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400 stunning home ideas

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Making your dream a Luxury Italian Experience 84 Upton Street, Bundall Qld 4217 Email: Ph: 07 55 920 161 Fax: 07 55 920 383

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Lighting Sculptures Accessories Interior Design Service Exclusive Italian Furniture

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Living in Luxury 100% handmade in Italy 84 Upton Street, Bundall Qld 4217 Email: Ph: 07 55 920 161 Fax: 07 55 920 383

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Lighting Sculptures Accessories Interior Design Service Exclusive Italian Furniture

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4 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2154 I Ph: 02 9899 4768 I Delivery Australia wide & NZ Contact us for a free catalogue I Open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm Please call for Interior Design service or for your nearest stockist I

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4 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill NSW 2154 I Ph: 02 9899 4768 I Delivery Australia wide & NZ Contact us for a free catalogue I Open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm Please call for Interior Design service or for your nearest stockist I

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interl端bke Cube cabinets: designed by Werner Aisslinger

COR Shrimp chairs: designed by Jehs + Laub

Beautiful Living : Made in Germany Siekaup: Shop 1/360 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW t (61 2) 9906 5472 e w

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A look at the newest selections and stylish solutions for your home



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Beautiful rooms and how to achieve their look What’s Hot in the market


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Stomping ground Advice and options for choosing the right flooring Lights, camera, action Lighting your home for fun and function Personal sanctuary How to create the perfect bedroom om Sew stopper Beautiful fabrics to brighten your space Kitchens & bathrooms Great designs, gorgeous productss and how to get the look Home Elevators Uplifting your home in elevating style Heating Heating and cooling options to keep you cosy Outdoor Rooms Head outdoors and embrace the sun



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Argentine Revolution A fashion designer’s perfect sanctuary From Bowie to Banksy This eclectic home contests traditional notions of art and colour Making Waves Modern, luxurious and a little bit bohemian Urban Wonderland This cleverly-designed home has all the right elements Private Oasis A 1980s home is transformed into an urban masterpiece Colourful flow This Gold Coast beach home is warm and easy-going



Going Wireless Celebrating the wireless revolution


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400 stunning home ideas

84 DESIGN MINDS Vol. 4 AUS $11.95*


NZ $14.50 (Both incl. GST)

Space for living 12 ROOMS THAT ENERGISE Project: Greg Natale Design Photography: Anson Smart Cover Design: Kate Podger

School’s out A former 19th century school is a high-tech home


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Sushi Outdoor Extendable Table and Rest Chair Hand made in Italy Why not enjoy summer days in the outdoors with our Sushi Outdoor Table and Rest Chairs. The Table is available as extension or fixed top in a selection of sizes and colours with aluminium frame and alucompact top while the Rest Chairs offer comfort, durability and sleek lines. Both are highly stable and UV/impact resistant and exclusive to Fanuli.

I TA L I A N & A U S T R A L I A N F U R N I T U R E E S T. 1 9 7 6 I 2 6 9 M i l i t a r y R o a d , C r e m o r n e , N S W I Te l ( 0 2 ) 9 9 0 8 2 6 6 0 I f a n u l i . c o m Melbourne Destination 3000 (03) 9614 7167 I Brisbane Commercial Images (07) 3844 9100 I Perth Innerspace (08) 9322 6664 I Hobart Featherston Interiors (03) 6234 6177

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ur annual edition of Design & Decoration is a personal favourite. As an interior designer, I have designed and fitted out more than 20 of my own homes and many, many homes for my clients. Designing, sourcing and selecting the style, fixtures, fittings and furnishings for each of these homes takes several weeks and often months or years. Achieving an individual look for each one requires patience, skill and lots of research. It’s about carefully selecting every element to ensure the finished look is in harmony with the needs and wants of the occupants.

DON’T BUY ITEMS THAT LOOK GOOD BUT WON’T ST; IT’S SO MUCH BETTER TO BE PATIENT AND WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD THAT SPECIAL PIECE RATHER THAN BUYING AN INFERIOR ITEM THAT WILL FALL APART IN A YEAR Sourcing furnishings for your home can be challenging but it should also be fun. Creating a look that you love over one that is “in fashion” must always be foremost. Work with your favourite colours and don’t be afraid to be bold; interiors don’t have to be white, white or white!

Your home’s interiors should be thoughtfully considered and excellently resolved. Attention to detail is paramount whatever your budget. Don’t buy items that look good but won’t last; it’s so much better to be patient and wait until you can afford that special piece rather than buying an inferior item that will fall apart in a year. Undertake the important jobs first, such as painting and laying floors. These create the blank canvas for your furnishings. Layer your furnishings in order of importance, too, starting with sofas, dining table and chairs, and bedding. Then add additional items and accessories as you can afford them, but do have a plan so that you don’t just buy pieces in a hodgepodge fashion — have a final look in mind. Creating a “look book” of what you like can help you formalise your project and will give you a working plan. Our Beautiful Rooms articles in this issue demonstrate how to pull a look together by selecting items that both complement and contrast to form a complete whole. Our Feature Homes pages take this one step further by showing you how the professionals do it in real homes for real families.

Our features this issue offer lots of fabulous ideas and advice, from heating and cooling the home to selecting flooring and wall coverings, choosing fabrics for different occasions and creating wonderful, dreamy looks in the bedroom. And no interior is complete without attention to lighting, which can make or break your scheme. From the light source you choose to the decorative finish, effective lighting is important for both safety and ambience. Our feature this issue looks at lighting that is beautiful and practical with a touch of eco-elegance. As we transition through the seasons and shake off winter’s pall, it’s time to freshen up our homes for spring and summer. Whether it’s a new rug, some cushions, lamps, mirrors, bed linen or a total makeover, do your research, trust your judgement, have a plan, stick to it and enjoy the outcome.

Kate St James, FDIA Editor-in-Chief


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Emerge is a screening solution designed by ALISANEWEY that can be used in residential or commercial applications. Fabricated from a range of recycled materials, Emerge comes flat-packed and pops out to become a striking piece of furniture. Lovingly restored by the team at GINGERELLIOTT, this freshly painted and upholstered one-off vintage bamboo recliner chair with a small lumbar cushion looks as beautiful as the day it was made. The TRMV Bali chandelier is craed from white ash and black iron. The unique wooden “popsicles” emit a warm light, best used with a dimmer to create a cosy atmosphere. The TRMV Coast chandelier features Gmelina timber with plain metal, round bars, beads and square tubing. The wooden strips create a dappled lighting effect. Hang over your dining table or anywhere you desire a special piece to light up your life.

This rough dressed Victorian ash table from NDCHANCETABLES is made from former house studs and floor joists, and has been treated and machined to a bare minimum, leaving the original markings from the sawmill where the timber was cut years ago. A wax coating is all that is used to give this beautiful piece an antique lustre. 2ndchancetables. Ingeniously designed, the Paperpedic bedroom suite from KARTON is made from 100 per cent recyclable cardboard. The range includes beds in single, queen and king size with drawers and a bedside table to hold all your personal items. The bed can be assembled in minutes and, with a load capacity close to a tonne, the king-size bed can sleep up to 10 people. The Aslan lamp from THETHEORYOFWILLOW is a unique piece made from recycled timber. The six-sided box, which showcases the timber’s natural characteristics, is paired with a vintagestyle lamp and red cloth cord. theoryofwillow. NICOYAFURNITURE’s Samara Boca stool and occasional table are handcraed from raan and palm twigs inlaid in polished resin. True to the natural beauty and tranquillity of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, the range of beautifully-craed furniture brings a relaxed eco-style to any space. The handcraed Samara Carillo round mirror from NICOYAFURNITURE adds instant impact. Made from tropical vines, inlaid by master crasmen and finished with a smooth, polished white or black resin, your reflection will never look as good as it does framed by this gem.


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THENATURALAESTHETICOFTIMBER ISRUSTICANDCHARMINGYETWHEN DESIGNEDWELLCANALSOEXUDEA STYLISHSOPHISTICATION EDITEDBYKARSHAGREEN On display in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design, the Artemis fan, now available in distressed Koa wood from BEACONLIGHTING, has a reddish varied grain and will suit any style of home. Designed in 1959 and displaying his trademark organic drawers, Arne Vodder’s Tallboy #15 in oak from GREATDANEFURNITURE combines seamlessness with sophistication. Chalked Oak is one of the many finishes added to LAMINEX’s range of designer timber veneers. Perfect for small spaces, the Kani stool is a versatile product designed by Lasse Kinnunen and made by DEKADESIGN in Brisbane.

Minimal and simplistic, the Tempo clock from FORMFUNCTIONSTYLE is the perfect housewarming gi. With sharp lines and a design that shows off the wires and screws, the Muuto Wooden table lamp from THEDESIGNHUNTER is adorable!

It may not be the actual material, however, the Whitewashed Wood mural by Komar fromTHEELEPHANTROOMcertainly looks like timber and will create the most beautiful rustic look in your desired space. Creating an exquisite light show due to its facade, the Spiral 180 pendant from DUNCANMEERDINGFURNITUREDESIGN produces a tranquil mood in a space. The Pleat outdoor seat is a testament to designer CHRIS HARDY’s artistic flair. Available from Cafe Culture, its ergonomic function is produced by individually cuing and shaping pieces of plywood. Made from Tasmanian eucalypt, the Leaning Leaf coffee table from DUNCANMEERDING FURNITUREDESIGN has a unique aesthetic to match its durability and sustainability functions.


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Asked to design a fixture for the Angeline Pavilioned, a restaurant in 1958, Poul Henningsen created the PH Artichoke, inspired by the vegetable’s flaked shape and texture. Available from DESIGNCRAFT. RRP from $12,565. Functional elegance sums up the Arco LED floor lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos in 1962. With a base of solid Italian marble, the design has remained unchanged and production is exactly as it was in 1962 — with the exception of the electrical system, which has been upgraded. Arco is available from EUROLUCE. RRP $3800. Transforming the world of pop art, ANDYWARHOL’s prints will always have a place in the home, in particular his Marilyn portrait. POA. The Bird Whistle Kele by MICHAEL GRAVESopened the way for the playful design style that subsequently characterized the ’90s. POA. Anglepoise is a true British icon. First produced in 1934 and using constant tension springs, the lamp offered unrivalled flexibility, smooth movement and the ability to support itself in any position. Today’s version, the Original 1227 has been carefully updated to modern safety standards. Available from CORPORATE CULTURE. RRP $4143.70. Use it as a stool, a table or simply a treasured decorative item, the Bonze by Philippe Starck is available in bronze, black, gold or platinum from CLASSIQUE. POA. Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers when it came to fibreglass and plastic resin chairs, and the Eames Moulded Plastic Chair is one of their most popular designs. It is still being produced by the original manufacturer, HERMANMILLER. RRP $319. The Embryo chair was Marc Newson’s first chair to go into production, and with its curvaceous form and bright colours it was a radical move for the designer back in 1988, but we sure do love it now! Available from CORPORATECULTURE. RRP $7026.80. Charles and Ray Eames bring a sense of play into each of their designs, like the Hang-It-All coat rack, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Made from welded steel and maple round hooks, this design takes coat racks to the next level. Available from HERMANMILLER. RRP $199.



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Placing emotional value on items of cultural or ritual interest was an idea that coursed through the veins of this year’s fair. Turning a functional item, which forms part of our everyday routine, into something beautiful and eclectic featured prominently. Tea drinking was a recurrent theme and this Chado tea set for VERREUM by Sebastian Herkner illustrates how function and form can co-exist. Many exhibitors called aention to economic and political unrest in the world. Beirut-based design studio BOKJA highlighted the movement of people who set up home in a place other than their birthplace to escape unrest. Bokja’s Migration sofa has bird motifs and patchwork elements that represent the process of migrating with your belongings slung over your shoulder. Belgian design firmSTUDIOJOB presented some exquisitely bold and daring pieces; something we’ve come to expect from a studio that likes to touch on “the joyful absurd”. The Bucket lamp designed for Moooi is shaped like an upside-down bucket, with touches of gold thrown in for good measure. Stripping designs back to the bare essentials was another theme that shone through at this year’s fair. A return to poetic simplicity was illustrated with String Lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades for lighting manufacturer FLOS. The lights, which draw on the geometric nature of the electric cables found within cityscapes, feature an LED bulb within a shade connected to metres of thin black cabling. Colour is also making a dramatic impact on the international design scene, splashing back into vision as we enter the second decade of the 21st century. Stefan Diez’ THIS THAT OTHER collection for E includes this chair in neon pink, a sign of the growing acceptance of bold colour in the home. Precious materials featured prominently in the creations of well-established designers, but many younger contributors chose to draw aention to the problematic aspects of consumerism. MOENAGATA of Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design created her From Creatures jewellery using food waste from the hospitality industry. The pieces resonate with an animalistic quality that is both beautiful and raw. So forms and calming colours allow a retreat from the chaos most of us experience daily. At the forefront of this trend is design and architecture innovator Patricia Urquiola. Her selection of Mangas Spaces rugs and furniture for GAN goes one step further, introducing a tactile element to her soothing range.


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Cosh Living specialize in designer contemporary furniture for indoor and out. Experience beautiful furniture from leading brands, all meticulously selected for Australian taste, style and comfort. Featuring dining, sofa, and occasional furniture, enhance your home with beauty from the inside out.

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coshliving Melbourne 03 9281 1999 | Sydney 02 9317 3011 | Brisbane 07 3666 0377 Follow us on or visit

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GROUND Lik other Like th h elements l t within ithi th the h home, the flooring you choose is unique to your individual needs and tastes, so here are some options to help you make the best choice WORDSALEXANDRALONGSTAFF

Island Song, designed by CAMILLA, is a colourful handmade graphic print created through collaboration with Designer Rugs. Island Song offers an underfoot explosion of colour and transports you instantly to summer in Spain. That said, there are distinct oriental, tropical and tribal tones, creating a culmination and cohesion of cultures in one rug.



8/22/2013 3:42:50 PM

FEATURE FLOORING Jamie Durie’s second collaboration with THERUG COLLECTION has produced stunning, colourful results. The Baraka rug uses the blurred horizons of the natural world as inspiration and is a beautiful backdrop to a room.

SELECTION Stacey Kouros, interior designer and ambassador for Carpet Court, offers a guide to choosing flooring to suit your home and lifestyle

ABOVE This rug brings the floor to life with colour and richness. Inspired by the influential nature of the Chinese Qin dynasty, the rug — which is designed by Camilla for DESIGNER RUGS — showcases the fraught relationship between nature, chaos, strength, femininity and masculinity.

BELOWA beautiful selection of rugs from ROGERLAWTON RUGSOFDISTINCTION are showcased on the wall and floor. On the le-hand side of the wall is Mulwala in black and ivory and on the right is Quiver in charcoal and black. Underfoot lays Zig Zag in so grey and chocolate lines.

Your floor is the one part of your home that you’re almost always in contact with. It can add style and comfort to your house, turning it into a home. But with thousands of colours and styles and different fibres and textures available, choosing the right carpet for your home can be challenging. A good place to start is to think about who will be living in the space. How robust does the area need to be to withstand foot traffic and moving of furniture? What mood are you trying to create and how can the carpet reflect this? Selecting the right colours, patterns and textures can make or break an interior’s look. These elements can have a dramatic impact in opening up a room, creating warmth, energy or functionality.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT FLOORING IS BEST FOR YOUR HOME? The look and style of your home is so often dictated by your flooring, so choosing the right flooring is important — but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The problem many people face when buying flooring is sorting through the endless options, so tools such as Carpet Court’s revolutionary



8/22/2013 3:42:54 PM


TREAD SOFTLY Nothing beats the feeling of a soft and luxurious rug or carpet beneath your feet. Not only will it make a house a home, it will keep the heat in and also provide a great noise barrier, too. Think about colour choice, the style of the carpet, such as cut pile, loop pile or a combination of cut and loop pile, and what type of pile you prefer, such as plush or berber. Whichever you choose, it needs to fit with your lifestyle rather than hinder it. Plush carpets are thick and soft, but they will also show footprints and tracks. For high-traffic areas or houses with children or pets, a berber pile might work better as it is flat and dense and won’t show marks. Carpet padding is also important as it will provide structure and support to your floor.

RIGHTTaking its inspiration from the mythical goddess of the earth, the Gaia collection from CARPETCOURTis a naturally beautiful and comfortable carpet. Made from 100 per cent wool, the range offers warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

BELOWRIGHTParitea from CAVALIERBREMWORTH is a textured loop pile carpet made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool. It is a ribbed carpet that respects the convenience and popularity of sisal carpet — perfect for the family home.

3D Design Studio are invaluable. You can create virtual rooms in 3D to see how Carpet Court’s extensive product range will look in your home. Upload pictures of your own rooms, or choose from a selection of room designs, and select from a range of flooring options, including carpet, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, timber and rugs, to see which best suits your space. The tool allows you to insert additional furnishings and change the colour of walls and fittings so you can virtually try before you buy.

with a slightly textured surface. The yarn lays in different directions, creating a firm, textured appearance that’s perfect for high-traffic areas.


Plush pile: Cut plush pile is soft and luxurious, with a velvety appearance that adds elegance to bedrooms and living areas. Plush pile requires care and maintenance to keep its appearance so it’s best for homes without muddy little paws or feet but, if cared for properly, it will bring a touch of luxury to your home for years to come.

Whether you choose timber, carpet, vinyl, laminate, tiles or simply a rug, there are different styles within each range, so it’s important to do your research about the product before deciding if it’s right for you. Below are some of the most popular flooring options.

Textured pile: Textured pile carpets made from uncut yarn in loops of varied lengths are a popular choice for high-traffic areas thanks to the strong, wear-resistant textured finish which helps mask footprints.

CARPET Berber: An ever-popular style, berber refers to the flecks of colour against a pale background. Usually made in loop style from thick yarns, berber is also available in other styles such as shag and friezes. Cut twist pile: Cut twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile

Loop pile: Durable, crush-resistant and easy to clean, loop pile carpets are comprised of uncut yarn made into loops to create a stronger, more wear-resistant pile. Perfect for active families or those wanting a smart tailored look, loop pile carpets such as those in Carpet Court’s Designer Style collection are increasing in popularity due to their hard-wearing qualities and contemporary colour palette.



8/22/2013 3:42:59 PM


Vinyl flooring is not only hard-wearing, hygienic, waterproof and easy to clean, but it also offers unparalleled design freedom. Natural materials, such as wood and stone, can be recreated for a fraction of the cost of the real thing, with the benefit of soft cushioning underfoot and a choice of textures and finishes. These features make vinyl perfect for a low-maintenance floor with a designer look. The Carpet Court Laneway collection of vinyl planks and tiles offers one of the few DIY flooring options available. With the innovative use of a non-skid, honeycombbacking layer, the Laneway collection is a ready-to-lay product that does not require adhesives or sealing. LEFT Grey rustic planks from CARPETCOURT’s Laneway collection.

TIMBER: For a classic look that will last a lifetime, you can’t walk past the natural beauty and warmth of timber flooring. Not only does it look stunning, it also offers remarkable resistance to day-to-day wear and tear. BELOWAubrey oak flooring comes directly from Europe and uses FSC-certified Croatian oak. It is manufactured in the Netherlands and distributed by TOKENSOFLIVINGin Australia.

RIGHT ReadyFlor is a floating timber floor that offers absolute ease and convenience. This NSW spoed gum floor from CARPETCOURT is constructed by gluing pieces together in a tongue-and-groove system, which creates a floating floor.



8/22/2013 3:43:02 PM

MINATE: Get the luxurious look and feel of wood with no mess and no fuss. Quickstep Laminate is installed using the state-of-the-art Uniclic system, which means the boards easily click together in no time — with no glue. Renowned for its hard-working, hard-wearing qualities, Quickstep Laminate is scratch- and scuff-resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and very low maintenance. There’s no one flooring that will suit everyone so consider your lifestyle, the looks you love and your budget, then speak to a Carpet Court team member to help choose the flooring that’s best for your home. For more information visit Laminate flooring doesn’t necessarily have to look like timber — the options are endless. The captivating Barcode in black and silver by PERGOis a highly-durable laminate floor that is sleek, smooth and unique.

Tiles can also be a good option for flooring as they stay cool when the weather gets hot. The Calacata Gold floor tiles from EARPBROS resist hard wear and are easy to clean, making them a good option for high-traffic areas.

Australian 12mm select laminate flooring in blackbu from EVOLUTIONFLOORS offers the convenience and ease of laminate, while still looking just like timber.

This NSW spoed gum laminate floor in 12mm from EVOLUTIONFLOORS looks just like real spoed gum, but without the bulk and maintenance that timber floors require.



8/22/2013 3:43:06 PM


A selection from the ARMADILLO&CO 100 per cent wool Designer collection. Using bright colours and paerns mean your floor will never be dull.

Cork, like rubber, comes from trees, making its impact on the environment gentler than other forms of flooring. Once considered outdated, cork is making a strong comeback due to its surprising durability, warmth and soness. Available from CARPETCOURT.

DOES IT Jodie Fried and Sally Poharst, co-founders of Armadillo&Co, explain the importance of eco-friendly flooring WHAT NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED?

Choosing eco-friendly flooring is of growing importance to consumers who want to actively contribute to a more sustainable future and environment. Choosing sustainable flooring alternatives made from natural fibres is making an informed choice for a sustainable future.

We love the look and feel of resilient, hard flooring that allows you to use rugs to add warmth and reduce noise. Using rugs of differing styles and colours will help your interior style evolve with the seasons.



Consider the environment and those who will inhabit the space when choosing your flooring. Things to consider include climate, ventilation, pets, children, use and also your layout and design. Flooring options that are durable and easy to maintain are the wisest choices.

We only use green materials in our rugs — all of which come from renewable sources such as wool, hemp, cotton and jute. Wool is a wonderful fibre in that it has great insulation properties, which applies to both cool and warm climates, along with resistance to soiling due to the inherent scaly structure of the wool fibre.

The ARMADILLO&CO 100 per cent wool Ribbon Multi Stripe Runner in Chartreuse/Cerise is made using the same eco-friendly ideals implemented in the manufacture of all Armadillo&Co rugs.



8/22/2013 3:43:11 PM

HOW DOES ARMADILLO&CO APPROACH ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES? Armadillo&Co is committed to using natural fibres for all of its products and does not use toxic or synthetic fibres. We promote ethical consumerism and work towards crafting beautiful products with the help of our incredible artisans. We guarantee that in absolutely no way is any child employed in any of our rug making, and we collaborate with various organisations against illegal child labour to ensure fair trade practices are met. It is important to us that we support these artisan traditions and provide our weavers

with a sustainable income. We support their agrarian lifestyle and contribute to local communities through funding learning for students and building schools. For more information visit

ABOVEBT Bamboo Light Sand from ECOFLOORING features in this award-winning architectural home. A lustrous presence resonates from the natural bamboo used here and also provides a stylish, eco-friendly and hard-as-nails alternative to other flooring options.

BELOWBamboo is a very eco-friendly option and it will make a real difference to your home without destroying the environment. ARC Bamboo from CARPETCOURT is extremely moisture resistant, easy to install and durable.


The benefits of using bamboo flooring are great. Bamboo largely comes under the same umbrella as timber flooring, but the added benefit of using bamboo is that it takes the eco-friendly status of timber one step further. Bamboo, when harvested, is cut so that the stalk remains in the ground and can re-grow to full height in approximately three to five years, which is very fast compared to other trees that can take decades to grow.



8/22/2013 3:43:17 PM

FEELING Colour is important to our happiness and well-being, and can single-handedly set the mood of a room. From light tones to moody hues, the right colour can make your house a home WORDSALEXANDRALONGSTAFF SPRING CLEANING... This season is all about putting a spring in your step and bringing the season into your home. It’s time to freshen up your colour choices and embrace all things sprightly. Think about light or pastel shades for main walls and consider using bolder colours for feature walls or trims. If you’re looking to really make a statement, take inspiration from your surroundings. Your garden is most likely bursting with new life at the moment, so bring the outdoors in and create a lively splash of colour in your interior space, too. Bright floral hues combined with pastels will set a feminine tone and encourage happy feelings. But don’t forget to look to the skies too, especially now the clouds have parted and we are heading into warmer days. According to Dulux, a popular colour scheme this season includes soft blues with off-white trims. This creates a fresh and airy feel reminiscent of sunny climes. Spring brings new life and fills our senses with the promise of things to come. So, as we leave the cold behind and enter the new season, let’s embrace colour and allow it to lift our spirits.

Coral Blossom paint available from DULUX.



8/19/2013 10:07:37 AM

FEATURE COLOURANDPAINT Mim Design for DULUXwith the Rise Palee.



8/19/2013 10:07:40 AM


DESIGN & DECORATION SPEAKS TO SHAYNNA BZE; TV PRESENTER, INTERIOR DESIGNER AND AMBASSADOR FOR TAUBMANS What colours can we expect to see this spring? Three upcoming colours that I love are Ice Princess, Ceramic Green and Dark Heather. Sitting in the grey palette, Ice Princess is a stunning base colour that complements and softens strong colour accents from other paint colours, furniture or accessories — especially in harsh daylight. Ceramic Green is a rich teal that is reminiscent of the shimmer in a peacock feather, and Dark Heather shows how purple can create a regal and romantic presence without being too feminine. What are some of your favourite looks for feature walls? I love to paint two adjoining interior walls and

wrap the colour around the room, bringing warmth and energy into the room without overwhelming it. For the exterior, I consider the architecture of the building and its surrounding landscape then I choose a base palette and create a bold contrast with the door or a structural feature of the house. How can I use paint to disguise unsightly features in a room? Paint is the master of illusion. The key to hiding unsightly features is to draw the eye to the best elements of the room, and the easiest way to do that is by highlighting those elements with colour. If you are afraid of creating a bold contrast, going two shades darker than the original colour can create a simple focal point and instantly change the look of the room.

They don’t call it the “Green Room” for nothing. Green is soothing and soulful, and a deep shade such as Pear Cactus by TAUBMANS is the perfect colour for living rooms and studies.

What’s the most common mistake people make with paint? Some people think they are going to get the test paint pots in the morning, go back to the hardware store at lunchtime and have the room painted by night-time. This is where rash decisions on colour selection scar people, affecting their colour confidence and causing them to give up. Selecting colour is a process. I always suggest getting three colours or less (too many is confusing) and testing the colours on a white background. Then live with it for a week to see how the mood of the paint changes in different light. The next step is your preparation. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry, and that any holes or bumps are filled and sanded. Ask if the colour you have chosen needs a tinted undercoat. Take your time and do it properly. This is the key to getting it right.

GREEN WITH ENVY Colour is key to a room’s mood and light level, so you want to make sure you get it right. Choosing a paint colour is a big call and you should dedicate a significant amount of thought to it; after all, you’ll have to live with the results. That said, your wall colour can be adjusted relatively easily compared with your furniture. If you have investment pieces that aren’t easily interchangeable, your wall colour will need to be the flexible player. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play it safe — you can still abandon neutrals and head into more adventurous and colourful territories, perhaps going for greens, pinks or yellows. But moving into the world of green, for example, can be a scary and bold move. A good starting point is to take inspiration from your surrounds. This could be from the garden or your travels. And don’t forget; your wall colour can always be changed if you decide bold hues are not for you.

MOODY BLUES Deep, rich purples are perfect for master bedrooms as they can — if used effectively — evoke a tender, delicate and elegant feel. Pair them with masculine furnishings and you can just as easily create a strong and powerful statement. Enlisting a crisp white finish for trims and furnishings creates drama through contrast, and can reduce the sometimes overpowering nature of dark, bold colours. You can also try softening strong walls with accessories in lighter shades that complement the existing colour. Team a deep purple like Dark Heather by Taubmans with lavender and lilac accessories to stay within the purple colour scheme, while adding grace and lightness to the purple walls. Soft furnishings will add texture to the space so make sure you consider these, too.

Dark Heather byTAUBMANS creates a moody and romantic place to rest your head when used in the bedroom.



8/22/2013 3:43:36 PM


TOPLEFT DULUX’s Species makes this back wall pop. Bright colours can be used to truly define a space, such as in this dining room. TOPRIGHTWhen opting for bright colours, select shades within a similar colour group to give diversity without clashing. DULUX Baby Tone on the

walls combines with a selection of pink hues to create a vibrant and warm space. BELOWLEFTFirst impressions are important. Try a vibrant colour in your hallway for a bit of pizzazz upon entry. Here, the main wall is painted in Rodham by Bree Leech for DULUX.

BELOWRIGHTBree Leech is a designer with many years of experience working with colour and trends. Her collection of paints forDULUX includes Rodham (on the wall), Belly Fire, Ginger Crunch, Terra Rose, Camel Cord, Tee Off, Milpa, Noble Brown and Gold Deposit.



8/19/2013 10:07:47 AM

FEATURE COLOURANDPAINT NEUTRAL STANCE Neutrals are a great base layer. If you can get this initial colour right, you’ll have a solid foundation to build on. It’s always important to bear in mind that colours appear different from day to night and neutrals can reveal this subtle change more than other shades. Neutrals can also appear drastically different from room to room, depending on the light and overall atmosphere of the space. To play it safe, replace neutral paint with a pastel colour. Pastels have seen such a revival of late that they are verging on becoming the new neutrals. Pastels are light and uplifting, often providing a refreshing contrast to darker hues.

WHITE OUT Interior designer and ambassador for Taubmans, Shayna Blaze, says that selecting a neutral tone is particularly difficult. “The subtle undertones of a neutral can come from yellow, brown, grey, green, pink and even a mixture of a few colours. So making sure you get the right white is also about getting the whole colour selection right. Warm whites are a good start when you are looking at a traditional interior as they allow textures of stone and lightcoloured timbers to be layered; it’s a very simple colour scheme but has a lot of depth. Subtle colour accents like soft oranges, linens and even buttery yellows are perfect in a bathroom setting as they are a simple way to escape the clinical feeling that a fully white bathroom can have.” BELOWOstrich Feather from TAUBMANS is a crisp but welcoming stone-coloured white that gives a natural base from which to work. Stone whites generally utilise a mix

HAZY GREYS Grey by no means needs to be a cold colour. With the right help and a good colour scheme, grey can be an appealing and welcoming colour. Try pinks and lilacs in conjunction with greys, continuing to add layers until the coldness is reduced. Soft greys paired with stone whites, white furnishings and white textures will create a gentle and calming environment that can be both feminine and warm. These layers will also prevent the room from looking clinical.

ABOVEGreen and blue paints, such as Rain Cloud by TAUBMANS, add joy and relaxing vibes to a room. They are wonderful for making a dark area come alive or for brightening entries, living rooms and bedrooms.

of greys, greens, whites and sometimes even yellows, enabling them to work well in conjunction with a variety of other colours.

RIGHTGrey On Grey by TAUBMANS is a so grey paint with a hint of blue. Adding pink to the equation in the form of furnishings will really bring out the colour and create an elegant and timeless backdrop.

Lastly, avoid chrome finishes as these will instantly give the room a chilly demeanour which, when paired with grey, can really be the icing on the cake.



8/19/2013 10:07:53 AM

ON We find out what’s trending this coming season WENDY RENNIE, COLOUR AND CONCEPT MANAGER AT HAYMES PAINT, TELLS US WHAT’S HOT Trend 1: The key to neutrals this year is warm grey tones derived from building materials and natural materials such as stone. Trend 2: We’re seeing a return to designer finishes that offer more than one dimension and give objects a new life and value (this includes upcycling and re-purposing items). Trend 3: Bold colours are making a statement in broad wall and furniture pieces and injecting life into interiors.

LEFTResonate, Livid Pink, Mayfair TOPOFPAGE Wall colour shown is Expressions low-sheen acrylic in Livid Pink ABOVELEFTHaymes Paint’s 2013 Next Generation colours feature eight new neutrals, including warm grey tones such as Solace, Resonate, Contemplate and Refuge

ABOVERIGHTA colour such as Mayfair can give new life to an old but well-loved item BOTTOMLEFTA “no-rule” ethos allows for a crossover between old and new, neutral and bold, as seen in this retro-yet-minimal room. Image supplied by Haymes.

Trend 4: Homeowners are taking a more eclectic approach to decorating, which means the “no rule” ethos is everywhere. Old and new, neutral and bold – everything can be combined. Crossover of patterns, textures and finishes add to the look and feel of a space, giving it a personal and original sentiment. For more information visit



8/22/2013 3:43:50 PM

A HOME Andrea Lucena-Orr from Dulux reveals ďŹ ve ways to make your house a home using paint

DULUX Tapioca is a paint that will help you truly personalise a room. It is bright and playful while working harmoniously with contrasting colours and neutrals.



8/19/2013 10:08:07 AM


The Seek palee by Ella Leoncio for DULUX includes bright, sunny colours layered over deep, earthy tones, creating an intimate and almost vintage feel.

Don’t be afraid to use one or more colours in your home as this is what will truly define your home as yours. Just choosing white will not personalise your space. Even if you use just one or two colours, this will help define the function of the space — you can start with the bedrooms! Always consult the owner of the bedroom with colour selection, especially if they are children. Highlight your favourite piece of artwork. Choose a colour from your most treasured canvas to create a feature wall that will accentuate the masterpiece and really make it the focal point of the room. Define a formal space using colour. Select a deep colour for your dining room or formal lounge to give it a moody atmosphere, and you can add interest by using lights at night. Often darker colours can make a space feel cosy and add a hint of romance. Colour your entry! Add some sparkle to your grand entrance to really welcome your guests. This could be as simple as painting your front door (front and back) or painting the entry that leads into your home. This can quickly transform the feel of your home. To really make an impact, use a bright or bold colour.

If you have an open-plan living area, colour can help you create a defined space for your children to study or for you to use as a home office. This can be as easy as painting one wall behind a desk to transform this section into a working area. Using a different colour will give the study

area a completely different feel and will help separate it from the rest of the home. For more information visit BELOWThe bright tones of the Seek palee by Ella Leoncio for DULUX give this space a happy, vibrant, vintage feel with a contemporary twist.



8/22/2013 3:44:01 PM


Jetmaster.indd 2

15/08/2013 10:26:33 AM



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Jetmaster.indd 3


15/08/2013 10:26:43 AM




A man cave needs to be minimalist but still incorporate strong design features. The Clusterlamp by Moooi from SPACEFURNITURE looks like the result of a day’s hard work in the shed. Hung on its own or in a bunch, the Clusterlamp will add an industrial touch to any room. A bole opener is an essential tool for the man cave and the Marli by Alessi from BRISTOL&BROOKS is designed around the bio-mechanics of the human wrist, ensuring a cleaner and easier opening. bristolandbrooks. Mixing two necessities of the perfect lifestyle — travel and celebrating — the Equator globe bar from BOCADOLOBO has an exquisite hand-hammered copper dome and intricate detail of a Portuguese navigator’s travels. Interested in the inner workings of machines, the Time & Oblivion mural by Jared Nickerson for WALLPAPERREPUBLIC utilises a great colour palee with an image that complements a male environment. Sleek in design and big in sound, the Geneva M fromLENWALLISAUDIO is perfect for a lile nook or can be used as a feature atop a cabinet. With CD and iPod docking systems, FM radio, AUX input and an optional Bluetooth adaptor, the Geneva M is essential for any pad. Providing pure visual ecstasy, the SAMSUNG S9 UHD TV starts at 85” and progresses up to a whopping 110”. With internet accessibility, as well as integration with apps and other smart devices, there is no such thing as too big, right? You can’t get much manlier than black leather. The Boutique Leather sofa by Moooi from SPACEFURNITURE has sharp lines and a classic shape, and a checked backrest to spruce it up. Every man cave needs some kind of sports memorabilia, but you want to keep it classy. The Vintage Bikes wall art from MINTGREEN shows the history of the bicycle and is a great way to incorporate sport without clashing with the style of your space. From Tom Dixon’s Eclectic range comes an array of striking decor items, including the black, powder-coated, solid-aluminium English gentlemen’s brogue, a British factory money box and a nut cracker. Available from DEDECE.


DAD004_pg048_SS-FOR_HIM.indd 48

8/22/2013 3:34:34 PM

Villa Natralis luxury on your floor

At International Floorcoverings we love natural fibres, colours and textures. We source and distribute different styles of carpets that we believe will add style and function to a home. Above all we take pride in being innovative and different, we also believe in selling carpets, rugs and runners; that have been produced using environmentally sound and ethical production practices, without compromising the quality, design or style. Our weavers have combined years of expertise and care to produce a beautifully natural coloured wool carpet aimed at today’s living requirements, that we really can be proud of. The yarns used in a VILLA NATRALIS woven carpet are 100% pure UN-DYED natural wool fibre. These fibres are graded and blended together to give us these luxurious, 100% natural colour tones. The fibres are then spun and woven on Wilton Looms. This method of weaving carpet dates back hundreds of years, the end result is a durable woven product, which is extremely hard wearing and dimensionally stable. Also this weaving process means the carpet does not suffer from the delamination or stability weakness often associated with standard tufted carpets.

Contact us For samples or for more information on this fantastic product, contact our showrooms: SYDNEY 2 Hordern Place, Camperdown NSW 2050 BRISBANE 2/787 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm QLD 4009 MELBOURNE 310a Bay Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192

1800 339 379 Find us on Facebook!

International Floor Coverings.indd 1

15/08/2013 9:43:49 AM




Displaying your books, picture frames or ornaments as though they are floating in the air, the Transfix storage unit by Glas Italia from SPACEFURNITURE will suit any home or space. A fun yet simplistic design, the Don Gerrit side table by Glas Italia from SPACEFURNITUREis available in smoked glass or with a blue-, yellow- or red-coloured glass insert. A contemporary twist on a traditional concept, the Cantina Cetra Decanter from VILLAMONDO is made in Italy from mouth-blown glass, consists of 11 per cent lead crystal and can hold a standard 750ml bole. Inspired by the natural reflective character and beauty of glass, Harry Koskinen designed the Cosy Lamp forMUUTO. This lamp is at its best in the late hours of the evening when the silhouee of the electrical bulb can be seen through the glass. The Vera Wang WEDGWOOD Orient Crystal Bowl has the signature stamp of its designer — elegant and sophisticated. Aiming to create a vase that would be beautiful with or without flowers, designer Mai Klenell came up with the Four Flower Vase for MUUTO. Its most significant characteristic is the reflections made by the glass-on-glass structure. Ralph Lauren Home’s glassware range from ROBERTSONSDESIGN exudes a classic design. The Celeste flute and decanter are craed from 24 per cent lead crystal. Made of two components, the hood and the flask, The Flask pendant by Tom Dixon from DEDECE offers a warm, rippled and comforting glow while reducing glare due to its smoked-glass hood. A necessity for a girl’s luxurious night in, the Bar Trolley from SOVEREIGNINTERIORS will service your The IVV Fantasy every need in style. Goblets from NORITAKEare handmade in Italy, the glass moulded to the desired shape by traditional handcraing processes. The colouring of the glass gives the goblet that extra pizzazz.


DAD004_pg050_SS-FOR_HER.indd 50

8/19/2013 10:08:46 AM

d a n i s h

r e d

Take a deep breath

and stretch

keep stretching now relax

SM24 Table Available in oak, teak, cherry, beech + black 6+2+2+2+2+2+2+2=20 people

Danish Modern and Vintage Furniture Showroom located at Factory 9 | 94-102 Keys Road | Moorabbin | VIC 03 9555 2504 | Opening hours - Wednesday to Saturday 11 to 4 | Sundays 12 to 4

Danish Red.indd 1

15/08/2013 9:44:37 AM



THE ART OF CSSICAL DETAILS: THEORY, DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP THE CRAFTY MINX AT HOME Kelly Doust Published by HarperCollins Publishers, RRP $39.95 A home is something you make, not buy. The upcycling queen Kelly Doust knows this best and in her book, The Crafty Minx at Home, she shares how to collect, create and reinvent op-shop and vintage finds to feather your home with charm. This DIY vintage-style book brims with inspiring photographs, handy hints and easy-to-follow instructions for more than 50 handmade projects. The book is divided into chapters that cover each room of the house, while also providing advice on how to source and select vintage items and materials, and how to showcase them in your abode. No matter how deep the craft-coma you’ve been in, Kelly’s playful writing will have you itching to grab a needle and thread.

Phillip James Dodd Published by The Images Publishing Group, RRP $59.95 Beautiful design is a reflection of the past as much as it is the future. In The Art of Classical Details: Theory, Design and Craftsmanship, classically-trained architect Phillip Dodd scrutinises and celebrates the resurgence of classicism in contemporary architecture. Broken into two main sections, the book compiles scholarly essays with projects from renowned neo-classical UK and US architects. With stunning full-page photographs and insightful writing, James’s book invites readers with an appreciation for theory, craftsmanship and timeless design to explore how classicism continues to inspire architects today.

THE WORLD’S BEST BEACH HOUSES DESIGNING WITH BCK: ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS Stephen Crafti Published by The Images Publishing Group, RRP $99.99 Black is bold, timeless and elegant. Stephen Crafti’s book, Designing with Black: Architecture & Interiors, shows how this one shade has ignited the passion of designers and architects around the world. Showcasing 30 black houses and interiors from leading architecture firms, this book weaves together beautiful photography with floor plans and comments from Stephen as he follows this inky path of inspiration around Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Argentina. Like his highly praised book, Affordable Architecture: Great Houses on a Budget, Stephen’s writing is concise, allowing the images to speak for black’s enduring versatility.

Mandy Herbet Published by The Images Publishing Group, RRP $39.95 Sun, surf and sand — few can resist the pull of the beach on a searing summer’s day. Yet there are some who have built their lives around the sea in a more profound and permanent way. The World’s Best Beach Houses, edited by Mandy Herbet, explores leading seaside designs around the globe. This wonderful collection of photographs, floor plans and commentary captures beautiful houses in gorgeous settings. The book reflects the efforts of contemporary and classic architects who have each tried to capture and connect with the beauty of the sea.


DAD004_pg052_BOOKS.indd 52

8/19/2013 10:09:01 AM









When it comes to smart design and contemporary style, our exclusive patented Luxaflex ® Pirouette ® Shadings are in a class of their own. The unique design of these elegant and versatile shadings allows enhanced views to the outside, whilst maintaining the beautiful appearance of soft fabric from the inside. Combined with the revolutionary Invisi-Lift System which suspends the shadings’ vanes for a floating appearance, you have variable light control at your fingertips. You can adjust the soft vanes to enjoy filtered views, total privacy, or roll them away whenever you like. Now that’s smart. FL AT FOR FULL PRIVACY



Visit your local Luxaflex ® Gallery and discover for yourself why Smarter Design begins with us!

Available nationwide in metropolitan and regional areas. Download the NEW Luxaflex ® Window Fashions iPad app today.

13 LUXAFLEX (13 58 92)

| au

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. © Copyright 2013 Hunter Douglas Limited [ABN 98 009 675 709] ® Registered Trade Marks of Hunter Douglas Limited C11733_LHD 9Oct

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& TELL FROMUPCYCLEDFURNISHINGSTOGERMANHOMEWARES YOU’RESURETOFINDATREASUREATTHESENEWSHOWROOMS BRETZ–RUSHCUTTERS BAYNSW Bold, opulent and exuding German luxury, the avant-garde furniture and homeware label, Bretz, has opened a flagship showroom in Rushcutters Bay, NSW. Operating in 26 countries, the century-old company seeks to capture the soul of haute couture found on international catwalks and bring it into the home.

YELLOWBUNGALOW– BONDINSW Having outgrown its original lodgings, furniture and homewares store Yellow Bungalow has relocated to the corner of Imperial Avenue, Bondi. The store features beautifully restored midcentury furniture as well as the latest in contemporary design. Scandinavian pieces are sandwiched between local work, while toys and knick-knacks delight both children and the young at heart. The store is a quirky cocktail of old and new, global and local, but everything reflects the chic, easy living of its Bondi home. For more information visit

With designs available in more than 300 fabrics, some adorned with Swarovski crystals and gold, Bretz has proven that it is unafraid to push boundaries. Whether chairs, tables, beds, carpets, mirrors or cushions, a commitment to German craftsmanship reverberates at the core of every design. For more information visit

TIMOTHYOULTON– HARRODSLONDON Timothy Oulton counts among Britain’s best designers, so it makes sense that his furniture has found its way to London’s most iconic and prestigious department store, Harrods. The gallery sits on the third floor, spanning more than 2500m² and showcases his quirky, upcycled statement furnishings and pieces with modern flair. Timothy is renowned for blending tradition with contemporary ideas and every one of his designs is meticulously crafted by artisans, ensuring not only quality, but originality and personality. The gallery is a perfect reflection of the London streets that buzz below; it’s historic, innovative, eclectic and full of life. For more information visit


DAD004_pg054_NEW_SHOWROOM.indd 54

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Great Design At Really Good Prices Australia Wide Delivery | Online or In Store

Life In Interiors.indd 1

8/21/2013 11:52:45 AM

MINIMAL Simplistic design makes for a cosy living space


DAD004_pg056-058_FEAT_ROOM_FANULI.indd 56

8/19/2013 10:09:22 AM



DAD004_pg056-058_FEAT_ROOM_FANULI.indd 57

8/19/2013 10:09:23 AM



Designed to be placed on an edge, the Unfinished Clock from OPTOCO appears to be unfinished, however, the hands continue to go round. With storage being a high priority in today’s home, an adaptable wall unit, such as this one fromFANULIFURNITURE is a great solution. The Freya Vase from EMPORIUMis an accessory that continues the minimalist theme. The embossed diamond paern makes the piece a decorative feature rather than just a vase. The Aquos is SHARP’s response to the rising demand for larger TV screens and ultra-high-definition media. It is packed with all the features expected of a modern LCD TV. Adding a vintage touch to your space, the Sondek LP12 turntable will allow you to reminisce as you listen to all your old vinyls. The Pond occasional table by Francesc Rife fromFANULIFURNITUREflaunts a sleek, contemporary shape and is available in a variety of lacquered finishes. The fully customisable Cinematic Light Box from FORMFUNCTIONSTYLE comes with 130 leers and can be rested on a shelf or hung on a wall. A simple accessory to inject some colour into your decor, Wooden Leers from BELBAMBINOKIDS can be used to personalise any space — simply choose the first leers of each family member’s name. In a simple space, a lile colour never goes astray. Choose a so furnishing such as the South Beach rug in Lemon Yellow fromXAVIER&ME. The Daniel by Jesse, available from FANULIFURNITURE is a super comfy sofa with clean lines and an elegant shape; perfect for a family living space.


DAD004_pg056-058_FEAT_ROOM_FANULI.indd 58

8/22/2013 3:45:01 PM





nr to aw rl

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M 77 HI 87 W 29 E 94 TH 03 N tel VIC SPA D ON T HM HA T RIC ET RS RE ST RIO N EE TE GR N 83 R I

15/08/2013 9:45:33 AM

Roger Lawton_Rugs of Distinction.indd 1


DAD004_pg060-062_FEAT_ROOM_BOCONCEPT.indd 60

8/19/2013 10:09:38 AM


MODE Cool and calm, this Danish-inspired living room will have you chilled out in no time


DAD004_pg060-062_FEAT_ROOM_BOCONCEPT.indd 61

8/19/2013 10:09:40 AM



Occa side tables double as storage containers for all those items you want kept out of view. Available in two sizes in grey leather and black stained oak veneer. Forest Glade glass art by Danish photographer Johnny Neigaard. Images appear as a sculpture in the lens of the artist and are transformed into works of art for your walls. This glass coffee table features a unique shape and cool smoke-coloured or clear glass. It’s luxe from every angle. Great design and exceptional comfort combine in the Monte armchair. It’s shown here in light grey melange fabric with a black stained oak veneer base. Other fabrics and leathers are available. The Crane floor lamp will light up your room with simple styling and unobtrusive elegance. The Carlton sofa models a modern classic style with a resting unit for extra comfort. It’s available in a range of sizes and custom options including a variety of fabrics and leathers. Anchor your furniture with this Phase shag pile rug. Hand-loomed in India, Phase is available in silver and nougat brown. ALLITEMS AVAILABLE FROM BOCONCEPT COMAU


DAD004_pg060-062_FEAT_ROOM_BOCONCEPT.indd 62

8/22/2013 3:45:17 PM

Home theatre is all about the experience. Home theatre has finally caught up to Hollywood and Academy

It only makes sense to have an Academy Award winning Stewart

Award winning Schneider lens technology makes it possible. The Cine-

Filmscreen as the centerpiece of your home cinema. One day a

Digitar 1.33x Anamorphic lens increases on-screen resolution and

Stewart team might be building a screen for the hottest director, the

image brightness by 30%. No more obtrusive image wasting black bars

next day, they are building yours. Same material, same process, same

framing the image. No more unused pixels in your projection system’s

strict quality control. Stewart Filmscreen is trusted as the industry

digital imaging chip. Just an incredibly precise image with maximum

standard by studio screening rooms and film production houses

resolution, unparalleled contrast and superior, consistent brightness

around the globe. When it comes to selecting a screen for your home

across every square centimetre of your Cinemascope® screen.

theatre, insist on Stewart Filmscreen.

Distributed in Australia by Visual Fidelity Pty Ltd For more information call (03) 9338 8995 or email

Visual Fidelity.indd 1

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LIGHT AND You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. This simple, chic and cosy living space shows you can have the best of both worlds


DAD004_pg064-066_FEAT_ROOM_SIEKAUP.indd 64

8/22/2013 3:45:28 PM


DAD004_pg064-066_FEAT_ROOM_SIEKAUP.indd 65

8/19/2013 10:09:58 AM



Siekaups’ Cube range, designed by Interlubke, offers easy storage solutions, with filigree j joints and drawers without handles. The drawers are available in various colours. An infamous design due to its versatility and unique shape, the ACAPULCO chair is available in a variety of colours, but we think it looks best in natural. Artificial plants from FLOWERAMA are great for interiors, adding a natural look without the mess. flowerama. The Caravaggio floor lamp, designed by Cecilie Manz and available from CULT, will be a functional and aesthetic way to brighten up any space. The drawn-steel lamp comes in a black or white glossy lacquer. Made from cowhide, this stunning zebra rug fromLEFFLER gives a modern living space paern and texture. Sporting a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, COR’s Jalis side table from Siekaup is available in a range of shapes and sizes, ready to be sloed into any modern interior CORs’ Jalis lounge, available from Siekaup, appears to float off the floor, which is sure to make it a family favourite. ALLSIEKAUPPRODUCTSAVAILABLEFROMSIEKAUPCOMAU


DAD004_pg064-066_FEAT_ROOM_SIEKAUP.indd 66

8/19/2013 10:10:00 AM

Zen’s Studio design and build traditional Japanese rooms and contemporary interiors inspired by Japanese style with beautiful solid timbers. p 0434 067 990 e

What does “Japanese Design” remind you ou of? Shoji Screens? Tatami Mats? Bamboo? No doubt that they are most popular and express an aspect of the “Japanese” aesthetic. However, they are still not enough to capture the true beauty of Japan. Zen’s Studio can take you beyond this moulded image. From a single Shoji Screen to an entire expression of a Japanese interior, Zen’s Studio can create an unparalleled “Japanese” interior design and experience.

Zen's Studio.indd 1

15/08/2013 9:46:10 AM


DAD004_pg068-070_FEAT_ROOM_ROBERTSONS.indd 68

8/19/2013 10:10:14 AM



A bold palee and strong accents result in a space that is luxurious and sophisticated


DAD004_pg068-070_FEAT_ROOM_ROBERTSONS.indd 69

8/19/2013 10:10:15 AM



Kartell’s classic Louis Ghost chair is also available in a bar stool design. The One More Low stool is available from SPACEFURNITURE. Elegant, feminine and sophisticated, the Lolita pendant byNika Zupancfor MOOOI will suit any space and add a touch of class along the way. The Post Modern Coffee Table by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia is divine! Available from SPACEFURNITURE. Made up of several mirrored, aluminium, composite polygon panels, the Scopi screen from YELLOWGOAT DESIGNadds texture and dimension. Made from dupion, a silk-like polyester fabric, Izzy cushions from CANNINGVALE are available plain or embellished. The metallic sheen will add a luxurious touch and a pop of colour to your seating. Pictured here in Silver and Leek Green. With strong lines and a bold paern, the Signature rug from Robertsons is a great accessory for the living room. The black and white contrast adds richness to the space This contemporary art piece by Additions available from Robertsons,not only injects colour into the space, it directs the palee of this interior The gorgeous curved base and extra-large shade of the Gourd Lamp from Robertsons turns a simple lighting solution into a statement piece The lime-green upholstery of the Edision armchair from Robertsons is fabulous. Combining it with neutral-coloured sofas is genius Comfy and classy, the Valentino sofa fromRobertsons is upholstered in Snow fabric and white leather ALLPRODUCTSFROMROBERTSONSFURNITURE&INTERIORDESIGNAREAVAILABLEFROM ROBERTSONSFURNITURECOMAU


DAD004_pg068-070_FEAT_ROOM_ROBERTSONS.indd 70

8/22/2013 3:45:48 PM

Need a fireplace that gives you choice, beauty and amazing heat?

CHEMINÉES PHILIPPE The original lift up door fireplace – what a wonderful idea!

CHEMINÉES PHILIPPE National distributors: Wignells of Melbourne

Wignells of Melbourne.indd 1

15/08/2013 9:46:44 AM


Dark tones and luxurious materials make for the ultimate retreat


DAD004_pg072-074_FEAT_SOVEREIGN.indd 72

8/19/2013 10:01:55 AM



DAD004_pg072-074_FEAT_SOVEREIGN.indd 73

8/19/2013 10:01:57 AM



Absolute night table lamp, available in a variety of sizes Domitia round wool-and-silk carpet Ooman bench, available in first-grade Italian leather, nubuck leather, velvet and suede Augustus rectangular wool-and-silk carpet Absolute bed in Mocha Japanese Tamo Burl, available in queen, king or European king size. Headboard available in first-grade Italian leather, nubuck leather, velvet or suede fabric. Slats also available Tamara taller Murano glass vase Occasional armchair, available in first-grade Italian leather, nubuck leather, velvet and suede. Absolute night table with two full-extension drawers and velvet-lined base Tamara low Murano glass vase Absolute dresser with three full-extension double drawers and velvet-lined base ALLPRODUCTSAVAILABLEFROM SOVEREIGNINTERIORSCOMAU


DAD004_pg072-074_FEAT_SOVEREIGN.indd 74

8/22/2013 3:46:06 PM

The Range

Real Flame are the industry leaders in fireplace design and manufacture. Conceived, designed, researched, developed and built in Australia. All of our products have been meticulously finished using only the highest quality materials, with style ranging from classic to contemporary. We have a fireplace that will add value, warmth and ambience to any home.

Head Office 1340 Ferntree Gully Road Scoresby T 03 8706 2000 F 03 8706 2001 Richmond VIC 300 Swan Street T 03 9428 4443 F 03 9428 4445 Geelong VIC 2a Gordon Avenue T 03 5229 0844

Chatswood NSW 654 Pacific Highway T 02 8905 0189

Milton QLD 46 Douglas Street T 07 3368 2011

Miranda NSW 36 Kareena Road T 02 8513 6202

Osborne Park WA 47-53 McDonald Steet East T 08 9444 9900

Dandenong VIC 9 Lonsdale Street T 03 9791 9285

Fyshwick ACT 88 Wollongong Street T 02 6280 5522

Norwood SA 173 Magill Road T 08 8132 0371 www.realfla

Real Flame.indd 1

Leaders in Gas Fireplace Technology

15/08/2013 9:47:11 AM


DAD004_pg076-078_FEAT_SPACE.indd 76

8/19/2013 10:02:22 AM


Use cool tones, clean lines and sophisticated shapes for added comfort and style in your living space


DAD004_pg076-078_FEAT_SPACE.indd 77

8/19/2013 10:02:24 AM



Lucy, designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg and manufactured by Kasthall, is available from Space Furniture Charles is an Antonio Cierio design that is manufactured by B&B Italia and available from Space Furniture Stone Pestle & Mortar byTOMDIXON. Mirror Ball, 50cm from TOMDIXON. Gem Tables in Low and Tall by TOMDIXON. Stone Candle Holder in both Tall and Short by TOMDIXON. Manufactured by Anna Torfs, the Bubbles Vase in Clear Crystal is available from Space Furniture The White collection designed by Marcel Wanders, manufactured by B&B Italia and available from Space Furniture Designed by Marc Sadler and manufactured by Foscarini, the Twiggy Floor Lamp is available from Space Furniture Designed by Antonio Cierio, the Beverly is manufactured by B&B Italia and available from Space Furniture Flat.C shelving designed by Antonio Cierio, manufactured by B&B Italia and available from Space Furniture ALLSPACEFURNITUREPRODUCTSAVAILABLEFROM SPACEFURNITURECOMAU


DAD004_pg076-078_FEAT_SPACE.indd 78

8/22/2013 3:46:28 PM

INVEST IN ART. Unit 7, 55-57 Wangara Road Cheltenham, Vic 3192

H2O Heating.indd 1 Tel: 03 9584 3115

15/08/2013 9:47:37 AM


Kick up your feet and relax in this secluded, chilled-out living space


DAD004_pg080-082_FEAT_COSLIVING.indd 80

8/22/2013 3:46:28 PM



DAD004_pg080-082_FEAT_COSLIVING.indd 81

8/22/2013 3:46:37 PM



Armonia tables are a great addition to any living space. Made from micaceous varnished metal and light MDF plywood, the tables come in light-beige ash or dark brown Part display cabinet, part hidden storage, Hide shelves are available in a range of colours and boast a removable door that can be mounted in different positions Available in white or grey/beige, Moya coffee tables are an easy piece to add to your lounge space With Dacron material and solid-wood wenge black feet, the Low Forum sofa will stay in style throughout any season You can rest easy with the Miami chair, available in beige, natural leather colour, dark brown and black, with other colours available on request ALLPRODUCTSAVAILABLEFROM COSHLIVINGCOMAU


DAD004_pg080-082_FEAT_COSLIVING.indd 82

8/22/2013 3:46:46 PM

The spacious freshness centre: Side-by-Side The Side-by-Side combination with six climate zones With BioFresh, food retains its healthy vitamins, fresh appearance and full flavour for much longer than in an average refrigerator compartment Multi-temperature wine cellar with two zones that are independently adjustable to temperatures ranging between + 5 ºC and + 20 ºC Professional quality freezing performance thanks to NoFrost technology in the freezer compartment: Never defrost again! Automatic IceMaker Convenient SoftSystem to cushion door closure Email or call 1800 685 899 now for more information and your nearest stockist.

Liebherr.indd 1

15/08/2013 9:47:56 AM



our home is an extension of your personality, so it should be something that inspires you and brings you joy. If a tropical haven is what you crave, look for interesting pieces that burst with citrus colours. This brilliant Parker squat table lamp from BEACONLIGHTING is just the piece for those who want to bring a bit of contrast into the home. If you can’t spend your days beneath a tropical sun, at least you can spend it with this sunny Mak table lamp from BEACONLIGHTING. Give your guests a giggle with this Paint Spot lamp in orange from BEACONLIGHTING. Designed by Erik Magnussens in 1970, the Stelton vacuum flask has become an icon and looks particularly fine in lime. Available from BRISTOL &BROOKS. Think sweet fruit and citrus tang, the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange soy candle from EVERYDAY LUXURIES delivers a heady mix. The Dove 77 stool adds geometry to your table without stealing the show. Available from ANON&CO. Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava soy candle from EVERYDAYLUXURIES brings the smell of suroard wax and sweet guava into your living room. It will always be warm inside with this Nosara stool in yellow. Available from NICOYA FURNITURE. Designed by Steendyk, ANON&CO’s Coral planters are suited to indoor and outdoor use and feature a self-watering system that will ensure your plants’ longevity.


DAD004_pg084-085_IN_MARKET_MICHELLE.indd 84

8/19/2013 10:02:57 AM


Those really looking to embrace the tropical look needn’t go further than this bold Portofino console from ECO CHIC. Crewel Flowers cushions from WAMHOMEDÉCOR. wamhomedecor. If you’re not ready to commit to the tropical look, these Botanica Floral & Steps cushions in Spice will add just a touch of sunshine to your living room. Available from WAM HOMEDÉCOR. au This emerald zigzag throw from MONDOCHERRYwill keep you warm when the weather is not so tropical. The Hot Springs Ombre rug from XAVIER&ME is made to order, which means the colour and size is entirely up to you. Yellow lace hammock from THE TOUCANSHOP. The Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia reed diffuser will take you somewhere tropical with its blend of jasmine, sweet orange, tea leaves and gardenia. Available from EVERYDAY LUXURIES. Immerse yourself in the subtle tones and textures of this Aqua Tiles hand-painted artwork, measuring 110cmx110cm. Available from UNITED ARTWORKS. Kick back in this green hammock from THETOUCANSHOP.


DAD004_pg084-085_IN_MARKET_MICHELLE.indd 85

8/22/2013 3:46:51 PM



reamy tones have been a big hit in the past year and lately they seem to feature in almost every product category imaginable. Complementing a range of styles, pastels can be easily added to a space and just a small touch quickly softens a room. I love seeing a bit of pastel paired with rustic wood, industrial features, metallics or bright neon colours for a gorgeous contrast.


Add a lile whimsy with this hard-wearing Casa 2 wallpaper from WALLPAPERREPUBLIC. Spun stools by Life Space Journey are a fun take on the old three-legged milking stool. Available from INSITU FURNITURE. Bring a subtle touch of the tropics into your home with this teal Glass Pineapple Lamp from STBARTS. Designed by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup in the 1960s, the Semi Pendant Light looks great alone or in a group. Available from CULT. The High Tea For One in mint from DAVIS&WADDELLis the perfect size for a single cuppa. This Coral Sea coon throw from ECOCHICdoesn’t just look good, it’s made from coon clippings salvaged from T-shirt factories, which means it’s eco-friendly, too. Cool things down with this Florence Broadhurst Japanese Fans print from THEELEPHANT ROOM. This console and stool in mint from GHIFY is made entirely from scrap timber salvaged from old Queenslander homes.ghify. com The Zuperzozial dinnerware collection from FORMFUNCTIONSTYLE resembles stonewear but is actually made from 100 per cent biodegradable bamboo and corn powder — and it’s dishwasher safe.


DAD004_pg086-087_IN_FIONA_MICHELON.indd 86

8/19/2013 10:03:21 AM


Enjoy the peace and stillness of snow-capped mountains with this Mountain Scape print in peach from URBANROAD. Stir things up in the kitchen with this Ice Artisan Mixer from KITCHENAIDAUSTRALIA &NZ . The Flamingo Dance vase fromCOUNTRYCULTURE will help soen a room. This Garden Party rug by Catherine Martin forDESIGNERRUGS brings the best of summer into the A geometric shape adds edge to home. a pastel piece, such as with these Bloomingville pots fromSMINK Sweeten your table HOMEWARES. seing with a prey Irodori Triangle bowl set from CONCEPT JAPAN. Cheer up a neutral room with a few of these Cloth Canopy cushions fromCLOTHFABRIC. With their beautiful paerns and prey colours, Nel Lusso trays are almost too prey for serving. Available from ZIMBA. Step back in time with this Retro Diner clock in blue from ZANUI. zanui. The Wishbone Chair is a light, sculptural dining chair that’s good for any part of the home. Available from CULT. Set the standard at the dinner table with this Century Tribeca dining armchair from ROBERTSONSFURNITURE &INTERIORDESIGN.


DAD004_pg086-087_IN_FIONA_MICHELON.indd 87

8/22/2013 3:47:14 PM



or the perfect garden party, decorate your dinner table with cuttings from the garden. Fresh flowers and greenery will add a pop of colour and natural fragrance. Ensure there’s plenty of seating for your guests. If you’re short on chairs, spread out blankets on the grass. Choose music that will be entertaining and pleasant — not too loud or overwhelming. And set out a couple of yard games, such as croquet and bocce. Finally, relax and allow your guests to do the same. High Tech Crochet hand-woven rugs byPaola Lenti are available in Rope, a material she has developed for outdoor use, or 100 per cent New Zealand wool, suited to interiors. Available from DEDECE in a variety of colours. The Belleria collection, available from MYFAN, features unique ceiling fans that will keep you cool while you’re dining on your deck or verandah. Keep things cheery with a couple of Plana chairs and this Sushi outdoor table by Kristalia. Available fromFANULIFURNITURE, the chairs also come in white, black and beige. Oiva tableware from MARIMEKKO stockists. UK designer Dominic Crinson is well known for his extravagant, vivid and colourful style, and his tiles are bold, dynamic and wonderfully contemporary. Available from ASCRAFT TEXTILES&WALLCOVERINGS. Made of gloss polycarbonate and polyamide, Poly chairs by Karim Rashidcan be stacked up to four chairs high and are available in a range of colours from FANULIFURNITURE. The Ami armchair by Paola Lenti comes in indoor and outdoor versions. Available from DEDECE.


DAD004_pg088-089_IN_MARKET_LINDA.indd 88

8/22/2013 3:47:26 PM


Float by Paola Lenti is designed to drain water, which means it can be le outside. Join the pouf and lounge chair together and you’ve almost got a chaise lounge. Available from DEDECE. Screen-printed by hand, this Maidenhair table runner screams out for a springtime garden party. Available from BONNIEANDNEIL. Made of fine terracoa, these quirky pots were designed by BD Barcelona and are part of the Gardenias collection, which includes outdoor seating. Available from KE-ZU. Go organic with this Ficus stool, designed by DURIEDESIGNfor Riva 1920. These Socks Rolled Down glasses are dishwasher-safe and are made from mouth-blown soda-lime glass. Available in assorted colours from Be bold at the dinner table with Oiva MARIMEKKOstockists. tableware, available from MARIMEKKO stockists. This silver woven tray will bring a lile sparkle to an outdoor table seing. Available from WILLIAMSSONOMA. Sit out the rain in style with a Basil Bangs Wonderland umbrella. Available from MADEBYTAIT. For a bit of a sea change, opt for this Rope stool designed byDURIEDESIGN for Riva 1920. The F3 armchair can be set in all sorts of combinations, making it perfect for poolside lounging. In the dying days of summer, the chairs can be stacked and stored away. Available from KE-ZU. Bring some geometry to the table with this Tangerine stripe tablecloth. Available fromBONNIEANDNEIL. One of the latest colours added to the LECREUSET range is Nutmeg, a delightfully so, earthy shade. The brand’s cast-iron and stoneware cooking ranges both come in the new colour, as does the enamelled stovetop kele and kitchen textiles.


DAD004_pg088-089_IN_MARKET_LINDA.indd 89

8/19/2013 10:03:51 AM







Masterlifts.indd 2

15/08/2013 9:48:16 AM



Our newest home lift, features Italian design and quality. It will bring sophistication, functionality and style to your home.

0DNHLW<285/LIHVW\OH 1300 454 387 Masterlifts.indd 3

15/08/2013 9:48:29 AM


Orchid pendant light by Marc Pascal.

CAMERA, ACTION From dramatic floor lamps to eco-fabulous pendants, LED downlights and strip lighting, here’s how to light your home for fun and function WORDSKARSHAGREEN


DAD004_pg092-095_LIGHTING.indd 92

8/22/2013 3:47:53 PM


THE TASK If you don’t light a space right, you may find yourself constantly shuffling around to see what you’re doing. Interior designer Shaynna Blaze shares her tips for lighting your home here are several things to consider when it comes to lighting: what type of light (intense or soft) will enhance the space, what light will complement the function of the room, and will the light be predominantly used in a functional or aesthetic way? Kitchens, bathrooms and home offices tend to be rooms that need the most intense light. Ceiling downlights are very common in modern homes and, when combined with a dimming function, they can be handy for a space that is constantly changing its function, such as a guest bedroom/study or a combined kitchen and living area. LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps are energy efficient, long-lasting and great for spaces, such as the kitchen, where the lights are frequently on. Shaynna Blaze, author of Design Your Home and judge on Channel Nine’s The Block, has often commented on the television show about the use of lighting in the contestants’ rooms. She explains exactly what is important when it comes to lighting your space. “Lighting should be planned in two ways,” says Shaynna. “Firstly, you need to tick off all the functional needs like being able to see while you are eating and being able to read a book while in bed. You also need to think about how you can use lighting to enhance the features of the room and create mood. Task lighting (functional) is all about getting the positioning of overhead lighting right, such as making sure pendants and downlights light specific areas so you can see everything

properly without having to squint or shuffle around until you find the right spot.”

ABOVENatural light is always the best option. For rooms that have roof access, skylights, such as these from VELUX, can be fied with double-glazed, low-energy glass that allows light in while blocking out the sun’s heat. TOPThe combined use of LED downlights, strip lighting and wall-sized mirrors in this bathroom by SAMROBINSON result in an award-winning design that helps create the illusion of a much larger space. TOPRIGHTCLIPSAL LED downlights by Schneider Electric deliver energy-efficient light with cool or warm white lamp colours. Clipsal’s LEDs are ideal for general, task and accent lighting that will highlight feature areas of your home. MIDDLERIGHT In this small kitchen design by GREGNATALE, LED and cabinet lighting brighten the space as there is no access to natural light. Strip lighting along splashbacks is another great way to enhance the light in your cooking space. RIGHTEfficient lighting is a necessity in home offices. Downlights combined with a table lamp or, in the case of this design by ANNA CASAINTERIORS, a mounted wall lamp is a great arrangement for a work space.

TIP: Remember that electrical lighting isn’t the only way to fill your space with light — bringing in natural light through skylights, windows, solar tubes or light wells are all effective solutions.


DAD004_pg092-095_LIGHTING.indd 93

8/22/2013 3:49:40 PM


ABOVELEFT The cut-out shell of the Geo Light from DESIGNBYTHEM casts an exquisite display of light and shadow on surrounding ceilings and walls. ABOVEMIDDLEWith its eclectic and hard-edged materials, the mega WOW pendant by VOLKERHAUG is so over the top that it is fabulous!


ABOVERIGHTDelicate, elegant and colourful, MARCPASCALs’ designs exude a tranquillity inspired by nature. The Eyoi table lamp in autumn colours is no exception and will add colour and class to your room in the most graceful manner.

Decorative lighting has become very trendy in the past few years with oversized pendants and eccentric lighting designs becoming more common. Not just a source of light, these designs will become a central feature of the room LEFT Keeping with the wacky nature of MOOOI products, the Horse Lamp is a life-sized floor lamp that speaks for itself, really. RIGHTTaking the traditional industrial lampshade and turning it into a playful decorative feature, HENRYPILCHER’s Block 2 design has a unique icosahedrons frame that allows light to sit in 20 different positions.

ABOVEWith 130 leers, numbers and symbols, the Cinematic Light Box by Page Thirty Three, available from FORMFUNCTIONSTYLE, can be personalised with a feel-good saying or a message to a loved one. LEFTChallenging the traditional function of lighting, the warm and inviting glow of the Dorothy Lamp from DESIGNBYTHEM reminds the designers of Dorothy’s shoes and her quest to find home. FARLEFTKnown for his elaborate designs, Conrad Johnsson of YELLOWGOATDESIGN created the Gloh by using hundreds of aluminium cones that fit into their own horizontal acrylic ring like an old-fashioned bowtie and clip.


DAD004_pg092-095_LIGHTING.indd 94

8/22/2013 3:48:02 PM


LEFTThe Orb pendant light from CORKWAYSTORE is made of recycled cork, a material with immense value due to its ecological capabilities and environmental friendliness. RIGHTThis Daisy 12 table lamp by SARAHTURNERis made from recycled two-litre plastic drink boles that have been cleaned and sandblasted.

The natural, handcraed, Forest Stewardship Council-certified timbers used to create the Bright Beads pendant by MARZDESIGNS is what makes this piece special.

SOURCE Energy efficiency and sustainable materials are common concerns for today’s homemakers. Achieve a green home with Eminé Mehmet’s eco-friendly lighting solutions LED globes are known for their compact size, low heat output and energy-efficient behaviour, which makes them the natural alternative to traditional incandescent globes that are being phased out. To put it into perspective, halogen globes produce 75 per cent heat and 25 per cent light. In comparison, LED globes produce 25 per cent heat and 75 per cent light. However, it is important to note they are not as bright as a traditional globe, which means you may need more of them to light a space effectively. In this case, consider using a compact fluorescent globe. As well as being energy efficient, changing a single halogen for a compact fluorescent will keep half a tonne of CO2 gasses out of the atmosphere over the lifetime of the globe. Let’s not forget the decorative aspect of lighting. With so many choices available,

BELOWRIGHTHandmade using circles cut out of European and American novels, sheets of music and road maps, the Wayfarer pendant light from ECOCHIC is upcycling at its best.

why not choose a base and shade that’s environmentally friendly as well? These days it’s not uncommon to find light fittings made from recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, hemp or even abaca fibres, which are taken from the bark of a banana tree. Recycled and plantation timbers are also common. All you need to do is ask the question, what is it made from, before making your selection. For more information visit

LEFT Renowned for its innovative sustainable furnishings, SALA VERDE grew out of a passion for sustainability, living healthy and good design. The Jellyfish table lamp is no exception and creates gorgeous shadows when illuminated.

BELOWInspired by flax, an indigenous New Zealand plant, the Flax light by DAVIDTRUBRIDGE brings light to the valuable fibre that this plant provides. Not only made of natural materials, David’s products are also packaged in kitsets to reduce freight and preserve our land and sea.

A way to use Mother Nature’s natural light, the Illume Advanced Skylight system by KIMBERLYPRODUCTS is designed to convert the sun’s energy into light for your desired space.


DAD004_pg092-095_LIGHTING.indd 95

8/22/2013 3:48:08 PM


DAD004_pg096-099_BEDROOM.indd 96

8/19/2013 10:04:42 AM


SANCTUARY The bedroom is one’s private space. It’s a room where one feels safe when the world becomes too much. Making this space comfortable is essential. You need the right amount of furniture and the cosiest bed linen. Here’s how to create the perfect refuge WORDSKARSHAGREEN


DAD004_pg096-099_BEDROOM.indd 97

8/19/2013 10:04:44 AM

BUILDING YOUR WHETHERYOUAREWORKINGWITHABIG ORSMALLSPACEITISIMPORTANTTOKEEP INMINDTHATLESSISMORE our bedroom needs to suit you, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing your furniture. Adding a personal touch through colour and accessories is important, but you also need to think about the functionality of the room. A bed is an obvious necessity, but you’ll also need to consider how much storage space you need, whether you like to read (you’ll want a bedside table) and whether you have any extra pieces, such as a bookcase or desk, which you would like to incorporate. After deciding exactly what pieces of furniture you require, you’ll need to work out how they will fit in the space and balance the shape of the room. Drawing up a simple sketch on paper (from an aerial viewpoint) will give you a basic idea of how everything will look. Just remember to do your measurements and keep them in mind when you are at the shops. The mathematics may be dull, but having the right furniture that meets all your needs, while appearing simplistic and neat, will result in a comfortable sanctuary that you will never want to leave.

ABOVEThis Campaign Blanket Box from SENTOSADESIGNS is a valuable solution for those who don’t have a linen cupboard. Plus it’s suitable for a modern seing.

The Casei storage bed from BEYOND FURNITURE has under-the-bed pull-out drawers for hiding shoes or even acting as a linen cupboard.

BELOW If you have the room for it, a sideboard, like the Muuto Reflect Oak from KIITOSLIVING BYDESIGN, decorated with all your favourite photo frames will make a gorgeous statement in the room.

Have enough storage in your room and just need something to put your cup of tea or book on? The Mr Cross side table from ANACASTUDIO is a great alternative to a bedside table if you are looking for something a lile more simple and unique.

BELOWDon’t have much cupboard space and have a wall that needs revamping? Dial Hangers from DESIGNBYTHEM will turn your functional needs into a piece of art.

ABOVE If you are going to have a mirror in your bedroom, make a statement of it. Go for something with colour and/or a crazy paern like the Talavera Mirror from AMORYLOCURA., RIGHTIf you don’t have in-built wardrobes, a freestanding piece that has combined wardrobe and drawer space, such as the Trysil from IKEA, is a great space saver!


DAD004_pg096-099_BEDROOM.indd 98

8/19/2013 10:04:45 AM



Home Republic Amalfi quilt cover in indigo from ADAIRS.

LEFTBig Spot cushion in Marine from AURAHOME. BELOW CANNINGVALE Egyptian Classic 300-count sheet set in Blue Heather.

ABOVE Ikat blue printed coon bedspread and cushion cover from AMBERTRADING. Mercer + Reid Ticking Stripe flannelee sheets in Navy from ADAIRS.

ABOVEHand-printed Wave cushion in teal by SOUTHWOOD. LEFT Lido Seafoam throw and cushion from LINEN&MOORE. BELOWLEFTNavy Signal cushion from KUSHLIVING. BELOW Coast Bendigo blanket in Seafoam from COASTNEWZEALAND


DAD004_pg096-099_BEDROOM.indd 99

8/19/2013 10:04:53 AM

A selection of fabrics from MONDOCHERRY will make your house a home. Blossom Artwork sits alongside a Chevron Emerald throw, paerned cushions and a green Leaves lampshade created from 100 per cent linen.


DAD004_pg100-108_FEAT_FABRICS.indd 100

8/22/2013 3:07:39 PM


MAURICEKAIN’s Avenue collection brings freshness and femininity into a room. The collection of so-furnishing textiles is made up of five complementary Maurice Kain fabrics called Ardsley, Ivy Sheer, Ivy Solid, Solara and White Rose.


Whether for upholstery, curtains, cushions or walls, a beautiful fabric works wonders to brighten a space and make it homely and warm WORDSALEXANDRALONGSTAFF

abric is integral to setting a home’s mood and style. Structural modifications are demanding and often harrowing, but varying the fabric on your cushions or altering your curtains is a comparably hassle-free way of revamping a room, and it won’t break the bank. Surprisingly, the smallest adjustments can often have the most dramatic impact, so mix up your fabrics for an instant change of scenery. Consider the linens in your bedroom, or even adding fabric-based wallpapers to the dining room. Fun, bright colours can create a playful element in a neutral space, while soft textiles will help tone down a busy room.

Curtains provide a way of controlling light and temperature, which is a key factor when it comes to creating ambience. Sheer fabrics will, of course, allow more light in, and heavy fabrics will block it out. Light, floral patterns will craft gentle, soft spaces whereas dark, dramatic curtains will inject passion into a room. Re-covering lampshades is a simple way to inject a bit of colour into a room but, if you’re up for a bigger challenge, re-upholstering chairs or sofas with a completely new fabric will have a spectacular impact. Try deep velvets for a bit of decadence or neutral hemps for minimal, eco chic.


DAD004_pg100-108_FEAT_FABRICS.indd 101

8/22/2013 3:48:46 PM


Akira Isogawa pictured alongside his Botan upholstery fabric in Iridescent Teal, produced in collaboration with Woven Image


Chair covered in Botan fabric in Vibrant Fuchsia

ACOLLABORATIONBETWEENFASHIONDESIGNERAKIRA ISOGAWAANDRENOWNEDTEXTILE-DESIGNCOMPANY WOVENIMAGEHASYIELDEDHANDSOMERESULTS his wonderful collection consists of two luscious velvet upholstery fabrics, Botan and Shibori, along with three exquisite EchoPanel Mura wall coverings: Nami, Kome and Haku. Design & Decoration speaks with Woven Image about the designs.

HOW ARE COLOURS AND FABRICS CHOSEN? Multiple weave trials were conducted by Belgium’s top velvet manufacturers to produce perfect borders and three-dimensional looks. We selected varying colourways for each piece, such as Botan, which is available in Vibrant Fuchsia, Iridescent Teal, Citrine, Silver Lustre, Lime and Rich Liquorice. Secondly, we chose velvet upholstery in neutral tones, as well as a directional citrus hue that coordinates with the Botan. The wall coverings Mura Nami has a subtle variation in texture from matte ink.

It’s available in a delicate white pearl or a pearl-on-cream combination, as well as classic charcoal and a silver pearl colourway. Kome is a white print and Haku is available in a silvery metallic tone, as well as a semi-metallic charcoal.

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT TO SEE IN THE NEAR FUTURE? Expect to see some innovative, environmentally-sustainable interior products from Woven Image, with a unique twist on current trends.

DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT WHEN CREATING NEW DESIGNS? Yes, of course, we understand the value and importance of being an environmentally responsible company and we consistently deliver improved products and services.


DAD004_pg100-108_FEAT_FABRICS.indd 102

8/22/2013 3:48:48 PM


Chair covered in Botan fabric in Citrine

Chairs display a selection of fabric designs by Akira Isogawa and Woven Image

A WORD WITH AKIRA... How did the collaboration between yourself and Woven Image come about? I have collaborated with companies in the past and it has always been a good experience. When I was approached by Woven Image, I was curious. I visited the office in Brookvale, Sydney, and met with designer, Amy Saunders, and managing director, Tony Sutton. I saw the company’s archive collection and that they’d collaborated with Dinosaur Designs and iconic Australian brand Mambo, which made me think I’d be honoured to work with them.

Chair covered in Botan fabric in Lime

Woven Image has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative fabrics in Australia and overseas for more than 20 years. As an Australian company serving designers, specifiers and customers worldwide, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and producing high-quality fabrics and textile designs. For more information visit

What is the inspiration behind these new designs? The essence of the designs for Woven Image comes from my seasonal ready-to-wear collection. Amy and I worked together using my own collection as a point of reference, and we chose clothing items that would translate to furnishings. The design process was a very long and carefully-considered one, which took many months from the initial idea stage to seeing the fabric swatches. Can you explain the concepts of Botan and Shibori, the names of your textile ranges? Botan means peony flower and is a classic Japanese design, often found in Japanese textiles. The peony flower is also used in my ready-to-wear line, produced using a traditional Japanese method that dates back as far as the 15th and 16th centuries. Shibori means twist and the motif is created by using

a grain of rice that is twisted and secured with thread. It is then dipped in a bucket of dye and, once the fabric is coloured, the thread is taken off. The fabrics you’ve designed with Woven Image look very intricate. Is each dyed section done by hand in this traditional Japanese manner? Yes. It is a very long process that can take days. What are the current trends in the world of fabrics? We have seen trends regurgitated over and over. I think the newest trend involves more choice, a return to how connected you feel to an item and how it connects with your personal experiences. Consumers will be cruder and their minds and souls will provide the trend. Choice is the trend. You seem to be branching into furnishings these days, collaborating with Woven Image this year and Designer Rugs last year. Is there any particular reason for that? I really enjoy textile development. I enjoy it as much as creating shapes of jackets, dresses and skirts. I feel passionate about creating my own unique textiles and the particular aesthetic that I offer translates very well into furnishings. What are your future plans? Do you intend to continue branching out into furnishings? I’d love to.


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The COSHLIVINGNatal Alu sofa features hot-melt coating, which prevents water from penetrating the cushions.

CHOOSINGTHERIGHTOUTDOORFABRICSIS ESSENTIALWHENPREPARINGFORSUMMERSOIRĂ&#x2030;ES GABRIELLE KUPKE, OF COSH LIVING, GIVES SOME ADVICE ON CHOOSING OUTDOOR FABRICS My outdoor space gets a lot of sun. What fabrics will withstand the rays? The best fabrics to use in sunny outdoor areas are 100 per cent solution-dyed acrylic or oleďŹ n. There are a lot of great outdoor fabric brands using these materials such as Sunbrella, Mokum, Unique Fabrics and Schumacher, all available at Cosh Living. There is a huge

variety of colours and patterns available in these high-quality outdoor materials. We can make custom-sized decorative scatter or structured cushions to suit any bench, chair or lounge. I want the fabric to last. What do you suggest? In order to construct an outdoor cushion that will withstand the test of time, the outdoor fabrics mentioned need to be teamed with quick-drying foam inserts and non-slip rubber

ventilation panels that allow water to pass through. This will avoid mould developing inside the cushions, which could potentially damage the quality and colour of the fabric. I need a waterproof fabric for use by the pool. Is there a particular type of fabric I should be looking for? Cosh Living distributes furniture by a few brands that are worldwide leaders in terms of quality and innovation in outdoor materials. These include Tribu, Manutti and Gloster. The best material to use beside swimming pools is the nautical fabric options developed by these brands as they have a special hot-melt coating on their underside, which prevents water from penetrating the cushions.


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FEATURE FABRICS The Mokum Summer Holiday fabric range from COSH LIVINGis a recyclable outdoor fabric option.

The RAPEE S14 range of outdoor cushions is full of bright blue hues that will brighten the garden or patio. LEFT Tribu fabric from COSHLIVING with hot-melt backing is great for wet environments, such as beside the pool.

BELOW Marine Bean ooman in Charcoal Tweed from COASTNEWZEALAND is designed to withstand the outdoor elements.


When teamed with the right quick-dry foam and ventilation panels, these materials can be made into what we believe are the only water-safe cushions on the market. We can upholster any of our outdoor furniture or custom cushions in Tribu and Manutti fabrics, which will give you a water-safe option. There are 10 great soft, neutral fabric options and nautical leather available in white or black.

Due to the nautical fabric that covers it, the Mirthe sofa from COSHLIVING is perfect for use by the pool.

What about environmentally-friendly options? The Mokum Summer Holiday fabric range is a good recycled and recyclable outdoor fabric. What colours are trending this season? Colours that seem to be coming in this season are charcoal, silver/greys, linen/sand and, for accents, teal/turquoise and yellow.


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ABOVEThis provincial-inspired collection byLAVENDERHILL INTERIORS uses elegant fabrics to create a rustic farmhouse feel, seing the scene for springtime brunches.

BELOWLEFTAnna’s Garden by TESSUTI FABRICS is a busy floral affair that adds pizzazz to a room with its deep summery colours.

BELOWRIGHTJack and Charlie in orange fromTESSUTI FABRICS is a bright material that tells the tale of a pear orchard, and is sure to transport you to sunny days picking fruit with friends.


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The Triple Crown collection by MAURICEKAIN features three distinctive designs that inject interest and colour, with pastel, bold, floral and geometric designs. Belmont, Derby and Preakness fabrics are textured and shimmery and coordinate with each other, allowing you to create the perfect combo with your accessories and drapes.

TOPRIGHT This colourful patchwork-style paern from Mini Labo and FRENCHBAZAAR is available in shades of blue, pink and cream, and offers a touch of geometric structure.

BOTTOMRIGHT From SERHOLTSWEDEN, the Alice cushion cover will add a touch of brightness to the sofa or bed with its eclectic mix of blues, reds, greens and yellows. The cushion is rich with primary colours that are playful and feminine.

FARRIGHTAllow exotic and cheerful hues to fill your home with a colourful and summery vibe.


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TOPLEFT The Bowral collection from SEKERS features ornate floral designs, ikat motifs and elaborate birds in treetops. LEFTMIDDLEThe Pleasure of Fishes from FROMENTAL is a charming portrayal of minnows fliing around the river. The depiction takes inspiration from 13th century Chinese scroll paintings and comes in two colourways;

Treasure and Rockpool. LEFTBOTTOMBavaria is Studio Job’s first collection forKVADRATMAHARAM and its fun farmland scene is well suited to a children’s room or any space that needs a bit of excitement. ABOVEThe Orla Kiely collection by ANASAZI

TRADINGfeatures fun and fresh linens that add some natural beauty to the bedroom. BELOWExclusively distributed bySEKERS, Viant Tropicana offers a fresh selection of fabrics in whites, pinks and greens, reminiscent of a garden in full bloom.


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HOUSES & APARTMENTS Brooke Aitkin Design..............................140 Designer Constructions Group...........150 Greg Natale Design ................................ 120 Tamara Magel ............................................ 130 John Croft Design ................................... 160 Emma Urtubey.......................................... 110 Len Wallis Audio...................................... 174 Project: Greg Natale Design


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ABOVEInterior designer Veronica Urtubey and her fashion designer brother, Juan

LEFT Muted tones are offset by a large artwork that seizes the eye. Shoot styled by Matias Errazuriz

With one look at the high ceilings and 100-year-old fiings, Veronica Urtubey knew this apartment would be the perfect sanctuary for her brother, Juan, an acclaimed fashion designer



enowned clothing designer Juan Urtubey approached his sister, an interior designer, with a challenge; he wanted an apartment that would not only reflect the rich materials his collections are renowned for, but would also be a “sober, organic and peaceful” sanctuary from the bustling city of Buenos Aires. Set in the city’s historic district, the home Veronica found for him was a far cry from that. In fact,


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 111

8/19/2013 10:10:36 AM


This living room reflects the rich materials that characterise designer Juan Urtubey’s fashion collections


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 112

8/22/2013 3:49:32 PM


ABOVE An antique chandelier vies for aention with a black-and-white nude portrait — and it almost wins

LEFT This space for contemplation is actually part of the bathroom and Juan says it’s his favourite part of the home

VERONICA COULD SEE POTENTIAL IN THE HIGH CEILINGS, ORIGINAL OAK DOORS AND 100-YEAR-OLD IRON-TRIMMED WINDOWS THAT BATHED THE APARTMENT IN WARM, NATURAL LIGHT what is now a calm, light-filled refuge was a rundown, pokey old place. But Veronica could see potential in the high ceilings, original oak doors and 100-year-old iron-trimmed windows that bathed the apartment in warm, natural light. “It is very difficult to imagine what it was like,” Juan says. “It was a very labyrinthine and narrow place. These type of apartments were designed for a number of people to live in, so we needed to modernise it and make it suitable for a single man.” As if working for a sibling is not challenging enough, the fashion designer had a very specific brief. He wanted a home that would be elegant but also young, bright but sober. Not only did it have to be vastly different from his modern abode in Miami, it had to blend contemporary


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 113

8/22/2013 3:49:34 PM


In the reading room, muted tones give way to bold furnishings and Juanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vast collection of hardcover books, miniature prints and family photographs


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 114

8/22/2013 3:49:37 PM


“THESE TYPE OF APARTMENTS WERE DESIGNED FOR A NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO LIVE IN, SO WE NEEDED TO MODERNISE IT AND MAKE IT SUITABLE FOR A SINGLE MAN” — JUAN URTUBEY ABOVEBig windows allow natural light to flood into the space and pinotea oak floors keep the look light

LEFTNothing but a sheer curtain separates diners from the kitchen, which means guests can see the exquisite joinery designed by Juan

design elements with traditional touches that pay homage to his Argentinean heritage. It had to be a very Argentinean home, yet also be a retreat from the busy Argentinean streets below. Veronica’s first step was to open up the home by incorporating what was once a narrow hallway into the living and dining rooms. These big, bright rooms now flow straight into the kitchen, with floorboards made of pinotea, a rare oak, used throughout. The soft, creamy-coloured oak floors bring the rooms together and lighten the entire apartment. Nothing more than a sheer curtain separates the cook from the living spaces. This is a


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 115

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LEFT Sleek steel appliances are offset by classic joinery that Juan designed himself and had custom made

JUAN WANTED AN APARTMENT THAT WOULD REFLECT THE RICH MATERIALS HIS COLLECTIONS ARE RENOWNED FOR AND BE A “SOBER, ORGANIC AND PEACEFUL” SANCTUARY FROM THE BUSTLING CITY OF BUENOS AIRES good thing because it means guests can get a look at Juan’s exquisite kitchen, where sleek steel appliances are offset by classic joinery. Juan began his career as a furniture designer and this room is testament to his talent; he designed each of the fittings and had them custom made. In the main bedroom, Veronica has indulged Juan’s love of luxurious fabrics with a thick, cotton carpet. Brushed by velvet curtains, the textures are just right for the muted colour palette of lilac, fawn and chocolate. Veronica hasn’t changed the foundations of the room; she’s simply refurbished it. But what’s impressive about her design is that it’s sober — just as Juan wanted — but not sombre. It is muted and masculine, but also soft and gentle. A Perspex chandelier keeps the room young while an art print of a busy streetscape injects just the right amount of colour and movement into the space. The print is the finishing touch and it’s just what you’d expect from these two young designers, the offspring of an art-dealer and a fashion icon. The main bedroom connects to a dressing room via an internal arcade and the room has an ensuite; though that’s hardly the right word given its generous proportions. An iron-andglass door opens onto a beautiful, sunny little terrace – also filled with art – but Juan admits that his favourite spot for kicking back is actually the bathroom. “It has its own living area for relaxing and reading — it’s great to have such a large space for a non-common room,” he says. Marble floors keep things cool and two grand windows allow plenty of fresh air to fill the room. As with the main bedroom, the living room is all quiet, muted tones that make the most of the home’s abundant natural light. Once again,


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 117

8/19/2013 10:10:50 AM

GENIUS TRICK The bathroom should be a place for solitude and relaxation. Include a quiet reading area to get the most out of your bathroom


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 118

8/19/2013 10:10:51 AM


LEFTCeramic tiling plays up the light that fills the guest bathroom ABOVESober but not sombre, muted tones of lilac, fawn and chocolate are kept young with a Perspex chandelier and the right art print


This apartment in Buenos Aires’ historic district was pokey and rundown, but interior designer Veronica Urtubey saw potential in the high ceilings and original doors and windows  The apartment was designed for many people to live in, so Veronica opened up the space by incorporating a narrow hallway into the living and dining rooms  Pinotea floorboards run throughout several rooms, bringing the rooms together and lightening the entire apartment  A sheer curtain separates the kitchen from the living spaces  Artwork contrasts the home’s muted tones, keeping the sober apartment bright and young

the stillness is offset by an artwork that seizes the eye. This time it’s an abstract piece in brilliant oranges, pinks and aquas. A number of the home’s lighting fixtures have been imported from the US, but Veronica has sourced the rest from Gabriel Del Campo, a well-known store in Buenos Aires’ antique district. The most impressive of them is the chandelier in the remaining hallway; it vies for attention with a fantastic black-and-white nude portrait — and it almost wins. In the reading room, muted tones give way to bold furnishings. Veronica has turned up the volume, allowing Juan’s vast collection of hardcover books, miniature prints and family photographs to take centre stage. It’s a cheery room, orderly yet full of personality and a young man’s treasures. “I wanted people to be able to walk in and feel free from the stress of the world outside,” Juan says. “I wanted them to be able to immediately connect with the house and you certainly do because it feels organic and peaceful. It’s perfect.” So perfect, in fact, that Juan has announced he’ll be sharing his small sanctuary with the rest of the world. What was once a shabby old apartment is now a tranquil, light-filled space; the perfect setting for his next clothing campaign.


DAD004_pg110-119_FEAT_EMMA_URTUBEY.indd 119

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TO Completed last year in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, this eclectic home contests traditional notions of art and colour

A Lake Como rug by Designer Rugs adds the finishing touch to the monochromatic space and a Minoi Huber coffee table adds a dash of chrome


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 120

8/19/2013 10:11:04 AM



his decadent design began life as a mere shell of what you see here. Neutrals swept through the home like a sandstorm against a backdrop of desert. Not a touch of vivid colour graced the walls, floor or ceiling. This didn’t bode well for the occupants; a young, professional couple with two small children. After all, if you’re a lover of modern art and the colour it brings, neutrals simply won’t cut it.

GENIUS TRICK The elegant Lake Como rug by Designer Rugs flows through several rooms in the house, not only connecting the black and white found in the monochrome living spaces, but also tying each of the rooms together


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 121

8/22/2013 3:49:57 PM


The gold chevron wallpaper that adorns the ceiling is part of Greg Natale’s new range, designed in collaboration with Porter’s Paints. A Jules coffee table from Baxter and a Tracery rug by designer Kelly Wearstler play on the golden hues within the room


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 122

8/19/2013 10:11:08 AM


The idea was to draw the colour out of the artwork and develop an interior style that matched.” This, of course, was not as easy as it sounds. For starters, each of the artworks is different. Some pieces, such as the David Bowie picture by Mr Brainwash, feature pinks and gold, while the Marilyn Monroe piece is purely monochromatic. Not only this, the homeowners have very different tastes. The man of the house (who most of the pop-art pieces belong to) loves the contemporary look, whereas the lady of the manor prefers a much more classical look.

“The house was all beige and brown,” explains Greg Natale, the designer of this revamp. “They initially wanted everything in black and white, but one of the homeowners is a great collector of art and so the brief became to re-colour the home around the artwork he had collected.” The range of this artwork is broad. Dotted around the home are pieces by talented popular artists including the infamous street artist Banksy. A graffiti theme flows through the collection, which would have been a bit of a challenge to match with Greg’s signature suave interiors. “It was,” says Greg. “Making everything tie-in was hard.

Two Wingback chairs by Tom Dixon reflect the hues found in the buerfly print by Damien Hirst


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 123

8/19/2013 10:11:10 AM


This striking pop-art image by Mr Brainwash represents David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period. The splash of pink and the gold frame inspired the room’s design

COPY THAT Elements within the artworks have been used as inspiration for the interior design



DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 124

8/19/2013 10:11:13 AM


So how do you tackle a project that not only has to incorporate a variety of colours, but also needs to respect the differing preferences of the occupants? Greg’s answer was to simply project the variance in artwork and tastes directly onto the interior. Rather than create a space that matches throughout, he created separate areas that are completely different from each other. This proffers more conundrums though, because Greg then had to tie each of the spaces together while simultaneously respecting their vast differences. “This was difficult,” Greg says, “but we always came back to the artwork and this directed the styles.”

Monochrome features dominate the living room, led by Andy Warhol’s picture of Marilyn Monroe


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 125

8/19/2013 10:11:14 AM



DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 126

8/19/2013 10:11:16 AM



ABOVELilac domination in the master bedroom, which is feminine and classic and quite different from the rest of the home LEFTThe elegant hand-painted wallpaper from Fromental is an artwork in itself

The formal living room is probably the most eccentric space. The image of David Bowie takes prime position on the back wall, bedecked in an elaborate gold frame, and leads the colour palette for the rest of the room. A tufted gold Chester Moon lounge by Baxter, a Jules coffee table (also from Baxter) and a Tracery rug by well-established designer Kelly Wearstler contrast with the modern nature of the artwork by adding a vintage aspect. Adorning the ceiling is a busy chevron wallpaper in gold. It is part of Greg’s new range, which he has designed in collaboration with Porter’s Paints. It connects the living

space to the dining room and adds a bit of eye-lifting intrigue to the room. In the dining room, the use of pink is arresting. There are two very different artworks; one by controversial British artist Damien Hirst and the other by local Australian sculptor Dion Horstman. Both have pink in volumes and — along with the hot pink found in the David Bowie image — they’ve inspired the inclusion of pink in the furniture. Gold is still the leading colour but, with the addition of Wingback chairs by Tom Dixon, it is certainly given a run for its money. Move into the more casual living spaces and the variation in styles really becomes apparent. The contrast to the vivid pop-art style that we’ve just seen is huge. Now we are greeted by an incredibly minimal and


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 127

8/23/2013 4:28:58 PM

Monochromatic features spread from the relaxed living room to the guest bedroom where Emilio carpet from Designer Rugs provides a beautiful meeting point of colours


DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 128

8/19/2013 10:11:20 AM



IN SHORT  Greg Natale Design has given this home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs a refreshing interior makeover  Previously, the home featured neutrals only and as the occupants are great lovers of art, they wanted to add some colour  Greg Natale Design utilised artworks already collected by the family as inspiration within the home  Three main styles are showcased: pop-art inspired, minimal monochrome and classical feminine  Tying the styles and spaces together was a challenge. However, Greg Natale Design fused everything by choosing details in the art and using them in the interior design

monochromatic environment. Gone is the pink, replaced by white, grey and chrome. The space is defined by Andy Warhol’s iconic image Marilyn Monroe, printed in black and white. This isn’t the only black-and-white area of the home. The guest bedroom — once again led by its artwork — is also entirely bedecked in monochromatic shades. High ceilings and flowing white curtains make for an elegant space that is brought back to earth by the blacks found in the bed linen and furnishings. Greg has chosen to use dark, patterned Emilio carpet from Designer Rugs, a bold move given that it flows through not just one bedroom, but all four. It does, however, complement each space beautifully, creating a meeting point between black and white in the guest bedroom and providing a grounding contrast to the lilac in the master and daughter’s bedroom. The lilac, of course, deserves mention. It is the feminine touch that really rounds off the diversity within the house. The master bedroom and the daughter’s room carry a decidedly classical look compared to the rest of the rooms, contrasting with both the pop-art and monochromatic looks we’ve already seen. While artwork is absent from the master bedroom, Greg has given the room an artistic touch by using hand-painted lavender wallpaper from Fromental. It dashes across the back wall in a wave of lilac, leading the colours in the rest of the room. The varying spaces come together beautifully within this home. Who would have thought that three so very different styles could flow into one another and tie together so seamlessly? To be so inspired by artwork is nothing new, but to allow the pieces to be integral to the interior design — so much so that each area becomes an artwork itself — is, however, extraordinary. It’s almost as though the home has become its own evolving art gallery, created by art, led by colour and orchestrated with interior design.



DAD004_pg120-129_GREG_NATALE.indd 129

8/22/2013 3:50:11 PM


GENIUS TRICK To really make the most of your views, choose furnishings that play up the colours in the landscape. Tamara Magel has enhanced the siing roomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s farmyard views by using yellow lampshades and grey silk cushions


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 130

8/22/2013 3:50:21 PM


The owners of this Hamptons home have shrugged off the neighbourhood’s signature look for one that is modern, luxurious and a lile bit bohemian WORDS EMMA MULHOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHY YALE WAGNER

esigners the world over may have embraced the Hamptons style for its casual yet sophisticated beach aesthetic, but the sea-changers who bought this $US12 million home wanted something more substantial for their Hamptons property. They’d enjoyed many summers on Gibson Beach — the playground of New York’s wealthy holidaymakers — and in their retirement they wanted to feel the sand beneath their feet, but they weren’t quite ready to plunge into the Hamptons look. LEFT Metallic coffee tables and a monochromatic print dominate this elegant living room, one of the home’s three siing rooms

ABOVE The woman responsible for this home’s modern yet slightly bohemian look, interior designer Tamara Magel


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 131

8/19/2013 10:11:36 AM


LEFT Warm neutrals, a hearty fireplace and deep armchairs create a siing room that is cosy but not cluered

ABOVEThe wild, porcupinelike light fiing by Jean Demery transforms this classic dining room

“They wanted the home to feel relaxed but sophisticated enough to be a full-time residence rather than a summer beach home” — Tamara Magel 132 | DESIGN & DECORATION

DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 132

8/22/2013 3:50:24 PM


“They wanted the home to feel relaxed but sophisticated enough to be a full-time residence rather than a summer beach home,” says interior designer Tamara Magel. “They wanted a home that would be minimal yet still homely, one that felt cosy without clutter.” Set in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the entire US, all three storeys of the new home offer views of the Atlantic Ocean and the farmland that backs onto the home. With a budget of $US2 million for design and refurbishment, Tamara has taken her cues from the colours in the landscape and created a place that is at once

modern, luxurious and a little bit bohemian. It was certainly no small task, not with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, three sitting rooms, a gym, a media room and a kitchen all in need of design and refurbishment. To begin, Tamara gave herself a neutral palette with white oak flooring and simple, streamlined furniture. She then decorated each room using iconic fittings from a range of design eras and added texture with natural products such as silks, linen, sisal flooring and leather rugs. Describing her approach, Tamara says she is all about contrasts. This was particularly important for a home that needed to embrace the relaxed

summer lifestyle, yet also feel cosy and suited to entertaining in the winter. “I start with a classic vignette and then add just a touch of the opposite, so a modern piece of art or modern accessories,” Tamara says. The same goes for the sleek, modern rooms such as the home’s living room, where Tamara has installed shiny, metallic coffee tables, streamlined armchairs and a monochromatic Elliott Puckette print. It’s an elegant room yet Tamara has added a breath of salty seaside air with a relaxed Hans Wegner Hammock chaise — a rustic touch that prevents the space from becoming too stuffy.


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 133

8/22/2013 3:50:27 PM


Perfect for entertaining, this generous kitchen has been designed in a U-shape so the cook can interact with those at the breakfast table


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 134

8/19/2013 10:11:44 AM

Lighting fixtures add to this contrast, from the large, exotic lanterns in the guest bedrooms to the iconic 1960s glass table lamps by Vistosi that light up the den. But none is more spectacular than the wild, porcupine-like fitting that transforms the otherwise classic dining room. Tamara has made the most of the Jean Demery light by installing a large mirror above the marble fireplace that reflects the crazed shape. It’s the perfect touch, but Tamara says installation was no easy task, requiring nine contractors who spent an entire morning trying to negotiate the spiky fitting. Although the Hamptons’ look didn’t appeal to Tamara’s clients, they still wanted their home to communicate with the stunning landscape. “We used a lot of greygreen, blue-greys and warm whites to help bring the outside feeling indoors,” Tamara says. This is most obvious in the living room where she’s played up the mossygreen farm colours that fill the windows by adding a light-green mohair sofa, yellow lampshades and grey silk cushions. However, Tamara warns that this coveted neighbourhood does pose one serious challenge for designers. “The light in the Hamptons is beautiful,” she says, “but it can cast a lot of blue and pink tones on paints and fabrics at different times of the day.”


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 135

8/19/2013 10:11:45 AM


Built-in display shelves made of bleached oak and metal shelving display designer pieces, drawing the eye away from the television

COPY THAT Add one or two natural, rustic furnishings to a modern room to add warmth and prevent the space from becoming too stuffy

“They wanted a home that would be minimal yet still homely, one that felt cosy without cluer” — Tamara Magel

Throwing away all notions of seaside charm, Tamara’s favourite room — the dressing room — proudly embraces animal skins, driftwood Travertine stone floors and all things unbridled luxury. More Sex and the City than Hamptons chic, the huge space occupies the original master bedroom and what was once a guest bedroom. It’s been gutted and transformed

into a glamorous, well-lit dressing room that adjoins the master bedroom and echoes the aesthetic of the ensuite. Even here, in this indulgent space, Tamara has avoided synthetic materials and opted for natural touches such as the knobs on each of the cupboards, which are made of animal horn and polished nickel.


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 136

8/22/2013 3:50:32 PM


Tamara has used contrasting colours — in this case a piece of modern art — to brighten up a neutral palee

Tamara was careful to ensure the room flowed easily into the master bedroom and ensuite, allowing the lady of the house to dress, apply her make-up and tend to small laundry chores in what feels like one grand, flowing space. This was also a consideration in the generous kitchen, which Tamara designed in a U-shape so the cook would be able to

interact with those at the breakfast table. “Having a path for good movement around the room is what allows for a good entertaining space,” Tamara says. She converted another one of the bedrooms into a library for her clients’ vast book collection and then, working with the clients, Tamara designed three of the remaining

bedrooms according to the tastes of their children. Each child has left home and graduated from college, but the owners wanted them to have their own rooms and Tamara was only too happy to comply. “For me, bedrooms are a great place to add some different personalities to those you see in the main rooms,” she says. Although these rooms will


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 137

8/22/2013 3:50:34 PM



DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 138

8/19/2013 10:11:52 AM


Throwing away all notions of seaside charm, Tamara’s favourite room — the dressing room — proudly embraces animal skins, driwood Travertine stone floors and all things unbridled luxury LEFTThe master bedroom echoes the farmyard landscape, using a fur throw and armchairs made with natural fibres ABOVEMore Sex and the City than Hamptons chic,

Tamara has gued one of the bedrooms to create a dressing room that adjoins the master bedroom. Note the knobs on the cupboards; each is made of animal bone and nickel

never be permanently lived in, Tamara hasn’t skimped on the furnishings, again opting for natural materials and large, retro-inspired light fittings. Although this job required little structural work, it is certainly a brave refurbishment.

Tamara has shunned a style that is not just popular in the neighbourhood — it is synonymous with it. And yet, she’s still taken much of her inspiration from the home’s stunning location. The secret, Tamara says, is in knowing what you want. “Trust your gut.” she says. “People tend to question this and intuition can really guide you to selecting things that relate to one another even if they seem like they don’t.”


IN SHORT The owners of this Hamptons property wanted a home that was laidback yet more

sophisticated than the beach houses that dominate the neighbourhood Interior designer Tamara Magel had a $US million budget to refurbish the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home Taking its cues from the colours in the landscape, the home is at once modern, trendy and a lile bit bohemian Tamara is all about contrasts, whether that’s adding modern art to a classic room or rustic touches to a sleek, contemporary space Although the clients’ children are grown-up and will never live in the home, each has their own bedroom decorated according to their tastes


DAD004_pg130-139_FEAT_HAMPTONS.indd 139

8/22/2013 3:50:39 PM

URBAN WONDERND Colourful and cohesive, inventive and inviting â&#x20AC;&#x201D; this cleverly-designed home has all the right elements


DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 140

8/19/2013 10:12:05 AM



DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 141

8/19/2013 10:12:07 AM

The view from the void captures the colourful interior scheme and Luis Trujilloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s painting of Hunter S. Thompson


DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 142

8/19/2013 10:12:09 AM


WORDS TATYANA LEONOV PHOTOGRAPHY MARIAN RIABIC he words “space” and “separation” aren’t commonly associated with homes in Sydney. “Small”, “cosy” or “compact” are much more likely to fit when talking about city housing. So, for architect Brooke Aitken and her husband, Stephen, it was never going to be a straightforward build. “We wanted space, separation and a contemporary urban design aesthetic,” Brooke remembers, adding to the

equation space for two cars and that “special calm feeling” you find in an urban garden oasis. Anything else? “I wanted to be inventive with ‘materiality’, such as the hand-done lime wax, clay and soap-flake mix for the timber floors and the blue-black beeswaxed ply panels for the stairs and joinery.” Born in Sydney, Brooke is a talented architect and interior designer with a career spanning a diverse range of work around the world, including museums, hotels, residential and retail projects in places including the UK,

Brazil, Japan and Italy, among others. This project, however, was different because it was her own — a home for herself that she today shares with Stephen and her 20-year-old stepson. “Stephen and I had been looking all over Sydney for a site so that I could design and build our own home and integrate my architecture practice into it,” Brooke says. “After looking for what seemed like an eternity, Stephen decided to put ‘land’ into the search sites and up popped this piece of land in the middle of Alexandria, an innercity Sydney suburb.” Though the couple had been looking in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Brooke had always dreamed of an urban setting. With Alexandria’s recent growth into a trendy design hub, she knew this was the spot. “I love the area. It’s so close to the city, filled with parks that are very dog-friendly (they have a Blue Heeler and joke that the prominent blue decor was designed to match the dog) and has an edgy aesthetic to it.” The next step was designing and then building the house. “The house had to work on many levels,” Brooke explains. “It needed to work as an office with some separation from the house. We needed to have privacy between our bedroom and our son’s, and we needed to block the noise of the busy street.”


DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 143

8/22/2013 3:50:54 PM




DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 144

8/19/2013 10:12:16 AM


ABOVEThe back facade opens to the north with triple sliding doors

LEFTSliding doors hide the fridge and pantry in the kitchen

On top of that, the home had to work as a showcase for Brooke’s practice, so it was important to use products that could be shown to clients. They were lucky enough to score land with a six-metre frontage (an average Sydney terrace block usually has only four metres), so Brooke had more land to work with. Designed as a three-level house (although only the first two can be seen from the front due to council restrictions), the home boasts an abundance of space that you only discover once you step inside. The first floor houses the Brooke Aitken Design office, where Brooke works with her three colleagues. The second level is split, with a large void over the living area, and the two levels are joined by what Brooke refers to as “the bridge”. The front of the second level houses a spare bedroom behind the balcony, while the back is home to their son’s bedroom, bathroom and his own personal balcony. The front and the back can be closed off with sliding doors. “These doors are invaluable,” Brooke says, “as they seal off the living area acoustics. We can be watching loud TV in


DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 145

8/22/2013 3:50:59 PM



DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 146

8/19/2013 10:12:21 AM


ABOVEThe master bedroom is housed in the ceiling lo and features a modern built-in bed that appears to float

LEFTA unique finish on the timber stains adds a rustic touch to this crisp space

the living room and our son is undisturbed in his bedroom.” The top floor is Brooke and her husband’s retreat, fitted out with their bedroom, bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. The minimalistic look of the bedroom draws the eyes to the simple yet elegant furnishing items: the lights, the two paintings above the bed and the view from the window. The bathroom is another story: the black-and-white theme is intense and the linear arrangement further accentuates the interplay between these two bold shades. Brooke and her family have really enjoyed living in their new home since they moved into the house, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “It all took far too long,” Brooke chuckles. “What do they say about cooks in the kitchen? I found it quite difficult to find time to design and document the house as I had to do this after hours.” Small problems also amounted to seeking bigger solutions. Because the site is in a

conservation zone, Brooke had a number of schemes knocked back as the council regarded them as too controversial for the area. “I think it’s important to push the envelope in your own work with architecture,” she says. “But council was less than impressed and wanted to see a more traditional terrace form inserted into the urban fabric.” Another issue was discovering that, like the rest of Alexandria, their land was a sandy swamp. “Right at the start of the process we found a serious issue. Alexandria was a sandy swamp and our land was no different. The issue was the 100-year-old neighbour was found to have no footings at all and its single-skin brick wall was being held together purely by its mortar. When we started to excavate along this wall, the start of La Niña hit and we had a very stormy night where we were very worried about it collapsing. We then had to redesign the footings completely, which set us back a month and a fair amount of money,” Brooke explains. “Fortunately, although there was no bedrock, the sandy soil also meant that water flowed away quickly from the affected area.”


DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 147

8/22/2013 3:51:05 PM


The inspiration for the striking black-and-white bathroom came from Brooke’s travels through Italy


IN SHORT Architect and interior designer Brooke Aitken designed this inner-city Sydney oasis for her

small family The facade conforms to the style of the area, but beyond the front door the home is anything but conformist The three-level home has been designed to appear as a two-storey home from the street Brooke experimented with materials such as a lime wax, clay and soap-flake mix for the timber floors The home includes an office and showcases building materials for Brooke’s clients A linear design throughout the bathroom accentuates the interplay between black and white Sliding doors seal off noise from the living area

Looking at the house today, you wouldn’t have a clue about the setbacks they endured. Although the streetscape view conforms to the strict Alexandria style, it’s the interior that astounds. The what-looks-like-a-two-storey semi opens up into three-storey magnificence, with a uniquely designed void. “I love it!” Brooke says, referring to the void. “I often hear first-time visitors say it is like a Tardis with an oasis out the back. The home is restrained from the front entry but it opens up completely towards the back.


DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 148

8/23/2013 4:27:43 PM




DAD004_pg140-149_FEAT_BROOKE_AITKIN.indd 149

8/23/2013 4:27:54 PM


A once-tired 1980s home has been transformed into an urban masterpiece

A refurbished dining room opens onto an expansive courtyard through large bifold doors, creating a seamless transition to the external entertainment area


DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 150

8/19/2013 10:12:43 AM



rchitecturally designed in an avant-garde style, this three-storey property has seen three decades pass and, until now, has struggled to keep up with the times. Design styles and techniques have certainly moved on from the home’s original larger-than-life ’80s look, so the owners hired Chris Knierim and his team at Designer Constructions Group to redesign the home, paying homage to the original aesthetics while pulling it into the present day.


DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 151

8/19/2013 10:12:44 AM



DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 152

8/19/2013 10:12:46 AM


COPY THAT An internal garden is a truly unique addition to a home, creating a calm space that brings in light

ABOVERaw bedrock in the interior of the home creates an interesting space, complete with plants that live in the filtered light

LEFTLiving room finishes include the use of bluestone, which encases a large open fireplace and links aesthetically with the home’s external entrance and foyer

The project is unique in that no structural work has been done, meaning the home’s original spatial proportions have remained the same. The renovation is more of a facelift; a redressing with sleek finishes inspired by the clients, which Chris’ firm spent some time getting to know. As Chris himself states, “With each new design our intention is to reflect the personality of the occupants, creating an urban environment that is as individual as those who dwell within it”. With a multitude of rooms throughout the three levels, the firm needed to make the place feel like a unified whole, but also allow each room its own character. External work focused on the gardens, brickwork, garage, courtyard and outbuilding. The brick was rendered and painted to fit in with the surrounding environment and the garage and driveway have been redone to blend into one another seamlessly. Internally, the garage has seen fresh render and new plasterboard ceilings, plus a renewed lighting solution. Extensive landscaping has taken place using species that require minimal maintenance and leave little organic litter. Hedging plants create a formal perimeter around the garden, while the lower sloping block has been filled in and other areas cut back to create a level surface. Mulch has been spread over the entire area to deter weeds.


DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 153

8/19/2013 10:12:47 AM


GENIUS TRICK The use of light brick throughout the home lightens and brightens and has become a beautiful feature

In the outbuilding, which has become a man cave and workshop space, sliding windows have replaced aging glass blocks, allowing for better ventilation. A glass entry door has been fitted and the walls re-rendered and painted. This has lightened the room and opened it up. However, a division has been added to separate the billiard and games area from the office and workshop. The home’s entrances have received custom-fabricated red-cedar timber gates in addition to Blue Mountains stone and slat feature walls. Cedar has also been used for privacy screening. A water feature in the entry courtyard inserts a little slice of tranquillity, while the courtyard itself has been reconfigured to maximise spatial proportions. The update includes a barbecue hut, which is certain to inspire regular get-togethers and paves the way to the grand entrance.

Contemporary furnishings create an elegant scheme that is enhanced by the beauty of the outdoor landscape


DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 154

8/19/2013 10:12:49 AM




DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 155

8/19/2013 10:12:51 AM



DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 156

8/19/2013 10:12:52 AM


LEFT An island benchtop in Carrara marble creates extra workspace

A COMPLETE REWORKING OF THE THE KITCHEN SEES A CAESARSTONE BENCHTOP TAKE CENTRE STAGE Internally, brick feature walls have received fresh render and a lick of crisp white paint, which has drastically lightened the space. This contrasts perfectly with vitrified charcoal tiling and well-placed ornamental features. Tasmanian oak ceilings in the main foyer complement Blue Mountain bluestone feature walls and a contemporary chandelier gives the entire foyer a sharp aesthetic. The use of bluestone continues in the living room, where it encases a large open fireplace and links aesthetically with the external entrance and foyer. Again, sleek light fittings add detail to the fresh, open-plan space. A complete reworking of the kitchen sees a Caesarstone benchtop take centre stage, laid on a specially selected Carrara island marble bench. White joinery with soft-close drawers and cupboards give the kitchen a nice finish, as does the German-made Miele finery. Adjoining the kitchen, the dining room opens onto the courtyard through large bifold doors, creating a seamless transition to the external entertainment area. Another special feature is the internal garden. The raw bedrock that breeches the interior of the home posed an interesting challenge for Chris’ design team. The team paired up with environmental experts Code Green and used the rock to create a zone of tranquillity within the home. They installed an eight-metre-high glass-block wall that allows dappled sunlight in and then added plants that thrive in the filtered lighting conditions. The rock face is a natural anchor point for many of these plants and has gradually become a vertical garden. A waterfall has also been built into the rock and the flow combines with the verdant visuals to create a space of calm and inner contemplation. Secreted away behind it all is a wine cellar, which adds a unique touch to the almost-sacred space. Spanish-style render and painting accompanies the wine racks; after all, the vintages must always be kept happy. Other private areas of the home include a chill-out room, which meanders into a courtyard


DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 157

8/22/2013 3:51:33 PM



DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 158

8/19/2013 10:12:55 AM


IN SHORT Architecturally designed in an avant-garde style, this three-storey property has seen three decades pass and has struggled to keep up with the times  No structural work has been done, which makes this project unique  This home has received a faceli all over, both internally and externally Brick and stone have been used extensively throughout the home to create continuity Of particular interest is the internal garden, which includes plants that live within filtered lighting conditions and a calming waterfall

complete with a spa bath. An extensivelyequipped home theatre with good acoustic performance required careful consideration of the room’s finishes. The team ended up selecting timber louvres to join a Tasmanian oak ceiling, which has created good acoustic conditions. Each of the completely refitted bathrooms feature flush wall-mounted mirrors and designer fixtures, and the main bathroom is embellished with a luxurious sunken bath and double vanity. Practicality rules in the laundry where joinery and cabinets with a Caeserstone benchtop match the kitchen. Lighting for each room has been chosen to reflect the character and use of the space. New window furnishings, such as timber louvres, have been added where necessary and all glass panes have been replaced. A new intercom and alarm system have also been installed for security. As the project was restricted to surface elements of the home, maximisation of passive thermal and environmental regulation was paramount to Chris’ design team. An internal

ABOVEA back balcony provides a retreat that is both relaxing and private

LEFT In the master bedroom, a private space has been created with elegant furnishings, so lighting and the ever-present beauty of the landscape

brick structure keeps the home insulated and the glass-block wall in the internal garden allows natural light to penetrate the core of the home. A gas heating system further ensures the owners’ comfort year-round. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the house is a perfect private oasis. Materials have been selected for their minimal maintenance costs and special touches such as the internal garden ensure the home is light, spacious and, of course, individual, while maintaining the avant-garde spirit that made it so unique to begin with. Chris’ clients are so pleased with the new look that they’ve contracted his team for further projects.



DAD004_pg150-159_FEAT_DESIGN_CONSTRUCTION.indd 159

8/22/2013 3:51:36 PM



DAD004_pg160-163_JOHN_CROFT.indd 160

8/19/2013 10:13:04 AM


FLOW A strong connection to the outside world creates a warm and easy-going Gold Coast beach home

Bright-yellow lacquered tabletops contrast with the natural materials used in other furnishings

azy days on the beach are beautifully complemented by the stunning interior of this home. The exterior flows easily and effortlessly to the interior, and the marriage between the natural world and the design of the home makes this project particularly special. Principal interior designer John Croft, of John Croft Design, has worked with these clients twice before — once on their previous home in Brisbane and, more than 12 years ago he designed the interiors of this Gold Coast property. This time, the clients wanted a refurbishment that would revitalise their much-loved and lived-in home. Interior designer Nyria McKew assisted John with the redesign, which involved reupholstering existing furniture pieces as well as incorporating new furnishings and accessories. The use of colour is integral to many of John Croft Design’s projects and undoubtedly deserves mention here. “There was no brief,” John explains. “The clients just wanted their home to be liveable, relaxing and give a feeling of warmth. It was essential that it be robust and hardy to accommodate their young and active grandchildren, so they wanted to avoid a ‘precious’ space.” To achieve this, he and Nyria used plenty of patterns and colours. Neutral furnishings and fabrics were simply not practical with the young children around, and general wear and tear can be well concealed by colours and patterns for longer periods of time. Although not immediately apparent, the subtle impact that natural materials have on the overall effect of the space is undeniable. Walls and floors resonate with a neutral palette; the soft hue of the stone flooring traverses from the outside patio into the living areas, not only providing a cool environment during hot summer months, but also allowing the gentle flow of the sand dunes and waves to continue into the home. The walls have been very carefully considered and the neutral colour has been scumbled to add a soft touch.


DAD004_pg160-163_JOHN_CROFT.indd 161

8/19/2013 10:13:07 AM

Beneath the bright furnishings, a scumbled wall in a neutral tone adds a so touch



DAD004_pg160-163_JOHN_CROFT.indd 162

8/19/2013 10:13:09 AM


The outside world has been incorporated in many other ways. Timber materials, for example, are dotted around the home, particularly in the living areas where the diversity of the shapes and types of timber used bring a beautiful rustic aesthetic to the space. The soft, round edges of the side tables are offset by the sturdy linear structures of other furniture pieces, creating interesting and varied rooms. Textures are also of great consideration. The soft textures and tones of the neutral floors and walls are simple and relaxing. The bright colours add sharpness to the space and the glossy lacquered tabletops, metallic table legs and shiny mirrors add a contemporary twist. Paired with the rustic furniture, the crispness of the modern pieces “creates a lovely combination, sense of humour and a bit of fun,” explains John. There were very few problems encountered during this project, or at least nothing that couldn’t be resolved. One minor challenge was the large supporting column in the living room.

Minor adjustments were made to the layout of the room, but unfortunately the column was one aspect that, if removed, would cause the structure to cave in. John and Nyria tackled this by encasing the column in mirrored glass, making a feature of it while also creating the appearance of extra space. This refurbishment draws beautifully on the natural world outside. Like the colourful and mismatched environment that exists just beyond the patio, the interiors burst with the diversity of neutral and colourful palettes, textures, shapes and styles. The result is an environment that is both relaxing and fun.

BELOW Quirky sculptures are doed around the home, adding interest while also complementing the style of the design

MORE INFO? John Croft Design 07 3257 0633 Photography Steve Ryan


DAD004_pg160-163_JOHN_CROFT.indd 163

8/19/2013 10:13:13 AM



DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 164

8/22/2013 3:53:58 PM


BCK This striking kitchen combines dark hues with modern appliances for a functional and elegant space WORDSALEXANDRALONGSTAFF



DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 165

8/22/2013 3:54:06 PM




DESIGNER: o Bresa for Accent Rob and Wanda CABINETS: Grey oak veneer BENCHTOP: e Arabascato marbl : CK BA SH LA SP Mirror FLOORING: ral stone Silver pearl natu OVEN: Smeg COOKTOP: Combi induction REFRIGERATOR: Electrolux SINK: Stainless steel


DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 166

8/19/2013 10:13:32 AM

STATE OF THE A smooth-running kitchen helps bring the family together


he owner needed more storage and bench space, which was lacking in the original U-shaped design with breakfast bar. The key to achieving this was removing a large window where the sink is now, adding 360mm rather than standard 300mm-deep wall cabinets, and a large island with deep drawers. Adding downlights in the bulkhead plus a large pendant light compensates for removing the window. The idea behind the square island with a timber veneer base and 100mm calacatta marble top was to recreate a living room experience. Notably, it still fits within the original footprint of the kitchen and comfortably seats four. While the focus of the redesign was very much on the practical, for me the calacatta marble is what stands out, adding impact to the simplicity of the white and timber.” — Liam Murphy for Art of Kitchens. DESIGN & DECORATION | 167

DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 167

8/22/2013 3:58:20 PM

FEATURE KITCHENSANDBATHROOMS RIGHTA benchtop and splashback in honed Calacaa marble adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen.


BELOWWith slide-and-hide capabilities, the VarioSteam oven adds steam to the cooking process. Injecting steam while cooking gives food added moisture and creates juicy and delicious meals.

The SBSes 7353 Premium BioFresh NoFrost stainless steel fridge from LIEBHERR provides guaranteed freshness for the whole family. BELOW TheKITCHENAID Artisan KSM150 Stand Mixer in Empire Red is the perfect kitchen helper, enabling fast and efficient cooking and preparation.

BELOWThe Elliot Golightly range of functional but delicate stoneware is great for its oven-friendliness (medium range only) and refined shape.

LEFT With its 46-bole capacity and six sliding wooden shelves, the EB150WSCS fromEURO APPLIANCES is perfect for under-counter cooling. BELOWThe Tolix Tabouret stool by THONET adds a hint of industrial to an island bench.

LEFT The beauty of the three-way water filter fromBRITA is really what lies out of view. The tap connects to a BRITAwater filter below the sink, making it easy to install with no need to drill holes in benchtops or sinks.

ABOVE This Pink Calligraphy Script lampshade by Seven Dandelions offers a dash of colour. All lampshades from SEVENDANDELIONS are handcraed on the Sunshine Coast.


DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 168

8/19/2013 10:13:37 AM


NEW KIDS ON THE EXCITINGNEWKITCHENDESIGNS ADDFLAIRANDELEGANCETO THEHEARTOFTHEHOME ABOVE These expertlycraed knives from acclaimed London brand EDGEOF BELGRAVIAmake chopping a smooth and effortless experience. There are two ranges; the Ceramic series aimed for the chef at home with its lightweight and bright coloured handles, and the Damascus Steel series, which is geared towards professional chefs but is just as appropriate for domestic use.

ABOVEThe EPURE Zone 1.5 Bowl Sink, complete with accessories and the Dorf Epic Sink Mixer (pictured here), recently won the Australian International Design Award for its cuing-edge ergonomic, innovative and aesthetic appeal. The sink transforms easily to become a drainer, dish-drying rack, colander and chopping board, revolutionising food preparation, clean-up and storage.

BELOW We know Patricia Urquiola for her beautiful furniture and architectural designs, but she has now teamed up with BEKO to produce an exclusive line of kitchen appliances named Beko Cast. The built-in oven is simple and elegant, featuring a tinted glass door without handles for a truly streamlined appearance.

ABOVENORITAKE is renowned for bringing crisp and elegant chinaware to the table. Its dishwasher-safe Springbrook range has a vintage grace reminiscent of the 1950s, with its stylised shell and scroll motif and so blue hues. LEFTSMEGhas created a new flagship model within its oven range. The SFPA395X is a 60cm oven that holds a home cook’s hand, guiding the cooking process step-by-step to create a truly fail-safe meal. With the aid of preset cooking technology and LED displays, every meal can be cooked to perfection with minimal hassle.

The raw and unfinished beauty of these fine bone china pieces from TEXTURA is mesmerising. Handcraed by local artisans in Stoke-on-Trent in England, the crockery range by designer Max Lamb is unique and refreshingly simple.

RIGHT The SILICONEZONE by Karim range is a functional and fresh set of kitchenware products that is not only innovative and contemporary, but also stylish and sculptural. The range includes a foldable dish rack, sink roll, cup tree (pictured here), paper-towel holder, scrub brush and sink strainer, which are bound to liven up any kitchen.


DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 169

8/19/2013 10:13:44 AM

SIMPLE It’s important to have a space to retreat to, somewhere you can relax and unwind ustralians see their bathroom as a refuge, a place of relaxation and a wellness centre. Aesthetics are of huge importance and so is efficiency. And while bathrooms may be getting bigger, there is still a huge proportion of the population that wants to achieve a bathroom sanctuary within a compact space. To maximise the perception of space, we recommend a neutral colour palette, with the inclusion of reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room. Overall, you should choose understated pieces like a drop-in bath, under-mount sink and wall-mounted tapware, and then introduce a statement piece to create a focal point. This could be a mixer tap, a bold countertop basin or even a freestanding bath — space permitting.” — Tom Casper for Kohler Australia.


DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 170

8/19/2013 10:13:55 AM



DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 171

8/19/2013 10:13:57 AM


Casablanca candles from QUEENB.


ABOVECompact oil burner in wood from FORMFUNCTIONSTYLE.

Singulier mirror with glass shelf fromKOHLER

RIGHTNatural candle in glass tumbler from ANGELAROMATICS.

Valuto towel range from CANNINGVALE. ABOVESingulier towel bar (610mm) from KOHLER. LEFTProďŹ le bath mat fromUTEDESIGN. RIGHTSingulier single-lever basin mixer available from KOHLER

RIGHTEvok rectangular freestanding bath byKOHLER.

ABOVESingulier vertical toilet tissue holder from KOHLER.

ABOVE Singulier shower or bath mixer by KOHLER.


DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 172

8/22/2013 3:58:42 PM

Keytlery gold set of 24 by


Zhena’s Gypsy Herbal Tea sampler from OXFAMSHOP.

Pink Mini Sier from STEADYSTICKS Goldies gold-plated porcelain from

Original vintage brass pendant light by architect Frits Schlegel from DANSKVINTAGE


Friends of Murobond collaboration paint with Cool Edie’s Blousy Peony and Confei Bomb from MUROBONDPAINTS


RECOLLECTIONS 5’6 Slipper Bath and custom gloss paint colour by Dulux in Raw Coon.

Kink Vinegar Boles from FORMFUNCTIONSTYLE

Cast a warm golden tone across reflective surfaces, kitchen by JAG CANNINGVALE Valuto towel range in Rose.

Gloss 20 Bisazza glass mosaic blend 20mm x 20mm from PERINI TILES, Hotel Barcelò, Malaga, design Jordi Torres, photography Andrea

Perrin & Rowe Exposed Shower in Gold and Perrin & Rowe Robe Hook from THEENGLISHTAPWARE COMPANY

Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Gabrielle sugar pot and creamer from BELINDAJANES

Bamboo Salad Bowl in Peony from THEDHARMADOOR


DAD004_pg164-173_FEAT_KITCH_BATHROOM.indd 173

8/22/2013 3:58:53 PM


WE LOVE How this acoustically transparent screen hides speakers and other equipment, giving the room a simple look despite the high-tech devices

OUT A 19th century school hall has become an open, light-filled home with some wise lessons for those who want to get the most out of their audio equipment onverting an 1898 school hall into a modern home was not without its challenges — not least creating the high-tech media room. A sunroom by day, the owners wanted the room to allow natural light to stream in, yet still offer a

quality movie experience in the evening — complete with superb acoustics. It was a tall order for a room made of glass. But the result is simply stunning. The centrepiece is a Panasonic 85-inch plasma display that floats on a soft, fabric-lined wall. That fabric is actually an

acoustically transparent screen that hides a set of speakers and a subwoofer. The centre speaker, which is hidden behind the screen, is mounted above the TV but angled towards the viewing area for optimal sound. Four 14RU Middle Atlantic pull-out racks lie beneath the speakers and house the entire home’s audio-visual and control equipment. In the evening, a pair of plush, motorised curtains covers the glass walls to improve acoustics and lighting. When not in use, the curtains can also be hidden behind the fabric-lined wall. With help from the wall, they deaden sound from the glass, which means there was no need to install acoustic panelling. The homeowner has a video library made up of Blu-rays and DVDs stored on a Kaleidescape movie server and can also stream


DAD004_pg174-177_LEN_WALLIS.indd 174

8/22/2013 3:58:02 PM

EACH SPEAKER HAS BEEN CAREFULLY PCED SO IT DOESN’T DETRACT FROM THE HISTORIC PROPERTY’S ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES content via Apple TV, Foxtel and free-to-air television. But the room goes beyond video — it’s also a listening room where music can be enjoyed from a Crestron iPod dock, Kaleidescape music server, digital radio or — because the client wanted to be able to play their old CDs — a five-disc CD player.

ABOVE An acoustically transparent screen hides speakers, a subwoofer and the rest of the home’s audio-visual equipment, allowing an impressive plasma display to take centre stage ABOVERIGHTBuilt in 1898, this old school hall has become an exquisite home complete with state-of-the-art audio systems RIGHTGenerous windows and pops of colour give the old building a kind of playfulness that’s in keeping with its heritage

Sound amplification comes from a Marantz AV7005 pre-amp with HDMI 1.4 and a Marantz MM8003 amplifier. These drive five B&W flush-mounted surround speakers, while a 12-inch Velodyne subwoofer adds warmth. All audio-visual equipment is controlled by a Crestron MTX3 hand-held controller and a six-button wall switch at the room’s entry. Len Wallis Audio handled the computer-networking aspects of the design, as well as the control and security systems.


DAD004_pg174-177_LEN_WALLIS.indd 175

8/22/2013 3:52:12 PM


DAD004_pg174-177_LEN_WALLIS.indd 176

8/19/2013 10:14:35 AM


LEFTWiring has been strategically placed throughout the home so it goes unseen, preserving the fine features of the former school hall, including the impressive beams below the roof line ABOVEControl screens throughout the home allow the owners to select their favourite tunes and check on security cameras

MORE INFO? Len Wallis Audio

The company was careful to ensure the controller would be easy to use so the homeowners would get the most out of their state-of-the-art technology. The media room is one of a number of audio zones throughout the home and each speaker has been carefully placed so it doesn’t detract from the historic property’s architectural features, including beams under the roof line. An office on the upper level features distributed audio and video, including an in-wall video screen that looks like a mirror when not in use. The office is one of three distributed video zones and has access to programs via Kaleidescape, Foxtel and Apple TV. It also has a special glass wall that, at the flick of a switch, becomes opaque. Control is once again by Crestron, using a mix of in-wall and portable touch screens. Wiring has been a particular challenge and Len Wallis Audio had to come up with some innovative ways to conceal ugly wires without damaging historic elements of the home. But the result is a home that balances antique ambience with state-of-the-art electronic features, including a media room that would rival many small home theatres.


DAD004_pg174-177_LEN_WALLIS.indd 177

8/22/2013 3:52:16 PM

GOING WIRELESS Wireless technology is rapidly advancing and it’s bringing all sorts of creature comforts to the home WORDSMARKSEHLER

e’re in the midst of a wireless revolution and it’s making our homes smarter, more comfortable and more enjoyable — and the technology is getting more affordable. Today, most Australian homes have wireless internet and manufacturers have readily embraced it,

ABOVE The Sonos PLAYBAR utilises the most innovative technology to bring you the ultimate home theatre experience BELOWIt is now possible to take care of our home’s entertainment, lighting, heating and security with just a few taps on our smartphone or tablet

developing technology that allows us to take care of our home’s entertainment, lighting, heating and security with just a few taps on our smartphone or tablet. For manufacturers, the race is on to develop products that are simple to use. Our busy lives have no place for verbose instruction manuals or working the way the manufacturer wants us to interact with their technology — if it isn’t designed around us and how we live, then the device will be inevitably relegated to the scrapheap. At the forefront of the revolution is home hardware that connects to internet services that run automatic updates. The Sonos wireless hi-fi system, for instance, receives


DAD004_pg178-181_SONOS.indd 178

8/22/2013 3:52:24 PM


ABOVE A wireless ampliďŹ er, such as the Connect:Amp from Sonos, will allow you to stream everything through your smartphone or tablet RIGHT A smartphone controls lighting conditions in this modern living room

software updates for each of the homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sonos wireless products, ensuring they are constantly optimised to deliver exceptional sound. The company also creates apps for open platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, which allow the user to control music around the home with ease. Sonos also has its own open platform that lets music services, such as Spotify, MOG, JB Hi-Fi NOW and Pandora, connect and stream through its system. But we are seeing just the tip of innovation. Philips has released its Hue wireless LED light bulb system that enables homeowners to tweak the mood of their lighting using smartphone apps. The lighting can also be set to change throughout the day according to the


DAD004_pg178-181_SONOS.indd 179

8/19/2013 10:14:48 AM


DAD004_pg178-181_SONOS.indd 180

8/19/2013 10:14:51 AM



LEFTPLAY:3 speakers from Sonos offer conveniently wireless sound without reducing sound quality TOPThe CONNECT:AMP from Sonos turns a speaker into a music-streaming system ABOVEThis Philips Hue light bulb is Wi-Fi enabled, which means the colour and light level can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet

occupants’ typical activities such as dining, reading or watching TV. It’s not inconceivable that the Sonos and Philips Hue systems could one day be integrated to subtly adjust a home’s lighting depending on a particular music genre or learn the owners’ habits and predict what sort of listening and lighting they will want over the week and weekend.

Voice connectivity is also likely to become more integrated into home technology, and the Sonos and Philips Hue systems are both ideally primed to leverage such technology. As time passes, these technologies will probably become unremarkable. And that’s testament to the thought that has gone into designing these products, where usability and simplicity are everything.



DAD004_pg178-181_SONOS.indd 181

8/22/2013 3:52:31 PM


GET ON You can wave goodbye to the cold, clunky elevators of the past because these new machines are upliing home interiors around the country — and doing it in style WORDSJENNIFERHODDINETT

have a confession to make. I was one of those children who, when hopping out of an elevator, would run my fingers down the panel of buttons until every number glowed and every ill-fated passenger to board after me would groan. Thankfully, I have changed, and so too have elevators. Once the province of resort lobbies, corporate offices and affluent abodes, elevators have risen with the times. Fresh technology and innovation have made lifts more affordable, functional and even stylish. Once brushed off as a luxury, many homeowners are now incorporating them into their renovations and new builds. And it’s not just the greying and infirmed making the investment. Parents juggling children and groceries, homeowners struggling to resell, architects constructing on narrow properties and renovators giving their homes a facelift are looking on lifts with fresh eyes.



The elevator is increasingly becoming woven into the fabric of everyday living, offering a whole new level of functionality and style in the home.


DAD004_pg182-187_FEAT_ELEVATORS.indd 182

8/22/2013 3:52:41 PM



The beautiful stonework around this elevator, coupled with its wood-like flooring and chrome detailing, gives this li a modern yet organic appearance

Whether you’re conscious about the environment, your power bill or both, you’ll be surprised to learn how efficient home elevators can be. Many lifts on the residential market are moving away from their hydraulic origins and are embracing new traction-drive mechanisms. This advance uses less environmentally-damaging lubricating oil and employs a counterbalance system that reduces the amount of power needed by the motor by up to 50 per cent. Alongside this new system, single-phase power consumption, automatic LED lighting, solar power compatibility and the option to finish your elevator with recycled or ecofriendly materials has further led elevators

GOING UP? As well as making movement around the home more practical, elevators can also boost: Home longevity. Installing an elevator can be an investment for the future. It can spare the financial and emotional strain of moving and ensure that even when older, you can move with ease around your home. Resale value. Home elevators can increase a property’s value by 10 per cent and double its marketability. Aesthetic appeal. An elevator can enhance a room’s atmosphere as much as its functionality.


Traction-drive system? Single-phase power? Auto-off lighting? Solar power compatibility? Recycled or environmentallyfriendly materials?

down the “green and clean” path. In fact, elevators such as the Ecotraq by Easy Living Home Elevators uses a third of the energy of a kettle. With these innovations, a smooth, silent and sustainable ride upstairs is as affordable and achievable as your morning cuppa.

This Sprint SE from GRANT ELEVATORS capitalises on a beautiful garden view.


DAD004_pg182-187_FEAT_ELEVATORS.indd 183

8/22/2013 3:52:43 PM


luxury, style, convenience

and value to your home...

Easy Living Home Elevators has the flexibility to meet all your structural, design and financial requirements. Offering an extensive range of custom designed lifts “manufactured in Italy” for over 45 years, delivering a promise of quality, reliability and the latest in innovative technology. As Australia’s leading residential lift company we have developed a reputation in excellence, we offer an experienced team, wide product range, first class service and a personal touch. In fact, 61% of our clients are repeat customers or are recommended through word of mouth, which is a testament to the level of quality we place on every project we undertake.

Easy Living Elevators.indd 2

15/08/2013 9:52:24 AM

Showrooms: NSW. 02 8116 1500

QLD. 07 3851 7500

VIC.TAS.SA 03 9094 8600

WA. 08 9322 4688


Easy Living Elevators.indd 3

15/08/2013 9:52:31 AM




hile still an investment, many home elevators are as affordable as the average family car. Despite this, spying those chrome doors when stepping into a building instils a sense of luxury. Home elevators are now customisable down to the button, literally, with interiors, shafts and shells offered in a proliferation of materials and finishes. Homeowners can emulate a classic look with granite flooring and gold trims, or go for contemporary grandeur using stainless steel and mirrors. Automatic swing doors, touchscreen button panels and glass shafts can be included to further ooze opulence, and companies such as Easy Living Home Elevators

ABOVE The Domus li by EASYLIVING HOMEElevators seamlessly melds into this contemporary interior. RIGHTThe Superdomus by EASYLIVING HOME Elevators offers a wide range of customisable design options, including the chance to feature your own artwork. BELOWWith a marble facade, this GRANT ELEVATORS design deserves to be noticed.

will even incorporate crystal with Swarovski elements or Italianmade glass mosaics in the design. With so many options available, elevators in the home are no longer a simple practicality — they’ve become a real statement.

MYTH BUSTERS Myth #1: Lifts are only for the elderly. A quarter of the people who insist on an elevator in the home are under the age of 30. Many young homeowners view vertical movement through the home as important as the flow from room to room. Myth #2: Lifts are an eyesore. Technological developments have allowed lifts to become incredibly compact and quiet.

Many companies offer custom designs that seamlessly integrate the lift with the home’s interior. In some houses, elevator entries can even be mistaken for cupboard doors. Myth #3: Lifts are resource-intensive. A basic elevator can run off single-phase power with as little as a 20-amp power supply. On top of this, the recent development of regenerative drives allows lifts to recycle their energy rather than wasting it as heat.


DAD004_pg182-187_FEAT_ELEVATORS.indd 186

8/22/2013 3:52:46 PM



n the past, adding an elevator meant blasting a hole through your home and lacing it with cabling and wiring – not the most flattering of looks, nor the most cost-effective. Thank goodness for developments that have made lifts not only more efficient with energy, but efficient with space. Modern lifts can take up to a quarter of the space needed for a staircase and many can be fitted after a house is built with surprising ease. These compact designs often don’t require excavation, they can be fitted externally or internally, require no separate machine room and the unsightly wiring can be hidden. If discretion is what you’re after, there are a number of models to complement your current floor plan.

The SE li from GRANTELEVATORS is an ideal choice for those with demanding space requirements.

STARTING OUT FOR THE SPACE-CONSCIOUS Ensure you understand the building requirements for the model you are thinking of installing. Retailers should be able to give you information about the required pit depth, headroom, shaft size and door-clearance measurements. Visit showrooms and expos to compare the scale of different models. Talk to experts to customise an elevator to meet your space restraints.

The Domus Evolution by EASY LIVINGHOMEELEVATORS is extremely space-efficient with a shallow pit depth of 150mm and only 2650mm required for head room.


DAD004_pg182-187_FEAT_ELEVATORS.indd 187

8/22/2013 3:52:49 PM

BLOCK202 BLOC K202063063-55

Grant Elevators.indd 2

15/08/2013 9:52:51 AM


ashion and fads come and go but, thankfully, Grant Elevators recognises that your style is timeless. With 50 years of experience in the industry, Grant has the experience to provide a custom-designed elevator to suit whatever individual specifications your family and home require. Your unique style paired with a Grant eleva-

personal service extends to our after-sales care that will keep your elevator in perfect condition — as you reach new levels of your home and new eras in life. Our commitment to crafting, manufacturing, installing and servicing elevators has spanned a lifetime. With a Grant elevator, you’ll find that your individual style can too.

tor will make a grand statement but you’ll be glad to know the price won’t. Grant’s dedication to

To see our collection of customised elevators, visit or call 08 9379 3465.

Lift your style

Grant Elevators.indd 3

15/08/2013 9:52:57 AM

There’s nothing more luxurious than a nice toasty fire outdoors. TheECOSMART XL900 gives off a beautiful flickering flame and will provide a sensual backdrop to your outdoor dinner party.

one flue



On cold days, you’ll want to be as snug as a bug in a rug. When the heat hits, you’ll want to be as cool as a cucumber. These heating and cooling options will keep you comfortable whatever the temperature is 190 | DESIGN & DECORATION

DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 190

8/22/2013 3:52:59 PM


JETMASTERUNIVERSAL 700sh Low Pebbles with Landscape Trim is a gas fire that slots perfectly into existing fireplaces without the need to install a flue. The option of pebbles, logs or coal means the aesthetic element of the fire is completely within your control. BELOW Designed by Antonio Cierio and Toan Nguyen, Skantherm’s Shaker, available from OBLICA, offers clean lines and a compact size. It also comes in an extended version, which features a bench alongside the burner.

FIRED Thinking of installing a fireplace? Design & Decoration talks to Lesley Aitkin from atmosfire about choosing the right fireplace for your home staple of the grand homes of yesteryear was the fireplace. They were built more for function than design. However, the traditional fuel, coal, had a hefty environmental impact. Today’s fireplaces burn wood or are fuelled by gas and they’re one of the most environmentally-friendly heating choices available, providing warmth and style with a minimal carbon footprint. Like many good trends, fireplaces are making a comeback. With a continued increase in electricity prices across the nation, Australians are seeing

the light and are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes in winter. Also, Australia’s growing passion for home decor seems to be igniting interest in the home hearth. As much as home renovating is a statement about ourselves, it is also about making a house a home and having a warm haven to retreat to at the end of the day. With the wealth of choices available, you can choose a fireplace that reflects your personal style. An easy starting point is, which profiles a plethora of fireplace choices.


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 191

8/20/2013 11:24:39 AM

FEATURE HEATINGANDCOOLING If you’re looking for the real deal with less hassle, DIMPLEX offers an innovative electric alternative to gas fires with its Opti-myst electric three-dimensional flame fires. Ultrasonic technology, mist illumination, glowing logs and a shimmering ash bed create the illusion of a gas fire with real flames and smoke. Installed in minutes, without mess or hassle, an Opti-myst fire requires no flue — just plug it in and go. The range features four models complete with a remote control and two heat seings, and goes up to a two-kilowa heater. The flame and smoke effect is fully variable and can be used independently of the heat source.

LEFT REALFLAME’s Landscape double-glazed fireplaces are both visually and economically pleasing and are available in two sizes to suit all spaces. They can be flued horizontally or vertically, are remote controlled and have an electronic ignition and in-built timer.


The dancing flames of a real fire provide an elegant focal point. Whether you choose a traditional fireplace set in classic materials such as stone and a beautifully designed mantelpiece, or are looking to build a fireplace with part walls around a new appliance, the traditional fireplace will create ambience and warmth and will set the tone for the whole house. Old, inefficient open-brick fireplaces can be easily replaced with modern, clean-burning alternatives. And flues can be added to new homes without the need to build a chimney.


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 192

8/22/2013 3:53:04 PM


ABOVE TheCHAZELLESC800R wood-burning fireplace is an aractive, heavy-duty, cast-iron fireplace that heats from 150m to 200m. The design allows for lateral insertion of wood.

for other heating systems, and some include baking and warming oven options.

SAFETY FIRST FREESTANDING FIRES Freestanding wood and gas heaters have become very popular and are traditionally placed at the centre of a wall or, for increased impact, can be installed in the middle of a room. There is a huge selection of cost-effective, high-quality appliances available, with a multitude of designs that are straightforward to install — all you have to do is add a chimney or flue. These fireplaces heat up quickly and can be used for constant heating. Some freestanding fires have optional water heaters as a backup

Safety is a major concern for any home, particularly those with pets or children. Probably the greatest development in fireplace design has been the window. The ceramic glass panels enclose the flame and you still get wide and intimate viewing behind the flat, curved or angular glass. The window also ensures the fireplace is heat-efficient, with minimum heat losses and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

FUELLING YOUR HEATING According to, 20 per cent of Australian homes are using wood for heating


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 193

8/20/2013 11:24:59 AM

A JETMASTER Universal 700D gas insert is a versatile option that can be sloed into traditional-looking fireplaces. Paired with a Modena Limestone Mantelpiece and ironbark gas logs, this gas option is both efficient and aractive.


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 194

8/20/2013 11:25:08 AM


ABOVERIGHTThe RINNAI Sapphire electric heater looks just like a roaring fire, but requires much less maintenance. The sleek design looks beautiful when set within a classic fireplace. ABOVEThe ECOSMART XL900 bioethanol burner can be installed prey much anywhere. In this home, it works beautifully as a warming and atmosphere-enhancing feature in the dining room.

ABOVELEFT The Avalon Camano from LOPI FIREPLACES is a freestanding wood stove that will heat a space of up to 160m². Freestanding wood stoves are perfect if you don’t have an existing fireplace. LEFTThe Invicta Pharos from OBLICA rotates 360 degrees so the warmth and beauty of the fire can be enjoyed throughout the room.

and even more own a gas heater. With heating and cooling consuming up to 38 per cent of household energy use, the low-running costs of wood and gas fires can be very appealing. Wood fires are also a great carbon-neutral heating solution. Nearly 200kg of carbon can be saved each year just by switching from electronic heating to a wood-burning fireplace. The options available for fireplaces are endless, but you’ll need to do your research and consider what suits your home and style best. And while the internet is a wonderful resource for planting ideas not previously considered, there is nothing like going to a showroom and looking at the options available and talking to the experts. For more information visit


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 195

8/22/2013 3:53:10 PM

FEATURE HEATINGANDCOOLING The highly-portable nature of the XL900 bioethanol fire from ECOSMARTmakes it versatile and easy to install in a variety of places, including outdoors. Although the heating capacity isn’t huge, it will provide enough warmth to keep you toasty and will cast a spectacular shadow across your garden.

SPRING As we move into spring we also move outdoors. As the sun sets, though, it’s important to think about staying warm BELOWThe HEATMASTER A750 Open Gas Fire with three-sided stainless-steel fascia looks great, especially when incorporated into an artistic landscape.

BELOWRIGHTThe HEATMASTER A750 Open Wood Fire with a three-sided black fascia will bring your outdoor room to life. With three sides, the fireplace can connect to three different areas of your home, including the garden or patio, making it extra efficient.

ABOVERIGHTThe new outdoor heating range by JAMIEDURIE is the perfect low-maintenance, easy-on-the-wallet option. The fire features a heatresistant painted finish and is suitable for burning wood and charcoal. RIGHTA beacon of light sits within a mouth-blown glass cylinder in the ECOSMART Flare, which is just as much a decorative feature as it is a functional one. It uses bioethanol fuel, making it an environmentally-friendly option.


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 196

8/22/2013 3:53:13 PM


COOL AS A As the warm weather creeps in, we need to start thinking about how to keep cool. Here are a few ideas ABOVELEFT If you want to add a bit of interest to the room, or think that traditional fans look a touch unsightly, you could opt for the Belleria from MYFAN. It is one of the few wet-rated ceiling fans on the Australian market and gives a beautiful, sophisticated look whether you choose to use it indoors or outdoors.

ABOVEHaiku fans from BIGASSFANS are both stylish and environmentally friendly. While they are able to move at up to seven different speeds, they do not use too much power and they remain silent, so as not to distract. Haiku fans are made of bamboo, a renewable resource, but they have the strength of steel. Measuring 152cm in diameter, they can be used indoors and in covered outdoor seings, such as patios and dining areas.

LEFTThe Futura Fan in white, available from BEACONLIGHTING, is an industrial/Scandinavian style fan that will cool you down a treat on hot days. With the option of operating via remote control, this four-blade, three-speed fan offers both comfort and convenience. ABOVEThe wall-mounted Designer Range of air-conditioners from FUJITSUhas human sensor control, which enables the air-conditioners to know when someone hasn’t been in the room for 20 minutes, aer which time it automatically switches to energysaving mode. LEFTSmart and stylish, the Revolution 132cm IP44 Fan in brushed aluminium from BEACON LIGHTINGis a sleek four-blade fan. Features include a top-of-the-range seven-speed remote control and acrylic blades, which are IP44rated, making them great for outdoor undercover use.


DAD004_pg190-197_FEAT_HEATING.indd 197

8/22/2013 3:53:18 PM

Heatmaster.indd 2

15/08/2013 9:53:16 AM

Heatmaster.indd 3

15/08/2013 9:53:21 AM

FEATURE OUTDOORROOMS This beautiful beach house was truly transformed by the masterful hands at COSDESIGNAND ALOHAPOOLS. Originally a diďŹ&#x192;cult site to work with, a deck was installed to provide a level area surrounding the pool and the redundant, dead lawn was replaced with a multifunctional and beautiful family space.


DAD004_pg200-204_FEAT_OUTDOOR.indd 200

8/22/2013 3:53:29 PM


This cleverly designed outdoor room is perched atop a double garage in the Sydney suburb of Pos Point. The foundations needed re-working as the pre-existing structure wasn’t considered safe. Aer that SECRETGARDENS craed separate areas and surrounded them with greenery, creating a cool and soothing backyard retreat. Photography by Nicholas Wa.

OUT-STANDING We’re well into spring and eagerly anticipating summer. With the cold behind us, it’s time to head outdoors and embrace the sunshine WORDSALEXANDRALONGSTAFF

here’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. After the winter months of hibernation, curled up around fires and wrapped in woolly jumpers and soft blankets, the opportunity to


shed the layers and venture into the sunshine is at first greeted with blinking eyes and untouched skin. Australians are as diverse as the landscapes we live in, but we are also adaptable. Within only a short time, we are well accustomed to the sunshine and are

soon revelling in all the elements have to offer. So much so that the concept of outdoor living has become synonymous with the Australian lifestyle. There’s really no reason why this abundant outdoor world can’t also be incorporated into our everyday lifestyle, too. Opportunities to negotiate the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors are endless, and the potential to use outdoor space as an added room is advantageous. With expert advice at our fingertips and myriad options when it comes to design, we can create the perfect outdoor room. So, as we abandon our jackets and embrace our swimmers, it’s time to enjoy all that outdoor living has to offer.


DAD004_pg200-204_FEAT_OUTDOOR.indd 201

8/22/2013 3:53:30 PM


EASE YOUR WAY No one expects you to jump straight into the outdoor decorating sphere without a little carefully considered help. You’ll want to think about all that an outdoor room requires, including how much space is available, the surrounding natural environment, its connection with the home and what you’ll be using the area for. Do you live in a cold part of the country? If so, you might want to think about investing in a heating system or outdoor fire. Will you use the space as an alfresco kitchen? Perhaps equip the area with a sink and an oven. A barbecue is an integral part of most Aussie backyards and, if you choose to invest in one, you’ll need to think about where you will position it and how integral it will be to your outdoor room. For example, a large barbecue powered by gas is the obvious choice for entertainers with ample space. However, a small portable barbecue might suit your needs better if you have no undercover option or you’re not likely to be out grilling often. There’s also the question of space and whether to opt for a pool or not. A pool is a wonderful luxury and there are many options designed to suit different sizes and spaces, so don’t let the size of your garden stop you.

just because the seating is outdoors, it doesn’t mean you have to play it safe. Think benches, beanbags and hammocks – whatever will help you sit back and relax. You will need to consider the material carefully, though. Outdoor furniture is, of course, subject to abuse from the elements and will need to be hard-wearing. Metals, plastics, wickers and timbers are all excellent options; it’s just about finding what’s right for your home. If your garden receives a lot of sun, you’ll need a material that can tolerate this. If you have a pool, you may want a waterproof material. Opting for removable cushions provides good protection against wet weather; bring them inside when you’re not using them and you’ll give them a longer life.

ABOVELEFT Even a small courtyard garden can cater for a family. This exceptional design by SECRETGARDENS incorporates a pool, herb garden, entertaining deck and barbecue. Photography by Jason Busch. TOPRIGHTThe smokeless charcoal barbecue by LotusGrill, available from ZIMBA is a quick, easy and safe charcoal barbecue that heats up in approximately three minutes and offers instant cooking rewards. A variety of colours make it a versatile and funky option. ABOVERIGHTA large Wood Store Fire Pit from AUSSIE HEATWAVE will keep an outdoor space warm when the chilly weather sets in. It is made from iron that naturally weathers to a rusty colour, making it a low-maintenance heating option. BELOW Add some spark to your outdoor seing with the Jo chair from INSITUFURNITURE. Available in two colourways, the Jo chair will ooze its way into your garden with style.

BELOWHandmade by Nicaraguan artisans, this cream hammock from THETOUCANSHOP has an elegant crocheted edge and is a comfortable and relaxing addition to the backyard. The hammock comes in a variety of shades.

SIT BACK AND REX When planning for an outdoor room, you’ll need to think about seating options. Whether it’s form or function you’re going for, there are so many sophisticated and colourful pieces that will make your space work for you. And,


DAD004_pg200-204_FEAT_OUTDOOR.indd 202

8/22/2013 3:53:32 PM


ABOVE The water-repellant material used in the Zendo lounge range from COSHLIVING is also used on yachts. The size of the lounges is adjustable and you can choose from three finishes; imitation white leather, black Batyline or a waterproof beige nautical fabric.

CLEAR YOUR CONSCIENCE To make the most of the beautiful spaces that surround your home, opt for environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture. There are many sustainable options out there, but making the right choice can be confusing. Most companies that adhere to sustainable principles are certified in some way and this will take the hard work out of your decision. When in doubt, using recycled and renewable materials is always recommended, as is opting for items that are produced locally.


Eco Chic Retyred Furniture Armadillo & Co Nicoya Furniture Acapulco Chair The Toucan Shop Polywood Outdoors

LEFTOOhh Corrugated Recycled Indoor Pots from KOHLOVING are constructed by layering circular rings of recycled paper. They also feature 100 per cent natural rubber, which adds to the pots’ eco-friendliness and makes them waterproof. They do still need to be kept undercover and sheltered from the elements, though.

ABOVEWhat happens to all the old tyres in the world? Well, some are recycled by RETYREDFURNITURE to create unique and intriguing pieces such as the pool set pictured here. What a wonderful way of keeping tyres out of landfill.


DAD004_pg200-204_FEAT_OUTDOOR.indd 203

8/22/2013 3:53:37 PM



ADORN THE OUTDOORS Making your outdoor space look beautiful is all about complementing the natural environment. There’s no reason why decorating your outdoor areas can’t be just as fun as decorating inside, so check out your options for adding pizzazz. This could be as simple as inserting colours or shapes that complement your existing garden. Sculptures always look great, as do water features. If you have a small area, think about inserting items that make it appear larger, or conversely with a larger space; smaller. If you have a small patio, you’ll want to open it up, so think about integrating wall art that doesn’t take up space. Compact furniture that doesn’t overpower is great for balconies, and it’s even better if it can be folded away to create more space. If you have a large area, you may want to think about creating sections that divide it up so the space isn’t so overwhelming. Screens and trellises are perfect for this and a covered section that will protect you from the elements will make your garden cosier.

ABOVELEFT Robust yet ergonomic, the Boksi stool from POP CONCRETE is constructed from concrete and pressed metal, making it an aractive design that is also surprisingly comfortable. ABOVEThere’s no reason artwork should stay indoors. The Orbit screen, designed by GORDONTAIT, comes with either a rust or powder-coated finish and a selection of colours. LEFTAMORYLOCURA specialises in importing unusual Latin American folk items; the weird and wonderful are all welcome. These large stone spheres are less colourful than most items, but they will certainly add some intrigue to your garden. BELOWFARLEFTThe flowing curves of the Coral Planters by ANON&CO seem to mimic the smoothness found in a wave. The planters also feature a self-watering system that provides extra care for plants.


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8/22/2013 3:53:41 PM


A FLORAL AFFAIR Canberra’s Commonwealth Park is set to come alive with the sights, tastes and sounds of spring as Floriade returns nspired by the theme “Beautiful Innovation”, this year’s Floriade flower festival promises to deliver some truly memorable garden beds, horticultural workshops, demonstrations and children’s entertainment. Held in Canberra until October 13, the award-winning event will feature a new destination called The Inspiration Hub, where you’ll find special guests and celebrities. And to really get your mouth watering, there will be demonstrations from renowned chefs, including former MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin and Ready Steady Cook’s Janelle Bloom. Now in its 26th year, Floriade is not only the national capital’s flagship event, it is

the largest floral festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Week one will focus on Smart Living, with opportunities to learn from leaders in sustainable living and bio-organic gardening. This is your chance to grab gardening tips from some of the country’s greenest thumbs and learn how to set up your own veggie garden. Inventive textiles, new-age trends and cuttingedge materials will be on display as week two explores the theme of “Future Style”. Be inspired by trendsetters or get glamorous with a hair and make-up consultation from an industry expert. Week three is your chance to check out the latest gadgets as Floriade investigates the

theme of “Invention”. Pick the brains of some of Australia’s most prolific inventors and scientists while Tubby the Robot entertains the kids. Australia’s multicultural heritage will be on display during week four as Floriade focuses on the topic of “Contemporary Cultures”. This is your chance to enjoy traditional dances and see chefs whip up a range of delicious exotic dishes. And don’t miss Floriade’s NightFest, which is now in its sixth consecutive year. This ticketed evening event promises spectacular lighting installations, comedians, DJs and live music.

FLORIADE 2013 Saturday, September 14, to Sunday, October 13, at Commonwealth Park, Canberra Open Monday to Friday 9am–5pm, weekends and public holidays 9am–5.30pm For more information phone 1300 852 780 or visit


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IN Check out what’s hot on the shelves right now HEATING HERO ► Bosch is renowned for producing quality products for the home, and its range of hydronic heating boilers is no exception. The highlyefficient Bosch Condensing Boiler, available from H2O Heating, will keep your home comfortable without the pricey fuel bills or the nasty carbon emissions. Since 1895, Bosch has been producing boilers that use the most advanced condensing technology, enabling wasted heat to be turned into energy. This process results in efficiency levels over 90 per cent, as well as reduced carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. For more information visit

Choosing the right heating can be a difficult and confusing process, particularly for those factoring in design, the environment and price. The 4.6-star energy-rated Enviro gas heater from Heatmaster has a defining rectangular louvre-free front and can heat a massive 250m² space. The Enviro comes with the option of coals, logs or pebbles for a contemporary look that will match your style. In addition, the environmentally-friendly unit also comes with a programmable thermostat that turns off when the desired temperature is met, conserving energy and keeping your bill to a minimum. For more information visit


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◄ STYLISH LIGHT Newport Custom Shutters provides a variety of beautiful shutters for the home. Available in an array of materials and finishes, there is a product for every interior style. The 90mm ultra-span Western Red Cedar shutters have a tilt bar on the side that enables light control. Therefore, no matter what time of day it is, you can ensure you make the most of nature’s light source. The shutters are available in custom colours to match your walls and overall colour scheme, and can be fitted in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living area. For more information visit

▲ REINCARNATION Reproduced according to its original 1953 design by Helge Sibast, the Sibast No 8 chair is the first chair to be relaunched by the Sibast family, and it’s very special to them. The characteristic Y-shaped legs, floating seat and pressmoulded backrest epitomise the design philosophy of Helge and Sibast Furniture. Made of oak and finished in either black or a soap finish, the chair’s simplistic frame is complemented by a leather upholstered seat. Use it as a dining chair, an occasional seat in the living room or as an accent piece for the foyer. For more information visit

▲ ITALIAN INTENT The Vanucci Eclectics collection by Theodore Alexander is a celebration of design in the late 1930s and ’40s. The Vanucci name is synonymous with Italy’s first motorcycle company. This Vanucci desk reminds us of a time in furniture and car manufacture where exotic burls and timbers were part of the craftsmanship. This desk, with an aluminium clock accent, has an aged leather hood and hidden drawers, making it a collector’s piece perfect for the home office. It is made of chestnut burl and louro petro veneer, a Brazilian timber used extensively in the Art Deco period. For more information visit

◄ COMFORT LIVING Sovereign Interiors’ Laguna lounge is manufactured from the highest-quality Italian leather. The backrests can be adjusted from the standard position to a comfortable chaise position (except on corner units). Laguna sectional lounges can be custom made, allowing you to choose from a wide range of leather colours and grade levels, leg finishes and lounge sizes. To enhance the overall comfort factor of your Laguna suite, a number of accessories can be added, such as cushions, ottomans and coffee tables. For more information visit


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▄ BOLD BRICKS The Academy collection from PGH Bricks & Pavers features an array of coloured glazed bricks that have been designed for the lifestyle and aesthetics of today’s home. Nobel is a black, ceramic, glazed brick that, like any noble, has style and sophistication. This brick is wonderful for interiors because of its shiny finish and bold aesthetic. Other colours in the range include Alumni (a rustic brown), Juilliard (a dramatic red), Oscar (an energetic orange) and Quantum (a royal blue). For more information visit


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IN FOCUS ▄ COSY CORNER The Radiante 849 by Cheminees Philippe Australia is a contemporary corner fireplace designed for those awkward angles in a room. The front and corner glass window can slide completely out of sight, imitating an open fire for those really cold nights. The fireplace is available in two versions with the corner window on either the left or right side. For more information visit

▄ SUPPORTING NATURE Roger Lawton Rugs of Distinction has drawn inspiration from nature with its new rug, Snowgum. Inspired by the Australian snowgum, the design replicates drawings of leaves and branches to create an elegant work of art. The foliage also represents Roger Lawton’s support for sustainability and tradition, as all his rugs are hand-knotted by experienced weavers using skilled techniques and very strong, durable wool from Afghanistan. For more information visit

▲ HEAR THE DIFFERENCE The nine-speaker design of the Sonos Playbar floods the room with epic, full-theatre, high-definition sound, making it perfect for television tantalisers, web wonderers, the movie mad and gaming gurus. The Playbar automatically adjusts to the differences between shoot ‘em up action flicks, Shakespearean dramas and live concerts, and delivers the sound as it was intended. The Playbar is also a stand-alone, all-inone Sonos speaker that allows you to wirelessly stream music. Choose from your iTunes library, your favourite music services and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts — it’s all available through this very clever, sleek system. For more information visit


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residential bus tours Go inside some of the most interesting contemporary residential architecture in Sydney with our popular Residential Bus Tours. The Woodford Bay House designed by MacCormick & Associates Architects was RQH RI WKH 多YH KRXVHV ZH YLVLWHG LQ RXU Northern Suburbs Residential Bus Tour in October 2012. $OO 多YH DUFKLWHFWV H[SODLQHG WKHLU GHVLJQ concepts, shared interesting stories of the design and construction processes while showing us through the houses. Subscribe to our e-Newsletter on our ZHEVLWHDQGEHDPRQJVWWKH多UVWWRNQRZ about future Residential Bus Tours! Photographs courtesy of MacCormick & Associates Architects Photographer: Huw Lambert

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Base Cabinet Solutions

Convoy Family

Tandem Family


80 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria (next door to Domayne)

Corner Solutions

To help find a place for everything in your kitchen

1300 659 728

Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10.30am to 4pm Tel: 02 9667 4415 Website:


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Get into

For a free information kit phone

Start your own Interior Design business or work within the many branches of this exhilarating industry.


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“We make it easy.” With more than 15 years experience, the benefit of dealing with us is our no nonsense approach to making building projects easy for you. All of our sub-contractors have been hand picked over the 15 years we have been in the industry, ensuring great service/reliability and quality workmanship at the highest level. We offer a complete service of architect designed plans to approved development applications ready to start building.



New Home Designs • Knockdown Rebuilds • Extensions & Additions • Attic Conversions • Tight Access Specialists • Heritage Works • Sustainable Living

p 1300 749 209 e

Licence no: 211427C









1300 400 445 214 | DESIGN & DECORATION

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Award winning style


Jakin Constructions is an award winning luxury home building and renovation company with a strong focus on quality, design, attention to detail and superior customer service. We fully appreciate that you may have a demanding lifestyle so we will provide you a seamless, transparent, and well managed project from start to ďŹ nish that will meet both your time constraints and your budget.

Call for a FREE on site consultation: (02) 9654 2979 WWW.JAKIN.COM.AU Jakin Constructions is part of the Jakin Construction Group

FINE CONSERVATORIES | GARDEN ROOMS | POOL HOUSES Visit us at or Call us on 1300 655 659


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Interior design ideas... suit every style.


23/08/2013 4:32:06 PM

Apartment designed by Amgad Kamel Interiors. Photography by Andrew Lecky.


23/08/2013 4:32:23 PM

PROJECTS Brooke Aitkin Design ................................ 140 Designer Constructions Group ................... 150 Greg Natale Design.................................... 120 Tamara Magel ............................................ 130 John Croft Design ...................................... 160 Emma Urtubey ........................................... 110 Len Wallis Audio ....................................... 174

ADVERTISERS Australian Architecture Association ........... 210 Cosh Living ................................................. 28 Cromwell ..................................................... 12 CSR Bricks & Pavers ................................ IBC Danish Red .................................................. 51 Easy Living Home Elevators ..................... 184 Fanuli Furniture ........................................... 17 Globe Imports ........................................... 8/10 Grant Elevators .......................................... 188

H2o Heating................................................. 79 Heatmaster ................................................. 198 Hermon & Hermon ...................................... 21 International Floorcoverings ........................ 49 Jetmaster ...................................................... 46 Liebbherr ..................................................... 83 Life Interiors ................................................ 55 Luxaflex ....................................................... 53 Master Lifts ................................................. 90 Newport Custom Shutters ............................ 19 Real Flame ................................................... 75 Robertsons Furniture ................................. IFC Roger Lawton Rugs of Distinction............... 59 Siekaup ........................................................ 14 Sonos ........................................................... 22 Sovereign Interiors ..................................... 4/6 Visual Fidelity ............................................. 63 Wignells ....................................................... 71 Zen’s Studio ................................................. 67 Zip Heaters .............................................. OBC


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Tranquility captured The Seascape collection of four fully glazed finishes from PGH Bricks & Pavers™ is calm and tranquil. The colours in this collection include Pumice, Lagoon, Dusk and Sea Salt. Each evokes the serenity and calm of the sea and its surrounding landscape. These bricks need to be seen to be believed. ColourPicker allows you to select a specific colour from an image and match it to CSR Bricks & Roofing products.

CSR.indd 1

Call us on 131 579 or visit

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Zip HydroTap


Boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water, instantly. All from the one tap. Every drop is filtered, giving crystal clear and great tasting water for a healthier lifestyle. com

1800 42 43 44


“Zip HydroTap delivers boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water instantly, through beautiful design. For me it’s the world’s best kept secret.” Jamie Durie Global award-winning Australian designer and ® Ambassador for Zip HydroTap world-wide.

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Design & Decoration Issue 4  

Design & Decoration introduces you to some of the designers whose work is at the forefront of contemporary design. We take you inside some o...

Design & Decoration Issue 4  

Design & Decoration introduces you to some of the designers whose work is at the forefront of contemporary design. We take you inside some o...