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Emerging Local Authors Collection 2018–19

Selena Anderson Lacey Meets Ginger A girl named Lacey finds a lost kitten and the new friends have a fun adventure together.

Selena Anderson is six years old and loves books. Selena is very creative and likes to make her own books. She has always wanted one of her stories in the library for everyone to read and enjoy. She dedicates this story to her family, her cat, and all her friends.

F. Scott Andison King of Khans (Urizen Series Book 3) Forced to flee America with his family and friends on a small private sailboat destined for China, Derrik Chu learns their cargo is more important than even their lives. F. Scott Andison has written eight novels over the past ten years. The Urizen series follows the adventures of FBI Special Agent Derrik Chu and his friends as they attempt to save America and the world from a military-supported, Christian-based theocracy.

Barry Andruschak Prospecting and Setting Appointments Made Easy Do you need to find people and set appointments to be successful? Barry Andruschak was an ineffective, introverted newcomer to sales until he discovered the techniques in this book and built a remarkably successful sales career. Barry Andruschak was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After being a charter pilot for three years, he was introduced to the A. L. Williams, now called Primerica Financial Services Ltd., in 1985. He currently holds the title of National Sales Director and lives with his family in Victoria.

Beverly Banfield Art Is Alive at Lakewood School (co-written with Lakewood Students) & Dancing on the Moon As an artist, Beverly Banfield spends her days painting and drawing commissioned portraits and illustrations. Her art gallery can be viewed at She is the author of The Emerald Isle Princess and the Silver Tiara, Dancing On the Moon, and Art Is Alive at Lakewood School.

Martin Bodenham Shakedown Portrays a terrifying web of organized crime—extending all the way to the White House itself—involving blackmail and assassination on an industrial scale. Martin Bodenham was born in the UK. After a thirty-year career in private equity and corporate finance, Martin moved to Vancouver Island, where he writes full-time. He has written two other financial thrillers, The Geneva Connection and Once a Killer.

Judith Bogod The White Man’s Burden This account of late-1970s South Africa under apartheid is the true story of a racist political power that saw thirty million blacks oppressed and in abject poverty, essentially slaves in their own land, as observed by a British housewife, her spouse and three children on temporary assignment. Judith Bogod is a long-time married, retired Social Service Worker in Victoria, BC. She enjoys visiting grandchildren in Vancouver and Toronto, studying piano with the Victoria Conservatory of Music and writing her next book.

Noah Bolinder My Promise Like no story you have read before, each chapter of My Promise is written to a piece of music which allows readers to immerse themselves within the emotion of the narrative. Noah Bolinder began writing his first book as a teenager. He currently works with Young Life, a non-profit organization committed to young people. A dual citizen of Canada and Sweden, Noah enjoys traveling, hiking, caving, writing, YouTubing and eating Greek food.

Sever Bronny Burden’s Edge (Fury of a Rising Dragon Book 1) & Legend (The Arinthian Line Book 5)

Sever Bronny is a musician and full-time author living in Victoria, BC. The Arinthian Line is his first series and an Amazon best seller. He has also released three albums with his industrial-rock music project Tribal Machine, including the full-length concept album The Orwellian Night. One of his songs can be heard in the feature-length film The Gene Generation. Connect with him at his website

Trish Brooke In Transition A collection of short stories. Life is never static and these stories show people in various situations which may require change. Trish Brooke was born in South Africa. She has worked in England, Bermuda and across Canada from coast to coast, primarily with students. This is her second collection of short stories, following Traveling Hopefully. She and her husband live in Victoria, BC.

Ella Brown Cats, Spats & Hissy Fits: Confessions of a Cat Lover Laugh and cry – but mostly laugh out loud – as you read this delightful and touching memoir of a cat lover.

An escapee from the Provincial Government, Ella Brown lives in beautiful James Bay, BC with her sidekick, Jasper Longfellow, a size extra-large tabby. Ella has audited philosophy courses at the University of Victoria, organized church talent shows and dabbled in stand-up comedy. Once in awhile, when strongly motivated, she goes for a walk.

David Bruneau In Search of the Heart: The Journey Turns East The book follows a spiritual quest to the universal heart of being, including meetings with a number of spiritual luminaries like Krishnamurti, Osho, Douglas Harding, and others. While a member of the Canadian Ski Team, a team mate handed David Bruneau a book. This book, by J. Krishnamurti, inspired a profound interest in self exploration and led David to explore numerous other spiritual teachings of the East and the West. Eventually, he began writing about his meetings with Krishnamurti and others and his deep search for the truth of himself.

Rey Carr Shaping the Future: 150+ Canadian Mentoring Relationships That Make Canada Great, Creative, Innovative, Productive, Successful and Welcoming This book coincides with the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. Rey Carr has been involved in peer support, mentoring and coaching since 1970. From 1990 to 1993 he was the chief architect of Canada's National Stay-in-School Mentoring Strategy which resulted in 100,000 Canadian students being matched with 30,000 adult mentors.

H. G. Chambers Recreance (The Aeternum Chronicles Book 1) When Oren and Clementine are cast out from New Arcadia and forced into the deadly Miralaja desert, they must survive not only the wildlife, but also the dark Ministry agents hunting them. H. G. Chambers’ writing is shaped by his unusual life experiences. Whether careening through the air drying cherries in a retired military helicopter, or touring with a band down the eastern seaboard in a 1992 Ford Aerostar, H. G. is not one to turn down a good adventure. Recreance is his debut novel. He lives with his wife and son in Brentwood Bay, BC.

Benni Chisholm Showman or Shaman Everyone's favorite sleuth, Philomela Nightingale, visits her sister in the town of Saltaire. Not long after, the two women become involved with an identity theft, a hit-and-run car accident, and a murder. Benni Chisholm grew up on the Canadian prairies. Her fondness for travel is apparent in her three mystery novels: Stained Sand, set in Hawaii, Odd Odyssey, which takes place around the world, and Showman or Shaman, set in the Pacific Northwest.

Kevin A. Couture Lost Animal Club: Stories Lost Animal Club creates a world where the veneer of humanness stretches thin and often cracks as a menagerie of burdened characters reveal their beast-like traits. Kevin A. Couture grew up in a BC mining town and has spent the last decade waking before dawn to write. In recent years, he has been nominated for The Journey Prize, and included in the anthology, Coming Attractions. He lives in the Fernwood neighbourhood of Victoria, BC.

Heralda Ann Creer Trinitas: Flower of Light, a Ceremony for the Seasons of Mind, Body & Spirit A daily wedding ceremony used for the balanced healing of mind, body and spirit; introduces mantras, asanic postures and psalms for seasonal contemplation. Heralda Ann Creer is an artist and author.

Michael Scott Curnes Coping With Ash: A Novel Ashton Taylor always knew he would die young-ish, so he has thoughtfully left behind a step-by-step post-mortem plan for his cremains for the people who meant the most to him, especially the patient and tolerant Rich Dreadfulwater. Michael Scott Curnes won the 2011 Green Book Award Fiction Prize for his second novel, For the Love of Mother. Curnes works for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, has written a total of eight novels and has written for The Globe and Mail.

Laura Dempsey, Anne Kirkaldy, Linda Peterson, Cathy Ready & Bob Tuomi Traces: Five Coastal Poets These five poets became friends when they met in Joelene Heathcote's poetry courses at the University of Victoria. Over the last five years, they have met monthly over coffee to read, critique and collaboratively improve their work. They hope you enjoy their selections.

Michael Dupuis Bearing Witness: Journalists, Record Keepers and the 1917 Halifax Explosion Bearing Witness tells the story of the Halifax Explosion through the eyes and words of more than twenty journalists who experienced and reported the magnitude of the disaster to the rest of the world. Michael Dupuis is a retired Canadian history teacher and author. His writing focuses on the role played by journalists in historical events including the Titanic disaster, Halifax Explosion, Winnipeg general strike, On-to-Ottawa Trek and Regina Riot. Michael resides in Victoria, BC with his wife.

Cori Ellingson Choosing a Vibrant Life: Reclaim Your Power of Choice Can we choose a vibrant life? Yes. Endless possibilities open as we reclaim our power of choice. Drawing on a lifetime of experience and passion for making the most healthy choices, Cori combines wisdom from well-known pioneers with fresh exciting sources. Cori Ellingson has been a seeker of truth and proponent of personal development for thirty years. She has a life-long passion for learning and finding the best ways to reclaim our power to live the best life ever.

Sherry Ewacha-Poole The A-Z Wildlife Series (Books 1 to 5) This series of hand-illustrated books contains enlightening information to capture the hearts of both the young and old. They are aimed at ensuring an awareness and compassion for wildlife, especially species at risk. Sherry Ewacha-Poole is a Canadian teacher, artist, illustrator, and author who was raised in rural Manitoba. Now residing on Vancouver Island, Sherry has been inspired to express her artistic vision and her joy of educating children about animals.

Karen E. Franks Abigail’s Dream Adventures (Book 1 & Book 2) Abigail is a precocious little girl who, along with her best friend Pearl, is transported into dream-like adventures with magical creatures. From an early age, Karen E. Franks had a vivid imagination and loved to dream. Her inspiration comes from having played in the jungle-like primary-school settings with her friends while growing up in Bermuda. Karen found her gift for writing after taking a writing class at Marylhurst University in Portland, OR.

Diana Frizell Hello, My Name Is Ken: The Life Story of an Amazing Fella with Downs Ken had Down Syndrome, and as he aged he developed Alzheimer’s. Within these pages are some of the wonderful stories of his life, lived full of love, compassion, accomplishments, challenges and victories. Diana Frizell is the loving sister to an incredible brother with Down Syndrome. Only 15 months his junior, they were inseparable from the day she was born until he passed away at age 51. She lives in Beautiful BC, Canada and lives a life full of love, compassion, unconditional acceptance and joy‌ just the way Ken taught her.

Lee Gabel David’s Summer, Tied & Vermin 2.0 Since 1992, Lee Gabel has worked within the visual and dramatic arts landscape as a graphic designer, illustrator, visual effects artist, animator, screenwriter and author. He's contributed to an Emmy award and once walked 63.5 kilometers in 13 hours. Traditionally trained as a screenwriter, Lee has moved to writing books in order to share his stories.

Joy Gartshore From Here & Nowhere: Musings of a Joyous Spirit Several years ago, Joy Gartshore was asked to write a “back page” for her church’s quarterly newsletter The Joyful Noise, and so she began writing “as the spirit moved,” calling her page “From Here and Nowhere.” Joy Gartshore née Georgina Tooley was born in Sylvan Lake, AB on January 29, 1933, the unexpected last of five children. While friends called her “Jo,” her boyfriend Bob quickly changed the male-sounding nickname to “Joy!” Following a short career in banking and then marriage in 1954, Joy became the fun-loving but wise counsellor to both family and friends.

Rachel Goldsworthy “Kiss in the Wind,” Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop Livy Tarbert can taste how delicious it’ll be to return to Corsair’s Cove and develop fabulous new treats for the family chocolate shop. But the town and everyone in it has a way of making her fall in love, whether she wants to or not. Rachel Goldsworthy has always lived on the west coast, earned her science degree at UVic, and wrote for magazines and newspapers for many years before going back to UVic on staff. In 2017, she published her first novella as part of a collaborative series with three other authors.

Margo Goodhand Runaway Wives and Rogue Feminists: The Origins of the Women’s Shelter Movement in Canada In 1973, with no statistics, no money, and little public support, five disparate groups of women quietly opened Canada's first battered women's shelters. How did they do it, and why? Margo Goodhand is the former editor-in-chief of the Edmonton Journal and the Winnipeg Free Press. She has been published in newspapers and magazines across Canada. She completed Runaway Wives and Rogue Feminists, her first book, from her home at Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria, BC.

Dave Goossen Senior’s High: A Novel Paul Carter, a feisty octogenarian, rebels against the owner of his new seniors home, stirs up the residents and causes havoc for his family. But when management clamps down on everyone’s freedoms, Paul must fight for all their rights before it’s too late. Dave Goossen hated creative writing in school. Until he got the chance to write and create a thirty-minute video in Grade 10. Since then he has loved writing whatever tweaks his interest: film scripts, short films, and even plays. But the biggest draw for him is now writing novels.

Margaret Gracie Plastic Presents twelve linked short stories, each with a different perspective on the life of Debbie Pearce, a former pageant queen who struggles to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with her relentless pursuit of the American Dream. In addition to Plastic, Margaret Gracie has published a number of short stories in Canadian and American journals as well as a British anthology. She grew up in Halifax, NS and has lived in Victoria, BC since 2001. Her writing is recognized for its empathetic portrayal of complex characters.

Nowick Gray The Last Book: Further Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man & Red Rock Road, Light Blue Sea: A Nonfiction Novel

Nowick Gray has published an eclectic range of fiction and nonfiction in both short and long forms. He makes his home in Victoria, BC, often traveling to warmer locations in winter. His travel blog appears at

Monique Gray Smith My Heart Fills With Happiness, Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation & You Hold Me Up Monique Gray Smith is a mixed heritage woman of Cree, Lakota, and Scottish descent and the proud Mom of twins. Monique’s latest release, Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation, is currently being used across the country as a tool to educate the hearts and minds of both young and not so young readers. Monique is privileged to live on Lekwungen territory, also known as Victoria, and is well known for her storytelling, spirit of generosity and focus on resilience.

Genine Hanns Armadillo CafÊ This novel explores the pressures and conflicts in today’s society. Genine Hanns was born in Vancouver, BC and grew up on Vancouver Island. She completed her BFA from the University of Victoria in 2005 with a Double Major in Writing and English. She has published four books of poetry and two novels, as well as poems and psychic articles.

Bonnie Hardy & Norman Hardy Aging Loved Ones: A Guide to Organizing and Managing the Aging Process This guide will enable anyone managing the aging process to gain an understanding of what may lie ahead, explore a variety of coping options and avoid time-consuming and potentially expensive traps. Bonnie Hardy is an Adult Educator. A few years ago, she embarked on the most challenging journey of her life: assisting her mother as she learned to adjust and cope with the process of aging.

Susan Hayes Joran, Vadir & Kash (Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides Books 1 to 3) and Three of a Kind & Wild Card (The Drift Books 3 & 4) Susan Hayes lives on Vancouver Island, off the Canadian west coast where the waters are patrolled by orcas, and the sighting of snowflakes leads to citywide panic. If the world ends, she plans to survive as the spunky, comedic sidekick to the heroes of the new world, because she’s too short and out of shape to make it on her own for long.

Dean Helm Necessary Corrections: To Straighten an Increasingly Misnamed ‘Orthodoxy’ After years of studying the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, the author has always been puzzled by the “connect” between the two, and the “disconnect” between them and Religion we know today. Dean Helm was raised in India (where his parents were missionaries). He has a Masters degree in Ancient Near Eastern History and Languages from the University of Toronto. He taught Elementary and Middle School for over thirty years in Victoria, BC and is now retired.

J. J. Hespeler-Boultbee Somersaults: Rovings, Tears & Absurdities – A Memoir from the Fringe of Journalism

J. J. (Jeremy) Hespeler-Boultbee started travelling when he was two, and has been on the move ever since. Finishing school in England, he served for two years with the British Army in Kenya and Malaya before returning to Canada to work as a journalist. His later working life was spent as an artist and academic in Portugal. He has travelled widely in Europe and Africa, and currently lives with his wife in Victoria, BC.

Mary Hodges Fidgety Feet Based on diaries, this is an account of Mary and Mike’s adventures as a middle-aged couple who left home to earn a living as street musicians, working in many countries and meeting many colourful performers.

Mary Hodges ARCT sang with Canadian Opera in Toronto, ON. In 1984 she remarried and with her husband, Michael, they embarked on a new career as street musicians. Mary lives in James Bay, Victoria, BC. She is a member of the Esquimalt and New Horizons writers groups.

P. N. Holland The Lost Boys of Lampson Billy’s Grade 7 year at Lampson is not what he expected; something weird is going on. It doesn’t seem to matter what he does, the school is out to get him, but why? P. N. Holland has written three books so far: The Saxe Point Park Mystery, The Lost Boys of Lampson, and The E & N Escape (soon to be published). His books contain mystery and magic.

Nancy J. Hughes Found Art of the Clan Erskine & Holland 1710-1965 Tells the story of an inherited art collection as it passes through 300 years of descendants. The Erskine and Holland families were aristocratic, titled nobility living in Scotland and England who influenced over eight centuries of British history. The collection is now owned by the author who wishes to repatriate it. Nancy J. Hughes grew up in Victoria, BC. In addition to Found Art, she is the author of Built by Luney Bros. Ltd: Building a City and a Legacy Brick by Brick, Victoria BC 1885-1962 (2010).

Terrence Huntington Tale of the Bounty The Bounty mutiny – one of the most infamous mutinies in maritime history – in verse. Terry Huntington's stories and poems have appeared in Bread 'n Molasses, Canadian Stories, The English Quarterly, Island Writer, Lester's Army, and Poetry WLU. He was born in Campbellton, NB, grew up in Montreal, QC, and has lived in Australia, Jamaica, and Bermuda.

Sally Jennings Hatley Park Estate: A Guide Hatley Park Estate was built by the Dunsmuir family, possibly the richest family in British Columbia. After father Robert’s creation of Craigdarroch in 1890, son James could not be outdone and in 1908 contracted Samuel McLure to build a grand Edwardian house of twice the size.

Sally Jennings has been giving tours in Victoria, BC for the last decade. She has put her accumulated knowledge into two books about the Empress Hotel and now Hatley Park. When not writing or giving tours, Sally is a professional editor at PTO Editing.

Suzan Jennings & John Jennings Paralyzed Without Warning: A Couple’s Journey Back from Guillain-Barré Syndrome When the indomitable Suzan tumbled to the ground, so did her world. This book is about unlikely survival, the revitalization of life for two people, and the sharing of their hard-won knowledge to ease the journey of others. Suzan and John Jennings both had successful careers in hospitality sales and marketing. After Suzan’s experience with a sudden onset of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, the Jennings’ are now experts on the disorder and advocates for people coping with its effects. GBS affects roughly 1 out of every 100,000 people.

John Johnson Once We Were Poets Haiku and other short-form poetry.

John Johnson moved to Victoria, BC in 1987 to join the Royal Canadian Navy. During a stint working ashore in 2007, he began writing haiku and has been refining his work ever since.

Robin Jones Letter from Santa Claus One night, dad wakes Robin to share a special letter he received. This heartwarming letter is just what the boy needs to get better and leave the hospital in time for Christmas. Born and raised in Toronto, ON of biracial parents, Robin Jones is the middle child of five. He and his wife have six children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He tries to meet a new person and write a poem each day. He loves Victoria.

Brenda Joy The Monster in the Basement Two boys can't find their mother. They look everywhere. Where could she be? The brothers must work together, and face their biggest fears, so they can rescue Mom. Brenda Joy enjoys working at a daycare in Victoria, BC where she loves to entertain and sing with children. Her first published story, The Monster in the Basement, is greatly enjoyed by the children. She has two sons, two cats, and a Labradoodle.

S. B. Julian Women Who Made the World Contains biographical sketches of women from the past who should be better known. Accomplished in scholarship, arts, science and social justice movements, they created the institutions and launched the movements that made the modern world as we know it.

S. B. Julian is a local writer, columnist and memoirs coach.

Cathy Jupp Campbell Refuge Cove Coastal Kitchen: Recipes and Coastal Stories These recipes, short stories and photographs celebrate the Refuge Cove Land and Housing Cooperative in Desolation Sound, BC. Cathy Jupp Campbell is a seasoned sailor who has explored the coast with her husband John for over 30 years. She has met many wonderful characters along the way and shares her story with the book Refuge Cove Coastal Kitchen. She loves to kayak, capture wildlife in the lens and share her photos on cards.

Meredith Katz Beauty and Cruelty, Behind Bars, The Cobbler's Soleless Son, The Cybernetic Tea Shop, Empty Vessels & Hair to the Throne Meredith Katz lives in beautiful Victoria, BC with her lovely wifeto-be and their sensitive poet cat. She is the author of several novels and novellas, including the Rainbow Awards “Best Debut Lesbian Book� award winner 2016, Beauty and Cruelty. She loves tea, monsters, and sweet things that go bump in the night.

KW.C What on Earth Are We Doing Here? Our Purpose in Life The meaning and purpose of our life is one of the most intriguing questions we can ask ourselves. If you’re interested in philosophy, self-knowledge and psychology, this is the book for you. Korey has lived on different continents, met countless people and heard their amazing stories along the way. Through his cumulative knowledge and experiences, he recognized a pattern shared by people who have found meaning and purpose in their lives, the steps to achieve it, and now he wishes to share it with you.

Glenn Lindsey The Shoebox Mystery (Billy Fender PI Book 1) Billy Fender's TV has died and he desperately needs a new one to watch the movies of his favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes. Miss Applebee phones Billy with a mystery. She will pay him $50 to solve it. Glenn Lindsey was born in Toronto, ON. He’s currently writing the middle-grade Billy Fender PI Series starting with The Shoebox Mystery. Two others will quickly follow, The Dinosaur Bone Mystery and The Ghostly Maiden Mystery. When he’s not writing, he enjoys a number of hobbies including ham radio (call sign VE7GRQ), cartooning, and photography.

Marjorie Lindsey The Last Singer (The Falcon Chronicles Book 1) A planetary threat. A forgotten prophecy. A gifted singer fights for freedom against a cunning Premier and a malevolent Genetrix.

Marjorie Lindsey is the author of a teen/young adult, light fantasy/sci fi series called The Falcon Chronicles. The first book is The Last Singer. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Robert Longe The Nisselinka Claims An intricate family saga that spans three generations and gives a compelling glimpse into the colourful history of British Columbia. Robert Longe, an avid reader with an interest in history, has worked in mineral exploration for many years. His own experiences searching for mineral deposits in many parts of the world convinced him that the industry, much of it based in Vancouver, BC, provides enough excitement, unique characters and engrossing situations for an entire genre of novels.

Stephen Lowe Stephen Lowe: A Bridge Between Cultures A detailed chronicle of Stephen’s life and art. Born in China, Stephen Lowe (Liu Yunheng) displayed a natural inclination toward art, poetry and music at an early age. During his short life, he held 23 one-man shows, including exhibitions at the Provincial Museum of British Columbia and at the United Nations in New York. In 1970 Stephen and his wife Eunice were invited by the Empress Hotel in Victoria to open their first gallery. Four years after Stephen’s untimely passing, Eunice and her family opened the second Stephen Lowe Art Gallery in Calgary.

Cynthia Mackey & Paula Nasmith Katie Shaeffer, Pancake Maker Katie is too young to use the stove so she only dreams of making her very own pancakes. Join Katie and her friend Baxter in this fun story as they use a love for collecting and building to find a way to realize Katie’s pancake dream! Cynthia Mackey (Cindy) has been an Early Childhood Educator for over 20 years. After so many years of reading picture books to young children, she is pleased to have self-published her own.

Edeana Malcolm The Book of Elisheva Elisheva is consumed by anger for those who have beheaded her only son. When her best friend’s son begins preaching a radical new message of love and inclusion, Elisheva feels compelled to follow him, all the way to Jerusalem and his death on the cross. Edeana Malcolm is the president of Victoria Writers’ Society, where she is also part of a novel critique group. She has published several historical novels based on the lives of her ancestors, John and Susan Dean, as well as another novel based on the life of a four times great-grandfather, Michael Eisan.

Jennifer Mann Scarcity to Abundance: A 5-Step Plan to Spending Your Life Freely Using simple concepts and language, the 5-Step Plan goes beyond budgeting to the place where we first all learned about money, our families. It is a guide to altering your thinking to create your abundant life that awaits. A therapist with 30 years of experience, Jennifer Mann’s focus has been on helping people to find a new perspective. A specialist in addictions, she has a passion to guide those whose insidious problems undermine their creativity and joy in life.

Julia Menard & Judy Zehr Hold on to Yourself: How to Stay Cool in Hot Conversations You know those conversations that ambush you out of nowhere? You think everything is fine but then all of a sudden, something goes terribly wrong. You are not alone! Our book offers tools to help you stay connected to yourself when you are in the heat of conflict. Julia Menard is a conflict alchemist, helping leaders transmute conflict into opportunity. She is a collaborative leadership coach, trainer and conflict mediator working in private practice in Victoria, BC.

Gundula Mogerman Poems

Gundula Mogerman is an artist/poet who lives with her husband of 51 years in Victoria, BC. She is the mother of four grown sons, their partners, and grandmother to their children.

Thomas Morison The Unorthodox Ox: A Novel A dystopian novel that examines the issue of environmental destruction: the collapse of the natural world.

Thomas Morison is a Canadian playwright and novelist. His plays include, An Ambivalent Monument, The Fall, The Ascent, and The Cost of Living.

T. Neilson The Trouble with Mr. Midwest Riley Black is finally the rising Hollywood star he’s always dreamed of being. But now with Quinn Campbell back in Riley’s life, things could get sticky. Riley’s not out—to the public or his family—and Quinn’s an escort with a secret… one that might break Riley’s heart. T. Neilson writes flirty, silly, contemporary m/m romance. Okay, maybe her books are a little angsty in places, too, sure. But for the most part they're all good things like mugs of coffee, and hamburgers on the grill, and nights at the beach, and cozy sweaters, and getting mush-mouth in front of a cutie.

Lisa Michelle Odgaard If I Had Said: A Novel & The Magdalen Laundries: A Novel Inspired by True Events Lisa Michelle Odgaard began writing when she was a child; she won a writing contest in first grade, which earned her book The Mother’s Day Mystery a spot on the shelves of her school library. Having raised her children and trained to work as an operating room nurse, Lisa is grateful to finally have time to write something other than academic papers.

Rob O’Neill What Goes Around Comes Around Utilizing a 40-day morning practice of walking the labyrinth, the author explores life. The book examines the pursuit of dreams and explores potential pitfalls and blocks to achieving them. Rob O’Neill’s career in health and passion for human potential, coupled with his yearning to know about his ancestry and heal his past, led him to explore innumerable pathways locally and overseas. The culmination of this journey spawned the 40-day practice of walking a local labyrinth which is featured in this book.

Tara Orfani Clash (Two Worlds Trilogy Book 1) Three strangers discover that they are all destined to stop a cataclysm that will result in the annihilation of nearly every race on two worlds. Tara Orfani is a student at the University of Fraser Valley. This is her first novel. She is the middle of three children and lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Leela-ilene Orr A Glimpse Into the Beauty of Fogo Island: Including Change Islands and Little Fogo Islands This book captures the beauty and spirt of Fogo Island, NL, including Tilting, the oldest Irish Settlement in Canada and designated a Registered Heritage District. Leela-ilene Orr is a Canadian photographer/writer/artist/jewelry maker. She has lived, worked and travelled in over thirty countries and has called Victoria, BC home for the last eleven years, having moved here from Nova Scotia.

Gail Bennett Owens Making Dying Joyful: Stories of Companionship A poignantly written account of the time spent by the author as a companion to the elderly. Honest writing about folks who lived in care facilities and many who lived in the fog of dementia and spent their last moments with Gail. Gail Bennett Owens was born on Salt Spring Island and was active at an early age in the art of afternoon tea, sipping and socializing with the elderly. She followed up a career in broadcasting with one happily entertaining the elderly. Gail volunteered for many years with the Spiritual Care Department of Victoria General Hospital.

Gwen Pankhurst The Plant Lady Cracks a Nut Local mall “Plant Lady” Eden Tywyn is desperate to escape her past. But strange accidents, odd behavior from people she thought she knew, and the feeling of being watched all make her think that her time in the quaint town of Packard Falls may soon be over. Gwen Pankhurst lives on Vancouver Island near the Pacific Northwest that she writes about. Her books draw from real life experiences, including being a “Plant Lady” herself. She is currently hard at work on the next book in the series. You can read more about her at

Mahalia Patrick These Eyes Little readers will enjoy following along as the story unfolds in this fun and beautifully illustrated book.

Mahalia Patrick began her love of short story writing while growing up in Edmonton, AB. These Eyes is her first selfpublished children’s book. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Durga Periwal Sampada: Treasure for Soul and Spirit A unique companion for meditation on topics including nature, flowers, birds, friendship, celebrations, cooking, and food. The first part of the book contains poems written in Hindi and English; the last contains recipes for Indian cooking, in English. Durga Periwal was born in India, and came to Victoria, BC on retirement. She has been a poet all of her life, and continues to meditate and compose poetry as a life practice. This is her fourth book of poetry published in Canada.

Martin Phipps Beach Read & Let Me Tell You a Little Story Martin Phipps is the author of fifteen works of fiction. He lives in Victoria, BC.

Rick Pilotte Earth, Man & Devolution Knowing man is not evolving, it dawned on me we are actually devolving conforming to the second law of thermodynamics. So I set out to find evidence of man being more advanced physically, physiologically and mentally in the past. Rick Pilotte was born in Victoria, BC. Putting his puzzle-solving skills to good use on ancient history got him on the track of solving dozens of ancient mysteries and letters published in Atlantis Rising Magazine, an alternative archaeology.

M. E. J. Powell Dashi We have not one mind but many. Dashi is stuck in thinking mind, worrying himself about an unjust world. But is that what's really behind his thoughts? The master knows the answer. Vancouver-born, M. E. J. Powell is presently middle aged, bearded and stout. “Stout” because he is writing. While the occasional usage of direct language is within his satirical grasp, he is culturally predisposed to soft Canadian euphemisms. Is this lying? Yes! But it’s his job to lie, so it’s all right. Nothing personal.

Elspeth Rae & Rowena Rae A Duck in a Sock: With Four Phonics Stories (Meg and Greg Book 1) This series is designed for shared reading between a child learning to read and an experienced reader. It includes special features to help a child with dyslexia or another language-based learning difference find reading success. Rowena Rae is a freelance writer and editor. Elspeth Rae is a teacher certified in using the Orton Gillingham approach to teach children with dyslexia and other language-learning differences. Rowena and Elspeth are sisters who believe in a world where all children learn to read with confidence and have the chance to discover the pleasure of being lost in a good book.

Rick the Poet Warrior One Hundred Fart Poems, Some Terrorible Company to Keep & Victoria by Deceit of the Pants Rick was born in New Brunswick, the middle child of five siblings. He held a variety of interesting jobs: he was a Streaker before going to work for the Boy Scouts, and then got his degree in computer programming. He also worked in Egypt as a peacemaker for a year before heading back to Canada. Half Irish, half Polish, he claims to like forcing the round peg into the square hole.

Emily Roback & Faye Roback-Jones A Silent Cheer: Against the Odds An insider's look at deaf culture, demonstrating how parents of a hearingimpaired or deaf child can learn the ropes of determination. Dr. Emily Roback was born in Rocky Mountain House, AB. She is an alumna of Laurentian University's human kinetics program and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College doctorate program. In addition to this book, she has published a healthwestern magazine and aired a sport performance program on television for adults and young people.

George R. Roberts For Better or Verse: By George, He Did It! 175 Limericks 175 limericks, arising from early evening rehearsals of the Good News Choir. After service in World War II, George R. Roberts became a Chartered Accountant, working in Ontario and later with the Canada Revenue Agency in Victoria, BC as well as in private practice. In 1967, the family bought a travel trailer and drove to EXPO 67. His real passion was music: tenor soloist, piano, organ, trumpet and vibes. This kept him out of mischief.

Phil Robinson Paperless: Inspired by a True Story Paperless is a crime novel inspired by the atrocities against children and their families that took place between 1988 and 1996 in the United Kingdom, in what became known as the Alder Hey Organ Scandal and which resulted in the UK Human Tissues Act of 2004. Phil Robinson has a Master’s degree in mathematics which he applied to a career in computer software engineering. He is a licensed, instrument rated, private pilot and has been using the written word effectively for over several decades.

Phil Rogers Ephemera This is a collection of poems, written over a long period of time, focusing on Life, Downsizing, as well as verse for children, and humorous anecdotal ephemera, interspersed with splashes of haiku. Hope you enjoy. Phil Rogers was born in Vancouver, BC but moved almost immediately to the Gulf Islands, skipping from Mayne, to Galiano, to Salt Spring Island in just three years before moving to Vancouver Island, where he remains to this day. He became fond of poetry early when reading A. A. Milne, and has been writing it on and off for all his life.

Stephan Romany-Phipps Ryan and the Big Eye Ryan appears a little different than all the other kids but he learns how to cope with his difference that, strangely enough, becomes his advantage. Stephan Romany-Phipps had an interest in writing from a very young age. Although he graduated from Seneca College in Toronto, ON from a completely different program that had absolutely nothing to do with writing children’s stories, he always had a wide and descriptive imagination. He was inspired by his love for sports and by his favourite author, Robert Munsch.

Leah Rooper & Kate Rooper Jane Unwrapped & Just One of the Boys

Leah and Kate Rooper are sisters who live on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. Ever since they were little, they have loved playing make-believe. When they’re not glued to their laptops, Leah and Kate are both studying Elementary School Education at university and run their own small business, a princess party company.

James Roy An Almost Atheist Walks With Christ I called myself “an almost atheist� until the age of 46. Due to a series of incidents in my personal life, I came back to the foundation laid by my parents. James Roy was born in India into a Christian family. In 2006, he immigrated to Canada with his wife and two young boys. He has taught in different schools in India, Dubai, and is now teaching in Victoria, BC.

Mike Sadava The Project: Short Stories This is a collection of twelve loosely-connected short stories about people at various times of their life who grew up in a postwar apartment complex called The Project. Meet the kids in 1963, then meet them again as adults at various stages of life. This is Mike Sadava's first book of fiction. He spent much of his career at the Edmonton Journal, covering everything from crime to politics. Mike is also a part-time musician and he has lived in Victoria, BC with his wife Anne since 2013.

Jurgen Schulz What Jesus Wished People Knew About God What is God really like? How would Jesus describe Him? We are not left to guess. This book takes a fresh look at Jesus' famous Prodigal Son Parable. Jurgen Schulz lived first in MontrĂŠal, QC and then in Victoria, BC. For some years he ran a printing business until selling it in 1977. He is married to Wendy and they have five children and one grandchild. Jurgen works overseas teaching theology in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

Peter Scott Crisis of Control: How Artificial SuperIntelligences May Destroy or Save the Human Race The human race is caught in the crosshairs of twin threats stemming from exponential advances in technology: easy access to weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, and the development of artificial intelligences that could take over our infrastructure. Peter Scott has over 30 years’ experience as an IT professional working for NASA, and as a business consultant with certifications in coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Jeanne Sedun Someone I Love Is Dying: A Practical Guide for Honouring a Loved One Before and After Death This book offers a roadmap for supporting a loved one through their end-of-life journey. Jeanne Sedun holds degrees in arts and education from the University of Winnipeg and a Master of Divinity Degree from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary.

Andy Sibbald Wen Shen: The Queen of Wu Kang This book is about a friendship that developed between a 56-year-old from Victoria and a 21-year-old student from Wu Kang, China. The friendship between these two people is symbolic of what the world would be like if it was human nature to celebrate diversity. Andy Sibbald writes articles, short stories and books. He lives in Victoria, BC and has used the Greater Victoria area as a setting for his series titled, “Every Village Needs an Idiot.�

William Silvester Building Magic: Disney’s Overseas Theme Parks The exciting, behind-the-scenes story of the overseas Disney theme parks, the newest of which opened in Shanghai, China, in 2016. William Silvester has had over 300 articles and columns and fifteen books published in his freelance career – in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. The books are primarily historical non-fiction, collector's handbooks, and young adult fiction.

Liam Singh Find the Birds: My First Birding Book Birding is an exciting and fun way to enjoy the outdoors. This book is an introduction to birding for young children. Read the description, then find the bird. Liam Singh is a 14-year-old birder and photographer. He volunteers at Rocky Point Bird Observatory and at the RBC Museum in the Mammal and Bird Prep Lab. He leads birdwatching walks every Sunday at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary. He has shared his photography and knowledge with young children in classroom presentations, and now through this book.

Debra Skelton Echoes: Teachings from the Past , Wisdom for the Present A feast for the spiritually hungry of heart and mind in this contemporary anthology of wisdom from the great minds of the 19th century. Debra Skelton is a tutor with the Inner Quest Foundation where she teaches “Sacred Theatre: Dance of the Medium.” She holds a BFA (Acting) from the University of Alberta and studied corporal mime with Étienne Decroux in Paris. She is also a member of the Open Door Sanctuary for whom she recorded the popular podcast series.

Laura Seabury Smith A Trail If by Sea Hapless Perry Cropp finds himself in Haida Gwaii living on a houseboat. He allows Sandie Fox, marine campaigner, to assist in the search for his son Joe, gone missing from a crew job on the outer west coast of British Columbia. Laura Seabury Smith lived in Tokyo and Silicon Valley before arriving in Victoria, BC twenty years ago. She worked out the beginnings of her novel when inspired by her love of the BC coastline and subsequent related environmental concerns.

Peter Speers Julie’s Garden: A Novel A finely crafted story of one man's struggle to find peace and caring in a world he finds frightening and inexplicable.

Dr. Peter D. Speers PhD was born in Cranbrook, BC and grew up on Vancouver's south-east side. He has authored one previous novel, The Peanut Factory. Dr. Speers is a retired civil servant living and writing in Victoria.

Jay Spence Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Reflections on Your Earliest Beginnings to Your Late Teenage Years Addresses the momentous changes that occur on the winding road between infancy and adulthood. Each stage of development is examined. Jay Spence is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. He was Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Ottawa and Department Head at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. He wrote this book to provide honest, unfiltered information in the hope of helping young readers avoid many of the “potholes� of early life.

Junie Swadron Write Where You Are: A Book for Those Who Dream of Writing But Don’t Know Where to Begin Toss out perfection and replace it with colours, shapes, joy, and heartbreak. This approach to writing turns self-judgment into self-confidence. Junie Swadron has worked for over 25 years as a clinicallytrained psychotherapist who uses writing as a significant healing modality in her practice. Junie’s first book, Re-Write Your Life, was endorsed by Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way), and is based on 20 years guiding students through a profound writing and coaching process.

Marc Tardif Vis au MAX Dans « Vis au MAX », Marc Tardif emmène le lecteur à reprendre le contrôle de sa vie. Son programme simple et structuré emmène l’étudiant à Etre plus, Faire plus et Avoir plus. Marc Tardif lives in Victoria, BC. He has travelled in all Canadian provinces, the United States and France to present more than 5000 shows, keynotes and workshops on topics such as success and self-realization, vision and goals, and self-esteem. His book « Living to the MAX » gives people the tools for career planning, successful healthy life skills and self-realization.

Carolyn Thomas A Woman’s Guide to Living with Heart Disease Equal parts a memoir about a misdiagnosed heart attack, a guide to the predictable psychological stages of recuperation, and a patient-friendly translation of important science-based findings about women's unique heart issues. Carolyn Thomas is an Oak Bay resident who is also a heart attack survivor, speaker and blogger at In 2008, she became the first Canadian ever invited to attend the prestigious WomenHeart Science & Leadership training at Mayo Clinic.

A. D. Tonsi Barefoot Amongst the Thorns & In the Hatred of a Minute A. D. Tonsi has been writing fiction for the past five years. When she's not overseeing her teacup humans, she's drinking coffee and creating worlds. A. D. is a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQA+ community and people with disabilities.

Trevor Watson Straddling the ‘Hound: The Curious Charms of Long-Distance Bus Travel An account of four solo Greyhound bus trips in the US taken by aging physician and road addict, Trevor Watson, who chats with outlaws and mystics on the bus, hobnobs with Mormons in Utah, hangs out with "Conches" in Key West and plunges into Mark Twain's Mississippi River Valley. Dr. Trevor Watson's insatiable curiosity has led him to travel and work in many parts of the world. He has practised medicine for over forty years, and has a keen interest in psychology, philosophy and the human heart. He lives with his wife, Cynthia, and dog, Rosie, in North Saanich, BC.

Ariane Weathers Pugnacious Goes to School It’s Pet Day at Andy’s school. What happens when three dogs, two cats, a mouse and a lizard get loose just before the Science Fair? Chaos!

The child in Ariane Weathers is forever present. Her friends say she is young at heart. Her goal is to reintroduce bedtime storybooks – the kind from years past that parents read to their child night after night.

Liv Wigen Carswell The Webs We Weave "Bad Boy" Dash and "High School Sweetheart" Alex are falling in love and don't care who knows it. But when sizable lies and omissions of truth are revealed by a common enemy, Dash needs to decide whether his love for the only woman he's ever truly cared for can overcome all obstacles. Liv Wigen Carswell was born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC where she now lives with her husband and son. Liv published her first young adult novel, This Is Not a Test, in 2016.

J. P. Willson How to Become a Successful (Recovering) Alcoholic This memoir examines how addiction contributed to and informed some of the choices and behaviours that ultimately led the author to Vancouver's Downtown East Side, and to success and redemption in sobriety afterward. J. P. Willson is an accomplished chef who's worked in some of Vancouver’s and Victoria's most prestigious kitchens. He's also a recovering alcoholic who's recently put his life back together after losing everything.

Ryan Zak Jesus in Las Vegas Nobody knows what Jesus got up to between the ages of 12 and 30. The only thing we know for sure is that when Jesus was 23, he went with his friend Max to Las Vegas. Ryan Zak has been writing for as long as he can remember. He has self-published one novel, three children's books, two travel books, one book of poetry, and one short story. The writing never seems to end. Ryan currently lives in Victoria, BC where he writes, composes music and fixes pianos.

Axelan Ziba Footsteps to Freedom: Fleeing Tyranny in Iran & The Last Return: A Novel

Born in the Iranian capital, Tehran, Axelan Ziba documented and endured the harsh repression of the Islamic regime in Iran. His life as a university student became intolerable and he decided to escape. He fled in 1992 and, more than two years later, after being stranded in Turkey and Russia, he finally arrived in Canada. Axelan married his wife in 2004 and resides in British Columbia where he is a successful entrepreneur.

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Emerging Local Authors Collection 2018  

Greater Victoria Public Library celebrates local authors in the Emerging Local Authors Collection. The collection highlights self-published,...

Emerging Local Authors Collection 2018  

Greater Victoria Public Library celebrates local authors in the Emerging Local Authors Collection. The collection highlights self-published,...


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