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2011-12 State of the School Report


Class of 2009 College Selections


2011-12 Graland Annual Report


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Graland State of the School and Annual Report is an annual publication of Graland Country Day School 30 Birch Street, Denver, CO 80220 Head of School Veronica A. McCaffrey Send correspondence to: Candace Suechting Director of Marketing and Communications Graland Country Day School 30 Birch Street Denver, CO 80220 303-336-3774 Editors/Writers Mimi McMann Candace Suechting Ruth Hart Segal Graphic Design & Art Direction Amy Silver Photography Katelin Elisha Mimi McMann Miller Hall Photography Amy Silver


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State of the School Report “If you can imagine it, and are willing to work together, anything is possible.” - Ronni McCaffrey

To the Graland Community:


lbert Einstein once wrote, “All meaningful and lasting change starts first in the imagination and then works its way out.” At Graland, the 2011-12 school year was the launch of extensive “meaningful and lasting change” generated through the collective imagination and the collaborative efforts of a vibrant school community. To maintain accreditation by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS), Graland complies with a comprehensive and rigorous set of standards and follows specified policies and procedures. As part of this process, Graland participates in a continuous cycle of program development and evaluation. The first stage of the evaluation cycle is a reflection on the School’s mission, which the Graland school community completed during the 2010-11 school year. This work served as the starting point of a strategic planning process designed to move the school closer to realizing its mission. Led by Laura Wright, trustee and parent of Rachel ’09 and Claire ’13, the Board of Trustees’ Strategic Planning Committee devoted 18 months to collecting and analyzing data, to surveying all constituent groups, to implementing Board of Trustee retreats and to organizing parent and faculty/staff focus group discussions. The aim of this work was to identify the key strategic pathways to achieving the School’s mission as well as criteria to gauge progress. The culmination of these efforts, the 2011-17 Strategic Plan, was ratified by the Board of Trustees in November 2011 and presented five key strategic initiatives for the school:


Provide a program that brings the Graland Mission Statement to life.


Create a dynamic learning community composed of highly effective teachers, administrators and staff.


Foster an inclusive community focused on supporting Graland’s Mission Statement and Guiding Principles.


Ensure financial sustainability and maintain a campus and facilities that optimize Graland’s program.


Implement Board governance practices that serve Graland’s Mission.

Using the Strategic Plan as a framework, the School administration, faculty and staff develop a “work plan” each summer for the following school year. The first order of business for the 2011-12 work plan was to complete a selfevaluation of all aspects of the Graland program in light of its mission and guiding principles to prepare for the ACIS Evaluation Visit, scheduled for November 2012. The self-recommendations for improvement that emerged from this process will be incorporated into future yearly work plans. Other projects such as implementing the employee childcare program and planning for the pre-kindergarten program; founding the Graland Inclusivity Forum and Taskforce (GIFT); perfecting the services of the new Anschutz Commons, the Hamilton Reiman Building and the Fries Family Theater; digitally documenting the school’s curriculum; assessing and enhancing specific instructional programs; incorporating iPadsTM into the Middle School and completing a security audit were among the many projects accomplished during the 2011-12 school year. This State of the School report provides more detailed coverage of some of these exciting initiatives. The 2012-13 school year is off to a strong start building on tasks begun last year and initiating a number of new ventures. If programmatic evolution originates in professional development, this year promises to be one of significant growth for Graland. During the past summer, more than half the faculty participated in a wide range of professional course work and workshops directly related to curricular change efforts. Teachers and staff returned to Graland in August ready to engage their colleagues and students in transforming fresh ideas into action. The Graland version of Dr. Einstein’s theory of change goes something like this, “If you can imagine it, and are willing to work together, anything is possible.” We are proud to share this annual report of progress with you, as it is your ongoing enthusiasm and generous support that make such innovation and growth possible.


Veronica A. McCaffrey Head of School




2011-12 State of the School Report

inancial sustainability and affordability continue to be the focus of Graland as we look at ways to operate efficiently while maintaining the quality of education and services. Our trustees and finance committee volunteers are committed to sustaining Graland for the next generation as their predecessors have done for us. Tuition levels are at or below the median tuition for all U.S. independent schools. Graland emphasizes affordability balanced by strong academics, but tuition alone does not cover the entire cost of a Graland education. Thanks to the strong support of the Graland community, the Annual Fund supports five percent of the annual operating budget, while the Graland Foundation Endowment supports seven percent. Graland is committed to inclusivity, meaning that the School has the people, programs, policies and practices in place to ensure a strong, diverse community. To support our commitment, Graland offers $1.6 million in financial aid to families that would not otherwise be able to afford a Graland education. As a result, Graland students are in an environment where they can learn to value individual differences and divergent thinking in a multi-faceted and diverse world. Providing stellar facilities to support our programs, Graland makes annual investments in maintaining our facilities at a high quality. We have a multiyear plan to replace worn carpeting, re-paint, upgrade old roofs and maintain our heating and air conditioning systems so they operate at optimal levels. By investing in our facilities on an annual basis, we are able to maintain the longevity of our buildings. In fact, some campus buildings are more than 50 years old and look similar to many of the newer buildings. Investing today with an eye to the future will help ensure that Graland is here to serve many future generations.

Juan Botello Director of Finance and Operations

“Thanks to the strong support of the Graland community, the Annual Fund supports five percent of the annual operating budget, while the Graland Foundation Endowment supports seven percent.� - Juan Botello


Bruce Rifkin '72 represented the Board in congratulating all 2012 graduates in May, including his triplets, Abby, Madi and Lacey (not pictured).

Board of Trustees Year-end Update Trustees were very active on a number of fronts in 2011-12. Here are some of the year’s highlights: • Approved a pilot Graland preschool program • Completed construction of the Anschutz Commons and renovations to the Hamilton Reiman Building; conducted a campus security audit and approved plans for the preschool playground • Achieved the Annual Fund fundraising goal of $750,000 and raised an additional $566,000 in special gifts; supported other development efforts • Developed the operating budget for the 2012-13 academic year • Approved and began implementation of the 2011-17 Strategic Plan • Completed year two requirements of the seven-year process for reaccreditation by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools, including comprehensive examination of Graland’s governance processes • Revamped the school’s annual progress report towards achievement of the mission and strategic plan objectives; reviewed all major Board and school policies and amended them where appropriate • Provided general support and counsel to the Head of School • Elected the following members of the Graland community to serve on the Board of Trustees: Sureel Choksi, John Gowen, John Kechriotis and Seth Terry ‘83 The Board is now ably led by these officers for 2012-13: Christopher Hunt, President; Greg Goldberg ‘83, First Vice President; Laura Wright, Second Vice President; Mark Belfance, Treasurer; and Sarah Harvey, Secretary. I have been honored to serve as a trustee and Board President for the past nine years. The Board also said farewell to Julie Bock, Sunhee Juhon Hodges, Stephanie Flanigan and Don Parsons. Collectively we five trustees have given 36 person-years of service to Graland’s Board, making significant contributions in our various capacities as trustees and parents. Please join me in extending to Julie, Sunhee, Stephanie and Don our sincere gratitude for their service.

Bruce Rifkin ‘72 Past President, Board of Trustees, 2009-12

Graland Pursues


First and foremost, Graland exists to educate young people to achieve intellectual excellence, to build strong character and to become engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders. Our mission was revitalized in 2011 and manifested in numerous ways.

The iPad program is expanded in 2012-13 to include Grades 5-7. Eighth graders are using laptop computers.

Another way Graland remains a technology leader is by employing an educational technologist to support teachers' efforts. Former second grade instructor Jessica Ross leads this effort in 2012-13.

Technology In the area of technology, Graland continues to be a leader in the field. Tech devices and advances are an ever-increasing part of our daily life, particularly for the younger generation, and our curriculum embraces the trend.


Fifth graders applied technology to all aspects of their learning in the successful iPad pilot program. Apple iPads and associated applications offer unlimited potential as a learning tool, as students and teachers discovered over the course of the year. Each foreign language and MESH teacher (math, English, science, history) incorporated technology into lessons, such as a frog dissection app used to study physiology in science. Across the board, students reported feeling more engaged in the learning process. In conjunction, faculty members engaged with Apple Distinguished Educator and Consultant Julia Leong to investigate and explore ways to employ new technology in the classroom. Julia inspired innovation and creative use of educational tech tools as she met regularly with teachers.


Across the Lower School, teachers eagerly trained and implemented new learning techniques with SMARTBoards, a high-tech alternative to white boards. The technology allows teachers to create lessons that draw students into learning as they sort and sequence, watch educational videos, interact with websites and participate in learning games and lesson reviews. By saving the work electronically, teachers can review the lesson with students who are absent or need more repetition.

Curriculum Literacy

Following recommendations from the Literacy Task Force, Graland implemented a new comprehensive literacy curriculum for Grades K-4. Using Journeys lessons, teachers engaged in well-rounded and thorough language arts instruction that included phonics, comprehension, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, grammar and writing in various genres. Journeys added a new level of organization, challenge and rigor to literacy instruction at Graland.


2011-12 State of the School Report

Historical knowledge allows students to become engaged members of our democracy, and with the implementation of the History Alive! coursework, they receive a unified curriculum from fourth through eighth grade. The inspiring program builds both history and literacy skills with lessons on America’s past, the ancient world, medieval times and US government. Numerous online resources for teachers and a web version of the text create more interactive opportunities for engaging students.

Responsive ClassroomTM

Graland’s commitment to encouraging respectful, well-mannered students is expressed in the Responsive Classroom approach to classroom management used in the Lower School. The program develops positive interpersonal skills among students, who learn to greet peers and adults, handle social conflict and be thoughtful, loyal friends. Since implementing the program in 2009, Graland teachers report a decline in discipline issues and a more focused classroom. Grade 3 teacher Susie Cook is a certified Responsive Classroom trainer who works with her peers at Graland and other schools.

Preschool 66

With the support of the Board of Trustees, Graland approved a pilot preschool program for the 2012-13 year. Renovation to the Humphreys Building and the construction of a new, dedicated playground began. Graland's Early Childhood Learning Center is expected to expand as need for quality pre-kindergarten programming attracts more students.

Gates Program

In its 12th year, the Gates Invention and Innovation program was more successful than ever as three United States patents were awarded to current and former student inventors at an assembly in May 2012. •  Madi Rifkin ‘12, devised a retractable bike lock that earned her a patent nod in sixth grade. In her eighth grade year, she received her patent documentation. •  Together, Brooks Benson ‘10 and Jackson Bock ‘10, now high school juniors, designed a “helmet locking mechanism” that allows bicyclists to lock their helmets to their bikes. • Emily  Kelly ‘09, now a graduate of Colorado Academy, earned a utility patent for her invention, the “Taper Clip.” The tool efficiently dispenses packing tape. • S  everal patent nods were offered by judges in the 2012 contest, meaning someday, with assistance from Graland, those inventors may also earn recognition as patent owners.

Guiding Principles in Action The adoption of 12 Graland Guiding Principles gave structure to the character development component of the School’s revamped mission. An emphasis on selected Principles was maintained from fall to spring in the Middle School and expressed in a variety of ways.

Diversity Coordinator

With the addition of James Foreman, diversity coordinator, Graland renewed its commitment to creating a culture that “honors individuality.” James’ goal is to ensure each student feels respected and celebrated for his or her unique talents and traits. By empowering students and building their confidence, he works to be a resource for enhancing diversity on campus. James also began organizing an Alumni Diversity Network to offer opportunities for alumni to share their stories and inspire students. He works with parents through the Graland Inclusivity Forum and Taskforce (GIFT) to create activities and events that bring people together.

UpWords Assemblies

Beginning in 2011, Middle School students had the privilege of learning from their teachers in a more personal way as faculty volunteered to share their stories at gatherings called “UpWords Assemblies.” The series was designed to center on the Guiding Principles and inspire students from real-life experiences. Special thanks to these faculty who participated in 2011-12. • James Foreman – Honor Individuality • John Caldwell – Embrace Experiences • Betsy Metcalfe – Inspire Leadership • Josh Forke and Josh Gaffga – Instill Integrity

Compassion Cultivated

Special emphasis was placed this year on cultivating compassion (a Graland Guiding Principle), particularly in the Middle School. Faculty were trained at the beginning of the year by the Colorado School Safety Resource Center. Building on the Lower School’s Responsive Classroom curriculum, the Middle School Advisory Program stresses compassion as well as other positive character traits. In addition to Advisory programming, assemblies were also used to emphasize this principle. In September, Trevor Marsicano, an Olympic medalist who had been bullied as a teenager, spoke to the students about resiliency and compassion. Then, in May, Winter Vineki, a young triathlete whose father died of prostate cancer, presented on the organization she founded to raise money for cancer research.

Gates inventors received their patent awards at an all-school assembly.

Affinity groups based on common interests are forming in 2012 as another way Graland builds community and relationships among faculty, staff and families.

Commitment to


Professional development opportunities offer year-round faculty refreshment

Melissa Yoder, Lisa Ross

Congratulations to these two teachers who received master’s degrees in 2011-12: Lisa Ross

Master’s degree in education: learning and teaching

Melissa Yoder

Master’s degree in educational psychology


very year, thanks to the Annual Fund, Graland’s faculty and staff enjoy opportunities to develop their professional skills at workshops and conferences designed for educators and administrators. Graland commits more than $150,000 annually as one way we fulfill our mission to achieve intellectual excellence, build strong character and enrich learning in all content areas. Keeping our faculty updated on best practices benefits our entire community. According to Gail Hill, director of curriculum and instruction, faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue higher education degrees, attend cutting-edge technology workshops and learn updated teaching strategies. It’s all an effort to make certain Graland’s faculty is a group of people with vast experiences, extensive content knowledge and renewed enthusiasm for their craft. “The ultimate benefit is the reward Graland students receive when being taught, mentored and coached by a motivated, knowledgeable faculty,” Gail explains. Over the summer, third grade teacher Dana Pease attended a twoday workshop focused on the concept of a flipped classroom. The idea is that faculty members tape their lessons for students to watch as part of their homework allowing more time in the classroom for problem solving, discussion and interactive feedback. Graland was first introduced to this concept when international technology-education guru Alan November visited our campus two years ago. “We learned about many different models of flipping classrooms, from individual parts of the curriculum to simple lessons,” Dana says. “We learned alongside teachers from as far away as Brazil, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. It was a great experience right in the middle of summer, when we were excited to explore new concepts.”

Professional Development


All Faculty and Staff Author Wendy Mogel addressed faculty and staff prior to her presentation to the parent community in January 2012. She shared wisdom from her years as an accomplished author, clinical psychologist and parenting expert. In 2011, Julia Leong began a two-year commitment to offer faculty and staff specialized technology training. Julia is an Apple Distinguished Educator with expert experience in emerging technologies, digital photography and research on narrative inquiry.

2011-12 State of the School Report

By the Numbers – 2011-12


• 41 faculty members (46 percent) and five staff members attended off-campus training • Five support teachers, nine administrators and 23 special area teachers participated in professional development • 15 faculty and staff were members of the Julia Leong tech cohort and benefited from focused training and hands-on exercises • 32 faculty members received SMARTBoardTM training • 14 employees were assisted with tuition for continuing education • One teacher volunteered in Peru on sabbatical leave

Fourth grade faculty celebrated the end of a successful year in May.

Reaccreditation: Year Two


ith veteran Graland teacher and administrator Di Nestel, director of programs, at the wheel, the School’s reaccreditation process is progressing right on schedule. After completing the self-study component last summer, Graland concluded its second year of the seven-year cycle to maintain certification with the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS). The self-study process, while timeconsuming, was worth the significant, school-wide effort, according to Di. “In the end, the School’s request for recertification will get approved, which is important,” Di says. “But even more important is the time spent reflecting on what we do, why we do it and how we could do it better.” Forty-eight committees worked throughout the 2011-12 school year to prepare a total of 50 reports that make up the final document. Every faculty and staff member served on at least one committee; others helped with two, three, four or even five committees. “It was great to talk in depth with other faculty members, then step back to see the big picture and how my part fits in with all the rest,” says Mitch Masters, history teacher. “We were given time to have professional, meaningful conversations about our practices and everyone viewed it as an important step in defining who we are as a school, especially in the context of our new mission statement.” In fact, part of the yearlong objective was for colleagues to work together, have lively debate and apply critical analysis to our programs. “It’s healthy to identify areas of growth and put our goals in black and white for all to see,” Di continues. “The report itself is very honest and represents our School authentically.” The three-part document (overview, strengths/challenges and future plans) has already received glowing reviews from ACIS. “They were impressed with the quality of the program content; in fact, the executive director at ACIS says the faculty reports were among the best he’s ever seen,” Di notes.

Year three in the reaccreditation process involves the ACIS visiting team, a group of peer school leaders who will talk to every employee and validate information in the report. They were on campus November 11-14, 2012.

Curriculum mapping an ongoing process


raland began the exciting task of curriculum mapping last year. Mapping is the act of documenting the scope and sequence of learning that happens vertically (from Grades K-8) and horizontally (across each grade level). Kristin Ryder led the effort, and her committee encouraged every faculty member to evaluate the content knowledge, skills and instruction methods for his or her curricular area. Every teacher engaged in conversations about scope and sequence of learning and documented his or her curriculum into a computer program. Now, with the curriculum information online, teachers and administrators can view and sort data by grade, subject or a variety of other criteria. Educators can see “holes” in scope or sequence as well as overlapping curricula, revealing opportunities to fill in educational gaps and engage in cross-divisional and cross-subject collaboration. Curriculum mapping helps the School create programs that are unified, aligned and intentional. “The curriculum map holds us accountable to plan and teach in the most effective and meaningful way for our young learners,” says Dana Pease, Grade 3 teacher. Within the first year of the mapping exercise, Graland saw a “huge” benefit, says Kristin, and not only in the classroom. “Mapping greatly complemented the reaccreditation self-study project,” she explains. “Because every teacher was involved in mapping, we were able to critique our programs more effectively for our reports -- it is a valuable ‘jumping off’ point.”

The mapping task will continue indefinitely as Graland constantly improves its excellent and rigorous educational program. Gail Hill, newly appointed director of curriculum and instruction, will carry on the important project as Kristin Ryder focuses on her new role as director of admission.

First Grade Reading Project

Feeds the Hungry


Graland hosted a community event for special needs students, the Sam Loewi Unified Neighborhood Games.

Serving the Community

Sets Graland Apart

2011-12 State of the School Report


10 10

raland believes intellectual development is incomplete without character development. Our service-learning program provides students with opportunities to meet real community needs while learning leadership skills, empathy and social responsibility. Each grade level participated in a yearlong project to better the lives of others and to teach valuable life lessons to students. • All-school Penny Harvest: Coin drive that raises money for student-selected organizations • Kindergarten: Bottle cap drive (a “green” effort to recycle plastic) • First: Read to Feed (food drive) and Volunteers of America (bilingual coloring books) • Second: The Children’s Hospital (audio books and blankets for patients) • Third: Plains Conservation Center and History Colorado Center (plant biodiversity and heirloom seeds) • Fourth: Unified Neighborhood Special Olympics (promoting acceptance and inclusivity) • Fifth: Denver Zoo (animal conservation) • Sixth: Capitol Hill Community Services soup kitchen (weekly food servers) • Seventh: Sunrise Senior Center (building relationships, filming life stories) • Eighth: Harrington Elementary School (math and reading tutors) The Grades 5/6 Service Council served breakfast to the homeless community in downtown Denver. They raised funds for the community outreach organization as well. In addition, the Grades 7/8 Service Council sponsored a young woman in Tanzania and raised money to support her education. Through AfricAid, students completed their second year of fundraising for her school expenses, donating $1,000 this year.

ach year, students in first grade build their reading vocabularies for a good cause. Read to Feed is their service learning project in which they collect pasta for the Capitol Hill Community Services soup kitchen for each 15 minutes of reading they do independently or with a parent or older sibling. “In the spring, we take an entire week and try to read as much as possible,” says Lisa Schreiner, Grade 1 teacher. “Students get sponsors to pledge pasta in exchange for reading.” Harris May was a student in Mrs. Schreiner’s class last year who brought several boxes of pasta to school. “We helped feed people at the soup kitchen -- people who don’t have enough money to buy food,” he explains. “When I’m hungry, my tummy growls and says, ‘I’m hungry.’ I was happy that those people would have something to eat.” At the end of the week, the pasta comes rolling in, literally, as many families bring a carload of noodles, according to Lisa. “We count and sort the bags and boxes, then make a bar graph showing the totals,” she explains. When the Capitol Hill Community Services van comes to pick up the food, students lend a helping hand and load it in. Last spring, the driver (and cook) commented, “We just used the last box of pasta the school donated last year. Thank you for restocking our pantry.” To reinforce the service learning message, Lisa and the other Grade 1 teachers are careful to explain the purpose of the reading challenge. “We talk about how important it is to help other people, and the neatest thing is that the students really want to make the world a better place,” Lisa says. “They see homeless people holding signs on the street, and they feel very proud to help them get a meal.”

Second graders created blankets and audio books to comfort patients at The Children's Hospital.

Graland's year round sports program helps keep students active and healthy.

Eagle Awards Graland does not compete in championships or give awards to the most valuable player. Instead, each season of sports recognizes outstanding athletes with Eagle Awards. School coaches select the winners based on the following characteristics.

• Sportsmanship • Dedication • Positive attitude • Discipline

• Commitment • Leadership • Effort • Inspiration

• Good skill development • Working knowledge of the sport

Golden Eagles 2011-12 State of the School Report

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 Golden Eagle Award winners. These eighth graders participated in three seasons of sports during each of their Grades 6-8 years (nine seasons total).

Barsaa Battseveen Louisa Benson Willy Cowperthwaite Stephen Hanley Maisie McGlynn McCarthy Nolan Erin O’Shaughnessy 12 12

Paula Petit-Molina Anna Preblud Abby Rifkin Lacey Rifkin Madi Rifkin Alex Searles Abel Tekle

Graland Eagles Soar

Sports Highlights


t’s no surprise well-rounded Graland students excelled in athletics in 2011-12. From fall to spring, boys and girls sports kept the crowds cheering for the Graland Eagles.

Athletic Excellence

• Coached by James Foreman, Graland added cross-country running as a co-ed fall sport for Grades 7/8. Twelve students participated in six meets during the season, and the girls took second place overall in two meets. • Undefeated – girls: Grade 8 lacrosse, Grade 8 field hockey • Undefeated – boys: Grade 6 basketball • Winning seasons – girls: Grade 7 lacrosse, Grade 8 basketball • Winning seasons – boys: Grade 7 soccer, Grade 8 soccer • Winning season – coed: Graland’s tennis team.

Gifted Athlete and Leader Some student athletes are motivated by wins, others by an innate desire to achieve. David Wolf, Grade 8, is motivated by his sister, alumna Lucile Wolf ‘11. “We have a competition going for the most Eagle Awards,” he says. “I’m catching up with her.” Eagle Award winners are selected by coaches and must exhibit a number of outstanding characteristics to be considered for the honor. A three-season athlete, David played on Graland’s soccer, lacrosse and basketball teams in the 2011-12 year. “I probably like basketball most,” he admits. “It’s a fun team sport. I play point guard and forward, and I’m better at defense than offense.” David is modest about his achievements in basketball. He won the Eagle Award in seventh grade for his emerging leadership skills as well as being an overall outstanding player. “He’s gifted athletically with skills that are way above his classmates,” comments Coach Christian Isaac. “David is young but aggressive. He’s a good on-court thinker and has good court awareness.” Coach Todd O’Malley remembers when David played against eighth graders in the last game of his seventh grade season. “His opponents were so much bigger physically, but David held his own,” he says. Both coaches also expressed that David was a role model who encouraged his teammates to excel. “Playing sports is a good way to learn leadership skills that you can’t learn in the classroom,” David adds. Balancing schoolwork with athletics is always a challenge but the demands on his schedule are worth it when David considers how his skills have developed since playing under the guidance of Graland coaches. “The coaches are all very good,” he says. “I feel I’ve connected with them personally, and they definitely push me to try harder.”

Lower School Prepares Students for

Lifetime Fitness

Beginning in kindergarten, physical education is taught on a daily basis, incorporating weekly skill themes to guide instruction and learning. PE teachers focus on developing mature motor patterns, as well as the social development skills of participation, cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship. Beginning in fourth grade, students learn the concepts of offense and defense, rules, strategies and other team ideals as they apply to sports and lifetime activities.

Graland athlete Julia D.

"Graland has so many great coaches. They teach skills, but also the importance of a good attitude and working as a team. I can really trust and rely on them and my teammates during a game because they’re all supportive and encouraging." -Julia D. Grade 7, Eagle Award winner for volleyball and lacrosse

Graland Parent Association: Year in Review The 2011-12 school year was jam-packed with Graland Parent Association events and activities. More than 250 parent volunteers gave nearly 5,700 collective hours to support more than 65 community, fundraising and parent education events. Fall



The year kicked off with the annual Back to School Coffee, welcoming more than 300 new and returning parents. A fall tradition, the Graland Gallop was held in Washington Park and raised more than $20,000, an event record. The Book Fair, held at Barnes & Noble Bookstore, saw strong participation and parents made purchases to benefit Harrington Elementary School, a Denver Public School in need.

Holiday Celebrations included the all school Festival of Light and Holiday Sing-Along, VOA holiday party, and Holiday Giving, a charitable program benefiting Jewish Family Service, Eastside Health Center and Volunteers of America. Winter also brought the Birch Street Bash, a new social event, with an impressive turnout of nearly 300 parents, faculty and staff.

Spring brought the annual Lower School Sock Hop, which was promoted using an eighth grade flash mob and enhanced with new features, including the sale of 50s accessories. The Graland Carnival adopted a 60s theme, replete with tie-dyed T-shirts and a Groovy Kitchen. And, the Eagle Invitational Golf Tournament, which moved to CommonGround Golf Course at Lowry, added two new, related events: the Family Golf Clinic and Eagle Breakfast.

2011-12 State of the School Report

Students enjoyed sweet treats at the Spring Arts Celebration and Ice Cream Social.


Ongoing Throughout the school year, the parent association held several GPA General Meetings. Meeting times were varied in hopes of accommodating working families, and an evening meeting with Lower and Middle School breakout sessions were well attended. The Graland Inclusivity Forum and Taskforce (GIFT) hosted three forums with guest speakers; funded “At the Table,” an all-school Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly; and embarked on a discussion about affinity groups. The Parent Education Network (PEN) organized guest

Supporting Graland speakers for GPA general meetings; hosted three book clubs; presented the documentary film, Race to Nowhere; and helped bring author Wendy Mogel to campus. In sync with the school’s commitment to sustainability, Bike/Walk/Carpoolto-School Day became a successful monthly event. Finally, the Graland Store improved its merchandise selection, established regular store hours and became profitable.

As a direct result of the Graland community’s generous support of two primary fundraisers – the Graland Gallop and the Eagle Invitational Golf Tournament – and other parent association events during the year, the GPA raised approximately $75,000 to donate back to Graland. At the end of the school year, parents voted to allocate 39 percent to financial aid and 61 percent to technology, the two areas of greatest need as designated by the Graland administration.

The purpose of the GPA, as stated in its bylaws, is to: • • • •

Support Graland in achieving its mission Work in partnership with the school to foster community Promote volunteerism Raise funds for the benefit of the school community

16 16

State of the School Report

Congratulations to Katherine Dines '67, who received the Nancy Nye Priest Alumni Award at the 2012 Alumni Reunion.

Alumni Give Back Graland reached out and made a concerted effort in 2011-12 to bring alumni back to campus. • F  ive alumni panelists addressed eighth grade students about current issues in education: Brian Abrams ’93, Brooke Johnson ’88 Brown, Jennifer Pock ’94, Robert Romero ’69, Olivia Czufin ’09. • V  iolinist Laura Seay ’00 and her quartet performed. Laura also spoke and worked with the Middle School band. • David McMurtry ’94 conducted a workshop with eighth grade students about goal setting and the consequences of relying on stereotypes. • Ben Hock ’04 spoke with Lower School students about his experience illustrating a children’s book. • Rebecca McGehee ‘09 and Sarah Kate Berman ‘09 introduced high school speech and debate to the eighth grade class. Others returned for social events and the chance to reconnect with classmates, teachers and the School. • Members of the class of 2008 attended a send-off barbecue before leaving for college in summer 2011. • Approximately 120 alumni returned to campus for the 4th annual fall Alumni Cocktail Party. • A  lumni Reunion 2012 in June brought past students from class years 1963 to 2012 for a family barbecue and dinner party. Alumni awards were presented to Katherine Dines ’67 and Bruce Rifkin ’72. • In addition, Graland hosted an alumni event in San Francisco in January 2012.

Five Fab Ways to

Stay Involved at Graland There are lots of ways for alumni to stay involved with Graland, even if you’ve moved from the area. Here are just a few: 1. Share your story with current students, either individually or on a panel. Join our speaker resource panel! 2. Volunteer as a class representative to help keep your classmates up-to-date. 3. Participate as an alumni board member. 4. Attend community events like the Carnival and Eagle Invitational Golf Tournament. 5. Give a financial gift to support service learning and scholarship. Stay in touch at: or by contacting Kristin Eklund ’88 Weber for more information.

Class of 2009 college selections

Several accepted opportunities to speak with students and offer advice, insight and experience.

William Ammons* Southern Methodist University Samuel Arthur University of Colorado-Boulder Megan Axelrod Washington and Lee University Benjamin Barocas University of Arizona-Tucson Anna Bearman* Bowdoin College Davis Berlind* University of Pennsylvania Sarah Berman Lehigh University Anne Biermann Wake Forest University Cody Brady* University of Colorado-Boulder Claire Brunvand University of Southern California Matthew Budrow Baylor University Mitchell Carson Bennington College Jaden Combs* Colorado College Genevieve Crawford Johns Hopkins University Gabrielle Crosby* Regis University Olivia Czufin* Emory University Elizabeth Dansky Washington University-St Louis Khary Dennis Williams College Lucy Dikeou Stanford University Ryan Dodson Let us know! 303-398-3623 Olivia DuBose* Volunteer State University in Tennessee Greg Fay Let us know! 303-398-3623 Brittany Friedstein* University of Colorado-Boulder William Gallagher Duke University Collins Gantz Bryant University Caroline Gilbert* Louisiana State University Leah Greenspan University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Peter Harquail Gap year in Switzerland William Hayden Wake Forest University Richard Hess Colorado College Jonathan Himelspach South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Madeleine Horvath Let us know! 303-398-3623 Andrew Hull Indiana University-Bloomington Vilnis Humeyumptewa* Colorado School of Mines Tyler Iwasaki University of Hawaii-Oahu Chand Jiwani Colorado State University Kathryn Keller University of California-Santa Barbara Bryn Kelley* Brown University Emily Kelly Stanford University Alexandra Kelly Yale University (GAP Year) Nicole Kleiman-Moran* University of Michigan Karsen Kloster Texas Tech University Davis LaMair* University of Colorado-Boulder Barry Linden* Vanderbilt University Francesca Lipinsky DeGette Colorado College Ian MacLauchlan* Metropolitan State College of Denver Jake Mayo University of Colorado-Boulder Daniel McCarthy University of Northern Colorado Katherine McDermott* Santa Clara University Rebecca McGehee Carleton College (GAP Year) Parker Moss* Colorado College Robert Neel* Amherst College Harrison Novak* Metropolitan State College of Denver Sean Offner Bowdoin College John Orzynski University of Colorado-Boulder Dev Patel Harvard University Jada Powell* Metropolitan State College of Denver Anna Richmeier* Regis University Brian Schoelzel Southern Methodist University Christian Schuler Pursuing a music career Andrew Schultz Colorado State University Jordan Seman* Middlebury College Parker Semler* Pitzer College Charles Smith Gap Year Lars Soderberg Denison University Michael Spiessbach Pennsylvania State University Jeremy Steffman University of California-Berkeley Marguerite Stevens* University of Portland Alyssa Stowers* California Polytechnic State University Jordan Tapper* University of Colorado-Boulder Matthew Tedeschi* University of Colorado-Boulder Alanna Toomey* Knox College Yohana Tuquabo* Colorado State University Shane Turner* Let us know! 303-398-3623 Wesley Turner* College of Wooster Ty Wagner Oberlin College Elizabeth Walters* Syracuse University Azia Welch Let us know! 303-398-3623 Courtney Wham University of Colorado-Boulder PLC Program Anne White Tulane University Anyna Wilkening Let us know! 303-398-3623 Jonah Wolf University of Texas-Austin Alexandra Wollins School of Museum of Fine Arts-Boston Rachel Wright* Tufts University Rebecca Yohannes Regis University Hanne Yuffa University of Colorado-Boulder *Student graduated ninth grade from Graland.

Anschutz Commons

Achieves Prestigious LEED Rating

Students enjoy the view from the renovated Hamilton Reiman Building.

2011-12 State of the School Report

2011-12 Capital Improvement Projects • Remodeled the Gates Invention & Innovation laboratory • Purchased a 23-passenger school bus • Carpeted all offices in the Georgia Nelson and Gates Middle School buildings • Remodeled library restrooms • Refurbished Georgia Nelson Building elevator • Added vinyl stair treads to the Georgia Nelson Building • Carpeted classrooms in the Hamilton West Building

Graland’s campus master plan guides future capital improvements. Among the spaces up for renovation is the Allon Quad outside the Gates Middle School Building.

18 18


ast fall, we celebrated the opening of the Anschutz Commons, a 14,000-square-foot dining and classroom facility with state-ofthe-art equipment. With its new gold LEED rating, we have even more to celebrate. LEED is an internationally recognized mark of excellence that stands for “leadership in energy and environmental design.” To qualify for distinction, a building must incorporate a comprehensive approach to sustainability in several key areas: • Site selection and development • Water efficiency • Energy efficiency • Materials and resources • Indoor environmental quality To achieve the gold rating, Graland received a score of 62 out of 79 in these areas. “Graland should be proud of this rating,” says Aaron Murray, sustainability coordinator and Graland teacher. “The Anschutz Commons stands as a testimony to our commitment to environmental stewardship.” The US Green Building Council determines ratings and provides independent, third party certification of sustainability. The process of applying for a LEED rating is voluntary and technically rigorous, demonstrating Graland’s leadership, innovation and social responsibility. A plaque recognizing the achievement is installed in the Anschutz Commons dining hall.



n addition to the Anschutz Commons, Graland exercises sustainability efforts in many ways. From materials and water use to recycling, Graland goes “green” for the environment and future generations, and we’re working to implement these efforts campus-wide.

Building Materials • • • •

Carpet tiles made of recycled plastic bottles Roof tiles reused from the old Gates Science Building Back fill dirt from building excavations Water-based carpet adhesive

Waste Management

• Dining utensils and dishes are washable and reusable • All food waste is turned into compost and returned to Graland for landscaping projects • Other decomposable organic material that comes from the kitchen is rinsed and compacted to take up less space

Water Use

• Automatic-flush toilets use a measured amount of water • Faucets have sensors that shut off when not in use • Evaporative cooling system in the Anschutz Commons uses water instead of chemical coolants to cool and humidify common spaces

Energy Efficiency • • • •

Dual-paned, gas-filled windows increase insulation Minimal use of incandescent bulbs Sun wells give light to lower level rooms Light sensors turn off when not in use

In other ways, the School educates students and families about the environment with the help of the Sustainability Committee composed of teachers, parents and students. • In Middle School, the Green Club meets each week to share tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle, which are published in Graland Flyer and on the website. • Monthly, the Graland Parent Association sponsors an alternative transportation day to encourage students to bike, walk or carpool to school. • Alkaline batteries are collected in receptacles located at building entrances, and we encourage the community to deposit their used batteries rather than send them to the landfill.

The Graland school community values practices that are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially equitable. The school strives to educate and empower each member of its community, now and in future generations, with the knowledge and motivation to make daily decisions that support sustainability. - Graland's Sustainability Statement, April 2010

A monthly alternative transportation day encourages students to "go green."

Look for the new “Go Green with Graland” logo throughout campus. It’s the stamp of our work to incorporate green initiatives at Graland.

Art Excellence

In 2012, eighth grader David S. was named a national Scholastic Art Awards winner for an acrylic portrait titled Marty. Congratulations, David!


Enriched Learning: Visual and Performing Arts

2011-12 State of the School Report


20 20

ith the grand opening of the remodeled Foundations Center, now called the Hamilton Reiman Building, Graland gained valuable performing arts space that was well used during 2011-12. In particular, the Fries Family Theater hosted seven drama performances, nine concerts and one musical. Graland’s visual and performing arts program is integral to the school’s mission to enrich learning through the arts. The arts education component of learning allows students to express themselves creatively and safely in an encouraging environment of supportive teachers and classmates. One parent explains it well. “My daughter is not a huge artistic talent, but she really connected with art teacher Cathy Naughton, who enabled her to experience visual arts in a new way. Cathy builds a very warm, inclusive, nurturing environment that encourages kids to go out of their comfort zone and to believe they can do anything.”

For Future Reference

With a successful year behind us, we haven’t stopped in our pursuit of excellence. Our theme for 2012-13 is “Engaging Learners, Leaders, Families, Community,” and we are off and running toward making this our best year yet.

Engaging Learners We’re in the process of assessing our PE curriculum and enrichment programming to ensure Graland offers a well-rounded education that speaks to every child’s passion and interests. We’re enthusiastic about experiential learning, and we want to make this component a relevant part of our programming. We’re fortunate to live in the middle of a culturally diverse and dynamic city, and we’re exploring how we can take better advantage of Denver’s museums, attractions and so on as an extension of our campus. Field trips allow students to see classroom lessons in a real-world environment that inspires them to learn. And we’re looking at more uses for educational technology as we teach 21st century learners who will compete in a global, digital world. We want to send our students off with the tech literacy competency that they need to navigate life.

Engaging Leaders In the spring, we’ll welcome author and education expert Heidi Hayes Jacobs to Graland where she will guide us in considering 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. Dr. Jacobs is internationally recognized for her expertise in curriculum design, and we’re looking forward to her presentation. Keeping our faculty inspired is the key to classroom success. Professional development will continue to be a top priority as Graland budgets another $150,000 for training our teachers and staff throughout the year. Gail Hill is coordinating and promoting our professional development program in her new role as director of curriculum and instruction.





We’re focusing more on the working parent to make participation in our community more accessible. By offering evening events and adding more online content to our website, we hope to engage all Graland families in School life. Affinity groups are forming to allow individuals with common interests to share ideas and support each other through challenges. For information on groups already meeting or to suggest a group topic, contact James Foreman, who is leading this effort.

We have already begun plans to expand our preschool program with the addition of two classrooms next year. The Denver community has demonstrated a need for the type of quality programming we offer, and we’re excited to bring more three- and four-year-olds to Graland. We will hire several additional staff in time for the fall 2013 expansion. Graland is also exploring how to open our campus to the wider community for targeted, youth-focused programs. For example, we’d love to grow our summer program and make it available to Graland students as well as nonstudents. With our faculty on board to offer exceptional learning opportunities in academics, arts and athletics, we believe this is a natural opportunity to invite more children to experience Graland. Graland continues to be an educational leader in the Denver community. We’re excited to move forward and, this time next year, to report on another productive and engaging year.



./ . +

Graland Annual Report

Foundation Distributions Foundation ContributionsDistributions Contributions -Other -Other Contributions Contributions -Unrestricted -Unrestricted Contributions Contributions -Capital -Capital Campaign Campaign


Tuition and Fees Tuition and Fees

Income Tuition & Fees



Less: Financial Aid



Net Tuition & Fees





Contributions - Unrestricted



Contributions - Other



Contributions - Capital Campaign

Foundation Distributions









Facilities & Maintenance



General and Administration





Other Total

Services Fundraising Services Fundraising Expenses General & General & Administration Educational Salaries & Expenses Administration

Educational Educational Salaries & Salaries & Expenses Expenses

Facilities & Facilities & Maintenance Maintenance

Fundraising Services* Total





* Lunchroom expenses and campus fund distribution to Graland Foundation

Gifts by Source Alumni




Grandparents Other Individuals

Capital $83,000





















Other Organizations




$33,125 $753,343







Gifts to Graland

Gifts received July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012 This year, total gifts to Graland exceeded $1.7 million from the generous support of parents, alumni, grandparents, foundations, corporations, and friends. Unrestricted support totaled $753,343, or over five percent of the school’s operating budget. We are grateful to all donors who have carried forward the legacy of generosity that makes Graland a very special place. Graland sincerely thanks any donor whose name may have inadvertently been omitted from these lists. Please call 303-399-8370 to report any errors or omissions.


Annual Fund Volunteers Greg Kintzele '80, Co-Chair Seth Terry '83, Co-Chair Eric Albright '87 Sarah Alijani, Captain Liz Arnold, Captain Steve Bain '77 Andrew Bermingham '77 Suzie Bomgaars Chris Browner Christina Caulkins Dana Klapper '83 Cohen Ali Fallon, Captain Andy Fisher, Captain Shawn Fowler Kelly Gallagher, Captain

Graham Gerlach Neil Goldblatt John Gowen, Captain Lonny Kandel Maureen Kechriotis Frank Laden Jennifer Watts '87 Leuthold Dianna Goldberg '84 May Lisa Neal, Captain Mary Parsons KarrĂŠ Whitney Rippey Janet Woolley, Captain Doug Wright Meghan Zucker

+X-. /. 2011-12

Development Committee Carol McDermott, Chair Ellie Caulkins Suzanne Connors David Decker '81 Crawford Hamilton '75 Jackie Hawkey Kimberly Fuller '86 Jacoby Gregory Kintzele, Sr. '80 Geoffrey Lord Sharon Osborne Bruce Rifkin '72 Kirsten Rifkin Celeste Sikora Seth Terry '83 Kristin Eklund '88 Weber Laura Wright

Growing Graland’s Resources for the

Future T

he development office closed a successful year on June 30, 2012, having met or exceeded several advancement goals. The School community again showed its extreme generosity in a variety of ways, all of which ensure Graland will be able to continue offering its exceptional program to Denver students.

Preschool Enhancements Funded

b Frank, preschool benefactor

Two generous donors, one who wishes to remain anonymous, contributed more than half a million dollars in support of Graland’s Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC). In giving $300,000, our anonymous benefactor designated those funds to provide a tuition discount to faculty and staff whose children are enrolled in the program. Graland is grateful for this gift, and the ability to attract quality educators and staff to our school thanks in part to the ECLC. Significant remodeling of two existing classrooms and a new playground were identified as needs before the preschool could launch in fall 2012. Barbara “b” Frank stepped forward with a $230,000 gift that fully funded these expenditures. The new space is truly enchanting and will delight young children for many years to come.

Annual Fund Goal Exceeded

2011-12 State of the School Report

2011-12 Graland Annual Report

Under the direction of Board President Bruce Rifkin ’72, Development Committee Chair Carol McDermott and Parent Co-Chairs Greg Kintzele ’80 and Seth Terry ‘83, the School was given $753,343 in unrestricted gifts during fiscal year 2011-12. The goal was $750,000. Dollar for dollar matching gift offers toward the end of the school year and several other unexpected donations propelled giving to the goal amount, thrilling dedicated parent volunteers and the Development Committee who worked all year toward this achievement. These generous gifts carry forward to enhance Graland’s programs and experiences for current and future students. The Annual Fund was used throughout the year to purchase library books; classroom, art and athletic supplies; continuing education for teachers; iPads and much more. To the 86 percent of current parents, our alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni and all donors who gave to Graland through the Annual Fund, thank you!

Gifts to Graland

Sam Loewi’s Memory Inspired New Fund

24 24

Graland graduate Samantha Loewi ’05 passed away in February at the young age of 22 from congenital muscular dystrophy, but her effect on Graland continues to inspire. As a memorial to Sam and her positive experiences at Graland, the Loewi family created a special endowment to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. “We learned so very much from Sam’s positive, ‘can do’ attitude,” explains her mother, Pat Loewi. “By establishing this fund at Graland, we hope Sam’s memory and the lessons she taught us will continue to impact the views of future students.” The Sam Loewi Fund will provide excellent training for students, teachers and parents around diversity and inclusivity issues. Many thanks to the Loewi family for establishing this fund and honoring Graland with an endowment in Sam’s name.

1927 Circle

$10,000 & above Todd and Sarah Alijani Harvey and Sue Allon Anonymous The Anschutz Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation Brian ‘83 and Elise Barish Tim and Libby Anschutz ‘89 Brown Tim and Libby Brown Foundation Ellie Caulkins Caulkins Family Foundation George ‘80 and Christina Caulkins Max ‘87 and Ramey Caulkins Colorado State Bank and Trust The Crown Family David ‘81 and Pam Decker El Pomar Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Barbara “b” Frank The Jerry Gart Family Foundation Ken and Rebecca Gart Samuel and Nancy Gary Graland Parent Association John and Bridget Grier Crawford ‘75 and Sue Hamilton Fred and Jane Hamilton The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation Robert Hawley ‘33* Christopher and Sarah Anschutz ‘86 Hunt Sue Kintzele David and Judy Koff Pat Loewi Geoff and Marty Lord Dirk and Carol McDermott Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. Dottie Neustadt The Old Boys Foundation Maurice and Liz Pinto Piton Investment Fund Bruce ‘72 and Kirsten Rifkin Rose Community Foundation Geoff and Leslie Smart Wal-Dot Foundation Dick ‘78 and Britney Weil Paul Wimer and Lisa Pinto Wittow Foundation Inc. Herbert Wittow Doug and Laura Wright *Deceased

Founders Circle Guy and Liz Arnold Barrett and Kristin Baker John and Christine Browner Brown ‘60 and Mardi Cannon The Carson Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation Sureel and Bijal Choksi David and Erin Dean Matthew Esson and Kimberly Mugler Shawn and Elisa Fowler K.C. and Kelly Gallagher John and Susan Gowen

$5,000-$9,999 Cy and Lyndia Harvey Walter and Judith Hunt Tad and Wendy Kelly Jay Marciano Veronica McCaffrey David and Marcie Prokupek William D. Radichel Foundation The Rifkin Foundation Monroe and Rella Rifkin Don Scott Seth ‘83 and Jennifer Terry Evan and Meghan Zucker

Head of School Circle

John ‘63 and Ginny Freyer Graham and Hilary Gerlach Paul Gillis Greg ‘83 and Vikki Goldberg Todd and Kim Goldstein John and Patty Goltermann Robert and Marcia Goltermann Tyler ‘84 and Sarah Harvey Hal and Jackie Hawkey Steven and Linda Heiss Arthur Hodges and Sunhee Juhon Hodges Hodges Charitable Foundation Christopher and Sarah Anschutz '86 Hunt The Hunt Family Foundation Walter and Christie Isenberg Jim Kelley and Amie Knox Hudson and Diana Mead

26 26

Peter Alread and Stacie Cowell Catherine Anderson Jim Angell Anonymous Anonymous Roger and Kimberly Austin Michael and Joyce Barish Barish Family Foundation Jeff Bartholomew and Pat McHenry Gint and Pam Baukus The Beach Company Luke ‘86 and Susan Beatty Bruce and Marcy Benson David and Lauren Benson The P. Bruce & Virginia C. Benson Foundation Mark and Amy Birner Gregory and Kara Bjork Brant Bloomberg & Meredith Linker Bloomberg Mike and Julie Bock Scott and Suzie Bomgaars Justin ‘91 and Tobey Borus Juan and Cesilie Botello Parker ‘79 and Susan Brophy Mark and Rachel Brown Stuart and Ingvild Brown Drew and Lauren Brownstein Frank and Janice Jamison ‘52 Burg Collis ‘84 and Anne Chandler Mimi Chenoweth John and Bayard Cobb Jonathan and Aimee-Alyse Coleman Ogden and Jane Confer David Corkins and Karen Reidy Byron and Carolyn Craig Ann Davis DaVita, Inc. Bruce and Dorothy Dines Bruce ‘69 and Jill Dines Mike and Robyn Dino Vikram and Sonia Durairaj Grady and Lori Durham Carl and Nancy Eklund


John and Alison Fallon Shane ‘89 and Amy Feiman Matthew and Courtney Ferer The Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Jayne Ford Chris and Yvette Frampton Charles Frankel and Geraldine Corrigan Janet Frazier John ‘92 and Andi Freyer Sally Gart Valerie Gates ‘69 Will ‘79 and Sheri Gold Neil and Sarah Goldblatt Ronald Guillot and Alexandra Theriault Patrick ‘85 and Pam Hatcher Armand and Melissa Hatzidakis Charles Henry and Cynthia Crews Harley and Lorraine Higbie David and Ann Holmes Timothy Huckaby and Andrea Breton Chris and Kim Fuller ‘86 Jacoby The Janus Foundation Caroline Karlin Hud and Carol Karshmer Chris Kastelic and Kitty Yuen John and Maureen Kechriotis Greg ‘80 and Lisen Kintzele David ‘86 and Mary Jane Kirkpatrick Libby Kirkpatrick John and Heather Klutznick Bradley ‘82 and Lisa Kornfeld Labbett Hockey, LLC David and Siobhan Labbett Jerry and Margot Ladd Joan Ladd Mark and Melissa Manassee Naresh and Donna Mandava Brian ‘93 and Meredith Mankwitz Mankwitz Family Foundation Lanny and Sharon Martin Lance and Jenifer Marx Craig and Dianna Goldberg ‘84 May

2011-12 Graland Annual Report

Gifts to Graland

Scholars Circle

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Peter and Anne Mounsey Mounsey Family Foundation Hal and Elisabeth Naiman Kathy Neustadt Northwestern Mutual Foundation Bruce and Patrina Odette Don Parsons and Mary Valenti Parsons Pinon Trail Foundation Ben Schulein ‘80 and Ale Marques Tom Shane Richard Turner and Britta Erickson Armando Vidal and Leslie Beasley ‘87 Vidal Shawn and Michelle Wallace Patrick and Tricia Youssi

Bob and B.J. McDuffie Wendy Melvin Charles and Carolyn Miranda Matt and Kim Montgomery John and Hilary Morland Harris Morris Arthur Morrissey and Janet Hayes Marcia Naiman Edward and Wendy Nekritz Ryan ‘93 and Griffen O’Shaughnessy Peter and Angela Pak Zachary ‘87 and Anuschka Pashel Brendan Patterson and Anne Bailey Ward and Karen Polzin RBG, Inc. David Readerman and Rita Burgess Scott and Trina Reisch Mark and Petra Richards Andrew ‘90 and Zibby Right Jonathan Right ‘93 Gordon and Nancy Rockafellow Mark and Ann Ladd ‘87 Ryan Francois and Catherine Safieddine Nancy Schulein Doug and Eleanor Seaman Stephan and Kerry Shelanski Mac and Maria Slingerlend Joseph Smith Mary Smith John and Dawn Song Katie Stapleton Jeff ‘91 and Ginger Susman Don and Marcia Thomas Mark Turnage and Natalie Bocock Turnage Joe and Judi Wagner Marshall and Diane Gates ‘69 Wallach Daniel and Elizabeth Weiner Ed and Kate Williams Matt and Joya Wolf John and Lydia Woodard Dee Writer Kevin and Whitney Zimmerman

2011-12 State of the School Report

Marco and Cathy Abarca F. E. Agnew Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Jean-Marc and Valeria Alberola Eric ‘87 and Katherine Albright Andrew ‘79 and Diane Bain Steve ‘77 and Lisa Bain Mark and Marna Belfance Mark and Margaret Berzins Colin and Dana Bresee Michael and Anne Clark Brent and Dana Klapper ‘83 Cohen John Donaldson Douglas & Eleanor Seaman Charitable Foundation Susan Drumm ‘80 Jack and Nathalie Fox Guy Scott and Liza Franzene


Honors Circle Phillip and Deanna Albright AllianceBernstein Brent Anderson Patricia Annison Craig Archibald and Ann Sperling Rye ‘91 & Catherine Wilhelm ‘90 Austin Chris and Helen Aymond Rob and Ginny Bayless Woody ‘78 and Mitzi Beardsley Robert Belknap and Kelly Moore Andrew ‘77 and Wendy Bermingham The Bermingham Fund Winston and Erica Bissette Jon and Anne Boris Stephen and Kimberly Brilz David Caulkins ‘83 Steve Chambers and Megan Bee ‘86 Steve and Miki Chyung Cami Cooper Jason ‘84 and Sara Drucker ‘89 Cooper Greg Cummings and Molly McCoy Terce Dines ‘65 Gene and Winkie Dines Jerry and Tamara Door David and Jude Dudley Terra Emerson Andy Fisher and Tanya Atagi Sara Wagner ‘88 Fitzpatrick

John Flanigan & Stephanie Pax Flanigan David and Jami Forschner Kelley Fox Will and Ali Pashel ‘89 Frankfurt Robert and Virginia Fuller Scott Fuselier Evan and Ann Geldzahler Jeff Geller & Jennifer Alvarado Geller Michael and Olga Gershovich George ‘77 and Kristan Gibson Goldman, Sachs & Co. Ross Goldstein and Cory Dunnick Ryan and Kate Gulick Brice and Anne Head Mike Hecklinger Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld Ben Honigman and Mary Kohn Kelvin Huh and Young Woo Davis and Laura Hurley The Integ Group, Inc. Craig and Brooke Jack JP Morgan Lonny and Jennifer Kandel Bethany Karlin Mike and Stephanie Kelley Troy and Evelyn Knuckles Paul Krueger Frank and Tonya Laden


Steven and Karen Leaffer Ehlias and Jessica Louis The Anne Waring Maer Charitable Fund Rodney Marcy and Shannon Burke Renie Mayfield Ethel McGlynn Michael and Nancy McKeever Greg and Melanie Mills Rob and Lisa Mintz Terri Morrison Robert Musser and Barbara Francis David and Lisa Neal Matt and Erin Neren Neil and Kami Pomerantz Edgar and Nooshin Prasthofer Adams and Holly Price Jim and Eloise Proctor Robyn Rairigh* Shawn and Christine Ralph Wiley and Diane Reed David Rochlin and Ramona Powell Dick Rosenberg Jason and Selena Roth John Rumpf and Kathryn Beauchamp John Rumsfeld and Christina Johnson Drew and Ashley Johnson ‘88 Rust Mark and Thu Schuler Schwab Charitable Fund

Ben and Beth Shanker Jordy Shaw ‘88 George and Linda Solorio Marcia Strickland Eric Surrey and Lisa Henze Surrey Rand and Julie Sutherland Eoin and Emily Theobald Michael and Laura Thiret Jeter ‘95 and Meagan Thomas James Turner and Martha Solis-Turner William and Nancy Turner The William & Nancy Turner Foundation Marty and Leslie Twarogowski Gary and Kerry Vickers Leonard and Roberta Waldbaum Washington Apartments Ed and Jane Wasson Ted ‘73 and Nancy White Dave and Lori Wisenteiner Dan and Laura Wolf Thomas and Hanne Wolf Seth and Tia Wolkov Jonathan Wolman and Deborah Lamm Pat Yost Michael Zeisser and Meghan Harris Barry Zigas and Jodi Levin-Epstein Richard ‘85 and Annemarie Zimmerman *Deceased


Catherine Coleman ‘68 Kenneth and Mary Sue Coleman David and Stacy Wagner ‘90 Colodny Ronald Colson and Karen Paul ‘81 Hope Connors ‘78 Jeff and Suzanne Connors Julian and Susie Cook Bina Cooper Shawn ‘79 and Suzanne Cooper Jack Corsello ‘80 and Karen Boezi Linette Couturier Tee ‘71 Cowperthwaite and Brenda Stockdale Gregory ‘87 and Cher Crichlow Melissa Crowley Madeline McWhinney ‘34 Dale David and Vicki Perlmutter ‘77 Dansky Alden Davis and Jacqueline Purdy-Davis Lance Davis ‘75 Tanisha Davis James and Cari Dawson Ann DeBoe Gilbert ‘84 and Gabrielle DeLeon John and Angela DellaSalle Robert Demsey and Sandra Haynes August and Betsy Dennig Denver District Court Ben and Jenny DeVoss Armand and Tandy Dilworth Marian Dines ‘69 Andrew and Meggan Dodge Tim and Amy Dodge Rhonda Dodge Steve Dodge Matt and Elky Dorman Martha Douglas ‘99 Jake and Jennifer Dresden Abe Drucker ‘93 Eric Drucker ‘04 Richard and Shelly DuBose Virginia Dubrucq Julia Dudley Piet Dudley ‘03 Sam Dudley ‘01 Tom Dudley ‘07 Ben ‘68 and Laurie Duke Douglas Dupree and Selena McDonald-Dupree Ron Dullinger and Kelly Greene David and Maia East Curt and Michelle Edwards David Ehrlich and Meredith Munro Kate Elisha Bob Elisha Chuck and Ginny Ennis Louie and Anya Enriquez Richard Knapp and Kendra Erickson Skip and Regina Falbo Jeffrey and Holly Farmer Laura Fast and Trela Phelps Anson and Kelsey Fuller ‘89 Fatland Gabe Finke and Molly McCray-Finke Ashleigh Finn Seth and Elizabeth Firmender Michael and Jennifer Atler ‘86 Fischer

2011-12 State of the School Report

28 28

Steven and Jeanette Abelman Brian Abrams ‘93 Dan and Linda Abrams Katie Abrams ‘95 Stephen and Ellen Abrams Steve and Jen Adams Paul and Katherine Aertker Reggie and Stacie Alexander Becky Alexis ‘86 Michael Altenberg Yohannes Ambaye and Frewini Selomon Betsy Anderson ‘77 Eric Anderson Bill and Andrean Andrus Lee and Alice Anneberg Blake Anneberg ‘01 Christine Anneberg ‘97 Lauren Anneberg ‘98 Donald Aptekar and Harriet Moyer Aptekar Tekle Araya Lynda Arco David and Betty Arkell Elizabeth Arkell ‘03 Peter Arkell ‘07 Jim ‘66 and Tudi Arneill Lauren Ayres ‘00 Bank of America Matching Gifts Carol Barbeito Adam ‘91 and Jill Barkin Michael Barkin ‘93 Roger and Suky Barkin Jessica Barron Essary ‘91 Danny and Carla Seigel ‘77 Bartell Fred and Barb Baumann Gay Beattie Farah Beheshti Seth and Shannon Belzley Craig and Katrina Benes Richard and Michelle Benge Buffie Berger Bryan Berkey and Kamie Hobbs Berkey Greg Berlind Kate Bermingham ‘73 Vern Berry and Jenny Wood ‘74 Mark Bethel and Jennifer Stevens Steven and Janet Berienger Paul and Jane Bierman-Lytle Allison Birdsong

Under $499

Marius and Stanca Birlea Geordy Bishop ‘97 Rori Bishop Jamey ‘75 and Lisa Black William and Jennifer Work ‘86 Blattner Roberta Bocock Harvey and Katya Bograd Jon-Erik ‘92 and Brooke Borgen Judith Ann Bortz Todd Borus ‘88 Adam and Natalie Drucker ‘99 Boscoe James and Marilyn Boudouris Andrew Bourke ‘01 Libby Bourke ‘96 Sue Bower Brewster and Helen Boyd Justin Boyd ‘96 Lindsey Boykin Todd and Julie Bragdon Jessica Braiman ‘00 Pat ‘81 and Lesley Brophy Donald Bross David and Tiina Brown Paige Brown Teresa Bruce Bob ‘78 and Janelle Bruhn Mark and Ruchi Brunvand Peter and Jacqui Bryant Bill and Loralee Bullen Kate Burchenal ‘05 Caleb and Shan Burchenal Jeb Burchenal ‘03 Aaron ‘89 and Brooke Burgamy John and Johanna Burke Timothy and Valerie Hiatt ‘68 Burke Alexandra Cain ‘93* John Caldwell Kevin and Anna Campbell Carbon Natural Gas Company William and Christie Carron Jill Cartter Robert and Anna Casey Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department Tony and Cindy Catanese Joe Champ and Polly Holyoke ‘74 Eric and Laurie Chandler Danny and Amy Chapman Larry and Patty Chapman Barbara Charmes Jorge and Toshia Chavez Doug and Jocelyn Childs Chocolate Spoke LLC Jay and Grace Choi Jeffrey and Julia Cirbo Suzanne Clark Brad and Wyne Cler Carly Clugston Josh and Oakley Cobb Eric and Carolyn Coble Dan Cohen and Mara Kailin David Cohen Larry ‘81 Cohen and Catherine Foxley Cohen Charles Cole and Joann Schauer Cole

2011-12 Graland Annual Report

Gifts to Graland

Faculty Fellows Circle

Sheldon and Janet Fisher Bob and Sara Looms ‘70 Fitch Stephen Fitzpatrick ‘63 James Foreman Joshua Forke Wayne Forman James Foster Tom and Ginny Fowler Nancy Freeman ‘64 Fred and Catherine Frei Chris and Stacia Freimuth Heiko and Kristin Todd ‘96 Freitag Ford and Ann Frick Mark and Cindi Fukami Beth Gaffga Josh Gaffga John and Martha Gart Mark Gatlin and Erin Flanagan Ryan Gill and Jill Litt Patrick and Lupe Giron Bruce and Wendy Glazer Militi Goitom Brett ‘92 and Tina Goldberg Chuck and Honey Goldberg Aaron Goldhamer ‘96 Neil and Jeanne Goodspeed Philip Gosch and Alice Watson-Gosch Tony and Patricia Gowen Liza Grant ‘79 Ellen Gray Kim Greeley Brad & Rachel Hoffman ‘79 Greenwald Jay and Jenny Grimm Colette Guiberteau Maggie Hagemann David Haifleigh & Lisa Murray Haifleigh Grant and Justine Hall Joe Hankin Michael Hanley and Christine LaRocca Bob and Kay Hanson Tim and Helen Harris Dick ‘54 and Jane Hart Charlene Haskett Chris Hecht Amy Wagner ‘86 Hecklinger Dave Heller ‘84 Fernando Henriques and Katherine Trautman Daniel and Loretta Hernandez Brian Heselton Phil Hickey Jason Hicks and Ann Harrison ‘81 Hicks Bruce and Joan Higson-Smith Alex and Gail Hill Vincent and Sabine Hillenmeyer Hayden ‘91 and Elana Hirschfeld Sherry Hitztaler Murray and Eleanor Hoffman Kay Holm-Adcox James and Mary-Elizabeth Holmes Lynn Holmes ‘99 Todd Holmes ‘96 Alex Hoover ‘96 Horowitz/Forbes LLC Bill and Carolyn Chafee ‘83 Howard

George and Beth Hower Adam and Laura Huff Mark and Courtney Dorn ‘90 Hughes Rick Hum Aleks ‘81 and Anita Humeyumptewa Arlin and Inara Humeyumptewa Ash Hussain ‘07 Irfan and Martha Hussain Zach Hussain ‘03 Christian Isaac Kevin Isaac Michael and Christi James Edward Janoff and Nancy Krywonis Patrick Jobin ‘01 Andrew Johnson ‘84 Pete Johnson ‘81 Rob and Christina Johnson Anna Jones Carly Jones ‘02 Chas Jones and Jill Cowperthwaite ‘69 Nancy Jones Robert Jones Leslie Jordan Damon Judd ‘91 Jessica Popkin ‘00 Judson Hisatake Kamori ‘93 Kimihito and Tomoko Kamori Makiko Kamori ‘98 Yumiko Kamori ‘94 Robert and Marcia Karp Mary Karst Alice Katz David ‘71 and Arielle Kauvar John and Cynthia Kendrick Steve Kent ‘63 and Nancy Sullivan Janet Kessler Rudy and Candy Kiffer Dick Kinney Taylor ‘88 and Molly Kirkpatrick Fred Klein and Michelle Jerome Wayne Knox Tommy Kobayashi ‘02 Sheila Kowal Noam Krendel Herb and Darlene Kress Joey and Luayne Lambert T.J. and Sandar Larkin Jim LaRocque Linda LaRocque Nolan and Ann Lassiter Monique and Peter Lathrop Andrew Lay ‘04 John and Carol Lay Doug and Becky Lazatin Elizabeth Leddy Ed ‘37 and Connie Lehman Mark and Nancy Leonard David and Jennifer Watts ‘87 Leuthold Ali Levy ‘00 Brent Levy ‘98 LibertyGives Foundation Walter Littell and Leli Sudler ‘64 Gregory Looker Clif and Rosella Louis Tim and Kimm Lucas

Kent and Elizabeth Lund Laura Luppens ‘00 Inna Luujii Brian Maass and Erica Wilner Greg MacDonald & Shannon McDonald Erik Madison ‘04 Trina Magness Joseph and Rebecca Mahoney Christopher Maloney ‘99 Chas and Brooke Bansbach ‘87 Maloy Mandil, Inc. Alexandra Manion David and Lorrie Margolin Al and Pinkey Marshall Jane Maslanka Mitch and Heidi Masters Robert Maulitz and Devra Altman Joel and Bambi Mayo Jack McDermott ‘10 Katie McDermott ‘09 Rachel McDonald ‘05 Maeve McGrath Daniel and Carolyn McIlroy Richard and Barbara McKeown Mimi McMann David Morse and Susan McWhinney-Morse ‘46 Kenneth and Maria Mendelsberg Brooks and Linda Merrifield Brian Merrigan and Celeste Sikora Betsy Metcalfe Justin and Jennifer Miera David Miller and Katherine Dines ‘67 David and Lisa Miller Rick and Mindy Miller Julia Milwid ‘02 Rod and Marilyn Mitchell Ardy Molina Hammel Monroe Gabriel Morales Rico & Maria Morales Ed ‘78 and Sarah Murane Bill and Rosemarie Murane Aaron and Vicki Murray Joey Murray ‘02 Stan and Cherrelyn Napue Jonathan and Laurie Nassif Cathy Naughton Edgar Neel and Betsy Shumaker Di Nestel Joanne Neuman Charles and Leeanna Newcomb Aaron and Kristin Newman Matthew and Jane Newman Stephen and Nanette Newman John and Monique Nobil James and Linda Nobles Rich and Heather Falk ‘84 Noland J. J. Nora ‘84 Jake and Bryann Ladd ‘99 Nourse Brett and Julie O’Connor Kevin and Sara Baucum ‘87 O’Connor Todd O’Malley and Lynn Turner Dan O’Neill Joann Ortega Karen Ortiz

John and Sharon Osborne Susan Osgood Brian and Kathy O’Shaughnessy Hal Ostertag Charlie ‘83 and Kristina Owen Tom ‘43 and Baba Berger ‘46 Owen Lance Palumbo and Cynthia Wang Andrew ‘92 and Carin Parcel Mike and Taylor Cleveland ‘88 Pardun Amaria Parker Brittany Parker Ted and Healy Parks Sally Parsons Andrew Paschetto and Deirdre Thompson Josh Patt ‘89 Jamie and Dana Pease Jessica Peck Sandra Pettijohn Otto and Rebecca Petty Daniel Pia and Valeria Martinez Tenreiro Alana Plaus ‘05 Deirdre Plaus ‘08 Joseph Plaus ‘07 William Plaus and Maria Creavin Plaus Jason Pock ‘98 Jenn Pock ‘94 Adam and Anne Poe Howard and Lisa Pollack Jovo Popara Tasha Popkin ‘04 Doug Price Bill and Dana Rankin Jennifer Rawlings Ann Reed Gary and Michelle Reiff Brad and Nan Remington Jane Rice ‘69 Penny Rice Daniel Richmeier and Susan Goldberg John Richmeier ‘07 Rick Johnson and Associates of Colorado, Inc. Kathy and Thomas Riley Alexander and Joanna Ringsby

Faculty Fellows Circle Under $499 (continued)

Foundations The Harmes C. Fishback Foundation El Pomar Foundation The Jerry Gart Family Foundation The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation Hodges Charitable Foundation The Hunt Family Foundation The Janus Foundation LibertyGives Foundation The Anne Waring Maer Charitable Fund Mankwitz Family Foundation Mounsey Family Foundation The Old Boys Foundation

Elester and Mary Ann Townsend Bryan Traficanti and Tyler Condon-Traficanti George and Lenore Travis Brian and Amy Turner Matthew and Susan Upton Lindsey Vaughn Caitlin Vickers Armando and Maria Vidal Kelly Viseur Carrie VonderHaar Gregory ‘83 and Abby Waldbaum Frank and Elizabeth Owen ‘85 Walker John Warner Chris Waters ‘02 David ‘92 and Nadia Watts Matthew Weatherley-White ‘79 John and Kelly Webb Joe and Kristin Eklund ‘88 Weber Julia Wedgle Rick Wedgle and Susan Mason Susan Weinstein Matthew and Linsey Stark ‘93 Weller Russ ‘81 and Sarah Werkman Scot and Charlotte Wetzel Thomas and Marni Wetzel Judy Widmer ‘63 Elle Williams ‘82 Jessica Williams Morton Williams Parthenia Williams Diane Willmann Stephen and Marcella Wolf David ‘89 and Carrie Work Melissa Yoder Sarah Young Paul and Annie Austin ‘95 Zeckser Tom and Rocio Zeiler Sam and Helen Zell Christoper and Deann Zenisek Scott and Julie Zimbelman Cary and Lindsay Zimmerman Elizabeth Zoby Paul Zoby James and Caroline Zurcher *Deceased

2011-12 State of the School Report

30 30

F. E. Agnew Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Alexander Charitable Foundation The Anschutz Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation Barish Family Foundation Tim and Libby Brown Foundation The P. Bruce & Virginia C. Benson Foundation The Carson Foundation Caulkins Family Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation The Denver Foundation

Scott Service and Julie Seff Sheila Sevier ‘52 Pat Shafroth ‘80 Teresa Shannon Harold and Glenn Hilliard ‘99 Shaw Susan Berger ‘52 Sheridan Tyler Sherman Joe Shipley ‘98 Brian and Nancy Shloss Ken and Lynne Siegel Kaye Siemers Jordy Singer ‘90 and Rebecca Katsh Dan Slattey Chris and Sheilah Smith David and Michelle Sobel Nick and Amanda Solorio Eric Sondermann and Tracy Dunning Ben ‘58 and Jane Stapleton Elizabeth Steele Becky Stellor Steele Sternberg ‘06 Stephen and Kathryn Stieneker Belle Stockdale ‘10 Liza Stone Kathryn Stratman Butch and Diane Street Kelli Street James and Julie Stretz Cade and Martha Anderson ‘95 Strieby Page ‘65 and Amy Wagner ‘66 Stull Steve and Candace Suechting Erik ‘82 and Amy Swanson Edward Sweeney ‘78 Bill ‘52 and Nancy Sweet Rob and Judy Tate Len and Lisa Taussig Joe and Renee Taylor Gary Teper and Barbara Acker Tessa Tewolde and Tsigie Gebreyesus David Thomas ‘74 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation John Tinsley and Betsy Swanson-Tinsley Kelly Tissier Chris ‘78 and Jane Toll Darwin ‘75 and Susan Toll Giles Toll ‘39 and Constance Hauver

2011-12 Graland Annual Report

Gifts to Graland

Bruce ‘53 and Marilyn Rippey Glenn Rippey and Karré Whitney August and Jeannie Ritter Margaret Roath Robert Hochstadt Jeff and Stacy Robinson Vince and Andrea Roche Trinidad Rodriguez ‘89 and Sarah Winbourn Mikael and Johnnie Romano Robert ‘69 and Denise Romero Jorge Romo and Amy Nichols Graham and Sarah Buchanan ‘88 Rose Mark Rosenberg and Amy Kirkpatrick Rosenberg Gary and Debby Rosenzweig Alex and Lisa Ross Justin and Sharon Roth Herbert and Doris Rothenberg Sharon Rouse Benjamin and Chelsey Hood ‘96 Russell John and Jean Wilhelm ‘64 Russell Matt and J.J. Rutherford Lee and Kristin Ryder Juventino Saavedra and Carol Trujillo Chris ‘87 and Christy Sanchez Fernando Sanchez and Margaret Young-Sanchez Steve Sander James and Denise Sanderson Kathryn Sansing ‘93 Richard and Shelly Sapkin Randy Sasaki Diane Saslow Willam Sauer and Marybeth Alian-Sauer Charles and Marcia Toll ‘42 Saunders William Scheitler & Samantha Padilla Scheitler Max and Megan Schmid Chris Schneck and Patty Braun Stuart and Ida Schneck Charlie Schneider Bob and Lisa Schreiner Patrick Schreiner and Jessica Ross Kim Schurman Lisa Searles Sherman and Cheryl Sedgwick Tom Seedroff* Ruth Hart Segal Walt and Jody Senter

Pinon Trail Foundation William D. Radichel Foundation Reiman Foundation, Inc. The Rifkin Foundation Rose Community Foundation Douglas and Eleanor Seaman Charitable Foundation The William and Nancy Turner Foundation Thrivent Financial Lutheran Foundation Wal-Dot Foundation Wittow Foundation Inc.

Past Parents Steven and Jeanette Abelman Phillip and Deanna Albright Catherine Anderson Lee and Alice Anneberg Donald Aptekar and Harriet Moyer Aptekar David and Betty Arkell Michael and Joyce Barish Roger and Suky Barkin Fred and Barb Baumann Rob and Ginny Bayless Kate Bermingham ‘73 Mark Bethel and Jennifer Stevens Paul and Jane Bierman-Lytle Brewster and Helen Boyd Pat ‘81 and Lesley Brophy Mark and Rachel Brown Mark Brunvand and Ruchi Rutigliano Brunvand Caleb and Shan Burchenal Brown ‘60 and Mardi Cannon Ellie Caulkins Mimi Chenoweth Doug and Jocelyn Childs Jay and Grace Choi John and Bayard Cobb Eric and Carolyn Coble Bina Cooper Byron and Carolyn Craig Melissa Crowley The Crown Family David and Vicki Perlmutter ‘77 Dansky Alden Davis and Jacqueline Purdy-Davis Bruce and Dorothy Dines Gene and Winkie Dines Richard and Shelly DuBose David and Jude Dudley Ben ‘68 and Laurie Duke Grady and Lori Durham Curt and Michelle Edwards Carl and Nancy Eklund Chuck and Ginny Ennis Skip and Regina Falbo John Flanigan and Stephanie Pax Flanigan Tom and Ginny Fowler John ‘63 and Ginny Freyer Ford and Ann Frick Robet and Virginia Fuller John and Martha Gart Sam and Nancy Gary Valerie Gates ‘69 Chuck and Honey Goldberg Fred and Jane Hamilton Cy and Lyndia Harvey

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Ed and Steph Harvey Robert Hawley ‘33* Harley and Lorraine Higbie Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld Murray and Eleanor Hoffman James and Mary-Elizabeth Holmes David and Ann Holmes Aleks ‘81 and Anita Humeyumptewa Arlin and Inara Humeyumptewa Irfan and Martha Hussain Chas Jones and Jill Cowperthwaite ‘69 Nancy Jones Robert Jones Kimihito and Tomoko Kamori Mary Karst Jim Kelley and Amie Knox Sue Kintzele Libby Kirkpatrick Jim Kelley and Amie Knox David and Judy Koff Ben Honigman and Mary Kohn Joan Ladd Jerry and Margot Ladd John and Carol Lay Pat Loewi Clif and Rosella Louis Mark and Melissa Manassee Lanny and Sharon Martin Bob Maulitz and Devra Altman Joel and Bambi Mayo Dirk and Carol McDermott Maeve McGrath David and Lisa Miller Rick and Mindy Miller Edgar Neel and Betsy Shumaker Stephen and Nanette Newman Joann Ortega Tom ‘43 and Baba Berger ‘46 Owen Sandra Pettijohn William Plaus and Maria Creavin Plaus Adam and Anne Poe Howard and Lisa Pollack David and Marcie Prokupek David Readerman and Rita Burgess Penny Rice Monroe and Rella Rifkin Jeff and Stacy Robinson David Rochlin and Ramona Powell Robert ‘69 and Denise Romero Diane Saslow Don Scott


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Susan Berger ‘52 Sheridan Edgar Neel and Betsy Shumaker Ken and Lynne Siegel Katie Stapleton Elizabeth Steele Marcia Strickland Eric Surrey and Lisa Henze Surrey Rob and Judy Tate Tessa Tewolde & Tsigie Gebreyesus Don and Marcia Thomas Giles Toll ‘39 and Constance Hauver Lindsey Vaughn Gary and Kerry Vickers Joe and Judi Wagner Leonard and Roberta Waldbaum Marshall and Diane Gates ‘69 Wallach Rick Wedgle and Susan Mason Richard and Polly Weil Ted ‘73 and Nancy White Herbert Wittow Dee Writer Tom and Rocio Zeiler *Deceased

Mandil, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Foundation RBG, Inc. Washington Apartments

C A Legacy Left Behind

Philanthropic Work Literally Saves Adam Writer “What comes around, goes around,” might be a cliché, but don’t argue the truth of the statement with Adam Writer ’86. In a turn of serendipitous events, Adam’s involvement in community service lead to his cancer diagnosis in 2011. A member of Lions Club, Adam was volunteering at the 9News Health Fair that year when he got a blood test with troubling results. After John DellaSalle, another Graland parent, encouraged him to follow up on the screening, he received the cancer news and successful treatment. “It’s true: giving back will serve you in the end,” he says.


2011-12 Graland Annual Report

ªG  iven 5 to 9 consecutive years prior to 2011 «G  iven 10 to 14 consecutive years prior to 2011 í Given  15 to 19 consecutive years prior to 2011 ù Given 20 or more consecutive years prior to 2011

Class of 1934 Class of 1946 Madeline McWhinney Dale« Baba Berger Owen ª

Gifts to Graland

Class of 1937 Ed Lehman « Class of 1939 Giles Toll ù Class of 1942 Marcia Toll Saunders «

32 32

Class of 1943 Tom Owen ª

Class of 1952 Janice Jamison Burg ª Sheila O'Connor Sevier ª Bill Sweet « Class of 1953 Bruce Rippey ª Class of 1954 Dick Hart ù

Class of 1969 Jill Cowperthwaite ù Bruce Dines « Class of 1961 Marian Dines ª Helen von Bachmayr Larsen ª Valerie Gates ù Class of 1963 Robert Romero ª Steve Kent ª Diane Gates Wallach « Judy Widmer ª Class of 1970 Sara Looms Fitch ª Class of 1964 Nancy Widmer Freeman ª Class of 1971 Class of 1958 Ben Stapleton í

Class of 1965 Page Stull ª Class of 1966 Jim Arneill ª Amy Wagner Stull ª

2011-12 State of the School Report

Three generations of the Writer family.

hildren learn best by example, a lesson Adam Writer ’86 experienced firsthand from his father. Adam and his brother Jason Writer ’82 grew up with a parent who was disabled, affecting their sensitivity to people with special needs. “Multiple sclerosis [MS] has always been part of my life,” Adam shares. “When my friends came over, Dad was always in bed. He only came to Graland once or twice; he was in a wheelchair, and I felt like everyone was looking at us. It was tough as a kid.” While Adam’s father, alumnus Darin Writer '53, was often physically confined, he was anything but idle. Following his diagnosis in 1974, he soon found there were few resources in Denver to help him adjust to his illness. He reached out to connections in the community who helped start the Rocky Mountain MS Center, a comprehensive care facility at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. A fellow Graland parent, Barry Hirschfeld, Sr., was one of the first to jump on board with the project. Meanwhile, Adam grew up with fond memories of Graland. “My kindergarten class was in the Jones Building back then,” he recalls. “We had the same traditions like knighting, the Great Pumpkin and Field Day. Nancy Priest taught both my dad and me, so that’s fun.” With three children at the School, he is able to relive those days through Kylie, Grade 8, Jake, Grade 5 and William, Grade 3, and now he shares a common teacher with his children: Mr. Hickey. All the Writers are involved in extracurricular activities at Graland: Kylie plays trumpet and volleyball, Jake is an inventor in the Gates Invention and Innovation Program and William participates in Cub Scouts Pack 56 with his dad. Adam also serves on the digital media committee of the Graland Parent Association. “Graland is just a great place with great people...some like extended family,” Adam says. “I don’t keep in touch with anyone from college, and with just a few friends from high school. Most of my relationships are with people from Graland. It’s fun to see my classmates here with their kids.” Adam also continues his involvement with the MS Center, and found a way to connect Graland to the cause. When the School was ready to retire old computers, he approached Ronni McCaffrey, Head of School, with a plan. “I simply asked if Graland would donate the obsolete computers to the Center’s adult day program in Westminster,” explains Adam. Clients at the Center, even those with severe disabilities, could use the equipment to exercise coordination and brain function. A tour of the Center was all it took to earn Ronni’s respect. “I walked in and was amazed that it was such an active and happy place,” she remembers. “For one, the staff is truly inspiring. They are constantly thinking of new ways to help the clients. The focus is on what clients can do, not what they can’t do, and on finding different ways they can function. Chronic disease can be an isolating experience, but not at the Center. The clients are

Tee Cowperthwaite í Class of 1972 Bruce Rifkin ù Class of 1973 Ted White í

Class of 1967 Katherine Dines ª

Class of 1974 Jenny Ellison Wood í

Class of 1968 Valerie Hiatt Burke í Ben Duke í

Class of 1975 Crawford Hamilton í Darwin Toll ª

Class of 1976 Missy Kintzele Eliot ù Class of 1977 Betsy Anderson ª Steve Bain í Carla Siegel Bartell í Tony Mayer ª Class of 1978 Bob Bruhn ª Ed Murane ª Edward Sweeney ª Chris Toll í Class of 1979 Andrew Bain ª Parker Brophy « Shawn Cooper ª Will Gold « Liza Grant ù

busy interacting, eating together, talking, and laughing. There is a great sense of sharing and that they are facing their challenges together.” Today, those original computers, plus retired Apple laptops from Graland, are enjoyed by up to 170 clients during therapy and enrichment courses offered by the Center. “We’re very grateful to Graland for improving our clients’ quality of life,” Adam says. Anyone with MS or who knows someone with the disease is welcome to reach out to the Center for help (feel free to drop Adam’s name – he’s a past chairman of the board) or even to contact him personally. The facility offers a range of services for newly diagnosed or severely disabled MS patients, and everyone in between. “I’m proud of my dad’s legacy, but I would be happy for it to end with a cure or a vaccine for MS,” Adam shares. “The disease is hereditary, so naturally I’m concerned for my children. I hope that with all the work being done at the Anschutz Medical Campus, MS will be an afterthought within 10 years.” Dedicated to Graland alumnus Darin Writer ‘53, who passed away in 1982.

Clients enjoy retired Graland laptops at the Rocky Mountain MS Center.

Green and White Club

The Green and White Club honors our young alumni donors from the class years 1997-2012. Blake Anneberg ‘01 Christine Anneberg ‘97 Lauren Anneberg ‘98 Elizabeth Arkell ‘03 Peter Arkell ‘07 Lauren Ayres ‘00 Geordy Bishop ‘97 Adam & Natalie Drucker ‘99 Boscoe Andrew Bourke ‘01 Kate Burchenal ‘05 Jeb Burchenal ‘03 Class of 1980 George Caulkins ù Susan Rodgers Drumm ª Greg Kintzele ª Pat Shafroth ª Class of 1981 Larry Cohen ª Aleks Humeyumptewa « Pete Johnson ª Class of 1982 Brad Kornfeld « Joann Schauer Cole ª Class of 1983 Brian Barish « David Caulkins « Dana Klapper Cohen « Greg Goldberg « Charlie Owen ª Seth Terry í

Martha Douglas ‘99 Eric Drucker ‘04 Julia Dudley ‘10 Piet Dudley ‘03 Sam Dudley ‘01 Tom Dudley ‘07 Lynn Holmes ‘99 Ash Hussain ‘07 Zach Hussain ‘03 Patrick Jobin ‘01 Jessica Popkin ‘00 Judson

Class of 1984 Collis Chandler ª Jason Cooper « Gilbert DeLeon ª Tyler Harvey ª Dave Heller ª Andy Johnson ª Kevin Mahoney ª Heather Falk Nolan « J.J. Nora ª Class of 1986 Jennifer Atler Fischer « Amy Wagner Hecklinger « Sarah Anschutz Hunt ª Kim Fuller Jacoby « Adam Writer «

Makiko Kamori ‘98 Tommy Kobayashi ‘02 Andrew Lay ‘04 Brent Levy ‘98 Laura Luppens ‘00 Erik Madison ‘04 Christopher Maloney ‘99 Jack McDermott ‘10 Katie McDermott ‘09 Rachel McDonald ‘05 Jake and Bryann Ladd ‘99 Nourse

Class of 1987 Max Caulkins ù Brooke Bansbach Maloy í Zach Pashel « Chris Sanchez ª Leslie Beasley Vidal ª Ann Ladd Ryan í Class of 1988 Holiday Grogan Goodreau ª Taylor Cleveland Pardun ª Sarah Buchanan Rose « Ashley Johnson Rust « Jordy Shaw ª Class of 1989 Libby Anschutz Brown ª Sara Drucker Cooper « Molly Falk Jansen ª Josh Patt « Class of 1990 Andrew Right ª

Alana Plaus ‘05 Deirdre Plaus ‘08 Joseph Plaus ‘07 Jason Pock ‘98 John Richmeier ‘07 Harold & Glenn Hilliard ‘99 Shaw Joe Shipley ‘98 Belle Stockdale ‘10 Chris Waters ‘02 Julia Wedgle ‘08

Class of 1991 Adam Barkin í Justin Borus ª Courtney Dorn Hughes « Hayden Hirschfeld ª Jeff Susman ª

Class of 1998 Makiko Kamori ª Brent Levy ª Joe Shipley «

Class of 1992 John Freyer ª

Class of 2001 Patrick Jobin ª

Class of 1993 Michael Barkin ª Hisatake Kamori ª Brian Mankwitz ª Jonathan Right « Class of 1994 Yumiko Kamori ª Jenn Pock ª

Class of 2002 Carly Jones «

Class of 1995 Martha Anderson Strieby ª

Class of 2006 Steele Sternberg ª

Class of 1996 Justin Boyd ª Aaron Goldhamer ª

Class of 2007 Peter Arkell ª Ash Hussain ª

Class of 1999 Bryann Ladd Nourse ª

Class of 2003 Elizabeth Arkell « Zach Hussain ª Class of 2004 Lucy Jones ª

Montem Society In 1997, Graland established the Montem Society, derived from Graland's Latin motto, Ascende Omnem Montem (climb every mountain). Montem signifies the strength and inspiration illustrated by the commitment to supporting Graland with a deferred or planned gift. We are pleased to recognize the members of the Montem Society. If you would like to join, please call the Development Office at 303.336.3705. Betsy Anderson ‘77 Velma Andrews ‘36* Emmy Baum David and Barbara Butler

Ellie Caulkins Mimi Chenoweth Philip Corsello Leroy and Alice* Craven Ben ‘68 and Laurie Duke Nancy Freeman ‘64 Jeane Garrison Lezlie and Jan Goldberg Colette Guiberteau Sara Gutterman ‘88 Robert Hawley ‘33* George and Beth Hower Genevieve Jones* Deborah ‘61 and Roy Lewicki Veronica McCaffrey Bill and Rosemarie Murane Georgia Nelson*

Dan and Diane Claassen ‘70 Nichols Susan Osgood Allan* and Clara Phipps Kevin Preblud ‘78 Mike and Frances Raudenbush Abby Shafroth* Andrea Sodano ‘65 Virginia Sodano* Marcia Strickland Helen Susman* Marshall and Diane Gates ‘69 Wallach Ruth Waring* Ted ‘73 and Nancy White Virginia Wiebenson* Bruce and Shelly Wilhelm Herbert Wittow *Deceased

Justine Hall Kay Hanson Charlene Haskett Chris Hecht Phil Hickey Gail Hill Anita Humeyumptewa Inara Humeyumptewa Kevin Isaac Christian Isaac Christi James Mary Karst Dick Kinney Luayne Lambert Annie Lassiter Monique Lathrop Elizabeth Leddy Gregg Looker Kimm Lucas Trina Magness Ali Manion Lorrie Margolin Jane Maslanka Mitch Masters Bambi Mayo Veronica McCaffrey Mimi McMann Betsy Metcalfe Justin Miera Julia Milwid ‘02 Hammel Monroe Maria Morales Gabriel Morales Rico Aaron Murray Cathy Naughton Di Nestel Kristin Newman Nanette Newman Bryann Ladd ‘99 Nourse Julie O’Connor Todd O’Malley Dan O’Neill Karen Ortiz

2011-12 State of the School Report

34 34

Barbara Acker Andrean Andrus Lynda Arco Michelle Benge Allison Birdsong Juan Botello Lindsey Boykin Paige Brown Tiina Brown John Caldwell Will Carron Anna Casey Tony Catanese Laurie Chandler Jorge Chavez Wyne Cler Carly Clugston Josh Cobb Suzanne Connors Susie Cook Sarah Cooper Linette Couturier Carolyn Craig Tanisha Davis Ann DeBoe Ben DeVoss Andy Dodge Elky Dorman Jake Dresden Shelly DuBose Jessica Dufresne Bob Elisha Kate Elisha Ashleigh Finn James Foreman Josh Forke Mark Fukami Beth Gaffga Josh Gaffga Mark Gatlin Kim Greeley Jenny Grimm Maggie Hagemann

2011-12 Graland Annual Report

Gifts to Graland

Employees Sharon Osborne Susan Osgood Brittany Parker Amaria Parker Dana Pease Jacqueline Purdy-Davis Dana Rankin Jennifer Rawlings Nan Remington Penny Rice Kathy Riley Johnnie Romano Robert Romero ‘69 Lisa Ross Jessica Ross Kristin Ryder Megan Schmid Lisa Schreiner Sherry Sedgwick Ruth Segal Jody Senter Celeste Sikora Linda Solorio Brenda Stockdale Kathryn Stratman Diane Street Julie Stretz Candace Suechting Betsy Swanson-Tinsley David Taylor Kelly Tissier Marty Twarogowski Kelly Viseur Carrie VonderHaar Kristin Eklund ‘88 Weber Jess Williams Parthenia Williams Melissa Yoder Pat Yost Sarah Young Rocio Zeiler

Grandparents Dan and Linda Abrams Phillip and Deanna Albright Michael and Joyce Barish Bruce and Marcy Benson Roberta Bocock Sue Bower Jill Cartter Ellie Caulkins Larry and Patty Chapman Mimi Chenoweth John and Bayard Cobb Ken and Mary Sue Coleman Ogden and Jane Confer Bina Cooper Bruce and Dorothy Dines Carl and Nancy Eklund Sheldon and Janet Fisher Robert and Virginia Fuller Sally Gart Samuel and Nancy Gary Chuck and Honey Goldberg Robert and Marcia Goltermann Tony and Patricia Gowen Fred and Jane Hamilton Tim and Helen Harris Cy and Lyndia Harvey Murray and Eleanor Hoffman

Arlin and Inara Humeyumptewa Walter and Judith Hunt Caroline Karlin Robert and Marcia Karp Janet Kessler Sue Kintzele Richard Knapp and Kendra Erickson Herb and Darlene Kress Joan Ladd Al and Pinkey Marshall Maeve McGrath Michael and Nancy McKeever Wendy Melvin Bill and Rosemarie Murane Marcia Naiman Dottie Neustadt Matthew and Jane Newman Hal Ostertag Sally Parsons Maurice and Liz Pinto Ann Reed Monroe and Rella Rifkin Dick Rosenberg Justin and Sharon Roth Stuart and Ida Schneck Nancy Schulein Doug and Eleanor Seaman

Mac and Maria Slingerlend George and Linda Solorio Butch and Diane Street Marcia Strickland William and Nancy Turner Armando and Maria Vidal Joe and Judi Wagner

Leonard and Roberta Waldbaum Richard and Polly Weil Thomas and Marni Wetzel Morton Williams Stephen and Marcella Wolf Dee Writer Sam and Helen Zell

Gifts in Kind Harvey and Sue Allon Steven Antonoff Steve ‘77 and Lisa Bain Ellie Bain ‘15 Brian ‘83 and Elise Barish Brogan Belknap ‘20 Bob Belknap and Kelly Moore Stuart and Ingvild Brown William and Alberta Buckman Mike and Robbie Meiklejohn ‘66 Burt Tony and Cindy Catanese Ellie Caulkins Julian and Susie Cook Tim and Peg Crombleholme Kye Crombleholme ‘13 David ‘81 and Pam Decker Charlie Decker ‘17 Susan Drumm ‘80 Charlie Drumm ‘16 John Drumm ‘18 Carl and Nancy Eklund Terra Emerson

Jack and Nathalie Fox Graham and Hilary Gerlach Emory Gerlach ‘18 John and Susan Gowen John Gowen ‘17 Wilson Gowen ‘19 Ronald Guillot & Alexandra Theriault Remy Guillot ‘19 Michael Hanley & Christine LaRocca Stephen Hanley ‘12 Tyler ‘84 and Sarah Harvey Cody Heselton ‘16 Lee Heselton ‘17 Caroline Hughes ‘20 Mark and Courtney Dorn ‘90 Hughes Chris and Kim Fuller ‘86 Jacoby Rob Jacoby ‘19 Chris Kastelic and Kitty Yuen Karina Kastelic ‘19 Keira Kastelic ‘19 Dick Kinney Greg ‘80 and Lisen Kintzele

Greg Kintzele ‘17 Matthew Kintzele ‘19 David and Judy Koff Brian Maass and Erica Wilner Colton Maass ‘20 Lucas Maass ‘18 Mark and Melissa Manassee Annie Mei Manassee ‘17 Veronica McCaffrey David Miller and Katherine Dines ‘67 Kathy Neustadt Lance Palumbo and Cynthia Wang Sofia Palumbo ‘16 Stella Palumbo ‘18 Ted and Healy Parks Shelby Parks ‘11 Hudson Parks ‘19 Elaine Pease Jamie and Dana Pease Ed and Nooshin Prasthofer Rachelle Prasthofer ‘19 Devin Reiman ‘15

Scott and Virginia Reiman Chase Reiman ‘18 Ben and Beth Shanker Noah Shanker ‘18 Suzie Shride John and Dawn Song Christopher Song ‘17 Alex Song ‘17 Elizabeth Steele Mark Turnage and Natalie Bocock Turnage Marty and Leslie Twarogowski Dash Twarogowski ‘19 Rowdy Twarogowski ‘18 Elle Williams ‘82 Dave and Lori Wisenteiner Tate Wisenteiner ‘18 Dan and Laura Wolf Cayla Wolf ‘20 Dan and Laura Wolf Adam and Cari Wolff Naomi Wolff ‘20

Financial Aid Endowment F. E. Agnew Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation David Corkins and Karen Reidy Joey and Luayne Lambert

The Anne Waring Maer Charitable Fund Lance Palumbo and Cynthia Wang Becky Stellor

Seth ‘83 and Jennifer Terry Ted ‘73 and Nancy White

In Memoriam Denver District Court Mike and Robyn Dino Virginia Dubrucq Ben ‘68 and Laurie Duke In Memory of Bradley Thomas Wayne Forman Bruce and Dorothy Dines James Foster Don and Marcia Thomas Fred and Catherine Frei Chuck and Honey Goldberg In Memory of Craig Allen Phil Hickey Phil Hickey Sherry Hitztaler In Memory of George Beardsley Adam and Laura Huff Phil Hickey Leslie Jordan Alice Katz In Memory of Charles Gates '34 Jim Kelley and Amie Knox Gordon and Nancy Rockafellow John and Cynthia Kendrick In Memory of Greg Larsen Rudy and Candy Kiffer Phil Hickey Fred Klein and Michelle Jerome Rick Johnson & Associates of Colorado, Inc. In Memory of James B. Davis Wayne Knox David Cohen Ben Honigman and Mary Kohn In Memory of Luana Hiatt Sheila Kowal Timothy and Valerie Hiatt ‘68 Burke Andrew Lay ‘04 John and Carol Lay In Memory of Maxine Katzson Mandil, Inc. Andrew ‘90 and Zibby Right Mark and Nancy Leonard In Memory of Sam Loewi '05 Joseph and Rebecca Mahoney Steven and Jeanette Abelman Bob Maulitz and Devra Altman Michael Altenberg Richard and Barbara McKeown Eric Anderson David and Lisa Miller The Anonymous 'A' Fund at The Denver Foundation Di Nestel Donald Aptekar and Harriet Moyer Aptekar Joanne Neuman Carol Barbeito William Plaus and Maria Creavin Plaus Gay Beattie Alana Plaus ‘05 Seth and Shannon Belzley Joseph Plaus ‘07 Steven and Janet Berienger Deirdre Plaus ‘08 Judith Ann Bortz Doug Price Donald Bross RBG, Inc. Teresa Bruce Gary and Michelle Reiff Kevin and Anna Campbell August and Jeannie Ritter Barbara Charmes Margaret Roath William Plaus and Maria Creavin Plaus Vince and Andrea Roche Melissa Crowley David Rochlin and Ramona Powell In Memory of Ben Priest Phil Hickey Sharon Rouse

Herbert and Doris Rothenberg James and Denise Sanderson Diane Saslow Kaye Siemers Dan Slattey Eric Sondermann and Tracy Dunning Eric Surrey and Lisa Henze Surrey Len and Lisa Taussig Tessa Tewolde and Tsigie Gebreyesus Elester and Mary Ann Townsend George and Lenore Travis Joe and Judi Wagner Jane and Wasson Rick Wedgle and Susan Mason Julia Wedgle ‘08 Diane Willmann Jonathan Wolman and Deborah Lamm Christoper and Deann Zenisek Barry Zigas and Jodi Levin-Epstein Cary and Lindsay Zimmerman In Memory of Sandra Wittow Phil Hickey

Gifts of Honor In Honor of Christopher Song Alexander Song

In Honor of Ellie Caulkins Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld

In Honor of Noah Mintz Al and Pinkey Marshall

In Honor of Natalie F. Bocock Turnage The Bandit Lacrosse Team

In Honor of David Rice Jane Rice ‘69

In Honor of Jackson Turner Richard Knapp and Kendra Erickson

In Honor of Michael and Jesse Chapman Larry and Patty Chapman

Gifts to Graland

In Honor of Meg Philpott D’Antoni Aaron Goldhamer ‘96 In Honor of Lily & Linc Dines David Miller and Katherine Dines ‘67 In Honor of Marco and Palmer Firmender Ogden and Jane Confer

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In Honor of Robert and Connie Friesen Phil Hickey

In Honor of Tom Rice Sarah Bacum '87 O'Connor Jessica C. Braiman '00 Kim Fuller '86 Jacoby Dana Klapper '83 Cohen Christoper Maloney '99 Jordy Singer ‘90 and Rebecca Katsh In Honor of Alexander Song Christopher Song

2011-12 State of the School Report

In Honor of Luke and Colton Maass Jill Cartter

2011-12 Graland Annual Report

In Honor of Jacob Samuel Barkin Roger and Suky Barkin

In Honor of Jay Tobin Ed ‘78 and Sarah Murane


Graland Country Day School 30 Birch Street Denver, CO 80220 303.399.0390

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2011-12 Graland Annual Report  

Inspired Leaders, Engaged Learners

2011-12 Graland Annual Report  

Inspired Leaders, Engaged Learners

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