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gsunow Winter | Spring 2014 / Vol. 2

Creative Cookie Kitchen

From Camper to Counselor

Recipes to take your cookies to the next level


girls tell their story

Mayor Ralph Becker is ...




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Girl Scouts of Utah | 445 East 4500 South, Suite 125, SLC, UT 84107

“In the past few years the event has seen a dramatic increase in style and community awareness.” - Salt Lake Magazine, regarding Events by LMG involvement in the Girl Scouts of Utah International Women’s Day Event.

Events by LMG Stunning environments & incredible guest experiences. EVENTSBYLMG.COM | 801 512 9555 | 357W 200S SALT LAKE CITY UT 84101 2 G SU Now


Bright ideas AT&T is proud to support programs that create limitless possibilities for young minds. That is why we salute Girl Scouts for transforming the lives of young women in our community by encouraging them to reach their full potential.

AT&T is proud to support the Girl Scouts and their efforts to connect young women with the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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gsunow Winter 2013 | Spring 2014 / Vol. 2

Creative Cookie kitChen

From Camper to Counselor

Recipes to take your cookies to the next level

Winter - Spring 2014




Are You Man Enough?

Creative Cookie Kitchen

From Camper to Counselor

Mayors of Salt Lake City

Does your fridge still hold

Four girls tell their stories of

and County, Ogden, Provo

a box of Thin Mints?

how becoming a Counselor

and South Jordan discuss

Celebrity Chef Ben Starr

at camp changed their lives

how Girl Scouting is

created some delicious

forever. And we give tips on

making a difference in their

recipes that will make your

how you can become


taste buds smile!

one too!


girls tell their story

Mayor Ralph Becker is ...

on the cover



Fashion pages of hot new looks G S UN ow


Mayor Ralph Becker Photo: Kelli Bramble

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Girl Scouts of Utah | 445 East 4500 South, Suite 125, SLC, UT 84107


Chief Executive Officer Cathleen Sparrow Chief Officer of External Affairs Melissa Mathews

Spanish Translation Yasmin Romney Raquel Lee

Director of Marketing and Communications Angie Hyde

Contributing Writers Laura Berbusse Amber B. Alannah H. Thelina Sabrina Smith

Writer and Editor Josh Jones Graphic Designer/Photography Stephanie Jensen

Contributing Photographers Kelli Bramble Anacandy Castro

2013-14 Board of Directors Officers Erin Stone, Chair Roberta Driscoll, 3rd Vice Chair Debbie Nielson, Past Chair Judith Lawton, Secretary Connie Amos, 1st Vice Chair Kray Hammond, Treasurer Caryl Marsh, 2nd Vice Chair

Salt Lake City Division

832 W. Hinckley Drive, Ogden, Utah 84401


Members-at-Large Samantha Almanza Marcie Cancio Alexis Cairo Peeches Cederholm Diana George Phyllis Hockett Pam Lechner

Karen Leonardi Sally O’Neill Matthew Mitton Luz Robles Brenda Scheer Sarah Waters Cosmo Young

Girl Scouts of Utah 445 East 4500 South, Suite 125 | Salt Lake City, Utah 84107 Phone: (801) 265-8472 | Toll Free: (800) 678-7809

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What I’ve Learned

Discovering Ireland, One Clover at a Time

I Make a Difference

Thelina Smith shares 16 life lessons


CEO Letter Welcoming Opportunities

10 Troop News Angels to Oceans 18 Community Leadership Teams

Refreshed. Renewed. Revitalized.

20 Volunteer Spotlight Nick Tankersley

Marie Grogan’s 25 years of service

A trip of a lifetime through a Girl Scout’s eyes

30 Reaching Out Outreach Girls Experience Camp

68 2014 Cookie News Prepare yourself for the Cookie Zone

32 35

87 Let the Countdown Begin!

Advocacy Initiative Highlight Be Counted, Be Heard

Go Gold

National Convention Comes to SLC in One Year!

2013 Gold Awardees

88 Juliette Gordon Low Society

Share Your Girl Scout Love

89 Donor List

22 Training 101 5 Quick Tips

41 62

28 Troop Support & Resources Discover, Connect, Take Action

63 He and Me Minicamp A Unique Camp Experience

Bring a Friend

Crazy for Camp 2013 Camp Review

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Save the Date for the Girl Scout National Convention! You don’t want to miss this.



8 G S U Now

9 am-4 pm; 1-2 grade and 3-5 grade, 15 children max for each age group Help us put the ‘loco’ in locomotion and have a crazy good time as we put a special Leo twist on your favorite games.


1-2 grade and 3-5 grade, 15 children max for each age group Tap into your crafty side and uncover an endless scope of self expression—whether it’s through visual art, movement, or invention.


1-2 grade, 20 children max What’s cooler than being cool? This camp, of course! Uncover the fascinations of the frozen world, in the comfort of the great indoors.


3-5 grade, 20 children max Explore the human body firsthand—but be forewarned—we’ll leave no topic unturned, whether it’s icky, sticky, or just plain weird!


1-2 grade; 20 children max Have some safe and funky fun with our flame scientists, all while exploring the hottest topic of them all.


3-5 grade, 20 children max Who says inventing is just for grown ups? Join us on the quest for creativity, where imagination is your guide and innovation your ally. Build, tinker, and invent alongside our handy dandy engineers!



CEO of Girl Scouts of Utah, Cathleen Sparrow sits in front of her “Man Enough” motorcycle crew: Allen Bowen, Kevin Ireland, Royce Jacobs, Craig Cooper, Randy Sparrow, Richard Judkins, and Blake Anderson.

Welcoming Opportunities There is always a lively buzz in our office,

I came to Utah 15 years ago to help with the

girls club – the Girl Scouts! From Mayor Ralph

but this year the intensity and energy is

enormous task of preparing the Ogden/

Becker to our own volunteer, Nick Tankersley,

robust as we prepare to host the Girl Scout

Weber area for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

you can read how men can participate, be

National Convention in October 2014. It’s

I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of

an inspirational leader, and join us in building

a positively exciting time to be a Girl Scout

volunteers and it gave me an even deeper

girls of courage, confidence and character.

in Utah! Larger cities were contenders and

appreciation for the residents of our State.

our Council lobbied fiercely for the right to

Now, working with our amazing membership

Thank you for joining our cause. Not a day

host – now it’s our time to show Girl Scouts

both young and adult, I know I’ll be amazed

goes by that I don’t get to see the incredible

from around the world what a beautiful and

again as we all work together to make this the

work you do around the state; it’s the

friendly place Utah can be!

best Girl Scout National Convention ever!

best part of my job. I hope this magazine connects you, fills you with ideas, and leaves

With under a year to go, we’re seeking 1,000

Speaking of volunteers, in this issue you’ll

you proud to be part of an organization

volunteers to help show off our State and

see several articles highlighting our new “Man

doing so much good!

our hospitality! We can use and capitalize

Enough” campaign. We’re asking fathers,

on any skill set you may have. From greeters

uncles, and brothers, “Are you man enough

at the airport to public relations at the

to be a Girl Scout?” We want to elevate the

convention center, everyone can pitch-in to

role of men in the organization and so we’re

make this historic event that much better.

welcoming the boys club into the ultimate

Warm Regards,

Cathleen Sparrow Chief Executive Officer

GS U N ow



Troop News

From angels to oceans: discover the amazing adventures of local Girl Scouts!

Left: Aubrianna and Aubrey stand by a hand painted sign advertising their bake sale. Right top: The troop working the bake sale. Center: Delicious decorated treats for sale. Bottom: Photos of Abi and her friends.

The Good Act

ended up bringing the whole neighborhood together and

Battling Brain Cancer with Baked Goods

even other Girl Scout troops pitched in, including Karin

Aubrianna and Aubrey from Troop 2444 organized

while they whipped-up creative cupcakes and delicious

a very special fundraiser this year. Like the two girls, their best friend is just 10 years old and is battling brain cancer. Aubrianna and Aubrey wanted to do something that would really make a difference for their friend and together planned a bake sale to

Christensen’s Troop 369 and 366.” The girls had fun cookies. “In the end, it exceeded my expectations and turned out to be something amazing on very short notice; we ended up raising more than $2,000!” “Turning small ideas into big acts of service is a great trait

benefit her cancer fund.

of Girl Scouts,” said Girl Scouts of Utah CEO, Cathleen

Stacey Truesdell, Troop Leader said, “We thought it

both emotional and inspired, I know we are truly building

would be just this little tiny sidewalk bake sale, but it

10 GSU Now

Sparrow. “When I hear of stories like this it makes me girls with courage, confidence and character.”

News | Troop

Top: Riverdale Troop wins first place in local parade. Bottom: Hannah P., with Troop 2106 stands beside Mayor Scott Harbertson of Farmington. Hannah was the first Girl Scout to say the Pledge of Allegiance at a Farmington City Council Meeting.

GS U N ow



Troop News continued Sailing to the San Juan Islands on the Zodiac A Seven Day Girl-planned trip

Troop Leader Dianna Wright recently chaperoned a girl-planned, girl-led adventure. Here, Girl Scout Amber B. recounts their exploits to GSUNOW. What do Captain Jack Sparrow, the Puget Sound, and the Girl Scouts have in common? In short, a seven day girl-planned trip to learn to sail tall ships and explore port towns. Our heading? The beautiful San Juan Islands! Rather than commandeering, 19 Girl Scouts and seven leaders chartered the Zodiac Schooner, the largest working mainsail on the west coast. Originally built for the Johnson & Johnson family in 1924, the Schooner Zodiac is now a “training ship,� meaning we were specifically there to learn how to sail, navigate, and manage the 160 foot windjammer. On the first day, we learned how and when to sweat the lines, which knots were necessary and the safety precautions needed to maneuver the 220 ton vessel. After each group had completed its sail station, we congregated to hoist the 4,000 square foot mainsail supported by the mast, which is 12 stories tall. Following the sailing stations, our inexperienced crew went through a nautical rotation where each learned how to use charts and maps, navigate the ship at the helm, listen to radio communications, and look for floating debris during bow watch. We also maintained the ship by swabbing the decks, polishing the brass, and cleaning the galley.

12 GSU Now

News | Troop

Girl Scouts aboard the Zodiac Schooner learning how to sail and having a marvelous time.

At nights, we watched fireworks from the

What is the benefit of learning these new

ourselves and how to navigate our personal

deck, held planking competitions, and

skills even though we live in the land-locked

helm. Our confidence increased with each

sang sea shanties. As all Girl Scouts are

state of Utah? As a practical matter, when

activity. Going forward, we will be able to

well aware, you aren’t having a good time

are we ever going to use these experiences

utilize the courage and confidence we

if you aren’t singing. Sleeping in the bunks

again? Like driftwood, the experiences we

developed within ourselves to increase our

lining the hull or under the stars on deck, we

had while exploring sailing and port towns

character as we make the world a

were provided with every experience of an

might take us in different directions. Some

better place.

authentic wooden boat crew. By the end of

who participated in the trip continue to

our exploration, we were proficient beyond

build on this initial exploration of sailing

If your troop has planned an adventure, we’d

hoisting and setting sails, for we had all

by participating in the Girl Scout mariner

like to publicize it! Email Joshua Jones with

literally stood as the first mate sailing at the

troop. But, having left our cell phones and

the details.

helm under the direction of Captain Tim.

internet connections, we also learned about

GS U N ow



troop news continued

Utah Girl Scouts exploring California’s coastal island and its magnificent wildlife.

Catalina Cruisin’ California Island provides perfect escape for budding

Mountains. At night they learn about astronomy and sometimes have the opportunity to night snorkel!

marine biologists

About 40 miles from Los Angeles’s

Are you ready for some fun in

girls the opportunity to feel like

the surf? Every year, Girl Scout volunteers organize an epic adventure to the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) at Toyon Bay. What makes this trip so epic? Well, girls snorkel and kayak in the Pacific Ocean and hike through the Catalina

14 GSU Now

beaches, the private cove offers they’re on a secluded island for a few days and explore their world. This trip has inspired some girls to pursue marine biology in college, if it sounds interesting, watch for more information in the spring.


OFFICIAL OBLONG SILK SCARF Marisol Deluna, a fashion designer and former Girl Scout, created this elegant silk scarf. The oblong scarf features the Girl Scout Profiles in a navy and gold pattern with a black border.

Service Mark Shorthand Tee The perfect t-shirt for comfort and style. Available in three colors White, Navy and Green and at a great price, you’ll definitely want more than one!

Grey 5-button Cardigan This soft, “feel good” grey sweater is perfect for any season and fits right into any wardrobe. Ultra soft to the touch, the V-neck styling makes it ideal to wear over just about anything. Add a scarf or jewelry and you’re set to go.

OFFICIAL Cadette SHORTHAND POLO SHIRT Crisp polo with side slits at hem. Slightly shaped. Available for all Girl Scout levels!

Girl Scout Bling Watch Add some flair to your wrist. A brilliant green silicone band offsets a classic face framed with glistening fauxrhinestones.

Look for the 2014 Starter kits in January and qualify for a free drawstring back pack!

Photo by Kelli Bramble

Grey and Navy Striped tote Show them your best stripes. This versatile heather grey and navy tote in soft sweatshirt material sports a distressed screen-print.

Tie Dye low cut socks Shorty sock in bright green with “Girl Scouts” on toe.

Shop online at or visit one of our three locations!

GS U N ow



troop news continued

Utah Girl Scout Troop 400 of Draper poses in front of the White House as part of their five day trip to D.C.

funds.” The girls even raised enough money to each be given $100 pre-paid credit cards to purchase souvenirs. “Washington D.C. has an amazing ability to capture imaginations and inspire youth. I

beltway, and they managed to see just about

know this trip gave our girls memories that

everything else in between!

will motivate them in their future endeavors,” said Moser.

The girls explored the Smithsonian, from

Utah Girl Scouts Explore Washington, D.C. Trip educates and inspires girls to be more involved in government Twelve girls, thirty-six landmarks, all in five days – it’s just another Girl Scout adventure through the nation’s capital! Draper’s Girl Scout Cadette Troop 400 explored Washington D.C. on a dizzying trip that took them from Arlington Cemetery to the Capitol, on the other side of the

Cadette Troop 382 met former congressional candidate, Mia Love this fall. She spoke on the importance of being active in your community and shared some lessons learned while running for Congress in 2012.

16 GSU Now

its newest addition, the American Indian

Girl Scouts of Utah, CEO, Cathleen Sparrow

Museum, to its oldest, the Museum of

said, “I’m so proud of Tiffani and what her

Natural History. They also learned about

troop has accomplished, this is a wonderful

presidents, wars and civil rights heroes while

example of what makes Girl Scouting great.

taking in eight memorials on the National

The girls collectively decided they wanted

Mall. The girls reported that their favorite

to visit the Capital, they learned how to save

part of the trip was one of the newest

money and worked together towards that

memorials, the National WWII Memorial,

goal. They’ll undoubtedly remember the

followed closely by the U.S. Holocaust

lessons from this trip for the rest of

Memorial Museum.

their lives.”

Third-generation Girl Scout and Troop Leader Tiffani Moser said, “We saved our credits from the cookie sale for two years to do this amazing trip. We also partnered with Draper City at several events to raise

News | Troop

Troop 46 collected a surprising amount of pet supplies: almost 500 pounds of dry dog food, 110 cans of wet food, and over 40 chew toys. They delivered the items to Tooele City Animal Shelter.

Stellar Service

the girls a list of items they needed and the

was just the beginning! Also collected was

bronze award project

girls immediately went to work. They asked

110 cans of wet food, cases of cleaning

local businesses if they could place donation

supplies, more than 40 chew toys and the

Troop 46 in Stansbury Park, Utah was quite

boxes in their stores and then made flyers to

list goes on and on. The director at the

inform the public of what they were doing.

shelter was amazed at what the troop had

busy this summer. As part of their Bronze Award project, the girls decided to collect donations for the Tooele City Animal Shelter. To begin the project they went to the shelter for a tour and learned that it houses everything from dogs and cats to turtles and peacocks! The director of the shelter gave

accomplished, she never expected the In September, after picking up donated

Girl Scouts to accomplish so much, she

items all summer, Catherine Blomquist,

obviously needs to get to know more

Troop Leader couldn’t believe how much

Girl Scouts!

they had collected. There was almost 500 pounds of dry dog food alone, and that

G S U N ow


Volunteer | CLT

Community Leadership Team Positions 1.  Community Connector works with local community to share and find opportunities 2. Cookie Program Representative coordinates annual Cookie Program at Community level 3.  Council Trainer provides training and helps with curriculum and workshops 4. Event Representative coordinates events and assits troop leaders 5.  Finance Representative educates troops and monitors troop bank accounts 6. Higher Awards Representative supports girls working toward their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards 7.  Juliette Representative shares information about activities and Cookie Program with Girl Scouts whom are not in a troop 8. Member Placement Representative knows which troops have openings for new Girl Scouts 9. Outdoor Program Representative fosters a love of the outdoors and provides outdoor programs 10.  Recognition and Delegate Representative manages delegates and fosters a culture of appreciation


We’ve re-designed and re-named Service Units

attached to each position the volunteers will

to Community Leadership Teams. This is an

be able to serve troop leaders more effectively

exciting, big change for Girl Scouts of Utah.

because the tasks will be easier to manage.

Volunteers and staff helped develop these roles; the priority is to make volunteering easier while

We currently have 230 volunteer positions filled.

serving girls better, particularly through troop

We are very pleased by the response of our

mentoring and training. It would not have been

volunteers that said “Yes, I want to help move

possible without volunteer feedback and input

Girl Scouting forward to serve troop leaders and

from across the state and to that we say

girls more effectively.” They are truly dedicated

Thank You.

to our mission to serve girls of courage, confidence and character that make the world a

All Service Unit positions officially ended at 23-25 at Trefoil Ranch) and Community

If you are interested in learning more about

Leadership Team position accountabilities

these volunteer positions and how you can

began. In our Service Units we had six team

help, contact Jean Smith, Director of Volunteer

positions that served volunteers and girls and as

Services, at 801-716-5130 or

we contemplated redeveloping these positions it became clear that we needed to create more positions with fewer responsibilities. By the end of the process 13 Community Leadership Team positions were created. By forming more volunteer positions with fewer responsibilities

11. Troop Leader Mentor welcomes new volunteers, and assits volunteers in providing the Girl Scout experience 12. Volunteer Community Representative helps retain volunteers by providing training and meetings 13. V  olunteer Recruitment Coordinator helps grow Girl Scouts of Utah adult and girl membership

18 GSU Now

better place.

Leadership Summit/Annual Meeting (August

Want to Volunteer? Register on our website or contact Jean Smith at 801-716-5130 or


Floating necklace Three delicate green trefoils float inside a lovely silver pendant. A classic 26” rope chain with Girl Scout shorthand dangle tag secures this timeless piece.

Navy ¾ sleeve Stylish ¾ Navy tee with the Girl Scout Trefoil screen printed in shiny gold.

Silver charm holder Add your favorite charms to this necklace to create a unique piece of jewelry. Features Girl Scout profiles charm imprinted with “Girl Scouts” on back.

Keep Calm and Lead On Red tee with white screen print lettering.

Photo by Kelli Bramble

Trefoil Umbrella Stylish and cheerful automatic umbrella, 29” long with generous coverage and a smooth J-handle. Black/ green exterior with pretty matte silver lining.

Shop online at or visit one of our three locations!

GS U N ow


Volunteer | Spotlight

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT | Nick Tankersley He’s Man Enough to be a Girl Scout. Are you? By Laura Berbusse We all know the process: navigating overstuffed, wheeled suitcases through the crowded maze of check-in lines; pausing our conversations midsentence to heed each piercing announcement over the loud speakers; merging with the constant roiling flow of travelers down the linoleum highway; finding momentary, preboarding refuge between geometric print carpet and harsh florescent lighting. This is the airport. Through all the chaos, one uniformed man thrives, patiently assisting first-time flyers and keeping a watchful eye over the security line. This is TSA agent Nick Tankersley. What’s the secret to his serenity? Volunteering for Girl Scouts. Though Girl Scout volunteers have been traditionally women, Nick wants men who are considering volunteering to know “[Girl Scouts] is a very easy way to stay involved in their girls’ lives.” “He is an excellent teacher, very patient, and he likes to problem solve,” says Jean Smith, Director of Volunteer Services for Girl Scouts of Utah. “He’s the kind of person who sees a need somewhere and steps up to help.”

Nick is proud to be a Girl Scout volunteer. He strikes a manly pose with daughters Hayley (left) and Tara (right).

20 GSU Now


Save the Date

Jumping at his first opportunity to volunteer as

April is volunteer recognition month and we want to CELEBRATE our Volunteers!

Lake View Cookie Representative back in 2008, Nick has had plenty of time over the years to perfect these qualities, which shine in both his professional and personal life. Nick cites his two Girl Scout daughters, Tara, 11, and Hayley, 13, as his inspiration for first

The Volunteer Services team will be hosting CELEBRATE VOLUNTEERS events throughout the state to say THANK YOU for all you do!

becoming a volunteer. “I figured [Girl Scouts] was the best place to continue to be involved with my two girls,” he explains. “If you’re involved with your girls’ lives when they are young, as mine are, it will help you stay involved in their lives in

Check out our web site at beginning in February, 2014 for more details.

the future.” Last year, Tara received her Bronze Award, and Hayley received her Silver Award. And with a constant bustle reminiscent of an airport, the Tankersley household shows no signs of slowing. This year, Tara is working toward her Silver Award, and both girls are on the Camper Council. In addition to continuing to serve as Cookie Representative for Lake View Community, Nick— who has a special affinity for STEM programs—is now an enthusiastic Lego League coach. “It’s great to see how excited the girls get when they are actively involved in various projects,” he says.

G S U N ow


Volunteer | training

TRAINING 101 There is a lot of information for a Girl Scout Volunteer. Here are five quick and easy ways to get the information you need for a fun and successful troop.



Starting in January 2014, GSU will offer

Training Corner

Adult Awards

lunchtime webinars (12:00 p.m. – 1:00

Parents and Leaders! Do you need some

An important part of a volunteer’s role is

p.m.) to provide volunteers with useful

ideas for completing Brownie Journeys? Do

to mentor girls as they work towards their

information, share ideas, answer questions,

you know which awards Juniors can earn?

Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards. But, did you

and keep you updated on what’s going on

Have you wondered about the traveling

know that there are awards for adults too?

across the state. Check our website for the

opportunities for your Cadettes? Attend our

Each year, hundreds of volunteers receive

various topics and dates and join in as we

new and improved Grade Level trainings and

awards on the local and Council level for

learn together!

learn all of this and more! Also, you will have

their outstanding service to Girl Scouting.

an opportunity to network with other troop

Award nominations can be submitted by

leaders and share your ideas and successes.

volunteers, parents/guardians, or girls at any

Can’t make it to a scheduled training?

time during the year. Council-level awards

Participate in an online training! Email

are presented at our annual Recognition of for more information.

Excellence. Nomination forms are found on

1 Lunch & Learn

our website under For Adults and Volunteer Recognition. It’s as easy as filling out the nomination form, collecting a few letters of endorsement, and submitting them to the Council! Email for more information.

Volunteer Accessories 101

Stylish Accessories That’s right, adult Girl Scouts have uniforms too. Spruce it up with this adorable polkadot and trefoil scarf!

22 GSU Now

Great Buy Every Volunteer needs a trusty bag at their side. Stay organized with this zipper tote. It’s a great option for all your Girl Scout needs.



Troop Tips

Trainer Spotlight

1) Working with girls should be fun and

Do you know this Volunteer Trainer?

enjoyable. Let go of the thought that you

You may have picked up on her delightful

have to be a perfect volunteer. Instead,

southern accent at one of our volunteer

enjoy the girls, the parents, the discovery,

trainings this past year. She is a long-time Girl

and the magic that happens when girls and

Scout (since she was a Brownie) and has been

adults come together to create a Girl Scout

active in councils in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana,


Montana and now Utah. As a girl, she was a Day

2) Don’t try to do it alone. Ask for help from parents/guardians, other volunteers, and staff members. They are here to support you and they have great ideas to share! 3) Big troops are a good thing! Larger troops (10-12 girls) give girls more opportunities to be involved in the planning process. With smaller troops, there is a tendency for adults to do the planning because it is easier and faster. 4) Chances are that you will need a First Aider

Camp Aide, CIT, LIT and she received her “First Class” (now known as the Gold Award). As an adult, she served as a leader, assistant leader, SUD, Day Camp Director, Senior Planning Advisor and on the Board of Directors for the Big Sky Council. She has been a Council Trainer in four different councils for a total of 25 years

Photo by Anacandy Castro

volunteer | Training

and she has been an American Red Cross volunteer instructor for 30 years. Whew! This is one committed Girl Scout! This volunteer’s motto is: “You can plow wide or you can plow deep” and she lives it every

at some point during the year. Plan ahead

day. Join her for a Group/Troop Camping 101

and attend CPR/First Aid/AED training. And

Training this Spring to experience her Girl Scout

did you know that girls 14 years and older can

expertise first hand!

Recognize this face? You could win a prize by being one of the first three people to send an email to with the correct answer.

also become certified through the Council? Take advantage of this very affordable

If you know the name of this volunteer, send an

opportunity to learn some life-saving skills.

email to The first 3 people

5) When you organize a troop, ask at least one parent/guardian for each girl in your troop to register as a Girl Scout volunteer. Then

to correctly guess her name will receive a cool GSU prize! (Sorry, but Council Trainers cannot participate!)

assign them a role within the troop. This will make it easier for you to use them as drivers, chaperones, and co-leaders without going through the hassle of doing so when a deadline is approaching.

Have Questions? Contact Katie Naylor at 801-701-5124 or

G S U N ow



There is a world outside your window, just waiting for you to explore it!

Destination travel adventures range from two days to three weeks and are designed for all Girl Scouts ages 11-17. Girl Scout destinations fall into five categories: international, outdoors, science, people, and getaways. Facilitated by Girl Scouts of the USA and hosted by individual Girl Scout councils, GSUSA, and contracted organizations, such as Outward Bound, Girl Scout destinations events or trips open girls up to whole new worlds and ideas.

Don’t delay! Make sure to start planning your Girl Scout Destination Adventure!

Start Planning for Next Year! •N  ovember: “Early” Applications are due to GSU •T  hanksgiving: GSU has all applications enroute to event sponsors •D  ec. 3: All “early” applications received GSU Now by24 event sponsors

• J an. 16: All applicants are notified of their status for “early” applications •F  eb. 1: All deposits holding a spot are due to event sponsors for “early” applications

• Feb. 18: “Late” applications received by event sponsors • Mar. 4: All additional applicants notified of their status. • March 18: All “late” applicants’ deposit due to event sponsors

? Do you have questions? Would you like more information? Contact Brandy Strand, Program Manager, or 801-716-5160

Programs | destinations

Discovering Ireland, One Clover at a Time

Through a Destinations trip, Alannah H. tells us Ireland is much, much more than just St. Patricks and the Blarney Stone. After flying on an airplane so long, we arrived

lunch. The staff was very friendly and told

in Dublin tired, but exciting to be starting a new

some funny jokes about us being Americans.

adventure. There were 15 girls, from all over the

We played a number of teamwork games and

United States. We were accompanied by three

some games that I am sure were more for the

chaperones who took us to The Tollymore

staffs own amusement than anything else.

National Outdoor Sport Center, where we

The next day we went “hill walking” which,

would be staying for the next week. After the

although they looked small, the locals

flight and two-hour car ride, most of us were

considered them mountains. We only laughed


until our legs started burning! Although it drizzled and it was a good climb, we were having

At the Center, we quickly got situated into our

fun and honestly still couldn’t believe we were

room and were quickly treated to a delicious

in Ireland!

G S U N ow


Hiking and rock climbing in the misty drizzle. “Cold, wet but still a ton of fun!”

The next day we split into two groups. The first

was a lot of sheep on the island and we enjoyed

group, which is the group I was a part of, went

spending time herding them. We enjoyed the

river walking in the morning and then went

solitude and at night played games and enjoyed

mountain biking after lunch. River walking was

s’mores around the fire.

mostly scrambling over boulders and swimming through deeper parts of the river. We even got

Near the end of our trip we toured castles and

to jump off some rocks into the deepest parts.

learned about medieval weaponry. On the final

It was cold and wet but a lot of fun. This is a

day we learned how to use the Pound and went

summary that seemed to be true of most of

shopping in a small seaside town while tasting

Ireland. Cold, wet but still a ton of fun.

some delicious Irish ice cream. We went back to the center where we learned how to bake

26 GSU Now

We started to get use to the rain, one day we

the brownies we had been eating in abundance

even rock climbed through a slight drizzle! Our

all week. None of us wanted to go to bed that

sixth day we canoed to an island and spent the

night, all of us were unwilling to say goodbye to

night in a small cabin. Like most of Ireland, there

such an amazing trip and new friends.

Programs | destinations

Fifteen Girl Scouts from all over the United States gather at the Tollymore National Outdoor Sport Center, Ireland for a unique adventure. Activities included hill walking (above), canoeing, mountain biking and more.

GS U N ow


Programs | News

PROGRAM NEWS Troop Support and Resources Are you curious about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience? What about the incredible resources like Journeys? The National Program Portfolio has two main parts – the National Leadership Journeys and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Complemented by the Girl Scout Cookie program, Girl Scout travel and Girl Scout awards, the National Program Portfolio is designed to help girls develop as leaders and build confidence by learning new skills. A key part of Girl Scout Leadership Experience is the Journey Series, which are activities grouped around a theme and connected to tools that help girls map the experience. This is where girls discover, connect, and take action to make the world a better place. There are three different Leadership Journey series: • It’s Your World – Change It! • It’s Your Planet – Love It! • It’s Your Story – Tell It! On every Leadership Journey, everything girls do—whether it’s performing science experiments, creating art projects, cooking simple meals, or learning to protect the planet’s water supply—is aimed at giving them the benefits of the Girl Scout “Keys to Leadership”: Discover, Connect, Take Action.

28 GSU Now

Here’s how they work: • A girl Discovers her special skills and talents, finds the confidence to set challenging goals for herself and strives to live by her values. This includes being proud of where she came from as well as where she’s going. • A girl Connects with others, which means she learns how to team up, solve conflicts, and have healthy relationships. These skills help her in school right now and prepare her for any career she chooses in the future. • A girl Takes Action and makes the world a better place, learning a lot about her community and the world along the way. For all three leadership Journey series, the adult guide and the girl book have everything a volunteer needs to help inspire the girls and to assist them as they go. It’s all there for you. The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is where girls (and adults) can find badges, information on bridging and Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards, Girl Scout history, tradition and much more! We are working to support our amazing Troop Leaders and Volunteers through quality programming resources. These resources will include many incredible tools for our volunteers to utilize, including some amazing patch programs! Stay tuned for more information as these are developed. Do you have a great idea or resource you would like to share? Let us know! Contact today!

GIRL SCOUTS OF UTAH SHOPS Journeys and Girl Guides

New Reduced Price!

ADULT GUIDE JOURNEY BOOK SET Each “How To Guide”/ Journey Book Set has everything adult volunteers need to enjoy this amazing journey. Just bring your enthusiasm and sense of adventure.

Journey Handbooks for all Ages! Each Girl Scout age level has three Journey handbooks. Journeys teach girls about the world, about themselves, and about how they can make the world a better place. With fun characters, activities, and awards - your Girl Scouts will LOVE the experience.








Girl Guides for all Ages! Girl Scouting has never been more exciting than with this new program resource. Girls and Volunteers will love the fun, eyeopening activities and the all-in-one badge book and handbook format. Beautifully designed, these binders are divided into three sections: handbook, badge and my Girl Scouts. The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting complements the Girl Scout Journeys!

Model Photo by Kelli Bramble


Shop online at or visit one of our three locations!

G S U N ow


Programs | News


Reaching Out Outreach program helps underserved girls experience Girl Scouts Last year, Girl Scouts of Utah’s Outreach Program served 1,294 girls

Recognition of Excellence Recognizing great achievements

through 55 community partners such as afterschool programs and free lunch sites. The Outreach Program enables underserved and atrisk girls to experience Girl Scouting. This summer, the Council brought 40 girls to Trefoil Ranch for an exciting day at camp. The girls learned

The annual awards ceremony, Recognition of

archery, dabbled in arts and crafts, met the horses and worked

Excellence, will be on May 3. We are excited to

together on a campfire cookout. The trip was advertised through

recognize the amazing efforts of both our girls

afterschool programs throughout Utah and was a big success.

and adults. Last year we had 155 Bronze, 55 Silver, and 8 Gold Award recipients. These amazing girls

Throughout the year, the Girl Scout Outreach Program works with staff

Discovered the world around them, Connected

from afterschool programs across the State to train them in a girl-led

with the needs of their communities, and Took

curriculum that fosters girls to be better leaders. This curriculum has

Action to make the world a better place.

been well-received by adults and gives girls the opportunity to learn about badges, journeys and what it means to be a Girl Scout while

Deadlines for Higher Awards Final Reports:

teaching about self-confidence, health, and education. The program

February 7th for girls to be recognized at the

complements existing school curriculum and content is specifically

Recognition of Excellence Awards Ceremony

designed to help girls develop an appreciation for STEM, Healthy Living, Outdoors, Financial Literacy, and Advocacy which are the GSU

Have questions? Would you like more information about the Bronze, Silver, and Gold? Contact Jenna Goldman, Program Coordinator, or 801-716-5160

program initiatives for all Girl Scouts. We are always looking for amazing individuals to help provide Girl Scout opportunities! If you are interested in helping with an Outreach program please contact Shari Solomon-Klebba, Program Coordinator, or 801-716-5123.

Girl Accessories 101 We are so proud of our eight 2013 Gold Awardees. Check out page 35-37 to learn about their projects and amazing accomplishments.

30 GSU Now

Hot New Looks for Girls!

GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING iPad COVER Everyone will notice your iPad with this specially designed iPad cover.

Programs | News

Outreach girls loved Trefoil Ranch where they participated in archery, outdoor cooking, and visited the horses this summer!

Quilted cell phone case/ wallet

Tie Dye low cut socks Shorty sock in bright green with “Girl Scouts� on toe.

Carry everything you need in colorful style with this cell phone case and wallet wristlet.

Tie Dye Euro Sack This colorful bag was designed just for you. With I Love Girl Scouts screen print and nylon drawstring. Solid pink back.

GS U N ow


Programs | News


advocate for

change Get inside government and let others hear YOUR voice. Learn how laws are made and how you can change the world.

Inside Government

Learn About Your World Participate in Advocacy BE COUNTED AND BE HEARD! How often have you seen something that really needed to be changed and wondered, “Why isn’t someone doing something about that?” Girls have a lot to say about what matters most in their lives and are savvy in developing creative solutions to address those issues. In Girl Scouting, we view advocacy as a critical leadership skill

32 GSU Now

Investigate how our government makes decisions. You can Take Action and discuss issues you are most passionate about.

Finding Common Ground

January / 2014

for girls. Participating in advocacy activities

Join us at the Utah State Capitol, before

can be very empowering, especially when

the session starts for some amazing

you realize your ability to influence change.

opportunities to learn about the process

Come participate in our Advocacy activities

and get involved in government!

and learn about the many issues our world is faced with and how you can make a change


in the world!

• Inside Government Badge Workshop for

One aspect of advocacy is government and

• Finding Common Ground Badge

Juniors, January 22nd 4:00-6:00 p.m. civic engagement. The Utah State Legislative

Workshop for Cadettes, January 23rd

Session Starts January 27, 2014 and we are

4:00-6:00 p.m.

ramping up for some amazing programs to help girls have a voice in government.

• Cookie Delivery at the capitol February 6

Programs | News

Our website is constantly updated with new programs. Check out GSU GO! Event Guide for all the fun activities you want!

Model Photos by Kelli Bramble

•N  onprofit Day on the Hill February 27th 8:00 am – 3:00 p.m. Nonprofits from all over Utah will gather in the Capitol Rotunda to help bring awareness to elected officials and the public about our purpose. Join Girl Scouts of Utah as we bring awareness to elected officials about our amazing girls and volunteers!

everything you need is at your fingertips

G S U N ow


Hilton Salt Lake City Center is a proud partner of the Girl Scouts of Utah. Building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. We look forward to seeing you May 2014 for Recognition of Excellence! To book at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, please call 801-238-4812, or visit our website at

34 GSU Now

Programs | Gold Award

2 0 1 3 A w ardees The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. While earning the Girl Scout Gold Award, girls create their own personalized leadership journey through self-improvement, skill development, career exploration, and by improving their communities through service. Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is a major accomplishment in a girl’s life and is a culmination of all that a girl has learned in Girl Scouting.

Kiylee Christensen Of Kiylee Christensen’s seven sisters a majority have their Gold Award. From a young age, Kiylee decided she too would work toward her Gold Award; while doing so, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA, dances for a ballet academy and has earned her Young Womanhood Recognition. A friend, who could not afford dance lessons, inspired Kiylee to design and teach a free, two-week dance workshop. She taught flexibility, skills and the techniques for dance and in doing so created a lot of other people who are now passionate about exercise and dance.

Jillian Combs At 8-years-old Jillian Combs was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, which inspired her project for her Gold Award. “I wanted to do something to help kids calm their fears about living with Crohns,” said Jillian. In between a very busy schedule of AP classes, clubs and sports at The Waterford School, she undertook the remarkable task of writing a children’s book to help youth better understand Crohns. She even found a co-illustrator to help her. She hopes her published book will inspire others to face this disease with courage.

Meganne Ferrel Some of Meganne Ferrel’s most memorable experiences are from her 12 years in Girl Scouts, from camping to service projects; but her most meaningful contributions came from her Gold Award project. Working with researchers at the University of Utah, Meganne spent over 240 hours doing population genetic research on Right Whales which are dying at alarming rates. Her work on the project was integral and she will be listed as a principal co-author when these important findings are published in scientific journals.

G S U N ow


How do Girl Scouts add Gold to a college campus? The Girl Scout Gold Award The Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouts, a shining example of what a girl can achieve while working toward her high school graduation. Each year, girls go Gold by demonstrating extraordinary leadership through remarkable Take Action projects that have sustainable impact in their communities and beyond. When a girl goes Gold, she impacts: Campus Communities Gold Award recipients have funded and led projects in their communities to make a measurable and sustainable difference. This is the proven leadership they will bring to your campus. College Peers Gold Award recipients step up to lead when necessary, yet also have the rare gift of being team players. They will add value while on campus as role models to their peers. Future College Graduates Gold Award recipients rate their general success in life significantly higher than their peers and report success in reaching their educational and career goals. They will be lifelong ambassadors to their schools.


Formore moreinformation, informationvisit visit For or your local council,at which you can find via or inquire contact Goldman GSU Now atJenna

Programs | Gold Award

Jessica Gilbert Somehow, in between a great GPA and cheerleading at Roy High School, Jessica Gilbert found time for an extensive Gold Award project. Her project educated children about humane pet care, animal adoption, and population control. Her passion for animals is clear – she taught the class to more than 800 second graders and produced a PowerPoint presentation that was distributed to teachers. A Girl Scout of 11 years, Jessica represents the best of the Movement, and said, “Even little things can cause a ripple effect, who knows what you might inspire others to do.”

Cherilyn Lyman Cherilyn Ann Lyman has been a Girl Scout since she was four years old. She has been a member of 4-H, and competed in several state-level contests. She was also a member of the regional champion varsity basketball team at her high school. Cherilyn used her passion in nutrition and food science to create a curriculum for an after-school cooking program. The six-week course was taught at Bennion Elementary, a Title I school. She also published teaching manuals so teachers can use them in the future.

Jessica Ownby When Jess Ownby realized there was not curriculum, let alone classes, which supported creative writing, she went to work designing a club to support the craft, and in doing so, earned her Gold Award. Jess is a long-time Girl Scout who credits her social and leadership skills to her experiences with the organization and is already planning to become a lifetime member after graduation. Her creative writing club has thrived, with over 20 regular members, and the club will continue to be an anchor for high school students for years to come.

Brianne Pearson Brianne Pearson incorporated two loves into her project for the Gold Award: children and reading. She volunteered with the Head Start Program and several elementary schools to read books to children and then mentored them as they read back to her. She helped many children improve their reading abilities, which will help them the rest of their lives. Pearson said, “I will never forget the children I helped and hope they never forget me.” Brianne now attends Southern Utah University and is working towards her Bachelors.

Ashlyn Wright Ashlyn Wright started Girl Scouts as a Daisy, and 12 years later she’s just as committed to the cause. For her Gold Award she planned and hosted a monthly social where she taught dance lessons from the cha-cha to swing and everything in between. The classes helped people open-up to others and to themselves. Wright loves expressing her individualism through dance and enjoyed sharing this talent with others. She hopes to continue to make a difference in the world.

G S U N ow



“I MAKE A DIFFERENCE” Marie Grogan’s 25 years of service Marie Grogan smiles as she attends the 2013 Leadership Summit at Trefoil Ranch. Twenty-five years of volunteering and still loving it.

Girl Scouting in Utah is only possible because

Grogan has jumped in with both feet – literally

of the nearly 4,000 passionate volunteers all

and figuratively. From taking Cadettes on a

around the state. Some volunteers commit

whitewater rafting trip in Jackson Hole, to

to several hours a week, while others only

having troops push her to do an activity out of

have time for an hour each month. Any

her comfort zone, she says the girls keep her

amount of time is more than appreciated and

young. “It’s my personal Fountain of Youth,” she

means you’re contributing to bettering the

tells people.

next generation of girls. For 25 years, Marie

38 GSU Now


“They say everyone has a ‘niche’ in life, and I believe Girl Scouting is mine. I believe in the mission and am honored that I have been a part in helping girls to develop courage, confidence

Here are 10 ‘treasures’ Marie shared with us about her time as a Girl Scout volunteer:

and character. I truly believe that if I’ve only touched the life of one girl in a positive way, then I am a success.” By her own definition, Marie has found a lot of success. For 25 years she’s mentored an untold number of girls as a troop leader and Service Unit Director for 17 years. She also filled trainer positions, chaired committees and is currently the Volunteer Community Recruiter. Why has she devoted so much to this cause? Her profound reply is, “I know as a Girl Scout Leader I will leave my mark upon this earth.” “Marie has a love of the program, but more importantly, she loves the girls,” said Kassi Bybee, Senior Director of Membership. “Marie’s excitement and commitment has not been diminished one bit in 25 years. Because the passion is ever-present, she’s contagious to both girls and adults who she comes in contact with.” Girl Scouts of Utah hopes Marie will continue to jump into her personal Fountain of Youth for another 25 years!

1. Encourage all girls to live up to their full potential regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic background. 2. Always ask girls what THEY want to do in THEIR troop. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to volunteer as a troop leader when you allow your girls to lead their troop. The creativity and ambition will excite you. 3. Don’t tolerate disrespect from girls or adults. Girls need firm boundaries and consequences for their actions. 4. Give girls a safe place to fail – as well as succeed. 5. Revel in the fact you’re helping girls grow – it’s OK to take pride in their achievements that you’ve helped them attained. I treasure the knowledge that I’ve helped form confident young women! 6. Girl Scouts is not school, so the badges and Journeys have to be interactive and hands on. 7. I try to have a trip planned every two years so that girls who may not be as interested in badges have something else to be excited about and reason to stay involved in the troop. 8. It’s sometimes easy to just ‘talk the talk.’ I genuinely have passion and excitement about this organization; I hope people see that I am ‘walking the walk.’

“Girl Scouts is my personal Fountain of Youth.”

9. I can sometimes get discouraged – teenage girls can be a challenge! But it’s a challenge that worth every bit of the effort. 10. Enjoy the journey!

G S U N ow


Don’t Forget Girl Scouts This Tax Season!

Last year Girl Scouts of Utah passed HB145, a bill that places a box on state tax returns making it easier to give a few dollars directly to Girl Scouts of Utah. Please be sure to check the box this tax season and tell your friends to do so too! This great opportunity goes away if people don’t use it! 40 GSU Now


Share your Girl Scout Love and Connect! We want to empower, motivate and inspire YOU, our adult and girl members to CONNECT with others. Share your favorite Girl Scout stories and experiences with people you think would love Girl Scouts too.


Help a NEW volunteer join GSU and get a $15 gift certificate


Help a friend join GSU and you both get a cool slap-bracelet

To qualify the NEW 2014

When a current girl member

volunteer needs to:

brings a NEW friend to GSU,

· Register for 2014 membership and

the current girl member should

pay the $15 dues · Fill out the volunteer application · Fill out the CBC (criminal Back ground check)

do the following: · Fill out the Bring a Friend information sheet · Bring or mail the form to Council

The CURRENT volunteer

A Membership Specialist will verify the

needs to:

new girl is registered.

·Fill out the information section of the adult flyer, mail it into council.

Then the current girl member that helped introduce the NEW girl can

A membership specialist will verify

either pick-up two slap bracelets and

the new volunteer- and mail a $15

any GSU Service Center, or request

gift certificate* to the CURRENT

they be mailed.

volunteer to be used in the shop! *Cannot be used for membership or cookies. One time purchase, nontransferable, expires 9/30/2014

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I can’t wait to Bring a friend to Girl Scouts! Everything is more fun with a friend! So what are you waiting for?

Invite a friend! 1 Be a registered Girl Scout for our 2014 year which begins October 1, 2013. 2 Get one or more of your friends to become Girl Scouts by January 1, 2014. 3 Complete this form and submit to Girl Scouts of Utah. 4 Receive a cool “I can’t wait” slap bracelet for you and your friend(s).


Girl Scout name:

Telephone (

Address: email

) Troop#

Date Submitted:

Friend’s name (new registered Girl Scout): mail form to: Attn: membership Department 445 east 4500 South, Suite 125 SLC, UT 84107

Questions? Contact the membership Department at (801) 265-8472

42 GSU Now © 2013 Girl Scouts of the USA. The GIRL SCOUTS® name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including the Trefoil Design, are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA.

I can’t wait to Share ideas Accomplish the impossible Be on a team Work, laugh and discover together Welcome a new volunteer

Thanks for all you do! You’re an amazing volunteer. But, wouldn’t it be more fun to have an adult friend to help and hang out with while leading your Troop adventures? Get your friend registered and we’ll give you a $15 gift card to the Girl Scout Shop! Complete and return form to Girl Scouts of Utah before April 30, 2014 to claim your gift certificate.

# CompleTe and reTurn To reCeive Your GifT CerTifiCaTe!

Your name: Troop # Telephone: (


new volunteer* name: * Must have completed criminal background check, volunteer application, and registration for 2014 year.

new volunteer responsibilities:

Mail to: Girl Scouts of Utah Attn: Membership Department 445 East 4500 South, Suite 125 SLC, UT 84107 S U N ow 43 © 2013 Girl Scouts of the uSa. The Girl SCouTS® name, mark, and allG associated trademarks and logotypes, including the Trefoil design, are owned by Girl Scouts of the uSa.

Man Enough

A desire to create a future filled with powerful women has one group of powerful men stepping up to the plate and going to bat for girl programs in Utah. This month, Girl Scouts of Utah launches a new campaign; a boys club that will band together and show support for the ultimate girls club.

these men are man enough, are you?

44 GSU Now

G S U N ow


Photo by Kelli Bramble

Photo by Kelli Bramble

Man Enough

46 GSU Now

man enough

Mayor Ralph Becker Salt Lake City


iding his bike down the street, you

is the increase in minorities and women in

would never know you’re zooming

his administration. “When I came into Office,

by Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph

only one department director was a woman

Becker, who is an ardent advocate

– a poor diversity record. We now have four

for bicycling and getting people to pedal

female department directors and many more

downtown. Talking to him, you quickly realize his passion for sustainability and being green is at the apex of his administration’s goals. The key initiatives’ of the Mayor’s Office are so similar to Girl Scouts, that when we asked if he’d like to join our “Man Enough” Campaign, he immediately said yes. Mayor Becker actually was

women in leadership positions “Mayor Becker said his granddaughter, Tiana, loved participating in the Girl Scout program, especially Camp. And Becker loved buying Girl Scout Cookies from her. Which one is his favorite? “All of them… too

the first person to don the new

much in fact!”

throughout city government. And, the majority of my Mayoral staff are women,” the Mayor added with a laugh, “I think this is good judgment on my part.” Becker knows many of the women he’s appointed are Girl Scouts and appreciates the new “Man Enough” Campaign

shirt – on the steps of the City-

as another way to build girls’

County Building no less!

ambition and self-esteem. “Girls need to know that men in their lives support

Salt Lake City residents reelected Becker in

and honor their abilities and potential. Our

2011, with a landslide margin of 75 percent;

youth need positive examples, encouragement

and with recent awards like most livable city

and a listening ear.” And he stresses that this

and most connected, he remains one of the

opportunity to learn can work both ways:

most popular Mayor’s in the Country. One

“Many adults could learn a lot from listening to

accomplishment he is particularly proud of

young people!”

Mayor Becker FUn Facts  Bike Riding: The Mayor enjoys riding his bike and is helping make Salt Lake more “bike friendly.” Cookies: He doesn’t have a favorite..he likes them all.  irl Scout G affiliation: Tiana, his granddaughter was a Girl Scout. Women in Government: Many of the women Mayor Becker appointed are Girl Scout Alumnae. Going Green: The Mayor agrees with Girl Scouts that environmental stewardship is a top priority.

Becker is “thrilled” that Girl Scouts of Utah is focusing on stewardship of the planet. “Our environment sustains us,” he said recently. His work in this field is undeniable: he’s passed funding for trails, open space, and public transit. “We must take care of our planet – locally, and globally. Girls can actively engage to protect our planet and through their actions, influence and guide adults in appropriate leadership decisions,” Becker said, “Girl Scouts’ work regarding environmental stewardship is vital.”

G S U N ow


Man Enough

Mayor Ben mcadams Salt Lake county Mayor McAdams points at two women in his life that have made a profound effect on who he is and what he’s accomplished: his Mother


ayor Ben McAdams is a vocal

by the quality and commitment of these young

supporter of Girl Scouts of Utah.

women and their poise and self-confidence in

He recently attended Troop

the program,” he said.

382’s Bronze Award ceremony

in Daybreak and afterwards said, “Kate, my

As a parent of a young daughter, Mayor

two women whose example and

daughter is on the cusp of Girl Scouting and I

McAdams is excited for the “Man Enough”

advice have been decisive, not only

would be thrilled to see her join this community

Campaign, and even looks forward to

in my style of leadership, but in the

of young women who are on their way to

participating in Girl Scouts with his daughter

objectives and values that inform that


and his Wife. “I’ve been blessed by

someday. “There are a

leadership.” He says while his Mother

“When the Mayor was elected, women

myriad of programs and

(and Davis County School Counselor)

Mayor McAdams

Susan McAdams imprinted all five

recently joined our “Man

children with a deep sense of service

Enough” Campaign which

to community, his Wife, Julie pushes

encourages fathers, uncles,

him to be the best man he can be. “I

mentors and all men to join a

fell in love with the most impressive

boys club devoted to helping

woman I ever met,” McAdams said,

the ultimate girls club –

“She graduated from Columbia Law

Girl Scouts! Mayor Ben

School while spending much of her

McAdams admits that his

time tutoring her husband through

knowledge of Girl Scouting

that same institution!” Julie also

has grown significantly

the Mayor says, because he

devotes much of her time between

since becoming Mayor of

believes the father-daughter

causes she’s passionate about and

Salt Lake County one year ago. “Girl Scouting

relationship, “has a huge influence over how

their four children.

was not a program my family participated in

a young woman values family, her profession,

when I was a child. More recently, however, my

and develops traits and values that lead to a life

awareness of the Movement has grown into a

partner.” The Mayor hopes the Campaign grows

fond association.” He specifically reached out

large enough that it doesn’t just shape families,

to Girl Scouts to congratulate, and meet the

but whole communities.

did not hold very many leadership positions, now fully half of his cabinet is composed of women; he’s started a women’s leadership forum that mentors women into leadership positions. And the Mayor also points out that the highest ranking member of his administration – the deputy mayor – is also a woman.“

activities designed to bring fathers closer to their sons; these objectives are laudable and I encourage them. However, by comparison, opportunities for a father to build his relationship with his daughter are precious and few.” And that is a shame,

Gold Award recipients last year. “I’m impressed

Mayor McAdams FUn Facts

48 GSU Now

Gold Award: The Mayor met last year’s Gold Award recipients and was very impressed with them. 

Cookie: “My favorite Girl Scout Cookie is the Samoa – the streets of Heaven are paved with Samoas!”

Daughter: His daughter is almost old enough to be a Girl Scout.

 Girl Scout Dad’s: Mayor McAdams believes the Man Enough campaign is a great father-daughter relationship builder.

man enough

G S U N ow


Photo by Anacandy Castro

Man Enough

50 GSU Now

man enough

Mayor tom Dolan Sandy City


f you’re elected Mayor five times,

he’s met was his Mother, Pauline. “Defying

guided a successful and vast economic

the trends of the 50’s and 60’s, my Mother

transformation of your city, and are

proved that women can be both influential and

still one of the most liked guys in Utah

instrumental in the workplace.” Pauline was a

politics, you must be doing something right.

nurse before becoming a medical director of

Mayor Tom Dolan of Sandy has been in office

a powerful labor union. Dolan said she had a

since 1994 and is still genuinely liked by both his staff and his constituents — 92 percent say they love the City. Never raising taxes is one reason for the adulation, but his concern and genuine care of his citizens is also a key factor. His work on wage disparity between genders is one of those areas of concerns he’s worked to correct. “Women,

fierce tenacity, skill level, and belief “To me, the new campaign “Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout” highlights the valuable role men can play to young women as mentors, supporters and sponsors. The Girl Scouts of today are our leaders of tomorrow and it benefits all of us to provide them with learning opportunities, advice, and wisdom.”

unfortunately, face the reality

in hard work which led to her being a formidable role model to him and many others. His belief in equality has made him a vocal advocate for the Girl Scouts, “the organization’s initiatives provide leadership opportunities, raise self-esteem, encourage women to aim high and know that anything is possible if they are willing to work hard.” Mayor Dolan said he’s seen a difference in girls who choose to be Girl Scouts, “these

of a ‘glass ceiling’ that makes it more difficult for

young girls are now filled with curiosity, daring

them to advance to leadership positions. They

and bravado that starts them on a pathway

also still earn less, despite having comparable

towards being lifelong leaders.”

Mayor Dolan FUn Facts  ookies: C “I go into withdrawals until GSU starts selling Girl Scout Cookies every year!” And nope, he doesn’t have a favorite, “No one should have to choose a favorite Girl Scout Cookie!”  ime in office: T Mayor Dolan has been in office since 1994 and was re-elected six times! Women in Business: One of his major concerns is women in the workplace not receiving equal wage and opportunities as men. Woman hero: His mom. Why Girl Scouts? Because Dolan believes Girl Scouts prepares girls to be future leaders.

and sometimes better qualifications than their male counterparts.” Dolan sees some

The day after our interview with Dolan, he

improvements but in his administration he

handily beat his competition to win a sixth term

makes it a priority to encourage more equality

as Mayor. He says he still has the same passion

in the workplace, “Not just because it is right,

for the job as when he started nearly two

but because we are all missing out when we do

decades ago and wants to continue to make

not have the unique perspectives that female

his community as perfect as it can be; he’s

leaders can provide.”

definitely Man Enough to be a Girl Scout!

Mayor Dolan said the strongest female leader

GS U N ow


Man Enough

Mayor Mike Caldwell Ogden city Mayor Caldwell FUn Facts 

Cookies: “Thin Mints, right out of the freezer.” With two Girl Scouts in his house, he probably has good access to them! Daughters: Mayor Caldwell has two daughters that are Girl Scouts.


ou don’t find a bigger supporter of

His love of his family is paralleled by his love of

the organization than a father of two

Ogden; he was born there and graduated from

Girl Scouts and Mayor Mike Caldwell

Weber State University. He has continually

of Ogden has been a huge advocate

possessed a passion for his hometown and

since his daughters became members. “I have

has worked most of his adult life to making it

seen the positive impact Girl Scouts has made

a better, more prosperous place. He wants

on their self-worth and ambitions. I couldn’t

women to be on the cutting edge of this

be happier to have them a part of Girl Scouts.”

prosperity, “We see that many industries, even those still thought of

In two short years since he was elected, Mayor Caldwell

Girl Scout Initiative: Mayor Caldwell loves the Girl Scout Outdoor Program and thinks it helps girls in all aspects of their lives. Future: Mayor Caldwell hopes to see more strong, confident, capable women be leaders in the future. Pets? Yes, he has a Weimaraner that enjoys hiking!

has added 1,500 new jobs, accessed $10 million in grants and helped refurbish 39 homes for lower-income families. Yet, he still finds time to help his girls with their Journeys and badges and even attends Girl Scout functions. “I support the Girl Scouts because I believe in what they teach women.

Mayor Caldwell has a deep appreciation for the outdoors; his wife, two girls and their Weimaraner enjoy hiking the trails and canyons around Ogden. The Outdoor Program at GSU is something he’s particularly fond of, “Sports and outdoor activities help girls push their limits to see what they are capable of. Reaching new heights can give them a sense of great accomplishment and really impact their lives physically,

Their motto is: Girl Scouting

mentally and socially.”

builds girls of courage, confidence and character

are more and more being led by fantastic women who are incredible leaders.” And he practices what he preaches: the Mayor said in his administration he, “always works to promote dynamic and skillful women to leadership and key roles.” If you get the feeling Mayor Caldwell embodies the “Man Enough” Campaign, you’d be right. He was very excited to participate and

who make the world a better place. I married

said, “Girls need men in their lives who are

a strong independent woman; and as a father,

kind, as well as strong. All kids need positive

I want my daughters to grow up with the same

role models in their lives.”

kind of courage, confidence and character.” And the Mayor adds that his City “can only be better from strong, confident, capable women who want to lead us into the future.”

52 GSU Now

as mostly male-dominated

man enough

G S U N ow


Man Enough

54 GSU Now

man enough

Mayor John curtis Provo city


Provo Mayor John Curtis says he’s

With that emphasis of community participation

the man he is today because of the

and service, crime has dropped, business is

strong female leaders who guided

growing and this has all been noticed by the

him through his childhood and the

outside world. Forbes recently named Provo as

mentors he has surrounded himself with as an

the number one place for business and careers

adult. It’s obviously paid off, as he recently won

in the United States and Google Fiber has

re-election with 86 percent of the vote!

chosen Provo as the third city in the country to expand the service

“My Mother served as President of the Granite

My Mother served as President of

School Board and she

the Granite School Board and she

demonstrated the

demonstrated the characteristics

characteristics that Girl

that Girl Scouting teaches. She served

Scouting teaches. She

her community and her family with

served her community and

important skills that she developed

her family with important

over a lifetime of service.”

city-wide. The Mayor has four daughters and says he certainly sees the strength in the Girl Scout’s new “Man Enough” campaign which encourages men to be more

skills that she developed

involved in their daughter’s

over a lifetime of service.”

lives. “Our girls need and

Mayor Curtis has taken that bedrock of

deserve strong, positive role models. I hope

service his Mother taught him and has tried

men can look for opportunities to serve our

to encourage others to give back to their

youth at many levels. I want my daughters to

community in Provo. He emphasizes unity,

find positive male role models in all aspects

safety and prosperity to his constituents

of their lives.” The Mayor, in turn, hopes Girl

and hopes they take the same pride in the

Scouting, and this particular campaign, builds

community as he does. This desire for more

even more women of courage, confidence and

community involvement has made the Mayor

character. “I believe everyone should be given

take special notice of the Girl Scout troops

opportunities regardless of race or gender.

which have done service in Utah County, “I’ve

The city is full of great examples of women who

personally noticed and appreciated all the good

have advanced in their education and careers

they’ve done in our community.”

while at the city.”

Mayor Curtis FUn Facts  ookies: C “I’ve never had a Girl Scout Cookie that wasn’t my favorite at the time I was eating it!”  ero: H His Mom! Election: He was recently re-elected with 86 precent of the vote! Livable City: Mayor Curtis is reinvigorating downtown Provo and is also making a man-made beach on Provo lake. Business: Forbes magazine just listed Provo as the number one city to do business in.

G S U N ow


Now it’s your chance to prove that you’re

Man Enough to be A Girl Scout. Your $50 annual membership fee includes:

• 2014 membership into the Girl Scout organization

• Man Enough t-shirt

• Ticket to a Girl Scout cookie & beer pairing event, hosted by Squatters Pub in the summer of 2014. • Best of all, you’ll be supporting programs that create girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

To join - simply fill out the form and mail it in or visit

56 GSU Now

Join Man Enough YES! I am Man Enough to Be a Girl Scout! Name: (first, last) Address:




Phone: Email: Birthdate:

Shirt Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL

Payment Information: $50 Annual Membership

Additional Donation:

Cash/Check Enclosed (make checks payable to Girl Scouts of Utah) Credit Card Information: Credit Card Number:

Exp Date:


This membership is a gift from: Please contact me about additional volunteer opportunities


Mail To: Girl Scouts of Utah | Man Enough Campaign | 445 East 4500 South, #125 | Salt Lake City, UT 84107 Or register online at

G S U N ow


No university has produced as many female business owners as has the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

58 GSU Now



Honoring our 2014 “Tough Cookie” Natalie Gochnour March 6, 2014 | 6-9 PM The Rail Event Center

GS U N ow


For tickets or table reservations contact Nathan Measom at or 801-716-5162

Camp | News

From Camper to Counselor

The program includes time devoted to learning


child development, program areas, plus actual experience working with children under the

Many girls want to extend their camp

program operates out of Camp Cloud Rim,

experiences a day or two – they’re just not ready to leave! Then there are some of you (you know who you are) who never want the experience to end. Well, Girl Scouts of Utah’s camp leadership programs offer girls an For information on the Summer Camp Leadership Program, please contact

60 GSU Now

opportunity to learn and live at camp from 10 days, up to four-weeks. Girls need to be highly motivated, ready to work and play hard, and willing to accept a leadership role at camp.

supervision of camp staff. This exclusive though girls have opportunities to spend time at Trefoil Ranch, learning program areas there as well. This summer, we had six girls participate in C.I.T 3 who did such a phenomenal job we hired them as Staff-in-Training for the remainder of the season! If the program sounds interesting, read some of our participants’ thoughts below.

C.I.T. 3 – Spartacus, a.k.a. “Sparty” I kept coming back to camp summer after summer for so many reasons; probably too many to write down. Camp has always been a safe haven for me. I can spend the summer up at camp and not have to worry about anything at all. It has helped shape me into who I am today. It has also given me so many opportunities and learning experiences I would not have gotten otherwise. Camp will forever be a part of me. Camp and Girl Scouts aren’t getting rid of me anytime soon!

C.I.T. 3 – Dewey The time I spent in the leadership program was probably my favorite time at camp. Being a LEAP and CIT allowed me help younger girls enjoy camp as much as I did. Learning to be a leader at camp helped me develop into a leader in all aspects of life. The best part about transitioning from CIT 3 to camp staff was the bond I was able to form with other counselors as well as the challenges that the new position brought with it.

C.I.T. 3 – Nuziq The leadership program is awesome. When I first joined CIT 2 I was more shy and quiet, but then by the end I had a lot more confidence in myself. I got to know and grow close to the other CITs who I worked with all summer long. We had a lot of fun, but I learned a lot too.

C.I.T. 3 – Ritual I kept coming back to camp summer after summer because each year I would make new friends and I would always have so much fun! I learned many things that I could apply to my life outside of camp like communication skills and challenging myself. Girls should attend the leadership program because it changes your life. The leadership program is the best thing that happened to me.

2013 Summer Camp



of GSU girl Membership attended summer camp

girls attended



camp Camp Attendance by

GRADE 1-3 4-5

Behind every camp activity is an intentional LEADERSHIP outcome


National Average


of a council girl membership attends summer camp


4 Connect through cooperation and teambuilding 5 Connect by developing conflict resolution skills

a typical Day At CAmp




1 Discover strong sense of self 2 Discover by seeking challenge 3 Connect by building healthy relationships



Safety First!

“I fell in love with the horses. I used to be scared


of them, but now it’s my favorite activity and I’m even taking riding lessons.” - Natalie

Leadership Programs Entering Program #weeks Grade LEAP

10 days



2 weeks



3 weeks



3+ weeks


Participation numbers:

2012: 46 girls 2013*: 44 girls

“We sent our 13 year old daughter to camp

2012’s C.I.T. 3 program were hired as Summer Camp Staff

8am Breakfast & Flag

hoping she would come home more selfconfident and with a greater appreciation for


the world around her… GSU Camps delivered! It was life changing for her.” - Amy

9am Horsebacks Riding!/ Waterfront

“My daughter learned to do something very hard for her and in the process gained a love for it. The camp staff both encouraged and taught. She learned some amazing lessons!” - Heather

Noon Lunch 1 pm

Reflection Time

2 pm Rock Climbing/ “I loved the camp cook’s special lemon cakes” - Dylan “Our daughter loved camp so much she begged

*In 2013, 8 of 9 girls from

7am Wake Up

to stay longer. Our new challenge is negotiating how many camps she will enroll into next year, as she would like to attend all of them.” – Jeannie

Challenge Course 5 pm Cookout 7 pm Night Games, Campfire and S’mores GS U N ow


Camp | News

Our website is the source for GSU camp info. Coming soon! Our 2014 Summer Camp Catalog will be uploaded in December. Registration is exclusively online!

Crazy for Camp 2013 Troop Camping Review

more troops each session,” said Amber. This year, 729 girls and 166 adults comprising 57 troops participated in eight sessions of Troop Camping at Trefoil Ranch, Camp Cloud Rim,

In commercials and advertisements, you often everything you need is at your fingertips

hear this familiar saying: “Book now, filling up fast!” And because it’s so over-used in our lexicon, we tend to dismiss those offers. But Amber Kuecker, Outdoor Program Manager for

Girl Scouts of Utah wants people to know that when she says it about Troop Camping, she’s very serious. Troop Camping is a 3-day, 2-night program where troop leaders take an active role

Did you Know? You don’t have to be a member of Girl Scouts to attend Girl Scout Camps.

working with camp staff to provide activities

The camp staff and troop leaders work together to find the best fit of activities for their group; and with so many options, it’s sometimes hard to fit everything in. Amber said, “We are lucky that we are able to offer two unique camp experiences for our troops. Trefoil Ranch offers activities that challenge girls such as horseback riding, ropes courses and archery.

and programs for the girls in their troops.

While Camp Cloud Rim offers programming

“During the 2013 season, we had 107% capacity

along with the pottery studio and hikes to Mt.

during troop camping! We literally couldn’t have fit another person. Camp staff slept in spring bar tents and even on the ground in the lodge so that we could accommodate

62 GSU Now

and Southern Utah’s Camp Rocks program.

that girls adore, such as canoeing and boating, Majestic.” It’s hard to tell who loves Troop Camping more – the adults, or the girls! Laura and Kirsten, Girl Scouts from Troop 2033 in Cache Valley

camp | News

He and Me!

who attended Camp Cloud Rim had differing opinions: Laura loved the rock wall and, “getting to sleep in a tent with my friends was really fun – Oh, and the polar bear swim!” While Kirsten

their Girl Scouts to Camp Cloud Rim to

A Unique Camp Experience

hike, fish and canoe. Some of the more

One of the more unique camp

bear dip’ or did some rock climbing!

experiences, as well as more popular this year was the He and Me Minicamp held in late September. Grandpas,

adventurous campers went for a ‘polar Just to share how popular the camp is, 88 percent of last year’s participants returned again!

Dads, Brothers and Uncles brought

thought, “Waterfront was my favorite activity because I like boating and don’t get to do it very much.” Meanwhile, a parent and volunteer from Troop 2033, Ann was impressed by the counselors, “They were very involved and eager to help in any way. They were patient and made the girls feel at home and enjoy their stay.” Perhaps Mandy, Troop 950’s Leader summed up Troop Camping the best, “It’s an experience uniquely different from anything else we do, and I wouldn’t trade it for the entire world!” With a pitch like that, next time Amber says, “Book now, filling up fast,” you’ll probably believe her!

G S U N ow


What I’ve Learned | Thelina

64 GSU Now


Engineered for Success Four -time winner of MESA / STEP AWARD, Girl Scout Mentor, Biomedical Engineer, President of the U of U’s Society of Women Engineers, Reigning Miss Black Utah, and Tech-Titans Finalist.

Photos by Kelli Bramble

Thelina Smith still has another year of college

STEM-related fields. It would be hard to find

before she earns her Bachelor’s in Biomedical

a better ambassador for this cause – she was

Engineering, but she’s done more in three

a finalist at the Tech Titans competition for

years as an undergraduate than some

proposing an innovative solution to prevent

candidates for doctorates accomplish in eight!

diabetic induced cataracts. She is also a fourtime winner of the MESA/STEP award which

Smith started the National Society of Black

recognizes individuals for their academics and

Engineers at the University of Utah, and is

community involvement.

the President of the University’s Society of Women Engineers where she mentors Girl

Thelina’s current work at Bard Access Systems

Scouts and runs a yearly camp to promote

is contributing to developing nanoscale

girls in science, technology, engineering and

diagnostic systems for early detection of

math-related fields. In order to capture and

diseases, which should help her achieve her

influence young minds, Thelina has realized

goal of getting into a prestigious doctorate

she needs to spark their imagination early, so

program in Nanotechnology. Just imagine

she’s launching junior engineering programs

what she’ll be accomplishing with that under

for pre-collegiate students throughout Utah.

her belt!

This year, Thelina is also the reigning Miss

On the next pages Thelina shared a few things

Black Utah. Her platform, “Engineering the

she’s learned along the way.

Leaders of Tomorrow, Because Tomorrow Matters Today,” is an initiative to encourage girls and minority students to engage in

GS U N ow


What I’ve Learned | Thelina

By: Thelina Sabrina Smith


Keep a positive perspective. Some see their glass as half empty while others see their glass as half full, and I am just grateful I have a glass. Life is all about perspective, where you see yourself today and where you want to see yourself tomorrow.


You only live once so live on purpose. Figure out what you are passionate about and do it! Whatever you become passionate about doing or learning - just know you may not be the best at it at first. It’s ambition, persistence and drive that will set you apart and get you to where you want to be.


Laugh out Loud – Literally and Smile often! Enjoy the process of learning and becoming who you desire to be. Smile even if you don’t feel like it. Your smile can help make someone’s day that much better.


Share your story Be an inspiration to others.


Never give up Perseverance is the key that opens the door to success. Many of my “set-backs” have been “set-ups” for better opportunities.


Keep a growth mindset Never stop learning, the moment you feel like you know everything is the same moment you stop growing as a person.


Step out of your comfort zone Don’t let the “What-if’s” stop you from moving forward. Fear is not your friend, be courageous and go after your goals! Travel, meet people and network!


Support systems make a difference Surround yourself with positive people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, learn about other people’s experience. Adopt mentors and let them help you.

66 GSU Now

What I’ve Learned | Thelina


Show Gratitude Be thankful for everything and give back.


Don’t compete with others compete with yourself Find out how great “You” can be. Focus on yourself and your goals don’t get distracted by others.


Take care of yourself Create “Me-Time” for yourself because no one is going to create it for you. It’s okay to take a break and rejuvenate your energy. Take care of yourself by celebrating your accomplishments, even if you think they are small accomplishments.


Be confident Confidence will carry you a long ways. You will be amazed by all the things you can accomplish when you are confident.


Define your values Do not compromise them for anyone. Be yourself.


Forgive yourself Life is a learning experience. Try not to dwell on your mistakes, take time to reflect on what you learned from the experience. At times this is really hard to do but remember life does go on (so move forward).


Remember you are not your circumstances You are what you learn from them – this is what defines you. As a leaders and a catalyst, embrace your challenges, persevere with integrity and accept success with humility!


Know that you are beautiful every day.

GS U N ow


How Cookies Create Empowered Girls The world’s current economic challenges have made one thing

Y th ou’r th e Z e Zo e C on in G n oo e ki fo et r e. e G r th ea i d C rl e y se ook Sco 20 se llin ie ut 14 as g on .


co 14 ok ie Ne

w s

cookies | NEWS

Gift of Caring Program “Gift of Caring” is a program developed for Girl Scouts as a Community Service Project which

clear: financial literacy skills matter now

encourages customers to purchase cookies

more than ever. Experts say young people

from girls whose troops will then donate them

need to start learning about money as early as

to charitable organizations of their choice.

kindergarten! Girl Scouts offers all girls—from

Through the Gift of Caring Program, girls

kindergartners to high school seniors—the

learn the importance of philanthropy and

opportunity to build their business savvy and

community service.

hone their financial literacy skills. They can do this through our curriculum and of course, the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the largest girl-led

Volunteers make this happen!

business in the world.

Girl Scouts of Utah wants to extend our thanks to the volunteers who support the Cookie

Girl Scouts accomplishes this through

Program in sharing their time and talents. As

leadership. For 100 years, we’ve been building

Cookie Managers, these volunteers inform girls

leadership qualities in girls. Today, as girls learn

and families about all aspects of the program,

to handle money and be self-reliant, they are

assist girls in setting goals and creating a plan

also learning how to bring their own values to

to reach them, and provide an opportunity for

the business world and how to use their time,

girls to develop business and leadership skills

talent, and resources (including money!) to

that last a lifetime.

make the world a better place.

68 GSU Now

Q Do girls earn


Pr o k FA og ie Q ra m

Cookies | FAQ

Girl Scout awards from participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

A As part of their experience in the Cookie Program, girls can earn official Girl Scout awards at every level of Girl Scouting, including cookie and financial literacy badges and the annual Cookie Activity Pin. Awards are based on completing established program

Q Why are Girl Scout Cookies available

activities. In addition, girls can also earn rewards such as recognition items and activity

only for a short time?

credits based on their total boxes sold.

A The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the

Q What is the cost of cookies and when do

premier entrepreneurship opportunity for girls, but it is just one part of the Girl Scout

I pay?

Leadership Experience. Girl Scouts participate

A The cost of cookies is $3.50 per box or

in many activities throughout the year and

$42.00 per case (12 boxes per case). Payment

work on many projects. Cookies are just one

is due when the cookies are delivered. Cash

of those activities. And because only girls may

and checks payable to Girl Scouts of Utah

sell Girl Scout Cookies, their market availability

(GSU) are accepted.

is limited to the 6 to 8-week period when they are engaged in the program.

Q Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies? A All girl members may participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Although parents and Girl Scout adults may assist girls, it is the girl who makes the sale, sets learning and sales goals, and learns the entrepreneurial skills that

Q How do I find cookies to purchase? A Girl Scouts of Utah provides the public three ways to obtain Girl Scout cookies: • Order Taking: Girl Scouts ask the public to order cookies. • Cookie Compass: Public has the opportunity to request cookies online through a troop. • Cookie Booth Locator: Online list of

are part of the program. Participation in the

dates, times, and locations of troop

Girl Scout Cookie Program is voluntary.

cookie booths.

G S U N ow


cookies | FAQ

Q What are important cookie dates? A Jan 13-17, 2014 / Cookie Rallies (contact Q What

Pr Co og ok ra i e FA m Q

is National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend?

A This special weekend is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout supporters to share with the community the importance of the Cookie Program and what it does for the girls and their communities. On National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Girl Scout councils from across the

Troop Leader for more information) & Parent/ Girl trainings (conducted by troop) Jan 18-Feb 9 / Girls take cookie orders (Order Taking) Jan 20-Feb 7 / Cookie Compass is available on Feb 7-9 / National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Mar 1-30 / Girls receive/deliver cookies Mar 14-30 / Cookie Booths May / Activity Credits are mailed directly to girls / Girl rewards are distributed to the girls by troop leader June TBD / Cookie Celebration

country will celebrate and promote the 5 skills that girls learn while participating in the Girl Scout Cook Program.

Q Is the purchase of Girl Scout Cookies tax-deductible?

A No. If individuals buy Girl Scout Cookies to consume, they have purchased a product at a fair market value. Therefore, cookies

Did you Know?

purchased for this reason are not taxdeductible. If the individual purchased cookies as a donation to a charitable organization it

are 300 identical Trefoil shapes

could be tax deductible, they should contact

engraved in one rotary die. The

their tax preparer to see if the purchase price

die rotates 17 times a minute to

of the donated cookies qualifies as a charitable

produce 5,100 cookies a minute.


70 GSU Now

A rotary die shapes Trefoils. There

Cookies | FAQ

•G  iving permission for her to sell Girl Scout Cookies. •A  ttending the cookie activity training for her troop. •H  elping her set and meet her personal goal(s) and her troop’s goals. •H  elping her observe all safety rules and guidelines outlined in materials listed in Girl Scouts of Utah’s Parent/Guardian Permission letter which is distributed during girl/ parent cookie trainings. •H  elping her understand that you will be working with her in a supportive role; adults, however, should not assume sole responsibility for selling cookies. •H  elping to network with colleagues so that she can contact co-workers and family

• Supporting the national Girl Scout policy that Girl Scouts or their families may not collect money over the Internet at any time. Money is collected only when the cookies are delivered. • Providing a safe place for money collected, as well as frequent drop-offs of money to her Troop Cookie Manager. • Paying for any cookies lost and eaten at home.

Pr Co og ok ra i e FA m Q

members to purchase cookies.

participate in cookie booth sales.

yo Du u Kn pr rin o ow ba du g p ? Th ke cti eak in 4.5 on M in mil we ts lio ad n ay !

A A parent/guardian can help her/his girl by:

cookie orders, attend cookie events and


the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

• Providing transportation to take and deliver

Wee pea k k ly ingredients pr Fl o Sh our ducti Co ort : 21 C co en tru o n: Su hoc a: 5 ing: cklo during Pe gar ola 0,0 7 tr ad t s u To an : 14 e c 00 ck or as ut .5 oa po lo 1,0 te bu tru tin u ad 5 n d 0 co tter cklo g: 5 ds s or ,00 : 30 0 co 2 a 0 nu 30 ds 0,0 0, po , o 00 u 0 t: 00 r 7 5 0 65 0 p 0 nds po ,0 po 0, ou 00 u 00 n un d n ds po ds 0 p s un ou ds nd s

Q How does a parent/guardian help during

GS U N ow


cookies | recipes

Ben Starr, Celebrity Chef Girl Scouts of Utah supporter, Ben Starr has appeared on national television numerous times and cooked for the likes of Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, and Gordon Ramsay. Along with chef and food stylist Jennie Kelley, he has a small, secret restaurant in Dallas called FRANK that has attracted film crews from Food Network and diners from as far away as Europe and Asia. Although Ben has visited all seven continents, he has a great love of Utah – from the culture to the topography, he visits the state often. You can follow his adventures, inside the kitchen and out, on his website,

72 GSU Now

Cookies | recipes



Kitchen Turn your box of Girl Scout Cookies into dinner with these recipes created just for GSU NOW readers!

Recipes by Ben Starr | Photography by Stephanie Jensen

G S U N ow


cookies | recipes

Pumpkin Cranberry Cheesecake


Let it bake overnight, low and slow. This


results in a perfectly smooth cheesecake

(Thank U Berry Munch cookies)

with a fluffy, moist consistency and no


1 cup firmly packed brown sugar (light or dark is fine, dark will be less sweet)


½ cup white sugar

when you remove it from the oven. Don’t

box Thank U Berry Munch cookies

15-oz can pumpkin

cracks on the top. The center of the cheesecake may still be a tiny bit wobbly

½ cup sugar


tablespoon ground cinnamon

worry about that, it will set up a bit as it cools.

6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted


tablespoon ground ginger

Cool the cheesecake on a cooling rack until

1. Preheat the oven to 325° F and place the rack one level below the center rack of the

½ teaspoon salt

it is room temperature. Then chill it in the

½ teaspoon nutmeg

fridge for a minimum of 2 hours before

¼ teaspoon cloves



2. Place the cookies in your food processor

1 ½ pound cream cheese (3 standard packages, use low-fat to reduce the fat content)

and blend them until they are finely ground with only a few larger pieces. Stir in the sugar,

tablespoon cornstarch

unmolding. 3. To unmold, remove the cheesecake from the fridge. Pour hot water from the tap over a knife until the knife is hot. Carefully cut around the edge of the springform pan to


tablespoon vanilla extract

loosen the cheesecake and crust. Then


tablespoon lemon juice

unbuckle the sides of the pan and carefully

the crumbs are evenly moistened with butter.



3. Butter the bottom and sides of a 9”


cup heavy cream

springform cheesecake pan. Pour the


cup dried cranberries

and then add the melted butter. With clean hands, squeeze and stir the mixture until all

crumbs into the pan and press them firmly on the bottom and about ½ way up the sides of the pan. Try not to pack the crumbs too thick right around the edges of the pan. If your fingers start to get messy, wash and dry them during this process. 4. Place the pan into the preheated oven and bake for about 15 minutes until they are set and begin to fill the kitchen with a fresh cookie smell. Remove the pan and cool for 30 minutes while you make the filling. Reduce the oven temperature to 200� F and move the rack to the center.

1. Combine the pumpkin, sugars, spices, and cornstarch in a bowl and mix well. In the bowl of a stand mixer, or a large bowl with a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese on medium speed until it is smooth. Add half the pumpkin mixture and beat until smooth. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add the remaining pumpkin mixture and beat until smooth. Scrape again and add the vanilla, lemon juice, and 2 of the eggs to the bowl. Beat on medium speed for 2 minutes. Scrape, then add the remaining 3 eggs and beat on medium for 1 minute. Add the cream and dried cranberries and beat on low speed for 1 minute. 2. Pour the filling into the cooled crust. Place in the 200�F oven and bake for 8 hours.

74 GSU Now

remove them. Keep the cheesecake refrigerated until 1 hour before you serve. Then remove it from the fridge and let it sit on the counter for an hour before slicing and serving. All cheesecakes taste best at room temperature!

Cookies | recipes

To me, fall signals the beginning of cheesecake season, and my two favorite autumn flavors are pumpkin and cranberry. Thank U Berry Munch cookies provide the perfect foundation for an incredible crust for this indulgent cheesecake with its light, custard-like texture. Making a perfect cheesecake is not hard, but it takes time! Start the day before you intend to serve, because this cheesecake bakes overnight for 8 hours.

G S U N ow


2014 Cookie Program


Building Courage, Confidence, and Character

2014 Theme: What can a girl do? A world of Good! I’ll show you HOW (her own way)!


Find Cookies


Thin Mints



Dulce de Leche


Facebook Pinterest


1 Goal Setting 2 Decision Making 3 Money Management

4 People Skills 5 Business Ethics

How the Cookie




Activity credits and incentives

Troop Program and Services


Savannah Smiles

Thank U Berry Munch


Community Proceeds


Troop Proceeds



Cookie Dates




per box

Cost of Cookies

Jan. 18-Feb. 9 Girl Order-Taking

Two Ways to Pay

Feb. 7 National Cookie Day


Mar. 14-30 Booth Sales

Check payable to GSU

2013 Cookie Stats #1

4748 Girls Sold Cookies


Total Boxes Sold



Boxes Each

Boxes of Thin Mints sold

#2 220 Cookie Booths 76 GSU Now

475,224 325 Avg Boxes Sold, Per Girl


Girls Sold More Than

Boxes of Samoas Sold


Girls Sold More Than


Boxes Each

Cookies | recipes

1. In a deep dish pie plate or a square glass baking dish, place a single layer of Tagalong cookies. (Or assemble them in individual services inside glasses, rather than in a pie plate, which is probably more fun for the kids.) 2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, or a large bowl with a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla together until the mixture is totally smooth. If the cream cheese is allowed to warm to room temperature first, this will be easier. If you see little pieces of cream cheese in the mix, keep beating until it’s “Tira-mi-su” is Italian for “pick me up!” It refers to a favorite mid-afternoon snack of crisp ladyfinger cookies, soaked in espresso, and layered with cream cheese and chocolate. The caffeine in the espresso was just the thing to lift spirits after a long day at work. In this kid-friendly version, Tagalongs take the place of ladyfingers, and their coating of chocolate keeps them crisp and delicious.

Tagalongs Tiramisu

totally smooth! Then pour the mixture on top of

(Tagalongs cookies)

the layer of Tagalongs.


cream cheese mixture. Then top with a layer

box Tagalongs

3. Place another layer of Tagalongs on top of the

1 18 ounce package cream cheese

of whipped topping or whipped cream. Place


12 oz. can sweetened condensed milk

the cocoa powder or chocolate milk mix into a


tablespoon vanilla

whipped cream.

strainer and dust a thin layer onto the top of the

1 container whipped topping

4. Place the tiramisu into the fridge and chill for a

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

few hours before cutting and serving. For a nice cold treat in the hot summer, freeze the tiramisu and serve it as an ice cream cake!

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The GIRL SCOUTS® name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including GIRL SCOUT COOKIES®, THIN MINTS®, TREFOILS®, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE PROGRAM, and the Trefoil Design, are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA.

We’re a part of the biggest girl-led business in the world. We set our own goals, keep track of our orders, and make big decisions, like how our troop should spend the money we earn. With every box of cookies we sell, we are one step closer to achieving our cookie season goals.

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Butterscotch Crunch Ice Cream

1. In a large, microwave-safe glass bowl,

4. Refrigerate the mixture until it is ice cold,

combine the brown sugar, butter, and salt.

preferably overnight.

(Do-Si-Dos cookies)

Microwave on high for 60 seconds. Carefully

5. Then freeze in your ice cream maker

remove the bowl from the microwave with

according to its own instructions.

oven mitts and stir. Return the mixture to

6. When the mixture is frozen to soft-serve

the microwave and cook on high for another

consistency, fold in the cookie crumbs and

60 seconds. Repeat this procedure until the

place the ice cream in the freezer to firm up

entire mixture is bubbly and boiling across the

for a few hours before serving.

1 cup firmly packed brown sugar (dark or light is okay, dark will be less sweet) ¼ cup corn syrup (light or dark) 2

tablespoons unsalted butter


pinch salt

½ cup heavy cream

entire surface. 2. When the mixture is boiling rapidly, carefully remove it from the microwave and


Tablespoon vanilla

slowly add the heavy cream. This will create


cans evaporated milk

a burst of steam, so make sure your face isn’t

½ box Di-Si-Dos cookies, broken into pieces

over the bowl when you add it! Stir with a whisk until the mixture is smooth and creamy. 3. Whisk in the vanilla, corn syrup, and evaporated milk.

Few things are better than homemade ice cream! This decadent ice cream combines the flavor of butterscotch (an oldfashioned word for cream caramel) with the crunch of oatmeal and peanut butter from Do-Si-Dos cookies. This recipe makes about 1 quart of ice cream, the size of the modern, convenient freezer-bowl ice cream makers. If you’re using an old fashioned churn maker, double or triple the recipe based on the size of your maker.

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cookies | recipes


teaspoons salt

½ teaspoon black pepper ¼ cup olive oil 1. Place a metal baking sheet on the center rack of the oven and preheat the oven to 425° F. 2. Place the flour into large Ziploc bag. In a pie plate, beat the eggs lightly with a fork. Into another pie plate, place the finely crushed cookies and spices and stir well. This is your “breading station.” Also place another baking sheet nearby to hold the breaded fish, or line part of the countertop with foil or wax paper. 3. Place a few pieces of fish into the Ziploc bag with the flour. Seal the bag except for one corner, inflate the bag, then seal it fully. Gently shake the bag to thoroughly coat the fish in flour. Remove one piece of fish and shake it gently to remove excess flour. Then dip it into the beaten eggs, getting it thoroughly coated on all sides. Lay the fish onto the cookie crumbs, pile more crumbs on top, and press gently to create a solid Tilapia is the fish that will feed the future. It is a freshwater fish that is easily raised, and as our oceans become over-fished to the point that many of our favorites are becoming endangered, tilapia is the sustainable fish of the future. Which is a good thing, because it’s a delicious, flaky white fish that can be used in many applications. Lemon and thyme are a classic pairing with seafood, so this recipe utilizes the sweet, tangy crunch of Savannah Smiles cookies to add explosive flavor and texture to healthy, oven-fried tilapia. You can sell this recipe to your kids as “fish sticks” if you like, and even cut the tilapia into planks if that’s what it takes to get them to eat fish. One bite is all it will take, adults and kids alike, to forever insist on this recipe over the bland microwaveable product from the frozen food aisle.

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crust of crumbs all around the fish. Move it aside and repeat until all the fish is breaded. 4. Carefully remove the hot pan from the oven and add the olive oil to it. Then carefully place each piece of fish into the hot oil. Return the pan to the oven and bake 6 minutes per side for full fillets, or 4 minutes per side for smaller “sticks,” or until the

Crispy Lemon Thyme Tilapia

breading is nice and crunchy. Immediately

(Savannah Smiles cookies)

remove the fish pieces to a cooling rack to

4-6 tilapia fillets

and serve as quickly as possible.

½ cup all-purpose flour 3

eggs, lightly beaten

½ box Savannah Smiles lemon cookies, finely crushed 1

tablespoon garlic powder


tablespoon dried thyme

prevent the bottom crust from getting soggy,

Cookies | recipes

When I was a kid, my aunt made a frozen chocolate mousse every 4th of July that I absolutely loved. Of course, I didn’t know what “mousse” was, and I would always ask her to make me “chocolate moose.” Her version used fancy chocolate wafers for the crust. When I can get my hands on Thin Mints, I love using them for the crust, because the flavor of mint works so well with chocolate, cream, and coffee. This recipe is so fast and easy, your kids will soon be making it for YOU!

Frozen Chocolate “Moose” Pie

don’t worry. Remove about ½ cup of the

3. Pour the filling into the chilled crust and

crumbs and save them for later. Dump the

freeze until solid, about 4 hours. Sprinkle the

(Thin Mints cookies)

cookies out into a large bowl and add the

remaining Thin Mints crumbs onto the top of

melted butter. With clean hands, squeeze

the pie before serving.

½ box Thin Mints cookies

the mixture until it’s well mixed. Dump the


crumbs into a deep pie plate and press the

tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

2 8-ounce packages cream cheese

crumbs onto the bottom and sides of the


plate. Then place the plate in the freezer

can sweetened, condensed milk

1 tablespoon instant coffee dissolved in 1 teaspoon hot water

while you make the filling.

½ cup chocolate syrup

instant coffee, chocolate syrup, and vanilla


until smooth. Don’t stop if you see little

teaspoon vanilla

1. Crush the Thin Mints cookies in a Ziploc bag until they are mostly powder. The chocolate may melt a bit and look sticky…

2. Beat the cream cheese, condensed milk,

flecks of cream cheese still in the mix, keep going until it’s nice and smooth. (Letting the cream cheese come to room temp before beating it will help.)

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It’s fun deciding with my troop how we’ll use our cookie money each season. But earning the money is my favorite part. We love counting the boxes, giving people their change, and seeing their excitement when they get their cookies. And every box sold gets us closer to our cookie season goal.

Find your cookies at 82 GSU Now

The GIRL SCOUTS® name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including GIRL SCOUT COOKIES®, THIN MINTS®, TREFOILS®, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE PROGRAM, and the Trefoil Design, are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA.

Cookies | recipes Oven-Fried Rosemary “Chicken and Waffles” Chicken (Trefoils cookies)

4-6 pieces of thinly sliced boneless, skinless chicken breast. You can also use breast tenders if your kids like chicken fingers.) 2

cups buttermilk

2 tablespoons kosher salt (or 1 tablespoon table or sea salt) ¼ cup fresh rosemary, chopped (or 2 Tablespoons dried rosemary, chopped) 2


½ box Trefoils cookies, crushed up into fine crumbs 2 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for flouring the chicken 2 teaspoons kosher salt (or 1 teaspoon table or sea salt) 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped (or 1 teaspoon dried rosemary, chopped) 2

teaspoons baking powder


teaspoon garlic powder

bowl and stir to combine. Drizzle the ½

onto the oiled pan. Lightly spray cooking

cup buttermilk over the mixture, then use

spray on the top of the pieces. Then return

your clean hands to toss and squeeze the

the pan to the oven.

½ cup canola oil

ingredients together. This will dampen the

6. Bake for 10 minutes per side for full

crumbs and will result in irregular sized

breasts, or 7 minutes per side for tenders.

pieces, which is fine. Some will be larger,

I recommend serving the chicken with a

some will be smaller.

little drizzle of maple syrup to complete the

4. Beat the eggs lightly with a fork in a large

“chicken and waffles” flavor!

½ teaspoon black pepper ½ cup buttermilk Cooking spray

1. Combine the 2 cups of buttermilk, salt, and rosemary in a large bowl and stir well to dissolve the salt. This will “brine” the chicken making it moist and tender. Place the chicken pieces into the buttermilk and toss them so that they are completely coated. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or up to 8 hours. 2. Place a rimmed metal baking sheet onto the center rack of the oven and preheat the oven to 400° F. 3. Combine the cookie crumbs, flour, salt, rosemary, baking powder, and spices in a large

bowl and set aside. 4. Remove a piece of chicken from the buttermilk brine and pat it dry with paper towels. Lightly coat it with flour and shake off the excess. Coat the chicken in egg, then place it in the crumbs, pressing the crumbs firmly onto the chicken to form a

Old fashioned fried chicken can be messy to prepare and isn’t the healthiest option for cooking chicken. Here’s a neat alternative that is much more simple and it brings classic flavors of Southern chicken and waffles together with the use of Trefoils cookies!

crust. Continue until all the chicken pieces are covered in crumbs. 5. Carefully remove the preheated baking sheet from the oven and add ½ cup canola oil to it. Carefully place the chicken pieces

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cookies | recipes


1. Preheat the oven to 375° F and place the rack


in the center of the oven. Line a 12-cup standard



½ cup sour cream

2. Combine the wet ingredients and sugars in a big bowl and beat until smooth. Combine the

1 ½ cups canned pumpkin (almost 1 can)

dry ingredients (except for the cookie pieces)

½ cup firmly packed brown sugar (light or dark, dark will be less sweet)

Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients

½ cup white sugar ½ cup canola oil There’s nothing like the smell of fresh muffins baking to get kids out of bed in the morning! This easy muffin recipe includes pieces of everyone’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, Samoas, and also includes healthy pumpkin, so your kids can be excited about eating Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, while you know they’re getting natural sources of beta carotene, potassium, and calcium.

muffin pan with cupcake liners.

2 ¼ cups all purpose flour 1

tablespoon baking powder

in another bowl and stir until thoroughly mixed. and stir slowly until most of the lumps are gone. Gently fold in the cookie pieces. 3. Fill the muffin cups until they are almost full. I like to use a large ice cream scoop to do this, as it makes it fast and easy to portion out the

½ teaspoon baking soda

batter. Place the pan into the preheated oven

½ teaspoon salt

and immediately reduce the heat to


tablespoon cinnamon

350° F. Bake for 30 minutes. Test the muffins


tablespoon ground ginger

by inserting a toothpick or knife into the center

¼ teaspoon cloves ½ box Samoas cookies, cut into ½” pieces

of a muffin. If it comes out clean without any streaks of batter, the muffins are done. If not, leave them in another 5 minutes and test a different muffin. When the muffins are done, pull them from the oven and let them cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Change them from breakfast into dessert cupcakes by adding cream cheese frosting!

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4. C  ookie Button Pins: Three tasty cookie designs - each sold separately. Purple- It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time, Blue- I (heart) Girl Scout Cookies! And Green - Girl Scouts Smart Cookie.


5. 2  sets of cookie earrings: You’ll love this charming cookie earring set.


6. I phone 5 case: Snap on bright zigzags and give your iPhone 5 colorful durability.


7. C  ookie Message Band Bracelets: Five colorful silicone bands with inspiring Girl Scout cookie messages.

4. 6.


8. Z  ig Zag Cookie mug: Striking 11 oz. cookie mug coordinates with the new cookie tote bag and iPhone 5 case. 9. I ’m Wild for Girl Scout Cookies! : A Magnet made for your car but looks great on your locker, fridge or desk. 10. C  ookie Cap Pen: Write up orders with these fabulous cap pens in five designs and colors, each with inspiring messages.




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Let the Countdown Begin!

Girl Scout’s National Convention is coming to Salt Lake City and is only one year away! We’re getting so close! We’re now under

actual Convention. Girl Scouts and non-Girl

a year for Salt Lake City to host the 2014 Girl

Scouts will be asked to lend a hand in this

Scout National Convention October 16-19,

historic event which has previously seen

2014. Our countdown has begun!

Michelle Obama and Katie Couric as keynote speakers.

The event will attract 10,000 Girl Scout officials from around the globe and will inject

The National Convention reinvigorates the Girl

$10 million into the local economy; officials

Scout Movement, celebrates the organization’s

estimate hotels to expect 8,000 room-night

accomplishments, and charts a path for the

bookings. Girl Scouts of Utah defeated Orlando,

future. Girl Scouts of Utah is soliciting partners

FL and Portland, OR to acquire the triennial

and volunteers to be connected to this once-


in-a-lifetime opportunity!

A year-long effort launches this week to

For more information about Utah Girl Scouts welcoming the world to Salt Lake, please contact Angie Hyde, Communications and Marketing Director at

secure 1,000 volunteers to provide assistance with everything from crowd control to public relations during the months preceding the

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Kura Door

Sam’s Club #6684

Benja Thai & Sushi

Kathy Lake


Gloria & Henry Bircher

Lake County Studio of Steve Aldrich

Solitude Mountain Resort

Black Diamond

Landis Lifestyle Salon

Cathleen & Randy Sparrow

Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine

Kristin Lassche

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

Blue Plate Diner

Kenneth Lowe

Starbuck’s - Union Park

Scott Bohn

Majestic Grill

Erin & Michael Stone


Mike Malaska

Sundance Institute

Café Expresso

Kat Martin

Takashi Restaurant

Kabi L. Catalano

Deanna McLaughlin

The Cheesecake Factory - City Creek

Canyon Culinary

Masuda Medcalf

The Farm at the Canyons Resort

Cedar Village Floral

Megaplex Theaters

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Judith Christensen

Mountain States Concessions, LLC

The Spa Club

Denise A. Clark

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Heather Thibeau

Coca-Cola Company

Sally T. O’Neill

Tona, Sushi Bar & Grill

Rebecca & Tom Colvin

Orchid Dynasty

Tuacahn Amphitheatre

Cookie Lee

Gwendolyn Orme

United Concerts

Joelle C. Creager

Don Owen

US Foods

Crossaction Computer Specialist

Park City Mountain Resort

Candice Vacher

Deer Valley Resort

Pedal Hopper


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Nancy Perschon

Waxing Gurus


Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

Tessa Wayman

Five Penny Floral

Pioneer Theatre Company

Gloria O. West

Blake Forsey

Raw Bean


Galderma Labratories

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)


Genco - The Hershey Company

Red Iguana

Yoshi’s Japanese Grill

Gentle Pain Care Centers

Repertory Dance Theatre

Cosmo Young

Laura Gibbons

Rio Grande Cafe

Richard Young

Bobbie Hackenbruck

Roosters Brewing Company


Hale Centre Theatre

RSVP Party Rentals

Zion Adventure Company

Hilton Salt Lake City Center

Bill Rundle

Anna Zumwalt

Hotel Monaco

Salt Lake Acting Company

GS U N ow



Biannual Magazine. Winter/Spring 2014.


Biannual Magazine. Winter/Spring 2014.