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Ohio on Tap Celebrates a Decade of Small Brewery Success!

Ohio’s craft brewery count was 50-something when I started with the OCBA 10 years ago. Collaborating to create this publication was one of my first major projects to celebrate and promote our state’s small breweries. That same year, Ohio’s legislature recognized the potential of the budding craft beer industry and nurtured it by creating the A-1c manufacturing license. That new craft permit lowered costs for small breweries, allowed them to serve their own beer in on-site taprooms and let them self-distribute to bars, restaurants and retail shops. Ohio’s craft brewing industry blossomed.

2013 yielded a bumper crop of 10 breweries that are still thriving today. Millersburg Brewing Company has been pulling pints in a former grocery store in Amish country for a decade. Staas Brewing Company was the first brewery in Delaware since Prohibition and continues to turn out Belgian and English-style ales. In the Dayton region, Hairless Hare Brewery took root in a strip mall in Vandalia, then doubled their space a few years ago when they assumed the adjacent former American Legion. Toxic Brew Co. ended a five-decade beer drought in downtown Dayton when they opened in its Oregon District. Yellow Springs Brewery opened in a former cannery, creating a space celebrating art and beer. MadTree Brewing began in an industrial space in Cincinnati and would become the first Ohio craft brewery to can their suds, while Rhinegeist first inhabited one floor and then expanded to occupy all of the massive former Christian Moerlein packaging hall it calls home. In Columbus, Seventh Son Brewing converted a former garage into a brewery that would eventually develop a production facility on an adjacent vacant lot. Wolf’s Ridge started brewing in the basement of their space in downtown Columbus and now operates a production facility on the west side and a taproom in a former school. Sideswipe Brewing started in a single warehouse space and kept growing into adjacent spaces that now include its taproom and pinball arcade. Cheers to the class of 2013 and 10 years of Ohio on Tap magazine!



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OHIO ON TAP, Issue 10, 2023

brews &


Some Ohio breweries are so inviting that former patrons spend eternity there. Here are six haunting tales of supernatural happenings at Ohio breweries — and we’ve only cracked the lid on a few coffins.

Phoenix Brewing Company pays homage to its mortuary roots with coffin flights.

TThe Phoenix Brewing Company in Mansfield occupies the former Schroer Funeral Home and Mortuary. Carmone Macfarlane, head of creative, marketing and education, explains that eerie instances “began even before we opened with the discovery of two bones in the basement.” Though the bones were not human (and we’ll never know from what creature they came), they inspired the John Doe American wheat ale. Visitors report a number of strange phenomena, including taps on shoulders in otherwise empty rooms.

From an image resembling a deceased firefighter to equipment inexplicably malfunctioning, Hamilton’s Municipal Brew Works has seen a string of unexplained phenomena since they opened in the former Hamilton Fire Department Station 2. The company’s CFO, Dave Frey, experienced the most chilling happening. Jim Goodman, CEO and co-founder, describes Frey as “a numbers guy who doesn’t put a lot of faith into ghost stories.” That changed one evening while Frey was closing when he encountered an unsettling shadow in the back office, later believed to be a deceased firefighter coming back to report his own death.

The ghosts at Toledo-based Maumee Bay Brewing Company mess with staff. Michael Martin, brewery sales manager, tells of his encounter while closing the bar. “As I was washing the dishes, the cash register drawer kept popping open by itself, and you need to be logged into the system to open it manually. Once I finished up the dishes, I began to do my closeout on the computer when I felt this splash of water all over my back, and then a couple of glasses were knocked off the shelf and broke on the floor.” Fortunately, the playful spirits seem to be otherwise harmless.

Municipal Brew Works
... an unsettling shadow in the back office, later believed to be a deceased firefighter, coming back to report his own death.”
Phoenix Brewing Company

Mother Stewart’s Brewing in Springfield offers a creepy triple play. The brewery, named after a haunting temperance leader, sits adjacent to the Springfield Burying Ground. This storied cemetery hosts a Boston Tea Party participant, Revolutionary War veterans and formerly enslaved people who fled the South. Undoubtedly, some of the caskets encasing the deceased were made in the space now occupied by the brewery. Kevin Loftis, co-founder, explains that the building was formerly the Springfield Metallic Casket Company, a manufacturer of metal caskets.

Spirits named Patrick, Watson and Samantha haunt Star City Brewing Company in Miamisburg. Owner Justin Kohnen explains, “Patrick hangs out behind the bar and in the hallway by our Mill Room.” Patrick takes a variety of shapes, including a middle-aged man in modern clothing. Watson, resembling Sherlock Holmes’ friend, appears in the brewhouse and Mill Room, both as a shadowy figure and “as a half body, middle-aged floating apparition in 19th century clothing and bowler hat.” He describes Samantha as having a “similar look to Samara from ‘The Ring,’ but not nearly as creepy.” Find her in a variety of spots around and outside of the brewery, or catch her giggles as she runs down the Peerless Room hallway.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland leans into the spooky story thirst with a Haunted History tour in the fall that, according to Marissa DeSantis, brand marketing manager, “digs deep into the stories of our historic brewpub buildings.” This past May, they began offering Halfway to Halloween tours. Eliot Ness, who is said to have dodged a bullet in the building, figures heavily in the tours. Veronica Bagley, gift shop and tours manager, notes that, “quite a few people seem to think that the bar has ‘spirits’ (no pun intended) attached to it.” Disembodied footsteps, shadowy figures and falling glasses are regular occurrences.

6 OhioCraftBeer.org GREAT /DarkeCountyOhio @DarkeCountyOhio /DarkeCountyOhio visitdarkecounty.org/wwatrail The ONLY trail in Ohio that combines whiskey,wine,& craft beer!
Great Lakes Brewing Co.

love the stories but not the scares?

Ohio abounds with breweries in historic locations. Cincinnati’s Northern Row Brewery & Distillery occupies the original Christian Moerlein 1895 icehouse in Over-the-Rhine and drips with antiques that complement the historic building. In the Greater Columbus area, Combustion Brewery & Taproom in Pickerington opened in a former creamery, circa 1900, and an early 20th century mechanics garage forms the original footprint for nearby Seventh Son Brewing in Columbus. Old Bridge Brewing Company in McConnelsville and Grove City Brewing Co. both operate in rehabbed historic auto dealerships. Terrestrial Brewing Co., located in Cleveland’s aptly named Battery Park, occupied part of the former Eveready Battery complex.

One Town. Three Great Breweries.

Findlay is home to a vibrant craft beer scene, with three notable breweries that have captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike. False Chord Brewing, open Thursday - Saturday, is known for their innovative and experimental brews. Take a crowler to go, or stay a while and grab a bite from their rotating list of food trucks. Spend an evening at CRAFTed Nano Brewery Friday - Sunday. Try a flight and then fill up a growler to take your favorite home! Findlay Brewing Company stands as a cornerstone of the city’s beer culture. Serving up a diverse range of styles, from hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers, Findlay Brewing has become a gathering place for beer enthusiasts and community members alike. Whether you’re seeking bold experimentation or a taste of tradition, Findlay’s breweries deliver an unforgettable experience.

False Chord Brewing 326 S. Main St. CRAFTed Nano Brewery 1016 Tiffin Ave. Findlay Brewing Co. 213 E. Crawford St.
Over the years, Seventh Son has expanded the 20th century auto garage it calls home.

cooking with


TThe brewery takes gastropub fare to the next level with dishes like Canadian Cardiac Arrest (a pulled pork poutine) and emphasizes game in items like its Gator Po’ Boy and Elk Meatloaf.

Starbuck says it’s easy to add craft beer to your culinary toolbox once you’ve nailed a few techniques.

“Since becoming executive chef at Two Bandits, I have learned a lot about cooking with craft beer,” she says. “Cooking with beer isn’t anything I’d ever done in my home kitchen, so it has definitely been a fun learning experience.”

Chef Starbuck encourages beer lovers to get creative in the kitchen.
“Craft, Passion, Quality.” That’s the motto at Hicksville’s Two Bandits Brewing, and it’s a mantra that executive chef Kristina Starbuck infuses into every dish she develops.

Craft beer doesn’t just elevate flavor, she notes — it’s also great for improving texture. “If anyone wants to up their marinade game, adding craft beer is the way to go,” she says. “Not only does it enhance the flavor of whatever you’re marinating, it also breaks down the fibers, leaving you with a flavorful and ultra-tender cut of meat.

Her favorite advice: don’t be afraid to mix it up with different styles and unorthodox pairings — even what you think is a mistake might yield pleasantly surprising results.

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to not limit yourself to what beer you use,” she says. “And experiment — there really are no rules. I once made a batch of beer cheese unknowingly using our peach wheat, Movin’ to the Country, because a label didn’t get changed on a tap handle. I was mortified because I thought my whole batch was ruined, but I tasted it and, to my pleasant surprise, it was delicious! I ran it for service despite this accidental experimentation.”

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to not limit yourself to what beer you use ... and experiment — there really are no rules.”




2 cups heavy whipping cream

Heaping 1/3 cup dark chocolate morsels

3 egg yolks

1/4 cup granulated sugar, plus a few pinches for finishing

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup Black Shadow (or any milk chocolate stout) Maraschino cherries, for garnish

Special equipment

6 oven-safe ramekins, 5–6 ounce capacity

Kitchen torch


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In a saucepan over medium-low heat, bring heavy cream and vanilla extract to a boil; remove from heat. Stir dark chocolate morsels into the cream and let melt. Allow mixture to cool, stirring regularly to combine.

In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together egg yolks and sugar. When cream has cooled completely, slowly pour it into the egg mixture, whisking together until combined. Slowly pour in stout and stir to combine.

Transfer mixture into the six ramekins, filling each about two-thirds of the way. Set ramekins in a rimmed baking sheet or baking pan. Carefully add enough water to baking pan to be approximately halfway up the sides of the ramekins.

Set baking sheet in oven, taking extreme care not to slosh any water into the ramekins. Bake for 35 minutes or until the edges of the creme brûlées are set, but the centers remain slightly jiggly. Refrigerate until fully chilled. To serve, lightly sprinkle granulated sugar on top of each and caramelize using a kitchen torch. Add maraschino cherries if desired.

Chef Starbuck’s recipe for creme brûlée, featuring Two Bandits’ Black Shadow milk chocolate stout.

tapping intoculture

While there is still progress to be made, Ohio breweries are celebrating our state’s diversity and working toward a more inclusive and equitable future. Pulpo Beer Company’s vibrant atmosphere amplifies the unique experience.

Hospitality is part of family culture at Pulpo Beer Company in Willoughby. Paola Valbuena is the co-owner and head brewer at Pulpo, and the brewery shares space with two restaurants — Barroco Arepa Bar and Hola Tacos — owned and operated by Valbuena’s family.

“The foundation we started with was to brew beer that brings us back home and pairs with our food,” says Valbuena, who’s originally from Venezuela. Both restaurants and the Pulpo taproom have become gathering places for the local Latinx community.

For Marvin Abrinica and Brian Jackson, the founders of Cincinnati’s Esoteric Brewing, the desire for all people to feel welcomed was central when designing their taproom.

“Both of us knew what it was like to go to a brewery and be the only person of color,” says Abrinica. “For a lot of us who are beer lovers and persons of color, it’s a truism. It’s core to who we are to champion diversity and to bring programming to our space that will bring in persons of color and women.” Esoteric regularly hosts art exhibits, salsa nights and other events celebrating Cincinnati’s minority groups.

“It’s the coolest thing when I walk in on an evening and see a smorgasbord of people here, all different colors,” says Abrinica.

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Head brewer Paola Valbuena brings the flavors of Venezuela to the tanks at Pulpo.

Everyone is similarly welcome at Four Paws Brewing, however many paws they have. Married founders Ann Zofchak and Kellie Rubesne are as passionate about their canine friends as they are about beer, and their new taproom at Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station brings humans, dogs and great beer together. Their hospitality springs from the acceptance they’ve experienced in the Ohio beer scene.

“We’re both really comfortable in our own skin,” says Rubesne. “As we move through the world, talk with other brewers and meet other people in the industry, we just are who we are. We have always felt very welcomed and invited.”

At CLAG Brewing in Sandusky, Kha Bui is bringing together his love for beer with his passion for Vietnamese food and sushi. The brewery specializes in IPAs — hazy, west coast, imperial, you name it — but brews a wide variety of styles.

Bui got his start by founding the connected Small City Taphouse, where he served craft beer from around the country and the world. Visitors can now go back and forth between the brewery and the taphouse, which serve the same food. He says getting his favorite food and beer to catch on in Sandusky has been a challenge.

“This is still a small town,” he explains. “People don’t always drink a lot of craft beer, and they don’t always understand Asian food.” Fortunately, he says CLAG’s IPAs work beautifully with the house cuisines, and the town is catching on. “It’s the best, man. People love it,” says Bui with obvious enthusiasm. “You come in here on a Friday night and it’s crazy.”

youngstownlive.com 800.447.8201 ENJOY A BREW OR TWO! Five craft breweries serve up creative brews, outdoor patios and great food options. Plan a weekend in Youngstown. @youngstownlive DOWNLOAD GUIDE OHIO ON
The owners at Four Paws serve every guest with a smile, human and pup alike.

Paola Valbuena | Pulpo Beer Company

How did you get into brewing? I studied chemical engineering, and in 2020, I was working for Pepsi Cola as a production supervisor. When my family found a location for the brewery, I said, “I enjoy drinking beer, so I can learn.”

What’s your favorite beer you brew? I always say my favorite is the one that’s fresh from the tanks! Every time we have a fresh beer, that’s my favorite.

Marvin Abrinica | Esoteric Brewing

If you’re going to hang out at a Cincinnati taproom besides your own, where might that be? The place that I've really loved a lot is one downtown called Northern Row Brewing. They're also in a very old building that they transformed and it's awesome to just head over there and say hello to my friends.

What are you currently drinking off your taplist? Luminati [light lager]. It’s a super easy porch-drinker.



"Everything that we were looking for in a canning line, this line has... it's really reliable, it's really robust... it was really a no-brainer at the end of the day that this was the line to go with."
~ Dan MacKinnon MacKinnon Brothers Brewing

Ann Zofchak | Four Paws Brewing/ Red Wagon Brewing

What’s your favorite beer to brew?

A lot of brewers call me the Adjunct Queen because when people say to me, “Hey, could you brew with this?” I’m always like, “Sure!” I've done a strawberry Peep beer and a Rice Krispies Treat cream ale called Nice Crispy Treat.

Are your dogs involved in the brewery? All of our fermenters are named after our dogs, and we’re going to auction the right to name one of our fermenters after the winning bidder’s dog.

Kha Bui | CLAG Brewing

What’s your favorite style of beer?

I love pilsners and other lagers or a lighter IPA.

What does the name CLAG mean?

Back when I would homebrew with my friends, we would play around with brewery names. We would always joke about me being a Cocky Little Asian Guy, and when it came time to name the brewery, I shortened it to CLAG.


craft beer’s O


Ohio is home to 430+ independent craft breweries, producing a diverse array of beverages consumers can purchase anywhere from a local grocery store to a restaurant or tavern. But even craft beer enthusiasts don’t always understand how their favorite beverages get there.

For craft brewers, the ability to grow their small businesses relies heavily on the distribution process. Once a brewer is ready to introduce their brand to a broader audience, there are two routes available: selling directly to a retailer or signing a contract with a wholesaler who will sell and deliver the product to retailers.

Self-distribution allows Ohio craft breweries to grow their businesses organically by selling directly to retailers in their communities. But this process comes with potential obstacles and challenges, including managing complicated delivery logistics and getting a foot in the door with larger retailers who have entrenched relationships with wholesale distributors for all their beverage needs.

These challenges may lead growing breweries to enter into the three-tier system: brewers sell beer to wholesalers, who in turn sell to retailers, who then sell to consumers.

This system was designed to maintain a level playing field throughout the

Scan to contact your lawmakers and support local breweries.

industry and protect small, independent businesses that have signed a distribution agreement. Once a brewery signs with wholesaler, it relies on that partnership to reach new customers and grow its brand.

Unfortunately, the decision to sign with a wholesaler can also haunt brewers. Contracts between breweries and wholesalers are governed by Ohio’s nearly 50-year-old alcoholic beverage franchise law. Under this law, it is virtually impossible for a brewery to switch wholesalers or terminate contract, even if their business needs not being met. This gives wholesalers significant power over breweries, which can lead to unfair practices.

Often this imbalance allows wholesalers, not consumers, to pick winners in the brewing industry. Under the influence of large brewing companies, wholesalers can give preferential placement of their products on shelves and unethically exclude smaller breweries. Similarly, limited tap handles at bars, restaurants and event venues often go to the highest bidder, cutting out even the small breweries whose products they are contracted to sell.

This manipulation of the market not only hurts small breweries, but also diminishes the importance of consumer demand. Despite this sometimes-broken system, craft brewers are growing and innovating to serve loyal customers and enhance their local communities. Common sense reform and modernization of the laws governing beer distribution will ultimately benefit everyone: brewers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Ohio’s craft breweries should be exempted from franchise law. You can help by contacting your legislators on behalf of your local breweries at ohiocraftbeer.org/freedom.

The Great American Beer Festival trademark, world beer cup trademark, and all related marks are owned by The Brewers Association, INC. and are used with permission | brewed in columbus, oh | wolfsridgebrewing.com locally brewed, globally recognized, available statewide


At last count, Ohio clocked in with more than 430 craft breweries, which means that demand for skilled employees has never been higher. Fortunately, there are educational programs around the state that will appeal to homebrew enthusiasts on up to ambitious entrepreneurs with goals of starting a brewery.

18 OhioCraftBeer.org

PProgram administrators at Cincinnati State and Hocking College are reaching out to high schools, community colleges, adult learners and career changers in hopes of spreading the word about their offerings. Gone are the days when all it took was a little homebrew knowhow to succeed in this highly competitive and technical profession.

Cincinnati State offers a lean certificate program, but the school’s main focus is its two-year associate degree in Brewing Science. Program chair Caleb Ochs-Naderer says that the demand for skilled employees has not waned, despite a maturing marketplace.

“The longer that these craft breweries are around, the more professional they want to be,” Ochs-Naderer explains. “We might be getting to a point where we’re set with the number of breweries that we have, but if we can keep raising the level of quality and understanding about beer, then we can keep making better beer throughout.”

Ochs-Naderer says that many students are already working in the field when they begin the program, but if not, they will be by the second semester as part of the internship requirements.

Ohio’s brewing education programs are changing the game for aspiring brewers.

“We really try and give people a solid foundation so that once they are done with this program, they are going to be able to go into the brewing industry with no problem,” he says. “The hope is that they’ll be more educated than most people.”

Hocking College in Nelsonville offers an associate degree in Fermentation Science that covers brewing, distilling and, soon, winemaking. The school recently invested in new infrastructure and equipment with the goal of providing hands-on training that will all but guarantee future employment.

“Our first graduates work at breweries around the state and are well on their way to starting their career,” says Eric Hedin, specialist with the Fermentation Science program. “There are so many jobs in the craft beverage industry — and we’re a great place to get your foot in the door with training and education on all types of alcoholic beverages.”

Those that are confident in their existing skills and ready to join the brewing industry workforce are in luck too. OCBA’s job board is regularly updated with various positions at breweries and facilities around the state. Keep up with the latest postings at ohiocraftbeer.org/jobs.


2023 Summit Brew Path

- Grab a friend and take part in the 7th annual Summit Brew Path, put on by the ASCVB! -

3 Reasons to Participate:

1. 21 great breweries to visit.

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IMPORTANT DATES: Complete Brew Path by Nov. 30. Entry form postmarked by Dec. 8. Brew Path Bash on Jan. 6, 2024.


“Our first graduates work at breweries around the state and are well on their way to starting their career.”
Experts from a variety of industry-relevant fields pass along their knowledge to students.


Gwyneth Armstrong was the first woman to enroll in the fermentation program at Hocking College, and as the recipient of Three Tigers Brewing’s Patrick Gangwer Scholarship, she did so with paid-for tuition. Armstrong recently graduated from the program in Nelsonville and took a job as a shift brewer with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing in Columbus where she lives and works.

:! ':/'.I J J\J - r- LE �JL Sign up for free by ir or visiting 419A n
Armstrong is paving the way for young women looking to make their mark on the industry.

How did you learn about Hocking College?

I was taking a year off from college to try and figure out what I really wanted to do, and a coworker suggested that I check out the program at Hocking College. I thought this would be a cool way to combine my love for science and my love for beer.

How did you settle on the two-year associate degree program?

Hocking is a very good college for those who may not want — or have the time for — a four-year program. The two-year program allows the working person to get a degree while keeping their job.

Did you find the classes interesting, challenging?

I like to say that brewing beer is a fun science experiment that you get to do every day and then share with people. I feel like you don’t need to have a heavy science background — you just need a passion for creating a craft beverage.

Congrats on landing the scholarship! How helpful will that be going forward?

In five years, I’d like to be in a head or lead brewing position. Eventually I’d like to open my own brewery, and that is expensive. So that, on top of student loans, would probably be quite stressful.

What’s it like to be a woman working in a male-dominated industry?

There are not a lot of women working in breweries. If I can be a trailblazer for women in this industry, that would be amazing. We have the numbers we just need to keep growing them.

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Ohio’s craft brewing industry generated an estimated $1.27 billion of economic activity and supported more than 12,000 jobs in the state.

The following data summarizes the impact of the Ohio craft brewing industry operations in 2022 on the state of Ohio.


OTHER IMPACTS $1.27B economic output 12,040 jobs $389M labor income $85.8M federal taxes $141.5M state and local taxes

8,095 households supported

The 179 brewers that responded to the survey gave approximately $2.4 million to charitable causes and donated an estimated 22,000 volunteer hours in 2022.

24 OhioCraftBeer.org
NUMBER OF CRAFT BREWERIES 2011 45 135 300 357 420 2015 2018 2020 2022
420 IN 2022
OCBA Economic Impact 2022, Silverlode Consulting
OHIO ON TAP 25 PHOTO CREDIT SUPPORT THE BREWERS FREEDOM ALLIANCE! HOW CAN YOU HELP? THE ISSUE? OHIO'S ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FRANCHISE ACT Ohio craft brewers have been forced to operate under this antiquated law that hasn't been updated in nearly 50 years. This law traps small businesses in virtually unbreakable contracts. Franchise law deprives YOU, the consumer, of the best and freshest products. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CRAFT BREWERY Ask your lawmaker for change! @ohiocraftbeer OhioCraftBeer Scan here to learn more and contact your elected official:
71 75 417 50 22 27 42 OhioRiver E. Liberty St Vine St Elm S t Linn S t. ColumbiaPkwy . Central Pkwy Reading Rd. 23 6 5 2 31 29 28 27 8 Cincinnati South 4th St. East Broad St. West Spring St. West Rich St. Scioto River 71 71 670 23 23 62 62 62 33 33 315 315 3 39 21 7 33 48 28 32 51 23 4 27 42 19 9 43 29 37 North High St. Columbus CarnegieAve. Euclid Ave. Prospect Ave. DetroitAve. W.25thSt. LakeErie Cuyahoga River 90 490 77 42 2 2 4 22 30 32 29 9 11 23 31 33 12 39 43 8 18 34 Cleveland 76 77 76 8 59 18 9 36 32 26 3 19 Akron Confirm hours of operation at your destination brewery before your visit.
Ohio craft beer responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. 23 33 33 23 Logan Athens Chillicothe Marietta Nelsonville Vandalia Put-in-Bay Kelleys Island Sandusky Findlay Bowling Green Toledo Port Clinton Bryan Lima Cleveland Canton Akron Medina Youn gstown New Philadelphia Wooster Madison Willoughby Bellefontaine Mt. Vernon Westerville Columbus Dublin Marion Delaware Newark Zanesville Dayton Springfield Mansfield Cambridge Yellow Springs Cincinnati Perrysburg 71 70 75 71 270 80 90 77 77 77 70 80 271 80 90 76 76 80 90 Tiffin Hicksville Defiance Kalida Celina Carey Galion Jackson McConnelsville Lancaster Millersburg Minerva Bolivar Ashland Columbiana Warren Avon Mount Orab Eaton Marysville 5 14 2 4 23 10 6 7 6 11 4 5 8 9 16 14 1 12 28 6 19 13 17 29 31 2 34 14 37 38 9 27 24 22 35 10 19 18 3 24 25 22 7 1 7 40 20 1 17 31 35 37 2 3 15 11 4 17 16 14 13 38 34 15 22 8 29 1 3 7 9 3 2 10 33 14 27 6 10 2 12 13 11 16 5 19 10 8 9 12 18 6 21 28 5 14 40 18 8 11 44 45 12 14 49 16 30 20 25 46 41 52 17 16 17 5 20 19 28 39 7 5 4 21 1 35 36 20 2 6 15 19 37 45 42 47 25 10 3 41 7 13 17 38 46 44 27 16 41 18 24 30 23 1 35 13 21 7 22 23 26 25 8 15 11 12 13 21 9 1 20 4 12 13 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 26 25 30 32 33 34 35 36 4 37 15 25 26 1 2 3 5 7 8 10 11 12 15 16 14 17 18 21 13 30 25 19 27 28 20 31 22 35 26 24 33 1 2 4 6 7 19 9 8 16 14 10 15 11 12 21 13 17 23 20 22 1 40 10 2 5 6 32 33 9 6 23 4 29 32 34 3 5 15 17 36 2618 24 38 47 3431 50 15 14 24 GREATER CINCINNATI WEST CENTRAL NORTHEAST SOUTHEAST NORTH CENTRAL SOUTHWEST GREATER CLEVELAND STATE LINE NORTHWEST GREATER COLUMBUS 4 75 75 35 Mad River Miami River 5th St. E. 1st St E Monument Ave. S. Keo wee St. WayneAve . 11 3 30 36 8 18 20 16 Dayton

R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks

Family Friendly Dog Friendly

Full Bar Outdoor Seating

Women Owned BIPOC Owned

LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned


1 8th Day Brewing Company

11782 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023; 440-708-7028, 8thdaybrewing.com

Simple and comfortable decor with an amazing and diverse beer selection, great people and cool vibes.

2 Aeonian Brewing Company

120 W. Chestnut St., Alliance, Ohio 44601; 330-596-1004, aeonianbrewing.com

We are a family-friendly brewery with 12 beers on tap, full food menu, large taproom and private event space. R

3 Bell Tower Brewing Co.

310 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 44240; 330-663-2355, belltowerbrewing.com

Cozy neighborhood brewpub serving up delicious craft beer and scratchmade food in an 1858 historic church.


4 Biker Brewhouse

5700 Patriot Blvd., Unit B, Austintown, Ohio 44515; 330-520-2266, bikerbrewhouse.net

Only craft beer brewed and bottled in a Harley Davidson dealership. R

5 Birdfish Brewing Co.

140 E. Park Ave., Columbiana, Ohio 44408; 330-333-9385, birdfishbrew.com

Righteous beer for the righteous kind.

6 The Brew Kettle – Mentor

7860 Mentor Ave., Ste. 200B, Mentor, Ohio 44060; 440-290-7106, thebrewkettle.com/locations/mentor

Serving Brew Kettle beers and an array of local and national craft beers along with a barbecue/American classic menu.


7 Bummin’ Beaver Brewery

11610 Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023; 440-543-9900, bumminbeaver.com

Eccentric brews to tantalize your taste buds, but fan favorites too.

8 Cloven Hoof Brewing Co.

1308 Bridge St., Ashtabula, Ohio 44004; 440-536-4344, clovenhoofbrewing.com

Extremely nano batches of beer with high creativity in a comfortable, edgy, yet welcoming environment.

9 Double Wing Brewing Company 7840 Doty Rd., Madison, Ohio 44057; 440-466-3485, doublewingbrewingco.com

We brew world-class beer for passionate brew drinkers. Come and visit our beer bar located at the Debonné Vineyards Winery in Madison, Ohio. R

10 Lake Milton Brewery

17762 Mahoning Ave., Lake Milton, Ohio 44429; 330-612-6196, facebook.com/lakemiltonbrewery

Craft beers brewed and served on site in beautiful Lake Milton. We are now a full winery as well.

11 MadCap Brew Co.

1422 Mogadore Rd., Kent, Ohio 44240; 330-548-9654, madcapbrewco.com

We pride ourselves on the love we have for brewing beers that we can share and give quirky names to!

12 Mentor Brewing Company

9528 Diamond Centre Dr., Mentor, Ohio 44060; 440-951-2739, mentorbrewingcompany.com

Small, community-focused brewery.

13 Modern Methods Brewing Company

125 David Grohl Alley, Warren, Ohio 44481; 330-333-1594, modernmethodsbrew.com

Brewing traditional and adventurous styles in the craft revolution.

14 Noble Creature Wild Ales & Lagers

126 E. Rayen Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 44503; 234-719-1827, noblecreaturebeer.com

A family-owned brewery and scratch kitchen in Youngstown. We brew on site in our 19th century church taproom. R

15 North Water Brewing

101 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 44240; 340-777-4677, northwaterbrewing.com

Newer brewery located along the Cuyahoga River and Portage County Hike & Bike Trail.

16 Paladin Brewing 6520 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, Ohio 44515; 330-574-4998, paladinbrewing.com

Offering 20+ brewed on-premise styles, on tap, in cans and to go. We have something for every beer lover. R

17 Penguin City Brewing Company

460 E. Federal St., Youngstown, Ohio 44503; 330-755-0709, penguincity.beer

Repurposed 32,000-sq.-ft. warehouse brewery, taproom and event center in Youngstown.

18 Pulpo Beer Company

3941 Erie St., Willoughby, Ohio 44094; 440-527-8101, pulpobeerco.com

Enriching customers with unique, quality brews and bringing our Latin heritage to Northeast Ohio. R

19 Sandy Springs Brewing Company 232 N. Market St., Minerva, Ohio 44657; 330-522-4024, sandyspringsbrewery.com

Nestled in downtown Minerva with a beer garden, 16 beers on tap and two Airbnbs next door! R

20 Squids Brewery

800 Federal St., Toronto, Ohio 43964; facebook.com/squidsbrewerycom

Veteran- and family-owned microbrewery in the Ohio River Valley.


1 Brewery 33 Hocking Hills, LLC

12684 College Prospect Dr., Logan, Ohio 43138; 740-385-6033, br3w3ry.com

Quaint bar with a large patio, bar tents, fire pits and games. Fun staff and great customer service. Walk/bike friendly and independently owned.

2 Buck’s Brewing Company

993 Mt. Vernon Rd., Newark, Ohio 43055; 740-641-2337, facebook.com/bucksbrewing

A small craft brewery on St. Rte. 13 with a cozy taproom and a variety of ales.

3 Buckeye Lake Brewery 5176 Walnut Rd., Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008; 740-535-6225, buckeyelakebrewery.com

Home of the grapefruit Bobber. Dog-friendly patio, steps from Ohio’s greatest lake. Food by the Chef Shack. R

4 DankHouse Brewing Company

161 Forry St., Newark, Ohio 43055; 740-915-6413, dankhousebrewing.com

Family-friendly, 8.5-acre venue with a ninehole disc golf course, craft beer, MNCHS Kitchen and music! R

5 Devil’s Kettle Brewing

97 Columbus Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701; 740-589-7187, devilskettlebrew.com

Our focus is on making the most drinkable, excellent examples of the way beer ought to taste. R

6 Double Edge Brewing Co.

158 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, Ohio 43130; 740-277-7465, double-edge.beer

Creative, approachable beer by people who put craft and community first. Family-friendly taproom in Lancaster.

7 Granville Brewing Company

5371 Columbus Rd., Granville, Ohio 43023; 740-919-5495, facebook.com/ thegranvillebrewingcompany

Enjoy exceptionally crafted brews in our cozy, family-friendly taproom and new outdoor barnyard patio.

8 Guernsey Brewhouse

4550 Bloomfield Rd., Cambridge, Ohio 43725; 740-995-3467, guernseybrewhouse.com Brewhouse with taproom and outdoor patio featuring traditional craft ales and lagers.

9 Hocking Hills Brewing Co.

60 W. 2nd St., Logan, Ohio 43138; 740-216-5360, hockinghillsbrewingco.com

New brewery in downtown Logan. We offer house-made craft beer through our on-site partnership with 58 West. R

10 Homestead Beer Co.

811 Irving Wick Dr. W., Heath, Ohio 43056; 740-522-8018, homesteadbeerco.com

Styles for miles, we’ve got it all. Hard to find, harder to leave — Homestead is dedicated to the craft!

11 Jackie O’s Public House & Brewpub

22 W. Union St., Athens, Ohio 45701; 740-592-9686, jackieos.com

Enjoy 30 taps at the Public House with a full food menu. The Brewpub boasts 18 drafts in a cozy pub atmosphere. R

12 Jackie O’s Taproom

25 Campbell St., Athens, Ohio 45701; 740-447-9063, jackieos.com/location/taproom-brewery Offering 16 taps, merchandise and carryout of all packaged kegs, cans and bottles. Dog-friendly outdoor patio available!

13 Little Fish Brewing Co.

8675 Armitage Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701; 740-447-5011, littlefishbrewing.com

A short drive from Hocking Hills, enjoy traditional and innovative beers at our taproom and beer garden outside Athens. R

14 The Lot Beer Co.

138 N. Prospect St., Granville, Ohio 43023; 740-920-4444, thelotbeerco.com

Retro arcade serving craft beer, smash burgers and hotdogs. R

15 Marietta Brewing Company

167 Front St., Marietta, Ohio 45750; 740-373-2739, mbcpub.com

Near the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers, experience our craft and celebrate our history! R

16 Nobleman Brewing Company

15078 Halleys Ridge Rd., Caldwell, Ohio 43724; 740-255-0175, nobleman-brewingcompany-llc.square.site

Family-owned and -operated one-barrel brewery in Noble County. Call to set up an appointment. Carryout only please.

17 Old Bridge Brewing Company

281 W. Main St., McConnelsville, Ohio 43756; 740-651-5042, oldbridgebrewing.com

A brewery and taproom with the character of a 100-year-old building and the charm of a historic downtown district. R

18 Outerbelt Brewing

3560 Dolson Ct., Carroll, Ohio 43112; 740-993-0448, outerbeltbrewing.com

With a spacious taproom, party room and covered patio, we can accommodate anything. Find us on shelves and on draft throughout Ohio. R

19 Over Engineered Brewing 740-277-1515, oebrewing.com

Creating a community of curiosity, collaboration and learning through brewing. Taproom coming soon to Lancaster.

20 Sixth Sense Brewing

175 E. Main St., Jackson, Ohio 45640; 740-577-3681, sixthsensebrewing.co

A nanobrewery featuring a wide variety of ales and our award-winning Murk Juice NE IPA. Visit the food truck for fresh burritos and bowls. R

21 Starbrick Brewery

15570 St. Rte. 691, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764; 740-753-7606, sudsandspirits.hocking.edu

Starbrick Brewery is owned and operated by Hocking College as part of the Associate of Applied Science in Fermentation program.

22 Three Tigers Brewing Company

133 N. Prospect St., Granville, Ohio 43023; 740-920-4680, threetigersbrewing.com

House-brewed beer, craft cocktails, Southeast Asian-inspired food and live music. R

23 Trek Brewing Company

1486 Granville Rd., Newark, Ohio 43055; 740-281-3394, trekbeer.com

Where great people and great beer come together to do incredible things. R

24 Weasel Boy Brewing Company

126 Muskingum Ave., Ste. E, Zanesville, Ohio 43701; 740-455-3767, weaselboybrewing.com

Enjoy a comfy pub area, dining room, patio and pizzeria. Visit our new Rum Room Tiki Lounge open select days. R

25 Y Bridge Brewing Company

1417 Linden Ave., Zanesville, Ohio 43701; 740-868-4265, ybridgebrewing.com

Craft brewery with a diverse roster of quality brews. Come for the craft beer, stay for the company.



1 16 Lots Brewing Co.

753 Reading Rd., Mason, Ohio 45040; 513-486-3672, 16lots.com

Driven by a passion for making traditionalstyle beer and providing a great place for friends and families to enjoy it.


2 Cartridge Brewing

1411 Grandin Rd., Maineville, Ohio 45039; 513-697-3434, cartridgebrewing.com

Full-service brewpub located in the historic Peters Cartridge Factory. R

3 The Common Beer Company

126 E. Main St., Mason, Ohio 45040; 513-204-0023, commonbeercompany.com

The Common is the place where bright flavors meet colorful conversations.

4 Fifty West Brewing – Chillicothe

1 N. Paint St., Chillicothe, Ohio 45601; 740-775-2337, fiftywestbrew.com

Family-friendly brewery and restaurant with a focus on community engagement and active lifestyle. R

5 FigLeaf Brewing Co.

3387 Cincinnati Dayton Rd., Middletown, Ohio 45044; 513-300-0275, figleafbrewing.com

Bridging the craft beer gap between Cincinnati and Dayton, our 20-bbl, four-vessel brewhouse has a spacious taproom and patio.

6 Grainworks Brewing Company

7790 Service Center Dr., West Chester, Ohio 45069; 513-480-2337, grainworks.beer

Taproom and production facility featuring 20 taps, private rentals spaces, a spacious patio and kitchen. R

7 Lebanon Brewing Co.

20 W. Silver St., Lebanon, Ohio 45036; lebanonbrewingco.com

Craft brewery and kitchen in Lebanon. R

8 Moeller Brew Barn – Monroe

6550 Hamilton Lebanon Rd., Middletown, Ohio 45044; 513-360-7702, moellerbrewbarn.com

Moeller Brew Barn was built because we believe everyone should have a choice to enjoy fresh, local craft beer. R

9 Municipal Brew Works

20 High St., Hamilton, Ohio 45011; 513-642-2424, municipal.beer

Located in the historic Fredrick Mueller building in downtown Hamilton with 20 house-brewed beers and seltzers on tap.

10 Narrow Path Brewing Company

106 Karl Brown Way, Loveland, Ohio 45140; 513-291-5503, narrowpathbrewing.com

Our mission is to craft excellent, approachable, inspiring and refreshing beer to quench a thirsty tongue and lift a weary soul.

11 N.E.W. Ales Brewing

1330 Manchester Ave., Middletown, Ohio 45042; 513-915-7023, newalesbrewing.com

A new brewery striving to make craft beer approachable and unique. Changing minds one beer at a time! R

12 Old Capitol Brewing

79 N. Paint St., Chillicothe, Ohio 45601; oldcapitolbrewing.com

Chillicothe’s first local brewery to open in nearly 70 years. Expect good times and great beer.

13 Scotty’s 22-Brew

246 Jefferson St., Greenfield, Ohio 45123; 317-756-8958, scottys22brew.com

Bringing people together with delicious beer and cider since February of 2022.

14 Sonder Brewing

8584 Duke Blvd., Mason, Ohio 45040; 513-779-2739, sonderbrewing.com

Uniquely crafted selection of styles and seasonals. Taproom and kitchen open daily. Groups welcome. R

15 Sons of Toil Brewing

14090 Klein Rd., Mount Orab, Ohio 45154; 513-473-7417, sonsoftoilbrewing.com

Nano brewery with 24 taps, 20 beers and four ciders. Good selection of styles. Farmers market April through October. R

16 Swine City Brewing

4614 Industry Dr., Fairfield, Ohio 45014; 513-201-7070, swinecitybrewing.com

Happy making beer, wine, seltzer and cider with a massive outdoor area. R

Sip in Sip in Stark County Stark County

17 Warped Wing Brewpub & Smokery – Mason

5650 Tylersville Rd., Mason, Ohio 45040; 937-222-7003, warpedwing.com

Brewpub featuring a smoked food menu, full bar and over 20 taps. R


1 13 Below Brewery

7391 Forbes Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45233; 513-975-0613, 13belowbrewery.com

Craft brews, seltzer and beertails you’ll love in Sayler Park on the Ohio River. Food by Incline Smoke Shack. R

2 Alcove by MadTree

1410 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-371-5700, madtree.com

An urban oasis kitchen and bar with farm-to-table foods, craft cocktails and a spacious outdoor patio. R

3 Bad Tom Smith Brewing

5900 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45227; 513-871-4677, badtomsmithbrewing.com

Speak-easy, brewery and beer garden with a great story, 18 craft beers, gourmet pizza, Bad Tom Smith bourbons and cocktails. R

4 Big Ash Brewing

5230 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230; 513-401-6868, bigashbrewing.com

Cincinnati’s first pour-your-own tap wall — 28 taps of Big Ash beer, a craft spirits bar, gourmet pizza and salads. R

28 OhioCraftBeer.org
R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned

5 Braxton Brewing – Cincinnati

331 E. 13th St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-918-4804, braxtonbrewing.com

Celebrating determination, knowledge and the humble pride we wave like a battle flag.


6 BrewDog Cincinnati

326 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-457-5287, brewdog.com/bars/cincinnati

Twenty-four taps of amazing BrewDog and guest beer. Full kitchen with burgers, wings, pizza and other sharable plates.


7 Brink Brewing Co.

5905 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45224; 513-882-3334, brinkbrewing.com

A craft brewery in Cincinnati’s College Hill neighborhood with handcrafted beers in a warm environment.

8 Cincinnati Beverage Company

513-719-6050, christianmoerlein.com

Home of Cincinnati’s iconic vintage beer brands located in a historic OTR brewery.

9 Dead Low Brewing

5959 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230; 513-800-1231, deadlowbrewing.com

Dead Low Brewing is a craft brewery with a proper kitchen and beer garden located in Cincinnati. R

10 Esoteric Brewing

918 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45206; 513-214-1987, esotericbrewing.com

Elevate your senses in a sophisticated brew lounge serving traditional beers. Asian and Black owned. R

11 Fibonacci Brewing Company

1445 Compton Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45231; 513-832-1422, fibbrew.com

Nanobrewery and urban farm with Airbnb. Sourced from local farms and ingredients grown on-site and foraged nearby.

12 Fifty West Brewing

7605 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227; 513-834-8789, fiftywestbrew.com

Come for our family-friendly burger bar, giant beer garden and volleyball and pickleball leagues. R

13 Fretboard Brewing Company

5800 Creek Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45242; 513-914-4677, fretboardbrewing.com

Live music venue and award-winning brewery, finely tuned in Blue Ash. #BrewsInTune. R

14 GlendAlehouse Brewery

310 E. Sharon Rd., Glendale, Ohio 45246; instagram.com/glendalehousebrewery

Our brewery is built in a house to make you feel like you are part of our family when you are here. R

15 Happy 2 Brewing Company

8289 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244; 513-474-3777, facebook.com/happy2brewing

Hand-crafted, incredibly small-batch beer using primarily locally sourced grains and other ingredients. R

16 Hi-Wire Brewing Cincinnati

4600 Beech St., Stes. 100 & 300, Norwood, Ohio 45212; 513-930-4050, hiwirebrewing.com/cincinnati

Family- and pet-friendly taproom with two bars, a patio, rooftop deck and 20 taps of award-winning beer at Factory 52 in Norwood.

17 HighGrain Brewing Co.

6860 Plainfield Rd., Silverton, Ohio 45236; 513-791-7000, highgrainbrewing.com

Cincinnati’s sustainable brewpub with European-inspired beers, featuring locally sourced food from a scratch kitchen. R

18 Humble Monk Brewing

1641 Blue Rock St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45233; 513-510-4615; humblemonkbrewing.com

Family-run with Belgian style influence as well as a depth of other styles that appeals to the adventurous palate.

19 Listermann Brewing

1621 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45207; 513-731-1130, listermannbrewing.com

Family-owned brewery, taproom and home brew supply store. R

20 Little Miami Brewing Company 208 Mill St., Milford, Ohio 45150; 513-713-1121, littlemiamibrewing.com

A great riverside taproom with great beers. R

21 MadTree

3301 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45209; 513-836-8733, madtree.com

A spacious indoor and outdoor taproom with a wide selection of draft beer, cocktails, wine and more along with wood-fired pizza. R

22 March First Brewing and Distilling

7885 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45249; 513-718-9173, marchfirstbrewing.com

Cincinnati’s only brewery, cidery and distillery located in Sycamore Township. Ohio’s most drinkable craft beer. R

23 Moerlein Lager House

Restaurant & Brewery

115 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-421-2337, moerleinlagerhouse.com

Celebrating Cincinnati’s brewing heritage with freshly brewed craft beers adjacent to Great American Ball Park. R

24 MPH Brewing

7880 Remington Rd., Montgomery, Ohio 45242; 513-873-2846, mphbrew.com

We strive to offer an enticing selection of classic, seasonal and creative brews along with woodfired pizzas. R

25 Nine Giant Brewing

6095 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45213; 513-366-4550, ninegiant.com

Artisan craft beer and scratch-made eats. R

26 North High Brewing – Kenwood 7875 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45236; 513-936-2350, northhighbrewing.com

North High’s elevated brewpub in Kenwood featuring limited beers, small plates and hand-crafted cocktails. R

27 Northern Row Brewery & Distillery

111 W. McMicken Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-620-8302, northernrow.com

Situated in a pre-Prohibition brewery in OTR, we offer a unique setting to enjoy traditional lagers, craft spirits and food. R

28 Rhinegeist

1910 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-381-1367, rhinegeist.com

We believe in the power of beer to bring great people together, foment fantastic ideas and build a community. R

SAT.AUG.12 2023 6-10PM OHIO ON TAP 29

29 Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom

1727 Logan St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-412-3300, samadamscincy.com

Serving fan favorites and experimental styles brewed exclusively on-site and at our Cincinnati brewery.

30 Streetside Brewery

4003 Eastern Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45226; 513-615-5877, streetsidebrewery.com

Brewery in Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood focusing on NEIPAs, fruited sours and barrel aged beers. R

31 Taft’s Ale House

1429 Race St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-334-1393, taftsbeer.com

A craft brewery serving flavorful libations and fare since 2015. R

32 Taft’s Brewpourium

4831 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45232; 513-853-5021, taftsbeer.com

Local brewery serving up New Havenstyle apizza with 15–20 beers on draft. R

33 Third Eye Brewing Company

11276 Chester Rd., Sharonville, Ohio 45246; 513-771-2739, thirdeyebrewingco.com

We believe in helping everyone open their “mind’s eye” to a world of new possibilities, one pint at a time. R

34 Urban Artifact 1660 Blue Rock St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45223; 513-542-4222, urban-artifact.com

A Cincinnati brewery dedicated to producing award-winning fruit tarts using real fruit and the finest ingredients.

35 West Side Brewing 3044 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45211; 513-661-2337, westsidebrewing.com

We aim to brew traditional beer styles exceptionally well.

36 Wiedemann’s Fine Beer 4811 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45217; 513-482-6970, wiedemannsfinebeer.com

Brewery, taproom and outside seating with a full kitchen and bar serving wine, liquor and our fine craft beers. R

37 Woodburn Brewing

2800 Woodburn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45206; 513-221-2041, woodburnbrewing.com

We look to the phoenix as inspiration, symbolizing the rebirth of Cincinnati’s brewing legacy over the last 100 years. R


1 Alematic Artisan Ales

6182 Chambersburg Rd., Huber Heights, Ohio 45424; 937-813-8901, alematicbrewing.com

Artistically relevant, culturally unique and socially aware neighborhood brewery. Craft. Culture. Community. R

2 Bock Family Brewing

8150 Washington Village Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45458; 937-813-2000, bockfamilybrewing.com

Crafting a family one brew at a time. Craft beer, wine, liquor, games, live music, trivia and food trucks.

3 Branch & Bone Artisan Ales

905 Wayne Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45410; 937-723-7608, branchandboneales.com

An independent brewery in Historic South Park. Constantly striving for perfection through exploration.

4 Bushrod Brew Works

117 E. Main St., Eaton, Ohio 45320; 937-336-5059, bushrodbrewworks.net

First brewery in Preble County. Good craft beer in a family friendly atmosphere. R

5 Carillon Brewing Company

1000 Carillon Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45409; 937-910-0722, carillonbrewingco.org

USA’s first production brewery in a museum. Brewpub set in 1850’s Dayton using historical equipment and methods. R

6 Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

– Springboro

760 N. Main St., Springboro, Ohio 45066; 937-790-3450, crookedhandle.com

Springboro’s first brewpub offering a scratch kitchen, 14 taps and a premium selection of wine, cider, spirits and cocktails. R

7 Crooked Handle Brewing Co. – Piqua 123 N. Main St., Piqua, Ohio 45356; 937-615-6076, crookedhandle.com

Piqua brewpub with a warehouse-style beer hall, event space and outdoor biergarten overlooking Lock 9 Park. R

8 The Dayton Beer Company

41 Madison St., Dayton, Ohio 45402; 937-228-2337, thedaytonbeerco.com

Brewery, biergarten and pub featuring 36 taps of all-Ohio beer. R

9 Devil Wind Brewing

130 S. Detroit St., Xenia, Ohio 45385; 937-919-6417, devilwindbrewing.com

Taproom in downtown Xenia focused on classic beer styles. Live music and events throughout the week.

10 Eudora Brewing Company

3022 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio 45429; eudorabrewing.com

Brewery, pub and customer brewing facility serving upscale pub fare and award-winning beers. R

11 Fifth Street Brewpub

1600 E. Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio 45403; 937-443-0919, fifthstreetbrewpub.com

Ohio’s first co-op brewpub in historic St. Anne’s Hill. Come enjoy our stellar beer, food and timeless vibe! R

12 The Florentine Restaurant and Brewery

21 W. Market St., Germantown, Ohio 45327; 937-855-7759, florentinerestaurant.com

Microbrewery in a 200-year-old restaurant. Sixteen rotating taps with a mix of locals and the best of Florentine’s. R

13 Hairless Hare Brewery

738 W. National Rd., Vandalia, Ohio 45377; 937-387-6476, hairlessharebrewery.com

Serving the Dayton area since 2013. Eight house-brewed beers on tap, hand-tossed pizzas and more. R

brewery and
brewery www.maizevalley.com • open monday-saturday
and craft
30 OhioCraftBeer.org
winery and craft brewery
R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned

14 Heavier Than Air Brewing Co

497 Miamisburg Centerville Rd., Centerville, Ohio 45459; 937-979-4449, heavierthanairbrewing.com

Aviation-themed Dayton brewery making beer inspired by mankind’s courageous attempts to conquer the air and beyond.

15 Indian Lake Brewing Company

184 W. Main St., Russells Point, Ohio 43348; 937-633-0008, indianlakebrewing.com

Family- and pet-friendly brewery serving up locally crafted beer, wine, cider and seltzer. Outdoor seating in our spacious beer garden.

16 Little Fish Brewing Co.

116 Webster St., Dayton, Ohio 45402; 937-949-3055, littlefishbrewing.com

Enjoy award-winning beer and food at our taproom and beer garden. R

17 Lock 27 Brewing – Centerville

1035 S. Main St., Centerville, Ohio 45458; 937-433-2739, lock27brewing.com

Authentic Ohio brewpub, serving house ales and a market fresh gastropub menu alongside guest brews, wine and cocktails.


18 Lock 27 Brewing – Dayton

329 E. First St., Dayton, Ohio 45402; 937-433-2739, lock27brewing.com

Authentic Ohio brewpub, serving house ales, guest brews, wine and craft cocktails with market fresh gastropub fare. R

19 Loose Ends Brewing

890 S. Main St., Centerville, Ohio 45458; 937-723-6328, looseendsbrewing.com

Brewpub and scratch kitchen with house-made craft beer, plus wine, cider, kombucha and cocktails. R

20 Moeller Brew Barn – Dayton 416 E. First St., Dayton, Ohio 45402; 937-813-8237, moellerbrewbarn.com

Moeller Brew Barn was built because we believe everyone should have a choice to enjoy fresh local craft beer. R

21 Moeller Brew Barn – Troy

214 W. Main St., Troy, Ohio 45373; 937-552-9430, moellerbrewbarn.com

Moeller Brew Barn was built because we believe everyone should have a choice to enjoy fresh, local craft beer. R

22 Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company

109 W. North St., Springfield, Ohio 45504; 937-717-0618, motherstewartsbrewing.com

A family-owned production brewery with a taproom and large outdoor beer garden in downtown Springfield.

23 North High Brewing – Springfield

101 S. Fountain St., Springfield, Ohio 45502; northhighbrewing.com/springfield

Taproom in the historic Myers Market building with 14 beers on draft. R

24 Nowhere in Particular Cabinet of Curiosities

4716 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio 45440; 937-999-4133, nipcoc.com

Serving aggressively experimental brews in a range of styles from esteemed brewer Charles Navillus.

25 Pinups and Pints

10963 Lower Valley Pike, Medway, Ohio 45341; 937-849-1400, pinupsandpints.com

World’s first and only strip club brewpub. R

26 Roundhouse Depot Brewing Co. 217 W. Chillicothe Ave., Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311; 540-323-1295, roundhousedepotbrewing.com

First ever brewery in Bellefontaine representing the rich history of the railroad in Logan County. R

27 Southern Ohio Brewing

818 Factory Rd., Beavercreek, Ohio 45434; 937-705-6690, southernohiobrewing.com

Classic and contemporary beer styles at our 80-seat tap room along the bike path in Beavercreek. R

28 Star City Brewing Company

319 S. Second St., Miamisburg, Ohio 45342; 937-701-7827, starcitybrewing.com

Craft brewery in “Star City” Miamisburg at the Peerless Mill Inn producing highquality beer for craft enthusiasts.

29 Sugarcreek Brewing Company

26 E. Franklin St., Bellbrook, Ohio 45305; sugarcreekbrewingcompany.net

Beer tastes better in The Brook.

30 Toxic Brew Company

431 E. Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio 45402; 937-985-3618, toxicbrewcompany.com

This easygoing, exposed-brick haunt pours house-brewed Bavarian, Belgian and American-style beers.

31 Trail Town Brewing

101 Corry St., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387; 937-319-0489, trailtownbrewingys.com

Brewpub and cantina in downtown Yellow Springs. House-made beers and guest taps paired with food from Miguel’s Tacos. R

32 Urbana Brewing Company

35 Monument Square, Urbana, Ohio 43078; 937-508-4340, urbanabrewingco.com

We provide on-site brewing, modest meal options and a rooftop lawn for summer events. R

33 Wandering Griffin Brewery & Pub

3725 Presidential Dr., Beavercreek, Ohio 45324; 937-369-0058, wanderinggriffin.com

Brewery and pub with 20+ taps, full menu, indoor and outdoor seating, and private event space. Near WPAFB, WSU and Nutter Center. R

34 Warped Wing Barrel Room & Smokery – Springboro

25 Wright Station Way, Springboro, Ohio 45066; 937-222-7003, warpedwing.com

A unique barrel-aged facility, taproom, eatery and test pilot brewery. R

35 Warped Wing Brewery & Smokery – Huber Heights

6602 Executive Blvd., Huber Heights, Ohio 45424; 937-222-7003, warpedwing.com

Our new taproom and smokery-inspired restaurant in Huber Heights! R

36 Warped Wing Brewing Company – Dayton

26 Wyandot St., Dayton, Ohio 45402; 937-222-7003, warpedwing.com

Inspired by Dayton’s history, we brew a variety of beer and offer food made from scratch. R

37 Yellow Springs Brewery

305 N. Walnut St., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387; 937-767-0222, yellowspringsbrewery.com

Family-friendly taproom and beer garden located on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.


38 Yellow Springs Brewery

Barrel Room

1475 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387; 937-319-6024, yellowspringsbrewery.com

Private taproom rental space within a mixed fermentation production facility.


1 1820 BrewWerks

105 W. Main St., Kalida, Ohio 45853; 419-532-2828, 1820brewwerks.com

Regional brewery sourcing local grains and hops to make traditional styles of beer with a few twists added in. R

2 4kd Crick Brewery

211 Carpenter Rd., Defiance, Ohio 43512; 419-576-5822, 4kdcrickbrewery.com

3.5-barrel brewhouse and taproom at the Eagle Rock Golf Club. Come share a pint of the freshest beer in town. R

3 60cc Brewing

2113 N. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43615; 60ccbrewing.com

Offering 10 rotating taps and an experimental tap. Pet and family friendly.

4 Aistear Brewing

1037 N. Main St., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402; 419-819-4704, aistear-brewing.square.site

Fantasy and Celtic themed brewery with emphasis on board and table-top gaming fun.

5 American Brewery

15119 U.S. Rte. 20A, Wauseon, Ohio 43567; 419-212-1014, americanwineryohio.com

Ten beers on tap ranging from light to IPA to stout to porter. All beers are proudly made on site. R

6 Arlyn’s Good Beer

520 Hankey Ave., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402; 419-819-4426, facebook.com/ arlyns-good-beer-541498729668983

We brew traditional lagers and ales. Located just three blocks from downtown BG with a large beer garden.

7 Bear Vine Winery and Brewery

15617 St. Rte. 273, Ridgeway, Ohio 43345; 937-363-2662, instagram.com/bear.vine.beerandwine

We are in a country setting offering food trucks every other weekend. Check website for hours and dates.

8 Black Frog Brewery

831 S. McCord Rd., Holland, Ohio 43528; 567-318-4672, blackfrogbrewery.com

Owned by a Toledo native and 10-year veteran of the U.S. Army. We believe beer drinkers deserve a quality product.

9 Brewing Green

322 N. Grove St., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402; facebook.com/brewgreenohio

Bowling Green’s newest brewery serving best-in-style IPAs, seltzers, cider, wine and more. R

10 Buffalo Rock Brewing Company

345 Anthony Wayne Trail, Waterville, Ohio 43566; 567-952-0392, buffalorockbrewing.com Brewery and taproom with patios, live music and food trucks.

11 Drop Tine Winery and Tap House

311 W. Main St., Montpelier, Ohio 43543; 418-216-5175, drop-tine-wineryand-tap-house.business.site

Full-service restaurant with brewery.

12 Earnest Brew Works

4342 S. Detroit Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43614; 419-318-8344, earnestbrewworks.com Brewer-owned brewery on a mission to brew great beers for our community’s enjoyment.

13 Earnest Brew Works Downtown

25 S. St. Clair St., Toledo, Ohio 43614; 419-318-8344, earnestbrewworks.com

A block from the Toledo Mud Hens field. With 12 beers on tap, there is a style for everyone.

14 False Chord Brewing Co.

326 S. Main St., Findlay, Ohio 45840; 567-301-2604, falsechordbrewing.com Brewing high-quality ales and providing an alternative atmosphere for our local beer culture.

15 Findlay Brewing Company

213 E. Crawford St., Findlay, Ohio 45840; 419-419-BREW, findlaybrewing.com Downtown Findlay taproom featuring 24 taps complemented by food, wine, cocktails, outdoor seating and fun events.

16 Findlay Crafted Nano Brewery

1016 Tiffin Ave., Findlay, Ohio 45840; 419-889-2722, craftedfbc.business.site

Focused on the art of beer making — brewing 15 gallons at a time.

17 Gongoozlers Brewery

629 W. Monroe St., New Bremen, Ohio 45869; 419-733-2320, gongoozlersbrewery.com

One place where many Gongoozlers can gather.

18 Great Black Swamp Brewing Co. 2250 Tedrow Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43614; 567-246-2115, greatblackswampbrewing.com

Born in Toledo, brewed in Toledo. Raise a pint to our new taproom and beer garden patio opened in 2022.

19 Heavy Beer Company 1301 N. Summit St., Toledo, Ohio 43604; 419-662-9521, heavy.beer

Heavy creates fantastic beers and experiences that improve communities and promote an active and engaged life. R

20 Heavy Wheelhouse

3520 Waterville-Swanton Rd., Swanton, Ohio 43558; heavy.beer Located inside Oak Openings Metropark, Heavy Wheelhouse offers craft beers with a great view!

21 Inside the Five Brewing Co. – Perrysburg

127 W. Third St., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551; 419-931-0707, insidethefivebrewing.com

Full-service brewpub with 18 beers on tap, a full bar and full kitchen. R

PHOTO CREDIT Taproom open seven days a week 20 High Street | Hamilton, Ohio MunicipalBrewWorks.com 513.642.2424 Craft Brewery • Food Trucks Live Music • Outdoor Patio Family & Pet Friendly 32 OhioCraftBeer.org
R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned

22 Inside the Five Brewing Co.

– Sylvania

5703 Main St., Sylvania, Ohio 43560; 567-408-7212, insidethefivebrewing.com

Full-service brewpub with 18 beers on tap, a full bar and full kitchen. R

23 Juniper Brewing Company

145 S. Main St., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402; 419-819-4935, juniperbrew.com

Our vision is a place where all are welcome to be, meet, enjoy, inspire with great coffee and beer! R

24 Lake Rat Brewing

108 S. Main St., Celina, Ohio 45822; 419-584-1705, lakeratbrewing.com

Craft brewery in downtown Celina near Grand Lake St. Mary’s. Tap Room located in Brew Nation. R

25 Maumee Bay Brewing Company

27 Broadway St., Toledo, Ohio 43604; 419-243-1302, mbaybrew.com

Great brews, wood-fired pizza, courtyard seating and river views in an 1859 hotel! R

26 Moeller Brew Barn

8016 Marion Dr., Maria Stein, Ohio 45860; 419-925-3005, moellerbrewbarn.com

Moeller Brew Barn was built because we believe everyone should have a choice to enjoy fresh, local craft beer. R

27 Neon Groundhog Brewery

13554 Mohler Rd., Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522; 419-875-6474, majesticoakwinery.com

Neon Groundhog Brewery is located at Majestic Oak Winery. Room to roam and enjoy a pint.

28 Oncore Brewing 14249 Airport Hwy., Ste. #1, Swanton, Ohio 43558; 419-402-4103, oncorebrewing.com

Brewer-owned with beers and ciders for all walks of life to enjoy in an inviting atmosphere.

29 Outskirts Brew Co.

2412 Cable Ct., Lima, Ohio 45805; 419-221-1010, outskirtsbrewco.com

Lima’s first brewery since Prohibition. Good food, lively beer garden and alluring cocktail lounge. R

30 Quenched & Tempered Brewing Co. 1210 Jackson St., Toledo, Ohio 43604; 419-469-2277, quenchedandtempered.com

Forged on the audacious belief that quality and authenticity craft a thriving community. R

31 Ramblin’ Red’s Brewing Co. 1493 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, Ohio 43567; 419-335-2000, redrambler.com

Ten taps brewed on-site with a variety of styles to win over craft beer enthusiasts. Located in Red Rambler Coffees.

32 Second Crossing Brew Co.

142 N. Main St., Rockford, Ohio 45882; 419-305-0150, facebook.com/secondcrossing

Nineteen beers on tap with a Main Street patio and outdoor seating in back.

33 Tailspin Brewing Co.

626 S. Second St., Coldwater, Ohio 45828; 419-763-4222, tailspinbrewing.co

A veteran-owned craft brewery bringing craft beer to the Midwest!

34 Two Bandits Brewing Co.

106 E. High St., Hicksville, Ohio 43526; 419-542-1087, twobanditsbrewing.com

Craft. Passion. Quality. A great place to enjoy dynamite craft beer and tasty pub favorites. R

35 Upside Brewing

5692 Main St., Sylvania, Ohio 43560; 419-882-6061, jandgpizzapalace.com

Craft brews for enthusiasts of outstanding, unpretentious beer that are adventurous in exploring a range of styles. R


1 1803 Brewery & Taproom

123 Harding Way E., Galion, Ohio 44833; 567-393-9394, 1803brewing.com

A small, cozy, family-friendly brewery Galion’s first brewery in 100 years.

2 Arrogant Goat Brewing

125A E. Rensselaer St., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820; arrogant-goat-brewing.square.site

A Bucyrus nanobrewery offering guests six beer selections in a 15-person tasting room.

3 Bait House Brewery

225 Meigs St., Sandusky, Ohio 44870; 419-502-HOPS; baithousebrewery.com

An old landmark bait shop, Bait House Brewery’s “shack-by-the-sea” atmosphere, craft beer and fantastic food delight all! R

4 Carey Brewing Station

300 E. Findlay St., Carey, Ohio 43316; 419-396-5375, careybrewingstation.com

We utilize regional agriculture by brewing all our beers with Ohio hops and malting barley. R

5 CLAG Brewing

216 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio 44870; 419-502-0099, clagbrewingco.com

Owned by the same family that owns Small City Taphouse, one of Ohio’s premier craft beer bars. R

6 Dalton Union Winery & Brewery

21100 Shirk Rd., Marysville, Ohio 43040; 937-645-5889, daltonunion.com

Central Ohio’s hidden gem! Thirty taps of handcrafted goodness. Live music, food trucks, on-site Airbnb and so much more.

7 Happy Street Brü-Werks

209 S. Gay St., Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050; 740-392-5800, happystreet.beer

Small batch, grain-to-glass, family-owned brewery with food truck and patio. R

8 Henmick Farm & Brewery

4380 N. Old State Rd., Delaware, Ohio 43015; henmick.com

Find diverse beers on a 100-plus-year-old family farm with large indoor and outdoor spaces.

9 Hoof Hearted Brewing

300 Co. Rd. 26, Marengo, Ohio 43334; 567-233-3115, hoofheartedbrewing.com

Craft beer with the subtlety of David Lee Roth in bunless chaps.

1000 Carillon Blvd. Dayton, Ohio • 937-910-0722 Carillon Historical Park Premium Ales Beer Garden Hearty Fare Historic Brewing OHIO ON TAP 33

10 The Laird Arcade Brewery – The LAB

114 S. Washington St., Ste. D, Tiffin, Ohio 44883; 419-455-1711, thelairdarcadebrewery.com

Grab a taste of Tiffin at its first brewery since Prohibition.

11 Laxton Hollow Brewing Works

302 E. Main St., Lexington, Ohio 44904; 419-884-9463, laxtonhollow.com Ohio’s only cask-exclusive brewery. Operating as a nanobrewery, we focus on hand-pulled British styles. R

12 Marion Brewing Co.

151 S. Main St., Marion, Ohio 43302; marionbrewing.com

Brewery and taproom with a rotating draft list. Good beer, local!

13 Muffleheads Brewing Co. 4931 Fitchville River Rd., Wakeman, Ohio 44889; 440-213-0859, muffleheadsbrewery.com

We aim to be your respite away from city life by introducing you to the party side of country brewing.

14 Old Dog Alehouse & Brewery

13 W. William St., Delaware, Ohio 43015; 740-990-4506, olddogalehouse.com

We focus our recipes on beer-forward profiles with simple, quality ingredients that let the brews speak for themselves. R

15 The Phoenix Brewing Company

131 N. Diamond St., Mansfield, Ohio 44902; 419-522-2552, phoenixbrewing.com

Handcrafted beers, Ohio wine and spirits. Inviting taproom in a 109-year-old former mortuary. Outdoor spaces, live music and food trucks. R

16 Restoration Brew Worx

25 N. Sandusky St., Delaware, Ohio 43015; 740-990-7120, restorationbrewworx.com

Casual brewpub with a from-scratch kitchen. R

17 Rhetoric Brewing Company

25420 Claibourne Rd., Ste. A, Richwood, Ohio 43344; 614-400-7588, rhetoricbrewingco.com

Located just minutes from Marysville in rural Union County, we specialize in small-batch craft beer, wine, cider and mead.

18 Saucy Brew Works Sandusky

215 E. Water St., Sandusky, Ohio 44870; 567-290-2700, saucybrewworks.com/sandusky

Enjoy your favorite Saucy brews, coffee and a new elevated menu in downtown Sandusky. R

19 Staas Brewing Company

31 W. Winter St., Delaware, Ohio 43015; 740-417-4690, staasbrewing.com

Small-batch brewpub with Belgian and English beer. Enjoy 12 taps and two English beer engines.

20 Twin Oast Brewing

3630 N.E. Catawba Rd., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452; 419-573-6126, twinoast.com

A farm-to-fermenter brewery located on our family’s 60-acre farm. R

21 Uniontown Brewing Co.

105 W. Main St., Ashland, Ohio 44805; 567-215-5019, uniontownbrewing.com

A brewpub in a 171-year-old building on Main Street in Ashland with 15 beers on tap and patio seating. R

22 The UrbanWoody Brewery

105 E. Tiffin St., Fostoria, Ohio 44830; 419-379-6015, theurbanwoody.com

Serving up all craft beer styles and wines that are made locally. Family- and veteranowned and operated.

23 Walking Distance Brewing Co.

222 E. 8th St., Marysville, Ohio 43040; 937-738-2647, walkingdistance.beer

Charming brewery in 151-year-old carriage shop within walking distance of uptown Marysville.


1 ‘77 Brew House

21 Canal St. W., Navarre, Ohio 44662; 234-410-4420, 77brewhouse.com

Three-barrel brew house with a tasting room and deck.

2 5 Barrel Bullet Brewing Company

1690 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663; 330-365-9034, 5barrelbullet.com

New Philadelphia’s first brewery in nearly a century located on Harry Clever Field. Beer styles to fit everyone’s tastes. R

3 Akronym Brewing

58 E. Market St., Akron, Ohio 44308; 330-805-4081, akronymbrewing.com

Family-friendly taproom and patio in Akron’s Historical Arts District. Open seven days/ week, offering lunch and dinner, craft beer and spirits. R

4 Akronym Public House

5121 Buehlers Dr., Medina, Ohio 44256; 330-952-1112, akronymbrewing.com

Bar and restaurant new to Medina with a family-friendly atmosphere. Open seven days/week for lunch and dinner, offering craft beer and spirits. R

5 Blue Heron Brewery

3227 Blue Heron Trace, Medina, Ohio 44256; 330-870-BLUE, blueheronmedina.com

Enjoy our fresh craft beer, an outdoor amphitheater, hiking trails and mountain bike trails through Austin Badger Park. R

6 The Brew Kettle – Hudson

11 Atterbury Blvd., Hudson, Ohio 44236; 234-284-2955, thebrewkettle.com/locations/hudson

Serving Brew Kettle beers and an array of local and national craft beers along with a barbecue/American classic menu. R

7 Brighten Brewing Company

1374 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd., Copley, Ohio 44321; 330-576-3200, brightenbrew.com

As our motto indicates – “Qualis in ebreitatem” – our goal is to give a quality experience every time. R

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY, OHIO To Malts and Hops at four distinctive local breweries and all your favorite adventures. Enjoy for yourself soon! BARS & BREWS Bolivar | Dover | New Philadelphia | Dennison traveltusc.com WELCOME 34 OhioCraftBeer.org
Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned

8 Codex Brewing

6305 Whipple Ave N.W., North Canton, Ohio 44720; 330-305-2721, codexbrewing.com

A variety of styles conscientiously crafted on site with something different each week on 16 rotating taps.

9 Eighty-Three Brewery

1201 E. Market St., Ste. 110, Akron, Ohio 44305; 234-571-1067, eighty-threebrewery.com

Craft brewery in a historic building in Akron. R

10 Fat Head’s Brewpub

3885 Everhard Rd. N.W., Canton, Ohio 44709; 330-244-8601, fatheads.com

Award-winning brewpub with 30 draft beers and a menu featuring smoke house wings and Headwiches. R

11 HiHO Brewing Co.

1707 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221; 234-334-7564, hihobrewingco.com

Spacious community taproom overlooking the Cuyahoga River. Enjoy 30 beers on tap and hand-tossed brick oven pizzas!

12 Holy Moley Brewing Company

306 Grant St., Dennison, Ohio 44621; 740-673-7007, holymoleybrewing.com

Centered in historic downtown “Dreamsville”

Dennison and housed within a beautiful 19th-century Methodist church.

13 Hoodletown Brewing Company

424 W. Third St., Dover, Ohio 44622; 330-447-9354, hoodletown.com

Locally owned brewery and taproom in Dover serving a variety of craft beers.

14 Hop Tree Brewing

1297 Hudson Gate Dr., Hudson, Ohio 44236; 330-342-0060, hoptreebrewing.com

Casual atmosphere, spacious taproom, full food menu and craft beer. Check out our website for weekly events. R

15 Hoppin’ Frog Brewery

1680 E. Waterloo Rd., Akron, Ohio 44306; 330-352-4578, hoppinfrog.com

Vast array of the highest quality beers on tap and to go, plus fun, adventurous dishes. Treat yourself to the good stuff!

16 Ignite Brewing Company

– Barberton

600 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton, Ohio 44203; 234-571-5289, ignite.beer

Making Beer Make a Difference®

17 JAFB Wooster Brewery

120 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio 44691; 330-601-1827, jafbbeer.com

A large taproom with a great atmosphere and award-winning beers. Bring your own food or check out our food truck schedule.

18 Lager Heads Brewing Co.

325 W. Smith Rd., Medina, Ohio 44256; 330-721-2337, lagerheads.us

Serving handcrafted lagers, ales and fresh pizza just off the historic Medina square.

19 Lock 15 Brewing Co.

21 W. North St., Akron, Ohio 44304; 234-900-8277, lock15brewing.com

Seven-barrel brewhouse, full bar and open expo-style kitchen in view of dining room along with covered dog-friendly patio.

20 Lockport Brewery

10748 Wilkshire Blvd. N.E., Bolivar, Ohio 44612; 330-874-6037, lockportbeer.com

Family-friendly taproom with 16 beers, full food menu, dog-friendly beer garden and deck overlooking the golf course!

21 MAD Brewing Company

333 Foundry St., Medina, Ohio 44256; 330-333-9000, madbrewingcompany.com

Offering 24 rotating taps of both housemade and independent craft brews. Stop in for beer, food and fun! R

22 Maize Valley Brewery

6193 Edison St. N.E., Hartville, Ohio 44632; 330-877-8344, maizevalley.com

A brewery and winery on a family farm.

23 McArthur’s Brew House

2721 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221; 330-805-4600, mcarthursbrewhouse.com

A nanobrewery located in Cuyahoga Falls. Our goal is to make high-quality craft beer! R

24 Medina Brewing Company

320 S. Court St., Medina, Ohio 44256; 330-952-1217, medinabrewingcompany.com

Family-owned brewery and taproom located in the historic Medina Farmer’s Exchange. R

25 Millersburg Brewing Company

60 E. Jackson St., Millersburg, Ohio 44654; 330-674-4728, millersburgbrewing.com

Twenty beers on tap, full service bar and dining. Located in historic downtown Millersburg. R

26 Missing Falls Brewery

540 S. Main St., Akron, Ohio 44311; 234-231-1000, missingfalls.com

Missing Falls welcomes craft beer lovers of all ages. R

27 Missing Mountain Brewing Company

2811 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221; 234-706-2212, missingmountain.com

Beer, food and Cuyahoga River views. We love Ohio, but all it’s missing is a mountain. R

28 Muskellunge Brewing Company

425 Fifth St. N.W., Canton, Ohio 44702; 513-802-3417, muskybrewco.com

Second craft brewery and homebrewing supply store in downtown Canton with 12 beers on tap. Bring your own food and cheers! R

29 New Berlin Brewing Company

1664 N. Main St., Stes. 13 & 14, North Canton, Ohio 44720; 330-526-6123, newberlinbrewingco.com Brewpub serving German pub food with great beers. R

30 Ohio Brewing Company

2250 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221; 234-208-6243, ohiobrewing.com

Award-winning brewpub producing an array of styles from German ales to Irish reds, stouts and lagers. R

31 Paradigm Shift Brewery

128 North Ave. N.E., Massillon, Ohio 44646; 330-880-0008, paradigmshiftbrew.com

A brewpub offering 18 beers on tap, growlers and crowlers to go and weekly food specials. R


32 R. Shea Brewing – Canal Place

540 S. Main St., Ste. 214, Akron, Ohio 44311; 234-571-5036, rsheabrewing.com

Craft brewery, taproom and restaurant located at Canal Place in downtown Akron. R

33 R. Shea Brewing – Merriman Valley

1662 Merriman Rd., Akron, Ohio 44313; 330-794-5654, rsheabrewing.com

Great food. Great beer. Great day. R

34 Royal Docks Brewing Co.

Foeder House + Kitchen

2668 Easton St. N.E., Canton, Ohio 44721; 330-353-9103, docks.beer

Taproom and kitchen in Plain Township focusing on wood-aged beers.


35 Royal Docks Brewing Co.

Taproom + Kitchen

7162 Fulton Dr. N.W., Canton, Ohio 44718; 330-353-9103, docks.beer

Award-winning brewery and kitchen fusing the craft renaissance with British pub culture. R

36 Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.

587 Grant St., Akron, Ohio 44311; 234-571-1456, thirstydog.com

Founded in 1997 in the former Burkhardt Brewery. Visit our taphouse with 18 taps and two beer engines. R

37 Two Monks Brewing Company

352 Massillon Rd., Akron, Ohio 44312; 234-738-2337, 2monksbru.com

Traditional brewed European beers. Craft beer for the masses. R

38 UnHitched Brewing Co.

115 S. Mill St., Louisville, Ohio 44641; 330-871-8021, unhitched.beer

We offer 16 taps of fresh beer, a small rotation of cocktails/wine and a chef-driven food menu. R

39 Wadsworth Brewing Company

126 Main St., Wadsworth, Ohio 44281; 330-475-4935, wadsworthbrewingcompany.com

We produce small-batch craft beer with a cozy downtown taproom. R

40 Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

23631 Township Rd. 167, Fresno, Ohio 43824; 740-693-5050, woolypigfarmbrewery.com

On an active farm in rural Ohio, Wooly Pig Farm Brewery specializes in lagers, both classic German styles and American variations.

41 Wrecking Crew Brew Works

144 N. Court St., Medina, Ohio 44256; 330-952-1480, wreckingcrewbrewworks.com

Punk rock brewery in the heart of historic Medina. Constantly rotating beers, great music and better people.


1 Avon Brewing Company 37040 Detroit Rd., Avon, Ohio 44011; 440-937-1816, avonbrewingcompany.com

Our mission is to create unrivaled, handcrafted beer with an emphasis on fresh, local, casual dining traditions and impeccable service. R

2 Bascule Brewery and Public House

1397 Colorado Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44052; 440-317-0944, basculebrewery.com Where history, culture and industry come together. R

3 Blue Monkey Brewing Company

5540 Wallings Rd., North Royalton, Ohio 44133; 440-628-9152, bluemonkeybrewing.com

Family-owned, family-friendly, small-batch brewery.

4 Bookhouse Brewing 1526 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-862-4048, bookhouse.beer

Small brewery and taproom offering innovative and approachable beers in a cozy, historic space.

5 Boss Dog Brewing Co. 2179 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118; 216-321-2337, bossdogbrewing.com

Created by two brothers, this locally sourced, full-service restaurant and brewery is a Cleveland original. R

6 The Brew Kettle – Amherst 300 Church St., Amherst, Ohio 44001; 440-984-2739, thebrewkettle.com

Come to the Brew Kettle and get the finest craft brew and barbecue in Ohio! Over 39 craft beers on tap. R

7 The Brew Kettle – Strongsville 8377 Pearl Rd., Strongsville, Ohio 44136; 440-239-8788, thebrewkettle.com

Award-winning beers served alongside barbecue. R

8 BrewDog Cleveland Outpost 1956 Carter Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-367-2494, brewdog.com/usa/cleveland BrewDog comes to the Flats with this 30-tap bar pouring craft beer from ourselves, local and worldwide craft breweries. R

9 Brick and Barrel Brewery 1844 Columbus Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-331-3308, facebook.com/brickandbarrel Taphouse offering house-brewed ales and wine in a cozy space with beercentric decor.

10 Broadview Brewing Company 4001-A Towpath Rd., Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147; 440-627-6017, broadviewbrewingcompany.com

Family-owned with a beer menu reflecting the name, plus smoothie seltzers!

11 Butcher and the Brewer 2043 E. Fourth St., Cleveland, Ohio 44115; 216-331-0805, butcherandthebrewer.com

Serving eclectic small plates and handbuilt brews using quality ingredients and modern techniques. R

Voted3 Best
Bar -in ohio211 SOUTH MAIN STREET • BELLEFONTAINE, OH 36 OhioCraftBeer.org
R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned

12 Collision Bend Brewing Company

1250 Old River Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-273-7879, collisionbendbrewery.com

Located on the East Bank of the Flats, this brewpub features house beers with the best views in town. R

13 Cornerstone Brewing Co.

58 Front St., Berea, Ohio 44017; 440-239-9820, cornerstonebrewing.com

Brewpub with a lineup of house drafts and a large, varied menu including pizza, burgers and sandwiches. R

14 Crooked Pecker Brewing Company

8284 Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023; 440-384-3452, crookedpeckerbrewing.com

Taproom, beer garden and brewery offering a rotating draft list, specializing in hazy IPAs and stouts.

15 ESP Brewing Company

8055 Leavitt Rd. (St. Rte. 58), Amherst, Ohio 44001; 440-370-3063, espbrewingco.com

Homemade brews, small plates, outdoor patio and friendly atmosphere. R

16 Fat Head’s Brewery & Beer Hall

17450 Engle Lake Dr., Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130; 216-898-0242, fatheads.com

Airy, industrial-style brewery with lots of pub grub and craft draft beer, including seasonal options. R

17 Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

24581 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted, Ohio 44070; 440-801-1001, fatheads.com

Award-winning brewpub with 40 draft beers and a full menu featuring smoke house wings and Headwiches. R

18 Forest City Brewery

2135 Columbus Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-228-9116, forestcitybrewery.com

Where old meets brew. European classics and new-age American-style beers. R

19 The Franklin Brewing Company

516 Main St., Grafton, Ohio 44044; 440-406-2459, franklinbrewing.co

Franklin Brewing is a small craft brewery located in Grafton specializing in smallbatch ales.

20 Ghost Tree Brewing

223 Church St., Amherst, Ohio 44001; 440-984-3103, ghosttreebrewing.com

We are Amherst’s first brewery. Not only brewing handcrafted beers, but also creating lasting relationships in the community. R

21 Goldhorn Brewery

1361 E. 55th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44103; 216-465-1352, goldhornbrewery.com

We believe beer is more than just a beverage. It’s a shared experience between brewer, buyer and community. R

22 Great Lakes Brewing Co.

2516 Market Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-771-4404, greatlakesbrewing.com

Ohio’s original craft brewery, independent and employee-owned. Enjoy year-round, seasonal and pub-exclusive beers and bites in our historic brewpub. R

23 Hofbräuhaus Cleveland

1550 Chester Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44114; 216-621-2337, hofbrauhauscleveland.com

German microbrewery, bier hall, restaurant and bier garden replicating Munich’s 400-year-old Hofbräuhaus. R

24 Hop Brothers Brewing

32650 Lorain Rd., North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039; 440-281-9353, hopbrothersbrewing.com

A love of beer-making and decades of experience in craft brewing led us to create a new destination to eat, drink and make great memories. R

25 Hoppy Dude Brews

1369 Ridge Rd., Hinckley, Ohio 44233; 330-278-1072, hoppydudebrews.com

Small brewery serving our own craft brews. We offer a wide selection with 14 beers always on tap.

26 Ignite Brewing Company

– Brunswick

1255 N. Carpenter Rd., Ste. 100, Brunswick, Ohio 44212; ignite.beer Making Beer Make A Difference® R

27 Immigrant Son Brewery

18120 Sloane Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107; 216-600-4483, immigrantsonbrewing.com

We celebrate the world around us with our beer and food. We want to share it with you. R

28 The Jolly Scholar

11111 Euclid Ave., Thwing Center, Cleveland, Ohio 44106; 216-368-0090, thejollyscholar.com

Laid-back bar and kitchen on campus pairing a selection of pub grub with house brews and more. R

29 Market Garden Brewery

1849 W. 24th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-373-0700, marketgardenbrewery.com

Buy MGB/CLE merch and attend a guided or self-guided tour of our 35,000-sq.-ft. brewery.

30 Market Garden Brewpub

1947 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-621-4000, marketgardenbrewery.com

Brewing a deep line-up of award-winning beers. R

31 Masthead Brewing Co.

1261 Superior Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44114; 216-206-6176, mastheadbrewingco.com

Spacious, award-winning brewery in downtown Cleveland offering many house-made beers, wood-fired pizza and a dog-friendly patio. R

32 Nano Brew Cleveland

1859 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-862-6631, nanobrewcleveland.com

A bicycle-friendly, neighborhood brewpub located in the beer district of Ohio City in Cleveland. R

33 Noble Beast Brewing Company

1470 Lakeside Ave. E., Cleveland, Ohio 44114; 216-417-8588, noblebeastbeer.com

Carefully crafted beers and true farmto-table food in a converted warehouse. R

A weekly email newsletter featuring Ohio chefs, food, drink, produce and more! Sign up today! OhioMagazine.com/newsletters HEAD OUR WAY! AWARD-WINN I N G BEER. HANDCRAFTED FOOD . north olmsted, oh canton, oh middleburg hts, oh OHIO ON TAP 37

34 North High Brewing – Ohio City

2814 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-800-4900, northhighbrewing.com

North High’s first Cleveland brewpub in the heart of Ohio City. R

35 Railroad Brewing Company

1010 Center Rd., Avon, Ohio 44011; 440-723-8234, railroadbrewingcompany.com

A small 10-bbl brewery and taproom bringing fresh, local craft beer to our community.

36 Railroad Brewing Company

– Center Station

820 Center Rd., Avon, Ohio 44011; 440-723-8234, railroadbrewingcompany.com

Our taproom and galley offers delicious craft beer and food. R

37 Red Wagon Brewing/

Four Paws Brewing

16081 E. River Rd., Columbia Station, Ohio 44028; 440-236-3007, redwagonfarm.com/ red-wagon-brewing-company

Craft beer brewed on the farm featuring the traditional styles of Red Wagon and funky flavors of Four Paws.

38 Rocky River Brewing Co.

21290 Center Ridge Rd., Rocky River, Ohio 44116; 440-895-2739, rockyriverbrewco.com

One of Cleveland’s oldest brewpubs. R

39 Saucy Brew Works

2885 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44113; 216-666-2568, saucybrewworks.com

Founded in 2017, Saucy Brew Works is a Cleveland-based brewery serving a range of high-quality craft beer. R

40 Saucy Brew Works – Pinecrest

400 Park Ave., Ste. 170, Orange Village, Ohio 44122; 216-293-7773, saucybrewworks.com/pinecrest

Your one-stop shop to start your day with coffee and end with Ohio craft beer and apizza. R

41 Schnitz Ale Brewery

5729 Pearl Rd., Parma, Ohio 44129; 440-340-4353, schnitzalebrewery.com

Parma’s first brewery. We specialize in classic German styles with a smokehouse and scratch kitchen. R

42 Sibling Revelry Brewing

29305 Clemens Rd., Westlake, Ohio 44145; 440-471-8589, siblingrevelrybrewing.com

Full-service taproom and restaurant offering year-round brews, seasonal varieties and taproom exclusives. R

43 Southern Tier Brewing Company

– Downtown Cleveland

811 Prospect Ave. E., Cleveland, Ohio 44115; 440-484-4045, stbcbeer.com/taprooms/cleveland

Full-service taproom with 30 taps featuring CLE Brew’d beers and national favorites. R

44 Terrestrial Brewing Company

7524 Father Frascati Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 44102; 216-465-9999, terrestrialbrewing.com

Industrial-chic brewery and taproom with plenty of patio seating offering adventurous house beers. R

45 Unplugged Brewing Company

201 E. Bridge St., Elyria, Ohio 44035; 440-345-6972, unplugbrew.com

Helping you unplug from the stresses of everyday life by providing a place where you can relax and drink beer.

46 Working Class Brewery

17448 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44111; 216-544-8703, workingclassbrewery.com

Producing all styles of craft beer. We’re sure to have something you like. R

47 ZZ’s Big Top

35015 Detroit Rd., Avon, Ohio 44011; 440-695-0536, zzsbigtop.com

Warm and cozy neighborhood tavern with tremendous food and family service. Cleveland Magazine rated “Best Roadhouse.” R


1 2 Tones Brewing Co.

4539 E. Broad St., Whitehall, Ohio 43213; 614-762-6281, 2tonesbrewingco.com

We offer 14 taps in a variety of styles, with an emphasis on hop-forward ales.

2 1487 Brewery

7620 Industrial Pkwy., Plain City, Ohio 43064; 614-536-1487, 1487brewery.com

Recreating the German brewpub with a scratch kitchen, biergarten and taproom. Fun for the entire family. R

3 Antiques On High

714 S. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43206; 614-725-2070, antiquesonhigh.com

Producing sour and wild beers, hazy, hoppy IPAs and pale ales.

4 Barley’s Brewing Company

467 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-228-2537, barleysbrewing.com

Columbus’ oldest operating brewpub, featuring a full menu, banquet room and vintage arcade space. R

5 The Brew Brothers at Scioto Downs

6000 S. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43207; 614-295-4700, caesars.com/scioto-downs/ restaurants/brew-brothers

State-of-the-art brewery with awardwinning beer and food. R

6 BrewDog DogTap Columbus

96 Gender Rd., Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110; 614-908-3051, brewdog.com/usa/ brewdog-dogtap-columbus

Brewdog’s flagship U.S. brewery with food and taps, serving our beers and beers from around the world. R

7 BrewDog Franklinton

463 W. Town St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-908-3077, brewdog.com/usa/brewdog-franklinton

A two-story pub with an epic rooftop bar, BrewDog Franklinton features 24 taps pouring craft beer. R

PHOTO CREDIT SEVENTH SON BREWING has been producing exceptional beer at the corner of 4th and 4th in historic Italian Village since April 2013. Modern and open taproom plus patios and a new rooftop patio with a full bar. Food trucks daily. Hours: Sun. 11 a.m.–midnight, Tues.–Thurs. 3:30 p.m.–midnight, Fri.–Sat. 11 a.m.–2 a.m. 1101 N. 4th St., Columbus,Ohio 43201; 614-421-BEER, seventhsonbrewing.com Helping You Craft The Perfect Pour! Northern and central Ohio’s top brewery and restaurant CO2 gas supplier. Cleveland • Columbus • Sandusky • Toledo Call Us: 419-625-3054 | oemeyer.com 38 OhioCraftBeer.org
R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned

8 BrewDog New Albany

97 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., New Albany, Ohio 43054; 614-413-0170, brewdog.com/usa/new-albany

BrewDog New Albany features 27 taps pouring craft beer from ourselves, local and worldwide craft breweries. R

9 BrewDog Short North

1175 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43201; 614-908-3051, brewdog.com/usa/brewdog-short-north BrewDog’s first downtown bar in the Short North Arts District serving a range of BrewDog and guest beers. R

10 Buzzsaw Brewing Company

951 Robinwood Ave., Ste. B, Columbus, Ohio 43213; buzzsaw.beer

Newly opened beer production facility and taproom specializing in Belgian-style beer.

11 Columbus Brewing Company Beer Hall

200 Kelton Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43205; 614-224-3626; columbusbrewing.com

A 13,000-square-foot beer hall featuring fresh, locally craft beer and world-inspired food. R

12 Columbus Brewing Company Taproom

2555 Harrison Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43204; 614-224-3626, columbusbrewing.com

Fresh craft beer from Central Ohio’s largest independent craft brewery. R

13 Combustion Brewery & Taproom – Clintonville

2971 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43202; 614-914-5112, combustionbrewing.com/clintonville

Producing fresh, balanced and drinkable craft beer in Clintonville.

14 Combustion Brewery & Taproom – Pickerington

80 W. Church St. #101, Pickerington, Ohio 43147; 614-834-9595, combustionbrewing.com/pickerington

Producing fresh, balanced and drinkable craft beer in Pickerington.

15 Crooked Can Brewing Company

5354 Center St., Hilliard, Ohio 43026; 614-219-1500, crookedcanohio.com

Offering many styles of beer in a market with a dozen unique vendors.

16 Derive Brewing

2808 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43202; 614-732-4186, derivebeer.com

An eclectic brewery focusing on hazy IPAs and Saisons and just about every style in between. R

17 Eastside Brewing Company

1421 Davidson Dr., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068; 614-762-8001, facebook.com/eastsidebrewingcompany

Enjoy fresh craft beer and SLAB Kitchen on our patio and beer garden. R

18 Edison Brewing Company

785 Science Blvd., Gahanna, Ohio 43230; drinkedison.com

Located at Franklin Peak, Edison’s grand views of downtown Columbus add to a relaxing beer garden.

19 Endeavor Brewing & Spirits

909 W. Fifth Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43212; 614-732-0086, endeavorbrewing.com

Internationally inspired and locally produced craft brewery in Grandview.

20 Forbidden Root

4080 Worth Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219; 614-414-6127, forbiddenroot.com/columbus

Forbidden Root is a botanical brewery and restaurant. We focus on creating unique flavor profiles from anything that grows.

21 Gemüt Biergarten

734 Oak St., Columbus, Ohio 43205; 614-725-1725, gemutbiergarten.com

Neighborhood-oriented, German style brewery, biergarten and restaurant in the heart of Olde Towne East, Columbus.

22 The Getaway Brewing Co.

108 N. High St., Dublin, OH 43017; getawaybrewing.com

Your favorite beer from your favorite vacation. R

23 Goodwood Columbus

401 N. Front St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-745-1186, goodwood.beer

Burgers, brunch and brews in the Arena District. R

24 Grizzlybird Brewing Company

5901-B Chandler Ct., Westerville, Ohio 43082; 614-392-1430, grizzlybirdbrew.com

Nanobrewery specializing in unique and bold flavors, providing a range of beer styles and a fulfilling experience.

25 Grove City Brewing Company

3946 Broadway, Grove City, Ohio 43123; 614-991-0338, grovecitybrewery.com

Forty taps of locally crafted brews, along with ciders, wine, bourbon, cocktails, a full kitchen and a pet-friendly patio!


26 Heart State Brewing Company

505 Morrison Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43230; 614-532-5433, heartstatebrewing.com

Specializing in a wide array of styles, we try to make it easy to drink what your heart desires!

27 Hofbräuhaus Columbus

Brewery & Restaurant

800 Goodale Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43212; 614-294-2437, hofbrauhauscolumbus.com

A place where family and friends can enjoy great biers, great food and fun times.


28 Holy Trinity Brewing Co.

155 N. Fifth St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-600-5576, holytrinitybrewing.com Brewery with 20 taps serving “A beer for everyone.”

29 Hoof Hearted Brewery & Kitchen

850 N. Fourth St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-522-1655, hoofheartedkitchen.com

Beer and food with the subtlety of David Lee Roth in bunless chaps. R

30 Hoster Brewing Company hosterbeer.com

Hoster’s famous Gold Top Lager and other Crooked River favorites are back.

Muskingum Ave.
OH 43701 weaselboybrewing.com

31 Ill Mannered Brewing Company

38 Grace Dr., Powell, Ohio 43065; 614-859-6819, illmanneredbeer.com

Powell’s neighborhood brewery — making award-winning, small-batch beer since 2015. R

32 Jackie O’s on Fourth 171 N. Fourth St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-929-5265, jackieos.com/location/ columbus-taproom

Offering cans, bottles and merchandise for carryout. Inside bar and outdoor patio now open. R

33 Land-Grant Brewing Company

424 W. Town St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-427-3946, landgrantbrewing.com

Brewery, taproom and beer garden in East Franklinton focused on creating an inclusive and welcoming culture.

34 Nocterra Brewing Co.

41 Depot St., Powell, Ohio 43065; 614-896-8000, nocterrabrewing.com

A full lineup of ales and lagers, specializing in bold IPAs and American sours.

35 North High Brewing – Dublin

56 N. High St., Dublin, Ohio 43017; 614-639-8800, northhighbrewing.com

Brewpub in Historic Dublin featuring North High beer and craft food! R

36 Nostalgia Brewing

81 Mill St., Ste. 150, Gahanna, Ohio 43230; 614-934-7039, nostalgiabrewing.com

Enjoy a flight on our all-season patio or take a drink outside in Creekside’s DORA. R

37 Ohio Brewing Company

– Columbus

421 E. 2nd Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201; 614-682-2337, ohiobrewingcolumbus.com

Unique brewery experience featuring a cultural tour of Ohio within the building walls and ample parking. R

38 Olentangy River Brewing Company

303 Green Meadows Dr. S., Lewis Center, Ohio 43021; 740-803-1561, olentangybrew.com Community. That’s what you’ll find at ORBC. Great beer, great coffee and great people. And yes, you can have a beer at 7 a.m.

39 Parsons North Brewing Company

685 Parsons Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43206; 614-824-4208, parsonsnorth.com

People committed to enjoyable beer, wine, cocktails and atmosphere on Columbus’ south side.

40 Pretentious Barrel House

745 Taylor Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219; 614-887-7687, pretentiousbarrelhouse.com

Barrel-aging facility focused exclusively on sour beer production.

41 Random Precision Brewing Co.

2365 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43235; 614-389-3864, randomprecisionbrewing.com

A focus on barrel-aged sours. But if you’d prefer a Berliner weisse, gose, porter or IPA, we brew those too.

42 Saucy Brew Works Columbus

443 W. Third Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201; 614-696-5100, saucybrewworks.com/columbus

Brewing fresh local coffee and Ohio craft beer, served best with their award-winning apizzas. R

43 Seventh Son Brewing

1101 N. Fourth St., Columbus, Ohio 43201; 614-421-2337, seventhsonbrewing.com We make beer and have a cat.

44 Sideswipe Brewing Co.

2415 Scioto Harper Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43204; 614-401-1598, sideswipebrewing.com

Microbrewery on the near west side, close to the bike path with a wide selection of beers, regular food trucks and an arcade.

45 Smokehouse Brewing Company

1130 Dublin Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-485-0227, smokehousebrewing.com

Crafting award-winning microbrew and barbecue for more than two decades.

46 Somewhere In Particular Brewing

5055 Dierker Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43220; 614-826-3723, sipbrew.com

Modern atmosphere with a large open area for seating and outside games, plus great craft beer. R

47 Spires Social Brewing Co.

8757 Sancus Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43240; 614-426-8057, spiressocial.com

An interactive place to experience beer, learn the history, learn the process or just enjoy a pint of your favorite style.

48 Taft’s Brewpourium Columbus

440 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-489-8900, taftsbeer.com

Brewery serving up lots of new brews on tap, plus New Haven-style pizza with a large outdoor patio. R

49 Understory 2571 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43202; 614-972-6006, understorycbus.com

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s sister concept where guests are immersed in the beauty of the Olentangy Trail. R

50 Wild Ohio Brewing 614-262-0000, wildohiobrewing.com Green and black tea is fermented with fruit juice to make a wild tea that is naturally gluten free.

51 Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

215 N. Fourth St., Columbus, Ohio 43215; 614-429-3936, wolfsridgebrewing.com

Independently owned craft brewery with an award-winning restaurant and taproom. R

52 Zaftig Brewing Co.

7020-A Huntley Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43229; 614-636-2537, drinkzaftig.com

Zaftig is Worthington’s only craft brewery specializing in big, full-bodied ales. 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship Gold Medalist.

PHOTO CREDIT 40 OhioCraftBeer.org Hungry for More Ohio Magazine? Visit OhioMagazine.com/recipes for new dishes and reader favorites. 419-890-1820 l820brewwerks@gmail.com 105 W. Main St. Kalida, OH 1820brewworks.com
R Kitchen Menu Food Trucks Family Friendly Dog Friendly Full Bar Outdoor Seating Women Owned BIPOC Owned LGBTQ+ Owned Veteran Owned


World Beer Cup 2023

Award: Gold

Beer: AlpenGlow, Fat Head’s Brewery

Style: South German-Style Weizenbock

Award: Gold

Beer: Bone Head, Fat Head’s Brewery

Style: Strong Red Ale

Award: Gold

Beer: Cheetah, Rhinegeist

Style: American-Style Cream Ale

Award: Gold

Beer: Daybreak, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Style: Coffee Beer

Award: Gold

Beer: Head Hunter, Fat Head’s Brewery

Style: American-Style India Pale Ale

Award: Gold

Beer: Voss, Sonder Brewing

Style: German-Style Koelsch

Award: Silver

Beer: Black Cats, Streetside Brewery

Style: English-Style Brown Ale

Award: Silver Beer: Smashing Honey Blonde, Hoppin’ Frog Brewery

Style: Honey Beer

Award: Bronze

Beer: Higher Purpose,

Third Eye Brewing

Style: Sweet Stout or Cream Stout

Award: Bronze

Beer: Hop Stalker, Fat Head’s Brewery

Style: Experimental Beer

Great American Beer Festival 2022

Award: Gold

Beer: AlpenGlow, Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

Style: German Wheat Ale

Award: Gold

Beer: Apple Brandy Barrel Maker of Things, Little Fish Brewing Co.

Style: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour


Award: Gold

Beer: Happy Amber, MadTree Brewing Co.

Style: Extra Special Bitter

Award: Gold

Beer: Just The Haze, Boston Beer Co. – Samuel Adams Brewing Co.

Style: Non-Alcohol Beer

Award: Gold

Beer: Symphony, Big Ash Brewing

Style: Vienna-Style Lager

Award: Silver

Beer: Kato, Sonder Brewing

Style: Coffee Beer

Award: Silver

Beer: Zoomie, Brink Brewing Co.

Style: Coffee Stout or Porter

Award: Bronze

Beer: Bone Head, Fat Head’s Brewery

Style: Strong Red Ale


Austin Mill Brewing Company (Frankfort)

BC’s Brewing Company (Lebanon)

Black Jade Brewing (Summit County)

Blockbuster Brewing (Centerville)

Bridge’s End Brewing Company (Shawnee Hills)

Crooked Creek Brewing Company (Madison)

Eleventhree Brewing (Chardon)

Flying Pig Brewing Co. (Caldwell)

Full Circle Brewgarden (Englewood)

Green Valley Brewing Co. (Hudson)

Haven Brewing (Oberlin)

Hoptometry Brewing Company (Tiffin)

Lima Brewing Company (Lima)

Mellotone Beer Project (Cincinnati)

New Enon Brewing (Enon)

Old Route 69 Brewery (Ada)

Onggi Brewing Company (Alliance)

Rowhammer Brewing Company (Chauncey)

Species X Beer Project (Columbus)

Standardized Brewing Company (Lewis Center)

Verge Brewing (Cincinnati)

Wandering Monsters Brewing (Anderson Township)

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Enjoy three great Ohio breweries connected by 15 miles of scenic bike trails in Greene County. Anchored on one end by Yellow Springs Brewery in Yellow Springs, the Greene 15 winds southward to Xenia and Devil Wind Brewing. Finish the ride by heading west from Xenia to Southern Ohio Brewing in Beavercreek for a truly unique ales and trails experience.


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pages 34-36
earning HER STRIPES article cover image


pages 24-25
THE CRAFT learn article cover image


pages 20-22
craft beer’s O ROCKY ROAD TO MARKET article cover image


pages 18-19
tapping intoculture article cover image

tapping intoculture

pages 13-17
BLACK SHADOW CREME BRÛLÉE article cover image


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cooking with CRAFT BEER article cover image

cooking with CRAFT BEER

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One Town. Three Great Breweries. article cover image

One Town. Three Great Breweries.

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love the stories but not the scares? article cover image

love the stories but not the scares?

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brews & BOOS article cover image

brews & BOOS

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welcome to OHIO ON TAP article cover image

welcome to OHIO ON TAP

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NORTHWEST article cover image


pages 34-35
earning HER STRIPES article cover image


pages 24-25
THE CRAFT learn article cover image


pages 20-22
craft beer’s O ROCKY ROAD TO MARKET article cover image


pages 18-19
tapping intoculture article cover image

tapping intoculture

pages 13-17
BLACK SHADOW CREME BRÛLÉE article cover image


page 12
cooking with CRAFT BEER article cover image

cooking with CRAFT BEER

pages 10-11
One Town. Three Great Breweries. article cover image

One Town. Three Great Breweries.

page 9
love the stories but not the scares? article cover image

love the stories but not the scares?

page 9
brews & BOOS article cover image

brews & BOOS

pages 6-8
welcome to OHIO ON TAP article cover image

welcome to OHIO ON TAP

pages 4-5
NORTHWEST article cover image


pages 34-35
earning HER STRIPES article cover image


pages 24-25
THE CRAFT learn article cover image


pages 20-22
craft beer’s O ROCKY ROAD TO MARKET article cover image


pages 18-19
tapping intoculture article cover image

tapping intoculture

pages 13-17
BLACK SHADOW CREME BRÛLÉE article cover image


page 12
cooking with CRAFT BEER article cover image

cooking with CRAFT BEER

pages 10-11
One Town. Three Great Breweries. article cover image

One Town. Three Great Breweries.

page 9
love the stories but not the scares? article cover image

love the stories but not the scares?

page 9
brews & BOOS article cover image

brews & BOOS

pages 6-8
welcome to OHIO ON TAP article cover image

welcome to OHIO ON TAP

pages 4-5
NORTHWEST article cover image


pages 34-36
earning HER STRIPES article cover image


pages 24-25
THE CRAFT learn article cover image


pages 20-22
craft beer’s O ROCKY ROAD TO MARKET article cover image


pages 18-19
tapping intoculture article cover image

tapping intoculture

pages 13-17
BLACK SHADOW CREME BRÛLÉE article cover image


page 12
cooking with CRAFT BEER article cover image

cooking with CRAFT BEER

pages 10-11
One Town. Three Great Breweries. article cover image

One Town. Three Great Breweries.

page 9
love the stories but not the scares? article cover image

love the stories but not the scares?

page 9
brews & BOOS article cover image

brews & BOOS

pages 6-8
welcome to OHIO ON TAP article cover image

welcome to OHIO ON TAP

pages 4-5
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