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Delmarva Unleashed Publisher/Sandy Phillips Edited by Grammerly Creative / Farin Lewis Contributing Writers Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA Polly Elliott John Maniatty, V.M.D. Jaclyn Wolinski, D.M.V.

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On the Cover: Scooby of Ocean City, MD. Proudly owned by Brooke Brittingham, Photo by Brooke Brittingham Delmarva Unleashed is published six times a year; Winter, Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Fall, and Holiday. It is circulated throughout Maryland’s Lower Shore, Mid Shore and onto Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The magazine can also be found throughout Delaware and is published by Grand Living Magazine, LLC. Delmarva Unleashed is protected under trademark registration. No portion in whole or part may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Copyright 2017©, Grand Living Magazine, LLC. All rights reserved. Content in Delmarva Unleashed is intended to provide information only and is in no way meant to treat or diagnose. Always consult with a specialty professional to address your own personal needs. The company makes every effort to ensure that all information presented is correct, however, we do not make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the information, and reliance on information provided, is solely at your own risk.


Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

Bark of the Town Chagas in the Shore Chagas is a protozoan infection

transmitted by the "kissing bug" also called the "assassin bug." While for decades the bug has been mainly found in Central America, with the continued advancement of global warming, the bug has not migrated throughout the southern half of the United States and now has been found in Virginia, Maryland and even Pennsylvania, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While it's probably in the state of Delaware, there has been no official confirmation. There is no cure for the disease in dogs, and it can go undetected by veterinarians because it is currently rare on the Shore. Hundreds of dogs have now been diagnosed in Texas and as the bug spreads North, so will the disease. While it is not of immediate concern, current thinking is that with pet parent awareness that dogs who exhibit symptoms will be tested and lead a better quality of life until their time comes. In the acute for, death can occur within ten days of a bite from 6

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

an infected bug or the disease can be chronic and can linger for ten or more years. It's the luck of the draw and the strain the dog becomes infected with. Your dog can also contract the sickness by exposure to the feces of the bug which could be found among leaves or areas of debris or trash. Symptoms include fever, anorexia, a disease of the lymph nodes, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen and abnormal heart rhythm. Death ultimately occurs from damage to the heart where the protozoa take up residence.

New Maryland Laws On October 1st of this year, new

laws went into effect the state of Maryland with regards to pets. People with "at least six unspayed females dogs, used for breeding purposes, are now required to have a kennel license." That number is down from 15. The maximum allowance regarding "damages for someone who causes injury or death to a pet" has increased from $7500 to $10,000. The new definition of "cruelty to animals" includes not providing proper shelter, weather protection, proper air (think hot car here) or space for the animal. Retail pet stores are now required to post inspection reports on or near cages if the animals are from licensed breeders.

Annual Fundraising Calendar The annual Delmarva Unleashed calendars are here and you can help us support local canine charities with your purchase. This 13-month calendar is full of stunning photos of Delmarva dogs, get yours at $14.95, while supply’s last. t!

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Sold Ou

off being someplace where he cannot get to the table. The more he practices this, the more of a normal habit it becomes for him, which means the begging is a stronger behavior. As a compromise when the in-laws come over, have a special dish in the kitchen for bits and pieces that Parker can have- to make it even better, check with your veterinarian about which foods will not cause any gastrointestinal issues (i.e., diarrhea, vomiting) and limit them to these foods. This dish can be served to Parker on the floor next to his regular bowl or in his crate as you

all eat dinner so you can enjoy the meal “together.� Once he is done, he can be asked to go lay down and with his full tummy, is more inclined to do so. If he has to be crated, he still got his tasty treat, and he can just lay down and wait to vacuum up the floor later on. Parker can still get a tasty meal, just not at the table. Once the in-laws are gone, you should maintain the same practice- ignore him when you are at the table and/or ask for a down-stay during meals. It takes a lot to keep a dog from trying to get food, so patience and consistency are key.

Sleeping Dogs Lie...Next to You? S

ettling in for a long winters nap? Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have reported that “people who let their dog sleep in the bedroom — but not in the bed — have a better quality of sleep than those who do not let their dogs sleep in the same room.” Lois Krahn, M.D. a sleep medicine specialist at the Center for Sleep Medicine on the Mayo Clinic’s Arizona campus and the author of the study, says “we found that many people actually find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets.” The study followed 40 adults free of sleep disorders and their dogs, all over five months of age. Participants wore an activity tracker for seven nights to follow their sleep habits. According to the study, those whose dog was present in the room showed a much better quality of sleep. However, if the dog physically slept in the same bed that did not hold true. This study indicates that snuggling with your dog could sacrifice the quality of your sleep. It would appear, that having them sleep by the bed offers you both the best nights sleep.

Are Dogs Smarter than Humans? L

aurie Santos, professor of psychology at Yale University’s Canine Cognition Center, is studying a group of dogs to see if there is something special about the way our dogs learn from us. According to Santos, humans often “over imitate” our instructors. “If the instructor preforms irrelevant steps when teaching, humans are very likely to repeat those steps too.” To date, her research indicates that “dogs seem to have a better filter for human-given cues than even humans do. They pick up on whether an instructor considers a step irrelevant, even when humans don’t,” says Santos. 8

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

Reprinted by-request.

According to Doglopedia, the most dogs ever owned by one person were 5,000 Mastiffs owned by Kublai Khan.

Caregiver Stress & Pets R

ecently, a newspaper published in the Journal of Veterinary Record discussed caregiver burden with regards to pets. The article cites ties to elevated stress levels, general symptoms of depression, anxiety and a poorer quality of life. This is the first study of its kind, indicating that taking care of our pets with chronic or terminal illness can have a similar impact us as if a human family member would be afflicted.

Canine Chocolate Toxicity Meter Chocolate still tends to be the number one toxic threat to your dogs during the holidays, closely followed by alcohol. Methylxanthines, specifically theobromine and caffeine, which dogs are very sensitive too, are found in varying amounts of chocolate by type. According to PetMD, eight ounces of Milk Chocolate may sicken a 50-pound dog, while the same dog can be poisoned by just one ounce of Baker’s Chocolate. If you find yourself questioning if your dog consumed potentially life-threatening holiday goodies, visit and navigate to their “Chocolate Toxicity Meter.” There you can enter your dog's weight and the type of chocolate they ingested. It will offer you direction regarding the potential severity of the situation, including what symptoms to look for and if an emergency veterinary visit is recommended. Charts for specific brands of candy bars are also available on the same page and signs to watch for. When in doubt, pick up the phone and call your local Pet ER. Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


Doggie Loot

Our annual Holiday Doggie Loot is designed to offer you quality products for both you and your pup. Seems we get more selective with each passing year. The holiday bone indicates a product we have had in house, this year, and have put to the test with favorable results. We have scoured the latest products and some old favorites, we have tested in the past, that have released new items and never disappoint. Look for these at your local pet store or if you need a little help finding some of them, just message us on Facebook! The“gift” bone indicates products we have had in the office over the course of the last year and ones we have put to the test ourselves.

Finnegan’s Standard Goods

We have really been looking for a new brand of collars. Not that we don’t love our old favorites, but fresh is good. We finally found Finnegan’s Standard Goods. We love the soft weathered look of many of the collars, each complete with a weathered brass D-ring. There are a variety of prints and fabrics, including flannel for those winter months, and are available in water resistant waxed cotton too. Great for our Shore lifestyle. They can be tossed right in the wash and drip dry. Still looking new after many washes!

DOOG Walkie Bag

The quality canvas bag is great to keep your pups stuff packed and ready to go. You can even keep a bottle of water in the mesh holder on the side! Superior quality bag. Features include: A water proof, inner sleeve to protect your phone. Built in pocket to hold poop bags which are dispensed much like “tissues.” Large enough to hold all your valuables but small enough to be comfy on a long walk. Assorted colors and prints. Dimensions: 8.3inch w x 9.8 h x 2.3 h 10

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

Even allows your dog to lounge in the vehicle!

Sleepypod’s Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness Clickit Sport is Sleepypod's next generation dog safety harness. A new design makes it light and easy to use, without sacrificing safety. Visually intuitive, Clickit Sport is packed with state of the art technology that is the result of a dedicated 2½-year engineering effort by Sleepypod's design team. Clickit Sport was then rigorously tested, to include the same dynamic crash testing that ensures the performance of child safety restraints. This harness goes from car to leash in one click. Exceptional versatility and safety in one product.

H2O4K9 H2O4K9 stainless steel water bottles were specifically designed for dogs to drink naturally. Perfect for the park, walks, hikes, camping, vacations, beach, dog shows, and use in your car. The 25oz. bottle fits cup holders nicely. The company even offers a nice neoprene bag to carry the bottle over your shoulder, keeping your hands free for the leash. The high quality materials used in H2O4K9 bottles are the same as the best selling stainless steel bottle brands made for humans: 18/8 food-grade stainless steel bottles and toxin-free polypropylene lids.

Polkadog Bakery The Cod used to make these crunchy sticks are wild caught, in season, by local fishermen on small boats in Alaska. They are hand-roll and slowly dehydrated in a South Boston kitchen to create this savory, healthy treat. The DU dogs have them everyday to supplement tooth brushing! Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


New Tech Goods

Pet Acoustics Speaker

The science behind Pet Acoustics products is a special process in which frequencies and decibel levels are modified for acute pet hearing sensitivities. Providing ideal sonic environments for pets is a natural and profound method that minimizes stress and balances behavior. The results are measurable and repeatable and well documented in clinical studies.

Pet Acoustics Ultra Calm Collar Stress relief sonic collar for dogs suffering from anxiety t riggered by thunderstorms, fireworks, noise phobias and vet visits. At the first sign of agitation, clip on the collar and see stress symptoms diminish and your dog settle into a state of calm. Studies indicate that most dogs respond within 10 minutes.

Go-Smart Pet Leash from Petkit

We think this leash is great for evening walks. It’s illuminated handle offers better visibility and it has a one click flashlight option built right in. The leash is comfortable to hold on longs walks, and can go from nighttime handle to a simple leash with it’s interchangeable leads. Note: this is NOT a retractable leash! There’s also much more to this unique leash. When paired to your smart phone if offers route tracking, and management of your walking time, goals and more. Also when paired to your phone, the handle will vibrate alerting you to incoming calls and messages. 12

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

Pet Cube Play

Pet Cube Bites

We all wonder what they are doing when left at home. While they surely have some nap time. It’s the incidents of destruction that make us ask “what are they doing?!” Now with Pet Cube, we can see what’s happening via our cellphone. Pet Cube Play is even interactive, allowing us to speak to our pets and check in, just like making a call to them. The Cube is equipped with a laser pointer too that you control from your smart phone or set to go off at intervals when your away; providing entertainment or positive distractions during the work day.

Pet Cube Bites dispenses treats as a reward for coming to the device to interact with you. The company also offers a subscription service to store recorded videos in the cloud for up to 60 days. This look back can help you review behaviors and show training opportunities for better independent periods. What we love most are the alerts sent to your phone for disruptive behaviors such a excessive barking or running about the house. If nothing else it’s a heads up that your forgot to move the trash can before you left!

Fresh Metal from Petkit This dog food bowl will accurately weight your dogs kibble. No matter what kind of food (domestic made or import) you feed, no matter how you calculate the food (by weight or by volume), you will not worry about the amount actually going into the bowl. This scientific system will offer better weight management for your dog, as even slight over feeding can pack on the pounds over time. The bowl is on a 5 degree incline for comfortable eating, while the weight indicator is at a 37 degree angle for easy human viewing. The bowl is complete with anti-skid feet and can be easily tossed in the dishwasher Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


FitBark It’s here, the smart activity tracker for your dog! Twenty institutions use the platform for scientific research including the University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow and the Mayo Clinic. The device offers you valuable insight into your dog’s sleep quality and overall fitness and they say can even offer you a heads up if your dog is sick or in pain. FitBark will fit any dog, weighing in at just 8 grams, it’s durable and waterproof. It’s worth noting that if large research institutions are collecting our dog’s data, maybe it will help us identify overall health trends, ultimately providing better health care for our dogs!

Jax & Bones: Lounge Bed Designed like a sofa, this lounge bed is guaranteed to provide snooze-worthy comfort. Both the bolstered sides and center pillow unzip for easy maintenance. This bed is overstuffed with hypo-allergenic green fiber; Sustainafill, and is offered in a variety of durable fabric options. DU Canine Staff member Jax personally has tested this dog bed. We were very impressed with the quality of the fabric and the way that it washed. The zipper-cover was easy to remove and put back together. Jax also tends to be harder on his beds and toys. One year after our initial review of this bed, we have 2 more on order. Exceptional quality!

Pooch Selfie This smart phone accessory simply clips on your smart phone and it perfect for ball motivated/fetcaholics to look at your phone for that perfect selfie! Great stocking stuffer with a MSRP of just 12.99!


Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

Bocce Bakery Simple ingredients just make for better treats! Available in a wide variety of flavors, including some lumps of coal for that pup you caught getting into mischief on the Pet Cube!

Jax & Bones Dog Toys Good Karma rope toys are hand tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. As your dog chews, the rope toys fray and act like doggie dental floss! Dip toys in water and freeze them to cool down a hot dog or soothe a teether! Why are they call good karma? Ten percent the proceeds from these toys go to rescue and animal welfare groups.

What better gift than advance tickets to Pooch Palooza! Just visit our website at to order yours.

Pooch Palooza Dog Festival

April 21 & 22, 2018 Tickets go on sale December 1, 2017

Go’in West! Frontiertown Western Theme Park & Campground, Berlin, MD Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


Holiday Feasts

by Sandy Phillips


s you prepare your families holiday meal, don't forget to make something special for your dog. After all, they are enjoying those amazing smells coming from the kitchen just as much as everyone else in the family. However, beware of the hidden holiday dangers of just sharing your feast with the fur-kids. Fixing them a plate that looks a lot like yours can land you in the Pet's ER with maladies ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to pancretis to name a few. While it seems ok for us humans to indulge in higher fat foods and lots of carbs, all of that luxury food is what makes many of us sluggish after a big meal. Then there are those extra pounds we have to face post holiday and resolutions that become so difficult to keep. For our dogs, the stakes can be higher. Many don't adjust well to a sudden change in diet or a sudden intake of high fatty foods that are prevalent during the holiday season. And the weight gain of even 1 pound for toy and small dogs is quite a big deal, particularly if they were already a little on the chunky side. 16

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

So what can your pups eat without too much risk? Consider dipping up some of the juices from the turkey. The very same ones you're basting the bird in. Place the container in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. After the fat has congealed on the top, scoop it off and discard it. The fluid left behind is better for both you and your pup and will be just delightful rewarmed and poured over kibble or some fresh turkey (without the skin). Having baked sweet potatoes for dinner? Consider baking an extra one for your dog. They are a healthy low-calorie food most dogs enjoy. I would suggest replacing a portion of your dog's food with a portion of sweet potato, relevant to your dog's size. Perhaps fresh green beans, steamed squash or zucchini? You could also slice or chunk (depending on the size of your dog; don't create a choking hazard here,) some bananas, apples or shredded carrots.

Let's talk dessert. Pumpkin pies, cobblers, minced meats, cheesecakes, I can go on, are not for the fur kids! While pumpkin is excellent for them, the other ingredients you have probably added into the pie or if you have purchased a commercially prepared pie may not be good for the dogs. This is not the time to take the chance because he looks so cute, drooling in anticipation. Again, the risk of digestive issues is much higher when we allow them to indulge without proper preparation. If you would like to have something special for the dogs, consider a yogurt dessert. You can make it so fancy that the human guests will be in the floor wrestling the dogs for a taste. Start with plain vanilla yogurt, preferably with little to no additives, like hidden sugars or preservatives. Your dog's don't need a sugar rush with a house full of guests, and it's really not good for them. Pumpkin; canned is fine, again try to avoid any other ingredients than pumpkin in the can. Start with a small disposable cup. I like those clear Dixie brand cups that are available in a variety of size to suit your dogs size. Simply, layer, rotating layers, of ingredients. Yogurt, pumpkin, yogurt, pumpkin until you fill the cup. You can even legitimately top it will "real" whip cream. If your dog is not a fan of pumpkin, there are oodles of things that can be added, including blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mangoes and most any canine safe fruit. Just be sure to cut the fruit to a suitable size for the size of your dog to avoid a choking hazard. If you have time on your hands, puree the fruits 18

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

for an even more special treat. This can be served at room temperature or frozen if your event could benefit from keeping them occupied for a bit. Remember, our dogs are part of the family and they too would love something special for the holidays. Healthy indulgences are a snap and can be prepared right along with your food. Happy Holidays!

Amanda Abresch


A Canine Christmas Fun ideas to share with your dog this holiday season!

Warm Canine Toddy (A healthy beverage to slurp by the fire.) 1/2 c raw goats milk (warmed) sprinkle with ground ginger or turmeric Serve in a festive mug or bowl. You can even “rim� the glass with peanut butter! Note: adjust serving size to the size of your dog.

Advent Calendar Help your dog count down the days until Santa Paws arrives with an advent calendar. Filled with their favorite snacks passing the time will literally be a treat! Vary snacks throughout the month to make the fun more special!

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


Get Your Dog His Own Stocking Then fill it with some of the great ideas from Doggie Loot!

Christmas Jammies! Ok it’s a little dog thing.

Take Your Dog to See Santa The Mall Santa may not be on board here, but your local pet store may be hosting the perfect event for an encounter with Santa. Photos too! It’s fun and a good socialization activity for your pup too!


Watch a Holiday Movie or Special Together Of course ones with dogs are best! 1. The Search for Santa Paws 2. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure 3. The Dog Who Saved Christmas 4. The 12 Dogs of Christmas

Don’t forget these other great movies/specials with notable dogs. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Animal Wellness Center of the Eastern Shore Improving The Life of Your Pet Physical Rehabilitation Water Therapy Holistic Medicine

Jaclyn Wolinski, DVM

410-572-4266 31454 Winterplace Parkway Salisbury, MD


Mark Stoehr MAc LAc Certified Animal Acupuncturist

410-707-1540 Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


Loose Leash Heel H

by Amanda Abresch B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA

eeling on the leash is for some, a far-off dream that will never happen, but what if I told you that it is quite simple for you and your dog to heel in harmony? Learning to heel is not necessarily an easy task for dogs. I often liken it to dancing- the components of the task don’t need to be difficult, but getting all the pieces together seamlessly is the challenge. Today, I will give you all the tips to help your dog learn how to heel! First, lets review what the "heel" is; this is a position where the dog walks on your left side (though I advise clients to get their dogs used to walk on either side to help with generalization), walking with her legs just behind yours, so her nose is just about even with your legs. Some folks take that a step further and require a dog to maintain eye contact with their handler/owner during the heel. It sounds simple enough, but asking a dog to "heel" is asking them to do the exact opposite of what they want to do out on a walk, which is to explore, 22

Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017

smell and run; all of which is fun for your dog. To help your dog heel, you need to keep this in mind and make heeling at least as fun as not heeling preferably more fun. A "heel" is a behavior that I do not ask dogs to do for an extended period outside of a show ring, just for this reason. When I got for a walk with my dog, she should be able to smell and explore just as I am looking around and enjoying the sights and time outdoors. Heeling is perfect for walking in distracting environments and when there are other dogs that you want to avoid. It is certainly a fantastic skill, but the thing that makes "heel" great is the ability to do it on a loose leash or even off leash. To do this, we first need to get a good heel without relying on the leash to keep your dog close but redirecting each time your dog gets too forward, so we maintain the correct "heel" position. I use a variety of redirects when dogs pull on the leash, and I use the same ones for loose leash

Precious Paws Animal Hospital

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John Maniatty, VMD Anne Flood, DVM Ali Lovins, DVM

Ocean City, MD


Bethany Beach, DE


Delmarva Unleashed Holiday 2017


walking as I do for heeling. If your dog can walk well without needing the tight leash to tell him what to do, it’s because she is watching and listening to you, which is your goal anyway. If we force our dog to heel by keeping a tight leash, she will never learn to heel without that leash as a reminder!

Here’s how to start the heel cue: Visual cue: begin with your dog sitting at your left side and take a step forward. Verbal cue: “heel.” 1. Have your dog at your left side and ask him/her to sit; click and treat. 2. Take a step forward with your left foot and say your dog's name and “heel.” 3. Click and treat your dog for staying next to you; even every other step initially is fine. As your dog stays next to you and holds the position longer, increase the time between rewards so that your dog learns to maintain the behavior for longer periods of time. Treat for them looking at you while staying at your side. 4. When you stop, your dog should come to a stop and sit. See below for tips on this part of the heel. 5. When your dog pulls ahead of you even a step or two ahead of your foot, try to redirect with a Penalty Yard or a U-Turn. Penalty Yard 1. With your dog on your left side, place the loop of the leash on your right wrist and hold onto the leash with your left hand so that your hands are about hip-width apart. When you practice with your dog on your right side, everything is reversed - loop

around left wrist and you are holding onto the leash with your right hand, so your hands are a little wider than hipwidth apart. 2. Say “let's go” and begin walking. 3. If your dog pulls, say “oops” or “eh-eh” and walk backward 5-6 steps and engage the dog while doing so. If you have their attention, to begin with, it is easier to keep it while walking. Do not turn and walk the other direction- walk backwards! 4. Keep backing up until the dog gets to you. Once they do, start walking forward again and click & treat as you walk forward (we want to reinforce the correct walking). 5. Repeat steps 3-4 as many times as necessary. The more they try to get to whatever it is, the further they get from it. 6. Any time your dog is not pulling on the leash, give a treat- even if you are constantly rewarding. 7. Gradually increase the amount of time between the rewards so that they are spending more time walking and looking around than they are getting treats. 8. Practice at home with a toy, placing it on the ground and walking them past it but not allowing them to get the toy. Once they walk past it once, let them go up to the toy for a moment. Over time, make the dog walk past the toy 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. times before they can go see it. This will strengthen the behavior and their impulse control as well. Double U-Turn 1. With your dog on your left side, place the loop of the leash on your right wrist and hold onto the leash

with your left hand so that your hands are about hip-width apart. When you practice with your dog on your right side, everything is reversed - loop around left wrist and you holding onto the leash with your right hand, so your hands are a little wider than hip-width apart. 2. Say “let's go” and begin walking. 3. If your dog pulls or lags behind at all, say “oops” or “eh-eh” and turn 180 degrees to the right. Your dog will wonder where you went and try to catch up with you. Do not yank the leash but don't let your dog decide where you are walking! If you need to, call your dogs name and encourage them to stay with you. 4. Repeat frequently! If your dog learns that you have a habit of wandering in a different direction and random times, they will keep a better eye on you...which is what we want! 5. Any time your dog is not pulling on the leash, treat- even if you are constantly rewarding. 6. Gradually increase the amount of time between rewards so that they are spending more time walking and looking around than they are getting treats. You can also use a U-Turn into your dog to further develop their ability to stick next to you: U-Turn Into Your Dog 1. With your dog on your left side, place the loop of the leash on your right wrist and hold onto the leash with your left hand so that your hands are about hip-width apart. When you practice with your dog on your right side, everything is reversed - loop

around left wrist and you are holding onto the leash with your right hand, so your hands are a little wider than hipwidth apart. 2. Begin walking. 3. This is where it gets a little tricky- when your dog is next to you (otherwise, it simply does not work well), make a left-hand turn- turn 180 degrees to the left, into your dog. Gently walk into your dog with your leg to usher him/her in the right direction, making noises or calling them to get them moving can help to motivate him/her. Cutting your dog off while walking will cause them to pay more attention to you during your walks. You are not trying to knee your dog in the face or step on his paws just stepping toward him. 4. Once your dog completes the turn, reward with a treat. Tips: - Keep your dog engaged! Talk to him/ her while you are walking, so they stay interested in the activity! - Reward with clicks and treats as your dog performs well and as their walking becomes better, you should space out the treats more so that they are actually walking further in the heel position before getting a treat. - Always treat from the hand closest to your dog. If you treat from the opposite side, your dog will gladly meet you halfway and end up in front of you. - Do lots of U-turns into your dog in the heel; this teaches them to pay attention to and stick close to your leg! - Practice repeat sits in the heel position to create a seamless transition from walking to stopping and sitting. This also keeps your dog at your side,

since they have to stay next to you for the sit. They will be less likely to step ahead while heeling. Last, I want to talk about the repeat sits mentioned there. This is luring your dog into a sit as you walk. You would start with a treat enclosed in your hand-hold that hand out near your dog's nose. As you stop walking,

Your Smart

bring that hand back to your hip to lure your dog into a sit position. This teaches your dog to watch your hands and to stop and sit when you stop. I do not add a verbal cue here, as I want the dog to learn to pay attention to me and stop to sit because I have stopped moving.


with Amanda Abresch

“My in-laws feed our dog from the table at holiday dinners, and I’m left with a begging dog for weeks. I’ve asked them not to do it, but I know they do because Parker always begs after they have visited. Short of making him stay in another room for dinner, how can I address this both before dinner and to quickly break the unwanted behavior after they leave?”

It sounds like Parker is showing us just how smart dogs are and how good they are at remembering specific situations and people, which is pretty extraordinary. He typically does not beg at the table with your immediate family throughout the year, but around the holidays there are different people, special people, people who at least once gave him food from the table or gave him food after he stood or sat begging for food during the whole meal. The thing is, dogs excel at this type of situational awareness because they were made to. In the wild, it makes sense to be keenly aware of one’s surroundings, and as dogs have evolved into our modern companions, they have learned how to read us and our environments better than we can. That’s all well and good, but you are still left with a begging dog, eh?

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I Want A Puppy For Christmas! by John Maniatty V.M.D.

want a puppy or kitten for Christmas! This is a common wish from both young and old. This can be a joyous event with long-term happiness or a source of frustration that ends in returning or surrendering the pet. So how can we hopefully get the former rather than the latter? First, you should know that there is never a guarantee but answering a few questions and doing simple research may make all the difference in the outcome. Step one is to assess who the pet is for and what their expectations will be. For young kids, are they mature enough to handle responsibilities like cleaning a litter box, walking a dog, feeding the pet, picking up toys that could get chewed? Are they mature enough to not feed inappropriate things? Will they get bored and stop interacting with the pet? We need to look at the parents in this case too. If the children cannot or stop caring for the pet, are they willing or do they have the time to handle the care? With seniors, we have to look at life expectancy. Will the pet outlive them and is there someone willing to adopt if the lifespan does not match? On occasion, I have to address this scenario; "Can you euthanize this pet? My parent has passed or is going to an assisted living home, and the pet cannot go. I don't want it." In a similar but different scenario, young kids grow up move out and cannot take the pet. The parents have neither the time nor inclination to take care of it. The pet suffers due to neglect. They bring it in to euthanize and

URGENT CARE Superior Care In A Warm Environment. Where the Locals Go!

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redirecting them to a shelter, if the pet is healthy enough, is often met with some level of frustration. Other things we need to look at are the recipient's finances, overall health, and size of the individual relative to the size of the pet. Cost of pet ownership needs to be understood. Food, vaccines, preventative medicine, and grooming all cost money. Larger dogs cost more than smaller dogs to take care of. Aside from finances, the overall health of the recipient needs to be considered. Are there knee or back issues, allergies, heart disease, or any other underlying health concerns that will limit their ability to take care of the pet? The overall size of the person is important to take into account for their safety and that of the pet. Large dogs pull, and children and adults can get hurt if they are not able to control the pulling. Small dogs/cats wiggle and if dropped can break bones. What do they want the pet for; hunting, biking, work out buddy, travel, companionship, someone to be in the yard while they garden, protection, or is it something they want because someone else has one and they look at it as a piece of property. All but the last are valid reasons for having a pet. If you suspect the last don’t do it. Once we determine what the expectations are then, we must research the breeds to determine which ones may match the scenario. There are several websites that can assist you in the research. These are a great place to start. 30

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Breed selectors suggest possible breeds but should be followed up with research that includes things like; what disease conditions the breed is predisposed to. This can affect the lifespan of the pet and the owner’s ability to take care of the pet. Also consider temperament, exercise needs, etc... Next talk to people that may have the same breed or a similar mixed breed you are interested in. This will help you to better understand the type of dog/cat and can point you in the right direction for adopting. Finding a reliable rescue, shelter, or breeder will increase your chances of getting a healthy pet and lessen the stress of transitioning to a new home. Understanding vaccinations, deworming, preventative medicines, house training, and feeding schedules help with both young and adult pets. This also can prevent bringing parasites such as fleas and worms into the home. Next step is to wait. This period can be critical to be sure this is a true desire and not a whim. More times than not people who get the puppy walking into the pet store or just stop by the shelter without planning, end up relinquishing it. It is especially difficult on the pet having to bounce from pet store/shelter to home to shelter. Majority of the time they do not get the training needed and make it more difficult to adopt out down the road. Pets can bring a lot of joy when matched up appropriately. Taking a little time and putting in a little effort can accomplish this match up and lead to years/decades of joy. Best of luck and may this holiday seasons bring you the pet that fits best with you if it’s already in your home.

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First, keep in mind that your in-laws may have just fed him from the table once or twice over the years. They don’t need to do it every time they visit to elicit a strong response from Parker. In fact, that random reinforcement is really the best way to create a dog who consistently begs. Random reinforcement is how many trainers (including myself) teach dogs to learn to respond without treats and other rewards every time. It’s the same trick used by casinos to get your money at the slots or with scratch off lotto tickets. They don’t pay off every time and rarely have a big payoff, but sometimes, there is a really nice reward. Back to holiday dinners. Your dog waits and waits and waits and inches closer and finally…. a juicy piece of turkey! It’s amazing. He must do all of that next time to ensure he gets more turkey. It was really, really tasty. Next time, he does all the same things and gets no turkey; not an ounce! He must try harder next time. It works, he gets turkey! He understands now, he just has to try harder! The next two (human) meals go by with no goodies for him, but he knows that if he sticks with it, he’ll get that special treat. Guess what? It worked. He got ham this time. It was salty and delicious and amazing. Almost like bacon. So, your in-laws may think they are helping by only very seldom giving goodies from the table, but they are actually building an addiction to begging in your dog. Next, I don’t think you will like what I have to say, because there is no good quick way to break begging or any other natural behavior that has a history or great reinforcement. What we need to do is teach him a better

way to behave at (human) mealtime. First, you need to teach him a solid down-stay away from the table. This can be in a crate or on a cozy dog bed, even the couch if that’s allowed in your house. To teach this with food, you ideally need to start a few months before the holidays have arrived, but you can give it a try now. Have your dog in a down position and ask him to stay as you walk over to the table and sit down and have a very small snack. If he gets up to join you or investigate, you walk him back over to his spot and ask him to down-stay again. Repeat until you finish your snack. When you are done, release him from the stay, and he can get a treat, playtime, a belly rub, whichever he likes best. From there, you build up to eating a larger meal and one at a time, adding in different people. Dogs are great at discerning minute differences in situations, but not so great at generalizing- applying the rules from one situation to others. Which is why we try to change one or two things in the environment at a time. A new friend could mean new rules. Better food could mean different rules. More food could mean different rules. They love to see if the rules are the same when the situation changes. With any luck, by Christmas, he can down-stay through at least part of a meal. In all honesty, the best way to keep him away from the table during the big meal is to have him tethered to a big piece of furniture, gated in another room or have him crated. He will survive the time away from everyone, and you won't have to argue with the in-laws over the dog. If he’s not ready for a full, long down-stay for a meal when it happens, Parker is really better Continued pg 7

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