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The Goal Isn’t Retiring From Something, It’s Retiring To Something.

Retirement isn’t a dollar amount. It’s a lifestyle. Well-deserved leisure. Or the realization of a life-long dream. We understand. And with a complete selection of investment and insurance solutions, plus local professionals with extensive industry experience, we can help you get there. Not by making your dreams fit a set model, but by making plans that fit your dreams. Start planning. Schedule a fast, free, no-obligation consultation today.

Retirement | Investments | Insurance | Planning Tulsa: 918.948.6925 | © BOSC, Inc. Securities offered through BOSC, Inc., a registered broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC and a subsidiary of BOK Financial Corporation. Advisory services offered through BOSC, Inc. d/b/a BOK Financial Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser. Investments and insurance are not insured by the FDIC; are not deposits or other obligations of, and are not guaranteed by, any bank or bank affiliate. All investments are subject to risk, including possible loss of principal.

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Children are the center of our universe. With an emphasis on family-centered care, The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis provides state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated staff to meet the medical needs of children. Approximately 95 pediatricians and 45 pediatric subspecialists work as a team, so you can rest assured your child will receive the most comprehensive medical care available in northeastern Oklahoma. The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis: specialized care for the children at the center of your universe.

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis 6161 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa, OK | 918-502-6000


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We make every effort to include all charitable events in the Tulsa and OKC metro areas, but some will inevitably be left out. We encourage organizations to submit or update events for 2014 throughout the year at, where you will also find the digital version of Social Datebook. To submit events for the 2015 Social Datebook, send to


In 2013, Oklahomans reached out to the victims of an outbreak of deadly tornados that hit the communities of Moore, El Reno and Shawnee in May. If no one knew the capacity for generosity common to Oklahoma residents before, they soon were enlightened by the outpouring of support, time and funds to help those who lost everything. It’s that kind of compassion that makes Oklahoma uniquely giving, and Oklahoma Magazine honors this spirit. With this pride in mind, we present the 2014 Social Datebook, an annual guide to charity events in greater Tulsa and Oklahoma City. As the economy rebuilds itself, families still struggle because of job loss and other circumstances. Many times, they turn to nonprofit organizations offering help for needs as basic as food, clothing and shelter. In turn, these organizations require support from their communities. That’s where Oklahoma’s philanthropic soul shines. Organizations schedule fundraising events, such as banquets, 5k runs, golf tournaments, concerts and auctions. Whether the need is to provide meals, rebuild homes, fund medical research, enhance education or maintain the integrity of our arts and science institutions, Oklahoma is always there. The 2014 Social Datebook exists with the giving spirit in mind. In these pages, you will read about how local businesses join the effort to give back to their communities as well as the basics of philanthropic giving. You will also find our registry of charitable events in 2014. I hope you will find this guide a useful tool in your decision to give in your own way. After all, giving is good for the heart, plus it can be a lot of fun, as you are sure to discover. Vida Schuman Publisher and Founder


An opportunity to be there.


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John and Julie Nickel, Janet McGehee and Bryan Close. Pink Ribbon Event, Oklahoma Project Woman.


How Business Gives Back Oklahoma companies show their generosity in many ways.

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10 Making Dollars Count Before giving to a charitable organization, there are several things to consider.



14 Get Social Media-savvy marketers weigh in on how to bring attention to an organization through social networking.

16 2014 Social Datebook Registry – Tulsa 26 2014 Social Datebook Registry – Oklahoma City 4


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Call (918) 744-1113 to book your next event.

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How Business Gives Back Oklahoma companies show their generosity in many ways.

You don’t have to think much beyond recent memory to know that Oklahomans are generous folks. The colossal outpouring of support in donations and volunteer hours for victims of the May and June tornadoes that struck central and western Oklahoma was solid evidence of that. So it should come as no surprise to learn that many Oklahoma-owned companies and corporations also give back to their state and local communities through monetary donations and exceptional volunteer work.

A Slice of the Pie Tulsa-based Bama Companies looks at its philanthropic work not only as a way to give back to the community, but also as a 6

long-term investment for the future. The company concentrates its charitable work on organizations that focus efforts on helping women, youth and education. “We try to focus on organizations that will ultimately lift up the community, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it can also support our business,” says Colleen McCarty, communications specialist at Bama. “If we’re involved in education, in the long run, some of those kids that benefited from those programs will be more suited to participate in our community and maybe work with us in some capacity.” One of the largest projects that Bama participates in is Christmas Stars. Employees


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GableGotwals Welcomes the Glass Law Firm to our Team. The Glass Law Firm brings their expertise to GableGotwals, particularly in the health care industry. The group is also recognized for their experience in the areas of banking/corporate finance; business transactions and ventures; real estate; employment law; tax; estate planning and probate; representations before administrative/government agencies; commercial litigation; workouts and bankruptcy. Welcome to the GableGotwals team.


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at Bama sponsor between 65-70 children and older adults through several organizations to provide them with Christmas gifts. Those organizations are the Salvation Army Angel Tree, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services’ Christmas for Kids program, Women in Recovery and Bama’s Partners in Education school, Lanier Elementary. Involvement in the community is widespread at Bama, from upper management to hourlywage employees.

Granting Help Tulsa-based Williams Companies provides a direct way for employees to get resources for nonprofit organizations, even offering employees the opportunity to apply for grants from the company’s programs to help nonprofits. Through a matching gifts program, Williams will match an employee’s community contributions to a tax-exempt organization dollar-for-dollar in amounts of $25-$10,000 per year. The company made significant contributions toward Oklahoma’s recent disaster relief efforts. “During the May 2013 tornadoes that impacted western Oklahoma, the Williams Matching Gifts program allowed for a 2-for-1 match for all donations made toward tornado relief,” says Alison Anthony, president of the Williams Foundation, the company’s nonprofit affiliate organization. The company will also match gifts from Williams’ retirees, up to $5,000 annually. “Since 2011, we have matched more than 10,000 gifts made by employees and retirees, totaling almost $4 million,” Anthony says. Employees who are active volunteers with nonprofits can also apply for a Williams Homegrown Giving Grant ranging from $100 to $5,000 to aid organizations. Since 2011, Williams has provided approximately $1.8 million to 80 communities across Oklahoma and the country. 8

Full Stomachs Around three-and-a-half years ago, Reasor’s Foods Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Lehto got an idea from one of Reasor’s competitors when he saw that company offering discounts when customers utilized reusable grocery bags and offering customers the option to donate savings to charity. Reasor’s began a similar program, giving customers the option to donate their discounts to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma’s Food For Kids Backpack program for local children in low-income families. The program sends a child home on Friday with enough food to eat through the weekend. Since Reasor’s reusable bag promotion began more than three years ago, the company has donated more than $60,000 to the food bank program. Reasor’s has a longstanding relationship with Tulsa’s food bank, having supported it in various ways for many years. “Eileen Bradshaw (executive director of CFBEO) told me she thinks we’ve given more than one million pounds of food,” says Lehto. “When we recently purchased Food Pyramid stores in Oklahoma, any item we didn’t carry in our stores we donated. It was over 100 pallets of food.” Reasor’s also contributes heavily to the Food Bank’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive as well as the citywide Food2Families drive with KJRH, Channel 2. Lehto hopes to eventually get his competitors on board with these programs. “One of my hopes is that it won’t be (only) Reasor’s, it will be every supermarket in the city’s involvement,” says Lehto. “At the end of the day, it’s not about Reasor’s, it’s about getting some food into the hands of those who can really use it.” MORGAN BROWNE


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Making Dollars Count Before giving to a charitable organization, there are several things to consider. Navigating the world of charitable giving can be daunting. From the seemingly innumerable organizations that appreciate donations and value support, how do you choose the right one?

Do Your Research Marnie Taylor, CEO of the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, says that many of the most 10

effective nonprofits have similar values for which donors can look. “Some of the best nonprofits share qualities like transparency with donors and clients, practicing good board governance, keeping abreast to changes within the sector and the ability to perform essential functions necessary to fulfill their vision and mission,� Taylor says.


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-- Anne Frank 12/19/13 10:45 AM

Potential donors can easily locate an organization’s financial and audited statements, as well as its list of board of directors. “Also, many funders in Oklahoma have now been asking if nonprofits completed Standards for Excellence training,” she adds. This accountability training offers 55 principles that nonprofits should apply to demonstrate the highest level of efficacy. Taylor recommends online resources like GuideStar, Network for Good, Give Smart OKC, Charity Navigator and the Oklahoma Secretary of State website for information like basic statistics and rankings. Another research resource is the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, Inc. Kitt Letcher, CEO of the Oklahoma City BBB, says the agency’s website has a directory of nonprofits that have been screened and vetted through BBB’s review process. Echoing some of Taylor’s ideas, Letcher identifies transparency and accountability as the most important nonprofit qualities. She also adds that choosing a charity is a personal decision, and that she likes to examine an organization’s expenses. “I also look to see if that program is being duplicated,” Letcher says. “Are there four nonprofits in our community doing the exact same thing? If so, are they working together to get the most bang for my buck?”

Make Giving Easy For donors who maybe can’t decide on just one nonprofit, giving to the United Way could be the best option. “Giving to United Way is a way to have a broad impact,” says Brent Ortolani, vice president of marketing for the Tulsa Area United Way. “We understand that people might not have time to go out and vet other agencies. But our donors know that all 62 of our partner agencies have been scrutinized.” 12

Ortolani says that United Way demands effectiveness from its partners. “Most of all, we look at the impact that an agency has on the community,” Ortolani says. “And we look for the organization’s ability to demonstrate this impact in measurable outcomes.” The TAUW works to help make giving easy. “It’s convenient. We can arrange for payroll deductions or create pledge or payment plans,” Ortolani says. “In a way, giving to United Way is like outsourcing your giving.” Letcher adds that setting up an automatic transfer of money can also ease the transition of the monetary transaction. “Regular contributions that come out of your bank account or through workplace giving are typically the easiest and most convenient ways to contribute without feeling the pinch,” Letcher says. “Think about the things you spend money on daily that you could go without. How much money do you spend on things you don’t need, like soft drinks?”

Where It Matters Letcher says that each dollar counts when it’s given to a worthy organization. “Start with something small that you probably won’t miss. Contributions don’t have to be huge to make a difference, but every dollar does make a difference, and it may be (that) one more person is helped because of your contribution,” she says. So no matter how you choose to give or the amount of the gift, all agree that any donation to a vetted and trusted nonprofit can help at any time. Of course, Letcher adds, money is not the only thing that can be given. “Time and talent from volunteers can be just as valuable as monetary donations,” Letcher says. MEGAN MORGAN


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Get Social Media-savvy marketers weigh in on how to bring attention to your organization through social networking. For many nonprofits, events are critical to sustainability and success. Events can raise awareness for an organization and its mission. But, of course, the right kind of event can also raise what every nonprofit could use more of: Money. But even a perfectly planned fundraising event will not be successful without the implementation of marketing strategies.

Are You Branded? David Baroccio, events coordinator of the Oklahoma City Ballet, advises that a new and original event should be designed to be inclusive. “The event should stir support not only from people not currently associated with [the organization], but also entice people who are regular attendees and supporters,” he says. “These supporters should be encouraged to bring friends who are excited about your cause.” One of Oklahoma City Ballet’s marketing techniques appeals to that inclusivity, spreading a message that ballet events simply must be attended, he says. This is a part of the organization’s branding technique – a marketing strategy that unites all components of a message, from the wording to its physical appearance. Branding can help make a nonprofit’s event 14

instantly recognizable and memorable. For the ballet, the general branding messaging works hand-in-hand with the details of an event, such as the look and wording of all advertising media, including social media.

In The Network “Social media has been such a useful tool to us,” Baroccio says. “During holidays and large sporting events, we utilize branded content to help push our brand across to people who would not ordinarily ‘like’ us online.” Baroccio refers to the social media site Facebook, where pages and profiles are not limited to individuals. Groups and organizations can create a profile to gather fans who “like” an organization’s page and who can follow all its posts. Other social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, can also be used to gather new followers while keeping current supporters in the loop. Many of these social media sites now include ways to post a message or photo across all the sites at once, saving time and getting the brand out to an even greater audience. Other new social networking avenues, such as the video-sharing app Vine, piggyback from an existing site. Malcolm McCollam, executive director of


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Saint Francis Tulsa Tough, the annual three-day cycling event held each June, also stresses the importance of marketing and advertising a nonprofit’s mission through online media. “Our outreach campaign is almost exclusively through social media,” McCollam says. People look to social media for many different things, says Joy McGill, St. John Health System media relations and marketing manager. “The public now relies on social media to assist with their decisions, and that includes choices in health care,” McGill says. “Social media gives us the opportunity to get targeted messages out more quickly and to more people.” McGill says social media can also enable supporters to market the organization themselves. “Social media provides an outlet to help our patients share their health stories and give others hope who may be in similar situations,” McGill says.

Outside Thinking St. John doesn’t rely exclusively on social media for marketing. The organization hosts an annual fundraising event in early summer called Street Party, a festive outdoor soiree for supporters offering exciting foods from some of Tulsa’s favorite restaurants along with live music. This event takes the mission of the hospital and health system, literally, to the streets. At Tulsa Tough, McCollam says the marketing team emphasizes quality in its message and delivery. “We attempt to create valuable content and find a way to reach our target audience rather than using a shotgun approach with traditional advertising,” McCollam says. So, while every nonprofit organization and benefit event is different, one rule remains consistent: Thinking outside the box can go a long way towards getting noticed. MEGAN MORGAN


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Bishop Kelley Trivia Night Jan. 25 Bishop Kelley High School Teams of trivia buffs do battle at Bishop Kelley High School for the annual game supporting the school’s programs. www.




Price Tower Gala

Jan. 25 Price Tower Arts Center “Bau” is in the “Haus” at the Bartlesville Community Center for the annual splash featuring dinner, dancing and live and silent auctions for the art center.

Rooftop Rendezvous

TULSA January A Storybook Gala

Jan. 10 The Gatesway Foundation Celebrate 50 years with the organization helping adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities at a fantastic gala at the Mayo Hotel. www.

Oklahoma Wedding Show Jan. 18 Oklahoma Magazine An exquisite wedding begins at Expo Square’s Central Park

Jan. 30 Domestic Violence Intervention Services Young professionals gather for cheers and fun to support DVIS services.

Hall, where brides meet with the top vendors in wedding apparel, florists, event planners, caterers and representatives from amazing venues and accommodations. www.

Toyland Ball

Jan. 18 Parent Child Center of Tulsa The organization’s biggest gala welcomes in a new year with cocktails, dinner, live auction and dancing to live music at the Cox Business Center.

February Bowl for Kids’ Sake

FebruaryApril Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Teams raise money for the organization and enjoy fun at the lanes with pizza and prizes.

Holland Hall Trivia Night Feb. 1 Holland Hall Alumni Association Sharpen your trivia game for the annual challenge at Holland Hall.

Tulsa Heart Ball Feb. 1 American Heart Association Your participation at this grand soiree at the Expo Square Exchange Center supports the campaign for heart health. National Wear Red Day Feb. 7 American Heart Association

Single in the City

Feb. 4 Oklahoma Magazine sponsors the event at the IDL Ballroom featuring some of Oklahoma’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, each auctioned off to benefit a good cause.

Lunar New Year Celebration Feb. 8 Dillon International Inc. The international adoption organization celebrates at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa with adoptive families, staff and friends.

A Taste of Tulsa

Feb. 8 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Tulsa’s finest restaurants bring their best to the Cox Business Center along with exciting auction packages, live music and dancing for the event’s 30th anniversary.

Just a Little Valentine

Feb. 8 Crosstown Learning Center Romance is the topic of the night over dinner with a little dancing at the John Rucker Warehouse in downtown Tulsa to benefit the center’s education programs. www.

Wild Hearts Ball Feb. 8 Oklahomans for Equality Dance away the night at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center’s annual affair of the heart. Girls Scouts of Eastern

Jake Henry Jr., Kathy Henry, Suzanne Warren, Cathey Barkley and Mike Barkley. Painted Pony Ball, the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis.


Oklahoma Cookie Sale Feb. 8-March 23 Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Six varieties of cookies – six weeks goes by so quickly. 800.707.9914


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My Furry Valentine Feb. 9 StreetCats, Inc. Helping stray and homeless cats find good homes has never been sweeter with this fundraiser serving desserts, wine and coffee at the Tulsa Historical Society. Heart of Henry

Feb. 11 Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Join the center for dinner and an awards ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa honoring QuikTrip’s Chester Cadieux for compassion and dedication to Tulsa and community. www.

Barry & Buddies

Feb. 21 Signature Symphony Join the symphony and artistic director Barry Epperley for an evening of big band entertainment and history at Cain’s Ballroom.

Icons & Idols 2014

Feb. 22 Tulsa Ballet Visit “Swinging London” at this night of vogue cocktails, dinner and exclusive dance performances from the ranks of Tulsa Ballet at the Cox Business Center.

Feb. 11 2-1-1 Helpline Dine out at participating restaurants, and a portion of proceeds will go to the organization.

Winterset Feb. 22 Clarehouse, Emergency Infant Services, etc. Osteopathic Founders Foundation’s winter gala returns to the DoubleTree by Hilton-Warren Place with great food and entertainment. www.

Street Party 2014

Feb. 13 Street School Get ready to party at the Cox Business Center to benefit programming at Tulsa’s alternative high school. www.

Holland Hall Book Fair

Buttercup Bash Feb. 15 Tulsa Boys’ Home The sixth annual cocktail charity event hosted by the Junior Women’s Association of the Tulsa Boys’ Home brings Vegas-themed fun to the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame with drinks, food, betting, a silent auction, dancing and glamour.

Polar Plunge Feb. 22 Special Olympics Oklahoma Brave souls go for a dip in frigid waters to support the athletes of SOOK. www.

2-1-1 Day of Dining

Cooking Up Compassion

Feb. 15 Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Tulsa Meet Tulsa’s favorite chefs and enjoy what they’ve cooked up at the Cox Business Center.

Tulsa Area United Way Annual Meeting Feb. 18 Tulsa Area United Way The organization thanks contributors who make its fundraising campaigns successful at the Cox Business Center.

Puttin’ on the Dog Feb. 20 LIFE Senior Services Dinner, entertainment and auctions highlight a memorable night at the Cox Business Center.

Feb. 22 Holland Hall School The 54th annual sale of donated media and goods such as DVDs, rare books, toys and games will be at Holland Hall.

Post Oak Lodge Challenge Feb. 22-23 Tulsa Boys’ Home, Oklahoma Botanical Garden The event for elite runners benefits organizations. www.

Sip for Sight Patron Diner Feb. 27 Prevent Blindness Oklahoma You’re invited to the multicourse meal created by a local celebrity chef and wine tasting event, a prelude to the Sip for Sight Gala on March 1. www.

Blank Canvas 2013

Feb. 28 Youth Services of Tulsa Great chefs whip up great fun at the Cox Business Center with surprise ingredients and an audience eager to try it out.

Charles and Peggy Stephenson. 2013 Vintage Tulsa: The Oil Barons Ball, Tulsa Historical Society.

Mentorship Luncheon

Feb. 28 Junior League of Tulsa Bama Companies CEO Paula Marshall is the guest speaker for this special luncheon at Southern Hills Country Club celebrating the power of mentorship on youth. www.

CASA Casino: Win for Kids Feb. 28 Tulsa CASA Casino games and auctions of great items are served along with a fine dinner at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa to benefit Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and its work on behalf of children.

Crime Commission Wine Dinner Feb. TBA Crime Prevention Network Arrive with an appetite as Tulsa police and firefighters wait tables for tips that go to the organization’s programs. www.

March Ninth Annual Lexus Raffle March 1 Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma Buy your tickets for a chance to win a new Lexus from Lexus of Tulsa and Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City. www.

Tulsa Coffee Crawl March 1 Volunteer Tulsa Get in line for the three Cs (caffeine, carbs, chocolate) at local coffee shops for this fun tour of Tulsa. Black & White Ball March 1 Junior League of Tulsa Black tie and mask are the night’s uniform at the annual dinner with cocktails, live auctions and dancing. www. Sip For Sight Gala March 1 Prevent Blindness Oklahoma The night of fun and wine tasting benefits the organization, which provides vision screening for children and vouchers for exams and glasses. www.


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Gospel, Grits & Gershwin March 1 Booker T. Washington Foundation for Excellence Breakfast is served at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame for this annual fundraiser for Booker T. Washington High School at Greenwood Cultural Center.

Kingpins for Kids

March 3 Operation Aware of Oklahoma The organization bringing positive programs and education to area youth hits the Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge with games and music for supporters.

Tulsa Memory Gala

March 6 Alzheimer’s Association Join the experience of fine dining, wine, entertainment and more at the Cox Business Center.

Red Ribbon Gala March 8 Tulsa CARES Auctions, entertainment and dining at the Cox Business Center benefits the mission to prevent the spread of HIV and offer support for those living with it.

54th Opera Ball March 8 Tulsa Opera Black tie is the dress for this night of debutantes, squires and live performances as part of the evening’s special entertainment.

Dream Builders Gala March 8 Habitat for Humanity Dinner and silent and live auctions highlight the benefit at Southern Hills Country Club.

Birthday Bash March 9 Total Source for Hearing-loss and Access Get your fill of soups, breads and desserts at the annual benefit event for services to the deaf and hard of hearing.

Fur Ball Gala March 8 Oklahoma Alliance for Animals The benefit event aids OAA’s mission to end pet over population and promote the humane treatment of animals. www.

Souper Sunday: Dr. Seuss

St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run March 15 Special Olympics Oklahoma Find your mark and get ready for the 32nd run through Tulsa’s Brookside district and help SOOK athletes.

Garden Party March 22 Little Light House Brunch is served with a side of silent and live auctions at the Cox Business Center to support the school for children with disabilities. Abersons & Friends Warehouse Sale March 26-28 Family & Children’s Services Purchase designer clothing, home décor items and more from select retailers at a discount that benefits Family & Children’s Services. www.

Celebrate Life Gala

March 28 Crisis Pregnancy Outreach The organization helping mothers in need and their children with the basics holds its big fundraiser at the Glenpool Conference Center. www.

Live From the Red Carpet: Mizel Goes Hollywood March 29 Mizel Jewish Community Day School The fun begins with a reception and includes dinner and entertainment with a touch of movie glamour at the Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills.

Isaac Rocha, Vida Schuman and Rodney Bryan Pratz. Red Ribbon Gala, Tulsa CARES.


Wine, Women & Shoes March 29 YWCA Tulsa Join the mix of fine wine, good company and stylish footwear at the benefit at Expo Square Central Park Hall. www.

CAN Superhero Chal-

lenge March 30 Child Abuse Network “Everyone Can Be a Kid Again” at the Post Oak Lodge, where you’ll find the 5k run and other events.

April Spring Luncheon April 3 Tulsa Boys’ Home The annual luncheon and fundraiser includes a fashion show along with dinner, entertainment, silent auction and great prizes at Oaks Country Club. Tulsa’s New Leaders April 3 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation The premier black-tie gala honors Tulsa’s rising new leaders with dinner, music and an auction benefiting the organization at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. FTS Showcase Gala

April 4 Foundation for Tulsa Schools Support students of Tulsa Public Schools through the foundation’s efforts and this special gala of dinner, wine and more at Southern Hills Country Club. www.

Sweet Cravings

April 4 Margaret Hudson Program Sweet or savory, the scrumptious delights at this annual benefit helping pregnant teens and teen mothers continue their education is for grown-ups only and at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa. sweet-cravings

Woman of the Year Luncheon April 4 Tulsa Panhellenic Council “Greek Leaders: Past, Present & Future” is the theme of the annual luncheon at Tulsa Country Club benefiting scholarships and the Tulsa Public Schools Eyeglass Fund. www.


Social Datebook Master 2014.indd 18

12/19/13 4:58 PM

Carnivale 25

Spring Into Jazz Gala April 24 Tulsa Chapter of the Links Inc. The local organization will honor outstanding individuals and organizations in the community at a gala at the Renaissance Hotel. www.

April 5 Mental Health Association Oklahoma The 25th anniversary masquerade ball relishes in high style at the Cox Business Center with great food and items for auction.

March for Babies April 5 March of Dimes Oral Roberts University. www.

Green Leaf Gala April 25 Up With Trees You could plant a tree, or you could be part of this annual soiree that benefits tree-planting programs and community improvements.

MS Walk Tulsa April 5 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Join the walk to fund research of multiple sclerosis. www.

The Monarch Ball

April 25 Domestic Violence Intervention Service The “Wings of Change” are on the wind at the annual gala, this year booked at the Cox Business Center. www. dvis.orgd

Juliette Lowe Leadership Society Luncheon April 9 Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Help girls become leaders of courage, confidence and character. Luncheon will be held at Southern Hills Country Club with special guest speaker Liz Murray, who was accepted into Harvard University when she was homeless during her high school years.

Red Cross Rescue Gala April 10 Tulsa Area Chapter American Red Cross Dinner, a live auction, raffle and the Red Cross Awards are planned for this special night at the Cox Business Center.

Time of Your LIFE Concert and Dance April 11 LIFE Senior Services Join the organization at Greenwood Cultural Center for cocktails, appetizers, music, dancing and fun. www.


April 11 Gilcrease Museum The work of renowned Western artists Ross Matteson and Greg Beecham highlight the special art sale and reception at the museum. The exhibit runs April 10-July 13. www.

SpringFest Garden Market & Festival April 11-12 Tulsa Garden Center You’ll find more than just advice to make your garden

Bishop Kelley Dinner and Auction April 25

Mark Graham, Bill and Susan Thomas. Alexis de Tocqueville, Tulsa Area United Way. beautiful at the plant, arts and crafts market that includes entertainment and activities at the Tulsa Garden Center. www.

Tulsa Heart Walk April 12 American Heart Association Get moving to ONEOK Field for fitness, activities and support of AHA’s work. ONE Awards

April 12 Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits The organization will honor outstanding nonprofit group at Southern Hills Country Club. www.

Herb Day in Brookside

April 12 Brookside Business Association Celebrate spring at the annual outdoor garden market event in Brookside. www.

Fight for Air Climb April 12 American Lung Association Go the distance in this race up 50 flights of stairs in the BOK Tower. Chefs for the Cure April 19 Susan G. Komen for the Cure The annual taste of style

event is hosted by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Third Annual Tee Off for Town & Country Golf Tournament April 21 Town & Country School Flights start early to benefit the school.

Musical Mondays April 21-July 18 LIFE Senior Services The popular concert series takes place at Cascia Hall Performing Arts Center. www. Dining Out for Life April 24 Health Outreach Prevention Education Great dining and more wait at participating area restaurants, donating a portion of sales for the night to H.O.P.E. and the prevention of HIV and AIDS. Strings and Dreams April 24 Midwest Harp Academy Make a reservation for this night of dinner and auctions with stellar entertainment. www.midwestharpacademy. com

Bishop Kelley High School This fun event for student families, alumni and supporters takes place at the school’s campus.

Designer Showcase 2014 April 25-May 18 Foundation for Tulsa Schools The 41st annual event transforms the historic Sherman House with specially decorated rooms in this benefit helping Tulsa Public Schools students. www.foundationfortulsaschools. org

Celebrate Cascia

April 26 Cascia Hall Preparatory School The school invites families, alumni and friends to celebrate at Southern Hills Country Club.

Dance of the Two

Moons April 26 Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa Dinner, dancing and auctions of great packages are the night’s entertainment at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in support the of IHCRC pediatric health services.


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J.W. and Mollie Craft, Talmadge Powell and Todd Pyland. Carnivale, Mental Health Association Oklahoma.

Aviator Ball 2014

April 26 Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium Another great night of fine dining with wine and entertainment takes off on the north end of Tulsa International Airport’s runway. www.

Wish Upon a Par Golf Tournament April 28

2014 Equality Gala

Empty Bowls

April 26 Oklahomans for Equality The celebration of equality features a gala of dining, dancing and more at the Cox Business Center.

Pink Rose Luncheon April 26 Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast cancer survivors and supporters are honored at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa. www. CANdlelight Ball

April 26 Child Abuse Network Dine by candlelight in the historic Mayo Hotel for one unforgettable night that starts with champagne and cocktails.

A New Leaf Garden Fest April 26 A New Leaf The organization brings back arts and crafts vendors for the spring plants and gardening event.

Artscape April 27 Tristesse Grief Center Art and festivities highlight Artscape at Tulsa’s Summit Club to benefit grief advocacy programs


Make-A-Wish Oklahoma The annual event at Golf Club of Oklahoma raises money for the organization making dreams come true for children with life-threatening illnesses. April 29 Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma Savory soups and salads are just the beginning of a night that includes silent and live auctions and a raffle to benefit the food bank’s mission. www.okfoodbankorg

Tatas & Tinis April TBA Oklahoma Project Woman The cocktail-themed party is presented by the Peggy V. Helmerich Women’s Health Center at Hillcrest Medical Center and Oklahoma Project Woman. www.

Family & Children’s Services You know the dress code for this fundraiser soiree at The Vault for the organization’s services to the community.


Man & Woman of the Year Grand Finale May 2

24th Business Excellence Dinner May 1

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Junior Achievement Tulsa The organization honors Jeff Reasor (Reasor’s Foods) and celebrates with a cocktail reception, silent auction and dinner at the Cox Business Center to support its scholarship fund.


May 2 Tulsa Artists’ Coalition This show of small-scale works creates big impact for art collectors and the TAC Gallery in the Brady Arts District. Show runs through May 24. www.

White Party: Havana Nights May 2

Philbrook Wine Experi-

ence May 2-3 Philbrook Museum of Art Sip and savor distinct and unique wines from around the world at the museum’s oneof-a-kind tasting event. www. Run for the Roses May 3 Tulsa Boys’ Home Designer hats are just part of the attraction of this Kentucky Derby-themed party and auction at the Expo Square Pavilion for the Tulsa Boys’ Home.

Ben Stewart and Christopher Murphy. Red Ribbon Gala, Tulsa CARES.

Savoring Sister Cities

April 29 Tulsa Global Alliance Sample parts of Tulsa’s eight international sister cities at one event at the Hardesty Arts Center.

Knock Out Violence AprilSeptember Domestic Violence Intervention Services Make a pledge of support to DVIS for every home run hit by the Tulsa Drillers during the regular season. 17th Annual Rebuild Day April TBA Rebuilding Together Tulsa Join the effort and work in teams to repair and make home safe and secure for low-income individuals and families in Tulsa. www.rebuildingtogethertulsa. org


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Give Our Regards to Barry May 22

Brainiac Ball

Signature Symphony This big gala night at the Cox Business Center features Broadway legend Bernadette Peters in a salute to artistic director and conductor Barry Epperley on his retirement.

April Taylor, Bob Costas and Jim Taylor. William Booth Society Dinner, Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command.

Living with Diabetes Expo May 3 American Diabetes Association The day of information for patients, caregivers and supporters will be at the Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills.

Tulsa Boys’ Home Golf Classic May 5-6 Tulsa Boys’ Home The 34th annual fundraiser tees off with snacks, drinks and prizes through the day at Patriot Golf Club in Owasso.

Goodwill Industries Annual Awards Luncheon May 6 Goodwill Industries of Tulsa Outstanding individuals and organizations will be honored at the Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills. 918.584.7291

Go Red for Women Luncheon May 9 American Heart Association Enjoy a special luncheon at Expo Square’s Central Park Hall with great company to support the prevention of heart disease and stroke in women. www.

The CF Golf Classic May 12 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Presented by Lexus Champions for Charity and Lexus of Tulsa, enjoy a day of golf at Cedar Ridge Country Club. Operation Art

May 15 Operation Aware of Oklahoma Students and artists collaborate on works. www.operationaware. org

Rhinestone Cowboy May 15 Volunteers of America of Oklahoma Glitz up the boots and a pair of jeans for a night of entertainment and fun with the Volunteers of America at the Renaissance Hotel. www. Mayfest May 15-18 Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Downtown Tulsa comes alive again for the annual celebration of art and entertainment with activities, food, music and more. Center Polo Classic

May 17 The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges Enjoy the sport of kings with tailgating, fashion, champagne and divot stomping with the Arrowhead Polo Club of Tulsa.

Great Strides Walk

May 17 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Supporting the search to find a cure for cystic fibrosis is as easy as a walk at Centennial Park.

2014 Promise Ball May 17 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation An elegant evening brings supporters together with auctions and a message at the Cox Business Center.

Senior Star Round Up

May 25

LIFE Senior Services Western swing rules the dance floor at Cain’s Ballroom once more at this special event benefiting the senior services organization. www.seniorline. org

Palmer’s An Evening with the Pioneer Woman May 29 Palmer Continuum of Care Author, Food Network star and Oklahoma resident Ree Drummond is the guest of honor at the gala at the Cox Business Center benefiting substance abuse treatment services.

Iron Gate Founders’ Dinner May 29 Iron Gate The organization feeding the hungry in Tulsa recognizes those who have helped Iron Gate with dinner at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Relay for Life May 30 American Cancer Society Run to fund research to cure cancer and educate communities about preventing it. Relay takes place at the Guthrie Green. tulsaok

May 31 Family & Children’s Services Get your thinking cap on for the challenge that includes a live auction of items, dinner and entertainment at the Cox Business Center. www.

Tour de Cure Tulsa May 31 American Diabetes Association Choose your route and go the distance on your bike to raise money for diabetes research and community education. The event will begin at Hillcrest Hospital South. www.diabetes. org/tulsa Harwelden Awards May TBA Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa The council honors artists and arts supporters at Harwelden Mansion. Harwelden Gala May TBA Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa The council holds a fundraiser to benefit the arts in Tulsa. William Booth Society Annual Benefit Dinner

May TBA Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command The annual gala welcomes a great keynote speaker and honors supporters over dinner at the Cox Business Center.

Lea and Hans Helmerich. Western Days, Saint Simeon’s.

Fore the House Celebrity Golf Classic May 18-19 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tulsa Tulsa Sports Charities presents a weekend featuring NFL players, college coaches, golf pros and Heisman Trophy winners. Event includes a VIP party and golf at Cedar Ridge Country Club.


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Madonna House Tea and Fashion Show May TBA

Demand Project Second Annual Golf Tournament June 6

Catholic Charities Madonna House Tea is served, along with family fun, to benefit programs aiding women in crisis pregnancy.

The Demand Project Take a stand against sexual exploitation of children. Golf tournament benefiting the mission will be at the Tulsa Country Club.

Home Run for the Homeless May TBA Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless Tulsa celebrities play ball at ONEOK Field for the audience in the annual fundraiser for the center sheltering Tulsa’s homeless.

June Brookside Rumble & Roll June 5 Make-A-Wish Oklahoma The 13th annual motorcycle rally and street party begins at the University of Tulsa and ends, as always, in hopping Brookside.

2014 Vintage Tulsa: The Oil

Barons Ball June 6 Tulsa Historical Society Dress for a formal dinner and dancing straight out of era of Tulsa’s oil giants when THS hosts a sophisticated and modern evening sponsored by Oklahoma Magazine. www. Saint Francis Tulsa Tough June 6-8 The big bike festival that’s for competitive riders as well as those who pedal for recreation returns.

St. John Street Party

June 7 St. John Cancer Programs Favorite, local restaurants bring their best to this event at St. John Medical Center that

includes wine tasting and the Fabulous Mid Life Crisis Band. streetparty

Top of the Town June 12 Child Care Resource Center of Tulsa The sixth annual event once more takes guest to the rooftops of Tulsa’s tallest buildings, where great food, views and company wait. www. The Most Amazing Race June 14 Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command The scavenger hunt-adventure race takes participants around downtown Tulsa. www.uss.

Tee21 Golf Tournament June 14 Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa Play will be at Meadowbrook Country Club.

Links for Little Ones Golf Tournament June 16 The Little Light House Golf at Southern Hills Country Club benefits the school for children with special needs.

23rd Annual Golf Classic June 16 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Takes place at Golf Club of Oklahoma in Broken Arrow.

25th Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Awards June 16 Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation The Rotary Club recognizes exceptional athletes’ exemplary citizenship and community leaders at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center.

Waltz on the Wild Side June 20 Tulsa Zoo This fundraiser brings to the Tulsa Zoo the best food, drinks and entertainment to make you waltz like an animal. www.

Francie Faudree, Charles Faudree and Bill Carpenter. Red Ribbon Gala, Tulsa CARES.


Cups & Cuffs June 23 Crime Prevention Network Head for Oaks Country Club

Ree Drummond and Jo Lynne Jones. Boots and Ball Gowns Gala, Infant Crisis Services. and play for safe neighborhoods.

Youth at Heart Charity Golf Tournament June 23 Youth at Heart Swing for kids at the Golf Club of Oklahoma, Broken Arrow.

RSVP’s Somewhere in Time Gala June 28 Retired Senior Volunteer Program Join the fun for “Paris When it Sizzles” at the Hard Rock Tulsa Hotel & Casino, where auctions and entertainment benefit RSVP and its volunteer services for seniors. www.

Chip in to Rebuild

June TBA Rebuilding Together Tulsa The fourth annual golf tournament benefit the organization’s work to help low-income people and families with home repairs will take place. www.

July Boys & Girls Club of Metro Tulsa Charity Golf Tournament July 21 Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command The big play takes place at the Tulsa Country Club and supports programming at six Tulsa Salvation Army Boys & Girls clubs. www.uss.salvationarmy. org


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Odyssey de Culinaire Tulsa July 31 Oklahoma Restaurant Association Oklahoma City chefs serve their best for the Tulsa crowd at the Renaissance Hotel Tulsa for this fundraiser event. www.

Wild Brew

July TBA Sutton Avian Research Center Sip and be thrilled by the variety of artisan and specialty beers on tap at the affair bringing in tastes of Tulsa-area restaurants at Expo Square.

Tulsa Sports Commission Golf Tournament July TBA Tulsa Sport Commission The fundraiser event will be at Patriot Golf Club, Owasso.

August Mustache Bash

Aug. 9 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Unlike any pub crawl in Tulsa, join the stroll through the Blue Dome District and enjoy the tastes and mustache sightings.

Operation Aware Charity

Golf Tournament Aug. 11 Operation Aware of Oklahoma The annual tournament raising funds that help youth and children make better choices will be at Cedar Ridge Country Club in Broken Arrow. www.

DIVAS 4 H.O.P.E. Aug. 22 Health Outreach Prevention Education Area singers and musicians share talents at the annual HIV and HCV prevention gala. CF Climb and Crossfit Chal-

lenge Aug. 23 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Take the challenge of this fun stair climb at the Mid-Continent Building. chapters/tulsa

Habitat Fore Humanity Golf Classic Aug. 25 Habitat for Humanity Play through to build more houses for families at the Patriot Golf Club in Owasso.

Harwelden Murder Mystery Aug. TBA Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Dinner theater becomes an interactive showcase of fun at this annual comedy-mystery play at Harwelden Mansion.

Bridging the Gap Walk

Aug. TBA The Bridges Foundation The 10th annual walk benefits the foundation and its goal to connect individuals with developmental disabilities to meaningful employment.

September Black & White Gala

Sept. 4 Choregus Productions Join the arts production orga-

Kevin Stauffer, Gov. Mary Fallin and Matt Sumner. Red Tie Night, Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund. nization for an elegant, showstopping evening to benefit Choregus’ educational programming.

Chapters: A Casual Evening of Books, Bards and Bites Sept. 5 Ruth G. Hardman Adult Literacy Service The Tulsa City-County Library invites three favorite authors to Hardesty Regional Library to talk about their works and share insight with an audience in support of the library’s adult literacy service. www.

Day of Caring Sept. 5 Tulsa Area United Way Volunteers work on hundreds of projects helping TAUW’s associate agencies in the annual fundraiser campaign kick-off.

Kaleidoscope Ball

Sept. 5 Emergency Infant Services This colorful bash of delightful eats and music at the Cox Business Center benefits emergency care of children 5 years of age and under of families in need of assistance. www.

Saint Simeon’s Western Days Sept. 9

Single homa M

Saint Simeon’s Foundation The 2014 event promises great fun and activities, including a formal dinner, silent and live auctions and more in a Western-theme at Expo Square’s Central Park Hall.

2014 Tulsa Cattle Barons Ball Sept. 12 American Cancer Society A gala event includes dinner, entertainment, live and silent auctions and more at the Post Oak Lodge.

The DREAM Institute mission is dedicated to enriching and increasing the success of the higher educational experience of e students with disabilities through a three-fold approach, which includes: academic and professional mentorship; academic assistance (tutoring), and scholastic awards. The DREAM Institute is exempt p from federal income taxation under 501 ((c)) ((3)) of the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.


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Tulsa Garden Center. www.

18th Susan G. Komen Tulsa Race for the Cure Sept. 27 Susan G. Komen Foundation Join the race to advance research, education, screening and treatment of breast cancer.

Concours for the Cure

Sept. 28

American Diabetes Association Vintage, classic, antique and exotic – some of the finest examples of automobile excellence are part of this sumptuous evening at Southern Hills Country Club. www.

Pierce Phillips Charity Golf Classic & Gala Sept. 12 Pierce Phillips Charity The Red Balloon Event begins with a swing on the golf course and ends with a splashy gala at the Hard Rock Tulsa Hotel & Casino to support childhood cancer research.

Route 66 CPA Run Sept. 13 Crime Prevention Network The one-mile fun run and 5k will begin at the University of Tulsa’s Chapman Stadium. FUN Ball 2014 Sept. 13 Ronald McDonald House The black tie gala features a cocktail reception, dinner, live music, auctions and more at the Cox Business Center to benefit “The House That Love Built.” Mini Laps Sept. 20 Little Light House Students put on a parade with amazing costumes and props to support their school. www.


Walk to Cure Diabetes

Sept. 20 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Guthrie Green. www.tulsa.

Angelo Prassa Golf Tournament Sept. TBA Bishop Kelley High School

Gatesway Balloon Festi-

val Sept. TBA Gatesway Foundation The family ballooning event features more than 30 hot air balloons, balloon competitions, live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors and great food, all to raise awareness for developmental disabilities.

The Foundation Cup

19th Annual Global Vision Awards Dinner Sept. TBA

Art in Architecture

Tulsa Global Alliance The dinner and awards presentation honors those who share their unique contributions and world perspective to the community.

Sept. 29 Foundation for Tulsa Schools Play at Cedar Ridge Country Club in this four-person scramble.www.

Nancy and Peter Meinig. 2013 Vintage Tulsa: The Oil Barons Ball, Tulsa Historical Society.

tournament gets underway at Owasso’s Patriot Golf Club.

Sept. 30 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Dinner, live music and art are on the menu of this special night at the Henry Zarrow Center for Art & Education. www.

Junior Achievement Clas-

sic Sept. TBA Junior Achievement Tulsa The annual benefit golf

Bruce G. Weber Tennis Classic Sept. TBA Saint Francis Children’s Hospital Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, raffles and great game takes place at the Michael D. Case Tennis Center at the University of Tulsa. www.brucegweber. com

Bike MS Oklahoma

Sept. 20-21 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Take the two-day trek and challenge on Historic Route 66 that benefits a good cause with hundreds of other cyclists across the state. www.

Breast Cancer Shoot-

out Sept. 23 Oklahoma Project Woman Sport shooting at clay pigeons at the Red Castle Gun Club raises money for the organization funding breast health screenings and other essential services for low-income women. www. An Evening of Wine and

Roses Sept. 26 Tulsa Garden Center Sample great food and an outstanding collection of wines among the rose garden at the

Tom Taylor, Suzie Kern and Adam Leavitt. Single in the City, Oklahoma Magazine.


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Fall 2014 Philbrook Museum of Art The rooftops of downtown Tulsa are alive for this dance and cocktails event that rocks.

from across the country to the Hard Rock Tulsa Hotel & Casino.

Tulsa Charity Fight Night Fall 2014

Special Olympics Oklahoma More than 200 golfers from around the country play the greens at Broken Arrow’s Golf Club of Oklahoma to benefit SOOK athletes.

Beneficiary TBD The black-tie boxing event boasting the sports world’s biggest celebrities fights to benefit local nonprofits. www.

October RSVP Fall Bazaar Oct. 3 RSVP and Tulsa Area United Way Shop and enjoy the season’s color with this special benefit event at RSVP’s headquarters. St. John ZooRun

Oct. 4 Tulsa Zoo Run for health, the challenge and to benefit zoo programming at this event presented by New Balance Tulsa. www.

Hike for Healing Oct. 4 Tristesse Grief Center Tulsa Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Oct. 6 Tulsa Historical Society The society honors local leaders at the annual gala celebrating Tulsa personalities and accomplishments. www.

Cooking for a Cause Oct. 9 Iron Gate The organization helping Tulsa’s hungry with daily meals gets a little help from Tulsa’s top chefs at this annual gala and dining event at Metro Appliances & More. Laps for Little Ones

Oct. 11 Little Light House Walk and run the track at Cascia Hall School and raise funds for the school serving children with special needs.

Cherokee Art Market


11-12 Cherokee Nation The event brings more than 150 elite Native American artists

25th Annual American Airlines Charity Golf Tournament Oct. 13

Light the Night Walk

Oct. 18 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society An evening walk fundraiser to support survivors and honor late loved ones.

12th Annual Buddy Walk Oct. 19

Fashion a Cure Pink Ribbon Event Oct. 27 Oklahoma Project Woman Sponsored by Oklahoma Magazine, the fashion-oriented extravaganza raises funds providing free breast health screenings and other related services to low-income patients. www.


Oct. 27-31 Tulsa Zoo Tulsa kids haunt Brookside merchants with fun, costume contests and more for treats.

Badges & Barbeques

fire department personnel grill up there best for you and the competition at Christiansen Aviation/Jones Airport. www.

Mvskoke Hall of Fame Oct. TBA Creek Nation Foundation, Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival Citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation are honored for their accomplishments and contributions to quality communities on all levels at this induction gala event. www.

Oct. 30 Crime Prevention Network Area law enforcement and

Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa Event takes place at Central Park at Union Public Schools.

Uncorking the Cure

Oct. 23 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Winning wines, delicious hors d’oeuvres, silent and live auctions – it’s what the night is about at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame.

Care Card Shopping

Oct. 24-Nov. 2 Family & Children’s Services Get your Care Card to shop for awesome discounts around Tulsa and help the organization helping families. www.

2014 Tulsa Run Oct. 25 Beneficiary TBA The Tulsa Sports Commission holds the annual 5k race through Tulsa. www. Strike Night

Oct. 25 Tulsa Sports Commission Bring your bowling shoes to the lanes at Andy B’s Entertainment for the fourth annual event.

42nd Alpha Rho Arts & Crafts Benefit Bazaar Oct. 25 Alpha Rho The philanthropic organization holds its long-running arts and crafts fair and market in Broken Arrow to benefit local, state and regional charities. 918.251.0617

Steve and Marla Bradshaw. Pink Ribbon Event, Oklahoma Project Woman. 2014 | WWW.OKMAG.COM

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12/20/13 11:35 AM

Momentum Tulsa: Art Doesn’t Stand Still Oct. TBA


Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Interactive, multimedia work featuring Oklahoma artists, all 30 or younger on exhibit. www.

Ihloff Fall Show

StepOut Walk

Oct. TBA American Diabetes Association Walk event and benefit. www.

Champions of Health Gala Oct. TBA Oklahoma Caring Foundation The foundation celebrates the people and organizations helping to bring out positive change in community health. Celebrity keynote speaker will be announced later. www.

Art 4 Art

Oct. TBA Tulsa Girls Art School Bid on cool items made by TGAS students collaborating with established Tulsa area artists and designers. www.

Water for Wine and Hope Oct. TBA JustHope Inc. Gourmet dinner with five wine flights will be served to Nicaraguan music along with silent and live auctions and more to benefit the organization’s work to build global partnerships to improve lives in rural Nicaragua.

Nov. 6 Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Innovation, style and imagination are the stars of the annual hair and fashion show for the arts at the Cox Business Center.

Collectors’ Reserve Nov. 6 Gilcrease Museum Small but great works are up for purchase at this prominent art show and sale event with contemporary Western artists benefiting the museum’s programming. Exhibit runs Oct. 25-Nov. 9. www.gilcrease. Kegs and Corks

Nov. 7 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Expect more fun at the wine and beer tasting fundraiser with food and drink pairings and auctions at the Cox Business Center. chapters/tulsa

Power to DREAM Achievers

Award Banquet Nov. 12 The DREAM Institute Honors go out at the ninth annual dinner and awards event that also includes a reception and silent auction at the Tulsa Marriott Southern Hills. www.

Unite! 2013 Nov. 13 Tulsa Area United Way The organization celebrates successful fundraising efforts.

Old Bags Luncheon Nov. 17 Crosstown Learning Center The special champagne luncheon, fashion show and silent auction of new and gently used designer handbags and accessories returns to Southern Hills Country Club. Stories of Light Radiothon Nov. 18-20

Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award Dinner Dec. 5

Make-A-Wish Oklahoma The ninth annual radio-thon event broadcasts on KRMG radio live from LaFortune Park.

Tulsa Library Trust The trust honors a renowned author at this annual black-tie dinner and ceremony. www.

Kids’ World International Festival Nov. 19-22

Run for LIFE: Freezin’ for a Reason Dec. 28

Tulsa Global Alliance The organization introduces the world to Tulsa-area students with a special expo of culture.

LIFE Senior Services Get moving at Mohawk Park for the senior services organization.

Philbrook Festival of Trees Nov. 22-Dec. 14 Philbrook Museum of Art The halls of are always decked for the holidays with winterinspired artworks and professionally created trees, all of which are for sale at this annual exhibit and benefit.


Nov. TBA Junior Achievement Tulsa Help youth. Assemble a team. Play at Tulsa’s Sheridan Lanes.

Holiday Pearl Sale Nov. TBA Girls Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma The sixth annual sale of precious pearls and jewelry is back, just in time for the holidays. Painted Pony Ball Nov. TBA Children’s Hospital Foundation at Saint Francis Guests are guaranteed an exciting evening of entertainment along with dinner and silent and live auctions. 918.502.6761


Ray and Nancy Feldman. Global Vision Award Dinner, Tulsa Global Alliance.


St. Jude Dinner Dec. 4 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Enjoy a special four-course experience at the Melting Pot with 50 percent of the night’s proceeds going to help children.

Night of Hospitality Dec. 4 Hospitality House of Tulsa The organization invites you to its annual all-out Christmas light show and the kick-off delivery of its waiting room survival kits (distributed to area hospitals for out-of-town families in medical crisis). www.

Women’s Auxiliary Christmas Fashion Show Dec. TBA Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command The day of fashion and conversation benefits local programs.

RSVP Annual Dinner

Dec. TBA Retired Senior Volunteer Program The organization sits down to the annual table to elect board officers and advisory council.

Mistletoe Run Dec. TBA Health Outreach Prevention Education Run through downtown Tulsa to stay warm and to raise funds for the organization, which works to provide testing of HIV to prevent AIDS and offer support to patients. www. Tulsa Jingle Bell Run

Dec. TBA Arthritis Foundation Here comes Santa Claus in sneakers jogging down Peoria for the annual benefit run in Brookside.

OKC January Art Now 2014 Jan. 20-Feb. 7 Oklahoma Contemporary Join the Oklahoma City gallery and organization for this impor-


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Taste of Oklahoma City

Feb. 8 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Support efforts to build strong communities through mentoring at this night of great food, fun activities, auctions and live music.

Polar Plunge Feb. 15 Special Olympics Oklahoma Brave souls go for a dip in frigid waters all to support the athletes of SOOK. www. Excellence in Leadership Gala Feb. 15 Leadership Oklahoma Awards will be given out for distinguished members of Oklahoma communities at Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club.

Dine Out with Calm Waters Feb. 20

Wendy and Gentner Drummond. Kaleidoscope Ball, Emergency Infant Services. tant art exhibition and sale of work by the state’s top artists.

OKC Charity Fight Night Jan. 23 Oklahoma City Police Athletic League The gloves go on for the blacktie boxing night with celebrity hosts and entertainment at the Bricktown Events Center.

Snowflake Gala Jan. 24 United Way of Central Oklahoma Celebrate another successful fundraising campaign with dinner, entertainment and an awards presentation at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. www. Boots and Ball Gowns Gala Jan. 25 Infant Crisis Services The annual Western-themed gala celebrates the organization’s work helping mothers in need and their children with fundraising at the National Cowboy and

Western Heritage Museum.

February Chocolate Festival

Feb. 1 Firehouse Art Center Take a bite of decadence at this fundraiser overflowing with confectionary delights at the National Center for Employee Development to benefit Norman’s art organization. www.

Calm Waters Center for Children and Families Popular OKC area restaurants serve up their best with a portion of proceeds going to help provide free support group services to families and children going through divorce, death or other loss. www.

Metro Juliette Lowe Leadership Society Luncheon Feb. 20 Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma Journalist Joan Lunden is this year’s special guest speaker

for the Girls Scouts at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club.

Safari Bowl

Feb. 21 Junior Achievement OKC Company, organization and club teams compete at AMF Windsor Lanes to support youth programs in financial literacy education and entrepreneurship.

Toast to the Arts

Feb. 22 Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art Toast the collections of the University of Oklahoma’s exquisite art museum and the exhibit “On Assignment: The Photojournalism of Horace Bristol” with gourmet cuisine from Oklahoma to California, Woody Guthrie-style music and more.

Oklahoma City Heart Ball Feb. 22 American Heart Association Plan on a night of refinement and fun at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for the cause of better heart health.

Envision the Future Luncheon Feb. 26 NewView Oklahoma Lunch is served at the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame to benefit programs helping blind and visually impaired individuals achieve independence.

Super Bowl Bash

Feb. 2 Calm Waters Center for Children and Families Watch the biggest game in pro football and enjoy the great company at Rococo Northpark.

Chocolate Decadence

Feb. 6 Automobile Alley District This sweet gala takes place in the Hudson-Essex Office Loft Building.

National Wear Red Day Feb. 7 American Heart Association

Joe Robson, Gov. Mary Fallin and Hannah Robson. 2013 Tulsa Hall of Fame, Tulsa Historical Society. 2014 | WWW.OKMAG.COM

Social Datebook Master 2014.indd 27


12/19/13 5:22 PM

33rd Annual Omelette Party Feb. 28 Oklahoma City Museum of Art Breakfast is served at night with gourmet omelets, dancing, cocktails and more at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center.

March Ninth Annual Lexus Raffle March 1 Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma Buy your tickets for a chance to win a new Lexus from Lexus of Tulsa and Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City. www.

Red Tie Ball March 1 Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund This 22nd annual gala for funding AIDS research and helping AIDS patients features cocktails, exciting auctions and live entertainment at the Cox Convention Center. www. If Purses Were Wishes Purse Luncheon March 4 Make-A-Wish Oklahoma The seventh annual luncheon is back at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club, where guests can bid on designer hand bags and other beautiful accessories to help make wishes come true.

Last Frontier Council Distinguished Citizen Dinner March 6 Last Frontier Council Boy Scouts The honoree of this year’s E.C. Joullian Distinguished Citizen Award will be honored at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. www.

Momentum: Art Doesn’t Stand Still March 7-8 Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition The exhibition of interactive, multimedia work features Oklahoma artists, all 30 or younger and will be at the Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market.

Richard Boone, Jono and Jenny Helmerich and Mitch Duinick. St. John Street Party.

Green Tie Gala March 8 Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Fine wine and dinner are on the menu for this event at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum that also includes auctions and entertainment. Byliners Awards Dinner March 13 Association for Women in Communications The organization honors leaders in the community at the 56th annual dinner with fun and activities at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel.

Run Lucky 5k

March 16

Friends of LLS The 5k race and the Mission Mile Fun Run get underway in the Classen Curve District.

27th Chef’s Feast March 20 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma This food-tasting event features creative dishes from some of the city’s finest chefs at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to benefit the Food for Kids Backpack Program. Oklahoma City Ballet Gala March 22 Oklahoma City Ballet Storybook fantasy is the back-


drop of the 2014 gala event at Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club that includes cocktails, auctions and live performances.

The “Chair”ity Event

March 22 Mental Health Association of Central Oklahoma Local artists get crafty to paint a variety of Oklahoma themes and images on wooden chairs that will be auctioned to the public and benefit the association.

Champions of Youth Gala March 22 Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County The club thanks individuals and corporations for their contribution to community and youth. Dinner, dancing and auctions will be at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

Annual Distinguished Service Awards Luncheon March 26 OKC Beautiful Awards and honors will be given at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club during the organization’s recognition of individuals leading the way in community beautification projects and philanthropy.

2014 Oklahoma Humanities Awards March 27 Oklahoma Humanities Council Arts supporters and artists are celebrated for work promoting an understanding of the human experience at the Oklahoma History Center.

Oklahoma Heritage Land Run 10k March 29 Oklahoma Heritage Association The third annual event also includes a 5k and one-mile fun run at the Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum.

Chips for Charity March 29 Junior Hospitality Club The long-standing women’s group holds its casino-themed benefit at Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market to help an Oklahoma-based charity organization further serve the community. Wings to Fly 15k/5k Miracle Run March 29 Children’s Miracle Network Runners, joggers and walkers are invited to help make a difference in the lives of Oklahoma children through pediatric research and support at this event at Fort Reno. www.


Social Datebook Master 2014.indd 28

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Fight for Air Climb March 29 American Lung Association Go the distance in this race up multiple flights of stairs at Leadership Square. www. Red Earth Run

March TBA Red Earth, Inc. Race through the Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River Trails to preserve Oklahoma native heritage.

April Cleats & Cocktails

April 4 Wes Welker Foundation Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and auctions are on the roster at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club.

Reach for the Stars Gala April 5 Youth Services for Oklahoma County The gala at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel treats participants to a special evening of gala events and benefits at-risk youth in the Oklahoma City area. www.


April 5 Allied Arts The best mixologists from the best restaurants in town compete for the best concoction title while you get to enjoy the tasting party and art auction at Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market. www.alliedartsokc. com

research and awareness.

Jingle-Jangle Mingle

April 11 National Cowboy and Western Heritage Hall of Fame This kick-off event to the Western Heritage Awards weekend at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum lets you meet the year’s Hall of Fame inductees over entertainment, hors d’oeuvres and more. www.

Western Heritage Awards Banquet April 12 National Cowboy and Western Heritage Hall of Fame The black-tie gala at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Musuem honors the best in Western film, TV, literature and music along with Hall of Fame inductees. www.

2 Minute 5k

April 12

Fairy Tale Ball

April 14 Oklahoma Children’s Theatre “Adventure- Oz” is the night’s theme for the annual costume ball for families that includes games, flash mobs and more at the Chase Tower. www.

Gorilla Golf April 14 Oklahoma City Zoo The four-player scramble benefits the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, which is dedicated to the conservation of gorillas and their natural habitats. Calm Waters’ Golf Classic and Auction April 14 Calm Waters Center for Children and Families The annual golf scramble supports the organization’s programs.

Miracle Makers Dinner April 17

YWCA OKC The sixth annual race includes the Kiddie-K race at Stars & Stripes Park.

Children’s Hospital Foundation Supporters are recognized and honored.

Rebuild Day

OKC Heart Walk

April 12 Rebuilding Together Volunteers come together with the organization to help repair or rebuild home of low-income individuals and families in the Oklahoma City area for free.

April 19 American Heart Association Show your support for heart health at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. www.

Festival of the Arts

April 22-27 Arts Council OKC OKC’s rite of spring is back for its 48th annual celebration of art and culture in downtown OKC.

Women Against MS Luncheon April TBA National Multiple Sclerosis Society

May Teen Associate Board Charity Auction May 2 Infant Crisis Services The teen board hosts a night of live and silent auctions at Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market to benefit the little ones served through the organization.

Man & Woman of the Year Grand Finale May 2 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Great Strides Walk

May 3 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation The annual activity outing is a fun, family-oriented event promoting health and cystic fibrosis research and awareness at Route 66 Park. chapters/okc

Redbud Classic April 5-6 Beneficiary TBA Fun, fitness and philanthropy are part of the three-day sports and fitness celebration in the Nichols Plaza District. www. Allie Reynolds Memorial Red Earth Golf Tournament April 7 Red Earth Museum The 18th annual game is back at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club to benefit museum programs.

2014 Oklahoma City Memory Gala April 10 Central Oklahoma Alzheimer’s Association Gourmet dinner, unique auction items and more await at this benefit at the Cox Convention Center for Alzheimer’s disease

Mikel Arnedo, Dean Orford, Michelle Holdgrafer, Jeanette Kern, Vince Westbrook and Kevan Buck. Bruce G. Weber Tennis Tournament, the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis. 2014 | WWW.OKMAG.COM

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Walk MS Oklahoma City May 3 National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Hope Gala

May 3 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Run for the Roses” this year with the research-oriented organization.

March for Babies May 3 March of Dimes The support for healthy babies goes at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. www.marchforbabies. com Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association Charity Golf Tournament May 5 Car Dealers Care Foundation Golfers take a swing at Twin Hills Golf & Country Club to benefit the foundation, which raises money for education, scholarship, storm relief and other charitable causes. 405.706.7484

Breast Cancer Shootout

May 6 Oklahoma Project Woman Sport shooting at clay pigeons raises money for the organization funding breast health screenings and other essential services for low-income women. www.

Gutter Dance 11

May 8 J.D. McCarty Center Participate or just show up at Sooner Bowling Center in Norman to watch this striking benefit for the center’s camp scholarship fund for children with developmental disabilities.

Ostrich Egg Breakfast

May 10 Oklahoma City Zoo Breakfast is served with omelets made to order with a side of fun at the Oklahoma City Zoo. www.

Chip in for the Arts Golf Tournament May 12 Allied Arts Players chip in and putt for Oklahoma’s cultural community at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club.

Fandango May 15 Harn Homestead & 1889ers Museum Treat yourself to a fantastic evening of bites and fun at 30

the historic Land Run-era homestead museum and help in its preservation. www.

Go Red for Women Luncheon May 16 American Heart Association Enjoy a special luncheon at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel with great company to support the prevention of heart disease and stroke in women. www.

Broadway & Brew

May 16 Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma Join Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma for an event with unique beers, great food and entertainment at the Myriad Botanical Gardens to benefit the company’s Lyric Understudies program.


May 23 Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park Step into the Renaissance at Dunlop-Coddington on Film Row for libations, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment and silent auction benefiting the company’s artistic programming. www.

Purple Sash Gala

May 31 YWCA OKC Held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, the gala night includes dinner, elegant fashions, wine and auctions of unique items. www.

Hope & Honor Invitational May TBA Heartline Golf tournament. www.

Mayors’ Golf Tournament June 9

Rebuilding Together Annual Golf Classic June 23

OKC Beautiful The annual game bringing together leaders and Oklahoma City mayors past and present will be at Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. www.

Rebuilding Together OKC Register, play and win at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club for the organization helping low-income seniors to live safely in their homes by making free home repairs. www.

Junior Achievement Golf Classic June 13 Junior Achievement OKC Gaillardia Country Club. www.

Prix de West June 13-14 The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum The museum’s annual invitational exhibit and sale include only the best contemporary Western artists working today and kicksoff with a big weekend of banquets and special events. www. Zoobilation

June 21 Oklahoma City Zoo The Oklahoma City Zoo’s biggest fundraiser goes wild for the annual “no-tie gala” with great food from favorite restaurants, libations and more with Zoo Friends.

Membership Banquet and

Awards Gala June 21 Urban League of Greater OKC The organization hosts its signature event, which includes a reception, entertainment and a silent auction, at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. www.

July Dealing for Dreams July 19 Make-A-Wish Foundation Go casino to support the organization making wishes for terminally ill children come true at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Odyssey de Culinaire OKC July 24 Oklahoma Restaurant Association Tulsa chefs serve up their best for the Oklahoma City crowd at the Skirvin Hilton in this fundraiser event for the association’s Hospitality Career Initiative, which will send OKC chefs to Tulsa the following week.

Community Investment Reception July TBA United Way of Central Oklahoma United Way will publicly announce its funding agreements for the year and thank its community investment volunteers.

June 2014 Red Earth Festival June 5-7 Red Earth, Inc. Celebrate Native America at the powwow extravaganza, awards ceremony and art show at Remington Park. www.

Masquerade Ball June 7 Canterbury Choral Society Brush-up on those Charleston steps for the society’s Great Gatsby themed-ball at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. www.

Hans and Lea Helmerich, Martin Grelle, Herb Mignery and Duane King. Rendezvous 2013, Gilcrease Museum of Art.


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Renaissance Ball

Sept. 5 Oklahoma City Museum of Art The 39th annual gala celebrates art and recognizes art patrons and museum supporters at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. www.

United Way Campaign Kickoff Sept. 5 Adrian Peterson, Swin Cash, Seth Davis and John Calipari. Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Awards, Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation.

August Art Gone Wild

Aug. 1-31 Oklahoma City Zoo Shake the paw, hoof or fin of the zoo animal artists, each painting canvases to be exhibited and sold in the Paseo Arts District.

Back to School Bash

Aug. 2 Urban League of Greater OKC This fun day provides more than just backpacks for kids. It also offers school supplies, health screenings, haircuts and more with children’s activities.

Smarty Pants Trivia

Aug. 7 Multiple Sclerosis Society Trivia buffs team to play at this fundraiser event that features entertainment, refreshments, a silent auction and prizes at the Oklahoma History Center.

Dancing for a Miracle Gala Aug. 9 Children’s Hospital Foundation This special gala features local celebrities paired with professional dancers in a ballroom dance competition along with special treats for guests. www.

Spin Your Wheels Bicycle Tour Aug. 9 The Children’s Center Take a turn around the city, state or region on this non-competitive bicycle tour features 12 to 100-mile courses and benefits the center’s programs.

Casino Florale Aug. 15 OKC Beautiful Enjoy a night of fun inspired by Vegas-style casino games and attractions. www.okcbeautiful. com Festival of Hope Aug. 15 Heartline A dinner and auction at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum honors community leaders in central Oklahoma. Marlin Oil Golf Classic


18 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Oil company pros and power players play through at the Twin Hills Golf and Country Club to benefit cystic fibrosis research.

Midnight Streak

Aug. TBA Oklahoma Contemporary The 10th annual 5k run for the arts returns. www.cityartscenter. org

Engaging Men Breakfast Aug. TBA YWCA OKC Men make a difference in the lives of women and families impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault at the Cox Convention Center. www.

September Ace High

Sept. 4 National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Get in on the dinner and benefit auction event that celebrates cowboy culture at the museum and Western art. www.

United Way of Central Oklahoma The next big campaign begins again at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark to aid local nonprofits and communities. www.

OMCA Charity Golf Tournament Sept. 8 J.D. McCarty Center The Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Association tees-off to play and benefit the center for children with developmental disabilities with a tournament at Twin Hills Golf & Country Club, OKC.

for a terminally ill child. www.

Walk to End Alzheim-

er’s Sept. 27 Alzheimer’s Association Join in at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. 12 X 12 Art Show and

Sale Sept. TBA Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition More than 150 Oklahoma artists paint on small canvases to be auctioned at the event, which will have live music and serve food from dozens of OKC-area restaurants. blu VIP Party

Sept. TBA Youth Rowing & the OKC High Performance Training Center Regatta Park, Devon Boathouse, is the place to find one of the biggest social events on the Oklahoma River. www.


Cattle Barons Ball Sept. 19 American Cancer Society A gala event with Western flair includes dinner, entertainment, live and silent auctions and more at Coles Garden. www.

The Broadway Ball Oct. 3 Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma The black-tie affair returns with dining, auctions and stellar Broadway-style entertainment.

Buddy Walk

Breath of Life Gala

Sept. 20 Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

Bike MS Oklahoma

Sept. 20-21 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Take the two-day trek and challenge on Historic Route 66 that benefits a good cause with hundreds of other cyclists across the state. www.

ZooBrew IV Sept. 26 Oklahoma City Zoo Sample all the newest recipes from some of the state’s most creative artisan breweries at this fun event that includes food from the area’s best restaurants. Fourth Annual Walk for

Wishes Sept. 27 Make-a-Wish Oklahoma Step out at Oklahoma City Zoo to make a dream come true

Oct. 3 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation OKC’s community leaders gather in support of cystic fibrosis research at this fine event complete with benefit auctions at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. chapters/okc

Art on Tap

Oct. 3 Oklahoma City Museum of Art Endless varieties of beer are served up with great food, art and conversation at the beertasting extravaganza at the museum.

OKC Charity Scotch Tasting Oct. 16 Beneficiary TBA Fine scotch and cigars are just the beginning of this premier event, which is held annually at a private home and benefits a charity supporting children. 405.706.7484


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Small Works, Great Wonders Nov. 13 The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum The museum’s winter art exhibit and sale of sublime works by select Prix de West artists and other special artists is back. www.

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Nov. 13 Oklahoma Heritage Association The Oklahoma Heritage Association inducts distinguished Oklahomans into its highest class of honors. www.

Breath & Beyond

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Vickie Adams, Victoria Bartlett. Wild Brew, George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center.

Orchids in October

Oct. 16 Myriad Gardens Foundation The annual luncheon and orchid sale will help fund the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ ecology education programming. www. oklahomacitybotanicalgardens. com

Signature Chefs Auction Oct. 23 March of Dimes Top chefs present their best at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. www.


Oct. 24 Allied Arts Allied Arts’ biennial gala is back at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club with great entertainment and more in store.

Haunt the Zoo for Halloween Oct. 26-31 OKC Zoo Themed booths and plenty of trick-or-treating await children and families. Just follow the jack-o-lantern lined paths.

Day of Caring Oct. TBA United Way of Central Oklahoma Join the nation’s largest corporate volunteer event in which 32

teams complete improvement projects for United Way partner agencies in the OKC area.

November Holiday Helpers


January The Children’s Center The annual gift drive from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day helps needy children with essentials and a Christmas wish.

Light the Night Walk

Nov. 1 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society An evening walk fundraiser to support survivors and honor late loved ones. www.

Nov. 14 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation The foundation honors outstanding OKC residents and businesses for their community work with a fun dinner and dance function featuring up-and-coming food vendors, breweries and coffee shops all at the Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market. chapters/okc

Toast to the Arts

Nov. TBA Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art The University of Oklahoma art museum hosts a delectable tour with international cuisine paired with champagnes and sparkling wines from around the globe.

Starlight Ball

Nov. TBA Children’s Hospital Foundation Local celebrities mingle at this fun fundraiser for research and services. www.

Early Bird Celebration

Nov. TBA United Way of Central Oklahoma Be one of the first to complete

a workplace campaign for the United Way and celebrate early.

December Visions: A Celebration of

Nonprofit Leadership Dec. 2 Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits The center honors and recognizes those who impact the state’s nonprofits with an evening of cocktails, dinner and more at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. www. oklahomacenterfornonprofits. org St. Jude Dinner Dec. 4 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Enjoy a special four-course experience at the Melting Pot with 50 percent of the night’s proceeds going to help children. Women Who Care Share Luncheon Dec. TBA YWCA Oklahoma City Join other business women for this community event of stories of survival and triumph over domestic violence. www.

Gathering of Eagles Dec. TBA Last Frontier Council Boy Scouts The 2014 Eagle Scout Award recipients are recognized with a dinner and ceremony. www. Christmas Tea with the Queen Dec. TBA Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park High tea is served with Queen Elizabeth I along with entertainment, a silent auction and a fashion show of period costumes.

Hirst Hospitality Awards Nov. 4 Oklahoma Restaurant Association Employees of the food service industry are honored and recognized at the gala at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum featuring great food from great chefs of Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

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2014 Social Datebook  
2014 Social Datebook  

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