Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community virtual exhibition

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The City of Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services in partnership with Connection Arts Space and the Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre Present

Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community. A collection of artworks from local young artists exploring their connection to place and community

The 'Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community' 2021 Virtual Exhibition The 'Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community' virtual exhibition is the culmination of an art competition focussing on local young artists who illustrated their sense of community pride and connection to Greater Dandenong. This compilation of artworks will inform and inspire an art mural within the Dandenong Market precinct. Young people interested in being involved in the development of the mural and art workshops should contact Youth and Family Services on 9793 2155 to register.

The 'Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community' Dandenong Library Exhibition Complementary to this virtual exhibition, a selection of artworks will be exhibited in the Dandenong Library external window boxes from 5 November 2021 to 18 November 2021.

Adrian Erickson, 13 years My Bird Drawing This is a bird (Robin) that is sitting in a tree and happily watching things. It is happy in Greater Dandenong's community.

Alexia Arta, 16 years Oamenie Painting Oamenie means "people" in Romanian. This painting was dedicated to the people of Greater Dandenong, presented by the different colours of this painting which represents how we are all different and full of contrast, yet when combined creates pretty pictures of the community.

Amina Ahmadi, 17 years Australian Dingo Painting The Dingo is an Australian animal, it is not just related to Dandenong but belongs to all of Australia. Through this artwork, I wanted to display not only the rare dingo beauty but also the beauty of Dandenong Park through colours that represent the green land and the diversity that Dandenong holds inside it's amazing land.

Ashlee Stansfield, 16 years Dandenong Library Digital Illustration My digital piece of the Dandenong Library reflects the members of the Dandenong community coming together to enjoy the resources that the library has to offer.

Asiyah Chanda, 12 years Desire Under the Mask Digital Illustration My artwork is called 'Desire Under The Mask' because due to COVID-19 people have to wear masks and would love to take a breath of the fresh air or eat food. I have decided to submit this artwork because in my community, we have fresh air and marvellous fresh food.

Asmaa Mannasaheb, 23 years Infinite Dandenong Galaxy Digital Illustration Greater Dandenong is a galaxy of communities, languages, cultures and different backgrounds. All these are stars of our identity. We are a community growing like a tree, with existing big branches, small branches, big leaves (leaders), and new upcoming leaves (youth). Our tree has seen a lot of seasons and we have strong roots, which is why our tree has grown so big and will continue to grow more.

Azada Qasimi, 16 years The Beauty of Greater Dandenong Painting It is an acrylic painting and the reason behind my painting is to depict the uniqueness and the beauty of our city. There are so many reasons to love Dandenong! Whether it’s our amazing parks, public spaces, libraries, our attractive mountains or our extraordinary Drum Theatre. Greater Dandenong is one of the most prosperous and connected cities in Melbourne and I personally love it.

Baseera Ali,19 years Hijabi Girl Drawing Skin colour or background, doesn’t matter, we are all the same!!!

Fatima Ali, 20 years Diversity Painting This abstract painting is a combination of the artist's conscious and unconscious imaginations. The colours in this painting symbolise Greater Dandenong's rich history, demographics, diversity, opportunities, community engagement, and community development.

Gulsika Kakar, 14 years The Hijab Girl Drawing My artwork is about inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is great to have in our community because there are many benefits including friendship, problemsolving, etc. My artwork shows that we must include people wearing hijab or Muslim people.

Hanif Hanif, 20 years Beauty in the Beauty Painting A year ago when I used to live in Dandenong my eye caught this beautiful view of Dandenong park, then I immediately took a picture. When I heard about this competition I thought what is more beautiful than this view that shows beauty, peace and unity. I love Dandenong because I have seen many different people from different cultures. It is amazing that different people from different backgrounds live there without any conflict and discrimination.

Harley Burastero, 21 years Sunrise over the City of Dandenong Drawing The artwork I have done reflects on the train station and the morning sunrise.

Jenny Zhong, 20 years Rosemato Painting I love how the Greater Dandenong community is encouraging people to become environmentally friendly through the seed library, recycling programs, etc. It's amazing how the community unites together to build a more sustainable world. My family is playing our part by planting our own fruits and vegetables too! They're yet to sprout but here is a flower from our garden. My mum thinks it's a tomato.

Joanne Woltanski, 16 years Fish Digital Illustration In my artwork I reflected on the freeness I feel as a member of the Greater Dandenong community. The artwork conveys the feelings of being able to express yourself without being afraid of how others will think of you.

Kaniz Ali, 20 years Tom and Jerry Drawing Nothing very special, it’s just how Tom and Jerry is the best example of friendship!

Khalida Gawhari,16 years Mushroom Drawing A mushroom created by Khalida Gawhari.

Lea Tabbara, 16 years Greater Diversity Digital Illustration My piece of art not only shows the vast variety of diversity in our community but our close connection and acceptance of each and every religion, culture and race. The picture reflects how we are all bundled as one. However, we come from all the lands on earth, all situated in one place. Greater Dandenong, My Place, My Community.

Masooma Bakhtiyari, 18 years Green Environment Painting Human nature has been created in such a way that it has many abilities. These abilities, without being related to the natural beauties that lead to depression and gloom in urban life, are the same as green spaces, and of course in the light of enjoying green space, human creativity flourishes. So that’s why green environment is so important in our community.

Masooma Razaqi, 17 years Portrait Artwork Drawing It’s a portrait artwork. I do it because I love art so much, I find my peace and calmness in art.

Nafisa Bakhtiyari, 22 years Sunset and Calm Environment Painting As we all know it’s almost 2 years that we have been in lockdown and we are all looking to see a place to feel calm and relaxed. A sunset is a great power of relaxing, watching a sunset can reduce depression and anxiety. A park is the best place to feel relaxed and walk to clear our mind from different problems. I wish for a day without problems and lockdown to enjoy our lives with beloved ones.

Nicole Koltai, 23 years Getting Donuts Digital Illustration Growing up and going to school in Dandenong, I feel really blessed to be around so much multiculturalism, this really affected how I saw the world and those living in it with me. I wanted this image to show this in a sweet non ham-fisted way. My painting depicts a group of friends all going to the market together to get donuts, something I wish I could do after being in lockdown so long.

Rafia Shaghasi, 21 years Sketching Drawing This is a sketch of commander Massoud, who is considered a hero in the Afghan community. He fought against the Soviet Union as well as the Taliban and lost his life in the way of freeing Afghanistan. Dandenong has a big population of Afghan people so it connects to our community too. I drew this just to freshen the memories of him and to remind everyone in my community about his sacrifices.

Ruvandi Mendis, 18 years Australia. Victoria. Melbourne Digital Illustration This artwork symbolises my love for living in a beautiful city like Melbourne, and how this digital creation portrays the theme of "Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community." My community depicts harmony among the people and a willingness to help each other throughout their hardships. Looking down I have many special people in my life admiring the sunset as kangaroos hop at a distance.

Sabeera Ali, 15 years Happy Child Drawing It is black and white and it shows how children used to work when they were little.

Sabira Knyz, 20 years Afghan Lives Matter Drawing This work shows how Afghan people become refugees due to war in Afghanistan and are left with no rights, except leaving their country.

Salam Fakher, 15 years The Colourful Lights and the London Bridge Lights Drawing Near Dandenong Plaza, there is those colourful lights. When it's night time and I am in a car driving with my parents, I always love to see those colours at night, the long sticks with rainbows. I also drew the London Bridge Tower, you know the Drama Theatre. I love the lights and it makes Dandenong beautiful.

Sarah Alruwaili, 22 years Freedom of Expression Painting The Greater Dandenong community gives you the freedom to express and be yourself, whoever you are. And that is a concept of art, thus the flowers, they blossom.

Tazmeen Khan, 13 years Our Stories Drawing My drawing reflects the theme of belonging in Greater Dandenong as it highlights the endless list of opportunities we have here. Moreover, the flags symbolise how everyone is accepting of one another despite differences in identity, and that we are all united as one. The flags in conjunction with the book represents how we all help each other, and thus have a positive imprint on everyone's life.

Tony Nguyen, 18 years Machine Shop Digital This is my high school wood/machine shop. I come here whenever I have free time to work on projects and boats, so I spend a lot of time in here, and I know all the details, so modelling it was fairly easy. But as an artist I made it a bit better than real life, so imagine the woodshop was manufacturing aircraft.

Wedia Hussain, 13 years Oppression of Girls in Afghanistan Drawing It is about the condition of Afghanistan nowadays. I want to show the Afghan girls are special in this picture.

Yatinjot Kaur Sivia, 16 years Diverse Unity Painting My painting reflects the theme 'Greater Dandenong. My Place. My Community,' by signifying the rich diversity evident in Dandenong, representative of all. Through the roots of a tree trunk, I have represented people of diverse backgrounds, acknowledging the differences that individuals have. The main message is that regardless of our differences we demonstrate unity and respect for each other.

Zahra Abbas, 12 years Dandenong Drawing Dandenong allows you to have a firsthand experience with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. It has allowed people from around the world to come together due to the inclusivity and acceptance of the community. In my artwork I tried to highlight things and places in Dandenong which make me feel especially included, for example, Lonsdale Street, Springvale Community Hub and more.

Ziagul Hassani, 19 years Unity Painting My painting illustrates the unity and empathy of the people of Greater Dandenong. In a society where neither colour, religion nor language and ethnicity are superior. This painting also means that we are united and hold the hands of the people of our community together in difficult and easy situations. Moreover, it shows the brotherhood among all communities, all religion and all humans.

The following pieces are submitted by Springvale Park Special Developmental School

This is the overall statement theme

of the collection of submissions:

We love coming to school and spending time with our friends and teachers. We enjoy doing schoolwork and being busy. We love going places on our school bus and enjoy different parks, galleries, shopping centres and different places in our community. We just want COVID to go away so that we can all come back to life as it was, before COVID!

Daniel Do, 13 years Family Painting

Keegan Lu, 13 years Life Painting

Masooma Bahmanzada, 14 years Happy Colours Painting

Mustafa Bilgrami, 14 years Fireworks 2 Painting

Sajida Sajadi, 12 years Splash Painting

Suzet Zeneli, 14 years Pink Painting

Velo Luangrath, 14 years Nature Painting

Zohal Anwari, 14 years Splash of Red Painting

Word of Thanks

Greater Dandenong Youth and Family Services wish to thank all participating young artists for submitting and sharing their artworks as part of the Greater Dandenong, My Place. My Community Project.