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Moving With Your Dog Update on Heart Disease So You You Wanna Wanna Canna Canna Your YourDelmarva FurUnleashed Baby?Spring 2019 So Fur Baby? 1 Delmarva Unleashed Spring 2019



Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 2


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 3

contents Vol. 6 Issue 1 Fall 2019

Delmarva Unleashed Publisher Sandy Phillips Associate Publisher Farin Phillips Advertising Sales Heather Cherrix Market Place Sales Please call the office Edited by Nelson Griffin Contributing Writers Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA George DeGeyter Polly Elliott Didi Cordero-Figeroa Brandon Phillips John Maniatty, V.M.D. Susie Yakowicz

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Readers Write Pooch Palooza Schedule Bark of the Town Moving With Your Dog Holistic Flea Solutions Good Dogs Gone Wrong Your Smart Pup Update on Heart Disease So You Wanna Canna Your Fur Baby? 44 Off Leash K9 Training & CBD 48 Bone Appetite

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Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

50 Doggie Socials 52 Rescues 54 Canine Perspective On the Cover:

“Loretta� proudly owned by Lindsay Ballenger of Poolsville, MD. Photo was taken during the annual Delmarva Unleashed Cover Model Search at Pooch Palooza.

Submissions: Please email all editorial material to creative@grandlivingmag. com. We welcome previously unpublished articles and high resolution color images in jpg format. We cannot guarantee that either will be printed or returned. All articles are subject to editing and fact check. We reserve the right to publish all letters received. You may also mail submissions to Grand Living Magazine, 12610 Murray Rd, Whaleyville, MD 21872. Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 5

Your Kind Words... Anchor & Zoey

“Just want to let you know how much I love your magazine —informative articles, up coming activities (Pooch Palooza!), etc. Here are a few photos of my dogs enjoying this great area.” — Millsboro “Thank you for the article on "Yeast" my dog has struggled with it for some time; oily skin, body odor, poor coat. Now he gets 1/2 c of Keifer daily and 30 days later the body odor is gone and his coat is beautiful!” — Salisbury

“I love your magazine and look forward to each issue. I’m new to the area and was delighted to find such a well done dog magazine here. I can’t wait to attend my first Pooch Palooza with Quintin!” — Camden

“Love, love, love Delmarva Unleashed. There is always something I can learn about in the issue. My dog is definitely living a better life now that I know how to make better food choices for him. Thanks, DU!” —Townsend


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Pooches for Life! A Canine Event to Fight Caner

Saturday April 27, 2019 Come to Pooch Palooza early and walk your human at an official “Bark for Life” event. It’s a great way to kick off the weekend of canine fun at Frontier Town Western Theme Park. Follow us on Facebook for updates!


Delmarva Delmarva Unleashed Unleashed

Spring Spring 2019 2019

Delmarva DelmarvaUnleashed Unleashed

Spring Spring2019 2019 7

Pooch Palooza Dog Festival April 27 & 28, 2019 Frontier Town Western Theme Park

Your Dog Wants to Be Here! 8

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

2019 Community Outreach

To provide each fire station in Worcester County with a Pet Oxygen Mask. These are reusable, veterinary grade pet oxygen mask and will fit pets from hamsters to small ponies and llamas. A valuable tool should your pet need lifesaving oxygen. Do you live outside of Worcester County and want to be sure your Eastern Shore fire station has one? Visit our website at Donate directly to your fire station, when enough funds are raised for that station, we will be sure it gets there. You can even check on how close your fire station is to getting theirs! Don’t see your fire station listed? Just complete the form for the addition of a new fire station, make a donation to get it going and we will take it from there. You can donate today for as little as $10. It’s one of those things you hope you will never have need for, but you will be very thankful it’s onboard your EMS vehicle should you need it.


Mazerunner Only at Pooch Palooza


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 9

INSIDE the Frontier Town Western Theme Park! West Ocean City, Maryland Rain or Shine

2019 Schedule of Events & Misc. Notes •

Event Sign-up Boards will be found near the gate. Sign up early, limited events fill quickly! Highlighted events on the official schedule require sign-up.

Micro Chips $25 Rabies Shots $5 Will be available at the Precious Paws Animal Hospital tent. 3 year vaccines available when you bring proof of current vaccination. Rabies Fees benefit canine charities. Dr. John Maniatty - Event Vet on Property.

Ultimate Air Dogs “Try It” will be held between each Splash. Sign up required, modest fee. Visit their booth for details.

Lure Chase - presented by Swift Paws, will benefit the Pet Oxygen Mask Fundraiser.

Cover Model search is FREE this year- Saturday ONLY Photographed by Get Your Wag On

Pie Eating ingredients include - Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Whipped Cream

• • •

Enjoy the new Frontier Town Shooting Gallery and Pan for Gold! Have lunch in the Western Saloon Enjoy breakfast at the Longhorn

Retractable leashes are not permitted! You are welcome to borrow one of ours while you are on festival grounds.

Skip the line! Get Advance Tickets at 10

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019


Pooch Palooza April 27 & 28

Times are subject to change, however, activities will not change days! Any schedule changes will appear on our Facebook page at DelmarvaUnleashed! Helio Ball Drop is weather dependent. If the weather poses a problem for the helicopter, the Tennis Ball Lottery will continued with a modified ball delivery.

9:00 9:30

Saturday April 27

Sunday April 28

Gates Open Model Search Opens Canine Photo Booth Opens Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 1

Gates Open Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 4 Canine Photo Booth Opens Model Search Opens

10:00 Flyball Demo

Flyball Demo

10:30 Fastfetch Qualifier 11:00 Smart Pups


11:30 Model Search Breaks Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 2

Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 5

12:00 Helio Ball Drop $2 per chance 1:00

Costume Contest Model Search Reopens Flyball Demo

Canine Team Work Pie Eating Sm & Lg Dog Team Relay Tower of Temptation Nosework


Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 3 Pie Eating FastFetch Cup Invitation Only Ultimate Air Dogs Fetch-It Model Search Closes

Ultimate Air Dogs Splash 6 Smart Pups

2:00 3:00


Festival Closes

Ultimate Air Dogs Final Model Search Closes K-9 Demo - Worcester Cty Sheriffs Festival Closes

Bark of the Town

photo Ford Europe

Noise Canceling Dog House An estimated 45 percent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks – causing distress to owners and their families too. One possible answer could be a noise-canceling kennel, that uses similar technology to that found in cars and headphones to protect sensitive canine ears. Once microphones inside the prototype kennel detect the sound of the fireworks or thunder, a built-in audio system emits opposing frequencies that in effect cancels out the noise completely – or at least reduces it significantly. The result? No more stress for your pet. The "Quiet Kennel" by the Ford Motor Company is just a prototype, for now, the noise-canceling kennel is the first in a series of Ford initiatives called "Interventions" that applies automotive knowhow to help solve everyday problems.


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Do You Have A Small Dog? Current studies show that Americans are gravitating towards smaller dogs. According to the American Pet Products Association, 68% of U.S. households have a dog, 78% of those households have 2 or more dogs and now 50% of those households have small dogs.

VCA Animal Hospitals & Alexa VCA Animal Hospitals announced that pet owners can now receive their pets' healthcare reminders and book appointments through Amazon Alexa, making VCA the first in the animal hospital industry to introduce voice command to manage pets' healthcare. Once pet owners enable the VCA Animal Hospitals skill after linking it to their online VCA account, they then can simply open the skill by saying: "Alexa, open VCA" "Alexa, ask VCA when my pet is due for vaccines" or "Alexa, ask VCA to book an appointment for my pet"

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 13

No more MaryJane Nose As a growing number of states legalize marijuana, dogs with a nose for pot are being phased out of the canine workforce. When police departments are seeking recruits, lacking that skill is now the preferred resume qualifier. Most dog's taken out of the workforce will merely enjoy retirement as a pet in the home of their handler.

New MD Law


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Maryland has become the second US state to ban the sale of dogs, and cats in pet shops unless they are from a rescue. The law which will take effect in January 2020, aims to crack down on "puppy mills.� California started the new trend with its law taking effect January 1 of this year. There are currently 460 municipalities across the country that have laws dictating the sources of cats and dogs sold in pet stores. Penalties are associated with the rules requiring pet stores to provide documentation on how they acquired the pets. Virginia currently has legislation that requires pet store owners to reveal resources for dogs sold in their stores. Lawmakers there plan to revisit the topic later this year. High volume operations that breed animals for profit have been associated with inhumane conditions and longterm health problems for the animals.

Pet Oxygen Masks Pooch Palooza’s 2019 Community Outreach Not too long ago a neighbors dog perished in a house fire. If the EMS team had a "pet oxygen mask" on the truck, could they have saved the pup? It's tragic for anyone to endure a house fire, loss of home and loss of a beloved pet too? Of course, it can still happen even with pet oxygen masks, but at least you can increase the number of tools to help favor a more positive outcome. As pets/dogs take more of a center stage as "family" and not just property, emergency response teams may have pet oxygen kits on board to treat pets in distress, but like everything else they cost money and funds often to go "human" equipment first. This year, the community outreach component of the Pooch Palooza Dog Festival will focus on providing all of

Worcester County fire stations with Pet Oxygen Mask. These are professional grade, veterinary equipment that may offer life-saving oxygen for pets in distress. The units are suitable for pets from hamsters to small llamas and small ponies. With an excellent attendance at the festival we will try to reach even more stations in neighboring counties, so come to the festival support our efforts to help save pets and have a great weekend of canine fun! Look for the direct donation links that will appear from time to time on our Facebook page. There you will be able to let us know which stations you would like to see receive them first when you make at least a $10 donation! I.E., Sandy Phillips - Showell Fire Dept. Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 15

Canine Travel

Moving With Your Dog: Plan First! by Brandon Phillips


ig changes can lie ahead when the family moves. You plan for yourselves, but be sure to plan for your dog too. A bit of canine prep can go a long way towards making the journey and the move itself a smooth transition. Check your new local canine laws Save yourself a headache and do a little research on what your new local laws are. Check on things like, does your new community have leash laws? If your living in an apartment, make sure to see that dogs are welcome and if there are any restrictions. Check to see if certain breeds are banned in your new neighborhood. Are there tether laws in the new area? Does your dog have to wear a license and rabies tag at all times when in public places? Being “in the know” will avoid a lot of hassle. 16

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Locate a reputable Veterinarian Locate a reputable vet before you make your move. Having a plan will be very helpful if an emergency should arise soon after arriving at your destination. When moving to different climate, its important to check on vaccinations as these can vary from area to area depending on different insects, wildlife, etc. Check with your current vet so that shots can be acquired 3-4 weeks before the move, allowing your dog’s body time to develop immunities to any new potential illnesses. There are places where your dog will be quarantined after getting off a plane without a proper health certificate complete with vaccines. Know what the expectations are and plan ahead so that your dog remains with you.

Microchip your Dog New, unfamiliar areas can be stressful on your pet, and finding their way back home can be a challenge. If your dog isn’t already micro chipped, take the time to get one before the move to avoid an unnecessary stay at a pound, while you panic because they are gone. Don’t forget to put your updated cellphone information on the chip, as well as your new address. Getting the chip inserted is only part of the chip process. Log onto the chips website and complete as much information as possible.

Identification Tags Make sure your dog has and is wearing identification tags. In the event that your dog should get out from your new home and wander off exploring, you want to make sure that anyone that finds them has a way of contacting you. It is much easier to pick up the phone than to take a stray to the vet or pound for chip scanning. It will result in a much quicker reunion. We have all heard stories of dogs finding their owners across the country before. However, these are one in a million cases, and an identification tag, with current information, is still the number one method for getting your dog returned quickly.

Identification Tags Make sure your dog has and is wearing identification tags. In the event that your dog should get out from your new home and wander off exploring, you want to make sure that anyone that finds them has a way of contacting you. It is much easier to your pick updog ready for the move Getting the phone than to take a stray to the vet or pound for chip scanning. It will Start necessary training early Crate Training result in amove muchisquicker reunion. If your new home is very different If your going to involveWe haveuse allofheard stories dogstraining finding from your current living locale, conthe a crate, startofcrate their owners the country sider what might be different for your ahead of time,across so it doesn’t comebefore. as these aredog oneon in moving a million dog. Is your dog used to having a dogaHowever, surprise for your cases,If and identification tag, with gie door or a fenced in yard? If these day. yourandog will be traveling via current information, is still the number conveniences change, think about airplane, this is particularly important. one method for getting your dog training your dog to walk on a leash returned quickly. when he needs to go outside to do his Packing your bags business. Having the new skill will Many dogs get nervous when they add a level of familiarity when that see you pack an overnight bag, and will be the norm at your new home. If instantly know what that means. Now the doggie door will no longer be an imagine how your dog might feel as option, consider teaching them to ring your packing up your whole house. a doggie doorbell when he needs to go Consider packing a few boxes a day. out. You will be surprised how much This slow transition will help keep smoother your transition to a new the stress levels of your dog low and home will be with just little changes condition them to the packing process taught ahead of time! and changes to come. Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 18

Prepare your dog If you’re moving to a new environment, you’ll want to prep your dog for the change. If you’re moving reasonably close by you can take your dog to the area ahead of time to let them get familiar. If distance allows, check out a dog park close to your new place. These little introductions will make a move easier on your dog in the long run. If you are moving to a different part of the country, plan to schedule extra time with your dog once you reach your new destination so that your dog acclimates well. Visit Your Current Vet A complete checkup with a vet you know and trust is another positive step in preparation for a significant move. If your pet regularly takes medication, ask for at least 30 days of medication refills to give you time to get settled and an appointment with a new vet, if your pet has ongoing health concerns. If your dog heads to a new destination with a clean bill of health, it will be much easier to identify problems if anything new pops up during the first few weeks at your new abode. If your dog is naturally anxious, there are several quality holistic products on the market to assist with the transition, or you might talk to your vet about medication to help your dog calm their nerves and make the move less stressful for them. Investigate some of the anti-anxiety gear on the market today. Items such as Thunder Shirts are a great and effective way to make your dog feel more secure during the change, they are not just for thunderstorms. Products that use music to calm your 18

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

dogs are also very effective at lessening anxiety levels. I have seen them at work first hand, and we have used them with much success in our own home.

Moving day has arrived Give your dog a break The moving and packing experience can really stress your dog out. If you have a neighbor; a pet-friend that would be willing to watch them for the day or a few hours, take them up on the offer. This time away from all the packing will give your dog a break from the hustle and bustle and some time to relax before the move as well. It will also avoid any slipping of the door as the moving van is loaded. If you don’t have a reliable pet-friendly friend, consider boarding for the day. While that adds a level of stress, it’s better than them getting out and lost as you leave town. Don’t forget to pack for your dog Pack the essentials for your dog such as food and water. Then throw some of their favorite toys in as well

for entertainment, maybe a couple of their favorite bones to keep them busy during the move. If a moving company is picking up your things, remember that your dog will need necessities for the first few days just like you. Don’t forget any medications that they may need too. If it’s a long car ride, bring some blankets or soft bedding to keep them comfortable and feeling secure. Try to arrange for them to have a window to look out of. It will help the time pass, and we all like to see where we are going! Don’t clean your pets’ things As enticing as it might be to clean and wash your pets’ things before you begin a fresh start, don’t. Blankets, dog toys, etc. smell like your old place to your dogs. These familiar smells will help keep your dog comfortable until they get use to their new environment. Depending on how long it takes for them to settle in, wait at least 2 weeks before you wash their belongings. Always be prepared If your dog does get lost, have all of his documentation with you. These documents should include a copy of medical records, a current photo of your dog, and especially microchip numbers for your pets. It’s also great to have a current photo of you WITH your dog, in the event someone would find your dog and try to claim ownership.

priate for their health and well-being. Dog safety belts have become popular and are a good idea to keep your dog safe during your move. Avoid leaving your dog in the car unattended. Remember cars heat up quickly, and it’s just as dangerous for them to be left in a cold vehicle. Plan ahead for meals, during a long trip, by using an app such as Pet Connect to find canine-friendly restaurants and hotels, so they are never left alone. Don’t overfeed them before the journey It’s tempting to fill your dogs up and give them lots of treats before you start your adventure. You should actually feed your dogs lightly for long car rides. We don’t want them to get sick, and hours in a vehicle can make some dogs nauseous or motion sick. Plan on making frequent stops, not just to do their business, but also to let them stretch their legs, get some fresh air. The break is of mental and physical benefit for everyone. Let them burn some energy Plan to scout out your moving route for off-leash sites or dog parks. Letting them run around for a while will make them much more cooperative when its time to get back on the road.

Attend to their car safety Make sure your dogs have adequate ventilation. Depending on weather and heat, change their conditions as approDelmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 19

Adjusting to their new home Pet-proof the new home Take a good walk around the new house and yard checking for any potential issues. Look for holes or sharp parts of your fence that could harm your dog. Do the same inspection throughout the inside of your house and make any necessary fixes. If these are going to take some time, consider blocking off these areas with gates until your dogs are safe. Even new homes could have potential safety concerns, it’s worth the time to check.

Explore the neighborhood slowly Take your dog to explore bits and pieces of the neighborhood at a time. All the new areas can be very overwhelming for your dog. Remember that dogs can smell and hear much better than we can. So, while noise in one area might not bother us, it might upset your dog; take it slow. New dogs in the area will take time to get used to as well, don’t overwhelm your dog by meeting all of the new neighborhood dogs in one day.

Keep your dog on a leash Until you and your dog are comfortable in your new home keep them on a leash. It will give both of you time to get the lay of the land, with more control over your dog. Also, dangerous human products/trash could be laying around that you are not aware of, such as cleaning supplies, bones, etc.

Make their new home fun With all the new stuff your dog is going through, make sure they are having fun. If your dog likes to play fetch, carve some time throughout the day to play. Toys that exercise their brain are also helpful in new situations as well.

Sticking to the routine Try to simulate their old environment. If their bed or toys were always in a particular place at your previous residence, try to copy that to your best abilities. Keep them on their same feeding and walking schedule as before. Having familiar routines will help your dog feel more at ease. They will know what to expect and acclimate to the new environment quicker.

Be Patient Dogs, like humans, take time to adapt. New behaviors might arise from your dog until they get used to the new home, be patient with them. Remember, don’t expect perfection from your dog on their first day at their new home or even in the first few weeks. Be there for them as they adjust.

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Delmarva Delmarva Unleashed Unleashed

Spring Spring 2019 2019

Delmarva DelmarvaUnleashed Unleashed

Spring Spring2019 2019 21

Holistic Flea Solutions by Sandy Phillips


t's that time of year again when pesky fleas make their appearance. While there are lots of topicals for your dog, some dogs are sensitive to those products and holistic alternatives are a better choice. My dogs have been using holistic alternatives for many years now, and we very rarely see a flea or tick. It just takes a proactive approach to prevent an infestation. My dogs get sprayed each morning before our daily walk, often with Earth Animal's Flea Program, no fleas, no ticks. Love it! We also use either our Lavender Water recipe or this Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) one too.


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Don't worry; the vinegar smell dissipates quickly, no one wants their dog to smell like old socks! The ACV works by changing the dog's skin pH making it much less desirable to a flea and it is effective. 8 oz of Warm Water 12 oz ACV 1/4 tsp Sea Salt Place in a spray bottled and shake until the salt is completely dissolved. Spray your dog at his/ her morning meal. It's quick, easy and inexpensive. Consistency is key!

If the fleas have gotten a head start on you, then you need to tackle your dog's environment too and in short order. Machine wash everything you can, including your dog's bed, blankets, towels, etc. If you can't wash it, place it in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat. Heat will kill fleas and the larvae as well. Soft toys can harbor fleas, toss them right in the dryer too. Vacuum frequently, every other day if you have an infestation. Be sure to get along the baseboards of every room in the house. Fleas like to hide in dark places, remember to get under your bed too. When you have completed the vacuum, empty the canister. You don't want fleas to sneak back out and create a set back for you in the battle to rid the house of them. There are numerous flea powders on the market for your carpets, but 20 Mule Team Borax is safe, effective and inexpensive. It also doesn't give you that horrible smell associated with many of those perfumed powders. Just sprinkle the carpet well and let it sit for about 40 minutes. Vacuum the powdered area thoroughly. You will have a truly refreshed carpet and have taken out lots of fleas with you. Fleas can cycle as soon as three weeks, so if you saw them in the carpet, it would be wise to treat your carpet with the Borax again, 3 weeks from the initial treatment. For everyone's safety, be sure to keep the dogs and the human kids off the carpet while the Borax is doing its thing. If your home was flea free, then your dog brought them home. Maybe he picked up one from a doggie friend, the dog park, along your walk, the

vet, who knows. Consider that he may have brought them in from your yard. The yard may have been infected by transient animals, not just a neighbor dog. If you are treating the house, consider that they may be in your yard too. The well-manicured lawn rarely has fleas. Keep your lawn mowed and your landscaping weed free. Rake- up those Fall leaves and remove them from the property. With fewer places to hide, fleas will not hang around, and your dog's risk of picking them up will be much lower. That being said, you don't have to break out the chemicals for the lawn either. Flea repellents that contain Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint or Lemongrass do an excellent job in the yard and planting a few of each in your landscaping or in pots around your door help ward off fleas and other warm-weather pests. Take action when you see the first flea, if nothing else vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Prevention is so very much easier than a battle!


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Buy 8, Get 1 Free

Buy 8, Get 1 Free

Buy 10, Get 1 Free

Good Dogs Gone Wrong by Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA


ften, I get calls from good people with good dogs… who have done some not so good things. Panicked that their sweet family pet has suddenly turned aggressive, they need some type of intervention. Most of the time I meet a dog who just got too excited and lost in the moment. Most of the time, these dogs retreat immediately after the incident, because they have the realization that something went wrong in the surge of adrenaline. Sometimes, the dog actually has had aggressive tendencies, and it is just getting really obvious to the people that something is wrong. Ignoring your dog's stress signals and attempts to escape stressful events and people can be very dangerous, but I’ll tell you all about that another day. Today, we


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

are talking about dogs who simply get lost in the moment, or more accurately, lost in the excitement and resulting chemicals in their brain. It’s not that different from peoplea mob mentality can cause excited football fans to trash a city after a win. It’s just the way the brain works in animals (which humans are). Just being excited can inadvertently result in aggression. The more physiologically aroused an individual is (running, jumping, yelling, etc), the more their brain shifts away from complex brain functions like inhibition, consequences and processing emotions. Aggression is no longer inhibited when an individual is highly excited, and their brain is less able to function in a way that results in good or behaviorally

Amanda Abresch


Pediatric & Adult Care Lab & X-Ray Orthopedic Supplies Open Year Round No Appointment Needed Insurance Accepted

URGENT CARE Superior Care In A Warm Environment. Where the Locals Go!

12547 Ocean Gateway, West Ocean City

410-213-0119 Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 27

“Mackenzie” 28

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019


Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

Delmarva DelmarvaUnleashed Unleashed

Spring Spring2019 2019 29

normal decisions. This means that aggression and arousal are on a continuum and that the longer an individual is excited (either in a good or bad way), the closer they get to switching over to aggression. This is one way we get dogs who are playing happily and excitedly and then suddenly bite a person, get into a tussle or launch into a full-on fight. Of course, there can be many other factors, but all that is really needed is heightened and sustained arousal. The good news for my clients is that most of the time, the only problem is that the dog got too excited in the situation and isn’t actually an aggressive, out-of-control beast. It may never happen again, but I do have these folks work on inhibition control and a stronger recall. The most important thing I advise people to do is to get to know their dog- study her body language and stress signals, as well as her attempts to diffuse situations. If you can see that your pup is getting more and more excited in play, isn’t taking a break, isn’t getting tired and seems to still have tons of energy- they probably need a break before they make that switch. All dogs (and people) have the potential for switching to aggression as a result of over-arousal, but I have noticed that some breeds tend to be more prone to it because of their historical roles and therefore breed traits. Bully breeds, who were meant to fight 2,000 plus pound bulls have a lot of trouble backing down from anything because that’s how they were bred. Herding breeds are similarly tenacious- they were meant to move a herd of sheep or cattle which each weigh at least twice 30

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

what the dog does. They have been made to move fast, constantly and not to back down. Sight and scent hounds, who seem to have something akin to ADHD have a tendency just to stay aroused about anything at all. A leaf, a butterfly, a treat, a toy, a dust bunny... They just need to move and find things all the time. I’m not saying this to say these are ‘bad breeds,’ but to remind you to keep your dog’s breed(s) and their personality in mind when they are playing. If you have a dog who has a tendency to “play hard” or has been reactive in the past, I encourage you to find a reward based trainer to help out with impulse control as well as a desensitizing and counter-conditioning treatment plan. I especially encourage you to seek out a trainer who will not utilize physical corrections with a collar, be it prong, choke, or shock (e-collar). The reason is that once a dog is making that transition from arousal to aggression, the pinch or shock will get their attention, but it can also increase arousal. With so much adrenaline already pumping in their bloodstream, the pain or discomfort from the physical correction can be enough to push them over the edge to aggression. Once that happens, they can react aggressively to anyone around them or simply remember the incident and react more quickly next time they are in a similar situation.

1496 Still Meadow Blvd. Unit A Salisbury, MD 21804 410-742-0299

Pamper your pet

A happy pet is a beautiful thing.

Professional Pet Grooming Get Home Delivery! $17.95/Year Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 31

Your Smart


with Amanda Abresch

Reader Submitted Questions

What do you think of crates? Are they mean or useful? Crates can be a very useful tool for potty training, giving time-outs to pups who get overly excited in play and to keep your house and pup safe while you are at work. They can also be frustrating and scary for our dogs when overused. A crate should be in a place where your dog feels comfortable and safe. If he won’t shred it, a blanket, pad or other types of bed can make it cozy. If your dog has an affinity for chewing his beds, there are a few ‘indestructible’ types out therejust check the warranty! The primary use for a crate is potty training because dogs don't like to soil their dens. The crate can limit access to the rest of the house while they learn other rules, like not to chew on furniture. Crates are also a safe way to transport your dog in the car. That said, you should be careful in how you use the crate for punishments 32

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

(see time-outs below), and it is recommended that your adult dog not be crated for more than 6-8 hours a day. A puppy can only be expected to hold pee/poop for the number of months old they are, plus one. Therefore a 3-month-old puppy can probably hold it for 4 hours at most during the day. Keeping a pup inside a crate for longer than they can physically hold their bladder/bowels can result in a very messy crate and a dog who grows accustomed to it. If you have to be gone for more extended periods of time than that, you should get a pet sitter, dog walker, friend or family member to go let your puppy out so that he can get a bit of exercise, attention and go potty outside! The best way to start- get your dog used to the crate by teaching that it’s an awesome place.

1. First, find a crate that is the appropriate size for your dog. He/ she should be able to sit, stand, lay down and turn around without hitting the sides or top. If you have a puppy, many crates come with dividers so the crate can 'grow' with your puppy. It is especially important with potty training that a crate not be too big for a puppy. 2. Place the crate in a well-trafficked area of the house; not too busy (front door) and not too remote (basement, back bedroom). Make the crate comfortable with a blanket or pad (and be sure you wash this blanket/ pad once a week, so your dog's house smells nice!) 3. Open the crate door and toss a few treats inside. Once your dog ventures inside, give lots of verbal praise. If your dog comes back out, that's fine, toss in a few more treats. 4. Do this for a few days in a row. Toss treats in the crate and encourage your dog to venture inside- do not force or push them in! 5. Once your dog ventures inside without hesitation, say “crate” and reward with treats tossed inside. 6. Once your dog will wait inside the crate for rewards, close the door without latching it and throw some treats in, still giving verbal praise. Open the door, repeat, repeat, repeat! 7. Once your dog waits in the crate for a few moments with the door closed, take a step away, continuing with verbal praise. Be sure to vary your distance away from the crate and duration of time the dog is left inside. If your dog seems traumatized by their crate or is exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, please contact a certified dog trainer to help you and your pup!

Crate Tips Give the best treats inside the crate- a kong filled with treats is a great one If your dog whines while in the crate, do not let him/her out until a few seconds after they stop whining- otherwise they will learn that if they complain enough, they get out. Always praise your dog for voluntarily entering the crate. Place a few treats inside the crate when your dog is not paying attention and see if he/she finds them! The crate can be used for time-outs, as long as you present it correctly. When your dog is nipping non-stop and can’t be redirected to a toy, take your dog to the crate and have them walk in or place them inside. You can say something like “ok, time for a break” and give them 3-5 minutes alone in the crate. When time is up, they can come out. If they start up with the nipping again right away, they go back in. Other than for time-outs as explained above, the crate should not be used as a punishment. Delmarva Unleashed

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My wife refuses to play tug with our new puppy (who will be pretty big once he’s full grown) since she heard that it can cause him to become aggressive. Is that true?

No. Nope. Absolutely not. The only way that playing tug would make your dog aggressive is if he already has any aggressive tendencies or resource guarding issues. If you have a puppy, the odds of him already being aggressive are pretty low (not impossible, though). I think that tug is a fantastic game and we play it with our dog all the time because it’s her favorite game. We can ask her to ‘drop it,’ and she does, and she even plays with our little kids- with them she is always noticeably calmer. Part of that is just her super personality, but the other part of it is that we have rules for tug. Just like all rules, they are to keep everyone safe. My rules for tug with a dog: —The dog should ask politely to play tug, by sitting by the toy or bringing it to you. I think that is a pretty nice way to ask us to play. —The dog should be able to drop the toy when asked. This can spill over to other parts of life as well- if your dog knows that playing tug and dropping the toy just means a break in the game, it’s a bit easier to get him to 34

Delmarva Unleashed

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drop the sock he just stole out of the laundry. You just have to practice with a sock you don’t care about first, so he gets used to dropping that special item (remember, dogs aren’t great at generalizing everything). —The dog should not work his way up your arm and start gnawing on your wrist, hand, etc. That will result in a delay of game.

—If there are kids in the house, it is a good idea to have a term to let your dog know that once they are playing with kiddos, it needs to be a calmer game. With our dog, we just tell her that we are handing the toy to our child and remind her to be gentle. When she was still learning this and would start to amp up, we would ask her to drop it or simply walk away and let her take a break for a few minutes before resuming. She quickly learned that getting too excited with the kids resulted in a delay of game. One more note- some folks out there say that the dog should always have to give up the toy so that the human ‘wins’ and I call shenanigans on that one. I mean, dogs love to play and have fun, and sometimes that means keeping his own toy. I’ll be honest, I don’t want my dog’s slobber-soaked toy after we play with it; so why should I keep something just to have some imaginary ‘power’ over her? Also, if I was playing a game with a friend and I never got to win, I’d stop playing after a pretty short time and start to question our friendship. As long as you and your dog are having fun, nobody is getting hurt, and you have a few basic rules in place, I think that tug-of-war is one of the best games you can play with your dog!

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Update On Diet & Heart disease

by John Maniatty, V.M.D.


ast summer the CDC put out a warning about diets and their possible link to a specific form of heart disease in dogs called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) (1) They had 294 dogs, and six cats with DCM reported from January 1, 2014, thru November 30, 2018 (2). DCM results from muscle weakening and the heart will not contract/pump as well. The blood then flows less, and the body’s natural response is to retain fluid to make it easier to pump and constricts the blood vessels causing hypertension. The fluid retention and increased blood pressure causes stretching and damage to the weakened heart muscle, hence dilation of the heart chambers. As the heart dilates the architecture becomes unstable, and the valves stop touching leading to backflow and murmurs. The stretching of muscle also leads to trauma and scar tissue build up. The scar tissue blocks electrical impulses, and so heartbeats become weakened and irregular. The muscle further loses contractility, so poorer blood flow and congestive heart disease occurs. Clinical symptoms of DCM are lethargy,


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coughing, shortness of breath, and exercise intolerance. Causes of DCM vary from infection, toxicity, dietary deficiency and genetics/breed predisposition. Giant breed dogs, such as Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Boxers, Doberman Pinschers, Newfoundlands, and Saint Bernards tend to be predisposed. One medium sized breed that is prone to DCM is the American and English Cocker Spaniel. What led to the FDA putting out the press release was that several atypical breeds; Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Shi Tzus, Bulldogs, Whippets, and Miniature Schnauzers were being diagnosed and treated by veterinary cardiologists. (1) The one common finding amongst all these dogs was that their diets which were high (within the first ten ingredients listed) in potatoes, peas, lentils, and legume pulses, i.e., seeds of beans, chickpeas, lentils. The majority of these diets were listed as “grain free.” The CDC report consisted of 90% of the dogs being fed gr It was thought that these diets might be low in Taurine- an amino acid that







D IDI FI GUE R OA M AYI H EM P U@GM AIL .C O M V OI C E/ TE X T: 302-358- 5355 37 E/ Delmarva Delmarva DelmarvaUnleashed Unleashed M. M M AYUnleashed IHE M PSpring U 2019

Spring Spring2019 2019 37

has been shown to help in cases of congestive heart failure. How it helps is still unsure, but it's believed to help stabilize the outer cellular membrane which aids in electrical transmission and improved contractility. The University of Tufts has tested their recent cases of DCM, and 90% have normal taurine levels while eating a BEG diet, as they describe them. BEG diets consist of boutique company, exotic ingredients, or grain free diets. Also included are vegan, vegetarian, and home cooked diets. Some dogs included in this group improved with simple diet changes. (3) This leads to the question of what in these diets is causing the DCM. Nutritionist and veterinary cardiologist are still studying trying to figure out what is the underlying cause. If you suspect your dog has DCM contacting your veterinarian immediately is essential so they can begin a preliminary work- up. This work-up can include checking taurine levels, radiographs, blood pressure measurements, and a referral you to a cardiologist for an Echocardiogram. The echocardiogram uses an ultrasound to look at the valves, walls, blood flow and chambers of the heart. It is the most diagnostic portion of the workup because it can help to differentiate between DCM and other forms of heart disease. Diet changes depend on your individual dog's condition and should be discussed with your veterinarian. As veterinarians we take courses on nutrition, continue to read and learn about the relationship between health and nutrition. Unfortunately, companies with slick marketing sell pet parents concepts that sound good 38

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but have no scientific backing. Diets should be formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and preferably feeding trials performed. Not that feeding trials would have been long enough to see this, but some companies follow dogs through several stages of their life and may have caught this. Tuft's warns that some people feeding raw or home cooked diets have been diagnosed with DCM also. If you wish to feed a home-cooked diet, a veterinary nutritionist should be contacted to formulate the diet for you. (3) 1 Center for Veterinary Medicine. “CVM Updates - FDA Investigating Potential Connection Between Diet and Cases of Canine Heart Disease.” U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, 12 July 2018, AnimalVeterinary/NewsEvents/CVMUpdates/ ucm613305.htm. 2 Center for Veterinary Medicine. “CVM Updates - FDA Investigating Potential Connection Between Diet and Cases of Canine Heart Disease.” U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, 19 Feb. 2019, AnimalVeterinary/NewsEvents/CVMUpdates/ ucm613305.htm. 3 Freeman, Lisa M., et al. “It's Not Just GrainFree: An Update on Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy.” Clinical Nutrition Service at Cummings School, Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University Clinical Nutrition Service, 4 Dec. 2018, vetnutrition.tufts. edu/2018/11/dcm-update/.


nnu a h t 8

Run For The Animals Saturday, May 11, 2019 Historic Onancock School

You choose: Half Marathon (13.1 m) 10K (6.2 m) 5K (3.1 m- non-comp. run/walk). Early entry fee is $40 ($50 after March 31). Student fee (must be full time) is $20 ($25 after March 31).

Registration/Check In 6:45 - 7:45 am Pre-Race Meeting 8:00 am Gun Time 8:30 am Awards 11:30 am Luncheon Noon Commemorative event t-shirt, finishing medal, trophy by division and awards for the top fund-raisers.

Proceeds support animal organizations who serve the Eastern Shore

Rain or shine. For more info call 757-999-4999

May I Hemp You?

So You Wanna Canna Your Fur Baby?

by Adiris (Didi) M. Cordero-Torres de Figueroa


f you have noticed lately, there is seemingly a CBD supplement being advertised, promoted or sold at every corner. Maybe you’re finally ready to go on a CBD Journey for yourself or your fur baby (or BOTH!) but have no idea what to look for in a good quality product, nor have a clue whom to ask! With so many brands, the choices can be overwhelming. Now that you are considering Farm-aceutical alternatives, chances are you (or the fur babies you are shopping for) are seeking CBD herbal supplementation for general wellness, not seeking to participate as a guinea pig in a trial and error fumble through products full of man-made chemicals, harmful additives, and other questionable ingredients. This is why you are doing your due diligence. This is why you are awesome! 40

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As a special needs mom, I felt an enormous sense of ethical responsibility to ensure I was getting THE best, purest product, because as an impaired child, she cannot research for herself or decide if she wants to ingest something or not: She depends on ME to do the heavy lifting and due diligence. There is an implicit trust there I could not violate. This is the same trust your pet puts on you. They cannot intervene on their own behalf, so we have to do it, and do it well. This is a tremendous gift we can give our beloved babies, two-legged or four! So, you’ve found brand X and are wondering how they stack up versus other brands in the market. Not all CBD oil is created equal, and it is best to have a checklist, a “CBD Tour Guide” that can be a useful tool as you make your way around Hemp land!

When considering a product or brand, comparing apples to apples can help lift the cloud of uncertainty as to what best suits your needs. Let us take a look at 6 key markers of quality to narrow down the choices and even the playing field. 1) Does their website list: ● Phone number and address of corporate offices or customer service ● Address of place it is manufactured, bottled and distributed as federally required by the FDA ● Nutritional information as federally required by the FDA (must list serving size and all applicable nutrient content) ● Ingredient list that is federally compliant (must list all ingredients in the order of the amount in the product, most to least, including water and all additives, fillers, preservatives, etc.) ● Third party testing performed on every batch and the results of those tests provided for strength, purity, mold, pesticides, cross-contamination and THC levels ● Options for both THC free and Full Spectrum tinctures 2) Farming: ● Is it planted, grown, harvested and manufactured in an FDA compliant farm (there is currently only one brand that can boast their product is farmed on the only FDA compliant farm in America) ● Do they test their soil for contaminants and purity (Hemp detoxifies soil, so it absorbs every last bit of nutrient and toxins in the soil.)

● Is it organically grown? ● Is it mold free? ● Is it exposed to potential cross-contamination? ● Is it domestically grown? ● If imported, under what conditions to ensure the process it goes through (to be approved for import) doesn’t dilute the content of active CBD? 3) Trustworthiness: ● Are the labels misleading? ○ They claim THC free but list in their label or website as a full spectrum oil (it can only be one or the other… it’s like saying something is vegan, but it has milk as an ingredient). ○ They do not indicate on the nutritional label what the actual mg of CBD is per serving ○ Label lists zero fat (huh? a CBD tincture is an OIL!! Where did the fat go?!) ○ Consistency: They list “Over 300MG.” What does that mean? Is it 301MG? 399MG? Are they guessing bottle to bottle what is in there? ○ List the exact number of servings per bottle and the exact amount of active CBD per serving? ● Are they partnered with the Hemp Industries Association? ● Are they members of the Hemp Round Table and participate in advocacy for legislation? 4) Purity ● How is it handled after harvesting? (Is it hung to dry, which potentially allows mold to form, or is it flash sealed to keep it pure until it is ready for use in production? Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019 41

● Are there any preservatives to make it shelf stable? ● Is the carrier oil native to the Hemp plant? (if it is vegetable glycerin, fish or coconut oil, it isn’t). There are no cannabinoids in other oils, therefore, using a carrier oil that is not native to the plant adds zero therapeutic value and serves only to dilute the potency and effectiveness of the CBD. ● Is water listed as an ingredient? If so, the product is diluted. ● Is it safe for all age groups and stages of development. ● Does it use the whole plant, including stems and seeds? ● Is it Co2 extracted? ● Is any alcohol used during the extraction process? ● Is it bottled in amber bottles to protect it from sunlight? ● Where are all the other ingredients sourced from? ● Is it free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients? ● Is it available as full spectrum (whole plant for synergistic entourage effect) or crystaline isolate (for THC free options)? ** VERY IMPORTANT ** One bottle can only be either full spectrum, or it can be THC free. It can’t be both. This is an extremely critical distinction for somebody whose job or medical condition demands 100% THC free product.

Brand X Brand Y Brand Z 42

5) Cost-effectiveness ● What is the actual cost-effectiveness per mg of Active CBD when compared to serving size and number of servings per bottle? ● Some products that “seem” more “expensive” actually give almost twice the servings and twice the MG’s for less cost! The proof is in the labels when you break it down! 6) Accessibility ● Can you follow up with a personal representative that can guide you through the process from purchase to consumption? As you can see, there is a lot to consider when adding a CBD product to your wellness plan, and that of your fur baby! We encourage you to review this and any additional research you procure about CBD products and brands of CBD oil with your medical provider, veterinarian or holistic healer of choice. I do not claim CBD will diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. This CBD Tour Guide is prepared by Didi Figueroa, a HempWorx independent affiliate, as a way to educate consumers about the differences and benefits of supplementing with high-quality CBD oil and is furnished as an educational resource only, not meant to solicit sales.

Cost MG’s per Servings CBD per Serving Cost per 30 ML serving size serving 77.95 500 50 10mg 0.6ml $1.56 49.95 300 30 10 mg 1 ml $1.67 59.00 300 30 10 mg 0.5 ml $1.97

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Off Leash K-9 Training & CBD Meet Matthew Ferramosca, owner and operator of Off Leash K9 Training, LLC Dover & Rehoboth Beach, which services the Tri-State area for obedience, boarding, and service animal training needs. M ​ atthew has been helping pet parents bring balance to their family life for over 6 years, and his expertise extends to more than 3,000 dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes​. He discovered his affinity for turning challenging fur babies from rowdy, mouthy rebels to attentive, compliant companions in as little as two weeks with intensive, hands-on training that focuses on each individual pup’s strengths, personality and innate desire to be part of a pack where his/her role is cherished and defined by mutual respect and love. Who doesn’t want that? When I caught up to Matt, I asked him for his take on introducing CBD supplementation to his clients, wondering if he was recommending it just as a supplement for general wellness or more as a training tool to help support the dog’s endocannabinoid system as they learn coping skills for anxiety and/or aggression among other issues. Here’s what I discovered: 44

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

May I Hemp U:​​How did you discover this was your passion? Off Leash K9: ​I stumbled upon a little pit bull puppy in a junkyard. I decided to keep her against my Dad’s wishes. At around 7 months old, I knew I was way in over my head, and we needed professional training. I had a wild child on my hands! May I Hemp U:​I hear that you have Parson Russell Terriers that can be ornery. How did you go from needing professional help to becoming a premier authority, so many families have relied on? Off Leash K9: ​Thank you! ​Working with my dog while we went through training really sparked my fire. We started learning new skills and seeing my dog’s response to the discipline, I knew this was something I could foster in the dogs I was being exposed to, other than my own puppy. It was exhilarating to see their eagerness to please and the joy that direction actually gave them, the sense of confidence, and in turn, my confidence built. I knew this was a special bond.

I bugged my trainer for a job, and he took a chance on me despite having zero prior experience. I told him I would outwork anyone else he interviewed and have proven it to be true. May I Hemp U:​You’ve integrated your formal education with your incredible work ethic, and it has paid off. Off Leash K9: ​Yes indeed, my background is in student development theory, aka higher education administration. I worked with student organizations, service-learning, student conduct, and fraternity and sorority life at James Madison University in Harrisonburg VA. This actually has proven to be quite the building blocks that translated very well to the patience and follow through that one needs to work with our canine buddies. May I Hemp U: ​And it shows. You’ve expanded your business to cover the tri-state area. Off Leash K9: ​And beyond. I own 5 locations, and we service Wilmington, Dover, and Rehoboth/Bethany Beach in Delaware, Philadelphia PA, and Spokane, WA… but we also cover Maryland, Virginia, NJ and also take clients from anywhere there is a need, in our boarding program, which is an intensive 2-week program. May I Hemp U:​​Why off leash? Off Leash K9:​ ​Because in their daily life, at home in the real world, our dogs are 99% of the time off leash. If they have obedience, behavior issues or other struggles, we can address that

so that they can enjoy their family life without stress. We have a team of balanced dog trainers that specialize in obedience with high levels of distractions, something my dog really struggled with so it became the cornerstone of what I endeavored to teach in my training. Of course, out in public, we abide by all rules and regulations, but our dogs can be off leash pretty much anywhere once they complete my program. May I Hemp U:​​When training, how do you introduce pet parents to CBD? Off Leash K9:​​I discuss my experience with it with my personal dogs and how it has helped relieve inflammation, anxiety, and skin conditions. May I Hemp U:​​Ever since you incorporated CBD into your regimen, how have your furry friends responded to the support of the supplements? Off Leash K9:​Phenomenally, 75% of my client’s families use it daily, and I have seen significant improvements in their problem areas. May I Hemp U: ​What would you tell a pet parent that is apprehensive about supplementation with CBD? Off Leash K9:​​It literally cannot hurt your dog. So why not try it? Do your due diligence with your vet and join testimonial groups like on Facebook. Hearing from actual users helps ease fears and gives an opportunity to ask questions and build community. I use Feel free to request to join it, tell them Matthew sent you, or Didi from May I Hemp U. Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019


May I Hemp U:​ Matt, Do you accept difficult dogs into your training program? Meaning, pet parents that are concerned their baby may not be accepted due to being overly aggressive, dominant or overly stimulated? Off Leash K9:​​Of course! We are beginning to be known as the trainers of last resort in Delaware because of how many aggressive and reactive dogs we work with on a weekly basis. We do not reject any client, and we like to think we offer more than hope to a family in a difficult situation, we offer a permanent solution. Our training is guaranteed when they do our boarding program, for the lifetime of the pet, so if we have to reinforce a “backsliding” issue in behavior, our families are covered. Integrating CBD treats or oil can also help support the newly acquired skills, and it is recommended but not mandatory to our clients. May I Hemp U:​​How do you handle extreme anxiety in your pet clients, is CBD one of the things you've noticed makes a difference as a tool in your arsenal of training aids? Off Leash K9:​​Extreme anxiety often comes from the dog not having enough positive outlets for their energy. We introduce obedience commands and many strategies and techniques that redirect attention, energy, and negative behaviors. CBD is definitely something I recommend to supplement training and positive outlets for energy. I find that CBD often has a significant and noticeable impact, but I hesitate to say that it will “cure” the extreme anxiety in a miracle cure way. Each dog is different, 46

Delmarva Unleashed

Spring 2019

and that is something every pet parent will gage because they know their baby the best. May I Hemp U: ​Do you prefer the CBD treats or the oils for administering the supplements? Off Leash K9: ​The oil. It’s bacon flavored too. Also, it lasts longer depending on the dog. Smaller dogs under 20 lbs can use from 4 to 6 drops, and over 75 lbs use 20 drops. Even at 20 drops daily, a bottle has 1000 drops, so that is 50 servings, roughly a month and a half for a large breed. The treats are about 33 per bag, so that is about a month. That said, the treats are beef and hey, what dog doesn’t like a treat! But for daily use, I would choose the oil, without hesitation. May I Hemp U:​​What are the future plans for OLK9? Off Leash K9:​​to continue to put out the best dog training on the east coast. Changing lives, families, and communities one dog at a time! We will work with any dog or client so long as they are willing to put in the work, show up to class consistently, and ask questions! May I Hemp U:​ What is the best way for a pet parent to reach out to you if they needed you right away? Off Leash K9: 302-304-3155 or They can also check out the website or Tell them DU sent you!

Dinner & Silent Auction Friday April 19th 4:00 pm - 8pm Seacrets 49th St. Bayside Ocean City


Saturday April 20th - Inlet & Boardwalk 8:30 am - 12 pm

Bone Appetite

Always supervise your dog with food, particularly frozen treats, bones or anything that could pose a choking problem!

Doggie Style Stew For a break from the kibble, try this hearty stew. Remember if you are considering a switch to a home cook diet, be sure to consult your veterinary professional before making the switch for guidance on an overall balanced diet.


1 pound of beef, venison or chicken meat, diced One small sweet potato 1/2 cup of carrots, diced into squares (carrot discs can pose a choking hazard in the right size dog) 1/2 cup of green beans, diced 1/2 cup of unbleached flour 1/2 cup of water


Bake your potato in the oven for approximately 30 minutes or until done. Set aside to cool, then dice. Cut meat into small pieces depending on the size of your dog. Cook the stew pieces in a small amount of coconut oil over medium heat for 10-15 minutes or until well-done. Remove the meat, reserving the drippings.


Delmarva Unleashed

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Heat the drippings over medium-low heat. Slowly add flour and water into the dripping while whisking to create a thick gravy. Add the meat, sweet potato, carrots and green beans into the gravy and stir. Cook until the carrots are tender – about 10 minutes. Cool before serving. Store remaining stew in the fridge for about five days. Quick tip, you can double this recipe and throw all of this, once cut and diced, into a Crockpot for 8 hours with the same results. You might need a little extra water depending on the actual amount of meat and the size of your Crockpot. Consider rotating proteins here for a different meal or even mix proteins for a taste sure to delight any dog! The recipe makes 4 cups

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A Dog & the Sun. It’s going to be a great day!

Cover Model Search - Pooch Palooza


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