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Preset Shapes Manual Andrew Buckle (

Introduction This is a guide to the use of preset shapes in Corel 速 Paint Shop Pro 速. How to install the shapes, how to use them with the various tools in PSP. The designs used in this document are all from All screenshots are with kind permission of Corel Corporation. Andrew (

fig. Rosette shape from the Rosettes shapes pack

fig. Star shape from the stars preset shapes pack

fig. Star shape

Access shapes zip: Extract files from zip file. You might need to download unzip software (such as PKUnzip or Stuffit Expander) though Vista and XP should be able to unzip a zip file. Please place the pspShape files in the required installation folder, see the location in the other pages If on CD, select and then drag the pspShape files to the required location in the preset shapes

fig. Flower design from flowers shapes pack. Easy to add a drop shadow to a vector design, simply apply with black or a color fill and then re-apply with the required color for the design. Change via the object menu

fig. Rosette design from the rosettes shapes pack

Shapes installation folder for Paint Shop Pro 速 PSP 8 9 X Photo X1 X2 For earlier versions of PSP (8 etc( Please place the pspShape files c:\program files\jasc software inc\Paint Shop Pro 8\presets shapes folder or equivalent Corel folder. You might prefer to keep some of the shape files in a separate folder and load as required. Once located in the shapes path, the shapes will be loaded into the PSP cache. The preset shapes folder (for X2 etc) is now located for XP in the [Documents and Settings ] [ My Documents ] [ My PSP files ] (or PSP 8 etc) files and preset shapes Another possible location is [ corel_11 ] folder (this is the one used by PSP for the shapes in Photo X2)

fig. This is one possible folder for the installation (please check the file > preferences > file locations section for preset shapes) and place the JSL or PSPshape files in that folder. Likewise, if you have gradients or tubes (psptube)

For Vista: Please go to your user folder and the Documents folder and place the preset shapes in the [ My PSP files ] preset shapes folder. Please contact me if you cannot locate the folder. However, a preferable approach to install the pspShape (or JSL) files to the location found in the Paint Shop Pro file > preferences > file locations for shapes (you need to start up PSP to find this location). Place the shapes there. You can also use this to setup an alternative location

fig. Place designs in the preset shapes folder (the exact location does vary from version to version and perhaps with Windows 7, it will all change again!!)

File location preferences You can always find the current location for the shapes via file > preferences > file locations. You can even set a new location for the shapes. You can also find the locations for the picture tubes, brushes, patterns, gradients etc

fig. Flowers design from the flowers shape set

fig. Find or set the installation folder for the preset shapes. (file > preferences > file locations and set the shapes)

fig. Flowers design from the flowers shape set, the petals etc can be re-colored etc

Presets shapes - use in Paint Shop Pro 速 Start-up PSP 8, 9, X, Photo X1 Photo X2 and select the Preset shape tool Select a shape from the dropdown list of shapes in the shapes palette. The shapes thumbnails are fairly small. Apply the preset shape tool using the current shape to the current document, you will see the shape in outline as you apply the shape

fig. Select the preset shapes tool

fig. Border design from the borders shapes pack

fig. View the preset shapes tool options (view menu if not displayed) and select the design from the browser - only those found in the current preset shapes path(s) will be displayed and available.

Single or multiple shapes You can apply a single shape and then use that in your design or you can use multiple shapes, just re-draw. Or mix shapes as required Please right click on the shape (in later versions or use the objects > properties command in PSP 8 etc) to select the properties for the shape and set the fill / material and stroke as required The style may retain the original preset style if the tool options for the shape is checked to ON for the ‘retain style’, otherwise the fill and stroke applied to the created shape is the current fill and stroke set via the materials palette fig. Change settings for the shapes via the objects menu

fig. Materials palette for the fill and strokes (swatches as well)

fig. Change stroke width etc

Fill / stroke and preset shapes Change the fill or stroke etc of the current shape via the properties dialog (materials). The shape can accept many different fills such as gradients and patterns and basic fills. The preset shape can also accept a stroke and a line style and width.

fig. Change color (fill and stroke etc) via properties found in the objects menu

fig. Border shape from the Borders shapes pack

fig. Change color, texture, gradient, pattern etc

Modify preset shapes The shapes can also be transformed (object selection tool) such as deforming the shape or applying perspective or rotating the shape The object selection tool has a number of options such as ‘center on canvas’, ‘make the same size’ etc commands.

fig. The shape can be rotated, scaled etc via the object selection tool

fig. Easter egg preset shape from the Easter Eggs pack

fig. The shape can be applied with perspective or sheared etc.

Pen tool and shapes The shape can be modified on a point by point basis (pen tool) You can create 1000s and 1000s of unique shape designs from a single starting point Or even take chunks out of the path by setting the tool to the cut option as well as adding to the path etc. Check out the pen tool options for many different settings.

fig. Use the pen tool to manipulate the vector design at a point to point level

fig. Knife tool to cut the path design

fig. Change the basic shape in 1000s of ways, create a vast range of new shapes from a single design

fig. The tool options for the pen tool is large: you can set to edit mode, draw mode, knife mode and much more. Add to the shape and change in many ways via the pen tool

Rasterization of shapes The shapes are resolution free (though the materials are not) and you might like to apply various effects or modify the color of the shape By unchecking the preset shapes option to ‘create as vector’ the design is created as a rasterized design, effects etc can be applied (such as blurs, etc) Alternatively, leave the design as a vector and then when applying any effect such as a blur, a dialog will appear and asks whether or not you want to convert the layer to a raster layer. Click OK. Or you can convert the layer to a raster layer via the layers menu > convert to raster layer

fig. If you have a vector shape and you just want to turn it into a raster layer go to the layers menu and select ‘convert to raster layer’

fig. To create as a raster shape in the first place, simply de-select the create as vector command in the preset shapes tool tool options

fig. When you apply an effect or some destructive option, you will see the following dialog appear asking whether or not you want to rasterize the vector shape

Apply effects to the shapes Once the shape has been rasterized, you can apply blurs / color effects etc to the shapes as well as export it to tubes / brushes etc

fig. Feedback effect applied to the preset shape

Non Exclusive use of shapes Please note that the shapes (from are all royalty-free, the copyright still resides with (c) 2006-2009 Abneil Software Ltd / Andrew Buckle (I created them all using various applications). Also, the shapes are non-exclusive so numerous people might use the same shape in an image or advertising project or as a background. There are a few restrictions on their use, please check the license details but basically you can use them in a lot of different commercial and hobby projects such as on packaging, in illustrations, web designs and a whole lot more.

EPS Shapes sets from may (or may not depending on the pack) include additional files in EPS format. They are also for royalty-free use. They can be installed in any folder, access them via file > open command

fig. Easter eggs preset shapes from the Easter Eggs shapes pack The designs can have a gradient etc applied via the object properties or materials

Brushes and shapes Create a shape using the shape tool and then flatten all layers. Use the export command to export preset shape image as a new brush. Note, there is a limitation on the size of the brush stroke. OR use just merge the design with the background and then select the design and then select a brush tool and go to the brush palette and click on the create brush tip from selection

fig. Draw shape and then merge and then select the design and then select the brush tool and go to the brushes palette and click the create brush tip from selection. OR use the export command to save as a new brush (file > export > custom brush)

fig. Flame preset shape

Tubes and shapes Preset shapes can also be used as a source for picture tubes. Rasterize the preset shape and then use the layer palette / selection and then export the shape as picture tube. Use the picture tube with the picture tubes tool Another approach is to use the selections menu and the command selection from vector object. Then use the promote selection command. Once you have that, you will see three entries. Remove the shape and the background layers and leave the promoted selection. Go to the export command and export the shape as a picture tube Apply the picture tube via the picture tubes tool

fig. Flames designs from the flames shapes pack.

Scripts and shapes Shapes can be used with scripts. Start recording and then apply shapes. Save the recording and re-use at a later time. The script can also be edited. Access scripts in the scripts-trusted (if you trust them) or scripts-restricted (limited options). Place them in the required folder, depending on level of trust / use Select script from drop down Run scripts by clicking the little arrow beside the script name

fig. Scripts currently available to PSP. Some of the sets come with scripts to generate thumbnails etc Place the scripts files if required in one of the script folders

fig. Flames design from the flames shape pack

Shapes and browser Use the browser to display the preset shapes designs. Select the folder containing the shapes, the browser will generate thumbnails of all the preset shapes. The shapes can then be printed etc

fig. To browse all the shapes (you can see them via the preset shapes toolbar - though only those that can be found in the shapes path), use the browse command.

fig. You can browse the current preset shapes folder but with the browse command (file > browse) you can also browse other shapes folders as well as tubes and other PSP tools

Serial numbers for shapes collection / packs Please store any serial numbers for reference and future updates or replacement CDs etc

Backup of preset shapes Please make a backup / multiple copies of the shapes to avoid any loss of shapes etc.

Installation issues If you have problems installing or using this product, please e-mail our tech support at

Comments about shapes If you have any suggestions to how we can improve our products or manual, please let me know

System requirements Supported: Version for Jasc / Corel ® Paint Shop Pro ® Photo X2 X1 X 9 8 (Windows ™ 98 ME NT XP Vista Windows 7)

Trademarks Paint Shop Pro and Corel are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation. We have no connection whatsoever with Corel. Corel product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from Corel Corporation

Copyright The shapes were designed by Andrew Buckle, and copyright 2005-2009 Andrew Buckle and Abneil Software ltd (depending on set / collection)

Company contact details Telephone UK 01622 688 375 Web site: e-mail:

fig. Hearts designs from the hearts preset shapes pack

Selection based on preset shape You can create a selection (for effects, fills etc) via the selections > from vector object menu command.

fig. If you want to use the shape as a source for a selection, then select the vector shape and then go to the selections menu and select ‘from vector object’

fig. The path now has a selection (marching ants)

Save as WMF (vector) / EMF The vector design can be saved as a vector (as a preset shape if required via the export command) as WMF format. The option for the WMF save allows for the vector information and bitmap information to be saved. The vector shape can also be saved as EMF format, generally resulting in a much better vector design than WMF

fig. To save the selected vector design as a vector shape (not a preset shape) for use in other applications, select the file > save and then select WMF or EMF (and perhaps others)

fig. Set options for the save, you need to save the vector information (though sadly there is no option for just the vector information)

Additional examples of shapes The following shapes are examples from the shapes packs found on (in the section for tools for Paint Shop Pro).

fig. Embellishment shapes pack 1

fig. Hearts designs from the hearts shape pack

fig. Hearts can be any color, not just red.

fig. Change the color of the design via the properties dialog, set fill and stroke etc

fig. Talk Balloons from the talk balloons preset shapes pack

fig. Cube preset shape from the cubes preset shapes pack

fig. Cube from cubes preset shapes pack

fig. Spiral scroll design from the embellish shape pack 2

fig. Embellishment preset shape from the embellish shapes pack 2

fig. Embellish shape from the Embellish shapes pack 3

fig. Floral shape from embellish shape pack 4

fig. Art nouveau shape from the embellish shape pack 5

fig. Embellish shape frame design from embellish shapes pack 5

Preset Shapes for Paint Shop Pro (R) Manual  

Manual / guide on the installation and how to use / tutorials preset shapes in Corel (R) Paint Shop Pro (R) Photo X2 X1 X 9 8: use as layers...

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