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Leadership Belleville class of 2015-2016 yearbook

23 new leaders

more than

350 alumni

Congratulations to my fellow Leadership Belleville Graduates!

Tina Moore

Owner, Visiting Angels Graduate and President of the 2016 Leadership Belleville Class

4 S. Church Street #212 • Belleville, IL 618-257-2200 •

Serving Communities in St. Clair, Madison, Monroe and Randolph Counties

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Leadership Belleville

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It’s the Journey On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and

for their hard work in

the entire membership of the Greater Belleville

arranging the days of

Chamber of Commerce I’d like to express our sincere

our curriculum. We also

congratulations to the Leadership Belleville Class of

express our gratitude to


the many leaders of our community who shared

Wendy Pfeil, Executive Director Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce

My thanks go to the employers of our graduates for

with our participants their

their commitment to our program by supporting their

experiences of leading

employees by allowing them to complete the nine

their respective organizations and businesses.

month journey and also for their financial support. Please consider our program as a great opportunity to This year’s Leadership Belleville Class was the third

invest in the talents of one or more of your employees

class to experience an enhanced format to our program

this coming year as we begin the recruitment of the

as we challenged our participants to a journey of

Class of 2016-2017.

personal growth. This year’s journey also included a half-day refresher retreat and culminated in a day of reflection of their experiences over the past nine months prior to the evening’s graduation ceremony. During their reflection day presentations many graduates expressed their desire to donate their time and talents back to their communities and the Chamber. They also expressed their sincere thanks to the presenters during their nine month program. All shared great leadership lessons learned from their journey. Belleville has a long and well documented history of volunteer residents ready, willing and able to give of their time and talents. That’s how strong communities are built, and it’s one of the many reasons Belleville is an All-America City. The Chamber also thanks the members of our Leadership Belleville Committee, especially the Chair,


Leadership Belleville Class of 2016

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Leadership Belleville Effective for Our Community

Belleville’s Mayor, Mark W. Eckert, knows all about

community can cultivate

progress and nurturing community relationships. It all

for leadership, the stronger

comes with his position in civic leadership. He is an

the community can and will

advocate of doing anything and everything possible

become through the years.

to positively influence individual and city growth and

“This past year’s


Leadership Belleville

Mayor Mark W. Eckert City of Belleville

That is why Mayor Eckert is encouraging business

class showed tremendous

owners and professionals to take part in the 2016-2017

leadership potential from the start,” Eckert said.

Leadership Belleville program. He, like other Greater

“People who want the opportunity for self growth and

Belleville Chamber of Commerce members and class

community growth should enroll in the Leadership

alumni, says there is nothing to lose by participating.

Belleville program for 2016-2017. Sharing visions

You can only win from this program.

and dreams for our city with young business and civic

“I believe this training program allows for significant

leaders is important for growth in our city. We need

growth for individuals both in learning and

more interaction and training of young leaders.”

understanding the community they live or work in and about the history of the commitments of its people. Participants are certain to meet many

Congratulations to JON BOENTE and all of the Leadership Belleville graduates!

great business people and these relationships can become friendships and partnerships for life.” Eckert said the community greatly benefits from the class participants because the more enthusiastic, young, civic-minded people a

Belleville Public Schools District 118

The Mayor addresses the 2015-2016 Leadership Belleville Class at the Kick Off Breakfast, Aug. 28th, 2015

We are proud of you! 105 West “A” Street Belleville, IL 62220

Congratulations Leadership Belleville Class of 2015 from Egyptian & Egyptian Alumni Our Previous Graduates: 2001 Joe Schubert 2008 Ginny Leskera 2012 Brett Baltz

Egyptian Business Furniture & Egyptian Stationers Inc. • DESIGN AND PLANNING • CORPORATE • HEALTHCARE • EDUCATION • OFFICE SUPPLIES

129 West Main Street • Belleville, IL Open Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5:00 Phone: 618-234-2323 or

C.K. & L. of I COUNTRY CLUB BELLEVILLE, IL A Fraternal Organization Serving the General Public

Union U United N I Methodist O N Church

Wedding Receptions

Belleville, IL

Catering & Rental Facilities Available for All Types of Activities

721 East Main Street Belleville, Illinois 62220 Telephone: (618) 233-


Monday, June 13, 2016

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Leadership Belleville

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Enhancing the Leader in Us Since its inception in the year 2000, the Leadership

sponsors who provided

Belleville Program has brought individuals from a variety

lunch and breakfast. My

of businesses to learn more about the various enterprises

thanks also go out to Will

in the greater Belleville area, as well as encourage the

Welsh, my 1st Vice Chair

development of personal leadership skills. It has evolved

who always offered to

over the years to become a very popular and resourceful

help out and designed

opportunity for our business community.

a feedback form for the

Misty Clemens Leadership Belleville 2015-2016 Committee Chair

committee. The efforts of Jared Nuxoll were certainly A few years ago, the company “Vertical Performance”

commendable in always providing excellent feedback

developed what they call PEP time on every class day.

after each class. Last, but not least, I would like to thank

This stands for Personal Enhancement Panels. PEP

Beth Tucker with the Greater Belleville Chamber of

helps each student develop their own plan of action as a

Commerce. She worked tirelessly on getting the meeting

Leader in their personal, business and community lives.

agenda and meeting minutes in order and was a great

This has made a significant improvement in our student’s

resource for me.

satisfaction of the 9 month long course and encourages the continuation of those aspects when returning to their respective jobs. My sincere congratulations goes out to the 20152016 graduating class of Leadership Belleville. It was a pleasure serving them. I would like to thank the Leadership Belleville Committee for their efforts in procuring monthly speakers and finding gracious

KMA Certified Testing, Inc.

LiveScan Digital

Fingerprinting Criminal History Background Credit Reports Employment Verification DRUG and ALCOHOL Testing DNA Profiling Paternity • Immigration • Forensic Ancestral DNA Profiling Fingerprinting for Medical Cannabis

2015-2016 Class at Leadership Belleville Graduation

6400 West Main Street ∙ 1A Belleville, Illinois 62223-3806 618-213-7668 R.N. owned and operated

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Leadership Belleville A Cycle of Quality and Success

The Leadership Belleville program would not be

program. And with any

possible if it were not for the hundreds of individuals

orchestra, the players

that volunteer their time and talent to helping develop

are the ones that make it

future leaders of Belleville. In

great. I want to

turn, many of our volunteers

encourage ALL

are graduates of Leadership Belleville and have been influenced to the point of wanting to participate again as a volunteer to share the great

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. – Muhammad Ali

experience they had. This is a cycle of quality and success that helps our Chamber to offer a leadership program in our community worth so much more than the cost and time involved. As the incoming Chair of the Leadership Belleville Committee, I am honored to help orchestrate this great

Brendan Kelly addresses the Leadership Belleville Class as keynote speaker at graduation.

past graduates to help recruit

Will Welsh

Leadership Belleville 2016-2017 Committee Chair

the class participants for the 2016-2017 Leadership Belleville Program and to consider being involved in some way. From one hour/one event to being a committee

member or helping with a day - your involvement is what sets our program apart. Thank you and lets make next year better!

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Regional Growth Day

Page 7

. c n I , Body

o t air u p e A R Kelso llision Co V R d an

700 Sherman St. Belleville, IL 62221 (618) 277-0710 (618) 277-0768 FAX Richard Kelso, President Gary Feazel, Manager

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Leadership Belleville Program Overview Leadership Belleville is a unique training program coordinated through the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce. The goals of the program are to... • Develop effective community leaders • Establish valuable relationships with business and civic leaders • Expand awareness and understanding of important issues affecting business and the community • Foster a commitment to personal, professional and community growth • Provide opportunities for on-going business development, growth and expansion within the Belleville area Each Leadership Belleville class is composed of up to 25 professionals who demonstrate the highest leadership qualities. These classmates create a valuable network of resources - paying dividends to both alumni and their business sponsors. The program begins with a kick-off breakfast in August where participants have the opportunity to meet Leadership Belleville alumni. In September, all participants attend a two-day overnight retreat to focus Leadership Belleville is a wonderful program. I joined in hopes of gaining business contacts. I succeeded in that goal, but unexpectedly gained so much more on a personal level. The overnight retreat, teambuilding exercises and small group meetings with our classmates allowed us to form bonds that will last a lifetime. The various tours provided amazing experiences and knowledge on Belleville businesses, history and government. Meeting with officials at Scott Air Force Base, touring training facilities and boarding aircrafts was also an incredible experience. Each and every day spent with our Leadership Belleville class was fantastic. If you have ever considered joining the program, do it now. It is well worth the time and investment! Thanks, Tina Moore, Visiting Angels

on team building, leadership and communications skills. The retreat provides the participants with the opportunity to bond and develop significant relationships that will be useful in their professional, civic and personal endeavors. The nine-month program dedicates one day each month to a specific issue or subject pertaining to the Belleville area, such as history, arts, religion, government, business and industry, education, healthcare, community and aging, economic development, law enforcement and justice. Participants are given the chance to meet and engage a large number of business, community and political leaders during each session. In May, a graduation dinner is held. Participants must meet certain criteria to graduate and join the prestigious Leadership Belleville Alumni Association.


Congratulations Natalie Lorenz Graduate of the 2015-2016 Leadership Belleville Program We’re proud to have an outstanding community leader as part of our team! 618.234.9800 | 618.656.2244 | 618.327.4300 | 314.421.2325 Belleville, il | edwardsville, il | Nashville, il | st. louis, Mo www.MMrltd.coM

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Selection Criteria Application for the program may be made by the individual or the employer. All leadership candidates, chosen to participate in the program by the selection committee, will possess the following characteristics: • A demonstrated leadership ability • A demonstrated ability to reach personal goals • A demonstrated commitment to the Belleville area

• Be able and willing to commit to attendance at: - A two-day overnight retreat in September focusing on Leadership and Team Building skills - Eight full-day sessions one Friday each month, concluding with a graduation ceremony in May - Assignments to be completed outside of the scheduled course sessions

St. Paul’s Senior Community

A Tradition of Faith and Caring Medicare-Certified Rehabilitation

Individually designed physical, occupational and speech therapy programs and services provided by an expert staff with the goal of marked improvement, speedy recuperation and a quick return home.

Skilled Nursing Care

Around the clock assistance and individualized nursing services in a secure homey environment.

Assisted & Respite Care

Attractive, private rooms and just the right amount of caring help with everyday activities.

Retirement Apartments Beautiful 1 & 2 Bedroom Atrium Apartments • Includes 2 Meals Each Day • Housekeeping

• Transportation • Pets are Welcome

Move Into Our Campus Now and be among the first to select and occupy your room in our new home.


Class President Tina Moore addresses the 2015-2016 class.

1021 West E Street | Belleville, IL 62220 CALL TODAY 233-2095 |

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Leadership Belleville Program & Curriculum Day Following is a snapshot of the upcoming 2016-2017 Curriculum Two-Day Overnight Retreat: Leadership and Team Building September 8 & 9, 2016 Spend two days exploring effective personal leadership skills. Acquire powerful tools to meet the day-to-day demands of a leader, which will be explored in each monthly session. History, Culture & Religion Day October 21, 2016 Learn about the history of Belleville while touring the Labor & Industry Museum, the Emma Kunz House, and the Historic District. Also, learn more about the cultural aspect of Belleville, specifically the Belleville Philharmonic and Art on the Square. Gain an understanding of the diverse religious organizations in our community and their current issues and challenges. Law Enforcement Day November 18, 2016 Participants will be given an overview of the city and county law enforcement agencies serving the Belleville area. The session will include a tour of the St. Clair County Jail as well as a K-9 demonstration. Participants will also learn more about our judicial system and participate in a panel discussion with local attorneys. Education Day December 16, 2016 Participants will hear from a panel of educators regarding the educational system in Belleville and current key issues. The day also includes a tour of one of the elementary schools and high schools and hearing from local students. Healthcare, Aging & Community Services Day January 20, 2017 Participants will appreciate an opportunity for a behind-thescenes tour of one of Belleville’s hospitals. Current and future trends of healthcare and aging will be explored as they relate to leadership roles in our community. Participants will learn what our community needs to do to prepare for the exploding aging population and what services are currently being offered. Government Day & Mini Retreat February 17, 2016 Interact with state, county and city government officials to gain an in-depth understanding of the current issues facing our leaders and our community. Also included is a tour of the St. Clair County building.

Business Day March 17, 2017 This session will explore the current business mix in our area and inform participants of key local businesses and the issues they face. An understanding of past and present challenges and business trends in Belleville will be gained. An insider’s tour of several prominent Belleville business facilities will be included. Regional Growth Day April 21, 2017 Participants will gain an understanding of the key challenges and goals for the economic development of the community. The day includes a tour of Scott Air Force Base, which contributes greatly to our local economy. Reflection Day & Graduation May 5, 2017 Participants will give a presentation reflecting on what they have learned over the past 9 months. A graduation dinner will be held in the evening for all participants, their guests, employers and alumni.

Congratulations, Alison! HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital congratulates our Belleville Leadership graduate

ALISON KENNEDY MHA, BSN, RN, LSSBB Stroke Coordinator, Emergency Services

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and our sister facilities within HSHS Southern Illinois Division proudly support our colleagues through professional development opportunities, educational assistance, discount memberships, benefit packages, and more.

Come grow with us! Visit to view open positions and apply today.


Monday, June 13, 2016

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Business Day

As I look back on my Leadership Belleville Journey it’s hard to put into words the personal and professional growth that I gained through this program. On August 28, 2105, when I entered into the Leadership Belleville Kick Off Breakfast, I had no idea at that moment the impact this journey would have on my life. Leadership Belleville provide me with valuable relationships with area business leaders. This nine month program gave me the opportunity to learn more about my community than I could have ever imaged. Belleville Leadership gave me hands on experience that no text book could ever provide on topics such as religion, history, arts, governments, business, education, health care, community aging and also economic development. Belleville Leadership opened my eyes and my heart to my community like never before. I had no idea until I walked to streets of Belleville with my fellow classmates that I really felt a sense of commitment to my community. It provided me with an new understanding and appreciation for volunteering in my community. During one of our training days, we had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor Eckert…. During my final speech to my fellow leadership classmates I shared the advice we received from Belleville Mayor Eckert. “Step up to the plate” “Roll yours sleeves up and be ready to tackle any task that comes your way”. Msgt. Tammy Grime, St. Clair Co. Sheriff’s Department


Stephen Sedlak

Graduate of the 2015-2016 Leadership Belleville Program

PERSONAL & BUSINESS INSURANCE We Appreciate the Opportunity to Earn Your Business

305 Carlyle Ave, Belleville, IL

233-0193 S c h ma l e I n s ur a nc e . c o m

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Leadership Belleville Alumni

Class of 2015 Shane Blank Erin Clifford Alphonse Daniel Ashley Duffie Jamie Fields Tracy Gray John Hughes Charlotte Hyatt Kimberly Isaak Tammy Lappe Carson Maricle Nicole Muenchau Jared Nuxoll Wendy Pfeil Ashlee Lambert Kathleen Rotermund Lisa Schuetz Daniel Schwab Julie Sydow Will Welsh Melissa Witt-Smith Class of 2014 Jared Beard Kara Boyd Janet Creath Elle Davis Julie Fetters Andrea Gannon Scott Glueck Sarah Gustin Stefanie Hansberry Elke Hansen Kelli Hawkins Andy Hess Jeff Hood Kimberly Howell Meagan Isselhard Doug Kloeppel Larry McLean Michael Niermann Justin Price Cindy Ratermann Joshua Schobert Brandy Steely Allison Stuhlsatz Bryan Whitaker Class of 2013 Kevin P. Anderson Brandon L. Bell Lisa A.R. Bicket Justin Chapman Shannon Embrey Carol Lengerman Jason Miller Paula A. Muschler Christine Sopiars Jessica S. Orsa Thomas L. Pour Laura Schrick Tamara Stancil Rick Stubblefield Johanna M. Wiley Class of 2012 Rosalena Baez Warner Brett Baltz Jim Barganier Brittany Brown Matt Eiskant Kent Heintz

Martha Holloway Christine Juehne Bridget Juen Kari Lenz Mike Nulsen Cindy Olson Nathan Parchman Jeff Parker Todd Reyling Mike Rizzo Kristen Schuler David Sliment Philip Speicher Susan Wobbe John Ziegler Class of 2011 Vencent Bell Angela Eckart Carrie Gravot Jerry Harrington Laura Heimann Susan Ivy Grace Johnson Amy Klueter-Thomas Joseph Krump William Metzger Tracy Mueller Sandra Mulitsch Jason Poole Cheryle Pratt Amy Richter Marilyn Rossi Andrew Rushing Michelle Sumnler Tai Venuti Stephanie Walter Jean Weier Marquita Wiley Michelle Wuller Class of 2010 Misty Clemens James Davis Dallas Dixon Omelia Durso-Missey Laura Fedrick Joe Gain Tony Gallego Deb Kruep Andy Kulp Kristine Lamons Deanna Litzenburg Kim Margherio Katrina McCarver Ed Neill Jenna Renner Dustin Schilling Bonnie Schnieder Stephanie Thompson Tom Zeigler Class of 2009 Debbie Belleville Jo Ann Bohenstiehl Doyle Brady Karen Busch Tim Claxton Cheryl Creasy Michele Erschen Brant Feltner Collin Fischer Jerry Hearn

Elizabeth Hesselbach Patrick Hill Pat Hoffarth Lauren Jackson Amy Kempfer Mark LaPlantz John Lengerman Jorge Perez Brent Pieper Matt Thompson Tom Willard Class of 2008 Deb Blanquart Carla Boswell Andy Bridgeman Cyndi Brown Phillip Caravia Brad Eakins Kimberly Dawn Fulkerson Peggy Jo Hartmann Julie Huelsmann Teresa Johnson Nathan Kinney Virginia Leskera Mary Lopinot Melissa Mason Leonard McGehee Kathy Mehrmann Shane Moskop Kimberly Patterson Judy Patterson Ellen Reilmann Beth Roussel Ben Wanless Class of 2007 Kristopher Anderson Amanda Bichsel Jim Clindaniel Dave DeMond Mel Embrich Mona Friederich Emily Fultz Linda Hopfinger Todd Karpinski Kelli Madigan Jim Moeller Debra Pierce Charla Rebbe Brian Schneider Jana Summers Melissa Wilson Kathy Wilson Rebecca Wisdom Class of 2006 Sue Beeler Kevin Chandler Amy Cope Douglas Davinroy Bill Dixon Jim Gilbert Sheila Glenn Sharon Sea Hamilton Pam Huschle Lawrence Jackson Teresa Johnson Cherie Macdonald Charles Merker Amanda Morgan Joseph O’Keefe Dawn Peil

Mary Radcliff Tim Riley Deanne Sehr Denise Summers Jill Yaekel Leah Zilla Class of 2005 Chuck Dengler Jolene Fischer Collette Hoffarth Tom Hootselle Jason Lorsbach Margaret Luna Douglas Martin Tony Petzoldt Michael Riley Vicki Rose Michelle Rousseau David Ruby Melissa Sauerwein Cathy Sewell Leigh Sindelar Christine Spargur Richard Tschudin Bryan Vogt Molly Watkins Sheri Welch Class of 2004 James Coerver Mark Davitz Angela Eckert Brenda Fedak Brian Gibson Bonnie Heuer Jeffrey Jones Richard Kurowski Mike Lawrence Jacqueline Lemmon Scott Lively Mark Maxim Tom Monroe Joy Paeth Lisa Phillipson Julie Ringhofer Chad Rollins Mary Schmitt Jim Stewart Corey Wenzel Class of 2003 Kathleen Albers John Bethard Kip Buettner Janet Fontenot Eric Forguson Ramona Gebauer Craig Harper Greg Heggemeier Rebecca Hodgkins Darlene Jones Barbara LaRosee Sarah MacDougal Kevin Meade Danielle Niebrugge Loretta Stammer Ryan Steffensmeier Michael Stein Jan Watson Wade Weitlauf

Class of 2002 Jeff Baker Amy Ballance Michelle Birk Dale Brandt Carolyn Brooks Thomas Egan Renee Fleming Trish Fournie Pamela Hogan Sally Koval Kevin Martin Terry Nipper-Dickerson Patricia Page Robbie Parham Stephen Parrish Joseph Rossi William Sax Jacques Thro Debbie Willard Willis Young Dawn Young Class of 2001 Jan Bellm Julie Boekers Patricia Crowe John Durante David Engel John Grove Russ Hoernis James Klenke Joely Landreth Pat Mandeville Glen McElligott Cheryl Moody Rick Parks Lynette Rienbolt Joseph Schubert Deborah Schumacher Michael Siegel Ronald Stephens Steve Terschluse Douglas Wallace Class of 2000 Thomas Adams Missy Athmer Thomas Brandmeyer Keith Cook Mark Fontez Rhonda Greene Trent Hauser Steve Hoernis Linda Italiano Dan Jackson Philip Kammann Kory Kunze John Laker Julie LaTempt-Brazier Jane Lee Jim Maher Dave Nagle David Paeth Garrett Reuter Eric Schauster James Shaw Debbie Voges

Monday, June 13, 2016

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History, Culture & Religion Day

Page 13

Best Wishes Leadership Belleville was a well organized educational training session. It helps you

get out of the day to day routine to encourage

valuable networking and relationship building, foster exploration of yourself through self

Leadership Belleville Class of 2016

reflection, learn leadership skills necessary in today’s work environment and exploring

the unique history and strong community of Belleville.

Ben “BJ” Bovee

Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Leadership Belleville Class of 2015-2016

Richard Bass Belleville Township H.S. District 201

Jon Boente Belleville District 118

Benjamin Bovee Kaskaskia Engineering Group

David Chumley TheBank of Edwardsville

Renae Coffman Commerce Bank

Greg Davenport YMCA of Southwest Illinois

Crystal Grant Illinois American Water

Tammy Grime St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department

Anna Grimm Big Brothers Big Sister of Southwestern Illinois

Alison Kennedy HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Natalie Lorenz Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd.

Annissa McCaskill City of Belleville

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Leadership Belleville Class of 2015-2016

Terri McKee Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern IL

Cherie Mitchell Allsup, Inc.

Tina Moore Visiting Angels

Roger Osthoff Volkert, Inc.

Phillip Pugh Protestant Memorial Medical Center

Stephen Sedlak Schmale Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kyle Stigler Gonzalez Companies

April Strolin Chiro-Med

Debbie Suttles Lindenwood University

Emily Vosse Beno J. Gundlach

Kenny Weston Associated Bank

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Applying for Leadership Belleville 2016-2017 An application is required for those applying for the next Leadership Belleville class. The two page application can be downloaded at www. under the Leadership Belleville tab or call the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce at (618) 233-2015. Your application must be received by the Chamber office by July 31, 2016. You will be notified of your participation status by August 5, 2016. The application also requires an essay on why the applicant feels they should be accepted into the program. The essay should include information on leadership strengths and qualifications. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Participants entering into the Leadership Belleville program make a 9-month time commitment in order to be eligible to graduate. • Kick-off Breakfast - August 19, 2016. Attendance is strongly encouraged. • Two-Day Retreat - September 8 & 9, 2016 at Pere Marquette Lodge in Grafton - Attendance at the retreat is mandatory. Any participant who does not attend the retreat cannot continue with the program.

TUITION: Tuition for each participant accepted into Leadership Belleville is $1,100 for members of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce. The price for nonmembers is $1,250. The participant, the participant’s employer or a sponsoring organization, may pay tuition. Tuition is to be submitted upon notice of acceptance into the program and payable prior to August 12, 2016. FINANCIAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Financial scholarships are available for the 20162017 class. Scholarship assistance is based on financial need and your company/organization must be a member of the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in applying for a financial scholarship, a separate essay, 500 words or less, is required stating the reasons why financial assistance is needed. In order to be considered for a financial scholarship, the Leadership Belleville application and both essays must be returned by July 15, 2016. For more information, please contact the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce at (618) 233-2015 or email

• Seven full-day sessions once a month: October 21, 2016, November 18, 2016, December 16, 2016, January 20, 2017, February 17, 2017, March 17, 2017, April 21, 2017 - Attendance is required. • Reflection Day, May 5, 2017 – Attendance is mandatory. Any participant who does not attend Reflection Day and participate in the presentations will not meet the qualifications to graduate. • Graduation Banquet, May 5, 2017 – Attendance is strongly encouraged.

Team building at the Leadership Retreat

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Business Partners

Page 17

Thank you to the businesses that have sponsored a Leadership Belleville participant (Number of alumni noted in parenthesis after company name)

A Living Angel Home Care (2) Acclaim Personnel, Inc. (1) AgeSmart Community Resources (1) ( 3 as Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois) Alexandra Hines (individual sponsor - 1) Allsup, Inc. (11) American Red Cross, MO/IL Blood Service Region (6) Aon Risk Services (1) Apartment Community of Our Lady of the Snows (2) Associated Bank (7) Bank of Belleville (4) BARBERMurphy Group (1) BARBERVoss Home Care Team (1) Bel-Air Bowl (1) Belleville District 118 (2) Belleville Main Street Program (1) Belleville News-Democrat (9) Belleville Township High School Dist. 201 (4) Bel-O Sales & Service, Inc. (1) Beno J. Gundlach (1) Bethany Place (1) Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Illinois (3) BMO Harris Bank (8 as Southwest Bank) Booz Allen Hamilton (1) BOS Metro East (1) Brandt Brothers Commodities (1) Bridgeman Insurance Agency (1) Call for Help, Inc. (1) Care2Day Express Care Clinic (1) CARITAS Family Solutions (1) (1 as Christian Social Services of Illinois) Catholic Fraternal Life (2) Cerebral Palsy (1) Chiro-Med Clinic (3) City of Belleville (10) City of Belleville-Fire Department (1) City of Belleville-Police Department (2) Clifton Larson Allen, LLP (2) (3 as Ganim, Meder, Childers, & Hoering, P.C.) Commerce Bank (8) (plus 5 as West Pointe Bank & Trust) Community Link (1) Dieterich Bank – Belleville (1) East St. Louis School District 189 (1) Eckert’s Inc. (5) Edward Jones (4) Egyptian Stationers, Inc. & Egyptian Business Furniture (3) Empire Comfort Systems (1) Executive Financial Group (1) Family Hospice (5) First Data Merchant Services (1) Freeark Law Firm (1) Gateway Region YMCA (12) George Renner & Sons Funeral Home, Inc. (1) Gonzalez Companies (1) Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce (3) Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois (1 as River Bluffs Council) Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C. (5) Grey Eagle Distributors (3 as Illinois Distributing Co.) Hilliard Lyons, LLC (1) Hirth Heating & Plumbing (2) Hoernis Auto Body (3)

Home Instead Senior Care (1) Hospice of Southern Illinois, Inc. (10) HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (12) HTC Technologies (2) Illinois American Water (1) Innovative Center (2) JoJo on the Go Fitness (1) Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (3) Kuhlmann Design Group, Inc. (1) Landshire, Inc. (2) Lewis & Clark Council, BSA (1 as Okaw Valley Council) LINC, Inc. (1) Lindenwood University (7) Marconi Data Systems, Inc. (4) Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd (11) McKendree University (1) Memorial Hospital & Care Center (10) MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (1) MindsEye (1) Northwestern Mutual (3) Old National Bank (1) P&G Professional Billing and Consulting (1) Paddock Industries, Inc. (1) Parents & Friends of the Specialized Living Center (2) People’s Bank (1) PNC Bank (1 as National City Bank) Professional Therapy Services, Inc. (1) Quilogy (1) Regions Bank (15) (and 11 as Union Planters Bank) Renner Funeral Home (1) Rice, Sullivan & Company, Ltd. (5) Roesch, Inc. (1) Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C. (1) Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies (2) Schmale Insurance (1) Scott Air Force Base (2) Sigman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. (1) Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (5) Southwestern Illinois College (9) St. Clair County (3) St. Clair County CENCOM 9-1-1 (1) St. Clair County Housing Authority (2) St. Clair County Medical Society Association (1) St. Clair County Sherriff’s Department (1) St. Paul’s Home & Apartments (1) Strano & Associates (1) SWIC/Programs & Services for Older Persons (3) The ROHO Group, Inc. (6) The Shaw Group (1) The Tourism Bureau ILLINOISouth (2) TheBANK of Edwardsville (7) Tupperware (1) UMB Bank (1) Union Bank of Illinois (1) United Way (1) Violence Prevention Center (2) Visiting Angels Home Care (1) Volkert, Inc. (1) Wenzel & Associates (2) Yaekel & Associates, Inc. (2) Yorktown Golf Course (1)

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Law Enforcement Day

Monday, June 13, 2016

Healthcare, Aging & Community Services Day

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Page 19

An Experience Uncorked! Friday June 24 5 - 10 p.m.

Saturday June 25 4 - 10 p.m.


• Live Jazz Music • Gourmet Food Trucks FEATURING • Wine Tastings • Craft Beers Produced By:

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Monday, June 13, 2016

A Leader in Disability Representation

Trust Allsup to Meet the Specific Needs of People with Disabilities Celebrating more than 30 years of business in the Belleville community and nationwide, Allsup and its subsidiaries provide Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI representation, veterans disability appeal, re-employment, exchange plan and Medicare services for individuals, their employers and insurance carriers.

Allsup professionals deliver specialized services supporting people with disabilities and seniors. Our expertise has resulted in a 97 percent success rate for those who complete the SSDI process with us. Making a Difference in the Community and Beyond In Allsup, our customers have an expert with the drive, ability and passion to help them reclaim their lives. The company’s core values fuel the efforts of our knowledgeable employees who are dedicated to helping people receive the financial and health benefits they deserve. This same commitment is applied toward the wide range of charitable activities that Allsup employees’ support within our local community to benefit numerous area organizations.

Visit us at or call (618) 234-8434.

2015-2016 Leadership Belleville Yearbook  
2015-2016 Leadership Belleville Yearbook