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Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County

Fall 2012 resisting aggression defensively KIDS

Youth Empowerment Safety Education Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Victimization

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On the cover: Amparo Gutierrez Elementary School radKIDS.

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Message from the Executive Director - Sylvia Bruni Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County


n previous community messages, we have spotlighted the dramatic benefits that came from those first advocates, chief amongst them former D.A. Joe Rubio & current D.A. Isidro Alaniz, Laredo and United ISD, Child Protective Services, Laredo Police Department, Webb and Zapata County Sheriffs, and the County Attorney, who sought to bring relief to the countless children that had been victimized by abuse, over 85% of them subjected to sexual assault. This group of community leaders was deeply troubled over a phenomenon that was fast approaching epidemic proportions, a dramatic increase in the number of outcries of child abuse and an equally obvious lack of coordinated support for these little ones. And….they were determined to address it. What followed this

call to action was remarkable, and by 1995, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County was serving children who had been victimized, over 7000 children in the last seventeen years. Today, children who outcry to abuse, 99% of them victimized by someone that they know, are assured an array of services, offered by a multi-disciplinary team of caring professionals whose services range from the carefully constructed investigation of the allegation, supportive advocacy for all social/medical services merited, counseling and therapy, and prosecution of the predator, if the case warrants it. But much remains to be done, and as much as we might wish to deny it, child molestation is a harsh reality in all our communities, including our own. Few of us are aware that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be molested before age 18. A typical molester will abuse 30-60 children before being arrested, 58% of these predators themselves molested as children. Equally disturbing, almost one half of all sex offenders are under age 18. A sobering example: One of the worst cases of sexual assault of a Laredo child, a 2 year old baby girl, attacked and murdered by a 16 year old, heard in one of our court rooms last year. Equally sobering and more recent, the national outcry which followed the trial and conviction of Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State Coach accused and found

guilty of long term sexual abuse of at least 10 young boys. Sandusky would surface as the perfect model of the child predator, friend and mentor to the children that he victimized, respected in the community, and unbeknownst to all causing great harm to his child victims for years before being discovered. This year, our CAC, along with the multi-disciplinary team of partner agencies who work on behalf of our children’s safety, has banded together once again to support a remarkable program that has gained national attention as a child safety model. radKIDS (Resisting Aggression Assertively KIDS), created by a former police officer, Stephen Daley, and endorsed by the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, teaches children how to be safe by empowering them with real skills and a pro-active mind set that does far more that simply telling them to be safe. We are determined to both serve the children who have been victimized and to guard as many of our children as possible from potential harm. We might not be able to stamp out abuse in our community but we certainly can provide the best child safety programs to our children. radKIDS is such a program, and we are deeply endebted both to the generous donors who have funded the program and to our school superintendents and campus principals who have wholeheartedly endorsed it. Progress to

Date: 160 radKID coaches in LISD, UISD and United Day School, teaching our children how to become radKIDS! In this issue, we feature our CAC’s 14th annual conference, “It Takes a Community to Protect Our Children,” a powerful venue that aims to educate the community about the realities that surround child abuse and also about the importance of arming our children with the realworld tools needed to protect themselves against unexpected aggression, especially critical if they are away from a protective adult and access to a safe place. We also highlight the coming of Jenna Quinn, a sexual assault survivor who grew to become the inspiration for Jenna’s Law, Texas law that now mandates education on the issue in all our schools, and we spotlight the extraordinary partnerships that have helped us strengthen the safety net around our children, in particular Laredo ISD and United ISD, for their wholehearted adoption of radKIDS, as well as District Attorney Isidro Alaniz and Sheriff Martin Cuellar and other equally supportive patrons, whose generous patronage is enabling us to provide radKIDS training to our both public school districts and other entities, entirely free of charge to all. We are very proud of the work that our CAC and its MDT partners do on behalf of our community’s children, and we want you to be a pro-active part of it as well.

Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County

Advisory Board

Isidro Alaniz Terri Deutsch Tom Gates Rita Garner Linda LaMantia Dalia Martinez

Michelle Raymond Cordelia Valdez Juan J. Cruz Mary LamarLeyendecker Janice Gonzalez

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Minnie Dora Bunn Haynes Consultant



Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County 2012-2013 Board of Directors Pete Arredondo

Leslie Gallagher Mims

Agency Representative


Juan J. Castillo

Jeffrey Czar


Nancy Newman DeAnda President Elect

Cordelia Perez

Community Member

Mary Freeman

Sergio Martinez

Community Member

Agency Representative

Anali Vargas

Raul Guerra

Agency Representative

Linda Lopez Howland

Community Member

Cristina B. Alexander


Viviana Frank

Community Member

Kimberly Walker Tijerina

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Annabelle Uribe Hall



Minnie Dora Bunn Haynes-


Lorraine Withoff Laurel

Seated, left to right: Mary Freeman, Annabelle Hall, Lorraine Laurel, Linda Howland, Nancy de Anda, Kimberly Tijerina, Viviana Frank. Standing, left to right: Madeline L. Escoto, Patty Carranza, Anna B. Galo, G.E. Martinez, Jr., Jeffrey Czar, Pete Arredondo, Sergio Martinez.

Agency Representative

Patty Carranza Community Member

Madeline Lopez Escoto

Immediate Past President

Community Member


Community Member

Gabriel E. Martinez, Jr.

Anna B. Galo

Agency Representative

Community Member

Adriana Benavides Maddox

Diane D. Gates

Message from the President of the Board


Linda Howland 2012-2013

ach year, hundreds of Laredo children experience the unimaginable- abuse at the hands of someone they love and trust. At the Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County, we are committed to protecting the most vulnerable in our community-our children. We believe that all children are entitled to a life free from violence and full of opportunity. Under the careful stewardship of our executive director, Sylvia Bruni, remarkable progress has been made in ensuring that the needs of our children are met. The CAC is housed in a childfriendly, state of the art facility

where our dedicated staff provide young victims with the unique services they need to begin their journey to hope, justice and healing. The dedicated support of the different law enforcement agencies that work with the CAC stand ready to meet the sensitive, critical needs of our children. Our sincere thanks go to our generous patrons and donors, who continuously support our efforts to protect and defend these young victims of abuse and neglect. Both Senator Judith Zaffirini and Representative Richard Raymond have been strong advocates of our CAC and their commitment to our children is evident in their efforts

on behalf of the CAC. I have the utmost respect for the silent soldiers...our extraordinary staff who work tirelessly to help abused and neglected children. They inspire me to be a part of this organization whose mission it is to increase community awareness about child abuse and to educate school children about how to protect themselves from becoming victims. I am most proud to be part of an organization that is bringing radKids, a personal empowerment safety education program into our schools. It is a distinct privilege to serve alongside members of the board who share a common com-

mitment of ensuring that the CAC continue to be a true resource for our children and their families. I urge you to help us assure that services continue to be made available to all children who have been victimized and that justice prevails for all of them as well, through your support of the Children’s Advocacy Center.

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The Children’s Advocacy Center PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN SINCE 1993


Mission Statement

Misión Oficial

“To break the cycle of child abuse through community education,training and prevention and to allow the child opportunities for healing through intervention in a child sensitive environment.” The Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo – Webb County is a non-profit organization that provides training, prevention, intervention and treatment services to fight and eradicate child abuse and neglect.

What CAC Centers do: • Create a safe place for a child to disclose abuse. • Co-ordinate with partner agencies so child does not repeat or relive Provide individual, family and group counseling sessions to child victims and their non-offending family members who have suffered as a result of sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and domestic violence. Conduct • forensic videotaped interviews only once to obtain details of the alleged abuse. • Review cases for potential prosecution of the alleged perpetrators, resulting in justice meted out when merited. • Facilitate the completion of client victim compensation applications and referrals to other needed services. • Provide community presentations and trainings on topics focusing on child abuse.

“Romper el círculo de abuso a través de educación comunitaria, entrenamiento y prevención y permitir al niño(a) oportunidades de curación a través de la intervención en un ambiente sensible al menor de edad”. Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County (Centro de Apoyo de Laredo-Condado de Webb) es una organización sin fines de lucro que provee entrenamiento, prevención, intervención y servicios de tratamiento para pelear y erradicar el abuso infantil y negligencia.

Lo que CAC hace: • Crear un lugar seguro para que un niño revele un abuso. • Coordinarse con agencias socias para que un menor no repita reviva su trauma. • Proveer sesiones de asesoría individual, familiar y de grupo para víctimas infantiles y sus familiares no involucrados quienes han sufrido como un resultado de abuso sexual, abuso físico, negligencia y violencia doméstica. • Realizar entrevistas forenses video grabadas solamente una vez para obtener detalles del supuesto abuso. • Revisar casos para acusación potencial del supuesto autor del crimen, resultando en justicia impuesta cuando se amerite. • Facilitar la conclusión de las solicitudes de compensación de la víctima-cliente y referencias a otros servicios necesarios • Proveer presentaciones comunitarias y entrenamientos sobre temas enfocados sobre el abuso infantil.

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Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County History


ince its inception in 1995, the CAC has worked to provide a safe and secure venue for child victims of domestic violence and/or abuse. Responding to the call of then Webb County District Attorney Joe Rubio, a group of Laredoans involved in children’s services was brought together to address the growing number of child abuse cases that his office was receiving. The goal was to create a system that would respond to these outcries in a manner that would lessen the trauma for every young victim. Since that first call to action, The CAC has treated over 7,000 young victims of abuse, the vast majority of these being sexual abuse victims, as well as treated their peers and nonoffending family members. Today, the Center offers a full range of services in a state-of-theart facility, inaugurated in 2007 and fully funded through the generosity of the Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust. Under the leadership of Isidro, “Chilo,” Alaniz, the District Attorney’s Office now has three assistant district attorneys dedicated to the prosecution of alleged child abuse

perpetrators. In 17 years, great strides have been made to bring justice to cases involving child abuse. Dedicated professionals and volunteers continue to meet the needs of child victims and their families in a sensitive and

caring manner. These comprehensive, teambased services, ultimately lead to the healing of the child and his/her non-offending fami-ly as well as the prosecution of the alleged perpetrator.

Art by CAC children Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG



Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County Staff Front row, left to right: Marta Esparza, Josefina Medel, Josefina Mendiola and Lupita Martinez. Back Row, left to right: Janeth Guerra, Ruby Benavides, Amanda Aleman, Sylvia Bruni, Belen Cantu, Jo Dale Zimmerman and Juan Castro.

Services Rendered by Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County



Forensic Interviews are conducted in a child friendly interview room equipped with a hidden camera and microphone. The trained interviewer assists the child to disclose the facts as they relate to the alleged abuse. The forensic interviewers receive extensive training and support in order to work with children who have been allegedly abused.

Las entrevistas forenses son realizadas en una sala de entrevistas de ambiente amigable a los niños con una cámara y micrfono escondidos. El entrevistador entrenado ayuda al menor a revelar los hechos como se relaciona al supuesto abuso. Los entrevistadores forenses reciben un entrenamiento extensivo y apoyo a fin de trabajar con niños quienes han sido supuestamente abusados.

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Therapy is provided by a licensed professional counselor. The therapist provides counseling to the non-offending family members of the sexually abused child as well as children and their families who are victims of other forms of abuse, domestic vio-lence, kidnapping, drugs, and other crimes that may negatively affect the families. All services are provided at no cost to the families.

La Terapia es proveída por un orientador profesional con licencia. El terapeuta provee orientacion a los familiares no implicados del menor abusado sexualmente así como a los niños y sus familias quienes son víctimas de otras formas de abuso, violencia doméstica, secuestro, drogas, y otros crímenes que pudieran afectar negativamente a las familias. Todos los servicios se proveen sin costo para las familias.





Child Advocacy is facilitated by a Child Advocate who familiarizes the child victim with the forensic interview, the investigation of the alleged abuse, treatment and services available to the child and the nonoffending family, and the trial process. For example, the Child Advocate, along with the child and his/her non-offending family, participate in a mock trial before appearing at the real trial. This is done to alleviate fears a child may have prior to the court date.

Apoyo al Menor es facilitado por un Abogado Infantil quien se familiariza con la víctima menor de edad con las entrevistas forenses, la investigación del supuesto abuso, tratamiento y servicios disponibles para el menor y los familiares no implicados, y el proceso de juicio. Por ejemplo, el Abogado Infantil, junto con el menor y su familia no implicada participa en un simulacro de juicio antes de presentarse en el juicio real. Esto se hace para aminorar los miedos que como menor de edad se pudiera tener antes de la fecha para presentarse en la corte.

COUNSELING & ASSESSMENTS Counseling & Assessments are conducted by a licensed psychologist. The psychologist conducts assessments to assist in the investigation of a case where allegations of sexual abuse have been disclosed. The psycholo-

gist also develops a treatment plan for the individual child. Psychological services are provided to families at no cost. Treatment can also be on-going for as long as the child is in need of counseling.



Victims Assistance Services are facilitated by a Victims Services Coordinator (VSC). The VSC assists families by completing the Victim’s Compensation Application which will assist with costs related to the alleged abuse or crime. The VSC also provides social service related assistance to ensure the nonoffending family members and the victim receive proper assistance to get through the trauma of the abuse.

Los Servicios de Asistencia a Víctimas son facilitados por un Coordinador de Servicios a Víctimas (VSC, por sus siglas en inglés). El VSC ayuda a las familias a llenar la Solicitud de Compensación de la Víctima la cual ayuda con los costos relacionados al supuesto abuso crimen. El VSC también provee servicio social relacionado a asistencia para asegurar que los familiares no-implicados y la víctima reciban asistencia apropiada para sobrellevar el trauma de abuso.

ORIENTACIÓN & EVALUACIONES Orientación y Evaluaciones son realizadas por un psicólogo con licencia. El psicólogo realiza evaluaciones para ayudar en la investigación del caso donde se han revelado acusaciones de abuso sexual. El psicólogo también de-

namiento para el menor en particular. Los servicios psicológicos son proveídos para familias sin costo alguno. El tratamiento puede también se puede desarrollar por tanto tiempo como el menor necesite la orientación.

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PLAY DAYS The Children’s Advocacy Center hosts monthly Play Days for its young clients to familiarize them with the friendly environment provided by the Center’s Staff. Colorful and comforting play areas and theme-based events are monthly reminders to our children that life can still be joyful. Parents meet in a separate space, at the same time, in Parent Support Sessions that focus on topics of special interest to them. Play Days and Parent Support Sessions are held simultaneously to familiarize the child and the non-offending family with the Volunteers from Kohl’s Department Store caring environment at the Children’s Advo- offer their time to assist with kids activities at cacy Center the Children’s Advocacy Center.

PARENT SUPPORT SESSIONS A vital component of the healing process for both child victims and the non-offending family members is access to a forum where they can share their concerns and receive support from their peers. The CAC’s Counselors provide Parent Support Sessions, where parents can share their experiences with others who are there to listen and to help.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION OUTREACH Inspired by a mission statement that recognizes community education as a powerful means for breaking the cycle of child abuse, the CAC and its partner agencies make frequent appearances throughout the community. Among their primary audiences are educators and other school system employees, those individuals to whom children in crisis often turn to when they realize that their homes are not safe places. Other special programs are uniquely designed for school children and teenagers and for parents. Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG



It Takes A Community To Protect Our Children

Front Row, Seated-left to right: Monzerrat Calderon, Monica Morales, Annette Martinez, Anali Vargas, Stephanie Gonzalez, Miriam Aco, Amanda Aleman, Melissa Galindo, Cindy Sauceda, Belen Cantu. Back Row, Standing-left to right, Alonzo Olivarez, Robert Ruiz, Juan M Villarreal, David Buenrostro, Greg Gutierrez, Sylvia Bruni, Sergio Martinez, Jose E. Gonzalez, Juan Castro, Lupita Martinez, Luis Mireles, Mario Vega.

The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

Equipo de Revisión Multidisciplinaria

The MDT is a group of diverse agencies consisting of Laredo Police Department, Webb and Zapata County Sheriffs’ Departments, Laredo Independent School District Police Department, United Independent School District Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, Child Protective Services, Doctors Hospita, SANE Program, Dr. Amando Garza, and CAC staff.

El MDT es un grupo conformado por diversas agencias, como son el Departamento de Policía de Laredo, los Departamentos del Alguacil del Condado de Webb y Zapata, el Departamento de Policía de Laredo Independent School District, el Departamento de Policía de United Independent School District, la Oficina del Fiscal de Distrito, la Oficina del Abogado del Condado, los Servicios de Protección Infantil, y personal de CAC. Semanalmente, el MDT revisa casos de niños quienes supuestamente han sido abusados. Discusiones de estos casos son llevados a cabo para determinar si hay evidencia suficiente para perseguir una acusación contra el acusado como autor del crimen y/o para asegurar que todos los servicios relevantes están siendo proveídos a la víctima menor de edad y los familiares no-implicados. El MDT juega un rol vital en llevar casos ante la justicia y en proveer al menor y la familia con toda una serie de servicios destinados a facilitar el proceso de curación.

On a weekly basis, the MDT reviews cases of children who have been allegedly abused. Discussions of these cases are held to determine if there is enough evidence to pursue prosecution against the alleged perpetrator and/or to assure that all relevant services are being provided to the child victim and the non-offending family members. The MDT plays a vital role in bringing cases to justice and in providing the child and the family with a full array of services designed to facilitate the healing process.

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Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Victimization Outcome: The Community Role Model and Leader to Peers (Being all you can be) Change in community culture and climate. The Empowered Child - radKIDS® rule #3: “It’s not my fault.” How DARE you try to hurt me! Potential to “Never be a victim.” Physical Resistance to Violence/Self-actualization of Personal Skills - radKIDS® rule #2: “I don’t have the right to hurt anyone else unless they are hurting me.”The ability to stop assault physically with intention to escape, not harm. Verbal and Positional Conflict Resolution - Practicing steps to carry out planned responses through activity-based drills on the fly. Personal Context - (Through the eyes of the child) Realization of capacity to confront fear, trust instincts, problem solve and make a realistic plan to conquer them. Self-Value/Self-Worth - radKIDS® rule #1: “No one has the right to hurt me because I am special.” Develop a positive/optimistic view of self and confidence in child’s strengths and abilities. Personal Experience Enviromental Context/Education - The Child learns what is going on in the environment. (Learning by seeing). Learning is created by others: family, faith, environmental consquences. (Street Smarts).

The Child

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radKIDS® Mentor Change Agent



CAC offers self-defense skills Editor’s Note

Our CAC Board and Staff spotlight this remarkable child safety program, showcasing a number of especially notable achievements: • In the space of just a little over a year, Steve Daley’s first presentation to our community having taken place in October, 2011, our Laredo education community has wholeheartedly adopted and supported radKIDS, and generous donors have funded it. • Laredo ISD and United ISD as well as our very first private school, United Day School, have made radKIDS a part of their essential curriculum. • One hundred and thirty three educators have been certified as radKIDS coaches, with additional opportunities forecasted in 2013. • Year to date, over 3200 youngsters are now radKIDS. • radKIDS is being implemented in both school districts and UDS, with 2nd graders the focus of instruction in the public schools. NOTE: Laredo ISD middle school students are also receiving radKIDS training and UISD has plans to do the same, • Both school districts, as well as UDS, have created a long-term radKIDS implantation plan, their objective-to train all elementary and middle school students. • Laredo is the only city in the United States that is implementing the radKIDS safety plan for its children in a systemic manner, via its school systems.

BY JJ VELASQUEZ Laredo Morning Times Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A self-defense program for kids is coming fullcircle this year as Laredo students will soon complete the 10-hour course. United Independent School District coaches and counselors on Tuesday exhibited the simulation aspect of the program, known as radKIDS. Laredo is the only community to implement the program in all of its public schools, according to Stephen M. Daley, the program’s founder. “That is remarkable in itself,” said Sylvia Bruni, executive director of the Child Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County. Bruni and about 30 UISD staff members were on-hand Tuesday for the demonstration. The coaches and counselors, who are among a combined force of 60 radKIDS trainers at the district, learned how to conduct and administer the simulations. Lisa Haberkorn, UISD assistant director of athletics, said the district began training second-grade

students in September. All 26 UISD elementary schools have started the program, she said. Haberkorn said the program equips students with the tools to prevent an attack either from a predator, an assailant or a bully. Elizabeth Smart, who was famously kidnapped as a teenager in the early 2000s, advocates for the child safety program. Bruni said a majority of attacks against children occur in the dark, in silence or in secret. The program doesn’t preach a step-by-step approach but rather encourages children to think instinctively and develop their own plans for stopping the incident and escaping. Daley said the simulation represents the full realization of power within the child. He said completion of the program often effects self-confidence and a sense of empowerment among those who complete the course. “This is not about fighting; this is not about violence,” Daley said. “This is about stopping someone from hurting you. We’re actually teaching how to do that instead of just telling them what to do.”

The organization has recorded 91 instances where radKIDS-trained children were threatened with violence and came out unscathed, he said. More than 250,000 children have been trained in the program, according to its website. UISD is targeting a goal of training every secondgrader this year, Haberkorn said. The long-term goal, said Bruni, is for every Laredo child to become a radKIDS. (JJ Velasquez may be reached at 728-2579 or A resounding radKIDS Laredo Thank You for the community friends of our CAC, whose visionary commitment to the safety of our children inspired their financial support of radKIDS training for our school partners. We believe that you have set in motion a sea-change in our community that will reap potentially lifesaving benefits for our children: • BBVA Foundation • D.D. Hachar Charitable Trust Foundation • District Attorney Isidro Alaniz • Guadalupe & Lilia Martinez Foundation • Prairie Foundation • Sheriff Martin Cuellar • South Texas Outreach Foundation

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Jenna Quinn: Portrait of a survivor


enna is a triumphant survivor of sexual abuse. No, more than mere survivor, she has become a valiant warrior against sexual abuse of children and adolescents. Finally telling her secret brought such sweet relief that she has been on a campaign ever since to spare others her torment. The

first step in that campaign was telling her story, just a few days after her molester was sentenced to 20 years in prison. “I’m not scared. Don’t you be scared,” she told other victims at the time. Jenna Quinn has been an activist for almost 6 years now. When she was 17, she was approached by the

Photo by Bob Owen | San Antonio Express-News Jenna Quinn is a sex abuse survivor who turned her painful experience into triumph in the form of Jenna’s Law — a 2009 Texas statute that requires school districts to educate students, teachers and parents on the signs of child sexual abuse.

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Dallas Morning News about featuring her story. This was paramount in her decision to speak out as a victor and not a victim. Her story sparked an array of news and media opportunities for her to speak out about child sexual abuse issues. A poised and charismatic speaker, Jenna has traveled the country making speeches to lawenforcement and abuse-prevention groups. She has moved into political action reaching out to Texas legislators about the need for

schools to adopt age-appropriate curriculum on child sexual abuse. Republican Representative Tan Parker championed what is now known as Jenna’s Law in August 2009, which passed the state senate unanimously. Jenna is 25 and currently seeking her masters degree at the University of North Texas in Communications. She has a desire to see struggling individuals reach their full potential in Christ, and live a life of peace and wholeness.

Courtesy photo



“It Takes a Whole Team to Protect a Child” 14th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County

Friday, April 5, 2013 United ISD-Student Activity Center CONFERENCE PROGRAM •

• • • •

Jenna Quinn, Keynote Speaker: Survivor and Advocate for Children’s Safety, who inspired Jenna’s Law, S.B. 471, which mandates that Texas schools educate students, teachers and parents on signs of child sexual abuse and also requires that schools have a plan to report abuse and offer counseling options to victims. Jenna’s Story: For years, Jenna Quinn told no one that her Dad’s best friend was sexually abusing her. Finally, her sister gave her the courage to bring her tormenter to justice. Eventually, with the support of her family and local prosecutors, they would put the molester behind bars and Jenna would become a fearless advocate for children’s safety. Jenna’s Keynote Address: “A Voice for the Voiceless-the inspirational story of a young sexual abuse survivor who turned tragedy into powerful advocacy.” District Attorney Isidro A. Alaniz: “The Case of Baby Catherine, a closer look at the trial of Jose Eduardo Arredondo, convicted in Laredo, TX in 2012, of the sexual assault and murder of two year old Catherine Cardenas.” Laurence J. Braunstein, Esq.:“Anatomy of a Sexual Assault Case”,“Effective Courtroom Testimony”,“Trial Practice for Advocates Testifying on Behalf of an Alleged Child Victim” Steven Daley, M.Ed. CEO radKIDS:“radKIDS Laredo, Yr 2, Progress to Date: a Showcasing of Campus and District Successes and a Forecast of Coming Events”, “Enhancing radKIDS Sustainability-Practical, Hands-On Training for All radKIDS Coaches” Victor Vieth, Director-National Child Protection Training Center, Saint Paul, MN. :“Lessons from Penn State-A Call to Implement a New Pattern of Training for Mandated Reporters and Child Protection Professionals.”

Pre-Registration starts January 2013 Registration Fee: $75 Early Bird Special: Register three and one is FREE FREE CEU’s for early registrants. (Late registrants will pay $10 for CEU’s)

Call: (956) 712-1840 or email: Register on-line at Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG



2011-2012 CAC Client Statistics 88.53%

Clients New Clients 517 88.53% Repeats 67 11.47% 584 11.47%



Male Female


Age Groups

45.72% 33.56% 20.72%


191 32.71% 393 67.29% 584

Ages 2-5 121 20.72% Ages 6-12 267 45.72% Ages 13-17 196 33.56% 18 & over w/disabilities 0 0.00% 584

Services Rendered

31.50% 25.56% 12.23%

Forensic Interview 585 30.71% Victims Crimes Appl. 487 25.56% Gift Room 600 31.50% Referral/Social/Fam. Svcs 233 12.23% 1905




0.00% 0.34% 5.65% 2.74%

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Sexual Abuse 432 73.97% Physical Abuse 101 17.29% Child Witness 0 0.00% Other 2 0.34% Sexual & Physical 33 5.65% Child At Risk 16 2.74% 584




35 52 0 34 0 1 18 1 3 21 1 6 112 109 0 0 393

8.91% 13.23% 0.00% 8.65% 0.00% 0.25% 4.58% 0.25% 0.76% 5.34% 0.25% 1.53% 28.50% 27.74% 0.00% 0.00% 100.00%

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Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County Donors AB Homes 49th Judicial District Attorney Isidro Alaniz AEP Texas Annabelle Uribe Hall AT&T Texas Bank of Commerce/Merril Lynch B.P. Newman Investment Co. BBVA Compass Bank CAC of Texas, Inc. City of Laredo County of Webb D.D. Hachar Foundation Deutsch & Deutsch Enrique & Melissa Benavides Escamilla, Poneck & Cruz Inc. Evelyn & Carroll Summers, Jr. Fernando A. Salinas Charitable Trust

Fernando D Laurel III Memorial Fund Frank Architects Inc. Freeman & Castillon Guadalupe & Lilia Martinez Foundation IBC-Laredo IBC-Zapata Janice & Arnulfo Gonzalez Joe Brand Inc. Kohl’s Department Store# 1059 La Quinta Inn & Suites Laredo Gateway Rotary Club Las Nueces River Ranch & Javier Garza Leyendecker Construction Co. Linda & Doug Howland Marine Corps Toys for Tots Matias De Llano Charitable Trust Fund

Minnie Dora & J.J. Haynes Peggy Newman Polly Adams Robert Summers Sam’s Club #8156 Schneider National Foundation, Inc. South Texas Outreach Foundation The Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust The Laredo Area Community Foundation Tano & Kimberly Tijerina Target Tom & Diane Gates The Prairie Foundation The United Way of Laredo Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar Women’s City Club Zaffirini Communications

If you would like to become a part of the community effort to protect our children, please send your tax deductible donation to

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo – Webb County 111 North Merida Laredo, Texas 78043 To discuss donor opportunities, please contact

Sylvia Bruni at 956-712-1840 or on-line at

HELP IS A PHONE CALL AWAY - REPORT CHILD ABUSE Child Protective Services - 1 (800) 252-5400 Laredo Police Department - (956) 795-2800 Webb County Sheriff’s Department - (956) 523-4500 Visit us on the web @ WWW.CACLAREDO.ORG

RAD Kids Magazine 2012  

Official magazine for Childeren's Advocacy Center

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