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When you’re a little girl, there is something about having your dad around that makes you feel safe. At that time, you promise to be his little girl forever. Then the teen years arrive and you can’t get through one day without the angst of trying to grow up too fast. And, this is in direct conflict with what your dad wants. Even after all the strife, I remember going to college and figuring out quickly that my dad is the one man I can always count on.


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I would call him when I had a flat tire, if something broke in my apartment and, of course, when I moved every year. That’s right, I moved every year in college. There’s something to be said for knowing that your dad is always there to be a fixer. At the time, you can’t possibly appreciate the role a dad plays in a daughter’s life. I think it’s often said that a dad passes that baton over to the daughter’s partner. I’m sure this offers a sense of sadness and relief for dads. Even though I think the shift does take place over time, I can remember during the first years of marriage still calling my dad for help. It’s a habit that is hard to break. I guess the job of a dad is really never done. In fact, this past year I acquired a building that I wanted to develop for my offices. On that parcel was a smaller office building that I wasn’t sure what to do with. Finally, after many hours of debate, I opted to renovate the building for lease but budgets were tight. Thank goodness my dad is still willing to help his daughter out. Luckily for me since he’s retired, my dad stepped into the project manager role of renovating the building and organized my sons’ work contributions and additional vendors to complete the project. It was a lot of work. He was definitely dedicated to the enormous project and his “take on the world” daughter’s vision. It’s hard to adequately express how helpful and integral to the process he was. And, he also worked his magic as grandpa and motivated two grandsons to do some manual labor. That is no small feat.

2017-2018 35th Anniversary Season


I’m sure many of you ladies out there have similar stories about your dad coming to the rescue. I hope you take this Father’s Day to remind them they are still needed and you know you can count on them. And, that you’re still daddy’s little girl.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandfathers and father figures out there.

Tiffany Dowling | Publisher



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WE’D LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Do you have a business or personal milestone announcement relevant to women of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties? Please submit it to by the first of the month prior to the issue you wish it to be printed in. CAWLM reserves the right to edit all submissions for style, grammar and length. We look forward to sharing your good news!

Great Lakes Caring Hospice recognizes Volunteers of the Year Great Lakes Caring Hospice, one of the nation’s leading providers of a postacute continuum of health care, consisting of home health, palliative and hospice care, recently recognized Dorothy Ritter and Kathy Humphrys as their 2017 Volunteers of the Year at the East Lansing, Mich. branch. Ritter and Humphrys Dorothy Ritter, one of the were recognized for 2017 Volunteer of the Year their contributions recipient recognized by to the East Lansing Great Lakes Caring Hospice. branch over the last year. Both ladies are administrative volunteers that help out in the branch on a weekly basis. Together they have donated 574 hours in the last year to Great Lakes Caring Hospice. “Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteers are compassionate individuals who dedicate their time to enhance the lives of others,” shared Becky Matthews, vice president of Hospice at Great Lakes Caring. “Our 2017 Volunteer of the Year awards recognize an outstanding volunteer in each Great Lakes Caring Hospice branch during National Volunteer Week. It is one of the ways we say ‘thank you’ for all of the valuable work our volunteers do to assist hospice patients and their families.” Every year, Great Lakes Caring Hospice recognizes a Volunteer of the Year from each of its locations across the country. Volunteer coordinators, with the assistance of other volunteers and employees in their branch, recognize the chosen volunteer with a certificate presentation and other volunteer appreciation activities and celebrations during National Volunteer Week (April 23-29, 2017).

The Runway signs five new fashion designers as alumnus grows The Runway Lansing is pleased to announce the addition of five new fashion designers to the incubator, and some major accomplishments of a Runway alumnus, Jeff Schattner of Lawrence Hunt Dress Shirts. The company continues to grow as it secures a second brand ambassador with New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shephard. Shephard joins Detroit Tigers James McCann in donating 200 Lawrence Hunt shirts to students and veterans who are preparing for new careers. Launched from The Runway, Lawrence Hunt is best known for designing high-quality professional dress shirts that keep the wearer cool in the heat or during high stress situations. The Runway is also excited to be adding five new tenants, who bring a host of new services, products and innovation to the Lansing region, including: • • •

Jon Lewis of Project I; a fashion venture capital firm from New York City Ashton Keys of The Ninety6; a streetwear line that connects with creativity and energy Tyler Mehigh of Northern Etiquette; a northern-themed prep apparel company

• •

James Eisenbeiser who is developing a line of totes and fashion accessories Stephane Awuro of 4ace, a menswear line

The Runway Lansing, funded by the Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), was created in 2014 as Michigan’s premiere fashion incubator. The Runway helps aspiring fashion designers produce and move collections to market by providing essential resources such as creative space, education and programming.

MSU Department of Theatre announces Musical Theatre Touring Company Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Theatre announces its new Musical Theatre Touring Company. The group had its premiere at the Friends of Theatre “A Bite of Broadway” gala on Wed., May 10, at Wharton Center. The event was held to benefit the Friends of Theatre Endowment, designed to provide funding for special projects and MSU theatre students. The group is under the direction of Brad Willcuts and Alisa Hauser, with musical direction by Dave Wendelberger. It features students Anna Birmingham, Emma Callis, Jacob Covert, Sarah Davis, Katelyn Hodge, Lukas Jacob, Melanie Vandenberg, Max Sanders and Taylor McPhail. Brad Willcuts describes The Musical Theatre Touring Company as “a group of elite students from our musical theatre immersion program who auditioned for this new initiative this spring.”

Willcuts explained that the group will take musical theatre performances on the road as an excellent example of experiential learning, benefitting the university at large, as part of a collaboration with Wharton Center for the Performing Arts and the College of Arts and Letters’ Department of Theatre. “The students will have more opportunities to hone their craft, refine and present their work in a variety of performance venues, and continue to grow as artists.” Said Willcuts. To date, several local performances have been scheduled, including the premiere at the Friends of Theatre gala. Department chairperson Kirk Domer says that the group will be presenting their work regionally and will be available for performances with alumni organizations and related events across the country. CAWLM.COM




Eric Elliot, co-founder of Ellison Brewery and Spirits, with his dog Barley.

A color spectrum of cans will be hitting shelves throughout the state; each with a flavor of its own and emblazed with one bold and minimalistic name right at the top: Ellison. Clearly written across the top, you’ll find little else than a color to separate each from the other, aside from the name of the ale that inhabits the aluminum casing and a seal toward the bottom; a nod to the capital city — the birthplace and home of Ellison Brewery and Spirits. This minimalistic approach to packaging isn’t a result of lack of resources — in fact it’s quite the opposite. You’ve surely noticed the excessively absurd names and labels that garner most craft brewery bottles and cans, but the designs here are simplified and signify a direct dedication to the spirit of Ellison. It’s not about flair, it’s about a mindset. Despite the heavy competition of Michigan’s beer industry, co-founder Eric Elliot doesn’t even flinch when he talks about brand expectations. He’s embracing the craft beer resurgence and knows Lansing is the perfect location to catapult the region into a hot spot for visitors. “Being that we’re the Capital city, we felt it’s only right that we have one of the best breweries in the state,” said Elliot. “We want to be the best in Michigan. Our overall goal, what we’re trying to work with every single day, is to continue our craft and make it better. We want to be the best.” 6

JUNE 2017

Despite a traditional integrity, its offerings are unique and bar none. Co-founders Eric Elliot and Aaron Hanson are constantly pushing the envelope and always have their ear to the ground; often predicting trends before the masses realize they exist. While they don’t work specifically to set trends, their experimental nature and small taproom, create an environment that capacitates a near perfect sample group to test new varieties. “When we’re creating new beer we’re trying not to follow the fad. In every industry there is some sort of leader – right now hazy IPAs are the number one, highest trending style right now. We made a hazy IPA (Relativity, an 8.0% Vermont Style IPA) a year and two months ago which is well above the curve. Basically in the last six months it’s been extremely popular; in the past three [months] every publication is talking about them.” In addition to great beer on tap, brewed right on the spot and served as fresh as possible, the brand is also producing and serving a line of spirits, ciders and meads. In its inception Ellison was drafted as a distillery, but the process takes time and the brewery portion of the business has taken the wheel while new batches of spirits are concocted. Their roster currently includes vodka and gin, served in cocktail format in the taproom, but will soon be expanding. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that the brand has taken off so quickly. Launching in 2015 the

Photos by Erika Hodges

s t i r i p S & y r e w e r B n Elliso t s e b s ’ l a t i p a C e h t s r u po

brewery is constantly looking for ways to expand upon the culture it has created as a result of its dedication to craft. They are currently looking to make capacity improvements by working with local officials to permit a patio seating area and recently partnered with Old Town’s Meat in facilitating the launch of their mobile food truck. “It’s been a great partnership and an element to this side of the business that we didn’t want a part of. We want to remain focused on our craft. Food is a whole other animal,” explained Ellison. “When something isn’t easy, or there are roadblocks, we feel they’re there for a reason so early on we accepted that we’d likely never have a kitchen to serve food of our own.” Lansing and its surrounding communities are embracing the brewery; if you want a spot in the Mug Club you might be sitting on your hands for a while as all 450 spots have been filled since last year. Located in an industrial lot just off Grand River Avenue, a prime location that facilitates the silos and equipment needed for brewing and distribution, you won’t see signs promoting its taproom or its offerings from your car … because there aren’t any – this staple is built on the best advertising passion can buy: word of mouth. The utopia for beer and spirit lovers is nestled out of eye; subsequently allowing patrons to put their worries out of mind. Ellison Brewery is an escape from your typical expectations; it doesn’t exist to facilitate nightlife culture but it’s guaranteed to show you a great time. Adam Lansdell is an Alumni of Grand Valley State University, and currently a Communication Specialist with M3 Group of Lansing. With a passion for all things creative it comes as no surprise that he’s also a musician, movie buff and graphic designer. Adam spends his down time biking, and spending too much of his personal income on concert tickets or vinyl records.

The 4th Annual




The Oldham Project

A portrait of beauty, strength & courage Olivia Enderle and her mother Emily never envisioned how special they’d feel walking into a professional portrait session. Olivia was given the opportunity to become a beautiful princess and a chef, whipping up her favorite recipe. Surrounded by brilliantly colored balloons, she had the time of her life. Olivia was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that inhabits nerve cells, when she was 13 months old. At the time of diagnosis, she had a tumor in her abdomen, experienced kidney failure and had only eight percent heart function. She spent the year enduring eight rounds of chemo, several life-threatening infections, surgeries and the loss of function to both kidneys. At 14 months old, she started dialysis yet she still had her left kidney removed. Olivia went through six years of dialysis but the need for a transplant was inevitable. Such a procedure was deemed difficult as the result of damage from multiple rounds of chemo and dialysis. After a transplant in Minnesota in January 2015 ended in disappointment, doctors discovered that her parents, Emily and Mike, couldn’t be donors. Olivia needed a miracle. In search of a donor through friends, family and Facebook, over 100 volunteers stepped up yet none were approved. Just when all seemed lost, a miracle happened. In April

2016, the Enderle family went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Olivia’s 7th birthday. “When we walked in, my sister and her family were sitting at a table under a big T.V.,” explained Emily. “I looked up and saw [Detroit Tigers Pitcher] Justin Verlander on the T.V. Then, I noticed what he was saying … he was announcing my sister was the donor! She stood there with a stuffed kidney pillow and said, ‘It’s me!’” Today, Olivia is a spunky, beautiful 8-year-old girl. The Enderle family is thankful that The Oldham Project could provide the portrait session for Olivia, who was given a reason to smile again. The Oldham Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing portrait sessions to those suffering from life threatening or terminal illnesses. The organization was conceived to document the lives of those fighting a battle for their lives. “I knew, as a photographer, I could make people look good,” said Oldham Project’s Founder, Terri Shaver. “These people with cancer really needed to look good, and more importantly, feel better about themselves. I want to help them escape the thought of treatment, chemo, needles and fear for just one

Olivia Enderle was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at 13 months old.

day. These portraits are much, much more than pretty pictures. They represent a journey that many of us, or someone we love, will take. They are images of strength and determination. Many times they illustrate the beauty hiding behind hair.” The Oldham Project held its annual fundraising gala on May 2 at Eagle Eye Golf Club. More than 100 people enjoyed a silent auction and dinner while listening to testimonials by Emily and Olivia Enderle and breast cancer survivor, Alexis Schneider. The event raised more than $20,000 which will be used to support The Oldham Project’s mission. For more information, visit



JUNE 2017


GENERAL DAD “I’d drive around the world for you.” Poor dad; no matter how humble the goal to which he aspired, the path to success was never smooth — and sometimes nonexistent. Take, for example, a family road trip from Michigan to Tennessee when I was 11-years-old. My father’s approach to car-packing rivaled Eisenhower’s planning of D-Day, yet nothing about packing the car went well. For my father, loading the car that day was like playing a large-scale, losing game of Jenga. He muttered things I wouldn’t understand until 2010 when Alexis Munier gave the world The Big Black Book of (Very) Dirty Words. We stopped for the night in Covington, Ky. and got a room at a little motel. The next morning my father still had not managed to forgive the universe for the trip’s rocky start. My mother’s name was Phyllis; my father called her Phil.

There turned out to be two feet of snow out there … in April. Once my father dug us out of Covington and we had driven for two hours, it occurred to him he had forgotten his coat at the motel. Years later, any dreams my father ever harbored of having a daughter who didn’t publicly embarrass him were dashed when I became a theatre and speech major and broke the news to him I’d been cast as a lady of the night in a student production. My father was furious, but swallowed his pride and came to see the play. Afterward he and my mother found me backstage. While I was still in makeup and costume, he tenderly kissed my cheek

Consultants of Mid-Michigan Dr. Ridhu C. Burton & Dr. Ravinder R. Polasani James H. Saker, M.D. & Clyde R. Flory, M.D.

Allergy symptoms keeping you inside on those beautiful Michigan days? We would love to be a part of your symptom free journey

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and murmured, “Sweetheart, you were the prettiest prostitute in the play.” About four years later, I got myself into a situation where my parents had to get out of bed at 1 a.m. to retrieve me. And no, I wasn’t in jail. I wondered what my father would say once they arrived. He was retired by then and didn’t have to work the next day, but still: 1 a.m. is 1 a.m., and a two-hour drive is a four-hour drive round trip. When he walked over to me, I looked up at him. He was a tall, handsome man.

“You watch, Phil; I’ll open the curtains and there’ll be a foot of snow out there!”



“Dad, I’m sorry,” I said. “You and mom drove so far.” “Honey,” said my father, “I’d drive around the world for you.” Nothing more was said about it, because my father had made it clear: nothing more needed to be said. If one of his goals had ever been to raise a daughter who loved her parents like crazy, he achieved that goal spectacularly. Eisenhower couldn’t have done it better. Teece Aronin is a blogger, columnist and humorist. Her essays explore the ways life can be flawed, beautiful and funny — and often all at once. Teece's work has appeared in the Oakland Press,True and Teece is happy to consider speaking engagements, workshops and coaching possibilities. Read her blog at, email her at and follow her on Twitter @taronin.




Photos courtesy of: Heather Dawson, NP-C; Dawson Wellness, McKinney, TX

Photos courtesy of: Cathy A. Presnick, Licensed Aesthetician A Perfect Complextion, LLC. Melbourne, FL

50% OFF MICRONEEDLING SCHEDULED IN JUNE | 517.394.6500 4169 Legacy Parkway, Lansing, MI 48911




Father's Day Gift Guide Megan Fleming

My dad loves ice cream. I am making him a custom ice cream bowl, getting him a gift card to DQ and a gallon of ice cream. It’s personalized and he can enjoy his gift even after Father’s Day.

Jaime Hardesty

Well, I know what NOT to give – several years ago, my sisters and I thought that it would be great if we took our dad golfing for the day. It should be mentioned that he is an avid golfer; my sisters and I not so much. Let’s just say that at the end of our excursion he said “I love you, but let’s NEVER do this again.” Oops … Father’s Day fail!

Ellen Dowling

My dad loves to fly fish and spend time camping. I like to get him a new camping tool, or supplies from his favorite fly fishing shop.

Mark Warner

I like to just spend the day with my dad on Father’s Day. It really doesn’t matter what we do. He likes fishing and cutting wood, but really it’s just being together and thanking him for being there for me over the years.

Jennifer Hodges

Grill – My daughter and I gave my husband a Weber charcoal grill for Father’s Day last year! Not only is this a great gift for dad it is also a great gift for me because then I know dad will be taking care of dinner.

Nikki Nicolaou

My dad really loves gardening so plants or seeds goes over really well with him. I love going to local farmer's markets to find trimmings.

Angela Carlone

My dad likes to work outside so usually my brother and I get him something related to gardening (tools, plants, seeds, garden stuff). 10

JUNE 2017

Erika Hodges

Kerry Hidlay

Zach Krieger

Heather Thielking

My dad is obsessed with his Jeep, so anything related, whether it is apparel or a road trip, is a great gift for Father’s Day.

Golf is always a good go-to option, but I always like getting little things that I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy for myself. Like a grooming kit, shoe polish kit, beard oil or hair products — stuff like that.

Melissa Dowrick

A gift card for an oil change is a great gift for dad so that he can spend his hard-earned money on fun things instead!

For the dad who loves the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with the latest and greatest hunting, camping and hiking gadgets. Kick it up a notch and plan an adventure to use his new gear.

Kristine Richmond

Looking for something unique for dad? Try getting a subscription box to mix things up. If he is into clothing and apparel try something like a Trunk Club subscription where he can be pampered by receiving new clothing pieces every month.

I like to take my dad out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants for Father’s Day. One of the places he likes to go is a local Chinese place in his town. He usually doesn’t get to go there too often because my mom isn’t into Chinese, so it’s a real treat for him!

Ami Iceman-Haueter

Austin Ashley

My sister, our husbands and I always gift my dad with manual labor. Whether it is helping weed the garden, rotating his tires or helping to paint the guest bedroom, between the four of us we can help get almost anything done.

Spencer Flynn

Nest Thermostat: In the seemingly endless war of who controls the temperature in the house, often it is dad vs. the world. With a Nest Thermostat, or any “smart” thermostat, not only will it learn what temperature to keep the house at over time, but he can change the temperature from his phone anywhere, keeping total control at all times.

Adam Lansdell

My father is a popcorn fiend. He and my mother go to the movies a few times a month, at which point the inevitable decision is made to spend a boatload at the concession stand. Each Father’s Day, I gift my dad with the latest refillable popcorn bucket from Celebration Cinema.

Jill Bailey

I love to take my father out to dinner at his favorite place.

Get your dad all of his favorite snacks for Father’s Day: pickled bologna, chocolate covered cherries and cashews. Bonus points if you hang around to eat them while watching a NASCAR race.

Kelly Mazurkiewicz

My dad is an old-man-band rock star. Anything Fender or Marshall (coffee mugs, zip ups, that sort of thing) or Jimi Hendrix-related typically does the trick. Something useful though which he loves is Vocal Ease. For any singers out there, a couple sprays of this will bring your lost voice back to life.

Manny Garcia

My dad likes to ask for things he would not buy for himself; he feels it is too much of a splurge. This year he inquired about a pair of Bluetooth earphones to cancel out the noise while he is doing yard work.

Skylar Kohagen

My family is big fans of scratchoff lotto tickets. My dad typically likes the ones which are involved so a couple of $5 Cash-Words are perfect. Sometimes he wins and I might get something out of the deal (usually not).



ways to minimize your child’s student loan debt

Sending your child off to college is hard enough without adding the potential burden of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Here are some ways you can help minimize the amount of student loan debt your future college student will have after graduation.


Assuming you have no high-interest debt, an adequate emergency fund and are on track for retirement, it can’t hurt to start putting some savings away, especially if your child is still young enough to benefit from years of savings and investment earnings. It’s likely you won’t be able to save for the full expense of tuition and room and board, but it could help with a portion of the expenses. For example: if you start saving at birth and earn a 6 percent average annualized rate of return, you would need to save about $674 a month to fully fund four years of a college education currently costing $25k a year and growing at an average inflation rate of 6 percent … and that’s just for one child! Needless to say, few parents can afford to do that, but anything you can put away helps.

Encourage your child to take AP Classes Advanced Placement classes, if offered by your


child’s school, can be a great way to earn college credits in high school while possibly improving the odds of receiving merit-based scholarship money. In some cases, your child may not even have to take an AP exam to get college credits. If your school doesn’t offer an AP class in a subject that your student is particularly strong in, see if they can take the exam anyway. Taking these steps in high school can help your child graduate early and save a whole year’s worth of college expenses.

Consider a community college start

Compare net costs

Explore alternatives to student loans

It’s easy to get sticker shock when looking at the annual costs of many schools but hardly anyone pays list price anymore. In a study, 87 percent of freshman entering a private college last year received some form of institutional grant or scholarship with the average student getting a 44 percent discount off the published tuition. For a better basis of comparison, you can use the school’s net price calculator to estimate what the cost will be after factoring in financial aid eligibility. Don’t be surprised to find that an expensive private school with lots of money for aid may actually cost you less than a state school.

• • • • •

If even the net costs are too high, another option is for your child to start at a community college and then transfer to a four-year school for the degree. This can save not only tuition (many cost less than $2k for a full-time semester) but also room and board as your child will likely be commuting from home. If they do well at the community college level, they may also be able to transfer into a school they may not have otherwise have gotten into. That’s a win/win solution. To supplement the college’s financial aid program, try searching for other scholarships online. Most are based on talent, academic merit, or association with a particular group, but you never know what you might find. Be wary of scholarships that ask you to pay a fee, though, as legitimate scholarships will not require you pay any money to receive the award. Deidre Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer at MSU Federal Credit Union. MSUFCU’s headquarters are at 3777 West Road East Lansing, MI 48823. Contact Deidre at or (517) 664-7877.

Colorful Annuals Sun or Shade Combinations Your Planters or Ours Design, Planting, Ongoing Care Four Seasons of Color

Let us bring more color to your life! 517.327.1059 | | 16886 Turner St. Lansing, MI 48906 CAWLM.COM




7 1









Upgrade dad’s closet with some fashionable, new pieces. This Father’s Day, get your dad some gifts he will actually want. Does he need something casual, formal or athletic? From runway to street style, we can help you find what you’re looking for. The ladies at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine and Kellie’s Consignments have teamed up to bring you some summer styles for dads this year! (1) Burryberry button-up, $22; (2) Austin Reed black pants, $14; (3) Brass/stone sail boat, $59; (4) Hagar shorts, $8; (5) Sketchers memory foam shoes, $15; (6) Brown belt, $9; (7) Lacoste orange polo, $29; (8) Detroit tigers baseball cap, $10; (9) Modo sunglasses, $9.99; (10) Charles Tyrwhitt button-up, $16; (11) Brooks Brothers pants, $38; (12) Robert Talbott tie, $39; (13) Puccini tie, $10; (14) Jos. A Bank button-up, $12; (15) Modo sunglasses, $10; (16) Leather Classics loafers, $79 All available at Kellie’s Consignments.






JUNE 2017




Courtesy of Matthew Mitchell Photography

Thank you! The 2017 empowHER Leadership Retreat was a smashing success! We’re grateful to our sponsors for helping 300 girls in our community learn how to be self-confident, resilient and purpose-driven!

Marsh Family

Philanthropic Fund Marty Gibbs

See you in 2018!





Independence Village of East Lansing Discover personal freedom, spacious apartments and peace of mind thanks to convenient safety features. Independence Village of East Lansing, offering exceptional Independent Living services. From thoughtfully designed floor plans to world-class services and myriad recreational and social opportunities, residents may just find that we have thought of everything. Our onsite activities director always has something interesting planned for our residents such as religious services, arts and crafts sessions and more. If an emergency should arise, residents and friends and family will enjoy peace of mind knowing that a hospital and medical

Call or visit us online for more information. An Independent Living Community

2530 Marfitt Road East Lansing, MI 48823 tel 517-337-0066 | fax 517-337-9627

My oldest daughter, Kelly J, was determined to follow me in my footsteps, too; aspiring to be a singer and model at age 10. So, I obliged her with photos, singing lessons and the work she needed to put in; eventually it was not what she wanted to become after all. I was very proud of her for wanting to try something like this, but I am more than proud that today she is a law school graduate of Syracuse University, a wife and mother of three.

Taylor Kelsaw is a former Californian, presently living in Michigan with his family. He is an actor, radio personality and creator/television producer of The Evan Michael Show. He has worked in marketing, film and television production for more than 30 years on such shows as Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Live with Kelly and Michael, Access Hollywood, 24, The Matrix I, II, III and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

JUNE 2017

I have spent time in my own “Entertainment Alley” for … let’s just say it has been many, many, years. I am not surprised my son works in the same industry too. This year, I will celebrate five years of being on air with my podcast, “Show Biz Weekly with Taylor Kelsaw” on, SoundCloud and iTunes. I began writing copy for radio back in 1980. My son, Gerren Taylor, also has a podcast radio format show, “The World At Large,” broadcast out of Los Angeles, Cal. He’s worked in television productions on very popular shows for the last 12 years and is now a husband and father of two.

To be a dad is amazing; to be recognized for being one should not be taken for granted. Dads come in many different ways today. If we are fortunate, we get to see what our children become in life. Like you did, they get to choose their life’s directions. We try to guide and listen, but we also must let them find their way and be there when they might crash. Entertainment should not just be on the stage, in the form of ectoplasm or television, but on display each and every day for your family by just being dad!



Congratulations fathers, and to all of whom are fortunate to be parents in your household. Life is filled with many of emotions and being a parent is one of the most clearly eternal and fulfilling among them. I imagine we should celebrate our thankfulness for parenthood each day. However, it’s also the day for parents to show thankfulness for the opportunity to bring children of our own into the world.

My youngest daughter, Julia Marie, has also been influenced by my career(s), and that of my other half, by stating that she wants to act, sing and be a scientist. So far, she has hosted her own YouTube channel, takes vocal lessons, enjoys chemistry projects, studies German at Michigan State University, recently picked up the Ukulele and now writes her own songs. I have the feeling she might do all of those things she wants to accomplish, and why not support it.

facilities are just moments away.

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QUEEN OF THE ROAD BY LISA KOST large on the beach that I was sure we had altered the landscape forever. Of course, when we went back the next year it was completely gone.

THE SECRET OF SAND If you are like me, you’ve taken sand for granted. It’s easy to do. We love sand, not so much for what it is, but for the way it makes us feel; warm, earthy and wonderful. I can remember the first time my toes touched real sand on Stinson Beach in California. Next to cotton candy, only the beach provides me with such instant, mood-altering gratification. But if you move beyond the pure pleasure of the moment, each beach — and grain of sand — is full of hidden secrets. Like all of us who have ever visited a beach, each grain originated somewhere and is headed somewhere else. And each grain, just like people, contains fragments of other things, collected

over time — shells, corals, sponges, sea urchins or even hard tissue from marine organisms. When these organisms die, hard tissue erodes into some of the most spectacular grains of sand imaginable. You see, sand never dies. Now sit on your towel and think about that for awhile. Sand is always changing; becoming both young and old at the exact same time. So many of my best memories involve a Michigan beach or summers in Glen Arbor; where I’ve experienced the laughter of my children, walks on long beaches in the early morning and collecting Petoskey stones until they poked holes in my pocket. We once dug a hole so

I often hear people say, “life is short,” but is it really? You may want to talk to a grain of sand. Every day, a piece of sand is living a new life; taking what the water, wind and all of the different particles provide and grinding itself into a spectacular new entity. In reality, life can be long if we look at it long enough; so let’s stop and put phones and tablets down and dig deeper into that which is around us. There are trillions of atoms in a grain of sand, more than all of the people on Earth. The Bible mentions sand 33 times. The Pyramids were built on sand, or at least the rocks used to build them were transported by sand, and some of us could be walking on Egyptian sand, or particles of Egyptian sand. Sand is either very old, or quite young, depending on how you look at it. This summer, remember you are actually the youngest you will ever be. Listen, look closely and breathe in and accept the colors, textures and sounds which have brought you to this new shore. Lisa Allen Kost was bitten by the travel bug at an early age. Growing up an “Army Brat” she has lived abroad and is always eager to book her next trip — no matter the destination. When she is not traveling, Allen-Kost calls Okemos home and is a commercial realtor with CBRE|Martin. Her favorite travel companions are her husband, Jim and their children.




similar to swaddling a baby. One of the tricks with the Thundershirt is to be sure to get your dog used to it before you need it. You want to be sure your dog isn’t associating the thing you want to help him with (the thing he fears), so be sure to put the Thundershirt on the dog as many times as possible before you will need it and leave it on the dog for about 20 minutes at a time. As always, I would recommend consulting your veterinarian before making any purchase to help figure out what will work best for your dog’s particular situation. CLASSES With the nice weather upon us, you want to get out there with your pooch, right? Well, if you’ve never heard of it, a great way to spend time with your pup and get some great training in, is with a Canine Life and Social Skills class.

CALMING CANINES Methods for reducing your pup’s anxiety and stress Every other month, our pet expert and Canine Coaches dog trainer, Jill Bailey, will answer your pet questions. Email her at For more information on Canine Coaches visit

With thunderstorm season upon us and fireworks in our future, I’ve had so many people ask, what can I do to help my anxious dog deal with these things? This is a tough one because it can be very difficult to desensitize a dog to something you have no control over, such as thunderstorms. There are a few different things I’ve learned about that you can try. DAP DIFFUSERS Dog appeasing heromone (DAP) diffusers imitate the pheromone in a mother dog’s milk, helping

to ease stress and anxiety. There are also sprays, collars and bandanas available that work along the same lines as a diffuser, meaning they are pheromone-based products that can be used to help ease your dog’s stress. MUSIC THERAPY A series of CDs called “Through a Dog’s Ear™” are available to help calm dogs through piano music. They are used to help slow the heart rate. THUNDERSHIRTS A Thundershirt provides a calming effect that is

This class is a great way to strengthen the bond with your dog so implementing positive reinforcement training. Essentially you are working to improve your dog’s life and social skills and you will do so through continued training. These training exercises teach your dog the day-to-day behavior that will make both of your lives easier as your dog learns and/or strengthens basic obedience skills. This is also an amazing program for shelter pets, as it is a great way to ease the stress a shelter pet may be experiencing and to increase their chances of being adopted. Your dog will need to be registered in order to go through the C.L.A.S.S. evaluation. All the information you need is on their website, you can visit it at Jill Bailey is the Media Manager at M3 Group. Having a life-long love of dogs, Jill decided to get her training certification in 2012. Visit for more information.

We provide gentle dental care with state-of-the-art technology in a friendly atmosphere! 1738 Hamilton Rd. Okemos, MI 48864


KELLIE’S CONSIGNMENTS 5000 Marsh Rd Okemos, MI 48864 517.574.4523 With coupon only. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Excluding tax. Does not include gift certificates. One coupon per person, per day.


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(517) 349-3266 Dr. Gianh Portnoy Dr. Bachtrac Tu

Early morning and evening appointments Same day emergency • New patients welcome Most insurances accepted • Preventative cleanings • Oral cancer screening • Limited periodontal gum therapy • Tooth-colored and silver fillings • Cosmetic dental services

• Crowns/bridges • Oral surgery • Dentures/partials • Dental implant reconstruction • Root canal treatment


Khanh Q. Nguyen, DO Corporate Medical Officer

Khanh Q. Nguyen, DO Corporate Medical Officer

Khanh Q. Nguyen, DO Khanh Q. Nguyen, Corporate Medical DO Officer Corporate Medical Officer

Joseph Marogil, MD and Laura Kelsey, MD

on ti a c o L g in s n a L r u O it is V , Suite 201,

Joseph Marogil, MD and Marogil, MD Joseph Joseph Marogil, MD Laura Kelsey, andMD

and 5123 West St. Joseph Laura Kelsey, MD Laura Kelsey, MD Lansing, MI 48917

Zayed Meadows Director of Vascular Technicians Zayed Meadows DirectorZayed of Meadows Zayed Meadows Director of VascularDirector Technicians of

Vascular Technicians Vascular Technicians

This team This team This team We make this makes this problem go away makes this problem go away. makes this problem go away. problem go away. Period. Period Period. Period.

Dr. Laura Kelsey, Regional Medical Director of Michigan

No No stitches. downtime. No hospital. hospital. Nohospital. stitches. No No downtime. No No stitches.

NoNo hospital. No stitches. No hospital. No stitches. No downtime. downtime. Center for Vein Restoration is nationally recognized as the leader in the

No downtim

Center for Vein Restoration is nationally recognized as the leader in the treatment of vein disease and varicose physicians and clinical teamsrecognized as the leader in Center forveins. VeinOur Restoration is nationally treatment of vein disease and varicose veins. Our physicians and clinical Center for Vein Restoration is nationally recognized as the leader in teams the are dedicated to relieving leg pain, treating the vascular cause of severe leg treatment of vein disease and varicose veins. Our are dedicated to relieving leg pain, treating the vascular cause of severe leg physicians and clinical tea treatmentwounds, of vein and disease and varicose physicians and clinical teams eliminating unsightlyveins. veins. Our And with nearly all procedures covered wounds, and eliminating unsightly veins. to And with nearly all pain, procedures covered are dedicated relieving treating are dedicated to relieving the vascular cause of severe legthe vascular cause of severe by insurance, we leg offerpain, moretreating treatment options thanleg most other vein clinics. by insurance, we offer more treatment options than most other vein clinics. wounds, and eliminating unsightly veins. And with nearly all procedures cove

wounds, and eliminating unsightly veins. And with nearly all procedures covered by insurance, we offer more options than most vein clinics. bytreatment insurance, we offer moreother treatment options than most other vein clin

3810 W. Centre Avenue, Suite A Portage, MI 49024 Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC

Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC

(800) FIX-LEGS / (800) 349-5347 / (800) FIX-LEGS / (800) 349-5347 /

Conveniently located in Grand Rapids Portage Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Jersey, Newand York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC Conveniently located New in Grand Rapids and Portage

Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, (800) FIX-LEGS / (800) 349-5347Maryland, /

(800) FIX-LEGS(800) / (800) 349-5347 / FIX-LEGS / (800) 349-5347 /

Conveniently located in Grand Rapids and Portage

Conveniently located in Conveniently Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegon, and Wyoming. located in Grand RapidsPortage and Portage CAWLM.COM



Chris Buck LEARNING TO APPRECIATE LIFE, ONE ADVENTURE AT A TIME BY CYNTHIA BEZINQUE | PHOTO BY ERIKA HODGES As a small business consultant, business owner and overall family man, Chris Buck has had to learn a thing or two about finding a balance between work and home. Since October 2013, through his business, CJ Buck Consulting, Buck has been helping businesses work on their properties to be more successful with staffing, marketing, setting goals and streamlining overall efficiency.

family time comes from learning when to unplug from distractions. “We’ve moved around the country a lot so our Father’s Day traditions evolved with each place,” said Buck. “We like to do day trips, like going to Frederik Meijer Gardens, our cottage or to festivals and events.”

“Nobody that you interact with wants to be surprised. You should also do everything you can to prevent breaking a promise: be it to your family, co-workers or clients,” said Buck.

With each place that Buck and his family have moved to, they have made sure to spend time away from electronics, so they can spend more time together as a family. Nearly every other weekend, they go on a trip to a different city across Michigan.

Pulling from a plethora of experience, he has found the one key factor to balancing work and

“One year, we went to Detroit and visited the Eastern Market where we got lunch


JUNE 2017

at Supino Pizzeria. We wandered around Eastern Market, bought some fresh produce and stopped at an IKEA store. Then we went to Ann Arbor and wandered around a park there.” Overall, Buck’s life lessons have amounted to a greater appreciation for family, friends, community, art, music, culture and so much more. “It is important to remember that you work to live, not live to work,” he said. “Make better choices of what you spend your time doing. Learn to say ‘no’ and feel good about it. There are too many opportunities to take them all on.”


Aaron Harris A LIFE WELL-BALANCED BY CYNTHIA BEZINQUE | PHOTO BY ERIKA HODGES As a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual, Aaron Harris spends a lot of time helping individuals with retirement and business decisions. An engineer by degree and an entrepreneur by profession, Harris grew up in West Bloomfield and graduated from Michigan State University in 1997. He works with flexibility to ensure he has time to spend with his family — a blessing that comes thanks to his role with Northwest Mutual. “I’ll carve out certain days where I work until 5 or 6 p.m. Or, on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll keep my late appointments and then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

I can come home earlier and spend time with Mia,” said Harris. He has been with Northwestern Mutual for about four years, and has been able to create his own work schedule to best fit the needs of his family. “My wife also has flexible work and I can stay home all day when need be, if she has to work.” Both Harris and his wife have been looking forward to this year’s Father’s Day, since they no longer have to prepare themselves for a new baby. “I bonded with my dad over athletics. I liked baseball and he taught me how to play golf, which we both enjoyed.” In the past, Harris and his father would go out golfing for

Father’s Day, bonding over short-cut grass and expansive grounds. “Hopefully I’ll be able to play golf with my daughter. Right now we spend time with her on the floor. She’s climbing things, we’re making noises and sounds; we’re just spending time together,” said Harris. “I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my grandparents, and we’re trying to make sure that she gets that time with my parents and my wife’s parents.” Harris also remains hopeful that his father, daughter and he will be able to start a new Father’s Day tradition, where they all go golfing together; a continuation of the bond started by father and son, improved to include daughter and granddaughter. CAWLM.COM



Eric Fuentes A BORN ENTREPRENEUR AND FAMILY MAN BY ELLEN DOWLING | PHOTO BY ERIKA HODGES Eric Fuentes is a father of two, devoted husband, intermittent children’s soccer coach, vice president of the board for the Greater Lansing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and born business owner. Tired of grinding away, he decided to break mold, follow his passion; starting his own business with his brother-in-law, Juan Hernandez. Fuentes’ parents owned a local restaurant, Ramon’s Mexican Restaurant on Washington Avenue in REO Town, while he was growing up, so he gained an understanding of the world of business at a young age. “With my parents being entrepreneurs, and having that spirit already as a young kid, I always wanted to own a business, but I wasn’t sure what it was going to be.” After obtaining a manager of information systems degree from Central Michigan University, 20

JUNE 2017

Fuentes got a job alongside Hernandez at AutoOwners Insurance. It wasn’t long before they collaboratively envisioned their soon-to-be real business venture. “We would talk about what would be funny on a tee, and we’d have all these ideas and then we just started to put them on print and tried selling them online, and one thing led to another other,” said Fuentes. “We saw that there was a lot of promise to this little side gig so we decided we were going to try to give it all our effort.” Using some background in IT they resourcefully launched a storefront online; now known as Thanks to an aptitude for networking, a good sense of humor and natural creativity the duo bloomed. Since launching they’ve developed a strong clientle base that includes Common Ground Music Festival, Lost

Tres Amigos and Lansing Brewing Company – allowing each organization to customize apparel. Looking back, Fuentes expresses gratefulness to his wife, Sonia, his family and the friends that supported him in following his dreams. Not only did they allow him positive and encouraging perspectives, they also played a role in expansion – pushing the brand further via word of mouth. Today Fuentes thrives on being his own boss. “Freedom and creativity is one of the best parts [of owning a business]. I get to go be with my kids, pick them up from school and attend these middle of the day events that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to attend. I wouldn’t be able to do so unless I had a flexible schedule.” Separating business from family is important to the husband and father; it’s no easy feat but Fuentes has found a rhythm that satisfies the needs of both.


Brian Daniels POSITIVITY, DETERMINATION & BALANCE BY ELLEN DOWLING | PHOTO BY ERIKA HODGES Brian Daniels is most often found using his superior motivational skills at Spartan Dance & Fit where he has worked as a personal training manager for the past two-and-a-half years. His passion for fitness and his ability to help people achieve their goals is a talent he acquired after facing the anguish of war firsthand.

a few weeks later by a sniper. I was transferred to Baghdad where they told me I’d never run again and would have to walk with a cane, if I was even able to keep my foot. They gave me the option to pass on the reattachment effort. I told them I knew I would walk again, that I loved hockey and would skate again, and that I wanted to try,” Daniels said.

“Training eventually led me to Michigan and Spartan Fit Center where I met my current girlfriend, who pushed me to work with a therapist instead of trying to outrun my issues,” Daniels said. “It’s been life changing for me. Accepting your issues and owning your emotions can be hard, but it is necessary for me to be the partner and dad I’ve always wanted to be.”

Daniels joined the Army and was stationed in Iraq in 2005. On Nov. 15, 2005 an average day turned to turmoil.

Daniels received a Purple Heart and underwent eight additional surgeries. Once the long path of rehabilitation and learning to walk again was complete, Daniels, studied personal training at the American Academy of Personal Training in New York.

Today Daniels uses his story to motivate and help others in the classes he leads. Positivity, determination and balance are the three skills learned from his hardships that not only make Daniels a fantastic trainer, but also help him manage family and life.

“I was on patrol with my section in Taji, Iraq. We were part of a two-truck patrol running traffic control points. Someone set off three artillery rounds beneath my truck. I was thrown from the truck, as was our gunner. He later died of his injuries. The three other guys died in the blast. I woke up with my foot still in the boot at my side. I was saved by one of my best friends who was shot

While living in New York, Daniels had his now 4-year-old son, Gabriel, and became devoted to his favorite form of exercise, boxing. After studying to become a personal trainer and skilled boxer, Daniels set off to explore his opportunities.

“I just think that you just have to figure out what the right balance is for you,” said Daniels. “For me, I know that there is a middle of the week day I need to take time off to be with (Gabriel). I feel like, because of what happened in Iraq, my priority is much more about enjoying life.” CAWLM.COM



a picture of a shelf in hopes I could recreate it. The site did not have any directions so I had to use my creative side to make an exact replica. Of course you can’t say “no” to your pregnant wife, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to make it. I’m glad that I was able to make something unique for his room.

What you’ll need • • • • • •

Wood ½ inch copper pipe Wheels (purchased from Amazon) Propeller (purchased from Amazon) Washers and caps Threaded rod

What to do

Baby room vintage

airplane shelf For my son’s nursery, my wife wanted to decorate the room with a vintage airplane theme. As she was

brainstorming ideas, she saw this shelf on Pinterest (where all women go to daydream). She brought me

1. Pick the length of your board and cut to size. 2. Cut the copper piping to the size of your desired spacing between the wings. 3. Drill holes in the top and bottom and insert the copper piping. Secure with the washers and caps. 4. Put threaded pipe between copper, so the rod extends a little past each board. 5. Cut a round circle out of the spare wood and attach the propeller with another washer. You can keep it in place or work with it so that it will still spin. 6. Carve some partial holes behind the propeller; be sure not to go all the way through the wood. This is where you’ll place the other two copper pieces. 7. Cut two small pieces of copper for the wheel placement. Bend the top of the copper and drill in under the wing. 8. Attach the wheels. Brad Dowrick is a real estate investor in the Lansing area. He is a home renovator, sports enthusiast and dog owner. He loves to be active and enjoys the great outdoors.

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Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 Hawk Hollow Golf Course


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Understanding your health insurance benefits can be confusing. Premiums, co-insurance, deductibles, out of pocket expenses, in network benefits, out of network benefits, individual deductible, family deductible, covered and non-covered services and allowable. Phew! What does it all mean and how do I know what I will have to pay for? First, you need to understand Health Insurance Terms and know your policy.


The premium is the amount you pay to have an insurance plan. The cost will vary by person. You pay your portion of the premium even if you don’t use medical care that month.


The deductible is the amount you pay for care before the insurance company starts to pay its share of medical costs. Once you meet your deductible, your insurance company begins to cover some or all the costs of your care.

Family Deductible

pocket maximum refers to the total out of pocket cost for the whole year.


The negotiated fee for service a medical person or facility can charge you based on your insurance companies allowable schedule.

Out of Network Benefits Non-Covered Services

If Ann’s policy has 100% coverage after deductible is met, Ann would not owe any out of pocket expenses for the results visit or the CPAP titration test.

If your doctor is part of your insurance companies network, you receive reduced rates.

If your doctor or healthcare facility is not part of your insurance companies network, you pay a higher rate. Non-covered services are just that. You are responsible for entire payment and may be able to negotiate a cash payment prior to services.


If the plan is for family coverage, the deductible can be designed as either an embedded or non-embedded deductible. Knowing which one you have and how it works will help you plan for out of pocket health care expenses.

Embedded Deductibles

Coordination of Benefits

Out of pocket expenses used to meet an individual deductible are also counted toward family deductible. The family deductible is usually two – four times larger than individual deductible. Co-insurance and co-pays do not count towards family deductible.

Non-Embedded Deductibles

With a non-embedded deductible, there is only a family deductible. All out of pocket expenses count toward the family deductible until it is met; after which then everyone is covered with the health plan’s usual copays or coinsurance. One person can incur all expenses that meet the deductible.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Out of pocket refers to the insureds personal cost. It can include co-payment, coinsurance or a deductible. Out of

Ann schedules an appointment with Dr. Mamedov to review results and discuss treatment. Ann’s insurance deductible has been met but she has a $20 co-pay for office visits. Ann will have to pay $20 for the visit. Dr. Mamedov diagnoses Ann with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and schedules Ann for a CPAP titration test. The in-network cost for testing is $600. Ann’s deductible has been met but she has an 80/20 co-insurance clause on her policy and is now responsible for 20% of the test. Ann will have to pay $120 and her insurance company will pay $480.

In Network Benefits

Is a shared cost between the insured and the insurance company for healthcare coverage. It is a percentage of the payment AFTER the deductible is met. It is often split, where the insured pays a certain percentage and the insurance company pays the rest. Do not confuse this with the deductible that is due prior to co-insurance kicking in.

They have two components, the individual deductibles for each family member and the family deductible. When a family member meets his or her individual deductible, the insurance company will begin paying accordingly to the plans coverage for that member. If only one person meets an individual deductible, the rest of the family still must pay their deductible.

Ann’s deductible is now met.

Coordination of benefits is when health insurance benefits are available to a person from different sources. Such as your spouse or parent. Your health insurance provider will review the various coverages available and arrange payments accordingly. If only one source of health insurance is available then coordination of benefits does not apply.

Example of Deductible with Single Coverage Health Insurance

Ann has a $500 deductible. She has a consultation with Dr. Mamedov for sleep apnea and her in-network allowable is $100. Ann would be responsible for the $100 out of pocket expense in full at time of service and her insurance company would be billed. The in-network allowable would be applied to her deductible. Her remaining deductible would now be $400. Dr. Mamedov refers Ann to have an overnight polysomnogram to detect sleep apnea. Her in-network insurance allowable for testing is $500. Ann would be responsible for $400 prior to testing. Once her test is complete her insurance company is billed and they would pay the remaining $100 balance.

3515 Coolidge Road , Suite A East Lansing, MI 48823 Phone: 517-755-6888 | Fax: 517-657-7759

Example of Coordination of Benefits and Co-Insurance with deductible

You take the total amount of the cost, less the deductible. The amount you are left with is the amount that the co-insurance clause will apply to. Example: You have a $1,200 medical bill with a $200 deductible and an 80/20 co-insurance clause. Medical services Less Deductible Equals

$1200 -$200 $1000

Based on the 80/20, you would pay 20 percent ($200) and the insurance company would pay 80 percent ($800) of the balance. You would also pay the $200 deductible. Insurance company pays $800 and you pay $400. If you don’t understand your benefits you should call your insurance company phone number located on the back of your insurance card.

Food for Thought

Comprehensive Sleep Center’s negotiated allowable schedule is lower than other testing facilities; therefore, more affordable for patients with sleep disorders. Comprehensive Sleep Center offers the same treatment and standards as hospital based sleep labs and is open 7 nights per week. Call Comprehensive Sleep Center to schedule your appointment with Dr. Mamedov at 517.755.6888. Our office personnel would be happy to review your insurance benefits notify you of cost before appointment.



Yanez ORGANIZED CHAOS BY AMI ICEMAN-HAUETER | PHOTOS BY ERIKA HODGES The first thing you’ll notice about Jose Yanez is his undeniably positive energy, which must come in handy at both of his jobs; as a financial planner and as a dad. Yanez started his business, Full Circle Financial Planning, in 2009 and has committed himself to serving the community and supporting area families by providing reliable service and guidance. As families work to navigate the sensitive topic of finances and plan for their futures, Yanez is there to be a support system, a voice of reason and a helping hand. “I am in a position to advise and help them to create a financial plan. I am taking their hopes and dreams, their goals and also their fears and I am trying to create a plan. I want to help them eliminate the fear and build on the rest,” Yanez said. “I think there are a lot of people in the industry that are just trying to draw a commission, but I don’t have that mentality. I build relationships with my clients, I am invested in their success.” Being committed to his clients’ success and happiness has allowed Yanez to grow in his own right. Knowing what it takes to guide people and help families find financial security has allowed Yanez to expand his business by creating a 24

JUNE 2017

partnership with Spiro Voutsaras in East Lansing, Mich. and Larry Hakim in Grosse Pointe, Mich. The trio is excited to launch G3 Strategic Advisors and look to the future to ensure that families that need support moving forward have a place to turn. “We have their best interests in mind. We want to be the people our clients can turn to. The way we support each other in our partnership is the kind of support we want to offer our clients,” Yanez said. Yanez found success in creating, maintaining and growing his businesses through trust, honesty and by building long lasting relationships with his clients. Taking time to build personal relationships and truly invest in his clients means that sometimes, his professional life and personal life bleed together. Which, in Yanez’s opinion, is fine with him. “I am not an 8 to 5 kind of guy. I live a spontaneous lifestyle. I have two dogs, a one-eyed cat, a wife and three kids so flexibility is a big part of my life and a part I really appreciate,” said Yanez. “I love that I can take some time off to be with my kids, or take care of them the whole day. There aren’t a lot of people who can do that. If that means I have to work on a Sunday or a Saturday night to take care of things, I’ll do that. But I would never give up spending that time with them.”

It’s not just the flexibility of owning his own business that Yanez credits with making his lifestyle possible, he also sings his wife Sarah’s praises. Yanez and Sarah met briefly at a Lugnuts game before running into each other a week later and going on their first date. Six years later the two are an unbeatable pair. “My wife is my biggest supporter. She understands that I am trying to build something here that will create security for our life down the line. We have a really great partnership in managing our life and our family,” Yanez explained. “She is very patient and nurturing. She understands me, how I am as a person and pulls me together sometimes. She is a big part of all my successes.” That partnership allows Yanez to enjoy the organized chaos of his life. Something he wouldn’t trade for anything. “Right now we are at a part of life I like to call ‘organized chaos.’ We are balancing careers, starting a business and enjoying our family. It is chaos, but you live it every day and you just enjoy what you have and go with it. That is part of being a husband and a dad,” Yanez said. Yanez takes his role as husband and father seriously by working hard to provide better than



Jose Yanez with his daughter CAWLM.COM 25 Hailey and sons Isaac and Noah


MY BIGGEST PRIORITY IS TO PROVIDE & BUILD A QUALITY OF LIFE THAT WE CAN ENJOY TOGETHER he had and building a future for his family that he can be proud of.

Being a parent suits Yanez. His joyful spirit and passion for life reflects in his family, but he credits his mother and grandfather for giving him the tools he needed to be the parent he could be.

“As a husband and father, my biggest priority is to provide and build a quality of life that we can enjoy together,” Yanez said. “I didn’t have a dad growing up, so when I was a dad and husband I wanted to be better. I wanted my kids to know that I would always be there.”

“I learned what it meant to sacrifice by watching my mother. My mom wore both hats when I was growing up and I appreciate everything she taught me,” Yanez said. “I learned selflessness from my grandpa. My grandpa was very important to me. He would always be the last to eat at the table because he wanted to make sure all of his grandkids were fed. I’ll always remember that.”

And he’s kept that promise to his three beautiful children, Hailey, 11, Isaac, 2, and Noah, 1. Yanez hopes that his hard work and commitment to building a better life will show his kids just how much they can accomplish, no matter what may be in their futures.

And while Yanez reflects on his childhood, he works to create new memories with his family that his kids can look back on in the future.

“I hope they learn they can accomplish whatever they want to in life. As long as they are happy we are here to support them. If they want to try something that will help them find their joy, we won’t be the people that say don’t do it. I want them to try things so they know what is out there, because right now everything they experience is

new and that is so crazy to watch as a parent,” Yanez said.

“Really being a dad is about creating memories. I never thought being a parent would be this much fun. I love being a dad. I want to create memories for them. I want to wear goofy things to make them laugh or just lay around the house with them,” Yanez said. “I didn’t think it would be this cool, but it is.”

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I was lucky enough to find, in my vast collection of recipes, my great-grandfather’s biscuit recipe from August 1959. It was on a typed index card with the title, “Dad’s Biscuits.”  The “dad” being my grandmother’s father on my mom’s side of the family. He owned a bakery at one time in Missouri. I guess that’s where I get my love of baking from, it’s in the “genes.” I hope you enjoy them this Father’s Day with a special “dad” in your life!

INGREDIENTS 3145 West Mt. Hope Ave., Lansing Phone: 517.485.5966

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1 1/2 cups white flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 3 tablespoons shortening 1/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup milk

DIRECTIONS Assisted Living | Moments Memory Care | Respite Care

A Leisure Living Managed Community


JUNE 2017

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease cookie sheet with baking spray. • In large bowl, put all ingredients together and mix well with spoon.  • On flat surface, sprinkle one tablespoon of flour.  • Take dough mixture and knead about 20 times (don’t over knead the dough or the biscuits will be tough). • Flatten with hands to get to desired thickness and use biscuit cutter.  • Bake for 15-18 minutes or until slightly golden brown

Cathy Blatnik is originally from Maryland, but has been living in the Midwest for more than 13 years. She has been "retired" from the paid workforce since 1996 to raise her family, which includes her husband, adult stepson, an adult daughter in college and a son in middle school. She has been baking and cooking for as long as she can remember in "Cathy's Kitchen." She is very excited to be able to share her recipes with other home cooks!



Kellie’s Consignments, Free Food Friday Kellie's Consignments invites you to shop, network and enjoy lunch. This event will take place on the first Friday of every month from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 5000 Marsh Rd. Visit for more information.


Be A Tourist In Your Own Town, Lansing For only $1 visit over 80 local attractions and one-day only special tours that include: Impression 5 Science Center, Potter Park Zoo, the State Capitol Building, Michigan Historical Museum and so much more! An estimated 15,000 residents and visitors come out to enjoy the day. Certain attractions are stamp locations where the back of the passport can be stamped. Participants can continue to have their passports stamped at those locations throughout the month of June, but can only get into the attractions for free with the passport the day of the event. Mail in your passport with a completed stamp page to be eligible for numerous prizes! Visit for more information.


Chalk of the Town, Old Town Come down to Old Town during Be a Tourist in Your Own Town and experience the vibrant art and fun in the streets of historic Old Town. Beginning at 9 a.m., artists will take to the streets creating masterpieces on their assigned piece of sidewalk using only chalk. The creations will be completed by 2 p.m. when the judging will commence. Visitors will be allowed to vote for the People’s Choice winner all day. Families are also welcome to get creative in the kids sidewalk art area. Visit for more information.


International Migratory Bird Day, Lansing International Migratory Bird Day celebrates spring with the return of millions of migratory birds to their breeding areas. Stations will be set up to teach you about our area’s migratory birds and fun activities will be available for the whole family! International Migratory Bird Day is a celebration in conjunction with “Be a Tourist in Your Own Town.” Admission is free with a “Be a Tourist” passport! Visit for more information.


Dapper Dad’s Challenge and Fashion Show, Lansing The Dapper Dads Challenge and Fashion show consists of a campaign for online votes

from the community, and the Dapper Dads Fashion Show, which is the culmination of the challenge. Each vote costs $5 and is 100 percent tax-deductible. All proceeds support the mission of women’s health. VIP tickets will be available for $60 and general admission for $30. Visit for more information.

JUNE 15-17

Lansing Juneteenth Celebration, Lansing Commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S., the 24th annual Juneteenth Celebration celebrates the joys of liberty while educating the community about our AfricanAmerican heritage and promoting positive cultural interaction. This three-day festival includes multiple venues, entertainment, music, educational exhibits, a health fair, children’s activities and a community parade. Visit for more information.

JUNE 15-18

Yankee Doodle Days, Grand Ledge The Grand Ledge Chamber is excited to present this year’s 34th Annual Yankee Doodle Days at its new location at Jaycee Park, 525 East River Street. Yankee Doodle Days offers a variety of activities for the entire family. Enjoy a parade, live music, fireworks and dozens of children’s activities! Visit for more information.


5th Annual Lansing Beer Festival, REO Town Lansing The 5th Annual Lansing Beer Fest is an outdoor beer festival on Washington Avenue between South Street and Elm Street in REO Town. This festival will feature 25 Michigan breweries and 100 plus craft beers. Also find cider, mead and spirits wine, a food-truck court, live music, vendors and more. Visit lansingbeerfest. com for more information.


Sparrow Health Classic Golf Outing, Bath The Sparrow Health Classic Golf Outing has a rich tradition of raising millions of dollars over the years for key programs, technology and facilities for patients at Sparrow. The Health Classic is a full day of golf with PGA professionals on hand to provide one-on-one instruction, putting challenges, a reception at the Eagle Eye Golf Clubhouse followed by dinner and awards. Prizes will be awarded for the winning teams and for specialty holes on each course. Register and find more information by visiting

JUNE 21 – JULY 28

LCC Summer Stage Under the Stars, Lansing Lansing Community College’s Summer Stage Under the Stars is a free festival featuring familyfriendly entertaining plays and concerts at the lovely amphitheater in the heart of campus. DANCE Lansing ends the festival in Dart Auditorium with four nights of exciting new dance. Whether you’re indoors or on the lawn, enjoy a perfect summer evening with LCC! Visit for more information.

JUNE 22-24

Charlotte Bluegrass Festival, Charlotte This three-day Michigan Bluegrass Festival is a family festival full of local and national acts. There are corn hole and card tournaments, jamming sessions throughout the campground, raffles, guitar and banjo workshops, food vendors and a bounce house for the kids! Visit charlottebluegrassfestival. com for more information.

JUNE 23-24

Summer Solstice Jazz Festival, East Lansing A free, two-day musical event in the heart of downtown East Lansing featuring the best in local, regional and national artists, a New Orleans-style Second Line Parade, an avantgarde jazz picnic and children’s activities. Visit for more information.


Delta Rocks! Family Festival, Lansing The Delta Rocks! Family Festival features clowns, live animals, children’s make-it take-it craft booths, inflatable attractions, games, face painting, a super sling shot, trackless train rides, a petting zoo, business expo, concessions and much more! Admission and parking are free along with the vast majority of the activities. A free continuous shuttle from the Lansing Mall to Sharp Park will run from noon to 6 p.m. courtesy of Delta Township. Visit for more information.

JUNE 23-24

Festival of the Moon & Sun, Old Town Lansing Make the most of the shortest night and the longest day of the year at the Festival of the Moon and Sun in Old Town Lansing. Enjoy great music, cocktails and wines from around the world plus delicious local CAWLM.COM


TRI COUNTY EVENTS cuisine. Visit for more information.


Zoo Brew Series, Lansing Enjoy a summer evening with Potter Park Zoo. Settle in at a picnic table or bring a blanket to kick back on the lawn and listen to the tunes provided by local musical acts. Lansing Brewing Company will be on-site offering their tasty brewed beverages and if you’re hungry the zoo catering service will have dinner for purchase. Wander the zoo and see the animals, eat, drink, enjoy live music and support a great cause. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the gate. Visit for more information.


newest case is proving to be her toughest yet, and the fate of baby Luna Gale hangs in the balance. However, her well-intentioned mission is swayed by hidden motives, buried secrets and moral ambiguity. Visit to view show times and purchase tickets. Fun Home, East Lansing Fun Home is a musical adapted from Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir. Fun Home takes the audience through three different ages in Alison’s life as she explores and unravels the many mysteries of childhood. The Tony Award winning musical moves and excites audiences in ways only a truly landmark musical can. Visit to view show times and purchase tickets. Celtic Woman, The Voices of Angels World Tour, East Lansing The remarkable voices of the Celtic Woman are about to embark on another world tour, celebrating

Luna Gale, Lansing Veteran social worker Caroline struggles to make the right decision when there is no clear “right answer” every day. But her

Front Room Underfashions The best things next to your skin!

Following mastectomy, breast conserving surgery or reconstruction do you notice: • Symmetry issues • Clothing does not fit the same • Discomfort with traditional breast forms/shapers • Bra fit issues

If yes, the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis/Shaper may be right for you. 1 Quick, easy 3D scanning technology ensures a proper fit designed specifically for you!

ABC Custom Breast Prostheses are available only in Lansing at Front Room Underfashions


JUNE 2017

2 Customized fit can often be worn in a fashion bra or pocketed bra

3 Customized color choices match closely to your skin tone

517.332.3294 727 Lincoln Ct., Suite B Lansing, MI 48917


JUNE 6-11


JUNE 1-4, 8-11

12 years of success, with over 10 million albums and three million tickets sold worldwide. Four musically gifted Irish women, three phenomenal vocalists and a brilliant Celtic violinist will be accompanied by a group of equally talented musicians and dancers whose exceptional talent and high energy create a vibrant twist on centuries of musical and cultural tradition. Visit to purchase tickets and find more information.

Call now

stom to find out if a cu is is es breast prosth u! yo r fo right


Lunch with the Doctor, East Lansing Enjoy a healthy meal before listening to a physician-led presentation that’s followed by a question-and-answer period. Lunch with the Doctor programs are $10 for members and $15 for non-members, payable at the door. Registration closes one week prior to the event. Lunch with the Doctor will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center. This month’s topic is Listen Up: Taking Charge of Your Hearing Health with speaker Brooke Tudor, Au.D. Visit for more information.

MY COMMUNITY CHILDREN’S TRUST FUND: 15TH ANNUAL PAM POSTHUMUS SIGNATURE AUCTION On May 17, community members rallied alongside the Children’s Trust Fund to combat child abuse by attending the 15th Annual Pam Posthumus Signature Auction. Those supporting the cause bid on a plethora of attractive silent and live auction items this year at the Lansing Center. For 15 years, the group’s fundraising efforts have helped provide care, protection and stability to the lives of Michigan’s children. PHOTOS BY ERIKA HODGES

Mariah Harrison

Catrice Lane, Ryan Robinson & Martell Armstrong

Jennifer Sczykutowicz, Dawn Hall, Jaci Caroffino & Zoe Lyons

Jennifer Tate, Kim Baxter-Brown, Jaci Caroffino, Zoe Lyons, Jennifer Sczykutowicz, Liz Montemayor & Carol Klhoe

Javion Johnson, Stephanie Marion, Jewell Jones & Phyllis Loudermill

Get Ready for Holiday Travels!


You don’t even have to get out of your car!

Summer here brings things to do that burst with smiles, laughter, and special moments you’ll share for years to come. More than just another pretty


place, it’s a Michigan treasure.



* $10 OFF Any Full Service Oil Change CODE: ABWMAOC

Free Vacation Guide Petoskey u Harbor Springs Bay Harbor u Boyne City

East Lansing 2661 E. Grand River East Lansing 1054 E. Grand River Grand Ledge 930 E. Saginaw Hwy. Jackson 1315 N. Wisner Jackson 3231 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing 2517 North East Street

(517) 351-0933 (517) 332-3350 (517) 925-8403 (517) 782-5047 (517) 783-3511 (517) 484-0280

Lansing 622 S. Waverly Lansing 601 E. Kalamazoo Street Lansing 5725 S. Cedar Street Lansing 5030 West Saginaw Okemos 1755 W. Grand River Ave.

(517)321-4424 (517) 485-5741 (517) 393-4415 (517) 321-2822 (517) 347-1277

*Includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil, filter, lube and maintenance check. Premium oil filter surcharge may apply. New customer must be new addition to our database. Offer not valid with any other same service offers or discounts. Good at participating locations only. EXPIRES: 7/31/17

BCV 4303 Womens Lifestyle Lansing Ad.indd 1

5/10/17 4:18 PM




ART GRL STARTER PACK Nameless Collective, a group of creative, intersectional feminists in mid-Michigan working to promote and advocate for marginalized artists, hosted their first event at The Robin Theatre on May 11. The event featured works by local artist and performances by Tall and Blonde, V.Soul and nonbinary. For more information on the collective, visit PHOTOS BY ERIKA HODGES

Mariya Smith & Dani Dillon

Henry Rojas & Crystal Gause

Mallory Corbin, Simcha Smith & Maddy Corbin

Taylor Webber & Casey Tetens

Olivia Barrera & Jolyse Race

The Heart of Comforting In-home Care Aiding Hearts provides in-home care that makes a difference in the lives of seniors and other adults. Whether it is companionship services or in-home safety solutions, we provide the support and services that improve lives and enable independent living at home. Office (517) 515-5299 • Fax (517) 816-8139 P.O. Box 241, Bath, MI •


JUNE 2017


THOMPSON FAMILY PRACTICE 4221 Charlar Dr., Holt, MI 48842 | 517.694.7600


MOM & ME TEA In honor of Mother’s Day, area women and their daughters gathered together to celebrate their strength and show thanks during Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine’s Mom & Me Tea event at the Old Town Marquee. In addition to enjoying tea, delicious treats and fun activities, the women heard an inspiring message from guest speaker and 2018 gubernational candidate Gretchen Whitmer. PHOTOS BY MARK WARNER

Megan & Sonia Buonodono

Gretchen Whitmer

Vivian Dwyer, owner of Arty Party Studio

Emma Czewski, Tammi Czewski & Marti Burnette

Marina & Melissa Threadgould



2017 - 2018 SEASON





Season’s Greeting! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the Lansing Symphony is delighted to bring you an afternoon of timeless carols and festive tunes. Hometown guests Demi Fragale and the MSU Youth Chorale join in the fun for this mid-Michigan community tradition.

The music of Motown and R&B is back but this time we pay tribute to the brilliant female voices that brought down the house during that amazing era. Dance and singalong to classics by legendary groups like the Supremes, Martha & the Vandellas and the Marvelettes. It will be show-stopping!



What’s YOUR flavor of music? Now is the chance for your voice to be heard! Throughout the season, you will get to pick tunes from treasured Broadway musicals along with your favorite chart-topping songs. With lots to choose from, your musical adventure is sure to be a smash hit!






HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS DAY Volunteers of the American Heart Association met with lawmakers at the Capitol on Thursday, May 4 to talk about the need to expand access to healthy foods for all Michiganders and the importance of supporting HB4207. The bill addresses the need for convenient access to fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and unprocessed foods across the state in both rural and urban areas. COURTESY PHOTOS

Maliha Ahmed from Dearborn Heights prepares to meet with lawmakers

Dr. Monica Goble & Dr. Kayla Bronder

K.C. Sanders from Bath being inverviewed by Fox 47

Melissa Callas & Dave Hodgkins, Government Relations Director with the American Heart Association meet with a staff member

State Representative Andy Schor &Jacqueline Hill

Settling a divorce is complicated, financially and emotionally. Stephanie specializes in financially equitable divorce settlements, helping you make the right choices. With proper planning, professional help and the right support, long-term financial security can be more within your reach.

Call me today at 517.253.8563 for a complimentary initial consultation. Stephanie Milosavlevski CFP®, CDFATM, Financial Advisor



JUNE 2017

Certifed Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFATM ) in Lansing*, she believes that freedom and independence are core values of successful women, regardless of marital status.

Helping individuals and families navigate the legal issues of death and incapacity.


As the only

2139 Commons Parkway • Okemos, MI 48864 • 517.253.8563 *Source: Institute  for  Divorce  Financial  Analysts  (IDFATM).  The  initial  consultation  provides  an   overview   of financial planning  concepts.  You  will  not  receive  written  analysis  and/or   recommendations. Certified Financial  Planner  Board  of  Standards  Inc.  o wns  the certification  marks   CFP®,  CERTIFIED  FINANCIAL  PLANNER TM and  CFP  (with flame  design)  i n  the  U.S.  Investment  advisory   services  and  products  are  made  available  through  Ameriprise  Financial  Services,  Inc.,  a  registered   investment  adviser.  Amerip rise  Financial  Services,  Inc.,  Member  FINRA  and  SIPC. ©  2 016 Amerip rise   Financial,  Inc., All  rights  reserved.1603991ACMR0916

MY COMMUNITY ELE’S PLACE ANNUAL HEALING HEARTS SOCIETY FUNDRAISING BREAKFAST The Ele’s Place Annual Healing Hearts Society Fundraising Breakfast serves as the largest Ele’s Place fundraising event. Attendees of the April 25 event enjoyed breakfast while listening to inspirational stories from children and teens who have previously received care through Ele’s Place Lansing. Guests had an opportunity to make a donation to support children and teens coping with loss. PHOTOS BY ERIKA HODGES

Jill Plate & Susan Hengesbach

Mary Stroler & Marlene Stover

Collette Evangelista & Nichole Martin

Susan Lupo, Ann Vogelsang & Kelly Miller

Lisa Bres & Shirlean Hauser

Celebrate! with Bake N’ Cakes “Butter Makes it Better”

Join your friends anytime on WKAR’s all-new, 24-hour ® PBS KIDS channel! 24/7 TV CHANNEL 23.4


CABLE: ask your provider

PBS KIDS and the PBS KIDS Logo are registered trademarks of Public Broadcasting Service. Used with permission. ODD SQUAD © 2016 The Fred Rogers Company. All Rights Reserved. DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD © 2016 The Fred Rogers Company. All rights reserved. Wild Kratts® © 2016 Kratt Brothers Co. Ltd./ 9 Story Media Group Inc. Wild Kratts®, Creature Power® are owned by Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. All rights reserved. SPLASH AND BUBBLES TM & © 2016 The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved.

(517) 337-CAKE 3003 E. Kalamazoo find us on facebook CAWLM.COM




Mary Jacobs NP-C is from the Lansing area. She received both her BSN and MSN in nursing from Michigan State University. During her 15-year nursing career, Mary has worked in the emergency department, pediatrics and urgent cares. She has been in family practice since 2013.



Mary cares for a variety of patients focusing on wellness as well as management of chronic disease. Her goal is to make sure every patient has an understanding of their health, medications and disease treatment and options. As a nurse practitioner, her motto is to treat her patients with the care she would want her own family to have. She is currently accepting new patients.

Kellie Johnson is the Retail Store founder and owner of Kellie’s Consignments, inspired by community-driven interaction. She spends a lot of time in and out of the store building relationships and awareness about recycling through consigning and shopping resale. As owner, she holds herself responsible for the success or failure of the company, as she is charged with meeting the needs of employees, customers and communities. Her most direct roles include operations, marketing, strategy, financing, cultivation of company culture, human resources, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations, sales and public relations. Johnson was the 2016 recipient of the Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

(517) 694-7600 4221 Charlar Dr. Holt, MI 48842

(517) 574-4523 5000 Marsh Rd. Okemos, MI 48864



Christina Campbell is the AL!VE Operations Manager. Campbell plans, directs and coordinates operations at AL!VE, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital’s experience-based health park in Charlotte, Mich. She is responsible for maintaining and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of AL!VE’s operations. Campbell is a vital member of the AL!VE team, leading a team of creationaires overseeing event coordination (from seminars to cooking classes), supporting community programming and lending marketing expertise to promotional and social media efforts, while simultaneously cultivating relationships with staff and guests. Contact Campbell at 517541-5812 or

Dr. Guerin is originally from New Jersey and attended the University of Michigan where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Zoology. She graduated from the University Of Southern Florida College Of Medicine and finished her residency through the University of Vermont. Dr. Guerin has started a prenatal & gyn clinic for underserved women in rural New Hampshire, been an associate professor of OB/Gyn at MSU and also worked as a Sparrow Hospital physician. In 1997, Dr. Guerin and 3 other physicians joined together to form Alliance Obstetrics & Gynecology. Dr. Guerin’s special areas of interest are menopause, hormones and non-surgical management of abnormal bleeding. She is currently accepting new gyn patients.

517-541-5812 | 800 W. Lawrence Ave. Charlotte, MI 48813

517-484-3000 | Main Campus South Campus 1560 Turf Lane 1100 South Cedar St. East Lansing, MI 48823 Mason, MI 48854



Goodsell oversees the Human Resources team and helps lead a number of HR initiatives including hiring efforts, employee development, wellness program and the promotion of a service culture that differentiates MSUFCU as an employer of choice.

Manny Garcia has been an Account Executive for the past four years with M3 Group Publications. Garcia works with many clients on their print, digital and video marketing campaigns within Greater Lansing Business Monthly, Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine and the newest addition to M3 Group Publications, ing Magazine. Garcia volunteers his time within the community and is on the board for the Greater Lansing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, an ambassador for the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Rotary Club of Lansing. Garcia is very passionate about Lansing and is excited to be a part of a growing and vibrant community. #LoveLansing #GoGreen

MSUFCU has an asset size of over $3.5 billion, 233,000 members worldwide, and more than 730 employees in the Greater Lansing and Detroit areas. The Credit Union has also been recognized for a number of awards for innovative employee solutions and programs.

(517) 333-2424 or (800) MSU-4-YOU 3777 West Rd. East Lansing, MI 48823





JUNE 2017








(517) 203-3333 614 Seymour Ave. Lansing, MI 48933

E Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine











We offer tuition-free, personalized online education for your child. Tuition-free, online public schools powered by K12 teach to each child’s unique brilliance. Available for grades K–12. Students can gain an academic edge with engaging, award-winning curriculum and hands-on materials; instruction and support from dedicated, state-certified teachers; and help setting goals and charting a course for success after graduation. †Zachary is a 2016 K12 student in Washington, D.C. and his statement reflects his experience at his school. Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultant can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.



Financial Health Checkup

Feeling financially stressed? We can help. A loan is meant to help you pay for the things you need, not cause you to worry about how to make those payments. We’re here to help save you money. But if we can’t, we’ll pay you.

Here’s how it works: Visit any MSUFCU branch May 1 through June 30. Open your MSUFCU account and provide MSUFCU with information about your non-MSUFCU loan(s) — credit cards, mortgages, vehicle, and personal loans qualify. If we can’t save you at least $100, we’ll give you $25 cash on the spot.¹ Seriously! See how much MSUFCU can save you with your financial health checkup. Visit for a branch near you. Hurry! Offer ends June 30.



¹ To qualify, you must open an MSUFCU account and authorize MSUFCU to obtain and view your credit report to verify your existing loans and creditworthiness. Offer valid at all MSUFCU branches 5/1/17 to 6/30/17. Valid on all loan types including auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages. If MSUFCU cannot save you at least $100 on the remaining balance of your loan, MSUFCU will give you $25. Possible loan savings analyzed and calculated at time of inquiry. Federally insured by NCUA. If MSUFCU’s rate is lower than your current rate at another financial institution but MSUFCU cannot approve you for the loan, you will not receive $25. Offer not valid on existing MSUFCU loans, if remaining term of the loan is less than 6 months, balance is less than $500, or on 0% APR loans. Fees from checking accounts and bill payment services do not qualify. Offer may end at any time.

Profile for M3 Group Publications

CAWLM June 2017  

CAWLM June 2017