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Emerging Local Authors Collection 2019-20

Brenda Joy Merry tat tat tat Christmas What was going on was quite funny, and that woodpecker was not the only one causing problems. However, Wesley, Dan and their Mom needed help. What would the friends do? Brenda Joy enjoys working at a daycare in Victoria, BC where she loves to entertain and sing with children. Her first published story was The Monster in the Basement. She has two sons, a daughter-in-law, two cats, and a Labradoodle.

Selena Anderson Lacey and Ginger’s Mermaid Adventure A birthday party game of hide-and-seek leads Lacey and Ginger on an exciting surprise adventure!

Selena Anderson is seven years old and loves books. This is her second book in the Lacey and Ginger series. She enjoys using her creativity to write and illustrate her own stories. Selena dedicates this book to everyone who loves mermaids.

Graham Arlett The Rainy Winters Band Looking for a change from his job in the kitchen, a cook buys a new guitar and joins a blues band. Graham Arlett grew up in London, ON. He received a BA from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2017 and serves in the Royal Canadian Navy in Victoria, BC. He is pursuing a masters degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding through Royal Roads University.

Alexandra Baresova The Onion Peeler Set in small town British Columbia, this is a 1970s romance with a spiritual twist. Alexandra Baresova (Sandra Shore) was raised in British Columbia’s southern interior and has written compulsively since childhood. She has explored many diverse professions and passions, from community television and theatre to environmental activism, art, and energy healing. This is her first novel.

Leanne Baugh The Story of My Face After being mauled by a grizzly, Abby Hughes' facial disfigurement is all she can think about. She returns to high school to finish her last term, knowing it will be difficult, but she doesn't expect the level of rejection, hurt and bullying she is forced to endure. Leanne Baugh has been a waitress, receptionist, teacher, stayat-home mom, and screenwriter. Leanne is passionate about books, films, beach walks, and hummingbirds. When she isn’t at home in Victoria, BC, she's off traveling the world.

Lara Beattie #supertalker and Ugh! the Drug Bug Susie Walker has healthy self-esteem and is able to overcome Ugh the Drug Bug's temptations. Lara Beattie, twelve years old, wrote this book when she was eleven. She is passionate about the subject of drugs and helping kids stay away from them. She likes reading, writing, and singing in her free time.

Marion Ann Berry Behind the Kitchen Doors: The Summers When Marion Ann stepped on the plane for work out west, she never thought her life would change. An eye-opening account of one employee's journey working for a luxury hotel in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Marion Ann Berry was born and raised in Nova Scotia, but one summer she ventured to Alberta to work. That first summer sparked her love of hospitality. She continues to welcome visitors from all over the world at a hotel she calls home.

Ian Bott The Ashes of Home Shayla Carver, master assassin (retired) and planetary governor, has made more enemies than an Imperial tax collector. To atone for her murderous past, she’s now exiled and tasked with rebuilding her home planet. Ian Bott is a public servant by day and a science fiction author by night. He uses his lifelong love of both science and art to bring new worlds to life for readers. He lives in beautiful British Columbia with his wife, two children, and assorted pets.

Christopher Bowers Hi! Conversation Changes Lives Contains a wealth of useful approaches to engaging in conversation. It's packed with information that will encourage you to engage with others. Suddenly, what seems ordinary becomes special, not to be forgotten. Christopher Bowers is an educator, story catcher, videographer, human entrepreneur, and the creator of ConversationWorks. He brings his passion for connecting people and ideas to every conversation. He has also curates MobilizingHope.com.

Sever Bronny Honor’s Price (Fury of a Rising Dragon Book 2) Augum Stone is only sixteen and already a legend. Now, with the future of all the kingdoms at stake, Augum and his friends must cobble together lost historical clues to find the weapon before the enemy does. Sever Bronny is a musician and full-time author living in Victoria, BC. The Arinthian Line is his first series and an Amazon bestseller. He has also released three albums with his industrialrock music project Tribal Machine. Connect with him at his website severbronny.com.

Rey Carr Am I Normal? Adolescent Development Training Manual for Peer Trainers, Mentoring Quotes, & Peer Career Coaching: Engaging Young People to Find Their Assets and Live Their Dreams Rey Carr is a leading authority in Canada on mentoring, coaching and peer support. His work formed the basis for Canada's National Stay-in-School Mentoring and Peer Support Initiative, described as the most successful education project launched by the Federal government.

Savannah Carr-Wilson & Sandeep Pai Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution Savannah Carr-Wilson works in the field of environmental and Aboriginal law in British Columbia. Passionate about protecting the global environment, she has worked with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Secretariat of the Water Convention, and the German nonprofit Welthungerhilfe.

Jim Carver Gold Dust (Life at the Lodge Book 2) Gold is discovered at Three Duck Lake and betrayal quickly follows but the hilarity of life at the Lodge isn’t much affected. Jim Carver is the author of eight books. He spent many years working in geological exploration. He was sidelined from his career by the onset of hereditary cerebellar ataxia, a condition which affects motor skills in an ever-worsening way. He has been in a wheelchair for almost three decades and has taught himself to type very slowly with only one finger.

Nataša Ćećez-Sekulić Today Is a Wonderful Day (Danas Nam Je Divan Dan) The story begins in the 1980s and the years of my carefree childhood, then evolves through the ‘90s and my youth, marked by my country’s devastation. The final chapters reflect a new decade when my life took a new direction.

Nataša Ćećez-Sekulić was born in the Republic of Serbia, and studied literature at the University of Belgrade. She has lived and worked in several countries. Today Is a Wonderful Day is her first book. It is written in Serbian.

Gayle Chapman From Strive to Thrive: My Journey with Mental Illness, Addiction and God My account of my life's journey can be a tool for others struggling with the mental health, alcohol and drug, and penal systems to find hope. Gayle Chapman, born in Victoria, BC, was deemed “a hard nut to crack� in the psychiatric community. However, she began a volunteer program based on her experiences and observations of the mental health community in the mid 1990s, which earned her a nomination for the Women of Distinction Award and recognition from the BC Division of Canadian Mental Health as the Volunteer of the Year. This is her first book.

Geoffrey Conder Alone in the Dream Collective The past was locked away. Despite feeling helpless, Johnny feels that fixing the world's problems is somehow his responsibility. Geoffrey Conder was born in Victoria, BC, where he has lived most of his life. After studying at college he pursued a career in acting. Having been drawn at an early age to the science fiction horror genre, it was inevitable that his first novel would express its themes through the lens of a dark future.

Mary Conley The Artistry of Art Deco An illustrated catalogue of Art Deco/Moderne buildings in Greater Victoria from the 1930s and ‘40s, containing 91 simplified but exact colour drawings. Mary Conley was born and raised in New Brunswick amid peaked roofs and shingled siding. On moving to Victoria, BC, she became fascinated by the Art Deco buildings, with their smooth stucco and flat roofs, so much so that she decided to draw 91 for her latest book.

Pamela Cotter A Morning in the Life of a Canadian Mom of Twins A small, detailed picture book with funny stories and tips and tricks for parents of multiples, showcasing life from breakfast to lunch. Pamela Cotter is a working mom of twins. During the course of her day she found herself googling, researching, and asking for help with tips and tricks for being a mom of multiples.

Thomas Cullen Forgive Me, Mr. Hunter Axel tries to do a favour for his adult friend Mr. Hunter, which ends in tragedy. He then strives to do something good to make up for his mistake. Ironically, it's only after getting involved in illegal activities that he is able to find redemption. Thomas Cullen has resided in Victoria, BC since 1980 and taught in the Sooke School District for 30 years. Writing has been a passion for many years, and finally finding the time to write and publish a novel is a dream come true.

Rebekah Demirel Nothing’s for Nothing: Transformation Through Trauma Rebekah takes us on a soulful journey of heartbreak, loss, and grief with inspiring messages of hope, healing, forgiveness, and personal transformation. Rebekah Demirel is an acupuncturist and clinical counsellor, specializing in trauma and healing family relationships. Informed by resiliency gained through her childhood and teen years, she delivers training to social service, emergency and medical personnel and has a thriving practice in Victoria, BC.

Charles Dool Thoughts and Memories Poems and short stories.

Charles Dool was born on a farm in Ontario and worked in a bank for 42 years. After retiring to Victoria, BC in 1994, he volunteered as a gardener at Government House and Victoria Hospice. He paints and writes short stories and poetry.

Audrey Driscoll She Who Comes Forth: A Novel Recently turned 21, France Leighton travels to Luxor, Egypt, taking with her two legacies—an antique cello and an emerald ring. In the mysteries of the ancient tombs, France realizes she and her gifts may imperil the world—or save it. Audrey Driscoll lives, gardens, and communes with fictitious characters in Victoria, BC. Her opinions about a variety of loosely connected topics and information about her books may be found on her blog at audreydriscoll.com.

Andrew Evans My Brother Chuck: A Novel A touching and insightful look at growing up male in the 1950s and ‘60s. Two dissimilar brothers attempt to apply life-lessons from their parents with varying degrees of success. Andrew Evans is author of the bestselling reference book Singlehanded Sailing: Thoughts, Tips, Techniques & Tactics, which was featured in the Emerging Local Authors Collection four years ago. He is an avid solo sailor and can often be spotted off Ogden Point on the coldest and windiest days of winter.

H. M. Friendly “Quality, Protein-Rich Meat Products� and Other Stories & RePurposables and Other Stories

H. M. Friendly is a Canadian author who recently walked away from eight years of biopsychology studies at the University of Victoria in an endeavour to explore the human condition through creative science fiction.

Lee Gabel Snipped: A Cutting Comedy Ted tries to improve his bedroom blues by getting a vasectomy. But is the risk worth the reward when he finds true love? Since 1992, Lee Gabel has worked within the visual and dramatic arts landscape as a graphic designer, illustrator, visual effects artist, animator, screenwriter, and author. He is the author of four novels and is currently working on his next book, Arachnid 2.0.

Rachel Goldsworthy “Secret Vintage,” Corsair’s Cove Orchard Historian Joe Johanssen’s roots are a century deep in Corsair’s Cove. Statistician Siena Panati is fascinated by the future, both in her data models and in her life, and she has plans that make it all add up perfectly. Maybe together they can make a whole new life bloom. Rachel Goldsworthy writes fun feminist fiction set in the delightful small West Coast town of Corsair's Cove. Her first novella is set in a chocolate shop. A short story and the second novella are set in an orchard. She loves the research and the writing.

K. Gorman Black Dawn, Renegades, Blood Ties & World Shift (The Eurynome Code Books 1-4)

Recently returned from several years abroad in Taiwan, K. Gorman likes history, enjoys long walks on cold west coast beaches, and possesses an abhorrent fear of blank Word files. One can usually find her holed up in her basement office, headphones on, keyboard clicking away. In addition to The Eurynome Code, she has also written several titles in The Elemental Wars series.

Genine Hanns Innocent Origins of Sorrow This novel explores themes of erotica, humour, nature, love, loss and longing, mental illness, death, myth, and compassion. Genine Hanns was born in Vancouver, BC and grew up on Vancouver Island. She completed her BFA from the University of Victoria in 2005 with a Double Major in Writing and English. She has published three books of fiction and four books of poetry.

Susan Hayes Etched in Stone, Operation Phoenix (Nova Force Book 1), No Limit & Full House (The Drift Books 5 & 6), Radek, Tarjen & Torel (Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides Books 4 to 6) Award-winning author Susan Hayes lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family, and good friends. She's jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose and accidentally swum with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.

Jennifer Hellings Twenty-Seven Years in Alaska From canoe camping and helping to build a remote cabin, to many encounters with wildlife, this is the story of one woman's adventures in the remote wilderness of Alaska.

Jennifer Hellings lived in Alaska from 1975 to 2002. She now lives on Vancouver Island where she continues her adventures.

Victoria Helmink Beyond Life When Aidan Matheson is thrust into the world of the Aduro and Shade by circumstances beyond his control, he becomes an unwilling pawn in the ethereal chess game of good and evil. A storyteller by nature, Victoria Helmink's earliest memories involve writing stories for her parents and older sister. When not writing, Victoria enjoys photography, playing the piano, and reading.

P. R. Hernon A Community of Old Bones This book of poetry is a tribute to all who have lived in this dichotomous world of majestic beauty and repugnant dross and survived it with courage, humour, grace, and dignity. P. R. Hernon is a retired teacher, a writer, an aficionado of life and all things uplifting to humanity. She has taught English as a second and foreign language at universities and schools in Japan and Canada.

Mona Houle Hope from Stone: A Walk with Multiple Sclerosis A novel about a 28-year-old woman with Multiple Sclerosis. While MS tries to whip her on the outside, God builds her up on the inside, and she finds so much more than healing. Mona Houle never considered seriously writing until her health forced her into another world. She has completed two mentorship programs with author Gail Anderson-Dargatz. Mona resides in Victoria, BC.

Robert Huttinga The Adventures of Aussie and Otis: Welcome Home Aussie is a retired sled dog. One morning she wakes up and is surprised Mrs. B has adopted a pug puppy named Otis. Aussie finds that she likes to teach Otis about the world just as much as he likes to learn about it. Robert Huttinga was born and raised in Ontario in a small farming town. His family moved to the country when he was six years old; his dog was his best friend. They would explore the family farm together, creating daily adventures.

Marion C. Jensen Happy Families Devoted as she is to her work, a privately-run cooperative school is its own little world. Julie often finds herself threading a hazardous path through parental games and conflicting wants. Marion C. Jensen has lived in Victoria, BC for 45 years and numerous rainy winters have not dampened her appreciation of the west coast. She lives with her husband and dog and loves the wild beauty of British Columbia.

Dianne Kelly JoJo the Worm Joseph goes in search of the perfect potato.

Dianne Kelly taught elementary school for over 25 years and is now a fulltime artist. JoJo the Worm is her first book and is a story remembered from childhood, told by her mother.

Mary Koyl Slow Boat to Paris You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Join this intrepid duo and Teddy, their loyal four-legged companion, as they “go with the flow” and develop Diva Barge, a charter business cruising the ancient backwaters of France. Mary Koyl and her husband Marc live part of each year in France, cruising the rural backwaters of Burgundy on a traditional Dutch sailing barge. Mary’s passion is volunteering with and raising funds for animal rescue groups.

Malgosia Krol Quest-terrestrials Vol. 1 A story about space, friendship, and farts! No matter where in space you might find yourself, celebrate who you are, stay curious, and always make room for adventure. Originally from Poland, Malgosia Krol immigrated to Canada when she was nine years old. She busies herself with writing and illustrating while keeping up with her daughter. Quest-Terrestrials Vol. 1 was chosen as a Kirkus “Indie Best Book of the Month.�

Marty Layne The Happy Snow Friends Counting Book Features a collection of snow friends as they get together on a winter's day. This rhyming story can be read or sung – the music is included. Marty Layne designed and ran a baby fingerplay and song program locally. The Happy Snow Friends Counting Book combines her love of rhyming stories with her enjoyment of needle felting.

Tanya Lee The Wolf and the Rain Anarchy to the north, a highly controlled military state to the south, and the girl who will change everything. With a focus on human rights, Tanya Lee has worked on countertrafficking, safe-migration, and maternal and child health projects in India, Nepal, Mexico, Haiti, and various countries in Africa. She currently lives in British Columbia with her husband, daughter, and a 23-lb orange tabby named Frank.

Glenn Lindsey The Dinosaur Bone Mystery (Billy Fender PI Book 2) Coyote Point Library reports a dinosaur bone missing from their exhibit. When a reward of $300 is offered for its recovery, Billy Fender acts fast.

Glenn Lindsey was born in Toronto, ON. The next two books in his middle-grade Billy Fender PI Series are The Ghostly Maiden Mystery and The Fortune Cookie Mystery. He enjoys a number of hobbies including ham radio (call sign VE7GRQ) and cartooning.

Glenna Mageau Captured Lies (as Maggie Thom) & Do You Know Your Mom’s Story? 365 Questions You Should Ask Her

Glenna Mageau is an international multi-award-winning author, speaker and coach and founder of The Women Writes Movement. She writes page-turning mysteries as Maggie Thom and humour and heart-connecting nonfiction as Glenna Mageau. She also teaches women how to find their voice through writing.

Edeana Malcolm The Loyalist Set in Ship Harbour, NS in 1830, 100-year-old Michael Eisan marries young Sarah Lawrence. The questions she asks him about his life take him back to his years fighting for the British in South Carolina, his childhood in Germany, and his ill-fated immigration to the New World. Edeana Malcolm is the current president of Victoria Writers’ Society. She has published five historical novels based on the life of her ancestors. Edeana is currently writing a historical fiction set in the early days of Victoria, BC from the point of view of three generations of women.

Scpio Fischer Martin The Master Singer of New York This is the story of Walter Martin, who cannot quite figure out what he wants to be when he grows up until he lands on the operatic stage and a new world opens up. He discovers a craft, a voice, a calling, a metamorphosis as he becomes “THE Master Singer of New York.� Scpio Fischer Martin works in business and enjoys walks in nature, doing deep research, being a book nerd, traveling, fine wine, and art.

Elaine McCreary Our Seven Families: Expanding and Enriching Our Sense of Belonging Skillfully weaves together the threads of a rich tapestry of social possibilities, identifying elements essential for the creation of a future society characterized by peace, diversity and justice. Elaine McCreary is a public speaker, workshop facilitator, and globally-oriented lifelong-learning specialist. She has trained professionals in agriculture, public health, and other social services. Free now from academia and public service, she writes at the cross-roads of spirituality, social science and daily life.

Leon Lawrence McFadden The Raven & The Otter (Tsimshian Horoscope series) Books one and two in a story colouring book series for preschoolers.

Leon Lawrence McFadden is a Victoria, BC-born author and illustrator with Tsimshian, English, Irish, and Scottish roots. Visit his website at www.tsimshian.ca.

George Mercer Fat Cats (Dyed in the Green Book 4) When a cougar shows up in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Park Warden John Haffcut sees it as an opportunity to deal with the overabundance of deer that have transformed the islands into an ecological hodgepodge. For more than three decades George Mercer worked as a national park warden in Canada. George continues to be passionate about parks and protected areas, weaving elements of mystery and suspense into Dyed in the Green, the first fiction series about Canada’s iconic national parks.

Gayle Millbank West Coast Tales A collection of short stories for children about the inherent dangers experienced by the denizens of a small island off the west coast of Canada. Gayle Millbank has lived in Saanich, BC for many years. She has published eight books. The five stories in her latest book, West Coast Tales, arise from her summer experiences.

Sol Mogerman Sons of Cossacks A multigenerational adventure story of family, love, life, art, and counterculture that explores the trans-generational transmission of trauma.

Sol Mogerman is a clinical counsellor (specializing in restoration of self-image after brain injury and trauma), author, teacher, cartoonist, and musician. He is married to the artist Gundula Mogerman, is father to four sons, and lives in Victoria, BC. This is his fifth book.

Tallas Munro Death Before Life Inspired by his time living on a First Nations reserve, Tallas Munro's first collection of poetry explores bereavement, introspection, and healing. Tallas Munro is a First Nations author, residing in Victoria, BC. He is in his third year at the University of Victoria, studying theatre.

Aldo Nazarko A River of Oranges: Memories of a Displaced Childhood The Nazarko family became “displaced persons” in Italy at the end of World War II. This memoir is a testament to the resourcefulness and devotion of the author’s parents, and a love letter from one man to his father. Aldo Nazarko was born in 1937 in Fiume, Italy. He spent four years in various refugee camps after the war, eventually immigrating to Canada in 1951. Aldo has hosted “Off the Beaten Track,” a weekly radio show on CFUV, for the past sixteen years.

Jacqui Nelson The Calling Birds: The Fourth Day A wanted woman’s flight, a man in pursuit of honesty, not stolen gold‌ and only nine days left to save the town. Can two mismatched people band together to become the perfect match? Jacqui Nelson says her love for historical romance adventures comes from having watched Westerns while growing up on a cattle farm in northern Alberta.

Marcia Mae Nelson Pedde The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse Timothy Mouse is a very shy mouse, But when Timothy’s little sister Squeaky has an accident, will Timothy and his friends be able to save the day? Marcia Mae Nelson Pedde – Grandy to her precious grandchildren – has an artistic flair for words and wordsmithing. Her book, A Year in the Life of a Bus-Traveling Poet, was featured in the first annual Emerging Local Authors Collection.

Gwyneth Jane Page The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse – In Italy & In New Zealand

Gwyneth Jane Page, who holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University, has called many countries home. The PJ Mouse stories are based on Jane’s family trips with the real stuffed animal, PJ, who was found by Emily, Jane’s youngest daughter.

Anne Patton Through Flood and Fire (Barr Colony Book 2) Based on a true story, the sequel to Full Steam to Canada follows Dorothy Bolton as she discovers the true strength of community as a settler on the plains. For many years Anne Patton taught elementary school in Saskatchewan. After retiring, she moved to the glorious, temperate climate of Vancouver Island. It was a natural step to turn her hand to writing historical novels for young readers.

Martin Phipps A Box of Elsewhere A book is like a box. A closed cover, like a hinged lid, can conceal almost anything – rare manuscripts, smuggled loot, obscure jokes, coded directives, erotic drawings, antique toys, strange old maps of secret places, recipes for disaster, padlocked diaries, forged passports, voodoo dolls, garter belts, hand grenades, flasks of gin, flights of fancy, folies à deux, ménages à trois, and sundry other exits from the everyday, all of them leading directly – elsewhere. Martin Phipps is the author of seventeen books. He lives in Victoria, BC.

S. A. Pring Of Forgiving Hearts Three young women living very different lives are all plagued with hazy dreams of a tragic orphanage fire many years ago. S. A. Pring has been writing for 30 years, everything from opinion pieces to poetry, short stories, and now novels. He is a proud serving member of the Royal Canadian Navy of 24 years.

Aly Reed-Harvey The Curiosity Shop The Curiosity Shop is a place of magic and mystery, owned by two immortal twins who have spent centuries trying to prevent an all-out magical war from destroying life as we know it. Aly Reed-Harvey is a young author from Victoria, BC. She wrote her debut novel, The Curiosity Shop, while studying to be a Registered Nurse at Camosun College.

Ian Sharpe The All Father Paradox (Vikingverse Book 1) What if an ancient god escaped his fate? Churchwarden Michaels thought he was just a run-of-the-mill crazy old man. But when things start changing and outright disappearing, Michaels realizes there is more to the stranger than meets the eye. Ian Sharpe was born in London, UK, and now lives in Oak Bay, BC. He is the CEO of a tech start-up. As a child he discovered his love of books, sci-fi, and sagas.

Regan Shrumm & Wendy Judith Cutler Forgotten Females of Salt Spring Island An exhibition catalogue that looks at the lives and art of four artists, as part of a Salt Spring Arts Council Artists in Residence program exhibition in 2018. Regan Shrumm is a curator and writer currently living on traditional Lekwungen territory (Victoria, BC). She has written for exhibition catalogues such as The Art of A. Banana Unpeeled and Indigenous Influences.

Sophie Sianen phil-o-sophi-cal A debut poetry collection. Explores themes such as love, inner reflection, experiences, paradigms, pain, friendships, and feelings. Sophie Sianen is a Victoria, BC-born, Filipino-Canadian poet, musician, artist, and, currently, high school student. As a writer, she tries to capture memories or thoughts and make them into stories and poems to share.

Andy Sibbald The Dockside Green Dummy, The Fernwood Fanatic, Foxy Visits Mongolia, The Greater Esquimalt Drunken Seagulls, The Jackass of James Bay, Luna Tick: the Witch of Vic West, & Ms. Stinky Goes to the Slammer (Every Village Needs an Idiot series) Andy Sibbald lives in Victoria, BC and has written nineteen books. He has written a trilogy for teens and a book about friendship, but the vast majority of his books are humorous, involve animals, and are set in the Greater Victoria area.

David Charles Simmonds The Teleporter’s Handbook An entertaining collection of eleven short stories. Modern fables and tall tales. Transporting the reader into a world beyond their wildest travel plans. David Charles Simmonds has worked in theatre, film, and music as an actor, director, and writer. He owned and operated the Screen Actor’s Studio in Victoria, BC 1985 – 2015 and is a founding member of both CineVic, the Society for Independent Filmmakers, and the Victoria Film Festival.

Brianna Snider Sailor Anna Goes to Sea Join Sailor Anna, her brother Kash, and his dog Max on their first journey to the Arctic Ocean to explore new places and search for marine life. Brianna Snider is currently working for the Canadian Coast Guard as a Project Officer. From the time she was a newborn living on a sailboat, to the time she now spends in the office looking out onto the water, her love of the ocean has taken her many places.

Jan Stirling Ted Harrison’s Rainbow Road Jan Stirling’s memoir of her friendship with Canadian artist Ted Harrison is a warm commentary on the development of their unlikely relationship. This is a work of creative non-fiction. Jan Stirling is a talented and successful musician and Sound Therapist. Her memoir is sprinkled with reflections Ted dictated to her during the last seven years of his life.

Lincoln Stoller The Learning Project: Rites of Passage A search for the kind of learning that is most important. Presents 35 indepth interviews with people of all ages, interests, and walks of life. Each person answers the question of how learning changed their life. Lincoln Stoller was mentored by the colleagues of Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Calder, Buckminster Fuller, and Albert Einstein. He is now a therapist and mentor living in Victoria, BC. Committed to supporting intuition and the feeling mind, he can be contacted through his website mindstrengthbalance.com.

Kathleen Thaler The Biting Cheese Bows Challenge (Navy Dad Book 1) Abbey's father is in the Navy, and he goes away a lot. While he’s at sea, she and her friends must solve a SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET challenge. Will wrong turns and bad luck stop her? Kathleen Thaler spent 22 years driving warships in the Royal Canadian Navy, sailing on the high seas, and having adventures around the globe. She began the Navy Dad series as a way to help children deal with the deployment of military parents. She now lives in Victoria, BC with her Navy husband and her daughter, Abbey.

Alan Thomson Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club: 50 Years of Paddling 2018 was the 50th anniversary of the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club. To mark the event, VCKC published a book telling the stories of those fifty years. Alan Thomson is a lifetime member of the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club. As VCKC was approaching 50 years, he took it upon himself to prepare a comprehensive history of the club. Alan drew on information from local archives, newsletters, and members’ stories.

Maureen Thorpe Tangle of Time A medieval Yorkshire village is a dangerous place for a witch from today’s world, especially when she investigates murder. Annie Thornton will need all the help she can get to avoid the flames. Maureen Thorpe was raised in Yorkshire and now divides her time between Victoria and Invermere, BC. After a career as a nurse, yoga instructor, and running coach, Maureen started writing fiction, drawing upon her background and interest in history. Tangle of Time is her first novel.

Bill Tomlinson The Tools of Philosophy You can't find truth in any discipline without understanding the discipline’s tools. Philosophy is no different, and yet many try to do philosophy without this understanding. This book introduces you to all of the major tools. Bill Tomlinson taught philosophy for 37 years at California State University Northridge. He is now retired and living in Victoria, BC.

V. H. Vachon Louis Riel Is My Seventh Cousin Twice Removed After the author discovered his distant familial link with Louis Riel, he wrote a series of poems about Riel's final year. At the same time, he also wrote to 42 “cousins,” including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Lucien Bouchard, Mitsou, and Beyoncé. Unfortunately, not all responded. V. H. Vachon lives in Victoria, BC.

Shereen Vedam Coven at Callington (The Cauldron Effect Book 1) A kidnapped child. A witch on the warpath. A church guard in crisis. Once upon a time, USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam read fantasy and romance novels to entertain herself. Now she writes them. If her stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours, then Shereen will have achieved one of her life goals.

Natasza Waters Legend of Spiralling Cedars West of the Rockies an ancient legend exists. The forests of British Columbia are supernatural, but Park Ranger Rachel Crossing and a team of Canadian JTF2 SpecForce operators discover the legend is not only real—but deadly. Award-winning author Natasza Waters is a Coast Guard officer and a writer. She pens sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense and thrillers for women who enjoy a cup of romance with a twist of steam.

Karen Lee White The Silence: A Novel Leah Redsky is a Salteaux/Salish woman living in Vancouver at odds with her past and current life. Then she is called back to the Yukon by a failing elder. Karen Lee White is an Indigenous and Scots writer from Vancouver Island. In 2017, she was awarded an Indigenous Award for Writing by the Hnatyshyn Foundation. Karen has also been commissioned by theatres in Victoria and Vancouver, BC to write plays.

Rebecca Wigod He Speaks Volumes: A Biography of George Bowering This biography reveals the intimate, intellectual, and artistic life of one of Canada’s most prolific authors, offering an inside look at the people and events at the centre of the country’s literary and artistic avant-garde from the 1960s to the present. Rebecca Wigod is a former journalist. She wrote this biography with the cooperation of George Bowering, who was Canada's first Parliamentary Poet Laureate.

Marjolyn Winkel Farm Tales Through an authentic lens, Marjolyn writes about living on a hobby farm and her experiences as a farmer's wife. Full of adventure, humour, and unforeseen obstacles. Marjolyn Winkel immigrated to Canada in 1965 from the Netherlands. She and her husband have two sons and have lived on their Central Saanich, BC hobby farm since 1969.

Edwin Wong The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy: Gambling, Drama, and the Unexpected Presents a profoundly original theory of drama that speaks to modern audiences living in an increasingly volatile world driven by artificial intelligence, gene editing, globalization, and mutual assured destruction ideologies.

Edwin Wong is an award-winning classicist. In 2018, he founded the Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Playwright Competition with Langham Court Theatre to align tragedy with the modern fascination with uncertainty and chance.

May Q. Wong A Cowherd in Paradise: From China to Canada Follows the lives of Wong Guey Dang (1902-1983) and Jiang Tew Thloo (1911-2002). Married for over half a century, they were forced to live apart for 25 years because of Canada's exclusionary immigration laws. May Q. Wong finds joy in discovering and chronicling the extraordinary in ordinary people. Born of Chinese immigrants and raised in the diversity of Montreal’s “Main,” May developed a strong social conscience early on. She is also the author of City in Colour, a non-fiction history of Victoria's multicultural past.

Brian Wyvill The Second Gate Annette steps back through a time gate to 1798 Malta. With a dream to reinvent the critical sea battle between Nelson and Napoleon, she must get to Aboukir Bay before her 21st-century hunters can stop her dangerous quest.

Brian Wyvill is a professor at the University of Victoria and a former Canada Research Chair, with a focus on computer animation. He has now turned his talents towards creating historical fiction.

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