate to challenging practice that improves posture and alignment. Instructors in this class may use equipment to provide variations of the traditional exercises and will provide options to increase or decrease the challenge of each exercise. *Please note, participants in this class should have previous Pilates experience and be familiar with the fundamental techniques. • Mon 6:30-7:25pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SPI02 – $148 PILATES CLASSICAL REPERTOIRE These Pilates programs focus on progressing participants through the traditional repertoire of exercises that corresponds with their difficulty level. Please note that successful advancement through the repertoires is based on the mastery of technique, form and skill, and not physical fitness. Therefore, participants should be comfortable with the fundamental techniques before progressing to the Intermediate and advanced repertoires.

Improve strength, flexibility and balance in the Yoga segment, followed by a series of Pilates exercises that target and tighten the core. • Mon 7:15-8:25pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SPY01 – $173 HATHA YOGA A traditional yoga practice based on classical yoga postures. Hatha yoga is one of the original five branches of the ancient yogic traditions that unite the Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon) energies through the expression of the Asana (pose). The class focuses on linking movement with the breath at a relaxed, but active pace. The results can bring more flexibility, strength and balance to your body and life. • Thu 6:15-7:10pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SYG05 – $181 YOGA YIN Yin Yoga is a relaxing practise that enhances flexibility and the mind-body connection. This class begins with a few minutes of meditative breath work (prana) and closes with a deep savasana (final relaxation). • Mon 7:45-8:55pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SYG01 – $173 YOGA GENTLE Gentle yoga is an ideal place for many beginners to start yoga. Through modified basic yoga positions, one can build strength, flexibility and a strong core as well as attaining physical & emotional balance. • Wed 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SYG02 – $181

Beginner • Sat 8:30-9:25am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, 20SPI03 – $131 (Held at McKellar Field House) • Wed 11:30am-12:25pm, Apr 29 – Jun 24, 20SPI03 – $148 Advanced • Tue 8:00-8:55pm, Apr 15 – Jun 23, 20SPI05 – $181 PILATES & YOGA FUSION Enjoy the benefits of both Yoga & Pilates, together in one class.

YOGA MEN’S It’s a guy thing: a men’s only yoga class that focuses on areas where guys need extra

attention, such as the hips and shoulders. Discover the many other benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, stress relief, toned muscles, better posture and improved concentration in this men’s only Yoga session. • Tue 8:00-8:55pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SYG03 – $181 YOGA POWER FLOW Based on Ashtanga yoga movements, this class flows through postures incorporating the power of music and the body’s strength. This class is recommended for those who are looking for a dynamic and physically challenging workout. • Thu 7:15-8:10pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SYG04 – $181

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING TRX Training with the TRX improves your core strength, joint stability, balance and metabolism. The TRX suspension system allows you to target muscular imbalances with fun and creative exercises while experiencing a completely new and non-traditional form of strength training. • Mon 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20STRX1 – $153 • Thu 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20STRX2 – $186 • Fri 9:00-9:55am, Apr 17– Jun 26, 20STRX3 – $186 W.O.W (WOMEN ON WEIGHTS) Strength training with weights, along with a variety of activities and experience, is proven to improve bone density and metabolism, as well as elevate body, mind and overall wellbeing. This is a class suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels. • Mon 9:30-10:25am, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SWOW1 – $148 • Wed 11:30am-12:25pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SWOW2 – $181 • Wed 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SWOW3 – $181 M.O.W (MEN ON WEIGHTS) Strength training with weights, along with a variety of activities and experience, is proven to


AGESTRONG This weight room based exercise program focuses on increasing muscular strength in seniors using a traditional machine and dumbbell based strength training program. Participants in AgeStrong will work on independent exercise plans under the supervision of a personal trainer and will learn the proper use of the equipment in the weight room.

AQUA BALANCE, CORE & MOBILITY FOR HEALTHY AGING This water-based exercise program improves posture, alleviates pressure on joints, and aids in the prevention of falls. Participants can use the support of the water to challenge their balance without the risk of falling while they develop their neuromuscular coordination and core strength. • Tue 1:30-2:15pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SFP01 – $157 • Thu 1:15-2:00pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SFP02 – $157

is not contingent on physical fitness but mastery of proper movement patterns and muscle recruitment. That is why we recommend every new participant begin by learning the fundamentals. • Thu 7:30-8:25pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SPI01 – $181


Participation in regular exercise is the most effective way to maintain your health, independence, and confidence throughout the ageing process. Dovercourt offers a variety of specialized Health and Fitness programs that address both specific and general age-related issues that affect Baby Boomers and Older Adults.

• Tue 10:00-10:55am, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SAS01 – $186 • Thu 10:00-10:55am, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SAS02 – $186


of the best ways to reduce the inflammation and discomfort caused by arthritis. Our warm water pool reduces pain and increases overall mobility while the buoyancy of the water supports the body’s weight and reduces stress on the joints. Water provides 12 times the resistance of air, so simply moving through the pool will help your body build the strength it needs to protect your joints. • Mon 11:00-11:45am, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SAR01 – $128 • Wed 10:30-11:15am, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SAR02 – $157


improve bone density and metabolism, as well as elevate body, mind and overall wellbeing. This is a class suitable for men of all ages and fitness levels. • Tue 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SMOW1 – $186 • Sat 9:15-10:10am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, 20SMOW2 – $136 TOTAL CORE CONDITIONING W ALANNA GEORGE It’s back! For one session only, Alanna George, Exercise Design Specialist and Dovercourt’s Manager of Health and Wellness Programs, is offering her core and posture-focused program for an 8-week session. This engaging and eclectic class focuses on increasing the overall core strength and mobility and improving posture and functional alignment. This program is low-to-moderate in effort and uses a variety of exercises and techniques from Pilates, Yoga and athletic conditioning to target the deepest muscles of the body to protect against back injuries and improve the comfort of


PERSONAL TRAINING Our fully certified and dynamic personal training team will motivate and guide you to reach your health & fitness goals with individualized programming. Make the most of your workout time, learn safe technique, and avoid plateaus. Contact

daily movements while also improving alignment and physique. • Tue 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 26 – Jun 10, 20STCC1 – $131

PRE AND POSTNATAL PRENATAL STRENGTH Make the most out of your pregnancy and prepare the body for childbirth by incorporating strength training into your regime. Led by Dovercourt’s prenatal fitness experts, a focus will be on strengthening the core and pelvic floor. This class takes place in the Fitness Centre. • Mon 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SPRE1 – $153 YOGA PRENATAL Stay healthy during pregnancy with yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the entire body. Breathwork will relax and deepen your experience and allow a connection between mind, body and soul during this special time. This class is suitable for beginners. • Wed 6:00-6:55pm, Apr 15 – May 13, 20SPRE3 – $85 • Wed 6:00-6:55pm, May 20 – Jun 24, 20SPRE4 – $102 • Sun 10:30-11:25am, Apr 18 – Jun 21, 20SPRE7 – $148 AQUA PRENATAL Make the most out of every stage of pregnancy. This class offers a safe and effective fitness program for moms-to-be. Exercises are low impact and easy on the joints and the lower back while keeping mom strong and helping to prepare the body for childbirth. • Tue 7:00-7:45pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SPRE5 – $157 • Thu 7:30-8:15pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SPRE6 – $157 POSTNATAL TRX & CORE Core conditioning using the TRX suspension system is great for lengthening and strengthening the core. The exercises taught in this class will focus on restoring proper alignment to the spine and pelvis while offering parents a safe place to connect and get

fit with baby nearby. Dads, grandparents or other caregivers are also welcome to participate instead of mom! • Mon 1:15-2:10pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SPN01 – $153 POSTNATAL SPIN & CORE This is the best of both worlds in one class. Improve your cardiovascular health and blast calories with indoor spinning. Moms get a challenging workout on the bike while babies chill in their carriers nearby, or cheer on while watching safely from our suspended jolly-jumpers. Spin is followed by core conditioning with specific postnatal exercises to help realign postpartum hips and spines. Dads, grandparents or other caregivers are also welcome to participate instead of mom! • Tue 12:00-12:55pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SPN02 – $186 • Fri 11:15am-12:10pm, Apr 17 – Jun 26, 20SPN03 – $186 AQUA POSTNATAL Enjoy the excellent cardiovascular and muscular strengthening benefits of an aquafitness workout with the company of your baby and other parents. Even baby gets to enjoy, as they float alongside a parent in an infant flotation device provided by Dovercourt. Typically, babies in this program

are over 4 months old and have the ability to sit and support their head. Not sure if your baby is ready? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you decide. Dads, grandparents or other caregivers are also welcome to participate instead of mom! • Tue 2:15-3:00pm, Apr 14 – Jun 23, 20SPN04 – $157 • Thu 2:00-2:45pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20WPN05 – $157 POSTNATAL YOGA & CORE Enjoy the benefits of this core-strengthening and posture-improving yoga in a class designed especially for postpartum moms. Created to tone and target the pelvic floor and transverse abdominis, the muscles most commonly affected during pregnancy and childbirth. The second half of this program focuses on releasing stiff tissue and strained muscles from changes in your alignment due to pregnancy, birth, and carrying your baby for long periods of time. • Wed 10:15-11:10am, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SPN06 – $181 BABY WEARING DANCE Parents get fit with their babies by learning fun steps to the rhythmic beats of dance-inspired cardiovascular workout. BabyWearing Dance class is open to everyone. You don’t even

need to know how to dance; the desire to share a special moment of music and movement with your child is all you need. The rocking movements bring them back to the time they spent in utero, and your baby will love being swayed while in direct contact with you! We recommend that your child be at least 6-8 wks old. Parents must provide their own baby carrier. Dads, Grandparents or other caregivers are welcome to attend this program with baby. • Wed 1:15-2:10pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SPN07 – $181 NEW BABY WEARING BARRE Inspired by a fusion of ballet and fitness classes, babywearing barre provides a muscle toning and lengthening workout with your baby secured to you in your carrier. This post-natal activity will restore your core strength and alignment while sharing valuable time with your baby. We recommend that your child be at least 6–8 wks old. Parents must provide their own baby carrier. Dads, Grandparents or other caregivers are welcome to attend this program with baby. • Mon 11:00-11:45am, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20SPN08 – $148

FAMILY, YOUTH AND TEEN FITNESS FAMILY YOGA Family yoga is designed to help your child develop a positive relationship with their bodies and their minds while helping them build strength and creativity. Some benefits include helping with concentration, attention as well as learning simple ways to help soothe and calm themselves. It is a chance to participate in a non-competitive practice while taking a break from the business of school and other activities. Families with children of all ages are welcome in any of our family yoga programs, but we do adjust the duration and types of exercises for younger and school-age children. Sat 8:30-9:15am • Apr 18 – May 9, 20SFAM1 – $99 per Adult; $39 per Child • May 23 – Jun 13, 20SFAM2 – $99 per Adult; $39 per Child

6-7yrs Sun 8:15-8:45am • Apr 19 – May 10, 20SKF01 – $67 • May 24 – Jun 14, 20SKF02 – $67 8-10yrs Sun 9:00-9:30am • Apr 19 – May 10, 20SKF03 – $67 • May 24 – Jun 14, 20SKF04 – $67 11-12yrs Sun 9:45-10:15am • Apr 19 – May 10, 20SKF05 – $67 • May 24 – Jun 14, 20SKF06 – $67

DANCE EXERCISE ZUMBA An exciting, hip-swivelling workout where African, Caribbean and Latin dance moves are combined with aerobics and fitness to create a perfectly toned body —without

BARRE Our barre programs use the ballet barre and toning equipment to strengthen muscles while increasing their length and flexibility. This eclectic program combines dance, Pilates, yoga and strength exercises to improve your posture, core strength and coordination. New extended session length! • Thu 6:45-7:30pm, Apr 16 – Jun 25, 20SBA01 – $186 • Fri 10:15-11:00am, Apr 17 – Jun 26, 20SBA02 – $186 HOOPING (ALL LEVELS) Learn techniques for core hooping (waist, hip, chest, shoulder, neck, and thigh) and off-the-body (hand hooping, tosses, isolation, etc.), cardio intervals, tricks, movement, laughter & fun! Hoops are provided or may be purchased from the instructor. Watch the Dovercourt calendar for our free monthly hoop jams as well as occasional workshops by local and international hoop stars. • Sun 11:30am-12:25pm, Apr 19 – Jun 21, 20SHOOP – $148

WELLNESS PROGRAMS MINDFULNESS INTRODUCTION WORKSHOP Curious about mindfulness? Interested in learning how to meditate? Discover why so many people are incorporating this simple yet effective way to help quiet the mind, increase attention and awareness, and build resilience. Ottawa Meditation & Wellness and Dovercourt Recreation Centre are offering a three-hour introductory workshop on these powerful mental health practices that allow us to see what’s going on in our lives more clearly and discover new ways of relating to stress. • Sun 3:00-6:00pm, May 3, 20SMWS1 – $92.50

TAI CHI Tai Chi employs precise physical movement, visualization and focused internal awareness on strengthening, relaxing and integrating the body & mind. All levels are welcome to this meditative mind and bodyconnecting class. • Mon 7:30-8:25pm, Apr 20 – Jun 22, 20STAI1 – $148 • Fri 11:00-11:55am, Apr 17 – Jun 26, 20STAI2 – $181 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE This program addresses deep tension in your muscles and the surrounding connective tissue (fascia). Myofascial release can reduce pain and immobility by relaxing contracted muscles and improving blood and lymphatic circulation. Participants in this program will use various myofascial tools to locate and release their own trigger points to enhance mobility and reduce tension. • Tue 1:00-1:55pm, Apr 14 – May 12, 20SMFR1 – $85 • Tue 1:00-1:55pm, May 19 – Jun 23, 20SMFR2 – $102 • Wed 8:00-8:55pm, May 6 – Jun 24, 20SMFR3 – $136 FELDENKRAIS (AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT) Explore new ways of moving more comfortably and effectively with the Feldenkrais Method of body awareness. These relaxing lessons will help you discover how to reduce pain and stiffness, improve your posture, relieve tension and enhance your general wellbeing. Dovercourt is pleased to introduce Instructor Rosa Murnaghan, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. • Mon 1:15-2:10pm, Apr 20 – Jun 15, 20SFELD – $131 TOTAL BODY STRETCH This is not a yoga class! 45 minutes of muscle and limb stretch that will improve flexibility from head to toe. Stretching is functional, improves blood flow and helps to relieve stress. Come and shake off the day with us. This class is suitable for all levels. • Wed 6:15-7:00pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20STBS1 – $181

STAND UP PADDLEBOARD The fastest-growing water sport in the world has hit the warm waters of our pool. Get your workout on the water with SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) fitness and yoga classes. Classes are provided by Urban Ocean SUP. Check out www. to learn more about stand up paddling. No prior experience needed for pool classes, and paddleboards are provided. Space is minimal. STAND UP PADDLE - SUP FITNESS This work out on the water is designed to improve stability, increase core strength and develop your paddling skills. Get on board to be fit in this fun, full-body, fitness class on top of a floating mat (stand up paddleboard). • Sat 7:30-8:25pm, Apr 18 – May 30, 20SPSUP1 – $160 (No class May 16) STAND UP PADDLE - FLOATING YOGA Let the board become your mat as you expand your yoga practice in the pool. The instability of water as a surface allows you to engage and strengthen your core muscles and move mindfully at a slower pace to maintain balance. The gentle water sound of water lapping on your board will help you relax and key into the most important part of your yoga practice: Breath. No experience needed our SUP yoga team has carefully designed sequences specific to the stand-up paddleboard. • Sat 8:30-9:25pm, Apr 18 – May 30, 20SPSUP3 – $160 (No class May 16) STAND UP PADDLE – ALTERNATING WEEKLY SUP FITNESS AND FLOATING YOGA (see descriptions above) • Wed 9:00-9:55pm, Apr 15 – May 20, 20SPSUP2 – $160 If you are interested in Outdoor Stand up Paddle classes, please check out our partners’ website at


PARENT AND TEEN SPIN Enjoy time with your teen before they leave the nest and take on the world. Connect with your teen over a simple but sweaty workout featuring good tunes and good bikes. You and your teen will learn the basics of indoor cycling and together will develop the skills to perform cardiovascular workouts in any

FITNESS FOR KIDS Exercise is one of the best ways to teach our kids about the amazing human body and how to take care of it. Introduce your child to exercise in a fun, supportive and non-competitive environment that uses games, skills and drills, and imagination to facilitate physical activity. These exercise programs enhance healthy neuromuscular development and increase physical literacy by teaching fundamental movement skills while teaching kids how to perform exercises and use fitness equipment confidently and correctly.

even realizing it! • Wed 8:00-8:55pm, Apr 15 – Jun 24, 20SZUM1 – $181 • Sat 10:00-10:55am, Apr 18 – Jun 20, 20SZUM2 – $131


PARENT AND TEEN YOGA Enjoy time with your teen before they leave the nest and take on the world. Help your teen develop essential life skills like self-regulation, optimism, and techniques for stress reduction while engaging in non-competitive physical activity. Take a deep breath, share the space, and strengthen your body as well as your bond! (Step-Parents, Grandparents, or other caring adults are welcome to attend in place of Mom or Dad.) • Tue 7:00-7:55pm, Apr 28 – Jun 16, 20SFAM3 – $135 per Adult; $69 per Teen • Sat 11:30am-12:25pm, Apr 18 – Jun 13, 20SFAM4 – $135 per Adult; $69 per Teen

gym or spin studio safely. (Note – Teens and Parents must be over 5 feet in height to use an Indoor Spin Bike.) • Sat 10:15-11:10am, Apr 18 – Jun 13, 20SFAM5 –$135 per Adult; $69 per Teen






6:30-7:15am • Chris Aqua Complete 20SAQ01

8:00-8:45am • Dylan Aqua Deep 20SAQ05

9:30-10:25am Women on Weights 20SWOW1



6:30-7:15am • Daiana Aqua Complete 20SAQ02

See descriptions on pages 14 to 17 for details.

FRIDAY 6:30-7:15am • Kathy Aqua Complete 20SAQ03

7:00-7:45am • Charles Aqua Power Circuit 20SAQ08

8:00-8:45am • Pam Aqua Deep 20SAQ06

8:30-9:15am • Zelo Family Yoga F20SFAM 1/20SFAM2

8:00-8:55am • Anne Pain Care Yoga Therapy 20SCP05

8:15-9:00am • Charles Aqua Strength 20SAQ09

8:45-9:30am • Tim Aqua Arthritis Deep 20SAR03

9:00-9:45am • Pam Aqua Healthy Back 20SCP04

8:15-9:00am • Pam Aqua Healthy Back 20SCP03

10:15-11:10am • Teri Postnatal Yoga & Core 20SPN06

10:00-10:55am • Teri AgeStrong 20SAS02

9:00-9:55am • Daiana TRX 20STRX3

10:00-10:55am • Teri AgeStrong 20SAS01

10:30-11:15am Aqua Arthritis 20SAR02

11:00-11:55am - Jill Functional Fitness for Active Aging 20SFF01

10:00-10:55am Strength Training for Parkinson’s 20SPAR2

9:15-10:10am • Charles Men On Weights 20SMOW2

12:00-12:45pm • Raymonde Aqua Post Stroke 20SPS02

10:15-11:00am • Daiana Barre 20SBA02

10:00-10:55am • Karla Zumba 20SZUM2

11:00-11:44am • Paul Tai Chi 20STAI2

10:15-11:10am Parent and Teen Spin 20SFAM5

11:00-11:55am Baby-Wearing Barre 20SPN08

11:30-12:25pm • Jill W Women on Weights 20SWOW2

11:00-11:45am Aqua Arthritis 20SAR01

11:30am-12:25pm • Carolyn Pilates Classical Repetoire (Beg) 20SPI04

12:00-12:45pm Aqua Fibromyalgia 20SCP01

12:00 - 12:55pm Postnatal Spin & Core 20SPN02

12:00-12:45pm Flexibilty Training for Parkinson’s 20SPAR1

1:00-1:55pm • Jill W MyoFascial Release 20SMFR1/20SMFR2 1:30-2:15pm Aqua Balance, Core & Mobility 20SFP01

8:30-9:25am • Carolyn Pilates Classical Repetoire (Beg) 20SPI03 Held at McKellar Fieldhouse

12:00-12:45pm Aqua Fibromyalgia AQF21 20SCP02

1:15-2:00pm Aqua Balance, Core & Mobility 20SFP02

11:15am-12:10pm • Daiana Postnatal Spin & Core 20SPN03

11:30-12:25am Parent and Teen Yoga 20SFAM4

1:15-2:10pm - TBA Baby-Wearing Dance 20SPN07

1:30-2:25pm • Jill W Post Stroke Walking 20SPS01

1:00-1:55pm • Anne Pain Care Yoga Therapy 20SCP06

7:30-8:30pm SUP Fitness 20SPSUP1

2:00-2:45pm Aqua Postnatal 20SPN05

8:30-9:30pm SUP Floating Yoga 20SPSUP3

1:15-2:10pm Postnatal TRX & Core 20SPN01

SUNDAY 8:15-8:45am • (6-7 yrs) Fitness for Kids 20SKF01/20SKF02

1:15-2:10pm • Rosa Fedlenkrais 20SFELD

9:00-9:30am • (8-10 yrs) Fitness for Kids 20SKF03/20SKF04

2:15-3:00pm Aqua Postnatal 20SPN04



9:45-10:15am • (11-12 yrs) Fitness for Kids 20SKF05/20SKF06 6:15-7:10pm • Tracey Yoga Hatha 20SYG05 6:30-7:25pm • Maureen Pilates (Multilevel) 20SPI02

7:00-7:55pm Parent and Teen Yoga 20SFAM3

6:00-6:55pm • Teri Yoga Prenatal 20SPRE3/20SPRE4

7:00-7:55pm Prenatal Strength 20SPRE1

7:00-7:55pm • Charles Men on Weights 20SMOW1

6:15-7:00pm • Charles Total Body Stretch 20STBS1

7:00-7:55pm • Sam TRX 20STRX2

7:00-7:55pm • Stacey TRX 20STRX1

7:00-7:55pm • Alanna Total Core Conditioning 20STCC1

7:00-7:55pm • Jill W WOW & More 20SWOW3

7:15-8:10pm • Charles Yoga Power Flow 20SYG04

7:15-8:25pm • Charles Pilates & Yoga Fusion 20SPY01

7:00-7:45pm • Daiana Aqua Prenatal 20SPRE5

7:00-7:55pm • Xiang Yoga Gentle 20SYG02

7:30-8:25pm • Maureen Pilates (Fundamentals) 20SPI01

7:30-8:25pm • Paul Tai Chi TAIF1 20STAI1

7:45-8:30pm • Sam Aqua HIIT 20SAQ04

8:00-8:55pm • Jill W MyoFascial Release 20SMFR3

7:30-8:15pm • Daiana Aqua Prenatal 20SPRE6

7:45-8:55pm • Xiang Yoga Yin 20SYG01

8:00-8:55pm • Carolyn Pilates Classical Repetoire (Adv.) 20SPI05

8:00-8:55pm • Karla Zumba 20SZUM1

7:30-8:15pm • Chris Aqua Deep Gentle 20SAQ11

8:00-8:45pm • Dylan Athletic Aqua 20SAQ07

8:00-8:55pm • Charles Yoga Men’s 20SYG03

9:00-9:55pm SUP Fitness/Floating Yoga 20SPSUP2

8:15-9:00pm • Chris Aqua Strength 20SAQ10

6:45-7:30pm • Dylan Barre 20SBA01



10:30-11:25am Yoga Prenatal 20SPRE7

11:30am12:25pm Hooping 20SHOOP Trish

(Applies to courses of equal or lesser value. **excludes SUP)












Get it all: Group Fitness, Spin, Gold Club, Pool & Fitness Centre!






6:30 to 7:15 AM

StepMix Lorayne/ Geoff

CardioMix Geoff

HIIT Lorayne

StrengthMix Emma

Ends May 15

6:30am Spin Kim

6:30am Spin Christina

6:30am Spin Kim

6:30am Spin Tim

Begins May 19

6:15am Outdoor Bootcamp TBA

6:15am Sunrise Yoga TBA

6:15am Outdoor Bootcamp TBA

6:15am Sunrise Yoga TBA

8:30 to 9:25am

CardioMix Daiana

20 20 20 Charles

CardioMix/StepMix Alanna

Ginette’s Variety Ginette

Barbell Challenge Jill W

8am - CardioMix Lorayne/ Jill L

9:30 to 10:25am

Burn & Tone Ginette

StrengthMix Pam

Barbell Challenge Jill W

Cardio & YogaMix Stacey

Yoga & CoreMix Charles

9am HIIT Trish


9:45am Spin Alanna HIIT Stacey

5:45 to 6:40 PM

CardioKickbox Charles

6:00-6:45 pm Spin 6:00-6:45 pm Spin Nicky Alanna



Spin Outside

9:45am Spin Tim

9:00 am Spin JM

Burn & Tone Sam

10:00am Zumba Karla



9:00am Small Group Strength Training, Jill Apr 14 20SSGS1 May 19 20SSGS2

Heart of Gold Jill

10:45 AM

8am StrengthMix Lorayne

$17.50 group fitness drop in (+HST)

Prices do not include HST

FRIDAY 9:45am Heart of Gold Stacey

9:00am Gold Yoga, Eric

Heart of Gold Alanna/Dylan

50 $49 month

In rare occurences, programs may be cancelled without advance notice in the event of unforseen circumstances.


Dovercourt is a Heart Wise accredited facility

11:15am Gold Aquafit, Raymonde Apr 16 20SGCA3 May 21 20SGCA4

10am Small Group Strength Training, Pam Apr 17 20SSGS4 May 22 20SSGS5

Heart of Gold Darlene

Heart of Gold Ginette Lounge

Heart of Gold Charles

11:45 AM





12:00 to 12:55 PM

Heart of Gold Plus Ginette

Strong Spines Dylan

Strength and Stretch Darlene

Heart of Gold Plus Ginette

12:00-12:45pm Gold Aquafit - TBA Apr 14 20SGA1 May 19 20SGCA2 AFTERNOON

50 $42 month

1:15pm Gold Strength, Balance and Mobility - Pam Apr 20 20SGBM1 May 25 20SGBM2

1:30pm Small Group Strength Training, Tim Apr 16 20SSGS3 May 21 20SSGS4

$42.50/ month ongoing payment. $49.50/ month for a one month paid-in-full Gold Club pass. Gold Club includes Drop-in classes, Lounge (free coffee & tea), Fitness Centre access, pool access for swims, plus hot tub & sauna-only times. (see Recreational swim schedule online for details)

Prices do not include HST


Add $34.50 per registered program for Spring 2020. Recurring payment is required to be eligible for these programs Please check our website for PD days & holidays: Drop-in available for $17.50

FITNESS CENTRE ONLY MEMBERSHIP! ($34.50/ mo. recurring payment) Workout in our bright, welcoming fitness room. Our fitness centre features natural light and an open, inviting space with weights and cardio machines.















10:00-11:00am 1:30-2:30pm




9:00-11:00am 7:00-8:00pm

50 $34 month


Gold Club is for active older adults 55+ looking for midday opportunities to exercise, socialize, develop new friendships and share interests.

Closed for classes

CardioMix Lorayne

6:00-6:45 pm Spin Nicky




CardioMix Martha

Spring 2020




You may register for Dovercourt programs in person, by phone (613-798-8950) or online. Visa, Visa Debit and MasterCard are accepted online payment methods.

REGISTRATION DATES All registrations open at 8AM

nd mo



. Rd


McKellar Field House .

Ave urt rco

e Dov

ve. ill A rch

Please see our website for details: While we strive for accuracy in this program guide, please see our website for the most up-to-date information. Prices do not include HST (where applicable).

Ottawa River

Van Lang Field House

e. ll Av Wave




In December 2019 we launched a new registration system. It’s easy to use, mobilefriendly, and gives you enhanced access to your family’s account, receipts, schedules and more. If you haven’t made a new account, please visit and click on Create an Account.


Dovercourt ng

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After School Extended Day program............................................................... April 1, 2020 Spring Fitness & Recreation................................................................... Tue. March 3, 2020 Spring 2020 swim lesson registration....................................................Tue. March 10, 2020 Summer Camps & Summer swim lessons......................................................... Register now Summer fitness, sports, music, art........................................................... Tue. May 26, 2020

Dovercourt Recreation Centre 411 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa K2A 0S9 613-798-8950

Bluesfest School of Music & Art Festival House, 450 Churchill Ave N (Ravenhill entrance)

As a registered charity, Dovercourt is committed to ensuring that its programs and services are available to all in our community. While we strive to make our programs affordable, sometimes families and individuals may need financial assistance to help cover program costs. Please complete the application at the customer service desk or online at

McKellar Park Field House 539 Wavell Ave (near Byron)

Van Lang Field House 29 Van Lang Private

DID YOU KNOW? DOVERCOURT Your program registration PD DAYS helps others who may not


Fall Registration.................................................................................... Tue. June 16, 2020




be financially able. Last year, our Last Minute Club helped over 50 families participate in programs of all kinds, including camps, fitness, and swim lessons.

A full day of fun and adventure brought to you by our talented Summer Camp Team for each PD day though the year.

Corporate naming rights offer local businesses significant profile for their funding in a place where their employees and/or customers live, work and play. Their contributions over a ten year period brand the room and help fuel our expansion project. Dovercourt is delighted to welcome three local businesses who have stepped up to help us: Carling Motors Volvo & Mazda, Ottawa Physiotherapy & Sport Clinics, Morris Home Team, Westboro Station Dental and NeoLore Networks. Contact us if you want to help us grow!


PARTY PACKAGES, PARTY DECOR, GAMES & ACTIVITIES, ENERGETIC PARTY LEADERS. Leave the details & mess to us! Have your party catered by Boston Pizza Carling Ave. They deliver!

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the City of Ottawa/ Recipient remercie sincèrement la Ville d’Ottawa de son soutien financier.