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KABUNI HOUSE DESIGNED BY: Ryleah Resler, Tina Dhillon, and Brooke Hatfield; built by Turner Construction DISTINGUISHING DESIGN: Vancouver’s futuristic 3,000-square-foot Kabuni House is uniquely geared towards designers, makers, architects, artists, and realtors. The open-plan office provides the latest technology (such as computers and tablets loaded with cutting-edge design software) for client and team presentations, and features the one-of-kind, holographic Dream Room, a 3D-projected space that lets you play with home furnishing products from the Kabuni app’s catalogue in a virtual setting. Entering the two-story space, guests are greeted with furniture vignettes and art installations—a chance to check out local wares IRL.

L’ATELIER DESIGNED BY: MaK Interiors; built by Fifth Element Construction DISTINGUISHING DESIGN: Amber Kingsnorth of Vancouver’s MaK Interiors forwent Gastown’s typical “darker style” in her design of L’Atelier, opting instead for a brighter look she calls “happy industrial.” Here, that means mint-hued custom lighting from Barnlight Electric, sunny yellow Bend chairs, and navy blue upholstery and accent walls. Together with a fleet of Herman Miller Sayl chairs and Steelcase file cabinets outfitted with padded tops for impromptu deskside meetings, L’Atelier aims to attract “all kinds of design-savvy entrepreneurs,” says Kingsnorth. “We wanted to create a space that they would be proud to show off and call their own.”

CENTRL OFFICE DISTINGUISHING DESIGN: “We wanted furniture you could see in your house as easily as you’d see it in an office,” says Amy Sorensen, Centrl Office’s associate community manager. To that end, modular couches and ocean-blue velvet cube chairs pepper the 22,000-square-foot space, which spans two floors of the newly renovated 1940s GE Supply Building in Portland’s Pearl District. Exposed bow trusses, polished concrete floors, custom private phone booths, and glass-and-steel “cubicles” complement the building’s industrial aesthetic. This fall, Centrl will expand to a second location on the east side, in the striking Works Partnership Architecture–designed Block 75 building. h


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DESIGNED BY: Don Mutal and Path Construction