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CustomerRadio Intelligent feedback immediately

Intelligent feedback immediately

Customer conversation tailored to your brand Tune Into your customers

Verbal feedback, shareable via email, intranet and social media Verbal feedback straight from the heart

Very fast spinning thingy

Round the clock transcribing of audio


Criteria based alert emails (e.g. for low and high scores)


What is it?

Customer Radio is an easy-to-use, customer-friendly voice feedback program that lets you listen to the voice of your customer 24/7 from desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Intelligent feedback immediately

Why voice? People are naturally less inhibited giving verbal feedback and are less likely to self censor or summerise . As a result, you get the whole story. Voice feedback will give you insight into every aspect of your company’s performance, from the big picture down to the smallest detail.

Where do we start? We will work with you to develop a customer conversation that is engaging, concise and gets to the heart of your customer experience and brand. Then we record it in a voice that you choose. Your customers are invited to give feedback – they are only ever contacted with their permission.


How quickly will we get feedback? Customer Radio is super-fast. Our team of transcribers work around the clock so that you can access your customer feedback within minutes of a call being placed. We also have an alert system that ensures negative feedback is immediately brought to your attention, allowing you to intervene quickly when a customer has had a bad experience.

But won’t we get swamped? Not with our transcribers on the case. With an understanding of your business and a wealth of experience in dealing with voice feedback, they will prioritise the stuff you really need to hear.

Customer gives feedback


Any alerts are delivered immediately to the correct people

Get feedback straight to your mobile device


Browse feedback from your PC

Giving your business the information it requires to responded to your customers needs at the critical time


Intelligent feedback immediately

Case in point In Sheffield, England, a woman visiting her local pub has a good experience but for one thing – the pub is freezing and the staff on duty say there’s nothing they can do – the heating isn’t working. Based on this aspect alone, the customer decides she will never dine at the pub again. Luckily Customer Radio is on the job. As the unhappy customer leaves the pub she sees a

How easy is it, really? It really is super-easy. We put the effort in so that you and your customer don’t have to. We’ve even made Customer Radio mobile and tablet compatible so you can tune in at home, on the road… anywhere. And when you hear something that you want your boss, your sales and marketing staff or the whole company to know about, you can share and discuss it via email, intranet, or on social media.


poster inviting her to give feedback. Feeling frustrated by her experience she sends a text to the number supplied and immediately receives a call from Customer Radio. On the other end of her phone she hears the opening words of the pre-recorded dialogue, ‘Hello and thank you for agreeing to tell us about your experience…’ Now Customer Radio comes to the rescue. The customer’s low satisfaction rating triggers an alert straight to the manager of the pub and to head office. The heating fix is prioritised and the unhappy customer receives an apology and the offer of a complimentary drink the next time she visits.


To sum up Customer Radio requires minimal effort for you and your customer, but can help tune your staff and culture to focus on customer experience. Customer Radio delivers:

Let’s talk If you want to get tuned in to your customers now, we can help. Visit or email for more information.

• Customer conversation tailored to your brand • Verbal feedback straight from the heart • Curated Customer Radio feed tailored to each member of your team • Round the clock transcribing of audio • Criteria-based alert emails • Desktop, tablet and mobile access 24/7 • Shareable feedback via email, intranet and social media.

Customer Radio is brought to you by the team at Big Ears. Founded in 2004, Big Ears are experts in speech technology and linguistics. The team at Big Ears have helped clients in United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and New Zealand to improve their performance by listening better to the authentic voice of their customer.


Customer Radio  

Customer Radio is an easy-to-use, customer-friendly voice feedback program. Customers give feedback over the phone, making it easy, conveni...