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Vol. 8 Issue 1 - Spring 2020

Unleashed Delmarva

Don’t Sit. Don’t Stay. Never roll over. Dog tested. Dog approved.



CONVENIENT TO MARYLAND AND DELAWARE SHORES - JUST OFF RT 13 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020 Rt. 13 & Winner Blvd., Delmar, MD 410-896-3800 • GatewaySubaru.com



Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


contents Vol. 6 Issue 1 Fall 2019

Delmarva Unleashed Publisher Sandy Phillips Associate Publisher Farin Phillips Edited by Nelson Griffin Contributing Writers Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA George DeGeyter Polly Elliott Didi Cordero-Figeroa John Maniatty, V.M.D. Lisa Woodside Susie Yakowicz Office (410)726-7334

6 Bark of the Town 10 Coronavirus Is my dog or cat at risk? 16 Pooch Palooza Schedule 18 Pet Liability Insurance 20 Name, Alias, Moniker 24 Let’s Get Social 32 Your Smart Pup 36 Top Ten Skills for a Happy Dog 40 A Nose for Adventure 44 Mail Order Dogs 46 Bone Appetite

Delmarva Unleashed is published four times a year; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday/Winter. It is circulated throughout Maryland’s Lower Shore, Mid Shore and onto Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The magazine can also be found throughout Delaware and is published by Grand Living Magazine, LLC. “Delmarva Unleashed” is protected under trademark registration. No portion of this publication, in whole or part, may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Copyright 2020©, Grand Living Magazine, LLC. All rights reserved. Content in Delmarva Unleashed is intended to provide information only and is in no way meant to treat or diagnose. Always consult with a specialty professional to address your own personal needs. The company makes every effort to ensure that all information presented is correct, however, we do not make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information, and reliance on information provided, is solely at your own risk. Pooch Palooza and FastFetch Cup are trademarks owned by Grand Living Magazine, LLC.

48 Doggie Socials 52 Rescues 54 Canine Perspective On the Cover:

“Sami Jo� proudly owned by Clay Karson of Ocean City, MD. Photo was taken during the annual FastFetch Cup held at the Pooch Palooza Dog Festival.

Submissions: Please email all editorial material to creative@grandlivingmag. com. We welcome previously unpublished articles and high resolution color images in jpg format. We cannot guarantee that either will be printed or returned. All articles are subject to editing and fact check. We reserve the right to publish all letters received. You may also mail submissions to Grand Living Magazine, 12610 Murray Rd, Whaleyville, MD 21872. Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020



of the Town Holistic Flea & Tick Spray Reprinted annually

It’s 2am Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? A survey conducted by the American Kennel Club found that 45% of dog owners allow their pups to sleep in their beds. With more than 60 million canine households, that's a significant number of dogs enjoying human quality sleeping arrangements. The American Pet Products Association says that of that number, the survey finds that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs, and 32% of large dogs sleep with their owners.


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Looking for an alternative to “spoton” treatments? Try this holistic preparation. Be sure to spray your dog daily for best results. 2 lemons sliced 1/2 cup of dried Lavender (We found a great selection of modestly priced lavender on Amazon.) 2 cups boiling water Combine all ingredients and let steep for at least 8 hours before use. Strain through a paper towel or cheese cloth and transfer to a spray bottle. Keep refrigerated. So you don’t forget, consider spraying your dog at his morning meal.

Nose Knows? New scientific research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, tells us that the sensitive canine nose can sense weak thermal radiation or the body heat of mammalian prey. This find could explain why dogs with impaired sight or hearing, even smell can still hunt successfully. Professor emeritus, March Bekoff says, "it provides yet another window into the sensory world of the dogs' highly evolved cold noses."

Dry Nose? Did you know that a dog's nose naturally drys when they sleep and will return to the familiar wet nose within 10 minutes of waking? A dry nose is not always an indicator that the dog is under the weather. Changes in nose appearance can be due to allergies, dehydration, sunburn, or even normal aging. If your dog's nose is particularly dry and cracked or runny, it's time to visit the vet.

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Great toys to keep your pets active.

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www.themillofbelair.com • 410-778-1551 7121 Church Hill Rd • Chestertown, MD 6 other regional locations serving MD and PA


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

andre9! mo

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


- is my Dog or Cat at risk? by John Maniatty, V.M.D.


he new human coronavirus outbreak has been all over the news, and the topic has led to a lot of questions for veterinarians. It is being identified as 2019-nCov by the World Health Organization (WHO). The illness is thought to have originated in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China. A “Wet Market,� a market that has both seafood and live animals, including chicken and pigs, is thought to be the source. The origin of this coronavirus is still unsure as of this article, and further research has to be done. (1) Initially, it was thought bats spread to another species then to humans. Then it was suspected Pangolins (a type of scaly anteater) played a part since their coronavirus appears similar, but no one is really sure. There also are no specific animal reservoirs known at this time. (2)

Coronaviruses are an enveloped positive-sense RNA virus. They have four subgroups alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Alpha and beta infect mammals, while gamma and delta infect birds and fish. (2) There are only seven corona viruses that infect people, and they are Mers (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome)-COV, Sars (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) -COV, which are both respiratory illnesses just like 2019nCov. Mers- thought to have originated in camels, and Sars started in bats and spread to cats. Both are beta, along with 2019-nCov. The other four are broken down between alphas, 229E and NL63, and betas, OC43 and HKU1. These four have much more mild symptoms causing more coldlike symptoms and do not tend to be fatal. The symptoms for 2019-nCov are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Transmission for 2019-nCov can result from close contact; less than 6 feet; cough/sneeze aerosolizing respiratory droplets, and possibly fomites (doorknobs, keyboards, pens, etc.) but are less likely. (3) As stated before, there is no known animal reservoir at this time for 2019-nCov. There are both dog and cat corona viruses. Neither can be spread to humans and are species-specific. There are two different types of dog corona viruses one enteric (gastrointestinal) and one respiratory. There is a vaccine for the enteric version, but it will not protect against respiratory. It would not be beneficial to protect against 2019-nCov in dogs in areas where exposure may occur. The enteric coronavirus in dogs tends to create illnesses in puppies and can be fatal 12

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

“There is no known animal reservoir at this time.� in neonates (newborns). The majority of the time, it is self- limiting and clears without treatment. Adult dogs usually have no clinical signs and are only carriers. The respiratory version is one of a group of viruses that causes Canine infectious respiratory disease, a.k.a. kennel cough. (5) In cats, the coronavirus is an enteric form and is highly prevalent; about 80-90% carry it in a multi-cat household. The virus is shed in feces and hence fecal-oral transmission from litter box usage. The majority of cats do not develop diarrhea, and in those that do, they usually get over it quickly on their own. The coronavirus in some cats can undergo a mutation and become Feline Infectious Peritonitis virus (FIP). It then induces an immune-mediated disease that his fatal at this time. Because it is an immune-mediated disease specific to the host’s immune system, it is thought not to be able to be clinically transmitted. (4) Even though there is no known animal reservoir, if you or a family member are diagnosed with 2019nCov, the ill person should avoid handling or being around your pets. This is tough because they bring such comfort in times of need, like when we are sick, but this will possibly protect them if it is possible to pass. Some coronaviruses can cause illnesses in animals and spread between

animals and people, such as Sars and Mers. (2) If the infected person must be around them, they should wear a mask to limit/prevent aerosolizing respiratory secretions. There is no evidence at this point that it can be passed to your pets, but we are still early in studying this new coronavirus and need to be safe. (2) If your pet is exposed to someone who is diagnosed with 2019-nCov and becomes ill, you should take then to a veterinary hospital, but call first to discuss how to bring in. This way, we can limit exposure to clients, staff, and other patients. (2) “What Do You Need to Know about Coronavirus?” American Veterinary Medical Association, AVMA, 18 Feb. 2020, www.avma. org/blog/what-do-you-need-know-about-coronavirus?utm_source=email-mem&utm_medium=vitals-2002&utm_campaign=protect-pro-

mote-advance&utm_term=link&utm_content=coronavirus-more. “The New Coronavirus and Companion Animals - Advice for WSAVA Members.” Https:// Wsava.org/Wp-Content/Uploads/2020/02/ nCOV_WSAVA-Advisory-Document-Final-05.02.2020.Pdf, The World Small Animal Veterinary Association, 9 Feb. 2020, wsava. org/. “About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 21 Feb. 2020, www.cdc.gov/ coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/about/index.html. Rothrock, Kari, and Jacqueline Brister. “Feline Infectious Peritonitis.” VIN, VIN, 3 Feb. 2020, www.vin.com/Members/Associate/Associate. plx?from=GetDzInfo&DiseaseId=776. Shell, Linda, and Kari Rothrock. “Canine Enteric Coronavirus Infection.” VIN, VIN, 27 Apr. 2018, www.vin.com/Members/Associate/Associate.plx?from=GetDzInfo&DiseaseId=190.

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Pooch Palooza Dog Festival April 25 & 26, 2020 9 am - 4 pm Frontier Town Western Theme Park

Advance tickets online at PoochPalooza.com Single Day $12 Weekend Pass $20 At the gate - Single Day $15 Weekend Pass $25

Your Dog Wants to Be Here!

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


INSIDE the Frontier Town Western Theme Park! West Ocean City, Maryland Rain or Shine

2020 Schedule of Events & Misc. Notes •

Event Sign-up Boards will be found near the gate. Sign up early, limited events fill quickly! Highlighted events on the official schedule require sign-up.

Micro Chips $25 Rabies Shots $5 Will be available at the Precious Paws Animal Hospital tent. 3 year vaccines available when you bring proof of current vaccination. Dr. John Maniatty - Event Vet on Property.

Ultimate Air Dogs “Try It” will be held between each Splash. Sign up required, modest fee. Visit their booth for details.

Lure Chase - presented by Delmarva Unleashed

Cover Model search is FREE- Saturday ONLY Photographed by Dana Marie Photography

Pie Eating ingredients include - Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Whipped Cream

• • • •

Enjoy the new Frontier Town Shooting Gallery and Pan for Gold! Have lunch in the Western Saloon Enjoy breakfast at the Longhorn Roving Photography by Beached Paws Photography

Retractable leashes are not permitted! You are welcome to borrow one of ours while you are on festival grounds.

Skip the line! Get Advance Tickets at PoochPalooza.com/shop


Pooch Palooza April 25 & 26

Subject to Change!

Pooch Palooza 2020 All updates in time will appear on this Facebook page! Helio Ball Drop is weather dependent. If the weather poses a problem for the helicopter, the Tennis Ball Lottery will continue with a modified ball delivery. On going activities include Lure Chasing, the Agility Play Area, and the Canine Photo booth!

Saturday April 25 9:00 9:30

Gates Open Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 1 Flyball Demo

Sunday April 26 Gates Open Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 4 Flyball Demo

10:00 Pie Eating Model Search Opens

Rally O’My!

10:30 FastFetch Qualifier 11:00 Smart Pups

Coming Soon!

11:30 Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 2

Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 5

12:00 Helio Ball Drop $5 per chance

Helio Ball Drop $5 per chance


Costume Contest

Canine Team Work Pie Eating Tower of Temptation Nosework


Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 3 Pie Eating Worcester County K9 Demo FastFetch Cup Invitation Only Model Search Closes

Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 6 Smart Pups


Coming Soon!


Ultimate Air Dogs Fetch-It

Ultimate Air Dogs Final


Festival Closes

Festival Closes

by George DeGeyter

Pet Liability Insurance can Save Both You and Your Pet Unless yours is an aggressive U Another recent example involves dog, you wouldn't think it could ever get into trouble serious enough to invite a lawsuit or other punitive action. Strange things can happen with pets, though, even with well-behaved ones on their best behavior. What could go wrong? USA Today recently carried a report on a well-behaved dog that was commanded by his family to shake the hand of an elderly lady. The dog accidentally scratched her hand in the process of shaking it. Unfortunately, the injury quickly turned serious. The family lost the resultant lawsuit and was ordered to pay the injured party tens of thousands of dollars. 18

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

a number of off-leash dogs at a dog park. When a large dog saw a couple of small dogs attempting to bite him, he bit back, causing injury. While the large dog was acting in self-defense and had never bitten a person or animal before, its owners still endured a lawsuit. While it's never a good idea to get a dog off its leash in a public space, in both cases, the owners did nothing altogether unreasonable. It was one of those unpredictable situations. Luckily, in both cases, the owners didn't need to spend their own money, they had pet liability insurance. Losing control over the bladder on a neighbor's expensive carpet, knocking over something valuable at a friend's

house, or causing a flea infestation can all result in costly lawsuits as well, to say nothing of the possibility of an actual bite. It's important to understand that animals possess very different instincts when compared to humans. It can be difficult to predict what a dog might do in a specific circumstance. Check your home or renter's insurance. Most home or renter's insurance policies cover many pet liability issues, including dog bites. You can't take such coverage for granted, however. If you have home insurance, you should check to make sure that you are covered, and that the coverage allowed is adequate. If your policy doesn't cover pet liability (or your specific pet species or breed), you can usually purchase an add-on from the insurance company. Add-ons come with names such as "umbrella coverage" and "extra cover." If you don't have home insurance, it would be a good idea to look into buying stand-alone liability coverage. Canine liability coverage isn't expensive. Several insurance companies across the country offer canine liability coverage for every pet-related legal issue. From FIDO (Federation of Insured Dog Owners) to Lester Kalmanson Insurance, Einhorn Insurance, Evolution Insurance, Insure my K9 and Pet Protection Pak, you have a whole range of coverage possibilities. Prices range from $10 a month to $500 a month, depending on the pet and the level of risk covered.

Standalone canine insurance can be mandatory in some cases. Most homeowner and renter policies come with exclusions for dangerous breeds. If yours is a pet that has had an aggression episode, you could find it hard to bring the pet home. Resident associations are likely to object. If you have standalone pet liability insurance, however, these associations will usually relent. Einhorn Insurance is one of the most prominent firms when it comes to coverage for dangerous dogs. These policies prominently place the term "Dangerous Dog" on their policy paperwork, covering you for $100,000. Such coverage acts as your pet's passport, allowing passage back home. At most insurance companies, such coverage can cost more than $1,000 a year. The largest, most massive and dangerous breeds can cost as much as $2,500 a year to insure to this level. While it's a lot of money, families will often gladly pay the price if it allows them to stay with their beloved pet. If you're able to show proof that your dog has been through professional training, good citizen tests and temperament tests, most insurance companies will offer a substantial discount. Pet liability insurance can seem an unnecessary expense. It only usually appears this way, though, because most people don't buy it. It isn't costly in most cases, though. It tends to be a tremendous value, and it's one more way to cover yourself in this unpredictable world.

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Name, Alias, Moniker by Sandy Phillips


aming your new dog is much like naming a human child; it’s a moniker that will stay with your dog throughout its life and should be something that fits his or her personality. Gone are the days of dogs with names like Brownie, Blacky, or Spot. Today’s dogs often have human names or names of characters from pop culture. Names like Arya, Dobbie, or Harley are popular today. Modern-day dogs often have heritage names too, like DU’s newest pack member, Kyoto. Ky is a Shiba Inu, which is a breed originating in Japan, so his name is fitting for the breed. Many pet-parents put a lot of thought into their pup’s name. My first dog as an adult remained nameless for over two weeks as I learned his personality. Then too, some people dream of having a specific breed and have a name all picked out before the dog is ever born. We are all so unique in how we choose that handle. Today, technology and research now can add a bit of science to how we choose that name. Japanese research at Kyoto University, tells us


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

that dogs distinguish frequency ranges at a much higher level than humans do, so it’s a good idea to name your new dog, something that ends in a vowel. Research shows that dogs with names like Zoe, Marla, Luca, Maggie, etc...learn their names much quicker as they respond to the “tone” or sounds those vowels make when you say the word. It’s essential not to dub your dog a name that sounds like something used in traditional canine commands. “Shay” sounds like stay, “Kit” can confuse a dog learning to “sit” even with a human using the best pronunciation. Also, remember not to choose a name that might be confused with other canine siblings or human family members. Names like Brandon and Remington can often be confused. If you choose a longer name, keep in mind that in this busy world, we humans often shorten names. In this office, Mr. Darcy has been reduced to Darc, yet Jax remains unchanged. Say potential names out loud many times, does it roll off your tongue? Bartholomew! Bartholomew! Can you see yourself at the back door call-


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ing Bartholomew? Bart could work, although by today’s thinking it does not end with a vowel. It’s also entirely possible that your dog will warrant a nickname as life goes on, and those seem just to evolve. While my Min Pin was bestowed the name of Zoe, her chronic craziness had awarded her the nom de guerre of “spazzy pants,” and she answers to it well. Sometimes we use endearing terms so often around our dogs that they begin to associate themselves with those terms too— names like “baby, love or bitsy,” come to mind. I once named a barn cat, a name that I thought was quite ironic, but cute for a barn cat. I was reduced to tears of laughter when the vet tech called her name in the waiting room the first time. Ugh, what was I thinking? Say the name out loud many times; it totally makes a difference!

In the seven years we have had pet-parents completing model releases, we have seen some awesome canine names — obviously, names which were well thought through and perfectly fitting for the dog. On the flip side, I know there are other vet techs getting a Monday morning chuckle too. Perhaps you will find inspiration in the top names of 2019, according to Rover.com; they include Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Luna, and Sadie for female dogs. And Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, and Jack for male dogs. While these names don’t totally fit the current thinking or culture of dog naming, they simply tell us that the possibilities are endless. The best part is that you have a new dog! Choose wisely; he is counting on you to make him look good on Social Media!

Lab & X-Ray • Orthopedic Supplies • Pediatric & Adult Care No Appointment Needed

Urgent Care 22

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

7408 Coastal Highway, Ocean City


Let’s Get Social! by Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA


ately, more people are talking about sociability in dogs, which is a great thing...mostly. Do you know what sociability is? What does it means for your dog or a dog you are considering adopting? Don’t be embarrassed if you have never heard of it or if you have but are clueless about what it really means. I’m here to help! Sociability is a term we use to describe how much a dog seems to like human attention and interaction. We asses this based on how the dog responds to humans approaching, talking, and petting them. The term sociability has also been applied to dog-dog interactions, in an effort to describe relationships between them. Why should we care about this? Well, if you want to share your home with a dog, it would be nice to be sure the dog wants to be there too. It is also useful in assessing dogs for adoption and for predicting potential behavior issues in the future. If the idea of walking into a shelter and knowing which dogs will do well in a home with kids, a home with cats, a house with one person, etc. sounds like witchcraft, get ready for a shock. It’s not magic, and it is not mystical. It is a product of education and observation. Understanding canine body language and the social norms of dogs and people can help you to


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

recognize the sociable and non-sociable dogs out there immediately. That isn’t to say that you can walk into a shelter and know immediately that a dog will never have a problem, but having an idea of the individual motivations of a dog will make life easier and potential problems simpler to predict. There are many factors in determining how well a dog will do in a given home, but sociability plays a big part. If a dog is sociable (likes and seeks out attention form people), they will be more likely to interact with people, will be more tolerant of our strange human habits and tendencies; this dog will want to do what is asked by those people and can be motivated by more than just treats or fear. If you can build a relationship with a dog, you will have a great life together. If a dog is not trusting of people, it creates a massive barrier in training and living together. Ask yourself these questions to get an idea of the sociability of your own dog: How does my pup respond to new people? How does my pup respond to people she knows? How does she respond to petting? I want to make a special note- there is the potential of a dog who is too sociable, or rather, highly sociable and also anxious.

If you have a dog who loves people, that alone is not a guarantee that she will love every other being out there- including others of her own species. Many people take their pup to playgroups and dog parks to both exercise and socialize their pet. The problem is that just because your dog is exposed to other dogs does not mean that good, healthy socialization is occurring. On the upside, exercise is probably happening so you can check that one off. I’ll give you three examples of typical dog park dogs, which one is yours? 1. At the dog park, is your dog constantly running around and/or with other dogs, barreling into and jumping on other dogs? Does he leave completely exhausted and spend the next day sleeping? 2. Is your dog pacing around the edge of the dog park, sniffing the ground and avoiding the other dogs?

3. Your dog plays with some but not all of the dogs at the park, comes over to you, and other people for an ear scratch periodically and also spends time walking around sniffing. 4. Your dog hides under the bench, and stays next to you or another person, then snaps or growls at other dogs. Loves all the people in the park. Which one is the best socialized? 1. You did exercise your dog but your dog probably terrorized the other dogs (and some people). This pup needs more breaks in play and is likely ignoring the social cues of the other dogs. This type of dog is dangerous in the park because he may have no idea he is being a jerk and could bump into someone with zero tolerance, leading to a fight. He is not being social, he is being obnoxious. If you take this type of dog to the park and this is what they do with other dogs, you are not socializing themDelmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


you are allowing poor social skills to build. 2. Your dog may be happier at home or on a hike with you- not stuck with those strangers. This dog may have had bad experiences in the past, be anxious about the big, open space, or may just feel overwhelmed. This is not a terrible social experience, but a better one would be to let your dog go for a walk or play one on one with another dog who is friendly, calm and social (see #3). If dog #1 gets too close or bumps into this one, a growl or snap would not be totally inappropriate in this context. 3. This is a dream dog. If you have only ever had dogs like this, Murphy’s law guarantees that your next one will be #1. This dog understands and responds to social cues from other dogs and looks at dog #1 like he is a lunatic. This dog likes people and dogs and easily avoids conflict because he pays attention and removes himself before situations escalate. 4. Please, please, contact a trainer who will not use coercive techniques to help your poor, terrified pup. This dog is not being “protective”. He is resource guarding because he is terrified and really just wants to go home. A person is his gateway to home, so he is staying close to them. This dog is likely sociable with humans but needs time to get used to other dogs. A better option would be to start with a very social, mellow, older dog who will not put lots of social pressure on the pup to interact. Dog #2 and #3 could be good play buddies for this 26

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

one. Dog #1 being around will make this pup worse. Dogs are social animals, so when they are avoiding social interactions by pacing, turning away, hiding, or otherwise intentionally not interacting, they are uncomfortable. It may be the result of past trauma, or it may be the result of the other dogs/people nearby not playing nicely. If your dog is very rough, going non-stop, and is completely exhausted after the dog park/playgroup or daycare, he may well be practicing poor social skills and traumatizing other dogs. Again, we are not necessarily teaching the best social skills at the dog park/daycare/playgroups if all we let them do is run around, wrestle and mouth each other non-stop. For more about sociability and assessing a dog’s temperament, check out: A research study on sociability in wolves (who have been socialized with people) vs. dogs: Sociability and gazing toward humans in dogs and wolves: Simple behaviors with broad implications, by Mariana Bentosela, Vlive Wynne, Maria D’Orazio; Published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (July 2016) Understanding Sociability DVD, by Sue Sternberg Assessing Aggression Thresholds in Dogs, by Sue Sternberg


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020



Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020



Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Pooch Palooza29

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Amanda Abresch



Pediatric & Adult Care Lab & X-Ray Orthopedic Supplies Open Year Round No Appointment Needed Insurance Accepted

URGENT CARE Superior Care In A Warm Environment. Where the Locals Go!

12547 Ocean Gateway, West Ocean City



Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Inside Ocean City WIN! A New Ipad

Grand Living Magazine is currently seeking unique images that fit the style and standard of Inside Ocean City. All photos submitted may be published at the publisher's discretion but will be printed with the photographer's credit as it appears on the image submission form. The winning photo will appear on the 2021 cover of Inside Ocean City, which occupies 97% of Ocean City hotels and approximately 70% of area rental units. Photos to be considered for the 2021 edition must be submitted no later than August 1, 2020 and images are currently being accepted. For more details, submission, and to view Inside Ocean City online, visit GrandLivingPublishing.com

Your Smart


with Amanda Abresch

Reader Submitted Questions

I have a 1-year-old Staffordshire, so she has lots of energy. We decided to put her in doggie daycare to help burn off the energy, and that seems to be working. She used to just pull a little on walks, but the past couple weeks, she has been pulling like crazy on the leash whenever she sees another dog, and she has been playing more rough with my sister’s dog (an older lab), who she has known since we got her. Our dog bit her dog’s ear recently when they were playing in the yard. What is going on? Is she changing now that she is maturing?


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

You have an adolescent, high energy breed for starters. That means that developmentally, she is feeling pretty full of herself and is still developing impulse control. Think of a teenager who has a car and a license. She may know the rules, but she may just do what she wants because she can, and it’s fun. In that regard, yes, she is changing as she is maturing. The concerning behavior is her reactions to other dogs on leash and her change in behavior toward your sister’s dog. The behavior on leash could simply be situational. That is, she is accustomed to going to daycare and running in right away to play for hours with other dogs. On walks, she is on a leash, which holds her back and frustrates her. This alone could create that “Cujo” look when other dogs pass. The solution here would be to teach good leash walking skills and then good greeting skills to help her understand that she can visit with friends, but she has to do so calmly. If she was not changing her behavior to your sister’s dog, I would lean toward it just being over-excitement

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DelmarvaUnleashed.com Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


and leash frustration, as I described above. It is very common in dogs who go to doggie daycare and are friendly with other dogs, but get frustrated by the leash. Since she is also behaving differently toward your sister’s dog, I suspect that the perfect storm of events is culminating in changing her behavior: —Age, as I listed above. She is the right age to be a little crazy like a puppy even though she is full size. Her brain is not done developing, and she needs more supervision before she can be trusted. —She is getting frustrated when she is held back from what she wants, which indicates a low tolerance for frustration. A low tolerance for frustration can lead to aggressive tendencies if not modified. —She is likely practicing inappropriate play at doggie daycare. Some daycare places will place all the adolescent excited pups together for play, thinking this will help them all to burn up energy. They will burn up energy, but they will also practice poor social skills in the process. If she is at daycare practicing these poor social skills daily or even a few times a week, she is learning that those are normal. They are not normal. It is not normals to barrel into your friends. It is not normal to chase nonstop in play with other dogs. Even if she is not the one doing the chasing, she is seeing it happen and is observing the cause and effect of that type of play. —With your sister’s dog, she is probably practicing what she has learned at daycare. She is experimenting to see if what works at daycare will work at home. 34

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

I would advise you to determine her playgroup, and if it is a group of adolescents having a free for all, see if they can change her group; if not, pull her out of daycare. A place that does not see the potential for danger in that type of play situation is not a safe place for any dog. Second, I would recommend contacting a trainer who has experience with this type of situation and who will use reward-based methods, not punitive methods like shock, prong, choke collars.

We recently rescued an 8-year-old Pomeranian mix, and he doesn’t seem to like us getting close. I think he was abused before we got him because he is ok with us being around him, but he walks away and avoids petting. He never growls, barks, or nips at us, but I wish he would like us to pet him so we can give him the great home he deserves.

How sweet of you to decide to take in a senior citizen dog! They are often the ones who stay in the shelter and rescues the longest. It is entirely possible that the only kind of attention he got from hands in the past 8 years was unfriendly. It is also possible that since he is a smaller breed, he was simply picked up a lot and didn’t like the loss of bodily autonomy over time. This is very common in small breeds, since we can easily pick them up and take advantage of the fact that there is generally little they can do about it. Avoidance of hands can manifest as the result of either situation. To start, give him space. Let him approach as he wants to, but don’t force him. If he sits next to you, give him a treat or toy that he likes. That is it. Don’t try to pet him unless he seeks out affection. It may take weeks or months for him to approach you for petting, so give him that time. He needs to learn that people will not push him, and they will respect his space and body. It is good that he doesn’t bark, growl, or nip; it means that he has not gotten so close to the threshold that he has done one of those, but it doesn’t mean he cannot be pushed that far. Giving him space to start with is the best thing you can do. If he likes to eat treats from your hand, let him; if he prefers to eat a treat that is on the floor or couch next to you instead of from your hand, let him do that. He needs to learn that he has some choices in life before he learns to make them. I would definitely advise getting in touch with a reward-based trainer who will help you out. A trainer who will use coercive techniques with him will only make

him worse- a punishment when he is already scared will make him more scared. Last, here is a link which explains how to see if a dog likes petting. It sounds like your dog doesn’t like it, but he can be desensitized gradually. This blog contains a couple of videos of dogs who like and do not like petting so you can see the difference. https://eileenanddogs.com/ blog/2012/09/16/more-on-petting/

continued from pg. 38 Kennel Club-approved trainer in your area and getting started on good habits that will last your dog's lifetime. The time you spend in training will strengthen your bond with your furry best friend and help her to live her best and happiest life with you. You both are worth it! Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


by Lisa Woodside

Top Ten Skills For A Happy Dog


f you own a dog, you are in good company. The American Kennel Club reports that 69 million American families own 73 million dogs. And if you're like most dog owners, you consider yourself a pretty good pet parent. You love your Bulldog Gizmo and feed him healthy food, provide regular veterinary care, and walk him whenever you can. However, you may have missed one 36

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

of the most important parts of dog ownership. Though most dog parents want to be responsible, not all follow through with obedience training. The result is everything from dogs whose nighttime barking keeps the neighbors awake, to dogs attacking other dogs or even people. While your Beagle Biscuit never bites, you don't want to be that person with the noisy nuisance dog.

The American Kennel Club provides a list of the top ten things your dog needs to know to pass their "Canine Good Citizen" test, an essential guide to good dog behavior. Your Labrador Retriever Luna never barks at night, loves people, and gracefully catches Frisbees in mid-air. What more do you need to teach her? Your dog wants to please you, but without training, she doesn't know what you want, and so is confused and lacks confidence. Basic obedience training teaches her exactly what you expect from her and protects both your dog and other people and their dogs. Investing a few hours a week teaching your dog essential skills will deepen the bond you already have with her and help her to be calm and happy. What are the top ten abilities your dog should have to get along in the world? 1. Accept friendly strangers. Your 86-year-old grandmother arrives at the front door for your 5-year-old's birthday celebration. Does your dog leap at Grandma the moment you open the door? Aside from being irritating, your dog's excitement can hurt older or very young visitors to your home. Even out on a walk, you want your dog to react calmly to strangers. Whether your dog is over-excited or shy, you can treat either problem by introducing your dog too friendly people one-by-one while giving him lots of praise. 2. Sit Quietly for Petting. You've probably noticed while out walking your Golden Retriever, Belle, that she's a charmer. Passers-by go out of

their way to pet her. The question is, how does Belle react? Does she jump up with the excitement of a puppy? Maybe you've got a Dachshund who shies away from the attention. Training can help your pet receive praise comfortably and without endangering a well-meaning stranger. Sitting on cue is the first step in your dog's training and one that a dog obedience class will help you and your pet master. 3. Allow Regular Grooming. Your dog may not have a starring role in the next Hollywood blockbuster, but you want him to look his best. Regular brushing cleans dirt from his fur, spreads natural oils for optimum health, and keeps his coat from getting matted. And it's a great way to build the bond between you and your dog. Your dog should be comfortable standing still to allow a veterinarian or a professional groomer to examine him, brush him, and handle his ears and feet. 4. Walk on a Slack Leash. Part of the joy of dog ownership is taking your dog for a walk. Over the many years, you have your pet, you and your dog will cover hundreds of happy miles together. You've seen plenty of dogs tugging their owners down the sidewalk, so excited to be out on a walk, and they are nearly choked by their collars. Who wants that sort of experience? With training, you and your dog can enjoy your walks without all the dragging! If your dog pulls, stop and stand still. When your dog stops pulling, praise her and set out again. If she returns to pulling, stop again. She will learn that if she Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


wants to walk, she will have to move at your pace. 5. Walk Calmly Through a Crowd. Dogs are naturally curious and want to greet and sniff everyone they meet. Your job is to teach your dog to heel or to walk calmly by your side so that he keeps his nose out of other people's "business." 6. Sit, Lay Down and Stay on Command. Wouldn't you like to be able to invite friends over for a backyard pool party without dog drama? Don't you want your poodle Lola to politely wait her turn to dine by lying quietly under a nearby shade tree until called to come? Teaching Lola to sit, lay down, and stay dependably is your key to success, and you can teach your dog these commands in a basic dog obedience class. 7. Come When Called. Ask any dog owner, and they'll tell you that once in a while, their pet slips out the door and is off on an off-leash romp. If you have taught your pup to come when he's called, your problems are solved. 8. Remain Polite Around Other Dogs. Believe it or not, you can train your dog to get along nicely with her furry pals at the dog park through socialization training. Introduce your dog gradually to new friends. Stand with her outside a fenced dog park and give her praise and treats whenever another dog comes near the fence. Watch her reactions to show you when she's ready to get closer to the other pups. 38

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

9. Remain Calm Around Distractions. A walker, a weed-whacker, a city bus all have the potential to frighten or distract your dog. By introducing him to lots of different situations, sounds, and environments, you will help him get used to distractions and realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Teaching your Golden Retriever, Rusty, not to chase random tennis balls when you walk him by the courts in the evening may no doubt save your arm from being dislocated by Rusty's sudden lunge. 10. Tolerate Separation from You. As much as you love your pup Sadie, you can't spend every hour of the day with her, so you're better off teaching her how to tolerate being apart by starting with a very short departure and building up the length of your absence. Start at home by telling Sadie, "I'll be back." Calmly walk out the door, close it and then immediately return. If Sadie gets excited, don't react. Wait until she is calm to pet and reward her. Now do this again, starting with your message, "I'll be back." But, this time, pause a few moments outside the door before returning. You are teaching Sadie that she can trust you to come back. Continue with this approach, gradually lengthening the time you wait outside. Doesn't life with a well-trained dog sound so much better than the daily struggle with an untrained pet? Helping your pup to become a Canine Good Citizen starts with a dog obedience class. Invest in your relationship with your dog by finding an American

continued pg. 35


F O R PE T S .





D IDI FI GU E R OA M AYI H EM P U @GMAIL .C O M V OI C E/ TE X T: 302-358- 5355 39 E/ Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020 M. M M AY IH E MP U


A Nose for Adventure with Seal, Bogey & Huckleberry


ith the growing number of dog-friendly venues on the Shore, this year we thought we would share a few highlights from area dogs and their travels. We hope their adventures will inspire you to get out more often with your dog as they visit some great places you and your dog will just love! Meet your hosts for this new column; Seal from Chincoteague Island, VA, and Bogey & Huckleberry of Ocean City, MD. Delmarva Unleashed would like to extend a special thanks to their pawrents for working with us on this project. 40

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Seal is a 9-year-old Havanese from Chincoteague Island, VA. He loves camping, boating, walking on the beach, traveling, and eating out with his Mom and Dad. Seal is a Delmarva Unleashed calendar dog and a Delmarva Unleashed Cover Dog—Holiday 2019. You can see more of Seal’s everyday adventures on his Facebook page —The Adventures of Seal the Silly Havanese. Bogey is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever originally from West Virginia. He enjoys long walks on the beach and basking in the sun. Although he is a Retriever, he has been telling his pawrents to "stop trying to make fetch happen" for years. His favorite activity is modeling, and you can always count on him to get that pawfect shot!

Huckleberry is a 1-year old Golden Retriever from Ocean City, MD. He is Bogey's son and has 11 siblings! Huck couldn't be more different than his Dad. He is full of energy and will play fetch all day, every day. He loves going to the beach and enjoys swimming and digging in the sand.

Bogey and Huck (the Golden Beach Bums of Ocean City) have both appeared in the Delmarva Unleashed annual fundraising calendar. Both pups are AKC Canine Good Citizens and therapy dogs with Pets on Wheels of Delmarva, Inc. The one thing they do have in common is that they both enjoy going on adventures, meeting new pups, and their humans. It is always a PAWTY with these two! Follow their adventures on Instagram @itsagoldenpawty. Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Backshore Brewing Company

– Local Brews, Local People, Local Pups!

913 Atlantic Ave. Ocean City, MD We know it can be challenging to find a place where you can relax and enjoy a good brew or a bite to eat with your pup. But don’t worry, Bogey and Huckleberry here to share with you one of our favorite spots in Ocean City, MD! Backshore Brewing Co. located at 913 Atlantic on the boardwalk, has you and your furry companions covered! During the off season, one of our favorite things to do is explore the beach and the boards with our pawrents. While we’re blessed with thick, warm (some may even say luxurious) coats, our pawrents tend to freeze. We can always count on Backshore Brewing Co. to welcome us with a warm greeting from the furriendly staff, a belly rub, and a stiff drink to help our pawrents thaw out so we can get back to more pressing matters like our game of fetch! 42

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Backshore Brewing Co. is a great place where we can feel like we’re also part of the action. Believe it or not, us pups love people watching too! We really enjoy meeting new people (and pups) from near and far! The staff gives us tons of love, and when the bartenders aren’t extra busy, they make sure to give us lots of pets and ear scratches! This place has it all - great vibes, funky tunes, and especially, the delicious craft brews. Backshore Brewing Co. brews their beer in small batches, so they are always coming out with new and tasty limited releases. Sometimes it smells so good we try and steal a sip of Dad’s beer! We’re almost always unsuccessful, but don’t worry, they keep us pups hydrated too! There is always a fresh bowl of water waiting for us - extra cold, just how we like it! They also have

leashes, collars, homemade doggy treats from their spent grain (grains after they have been steeped and used in the brewing process), and toys for sale! They sure know how to keep us fashionable, our bellies full, and always entertained. What really makes Backshore Brewing Co. one of our favorite places is that they throw a PAWSOME pawty for pups each year - BaRkshore! The deck is turned into pup paradise with tons of toys everywhere, doggy treats, water bowls, giveaways, and even a puppy photo

booth! The pawparazzi always show up to capture the event and makes us feel like VIP’s (Very Important Pups). This year’s pawty will be held on April 18, 2020, as long as the weather holds up! Whether you live here in town or you are visiting Ocean City on vacation, be sure to stop by and see our furriends at Backshore Brewing Co. and tell them Bogey and Huck sent you! We guarantee they will take great care of your pups and you! Who knows, maybe we’ll even see you there!

Island Creamery 6243 Maddox Blvd. Chincoteague, VA

“I love when I talk Mom and Dad into going to Island Creamery. I get so excited when we pull into the parking lot. Me and Dad go pick out just the right table on their deck while Mom goes in and gets my ice cream. When I see Mom walk out the door I start licking my chops as I know I’m getting my paws on some yummy to my tummy ice cream.”

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Mail Order Dogs


o you have scoured the shelters, and your next dog just doesn’t seem to be there. Maybe your searching for a dog with papers or a difficult breed to find. Our phones are in our hands all the time, and looking for your next dog online is getting easier every day. While you can review dogs in area shelters online, you can also order your next dog from across the country and have the entire process run smoothly. When the decision to bring a new pack member into the DU family was made, there was a great deal of thought about breed, work-life, a new home, and other factors that play a part in choosing a new dog wisely. With a decision to welcome another Shiba Inu, the search was on. You don't see a lot of Shiba's on the Shore, in fact, in the six years we have been running Cover Model Search and the festival, we have only seen one other Shiba. To complicate matters more, the leg of the pack 44

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

by Sandy Phillips ready to welcome the new family member was now in the Florida Keys, and finding a typically "cold weather" dog in a humid environment was now almost impossible. Enter Google. Here is where things can get complicated. Choose wisely from the drop-down list, both reputable breeders and shady ones will show up here. We suggest you click directly on the AKC website and review breeders there, or go through a national breed registry, in this case, the National Shiba Kennel Club. Once you have found a breeder you have thoroughly vetted and are ready to purchase your new family member, the big question becomes, how do you get your new dog home? Many people will jump in the car and drive. You could also board a plane, but then you need to be up to date on procedures, interstate veterinary paperwork, etc. to board the return flight with your new pup; that's a topic for another time.

In this case, jumping in the car from the southernmost Keys to retrieve a dog in the Mid-Western part of the country just didn't make sense with work schedules, and we would be talking about a multi-day trip, so Kyoto boarded a plane in St. Louis. Ozark Puppy Love, the AKC breeder, had a great deal of experience in mail order dogs and ships them via Ozark Jet- A- Pet— a professional pet transport company with over 15 years of experience delivering dogs to your closest international airport. Now Ky would arrive just 15 minutes from his new home in sunny Florida. Ladell Stuart, the owner of Ozark Puppy Love, tells Delmarva Unleashed that while she does ship dogs, her highest priority "is that her pups go to a home where they will be loved and spoiled." Ladell vets her potential pet parents as much as her customers vet her. Getting the new puppy to his next destination is the easy part for Ladell. She completes all the pre-flight vet checks and prepares the paperwork, then hands the puppies off to Ozark Jet- A- Pet to make sure they arrive safely. According to their website, Ozark Jet-A-Pet strives for the "most stress-free travel experience possible by making the comfort, care, and cleanliness of your pet top priorities during transit." If you browse their website, there is a detailed list of guidelines for canine transport via air, and to be honest, it's great to see that they offer this level of service. They are even restrictions about the temperature at the arriving airport, and they like dogs traveling to warmer climates to travel in the

very early morning or evening hours. No puppies in hot planes! If your new dog will "ship," ask lots of questions, and look for those little details, check references too. Ladell prefers her dogs to travel American Airlines; she likes their attention to detail and that dogs traveling with them are given priority for exit boarding and water during layovers. In this case, Ky had a layover, and just like you and I, he had time for a drink and a potty before boarding the next leg of the flight. When he finally arrived in Key West, he was indeed first off the plane. His new pet parents were waiting on standby at the gate, and they witnessed the individual attention he received. He was with them in just minutes after landing—round of applause for American Airlines and to Ozark JetA-Pet for setting standards for their canine travelers. The whole process to find and have Ky arrive at his new home went off without one hitch because of three things: homework, a quality breeder, and a reliable transport service. Welcome to the family, Ky.

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Bone Appetite


Veggie & Brown Rice Salad


he kitchen of the 21st Century is not just for humans; a growing number of dogs enjoy home-cooked/ balanced meals. Pet parents are becoming more discriminating and becoming more critical of commercial dog food; change is on the horizon. If you are considering a total switch to a homemade diet, be sure to talk to your vet about any special dietary needs your individual dog might have. Invest in a few homemade dog food cookbooks compiled by industry authorities, so you can be sure your dog has a complete/balanced diet. Just tossing some things in a bowl is risky for your dog's health, but it can be rewarding in the end if meals are adequality prepared with total dietary needs addressed. Just like when you eat healthy foods and feel better, your dog will too. The following recipe is only one component of a long term feeding program and is only intended as an introduction.

1 pound of meat (i.e., chicken, beef, lamb) 2 cups of brown rice 2 cups of dog-safe veggies (carrots, peas, green bean) 5 cups of water Preparation: Wash all veggies and dice into appropriate size pieces based on your dog’s size. Cube protein (meats) as well, again keeping your dogs bite size in mind. Transfer to a stock pot and add water and rice. Simmer on a medium heat for approximately 45 minutes or until the meat and veggies are cooked. Stir occasionally, Cool and serve at room temperature. Portions are similar to what you would feed of wet canned food, but it’s still best to check with your veterinary professional for your dog’s individual needs. Store unused portions in the refrigerator for a week

John Maniatty, VMD Fantasia Maniatty, DVM Anne Flood, DVM Ali Lovins, DVM Ocean City 410-213-1170 Bethany Beach 302-539-2273

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Doggie Socials

Reader Submitted Photos

Would your dog like to be a part of Doggie Socials? Submit your quality photos to creative@grandlivingmag. com or simply post it on our social media. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Floki & Sonja - Ridgley

Bella - Salisbury Kobe - Lewes


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Josie - Hurlock

Ivy - Ocean View

Mack - Chincoteague 49

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Razzmatazz - Ocean City

Diesel - Westover

Indie - Felton Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Asher - Denton


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Ellie - Berlin

Pierce - Berlin Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020



Baywater Animal Rescue Baywateranimalrescue.org 410-228-3090 Brandywine Valley SPCA Georgetown bvspca.org 302-856-6361 Caroline County Humane Society carolinehumane.org 410-820-1600 Chesapeake Cats & Dogs chesapeakecatsanddogs.org CVC New Beginnings Vizsla Rescue cvcweb.org/rescue DASH (Dachshund & Small Hound Rescue) DashRescue.net Delaware Humane Association delawarehumane.org Wilmington 302-571-0111 Rehoboth Beach 302-200-7159 Dogs Deserve Better-Eastern Shore dogsdeservebetteresva.org/ Dogs Deserve Better- Blue Ridge dogsdeservebetterblueridge.org/ Dogs Deserve Better- Smithfield dogsdeservebetter.org GRREAT (Golden Retriever) GRREAT.org Hill Hounds Animal Rescue hillhounds.org 410-714-3677


Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Homeward Bound Schnauzer Res. Hbschnauzerrescue.com Kindness Matters Rescue shoshino@aol.com K-9 Rescue of the Eastern Shore K9RescueES.org Labs4Rescue Labs4Rescue.com Lu’s Labs Labrador Retriever Rescue luslabs.org 703-888-2612 MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue sibes.com 610-369-0055 Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League magdrl.org Mid Atlantic IG Rescue midatlanticiggyresuce.com Mid Atlantic Jack Rescue majr.org 908-963-3465 One More Dog onedogmore.org 302-632-6680 Operation Paws for Homes ophrescue.org Playa Animal Rescue (Mexico) playanimalrescue.org Renee’s Rescues reneesrescues.org

Sgt. Peppers Friends (Aruba) sgtpeppersfriends.com Somerset County Dog Control 410-651-0986 Sussex County Animal/Whimsical Animal Rescue DelawareRescue.com Talbot Humane talbothumane.org 410-822-0107One

Wags & Wishes wagsandwishes.org 410-476-8629 Wicomico Humane wicomicohumane.org 410-749-7603 Worcester Cty Animal Control 410-632-1340 Worcester Humane worcestercountyhumanesociety.com 410-213-0146

The Sato Project (Puerto Rico) thesatoproject.org

Worcester County Animal Control has great adoptable dogs ...and offers low cost spay/neuter! Dogs $100 Cats $50 Microchips $25

Open Saturdays too!

410-632-1340 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Canine Perspective 54

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020

Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020


Eye On the Prize! Eye On the Prize!

The FastFetch Cup Pooch Palooza Dog Festival 55 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2020



nnu 9th a

Run For The Animals Sunday, May 17, 2020 Historic Onancock School

You choose: Half Marathon (13.1 m) 10K (6.2 m) 5K (3.1m- non-comp. run/walk).

All distances with or without your leashed canine companion. Registration/Check In 6:45 - 7:45 am Pre-Race Meeting 8:00 am Gun Time 8:30 am Awards 11:30 am Luncheon Noon Commemorative event t-shirt, finishing medal, trophy by division and awards for the top fund-raisers.

Proceeds support animal organizations who serve the Eastern Shore

Rain or shine. For more info call 757-999-4999 RunForTheAnimals.com

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