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Dear Business Colleagues: The four distinct business units of GMG, Inc. are reflective of our very culture which allows us to collectively contribute to our thriving regional marketplace. While focusing on each of our unique areas of focus and audiences, we are catalysts, innovative, collaborative and inclusive; all in pursuit of supporting and promoting the economic growth and vitality of our region. Each of our business units – Greater Mankato Growth, Visit Mankato, City Center Partnership and GreenSeam – have been part of positively impacting the vitality of our region. Examples of their direct impact, as well as their more “global” and broad-based impact on our economic and community vitality, can be found on the pages of this Annual Report. As in previous editions, the Executive Summary and At a Glance on pages 6 – 7 provide a quick overview. But please, take time to peruse the remainder of the report. We are certain you’ll be pleased with the breadth of work in which GMG, Inc. is a part. Since our inception 150 years ago, we have linked together the enterprises – private, public and non-profit – to deliver positive initiatives or impact that advances our community, and of which would not be possible as individual enterprises. To that end, as we stated in last year’s report, GMG, Inc. is only one of a multitude of actors working side by side for the betterment of our region. It is that spirit of community which enables us to be better tomorrow than we are today. With deep gratitude,

Ron Vetter Chair, Board of Directors

Jonathan G. Zierdt President & CEO

Contents Letter to the Members


Our Mission, Our Values


Purpose & Structure


Executive Summary


The Economic Landscape


Financial Strength




Why Membership Matters




Business Growth, Retention & Attraction


Talent Retention & Attraction


Leadership Growth


Regional Livability


Advocacy of the Marketplace


Community Marketing


Members & Investors


Boards & Staff





Our Mission. Our Values. Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. exists to support and promote the economic growth and vitality of our members and the regional marketplace.

CORE VALUES The needs of the members are best met by growing the regional marketplace. We accomplish this by being: Catalysts - initiating action for economic growth beneficial to our members and congruent with our regional desire and culture. Stewards - using our resources efficiently and effectively and wisely leveraging our strengths. Collaborative & Inclusive cultivating and sustaining relationships, while encouraging the mobilization of our marketplace assets to enhance growth. Approachable - being visible and accessible and creating a friendly, vibrant and respectful environment. Innovative - embracing change and promoting progressive solutions. Ethical - communicating openly and honestly and taking responsibility for our actions in all our business practices.


Purpose. Focus. Direction. Structure. Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. exists to intentionally develop the regional center by promoting, supporting and serving as a catalyst for economic development. We do this by concentrating our attetnion on four key strategic areas: Business Growth, Retention and Attraction (of all economies and business sectors)

To identify and implement strategies and tactics to sustain as well as further enhance the Greater Mankato region’s economic diversity and vitality.

Talent Growth, Retention and Attraction (of all economies and business sectors)

To support the growth, retention and attraction of a skilled/talented workforce to meet the workforce needs of an ever changing and growing economy.

Regional Livability

To work in concert to advocate for and promote the livability features of the region.

Advocacy of the Marketplace (both internal and external)

To cohesively advocate for the businesses and residents of Greater Mankato.


Executive Summary


he business units of GMG, Inc. not only work to support the vitality of our regional economy but focus on what we might do today in order to enhance our economic and community environment to yield an even more vibrant and successful region tomorrow. That being our WHY...HOW we accomplish this is by collectively focusing on four strategic areas. You can learn more about WHAT that looks like on the following pages. Our business development efforts include weekly responses to both business development and expansions, as well as requests for critical business information. Our impact on tourism related events grew to an estimated $12.5 million dollars. We are laser-focused on vitality in our City Center, and our newly launched City Center Market Analysis and Business Walks received national acclaim as a “best practice”. In the fall we were named the 8th Main Street Community in Minnesota. In addition, we have exponentially changed both the narrative and activity related to the pivotal role agribusiness plays in the regional economy of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The enterprises in our community have created the highest number of jobs on record, eclipsing 60,000 jobs in the region for the first time ever in October and closing the year with an average of 57,877. In concert our GDP growth rate is #2 in the upper Midwest, and our 25% growth in per capita personal income since 2010 is #1 in Minnesota. It’s critical we engage with others who can shape and influence the region, so we’ve continued to enhance the role we play as a “go-to” organization for interaction with key leaders at local, state and the federal levels. Between a multitude of forums, blog posts and visits to leaders where

By Jonathan G. Zierdt, President & CEO

Advancing BUSINESS for a stronger COMMUNITY. they office, we’ve been a key leader or participant in advancing key legislation and work on ADA, Highway 14, local intersection redesign, the Mankato Area Public Schools operating levy and reductions to state-wide property taxes. The livability of our region continues to blossom with more than $2 million in public art, 18 permanent installations, and 22 muraled traffic signal boxes through the CityArt programs. The Mankato Marathon’s Half-Marathon has been named to the Top 20 for most beautiful on-course scenery, and more than 5,500 people attended Songs on the Lawn and Alive After Five. Talent development and attraction has emerged as a key priority. Our Young Professionals program boasts more than 230 participants, with 25% of them participating in the mentor program. Greater Mankato Leadership Institute will have more than 900 alum following the graduation of its 35th class. Methodically turning attention to talent attraction, we hosted Talent Summits, charged more than 100 volunteers in five different talent committees and established our first ever Executive Talent Council. Two marque platforms – and have been built, launched, and hold tremendous potential for competitively positioning the region and attracting talent.

Our family of websites serve almost 2,000 users per day, our 64 blog publications had more than 9,000 views, and the GMG, Inc. business units generated media coverage, on average, every day. More businesses continue to join our efforts and have positioned us as the 6th largest Chamber of Commerce in the state. These efforts and so many more have certainly garnered external attention on our community and helped others appreciate the magnitude of the Greater Mankato Regional Center. The professional staff of GMG, Inc., like our volunteers, are embedded and highly engaged in the community, not just through our work, but serving on more than 50 community boards, committees and civic groups. In addition to our board level leadership, we marshal the efforts of literally hundreds of GMG, Inc. volunteers (which collectively totals more than 80) through a multitude of task forces and committees to have a positive impact on the community. Please take time to review the pages at the conclusion of this report that identifies these tremendous servant leaders, for whom without we simply couldn’t accomplish what we do.


The Year At a Glance BUSINESS GROWTH, RETENTION AND ATTRACTION Led the state in Business Retention & Expansion with 110 Grow Minnesota! visits 121 commercial and industrial building projects totalling $83.6 million in 2017 Fulfilled 115 (5+ per month) requests for critical business information Generated 54 (4+ per month) new business development and existing business expansion requests for proposals and

submitted 33 proposals A virtual tours website, was launched in November with a robust marketing plan supporting it to attract and retain talent as well as visitors.

An estimated total of 24,267 hotel rooms booked Represented the region at the Select USA Investment Summit with DEED; secured 3 follow-ups with companies

86 conventions and sporting events assisted or confirmed by Visit Mankato

$12.5 million estimated economic impact from conventions and sporting events with which Visit Mankato assisted

CCP partnered with the City of North Mankato for the Belgrade Master Plan

The first ever City Center Marketplace Analysis was published and recognized as a

best practice; was also distributed by 16 volunteers to 53 City Center businesses as part of the CCP business walk program 45 City Center businesses participated in Shop Small in the City Center on Small Business Saturday Worked with Australia, Brazil and Canada’s Foreign Development Investment teams on ag-related investment consideration

TALENT GROWTH, RETENTION AND ATTRACTION Leadership Institute graduated 43 students its 34th class, and now boasts more than 870 alumni 45 Greater Mankato Leadership Institute students are enrolled in the 2017-18 program Held 24 Greater Mankato Young Professionals events

Young Professionals program increased its return on value with 2 cohorts of the Mentor program that included participation from 64 YPs and 8 local business mentors 236 Young Professionals, representing 115 different businesses were enrolled in the Greater Mankato Young

Professionals program More than 250 community and business leaders attended two Talent Summits organized by through the Greater Mankato Growth Talent Initiative GMG, Inc. Board appointed the first ever Executive Talent Council

Launched the GreenSeam Talent Exchange in response to the workforce shortage GreenSeam has been instrumental in developing, with MN State University, Mankato a new class, “Ag Biz in the Modern Economy”

REGIONAL LIVABILITY Songs on the Lawn and Alive After 5 continued to see record crowds, drawing a total of 5,500+ The 8th annual Mankato Marathon was named a 2017 Top 20 Half Marathon and as having one of the most Beautiful On-Course Scenery in the country by The BibRave 100

Mankato Sports Commission and GMG, Inc. launched an initiative to provide support for regional recreation facilities and the extension of the local option sales tax as a “last dollar in” funding mechanism to support the expansion of existing and development of new facilities

In 7 years, the CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour has accounted for the display of more than $2 million in public art and the permanent installation of 18 pieces Hockey Night in the City Center continued to rally fans to celebrate Maverick Hockey

An additional 3 traffic signal cabinets were transformed with original murals as part of CityArt On the Go, bringing the total to 22 Visit Mankato launched Gather in the GreenSeam as a promotional campaign to promtote ag in our region during harvest season

ADVOCACY OF THE MARKETPLACE PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Hosted 7 key issues forum series events Held the third annual Journeys of Leadership event featuring former Governor Tim Pawlenty Successfully secured legislative passage of the local option sales tax extension

Endorsed and actively supported the passage of the operating levy referendum for the Mankato Area Public Schools

A delegation of businesses leaders represented the area for the first time on the Minnesota Chamber D.C. fly-in event

Hosted 125 business and civic leaders at a revamped Greater Mankato at the Capitol

Called upon numerous times by our elected officials for input on multipple topics as the local, state and federal levels

Blog posts on key public affairs issues received nearly 3,000 pageviews

COMMUNITY MARKETING: Cost of Living Index, accessed more than 1,123 times City Center Mankato was recognized as the eighth Designated Minnesota Main Street Community 328 news articles mentioning GMG, Inc. business units ran in local and state media


The Economic Landscape In 2017, our region continued to experience steady growth that is at the forefront of leading state and national economic indicators. The Mankato - North Mankato Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) gained visibility not just from record setting economic growth, but also from numerous high rankings and ratings from national organizations.





Per Capita Personal Income Growth Rate - from 2010-2016



million in total project investments

New Building & Renovation Projects


57,877 jobs*

new jobs in the MSA in 2017 from 2016

Highest annual average job figure ever for the marketplace

*Data compiled February 2018, prior to annual revision




in the state of Minnesota for the highest percentage of college age residents out of 382 MSAs


GDP growth rate in the upper midwest

LEVEL 1 Primary Retail Trade Center

Most Affordable College Town in Minnesota

Job numbers surpassed all records for the MSA and outpaced both the state of MN and U.S. growth rates *For source information, please visit


Financial Strength


Greater Mankato Growth’s funding comes from business members (77%) and community partners (23%). Visit Mankato is funded primarily through lodging taxes levied by the City of Mankato. The City Center Partnership receives funding from Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. and the cities of Mankato and North Mankato. GreenSeam is funded almost entirely by GMG, Inc.’s strategic reserve. Each organization may receive additional funding through sponsorships and advertising. Our organizations take seriously their responsibility to serve as stewards of the funds in which they are entrusted.


$ 1,529,699

$ 1,450,426

$ 1,436,666 $ 1,360,749


$ 439,595

$ 448,864

$ 565,510

$ 573,091


$ 345,189

$ 356,349

$ 333,847

$ 277,006










City Center Partnership, LLC Assets

$ 127,036




















Events & Programs


Other (Professional Services, CCP, Grants)


Visit Mankato, LLC

Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. total revenue, which includes all business units was $2,198,428 in 2017 and sources included:

Municipal Service Agreements


Greater Mankato Growth


Lodging Tax


Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. total expenses, which includes all business units was $2,318,383 in 2016. Expenses were greater than revenue due to strategic commitments paid for by board designated reserve funds (see below).

26% 14% 1%



General Management



1% As submitted per IRS form 990.


$1,207,111 - Opening Balance 1,200,000

75,065 - Public Affairs (GMG) 155,023 - City Center Partnership



424,863 - GreenSeam 50,000 - Talent Initiative (GMG) 65,009 - Staff Capacity (VM)


According to the current utilization of the Strategic Program Investments budgeted, by the end of 2018 we will have underspent the aggregate budget by $41,010.

253,599 Balance* *430,461 (3-month “reserve” threshold)



No additional strategic reserve fund investments are planned for 2019-2020.

0 2012









Membership For the sixth year in a row, Greater Mankato Growth saw the highest membership numbers ever — with 1,022 members at the end of 2017.



TOTAL MEMBERS 2017.........................................1,022 2016........................................ 1,015 2015........................................... 960 2014............................................917 2013........................................... 868 2012............................................834 2011............................................790 2010............................................791 2009...........................................729 2008........................................... 759




4.2% TIERED DUES MODEL Average annual membership growth rate since the implementation of the tiered dues model (2012).


1.8% PRE-TIERED DUES MODEL Average annual membership growth rate prior to the tiered dues model.


Why Membership Matters Each member of Greater Mankato Growth knows their investment in the organization means positive things for the marketplace and their business. We have identified a set of data points to convey how membership impacts your bottom line. In summary, those who choose to belong to Greater Mankato Growth are generally more successful.

The businesses GMG interacts with have a survival rate nearly 2 times the national standard. In 2017, our Ambassadors visited 67 businesses and of those ALL but one are still in business today. Looking back over the last four years, of the 257 businesses the Ambassadors visited, 245 (95%) are still in operation today.

GMG members are recognized and experience greater success. Out of the more than 210 Mankato Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Best of Awards given out over the past four years, 61% of the award winners were GMG members. While 43% of Greater Mankato businesses are members of GMG, our members took home 61% (almost 2/3) of the awards!

GMG members tend to expand and invest in their businesses at a rate 4 times that of non-members. Over the last three years, of the nearly $529 million in capital investment projects in the marketplace, 57% of these business improvements and expansions came from GMG member businesses.



All Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. events contribute to one or more of our four areas of focus. From networking to golf, to business education and marketing opportunities. We strive to offer opportunities that enhance the region’s professionals, businesses and the livability of the marketplace.


Mar 8

More than 125 business and civic leaders promoted our region with key state leaders and legislators during the 2017 Greater Mankato at the Capitol event.


Mar 9

Successes of 2016 and goals for 2017 for Greater Mankato Growth, Visit Mankato and City Center Partnership were shared at the Annual Meeting. The event was held at Minnesota State University, Mankato - Centennial Student Union, with 383 members in attendance. The theme was “The Future is Now.”

TOURISM WEEK Visit Mankato celebrated National Travel & Tourism Week by recognizing community members who have gone above and beyond for visitors. Category winners included, Hotel: Emily Mailhot, Holiday Inn Express & Suites of Mankato; Attraction: Curt Van Asten, Mankato Brewery; Retail: Lori Benike, Scheels of Mankato; and Restaurant: Christopher & Patrick Person and Natasha O’Hara, owners of Mankato Independent Originals restaurants.

CITYART INSTALLATION On May 13, City Center Partnership and Twin Rivers Council for the Arts staff and CityArt volunteers installed 27 sculptures in the core block of the City Center for the tour’s seventh exhibit of rotating public art. The unveiling was followed by the chance to visit with artists at the Downtown Kiwanis pancake breakfast and free guided tours for the community.

May 7-14

May 13


EVENTS May 18-21


Jun 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


Jul 10

For the first time since 2012, the MN Senior Games returned to Mankato. The weekend featured more than 20 sports and approximately 75 events, and nearly 400 athletes. MN Senior Games is an event for athletes ages 50+ competing in a variety of sports ranging from archery, bowling, cycling, pickleball, race walking and more.

More than 3,500 individuals gathered at Civic Center Plaza to enjoy Songs on the Lawn. This popular free annual event is held over lunch every Thursday in June.

GREATER MANKATO ON THE GREEN A total of 153 golfers participated in the annual golf tournament, Greater Mankato on the Green, which was held at the Mankato Golf Club. The 2017 Closest to the Target winner was Steve Kosburg, 5’ 3”.

Jul 23Aug 9

VIKINGS TRAINING CAMP The score at the end of the “season” for Minnesota Vikings Training Camp in Mankato is 52-0. In its 52nd and final year in Mankato, Vikings Training Camp brought an estimated 68,000 people to Greater Mankato. On average, the economic impact of a single Vikings Training Camp season has been $5 million.



Aug 3

More than 350 attendees from member businesses joined us at the final business reception. The event was designed to welcome the Minnesota Vikings to Greater Mankato while giving members a chance to network in a unique setting. We had an overwhelming response from our membership.

ALIVE AFTER 5 More than 2,000 people attended this free annual event hosted by the City Center Partnership on Thursday evenings in August. Attendees enjoyed live music, food and drink from local vendors and an artisan market in a relaxed after-work atmosphere.


Aug 10, 17, 24, 31

Sep 25

Business Showcase was revamped in 2017. Two focus groups worked diligently providing ideas and setting the course for a new, yet similar event with a redesigned focus on business-to-business interactions while increasing attendee engagement. Joining us that day were 50 exhibitors and 300+ attendees from member businesses.



The second annual meeting was held for the Regional Economic Development Alliance at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter. Connie Ireland, Executive Director of the Governor’s Workforce Development Board was the keynote speaker.

Sep 27


EVENTS Oct 5, 7

TOUR OF MANUFACTURING The seventh annual tour, coordinated by the South Central Tour of Manufacturing Partnership provided tours and information about industry and career opportunities to business leaders, students and the general public. The tour was expanded to two days with focuses on students and general population.

Oct 7

HOCKEY NIGHT IN THE CITY CENTER City Center Partnership and Minnesota State University, Mankato Intercollegiate Athletics hosted a family-friendly pre-game celebration to kick off the Maverick hockey season. Attendees enjoyed live music, games, refreshments and a mechanical bull!

Oct 9


Nearly 100 individuals attended an address by Former Governor Tim Pawlenty on the “Fourth Industrial Revolution� at the third annual Journeys of Leadership. This annual dinner spotlights leading business executives on the national and international stage.

Oct 22

MANKATO MARATHON Visit Mankato hosted the eighth Mankato Marathon in partnership with Final Stretch. 4,194 runners participated between all of the races including the Diaper Dash, Toddler Trot, KidsK, My Bold Walk, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Relay Marathon and Full Marathon.



Nov 14

Businesses and individuals were honored at the Greater Mankato Business Awards & Hall of Fame. Kato Insurance Agency was the 2017 Business Hall of Fame inductee. Our guest emcees, Don Westphal and Dan McCargar stole the show with their wit and humor, making the evening extra special.


Nov 25

Once again, the City Center Partnership celebrated Small Business Saturday by encouraging people to visit City Center small businesses. This year, 45 businesses participated in the promotion, which drew hundreds of shoppers looking to support locally-owned establishments. Photo courtesty of The Free Press

Business After Hours gives professionals an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed, social setting while learning about other member businesses. Events are held monthly in the evening at various member businesses. The series was attended by approximately 1,317 professionals in 2017.

BUSINESS BEFORE HOURS A complimentary event to Business After Hours, this event also gives members an opportunity to gather with one another to exchange ideas and promote their business in the morning hours. Events are held monthly at various member businesses. The series was attended by approximately 994 professionals in 2017.




BUSINESS Growth, Retention & Attraction Greater Mankato Growth, Visit Mankato, City Center Partnership and GreenSeam all work as catalysts to encourage business growth, retention and attraction within the regional marketplace. • First in the state for number of Grow Minnesota! visits. There were 110 business retention and expansion visits made to area businesses as part of the state-wide Grow Minnesota! program.

Regional business development work is conducted under the organizational structure of the Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA). REDA works to sell, promote and raise awareness across thet global marketplace of the strategic business advantages available here. Partners included the cities of: Eagle Lake, Lake Crystal, Mankato, North Mankato, Saint Peter, Blue Earth County and Nicollet County.

• 121 commercial and industrial existing business construction projects totaling $83.6 million (new build, remodel or expansion) were started or completed in the Greater Mankato marketplace in 2017. • 19 new business building projects were started or completed in the Greater Mankato regional marketplace totaling $12.8 million. • Online resources continually enhanced to provide information to site selectors and businesses looking at site options for building or expanding across the region. • The Pipeline Report was updated monthly to benchmark and track business expansion activity in the regional marketplace. The webpage containing the report had 803 visits. • Elected and appointed representatives from all jurisdictions of the Regional Economic Development Alliance attended the second annual meeting held at Gustavus Adophus College in Saint Peter. • Manufacturing industry focus group - convened regional manuafacturers for a round table discussion on the state of the region. • Economic Barometer - a quarterly update on performance and important issues from regional businesses. • Business Walks - implemented international economic development council’s best practice for business retention and expansion program: volunteers visiting businesses and conducting interviews. • City Center Marketplace Analysis - a promotional publication for the MSA’s urban core, was published and recognized nationally. • Attended the Investment Summit for Select USA in Washington, D.C. as a partner in the MN DEED booth, sharing information about GreenSeam and Greater Mankato in June 2017.




• Agriculture is the 3rd highest average income in GreenSeam ($71,096), trailing only management positions and utilities, both with ag ties. • Agribusiness’ total value added impact was $10 Billion or 34% of total economy.

requests for critical business information compiled requiring research and summation. Information compiled on: GDP, labor shed, per capita income, cost of doing business, retail potential and demographic projections.



Hosted and presented information to 3,800+ site selectors across the marketplace.


new business development prospects/ RFPs were generated through Top of Mind Awareness (T.O.M.A.) with information about our marketplace by Greater Mankato Growth.


• GreenSeam has seen a stronger agribusiness impact. Employment impact: 99,112 people which is approximately 28% of total workforce.

submitted proposals providing information about our marketplace.

• The agriculture industry has the highest strategic advantage in the GreenSeam with a concentration nearly four times that of the national average (according to the U.S. Census, the GreenSeam population is 637,926).

• 66 conventions and sporting events confirmed for 2017 or future years in Mankato. • 65 sporting events received assistance from Visit Mankato, which is up 103% as compared to 2016. • 21 conventions held in Mankato in 2017 received assistance from Visit Mankato, representing $2.2 million in economic impact.



in estimated economic impact seen through conventions and sporting events Visit Mankato assisted with in 2017. This is up 35% as compared to 2016.

• The third City Center Guide provided a resource for visitors and residents to learn about hospitality, arts and culture, shopping and businesses in the City Center. • 45 City Center businesses participated in Shop Small in the City Center, with a unique passport program and raffle drawing hundreds of shoppers to City Center businesses for Small Business Saturday. • CCP partnered with the City of North Mankato to develop the Belgrade Avenue Master Plan. • The first City Center Market Place Analysis was published in March, providing resources for businesses considering locating in the City Center.


TALENT Retention & Attraction The GMG Talent Initiative started in 2017 with a Talent Summit in January and was followed by a second summit in March. Both events were well attended with the first summit seeing more than 160 community and business leaders taking the initiative to learn and work towards developing and retaining talent in the community to address the workforce shortage. Following the summits, an 11-member Executive Talent Council was created to carry forward the initiatives and lead workgroups in the five strategic commitments.

• Greater Mankato Talent Initiative - lead a regional initiative with area businesses focused on the recruitment and retention of employees based on projected workforce shortage numbers. • Creation of an Executive Talent Council - engaged the private sector and mobilized five working groups to develop and implement workforce development strategies. • Developed and launched and GreenSeam Talent Exchange websites that match employers and prospective employees and interns, muh like an oninel dating website. • Minnesota State University, Mankato listed Agriculture as an area of distinction in their Master Plan and is currently implementing it over the next two to three years. • More Mankato marketing campaign (previously referred to as the ‘Kato X’ project) - development of a robust marketing tool to attract and recruit prospective employees, tourists and residents via a virtual tour website,

Out of the community work came Greater Mankato Jobs (, the GreenSeam Talent Exchange ( and More Mankato (, the first steps to promoting Greater Mankato for talent attraction. Additional projects started in 2017 included the initial planning of a more robust internship program, as well as workshops for business professionals to share best practices. A part-time consultant was hired to help coordinate all the Council’s and workgroups’ efforts.

1,727 + 250 5,406



The Greater Mankato Jobs logo was on a Volk trailer at the final Minnesota Vikings Training Camp held in Mankato.

Powered by:


VISION (what future do we want to achieve?): The community can secure the required talent to meet the looming employment demands & fuel the maintenance & growth of our regional economy.

Greater Mankato

Talent Task Force


MISSION (why do we exist?): Engage the community in strategies & action plans which create greater clarity & alignment of employer / employee expectations to increase the overall talent pool & enhance long-term talent retention.

STRATEGIC COMMITMENTS (specific areas where efforts will be concentrated)

Workforce Demographics

Workforce Talent Preparation

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

Document & communicate changes in workforce demographics over the next ten years.

Promote ongoing talent development & lifelong learning with a focus on high demand skills & jobs in the region.

Research & publish current data on the Greater Mankato area cost of living relative to the earnings in the upper Midwest.

Identify & promote innovative best practices in recruitment & retention.

Shape public policy encouraging the development of talent.

Action Plan:

Action Plan:

Action Plan:

Action Plan:

Action Plan:

• •

• •

Assemble a single, shared source of reliable, credible demographic data: • Workforce - current & projected • Jobs/Skills - current & projected Distribution & open access Understand differences in access to & equity in labor force participation.

Complete gap analysis on demographic data to determine skill set / job expectations - current & projected Shape employer, community & parent expectations & “state of readiness” through training & communications (e.g. generational, diversity, etc.) Broad career pathway and curriculum & exposure (career life cycle): • Career counseling • YEAP (apprenticeships) • High school career pathways • Internships • Business tours SKill-oriented programming in higher education

• •

Assemble a single, shared source of reliable, credible cost of living data Assemble single, shared source of reliable, credible pay / earnings data Spotlight breadth of employer provided benefits & community assets as components of total compensation & prosperity Create an accessible “hub” to house & promote this information • Includes employment opportunities

Innovative Recruitment & Retention Initiatives


• • •

Leverage what employers & community offers that work to attract and retain workforce. Remove financial hurdles: • Forgive student loans • Tuition reimbursement • Scholarships Eliminate access barriers: • Transportation (e.g. rideshare, busing) • Child care (after school programs) Boomerang strategy Testimonials & success stories Mankato mentors for new community members Affinity groups connecting to & sharing information (e.g. rental properties, child care = our own version of Yelp) Employment brand; ecosystem of career growth

Public Policy

Health Insurance Labor issues / regulations (work-based learning) Bonding Small / niche business startup & support

• A community-supported website • that showcases our region and aims to attract and retain talent by immersing them in 360° virtual tours of area amenities and local hot spots.


LEADERSHIP Growth We are deeply committed to enhancing a talented workforce. From talent development programs such as the Greater Mankato Young Professionals and the long-running Greater Mankato Leadership Institute — we strive to give employees the opportunities they need to feel comfortable and be successful while being proud of their community.



Alumni of the Greater Mankato Leadership Institute

2016-17 Leadership Class


Professionals participated in the 2016-17 session of the

Greater Mankato Leadership Institute and 45 are participating in the 2017-2018 session.











Volunteer Committees: Professional Development, YP Ambassadors and Social


participated in the program from 115 different member businesses





12 Professional development 12 social


REGIONAL Livability We strive to engage businesses in community visioning and implementation activities by serving in various capacities from coordinating efforts and events to disseminating information to the business community.

VISIT MANKATO • Mankato Marathon celebrated its 8th anniversary and was named a 2017 Top 20 Half Marathon and as one of the most Beautiful On-Course Scenery by The BibRave 100.

GREATER MANKATO GROWTH • Convened the Talent Task Force in an effort to engage and mobilize the broader community in workforce shortage discussions and initiatives. • GMG staff served on more than 50 community boards, committees and civic groups.

• GMG, Inc. played a leading role in securing legislative support for the extension of the local 0.5% sales tax and continue to advance the recreation facilities development process locally

CITY CENTER PARTNERSHIP • $2 million in rotating public art has been displayed in the City Center and 18 pieces added to the community’s permanent collection through seven years of the CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour. • The CityArt On the Go initiative has transformed 22 traffic signal cabinets into art. In 2017, three new murals were added through a program partnering youth with professional artist mentors. • On November 15th, the City Center Partnership announced that City Center Mankato was designated a Minnesota Main Street Community by the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. The announcement was made at Old Main Village, an excellent example of preservation and adaptive reuse of an historic structure.







Many events were held to help support the vibrancy of the region by all business units. For a list of all events and details refer to the events section of this report on pages 13-17.









Gather in the GreenSeam

is a promotional campaign running September through October to celebrate the entire spectrum of people, organizations and businesses that make this area the most prosperous agricultural region in the country. The mission for the inaugural year was to increase awareness of GreenSeam, primarily in the Greater Mankato area, and then drive visitors to agri-tourism related services and activities as well as other GreenSeam partners. Visit Mankato leads the promotional campaign highlighting the themed weekends as well as all participating partners. Visit Mankato secured a new event grant from Explore Minnesota Tourism for this event.

The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota was one of 22 partners of the inaugural Gather in the GreenSeam event. They reported record attendance with more than 9,000 visitors to the museum during their month-long Harvest Festival. It was a successful collaboration with Visit Mankato to promote all of southern Minnesota’s happenings around harvest and agriculture.


ADVOCACY of the Marketplace The business units of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. work tirelessly to advocate for the marketplace and raise the visibility of the region at all levels, including national and international. Efforts in advocacy focus on public affairs as well as community marketing.

• GMG continues to strengthen our brand as a go-to organization that is respected and reputable by maintaining a strong presence through interactions with key leaders at the local, state and federal level. Key examples of this work include hosting Senator Amy Klobuchar for a roundtable on agriculture; for the first time sending a delegation of three community leaders on the Minnesota Chamber-organized Washington DC fly-in to meet with key federal leaders; and hosting a lunch with Minnesota House of Representatives Minority Leader, Representative Melissa Hortman. • GMG and Visit Mankato played a leading role in securing legislative support for the extension of the local .5% sales tax, testifying on several occasions, representing GMG in meetings with legislative leaders, and coordinating grassroots efforts. GMG also continues to partner with the Sports Commission to advance the recreation facilities development process locally. • GMG continues to lead the way on advancing Highway 14 at the Legislature. GMG initiated a group advocacy effort with the Rochester, Owatonna, Waseca and New Ulm Chambers to send joint letters to the legislature in support of Highway 14; testified in support of Highway 14 before the Transportation Conference Committee and House Transportation Committee; and conducted a live interview with WCCO radio. Our efforts payed off with Corridors of Commerce receiving $400 million in new funding.

GreenSeam Director Sam Ziegler (m) speaks with MPR Host Tom Crann (l) and Minnesota Farm Living’s Wanda Patsche (r) at MPR Day.

Patrick Baker, Director of Government & Institutional Affairs, testifying at the Legislagure in support of Highway 14.

• GMG played a leading role along with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce to further strengthen a law protecting businesses targeted by abusive ADA lawsuits. • GMG endorsed the Mankato Area Public School’s operating levy referendum, playing a key role in helping secure passage. GMG also ensured that our members and the general public had the information they needed to cast an informed school board ballot by publishing online candidate profiles and questionnaires, which received more than 840 pageviews. • GreenSeam Director, Sam Ziegler was on the Minnesota’s Agbioeconomy Activities panel along with Grow North MN, Greater MSP and Protein Highway at the New Uses Ag Innovation Forum hosted by Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) in March. • Facilitated an agribusiness roundtable discussion hosted by the City of Fairmont. More than 23 leaders from Martin County participated in the business development and talent discussion. • Hosted a meeting with agriculture organizations and the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, including the City of Mankato, to discuss water quality regulations and potential solutions. • Assisted surrounding businesses in successfully advocating for the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Haefner Drive and Madison Avenue.



More than 125 business and civic leaders promoted our region with key state leaders and legislators during the 2017 Greater Mankato at the Capitol event.

Third Annual


Hosted seven events providing opportunities for members to learn about issues impacting their business and engage with key public leaders. Some of the Forum Topics were: • Immigration and economy • Health Care Reform • Federal update with Representative Tim Walz • State of the Cities (Mankato & N. Mankato)

JOURNEYS OF LEADERSHIP Nearly 100 individuals attended an address by Former Governor Tim Pawlenty on the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This annual dinner spotlights leading business executives on the national and international stage.



212,214 PAGE VIEWS (581/DAY)

Community Marketing Our region has a great story to tell and GMG, Inc. continually promotes it as a place people want to work, live, visit and where businesses want to locate.


275,564 PAGE VIEWS (755/DAY)




13,183 PAGE VIE WS (36/day)




(Nov - Dec)

PAGE VIE WS (160/day)


An online community events calendar, is a collaboration between Greater Mankato Growth, Visit Mankato, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts, The Free Press, Internet-Connections and Lime Valley.





9,094 17,534

29 Up-to-date and current information for businesses provided through 52 editions of eNews, 12 issues of Minnesota Valley Business and The Greater Mankato Growth Blog received 9,094 views in 2017 and had 7,826 visitors to our 64 published posts.

Multiple print and digital marketing pieces, which help promote our regional assets, were published or updated in the past year.

GMG, Inc. social media activity increased, with 23,509 total “likes” for all Facebook pages, which include all GMG, Inc. business units, programs and initiatives. Between all GMG, Inc. business units and Jonathan Zierdt Twitter accounts, the followers exceed 8,450. Instragram followers are more than 2,375 for all GMG, Inc. business units combined. Developed SnapChat filters for Songs on the Lawn in June and Mankato Sports Commission.

The Guide to Visiting & Living in Greater Mankato was printed, with approximately 23,000 distributed throughout the region.

The Way to Grow, a business, economic and livability piece was updated and released at Greater Mankato at the Capitol in March.

Published the second Regional Economic Development Alliance Annual Review in October.

City Center Marketplace Analysis was produced and was distributed to local business owners through the City Center Business Walks program.

GreenSeam published the inaugural Stakeholders Report in September 2017.

Produced social media videos to promote multiple GMG and GreenSeam events. GMG videos were viewed more than 7,500 times and GreenSeam videos more than 6,450 times. Resident and relocation information provided in the community area of our website and in a relocation packet that included the “2017 Guide to Visiting & Living in Greater Mankato” produced by Visit Mankato with content from GMG. The online Cost of Living Index, a tool on which lets those thinking of moving to the area know about Greater Mankato’s affordability, received a total of 731 page visits this year. KEYC News 12 and FOX 12 Mankato generously produced three, 30-second GreenSeam television commercials that were aired, in-kind, more than 1,500, including during The Grammys and the 2017 Super Bowl. Launched a GreenSeam e-newsletter called “G-News” which is sent to approximately 1,050 emails. More than 45 ads or news articles (paid and earned media) spreading the GreenSeam message were posted in more than seven publications, including The Free Press, Minnesota Valley Business Magazine, The Land, Connect, Dirt, Forge and Thriving in the North.

The City Center Guide was printed and 20,000 copies were distributed to establishments throughout the region.

A 3’ x 5’ GreenSeam sign is permanently on display in the Saint Peter Community Center.

REDEFINING AGRIBUSINESS Become Part of the Movement

Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa

GreenSeam advertisement in the 2017 Blue Earth County and 2017 Nicollet County Plat Books. Individual Strengths. Collective Success.

REDEFINING AGRIBUSINESS Become Part of the Movement

Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa


Collectively our member businesses accomplish what no one business could do creating a powerful pool of intellectual

2017 Greater Mankato Growth Members & Investors

and financial resources. By working together to advance business we create a stronger community. When community is stronger, business thrives which creates a synergy for success. As a member, the knowledge you gain, relationships you build and opportunities you have, pay dividends today and in the future.


Mayo Clinic Health System - Madison East Mayo Clinic Health System - Mankato Health Care Foundation Mayo Clinic Health System Montgomery Mayo Clinic Health System - New Prague Mayo Clinic Health System - Sherburn Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System -

Springfield Mayo Clinic Health System - St. James Mayo Clinic Health System - St. Peter Mayo Clinic Health System - Truman Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System - Waseca Mayo Clinic Health System Express Care Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato Eastridge Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato -

Northridge Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato Specialty Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System Springfield - Lamberton Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System St. James Trimont Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System Waseca Janesville Clinic Mayo Clinic Health System Waseca Waterville Clinic


Mankato Clinic @ Madison East Dermatology Mankato Clinic @ Main Street Mankato Clinic @ Mapleton Family Practice Mankato Clinic @ North Mankato Family Practice Mankato Clinic @ Wickersham Health Campus Mankato Clinic Administration Office Mankato Clinic Endoscopy Center Mankato Clinic Eye Care Center Mankato Clinic Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine Minnesota State University, Mankato

- Academic Affairs/ Extended Learning Minnesota State University, Mankato - Alumni Foundation Center Minnesota State University, Mankato - Career Development Center Minnesota State University, Mankato - Centennial Student Union Minnesota State University, Mankato - College of Business Minnesota State University, Mankato - Intercollegiate Athletics Minnesota State University, Mankato - Finance & Administration Minnesota State University, Mankato

- Strategic Partnerships Minnesota State University, Mankato - Theatre & Dance National Recognition Products Navitor Navitor Midwest Stationery Navitor Specialty Products Pear Tree Greetings Precision Press Skin Essentials @ Mankato Clinic Small Business Development Center Taylor Corporation Taylor Digital Thayer Publishing, Inc.


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Frandsen Bank & Trust - Madison Avenue Frandsen Bank & Trust - Northridge Branch Jaguar Communications OFC Express Orthopaedic Urgent Care Clinic

The Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic, P.A. Sun Country Airlines Wells Concrete Wells Concrete - Corporate Office Wells Concrete - Grand Forks Wells Concrete - Rosemount


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Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Johnson Outdoors - Marine Electronics Inc. Johnson Outdoors Inc. Kroubetz Lakeside Campers & Motors KTV Laurels Edge Assisted Living Laurels Peak Rehabilitation Center Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union - Uptown Office MinnStar Bank - Mankato MinnStar Bank NA - Lake Crystal Monarch Healthcare Management New Ulm Quartzite Quarries New Ulm Wholesale Oaklawn Health Care Center OMG Midwest Inc. Pioneer Bank - Lewisville Pioneer Bank - Madelia Pioneer Bank - Mankato

Pioneer Bank - Mapleton Pioneer Bank - North Mankato Pioneer Bank - St. James Rasmussen College Rasmussen College Career Center Rasmussen College School of Business Rasmussen College School of Nursing Rasmussen College Student Life Sam’s Club Schwickert’s Tecta America - Kansas City Metro Schwickert’s Tecta America Mankato Schwickert’s Tecta America Minneapolis Metro Schwickert’s Tecta America Rochester Metro Snell Auto Wash Snell Motors Snell Powersports & Equipment Snell Tire & Lube Southern Minnesota Construction

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Blue Earth County Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office Blue Earth County Library System Blue Earth County License Center Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Dept. City of Eagle Lake City of Eagle Lake Fire Department City of Eagle Lake Police Department City of Lake Crystal City of Lake Crystal Fire Department City of Lake Crystal Police Department City of Le Sueur City of Le Sueur Fire Department City of Le Sueur Police Department City of Madison Lake City of Madison Lake Fire Department City of Madison Lake Police Department City of Mankato City of North Mankato City of North Mankato Fire Department City of Saint Peter Educare Foundation Mankato Area Public Schools - District 77 Mankato Department of Public Safety Mankato Fire Department Nicollet County Nicollet County Attorney’s Office Nicollet County License Center Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office North Mankato Police Department North Mankato Taylor Library Prairie Winds Middle School Region Nine Development Commission Saint Peter Fire Department Saint Peter Police Department Saint Peter Public Library

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Randy Berkland Trudie Gustafson Douglas W. Johnson Fred Lutz Tami Paulsen Kenneth Saffert


Ron Vetter, Vetter Stone - Chair Todd Loosbrock, U.S. Bank – Immediate Past Chair Chad Surprenant, ISG - Secretary/Treasurer Julia Ketcham Corbett, Blethen, Gage & Krause PLLP – Executive Committee (Past Chair) Najwa Massad, Massad Group – Executive Committee Marvin Rhodes, KEYC News 12/Fox 12 Mankato– Executive Committee Jay Weir, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. – Executive Committee Dr. Sheri Allen, Mankato Area Public Schools JO Guck Bailey, Chair of Visit Mankato Jim Beal, Chair of Regional Economic Development Alliance Stephanie Drago Bottner, Taylor Corporation/Taylor Digital Dr. Richard Davenport, Minnesota State University, Mankato Dr. Mark Dehen, City of North Mankato Mike Drummer, Drummer Companies Joe Duncan, Bolton & Menk, Inc. Rob Else, EI Microcircuits Brian Fowler, Quality 1 HR Foto/Sports Pix James Hebl, MD., Mayo Clinic Health System Pat Hentges, City of Mankato Pam Jagdfeld, Nifty Home Products Jim Marzolf, CliftonLarsonAllen Dr. Annette Parker, South Central College Tami Paulsen, Chair of City Center Partnership Jennifer Spaude, Consolidated Communications


JO Guck Bailey, Radio Mankato – Chair Alissa Brekke, Pioneer Bank – Secretary/Treasurer Kevin Buisman, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Intercollegiate Athletics – Executive Committee Mike Drummer, Drummer Companies/Microtel – Executive Committee Dain Fisher, Bent River Outfitter Jennifer Heimer, Profinium Inc. Dr. Cuong Huynh, Discover Chiropractic Randy Knutson, Knutson + Casey, PLLP Boe Lindvall, Courtyard Mankato Hotel & Event Center Burt Lyman, Verizon Center John Nelson, Mount Kato Ski Area Jessica Potter, Blue Earth County Historical Society Jay Reasner, Pub 500 Mitzi Roberts, Dance Express Steve Tacheny, Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown Andy Wilke, River Hills Mall Gwenn Wolters, Rasmussen College Alison Zelms, City of Mankato


Tami Paulsen - Chair Randy Zellmer, Stinson Leonard Street LLP – Vice Chair + Marketing, Promotions Committee - Chair David Jones, Minnesota State University, Mankato Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Sowers, U.S. Bank – Business Development & Retention Committee - Chair

Stacey Straka, PresenceMaker – Aestheticts Livabiity Committee Chair Kevin Velasquez, Blethen, Gage & Krause, PLLP – CityArt Committee Liaison Stephanie Drago Bottner, Taylor Corporation/Taylor Digital Barbara Dorn, YWCA Tom Frederick, Jr., Pub 500 Tony Friesen, Friesen’s Family Bakery Wes Gilbert, Mankato Computer Repair John Harrenstein, City of North Mankato Sandra Oachs, Spinners Bar & Grill Betty Ouren, MinnStar Bank Christopher Person, Mankato Independent Originals Kyle Smith, Tailwind Group Paul Vogel, City of Mankato Andy Willaert, Gislason & Hunter LLP


Susan Jameson, Executive Assistant Rebecca Rosier, Finance & Benefits Manager Jonathan G. Zierdt, President & CEO


Rosi Back, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Patrick Baker, Director of Government & Institutional Affairs, Director of Technology John F. Considine III, Director of Regional Business Intelligence Shannon Gullickson, Talent Programs Director Kaitlyn Henderson, Administrative Support Specialist Bridget Norland, Director of Marketing & Communications Jim Santori, Business Development Director Liz Sharp, Business Events & Sales Director Karen Toft, Member Relations & Office Operations Director


Katie Adelman, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Joelle Baumann, Special Events Manager Danielle Duffey, Convention Sales Director Carrie Kijenski, Marketing & Communications Director Crystal Olson, Visitor Services Specialist Nichole Rojas, Visitor Services Specialist* Anna Thill, President Chris Willaert, Sports Commission Director *Partial Year


GREENSEAM STAFF Sam Ziegler, Director




JO Guck Bailey, Radio Mankato/Sign Pro Alan Cole, University Square Mall & Apartments Marsha Danielson, South Central College Kathy Depuydt, Bradley’s on Stadium Beth Fasnacht, Timeless Interiors Laurie Folsom, Spectrum Reach Kathy Gerber, BENCO Electric Amber Goblirsch, Taylor Corporation Kayla Goetsch, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union - North Mankato Kaaren Grabianowski, Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota/ Blinds & More Bruce Gratz, First National Bank Minnesota Erik Hagedorn, Bremer Bank Chris Harstad, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Douglas Johnson Tom Frederick Jr., Pub 500 Devin Krienke, Devin Krienke & Associates LLC Fred Lutz Karla Haley Malone, Coldwell Banker Welcome Home Realty Vicky Meyer, U.S. Bank Mark Mitzel, Profinium, Inc. Katie Mons, Junior Achievement Victoria Moorhouse, Hilton Garden Inn Brian Nelson, BankVista Claire Patterson, Mankato Clinic Ramon Pinero, Minnesota State University, Mankato Leah Pockrandt, American Red Cross Serving Southwest Minnesota Tami Reuter, MRCI WorkSource Tamera Saar, Anchor Bank Ryan Spaude, Eide Bailly Stephanie Stack, Mayo Clinic Health System Billy Steiner, Radio Mankato Tricia Stenberg, Bolton & Menk, Inc. Leslie Stoltenberg, MRCI WorkSource Benjamin Suker, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union Jon Teeslink, Snell Motors Chastity Valvick, Consolidated Communications Jen Wanderscheid, Regus Tom Warrant, Tire Associates Jessica Watts, Kitchenmaster, Klooster & Begalka, CPAs Greg Weis, Minnesota State University, Mankato Christi Wilking, Mayo Clinic Health System

Dan Baker, CENTURY 21 Atwood Realty, Inc. Russell Blaschko, First National Bank MN Rick Chandler, T- Mobile/Think! Toner Ink Lisa Cownie, Connect Business Magazine/MRCI Worksource Sheila Daggett, Mayo Clinic Health System Sean Dahlman, AT&T Cate DeBates, YWCA Mankato Jenn Faust, Eide Bailly Carrie Flanagan, Eide Bailly Connie Hanek, Paragon Printing Rick Harbarth, Compeer Chantal Heetland, Nortech Lisa Hoffman Wojcik, Open Door Health Center Todd Joyal, Buffalo Wild Wings Joy Kelley, ECS Mike Kennedy, Alliance Insurace Jake Krier, Bethany Lutheran College Mike Kunkel, Pioneer Bank - North Mankato Megan Lange, Aflac Julie Leiferman, Schwickert’s Tecta America Kate Loging, Eide Bailly Tina McClain, Inspire Health & Wellness Sandra Oachs, Spinners Bar & Grill Brandon Olson, Lil Bee’s Learning Center Brooke Olson, BridgeWater Group Sheila Ous, Minnesota Valley Action Council Amber Pietan, Amber Pietan Travel Agency Briana Ramaker, Profile by Sanford Lorri Rieff, CENTURY 21 Atwood Realty, Inc. Kayla Rossiter, Courtyard by Marriott Hotel & Event Center Judy Ringler Mountain, New York Life Insurance Anna Saastamoinen, Courtyard by Marriott Hotel & Event Center Kathy Sanger, Rasmussen College Kris Simpson, MRCI WorkSource Jamie Sorensen, Cambria Liz Thiesse, Subway Restaurants Christa Wolner, Connect Real Estate Group


Jim Marzolf, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP - Chair Jim Beal, JBeal Real Estate Group/ City of Eagle Lake Travis Brovold, RSM US LLP Mitch Davis, Davis Family Holdings/

Davis Family Dairies Brad & Meg Freking, New Fashion Pork, LLP Jodie Hermer, Compeer Steve Kibble, Kibble Equipment Gary Koch, Christensen Farms Brian Martensen, Minnesota State University, Mankato Sheryl Meshke, AMPI Brad Schloesser, South Central College/Southern Minnesota Center for Agriculture Tom Seigfreid, Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc. Chad Surprenant, ISG Pat Yockey, BluEarth Agribusiness Strategies BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Shane Bowyer, Minnesota State University, Mankato Dennis Dotson, Dotson Iron Castings Mark Greenwood, Compeer Mike Humpel, City of Fairmont Jerry Kopel, Profinium Inc. Dave Priesler, Minnesota Pork Producers Association Michael Sparby, AURI Duane Thompson, Eide Bailly Pat Yockey, BluEarth Agribusiness Strategies PROMOTIONS Jodie Hermer, Compeer Jim Marzolff, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Sheryl Meschke, AMPI Kent Thiesse, MinnStar Bank EDUCATION Emily Combs, DuPont Pioneer Mark Jaeger, HerdStar LLC Val Johnson, Christensen Farms Brian Martensen, Minnesota State University, Mankato Paul Peterson, Saint Peter Schools Brad Schloesser, Southern Minnesota Center for Agriculture Wally Thomas, Bremer Bank


Brad Ahrenstorff, City of Lake Crystal Eric Anderson, City of Mankato Jim Beal, City of Eagle Lake Bruce Beatty, Nicollet County Bob Broeder, City of Le Sueur Dr. Mark Dehen, City of North Mankato Mike Fischer, City of North Mankato Taylor Gronau, City of Lake Crystal John Harrenstein, City of North Mankato Pat Hentges, City of Mankato Carolyn Hiniker, City of Madison Lake Ari Klugman, City of Madison Lake Ryan Krosch, Nicollet County John Kvamme, City of Saint Peter Bob Meyer, Blue Earth County Nicole Griensewic Michelson, Region Nine Development Commission Mark Piepho, Blue Earth County Brad Potter, City of Eagle Lake Todd Prafke, City of Saint Peter Kristin Prososki, City of Mankato Janelle Teppen, City of Le Sueur Ed Tschida, Le Sueur Development Paul Vogel, City of Mankato Russ Wille, City of Saint Peter


Terry L. Brandt, Mayo Clinic Health System, Southwest Minnesota Region Julia Ketcham Corbett, Blethen Gage & Krause Randy Farrow, Mankato Clinic John Hemstock, Compeer Steve Jameson, The Free Press David Krause, Pioneer Bank Todd Loosbrock, U.S. Bank Andrea Luedtke, Nidec (Kato Engineering) Marilyn Joyce Wells, Minnesota State University, Mankato Charlie Whitaker, Taylor Corporation Nancy Zallek, Mankato Area Foundation


JO Guck Bailey, Radio Mankato Kevin Buisman, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Intercollegiate Athletics Kaaren Grabianowski, Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota Brent Krohn, B&B Krohn Farms Jessica Potter, Blue Earth County Historical Society

Krista Ahlers, MTU Onsite Energy Marcia Bahr, Mankato Clinic Diane Halvorson, South Central WorkForce Council John Hemstock, Compeer Prachi Hoffmeister, Walmart DC7079 Lucas Howk, Minnesota State University, Mankato Heather Mueller, Mankato Area Public Schools Dawn Pearson, South Central College Abdi Sabri, African Family and Education Center Phil Siebel, The Free Press Bridgette Toufar, The Occasions


Group/Taylor Chastity Valvick, Consolidated Communications Nancy Zallek, Mankato Area Foundation

Krause, PLLP Jaci Sprague, Junior Achievement of Greater Mankato


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Angela Guentzel, Guentzel Family Farms – Co-Chair Kelly Sonnek, Jack Link’s – Co-Chair Chet Anderson, Bremer Bank Jenna Christensen, Eide Bailly Megan Gilbert, Country Inn & Suites Rebecca Guenther, ISG Ashely Hanley, KEYC News 12 & FOX 12 Mankato Prachi Hoffmeister, Walmart Distribution - DC7079 Danielle Mehia, Wealth Enhancement Group Cody Meschke, ISG Alyssa Nelson, Blethen, Gage & Krause, PLLP Jamison Peterson, Bremer Bank Alec Pfeffer, ISG Alex Spencer, Pantheon Computers SOCIAL COMMITTEE Lindsey Jakowski, Jack Link’s – Co-Chair Brian Gosewisch, Gosewisch Construction, Inc. – Co-Chair Abby Frantsen, MRCI WorkSource Kaitlyn Henderson, Greater Mankato Growth Colleen Holicky, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Jeff Lang, Radio Mankato Joslyn Manske, Frandsen Bank & Trust AMBASSADOR COMMITTEE Alec Pfeffer, ISG – Chair Justin Day, Northwestern Mutual Joe Gehrke, Medieval Metalworx Megan Gilbert, Country Inn & Suites Chris Harstad, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Laura Johnson, EI Microcircuits Joslyn Manske, Frandsen Bank & Trust Jerad Michels, Eide Bailly Brian Nelson, BankVista Jacob Ouradnik, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP Darci Pratt, Pratt, Kutzke & Associates, LLP Jake Sherlock, Blethen, Gage & Krause, PLLP Paul Shneider, Blethen, Gage &

GREATER MANKATO LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE STEERING COMMITTEE (2017-18) John Bulcock, Minnesota State University, Mankato – Chair Tricia Bleck, City of Mankato Vickie Bushman, ProGrowth Bank Adam Fries, Johnson Outdoors Heather Mueller, Mankato Area Public Schools Scott Nelsen, MinnStar Bank Jennifer Rorick, Mayo Clinic Health System Judy Shultz, South Central College Jaci Sprague, Junior Achievement of Greater Mankato Travis Stewart, Agri-Business Insurance Services Dan Tomhave, Bethany Lutheran College Phil Tostenson, City of North Mankato


Pat Baker, Eide Bailly Jason Bruns, Minnesota State University, Mankato Jenn Faust, Eide Bailly Heather Gleason, South Central Workforce Council Jennifer Graves, VTEK, Inc. Victoria Haley, Cambria Diane Halvorson, South Central Workforce Council Connie Hines, Department of Employment and Economic Development, Mankato WorkForce Center Randy Long, Department of Employment and Economic Development, Mankato WorkForce Center Linsey Preuss, City of Fairmont Audra Shaneman, New Ulm Chamber of Commerce Phil Siebel, The Free Press Nancy Ulrich, Corporate Graphics International Kelcey Woods-Nord, South Central College

Jay Weir, Arthur J. Gallagher - Chair Chad Surprenant, ISG - Vice Chair Dr. Sheri Allen, Mankato Area Public Schools Brian Benshoof, MRCI WorkSource Randy Berkland, Retired Mark Carlson, Walmart Distribution Center - DC7079 Dr. Richard Davenport, Minnesota State University, Mankato Randy Farrow, Mankato Clinic Jonathan Guentzel, Guentzel Family Farms John Harrenstein, City of North Mankato Pat Hentges, City of Mankato Joe Meidl, The Music Mart Alyssa Nelson, Blethen, Gage & Krause (Young Professionals Representative) Tami Paulsen, Retired Geoff Roise, Lindsay Windows David Richards, Jones Metal, Inc. Ryan Spaude, Eide Bailly Dave Sunderman, BENCO Electric Cooperative Tyson Twait, Ridley USA Inc. Andy Wilke, River Hills Mall Andy Willaert, Gislason & Hunter LLP David Wittenberg, Stifel


David Wittenberg, Stifel - Chair Steve Hatkin, Mankato Clinic - Vice Chair Holly Ahlbrecht, Feeding Our Community Partners/MAD Girls Jeff Annis, Retired AD/Coach Lori Benike, Scheels All Sports Audra Boyer, Community Education & Recreation Kevin Buisman, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Intercollegiate Athletics Bobby Fleischman, MSU, Mankato Paul Gasper, Pioneer HiBred/Soccer Association Ashley Hanley, KEYC News 12 & FOX 12 Mankato Ryan Kragh, Bethany Lutheran College Athletics Jeff Lang, Radio Mankato Stephanie Loeffler, Mayo Clinic Health System Robert Madsen, Compeer

Jay Reasner, Pub 500 Beth Rohrich, Quality 1 HR Foto/ Sport Pix Ashley Steevens, City of Mankato Jon Thompson, Taylor Corporation Phil Tostenson, City of North Mankato/Caswell Park/Mankato Peppers Troy Volk, Volk Transfer, Inc. Jadon Witte, River Valley Hearing

SPORTS COMMISSION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE David Wittenberg, Stifel - Chair Steve Hatkin, Mankato Clinic Robert Madsen, Compeer Troy Volk, Volk Transfer, Inc. SPORTS COMMISSION EVENT SELECTION & SUPPORT COMMITTEE Steve Hatkin, Mankato Clinic - Chair Holly Ahlbrecht, Feeding Our Community Partners/MAD Girls Ryan Kragh, Bethany Lutheran College Athletics Beth Rohrich, Quality 1 HR Foto/ Sport Pix Ashley Steevens, City of Mankato Jon Thompson, Taylor Corporation Phil Tostenson, City of North Mankato/Caswell Park/Mankato Peppers SPORTS COMMISSION MARKETING/ PR/SALES COMMITTEE Troy Volk, Volk Transfer, Inc. - Chair Lori Benike, Scheels All Sports Paul Gasper, Pioneer HiBred/Soccer Association Ashley Hanley, KEYC-TV Jeff Lang, Radio Mankato Stephanie Loeffler, Mayo Clinic Health System Jay Reasner, Pub 500 Jadon Witte, River Valley Hearing SPORTS COMMISSION FACILITIES EDUCATION Jeff Annis, Retired AD/Coach Audra Boyer, Community Education & Recreation Kevin Buisman, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Intercollegiate Athletics Bobby Fleischman, Minnesota State University, Mankato Robert Madsen, Compeer David Wittenberg, Stifel


...Volunteers & Committees Continued CONVENTION SALES COMMITTEE

Claudia Christy, Verizon Center Carrie Flanagan, Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown Kaaren Grabianowski, Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota Jennifer Heimer, Profinium Erin Herding, Mankato City Center Hotel Lucas Newbauer, Mankato City Center Hotel Anna Saastamoinen, Courtyard by Marriott Brian Sather, Verizon Center Victoria Vogel, Hilton Garden Inn


Carrie Flanagan, Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown Erin Herding, Mankato City Center Hotel Eric Jones, Verizon Center Rick Lecy, Mankato City Center Hotel Burt Lyman, Verizon Center Brian Sather, Verizon Center Steve Tacheny, Hilton Garden Inn, Downtown Alison Zelms, City of Mankato


Stacey Straka, PresenceMaker – Chair Stephanie Drago Bottner, Taylor Corporation/Taylor Digital Courtney Kramlinger, City of Mankato Matthias Leyrer, Taylor Corporation Stacey Lienemann, Resident Sandra Oachs, Spinners Bar & Grill Tami Paulsen, Retired Jessica Potter, Blue Earth County Historical Society Andy Willaert, Gislason & Hunter LLP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & RETENTION COMMITTEE Bryan Sowers, U.S. Bank - Chair Shannon Beal, JBeal Real Estate Group Mike Fischer, City of North Mankato Tony Friesen, Friesen’s Family Bakery & Bistro

Wes Gilbert, Mankato Computer Repair Mike Hahn, Small Business Development Center Lucas Howk, Minnesota State University, Mankato College of Business Marie Krause, Pioneer Bank Bryan Paulsen, ISG Jerry Pietz, Kato Moving & Storage, Mayflower Kristin Prososki, City of Mankato Dan Robinson, Lidstrom Commercial Realtors Gary Schott, SCORE Stacey Straka, PresenceMaker Jim Whitlock, Brickhouse Graphics CITYART COMMITTEE Dawn Ulrich-Spitzer, Mankato Mental Health Associates - Chair JO Guck Bailey, Radio Mankato Marianne Carlson, The Free Press Michael Cimino, Artist Sandy Crest Barb Dorn, YWCA Andrew Farm, Rasmussen College Michael Fischer, City of North Mankato Jeanne Gallaway Noelle Lawton, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts

Steve Mork Betty Ouren, MinnStar Bank Amy Sinning, Artist Kevin Velasquez, Blethen, Gage & Krause, PLLP Paul Vogel, City of Mankato MARKETING & PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE Randy Zellmer, Stinson Leonard Street LLP - Chair JO Guck Bailey, Radio Mankato Danelle Erickson, Blue Earth County Historical Society Tom Frederick, Jr., Pub 500 Heather Fisher, Salvage Sisters Mary Hinicker, The Jewelry Bench by Mary Kurt Kromroy, Kromroy Sound & Lighting Chelsea Mann, KEYC News 12 & Fox 12 Mankato Betty Ouren, MinnStar Bank Stacey Straka, PresenceMaker Courtney Werpy, Verizon Center Jim Whitlock, Brickhouse Graphics FINANCE COMMITTEE David Jones, Minnesota State University, Mankato - Chair Tom Frederick Jr., Pub 500


We are ever grateful for our volunteers. Without their endless time, devotion and contributions... our organization’s achievements would not be possible.


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2017 GMG, Inc. Annual Report  
2017 GMG, Inc. Annual Report