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The Divers’ Game ©Joe Lieske

Jesse Ball

jesse ball ’s

work has been published in more than a dozen languages. His novel Census won the Gordon Burn Prize in 2018. He lives in Chicago.

The stunning new novel from a cult American writer, with echoes of China Miéville and J.G. Ballard. Two girls, Lethe and Lois, navigate the perimeters of a segregated city, armed with canisters of killing gas. Another child, Lessen, is at the centre of a bizarre festival ritual.

previous titles

The Divers’ Game makes visible the violence that has threaded its way into every aspect of our lives, and the radical empathy we need to combat it.

CENSUS 978 1 78378 377 9

Praise for Census:


‘Uniquely memorable and utterly profound’ Financial Times


‘Combines Kafka’s paranoia with Whitman’s earnest American grain to found a fictional kingdom of genial doom and melancholia’ New York Times FICTION £14.99 October 2019 240pp B format 198 × 129mm HB No Canada or ANZ rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 587 2


Good Husbandry

Growing a Family on a Community Farm

Kristin Kimball An evocative and life-enhancing account of running a community farm and raising a family in upstate New York. When Kristin Kimball moves from Manhattan to start a new farm with the man she loves, she has to learn a lot about farming, fast. As the seasons pass, Kristin must face not only the daily juggle of farm work and the needs of her growing family, but bigger questions about the life she has chosen. Praise for The Dirty Life: ‘Passionate, inspiring, and well written, a page-turner for anyone who has ever dreamed of settling into a very different way of life... Captivating’ Irish Times

kristin kimball

and her husband Mark have run Essex Farm since 2003, where they live with their daughters, Jane and Miranda. previous titles

THE DIRTY LIFE 978 1 84627 328 5


MEMOIR £14.99 January Demy 216 × 135mm HB 304pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 468 4 3 3




ver the Alps we flew, over Adriatic islands, and over the highlands of Albania. The sun set over the blackening folds, a mythical landscape. Then suddenly, the blue light of the Lake. Lake Ohrid is one of those places of the earth that make you feel as if something fateful awaits you. As if you were always meant to come and you can’t believe it’s taken you so long. When the lake appeared below, the whole plane went quiet.


TRAVEL/HISTORY/MEMOIR £14.99 February Demy 216 × 135mm HB 400pp No Canada Rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 397 7

To The Lake

A Balkan Journey of War and Peace

Kapka Kassabova

Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. Two lakes that seem to hold the turbulent memories of the region’s past, the secret of its enduring allure – and the key to Kassabova’s own family story. In the mountainous borderlands of North Macedonia, Kassabova encounters a civilizational crossroads with a colourful history, and finds herself confronted with deeper questions about human suffering and the capacity for change.


From the celebrated author of Border, here is a portrait of an ancient but littleunderstood corner of the Balkans, and a personal reckoning with the past. is a poet, novelist and writer of narrative non-fiction. Her book Border won multiple prizes and was shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize. kapka kassabova

BORDER PB £9.99 978 1 78378 320 5

Praise for Border: ‘The literature of place is crying out for a talent as magical, brilliant and original as Kapka Kassabova’s. She writes with taut intelligence and poetic intensity… When Border arrived in my life, I felt as if I’d been struck by lightning’ Pico Iyer

STREET WITHOUT A NAME PB £9.99 978 1 84627 124 3

TWELVE MINUTES OF LOVE PB £9.99 978 1 84627 285 1



Between Two Fires is the New Yorker ’s correspondent in Moscow, where he has been based since 2012. joshua yaffa

Truth, Ambition and Compromise in Putin’s Russia

Joshua Yaffa How everyday Russians survive and thrive under Putin’s rule, from the New Yorker’s correspondent in Moscow.


© Annette Hornischer / American Academy in Berlin


Telling the stories of eight ambitious Russians, among them a powerful television boss, an Orthodox priest and a doctor-turned-humanitarian, Between Two Fires explores how ordinary Russians have constructed their lives in the shadow of a capricious and repressive state. The compromises they have been forced to make provide not only a searing insight into Russia today, but also urgent lessons about the nature of modern authoritarianism. ‘This is the real story of how modern authoritarianism works and even thrives, by manipulating the motivations of the regime’s most capable and ambitious citizens’ Anne Applebaum ‘A book about Putin’s Russia that is unlike any other’ Patrick Radden Keefe NON FICTION £20/£12.99 February Royal 234 × 153mm HB/export TPB No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 369 4 (HB) 978 1 78378 370 0 (export TPB)



Will Harris


A rising star of contemporary British poetry reflects on race, culture, memory and identity in his first full-length collection. The inaugural title on the new Granta Poetry list edited by Rachael Allen. With an unflinching yet generous eye, RENDANG is a collection that engages equally with the pain and promise of self-perception. Drawing on his Anglo-Indonesian heritage, Harris shows us new ways to think about the contradictions of identity and cultural memory. RENDANG is intellectual and accessible, moving and experimental, and combines linguistic innovation with a deep emotional rooting.


‘Will Harris takes British poetry into new waters: RENDANG is an astonishing debut’ Sarah Howe, winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize

is a poet and writer based in London. He is the author of Mixed-Race Superman and received a Poetry Fellowship from the Arts Foundation in 2019. will harris

POETRY £10.99 February B format 198 × 129mm flapped PB 80pp All territories US, serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 559 9 7 7



y husband is reading the Stoics before breakfast. That can’t be good, can it? Last night, I made him promise not to do that exercise on us. The one where you look down upon the person you love while he or she is sleeping and remind yourself: Tomorrow you will die.

© Emily Tobey


He said OK. Why would he anyway? Didn’t we already decide he would go first? He’s in one of his cheerful moods. Perhaps because he’s viewing this scene as if from a great height.

FICTION £12.99 February B format 198 × 129mm HB 208pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 476 9 88

Weather Jenny Offill

From the author of Dept. of Speculation, a dazzling and deadpan new novel about hope and despair, fear and comfort as it plays out in these turbulent times. Librarian Lizzie is an unofficial shrink for family and friends. Then her old mentor hires her to answer letters for her podcast. They’re from leftwingers worried about climate change and rightwingers worried about civilization’s decline. Can Lizzie justify tending her own garden once she’s seen the flames beyond its walls?

jenny offill ’s

novel Dept. of Speculation was shortlisted for the Folio Prize and the International Dublin Literary Award. She lives in upstate New York. DEPT. OF SPECULATION PB £7.99 978 1 84708 874 1

Praise for Dept. of Speculation: ‘As soon as I finished it, I turned it over and started again. Stunning’ Maggie O’Farrell ‘With exceptional originality, intensity and sweetness... Dept. of Speculation is a shattered novel that stabs and sparkles at the same time… give in and read it’ Guardian

9 9

©Gaby Gerster


peter stamm ,

an acclaimed international novelist, was nominated for the Man Booker International Prize in 2013. michael hofmann is a poet, essayist and translator.

previous titles

TO THE BACK OF THE BEYOND 978 1 78378 330 4


ALL DAYS ARE NIGHT 978 1 78378 009 9

Peter Stamm

Translated from the German by Michael Hofmann

A miniature masterpiece from acclaimed writer Peter Stamm, in which he asks unsettling questions about destiny and desire. Christoph, an older man, has a story to share with Lena, a younger woman. As the two talk, it becomes clear that their lives and relationships contain echoes and similarities too remarkable to be called coincidences. And so begins a uniquely existential game of past and present that will leave no one unchanged. Praise for Peter Stamm: ‘Everything Peter Stamm turns his hand to is highly disturbing, acutely perceptive, and unfathomably gripping’ Rupert Thomson

WE’RE FLYING 978 1 84708 768 3 SEVEN YEARS 978 1 84708 510 8


The Sweet Indifference of the World

FICTION £12.99 February B format 198 × 129mm HB 144pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 573 5


Eat the Buddha

The Story of Modern Tibet through the People of One Town

Barbara Demick From the Samuel Johnson Prize-winning author of Nothing to Envy, a riveting portrait of 21st-century Tibetan life through the stories from one town. In 1950, China claimed sovereignty over Tibet, leading to decades of resistance. Through the stories of monks, townsfolk and exiles, Barbara Demick chronicles the Tibetan experience and its recent history from Ngaba, a town on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau, where dozens of Tibetans have shocked the world by immolating themselves. Praise for Nothing to Envy: ‘An utterly compelling account of life in this most reclusive of societies . . . enthralling and prizeworthy’ Mail on Sunday

won the Samuel Johnson Prize for Nothing to Envy. She is also the author of Besieged, which was shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize.

previous titles

NOTHING TO ENVY 978 1 84708 141 4 BESIEGED 978 1 84708 411 8 original

REPORTAGE/TRAVEL WRITING £16.99/£12.99 March Royal 234 × 153mmm HB/export TPB 272pp No Canada or ANZ rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 570 4 (HB) 978 1 78378 208 6 (export TPB)

barbara demick





©Shaun O’Rourke

o be a young woman is to face your own annihilation in innumerable ways or to flee it or the knowledge of it, or all these things at once. ‘The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world,’ said Edgar Allan Poe, who must not have imagined it from the perspective of women who prefer to live. I was trying not to be the subject of someone else’s poetry and not to get killed; I was trying to find a poetics of my own, with no maps, no guides, not much to go on.

MEMOIR £16.99 March Demy 216 × 135mm HB 256pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 544 5 12

Recollections of My Non-Existence Rebecca Solnit

From the era of punk, growing gay pride and West Coast activism through to the latter years of second-wave feminism and the present day, this is the foundational story of an emerging artist struggling against violence and oppression. It is an electric account of the pauses and gains in feminism over the past forty years. Praise for Rebecca Solnit: ‘Solnit has a voice of fearless and provocative asperity; she launches a quiverful of aphoristic arrows’ Independent ‘A compelling writer with a glorious turn of phrase who never wastes a word’ Evening Standard

©Adrian Mendoza

A landmark memoir from the author of Men Explain Things to Me that asks how a young writer finds her voice in a society that prefers women to be silent.

is the author of, among other books, Call Them by Their True Names, The Mother of All Questions, Men Explain Things to Me and Wanderlust. rebecca solnit

MEN EXPLAIN THINGS TO ME HB £12.99 978 1 78378 079 2

THE MOTHER OF ALL QUESTIONS HB £12.99 978 1 78378 355 7

THE FARAWAY NEARBY PB £9.99 978 1 84708 512 2

WANDERLUST PB £9.99 978 1 78378 039 6

13 13


The Great Homecoming ©Roland Dreger

Anna Kim

is the winner of the 2012 European Union Prize for Literature. anna kim

is a literary translator from German and Portuguese. jamie lee searle

Translated from the German by Jamie Lee Searle

Three friends are caught between the warring states of North and South Korea, in this epic novel of love, espionage and betrayal. 1959, Seoul. Yunho arrives in South Korea’s capital searching for his oldest friend. The city is crowded with double agents and soldiers, and wracked by protests and poverty, while across the border in North Korea, Pyongyang grows more prosperous by the day. Might a homecoming to North Korea be Yunho’s only hope for salvation?


‘An atmospheric, melancholy novel… Just like swing music, it is the fine rhythmic changes in the novel that take us from beauty to tragedy’ Die Welt

FICTION £12.99 March Demy 216 × 135mm TPB 384pp US, serial and audio rights 978 1 84627 655 2 14


Hinton A nineteenth-century tale of dangerous and pioneering mathematical ideas, based on an incredible true story. Howard Hinton and his family are living in Japan, escaping from a scandal. Hinton’s obsessions are his work – speculative voyages into the fourth dimension of space – and his wife and sons, each of whom yearns to find escape from entanglement in the strange and unknown landscapes of Hinton’s science fictions. Praise for I’m Jack: ‘An intelligent, disturbing slice of noir’ Guardian

©Christina Smiley

Mark Blacklock

mark blacklock

is the author of the critically acclaimed I’m Jack. He teaches at Birkbeck, University of London.

previous titles

I’M JACK 978 1 78378 086 0

‘Spare. Swift. Smart. And dangerous’ Iain Sinclair original

‘An audacious exercise in mimicry’ Financial Times FICTION £16.99 April Demy 216 × 135mm HB 272pp All territories US, serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 520 9

15 15





he apocalypse was trending. The memes were dank with foreboding, and the presiding mood was one of half-ironic cold war nostalgia mixed with sincere eschatological unease. It seemed as good a time as any to visit a place for sitting out the end times. My obsessive consumption of prepper videos had opened out onto a broader vista of apocalyptic preparedness, and to a lucrative niche of the real estate sector catering for individuals of means who wanted a place to retreat when the shit truly hit the fan. . .


POPULAR SCIENCE ÂŁ14.99 April Demy 216 Ă— 135mm HB 256pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 406 6

Notes from an Apocalypse

A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back

Mark O’Connell

On remote mountains and in high-tech bunkers, people are getting ready. They are environmentalists and far-right evangelicals, real estate impresarios and the super-rich. All they have in common is the belief that one day soon, life as we know it will come to an end. Somewhat anxious himself about the end of days, veteran worrier and father of two Mark O’Connell set out to meet them.

©Rich Gilligan

From the prize-winning author of To Be a Machine – meet the men and women preparing for the end of the world. mark o’connell

is the author of To Be a Machine, which won the Wellcome Book Prize and was shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize 2017.

TO BE A MACHINE PB £9.99 978 1 78378 198 0

Praise for To Be a Machine: ‘Mark O’Connell [is] a writer with a fluency and humour any novelist might envy... A gem of a book’ Evening Standard ‘Lucid, brilliant and seriously funny’ Sunday Times 17


Wild Child Patrick Barkham patrick barkham

is a features writer for the Guardian and the author of four much-loved books of nature writing. previous titles

ISLANDER 978 1 78378 190 4 COASTLINES 978 1 84708 899 4 BADGERLANDS 978 1 84708 505 4


©Fiona Shaw


THE BUTTERFLY ISLES 978 1 78378 458 5

From one of our finest nature writers, an intuitive and inspiring study of childhood and the joy and wonder to be found in neighbourhood nature. Drawing on his experience as a parent and forest school volunteer, celebrated nature writer Patrick Barkham explores the relationship between children and nature. Unfolding over a year, Wild Child is both an intimate story of children finding their place in the natural world and a celebration of the delight to be found in even modest patches of green. Praise for Patrick Barkham: ‘Barkham writes with authority, love, charm, understatement and the driest of wit… Wonderful’ Spectator

NATURE WRITING/PARENTING £20 May Royal 234 × 153mm HB 286pp All territories US, translation and serial rights 978 1 78378 191 1 (HB)


Forced Out

A Black Gay Detective’s Story of Prejudice and Resilience

Kevin Maxwell An explosive insider’s account of racism, homophobia and wrongdoing in today’s police force and his fight for change. Black, gay and working-class, Kevin Maxwell was a dream candidate for the police force. He entered policing determined to fight crime on the streets. But instead he came up against entrenched prejudice, open racism and homophobia among his own colleagues. For more than ten years, Maxwell tried to overcome the hostility, until the day he was forced to speak out. This is his story.

kevin maxwell

served as a detective in both the Greater Manchester and London Metropolitan police forces. His writing has appeared in the Independent and the Guardian.

Forced Out paints a revelatory portrait of an institution that has not yet learned the lessons of the past, and asks the important question: what needs to change? original

NON-FICTION £14.99 May Royal 234 × 143mm HB 352pp All territories US, translation, serial and audio rights 978 1 84627 680 4 19 19


Pew ©Willy Somma

Catherine Lacey

catherine lacey

is the author of Nobody Is Ever Missing, The Answers and Certain American States. In 2017 she was named one of Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists in 2017.

An eerie modern tale of silence and identity, from a young American writer hailed as one of the finest of her generation. Pew awakes on a church bench, unable to remember the past. The church’s devout congregation is full of questions, but Pew will not speak. Unable to agree on how to treat a person they cannot categorize by age, race or gender – whether to adopt, imprison, help or ignore them – the townspeople’s clamour for answers builds from a murmur to a roar, as both the innocent and the guilty are undone by Pew’s terrible silence. Praise for Catherine Lacey:

previous titles


NOBODY IS EVER MISSING 978 1 78378 089 1


THE ANSWERS 978 1 78378 218 5 CERTAIN AMERICAN STATES 978 1 78378 221 5

‘Seriously good... faultless... Lacey is absolutely the real thing’ Financial Times ‘One of a generation of American women who seem entirely unafraid’ Anne Enright

FICTION £12.99 May Demy 216 × 135mm HB 208pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 517 9


A Luminous Republic Andrés Barba

Translated from the Spanish by Lisa Dillman

One day, children begin to show up in San Cristóbal, hungry and covered in dirt and disappearing mysteriously each night. They play games that don’t seem to have any rules, and communicate with each other in a strange language. Thus begins a fearsome and thrilling modern morality tale. ‘At first you will feel fear, but what you feel next is something much deeper, disturbing and luminous’ Samanta Schweblin ‘Disquieting without tricks and beautiful without artifice… an engrossing tale of unusual moral precision... A triumph’ Juan Gabriel Vásquez

©Eduardo Cabrera

Lord of the Flies meets Javier Marías in this dark and glinting literary gem.

andrés barba

was selected as one of Granta’s Best of Young Spanish Novelists. lisa dillman won the 2016 Best Translated Book Award.

previous titles

SUCH SMALL HANDS 978 1 84627 675 0


FICTION £12.99 June B format 198 × 129mm HB 208pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 84627 693 4 21 21



s a journalist, I’ve been tracking the phenomenon of implicit bias for years, dogged by one persistent question: What on earth can we do to end it? Now, as urgent conversations have spread from politics and criminal justice, to Hollywood, health care, immigration and beyond, the question has become critical.


So I set out to discover solutions.


I visited tech start-ups, surgeons and police lieutenants, met with social psychologists and neuroscientists. I found not only surprising solutions, but also deeper insights into the complexity of bias. Bias, it turns out, can be overcome. In pockets across the globe, it’s already begun.

The End of Bias

Transforming Our Lives, Our Work, Our World

Jessica Nordell

Implicit prejudice robs organizations of talent, science of breakthroughs, art of wisdom, politics of insight, individuals of their futures, and communities of justice. But for the past thirty years, scientists, psychologists, teachers and entrepreneurs have been coming up with ways to overcome bias. In this landmark book, Nordell sets out to meet the people who are finding solutions – from meditating police chiefs to innovative hiring policies – and explains how their discoveries are set to change the world.

©Leslie Plesser

Unconscious bias affects us all, every day of our lives. But it can be overcome. Here are the stories of how change happens.

jessica nordell ’s

groundbreaking work on bias has appeared in the Atlantic and the New York Times, among other publications. The End of Bias is her first book.

POPULAR SCIENCE £14.99 June Demy 216 × 135mM HB 288pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 84627 677 4 (HB) 23


August ©Dan Lahren

Callan Wink

callan wink ’s

first book, Dog Run Moon, was shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize and received a PEN/ Hemingway Award Honorable Mention.

previous titles

DOG RUN MOON 978 1 84708 814 7

A magnificent and moving first novel about a boy coming of age in the American heartland, from an assured new voice in American fiction. Having grown up on a farm, August struggles to adjust to a new town. So when a shocking act of violence pushes him off course, he flees to rural Montana to start over. There, as he throws himself into ranch-work, he learns that even the smallest of communities have secrets and even the most broken of families have a bond. Praise for Dog Run Moon: ‘Fine, old-fashioned, rich and juicy fiction’ Jim Harrison, author of Legends of the Fall


‘Writing as clear as an alpine river, with the same depth and currents’ Independent on Sunday


FICTION £14.99/£10.99 June/April (export) Demy 216 × 135mm HB/export TPB 304pp No Canada rights Second serial and audio rights 978 1 84708 810 9 (HB) 978 1 84708 811 6 (export TPB)


Fracture Andrés Neuman

A survivor of the atomic bombs dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Mr Watanabe has evaded the memory for most of his life. When the 2011 earthquake that preceded the Fukushima nuclear disaster strikes, resonating around the world, the past becomes the present, and Mr Watanabe begins a journey that will change everything.


A remarkable novel about collective trauma and love set in the aftermath of the recent Japanese earthquake, from the Independent Foreign Fiction prize-shortlisted author.

©Antonia Urbano

Translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia

andrés neuman

has won the Alfaguara Prize and the National Critics Prize, and has been shortlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award and the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

Praise for Andrés Neuman:


‘Neuman is touched by grace. Readers will find something that can only be found in great literature, the kind written by real poets, a literature that dares to venture into the dark with open eyes’ Roberto Bolaño

FICTION June Demy 216 × 135mm HB 252pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 513 1 25 25


Not Working Why We Have to Stop

Josh Cohen Inactivity: a necessary and creative condition for a life worth living. ‘Brilliant… a polemic against our overwork culture and a meditation on its alternatives’ Barbara Taylor, Guardian POPULAR PSYCHOLOGY £9.99 January B format 198 × 129mm PB 304pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 206 2

‘Cohen is fantastically good at making us question our hard-won strategies of resistance to stopping’ Suzanne Moore, New Statesman josh cohen is a psychoanalyst and Professor of Modern Literary Theory at Goldsmiths,

University of London.


Hiking with Nietzsche Becoming Who You Are

John Kaag


A man goes in search of himself in the Swiss Alps with the help of Nietzsche.


PHILOSOPHY £9.99 January B format 198 × 129mm PB 272pp No Canada Rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 495 0

‘[Kaag] writes extremely well... clearly and with scholarly precision, but also personally and stylishly... Remarkable’ TLS

‘Fantastically well-written and engaging…fascinating’ Scotsman is the author of American Philosophy: A Love Story, which was an NPR Best Book of 2016. john kaag


Childless Voices

Stories of Longing, Loss, Resistance and Choice

Lorna Gibb A pioneering, brave book that gives voice to the stories behind an issue that affects millions. ‘Profoundly moving [and] important in piecing together and making visible a vast swathe of female existence routinely hidden or erased... wonderful’ Spectator lorna gibb ,

senior lecturer at Middlesex University, is the author of two biographies and a novel.

NON-FICTION £9.99 February B format 198 × 129mm PB 288pp All territories Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 264 2 february

A Love Supreme

The Creation of John Coltrane’s Classic Album

Ashley Kahn Ashley Kahn’s brilliant, deeply researched, illustrated study of A Love Supreme, reissued in a new format for the 55th anniversary of the album.

is an author and a contributor to Rolling Stone, the New York Times and Mojo. ashley kahn

MUSIC £9.99 February B format 198 × 129mm PB 272pp No Canada rights 978 1 78378 605 3


‘We get the man, the mission, the methodology... a well-researched, transparently written, passionately felt book’ Independent




Sam Lipsyte A riotous novel of awkward believers, floundering marriages and our maladjusted 21st century, from one of America’s sharpest satirists. ‘A pure joy to read... dizzyingly brilliant’ Guardian



‘Sentence for sentence, Lipsyte is as good as any of the greats’ David Baddiel sam lipsyte

is the author of The Fun Parts, The Ask, Subject Steve and Homeland.

The Way to the Sea



FICTION £8.99 February B format 198 × 129mm PB 304pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 323 6

The Forgotten Histories of the Thames Estuary

Caroline Crampton From a writer who grew up on the estuary, this is a fresh take on the Thames, from source to sea. HISTORY/TRAVEL WRITING £9.99 March B format 198 × 129mm PB 336pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 414 1

‘[A] praise-hymn to the muddy, marshy far reaches of the river... captivating’ New Statesman ‘Rich and fascinating… Crampton writes beautifully’ SundayTimes is a writer and editor who contributes regularly to the Guardian, the Mail on Sunday and the New Humanist. caroline crampton


Mama’s Last Hug

Animal Emotions and What They Teach Us about Ourselves

Frans de Waal A groundbreaking and illuminating exploration of the role of emotions in animal and human societies. ‘Superb… striking… remarkable’ New Statesman ‘A captivating and big-hearted book, full of compassion and brimming with insights about the lives of animals, including human ones’ Yuval Noah Harari is the bestselling author of Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? frans de waal

POPULAR SCIENCE £9.99 March B format 198 × 129mm PB 348pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 411 0

Madeleine Bunting A spellbinding novel of love, hidden World War II secrets and living with the enemy on the island of Guernsey.

is the prize-winning author of four works of non-fiction. Island Song is her debut novel. madeleine bunting

FICTION £9.99 March B format 198 × 129mm PB 400pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 78378 463 9


‘It’s rare to find a first novel that is so assured and so wellbalanced... it is the best sort of intelligent popular fiction... Pageturning’ Scotsman



Island Song




The Age of Air Pollution and the Fight for a Cleaner Future

Beth Gardiner A landmark book on air pollution: a major threat to the health and longevity of each and every one of us. ‘A gripping, complex tale full of memorable characters… This is an urgent, essential read’ Arnold Schwarzenegger



‘Nuanced, guardedly optimistic… You couldn’t ask for a better guide’ Guardian beth gardiner ’s journalism has appeared in the New York Times, Guardian, National Geographic and Washington Post.

The Summer Isles



ENVIRONMENT £9.99 April B format 198 × 129mm PB 304pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 84627 647 7

A Voyage of the Imagination

Philip Marsden A journey by sea along the western coasts of Ireland and Scotland in search of islands, both real and imagined. TRAVEL WRITING £9.99 May B format 198 × 129mm PB 352pp All territories US, serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 300 7

‘Marsden brings characteristic elegance and insatiable curiosity to bear on his voyage… Even the most dogged landlubber cannot fail to be exhilarated’ Madeleine Bunting philip marsden


is a writer, journalist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of




A Life of War in Anglo-Saxon Britain

Edoardo Albert with Paul Gething The tumultuous reality of Anglo-Saxon Britain brought vividly to life through the remains of a nameless fighter. ‘Brings together flawed archaeologists, traitorous kings and political saints… a masterly tale of investigation, heroism and discovery and a triumphant exploration of a time when the future of the British Isles was at stake’ Justin Hill is a writer from London. paul at the renowned Bamburgh castle dig. edoardo albert


was the lead archaeologist

HISTORY £9.99 May B format 198 × 129mm 304pp All territories US, translation, serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 443 1

Sandra Newman A mind-expanding story of love complicated by time travel, Shakespeare and a world hurtling towards destruction.



The Heavens

‘Bewitchingly complex... truly astonishing’ Sarah Perry, Spectator

sandra newman ’s

novels have been longlisted for the Bailey’s Prize for Literature and shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.

FICTION £8.99 May B format 198 × 129mm PB No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 486 8


‘Electrifying... playful, tender and heart breaking’ Guardian




This Golden Fleece

A Journey Through Britain’s Knitted History

Esther Rutter A history of Britain’s long love affair with wool, told through a year of knitting garments from around the British Isles. ‘From fairy tales to debate regarding national identity, from the year dot to the tragedy of the Scottish Clearances and beyond, the history of plain, purl and intarsia is woven together… beautifully written’ Janice Galloway esther rutter

is currently Writer in Residence at the University of St Andrews.

Rules for Visiting



HISTORY £9.99 June B format 198 × 129mm PB 352pp All territories US, translation, serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 436 3

Jessica Francis Kane A smart, funny and uplifting novel about loneliness and the art of being a good friend.


‘Charming, lovely, funny and relevant’ Red Magazine


FICTION £8.99 June B format 198 × 129mm PB 304pp No Canada rights Serial and audio rights 978 1 78378 465 3

‘Told in clean, rigorous prose that neither sensationalises nor sentimentalises… this novel blooms in you like a flower’ Daily Mail jessica francis kane

is the author of The Report and two short story collections.


The Ten Loves of Mr Nishino


Hiromi Kawakami

Translated from the Japanese by Allison Markin Powell

From the bestselling author of Strange Weather in Tokyo, a novel about an elusive man and the women who loved him.

‘Charming... beguiling and beautiful’ The Times ‘Quirky and delicate… I fell totally under the spell of this beautiful book’ Daily Mail


Strange Weather in Tokyo

FICTION £7.99 June B format paperback 208pp No Canada rights Serial rights 978 1 84627 701 6 (PB)

New Edition

Hiromi Kawakami Translated from the Japanese by Allison Markin Powell

A new edition of the bestselling Japanese novel, now including the short story ‘Parade’ that revisits its much-loved characters.

is one of Japan’s most popular contemporary novelists. allison is a literary translator and editor.

hiromi kawakami powell


FICTION £8.99 June B format 198 × 129mm PB 224pp No Canada rights Second serial rights 978 1 78378 579 7


‘Enchanting, moving and funny in equal measure, this compelling love story is expertly crafted against a backdrop of modern Japanese culture... Stylish and unsentimental’ Stylist




Granta Editions are outsider classics. Books which slip free of easy definition and convention; books which we believe are of lasting, transformative literary value.

FICTION £10.00 December 2019 192pp Flapped 198 × 128mm B-format PB All territories Serial rights 978 1 78378 580 3



FICTION £10.00 April 2020 224pp Flapped 198 × 128mm B-format PB No Canada rights 978 1 78378 623 7


Don’t Look At Me Like That

The Silent Woman

The only novel by the late Diana Athill: an unflinching and candid story of love, betrayal and independence.

Janet Malcolm’s revelatory investigation into the biographies of the tumultuous union of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

Diana Athill

Janet Malcom

HISTORY £10.00 February 2019 978 1 78378 525 4

FICTION £12.00 May 2018 978 1 78378 434 9

MEMOIR/BRITISH HISTORY £10.00 January 2018 978 1 78378 433 2

HISTORY £10.00 October 2018 978 1 84708 198 8


FICTION £10.00 June 2019 978 1 78378 526 1



Granta 150: Winter issue

    

©Lisbeth Salas

Edited by Sigrid Rausing

is Editor and Publisher of Granta magazine and Publisher of Granta Books. She is the author of History, Memory and Identity in Post-Soviet Estonia and the memoirs Everything Is Wonderful and Mayhem.


©Brett Monroe Garner

granta magazine

sigrid rausing

Packed with incisive reportage: Oliver Bullough on how the Virgin Islands came to be a tax haven; Joseph Zárate on reckless resource extraction in the Amazon; and John Ryle on the global conservationist struggles over white rhinos. Plus, searing fiction from Jason Ockert, and an extended conversation between Lucy Scholes and Tessa Hadley. ‘Granta does what a good literary magazine should: showcase the newest by the best authors and the best by the newest authors’ Scotland on Sunday

£12.99 February 210 × 145mm PB 224pp TBC All Territories 978 1 90988 930 9


Granta 151: Membranes Guest-edited by Rana Dasgupta

‘Contemporary bookshops and libraries are incomplete without the latest edition of Granta’ Observer

is an award-winning, bestselling writer. His novels include Tokyo Cancelled and Solo, winner of the 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. His non-fiction book Capital won the 2017 Ryszard Kapuściński Award for Literary Reportage. rana dasgupta

granta magazine

©Adolfo Ruiz de Segovia . CC BY

£12.99 May 210 × 145mm PB 224pp TBC All Territories 978 1 90988 932 3

©Nina Subin

Membranes – porous biological interfaces which regulate flows between one zone and another – are the foundational image for an issue guestedited by Granta contributor and bestselling novelist Rana Dasgupta. This issue will feature Ida Börjel, Anouchka Grose, Adam Jasper, Ruchir Joshi, Andrew McMillan, and much more brilliant fiction and dazzling reportage.


Backlist Highlights


GHOST WALL 978 1 78378 446 2 £8.99

THE VEGETARIAN 978 1 84627 603 3 £8.99

THE LUMINARIES 978 1 84708 432 3 £9.99

CONVENIENCE STORE WOMAN 978 1 84627 684 2 £8.99

SABRINA 978 1 78378 490 5 £16.99

MAY WE BE FORGIVEN 978 1 84708 323 4 £8.99

THE SISTERS BROTHERS 978 1 78378 499 8 £8.99

ASYMMETRY 978 1 78378 362 5 £8.99

SOMEWHERE TOWARDS THE END 978 1 84708 069 1 £8.99

THE WILD PLACES 978 1 78378 449 3 £9.99

STASILAND 978 1 84708 335 7 £9.99

AFRICA 978 1 84627 703 0 £10.99

NOTHING TO ENVY 978 1 84708 141 4 £9.99

LONDONERS 978 1 84708 329 6 £9.99

DEEP SEA AND FOREIGN GOING 978 1 84627 299 8 £9.99

IN DEFENCE OF HISTORY 978 1 78378 459 2 £9.99 39

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Granta Books Catalogue Jan - June 2020  

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Granta Books Catalogue Jan - June 2020  

Discover the new books coming from Granta in the first half of 2020