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Our premium Science range is far more than just storage

At the centre of the education landscape for decades, our Science range continues to be discovered and enjoyed by new generations of users, allowing technicians and teachers to inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

Our durable range of metal furniture works together to create complete storage solutions for your prep room and labs. This means that your chemicals, electronics, glassware and more can be stored safely and securely, before being accessed in seconds for any experiment or practical demonstration.

Plus, with a range of specially designed trolleys, items can be easily moved between spaces in seconds, maximising storage space and allowing multiple classrooms, labs and prep rooms to share equipment.

For full flexibility, all our units are also compatible with a range of trays and shelves and can accommodate all four heights of our famous Gratnells trays, which are also interchangeable between new or existing frames and trolleys.

This all comes with peace of mind that, as with all our furniture, every product is designed for heavy use, complete with a five year guarantee and, perhaps most importantly, has been rigorously tested by those who actually use them… day in, day out, throughout the year.

protect, store,
Maximize storage Teacher tested & approved Lightweight
prepare & Transport
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Student-led learning Sturdy, powder-coated, hard-wearing steel 100% recyclable Antimicrobial options
science range

Our science sets contain the World’s No.1 School Tray


Gratnells Science frames and trolleys offer the ultimate solution for storing equipment and chemicals

Prep rooms & chemical stores

Gratnells Science range can help you utilise every inch of space in a prep room or chemical store. The doorless design works in even the most confined spaces, keeping floor space clear and providing quick, easy-access to equipment. Our tall sturdy frames provide high density storage to house our super-tough, zero-fade trays, which are perfect for safely storing chemicals and equipment as they are chemically unreactive, scratch resistant and have an anti-static additive to protect against dust contamination. Shelves can also be fitted into our science frames to store heavy items.

A well organised prep room and chemical store makes it easy to prepare practical lessons ahead of time. Individual trays can be used with foam inserts to secure fragile items and collate a full practical pack ahead of time, then placed into a trolley ready to transport into the laboratory.

Technology stores & workshops

Trolleys are an ideal way to store heavy equipment that needs to be moved around. Workshop equipment can be placed near machines for easy access and tidied away at the end of the day. With a range of tray colours to choose from, you can colour code storage of equipment easily.


• Simple storage allows students to get involved easily

• Speeds up set up process allowing for more time for fun scientific practical learning or working time

• Designed to fit into any learning environment and maximise space

• Compatible with our range of storage trays to organise all your laboratory and scientific equipment

• Quick and easy access to all equipment, saving precious lesson and lab time

• With an additional worktop available, extra demonstration or practical space is available in a handy unit which can stored away when needed

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The preparation of science equipment is crucial to the successful teaching of science in schools. That’s why Gratnells complete science storage solution is essential for prep rooms & science areas. 5 designing science spaces that work Gratnells has a range of products specifically designed to help you create the perfect laboratory and prep room. Our Special Reports and book Planning Learning Spaces describe what can be achieved without compromise. Group Work Individual Study Presentation Group Work Small Laboratory Small Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory Group Practical Work Team Room Preparation Room Store View our special reports at and Planning Learning Spaces book at www. Uniclass CI/SfB D71821:A4 (Ajv) SchoolScienceArchitectureSpecialReportPartOne:PrepRoomdesign SciencePrepRoomsinSecondarySchools AnintroductiontoPrepRoomdesignforarchitectsanddesigners Oursystem,yoursolution. Uniclass D71821:A4 718 SchoolScienceArchitectureSpecialReportPartTwo:ScienceLabdesign Science Labs in Secondary Schools Recommended Science Lab standards for architects and designers system,yoursolution.


2 heights

3 widths

Our trolleys are the perfect solution for transporting equipment and chemicals between prep rooms and laboratories. The recessed tops can be used to displaying resources or demonstrate experiments and are removable for easy cleaning.

All our trolleys are supplied with heavy duty castors fitted into solid steel blocks for extra strength and available in bench height to keep resources close to hand in the lab and under bench height to store away under lab benches keeping walkways clear.

© WestLab Frame colour 43 Gratnells Grey Frame colour 44 Silver Frame colour 41 White
TROLLEY DIMENSIONS Single Double Treble Under Bench H735 x W370 x D420mm H735 x W710 x D420mm W1055 x H735 x D420mm Bench Height H860 x W370 x D420mm H860 x W710 x D420mm H860 x W1055 x D420mm

tray colours

bench height trolley

The bench height trolley has been designed to add mobile storage space at the end of a science bench, providing additional storage. Lab equipment can be safely stored in trays and kept close by for easy access to resources.

Under bench trolley

These low height metal trolleys are designed to maximise storage space under science lab benches, allowing equipment to be safely stored in trays and then easily moved around the laboratory to where they are needed, whilst keeping bench surfaces clear.

Braked castors to secure position

Bench Height Treble-span Trolley Under Bench Single Trolley Recessed tops to keep items from falling Bench Height Double Trolley
7 10
10 Grass Green 19 Light Grey 20 Transluscent 06 Royal Blue 26 Cyan Blue 05 Plum Purple 09 Flame Red 01 Tropical Orange 36 Jolly Lime 02 Sunshine Yellow bench height
Supplied with removable metal tops for easy cleaning
prepare & transport
under bench


© WestLab Frame colour 43 Gratnells Grey Frame colour 44 Silver Frame colour 41 White FRAME DIMENSIONS Single Double Treble Under Bench H725 x W370 x D420mm H725 x W710 x D420mm H725 x W1055 x D420mm Bench Height H825 x W370 x D420mm H825 x W710 x D420mm H825 x W1055 x D420mm Mid Height H1500 x W710 x D420mm H1500 x W1055 x D420mm Tall H1850 x W370 x D420mm H1850 x W710 x D420mm H1850 x W1055 x D420mm

chemical stores. Using the same runner and tray system a wide range of storage combinations can be created to optimise any space.

Gratnells science frames compliment our trolley range offer the ultimate solution for storing equipment and chemicals in prep rooms and 8
3 widths 4 heights

bench height & under bench frames

Bench height frames add static storage at the end of a science bench, providing storage for lab equipment and extra working surface when adding one of our metal tops. Keep floor space clear and maximise storage space with our under bench frames that fit snuggly under science benches. Equipment can be safely stored in trays and kept close by for easy access to resources.


When space is at a premium, our tall and mid frames are the key to successful high-density storage. Fill the frame with our chemically unreactive trays to organise equipment and chemicals or fix in a shelf for heavier items. These frames are complete with tops, adjustable feet, and back diagonal bars for additional rigidity meaning they are perfect for bulk storage. Brackets are also available to join frames or fix to walls.

Mid Treble Frame Bench Height Single Frame Under Bench Double Frame Tall Double Frame
protect & store 9 10
10 Grass Green 19 Light Grey 20 Transluscent 06 Royal Blue 26 Cyan Blue 05 Plum Purple 09 Flame Red 01 Tropical Orange 36 Jolly Lime 02 Sunshine Yellow
tray colours

Our trolleys & frames contain the toughest trays on the market


The World’s No.1 school tray can be found in over 95% of UK schools & across 68 countries. Our trays are the toughest on the market and come in 40 zero-fade colours that allow you to colour code storage of equipment and

chemicals. Gratnells trays are chemically unreactive, durable and easy to wipe clean, making them ideal for all kinds of lab and prep room projects including practical experiments as they can contain spills.

*T & Cs apply
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Gratnells trays are chemically unreactive, durable and easy to wipe clean, making them ideal for all kinds of lab and prep room projects including practical experiments as they can contain spills.

Protection from dust contamination

Anti-static additive

Extra layer of risk prevention

Slow burn rate for extra safety

No need to worry about spills

Chemically unreactive

Scratch resistant

Zero-fade colour protector
Bright colours stay bright


Antimicrobial options

Dishwasher safe

sorted INSERTS

• Supports the organisation of science equipment

• Encourages students to be responsible for the resources and ensure they are stored and packed up correctly in the inserts

• Reduces set up and clear up time of practical science activities

• Stores many different resources in one tray

• SortED inserts can help personalise the resources different children require

• Easily maintain a high level of cleanliness as the inserts are dishwasher safe



Hold delicate equipment such as test tubes and safely store a range of differently shaped items with ease.


Available in multiple different compartmental configurations, moulded inserts can organise a variety of different objects from marbles to pipettes.


Clip-on lids provide extra security for items stored in trays, such as glassware or electronics. The translucent lid allows students and teachers to quickly view the contents of the tray, making it easy to find resources.


Everything in its place

Seamless integration with our science range, providing the desired aesthetic with all the benefits of Gratnells quality and experience.


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Trolleys & Frames

tray lids
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We are dedicated to constantly improving the sustainability of our products

On-site cardboard compacting Striving to become carbon neutral by 2030 Investing in sustainable energy Plastic waste reground for reuse Investing in bio-based alternatives Our design means less waste 15
allows us to pre-plan with ease & we can safely
trays of resources in tall racking units until they are required for a lesson,
them to the
trolley.” We are the only injection moulding tray manufacturer to be awarded the Furniture Makers’ Company Manufacturing Guild Mark DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT COLLABORATING WITH EDUCATIONAL PROFESSIONALS HASSLE-FREE RETURNS MARKETING SUPPORT ACCESS TO CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 5 YEAR GUARANTEE WORLDWIDE OPERATION UK/V.1 09/23 For more information contact
“Gratnells Science range
then safely transport
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Paul Cook Rscitech Hon.Finstp (Secondary Science Technician)
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