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Ruth Adkins Beyond Your Cornfield This novel is inspired by the author's experience with electro-shock and drug therapies during the 1960s through 1990s. The treatments did not cure her depression but devastated her family life and destroyed much of her memory. Ruth Adkins lives in Victoria, BC. She is a prize-winning poet. Wait Until Morning, her first novel, was published in 2011. Beyond Your Cornfield is her second novel.

James Alden Zan and the Mythical Art of Miz-Management A tongue-in-cheek "Miserable Management for Dummies" book based on the assumption that not all incompetent managers are idiots, just masochists trying to create a miserable working environment. James Alden Dykes is a retired Architect who has shifted his focus to his other interests (writing and music). The main character in his book is not really his alter ego.

Joan André Cornish-Lipsett Family History & Stories Family history: stories of the author’s parents – a physician/surgeon and a school teacher - in early 1900s Saskatchewan, their years in BC 1937 through the 1980s, including World War II service. Born in 1935 in Saskatchewan, educated in British Columbia and Alberta, Joan André's artistic work includes writing, pottery, sculpture, drawing, painting and videography. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Matti Anttila The Zen of Joy: How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness and Success 90% of long-term happiness is predicted not by external circumstances, but by how the brain processes the world. In only minutes a day, you may create more fun, less stress and better health. Matti Anttila is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. His laughter led him to research other areas of joy. The result is The Zen of Joy. He is also the author of 108 Tips for More Joy, Energy and Health.

M. Nabih Aziz Man’s Still the World’s Greatest Glory! This novel highlights the supreme importance of man’s noblest values and aspirations, and artistically shows Canada’s share in such qualities. M. Nabih Aziz was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1933. A teacher and educational administrator, in 1981 he immigrated to Canada to work as a mentor for ethnic communities. He has also lived in Australia.

Chris Bakos Clementine Court Rich with characters who jump off the pages, they beckon you to visit their neighbourhood and stop for a chit chat or a bite to eat at Barnacle Bob’s Finest Fish and Chips. Chris Bakos, born in England, has lived on Vancouver Island, BC for many years. She lives with her lovely husband, two mostly delightful offspring, one black cat, and a parrot who sleeps in an underwear drawer.

Martin Blank Overpowered: What Science Tells Us About the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other WiFi-Age Devices In a scientifically accurate but easily readable fashion, this book explains the biological effects of cell phones and all things wireless. Martin Blank is a biophysicist who has studied a wide range of biological phenomena, including the effects of electromagnetic (EMF) fields on human biology.

Marion Blank Spectacular Bond: Reaching the Child with Autism Presents a comprehensive autism treatment program that parents can use to achieve major improvements in their child's behavior, communication, and social interaction. Marion Blank is a developmental psychologist with a specialization in language and learning. After receiving her PhD from Cambridge University, she taught and did research in a number of universities.

Grace Bogaert The Girl from Mena Creek: A Novel In 1927, Talia travels from Spain to Australia, where her family struggles to eke out a living. When Talia falls in love with a half-caste Aboriginal man, she is forbidden to marry him. Grace Bogaert is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. Her debut novel, The Girl from Mena Creek, was inspired by a visit to Paronella Park in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Maggie Bolitho Outback Promise Sometimes, before you can find yourself, you must lose yourself in the desert. Can Ros and Grady move on from the past as they face the challenges of the Outback and their own hidden secrets? A locally-born author who has lived in both Canada and Australia, Maggie Bolitho has settled happily into the leafy neighbourhood of Oak Bay, BC and only occasionally longs for the sunny shores Down Under.

Yaz Bolkan Here Still: Dying into Life Anew Wishing to bear a child, Ada’s gut grows with cancer instead. As her life takes a tumble, she discovers life anew whilst dying, living, fear, strength, grief, joy... and becomes illuminated in wondrous ways. Dr. Yaz taps into her rich background in science, psychology, philosophy, ageless wisdom, and multiculturalism to vividly explore how one’s sanity, sexuality, and spirituality can transform in a crisis.

Jon Breen The Inventive Adventures of Oonga Frank This story shows how life's challenges are overcome through effort and creativity. With easy examples from bygone times, young readers are led by Oonga Frank, the Cave Guy, from problems to solutions. Jon has worked as a manufacturer, a manager for government and the non-profit sectors, and as a private consultant. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community work.

Amy Bronee The Canning Kitchen: 101 Simple Small Batch Recipes The Canning Kitchen blends the traditions of home preserving with the tastes of the modern home cook. Amy Bronee is the blogger behind FamilyFeedbag.com where she shares simple recipes and vivid photos from her family kitchen. She uses fresh ingredients to make delicious homemade preserves year-round.

Sever Bronny Riven (Book 2); and Valor (Book 3) The Arinthian Line series follows the adventures of three apprentice warlocks – Augum, Bridget and Leera – and their mentor, Anna Atticus Stone. Sever Bronny is an Amazon best-selling full time author living in Victoria, BC. He has published four books in The Arinthian Line series so far: Arcane, Riven, Valor, and Clash.

H. R. H. Butler Seniorscare: A Graphic Novel Seniorscare features hilarious slices of elder life and zany situations faced by the feisty inmates at the Shady Lane Seniorplex. You will LOL at the hidden life led by these vulnerable seniors. H.R.H. Butler studied at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver School of Art. Her almost mystical watercolours capture the western seacoast. Her graphic novel, Seniorscare, highlights seniors’ issues through comedy.

LizAnn Carson Amanda (Book 1); Pat (Book 2); and Mel (Book 3) Calter Creek, Ohio: home of three women, with three different love stories.

LizAnn Carson writes romance fiction and poetry, and is currently working on a fantasy trilogy. Her goal is to leave her readers with a happy, contented feeling.

Alan Cassels The Cochrane Collaboration: Medicine’s Best-Kept Secret Believing humans need clean health information as urgently as they need clean water, Cassels introduces the Cochrane Collaboration, among the world’s most pristine sources of health information. In his writings, Alan Cassels eviscerates the folly of health practitioners and profiteers, increasingly selling us tests and treatments, and threatening to turn more and more of us into patients.

Judith Castle Flare Path; and Now I Lay Me Down: Mourning the Loss of Children “Judith Castle’s poems take the reader into unknown territory. Reading her work is like being a child on a dark night, venturing alone into a haunted house. The expedition is full of tension, but the ghosts we encounter seem somehow familiar and less frightening than we feared.” – Sheila Martindale, poet, Editor, Island Writer

A former Montrealer, Judith Castle moved to Victoria, BC in 2010. She is the author of three volumes of poetry, and a regular reader at Planet Earth Poetry.

Lorna Chant Wylie’s Tale: The Ogre and the Fairy Princess Illustrated by Kacharath Chalermwat

Wylie the cat tells a story about a fairy princess and the ogre who disturbs her happy patch of wilderness. Lorna was raised on a farm in rural Quebec. Becoming a grandmother has inspired her to share her love of animals and birds and wild places with a new generation.

Benni Chisholm Stained Sand; and Odd Odyssey Philomela Nightingale is a sleuth with highly-tuned observational powers and intuition in these cozy mysteries. Benni Chisholm began writing light verse while a student earning her BSN. She has published two light mystery novels, Stained Sand and Odd Odyssey. She lives with her husband in Sidney, BC.

Timothy Christian Brought to Light: More Stories of Forgotten Women Edited by Bernadette Rule

This collection of creative nonfiction brings to light stories like journalist Aline Mosby’s, one of the first women assigned to cover the Kremlin. Timothy Christian is a Professor Emeritus and former Dean of Law from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and Chief Federal Negotiator, who now lives and writes from a pretty cove in North Saanich, BC.

Brock Clayards Pacific Flyways Each year thousands of wild fowl travel the Pacific Flyways. This year, a mad man plots to infect them with a deadly disease, turning them into biological weapons...and you thought The Birds was scary. A retired RCMP officer and former counter terrorism agent, Brock Clayards writes thrillers inspired by his background and set on Vancouver Island. He and his wife live on rural acreage near Victoria, BC.

Anna Coleshaw-Echols Presenting Fearlessly; Avoiding Presentation Pitfalls; and Giving the Gift of Public Speaking “I strongly believe that anyone can become a fearless and effective public speaker, and I teach the principles and skills that make this possible.� Anna Coleshaw-Echols would like to "gift" the world with public speaking skills in the hope of curing the debilitating and career-limiting fear of public speaking.

Cary Conder Catalyst (Book 1); and Shattered (Book 2) The Erranba Legacy: For much of her childhood, Leida wished for nothing more than to visit the Keep, fabled home of the Witches of Thalaesin. Unfortunately her older sister, Fuline was chosen. Fate takes a hand, however. Born to British parents in Colombia, South America, Cary grew up in western Canada. Retired from the RCAF, Cary makes her home in Victoria, BC.

Lawrence J. W. Cooper Bi: A Bisexual Man’s Transformational Journey from Agony to Ecstasy On the outside, he seemed to have it all: a happy marriage and family life, a successful career as an innovative school psychologist, and respect in his community, but on the inside he was slowly falling apart: he was gay. During his fifteen years in school administration and counseling, Lawrence J. W. Cooper developed programs to help integrate students with a wide range of disabilities. Now retired, he and his second wife live in Victoria, BC.

Keith Costain The Opera Singer A Jewish prisoner, interned on the Isle-of-Man during World War II, befriends a young boy as the two of them work on a farm. This is a compassionate war story told with considerable humour. Dr. Keith Costain is a retired Professor of English. He grew up on the Isle-of-Man during World War II and his novel is based on childhood memories.

Susan Crockford Eaten: A Novel A polar-bear attack thriller set in Newfoundland in the year 2025: terror and carnage abound as hungry polar bears come ashore in droves seeking any food available, including human prey. Susan is a professional zoologist who has studied polar bear ecology and evolution for more than 20 years. She has a special interest in the history of human-bear interactions.

Astra Crompton First Born A First Born son of the Muzina people strives to survive the curse he has inherited. Kathiz's life is a story of unquenchable hope and determination in the face of great misfortune. Astra Crompton is an artist, author, and creator based in Victoria, BC. She has been creating for over twenty years, using several mediums to bring her visions and worlds to life.

Diane Dakers Homecoming Fiona's dad comes home after 16 months and eight days in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Or did he? Either way, he has ruined everything for Fiona. An Orca Soundings title. A writer and journalist since 1991, Diane Dakers has written 13 works of nonfiction for youth, one adult nonfiction book and two youth novels.

Peter Dale & Helen Jones Mortgage Smarts: Because Your Mortgage Matters A thorough and thoughtful guide to mortgages and house buying across Canada. Each province and territory has different rules and the authors explain the requirements for each, laid out in tables for ease of use. Peter Dale has a Ph.D. in political studies and is a registered BC mortgage broker with Yardale Mortgage Corporation. Helen Jones has been a real estate agent in Victoria, BC since 1974.

Dee Ann Burden of Silence This is Amy's story from the age of 15 through high school. Happy, busy with school life and friends, life was good until she met Anthony. Dee Ann was born and raised in Quebec and learned English when her family moved to Ontario when she was in Grade 6. Since then, she has lived in seven provinces as well as Morocco, Japan, and Egypt.

Anthony de Goutière Wonders Within Gemstones II Viewed through a microscope and using various lighting techniques and careful composition, gemstones and crystal specimens reveal amazing photogenic inclusions that can be mistaken for abstract art. Anthony de Goutière is a retired Victoria jeweller/ gemmologist. He lives in Cordova Bay, BC and has been photographing gemstone inclusions through the microscope for many years.

Tammy Dewar How to Forgive Your Boss: Or Anyone Who Has Done You Wrong This lively, breezy, and eminently helpful manual on reconfiguring negative thought patterns into positive ones will most certainly be a great help to anyone who’s ever had a bad boss or co-worker. Tammy Dewar grew up on a farm in Alberta, and brings a down to earth, entrepreneurial and hopeful attitude to her teaching, coaching, consulting and writing.

Audrey Driscoll The Journey and The Treasure (Islands of the Gulf Volumes 1 & 2) Escaping his past, Herbert West becomes Francis Dexter, a country doctor on Bellefleur Island. War widow Margaret Bellgarde is shocked by what she is willing to do for his sake. But who is he really? Audrey Driscoll lives, writes and gardens in the city of Victoria, BC. Exploring the Gulf Islands of British Columbia furnished her with inspiration and experiences from which to create Bellefleur Island.

Wally du Temple Ardmore: Home, Community and Golf (with Edward R. Ostachowicz) and Markings in the Mail by a Sidney Boy, Volume 1: I Heard the Eagle’s Piercing Cries Wallace George du Temple graduated from North Saanich High School in 1959. Throughout his careers and hobbies, he has kept diaries and journals and letters to his Mom that he now uses as a source for his writing.

Kasey Eriksen The Unlovables of Fitz Manor; and When the Bell Tolls Seven

Kasey Eriksen has been writing stories almost her entire life. Whether the books are fully finished, or still in the making, youth storytelling has always been a passion of hers.

Rian Everest The Tangerine Trio Rian, a British engineer working in Tangiers, meets two provocative, intelligent sisters and their deceptively affable guardian who bring love, mystery, mayhem and murder into his life. Born and educated in England, with a BSc from Bristol University, Rian Everest has spent most of his life teaching and working in Canada. He also has a BA from the University of Toronto.

Kim Foster A Brilliant Deception In this third Agency of Burglary & Theft book, a jewel thief is on an international chase – across Venice, Singapore, and New York – for a legendary ring excavated from the grave of Robin Hood. Besides being the author of the Agency of Burglary & Theft series – thrillers about a professional female jewel thief, Kim is also a physician at the University of Victoria.

Norma Freeman Words Without Music: Poems With Rhythm and Rhyme This unique, diverse collection of lyrical poems is presented in four intriguing themes: “Simply Stories,” “Historical or Social-Political,” “Relationships and Love,” and “Spiritual Poems.” Norma Freeman lives in Victoria, BC with her husband Patrick and her mini-poodle, Carmel. Her two adult children live outside BC, so visiting them is a priority. This is Norma's first book of poems.

Gerti Fuss A Chest Full of Hope This Chest Full of Hope is the container box where the author packed all her belongings to follow her fiancĂŠ to Australia in 1960. In 1965, they came to Canada and settled in Vancouver. Gerti was born in Germany, apprenticed in the hotel business, and immigrated to Canada in 1965. She managed Umberto's Restaurant in Vancouver and opened a B & B on Salt Spring Island, The Old Farmhouse, in 1988.

Alison Gear Taan’s Moons: A Haida Moon Story Based on one version of the Haida moon cycle, and created in collaboration with Haida Gwaii's children and knowledge holders, Taan's Moons follows Taan (“bear” in Haida) through the seasons. Alison Gear recently moved to Victoria, BC from Haida Gwaii, where she lived for twenty years, working in the field of early learning and literacy.

Susan Gnucci In Her Mind’s Eye In Her Mind’s Eye delves into the psychic connection between a cunning serial killer and a young woman who “witnesses” his latest gruesome murder. Susan is a Victoria-based writer who chose her beautiful city as the setting for her debut novel, In Her Mind's Eye. She continues to write and is working on several projects.

Adelina Gotera I Will Play with You Play is joy and pleasure. It is life, exploration and learning experience vital to children's growth and healthy development. Laughter, song, and play offer ways to connect with children’s hearts and minds. Adelina Gotera is formerly a professor, College of Business Administration, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. Presently, she is a BC-licensed special needs/early childhood educator.

Toni Graeme Success Manual for Self-Published Authors This manual gives simple steps to guide authors to self-publishing success: making a budget, having a writing plan, information on printing choices, learning where buyers are, book launch, marketing. Toni Graeme, a voracious reader growing up, wrote for a daily newspaper and a radio station and has published three nonfiction books. She is working on her first novel.

Nowick Gray Hunter’s Daughter This literary mystery tracks a suspenseful dual journey of transformation for RCMP detective Jack McLain and Nilliq, a young Inuit woman, both questing for justice and freedom in Northern Quebec in 1964. Nowick Gray has published six books of fiction and creative nonfiction, as well as three volumes of African drum rhythm studies. He lives in Victoria, BC and works as a freelance copy editor.

Sylvie Grayson Khandarken Rising and Son of the Emperor (The Last War, Books 1 & 2); Legal Obstruction; The Lies He Told Me; and Suspended Animation

Sylvie Grayson loves to write about suspense, romance and attempted murder, in both contemporary and science fiction/fantasy. She lives on the BC coast with her husband, on a small patch of land near the sea that they call home.

Genine Hanns Sacred Journeys This book of poetry contains 47 poems: mostly angel poetry, some nature and love and two psychic prose articles on angel experiences. Genine Hanns was born in Vancouver, BC in 1945. She graduated from the University of Victoria in 2005 with a Double Major in Writing and English, and plans a Master's Degree in the future.

Bill Hapgood Three Years at Sea: A Family’s Adventure of Discovery and Danger Follow the true story of a family’s adventure as they embark on a three-year voyage on their 29-foot sailboat, crossing the Atlantic twice, through the Panama Canal, and up the Pacific coast to British Columbia. Born in Quebec, Bill’s sea adventures began with a threemonth sailing excursion from Vancouver to Alaska, which was the inspiration for what would become the start of a threeyear sailing voyage.

Darcy L. B. Harnadek Where the Fairies Paint the Sky: A Volume of Poems Poetry inspired from life experience, the west coast, and growing up. It reads like a memoir, reflecting on life, touching on dark topics, and bringing happiness by focussing on the small joys. Darcy has been a storyteller and a writer all her life. This is her first published book but she has been working on fiction stories and novels for the past ten years.

Rosa Harris Boomerville: Musings on a Generation that Refuses to Go Quietly These musings cover the lives and times of Boomers.

Rosa Harris is a two-time National Magazine Award-winning journalist who has written for every major Canadian publication on everything ranging from baby food to global economics.

Elaine Harvey Encounters on the Front Line, Cambodia: A Memoir A nurse's journey that begins in a Cambodian refugee camp after the horrific Khmer Rouge regime. This life-transforming experience leads to a quest of the heart. Elaine Harvey is a nurse, writer and traveler. A diverse career and her adventurous spirit have taken her to remote regions of the world, with experiences in Asia and Africa marking her world view.

Susan Hayes Renegade, Stowaway, Targeted, and Fated (3013 series) ; Summoned, the Complete Collection; Wilde Chase, Wilde Edge, Wilde Ink, and Wilde Blue (Wilde Brothers series); Rescuing Red, and Tiger Trap Susan lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family and good friends. Writing is her joy, her escape from reality, and the only way she knows of to quiet her muse.

Diana Hohlachoff The Treasure of Blackbeard’s Island Where Harry Potter meets Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe with Dickens thrown into the mix. There are unlimited thrills and chills at every twist in the road! Diana Hohlachoff had been involved in civic politics with a background in Sociology, Russian, and Political Science. She is an avid European traveler who loves architecture, history, and art.

Doris Mae Honer A Tale of Spirit: Yours, Mine and Lessons from the Universe The author writes about real people and their genuine living Spirits, as some face difficult situations, some experience people from another dimension, and others meet life with a touch of humour. Doris Mae Honer of Kirkland Lake, ON is an R.N., a Reiki Master, and Recreation Therapist. She has taught people to "Care, Believe, and Hope" in themselves, and in Universal Spirit.

Monique Jacob Bright Light; and Tye Dye Voodoo

Monique Jacob settled in Victoria, BC in 1999 and never looked back. She recently launched Bright Light, a science fiction novel for teens, and is the author of Tye Dye Voodoo and Voodoo Mystery Tour.

Sally Jennings Guests and Ghosts of the Fairmont Empress and The Story of the Fairmont Empress; and Hunting for Ghosts in Victoria B.C.

Sally is a world traveller, exploring culture in this world and the next. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in art history and English, and a Master’s Degree in town planning. Sally is a tour guide in the summer.

Paula Johanson King Kwong: Larry Kwong, the China Clipper Who Broke the NHL Colour Barrier; Love Poetry: How Do I Love Thee?; Tower in the Crooked Wood; and What Is Energy? (Let’s Find Out! Physical Science series) Paula Johanson is the author of 30+ nonfiction books on science, health, and literature for educational publishers, plus a novel, stories, and poems. An accredited teacher, she also kayaks and knits.

Kathy Johnson Let’s Take a Walk in the Rain An appreciation of nature and gratitude for the world around us is one of the greatest gifts we can pass on to our children. Read the book, take a walk, and enjoy creating a project with your child! Kathy Johnson loved walking with her young daughters during those rainy west coast days when you can feel and hear nature's perfect harmony. She lives near Sidney, BC on an acre in the woods.

Thora Kerr Illing Adèle: Wilderness Bride In the 1660s, Louis XIV sent 700 young women to New France (present-day Quebec) to marry the soldiers, artisans and farmers of his distant colony. This is the fictional story of one of those girls. Thora Kerr Illing is a retired journalist and librarian with a special interest in Canadian history.

Alexandria King The Moon in You: A Period Book for Young Women Illustrated by Leighyah Allen

Your secret garden should be no secret to you. In this book, you will learn about nature, “the Moon in You.” Alexandria King has presented on SexTV for Raising Sexually Healthy Children and at the Guelph Sexuality Conference for Counseling Teens. The Moon In You is her first book.

V. Knox The Indigo Pearl (Book 1) and Pearl by Pearl (Book 2) A time traveler must re-experience her previous life as a woman savant to recover the missing paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and reunite with her lost love. V. Knox is an artist who writes historical novels with paranormal themes about art and artists, lost paintings, and art history. Her books fall into the category of women’s fiction.

Chris Kumi Common Flora of Western North America; For Nature’s Sake, Keep the Earth Smiling; Plants That Heal: A Guide to Understanding Phytomedicines and Aromatic Plants; and Trees and Shrubs of Pacific North America Dr. Chris Kumi is a biomedical scientist with a special interest in the plant sciences. He is a naturalist, a nature buff and a writer on Nature, with special interest in medicinal and aromatic plants.

Marlene Laszlo Food Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Conscious Eating for the Woman Who Loves to Eat, Lacks Willpower, Yet Still Wants to Look & Feel Great at Any Age Marlene Laszlo is an author and a seeker of possibilities. Her work as a psychotherapist introduced her to aspects of human nature that she applies in her writing—both fiction and non-fiction.

Kristoffer Law The Jagged Tree Alan Black seems to have it all: a successful business, beachfront property, a caring circle of friends. Then one day he receives a phone call telling him his mother has been murdered...and he's next. Kristoffer Law grew up surrounded by books and learned to read at three years old. He is currently writing a sequel to The Jagged Tree, titled The 4th Wall. The Jagged Tree is his first novel.

Michael Leamy The Atheist Bible Described by many as the most important new atheist fiction of the 21st century, Michael Leamy has woven a multilayered tale laying waste to the gods. A self-described amateur polemicist, Michael Leamy has a profoundly different view of western culture.

Peter Learn Hammer Time (Jack Hammer series Book 1); and What Has Changed

Peter Learn is a Victoria, BC resident. His first book, Surrender, was included in GVPL’s inaugural “Emerging Local Author Collection.” Hammer Time is the first book in the Jack Hammer series.

Dvora Levin Ragged Light From the edges of the universe to the essential spark of being, these poems celebrate the raggedness of existence. Humorous, conversational and intensely deep, these poems pulsate with light. Dvora Levin has published To Bite the Blue Apple, Sharav and Zeroing in on Nothing, and edited Voices from the Edge and Victoria on the Banks of the Mainstream – poems by street people, addicts and sex workers.

Lindsay Lewis This Won’t Hurt a Bit! Painless Remedies for English Ailments This Won't Hurt a Bit! provides fast fixes which decipher teachers' comments and illustrate how to correct writing mistakes. Lindsay Lewis is a published poet and Linguist, with over twenty years’ experience teaching English at universities and private schools. She enjoys traveling, speaking other languages and dancing tango.

Jodi Lundgren & Brandi May Tardy in Teal A whimsical chapbook of collage paintings, nonsense poetry, drawings, and flash fiction. Dr. Seuss for adults! Writer Jodi Lundgren and artist Brandi May collaborated on this abecedarian chapbook. Lundgren teaches at Camosun College and May has exhibited her work in Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Victoria and Calgary.

Michael Madrone It Doesn’t Have to Hurt So Much: A Practical Guide Using Meditation and Mindfulness for Managing Pain and Suffering Life hurts. The young, the old, everyone suffers. Sometimes we find relief, but sometimes we don’t. The good news is, “It Doesn’t Have to Hurt So Much.” Michael Madrone is a teacher, writer, translator, natural health practitioner and meditator. For more than 35 years he has explored these topics with enthusiasm.

Edeana Malcolm The Gardener’s Wife In 1784, John Dean and his family move to Scotland where he begins work as the gardener at Ellon Castle. The Earl of Aberdeen has set up his mistress in the castle, and Susan becomes her friend. Edeana Malcolm loves writing historical novels, especially about her ancestors. She has published a series called The Compleat Gardener based on the lives of her great-great-greatgreat-grandparents.

Chris Manning Spirit Grove; To the Shores of a Child’s Ocean, the Series: Homeschooling from Birth Through the High School Years; Vodianoi; and The Voices in My Head: An Anthology Chris Manning is a passionate home educator, ardent writer, keen volunteer and a long time resident of Victoria, BC. She feels compelled to give voice to those who think beyond the box.

Gregory Marchand Open Heart Runner: Searching for Meaning After My Heart Stopped This memoir tells how, in the year following his cardiac arrest, Marchand battled through a coma and brain injury to search for the meaning behind his survival doctors called miraculous. An educator and counselor for over 25 years, Gregory Marchand is also a prolific freelance writer, having published over 100 magazine and newspaper articles. Open Heart Runner is his first book.

Anna Markland A Man of Value, If Love Dares Enough and Passion in the Blood (The Montbryce Legacy Books 2, 3 & 4) Follow the Montbryce family as they strive to survive and prosper in a harsh medieval world. Anna’s interest in genealogy blossomed into juicy medieval romances about family honor and roots. Her novels are intimate stories filled with passion, intrigue, adventure and suspense.

Jeff Mason The Symmetry of Belief On the world of Lacus, a titanic war is about to erupt. Four factions are locked in a technological and magical arms race which has grown to dominate the entire globe. Can Lacus be redeemed? Jeff is a third-year English student at the University of Victoria, minoring in History.

Andrea McKenzie Raine A Crowded Heart Willis Hancocks is a bright, ambitious young man who wants to break out of his small-town existence and make a difference in the world. Andrea McKenzie Raine grew up in Victoria, BC. She earned a B.A. in English Literature at UVic. Her first novel, Turnstiles, was published in 2013. A Crowded Heart is the prequel.

Lisa McManus That Night On Monday morning, Luke learns girlfriend Jessica tried to kill herself at a party on Saturday night, and everyone’s blaming him for her actions, including Jessica, and he has to clear his name. Lisa McManus is a book-lover and writer who lives on Vancouver Island, BC. The beautiful outdoors where she lives as well as her teen boys inspire her writing.

David Mitchell Harmonicas In a tale of other worlds, enchantment, evil, and good, the adventures of two brothers and their best friend lead them from a simple hike and camp-out in the woods to something frightfully unexpected. From his many adventures as a young boy in the wilderness of northern British Columbia, David Mitchell's early life was a fertile ground for an epic adventure. Harmonicas is that magical journey.

M. V. Murray The Displaced A lonely widower's decision to marry bears wide-ranging consequences: the lives of two women are changed irrevocably. M. V. Murray was raised on a homestead in northern Alberta in the years following the Great Depression. She writes with great insight and passion of the places and people of the time.

Donald Nathan The Game of Hearts The lives of two young couples are intertwined when, on the night of a full moon, Helen and Joan, strangers, arrive at hospital where each gives birth to a son. Born and raised in Montreal, Don Nathan studied architecture at McGill University. An avid painter and photographer, as well as guitar builder, he lives in Victoria, BC.

T. Neilson A Fine Romance Ben's recovering from a near-fatal workplace accident, Jamie's the jerk next door. Both needed a date and it didn't matter who. They never expected to fall in love. T. Neilson is the author of The Trouble with Mr. Midwest, Submission Guidelines, and A Fine Romance. She loves to write romance books that are full of fluff and nonsense with a serious side.

John Nesling Cold War and Beyond, a Bystander’s Perception Covers some geopolitical aspects of the period between 1945 and 2008. Tries to explain how we do not – cannot – learn from history, and how good and evil are intertwined. John Nesling was born in England in 1930, and has lived in Canada since 1970. Since adulthood, he has always been interested in political matters and how the political world works. This book is his perspective.

Ingrid Ostrander The Six Frogs There are, in all, seven short stories about the adventures of six frogs. The tales are written for children ages five to eight years old. Ingrid is a grandmother who wrote stories for her grandchildren.

Gwyneth Jane Page The Travel Adventures of P J Mouse – In a Small Corner of England Illustrated by Megan Elizabeth

Join P J on his third adventure, in England. Discover why he finds car and bike rides a little too exciting, and why his stuffing might explode when talking to a hedgehog. Gwyneth Jane Page holds an MBA from SFU. She grew up in such places as Peru, the United States, England, the Caribbean, and now resides in Victoria, BC with her husband and four children.

M. B. Paul Aspen; and Conversations with Artists in San Miguel de Allende

M. B. Paul is a retired teacher who began writing a number of years ago. She spends part of every year in central Mexico.

Derek Peach In Lands of Long White Clouds This is a compilation of prose and poetry reflections on a journey through Fiji and New Zealand. Derek Peach has been a teacher and traveler for almost 50 years and has recorded those experiences in poetry and prose along the way. He has self-published four books of poetry.

Durga Periwal My Baboo: Bikaner to Beacon Hill These poems are the fruits of a great love story, written in mourning after 65 years of compassion and tenderness in India and Canada. Written in Hindi with English translations. Durga and Hanuman Periwal came from India in 2000 to enjoy retirement in Victoria's clean air. They had been married for 65 years when Hanuman died in 2012. My Baboo is Durga’s third book of poetry.

Martin Phipps The Blue Rose and Other Stories; The Feathered Arrow; More Wine?; Mortal Laughter; Page-Turner; and The Sexes

Martin Phipps was born and resides in Victoria, BC.

Arnold Porter In a Time of Magic A tale of wildness, transformation and sexuality. Ryan and Selene struggle to meet the challenges of returning to the land, opening to love and learning about spirituality. In writing IATOM, Arnold Porter has drawn on his degree in literature, his interest in Taoism and eastern religions, and an understanding of human nature developed through 35 years as a counsellor.

Hanna Quillevere The Pivotal I CHING: GPS for Our Inner World A clarifying interpretation of China's ancient oracle in contemporary terms, this book makes the classic book of wisdom both immediately accessible and highly relevant to our present, troubled times. With a background in teaching English at the college, university and continuing education levels, the author still finds the I CHING to be the most inspiring work she has encountered.

Donna Randall Menopause or Lunacy‌That Is the Question The effects of menopause vary from woman to woman. These trying times that can be made less crazy if we know the scoop, approach ourselves and our circumstances with a sense of humour, and share our stories. Donna Randall believes strongly in the power of the personal story. Hailing from Cambridge, ON, Donna relocated to Victoria, BC, where she continues to live, love, and laugh on and by the sea.

William Robertson Just Plain Bill: A Memoir of Railroad Adventures and Entrepreneurial Challenges; and Our Parallel Universe: A Spiritual Examination of the Paranormal William Robertson was born and raised in eastern Ontario. He worked for CPR as a telegrapher then as a customer service representative. William retired in 1989 and in 2014 moved to Victoria, BC so he could be closer to his family.

Crystaline Rose Julie Jones: One Ordinary World, One Extra-Ordinary Girl; and Suzie Snowflake: One Beautiful Flake

Crystaline is a teacher, storyteller, author and guest speaker. She is passionate about growth, creativity, wholeness and learning. She feels inspired when reading her books to children and adults.

Katrina Sark Berliner Chic: A Locational History of Berlin Fashion (with Susan Ingram) Charts the turbulent stories of entrepreneurially-savvy manufacturers and cultural workers striving to establish their city as a fashion capital. Katrina Sark is the co-founder of the Urban Chic book, which includes Berliner Chic (2011) and the forthcoming MontrĂŠal Chic: A Locational History of Montreal Fashion (2016).

Joey Scarfone Vintage Cars of Victoria This is the first book to be published about Victoria’s vintage cars. It has cars dating from 1919 to 1990. All but two of the photographs were taken by Joey. Joey Scarfone is a goldsmith by trade and has published the first book about Victoria’s vintage cars. He is currently hosting a television show on Shaw TV on the topic of vintage cars.

Cora Seton The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride; The Cowboy Wins a Bride; The Cowboy Imports a Bride; The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire; and The Sheriff Catches a Bride (Cowboys series 1-5) NYT and USA Today bestselling author Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. She lives in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Isla Shaykewich Runaway Mittens A story about friendship, curiosity, adventure and that all too familiar trap of assumptions and gossip that humans – and even felines – can fall so easily into. Isla Shaykewich is eight years old and is in Grade 3 at the Maria Montessori Academy in Victoria. She began this story as a journal activity when she was in Grade 2 and finished it during her summer break.

Emma Shelford Ignition (Musings of Merlin series Book 1); and Mark of the Breenan (Breenan series Book 1)

Emma Shelford wrote her first novel on her morning bus commute while completing her PhD. A lifetime of reading, literature classes, and a love of magic help create enchanting worlds her fans have come to love.

Chris Sherlock Maquinna 1788-1789 The story of the birth of British Columbia. It is the first year of extensive contact between the Nuu chah nulth and the Americans, Spanish and British. Chris Sherlock lives in Esquimalt, BC. Maquinna 1788-1789 is his first book.

Vernice Shostal Night Drive Stanley Rabbit, a 17-year-old Aboriginal youth, is faced with many problems: poverty, peer pressure, hormones, discrimination and alcohol. The novel deals with a youth's choices and their outcomes. A freelance writer who lives and works in Victoria, BC, Vernice Shostal has 26 years' experience as a high school English and French teacher and has taught at the university level. Writing is her passion.

Ruth Simkin What Makes You Happy: Memories and Fictions A collection of twenty short stories, some fictional, some fantasy, some drawn from life. They contain a mixture of humour, magic and tragedy. Born in Winnipeg, MB, Dr. Ruth Simkin practiced family and community medicine and then specialized in palliative care. She is a published author of many medical articles and several books.

Sandra Smith Canada’s Waters, Yours to Protect: A Primer on Planning Together Encourages Canadians to come together to plan for the future of their water. It explains who does what and why, and what the challenges are for eight water issues we face. Sandra E. Smith is a former adjunct assistant professor at the University of Victoria’s Geography Department and is the co-author of Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home (2001).

James Southern Once Upon: Fairly Tall Fairy Tales A collection of fairy tales, tall tales, and a ferry story. They are fairly moral stories with little violence, making good bedtime reading, inducing a minimum of nightmares. James Southern lives and works and fantasizes in Victoria, BC. He is married and has a young son who also reads and writes fantasies.

Peter Speers The Peanut Factory A gritty coming of age story set in Vancouver's skid row. It captures the growing pains of a young man caught up in the passions and politics of the late 1960s. Dr. Peter D. Speers PhD was born in Cranbrook, BC and raised in Vancouver. After many years of working in northern British Columbia and the Okanagan, he retired to Victoria where he volunteers and writes.

Arthur J. Stewart The Newpigin Chronicle Small western Canadian towns often have their own special way of doing things, from political foot races to grocery bag medicare to welcoming illegal aliens. The Newpigin Chronicle has it all covered. The Newpigin Chronicle is Arthur J. Stewart's second book. His first, Odd Ball, was shortlisted for the 2011 Bolen Books Children's Book Prize. The Newpigin Chronicle is his first book of humour.

Fred Storey The Legend of Stor A novel set against the backdrop of the struggle to create and unify England, written from the perspective of a young Viking, Stor, who was the real life origin of the name, Storey. With a Master of Arts degree from the University of Regina, Fred Storey spent most of his career working with governments and aboriginal nations seeking solutions to issues resulting from oppression.

Elaine Tanner Monkey Guy and the Cosmic Fairy An enchanting tale about the wisdom and magic of unconditional love and friendship. A timeless message that can be embraced and enjoyed by all. Elaine Tanner is a triple Olympic medalist (swimming) and Officer of the Order of Canada. Elaine and her husband divide their time between the west coast of British Columbia and Ontario.

Henry Thiel All Those Miles But No Points Adventures of an Oil Industry Spy, Labor Negotiator, H.R. Manager, Entrepreneur, Global Executive, Consultant and Venture Capitalist. Henry Thiel's personal experiences in the Canadian Oil Patch, Russia, China, Iran, India, the Middle East and numerous other countries are unique and about which he recounts intriguing events.

Monika Ullmann City of Desire A wide-ranging New Adult novel that grapples with the big themes of our time: climate change and how we treat our Aboriginal population, all wrapped in a story of friendship and love. Monika Ullmann has been a professional writer since her thirties, writing feature articles, books, and marketing reports as well as editing and coaching other writers. She is semiretired in Victoria, BC.

Natasha van Netten Annabella When Annabella bumps into a sleeping possum, the two are forced to winter together. Can Professor Possum give up his hibernating habit? Can awkward Annabella handle a possum on her antlers? Natasha van Netten is an author, illustrator and visual artist. She began writing Annabella while living in Jasper National Park, AB. Her work is motivated by a fascination with nature and her imagination.

Shereen Vedam A Devilish Slumber (The Rue Alliance Book 1) Morning calls, evening soirĂŠes, and a murder in the drawing room...this fairytale-inspired Regency romance journeys through the fantasy realm to catch a killer and reunite two cynical lovers. If Shereen's stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours, then she will have achieved one of her life goals.

Jim Walker Rover Flight When all the villains are at your door, your only escape is the ultimate road trip to the stars. Peter and Sandy Taylor take a beat-up motor home to visit ISS as a publicity stunt that becomes a rescue. Jim Walker’s writing centers around the west coast of Canada, his love for the Rockies and travel. His stories reflect the unusual and the exciting one can discover in the most mundane.

Ariane Weathers A Christmas Star for Pugnacious Pugnacious finds himself lost on Christmas Eve. He spends the day trying to find his way home, but as the day turns to evening, Pug starts to lose hope that he will see his beloved Andy again. Ariane Weathers’ friends say she is young at heart. So does her son. It’s no wonder that she has an interest for children’s books. Her stories centre around Pugnacious, a precocious little pug.

J. Robert Whittle & Joyce Sandilands Silent Destiny Emma receives a phone call that changes her life, about an inheritance that includes not only an ancient Scottish estate but also a 700-year-old mystery. Will she accept the inheritance and the challenge? J. Robert Whittle and his co-author/editor/wife, Joyce Sandilands, live in Saanichton, BC. Together they have published 11 novels and two children's books, including three bestsellers and two IPPY Gold Medals.

Don Wilkes A Family Journey Few lives warrant considerable space on a page, aside from moms who deserve special attention. One such person, my wife, Adele, was a mother and grandmother, who should have survived me but died at age 62. Don Wilkes is an accountant who morphed into a writer and on into retirement, with previous books published, both fiction and non-fiction, plus several articles that appeared in several publications.

Dela Wilkins Railway Knitting Workbook: The Journey Continues The Railway Knitting Workbook encourages you to enjoy the journey as you learn new stitches and methods in Tunisian crochet. Dela Wilkins is known as “the Railway Knitter� when she shares her knowledge of Tunisian crochet on board the train across Canada, or on a crochet cruise to exotic ports.

Mallory Neeve Wilkins Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track A 1960s murder trial shocks the Toronto community when Hot Walker Frannie Harrison gives testimony about the violent killing of her fiancé, an American draft dodger, at Woodbine Racetrack. Inspired by true events. Mallory Neeve Wilkins is the author of novels, nonfiction and photography books. Originally from Toronto, ON, she now lives and writes in Victoria, BC – since 1991 – enjoying west coast living with friends and family.

Frank Wilson Counting Crows; Nowt to Do with Me: Rural Stories from the North of England; and Nowt to Do with My Wife: Country Tales from the North of England Frank Wilson is a writer of short stories and poetry. Originally from the UK but now living in Victoria, BC, he has published two books of short stories and two poetry collections.

M. K. Wood Piper’s Pond With a brightly polished entry ticket to a mysterious destination, and an excited mother who seems to know far more than she is letting on, Skyler can only imagine what wonders await her at Piper's Pond. Author M. K. Wood wrote this book in the place she lives, as close to nature as she is able to get, and where she communes daily with the outside world, checking in regularly with the fairies.

D. W. Zandee Coincidence Is No Coincidence This book lists 400 donated stories to analyze types of events, most of which are actually parapsychological phenomena (psi). The book theorizes a universal informational energy field, the UltimaNet. D. W. Zandee is a retired Engineer. From an early age he was struck by Coincidence and psi events and upon retirement started to formally study the field. His recently completed book gives various theories.

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Emerging Local Authors Collection 2016  

Greater Victoria Public Library celebrates local authors in the Emerging Local Authors Collection. The collection highlights self-published...

Emerging Local Authors Collection 2016  

Greater Victoria Public Library celebrates local authors in the Emerging Local Authors Collection. The collection highlights self-published...


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