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Welcome to Greater Green Bay! We are two cities, nine villages, and 13 towns strong. A growing, and evolving epicenter that embraces innovation and honors the traditions that built our many waterways, railways, and industries. We are proud of our heritage and the traditions that make us who we are. Discover and enjoy the activities, amenities, and smiling faces that make Greater Green Bay a great community for you to call home.

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Whether you create products, provide a service, serve up delicious food, or code the next great technology innovation, Green Bay is where you need to be. The Greater Green Bay Chamber is committed to improving and diversifying the area’s economic vitality and growth. One way we do so, is by providing resources and information to help both entrepreneurs and existing businesses. Contact Kelly Armstrong,Vice President of Economic Development, at karmstrong@greatergbc.org to learn more.

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Key Industries 30 Largest Employers

17 18 19 21 23

Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport Port of Green Bay Rail Utilities Wisconsin Revenue Rates


25 Tourism & Hospitality 26 Recreation

Village of Bellevue www.villageofbellevue.org Brown County www.browncountywi.gov Village of Denmark www.denmark-wi.org City of De Pere www.deperewi.gov City of Green Bay www.greenbaywi.gov Village of Hobart www.hobart-wi.org Village of Howard www.villageofhoward.com Town of Lawrence www.townoflawrence.org Town of Ledgeview www.ledgeviewwisconsin.com Oneida Nation www.oneida-nsn.gov Town of Pittsfield www.townofpittsfield.org Village of Pulaski www.villageofpulaski.org Town of Scott www.townofscott.com Village of Suamico www.suamico.org Village of Wrightstown www.wrightstown.us

Community Snapshot 2022 | 1

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At a Glance

With an appreciation of all that the four seasons bring us and one of the lowest costs of living, residents of Greater Green Bay truly have an unmatched quality of life. Our centralized location, offering easy access to many major metros, coupled with our hardworking, Midwestern values makes Greater Green Bay the perfect choice to call home.

Average Drive Time: Minneapolis Detroit

4 Hours

7.5 Hours

6.25 Hours 7.5 Hours St. Louis

2 Hours

2.5 Hours Madison


3 Hours


Average Commute Time:

18.9 Minutes Source: Census.gov, 2015-2019 Estimates


Weather: Normal Daily High Temperatures: July: 81 Degrees January: 26 Degrees Source: NOAA

2 | Community Snapshot 2022

Average Number of Sunny Days:

187 days Source: https://www.currentresults.com/weather/wisconsin/ annual-days-of-sunshine.php

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Demographic Summary

The health of a community is not solely based on its population growth. However, it does offer a vote of confidence for a community, its quality of life, and future economic growth. With Greater Green Bay’s numbers continually on the rise, it proves that many are finding that life is better by the bay.

State of WI Population:

Green Bay MSA Population:

Brown County Population:



267, 612

Source: Wisconsin Demographic Center January 2021 Estimates

Wisconsin Percent Population Growth 2010-2020:


Educational Attainment for Those Over 25 Years Old: Less than 9th Grade: 3.37% 9th to 12th Grade, No Diploma: 4.53%

Source: https://www.wmcfoundation.org/

High School Graduate (includes GED): 29.87%

Brown County Percent Population Growth 2010-2020:


Some College, No Degree: 19.43% Associates Degree: 12.51% Bachelor’s Degree: 21.2% Graduate or Professional Degree: 9.1%

Source: US Census

Community Snapshot 2022 | 3

Live. Work. Play.

Population Density

The density of a population speaks to a community’s diversity and number of residents within the geographic locale. The following population densities are based on people per square mile.

Median Age: Population by Age: Brown County: 2020


2030 36,520 38,660

5-14 years old

40,500 32,700 34,530

15-24 years old


39.5 Years Old

36,060 38,790

25-34 years old

36,360 36,550 34,320 39,150 40,430

35-44 years old


45-54 years old

Race and Ethnicity:


Source: US Census Bureau, 2019 Estimates

35,290 35,550

55-64 years old

34,540 31,570 24,860 29,540 32,450

65-74 years old

75+ years old

37.4 Years Old

16,790 21,090 26,900 Source: Wisconsin DOA Population Projections

4 | Community Snapshot 2022

n n n n n n n

White | 80.3% Hispanic or Latino | 9% American Indian and Alaska Native | 3.4% Asian | 3.4% Black or African American | 3% Other | 0.8% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander | 0.1%

Live. Work. Play.

Households and Families

With more than 100,000 households across Greater Green Bay, there is no shortage of great opportunities for families who live, work, and play here.

Average Daycare Costs by Age in Brown County: Family Child Care

Group Centers $171.30 wk.

0-11 Months

$249.54 wk.

$167.79 wk.

1 Year

$248.42 wk.

$161.07 wk.

2 Years

$211.90 wk.

$157.45 wk.

3 Years

$196.87 wk.

$153.83 wk.

4 Years

$193.34 wk.

Source: https://www.fcrnew.org/wp-content/ uploads/2021/05/2020-County-Rate-Averages.pdf

2016 - 2020 Brown County: Total Households: 106,031 Persons Per Household: 2.41 Source: US Census

Median Household Income:

$62,340 Source: US Census

Community Snapshot 2022 | 5

Live. Work. Play.

Feel at Home

Community pride is high throughout Greater Green Bay. That feeling is something we promote and share so others can find their home here. Our friendly and outgoing people enjoy an abundance of natural amenities, short commute times, and a very affordable cost of living.


Homeownership: New Residential Dwellings: New Homes Built: 533 Multiple Units Built: 695 Source: Brown County Home Builders Association

Median Average Home Sale Price in Northeast Wisconsin in 2021:

Renter Occupied:


Owner Occupied:


$212,875 Source: Wisconsin Relators Association

Source: Zillow 2021 and the 2021 HUD Fair Market Rent Documentation

Source: Point2Homes.com

Avgerage 2021 Home Value

2021 Fair Market Rent Value

Green Bay, WI: $159,000 Dallas, TX: $282,195 Chicago: $300,430 Nashville, TN: $367,681 Los Angeles, CA: $804,544

Green Bay, WI: $892 Dallas, TX: $1,352 Chicago: $1,299 Nashville, TN: $1,197 Los Angeles, CA: $2,058

In all seasons explore nature’s most exciting adventure GBBG.org | 2600 Larsen Rd | Green Bay, WI | 920.490.9457 | info@gbbg.org

6 | Community Snapshot 2022

Coming Spring 2022

Live. Work. Play.

Cost of Living

Cost of living has increasingly become a hot topic of discussion for job recruiters and job seekers alike. Recently placed in the top 20 for most affordable cities to live in (GoodHire), Greater Green Bay offers the amenities of larger communities, but without the corresponding prices. The chart below shows the index comparing three Wisconsin cities and three urban areas in the Midwest.

Community Comparison Source: Council for Community and Economic Research



90.4 Green Bay, WI 123.3 Chicago 149.3 Los Angeles 255 New York (Manhattan) 98.1 Milwaukee 103 Detroit 102.9 Minneapolis 106 Madison, WI Index Weighting (%) 100



91.3 104.2 112.6 144.9

77.8 159 228.3 536.1

96.6 90.7 106.8 102.4


104.9 119.7 127.6 128.1

95.3 98 110.8 108.8


96.5 113.1 114.4 132.8

96.9 101.7 102 106.1 17.3

102.7 102.8 98.5 107.2 30.9

97 99.9 96.5 101.7 10.2

97 94.8 106.2 105 7.5

114 109.8 98.5 122.5 4.4

96 92.6 110.1 104 29.7

Nine of Wisconsin’s 11 biggest cities have a lower cost of living than the national average. Source: https://www.wmcfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/WMC-Foundation-_-WI-2035-Report-_FINAL_1.pdf

Help fight instability in every form Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

Today it’s a meal...

Tomorrow it’s an opportunity...

And with your help, it’s STABILITY Community Snapshot 2022 | 7

Live. Work. Play.


Greater Green Bay is known as a regional healthcare hub. Our communities are home to some of the top medical centers in the nation offering varying specialties and patient services affording patients of all ages the option to stay closer to home.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center 2845 Greenbrier Rd., Green Bay

Aurora BayCare Medical Center is a joint venture of Aurora Health Care and BayCare Clinic and is a 167-bed, full-service hospital serving the Green Bay area and communities throughout northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our patients will get the highest quality care in a healing environment that emphasizes their comfort and convenience.

Specialties Include:

• Heart, Lung & Vascular • Cancer Care • Therapy & Rehabilitation • Orthopedics • Neuroscience Care • Women’s Health • Emergency & Urgent Care

Learn more: AuroraBayCare.com

Bellin Health

744 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay For well over a century, Bellin Health has served the people of Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with caring, expertise and a second-to-none focus on quality that make it the region’s premier health system. Its flagship campus in Green Bay, Bellin Hospital, is a 244-bed general medical and surgical hospital. The health system extends to include Bellin Psychiatric Center, along with Primary Care, employer and FastCare retail health clinics. Learn more: Bellin.org

HSHS St Vincent Hospital 835 S.Van Buren St., Green Bay

HSHS St.Vincent Hospital offers a comprehensive range of high-quality health care services. HSHS St.Vincent Hospital has served Green Bay and its surrounding communities since 1888, when it was established as Green Bay’s first hospital by the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. It is an affiliate of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) based in Springfield, Ill., and a partner of HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay. Learn more: www.hshs.org/stvincent

HSHS St Mary’s Hospital Medical Center 1726 Shawano Ave., Green Bay

HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center has been delivering quality health care to Green Bay and its surrounding communities since 1903. HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center is an affiliate of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) based in Springfield, Ill., and a partner of HSHS St.Vincent Hospital in Green Bay. Learn more: www.hshs.org/StMarysGreenBay

8 | Community Snapshot 2022

Specialties Include: • Cardiac Care • Emergency Care • Critical Care • Cancer Care • Digestive Health • Orthopedics

Bellin is the official healthcare partner of the Green Bay Packers and annually hosts one of the nation’s largest 10K events, the Bellin Run.

Home to:

• Area’s First and Only Dedicated Children’s Hospital • Level II Trauma Center • Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center • State-of-the-Art Cancer Care and Research • Cardiac Care • Critical Care • Women and Infant Care

Patient Services Include: • Emergency • Critical • Cancer • Digestive Health • Orthopedic • Cardiac Care

Your Move Green Bay is designed to be a

tool for local recruiters and companies to use when reaching out to new and potential talent, as well as for residents to share with family, friends, and coworkers living outside of the area.

Site highlights include: • Benefits of living here • Finding a career with impact • 4 seasons of fun • Outdoor amenities • Close to everything • Get to know all our neighborhoods and communities

WEDC works with you to maximize opportunities for your business In Wisconsin®. We listen to your needs and goals, and help identify the resources, tools and partners to achieve your vision. It’s a collaborative approach to help ensure a successful journey. Get started by calling 855-INWIBIZ or visiting WEDC.org.


Live. Work. Play.


With more than ten different school districts and 30-plus private schools, Greater Green Bay offers its residents quality education options for all ages.

STEM vs. Non-STEM Median Wages https://www.wmcfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/WMCFoundation-_-WI-2035-Report-_-FINAL_1.pdf

Brown County Public School Districts Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

2021 Enrollment Green Bay Area Public

$89,780 $40,020




De Pere






West De Pere










Partners in Education School Partners - Ashwaubenon School District - Denmark Community School District - De Pere School District - GRACE - Green Bay Area Catholic Education - Green Bay Area Public Schools - Howard-Suamico School District

10 | Community Snapshot 2022

- Kewaunee School District - Luxemburg-Casco School District - N.E.W. Leaf Prep Academy - N.E.W. Lutheran High School - Notre Dame de la Baie Academy - Providence Academy - Pulaski Community School District

- Saint Joseph School - Green Bay - Saint Mary’s - Luxemberg-Casco - Seymour Community School District - School District of West De Pere - Syble Hopp School - Wrightstown Community School District

Live. Work. Play.

Hear what others say about our schools Read Full Article:

Southwest student finds ‘voice’ by overcoming obstacles

Press Times, March 4, 2022 Southwest High School senior Salma Mohamed was born without the ability to hear. Looking at her, however, no one would ever know the unimaginable obstacles Mohamed had to overcome to get where she’s at now.

So you can dance? With addition of this class, East High’s Fine Arts Institute meets program’s curriculum goals

Green Bay Press Gazette, February 3, 2022 A new performance dance class at East High School is getting students to dream high as the school’s Fine Arts Institute expands its curriculum. East High added the performance dance class to its Fine Arts Institute curriculum at the start of the school year.

Convening & Building Business Together The Chamber is the right place for you if:    

You're a fan of in-person networking or online connections Looking to save some money on everyday business expenses Want to recognize your business or employees for their achievements Forward the collective voice of business

Become a Member:

BUILD A STRONG FUTURE WORKFORCE Youth Apprenticeship is a work-based learning program for area high school juniors and seniors that serves as a talent acquisition strategy for local employers to build a strong future workforce. Community Snapshot 2022 | 11

Live. Work. Play.

Post-Secondary Education Other Green Bay Area Private Post-Secondary Institutions: Lakeland College and Rasmussen University

Bellin College Educating nurses in Green Bay for more than 100 years, Bellin College is devoted to providing you with an excellent education that prepares you for the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

St. Norbert College Founded in 1898, St. Norbert College is a top-ranked Catholic liberal arts college on the banks of the Fox River where students explore their interests and pursue what matters. Named one of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report, the college has one of the best four-year graduation rates in the Midwest, with 96 percent of students employed or attending graduate school one year after graduation.

We offer programs of study in: • Nursing • Medical Imaging • Surgical Technology • Post-Graduate Physical Therapy

Our Division III liberal arts college offers: • 80+ programs of study • Three graduate programs • Nationally ranked dining services • State-of-the-art facilities

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay The University of Wisconsin -Green Bay (UWGB) is the fastestgrowing UW school in the region. Our innovative academic plan characterized by problem-focused, interdisciplinary learning. UWGB offers more than 45 majors, minors and areas of emphasis, as well as six graduate programs. No matter where you are on that journey, we’ve got a path designed for you. Or we’ll create a new one.

Offering: • More than 45 majors, minors and areas of emphasis • Six graduate programs

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College As a nationally recognized two-year public college, we offer more than 200 academic programs. We focus on student success and the economic vitality of our communities. We believe everyone – no matter where they are in their personal and professional journeys – can dream big and rise above their current places.

College of Menominee Nation Native and non-Native students from many states and visitors from across the world come to CMN to pursue higher learning and to learn the history, systems and strategies of the Menominee and other First Americans.

12 | Community Snapshot 2022

Locations: • Three main campuses • Five reginal centers • Additional specialty centers

Programs of Study: • Select baccalaureate and Associate degrees • Technical and trade area diplomas • Continuing education

Live. Work. Play.

Key Industries

Greater Green Bay’s diverse economy and workforce creates unlimited opportunities for businesses who choose to find success here. Our businesses are known for their innovation and ingenuity along with their forward-thinking nature and technology-driven solutions. The future of industry looks toward further diversification and innovation.

Average Annual Wage (For Annual Period Selection)

Wisconsin is #2 in the country for the largest percentage of manufacturing jobs. Source: WI Department of Workforce Development.

Arts/Entertainment/Recreation: $122,854 Utilities: $112,161 Company Management: $89,912 Professional & Technical Services: $76,542 Finance/Insurance: $75,109 Wholesale Trade: $68,339 Construction: $65,114 Information: $62,870 Manufacturing: $59,702 Health Care & Social Assistance: $57,724 Transportation & Warehousing: $52,024 Real Estate/Rental/Leasing: $43,410 Educational Services: $41,089 Administrative & Waste Services: $36,259 Retail Trade: $30,409 Other Services: $28,867 Accommodation & Food Services: $16,752 Source: 2020 Annual Averages Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages- Burau of Labor Statistics

Employment: n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

Manufacturing | 19.82% Health Care and Social Assistance | 16.70% Retail Trade | 11.06% Finance/Insurance | 7.53% Accommodation and Food Services | 7.51% Wholesale Trade | 5.69% Construction | 5.46% Transportation and Warehousing | 5.38% Professional and Technical Services | 5.05% Administrative and Waste Services | 4.45% Management of Companies and Enterprises | 3.89% Other Services | 2.60% Arts/Entertainment/Recreation | 1.58% Information | 1.04% Educational Services | 0.91%

Source: 2020 Annual Averages Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages- Burau of Labor Statistics

Community Snapshot 2022 | 13

Live. Work. Play.

Bellin Health 4,500 Employees

Schneider National 3,769 Employees

Humana 3,190 Employees

Aurora Health Care 2,297 Employees

Oneida Nation 2,104 Employees

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital 2,093 Employees

American Foods Group 1,878 Employees

Georgia-Pacific 1,875 Employees

UnitedHealthcare 1,624 Employees

Prevea Health 1,298 Employees

JBS USA 1,284 Employees

Green Bay Packaging 1,235 Employees

Walmart 1,232 Employees

Associated Bank 1,055 Employees

Belmark Inc. 922 Employees

Tweet Garot Mechanical 839 Employees

14 | Community Snapshot 2022

Live. Work. Play.

Wisconsin Public Service 834 Employees

KI 821 Employees

Schreiber Foods 821 Employees

Paper Converting Machine Company 733 Employees

CONNECT, powered by American Family Insuance 626 Employees

Procter & Gamble 602 Employees

Salm Partners, LLC 570 Employees

Cellcom/Nsight 555 Employees

Nature’s Way Products 534 Employees

Festival Foods 525 Employees

RR Donnelley 525 Employees

St. Norbert College 511 Employees

More information at: greatergbc.org KBX 490 Employees

ProAmpac 475 Employees

Community Snapshot 2022 | 15

Your kids are in the best of hands. As parents, you do everything to keep your children healthy. Thankfully, HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital is in Green Bay where we partner with Prevea Health to provide expert care for kids, close to home. Breathe a sigh of relief. You don’t have to drive to Milwaukee for advanced pediatric medical care. Here, you’ll find specialists who have made your child’s happiness our life’s calling. With us, your kids are in the best of hands.

Stvincentchildrenshospital.org (920) 433-0111

16 | Community Snapshot 2022

Prevea.com/pediatrics (920) 496-4700

Live. Work. Play.

Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport Austin-Straubel International Airport is the third largest airport in Wisconsin. Daily flights offer service to hubs and regular infrastructure investment, making it a key player in economic growth and improved quality of life in the Brown County area.

Non-stop Destinations n n n n n n n

Commercial Airlines with Service to/from Austin Straubel International

Atlanta n Orlando Chicago n Phoenix Denver n Tampa Detroit Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Meyers Minneapolis

American Airlines Delta Airlines Frontier Airlines Sun Country Airlines United Airlines

Air cargo

With Brown County being a one-day drive to more than one-third of the nation’s population, Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport is a prime choice for companies looking for efficient cargo distribution. Airline cargo service American Delta United

Dedicated cargo carrier Freight runners PCCAIR

Fixed base operations

Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport also has two full-service fixed base operators (FBOs) to provide maintenance, airline and general aviation refueling, charter services and pilot training. Executive Air

Employed Caregiver Benefits Did You Know?

1 in 6 employees are informal caregivers.

Jet Air

Is it really a deadline she’s stressed about? 95%

Informal caregivers feel caregiving affects their work performance.

Many Wisconsin employers aren’t aware of a valuable benefit that can be offered to your employed caregivers at no cost. ADRC specializes in providing unbiased answers to all of your employees’ questions.

Set up your free consultation!

Contact Deb to learn how ADRC can help: (920) 448-4334 | debra.wiesner@browncountywi.gov Learn more at: www.adrcofbrowncounty.org/ecc.

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Community Snapshot 2022 | 17

Live. Work. Play.

Port of Green Bay

The Port of Green Bay is the western-most port of Lake Michigan offering a direct route for shipping raw goods and materials using the most cost effective and sustainable method of transportation available.

Green Bay’s Vibrant Port Offers Shippers Experienced Pilots 24-Hour Tug Boat Service Efficient Stevedores Custom House Brokers Foreign Freight Forwarders U.S. Customs Extensive Docking and Storage Areas

The 14 Port Terminals Located on the Adjacent Fox River Include:

14 Docks

capable of handling dry bulk commodities such as cement, ash, pig iron, coal, salt, and limestone.

Four Docks

capable of handling bulk liquids including tallow, petroleum products and asphalt.

Cargo Source: Port of Green Bay

Domestic Imports Foreign Imports Total Imports

Domestic Exports Foreign Exports Photo Credit: Chuck Zentmeyer

18 | Community Snapshot 2022

Total Exports

Two Docks

capable of handling wood pulp, machinery, project cargo, bagged agricultural commodities and forest products

Tons 1,317,398 605,400 1,922,798

48,794 0 48,794

Live. Work. Play.


Wisconsin has 3,300 miles of rail lines supporting a strong freight rail system across the state. The majority of the state’s rail infrastructure is privately owned and operated. The state has preserved about 625 miles of previously abandoned rail lines that now operate as shortline and regional freight railroads.

Passenger Rail Service: Amtrak Thruway bus service provides two daily round-trip buses between Green Bay and Milwaukee.

Stops are made in Appleton, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, providing seamless connections to and from Chicago via Amtrak Hiawatha Service trains.

Freight Rail Service:

There are 12 organizations in Wisconsin with common carrier rail freight certificates. Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Rail Transload, Inc.

Canadian National

Tomahawk Railway

Canadian Pacific

Union Pacific

East Troy Electric Railroad

Wisconsin and Southern

Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad

Wisconsin Great Northern

Fox Valley & Lake Superior Railroad

Wisconsin railroad business development contacts Source: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

2285 S. Broadway, Green Bay www.nationalrrmuseum.org Community Snapshot 2022 | 19


Green Bay, WI 54301 49.38 48.05 920-433-7300 MTW 23.92 39.71 thegbgroupatbaird.com





Kohl’s 3.60%





Manitowoc62.58% Co. -2.06%





Marshall & Ilsley -0.22% 8.73%





Microsoft Corp 3.07% 39.77%

©2017 Robert W. Baird &84.26 Co. Mem MSFT 62.14





Nicolet Bankshares -3.86% 17.93%








Oshkosh Corp -1.32% 35.77%








Pfizer 0.30%









Plexus -1.84%









Procter & Gamble 0.71% 8.23%








SuperValu -39.46% Inc.* 7.15%








UnitedHealth Group -2.44% 38.25%








US Bancorp5.41% -1.37%








Welbilt Inc* WBT 19.53 is supported 22.08by the dedicated 22.35 people who 1.22% 14.44% A thriving community continually invest in its











Walmart 40.52% 69.12 97.35 97.13 -0.23% BUILDING COMMUNITIES

growth, as well as the structures that define its unique landscape. But what makes a place Wellsalike Fargo WFC 55.11 56.20 59.22 7.46% truly special are the distinctive spaces that allow residents and5.37% visitors to gather and share experiences. We are proud to contribute to the continued development and growth Wisconsin 15.43% Energy WEC 58.65 69.14 67.70 -2.08% of the Green Bay area and beyond.





Know some

Together, we are Building Excellence. 19762.60 24231.59


Dow Jones24.74% Industrial Avg 1.73%





S&P 500 Stock Index 0.37% 18.46%




NASDAQ Composite 0.13% 27.37%



An equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.



stock split on 8/2. Prices updated accordingly. ce is now Welbilt, Inc.

*SVU went through a 1/7 stock split on 8/2. Prices updated ac **Manitowoc Food Service is now Welbilt, Inc.

Two papers no business should be without.

Providingshf Two papers no business ers no business should be without. support for

Serving Brown, Calumet, Door, Fond du Lac, Kewaunee

Serving Brown, Calumet, Door, Fond du Lac, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Sheboygan, & Winnebago counties February 13, 2012


February 13, 2012

Vol. 9, No. 21 $1.00

30 Gre

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(920) 884-NEWS Subscribe • Advertise


ORT_NE.indd 1

(920) 884-NEWS


TBN-two papers StockAd 9/26/16 11:16 AM SHORT_NE.indd 1


20 | Community Snapshot 2022

(920) 884-NEW w

Live. Work. Play.

Utilities — Water

The Green Bay Water Utility operates the water system for the city and wholesales water to the Village of Ashwaubenon,Village of Hobart, Town of Scott, and the Village of Wrightstown. Green Bay Water Utility average demand is 22.9 million gallons per day (mgd). Green Bay Water Utility has a capacity to treat and deliver a maximum day of 42 million gallons per day.

2020 Retail Water Sales:







Central Brown County Water Authority SOURCE: City of Manitowoc and Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) RATED CAPACITY: 6.6 million gallons/day (mgd)

De Pere, Allouez, Bellevue, Howard, Lawrence and Ledgeview are served by the Central Brown County Water Authority, which purchases treated water from Manitowoc Public Utilities and transports it to the area. Source: www.cbcwaterauthority.com


Green Bay Water Utility Source: Lake Michigan Average Demand Per Day: 22.9 Million Gallons Maximum Capacity Per Day: 42 Million Gallons

The Green Bay Water Utility is the Wisconsin’s third-largest tap water supplier, with more than 105,000 customers in the City of Green Bay and thousands more in the Village of Ashwaubenon, Town of Scott,Village of Hobart and Village of Wrightstown.

Sanitary Sewer Service

NEW Water is a water resource utility serving Northeast Wisconsin through pollution prevention, operational innovation and community outreach. NEW Water takes the water used by businesses, industries, schools and the people of the greater Green Bay area, and returns it clean to the environment. As a wholesale provider, NEW Water has 15 municipal customers and serves a 285-square-mile area.

NEW Water (confirmed capacity & average) Rated Capacity: 49.2 mgd (Green Bay); 10 mgd (De Pere) Average Daily Demand: 38 million gallons/day 2019 Rate: NEW Water is a wholesale provider of services to 15 municipal customers. Rates are determined by each municipality. Source: newwater.us

Community Snapshot 2022 | 21

Live. Work. Play.

Utilities ­— Electrical

The area’s focus on electricity is an “all-of-the-above” philosophy. From hydroelectric, wind, and solar to coal and natural gas, Greater Green Bay’s diversified approach makes the community an attractive locale for businesses to grow, prosper, and innovate.

Electric Rate Comparison for Industrial Customers: August 2021 Average Cents per Kilowatt-Hours Wisconsin

8.15 ¢


8.29 ¢







United States





Brown County has made significant investments in broadband and fiber connectivity dating back to 2007 when the Brown County Community Area Network (BCCAN) was established. BCCAN consists of approximately

95 miles of undergorund fiber infrastructure with additions planned in the future. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

The front door to the Greater Green Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem. GreaterGBC.org/StartupHub 22 | Community Snapshot 2022

93.2% of those in Brown County have access to Broadband 100 mbps or faster. Source: Broadbandnow

Live. Work. Play.

Wisconsin Revenue Rates Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit

The State of Wisconsin provides an income tax incentive to manufacturers to maximize their production in Wisconsin. Chief among them is the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit that virtually eliminates the tax on income from manufacturing activity in the state. The credit amounts to 7.5% of “eligible qualified production activities income,” resulting in an effective corporate tax rate of 0.4% as of 2016.

Various resources to assist in the areas of: Business Development and Attraction International Business Development Entrepreneurship and Innovation Community Development

Plus, other incentives including: • Foreign Trade Zone #167 • Opportunity Zones • Municipal Incentives such as: • Various Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Districts • Commercial Façade Grant Program (City of Green Bay) • Demolition Grant Program (City of Green Bay) • Revolving Loan Fund Programs • Brownfield Assessment Grants and the Brownfield • Remediation Loan Programs (City of Green Bay)

Wisconsin Tax Rates Personal income tax

Corporate income tax

Lowest tax rate range

2019 top rate

Wisconsin ................................... 4.00% Illinois........................................... 4.95% Minnesota.................................. 5.35%

Wisconsin.................................... 7.90% Illinois........................................... 9.50% Minnesota.................................. 9.80%

Highest tax rate range

Corp. tax notes

Wisconsin.................................... 7.65% Illinois........................................... 4.95% Minnesota.................................. 9.85%

Wisconsin.......... Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit may apply to businesses of those industries and offset the corporate tax rate, to a possible 0.4% in 2016 and beyond.

Number of tax brackets........... 4 To learn more about the cost of doing business in Wisconsin visit: https://wedc.org/business-development/cost-of-doingbusiness/ Source: WEDC Cost of Doing Business

Illinois................. Illinois’ rate includes two separate corporate income taxes, one at a 7% rate and one at a 2.5% rate. Community Snapshot 2022 | 23

Inspiring leaders to enrich our community.



Community Projects


Advancing a future for everyone.

More than

As technology moves forward, people and communities cannot be left behind. We believe in a future where every person has the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to achieve more.

$3.5 million

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in volunteer hours GreaterGBC.org/LeadershipGreenBay

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Live. Work. Play.

Tourism & Hospitality

Greater Green Bay has a renowned spirit and the people of this area share a passion and camaraderie that is hard to come by in larger cities. We wave to strangers. We welcome people with hugs and hellos at local restaurants, wineries, and breweries. From community festivals to Sunday afternoons at Lambeau Field, you’ll feel it, see it, smell it, and if you’re at the right tailgate party, you’ll even taste it.

2019 Brown County Visitor Expenditures n n n n n

Recreation, Arts, & Entertainment | 19.3%, $134 Million Transportation | 15.9%, $111 Million Accommodations | 21.9%, $153 Million Food & Beverages | 23.8%, $166 Million Retail | 19.1%, $133 Million

* Direct visitor spending includes hotels, retailers, restaurants, attractions, transportation serivces and other businesses, and supports jobs in Brown County.

Annual Celebrations No matter the season, residents enjoy our many festivals and public events. • Area Farmers’ Markets • Arti Gras • ArtStreet • Festival Foods Fire Over the Fox • Festival of Trees at the National Railroad Museum • Garden of Lights at Green Bay Botanical Garden • Hmong New Year • Holiday Parades • Oneida Nation Pow Wows • Packers Family Night • Packers Training Camp • Pulaski Polka Days • WinterFest on Broadway • ZooBoo And More!

Photo Credit: Shaunae Teske Photography

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Live. Work. Play.


Across the entire area, recreational opportunities offer outdoor enthusiasts ample and varying environments to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer, no matter what season. With our abundant wildlife, natural scenic beauty including trails, golf courses, and more. Whatever your age or your interest, you’ll find an activity suitable for your adventurous soul.

Cheering on Local Sports Teams Get into the spirit of community by joining the lively crowds that passionately support our local sports teams. Our dedication to the world-famous, 13-time national champion Green Bay Packers is legendary, but we also cheer on other high-caliber professional and collegiate sports teams including:

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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix Basketball

Green Bay Rockers - Northwoods League Baseball

St. Norbert College Green Knight Men’s Hockey

Green Bay Gamblers- U.S. Hockey League

Green Bay Blizzard Indoor Football League

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers - MiLB Class High-A Affliate of the Milwaukee Brewers

Live. Work. Play. Green Bay Parks and Recreation Facilities and Trails

Brown County offers:

• 17 parks, with various amenities • Beaches, lakes, and waterways • 192 miles of trails including the Fox River State Recreational Trail (maintained and open year-round) • Sledding & Ice Skating at the Titletown District • Several designated dog parks • Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve • Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary • Brown County Reforestation Camp, with nearly 1,600 acres featuring trails and picnic areas • Green Bay Botanical Garden • NEW Zoo & Adventure Park • 16 golf courses

Your discovery awaits. Pack in the memories that will be, well, legendary. Start your adventure at greenbay.com.


visitorinfo@greenbay.com 920.494.9507 or 888.867.334

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