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Grapevine Chamber of Commerce Newsletter November, 2020



To say that being your Chamber Chairman in 2020 has The mission of the been interestGrapevine Chamber ing in every of Commerce is to way would be an understatement...that said, promote business that adds value to our thank God we are in a community that does what Grapecommunity. vine does - stand strong with each other!

Members know of people we can sell a calendar to. Besides the calendar fundraiser, please consider participating with YOUR Chamber in other ways - by attending networking groups and our socially spaced in person luncheons. I want to extend a big thank you to our October speaker, Senator Jane Nelson, who had a positive and uplifting message - sorely needed in this Along these lines, as Chair of pandemic era/election cycle. YOUR Chamber of Commerce, I want to encourage you to Your Chamber has been not The vision of the help us finish 2020 STRONG only a local, but a regional Grapevine Chamber by supporting our main fun- leader in this strange year of draiser of the year - The Spirit COVID-19 restrictions -- helpis a progressive business organization of Grapevine Wine Calen- ing members and non-memdar. You can support this ef- bers alike navigate governthat brings relevant fort by buying a calendar (or ment monies and grants as and essential more than - GREAT gifts for well as sharing ways to keep opportunities for friends and family who are our businesses open. If there wine lovers!), help sell calen- are any questions you have or our investors and community to grow dars or letting Staff or Board ways that we can help you,


and prosper.

Values: Excellence Innovation Integrity & Community

please reach out and let us know. I also want to encourage you as you look to end 2020 to take the time to stop in local shops and restaurants to support your neighbors. If you need a break, think about spending one night (or a weekend) at a local hotel to let someone else clean your room! Whether they are on Main Street or at the Mall, around Hall Johnson or along 114 – our retail, restaurants and hotels need you now more than ever! This year, we all need the be “thankful” for each other, and show it. It is my honor to serve as your Chamber Chairman as your Chamber Board and Staff work to help us all FINISH 2020 STRONG! Chairman of the Board, LeAnn Brown

Grapevine Community Award Nominations NOW OPEN! If you know an individual or business worthy of a Grapevine Community Award, we would encourage you to nominate them! Nominees for the Don Ramey Community Spirit, Ted Willhoite Legacy Award, D.E. Box Citizen of the Year and Women’s Division Woman of the Year are sought from the entire community.

You can download the Nomination Form from the Grapevine Chamber website: www.grapevinechamber.org. Nominations must be turned in to the Chamber Office by December 20th or emailed to info@grapevinechamber.org.

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D. E. Box Citizen of the Year:

D.E. Box opened Tarrant County State Bank in 1919 when he moved to Grapevine. The bank eventually became First National Bank of Grapevine. In addition to serving thirty-three years as President and Chairman of the Board of the Bank, Mr. Box was Continued on page 2

Like us on Facebook facebook.com/GrapevineChamber www.grapevinechamber.org NOVEMBER 2020 l 1

2020 Board of Directors EXECUTIVE BOARD Chair LeAnn Brown Silver Oak Commercial Realty Chair - Elect Phil Cunningham WhataShine Immediate Past Chair Steve Brown Esparzas Restaurante Mexicano

active in the community. He was involved in the association responsible for getting Highway 114 built in and through Grapevine. He served on the Grapevine City Council and on the School Board. He was a member and/or leader of the Grapevine Masonic Lodge, Grapevine Lions Club and the Texas Bankers Association. This award was presented with him as the first recipient following his death and now annually in honor of his time and dedication to this community. Anyone nominated for this award should be an individual who has voluntarily and sincerely given of their time and leadership working to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of the Grapevine community. The CHAIR of the Chamber of Commerce shalll not be eligible for selection. The nominee should be either a Grapevine resident or a member of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce for five years prior to nomination. 2019 - Kevin McNamara, 2018 – Bruno Rumbelow, 2017 – Darlene Freed, 2016 – Shonda Schaefer,

Treasurer 2015 – Debi Meek, 2014 – Janice Kane, 2013 – Gary & Cynthia Blankenship, 2012 – Rocky Gribble, Trudy Cresswell Grapevine Mills, A Simon Company 2011 – Neva Frymire, 2010 – Burl Gilliam, 2009-Duff O’Dell, 2008/09-Sandra Kay Tate, 2008-Joe VC-Business Partnership Kevin McNamara Wise Guys Pizzeria RaDonna Hessel Grapevine Chamber CEO DIRECTORS Darla Denton Devin Designs Florist Thomas Eagan Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center Ana Erwin Community Impact Newspaper Dana Gibson Holiday Inn Express Klint Guerry Sewell BMW of Grapevine Kosse Maykus Maykus Homes Patrick McCoy Village Professional Painters Emily McLendon Vari Kelly Schwartz Legoland / Sea Life Mike Ward Classic Chevrolet Bruce Whitlock Whitlock Cleaning Services EX-OFFICIO Amanda Calongne State Representative Giovanni Capriglione Paul W. McCallum Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau Sharon McCloskey DFW International Airport Bruno Rumbelow City of Grapevine Dr. Robin Ryan Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Chris York Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Grapevine

& Balla Wright, 2007-Rodney & Peggy Smith, 2006-Dennis Roberts, 2005-Mark Stanfield, 2004-P. W. McCallum, 2003-Melva Stanfield, 2002-Jerry Pittman, 2001-Ted Ware, 2000-Cecelia Cunningham Box, 1999-Ken Johnson, 1998-Bernice Hatcher, 1997-Gary Blagg, 1996-Kathee Livengood, 1995-Phil Parker, 1994-Ted Willhoite, 1993-Drs. Ed & Minnie Lee Lancaster, 1992-Bob Burrus, 1991-Clydene Johnson, 1990-Jack Dortch, 1989-Roy Stewart, 1988-Don Armstrong, 1987-Marion Brekken, 1986-Jim Hancock, 1985-Sharon Taylor, 1984-Lynn Eggers, 1983-Riney Jordan, 1982-Sue Franks, 1981-Mike Davis, 1980-Aulton Mullendore, 1979-Doil Dalton, 1978-Jake Greener, 1977-E. A. Preacher Florence, 1976-William D. Tate, 1975-Mr. And Mrs. Bill Yancey, 1974-Pat Stinson, 1973-Dr. Don Gershick, 1972-Madeline Hemley, 1971-Bill Powers, 1970-Mrs. Tip Johnson, 1969-Bill Reed, 1968-Dr. O. C. “Mike” Taylor, 1967-J. R. “Jim” Armstrong, 1964-Dr. Ira E. Woods, 1958-Joe Clark, 1957-D. E. Box

Business Hall of Fame: A Grapevine Chamber of Commerce member and long time area business

that has made outstanding contributions not only to the Grapevine Chamber but to the community as well. The business should have been organized as a business (sole proprietor, partnership or corporation) for not less than five years and be easily accessible to area residents. No distinction shall be made between locally owned or outside owned businesses as long as all other criteria are met. The business need not be physically in the city limits of Grapevine as long as it is a member in good standing of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce and serves the Grapevine trade area. The business must subscribe to fair and honest business practices and strive to promote Grapevine to the surrounding Grapevine trade area. The owner/manager must have shown co-operation toward Grapevine Chamber projects and activities, as well as being supportive of city programs and civic group activities. The owner/manager will have also encouraged employees to be active in Grapevine Chamber programs and civic activities that resulted in visible benefits to the city. 2019 - Sloan & Williams Winery, 2018 – Mac’s on Main, 2017 – Lucas Funeral Home, 2016 – Grapevine Mills, 2015 – Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, 2014 – Classic Chevrolet/ The Thompson Group, 2013 – NJ Graphic Design, Inc., 2012 – Panda Embroidery, 2011 – Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano, 2010 – Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, 2009-Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, 2008/09-Fox Rental, 2008-Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, 2007-Bank of the West, 2006-Stacy Furniture, 2005-Structures and Interiors, Inc., 2004-Jon Michael Franks, Attorney, 2003-Wright Development Co., Inc., 2002-Lifetime Benefits Insurance, 2001-Southern Refractories, Inc., 2000-Box Insurance Agency, 1999-Dennis Electric, 1998-Mike Davis Insurance Agency, 1997-Payton-Wright Ford, 1996-Roy Stewart Properties, 1995-Classic Chevrolet, 1994-Grapevine Truck Leasing, 1993-Super Shuttle DFW, 1992-Blagg Tire & Service, 1991-Guest Furniture, 1990-The Grapevine Sun, 1989-Willhoite’s Restaurant, 1988-Burrus Supermarket, 1987-Mesco Metal Buildings, 1986-American Bank of Commerce, 1985-Off Main Street Gallery, 1984Jack Dortch Insurance, 1983-First National Bank of Grapevine

Ted Willhoite Legacy Award: Ted Willhoite was a business and civic leader, education supporter and

historical artist. He was a charter member of the Grapevine Lions Club, which was the organization that started the Grapevine Chamber. The city’s present house-numbering system and the first corner street markets were bought and installed by the club. Ted was a Main Street business leader for 43 years, including partnering with his father at Willhoite’s Garage. He was devoted to the Grapevine Public School District, serving on the School Board from 1945 – 1963. . He was an election judge and served on the Housing Authority Board. He was a charter and lifetime member of the Grapevine Heritage Foundation. He used his artistic talent to leave a history in paintings of early school buildings as well as

2 l N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 www.grapevinechamber.org

as well as hand drawn maps of the late 1800s and early 1900’s. For nominees, this award recognizes an individual(s) for their lasting personal contribution resulting in the culmination of an enduring legacy that has made a lasting impact on the community of Grapevine. This award recognizes distinguished individuals who are champions of responsible change, who possess a pioneering spirit, or demonstrates inventiveness to inspire and educate others. 2019 - Gary & Cynthia Blankenship, 2018 – William D. Tate, 2017 – Curtis & Linda Ratliff and Jan Smith Luers, 2016 – Jon Michael & Sue Franks, 2015 – Rick Stacy & Ron Stacy, 2014 – Lou Hillman, 2013 – Shane Wilbanks, 2012 – Tricia Wood, 2011 – Janice Kane, 2010 – Phil Parker, 2009-Roy Stewart, 2008/09-Clydene Johnson, 2008-Ted and Gloria Ware, 2007-Harland and Inez Jewett, 2006Mary Virginia Simmons, 2005-Dr. Ed Lancaster, 2004-Ted Willhoite (posthumous)

Don Ramey Community Spirit Award: Don Ramey was a supporter of GRACE and was known for his willingness to help those

in need. Don was known to help those in the community with donations to charity groups and loans, or to provide a job to a person in need. Don Ramey collected about 3,000 photos of his customers and celebrities. He was trying to break a world record for the most photographs in wooden frames in a restaurant. Nominees should be individual(s) that over a period of time have contributed outstanding leadership and devotion to the community. Recipients must be a resident of Grapevine or own or manage a business in Grapevine. The individual(s) should strive to promote the community as a wonderful place to live and work. They should exhibit fair and honest business practices and should be a respected leader/leaders in the community. They should be recognized as an outstanding ambassador for Grapevine. 2019 - Steve Haley, 2018 – Grapevine Fire Department, 2017 – Eddie Salame, 2016 – Bruno Rumbelow, 2015 – Dennis Luers, 2014 – Duff O’Dell, 2013 – Theresa Mason, 2012 – Chris Reyher, 2011 – Shelley Ruddick, 2010 – Rocky Gribble, 2009-Dennis Slechta, 2008/09-Pam & Lee Roy McCain, 2008-Edith Pewitt, 2007-Gayle Hall, 2006-Kathee Livengood, 2005-Izak Gregory, 2004-Don Bigbie, 2003-Martin Thompson, 2002-P. W. McCallum, 2001-Bill and Kathrine Brink, 2000-Bill Powers

Member of the Year: A Grapevine Chamber of Commerce member and has exhibited outstanding contributions to the Grapevine

Chamber, City of Grapevine and Civic organizations during the past year. The business should have been organized as a business (sole proprietor, partnership or corporation) for at least one year and be easily accessible to area residents. No distinction shall be made between locally owned or outside owned businesses as long as other criteria are met. The business need not be physically in the city limits of Grapevine as long as it is in good standing of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce and serves the Grapevine trade area. The business must subscribe to fair and honest business practices and strive to promote Grapevine to the surrounding Grapevine trade area. The owner/manager must have shown co-operation toward Grapevine Chamber projects and activities, as well as being supportive of the city programs and civic group activities that resulted in visible benefits to the city of Grapevine. 2019 - Grapevine Mills, 2018 – Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano, 2017 – John Mayfield of Wilhoite’s, 2016 – Wise Guys Pizzeria, 2015 – Frost, 2014 – GRACE, 2013 – Panda Embroidery, 2012- Allied Waste / Republic Waste Services, 2011 – Blagg Tire & Service, 2010 – Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, 2009-Classic Chevrolet/The Thompson Group, 2008/09-Verizon, 2008-Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, 2007-Classic Chevrolet Hummer, 2006-Bank of the West, 2005-Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine, Inc., 2004-Integrated Digital Solutions, 2003-Structures and Interiors, Inc., 2002-Stacy Furniture and Berkey’s Heating Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Women’s Division Woman of the Year: This prestigious honor recognizes a woman who has distinguished herself through outstanding involvement benefiting the community of Grapevine. The nomination may recognize service from any past years.

2019 - Amanda Calongne, 2018 – Jan Smith Luers, 2017 – Marci Junge, 2016 – Dottie DiiBon, 2015 - Pam Price, 2014 - Carolyn Lease, 2013 - Idell Bowker, 2012 - Paula Wilbanks, 2011 – Helen Jean Lucas Reed, 2010 - Shelley Ruddick, 2009 - Jane Chevier, 2008 - LuAnn Gatts, 2007 - Wanda Blagg, 2006 - Balla Wright, 2005 - Linda Troeger, 2004 - Kathy DeMaggio, 2003 - Linda Mills, 2002 - Edith Pewitt, 2001 - Cindy Barnes, 2000 - Sarah Cloud, 1999 - Gayle Hall, 1998 - Melva Stanfield, 1997 - Joan Stewart, 1996 - Peggy Smith, 1995 - Juneria Berges, 1994 - Neva Frymire, 1993 - Sue Franks, 1992 - Duff O’Dell, 1991 - Lynn Eggers, 1990 - Marion Brekken, 1989 - Mary Virgina Simmons, 1988 - Suz-Ann Moore, 1987 - Linda Oliver, 1986 - Kathee Livingood, 1985 - Jerre Harrell, 1984 - Jodi Mauldin, 1983 - Clydene Johnson, 1982 - Starr Frank, 1981 - Pat Stinson, 1980 - Sharon Taylor, 1979 - Suellen Hall, 1978 - Chisai Childs Lindsey, 1977 - Norma Henderson, 1976 - Alberta Nettleton, 1975 - Zena Oxford

Rising Star Award: This award is to recognize an emerging leader/individual or business who has been an active member of the

Grapevine Chamber of Commerce for a minimum of two years. It is to be presented to recognize their actions and activities that consistently exemplify enthusiasm, commitment, professionalism and leadership. Their contribution to the future of the Chamber and community is evident even in the short time they’ve been a part of this organization and they encourage others to become involved through their example. 2019 - Theresa Mason www.grapevinechamber.org N O V E M B E R 2 020 l 3

Update Your Membership Information for the 2021 Directory! HAS YOUR BUSINESS MOVED? DO YOU HAVE A NEW GENERAL MANAGER? DID YOU JUST LAUNCH A NEW WEBSITE? Make sure that your business information is up-to-date in our Grapevine Chamber database before the 2021 Grapevine Community Directory & Referral Guide is finished! Log on to your Chamber Account or contact the Chamber Office today at (817) 481-1522, if you have changes to your company information. 4 l NOVEMBER 2020 www.grapevinechamber.org

Grapevine Chamber of Commerce DIAMOND SPONSORS Bank of the West City of Grapevine Classic Chevrolet / The Thompson Group Kubota Paycom PLATINUM SPONSORS Frost Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Grapevine Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center Sewell Cadillac and Sewell BMW of Grapevine GOLD SPONSORS Boeing Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages Corner Stone Staffing Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center Oncor Electric Delivery Prosperity Bank SILVER SPONSORS The Courtyard/TownePlace Suites by Marriott First Financial Bank, N.A. Independent Financial Republic Services Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake Texas Oncology - Grapevine BRONZE SPONSORS 121 Community Church Atmos Energy Blagg Tire & Service First Bank Texas Five Star Subaru of Grapevine Foust & Son Funeral Home Grapevine Mills Grubbs Infiniti Lucas Family Funeral Homes Marinas of Lake Grapevine Office Interiors Group REXEL USA Stacy Furniture & Design Trinity Metro Wells Fargo - Grapevine Main Wright Development Co., Inc.

November 19th

MEMBERSHIP LUNCHEON 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Grapevine Convention Center 1209 S. Main St. Grapevine Sponsored by:

Must register by November 17th to receive early bird price of $25.00! Carter:

Must Be Present to Win! Those present at the October Membership Luncheon saw that Mr. Thomas Holland from Corporate Floors, was not present to claim his prize. With no winner, the prize is now at $850 for November Luncheon. Each month at the Chamber’s Membership Luncheon, the dollar amount grows as long as the person whose name is called is not in attendance. To win, all you have to do is attend the luncheon and hear your name be called! How easy is that? All Chamber members are eligible to win, thank you to our sponsor:

www.grapevinechamber.org NOVEMBER 2020 l 5

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Asana Hospice & Palliative Care Kim Waid (817) 570-7190 6300 Ridglea Place, Ste 1107 Fort Worth, TX 76116

Blu Medspa

Brandy Trotter (817) 885-5025 2800 William D. Tate, Ste 300 Grapevine, TX 76051

Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas/ Southlake John Croiser (323) 972-5033 251 E. State Hwy 114 Southlake, 76092

DFW Decluttered LLC


Plant Care Co

Maker District

Red Wing Shoe Store

Imtiaz Ahmed (817) 442-0806 PO Box 92488, Ste 612 Southlake, TX 76092 Amanda Clark (469) 245-9537 Irving, TX 75039

Matthews Commercial Group Brooke Ford (817) 724-2191 Grapevine, TX 76051


Sasha Singh (817) 329-3441 101 E state Hwy 114 Grapevine, TX 76051

Metroplex Travel

Kiera Malowitz (682) 651-5532 1501 Hall Johnson Rd #322 Colleyville, TX 76034

Christina Fisher (817) 873-5100 1455 Hughes Rd Grapevine, TX 76051

Dynamic Roofing Inc

Payne Mechanical Services

Elizabeth Pietrzak (817) 601-5202 8501 Wade Blvd., Ste 310 Frisco, TX 75034

Marvin Hessel (817) 716-0376 Grapevine, TX 76051

6 l N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 www.grapevinechamber.org

Hugo Espiritu (214) 316-3787 12520 Schroeder Rd, Ste 103 Dallas, TX 75243

Hillary Cowden (817) 329-1109 1469 W. State Hwy. 114, Ste 598 Grapevine, TX 76051


Linn Conerly 1420 Lakeside Pkwy, Ste 109 Flower Mound, TX 75028

The KM Real Estate Group Khola Alhamdani (817) 751-9401 8005 Fallmeadow Plano, TX 75024

Title Resources

Amber Stilwell Rogers (817) 905-0941 500 E. State Hwy 114, Ste 100 Southlake, TX 76092

Trekka Logistics Matt Ericson (817) 410-3890 805 Port America Place, Ste 200 Grapevine, TX 76051

THANK YOU to Our Renewing Members AeristoCraft Christian Schmidt (817) 624-8400 Always Best Care Senior Services Shane Carpenter (940) 241-2273 Bagwell Wicke Investment Group of Raymond James Scott Wicke (817) 310-7882 BILT Inc Juliette Qureshi 703-554-3020 Branding Resources, Inc. Matt Carnes (817) 722-8811 Classic Tile & Plaster, Inc. Bart Adams (817) 481-4527 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Sue Wykes, GRI, SRS (214) 783-3607 Core Physical Medicine & Physical Therapy Jade Vasquez (972) 393-8067 Corporate Floors Thomas Holland (817) 329-7100 D H Interiors, Inc. Dan Howell (817) 401-3838 DSV Air & Sea, Inc. Rene Harboe (817) 424-5111

Fort Worth Heat & Air, Inc. Greg George (817) 800-0340

Jackson Benefits Group Lannie Jackson (214) 245-4299

Gayle Hall (817) 410-3198 German Car Care Joe Badyal (817) 416-2087 Grapevine Elks Lodge #2483 Debbie Rowe (817) 329-3557

Jake’s Hamburgers Crysti Heath (817) 564-0048 JDS Pavement Markings and Repair, LLC Danny Wood (817) 329-2239 Jim Adler & Associates Texas Injury Lawyers Robert Adler (214) 320-1111

Grapevine Historical Society Jan Luers 214-202-8700 Hall’s Wine & Spirits Colleyville Charlie Hall (817) 267-6803 Highland Landscaping LLC Patrick Cooper (817) 488-2718 Holy Trinity Catholic School Kristy Webb (817) 421-8000 i Insurance Group Glenn Kearby (817) 310-6677 x300 i5 web works Michael Burns (817) 481-1447 Import Car Center Cecil Griggs (817) 481-5665 Insurance Solutions USA, LLC Jack Townsend (817) 756-1442

Kintetsu World Express USA Inc John Michael (817) 796-7890 Kiss It Good Buy Lisa Crafton (817) 481-9754 Kubota David Sutton (817) 571-0900 Land Air Express (Kafco), Inc. James (Butch) Burleson (817) 481-5858 Love That Door Jenni Parker (817) 442-8844 Lucas Family Funeral Homes - Grapevine/ Keller/Hurst Mark Lucas-Kelly (817) 313-8288 Lucas Valuation Group, LLC Chris Lucas (646) 415-2000

Mac’s on Main Harvey Cogdill (817) 251-6227 Magnolia Realty Justin Mason (817) 719-0280

Malai Kitchen Yasmin Wages (817) 251-9141 Martin Thompson & Son Funeral Home Martin Thompson (817) 292-2250 Maykus Custom Homes Eason Maykus (817) 991-8781 McGriff Seibels & Williams Lance Pendley (469) 232-6612 Meadowood Assisted Living & Memory Care at the Vineyard Paula Bodnar (817) 275-6100 Med Data Services Matt Sobecki (888) 246-1085 Messina Hof Grapevine Winery Garrett Gomez (817) 442-VINE Mi Dia From Scratch Nicole Williams (817) 421-4747 Minteer Real Estate Team Chris Minteer (817) 796-9172

www.grapevinechamber.org N O V E M B E R 2 020 l 7

THANK YOU to Our Renewing Members Mi-Sher Auto Supply, Inc. Terry McCarthy (817) 481-8666 Montelena Apartments Joyce Gardner (817) 329-5815 Mustang Elite Carwash & Lube Center Eric Warden (817) 329-8777

Ole Grapevine Cigar & Tobacco Co. Ken Wiles (817) 424-2326 Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP Elena Fernandez (817) 461-3344 Performance Drywall Services, LLC Roy Robertson (817) 481-7901

Rampart Construction Company, LLC Craig Cummings (817) 310-0053 Regent Services Chaney Russell (817) 229-5543 Republic Finance, LLC Anna Haygood (817) 310-0533

Southwest Wholesale Nurseries Adrian Mahlstien (972) 245-4557 Sport Clips Amy Nelson (817) 251-6517 Stephens Painting Mike Stephens (817) 914-4936

Texas Gun Experience Rick’s Hardware & Jared Stanyer Decorative Plumbing (817) 285-0664 Trevor Tacker (817) 481-8807 Texas Oncology Grapevine Secret Beach Dee Dee Brooks Solutions (817) 359-9000 John Rigler (682) 666-0614 Texas Orthopedic Specialists, PLLC Solstice Senior Living Karen King at Grapevine (817) 510-4051 Mark Williams (817) 421-0220 Texas Toyota of Grapevine Neal Assad (817) 329-5949

Your Grapevine Chamber Board of Directors have put together a very fun and beautiful “SPIRIT OF GRAPEVINE” calendar with 52 weeks of fun during 2021! Every calendar will have a unique set of three numbers on the back (from 000 up to 999). Every Monday night the Texas Lottery has a pick three drawing at 6:00 p.m. If your calendar has the number drawn on a Monday night, you win the wine that is displayed on that day! There are wines from France to Grapevine! The calendars are available for sale at the Chamber Office for $100 each. Call or come by to purchase your “Spirit of Grapevine” calendar before they are all sold out! Your Grapevine Chamber looks forward to a much bigger, better and brighter 2021!

8 l NOVEMBER 2020 www.grapevinechamber.org

The Barber Law Firm Kristopher Barber (817) 527-8833 The Kevin Rhodes Group Teri Rhodes (817) 797-5465

The LIFT Office Catherine Miller (817) 416-7170 TriVAN Roofing Dave Custable (817) 891-7313 x1001 Versacor Enterprises, LLC Steve Byrd (817) 310-3525 Wm. Stukey & Associates, LLC William Stukey (817) 481-3265

Ambassador of the Month: Robert Adler Robert Adler is the Executive Director of the Law Office of Jim Adler, “The Texas Hammer!”. Although everyone is familiar with Jim’s practice through his commercials, it is Robert’s job to bring the message home on a one-onone personal level. He is involved with numerous Chambers of Commerce (Grapevine, of course, is his favorite) as well as many networking groups. In addition, he is responsible for handling numerous charitable functions throughout the year. Jim’s office specializes in Personal Injury – which means when a person is injured through the negligence of another. He has larges offices in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, with a staff of around 300 employees. He has been practicing for over 40 years, so he has the personnel and resources to vigorously defend the rights of the victims, and the insurance companies know this. At the office of Jim Adler, we don’t want anyone to be a victim twice. Robert has been an active member of the Grapevine Chamber for 10 years now, believing that you get out of life what you put into it. On a personal level, his biggest passion is tennis, which is where you’ll find him every weekend. He also enjoys golf, fishing, hiking and just about anything involving the outdoors. He has been married to his beautiful wife Cindi for 23 years and they have 3 fur babies, a German Shepherd and 2 rescue cats.

Robert Adler Executive Director of Law Office Jim Adler & Associates Texas Injury Lawyers radler@jimadler.com

www.grapevinechamber.org NOVEMBER 2020 l 9

Christmas Spirit Kick-Off: Fall is in full swing and we are gearing up for the Christmas Spirit Campaign. In October we called around 100 GRACE Clients who are on limited incomes. We get to play Santa Claus and ask what they would like to have for Christmas. On November 20th, the Christmas trees go up in The REC and The Grapevine Chamber Office with ornaments you can choose. Purchase the gifts associated with that person and bring back the wrapped gifts by December 16th to The REC or The Chamber Office.



The Women’s Division also gives each recipient a FROM bag full of essential goodies that PICK A WISH LIST OUR CHRISTMAS TREES! costs around $25 – stamps, tissues, batteries and much more. If you would prefer to donate $25 to help offset the cost of one of the bags scan the QR Code with your phone below. WeQUESTIONS? appreciate your support in helping the children and elderly in the Grapevine community. Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving season! We are beginning our annual Christmas Spirit Project! Every year, we partner with the Grapevine community to fulfill Christmas wish lists from disabled and economicallychallenged clients of Grace, most of whom are senior adults.

Available through December 14

This is a wonderful way for families and co-workers to team up with one another by adopting a senior this year. Christmas "wish list" trees are located at both the Grapevine REC, and the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce office. Come early, as Christmas ornaments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are usually "adopted" before the end of the allotted time. Choose an ornament, shop from the wish list, and return the new wrapped gifts to either the Grapevine REC or the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Kim Deras at 817-756-1708

Hope to see you soon,

Nancy Cable


10 l N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 www.grapevinechamber.org

Grapevine Chamber of Commerce

November Events SUNDAY





9 The Network, 4 pm Bob’s Steak & Chop House


22 _______ 29


23 _________ 30


3 Business Over Coffee:, 8 am Blankenship Business Center 10 New Member Virtual Toast, 11:30 am Skin Groove Spa _____________ Women’s Division Luncheon, 11:45 am Blankenship Business Center 17 Business Over Coffee, 8 am Blankenship Business Center _____________ New Member Virtual Toast, 11:30 am Link Research 24





5 New Member Virtual Toast, 11:30 am AMLI


11 Senior Service Alliance, 9 am Blankenship Business Center

18 Economic Development, 8 am Blankenship Business Center _____________ Ambassadors Meeting, 5:30 pm Blankenship Business Center 25

12 New Member Virtual Toast, 11:30 am Londoner Pub ____________ AMPT Luncheon, 11:45 Blankenship Business Center for ages 21 - 39







19 Membership Luncheon, 11:30 am Grapevine Convention Center _____________ AMPT Happy Hour, 5 pm Sidecar Tavern 26 Chamber Office Closed for Thanksgiving

27 Chamber Office Closed for Thanksgiving


www.grapevinechamber.org N O V E M B E R 2 020 l 11

Grapevine Chamber of Commerce 200 Vine Street Grapevine, TX 76051

Mission Statement: “to promote business that adds value to our community”

AMPT 2021 SPONSORSHIP: Networking for Grapevine and surrounding area’s Business Community for those Young Professionals ages 21—39; Seeking to advance their careers through networking & professional development.


Contact AMPT Sponsorship Chair, Dr. Steffanie Grossman today: (320) 318-0773 drsteffaniegrossman@gmail.com

12 l NOVEMBER 2020 www.grapevinechamber.org

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Grapevine Chamber November 2020 Newsletter  

Grapevine Chamber November 2020 Newsletter

Grapevine Chamber November 2020 Newsletter  

Grapevine Chamber November 2020 Newsletter