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News from the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority APRIL 2019 Find out! What happened at the last YCA meeting, what’s coming up next, and how you can get involved. How our working groups are developing a Curriculum for Life and improving access to mental health services. What happened when we opened the Green Summit and how we can tackle climate change.

What happened at our March meeting?

Opportunity Pass The Mayor has committed to launching an ‘opportunity pass’. From September this will provide 16-18 year olds free bus travel and free or reduced entry to sports, culture and leisure activities. We asked other young people what they think the pass should be called and what the card should look like.

Our newsletter needs a name!

Let us know your ideas @youthgreatermcr or youth.gmca@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk

Over 400 people told us what they think

You’ll have to wait for the official announcement in May to find out what we’ve decided, but we think you’ll love it!

Climate Change Climate change affects young people drastically. The GMCA’s Environment Team presented the 5-Year Environment Plan, which focuses on the five biggest threats: • Carbon dioxide emissions • Air quality • Throwaway society • Extreme weather • Depletion of natural environment


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We thought young people could help tackle these threats by:

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Using public transport more

What’s coming up at our April meeting?

Campaigning for electric buses

We’re going to carry on developing the ‘opportunity pass.’ Think about: • Should there be a code of conduct? • What opportunities do we want? • How should they be allocated?

Re-using and recycling clothes Educating people about recycling

Our fight for climate change The YCA is passionate about fighting climate change, and so we jumped at the chance to attend the Green Summit at The Lowry (March 25). Emma Greenwood (Bury’s MYP) opened the Summit with a rallying speech in front of 1800 business, public sector and community leaders, and then welcomed Andy Burnham on stage. The Mayor then quizzed us on how we can tackle climate change and the issues that are most important to us.

What are you doing to help fight climate change? Will you join us to help us make a difference? We will do everything we can to make the decision makers listen to us and we will put into action everything we’re saying. We will not stop until climate change has stopped!

On stage with the Mayor

This is our future and if we don’t do anything, we are going to be stuck with the problems the older generations created.


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People need to be more empathetic and worry about the future, not simply ignore it because it might not be their future or they won’t be around the see the damage caused. Small changes are great, but we need to move away from the individual and hold businesses accountable.

Green Summit 2019

Working groups We have two working groups: Curriculum for Life and Health. We’re always looking for others to join so please get in touch! MENTAL HEALTH CURRICULUM FOR LIFE

1. Challenging stigma and perceptions, and raising awareness of mental health issues. 2. Making mental health services youth-friendly. 3. Promoting training for professionals (i.e. Mental Health First Aid training) within the NHS and other agencies. 4. Spreading good services across Greater Manchester and addressing the postcode lottery.

1. Developing a Greater Manchester definition. 2. Mapping existing Curriculum for Life activities. 3. Creating standards for what we want from work experience. 4. Issuing a joint ‘call to action’ for businesses to join BridgeGM. 5. Developing toolkits for young people who take-up work shadowing.

Curriculum for Life is the over-arching term for a series of learning experiences (delivered inside and outside the classroom, and includes learning with communities, families and peers) that develop young people’s knowledge and life skills, adequately ensuring they are ready for adult life.

KEY C4L TOPICS 1. Health and wellbeing (emotional health, drugs, alcohol, diet etc) 2. Citizenship and political education 3. Work readiness 4. Financial education 5. Sex and relationships 6. Community cohesion 7. Sustainable living

MENTAL HEALTH We meet regularly with the Children and Young People Mental Health Delivery Board, and have recommended that: • • •

Services they commission include how they are going to address our 4 priorities Youth inspectors are trained to deliver “Your Welcome” style visits to services An evaluation process for paediatric and adolescent services is co-designed

What is the Youth Combined Authority? OUR JOB IS TO:

• Advise the Mayor and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on our key issues and concerns – and offer solutions • Scrutinise the work of the Mayor and the GMCA • Undertake specific pieces of work, e.g. developing the Opportunity Pass and the Curriculum for Life The YCA is made up of 20 organisations, and each organisation has two representatives, aged 11-18. Currently members come from: 42nd Street Bolton Lads and Girls Club Bolton Youth Council Bury Youth Council GMFRS Cadets Greater Manchester Youth Network Gorse Hill Studios Mahdlo Manchester Youth Council Oldham Youth Council

One Manchester Proud Trust Reclaim Rochdale Youth Council Salford Youth Council Stockport Youth Council Tameside Youth Council Trafford Youth Cabinet Water Adventure Centre Wigan Youth Council

Plus, Xplode Magazine are the YCA’s media partners, and we’re run by Youth Focus NorthWest.


Did you know that Greater Manchester’s Youth Combined Authority was the first in the country? We started in February 2018, and in January 2019 Sheffield city-region launched theirs. Earlier in March, the London Youth Assembly was born and we recorded a welcome message to them, which you can watch @youthgreatermcr. We’re looking forward to sharing ideas and working together to create a better future.

GET IN TOUCH WITH US! youthgreatermcr youth.greater@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk