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Gordon A. Bailey The Jagged Cup; The Prayer Book Cowboy; and White Noise‌Black Oil (It’s All About Everything) In the final book, eco-detective Tom Severn is now being pursued by federal government operatives as a result of his work regarding the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway and southern Kinder Morgan pipelines. Gordon A. Bailey PhD is a retired sociologist from Capilano University, North Vancouver. He has published two academic books as well as the eco-fiction Tom Severn mystery series. He lives with his wife and partner, Sue, in Victoria, BC.

Beverly Banfield The Emerald Isle Princess and the Silver Tiara A lost silver tiara may not be so plain after all, as 13-year-old Morgan finds that magic indeed exists! Magic, mystery and an adventure await in the Emerald Isle Kingdom.

Beverly Banfield spent most of her childhood sketching, drawing, and painting. She now spends her time writing and illustrating fantasy children’s picture books and novels.

Elizabeth Bartel The Yellow House: Poems of Life and Love The Yellow House is a life-long collection of poems.

Elizabeth Bartel was born in Steinbach and raised in southern Manitoba. She writes of life and love, while keeping one foot firmly planted in the prairie soil of her childhood.

Stas Bekman Don’t Let Your Headache Ruin Your Sex Life Would you like to know how to prevent and eliminate your migraines and other types of headaches? And how to accomplish this without suffering from the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs? Then this book is for you. In the past 10 years, Stas Bekman has published four books, two of which were in the field of Internet technology. He runs his own company,, and enjoys gathering information, then writing and sharing his findings with others.

Judith Berman Bear Daughter Until Cloud is twelve, she is a neglected bear cub wandering the town ruled by King Rumble. After Cloud’s unexpected transformation into a human girl, with no memory of what came before, she is forced to flee. Her only hope of survival is a terrifying quest to free the spirits of her dead brothers. Judith Berman is a fantasy and science fiction author who has been a finalist for the Nebula, Sturgeon and Crawford awards. Her novel Bear Daughter has been praised as “utterly absorbing, unforgettable” (Booklist starred review).

Andrew Board Decapitated (Stuart Strickland series); and Dreams of Summer Andrew Board first began writing in 2006, starting with feature-length screenplays before taking up writing novels and short stories. After spending nearly fifteen years living abroad and in various places across Canada, Andrew returned to Victoria, BC in 2013.

Ian Bott Tiamat’s Nest The virtual world comes alive and reaches out into the real world with deadly results. Ian Bott is a science fiction author who avoided all forms of creative writing until rather late in life, when the writing bug finally caught him napping. In hindsight this should not have been a surprise; trained as a software developer, the switch from business requirement documents to speculative fiction was only a small step.

Sever Bronny Clash (The Arinthian Line, Book 4) The apprentice warlocks have a dangerous new quest – to sneak into an ancient library and research an artifact that could devastate the Legion. Sever Bronny is a musician and full-time author living in Victoria, BC. The Arinthian Line is his first series and an Amazon best seller. He has also released three albums with his industrial-rock music project, Tribal Machine. Connect with him at his website

David Bruneau In Search of the Heart The author relates his experiences with a number of prominent spiritual teachers, family, friends, and lovers as he explores life in its various dimensions in his process of learning to live as fully and deeply as he can. David Bruneau stepped onto his path of self exploration at a young age. A former national ski team member, sports coach and school teacher, he has also taught massage and meditation. He facilitates events at the Krishnamurti Centre near Victoria, BC.

Rosemary Budd Inspector Paws and the Alaskan Ice Cap, and Inspector Paws and the Wonders of Europe A humorous mystery series featuring a sleuth with just enough “cattitude� to solve the case. Rosemary Budd lives on Vancouver Island with her two rescue cats, Bubba and Willow, where she pursues her three passions: cats, travel and writing.

Fabienne Calvert Filteau Second Growth “Shape-shifters and body-borrowers inhabit these poems . . . . The originality and new vision in these poems is stunning.�

Fabienne Calvert Filteau's work has appeared in Prairie Fire and Paragon, among others. This is her first book of poetry. Fabienne currently lives in Victoria, BC, where she studies Chinese medicine at Pacific Rim College.

Kristina Campbell The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook: Vital Microbiome Diet Recipes to Repair and Renew the Body and Brain Respected science writer and expert, Kristina Campbell, delivers creative, yet simple recipes that are good for the gut and taste great. Kristina Campbell, from Victoria, BC, specializes in communication about the gut microbiome and digestive health. Kristina is also co-author of an upcoming academic textbook on nutrition and gut microbiota.

Jim Carver An Almost Perfect Life and Deep and Crisp and Even (Life at the Lodge series) Lives and stories of lodge inhabitants unfold with frequent hilarity, bolstered by a compassionate touch with characters that include dogs and cats! Jim Carver has lived and worked all over Canada, especially in wilderness areas. He currently lives, writes and laughs on Vancouver Island.

Rashad Cash Supernova (Volume 1) In a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world, Akia, a young nova, tries to find her sister, Akili, who's been missing for over three years. As she embarks on her perilous journey, she will have to muster the courage to take down the deadly Starface, also a nova, working for the sinister and mysterious Cygnus' Arm. Rashad Cash is a local graphic novelist from the Bahamas. His work can be found in nearly every major bookstore in Nassau, BS. He is married to somebody just as crazy as he is, and has a dog named after a famous celebrity's dog.

Judith Castle Surface Tension Surface Tension is Judith Castle’s fourth book of poetry.

Judith Castle lived in MontrĂŠal for many years. Her poetry has been published in The Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, Event, and Island Writer Magazine. She lives in Victoria, BC.

Rose Christensen Laura Lamb Finds the Forest A lonely little lamb finds her way into the forest. There she finds the companionship of nature.

Rose Christensen is a mother to four children, and a grandmother to five. She is a retired Early Childhood Educator, an artist, and a lover of nature.

Richard Coles Angel in Blue Jeans A tale of tragedy, trauma, and triumph, Angel in Blue Jeans explores the depths of caring, determination, and love in battles against alcoholism, and in times of military danger. Richard Coles, a retired scientist and former teacher, has made a lifetime pursuit of volunteer and community work. He drew on his vast experience of working with people to create the realistic and grounded characters in Angel in Blue Jeans.

Cary Conder Tangled Threads (Erranba Legacy series) Advised by his seer, Sundir, lord of N’zorivn, sends his heir to a sorcerer for protection. But no one could have envisioned the paths down which Dairik’s studies will lead him, nor the dangers he will encounter. Born to British parents in Colombia, Cary Conder immigrated to Canada as a child. She retired in 2010 after 27 years of military service. One of Cary’s pieces of art, “Dease River,” hangs in the Comox home of the Honourable Iona Campagnolo.

Lesley Dodd Dexter the Stinky Kitty A light-hearted story about a cat with a dirty litter box.

Lesley Dodd is a children's book author and illustrator from Victoria, BC. Dexter the Stinky Kitty is her first title as a self-published author.

Audrey Driscoll Hunting the Phoenix (The Herbert West Series, Book 4) Journalist Alma Halsey chases the story of a lifetime to Providence, RI, and finds more than she expected – an old lover, and an old adversary. Fire throws her into proximity with them both, rekindling romance and completing a great transformation. Audrey Driscoll began writing in 2000, after an encounter with Herbert West in a story by H.P. Lovecraft. She has written four books and a number of short stories. She lives in Oak Bay, BC with her husband, two cats and a Newfoundland dog.

Zoe Duff The Class Menagerie: Emerson's Flight; and Love Alternatively Expressed: The Scoop on Practicing Polyamory in Canada Zoe Duff is a prolific author, publisher and workshop facilitator, as well as a social justice advocate. She was involved with and pleased by the 2011 BC Supreme court decision affirming the legality of the practice of polyamory. She has 8 children, 5 grandchildren, and lives with her partners Danny and Jayson who truly understand empowering love.

Dan Dunaway Heart Like a Wing Haunted by nightmares and disfigured by a mysterious scar, Briony is an orphan who knows nothing about her past. She becomes a bush pilot, and then discovers her Cree heritage—and the disturbing truth behind her scar. Dan Paxton Dunaway has been a rancher, ocean sailor, ironman triathlete and newspaper publisher. Heart Like a Wing is his second novel, and he is working on the sequel to complete the trilogy. He lives in Central Saanich, BC.

Georges Dupuis Rosenberg 3.1.1: Not Violin Music (Volumes 1 & 2) Jon Rose of Australia and several co-authors published Rosenberg 3.0 in 2014, the third in a series of biographies about Johannes Rosenberg. Georges Dupuis said "send it to me, I'll write something positive." A full 500-750 word review was written for each separate page, necessitating the creation of an official annotated version, entitled Rosenberg 3.1.1: Not Violin Music. Georges Dupuis has lived in Victoria since 2014 and apart from a two-year stint as Strange Music Correspondent for CBC's Basic Black, you’ve probably never heard of him, and that's ok.

Robin Dyke Lasting, Leaving, Left A collection of poetry that captures ideas and experiences of the moment, that explores the territory of something noticed and probes its source for meaning. Robin Dyke is a connector, an imagined dream caster. Poetry is a new expression of his work as a consultant and educator consistent with his attention to bringing forth what comes into focus. He and his wife Marline live on Cordova Bay, BC.

Larry Earnhart The Profit Machine: Putting the Five Parts of Profit to Work Author, entrepreneur and business professor Larry Earnhart shows you what it takes to turn your business into a profit-making machine. Make Profit be the engine of your business powering you toward success.

Larry Earnhart is a business coach and consultant who helps small business owners make their businesses profitable.

Valerie Edwards Finding Genuine Inner Peace: Through the Power of Forgiveness This book provides a road map for obtaining release from painful emotions clinging from the past. Written in simple language, these easily understood concepts and practical steps will set you free in profound ways. As a student of music education at the University of Victoria, Valerie Edwards discovered a love for teaching. Finding Genuine Inner Peace was born out of her life's experiences and her own pursuit of inner peace, joy, and fulfilment.

Elizabeth Ely Life’s Attic: A Novel Leanne Porter is about to meet Jay Hanson. There’s just one problem. Jay has AIDS. But will that stop them from loving each other? What will their lives be as a result of this chance meeting? Elizabeth Ely is an author and musician. Having enjoyed a successful career as a harpist, she is now following a lifelong passion to write full-time, combining her love of words and emotions into a music all their own. This is her first novel.

Emilucha Dime, hijo, dime - Tell me, son, tell me Un padre y su hijo encuentran amparo bajo la presencia de la luna. Un cuento de niĂąos para padres. A father and his son find comfort under the moon's presence. A children's story for parents. Words and sounds in Spanish, English, French, and Italian have shaped who Emilucha is today. For over 40 years, she taught language and linguistics. Now she enjoys matching images with words in order to tell simple stories.

Kasey Eriksen Skull Cove: The Secret of the Adze; and Strong as Blood Kasey Eriksen has been writing stories almost her entire life. Whether the books are fully finished, or still in the making, youth storytelling has always been her passion. Other hobbies include photography and pointillism.

R. J. Eveland Knights of the Dawn (Arcanum of the Dolmen Troll, Book 1) After a long and bloody campaign, Lord Spywater journeys back with a score of knights to see if his banners still fly at home. Little does he know, a series of calamities awaits. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and George R. R. Martin, R. J. Eveland specializes in esoteric fantasy for weirdos, historians, and lovers of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

Rian Everest The Tangerine Tigress: Purpose and Paradox (Tangerine Trilogy, Book 2) Detective Inspector Sharkyn is trying to solve the mystery of the violent death in Tunisia of Rian Everest's first wife, Thelma. Born and educated in England, Rian Everest has spent most of his life teaching and working in Canada. Everest's previous writing was about scientific and mathematical subjects as well as his main love, travel. Recently he undertook a fictional series, The Tangerine Trilogy .

Victoria Fabling Speaking Universal: "You Know What I Mean" The author shares with the reader the benefits of tuning into one’s environment prior to going into "send" mode. This book is for all ages and has been written with charm and compassion for all living things. Victoria Fabling was raised in Yorkshire, England, and many of her anecdotes are of her experiences as she reached out to nature as a friend and confidante.

Michael Falade Beyond the Mountaintop Sasha views her marriage to Marc as the consummation of a blissful, romantic relationship. She soon realizes that the wedding wasn't the pinnacle of their courtship, but the beginning of their marriage. Michael Falade studied Pharmacy in Nigeria and Vancouver, BC. He became a Canadian citizen in 2014. Although writing has been a lifelong passion, Beyond The Mountaintop, a novel, is his first published book.

Chad Ganske Idyllic Avenue; and Salus: Idyllic Avenue 2.0 Humanity faces extinction. As unending night approaches, a terrorist group of mutants wages war for their right to survive. When permanent midnight arrives, the mutants elect Stanford Samuels to lead them to sanctuary. Chad Ganske was born in Red Deer, AB. He published his first novel, Idyllic Avenue, in 2014. Presently, he lives in North Saanich enjoying the quiet life, as well as alternating between states of elation and frustration watching the Edmonton Oilers.

Sharon Gardner Holidays in Poem for the Heart of a Child Holidays and Special days of the year are such magical times. But beyond the decorations, food and gifts, each holiday can also hold within it a spiritual message that children are naturally eager to know about and understand. Over 30 years ago, Sharon Gardner had a spiritual experience so sudden and profound that it awakened her to a new life and new focus on spirituality and metaphysics. She lives with her family in Victoria, BC.

Jackie Gay No Way Back: A Story from Anders’ Army The astonishing true story of Walter Szwender, a veteran of Anders' Army, formed in Russia in 1941/42 with Poles who had been deported from their homeland. After fighting with the allies in Italy, Walter had 'no way back' to his Polish home and came to Canada on the first troopship out of Italy. Jackie Gay is a novelist, short story writer, educator and Paralympic sailor (silver in Rio!). She was commissioned to write a biography about the life of Walter Szwender.

William Geimer Canada: The Case for Staying Out of Other People's Wars Presents evidence of recurring factors in every Canadian war to support the argument that joining wars has done nothing to enhance security, damaged our standing in the international community, and made Canada complicit in human rights violations of her patrons. William Geimer is Professor of Law Emeritus, Washington and Lee University. He currently serves as defence policy advisor to MP Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader. He lives in Sooke, BC.

D. D. Gillespie Wildwoods Child (The Lost Women, Book 1) Nora Macpherson is a rookie RCMP constable in a remote ranching and logging community. She befriends a teacher whose student involves them in a search for one of many unsolved disappearances haunting the north country. D. D. Gillespie is a teacher, writer and traveller. She loves the people and the spirit of the wild country and champions the beauty and potential of life outside urban centres.

Dave Goossen 12 Cups of Coffee (The Espresso Series, Book 1) Jamie has it made. Excellent job flying around the world. Great girl who loves him for exactly who he is. Except Jamie is rarely who he says he is. The real Jamie only appears over coffee with strangers....whom he'll never see again. Dave Goossen hated creative writing in school. Until he got the chance to create a short video with his friends in Gr. 10. After careers in Hospitality and Software Development, Dave now makes short films, writes novels and co-raises his daughter.

Donald Gordon Withered Expectations: A Novel Brian Papagos, a budding Toronto accountant who has never travelled abroad, eagerly accepts a two-year foreign posting, little realising how it will disrupt. Donald Gordon entered Toronto’s business world as an accountant, favoured computers and senior corporate life, and retired as a writer. As D. G. Wilkes, he has written three non-fiction books, including A Family Journey.

Adelina Gotera Grandma Lives in Us The death of a loved one can happen anytime in any family. How can we turn this mournful event into a coming-of-age moment for our children?

Adelina Gotera is formerly a professor, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, PH. Presently, she is the owner and manager of Adel's Play N Discovery House, a BC-licensed childcare facility. Her stories are an expression of her love for all children.

Vadym Graifer The Time Machine Diet: Travel Back to Your Naturally Healthy Energetic Self Replace sugary and starchy food and drink with healthy equivalents; cultivate a healthy gut bacteria with delicious home-made fermented foods; and utilize intermittent fasting to produce swift and sustained weight loss. Vadym Graifer is a Canadian-based author and photographer. His previous books are about stock market trading, but his latest is about his successful quest to lose weight after a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension.

Giovanna Greco Journey of Hope and Opportunity: The Story of the Victoria Italian Assistance Centre This book honours the people who journeyed from the old country to their new homeland, and who helped create the Victoria Italian Assistance Centre. Giovanna Greco was born in Aprilia, Italy, and immigrated to MontrÊal with her family in 1964. In 1996, she completed her Master’s Degree in French Pedagogy at the University of Victoria.

Genine Hanns Sleeping With Muses This poetry collection, illustrated by the author, explores such themes as erotica, humour, nature, love, loss and longing, myth, concern for the environment, compassion, and respect for the creatures of this earth. Genine Hanns grew up on Vancouver Island with a great love for nature and the beauty of the west coast. She has a BFA from the University of Victoria, and has published one novel and four books of poetry.

Robert Harwood I Went Down to St. James Infirmary This book explores the turbulent, mysterious history of one of the most important and influential jazz-blues songs of the 20th century. Harwood follows the song as it travels from its folk origins into the recording studios, performance stages, and law courts of America's jazz age. Robert Harwood was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and raised in Montreal, QC. Robert recently moved to Victoria, BC after living for five years in the remote village of Val Marie, SK — “gateway to Grasslands National Park.”

Susan Hayes Double Down and All In (The Drift, Books 1 & 2); Carnage (Hell Hounds MC, Book 1); and Scarred (3013 series)

Susan Hayes lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family and good friends. Writing is her joy, her escape from reality, and the only way she knows of to quiet her muse.

Edward Ho Yut Di - One Earth This historical saga recounts the adventures of a Chinese merchant and his son during their journey to Canada in the 1880s. The story chronicles the hardships and challenges experienced by the early Chinese immigrants to Canada and the United States. Edward Ho lives in Victoria where he attended school at North Ward Elementary, S. J. Willis Junior High School, and Victoria High School, before attending university. He served as a real estate professional for 36 years.

K. Victor Hollefreund Destiny: The Dawn of Evil There are two worlds: the one we live in and can see, and the spirit world which we cannot see. This novel takes us behind the scenes, before time began, and shows how it all got started. K. Victor Hollefreund has served as a missionary pilot, pastor and chaplain in Canada's armed forces. He has lived and served in the third world with a deep desire to bring hope to those with whom he has contact. He has written numerous Bible studies and enjoys being able to tell a good story.

Jenny Jaeckel For the Love of Meat: Nine Illustrated Stories; Siberiak: My Cold War Adventure on the River Ob; and Spot 12: Five Months in the Neonatal ICU Jenny Jaeckel is the author and illustrator of three graphic memoirs, a collection of illustrated short fiction, and is at work on a forthcoming novel. Spot 12 and For the Love of Meat were named Finalists in the 2016 Best Book Awards competition. She lives in Victoria, BC with her husband and child.

Marion C. Jensen Desolation Sound: A Novel In the aftermath of a death, Ann Patterson's family is becoming unglued. To mend it, the hot-tempered librarian splurges on a boat trip to Desolation Sound. The trip turns out far differently from her expectations. Marion C. Jensen lives in Victoria with her husband and dog. She has boated in Desolation Sound and loves the wild beauty of that part of BC. A transplant from Ontario of forty-three years, numerous rainy winters have not dampened her appreciation of the west coast's wonderful mild climate.

Paula Johanson Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Ministers of Canada series) From his youth as a backwoods canoeist and political activist, to his retirement from politics and the law, Pierre Trudeau lived a life that was, as he put it, “one long curve, full of turning points.� Paula Johanson has an MA in Canadian Literature. She has taught writing workshops, worked an organic-method small farm, and raised gifted twins. Her works include thirty books on science, health, and literature, plus a novel, short stories, and poetry.

Jan Johnson Jan Johnson: Irony in Steel: Sculpture Described as the Kurt Vonnegut of metal sculptors, with a style reminiscent of Giacometti, Jan Johnson explored myths and monsters, power and conflict, and welded them into steel sculptures, profound meditations on human comedy, frailty, cruelty, and suffering. Jan Johnson was born to a ranching family in Hulett, WY in 1943. He served in the US Army in Vietnam, discovering art after as a release from the brutalities of war. Jan settled on Vancouver Island in the 1970s, becoming a Canadian citizen in the 1980s. He died in 2011.

Mary Victoria Johnson The Ashes and the Sparks Welcome to the age of airships, in a world powered by steam and innovation, ruled by an elusive empress at its heart. Jorun is not part of this world. Hers has remained separate from the rest of society for a thousand years. Mary Victoria Johnson wrote her first novel when she was fourteen. The Ashes and the Sparks was written when she was seventeen. Born in Cambridgeshire, she now splits her time between Vancouver Island, where she attends university, and Chilliwack, BC.

Diana Elizabeth Jones The Bearer’s Burden 1915. Joe Mathieson, a young Scottish miner, has no interest in joining the men enlisting. But when he discovers a secret his brother has kept from the family, he sets off on a quest leading deep into the horrors of WWI France. Diana Elizabeth Jones spent three months in France researching and writing much of The Bearer's Burden, her first novel. A former linguist and educator, Diana was born in Dundee, Scotland and now lives and writes in Victoria, BC.

Stephen Kagan Augmented Dreams: The Singularity Palimpsest A mythic journey through a hypermodern landscape: it is the year 2048 and neural implants have replaced smartphones, glasses and goggles to connect the citizens of the wealthy nations to virtual and augmented worlds. Stephen Kagan is an author of contemplative poetry and speculative fiction. He has an MA in East West Psychology from CIIS in San Francisco. With over 25 years of work experience in IT, he currently works at the University of Victoria.

Sarah Kendall Let Me Show You Chocolate Lilies Kendall's vivid and lyrical memories “blaze into aliveness” as they flow between prose and poetry. Her poems suggest one can come to terms with tragedy through creativity and beauty. Sarah Kendall evokes a blissful childhood amid the lush English countryside, an idyll later ruptured by her mother's paralysis, her parents’ breakup, and her own adolescent dreams. Catastrophe strikes in midlife when an aneurism leaves her physically and cognitively compromised.

Klaus Kinast The Amazing Maze of Mirrors and Mysteries Coming-of-age stories in post-war Germany that shed light on the emotional, intellectual and physical challenges of children in that era. It's the Little Prince meets Huckleberry Finn in adventures somewhat reminiscent of the characters and mores of Wilhelm Busch. Klaus Kinast immigrated to Canada as a young man, looking for adventure and inspiration away from a rather oppressive post-war Germany. These days, when he is not hunched over his writing pad, he expresses himself through his work as a sculptor.

Anne Kirkaldy Sketchy Recall: Poems A thread catches in the fabric of the poet's heart and she is given a Sketch. She dons a garment of memory and receives a Recall. A moment reveals itself in naked intensity and she is granted a Presence. Anne Kirkaldy is a writer living in Victoria. A few years ago she discovered the joy of writing poetry. She has studied with generous, gifted poets, and is a member of the “Serious Poets� peer group. Her poems celebrate the wonder of this world we share. Sketchy Recall is Anne's first collection of poems.

Sarah Kittenmittens Life After Dating: A Modern Guide to Dating Taking the reader down the drunken alley of Sarah Kittenmitten’s dating life, Life After Dating narrates her hilarious experiences on Tinder and Match as well as her most shocking dating moments. Sarah Kittenmittens prides herself on her free spirit and inner strength. After tragic circumstances ended her happy marriage, she found herself clueless about how to enter the dating scene at the age of 35. A firm believer that you should Carpe every Diem, Sarah's mission is to break the myths and misconceptions about relationships one date a time.

Olivia Lake Welcome to My Dinner Table Olivia Lake introduces an entertaining way for parents and teachers to educate children about food. Experience eating pasta with a little furry creature, join the mango who likes to fandango and snare your red cabbage. Creative author and designer Olivia M. Lake illustrates and writes children's educational activity books, poetry books and health-related books. Olivia's titles include Parts That Belong: A Colouring Book and the Foods That Work for You: Delectable and Gluten-Free cookbook series.

Ted Lavallee Crime Spree in Iroquois Falls and Other Memories These stories take us to all the stages of Ted's life. We live with him through the innocent logic of childhood, the young man's bravado, the what-could-gowrong? attitude of a person comfortable in his own skin. Ted Lavallee grew up in northern Quebec and northern Ontario, and came to Victoria, BC in 1970. He used to play with words and these days is beginning to take them seriously.

Rik Leaf Four Homeless Millionaires: How One Family Found Riches by Leaving Everything Behind Rik and Zara Leaf sold their house and spent a year traveling around the world with their son and daughter on a laugh-out-loud adventure of a lifetime. Rik Leaf is a multi media producer/performer working in culture, education and entertainment industries. He is one of the principal artists in Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous presenters and performers.

John Lennox Crossing Cultural Barriers: Serving and Learning in Africa and Beyond These are stories of John and Ruth Lennox's frontier medical experiences in the developing world. Here, in John's words, we see the challenges and joys of that journey and their commitment to making the world a better place. John Lennox and his wife, Ruth, trained as doctors in England, and spent many years in Africa and India before settling in northern British Columbia. John now lives in Victoria.

Benjamin Levinson Small Town Architect The story of one architect practicing his profession in the Oak Bay, Victoria and Vancouver Island area, written to encourage readers to better understand the impact that even a ‘small-town architect' can have on the world. Benjamin Levinson practiced Architecture for over 40 years. He designed many buildings in Oak Bay over this time. His previous books A Child's Guide to Solar Collectors and The Pookies Will Get You They Come In the Night were successful examples of introducing children to architectural subjects.

Lise-Lotte Loomer Greenhouse Hygge: The House of My Growing Dreams This is the story of the greenhouse my mom gave me when she was in hospice, how we moved it into my garden, and how I made it my own.

Lise-Lotte Loomer was inspired to write and photograph a book during a time of transition.

Fiona MacKay Young Hire the Write/Right Person the First Time: What You Really Want to Know About Your Job Applicants; and Personality Analysis of Your Handwriting Signature Fiona MacKay Young is a Certified Graphologist with over 30 years’ experience who enjoys making the science of Handwriting Analysis fun and accessible to everyone through her lively and entertaining books.

Edeana Malcolm Letters from the Gardener John Dean and his family settle in Belfast in 1789. His wife Susan falls under the spell of the Irish revolutionary Henry Joy McCracken and his charismatic sister Mary Ann. John finds a letter that makes him question his wife's fidelity. Is something amiss in his peaceful garden? Edeana Malcolm loves writing historical novels, especially about her ancestors. She has published a series called The Compleat Gardener based on the lives of her great-great-great-greatgrandparents, John and Susan Dean.

W. Thomson Martin From Democracy to Biocracy: Finding the River of Life In the tradition of Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy, Tom inspires the reader to explore healing trails that can lead us from self-destructive behaviour to a healthier way of being human. This book in equal measure inspires, guides, and restores courage and spirit. W. Thomson Martin was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A retired microbiologist, he now lives in Victoria, BC. He is the author of The Bluff Detector: Stories, Dreams and Rivers of Change.

Laura Maw Bubba’s Balloon and Ollie the Orca (Bubba n’ Buddies series) Laura Maw loved reading from a very young age. She, too, wanted to be able to help someone through a bad day, or to have a unique and thrilling experience on a good day, through the written communication of a story. Laura has a BA in Mass Communication from Carleton University.

Blake McStravick The Pilgrims of Elkenglade The weakening of an ancient spell means danger for the Elkenglade and the magical peoples that call it their home. Three whiskin and their new companions must set out to find the spell casters to bring about its renewal. Blake McStravick was born and raised in Victoria, BC. He spent his formative years with his nose buried deep in paperback novels. The Pilgrims of Elkenglade is his first novel, written as part of NaNoWriMo 2015.

Daniel Melchior Tome of Lore: Sacrifice What would you be willing to sacrifice? Rumors of war are spreading, warning of an unstoppable army lead by a Queen who wields the unholy power to raise the dead. A dark fantasy in the style of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones and Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. Daniel Melchior is a self-published local author who grew up in Langford. His interest in history and historical fiction is second only to his love of fantasy novels. He continues to write and ply his trade from his hobbit-hole in the Shire of Sooke.

George Mercer Wood Buffalo (Dyed in the Green series, Book 2) When National Park Warden Ben Matthews transfers to Wood Buffalo, he finds himself in the middle of a controversial proposal to slaughter the park’s entire bison population. Ben helps uncover the truth about the bison and the mysterious disappearance of a trapper. For more than three decades George Mercer worked as a national park warden in Canada. He uses contemporary issues facing our protected areas as the basis for his stories.

Parris Michaels Drowning Above Water Based on true-life events, the author reflects on her struggle with Nature vs. Nurture and the childhood memories of her dysfunctional family. ​ Passionate about people, animals and all things fast, Parris Michaels has had a few curve balls in her life that tested her strengths. From racing her sport bike to being an avid traveller, Parris Michaels is not your average girl-nextdoor. ​Her dream is to live off-the-grid with her husband and dog.

Dorothy Mindenhall Thomas Fuller: Architect for a Nation Thomas Fuller was the father of Canada’s national architectural identity. Fuller’s work forged a new image for a strong and united Canada, yet the work of his formative years has, until now, been obscure. Dorothy Mindenhall is an architectural historian with a particular interest in the Victorian era. She wrote Unbuilt Victoria and was a contributor to Building the West. She is involved in various projects for heritage conservation.

Iris Moore Why Must the Sun Go Down? When a little nightingale wonders to herself why the sun must go down at night, she decides to find out for herself. Her Journey leads her to the Starmaker, the Flowermaker, and other celestial creatures of our world. Iris Moore is a visual artist based in Victoria, BC. She uses her art and storytelling to convey meaningful messages to the world around her, while stimulating the forgotten corners of the imagination.

Sally Morgan An Alphabet of Men: Dating My Way from Adam to Zak In this honest and funny memoir, Sally Morgan documents her mid-life quest to find one good man. She takes her search for love online, documenting her adventures along the way. After a painful mid-life divorce Sally Morgan found herself, quite by accident, with a collection of men and a story that needed to be told. Sally is a teacher and a writer and lives in beautiful North Saanich, BC.

William Myers Fighters, Bombers, Tanks, Wolves: GITCHIGUMI WWII fighter pilot cousins Jason and Peter meet as enemies in the skies over Europe. Their friend David is shot down over Germany, and relentlessly pursued by Roland, a committed Nazi. Jason's younger brother Jack commands a Sherman tank on the Western Front. They all finally clash on the battlefield in Holland. William Myers is a retired university professor who grew up on the northern shores of the Great Lakes. An aviation and military history enthusiast, he now resides in Sooke, BC.

Camille Nagasaki Riches & Rags: A Novel Lane Carson is used to getting her own way—apart from throwing hissy fits and pulling outrageous stunts to attract her workaholic husband’s attention, Lane lives a seemingly perfect life. But things are seldom as they seem. Camille Nagasaki is a Toronto-born author, film/TV actress, and entrepreneur. After leaving the corporate world to be home with her kids, she earned a professional designation in her field, launched a new business, and began a three-year labour of love writing Riches & Rags.

Mary-Anne Neal Dene Heroes of the Sahtu (Volume 1) Written by Dene youth to honour the Dene Spirit, these stories capture the wisdom, courage, tenacity and resilience of the Sahtu Dene people. Inspired by the environment and its inhabitants, these indigenous authors celebrate their own heroes within the covers of the book. Mary-Anne Neal MEd is a lifelong learner, teacher and educational leader. Her love for the Dene people of the Sahtu began in 1971 with an unforgettable summer in Colville Lake, NT. She now works with the Sahtu Dene to raise academic standards and build leadership capacity.

Jacqui Nelson Between Love & Lies (Gambling Hearts, Book 1) Sadie Sullivan lost everything when a herd of longhorn cattle destroyed her farm. Now she works in Dodge, one of the most wicked and lawless towns in the West, where her survival depends on maintaining a secret from everyone...including a certain Texan rancher. Jacqui Nelson writes historical romance adventures featuring steadfast men and adventurous women. She's a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart winner and three-time finalist.

Ron North Infectious Behaviour The crew of a recent shuttle mission unknowingly return to earth with an ability they didn’t have when they left. Others want to stop the spread of their new skill. Society will most certainly be completely changed, but will it be for the good of human life or will it lead to its ultimate demise? As a building inspector for 35 years, Ron North wasn't involved with fiction. (Ah, well, maybe sometimes). He wanted to be more creative and decided to write a book totally unrelated to his work.

Darcy Nybo Bark! Swat! CRUNCH!; and Emma Jean Finds a Friend Darcy Nybo wrote her first story in Grade 2. She is a multiple award-winning short story author. Darcy is a sought-after editor, book publisher, and freelance journalist. She teaches writing in her spare time. If there are words involved, you will probably find her there.

James Patterson Jimmy and Donna Go to India! Discover the joy and challenges of traveling on your own through this amazing country. Follow Jimmy and Donna, with beautiful photos and crazybut-true stories, over the course of two months of their lives that they will never forget. James Patterson is an avid traveller and photographer. This is his first time documenting the art and folly of travel.

Nancy Pekter The Path to Kitty Islet Part sweeping historical saga, part exploration of one family’s journey from London to Grande Prairie to Victoria. Even though Minnie, the matriarch, rarely discusses the trauma of her past, its shadow falls across subsequent generations and it is left to Amelia to untangle and record the truth. An avid reader and writer, Nancy Pekter became a high school English teacher. Every day she shares her love of reading with her students and her daughter. A native Victorian, Nancy has also lived in Manila, PH and Edmonton, AB.

Martin Phipps Coming and Going; and Interview the Devil Martin Phipps is the author of a dozen works of fiction. He lives in Victoria, BC.

Dave Preston Try and Stop Me! A Daughter's Challenge, a Father's Poetry My daughter, 15-years-old and apparently coping with life, was not coping at all. She was in desperate need of medical help and serious parenting. Try and Stop Me was the terrifying message I read daily in her face, her actions, and in the loud, angry silence that fiercely grew between us. Dave Preston is a writer and musician. Dave spent many years as a food columnist, entertainment reviewer, scriptwriter and travel writer. He's written six books, several plays, and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles and columns.

Helena Prsala A Wellness Guide to a Speedy Recovery and Healthy Living Whether facing serious surgery or a shorter recuperation, this book provides you with the information you need to make a healthy and fast recovery. It includes information about nutrition, exercise, and sleep, as well as suggestions for caregivers, family, and friends. Helena Prsala, Sr. is a retired registered nurse and nutritionist. She lives with her husband in Metchosin, BC. Helena Prsala, Jr. is a practicing pharmacist in Nova Scotia with more than 30 years’ experience.

Mark Ross Private Jets: A Novel Based, in part, on an online bet between Google’s Eric Schmidt and Microsoft’s Craig Mundie about planes that fly without pilots: in this diabolical tale set a few years in the future, the unsuspecting Annette Madison is thrown into the middle of chaos and confusion as she tries to discover what happened to her long-lost son. Mark Ross is the son of a former RCAF pilot and has a keen interest in aviation, computers and modern technology.

Katrina Sark Montréal Chic: A Locational History of Montréal Fashion With its vibrant cultural life and affordable cost of living, designers and artists flock to Montréal from all over. Montréal Chic is the first book to explore the city’s historical and contemporary fashion scene, industry, and fashion culture. Katrina Sark is a writer, photographer, and blogger. She currently teaches at the University of Victoria. She is the co-founder of the Urban Chic book series. She also founded the Canadian Fashion Scholars Network and organizes the annual fashion symposia across Canada.

Blakelee Schnurch Boo the Monster Boo is a monster who gets lost in the woods who speaks his own language. He meets a fox who helps him on his adventure. Blakelee Schnurch is an 8-year-old who loves to read and occasionally write her own stories. She also likes to draw and has a very good imagination. She is four feet tall and has brown hair. That's all she wants to say about herself. Hope you like the book.

Garnet Schulhauser Dancing on a Stamp: Startling Revelations from the Other Side; and Dancing Forever with Spirit: Astonishing Insights from Heaven; and Dance of Heavenly Bliss: Divine Inspiration for Humanity Garnet Schulhauser is a retired lawyer who lives near Victoria with his wife, Cathy, and little dog, Abby. His first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012. Since its release, Garnet has been active with book signing tours, speaking engagements, and being interviewed on radio talk shows.

Andy Sibbald The Langford Lush, Ms. Stinky Does Esquimalt, The Quack of Quadra Village, and Uncle Ponzi: The Oaf of Oak Bay (Every Village Needs an Idiot series) Andy Sibbald is a Victoria author who has written books, short stories and articles on subjects ranging from little people in the arctic to political satire, mental health and addictions. Andy's daughter Nipi creates the covers and illustrations for his books and they work as a team. Prior to moving to BC, Andy lived in Canada's three northern territories for twenty years.

Judy Sigmund & Chuck Sigmund Verses and Reverses

Judy and Chuck Sigmund have long written poetry as a means of expressing their thoughts and feelings. This book is a wide-ranging collection of their favourite work. The poems concern events which are inevitable in everyone's life: joy and sorrow, death and birth.

Matt Smith Three Crushes: Tales of Middle School Heartbreak Three Crushes is a hilarious all-ages graphic novel. It collects true stories of a young Matt Smith looking for love in middle school. It was written and drawn as part of the 24 Hour Comics Challenge in 2016. Matt Smith is a Canadian cartoonist, writer and filmmaker. He has lived all over the world including Malaysia, Japan and Kuwait. His comics have been published in the University of Victoria Martlet and the Camosun College Nexus.

Sooke Writers' Collective Scribblers: Anthology One, Words & Imaginings: Anthology Two, and Sooke Types: Anthology Three

The Collective’s intent is to provide community, support and writing practice for Sooke-region writers working in any genre. They publish an anthology of members’ writing as well as the winning entries of the high school writing contest for students of Edward Milne Community School.

Silke Stein Trina Bell's Humming Summer 12-year-old Trina Bell is furious: her famous dad has dumped her again. While he hunts ghost bears in the Canadian rainforest, she is facing a lonely summer in Victoria, BC. But when she befriends Moss, the three-legged dog living across the street, and becomes involved in a mysterious case of vanishing hummingbirds, events take an astonishing turn. Silke Stein is a German graphic designer. She divides her time between Germany and Victoria, BC where she enjoys the Pacific and combs its shores for sea glass. This is her first novel.

Kay Stewart & Chris Bullock Tour de Mort (Danutia Dranchuk Mystery series) Sinister “accidents” threaten the Tour de Rock, a 1000-km cycle ride to raise money for children’s cancer. Spurred on by her nephew’s leukemia, RCMP Cpl. Danutia Dranchuk has signed up as a rider but soon finds herself investigating. Kay Stewart and Chris Bullock have published four books in their mystery series. They have also published essays, poetry, and textbooks. Kay and Chris are active in the Victoria community, including having organized “Lights on the Gorge.”

Lea Tassie Charger the Soldier (The Charger Chronicles, Book 1); Deception Bay; and Shockwave Lea Tassie grew up in northern BC on an isolated homestead and wrote her first story when she was 12. She’s worked and traveled in many places and now writes full time in the temperate rain forest of the Pacific Coast. Her novels include humor (about cats), mainstream and science fiction. She relaxes by playing bridge and reading other people’s fiction.

Robert Thomson Love Songs in Spanish for Enjoyment and Learning Studying songs carefully is a great way to improve pronunciation, learn useful vocabulary and gain cultural insight. This book lists 24 popular Spanish songs with the original text, an accurate translation, comments on the composer and artist, and explanations of the historical background. CD included. Robert Stuart Thomson was born in Vancouver. He studied Romance languages at UBC and received his PhD from Yale in that field. He is the author of several books, including Italian for the Opera, Operatic Italian, Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors, and Great Songs for the English Classroom.

Sheila Tracy Star Bright: A Novel Cassandra Carrington is a former child star who finds herself thrown into the real world after the sudden death of her mother. Cassandra’s and her enemies’ actions and reactions create twists and turns that shape her life. Sheila Tracy hadn't consciously decided to write a book, but a storyline kept going through her head that she felt compelled to put to paper. Being a “Thursday's Child," Sheila always feels she still has "far to go," and considers Star Bright not an end but the beginning of a new journey.

Marvelous Trudeau I Always Loved Jesus But the Church Stole Him from Me This book is about finding a Higher Power of your own understanding. The author encourages you to tap into new ways to think and feel about old paradigms. Marvelous was born in Chilliwack, BC as Marie-Ann Larrein Trudeau. She is of MĂŠtis ancestry. Someone mistakenly called her by the name of Marvelous in 2009 and the rise in vibration filled her with such excitement she changed her name. She was an alcohol and drug counselor in Williams Lake, BC and worked at the Cariboo Friendship Society.

Isobel Vanderwal Arctic Voyage In 1984 Isobel was selected as Medical Officer on CCGS Camsell, the icebreaker sailing to the Arctic on patrol duty. This is the story of that voyage. Isobel Vanderwal was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh. She trained as a registered nurse and midwife during the war. Joining the Colonial Nursing Service, she was sent to Kenya to train nurses and midwives. She emigrated to Canada as a widow with three young children. She worked for the Canadian government medical department in BC until she retired.

J. R. Vikse Fictions of Questionable Length: A Short Story Collection; The Lazy Postman; The Munsen Street Drive-In Theatre (& Tie Factory); and Playing with Fire, Reaping the Whirlwind and Running to Ground (The Keeper Chronicles, Books 1-3) J. R. Vikse is a Canadian author and playwright. He published his first book in 2012, has published six more since, and always has more projects on the go than he probably should. When he isn't writing, he can be found on stage, where he employs other forms of storytelling as a director and actor. He lives in Victoria, BC.

Jim Walker Kananaskis Wardens Jessica and Sam are after the toughest predators of them all, the poachers killing Banff's grizzly bears. They believe they have interrupted hunters embroiled in animal parts smuggling until they unearth two bodies in the high country that lead them deeper into the unthinkable. Jim Walker was born in Vancouver, BC, the eldest of five. At various time he was a newspaper photographer, a teacher, and latterly, a systems engineer for the BC government. He and his wife, Irene, live in and enjoy their townhouse in Victoria.

Ariane Weathers Pugnacious and the Bullies A story about friendship, overcoming adversities, and an alternative to bullying. This is the second in the “Pugnacious� storybook series which recounts the adventures and mishaps of a precious little pug. The child in Ariane Weathers is forever present. Her friends say she is young at heart. It's no wonder she has a love for children's storybooks.

Donald Webb The Grim Reaper's Calling Card (Katsuro Tanaka Mystery series) Two months ago, Anne Bradley, a young nurse, disappeared and the case has gone cold. Two other people are missing under similar circumstances, and in each case, the abductor has left a calling card: the Grim Reaper tarot card. Donald Webb, a retired registered nurse, resides in Victoria, BC. He is the author of two mystery novels: Death Came Calling, and The Grim Reaper’s Calling Card.

Will Weigler The Alchemy of Astonishment: Engaging the Power of Theatre; and From the Heart: How 100 Canadians Created an Unconventional Theatre Performance about Reconciliation Will Weigler PhD is an award-winning theatre director, playwright, producer, and storyteller based in Victoria. He is the author of several books including Strategies for Playbuilding, Laughing Allowed, and forthcoming, Web of Performance: An Ensemble Workbook for Youth.

Steven Whibley Cat Crimes and Wannabes, The Substitute Criminal, A Game of Thorns, and Cinephiles and Hamster Hunters (6th Grade Revengers series)

Steven Whibley loves writing books for kids: “It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly. I want them to leave the story with the same rush I used to feel when I was a child reading books like The Hardy Boys or Goosebumps.”

Liv Wigen Carswell This Is Not a Test 16-year-old Beth was ignorantly happy. That changed over spring break of her Grade-11 year. Being a teenager is hard enough; add a dead mom to the mix, plus a younger sister to take care of and it becomes a living hell. Liv Wigen Carswell was born and raised on Vancouver Island. She lives there with her husband and son.

Frank Wilson Apple Man A collection of 47 poems with 24 illustrations by past and present members of the MS Society of Canada’s Victoria art group and three guest artists. Frank Wilson is a poet and short story writer. His poetry collection Chasing Crows was published in 2013. All proceeds from Apple Man are donated to the MS Society of Canada.

Derek Youngs & Carolyn Affleck Youngs Walking to Japan: A Memoir Derek Youngs' dream to walk to Japan took him across the world, sharing his message of peace while he faced danger, uncertainty, and loneliness. Born in England during a World War II air raid, Derek Youngs walked 25,000 km in 25 countries in the name of peace. Carolyn Affleck Youngs is a photographer and walker.

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Emerging Local Authors Collection 2017  

Greater Victoria Public Library celebrates local authors in the Emerging Local Authors Collection. The collection highlights self-published,...

Emerging Local Authors Collection 2017  

Greater Victoria Public Library celebrates local authors in the Emerging Local Authors Collection. The collection highlights self-published,...


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